Episode 44 A Big Foot Kind of Day


Previously on fantastic worlds podcast. Oh, sure, come in with the smart plant, we're doing crazy shit. Now, remember, last time when Pippa flew up in the air, and then did fire beat up guards, what suppose we only need a question one of them and like she has this look in her eyes? Like there's something much deeper in her brain going on Pepe casts prestigious nation to make a loud, thunderous clapping noise, just as Edessa enters you guys could of been smart. Like Mark Abraxas is the coolest character. I think that's what we're finding out. Oh, no. I still got that juice reaches out grabs his throat and ice start spreading from breakfast. His hands spreading all over the guy's throat and face as your hand grabs around his neck. And it freezes over you just twist slightly, it breaks off a piece like ice gift bags of Radyr sex sheets and. Why be wakened me from my seat? I have so many stabbing options. These people love stabbing the fucking half. Ling. World's travelers. This is Jess, I'm here to do the intro this week. Let's start it right off with our twitch schedule and every week dozen I usually play different. Video games on our twitch channel from six PM Pacific standard time onward by the time. This episode comes out Dustin, we'll have already done his mass effect to stream on Tuesday, but you can join me on Thursday and Friday playing Yuccas key Wami, and that is once again from six pm, PS, S onward, so and I don't give an end time because sometimes we go super long. Sometimes we just go for an hour. But come check it out. We have a lot of fun. And then next, I have our weekly shout out, and I'm super duper excited. I get to read the review of big Miller, Christina Miller, who has been with us from the very beginning one of our very first world's travelers whom I adore. So. She said listening to the players discuss their new bonds. This episode is so sweet. I am so impressed with the depth of character, you guys have created, and I'm so invested in all of the players and their characters and of course game dad as a new Pathfinder player, I also feel like I'm learning so much from listening to this each week and all my gosh. Big miller. You put the biggest smile on my face and really warm, the cockles of my little heart. So shout out to you. We appreciate you a lot, but I won't keep you any longer. So here is pursued forty four a big foot kind of day. Seeing it now surprise and pain on purpose face it dredged up things best less forgotten, when I see her expression, I see Jana, I see blood and death. I see a massacre all those years ago, we infiltrated an ugly little fishing village, just like this. We clear Colt, but we left a space for new power, Justice, corrupt, and bandits will always prey on the weak first and foremost, when we return to clean up, our mess, they knew who we were already, but we foolishly believed our infiltration would go on nudist Jana just nineteen years old new to the game said she'd found a good source of information village. He wooed her. And she trusted him and she was rewarded for her trust with a knife in the back. The night of our attack. She was also miles chattering nervously, but excitedly about Vero her new love about how once this was over. He was going to join us. She went still before we could even move her eyes widening her mouth falling open. Then her features contorted, and without a sound felt the ground, they are of stood behind her courts, his knife, buried in her back and a malicious smirk on his face. I don't remember killing him. I only remember standing over both of them in shock blood dripping from my scimitar, Sar plan, falling apart, all around me, bandits closing in around, our and Kim. Aid known even before we'd arrived and I realized in horror at the planned all of it, we hope to not movement that Jane hadn't realized she'd been used before she died. I prayed to Capri for her soul as faced the Ford now closing in on us, I prayed for us all. Smell of fish camp is everywhere you can almost taste it as you enter the small building called the guardhouse to ogres covered in filth from lack of shower overwhelmed, your census more the combined smell of fish, and these ogres is so thick. You worry that breathing it in might cause you to consume it like a thick soup. You lay out some pretty serious damage to walk as he retreats back into the other room where his brother borger is in Monette you Russian default low Pippa you are at the door. Reveling a little bit in the success of your hit, maybe feeling like you're starting to come into your own with your own powers. And you say just get late. Stabbed to my. You. It off. I need to know how exactly the degree of stabbed that I am. I can't even I can't even blame you for the hit. Well, yeah. And you definitely feel that dagger shoot into your rib cage, which is a sneak attack, and let's do your damage, then couldn't it be so bad. I love that line has stabbed at my I to gather I don't know if I have enough d six but we'll see. Damage. Shut up. And you have taken sixteen points of damage. Ooh. Could've been so much word it really God. I know it could have been worse, but oh man. I'm bucked. That's fuck hap-. I was so scared that it was going to be so much worse. Little me, too. I was I honestly I was a little afraid that Justin was going to be a like you Jake thirty nine points. Ends up happening is behind you. Everybody else that maybe as looking at you. The visibility falling off is almost like a curtain folly, and a large band with a shit eating grin. And the claim of a gold tooth sparkling catches your eye. I got stabbed by stupid pirate wanna be Fishman. The man is hunched down in a position that if you were looking would be familiar with is that of a train rogue? He has grey, slicked back hair and a long mustache on his face. With a look of satisfaction as he got the best of you and I forgot to mention you on your turn. We'll take three points of lean damage as he has cleaning attack. Is it because it was a sneak attack leading attack. No, I know I also have that feet. I get. The level of angst and spite is all I've ever wanted that into turn Pippa it is now you're to respond. I'm out of spells to which is the part that really sucks about this. Trying to think about like what I wanted to do the whole time the whole week and I don't really have anything aside from, I'm going to have to go back to one of my old favorites. And yes, Dustin. I know this will incur in attack opportunity, but I genuinely can't think of anything else that I could do to run to get under that same. An old on a goody an oldie but a goodie. Do you do neck robotics to try to avoid it? Good idea. A fine idea angel, like just a roll roll forward despite my injury. But does what is an what is an eleven do for me? You do not successfully roll away. So he will still get the attack of opportunity. But you can still move one, one, one, one pull out my lucky stardust ice. Let's see how it does actually if you could use some of your unlucky dice for this role at appreciate it. Twenty. At least we have that season which has a backup is gonna make a season which. Confirms. Yeah. That's a confirm. Abraxas. This is what piercing slashing would we got? It is a rapier, so it is a good actually die. She has to go below her con right? Yeah. Yeah. So it's like negative. Whatever her Ghana's. It's fourteen ish. Yeah. You have for peer seen nerve cluster, normal damage and targeted stunned for one day, six rounds fort save each round to act. This is great. Don't worry, I'm gonna save you and die myself. For two slamming. This guy stabs, and that's another twelve points of damage. Good rayvey. You're stunned for only one round, though. Just one round pick a huge step to the side. And then she tries to move out of the way and he basically attacks just almost this rates her. And she just falls to the ground, freaking Frick, eight points, just say, someone save a breakfast Europe. Healed a breakfast has been chanting this whole time over the Coldren, and when he sees Pippa get stabbed. He is he almost stops but he powering through think through gritted teeth just continue. It's kind of like a little sing song. And when he finishes, the bulge of the colts ran kind of overflows with missed that just covers the area and then to wolves white wolves. Pop up from the ground right by the rogue, who is now the target of target of his ir. Okay. So the wolves pop up and they're right at either side of the rogue and a breakfast is going to bark at command at them, and they're going to strike because they are just as bad as he's. So he would go. We got wolfing number one is a fourteen. Nope. Damn it. Twenty one. Nope. That's all they do. Breakfast is going to take just a little step up. Grab a scroll from his pouch start reading it and put a hand down and gently, gently chant over Pippa fifteen points of healing energy courses less into. He's got this worried look on his face as energies flowing through his hands. They just focusing as much as he's, he's willing as much of the maximum heating role max, but he's willing that energy just a flow into her. I think you this is so good. You'll be fine. You'll find come on this fight. Is it over this guy's nothing when chase he's moving? He's just going to be staring at him. I think he's going to eat them. Do your worst Edessa Europe. So Edessa is going to use their teamwork feet to run to the back side of that room. So she's still can shoot this guy because otherwise with him having Twenty-one and up. There's no way. So anyway, here we go. That's twenty four against touch a twenty four. Yes. You do. It is touch. Okay. I I taught fourteen points of damage. Shooter guy. I think her is like, aired anime angry like flames coming out of them. She's like not about this. She's mad shoot him in his side and some of it glances off his armor. But some of it does go in kind of gas to a little bit like lost a little bit of air for a second, but he's still rallying pretty well. You wanted us to do our worst. See that wall behind you. That's what your brain is going to be just seconds. Yes. Him so good. He's pissed and he licks his lips. John monette. You look over and you see takeout. Vile and drink it and you see some of his wounds heal what a bowl sack and that in journey. And drink your fucking cure potion homes, a bone help you for. It's your turn minute. Monette takes a five step out of the room with one Kim border minez going to use her jewel of Capri knee heel. Healer pals all her pouts. So you guys get eight I'm only three down now. Oh, I need it. Those two it is not as turn, and she moves so the other side, and she can't get a clear shot. She's just going to prepare a shot just in case somebody comes comes into her view, she can shoot so that's all she can do this term, it is now hamburgers, ton and. Hey, I'm Boettger and Ford. And he of course lines up a shot at minute. Let it jerk. That's strategic vote because the other one can't get to her. I've made a choke point is for the seer creek ranges on this. Oh, I'm so scared is not a crit and does it easily? So let's I roll the damage. So you take sixteen points of damage, and then I also need you to roll is ease using an overlook. So it's going to wrap across and pull at the back of your knees and. A twenty five years. Twenty. Okay. And so he knocks you am basically. It's like a it almost flips you up into the sky and you just fall on your back. We did in nineteen on that because I thought it might be a role, and then I realize, no tripping is. And is now a turtle stuck on her back again. Come always the turtle. Sad, little turtle, the roguish gentlemen's, turn is up and he's just gonna go straight for us, and she's on the ground defenseless not defenseless. I've got wolves and stuff around. So the roguish gentleman named actually you guys know Dame. It's MARCY on good old Marciano Darcy on stabbing through the wolves to get it me through the rules. He's she's you're right in front of him. He's directly threatened by two wolves but he's gonna stab at the person because your wrote you take the easiest Mark, so he dropped his dagger and pulls out his rape here and goes to attack he pulls at his rapier. That's an attack of opportunity. No. I don't know chess pulling out a weapon. Yeah. Around the wolf. Yes. Wolf he's ignoring to stab at the prone person on the ground on the, the rainbow die for one, I haven't use rainbow Dyson to rainbow for one and winter dice for two. Oh my God. I need to start using my Rambo dicey connects switched to the winter for the winter theme. All right. So one of them does confirm so that one is going to do the move, you always see Abraxas do take some big chump outta the leg and Yanks down as hard as you can I there's four point two damage. Well right off the bat. And then. Nineteen versus their see. MD. No. They just get bits. I will wittol down bit by tiny bit so strong for a rogue I thought they'd be squishy. You actually are going to have a little bit of fun because he will the one. Oh, this is fates. Eat dirt. You fall pro and are blinded. One day three rounds. This is excellent. So I think he goes to stab Pippa and like as he's going down. The wolf surprises Ziming grabs onto its arm and start shaking it. And you just like what he let's go it almost like a stop hitting yourself on new birdies slams his face which causes the default down. And he just can't see like he's so he's so dazed from the hit. He is blind for three rounds. Puck. Yeah, mess with the wolf attacks on that this wonderful fantastic. Turn. Thank goodness, good, sir. If you're up, I'm stuns, yet, it's neck next to try to negate. So now we're both you've been trying to forge try to negate said to them card. Oh, it did. Okay. Oh, god. A one. That. So I'm stunned. So basically, on the ground you look over and you see Marsin on the ground next to you, and you guys are just staring at each other. Martin kid, actually see you. He just like probably giving him death stairs. But he can't see. Anyway. Oh, don't worry should be if she can move it all, like she's feeling better after Medecin Abraxas appeal that she's still stunned talk. Like I think she's winded, and she's bleeding, but I think if she's just tries, just cranks up that middle finger so hard to come after me, IVA, plus ten fortitude, save. Can you believe like come on a practice Europe? Oh man he is still pretty furious. But he is feeling good now that he has his his peeps there. Breakfast is kind of do a kind of leap next to the wolf and bounce off the ground kind of doing a hand over foot, kind of when he does his four all all fours in men form, which, again his party has seen him do it from time to time usually when he's distracted and kind of, you know, peeling himself and not feeling self conscious about operating in, you know, humans world and he leaps into the cabin and pulls out another scroll. But unfortunately that's all he can do right now. So I think right now he just unravels it and is glancing over making sure he's speaking. The words in his mind to make sure when he started casting it. He makes no heirs very ficitious, hang tight Pippa. We got you Pippas just kind of still like breathing really hard. But you just kind of gives a jerky little. From the Kremlin twice for okay? And it is a Dessus turn will. Now, this guy is blind going to take another shot at him. I just see in my like brain Edessa just like it's so angry. And she like shoots him the first time and then she kind of lets everybody else get in and then it's just waiting for that moment to shoot him again. And the second opens up, she's just like yes. Okay. So that's a Twenty-one against touch. We'll hit who the brains fifteen points of damage. I. He just kind of yells out in pain because he won. He's blind. So he doesn't know what to expect. And that really hurt that he is still doing, okay. It is now once turn good old wonky, one won't move down into this area, and that will in his turn, you guys can't see it. Actually, you hear him shuffling around in the other room and that inches turn. Do the movie thankful rice, spear through the wall. Oh my God worked in. I wished that worked in Pathfinder mechanics. I always want shit like that toward I had a here point. I'd be able to visit dungeon world, though. Monette you're up Manet is going to I think I can't really do much else for v. I'm going to once again, try and slammed my spear through borders foot. I'm just having a foot kinda day where I'm just like let me hit them fee. So to be honest. I roll the nineteen. So I don't think I miss. Yeah. This twenty eight. Roll your beautiful damage. Damage. Well, that's not as good. That is. That is a nine for Ono ten for damage. I'm sorry. I got a five on the day. Plus five is ten you slam down and he's wearing some kind of shoes, so it doesn't like hurt him hurt him like imagine going through, like some leather. So it doesn't stab him. Completely. These foods my fruits my foot hourly stumping around us kind of, like, have you ever seen a kid when they stub their show in like runs around screaming? It's kind of like step toes of the worst, and always thinking about late podcast listeners. I can't see my one d eight plus five. It doesn't show up because it's covered up by the title of my sphere. That's why times I'm like, is it? Yes, it is. It is not as turn. She moves up as close as she can. And once again, she's still can't. So she's just going to ready in action that if the groom clears up she can move in an attack, and that ends her turn, and it is orders. Turn and borders, going to course since he has some perfect target practice right in front of he comes down with over. Oh, did you remember you're prone? Yeah. I mean I still would have hit it was in nineteen. So it would have been twenty four to hit. Okay. So you attack from on the ground, though, small correction in the crown, but stayed on the ground and now border is going to attack her. Well, she is prone leave. The my AC is. Hold on. Vision. Is a nineteen hundred. Right. So he's getting you with that good old ogre hook. Luckily, he can't trip you this time because you're already on the ground already twit q fall into the sub basement. I wrote them much better that time and you take one ten to eight because it's a large weapon. Oh, one d ten is if it's a medium sized weapon so shit. Okay. I'm the right person for these hits. You take twenty three points a damage. Baby. He actually moves to the other side of the. I'm still good though. Actually, I probably still have more hit points than Pippa. And that in his term, it is the blind man's turn. And he's going to stand up and I know that mean tickets in attack of opportunity from. So here's a funny thing happened. I the one money no, I ruled this rule. Thanks for amazing. I my rebel Dyson. She never her. Fucking confirm. I'm gonna switch dice for the confirmation, because I never heard you don't you I think. I use I use my pure pink dice, which is an amazing die for the previous role. I'm gonna use my beautiful your distant made one that glows in the dark. I don't think that confirms twenty. Just. Every time roll your damage. I love you. But every time. To be fair. The only reason I can confirm Brits, because all my tax are against touch, and that just drops that AC so much lower. Minus four penalty on, mainly attackers would a twenty four have done it. Because if I was standing a twenty four would have done it. Yeah. Damage. I wrote them one on damage so. God six on him. God. So that's your walking away you dislike kind of slice that is like as I'm laying on the ground. I'm just like. Quips s- quick swipe against his. Okay. It's like a paper cut. It is now Marciano stern. I he's going to go ahead and stand up and take the attack of opportunity, I believe, from the tool to and wolves not Pippa. She's still stunned. No, I rolled back fuck in nine and a six. Okay. I think he's getting up. He's kind of like trying to feel around and stuff. And he's been around just enough that the wolves like are snapping at the air. And he is going to go in attack. The one thing he knows in the room and fifth in front of him. So he's that's the only thing he knows that question yet. But he didn't get bit by wolves or anything. He doesn't know that she's in the room snapping at him. Yeah. He has no idea. They're there. I wasn't in the same. Shiffer that the thing is, is the one thing he is. He knows that she is on the floor prone. Can't move where the tools the tools are moving. True. No, you're right. He probably hits with a nine thousand nine hundred guessing but he has to roll up percentage. He wrote the forty four. So if he does not hit he is the stabbing at the air, he needs a seeing eye teddy teddy bear, actually. No, he doesn't. I don't think he deserves a seeing eye teddy bear, the gyms of this world are very precious. They are okay Pippa. It is your term. Okay. My on stunned stunned, but you do take three points of leading damage healing. I got he'll dude. That's not how that works. Not when he's blind. Nobody's blinds. Okay. Pebbles going to kind of shakily climb to her feet. I kind of imagined that she's almost using Abraxas as like a brace behind her dislike grabbing his leg like shimmying back into a standing position like. Just I just imagine that she just has this incredible snarl honor face after being put on the ground and then the dude kept stabbing at her. So she's going to kind of, like back up into Abraxas mechanically speaking, she just taking a five footstep kind of back into his square. Maybe. Yeah. And then she's going to shoot at her attacker, her awful horrible. No good. Very bad use. The worst. Attacker, y'all doesn't follow the rules of Geneva Convention. No. Yeah. He has. No honor. So that's why she decided to roll in nineteen. Okay on that, which is actually a chance for my crossbow. Come on Abby, Justin confirm. It's your turn. You gotta do it. He world. That was definitely not a confirmed. A anyway, but you know it's fine because she's still rolled in nineteen hit with a master. We're crossbows, plus five Sadat would be a twenty four to hit hits right now. Good. It should will motherfucker. It's not too excited. Only one six damage Bill. Dude. Any the damage. Okay. He's looking pretty touted right now. I think what happens is Hilo. He's trying to feel in around kind of trying to, like, move around a little bit trying to dodge at anything that comes because he doesn't know when it's coming and he just like moves right into the bolt as it comes and gets right into it. Hurts like health a breakfast, you are up. All right. Breakfast, finishes his chain. Oh, no, no. He was. He was looking over the scroll. And I think he's pretty confident that he's gonna get the flex and everything down, so he will continue. Well this. He'll initiate now start reading the scroll. His hands are glowing with energy kind of, like meals where the table is to kind of get up on the table. And as soon as Monette comes into reach think she's kind of moving around to reposition touches whatever body parts. Is closest to them to let the energy flow. Winter gotta. You gotta reach down for me. That's right. He over the table Levy to grabber. Anything I can read you. Fairly belly on the table. That's thirteen points of healing loan. You jesus. Abraxas. Iraqi is his feet or like on the other side of the table. Yeah. Literally, a mummy needed that. He's on his little belly and in the wolves or he'll bark something that the wolves and they'll continue their assault. Seventeen to hit the and APAC win. Yes. Exactly. What you need. Oh perfect. They both hit. So just like Mollet today. All the stupid male Anna Packwood today, breath, nothing. I love her. But, like this guy sucks. Does. Sorry, Anna eight points, a damage from wolves twin FANG attack. So eight points. And then what are the real the same member again? Okay. So that is twelve versus AMD. I don't think that's going to be okay. So just the eight points of Feng damage. And the twin things by into him. And he screams out loud, and he just falls to the ground, and I need. Oh, you throw me a perception. Check at twenty five twenty two twenty three I rolled the twenty on the day. Do you want the wolves roll teen K, two hundred wolves to Roland? Sure. Sure, I'm I twenty three from one and twenty one from the other. Okay. The wolves rolled higher than you Abby oaks. Shut that very caning sentence. And that internal breakfast, does Desa. It is your turn. Okay. So we have to all funneling through one door to get it there. I just I know if I go into that room alone, I'm going to get in viscera by these room with two overs. Yeah. Yeah. Then a dust is going to take a five foot step into the middle of the room and hold her action that any enemies come into view. I'm going to shoot. Okay intern. Yeah. She ain't got nothing else you could do. I mean she's right next to Monette she can like make soup mix faces her. That. Yeah. What does he do it on the floor? Once turn his up and yeah, he's gonna stay there. It's your turn minute. The net is crawling into this corner. She's crawling, basically into a corner that's directly to the right of the door. If you're facing the door and trying to stand up that's it. That's it. Yeah. That's all I can do. I mean I could slap hands on myself. So I guess I'll do that because after swift action. So that's all I got. Well, not yet now that she is able to kind of look into the room a little bit because he kind of moved in. She actually pulls up her bow and fires at marshawn, and Marsin of says she knew she knew. And all of a sudden you hear this cream out loud, as this arrow pierces, his heart, and he grabs onto and done. Good. Tamar theon. You guys all failed to your perception checks, except for Nadia who rule the twenty and perceived that was in fact, still alive. And yet it I rolled the twenty I only have a plus three. Okay. Naughtiest turn. You love your job. Kill that best. When you least expect it, sometimes she rolls for shit, and then every once in a while. She's like I got you guys she saves around its border, your another pop of wind, and I'll these ogres so dependent on their potions. Curing droughts. Pippa it is your turn cool. Well now that he's dead. So, yeah, I think I'm just going to go ahead and pip is going to going to kind of move up to sort of the corner of the door and like pure around it. She's going to drop her crossville and pull out an alchemist fire and throw it at which ever one. This is you could feasibly throw that around a corner. Yeah. No, I'm good ole hamburger is a fourteen fourteen fourteen is not hit. And I'm gonna say he takes one point splashed him. Oh, why you hurt bar? Gar four try to hurt us, Brooker losses, still broker note, try to hurt you try to hurt our merger lady. I'm one of them Dinkins, my friend. That armor lady is my friend. Oh, and that in sister. Fucking did. Breakfast you were up. I do another bark command. And I'm the send in. I'm sending the clowns to do. No. I'm the send in my wolf pack, only one of them the other one's gonna continue eating the rogue as a reward for their good service. They're going to leave with a full belly before they go back to their domain, so he's going to charge right in, and that gives him an attack of opportunity. He can slam as a Wolfe's popping into the door AC fourteen. So he comes down to like slice, the wolf's, just like, and MRs with no problem. So what would you like to dip seventeen to hit this? All right. When he's just snapping at his heels Abraxas will shift into awesome hybrid. And charge. Excellent. I'm ready for tax one missed in the other natural twenty and let's see if it confirms it does not confirm. So he just through normal damage twenty three points of damage and, and he also gets a trip. Does a twenty two beat your? Yes, he uses the ogre like slice under your legs in slices stoop. Both of them viciously cutting some tenants. Taking a all that damage, and then he sweeps you up on your feet and you fall crown and as at Hammond. As the blood sports outta them a breakfast turns. And the splur- goes all over him. I get to make a range touch attack from a spell cast earlier. Remember? Yes. Fine. That's amazing. This. I cast caustic blood on myself you cause blood to spray and become caustic, wherever it exposed to the air, and it's a free action anytime he hit even on my turn this. I know God and turn into demon you're gonna get possessed by David, I should've listened to editors sorry. Mike god. Well, that's nice. Nineteen a touch a nineteen touch hits. Oh, right. Shed is a total of. Four point. Oh, no. That's my con- is plus three my bed that's five points of acid damage. I think angel gets the award, creating the character I've ever heard of a cannibal cannibal that blood as explosive it's caustic. Thank you very much, good. I was ready ready to get hit. So keep hitting me, buddy. It's free. Text for me. I love nasty boys. Wow. That was going. You don't make it across the room, then you are knocked prone in front of wonk, and you're on the ground. But your blood is apparently harmful so good thing, there's a ten foot reach thing. So I don't think I think it's probably within five feet right? I have thirty feet. It's my range. Shoot in there. I from across Desa. To sell this blood. She out almost magically ends like stab at won't. Okay. She looks a little queasy at this, but it's fine she's going to take five foot step forward and from her vantage point. I think she can hit walk. Yes, I'm gonna say that. All right. Here we go. So she like watches this and it's just like. All right. Here we go, and like takes a five foot like step forward. Looms are up and that is a nineteen against touch that will be a hit nine points of damage, not her best. Oh, Terry still frig won't give so distracted slash surprised from getting attacked by Abraxas. Is. Getting a really good attack on a praxis knocking him down on his ass only be like, sprayed with this blood that hurts, like Pearson sin. So he's a little confused. What's going on? Exactly. And as you fact, you use it any basically, you shoot him right in the back kind of shoots up in pain, but still up a little angry now and he's going to go and take advantage of that prone like wolf boy on the ground. And see rain, does he misses hustling import another spurt bummer hits the ground and the hind hot like hits the ground missing you completely consensus, as a horrible monster kale. Cut, yo when I run by he wanna frame format. It is your turn. It's going to kind of like, because Edessa is directly or left. There's a wolf right in the door and then Abraxas is right behind this wall. Is going to like slide through this door past all her friends, and as she sliding by almost doing this kind of cool anime slide is going to try and slash her spear against the of borger as she's like doing this cool anime slide pass. That's so team needs. I can't do any attack of opportunities. Wow. Now it's the left behind, so there's the. Cases lean a little bit. But that's why. Team work. That's a twenty five to definite hit. Does. That's funny fire. Twenty five. I got a seven on the die and that plus five so twelve points. Okay, up engines. Fork jumps back in grabs, his shins and paintings, like, oh, you heard Dr. Thrill of battle in her eyes. She's grin is not as turn important portinadi. She can't, she can't do anything but moving into the other room is she okay? She took down the dude. She was the only one that knows nobody porn naughty on the cool teamwork feet. So she doesn't get to enjoy that we gave her the memo that are false. Yeah. Yeah. Does she with us? She has not leveled yet. Okay. So we'll see she could take the team we're leaving next time. So it is now forecast turn, and he, of course, going to one person in front of him that just irked his shins. Man should be effected me Jesus critical fail. Oh. The fail part. Yes, yes, yes, I love it when he failed failed may lay Bonk you were stunned for one round. Yes. Burger borger box. So what is happening is worker? He's wincing from the pain in his shifts. And he goes up to attack Monette, and he just hits himself on the top of the head of what happened. They call you like caveman clubs himself and he's just a little dazed in stunned for the next turn. It's your turn so Edessa. How would you like to go big? More than anything. Excellent. So Pippa lays a hand on Odessa's leg and casts and large person as she's doing it. Pippa just says something along the lines at shoot them all day, it's a big Odessa. Oh my God. The low them away because I mean, James now Pippa size. Oh my God. This is going to be so much fun. This is just as this is. I think our Dessus, I turn with enlarge person. I think Monette Scott Nitin Abraxas has gotten it, and it really has the dentist die for the almost dying. We're about to find out though. This is turn. I'm just huge. Now. A Brexit is now your turn you see this giant Edessa through the door. Awesome. Actually, you're on the floor, and you're kind of looking up, and, you know, maybe wondering about the, the fragile ty- of life or something. I don't know. And you look up and all of a sudden, you'd see a designate three size bigger as she becomes a large creature. These probably should've let her get through the door. I come up, and you can get through these doors shaking. Oh, okay. Never mind. All right. I'm gonna crawl determined calls up right? They normally do do the crawls but I'm Jason Tim Annette. Oh, cut Jim that. So i'm. Monette had. How, how are we how would you covering me? Oh, I'm basically like I suite my spear over your back while you're crawling. So it's like, if they try and reach out and strike, you, my spirit just goes right over you. Yes. I'm like, I'm like, helicoptering my speier like no. That's why some Deums some teams do not allow team where because they're like this, but a lot of players don't take them because it takes all of them, or just a small group. And I haven't seen a lot of people take your thought is yet sucks. But at the same time you guys always to defeat slot on it. So, like, all I would hardly call it wasted. We'll just get to know what I mean is big investment into it. So too should get you a big return. I like that. I like that. Yeah very true. You're right. But I do like that. That's a great idea, anytime you guys have to explain now, how these other people, protect. Okay. That's also good idea. Yes. Yeah. So I literally, I'm just saying they're like swinging my sphere over my head to make sure that he doesn't try and touch Rex's, he's moving past. Competence, he's gonna scratch into the floor and use his claws to bring them closer to Monette. And once he safely next to her, then he's going to stand up. And unfortunately that takes all of his move, but it was a pretty intense crawling there. Okay. Super size death. Say it is your turn says she is going to shoot at she's like huge and her gun is huge Jim is tiny and she's just like hack ING and she like puts her rifle through the door as a huge being that is actually wait. She can she could move through all of this without taking tax opportunity. Yet, she like lumbers through the doorway and move all the way over next to Brax on the other side of the room. Guy around you hear walk and burger at the same. Today. Oh my goodness. Hold on. I, I have to roll this. I own my gome. What all my God. Twenty okay. Guys. Someone leber. Do I don't ask for much little die? God this. Point that would bandaged. Yes, I would like, yes, you do that. Okay. Okay. Okay. Here we go. Guys using my hero point with advantage. Did bandage I rolled a four twenty? Role there. One more time. And if you do it, it's an instant kill right? Head on. Twenty twenty twenty if not then Ted, but doesn't matter because it conferred still what's the card there? I know I always ask, but if. Piercing. Bludgeoning. Piercing piercing. Bicep wound normal damage. One day force to rank damage. So you do as it enlarge creature. We determined it to one twelve damage and you get times for as with your weapon, right? Oh, roll some damage. Okay. Sushi rolls forty seven points. To know that I'm listening to glam on by rupaul and it's so appropriate. Jake's four points strings image. She I rolled a four I rolled my tiny little tower. It doesn't matter because what it's up happening is you light up this giant looks like a cannon, basically. And you just go boom and there is a hole in the center of walks chest where his chest once was. And he just falls straight down to the ground and. That's moment of my full me. All wheel temporarily deafened from the boom in this room you are for the next. I'm going to actually say that. Yes. Because this is such a big room you are all deafened for two round. Well. Well. All right. Deafened I'll take it the only person who could here right now is Jim. So it doesn't the only person that can right now. Take it, you know what whatever that was Titus shit. My brother. No, it's Benitze turn all that's left is border. The net is like. So psyched about what just happened like she wanted to scream, a lot while all of that was happening, but basically, she's focused still on the battle. So she lists her spear and is going to try and, and this fool, I just as the first time ever over the Manetti really happy about minez probably like. To so many levels like, oh my God. She's so huge that cannon was just ridiculous. I'm kind of deaf right now. She's a female. Nominee, the Clinton. Good day. Yeah. Monette still like in the middle of that kind of helicoptering move she's doing. She's taking that finals. Swing down to try and slice across his stomach. And take him down. That's. Joke. It I am not the twenty Queen. For hands off the die. I have the fucking it's rate. My boy there. Please baby. Do this for me. Again, please receives a hero. I kind of do you should you have somebody to I used one? I don't regret it. You lost out hero point today, because you have somebody hero points. I wanna crit for one. Bandage. Fantagaufa. Oh, yeah. I ruled the woods so we. Oh, that's much better. Okay. So twenty eight that definitely hits piercing. This is I'm so glad I pulled this car. Are you ready for your title here? Just. You have her fict- strike triple damage, course. Yes. It is the most perfect strike. I'm actually listening to formation by beyond. Her. I'm putting on for me. Oh I got an eight on my die. So what else does perfect strike do triple damage. It's just triple damage. Okay. So I mean that's I mean just tripled. Nope. It doesn't the spears already triple damage, right? Yeah. So then what does that do it moves up one? Right. So it's eight times four. So, yeah, that's thirty two points of. So you basically you do like a baseball bat style with your spear because he'd been doing the world wind thing, and you slice it across his stomach. And it opens up into stills out onto the ground and he dies. Oh, so good just reaches over and like picks you up because it's like the only time ever going to be able to do this in her entire life. And. She's so into it. She's like, yeah. We. She thought we were going to die. She was like ready note yet. We were toes. Fantastic world podcast is fantastic. Enjoyed the show enough and want to join the WP community do so by following us on Twitter at antacid, pots took out how strong are mean game is at been tested world's pods on Instagram or chatting with us on discord. I am just in Alexander your game, dad master. You can find me at dusted. Alexander on Instagram or Twitter. I'm eight you can find me on both of those platforms. At bonanza famine this is angel. I am also on both of those platforms. I promise all do better with Instagram, Espinosa nine one six. This is Kay, and you can reach me on Instagram or Twitter at she's Lady Macbeth, and I don't know. I might need to change it to, like big bang or something crazy, which is like that theory. That was like I'm feeling really good about my life right now. Yeah. That was amazing Glamis on Amazon. This is just a minute is always glimpse on. It's true. Full on. So you can find me on Instagram and Twitter at Hancock. Link song is composed and played by Amy Hankinson. Thank you, siren skate for the use of your sound effects and music. Thank you to everyone who has been giving us reviews on apple podcast. I tunes or Stitcher. We hope you enjoyed the show, and if you did to favor and help spread the word with friends or family. You think may also enjoy the show till next week. I hope you have many fantastic adventures. Hwu. Few try and crawl over a body wouldn't incur any but. They done that before. Strategy, baby. Okay. Tack room. Crawls over. Gone. Nice axles cooking something. Smells really good. But can you tell by the smell I smelled garlic salt? Oh yeah pepper. Tell us more, so sorry. The hunger. No, no. I just had a moment of panic because I can see the front yard. Through the through the window, and Steven was just getting something out. He was getting our suitcase out of the trunk of my car, but I wasn't really paying attention because it was looking at the microphone and time it is waiting to clap. And so I thought someone random had opened my Trump. So I'm fine. It was fine. It was Stephen. He is my husband and owns all the things I own. And so it's fine car. You meeting to mention your hair looks super duper Q is like lighter. Yeah. I got got Bali done on it. So it's like my normal color half and then half way. Blonder I usually am. So visit lighter than lifetime. Or is it the? It's just it's just the ambiance. I have I have some truly beautiful like buttery golden evening. Light coming through my window right now. It's very flattering for Abby. It's it's golden hour. Just all the light is. My four most down. Golden hour like angel is perpetually in the door. Danger in actual. Oh. Building. Okay. Painting around him. It's just the sound of the take. So this on it. This might be this might be the death of, of the fort. I'll have to. Amazon, too big oak cardboard box. It doesn't matter what it is. It's I have Dowell that ripped off of one of the things so music to prop up. Oh, god. This makes me nervous. Scared for you. Oh, god. I mean, it's fine the middle of conversation just gonna swing down and being angel in the head and he's going to die. Okay. I got it. I had a so the tape to refocus with say. I see this Dow away, hold on have to trace it down goes down. Oh my God. It used to be on my desk. But now it's on the side of my desk, but seats removing that little fake moved Skoda most knocked everything out. So about you and your. To hear me scream safety, we're gonna get an OSHA violations. Okay, let's going to report to HR about his horrible. No. Remember on the HR. HR for us. Got a little warm. Could be. Coughing just be the. Really gets the heart pumping a little. It helps build it helpful. Good Dombi, ons for what you guys are about to come into you could just save the recording when they get struck SCO back and find the clip of me going. Our own version of a Wilhelm scream. Oh, yes. We need to start saving our sound clips to insert places.

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