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Bird Creek take. This is Bloomberg radio. From New York to our TV and radio audience worldwide, welcome to balance the power with the world of politics, meets the world of business. I'm David Westin. We start out once again with the markets again today we're going to turn to candidates and Kelly. It looked like early on. We're GONNA. Do Pretty well in the markets, and then they've turned around. Is it because something on the numbers we got on the coronavirus. That's certainly is part of a David you're looking at a market that perhaps is more sensitive to the rising virus cases in the threat that could pose to. To the recovery, but I would know when things really turned is when we saw the tech heavy weights like apple and Microsoft flip into negative territory as well. They are back to really roughly flat right now, which is why we're off the lows of the session, but you're still looking at the S. and P., five hundred and the dow down by one and a quarter one and a half percent each the relative outperformance, though is still coming from tech. The Nasdaq is only down about five ten and the Nice thing plus index which houses the biggest of the big. Big Tech stocks actually up by about a tenth of one percent, and the religious speaks to a broader theme. David in that is the tech stocks that carry the market in one direction or another I crunch, the numbers earlier this morning, as of yesterday's close, the S. and p. five hundred had rallied eight hundred and sixty five points off its lows on March, twenty, third, two, hundred and fifty, one of those points have come from just five names, apple Microsoft Amazon facebook and Alphabet that equates to twenty nine percent of the gains we've seen in the equity. Markets really underscores facts. That to a large degree. This market is held hostage by the performance of these a cat companies. They carry US along on the upside, but

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