Big Brother Canada 7 | March 24 | Sunday Morning Update Podcast


Doc. Rather? Yes. John. And sandy. Sees no. The reason is you. That he could do to Morrow will do it again. Hello, everyone and good morning. Welcome to our live feed update for March twenty fourth Armstrong. And with me today is Kirsten Hayden. Kristen I'm okay, I'm better than the other updates who are so dead that they can't even be here. But I am on quite a lot of cold medication. And I was also yesterday while I watched the feeds took these notes. So just a disclaimer I might not make a whole lot of sense today. But do I make a lot of sons normally that's up for debate. So a plague truly has befallen the life of. Flag as Kirsten says. Here on a big brother Canada update. I think I should be able to just have my regional differences in speech without hate. I think everybody should be speaking more like us during big brother Canada. That's right. You're going to say, it's bag mess. Right. Everyone. Yes. Well, we are here to bag up the uptodate for. You know, everything that's happening in the big where the at seven house yesterday. It was day twenty two in the house. And there's there's a lot the one on. This is a lot going on. There's still some plans in the works and some things happening some people moving around. So we got a lot to talk to you about today. Yes, there is a lot. But I just need to say, I I'm really really annoyed that day. Twenty two happened on the twenty third of March. It's making me really mad, and it shouldn't. But it really is. It's literally every like was since I started counting the like putting the days in the update. Now, it's it's literally my entire notebook is three slash twenty two day twenty one he slash twenty day nineteen. It's just one off. Why did they do this to us? At least it will be April soon, and the days will no longer correspond with the days of the month. And it'll be a little bit easier to manage. Yeah. But it's truly crazy. All right. So to start the day off something else that's going to drive a lot of people crazy is that KiKi ST. We're talking about. Hey. Guys alliance that maybe it's like day Dane, and the Mark Nadda m-, and they're like keeping each other safe and making the girls all go against each other. Wouldn't that be so smart of them to do that? Yeah. That would be that'd be really smart. I wonder if they're doing that. Dame's loyal to us. Yeah. They're just like like STI like, oh, do you think? Like, they'll turn on us. I and he's like, yeah. There is bringing up girls names, two minutes later. It's like, yeah. Like Dane, we have to protect Dane he is with us like he would not turn on us. He would turn on them. And it's like well. Okay. I guess. Anthony, he's so cool. He would never do that to us. Right. Yeah. It's at one point as doing her mere CHAI yesterday. And she's like talking about the people she actually cares about Dana, Anthony or two of the people. So. Yeah. Theory people people are getting very excited about this especially yesterday morning as it was happening live during the update. And and I was like, let's let's remember who is saying this and not get our hopes up. And you know, I think that that should stay in place here. I think that for all of us to enjoy the rest of the season we need to keep our expectations low. So that at the very least you want our expectations will be met. It's whatever the PB whatever are running the game one of them wins, blah, blah, blah. But best case literally anything else happens. But if we keep expectations low we can't be disappointed. Yeah. I gotta say I am really enjoying the feeds though. There's just something about the dynamic in this house and the people in it. It's really interesting to me. And I was trying to figure out what it is. I think that part of it is that when there's secrets when there's like a big secret. And it's like it's like permeating every relationship in the house. It makes every every conversation more interesting to me because everybody's playing each other versus when like all the lines are kind of out in the open interest down to competitions. Then they're just hanging out and like actually having real conversations, and that's that's like real life. That's boring to me. I like when there's like secrets in every conversation. See I was going to say it's like a horror movie where you're just screaming. Don't go in there. Don't do that. And just like that level of anxiety the entire time. Which is I think bringing a little bit of it to to us. You know, I don't know. Yeah. I'll get back to later when we talk about this very interesting conversation between key and Mark. But that's that's not till the end of the day here. So so kicking ST they go through that. And of course, it's not really gonna go anywhere. But KiKi does talk to sorry Esti does talk to Kira about this. I guess possibility of guys lines. And again, I don't really know where this idea came from. If maybe Kira had talked to them about it before. And that's where the the idea sparked, and then they kind of talked about it again. I don't know why they felt comfortable going to Kira with this potential information. But they talked to cure or SD talk to your like, hey, you know, what do you think there's guidelines? We didn't really see this on the feed. So we don't know exactly again where this what happened here what it was. But cure is we found out from Kira? They ended up telling Chelsea and Sam that s is talking about a guys lines. And so this information they? Literally talked about it that morning and immediately this is spreading to Chelsea and Sam who are going to tell Adam. And this is just spreading like wildfire. You can't mention the guys and alliance in the same sentence without this just immediately go into the guys. And now it's going to look like it was, you know, SC who came to this realization when it's not KiKi came up with this, really. And he was like really like you think so that would be so smart. And then now it's going to get pinned on ST, which is not good for her. Yeah. But for I ever reason, it doesn't really blow up Sam and Adam talk about oh should Sam. Should I Sam saying should I go until Anthony about this? Should I should I goes to the guys and let them know? And like, well, maybe maybe you should wait. And ultimately, they kind of hold onto the information for now doesn't really go anywhere. And I honestly I don't think it will end up mattering all that much. I think that the guys feel so confident in their control of KiKi and ST for good reason that I don't think they'll care if they hear about this. And it just also feeds into like the threat of the day is that Kira keeps talking about how they are going to blow up that there is this all guys alliance, and it is somehow going to save them and Chelsea from action. Because for some reason, they still believe the Dane would target atom or one of the boys. And it's like, hey, you're sitting here, you're pretty sure there's a guys lions you think that this is a problem. One of the guys is currently. H O H, but you're going to blow up the guys alliance as your way to save yourself. There's just a disconnect there where even when they kind of think. Okay, there is this. This guy's alliance are working together. They everyone still thinks that they have their guy more than the guys alliance does which is exact reason, I guess why this works, but I don't know why everybody thinks that their hold over everyone is stronger than everyone else's hole. But they do then cures case. It's it's they seem to believe that both Adam is more loyal to their sort of people. And Dane is more loyal to them. Like, they feel like they really developing a good relationship with Dane and the dangerous them with a bunch of information. And it's no Davis playing new. He's playing you and your phone. Yeah. The. Anyone thinks that they have gained more than either the boys or ST is a little bit ridiculous. But it's just this misinformation is everywhere as well. As the information everyone's confused, and it just it was messy yesterday. Honestly, nobody should feel like they have Dane, including the pretty boys because this guy has no allegiance to anybody. And and he will stab anybody in the back, and he will basically, basically let us know that as like this. He has no loyalties in this game. Dane is literally exhausting to watch like just the way that he communicates. Honestly, it's so tiring need a coffee just to keep up with him talking. I don't know. I don't know how anyone keeps a straight face when they're talking because I feel like I would just be glazed over like what what what did you say to me he has the secret weapon, which is that he has teeth missing. And he just looks like a dummy. Like he he comes off like he's just a big dumb jock. And like nobody thinks that he is as savvy of a player as he is in in the way that he's a savvy player, which is like the social sort of. I'm like playing everybody kind of thing. They think he's a lot more genuine than he is. Because of how I think how he looks how he sounds, and I think that really helps him because it's like no he's lying to you like literally week one. He swore on his dad father and went back on it. And he has now sworn on his father again, but people still believe him, which is absolutely wild. And he's saying like he talks to Mark later. And he's like I literally split the house in half week two and the half. I went against love me the half that I went with love me. I don't know. I can't even make people hate me in this game. This is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Well, I feel like those are words like come before. But okay. Minute. You're saying things like that is the minute. You know that things are coming anyways. And we talked about Anthony last week. And I think the problem is that we've got like four different people talking like not all of them can fall. They could all fall. It's still only very true. It's nuts. I'm really upset that last Sunday. I didn't come in with my Mark reminds me of season three Kevin Martin take. Because now, it doesn't seem that exciting or interesting. I had it my notes, and I didn't say it. And I'm just like, no one will believe me that I had it written down. All right. So. Mark and Adam are going to talk a little bit. Mark wants to know if Adam once Chelsea to stay because that's what they're concerned about their concern that Adam is going to start campaigning for Chelsea because he's controlled by Sam. So Sam wants Chelsea to stay then obviously atamans Chelsea to say because he's completely amored by Sam we'll do anything she says, which is like other. So so Adams, like there'd be benefits to keeping Chelsea cure is actually a bit of a threatening. Mark is kind of like, I don't know about Chelsea Mark also says to Adam look if I win the next h I'm gonna make a move hoping good for you. And and good for the pretty boy. Good for the pretty boys. Also good for you automatically. Yeah. He also says stop giving Sam so much information because he runs around and tells everyone, and so I think we all have a little bit idea. Mark Smith would be if he wins. Marcus, Marcus interesting because he he really I think more than anyone else puts on a different face depending on who he's talking to and with Adam. It's usually, and he's actually I think referred to it this way. It's a lot more that carrot than the stick with Adam for Mark. And and so, you know, I, and he also heat Mark is the one more than anyone else that brings up like, I don't know. Just throwing this out there guys is it that bad if we keep him around. I don't know. That's all I'm saying. So I really am not entirely. Sure. What Mark would do also. No. He would he would love for Sam to not be in the jury if especially if he's going to be sitting next to Adam. But, but I I really don't know. I think that there's definitely a chance that he takes out Sam tries to keep Kira around as a potential final to go. Or he tries to take out. I thought maybe he would go after SDN KiKi. But as we'll talk about later in the day. Maybe that's not as on the table as we thought. And so, you know, lots lots of lots of possibilities here for Mark. Maybe he is really gunning for for Sam at this point. And he's certainly telling the other pretty boys that yeah. And so, but we don't know what we can believe because always see Mark being a different person with everybody. And we don't really see he doesn't really talk to the cameras. We haven't really seen a lot of DR's from him. So we have no idea what his who is like the real Mark. But I just he doesn't connect socially as well as some of the others. So I just got a big red flag with him. So power of veto players are going to be picked here, obviously, Chelsea and Kierra will be competing. They will be competing with Sam Corey and Mark. So Sam is competing in the veto the possibility here for Sam to win the veto and take Chelsea off the block is still in play. But then the question becomes can Sam win it. And if she does will she even use it because she talks with Dane, and she's really trying to convince Dane not toback door her. So she's promising him the stars and the moon and everything in between because I will definitely not use the veto. Of course. Not Dane, I would never do that to you just don't backdoor me if I lose. So it's hard to say what Sam actually would have done because spoiler. She lost them. You know, if she wanted, but but there was a lot of controversy about like will she win. We'll she throw it. If she does win will she use it? We're not sure because Dane is just like, hey if. It comes down to you or KIRO you have to win them. But you can't use it. I would never use it. And then he also comes up to the plan of. Hey, also, if you can get Chelsea to throw it to you. That'd be great. And like, I don't know if Sam is that cold hearted, Dan. No, Dane, literally is like it's between you and Chelsea or you Kira you have to win. And you just tell them that you'll win. So that you'll be safe, and you can save them. And then just don't use it. Do you like you really think Sam is about to be that savage this early like Dane really thinks people are just going to do what he tells onto new stain is also going to basically go around telling people that if veto is used by Sam that atom will go up on the block, which I actually think is a smart thing to say he's banking on the fact that Sam won't win and use it that's a small possibility. And if that's possibility does come up, and he'll have a little bit of explaining to do. But in the event that that does not happen, which is the more likely outcome than it does kind of take some of the heat off of this idea that maybe adamant and Dana working together that he was willing to put out. I'm on the block because we're else would have said he was gonna put on the block. And also, it's a deterrent four Sam to use the veto because he also tells Sam that like, hey, I don't wanna put them on the block. But in the event that you did use the veto. I might have to put out on the buck, and she's all I wouldn't use to anyway. So it's not even it's not even a problem. So that is the story. And I do think I do think that I think that for me the last few days have been sort of realization that these these pretty boys they are learning. And I do think they're getting better at the game as they're going along eating Dane in particular. I think has gotten better he realizes now that he should not be the one to go after Sam this week if you can help it he's realizing that he should say that he's targeting Adam to certain people in certain ways where he's not actually going to have to do it. Because it does take some heat off of him. I do think that Anthony has learned to some extent. But maybe not as much as. The others. I think Mark is learning. And and I think Adam is sort of trial by fire here. Just trying to hold on. Yeah. I I like they're learning Danes learning. Anthony is doing fine markets learning Adams there. He's too. I think Adam is learning that like what I think Adam is learning is that his entire worldview has been wrong. Like, I think he's learning that like. What am I what am I doing in my life? Why my loyalty guys? I am loyal. But why this sucks? Yeah. Just with him having the closest relationship outside of the pretty boys makes it a little bit more difficult for him. And I don't think he realized it would be this difficult. So Dane is he talks to the cameras, and he says like look, I really hope that they don't win the veto the in Chelsea orchestra because I don't want to put Sam up on the block this week. It would cost so much drama, and this is a complete one eighty to even just a few days ago. I really do feel like they're starting to figure out like the right game plan for themselves. And he's like, I I I really hope that Chelsea occurred on win. If Sam does go up, then get ready for some guys 'cause it's going to be crazy. And the thing is the act like that's the only thing he could do. But there's so many other viable moves where he could do something that will be a little bit less dramatic since. They all are pretty sure there's going to be a double coming this week. I feel like this game is like have you ever seen those graphs for what people think success looks like and it's like a straight line. And it's like what success is actually jumbled like spiral. That's what this game is. Because. They take two steps forward three steps bag. And then suddenly they figured it out. And everything's right. Then all of a sudden it's back to just stupidity. And then it's just it's exhausting, but seeming, Nikki. I really like this as she says Adam had this has had this plan for five years, but he didn't expect that it would be this hard. I think that's totally on point here. I think that he really feels like this is the brigade two point. Oh, and he's like so attached to that idea that even though his feelings are pointing him in another way. He's like this is how it's supposed to be. And he'll even have a conversation later where he's I I'm like the Hayden of the group, and you guys have to pull me back in from from the Kristen. And with thing is is like totally makes sense because Ottomans been trying for so long to get on the show he wants to be there so badly, and he probably goes to bed like a majority of the nights thinking, what would I do if I actually got in? What did I do wrong that I didn't get cast? How could I play the game? Really? Well, like what what would I do if I was there, and he's just he's in his head so much and it took him so long to get there that the reality of it is just so different from what he imagined. And he's having trouble coping with that. We're also getting asked wise the POV ceremony today. Apparently, the the it is on the screen that the ceremony is today. I'm not sure why it is usually on Monday. I dunno. If maybe it's an error, or if it is actually going to happen today. And if it does then why maybe it's because of the double maybe it's maybe there's another twist coming up who knows? Yeah. They might need more time to get the footage together for something else. That's happening in the Wednesday or Thursday episode. It could even be something as little as staffing issues where the people who need to be behind all of the walking through the door, and all that they just might not be available tomorrow or something had also trying to think if there's anything else. No. But I was trying to think if there's anything else like a big one off production that incite might be working on tomorrow. But I don't think so. So I don't know. So it might indicate something in my not just kind of stay tuned. I guess so ST is also going to talk to the cameras and. Thank you can see Kirsten pain face pain, so much like she. She's like, I'm so annoyed. He's. He's. People guy slept in Danes room. And I didn't people are saying we made out and that obviously didn't happen. I sleep with a gentleman. I did not sleep with that. Pretty boy. She's like kike tried to make up a couple's name for us in front of everyone. And I'm so upset that she did that. And I know she didn't have ill intent. But I'm frustrated. She knows I wouldn't want that. She also was talking about how Dana good relationships with everyone in the house in front of everyone. And it's like come on come on get a have a brain. No, no. She has a brain. I'm not the only brain Ono. Sorry kiki's. Really smart. It just like just like be mean just being mean talking to the cameras don't backpedal. It's just very annoying. And then finally after that she's like okay now, I'm going to break down my game. Ain't you? That's what we're here for. That's what she says. Kiki is my number one Dane is my number two, then Anthony than Damian. I don't really care about anybody after that. I don't trust Eddie or Kira? They're irrational. They're they're not, trustworthy, the people. I wanna see go home. Chelsea I then Sam then Kira, then Mark then atom than Damian and just minus Mark Mark from this list. And it's like his exactly what Dana Anthony one. Well. Another thing too as she says. Damian as one of the people that she likes up top. And she says, yeah. Then probably Damian, and then she wants me out before other people who she said she hasn't care when they go just like, what are you talking about? I think she mostly just forgot about Eddie here. And he's in. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. Why I don't know why she said Damian so early. I think I feel like she was probably just thinking of like Damian last. The four of us Dane, Anthony. And she forgot about like Eddie and Corey because like, you know, can't really blame her that much forgetting about inquiry. You know, what that's crate for Eddie and Cory keep beating forgotten. I think last week when I was like I'm Cory has a chance to win. I think it was more. So because I was like she's coming in late. There's no way that someone who comes in. Lakewood went I'm coming around on that Corey might actually have shot so happy for her. Yes. Doing pretty well, she is competing in this veto though. So we'll see how that goes for. I wonder what's going to happen. Yeah. Adam Dane and Anthony have a conversation. And and this is the one where Adam brings up that. He's the Hayden before that Adam is going to try to do his little campaign to try and get Chelsea to stay. They were prepared for this. So they know that and that Adam is going to try to do this. So basically everything Adam says, they immediately know Adams like listen guys, I was thinking he's trying to be subtle at them. I know curious kid. They're gonna start running around. They're going to start talking about guys lines. Like, that's that's kind of threat doesn't matter. No good. Great. Nobody will believe them to everyone knows they're liar. So it doesn't matter. I I feel like they're the only ones that are going to put up like two two guys. Not always a lot of it. Doesn't matter. Chelsea's going home. Here's like what if the golden saying, there's a guy's lines. Anthony's like well deny it. He's like he's just keeps running into a brick wall. So then he kind of pivots. And he's like, okay. I have this information about KiKi SD's. I okay. Well, what do you guys think? Do you think KiKi s deliver? You know, they're thinking about a guys thing. No, they're so focused on Sam it doesn't matter. They'll never they'll never find us out. But me and Sam. Like deeming Sam. And my it doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Sam go you'll be safe. It'll be fine. Daines? Like, do you understand this? Just like trading him like you so stupid to his face. And then Anthony is going to give him a whole thing about you have to understand that Sam, and Chelsea they were plotting against you, and you have to you have to know, you can't be you can't fall into that trap. And you know, when you build your castle on sand than it will crumble, so we built our castle on concrete. And that's that's really the the thing that stick. Yeah. And Anthony also is like your loyal, the loyalties etched in stone. We will never plot against you. The girls have been plotting against you. So just a little church for me. But okay. Dave is gonna talk to Chelsea and be like, hey, you got to win. You gotta win this power veto. Because basically what he's when he was talking to the cameras like if Chelsea or cure win the veto, then I have to back door Sam, and I have to pretend that was the plan all along. And so this is him trying to plant those seeds to Chelsea like, hey, Chelsea you gotta win the veto. I'm telling you, you know. No. I want I wanna make something happen here. And and then after she leaves he says sorry Canada. My word is no good. Straight up. Yeah. It's not like he's trying to pretend that his. Well, he is kind of. But not really now Housego honest with us, which is what matters to me. So you know, what? Awesome. We. So the veto is played. And I don't know if you caught the foreshadowing in this update was planted in subtle, really subtle. But Corey is going to win this veto, and oh, I don't like this. Why should really didn't have to do this? There was no benefit to her. She's not getting anything out of it. And and you know, every half the house already calling her like GI, Jane GI, Corey I don't know what it is. But but they already are feeling a little bit threatened by her especially in the in the physical sense. And this was a apparently a competition that she just dominated and g she wanted pretty handle it one. The other thing too is like yes, it does seem like it was super physical. But it also seems like maybe it was played rounds of like one or says one and Corey probably benefited from not really being chosen to play that much. So she should have certainly thrown this. Yeah. I mean, basically how most people were talking about this competition. It was like, wow, we never had to worry. Nobody was beating Corey. So it's like. That's not a good thing for people to think if they don't if you're playing the game that is playing it's also like it might have been very very obvious that it was in her wheelhouse. And so her throwing it might have made her look sketchy are like until we actually see the competition, we won't know for sure like might not be as bad as it seems like she's just going to not use it probably especially since ceremonies happening today. So I think she'll probably be able to slide by do. Okay. I'm I'm worrying. No, she might like really try to win the double. But I don't know. Well, she's pretty quickly gonna talk to Anthony about winning veto what she should do about it. And Anthony is going to go through as well. What's going to happen? You can. Us veto on Chelsea. And then Sam goes up and everyone's mad, and so basically he's telling don't use the veto. She's like, I'm not going to beat out. And so she also is going to say like, I'm gonna talk Dane, and she's really concerned about like what she's going to say to the people on the block about like how why she's not gonna use it? Like what how do I tell them? I'm not gonna use it. So that's what she's going to talk to Dana vote in particular as well. So that's that's her kind of whole whole thing. Yeah. Like Corey is very nice like she very much worries about what other people are going to think are say. And I think that's why Anthony has such a stranglehold on her because he's like if you do this people just like you, and he reassures her who does like that. He does like her and that people do like her like the right people to work for his game. So it just she's she's a people pleaser, and that's my biggest concern with her. Adam talks to Chelsea he's really hoping. He's really still hoping that KIRO will go home. He he would rather have that happen. He hopes that cure will blow up, and then everyone will be mad at them and make them go home over Chelsea Chelsea kind of feels like even curable is up. I think I'm still going home. I Chelsea is really like she really feels like this is a lost cause. She's she's she's kind of done. Yeah. And it also sounds like maybe she also was close to winning the veto. And so she says the comp probably sealed the deal as well. Yeah. So I just I want her to fight. But the pro I think part of the problem is that the the way for her to fight at this point is to completely throw cure under the bus, and she's really concerned about her public image. And like, I think that she, you know, she's like an ally. And she doesn't want to be seen as like really just trashing person after. They really went on after her like saying that they that she was using them and using their crush on them hurt their crush on them. And then saying that like they manipulated by her. And I think she's really like really concerned about all of this stuff. And she's just kind of like, you know, I'm just gonna let caretake this one. Yeah. Curious guilt trip. Worked vary victory. Well, be better. Like, I don't even know how much care was intending it as like a guilt trip for her game. And how much like Chelsea's game? Right. Like like, I thought I thought it was just personally upset how tricky. But it has worked out really really well for Kira. So. It's just it's really disappointing Chelsea came in Chelsea was the one who did pageants. Right. And Chelsea was like pageant girl, and I'll stab people in the back and all that. And it's the the worry about the public image. Just really is really disappointing. See someone just lay down and die. There's there's still plenty of days until the fictions flip-flopping house, very flippy floppy. People people saw Dane say that in the Damian say that in the episode, and they were like Damon's been watching the live feed updates seem flippy floppy. Yeah. That was actually the high level Intel Dahi he won. And. Yeah, as he was actually a millions lounge watching our age AP. Yeah. They just you know. They didn't wanna show that on the that'd be too too. Crazy. Game breaking. But, but yeah, I do think that there's so many days left. I hope that Chelsea's fighting spirit will will kick up sparked, and we'll we'll have some fun. But for now, she's she's fulfils feels very defeated. Yes. And then with how like Kierra reacted last night too. Like with what is in? We're talking about next. It's just a like mind. Cure has a conversation with Sam and Chelsea. And I is talking about like oh hope candidate saves us. I hope as. Feel bad that we're each other and Chelsea's Canada doesn't give a shit. Right. And this is the worst. This is one of the worst parts about the twist is everyone always being Canada's save us. And the fact that it will work if if there's a candidate thing because they'll add the ad it will be that way. But but yes, cure a really hoping that Canada will save them. And then cure talks about how they've talked today. And they're trying to get into maybe flip on Adam. And they were talking about him working with the guys kind of confronted him. Like, hey, are you working with the guys they stood their ground? And Dane said, no, I'm working with KiKi nasty, and I kind of have a good relationship with Anthony. And I have a good relationship with adamant, I'm using them as a shield, and and I'm really hoping that the guys can get the guys to turn on each other. And and that's the game plan out. He deigned told you all that information. And why did he tell you all? Yeah. He's trying to pull me in as a as a number to work with. So he's trying to get me to trust him and Chelsea. Makes a joke. Like, you know, I could use this information to like send you home and carriage. It's like burst into tears like it goes from zero to one hundred immediately. If you're one of the people who just goes by the updates, and doesn't watch the feeds there is this video on Twitter, and you should absolutely go back to watch it. Because CARA is inconsolable immediately league. It's not even like she's like started. They're trying to like. I'm sorry. I'm having trouble. Because a lot of the house gusts have just completely stopped using correct pronouns care, which is really not. Okay. So when I'm reading the updates, it gets confusing and. Updates. We need to do better. We don't need to do. Direct quotes of what they say. We could just use to pronouns. But they are just immediately like solving like they're not trying to like block tears. They're not trying to stop doing it there. Just out of control nearly Chelsea stop crying. I'm going home. I'm not going use this against you. And cares. Like, I'm so stupid. And so stupid. I trust you too much. I trust. I trust too much. It's such a problem for me. Oh, man. Fairly. There's more of this happening as we speak because cure is going to continue to basically campaign for themselves over the course of the day, and I guess this came out a little bit. And so now, they're in an argument Chelsea where they're doing some more guilt tripping. And can you not do this to me you are questioning me? And it feels like you're putting up a wall against me. And Chelsea's I've talked to you for four seconds. Oh, my. Align curious, I know, but I saw the way you look at me. It's just. It's just so much like the emotional outburst like pure it. Honestly, just needs to keep it cool. Like they've they just need to tell. And they'll probably be fine. They're losing Chelsea says. I haven't even said me thing cure. But I feel it. Oh, man. It's just like it's too much. Like here is doing too much. Keira runs to Corey she's going to do everything blow my game to stay even though we have been friends what the FM so annoyed like, it's just yes. Sorry about that. Yes. It is annoying to be up against the person that you were the closest with that is a horrible situation because you are put in a place where you have to either lay down and die, which is horrible. And everybody hates it. Or you have to go against your close alliance member. And it's frustrating, but you have to do that to stay like, it's such an opportunity to be there. You have to do what you have to do. That's what it is. Here is the perfect storm of Ling massive guilt trip on their ally. Who they're on the block with like, how dare you even think about doing anything without me or campaigning at all. Then they go and campaign there is off. And then if they get a hint that the other person is saying or even looking like, they might campaign. They're like. They're like, how dare you? I guilt trip you once more. It's it's ridiculous. It's so much even one point yesterday. Kelsey sad. Like, I haven't really like as a result of the guilt trip. Chelsea says I haven't been loyal to before. So now, it's the least I can do to be loyal now. And just go home. The talking they talk in the. To the they've talked to the cameras about like to end to think I was even considering using the veto on Chelsea instead of myself. No, you weren't you were not doing that. All well and good to say that you are going to use veto on someone else when you are on the blog. But unless you have that true love connection brea love, it's not happening. It's good to say that after you've now apparently decided not to do it anymore. So this is going back to last night curious crying. It was a joke chill, and they try to come for them. It's it's a whole thing. So much. So Corey is going to talk today about not using the veto. She's again, she's going to go through what she's gonna tell Kira, and Chelsea basically, I want I don't want to go against h. And it's a fine conversation corey's really again, just like this is what I need to to any state cure that respecting each region. Chelsea. This is what I'm gonna do. And it happens. Next. We're gonna have KiKi and Mark. And this is one of these conversations that I was talking about earlier and just this is a very I found this to be a very interesting conversation. It was very hard to watch especially at first because basically KiKi as we know hates Mark Martin knows that KiKi doesn't like him. But they both. They both had our good relationship at the start of the game. And it just deteriorated because they don't like each other very much, or at least KiKi doesn't like him very much, and he was aware of that. And so, but they've both have been pretending that doesn't exist. And so anytime they have a conversation. It's just like kike being super passive aggressive like with every comment in every bit of body language to Mark. And Mark, you know, basically being like a pretending to be completely oblivious to it. And so there. Just pretending to get along. And so this the start of this conversation is all kinds of hostility all over the place where Mark is like asking questions and just like. I mean, I guess so. Yeah. One it's also to earlier in the day when he can STI we're talking about. Oh my God. When this guys thing be so smart, they even when they're talking about their relationship with Mark. They're not like, oh, yeah. Mark getting close with us. It's Mark trying to pretend he's close with us like where pretending to be closely. Everybody knows. And so it's it's it's it's like KiKi knows that she needs to pretend that she doesn't hate him. But she's so bad at it that next recipe face. Yes. She's she radiates hatred in his turn action. And so awkward, and then so they're talking about, but they're trying at the same time. They're both trying to bond and it's weird weird dynamic, but it was really interesting to watch especially because of the dynamics involved with with power and who's keeping what secrets so so. She's asking him. He he's he wants to let her know a secret. This will help them bond. The secret is that he was actually in radio and. And it's a big deal. I'm really smart. And I I work in I worked in radio, and, you know, Kevin Martin's my favorite player and all like, she's like. Way. What that was that was your secret Broncos shaping? I felt I'm sorry. Just felt like you were gonna say mornings like not. I mean, I just please don't tell anyone that. I really hope you don't tell even ask don't tell us like this is my seared means a lot to me. She's like, I don't know. Just doesn't feel like I mean, I understand. It means a lot would just felt like at doesn't. That's nothing. She's like like you guys are pals like your pals with Kevin Martin. And like, we're not passing never met him in my life. Madam. Nope. Not. That's not it. I thought you were going to drop a bomb and that that wasn't quite anything. This is basically like if brunt had been like a secret mathematician, and instead of, you know, her friends being like, whoa. They just been like. Okay. Lame cool. Okay. Math is lame. Why are you telling this? Let's basically Kiki's reaction. Yeah. And parks like you wanted to know why I like, Kevin so much, whatever whatever. And so he's he tries to like get to like in. They're trying so hard, and it's it's it's it's a weird dynamic where it's almost like he's trying to ask her out on a date and their friends, and she's trying to find the right words to tell him. I'm not interested in that way. But let's remain friends. But it's not that it's actually the complete reverse of that where he's trying to propose like, hey, let's get on closer terms. Let's get like blitz bond some more so that we can work together better. And she's trying to be like, I hate you. And I'm trying to. Hide that so that we can remain working together. And so you really it reminds me of like if you're on public transit on you have your headphones, and then some guy just keeps talking to you. And they won't so talking to you. And you take your cool. You put your headphone back in. Yeah. Yeah. Except for they are on this bus for a few more months. So they have to be a little bit nicer about it. You know, this person that's talking to them could be a valuable ally in on the bus. This is like you're there, and you have to be there for a long time. It's not just like three bus stops. And then you're off. But that's what it feels like to me as it's like every time Eiseke talking to Mark. I'm just reminded of anytime when I have to be like white, let did you say to me? Put it back in and they're not. No, that's just what it reminds me. She's also trying to get through the conversation without saying as much as possible. So like, she what she's still trying to explain like why things have been weird because he's like you kind of an asshole to me for the last twenty one days, and she's like are you calling me an asshole. No saying you've been in asshole to me for the last twenty one days, and it's just they have this sort of thing. It's just so weird. And so she's like, well, listen like you talked about Kevin Martin. How's your favorite player if you think about it? Kevin Martin season three P. Kevin Martin's season five had William. And that's kind of shady you see what I'm saying. Yes. I see what you're saying totally get that it's just so much. And I also like in the middle of this conversation to marks like Kevin was a thousand percent going home. He was only saved because of a twist. She's like, why do you like him so much? She was like, well, that's what he's like he only made it because William and he was like she was like, exactly. And so. So they do eventually because what he eventually figures out. Right. Is that the face he needs to put on here is that of this sort of nerdy guy asking a pretty girl out. And so he starts putting on this sort of air of like, hey, I'm just I'm just like this lowly guy. And you know, I just feel kind of left out because it's, you know, as you and ST and Dane, and you guys are so close, and I kind of feel like I'm left out sometimes and in is such a great guy, and he like he's carrying us. Right. Like, he's winning all these competitions. I just wanna step up, and I want to prove I'm worth it and prove worthy in carry my own way. And prove to you guys that you know, that I can I can add something to the team and this sort of like humble like self deprecating like, I just wanna prove myself thing really plays into the idea that KiKi has of their relationship, which is that KiKi. All the power because she is. She is the one that's closer to Dane, she is the one that's closer to power. She has this group and Mark on the outs with everyone. And so she is in the position of power. When really he is the one in power because he's the pretty boys. He's feigning that he's not. And so it plays into how KiKi wants to see him. And she starts to open up to a more. And they start to the conversation turns and it starts to be good. And she so she starts to one. No like, hey, okay. Mark let who are you? How could not like who? How can I get to know who you are? And he just runs through his entire life story from like I was born in nineteen ninety two to like to present day, basically. And she actually I think found it kind of interesting, and it opened some doors, and they actually started having a like a pretty decent conversation. Yeah. It's and you know, what I admire it because sometimes you ask someone for their life story, and they're like, so I was born here, and I went to school here. And then I'm now, I'm here, that's my life. It's like. Like. This your whole life. Okay goal. So at least markets like a little bit more. But I'm still at least three times a week. I go to rated tweet and almost right Mike instead of Mark like literally like, and I realized why because I don't I don't know why. But like all I can think of is sailing instructor Mike who is almost on whether you few years ago. Basically, Mark the part of her suspicion and other people's suspicions that he's he's he went to religious school for really long time. How he so smart if he was he went to religious school, but they only teach about religion, and he talked about his family put him in religious school. But he eventually hated it and didn't wanna go anymore. And so like after years and years and years even went to Israel to go to religious school. He he he took his got his GED with with the book, and he studied the book, and then went to college for a couple years for media studies and then got into radio, and he also talked about how he's taking an IQ test. And he was tested for his I q I should say. And that his IQ is either one fifty six or one fifty nine KiKi couldn't remember, and I don't think it was. So so that's out there. Lots of people are like, okay, Mr. BuzzFeed IQ tests, and it's also like. Can me someone who's going on about their? I q score is someone who's not that smart because there's so many problems with q tests, and like specific communities are like never going to do as well on them because like all sorts of other like social issues and all of that. So anyone who's like? Oh, yeah. I know my cue, and this is what it is. I just immediately just count them as not as smart as I think they are in. So I will say to defend Mark you're based on Kiki's explanation of how this went down in. This was really conveyed as well enough through like updates or whatever. But the way KiKi said it was that he like in sort of his story of himself. He talked about how he was tested. So I don't think this is an online quiz. I do think that based on what ki- said it did seem like it was like an official testing sort of thing. And she also said that she was like what's the number? And he was like he didn't want. He didn't wanna say and wasn't I'm and he's like IQ doesn't matter. It's dumb stat. Anyway. Like it does. It's not a thing. She was like, but what's the number Mark? And so then finally said is it was like one fifty six or whatever. So he brought it up in the first place. So he wanted to. He could have just skipped that part when he was tested, I intelligence, and I'm not saying, I don't think he's actually smart like he's proven like especially with his his rhyme for what happened on every day, and he just like can rattle off every single event. He obviously smart and he's got that. Like, I was trying to remember when I was in sequester. I was trying to remember what day things were. And I was like going over things in my head. And like I had a pretty good idea that and I was doing pretty well. But like, I don't have anything going on. I was just like what was for breakfast on this day like, and it's so to remember all this very impressive. Yeah. I don't know is sort of an interesting life story, and he talks about like, how being religious school is part of why you know, he's he he now he he never went through a real like a normal sort of go to school childhood. And so he has problems socially because he'd never really learned how to interact with people he studied to be a rabbi like, and so and it's also interesting because. Despite the fact that I think he does really well in this conversation in playing KiKi and playing up to what she wants him to be. He still has he's still Mark. Right. So he will often go off on tangents explaining things over explaining things in a really condescending way, and you can see her body language immediately change like like, she's starting to fall into this like, okay, I'm kind of liking this. And then he's like, then he like way over explain something. And she's like, okay. Shut. And he gets in his own way a little bit. Yes. Yes. Very much. So, but but basically long conversation, and it was very fascinating to me. And by the end of it. They're both feeling pretty good about the conversation KiKi SD and Dane, eventually join them and Kiki's pretty insistent on like guys. Let's name this aligns KiKi is feeling pretty good. I think at this point. And so they try to come up with names, and it's pretty embarrassing because they're very bad naming things KiKi at one point suggested. And this is probably oddly one of the best suggestions pen fifteen and asked you did not understand what Feen. They were really set on the misfits and Dane had to be like pretty sure that's been used before like fifteen times. So are you telling me, but it is not creative or unique Turford yourself at the Mets. This is news. This is brand new information. Although to be fair. I don't hate trying to might I'll say it. I'll really one. I don't think it's up. I actually kinda like it. Say it right there. It's the best aligns name in the house right now. I just want to say that Kirsten's views do not reflect the views of RAV as podcast. It's been full last time. This came up on a podcast everyone crapped on it. I think that the people know that. So then this sort of break apart Mark talks with Dana afterward, and he tells them about the conversation Kiki's feels like it went really, well, they talk about like Dane like, okay? So because they're the people that know the show better than than KiKi nasty. And so because they were the ones that were like no this has been used before this has been used before. And Marco Dane was like what's an alliance? Name. That's been used for fake alliance. Can we use that name for this alliance? And they were like couldn't really figure it. I was I was like. Bomb squad. Ice where to God. The only thing that could make this season worse for me as a people's are calling themselves the bomb squad. I can't do it. I can't I can't remember now bigger the fourteen the alliance it had something to do with dogs. Right. I it's escaped me. But that was a fake one to even though it's talking about is one of the more successful lines is it's funny. How that works. Anyway, Mark is just talk more about like quack pack that was it not not dogs ducks dog is confused when I was gonna say Quiring pag when I was like did I just forget about us. Because because Dan always talked about how they lead up with the leash 'cause he was in the dog costume time. Yes. He had to have someone walk with him at all. Oh what a season. What a season. Yeah. Markelle Marcus ahead and make sure that nobody is is in the house that's going to pull a fast one a nominate two guys. And they talk about how they're kind of wary of Corey in how good she is a competition. She's a beast G I. Jane, she's dangerous. We need to watch out for Corey. They do feel like Anthony has a good handle on that for now. But they need to keep an eye on her for sure. And then they talk about Anthony and Dane brings up to to Mark Anthony, he's he he talks. It's like angels singing. You should see you should have seen him talk to Adam. It was like he's he talked about castles and sand. Like, we we built our castle and concrete, and I was just thinking like man, I cannot sit next this guy in the final two, I wouldn't pay money to hear evidence final speech with the Tacoma's and the castles on the stand and the rock then like what he use any real words. Or would it all just be platitudes the final the final line of his final speech would be? But most importantly, I stayed humble. No. But meanwhile, he's like things are legendary like this marks the the all three of the other pretty boys the final the final person that Dane has gone to to talk about final two. So he has a final two with Anthony. He's talked to Adam about how they can't go to the final two with Anthony or Mark because they're both good speakers. He's now talked to Mark about how they can't go to the final two with Anthony. He's too good a speaker. And and how Adam especially if Sam gets into the jury is going to have a jury vote already. They talk about Mark talks about like, you realize right? That's like fourteen point two thousand dollars of equity in the in the jury every single vote is worth fourteen thousand dollars. So it's like with salmon the jury if you're up against Adam than you have to get four of the remaining six votes like that's one vote matters a lot. So so Dane really the only person within the pretty boys that's really playing the pretty boys. And so right now he is easily the best positioned amongst them. However, Mark is lightly playing Mark has a lighter hand, and I wonder if that's the better approach because Dan is a bit exposed here haven't talked to all three of them about all three of them. If any of the others talk amongst themselves that could be dangerous which would leave market a better position. But Mark and Dane seemed to be the best positioned within the four if the four make it really far. Yes. And that between the two gainers better inflated in the house audience -ly. So, but I do like marks approach better. I agree with you on that. And that's the thing about Mark is that I think he'd have trouble winning against any of the other guys at least right now. And so when he talks because they all. Talked about how cure is a final to go. And and Dane even mentioned like it was really smart of Kevin to take care into the end over over Dimitri. And as like, I wonder how Mark Fields about Bain saying that. Because I really feel like Marcus talked about the final two I wonder I really wonder what Mark's final two plans are if he if he thinks maybe it is worth trying to bring somebody like you're to the end because I do think that would be as best shot. To win. Yeah. Definitely Dana really goes all in on. Karen? And I just want to disavow that like. You can hear a lot of things, but she was not useless. She won the okay. Let me just let me just get this out of the way all of the houseguests this season. Have the worst big brother takes of all time. They suck. They have the worst takes. They can't get anything. Right. They all talk. And I was going to bring this up when I talked about Damon and Corey, but I'll bring it up right now. Half the house thinks that that that Kayla should've won because Paris did nothing. And the jury was bitter and everybody knows at this point. I firmly disagree with that. I think that's a complete wrong read on the jury and the final two players the other half of the house, the Damian's in the core of the world are like that goes to show what kind of players they are thinking that Kayla should have won because she back stabbed. We. We're the correct decision makers. We think that Peres deserved the win because she was nice and played a nice game. And that's how you should play the game. And it's like, that's almost worse than the other opinion. That's not how Paris played and that's not how you should decide. The winner. They all about opinions. And the house gets opinions are not Representative of the profits. Apparently, the veto was like copies themed. And they were mad that Kayla wasn't a part of it. But Erika was I like not like physically there. But I think they were like images. I don't know. I don't know what exactly it was. But they were like Kayla one way more POV's than Erica. And luckily KiKi was the one I know Erica is there like a third of the time. That's why. She's so good Bill. It doesn't matter. It's the record. And then Dane was talking. Really? It's so annoying. Dumb. Twist. I should be playing these vetoes. But I'm not because of this dumb twist. I'm not going to breaking records. Oh my God. And you know, why people want to talk about copies we're not talking about Ashley what enough anymore. Okay. Guys. Two or three in a row. Two in a row. Maybe maybe three three interro. Yeah. Some anyways he pulled into them respect on her too. Just stop having bad takes here. Guys. Just have the correct opinion. That was great. Anyway, KiKi SD are going to talk about Kiki's conversation with Mark and KiKi feels good about it. She explains most of the conversation. She actually does withhold the radio information. She doesn't tell ST about it. She tells us about the IQ stuff. But the thing that Mark said, please don't tell anyone including SD. She actually did not tell Esti so take that for what it's worth. I mean, that's a good decision regardless of how she feels about Mark. Because it's such an inconsequential thing that it's just not worth telling anyone, even if it blew up later, which it absolutely won't. Because it does not matter. You can say, yeah. I didn't think it mattered. They've never even met. He basically just told me he really likes Kevin Martin, right? This is just basic game logic. It's it's an inconsequential things don't tell anyone because it's not worth the risk that than ST tell somebody and then it gets back to Mark. And the Nate finds out that he can trust you. Kiki is going through and telling the conversation to SD and talking about how Mark really wants to prove himself. You really wants to get in good with them. And he feels on the outs because it's a thing Dane Ezzedine KiKi, and and this is winning Asti over all poor Mark. Taught. It's something else that they talked about was that Mark is really annoyed at Sam. And that he really wants to target Sam. And that makes them feel good because they've been worried that markets playing both sides. And so he was also told him about how Adam was jealous of him. And Sam in that sort of whole thing he was surprised by that. And he was like, oh, man. So I you know, they've really start. They're really starting to feel like Marcus is with them. And it was a successful conversation. We'll see how much this holds given marks bad social game most of the time. But but for now, this is this is really been working. Also, another thing that's really been helping marks in the game. Is that during the power of veto competition? There was I don't know exactly what happened here. But. Cura? I was having trouble with something and Mark like stepped in and really helped them in like carried them through to thing. And I don't know cure later is going to be like, thank you so much Mark. That was you know, Canada's going to see that it's going to be really great great moment for TV. And and so the something happened in the veto. And there's also I know at one point Chelsea is said that she felt bad that Mark was really tired. But she thought that because Marcus tires you could beat him, which is what led me to believe it was a knockout type Chen. Yes. It definitely was they talked about choosing people. And the reason Sam shows me is because. So Anthony and Mark are gonna talk a little bit. They talk about the house Anthony talks about Damian being dangerous. Shut up. Anthony. He also talking about Eddie, Eddie sketchy, but but they can control him Anthony as a terrible plan for the. Salute worst plan like he says that if anyone's h they will pull them in a room, tell them they're an alliance. Here's what you're going to do. And we will bully him into it. He literally says we will bully him basically, he'll pull pull them into a room say we're all in alliance. We've been in an alliance, and if you target us than the rest of us will come for you next week and you'll go home, so but if you work with us, then we'll pull you in. And so that's like will bully him into it by saying this things I'm not saying he's actually going to bully him. But he literally has like we will believe. Direct quote. Yes. And because the best time poll someone in is when you haven't pulled them in for four weeks, and yeah. And so like during this explanation, he's like will pull them in. And we'll say we're in the lions. And then what he'll do is Mark run to everyone and tell them on the lions he was like, no, no. Market is like this is I don't I don't know if this is the best idea ever kissed Marcus trying not to be too adamant about it because he doesn't want to exert too much control. Make himself seem like he is a threat to the pretty boys. But Anthony is just like this is what we're gonna do. And this is what's going to happen? And it's definitely going to work and he's getting so overconfident from all the other things he's done that have worked fat. He's just decided this horrible plan. I really hope he built this plan on sand instead of concrete because he should not stick with it. Honestly, I think most of Anthony's plans are built on instead of concrete. This reminds me of the plan to get Chelsea to be the one to take to take Sam outlets like never actually happened. I don't expect this to actually happen. But it's just it goes to show, the kinds of crazy ideas. Sometimes his thinking about everything. Stina? Nets on Twitter, always talks about people being rabid gamer, squirrels and Anthony half the time as the very good definition of that. It's part of why I think that he is able to be so confident is because he thinks about things so much more than everyone else. He's thought through every scenario anytime you bring up any scenario. He's already got like boom, I've already thought about this. This is what's happening while you're still trying to think it through and reason it out. He's ready figured it out. He's already got reasons to back himself up, and that can really help him be like this sort of like, no this is what we're doing. So. Anyway. Yeah. Finally last conversation, we'll talk about Damian and Corey of a very long conversation that have not room, they it's very long conversation. They they're building trust. They're telling me other things both basically explaining their games to each other. And how they're both playing very similar games, which is like strata hanging here, not say too much that we don't get targeted hope that eventually we can make something happen Corine particular talks about purse strategy is that she doesn't want information. She wants to doesn't want people to tell her things because then if she knows things she'll have to lie, and she doesn't want to lie, and this is. There. This is like the to kind of normal. Nice people in the house having a conversation and just like it's sad because they're so off about so many things and they're like, yeah. You can tell it's like you can see the every think about it everyone who's been lying. They've been leaving the house. It's like that's a karma. There's something that interests ruins your game. That's what's happening. It's like, no, no guys. The reason that the liars are leaving the house, even though they might have had power is because the people who have the real power are convincing you that these people need to leave because they're liars, and the people that are staying in the house are the ones doing the convincing because their life. And also, I don't think anybody can say that Mackey was a liar. He didn't have that capability. So, you know, they're trying, but they they do seem again, they talked about the Paris and Kayla thing guarantee, you these people will be are inclined to be bitter jury members they are not going to be wanting to vote for if Anthony is up there talking about castle's, they're not voting for Anthony. If if Mark is up there explaining what a GED book is they're not phone from hark. They are. I think the people that would vote for Kira over one of the one of the pretty boys if that was an option. Possibly, but I think Corey would be more inclined to over Anthony than right now. Yes. She's been by the way, Corey it's very funny, and and maybe also a little bit. Of course, he's been hanging out with Anthony a lot, and she has been picking up on his methods. So she explains to. Damian. So what have figured out is if you just give people advice and act like a mentor, then they just tell you. It's like, oh, no, she's this. Anthony's thing she's picking up on it. I just I love Corey. Man's blading. Anthony's man's planning. Today. And it's also really ironic because in this conversation where she's explaining that like how she doesn't say a lot. So that people say a lot of things to her then she goes on to explain her entire game. And give away all of the information in the game. She is truly just a people pleaser. He just wants to make people happy which will do well for her for at least a while. I would guess she lets me know that Eddie is sketchy hit a found to Chelsea that he will run to power and Damon's like good to now. And she's like don't tell any anything because he will run that information all over the place and Damon's definitely good to know checking that one on off my list, and she also says about her mentoring things she did that to Mark. And Mark just basically admitted to her that he's playing both sides and Damon's like also very good to know. Damian's game of big brother is like he's playing clue and he's got it. And he's like checking off Mark thinks he is going to play both sides. He's good liar and give people advice and and like in three weeks. Yeah. I actually I think Sam played those production answers that intentionally cause she gave literally the best possible answers. I'm a mediocre liar. I'm gonna try to be myself. I've seen half the season. That's what's going on. We've got targets building on on Damian Corey and Eddie. A little bit danger coming toward KiKi and with their talk of guys alliance. We've got the pretty boy starting to again continue to sort of play themselves. Mark doing a lot of work. Anthony being Anthony Corey winning the veto lots of stuff going on. I again, I've got to say, I'm just I I'm just really enjoying all of the different dynamics going on those. I know it's probably all leading toward one conclusion. But I think I'm realizing able to analyze even more why I do like the seasons. Like big brothers Ecksteen not to say that this is necessarily like that season. It's still very early still a lot can happen. But but I just really enjoy watching the social dynamics here. There's so many interesting things going on. And that's why this update is long because there's so many hopefully, you guys are finding all this stuff as interesting as I am as explaining it because I'm just I'm kind of blue to the feeds right now. And it's like it's a good way to be glued to the. That's all we can ask for is to not be bored on the feeds. The only thing I would wanna bring up because I thought it was kind of fun was when KiKi ST like made up yesterday after ST was mad KiKi. He's like you're mad at me. And she's like, I'm not mad because it was just stupid. Like, you know, it was stupid. So I'm not managing just such like interesting apology. Like, no, I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you. Because you know, it was stupid. And then KiKi explains to Mark and then again in front of Mark and Dane and Esty, and then she tells Esti and she's like, yeah. S two got mad because I made up a couple name for you desk, and how bad and then so then Dane talks about it's a s an ST was like, oh, so you told Dane did you? And dame. Again, this is part of why Dane is able to get away with a lot of that. He does I think especially with KiKi ST is that he's just seems like so over the top and his crush with for ST, and it seems like as playing Dane, but again, the real power dynamic is flipped their and they don't realize it. But. But Dane is like, oh, yeah. I was talking to ST, and she was like once Chelsea leaves one in one Sam leaves like who's going to be the target. It's going to be us three. So we can't hang out as much like, oh, I guess just want to hang out with me. And he's really like harp on that all night long. Like, oh, I guess we can't hang out. I guess me. And you can hang out, and he talks about like as he doesn't like me like that KiKi. You know, it's not like that. Like, he's playing this sort of like four Lauren like, I've got a crush. But she knows she doesn't like me. So I've accepted it, and it just makes it seem like he is under their control when it's not the case. Yeah. He's kind of joining one I hear dead last week except for he's doing it intentionally as a came. All right. So there you go. That's what's been going on anything else that you wanted to bring up Christian. Now. I think we've covered everything. All right. Well, thank you for joining us. You can find us on Twitter. I'm at Armstrong Taryn Christians at Chris and what I will be back tomorrow morning at eleven AM eastern up that you never happens today on the feeds whether or not there will be POV ceremony. And then tomorrow night, we will have our roundtable talk about the week in the feeds recap the whole thing. Go over the state of the house where everybody stands, and and then stock watch will write the players have some fun. So check it all out. And thank you for joining us.

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