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Alarming US Coronavirus Continuity Of Government Plan & Even Italy Now Suggesting China Not Origin


And welcome to the daily. Wrap up a concise show dedicated to bring you the most relevant independent news as we see it from the last twenty four hours Monday march twenty third two thousand twenty. Thank you for joining me today. Got Some very powerful information to discuss today on a couple of different fronts in fact a fantastic article written by Whitney web. One of the newest ones for the last American vagabond as many of you may have heard. She's now a staff writer for the last American Vagabond. And you'll be seeing easily. Oh you're seeing a lot of content coming from her on the last American vagabond as we go forward really powerful information in regard to something called the continuity of government which you may have heard in the past which ties back to Oliver North and a discussion on something that I've actually talked about before a very alarming clip that you may have seen in the past as I'm fighting off a sneeze out of nowhere very alarming clip from from the past. Which many of you have likely seen where this ominous discussion is brought up in regard to the suspension of the constitution and it gets immediately. Shut down and that's never brought up again. Now we've heard more about this as the years have gone on but now it's turning out that there's a lot of this tied up in guess. What the response to the corona virus and the way that this is being applied today in conjunction with bill bars pre-crime discussion should really scare you to the bone. And this is something that I'm going to get into. I'M GONNA pretty much go through your article today and show you why. This is something you should be concerned about. We're also GonNa talk about discussion in regard to the vaccines being prepared for this corona virus. And how there's a very ominous connection one of many that. You probably could find that. We've already talked about but one more on top of the list that of course ties back to some known suspects and of course ties back to a very ominous time. When a rather situation where there was some tainted blood that was given to Iran? And it was you all this weird back and forth and guess what that companies tied up in? Today you're probably not going to be surprised to find out we're also going to get into trump's task force discussion and just the absurd things that go on there every single time we watch it of some clips that I broke down won't be as long as last time. I made sure of that but who knows knows. I can't promise anything but we're going to get through that as well of some things at the end. Some really missed things that aren't being discussed today. But we're GONNA start off of course with the big story and this is something that I really hope. People understand why this is so incredibly important like even just understanding the simple concept of the continuity of government in and of itself and what that means and taking that a step further and understanding how that can be applied and even in conjunction with an with something else such as the defense production act or the earn it. Bill all these weird different agendas coming in to collapse around you to basically create martial law. That's where we seem to be right. Now that's where we seemed to be inching toward and this is something as I said that was written for Black American vagabond. Here's the article in the site. The truth about the United States continuity of government plans and the corona virus. Perfect Storm. Now this of course something that's coming together Liam as you can see there is over north at hearing the brief hearing in which he spoke and and arguably lied about a lot of rather withheld a lot of information but this is something that really ties into a lot of the topics that that I've been talking about that a lot of people in this community been talking about for a very very long time and potentially consider it in this light that this was something that was always always waiting just behind the scenes for something whether that be something that they choose to create at a given time or something that just happens to hop up and they realize this is. The time. Seems like we're staring at right now. As it says though often discussed in relation to nuclear war or a similarly chaotic scenario continuity of government plans can be triggered even by popular non-violent opposition to an unpopular war abroad it exists solely to keep the current system in place regardless of the cost alarming. Now she points out. Newsweek published a report which I briefly mentioned recently in just in the in the passing. Moment to say look even. They're discussing the concept of martial law and in their article they skim over the brief surface level discussion of what this is and of course as she points out in this article ch intentionally leaves out the obviously most important parts most alarming parts and this article they put out was called inside the military's top secret plans. If Corona virus cripples the government now offers their cover the I would argue the way that they give you they can act like they told you about this but actually left out all the things that you would actually wanted to know now the article's authors as William Arkin which we've seen before largely frames. These plans is new but as she says. Buried deep within the article eventually mentioned that such contingency plans can be traced back to the Eisenhower administration though they weren't placed before that and have since been developed and updated by most subsequent administrations and. This is something that I would think. Most Americans would want to know about the even the even the simple possibility that they can suspend the constitution. Obviously why that's something that's on people's minds the DOJ just over whether it was I guess kind of secretly put. Everyone seems to know they asked to basically be able to suspend Habeas Corpus to be able to suspend to indefinitely detain you for as long as they want until they decide. You're no longer a threat you know because virus and this is potentially exactly what we're staring at now. It says largely though the insurance of through executive order issuance executive orders. Which again is something you know. I've been harping on the concept. That what we actually deal with in this country. This government is just rule by executive order. And that's been clear. Obama clearly took that to the next level. Trump is going to surpass him by leaps and bounds of course one of his harshest critics about executive orders. Funny that usually works out but it's something that they just get to do and sign in March. These orders forward. That has nothing to do. With even the illusion of our democracy which is just that an allusion. But even then they're stepping right over that illusion and just writing things down and making them mandates and laws and orders which actually executive orders are supposed to really only apply to the executive branch. But we're kind of long past that now. Arc and also points out says that some of these continuity of government or CG plans include the de-evolution of leadership and constant constitutional authority which he notes quote could circumvent the normal constitutional provision. Little bit smaller air. We go for government. Succession Quote Could Circumvent Normal Constitutional provision for government succession and military. Commanders could all be placed in control around America. Now over we keep going understand. This is the part that was included in the article. We're not we're this is. This is the milk toast. Part of the discussion. But tell me that that doesn't show you to the bone simple concept at the very government. I'm not even saying trump's administration. I'm just saying the government the US government that is behind some of the most egregious warcrimes in the hip in living memory. Who's been caught lying about any number of things that I continue to rattle off the biggest one being the false flag. Duma that we know they lied about and kill people because and are still covering it up that government now has the ability under the guise of some kind of emergency. Or rather just however. You want to look at an emergency. That's taking place to circumvent the normal constitutional provision and essentially see military commanders placed around America. Now this is something. We've always her and always. Most people have just dismissed some kind of conspiracy theory but here we are right and it's all this was always what we've been talking about. We've never been there are definitely discussions and I would've said even then that it was just as likely that it could have just been swift moved due at once regardless of what we think but most of us have always been arguing. This is how it was going to go it. It's going to be incremental the boiling frog right if you never heard that expression the idea. Actually I'm not even sure how the exact expression goes. But the idea that you know when you're boiling a frog for places in the world that eat them France. Whatever else that if you put it in hot water boiling water it just jumps right out but if you boil it in slow water rather excuse me in nuke warm water and bring the temperature up slowly. Well it'll boil it won't no it won't recognize the danger until it's too late. That's what we're dealing with right. We are that frog and this is slowly increasing the temperature. And we're all okay. Well this is getting pretty serious. But you know we're did we. They had to do it because the so and so and this to happen there but you understand if they had done all of us at once right when this started we would have been very unhappy about it and probably been marching through the streets like we should be right now but the point is that they get it so slow than incrementally with some kind of an excuse that people actually are fear. Bottom line doesn't matter what the narrative is. The fear is what drove it. We are that frog and its boiling now and rising and most people are too afraid or too. I guess just unwitting to what's really going on to actually do anything about it now. Says there are key aspects of continuity of government and being began also? I should make clear. The concept of continuity of government is something. That's been around for a long time and any innocuous sense when they want to talk about it in front of the mainstream version of it that goes out to the people that mindlessly watched the mainstream channels. It's meant to be something good you know. It's well we're glad to maintain our because the government in their mind is good right because they're always fighting for you and freedom and love and everything good around the world righteous and everything right all. The things we know are clearly not true. You just open your eyes but to them. That's what it means. It's the main the maintaining of the thing that makes their life the way it is. But that's simply not what that means. The continuity of government is literally as she said her article at you at the cost of you right at the cost of the things that you think. They're protecting that life that you think you have that at the cost of that they will sacrifice your freedoms liberties your your comfort your self determination at a at the drop of a hat to maintain to maintain their government and the continuity of it. That's what you have to think about again. I just can't stress the fact that when I if I would have said this ten years ago and I did people would say you were crazy. Conspiracy theorist but here we are facing it face to face right. We're staring at right in the eyes and again it happened so incrementally and we always. This is how it was going to go real or not. Mississippi key aspects of new government and its development that Arkan leaves out for instance in his timeline on how such plans have developed in the post World War Two era. He conveniently fails to mention of. Course any of the Reagan administration's major changes to continuity of government including the Reagan era executive order. See how this isn't. This isn't some new concept guys on which all current court continuity of government programs are based. Now somebody made an interesting point that if you think about this Reagan if I'm remembering correctly was was the first you know. Actor who became president who seemingly was the first one to really initiate the continuity of government. Alarming plan that we're talking about into today and seemingly now being executed by another actor who became president at you something to point out now it says indeed many of the extra constitutional aspects of continuity of government that. Arkan mentions began during the Reagan administration when these plans were redrafted to largely get this largely exclude members of Congress. Don't you love that? Don't you love how they're constantly stressing this idea of government and checks and balances and everything up until the moment when it in any way? Challenges what they want to accomplish right. It's always how that goes largely exclude members of Congress. Are you talking about continuity of government and their one of their main focal points? Is that is making sure? Congress is not involved in that its military in the executive branch. Sure that's really. That's obviously the continuity of their government. And what they think. It is not the illusion of our democratic process pretty alarming and says including the speaker of the House from succession plans and even move to essentially eliminate congress in the event of a continuity of government being implemented implement. Excuse me with near total power instead being given to the executive branch and the military right. Now you can see how that could happen right now and even just for sake of argument everything. They're saying Israel it's just hypothetically all it's real we're dealing with this virus and it's an accident whatever they wanna say all of it being said they could do this right now and it would happen. People would not push back because they're so convinced that we need this I. I don't understand why people out there think a gun is going to do against virus anyway. Like why are we calling on the military of all groups? I mean right now? They're showing pretty clearly with their efforts around the world that they're not the people to be dealing with this so I mean I think they know that is the point. This is not about actually fighting this. It's about putting their military pieces in place. Always there are plenty of other groups that are literally. That's what they do but no. It's we see the national guard marching around the country in a very ominous way. Meanwhile no no. It's just we're not actually declaring anything we're not. It's only a couple of states. But we see National Guard around twenty eight plus states now. But don't talk about that also says during this time that the of the de-evolution de-evolution aspect of continuity of government was hammered out as it created three president cabinet teams. Get that it. Created three President Cabinet teams to be stationed in different parts of the country outside of the nation's capital G. What does this starting to sound like guys is starting to sound like I don't know like a shadow government? Isn't that interesting? Now be very careful not to fall into the pitfalls of the obvious Q. Type Narratives out there. That will this. Will people try to pull this into that is not this? I'M NOT GONNA go any further on that just because I don't need to deviate this discussion. But that's very very different. Things like that usually do. Is they pull things like and it's just like any other mainstream or any other kind of manipulative thing. They pull real information and they bend it to meet what they wanted to be like. Always like like we're dealing with now. Apparently so massively doesn't matter but the point is this is what we're staring at and this is the real version of that thing. We're talking about a parallel power structure. That's crazy and it's exactly what we've always been talking about. Of course they hijacked the word deep state and made it the Democrats or whatever they've turned it into and that was part of the plan because deep state has never meant that it's always meant the unelected power structure the shadow government. That's been around for a long time and we were called crazy for even using that term but now it's mainstream. There's a reason for that. Three different cabinet president cabinet teams stationed all around the capital now. Arkan's decision to not mention how continuity of government was a major focus of the Reagan administration is striking given that the administration poured hundreds of millions of dollars annually into the continuity of Government planning and Development and also conducting C. O. G. drills on a regular basis. And this is interesting as well. That the Miami Herald aspect and how this was discussed. We back in Nineteen eighty-seven openly Miami Herald as she. Lets I can she? I don't think I had this links will be in there when you guys are done. What see yeah? I think I didn't clue this one but all this as always everything will be there in the pin comment for you guys to check out when we're done now. It says the Miami Herald revealed in one thousand nine hundred seven that the continuity of government programs of that era were deeply connected to what the Herald termed quote a virtual parallel government outside the traditional cabinet departments and agencies. Now why did this story go away because that shouldn't go away we're dealing with it right? Now ask yourself how. Obviously this was put to bed at a time when they had that much control. I mean we're talking about the same. You know I mean I wouldn't. It's not exactly even this concept of October. The project mockingbird type of things that have never actually disappeared even though that term in and of itself is not. It's just kind of a colloquial term. It means this general idea. There's intelligence groups are in fact infiltrated into the media. And that's a fact. What Operation Mockingbird is a little bit distorted carry? Welder did a great video. In that. By the way to understand why that's not as slam dunk. People make it but we know that's true even at this time and what's interesting is what they talk about on the clip. That I'll show you in a moment is is that he actually references the Miami Herald Document of the article in Congress and then he could shut down for it and we never hear about it again or at least regard to Congress like this but they called it. A virtual parallel government outside the traditional cabinet departments and agencies. That's like a perfect definition for our government. A deep state that began operating quote almost from the day. Reagan took office so understand guys. This isn't some thing that was like a contingency for if and when this happened this was happening. There were simultaneous entities. That we'RE GOING TO BE I. Guess shifted power to if and when they chose to do so but they were there as you said they began operating not hypothetically but operating from the day. Reagan took office and included. Many of Reagan's closest advisors guests who including other than the CIA director William. Casey you guys remember him. You should because this guy is somebody that you should probably know. Well never this one this is. This is one that people dismiss very real quote. We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything. The American public believes is false. William Casey C. I. A. Director from his first staff meeting in Nineteen eighty-one. Really setting the agenda high. You know really going for it. We're going to deceive them about everything right. This is where we are guys and that's why it's so baffling for people like to watch people today. Try To swim through this obvious deception of the two party politics and recognized. That's what you're doing. You're taking part in this different. Disinformation program that he created for you guys or all of them did. This is the same guy the same guy who were talking about right now. That Reagan worked with and that's one of his closest advisers involved in creating the continuity of Government Program. So a guy who's literally made his goal to make sure that everything you know about your country is false. And he's the one that was intricately tied in with creating a basic side shadow government to be taking power whenever they decide that then just disappeared into the shadows and we never heard again. Chris we need to see what this is now says. The Herald further claim that this parallel government had been responsible. Guess what it just keeps going for the Iran Contra scandal and. I'm thinking this isn't even stuff that this is stuff that Miami Miami Herald uncovered in the eighties and I argue that. Nobody probably out. There knows this stuff. Other than people like Whitney researching people like US talking about it. Why would that be? This seems like a hugely important topic. They've been responsible for the the massive Iran Contra scandal which people like Pompeii. Oh John Bolton of Elliot. Abrams was intricately involved in this Elliot. Abrams was. He's a convicted war criminal for the Iran Contra scandal but yet he's still working with trump Venezuela for freedom of course 'cause that's what criminals do they fight for freedom right but they were also responsible for that massive massive scandal. I mean it was crazy and we should know better by now because this is what the this is the same thing they're doing now. Arming the terrorists the rebels and using them against people. They don't like arming. The unsavory was out there and using them against people that are just middle ground. This just simply people were actually just honorable enough to not sell themselves out to the US government and those are the people in the middle ground. Then they jump all the way to the side and get the worst of the worst of the worst. They arm them. Give them everything they need and throw them at the medium guys right. That's what this country does this government I should say I keep the bad slip up. The government does that and we know this. It's been proven in Syria. Many other places. Now it says his wit says as well and remember the name. It's important if you guys haven't looked into the Iran Contra scandal and all this other show many webs to this an arm. It's funny arms to this Gary Webb. Somebody recommend you guys look into us. He researched this and ended up discovering that the CIA was trafficking cocaine and selling it to the minorities of our country in order to make money to get arms to arm. These people right. He found that out and he there as we understand he shot himself twice in the head. That's literally how the story went. And he was vindicated by the way he was right and we know that but they do they they make you shoot yourself twice in the head when you just when you reveal the reality of what. They're doing this as well as the quote. The drafting of martial law plans for national emergencies. Which is where we are now. As well as quote the monitoring of US citizens considered potentially security risks. So all the way. Back in Reagan's administration. They were already cataloging creating lists of people just like us dare to talk about the truth right. Potential security risks now understand. We can clearly see that they were doing things that were illegal. They shouldn't have been doing this. The Iran Contra scandal the shadow government. These things were absolutely outside the boundaries. Of what we thought this country was allowed to do rather the government. Dang it I keep saying what the government was allowed to do so the point is when they're considering. Us security risk understand that. That doesn't mean risk in the sense that you're GonNa to do some crime but rather you're going to expose their crimes. That's what that is so you are now monitored as a US citizen by your own government because they think you may be the one to expose their crimes. Julian Assange Sil- you know Chelsea manning style. That's what they're afraid of. And that's what they're still working on today. But YOU'RE ON THAT LIST. If you're doing things like this just like me to this day now says other key players in those. Reagan era con con continuity of government developments such as former vice president. Dick Cheney right. You're not going to be surprised. Former CIA director James Woolsey and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld all the classics are also left unmentioned. Of course of course the news. Newsweek wouldn't dare to mention all of the loving philanthropist or whatever they WANNA call these people these war. Criminals says not mentioning. Cheney and Rumsfeld are particularly glaring omissions given that they were involved in the implementation of aspects of those plans that actually went live the continuity government plans that literally went live in the wake of September eleventh when both men were serving and keep it to a key post in the George W Bush administration. Right this stuff all ties together. This is where you need to begin to see just exactly like multiple administrations maintain the lies about Afghanistan. Multiple administrations maintain the war focus in Syria. All these different things that the plans have been in existence for a long time. And that's when you really see the shadow government who's driving that bus right. Where is this ultimate intimate? If we're actually shifting administrations and leadership things should ultimately changed direction. But they haven't. We've seen a long stretching continuation of the same agendas that well before nine eleven but really kicked into gear since nine eleven. Think about that now in Arkansas mission of the role of the Reagan administration and leading new neo conservatives in the development of the use of this keeps in that cog continuity of government is significant arguably more significant is his failure to mention one of the major components. One that has gone essentially unmentioned by well known media outlets for over a decade. That is main core right in May sound innocuous. But it's pre- arming the database of troublemakers. This is something that we have known about for a long time. I remember lucrative ski talking about this and how he name was on something when the the idea that you know independent media where some kind of a threat right there. They still talk about this peop-. I personally saw a list jeep without lucrative name on it as a potential domestic threat. I personally saw that. For what for daring to speak his mind for daring to speak the truth for challenging rich and powerful people we. Yeah that's not allowed right. We've gotten to a point to where we're there were pushing back quite a bit. And that's why they're now pushing back the way we see them today. Interesting now says when Reagan issued Executive Order. One two six five six. He created the continuity of government plans. That could be implemented during quote any national security emergency. Don't you wonder whether always using the phrase national security even though it doesn't apply the national security? That's why this is. What the executive order loose loosely defined as quote any occurrence any occurrence including natural disaster military attack technological emergency other or just or other emergency. Look at that isn't it? I love that. Like why would they? Why did they just put emergency right? The point is they want you to think that they're making a definite but then they just add or other emergency whatever they wanted to be that seriously degrades or seriously threatens the national security United States. Now that's totally subjective. Might they may think that this one thing completely degrade the national security and all it is is about some other resource halfway around the world that they don't want the government to have and they use it executive order we're talking about also puts the National Security Council that lovely group you know previously John Bolton's stomping ground in charge of developing and administering continuity government policies. Now the National Security Council official placed in charge of that secret program was Oliver North. And most of you probably remember this person tweet famous for a lot of different. Basically what we're looking at here now. Whose name would later become infamous for the key role he played in the Iran. Contra scandal again all of these people you can find these crossings between them and it's not just coincidence guys. Some things are just coincidence. But when you continue to see these plants stretching back you need to start asking yourself the right questions. They're not just blindly following people in authority potato positions she says during the Iran Contra hearings in the late nineteen eighty s then representative. Jack Brooks attempted to ask the following question. I'll just show you the clip and this is old the the It's it's bad quality because the old footage but he asked him point blank about the suspension of the constitution and you can see as he gets shut down because that is national security. Of course we can't allow that work at the NFC. We're not assigned at one time to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster care. I believe the question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area so may I request that? You're not touch upon that so I waited concern because I read in Miami papers and several others. That had been a plan of about by that Same Ages. Eight Contingency Plan. Nevada emergency that would suspend the American constitution. I would be concerned about it and wondering if that was the area had word on why more one I most lyric that matter not be touched upon at the station. We wish to get into this. I'm arrangements can be made for an executive session win. Have we seen that before right? Oh well we can get back in that back room and we'll get to it right even like lie about the Solomonic discussion which ultimately didn't even produce any information but recognize crazy. That is that we can have this discuss. Even the member of Congress is alarmed by reading the the Miami Herald and clearly. This other guy was well aware and we can't talk about that in public right now. Obviously this was something that was for your best interest. Why would it be something that would be hidden from you? It's important things to ask now real quick for those watching out there. Please take a moment. Share the link at the information out there because we're obviously being suppressed or at or it could just be youtube being screwy over these last couple of days. I'm C. even being getting seeing notices. That say that connectivity is bad and whatever else so take a moment out there. Please share the link at this in front of everybody because most people probably don't even know Ron Right now. So let's get back into this information because this is. This is some alarming stuff. I mean really thinking about the the they can think. This is a nineteen eighty seven. This is being discussed and just nothing. No Inter net doesn't go any further. No one asks anymore. It just gets put to bed and here. We are today with the same problem. Really ask yourself about that and think about things in the past. The people keep dismissing you know. How could something like that be kept secret for so long? Well here you go now during the Iran Contra hearings in the nineteen eighties then representative Jack Brooks Attempt. Ossis reading that part. So that's this is. This is the clip and all this will be in the show notes for you to watch yourself. They knew the the suspension again that I made this point. Clear the Lascaux I did and I hope you guys understand this. They are not able to suspend the constitution. That's not within their power. The constitution is not something you can just turn off like a switch. The constitution outlines your inherent rights right by your endowed by your Creator Right. That's the point. They don't disappear when they suddenly think that they're inconvenient or suddenly feel that it's in their best interest to move them out of the way these exists whether or not that piece of paper was ever written these exist whether or not the government existed. These are inherent rights that shall not be infringed they pete they've manipulated. Americans over the years to think this is some list of laws. They created long ago. That's not how this works. These things exist regardless and they cannot remove them. But here you understand what they're literally writing into into action is the actual removal of your rights or rather in they're set in their mindset the ignoring your rights the actual agreement to just ignore your Eric Constitutional Rights because it makes their job easier really understand that they do not have that power. They'll tell you they do now. Says the de facto leader of the new government development and planning during the Reagan Administration North? Who was the military official? You saw sitting there right. This guy speaking quietly whispered to the guy next to him about. Oh God. We can't talk about that right. That's all over north. Now it says North oversaw the creation of the controversial database. That later became known simply as main core now. This is the database. That has been my name on it but as the name on it of anybody out there. Who's actively saying things? The government doesn't want you to say all right you're a security risk to them not to Americans not to actual national security ought to anything other than their agenda to keep those things secret. That's what I we are a danger to right because if you actually understand constitutional rights and realize that they have no way to stand in the way of them and I have the right to say these things right but recognized that. They're actively trying to stop that which means they don't care about those things even though they aren't allowed to stop them now says the main core database. I built using the stolen promised software. Now this this is something we've talked about in the past. She I think she included an article that she wrote about this from Spook air to Lolita express the jet the Genesis and evolution of Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton relationship. This will be in there for you to dive into as well in the article so you can know more about it. But they stole his promise. Software was essentially a list of American dissonance and potential troublemakers right. Because you're not allowed to be a dissident in this country anymore. It would seem a senior government official with a high ranking security clearance and and service in five presidential administrations described the database to journalist. Chris catch him in two thousand eight as follows right so this journalist to certain five administrations. He got to look at this list. Database of Americans who often for the slightest and most trivial reason are considered unfriendly. And who in a time of panic? You know like now might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived quote enemies of the state almost instantaneously. That was in two thousand eight right remember. This is something that they did use in nine eleven right now. We are literally in the midst of this thing potentially being used. They're discussing this stuff right now and understand if we after we reached that point. This is something that's documented in their agenda right they're gonNA and I'm talking like the full-on martial lockdown of the country which is not too far off from where we are right now. This database would be the easiest way for them to sweep up and remove people that might be out there to point out the things they don't want you seeing like the last American vagabond like any number of independent outlets out there that constantly do what we're doing. Now he says one thousand ninety three. I jump forward. Some years wired magazine Rather Back Wired magazine stated that quote using promise sources pointed out North could have drawn up lists of anyone ever arrested for political protests right because apparently protests are now against law for example or anyone who had ever refuse to pay their taxes. You know that entirely unjust illegal act of taxes. Our taxes are theft by the barrel gun. Yeah those things compared to promise. Richard Nixon's enemies list. Or senator. Joe McCarthy blacklist looked downright crude think about horrifying that is both Nixon's enemies list and McCarthyism. These are things that we know in history the some of the most alarming horrifying examples of these kinds of these kind of acts. And yet this. These people are this guy saying. Look this. Is this puts those those those look like nothing. That's pretty scary now. Main core this list of all of us out there is the aspect of the continuity of government. That is most often ignored. Obviously because it's not only a violation of constitutional rights. It's just authoritarian. That's alarming. That's why they leave it out of course but it says most often ignored in reporting on these types of plans with the Newsweek article. Being just one of the examples while most of the rare mentions of this in the mainstream touch on how these plans would result in the implementation of martial law and the suspension of the constitution again. Why that's even I don't understand why something like that is even needed. What in in what part of the Constitution? What in any way in the constitution somehow gets in the way of them fighting this virus right. I hope you guys recognize what that means. You don't suspend the constitution unless you're worried about the people that's the point maybe the second amendment who knows how the looking at it but the end of the day you suspend the constitution because we're the danger. There's nothing in the constitution that hinders their ability to do anything else. Except for respect our rights they get that out of the way now says they even more rarely if ever mentioned main core indeed. The last mainstream report main core written over a decade ago all in two thousand eight owner. Why now says given that this whole plan is now creeping back into the mainframe? Revisiting main core is essential as the database still exists and has grown considerably since Oliver North. I oversaw creation in the early nineteen eighties. Since when they just stop talking about it and it's grown exponentially and alarmingly think about the technology that's been added to something we're dealing with here. Such as the idea of Bill Barn pre crime when she talks about next now says two thousand article in subject he quotes then senior government officials. Who said that at the time? The number of quote unfriendly Americans at the time understand eighties on that database was approximately eight million. Eight million Americans like eight forty years ago. Think about what's on there now. I mean guys this. This is really lowering stuff. That didn't rolls really has little to do with corona virus. Coronavirus just seems to be the excuse being used to force in the plans. Always been there weird exactly like we've always been saying now. Kitchen further notes that in the event of this implant implemented these individuals would be subject to anything ranging from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention. Now in Tim Schork's covered to the main core noted that the debate the database was seen in use at the White House following September. Eleventh and there is strong evidence pointing to it have been used by the Bush administration to guide its domestic surveillance activities. What do you know you know all of that stuff that we don't with all the NSA spying and the drones over the United States and all the stuff they swore wasn't happening until they admitted that it was happening and then lie and then admitted it again. Light again you know now. It's just ongoing happening right. Which put that behind us. Because we're still mad but we didn't do anything about it. Yeah that's how it looks. Says the government official who had told reporter about having seen the database operational at the White House following September? Eleventh quote turned white as a sheet when the reporter mentioned the name main course specifically right so the thing. We're not supposed to talk about the reporting details. Also details how main core includes vast amounts of information on those unfriendly Americans including the fruits of the vast domestic surveillance programs of the NSA and other US federal agencies that continue today and are now set to be expanded due to the current CORONA VIRUS CRISIS UNREAL. She says in a recent report of US Israeli intelligence. Of course you know that. Israel's government wouldn't be cleaned from this of course not and of course they're private sector allies in pushing for new troubling free crime programs which we talked about right against recognized. All of the interesting weird alarming tie ins with these really government. Whether we're talking about you know pre crime at the Ninety Carbine and the nine eleven sister. Excuse me the not the nine one one call system that Israeli somehow rarely companies that make sense or our our voting machines or voting software. All these things that the Israeli government directly tied to unit eighty two hundred other. Nsa All time with this stuff totally normal every single one of them tied back to the US government. It's totally coincidence. Even the pre-crime program she noted that main core is not only available to US intelligence but also Israel's intelligence apparatus. What are you know so think about this guys? I mean really think about what that saying. The Israeli government has a list of American dissidence and they can use that as they see fit. Think about what that what that means in regard to constitutional rights. Not just that they're violating as your government but they're literally allowing a foreign power to violate your constitutional rights. Doesn't that just make you feel warm and fuzzy that that whole list of dissidents and troublesome Americans sure is really government? Feel free to go after them and how much you WANNA bet. That list is then been applied in regard to be yes and other things that more their focus ask. Why ask why it's an eve anyway? Okay that your government is allowing your data and who you are and what you think to be to be given to a foreign government. I think you know the answer especially if you've been watching channels that actually discussed the truth about what's going on because clearly. This government is tied into a lot of horrifying things. And that can I talk about both the US government and the Israeli government pretty alarming? I just can't believe that would even happen. Rather this is something that nobody is screaming about. So Israelis intelligence apparatus was involved in the creation and expansion of main core. Not just using it. She said the report details. How main core was used by? Members of Reagan's National Security Council to guess what Black Male members of Congress? You know totally normal stuff in the day to day operations of US Mil- of US politics and so they practice that is likely to have continued under subsequent administrations using their personal data to blackmail them sort of I don't know Jeffrey Epstein and the Israeli Massad ties in the whole thing. You know maybe exactly like we're always talking about that. The Israeli government in influenced and overcame the US government longtime ago based on black male and sexual manipulation. You know now. What we're staring at is exactly that same thing. I mean it's just hard. It's impossible to miss this stuff. Especially if the same main core was being used to blackmail members of Congress in the US government and the Israeli government was involved with creating that main core so arguably the Israeli government was involved with blackmailing members of Congress with Reagan and his administration. But I'm crazy right. There's no tie in there. There's some obvious example of how the Israeli government has obviously co opt our government longtime ago. Crazy stuff it also noted how main court today likely involves the same software now used by every US intelligence agency interesting Talk about infiltration and numerous other federal agencies that is marked by pollen tear right. We've talked about that. Companies well a company created and owned by trump and Peter. Thiel excuse me by trump ally. Peter thiel now fell into your software boasts quote predictive policing. I went off on this numerous shows. This is horrified. The idea that there's somehow going to predict that you're gonNA commit a crime and then lock you up before you commit. That crime is just obviously ripe with not only abuse but just mistakes I mean it's unreal that we can be in a position that we're actually living a dystopia movie like my minority report. We're even work for them that movie. Now we're saying sure let's force in this situation where we can give a powerful government already. Cataloging dissonant Americans the ability to just say we already know you'RE GONNA CRIME EVEN. They haven't done it yet. Because here's our documentation. Go to prison right. Obviously it's not as simple as that but we understand how obviously these things can be abused right and this is when we get the idea of things like independent media oppositional defiant disorder right. That's what it's called right you. You disagree with the government. You actually have a mental disorder. Because they made it one right. No no no. You don't just have opinions. That differ no no you have a disorder because you're oppositional defiant. That's actually something that you can be diagnosed with. And they can actually force you forcefully. Commit you if they think you're seriously I don't know what to too much of a dissident. They this is what we're talking about. They can forcefully Medicaid. People that they think that they can argue are a danger. We saw this with Welfare checks. We sell them from a lot of things so in our staring at a company a one that was created and used by the Israeli government as well that has the ability to come after you and then now we're going to get into the idea of the same tie in with the pre crime could use the same way now says domain core was reportedly in use after September eleventh target unfriendly individuals for increased domestic surveillance concerns that the cognate casting the continuity of government plans in the age of. Corona virus could take a more drastic turn and involved the detention of Americans included in that database. Now seems more plausible than ever. I couldn't agree more. I don't think anybody can disagree with that. Even if you think this is crazy you have to admit that right. Now is a more plausible time than you've ever seen. It's very clear that we're inching towards exactly what is talking about now. It's on Saturday. Political reported that the Department of Justice has demanded numeracy powers which we talked about actually calling for the suspension of your constitutional right. They want to be able to indefinitely detain you. Because they think you may be sick. Can you not see how that can obviously be abused the? Uk's doing the same thing right now. Lot of countries are going the same route which doesn't make it right. Trump keeps deviating into the. Oh well they're doing to. That doesn't make it right. There's a lot of bad governments. Say all of them. Actually that are going to do the same thing because they all want the same power non-political also noted that DOJ's controversial new requests quote span. Several stages of the legal process from initial were asked to how cases are processed investigated. Think about that right. So it's there. It's just going past all of this right now. You don't know due process. No you're good. Judge no jury. Nothing is in jail long. They want until they say otherwise. This is per the DOJ's request indefinite detention by the way which was basically created by Obama with his. I think it was two thousand sixteen and right the well. There was two of me at one was about indefinite detention. Almost countering disinformation act both of which led to the same point right. What one was about demonizing American independent media as under the guise of fighting Russia? The one was about indefinitely attaining Americans if they're somehow even arguably tied to some terrorist thing they point to right and then of course. You're going to the idea that they're not labeling anything terrorism. They don't like anything in their calling. Anybody a terrorist that they think is a bad guy that they wanNA fight against that has no evidence for it which ended up doing the same to you is if they need to indefinitely detain you but now we're getting into another arm of this. Where now they can say. Oh well you know. You're you're danger because you're a dissident and we can't risk that in the midst of an emergency indefinite. Detention would emerge three new ability whereby the attorney general or a judge could pause court proceedings whenever courts are quote fully or partially closed by virtue of any national disaster civil disobedience or emergency situation now understand. That doesn't say how right we're already seeing these things. Shut down there. Mandating the shutdown so they can literally say we want to shut down the courts. Because it's not safe then. Suddenly they've got the perfect setting to say well. We can pause court proceedings whether whenever courts fuller partially closed by virtue of national disaster so because they close them they can now poor proceedings because they did that and everything moves forward. Obviously that's not the way they would argue go but that's the way it could go. This is what political did not include in. This report. Is that current attorney? General William Bar has spent the past several months fine tuning implementing a pre crime program. Which again if you've watched this channel. We've talked about many times officially known as the national this is so ridiculous national disruption and early engagement program otherwise known as deep. I tell you they do this on purpose. Guys there this. There's always people have noticed this forever. There's a reason there's always little signals little things. There's a reason. Why would they choose deep? It aims to identify assess engage potentially violent individuals quote before they strike now. There is a litany of problems. Here that could rise guys. I mean even the. Let's say the argue that you could make a case where it would make sense? This guy's this guy murdered people in the past. You know there's all these other things he did this. He threatened this lady he just bought a gun. But even then I would argue still hasn't committed a crime right but the point is you could say well that makes sense because we can tell he's GonNa do. He said he was going to do it right. That's what they want you to picture when they talk about that but the reality is they're literally arresting somebody before they strike he. I mean not not even just the obvious moral obligation moral issues with that seeing as how they haven't actually done anything wrong yet but the fact that it could easily be manipulated easily. Let's let's say this all came out a year years ago and then Julian assange and wikileaks happened. Do you tell me that they wouldn't apply this to him if they could have me. Look at the way. They're treating him now. I mean the the. It's IT'S OBVIOUS KANGAROO COURT. I mean it's disgusting. It is a travesty of justice. And you're telling me if they didn't have this ability to do this then they wouldn't have tried with him. Of course they would've if every single illegal actor taken against him as an example of why they don't care about the law so ask yourself would they use it against somebody else who is a distant in a way that they would bend this to make. It seem like we think they were GonNa commit this crime then. Of course ask yourself. What kind of crime are we talking about? They think what Julian assange did was a crime right so they can say well. Look you're about to do this? And that's a national security leak and that's a crime so we're gonNA rescue before you do it. I mean there's so many ways you could take this. The bottom line is this should never ever ever be allowed even if it works perfectly because it can be abused. That's his bar. I announced this program last October. Interesting tie in there right so we talking about October and seemingly right about the time when this arguably kicked off in the United States now you WanNa take that talking about when there was the vaping issue the cold issue the minimum spread all the things which I personally think it's an obvious example of the corona virus kicking off their before they say it was in China and I have more examples of that actually in Italy today. We're GONNA talk about but even if you don't agree with that just the fact that there was something going on right. We had the vaping issue. All this weird stuff and it's an October and I was covered up Fort Dietrich catolic all that now the always note these east titans. I'm saying that means that's the -sarily anything which is put in the back of your mind. He announced in October. That may make sense down. The line missed always important to think like that. In an official memorandum stated the program was to be implemented sometime over the course of twenty twenty again interesting timing and would involve quote and efficient effective and programmatic strategy to disrupt individuals who are mobilizing toward violence by all lawful means. Now it's raining conference for that program place. Last December and involve members of the Department of Justice the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And of course guess who private sector partners such as these rarely government groups that helped them build all of this and work on it and you know but of course they just say private sector because that's how they make it's easier to say it like that don't get the pushback now one recent. Doj statement regarding an arrest made last year enough in Nevada claimed that the specific case was part of a DOJ nationals national disruption. Early engagement program showing that it was already you being used at least in some parts of the country they were already at least trying pre crime and that's even the terms they've been using to some degree now for further notes that the programs early engagement tactics were born of the posture that we adopted with respect to terrorist threats following nine eleven as always guys. This is what these things lead to nine. Th the way that we heard nine eleven and how it was the impetus for all of these things we will look back on this corona virus event and say the same thing that this was created because of Corona virus that we know act like this because the corona virus event. And how whatever this is we're dealing with. This is going to be known as the September eleventh type event not only because they have made it that way and they keep referencing nine eleven and they keep saying that we're GonNa have a nine eleven like response which is really alarming but because it has the same concepts. They're using this to push in the same kinds of things just like within after nine eleven which is really really alarming now says given the context of the current corona virus crisis the DOJ's request for sweeping new powers and the role of main core in their continent of government. Plans right now. Understand one part of Bars pre-crime memorandum stands out in the part of the document outlines. What actions will be taken once? An individual is deemed potentially violent or threatening. He writes that those individuals would be subjected attention. Court ordered mental health treatment and electronic monitoring among other measures. This is a person who has yet to commit a crime. The owner misunderstand that even if they have all the evidence to suggest that they you know based on whatever their pre-crime cognition is I mean even understand in the movie itself that we even precursor even in minority report that was based on actual creek cognition. These people were psychics. So we'd explain how in the world you'd think that Bar and the Justice Department is going to be able to somehow predicted that you're going to commit a crime for sure I mean it's just outrageous but that's what we're talking about. And then he saying that based on this and they're what they deemed to be true they could potentially put you in prison or court ordered mental health treatment like that. That's like the kind of thing that will literally change you forever. You're going to be a slobbering Zombie for the rest of your life. As opposed to the person who can eloquently argue that they're lying to you think of how that works and electric monitoring now. The possibility of preformed attention was also president. The present in the DOJ's recent request for numeracy powers as of what the day before yesterday in light of the Corona virus as it specifically asks that those new powers apply to any statutes or rules of procedure otherwise affecting pre arrest post rest pretrial trial and post trial procedures in criminal and juvenile and juvenile proceedings and all civil proceedings that is the absolute suspension of any semblance of any kind of actual due process. That's gone that is the DOJ saying you're bad go to jail and we'll talk about it later. Crazy Norman. L. Reamer Executive Director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers told politico that the inclusion of the term pre arrest likely means that quote. You could be arrested and never brought before a judge until they decide that the emergency or the civil disobedience is over. That's important until they think that you're no longer going to be a danger to their agenda. I find it absolutely terrifying. He said Norman L. Roemer Exact Direct Zecca director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He finds it absolutely terrifying. And so should you to of DOJ is granted these new powers. It is requesting. Will you bar lead? Department of Justice will not only authorized to indefinitely detain Americans without trial it will be able to detain them. Without any proof of those detainees having committed a crime or even having plans or the intent crime instead the DOJ only needs to argue that the individual was quote mobilizing towards violence. Now what does that sound like is the same kind of ambiguous things they right now. Used his claim people are terrorists around the world. Meanwhile they actively armed the real people doing all the damage right as she says an extremely vague phrase that could potentially be used against anyone who expresses discontent with the government. Or the government's policy as again she. This is good we all. We've all talked about this stuff. You guys all saw this coming as she points out the F. B. I. also recently flagged conspiracy theorist whatever they want to apply that to and by extension those who distrust or questioned the government narratives of both past and present as a literal domestic terror threat. So when you combine all these things right when you shove all these things together the FBI declaration the pre crime the idea of the continuity of government and the Israeli and how they're using it with the main core list it's A. It's a perfect storm using the to apply exactly what they obviously have had planned for a long time. It's horrifying now she says the DOJ could even make the case that failure to blindly trust. Government narratives presents a TR- a threat to public order. And how can we not see that as logical based on what we've already seen them in the past I mean it's it's it's this is where we are and she says given that the main database and its current form contains book surveillance gathered from social media phone conversations messaging APPS and even financial information. You know purchasing history on Americans all around this country deemed unfriendly quote often for the slightest and most trivial reason as the previous administration. Individuals said himself this unprecedented power grab by the DOJ has an authoritarian and Orwellian potential to target legitimate dissident. Like never before well put I mean this guy's this is truly something that needs to shake you to your core no pun intended. He says with the specter of the continuity of government now snaking its way into mainstream discourse during the corona virus crisis. It's essential that American. Stay vigilant true that as well or a as as these are willing to dystopia solutions to allegedly protect us from the current pandemic have been in place long before corona virus or Cova nineteen or SAR. Ceo V to whatever they want to call it has been here for us to see as she says to land and it's also essential to remember that this can talk continuity of government plan main core and the pre crime. Andy Destination by the FBI were all created and are currently controlled by extremely corrupt and fundamentally untrustworthy individuals cannot stress that enough not only been involved in multiple scandals. The things that we cover on the show damn near every day pretty much every day but they've also installed in support of some of the most authoritarian savage and horrific dictators. The world's ever seen and she has links to every single one of these in the article. Free to check out for yourself. You guys know this stuff. We've talked about this every time. The reality that these same people are the ones that previously armed and protected funded. Osama bin Laden before he suddenly became the bad guy or Saddam Hussein before he suddenly became the bad guy or people like Pinochet in South America. Back when no one cared you know there was no Internet to keep them accountable? Like they have armed and funded and been behind so literally the worst people in history and yet these are the ones who are now giving the power to ultimately decide whether or not you are good enough trustworthy enough just as lying. Just make just making sure you're not dissident enough really scary stuff guys and this is something again not to forget. The people tied up in this. Their whole plan was to make sure that you didn't know what was going on and were there today. Now I WANNA play a clip again before I get into the next part of this in regard to the bioweapon discussion. Because there's a lot more coming out about the vaccine about why I mean really just for for for me really just a lot of anomalies that are adding to the growing list of why the seemed so suspect. And that's why there's so many of them are coming out rate recently. But I wanNA play a clip again from Dr Boil. No this is actually from something that was shared This guy's channel here. Somebody shared this with me today. Real Small Channel. By the way who actually. He shared a clip of a larger interview. I just want to give a shot out because he did it. He's already got like forty seven thousand views the only got seven or subscribers so good on him for clipping this out. It's a small part of this interview with Dr Francis Boyle back from February nineteenth. Now I wanted to. I wanted to play just a couple of this for you because and again it's it's from back then we've already talked about Spiro. Talked about with him but this just seemed interesting and I wanted. I wanted to re touch base with what he said. But this is actually something you haven't seen before if you haven't actually watched this other interview so watch. This clip. Really listened to what he saying. I mean these are these are data points again. Dr Francis Boyle who drafted the US biological warfare. Act An expert in the field who is now an international lawyer or an international law. Boyer Excuse me. International law professor can't get that straight basically the person that the the kind of expert that you should at least entertained what he's saying right and what he says. Here outlays out the obvious evidence this back on February the reality of the gain function and the things that have been added in the obvious reality. There's no way to not see this for what it is and the time with Fort Dietrich and now arguably he still believes an and he said this was Spiro. This is based on autumn's razor which means that all things being equal. The simplest explanation tends to be the right one so he doesn't. He doesn't know for sure where this started he simply saying and he said this verbatim on. Spiro. Show that because it happened right there. It's most likely that it came from the Wuhan lab which is certainly a possibility. But you'll see what he talks about here that even if it came from that lab the US government and multiple US entities. Were tied up in that lab working with them in that lab. I mean that's the very least working on them with the content. They were working in that lab. They had ties to what's going on there in the reverse. There are no Chinese ties to Fort Dietrich interesting way to look at that but the point is to be clear. He thinks that that in his mind set. It came from there because it makes the most sense other than that. There's no data around that and listen to what he says in regard to Ford Dietrich and anthrax and all the very interesting things that just could not be more important to this discussion right now. There was a recent scientific study published in Antiviral Research Tennessee aboard twenty twenty by three scientists from France and one from Montreal who did a genetic analysis of the Han Corona virus and May said quote it may provide a gain of function of the two thousand Nineteen Corona virus for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other viruses. But I repeat that may provide a gain of function to the to nineteen krone virus for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other lineage corona viruses. Date got that. That's the smoking gun for a biologic offensive. Biological Warfare Agent gain of function of properties. is a tip off. It's only useful for offense offensive biological warfare activity gain of function It suck means it's DNA genetically engineered To be more lethal and more of a factor Warrant factions clearly. What what we're seeing now with this Corona virus it is basically SARS which is already a weaponized version of a corona virus that and then it is given gain of function properties which basically means it can travel by air for at least sixty and Is is more legal second? We have an article here from The net mid fifteen twenty fifteen December. Twenty one sars-like cluster of circulating back. Corona says show potential for human emergence. This was at the University of North Carolina. In Chapel Hill. They have a bio safety lab level three there previously condemn them for using gain of function. Work on Moore's which is the Middle East Repertoire Respiratory Syndrome It is like SARS only more dangerous. It has a thirty three percent salary rate and they were doing gang. Function worked there to make it even worse. Lethal what turns out if you read the article. They admit that they were doing this with With SARS that they were giving it a gain of function activity and it turns out. Part of their team was a researcher. From China generally Lee she key Laboratories Special Pathogens Biosafety Wuhan Institute of Veracity Chinese Academy of Sciences and they gave a grant to the University of North Carolina to get their Scientists in on this extremely dangerous Nazi tied biological warfare work so it appears that what happened was Instead of stealing this technology China border and they bought it from the lab there at the University of North Carolina. They put their person in there. They took the technology and they brought it back to the Wuhan rabbits right there. The Solo works in the war on And it also appears that The North Carolina Web got a sales from Fort Dietrich which is the. Us saw major facility for the research development testing stockpiling biological weapons for Dietrich is the US equivalent Doubt so that's got some of their cells here and they made it clear of the work that they were doing was to increase the pathogenicity of original SARS by giving this game and function are at A. We've never seen it least release the public. A biological warfare agent this dangerous except the Amirah th racks. That was In October two thousand one after the nine eleven. Two thousand one terrorist attacks That was super weapons-grade occupants racks. A hundred grams explore it who traveled in the air It seemed to be based on nanotechnology and we hadn't seen any at the time. I publicly stated it came out of. Us Biological Warfare Weapons Program and probably for Dietrich which was later confirmed. I said that about the up first week in November even I was even on the. Bbc Sang that and then in order was given to silence me. I was by fall off all mainstream news media in the United States Britain you're you name it so Despite the fact my viewpoints are all over the world. No mainstream news media will touch me so the Mareth racks of course was extremely dangerous. But not as effective. As as what? We're seeing here so in a nutshell that's where. I see it as of today. Now there's multiple things that I hope you picked up on and that really great in this is why I think the smaller channel for get cut not clip out and I hope you'll watch the full interview which all have links when I'm done you guys can all watch all these. Give a shout to the channel itself But recognized what he's saying. Thanks I mean first of all it's important to recognize the the tie-in that we're talking about a US university and again this challenges. Interestingly the concept the other kind of side narrative about the Canadian information and how they stole it and stuck it back there and I've seen some information on that but it doesn't seem to. There's something to this but the bottom line is if they already had these paid for them there would be no need for that but doesn't mean it's not there's not something more to it but the bottom line is you clearly have a tie between the US university. That has a BS L. Three lab. You have Fort Dietrich clearly tied to this Wuhan lab right both of these groups who have clear ties either giving or selling them corona virus material tied to bats which they were working on. This is what they sold to them. Which is what they were working on their now. You could argue that. This was something that they either mistakenly let go or which was the only one that makes sense because I don't see why they would attack themselves with their own weapon but just to say got out somehow. That's certainly possible but you could also argue that there was some various act there. This is before we even get into the Wuhan Military Games. Which took place right next to this right? There's obvious potential for US influence. They're coming from Fort Dietrich and from the the university it was working with the Wuhan lab as I mentioned on the reverse side of this. You don't have any Chinese Thai to working in Fort Dietrich. At least that I can find if you do. Let me know because an interesting point but the at the end of the day we know how this all work. We just talked about this last show. We have a vaping illness. Sporadic mysterious vaping illness that has the identical symptoms of Corona of covert nineteen even down to the broken glass in the lungs. They all actual documentation showing the the Broken glass opacity in these blogs of the so called vaping illness. There was the other side of Fort Dietrich where they add this random outbreak in two different nursing homes. They just said was the common cold made no sense at all also with the exact same symptoms of Kovic nineteen and this was right after fort. Dietrich was shut down because of contamination issue or a you know they were leaked out. Cdc shut them down because of it. Then this thing spreads and we see this rise in cases in this country alarming rise and then we have the Wuhan Games and when we have China saying that they had foreign people that were sick at those games and you can see how this perfectly lines up now again. It's information for you to come to your conclusions about but I I don't think didn't seem like there's enough to make certain that it was absolutely that lab is certainly possible but again. I'm I feel like I'm circling around the same kind of theory in regard to how this all started in regard to how it seems like the right something that was going on something corona virus. Whatever you WANNA call this was happening and potentially all went back in September even in Italy which we're going to talk about in a moment so something was going on and something already seemed to pass and then something else was introduced as the only thing that makes sense to me now. It's just my theory now. We also we talked about the reality that Israel's already saying the vaccine as Dr Boil also talked about. They're working on the same things there. Same Corona virus tied as we know because they had the vaccine working on a corona virus. Weapon there right. We know that they're working on ethnically focused weapons because we have the project for new American Century Documentation. Actually documenting that that it would be a politically useful tool to make an ethnically focused bioweapon. That's aside from all of the obvious evidence that it's very clearly happening and even has been used before but we're talking about Israel in this regard and using the cover of what was already happening whether it was the US attacker an accident or China accident used it to attack a wrong ethnically focused and then when you find out that Italy shares the one of the closest genomes with it with Iran over anybody else in the entire area. We'll make sense that it hopped over onto Italy. And how you explain everything else. It's hard to say whether you want to say it's all made up or mutated jumped other places. We can clearly see that Iran Italy a very high death rate when other places simply do not and it doesn't make sense but this is possibly people catch it again or maybe why the. Us felt it didn't need to be prepared or any number of things that just didn't seem to make sense but there's a lot going on around us especially when you start to find out that this has been discussed for quite a while in fact this this is actually recent one from you can see down here. February twentieth or excuse me Friday March twentieth. Asha make sure you guys can see that. Oh it's just out of your view it looks like there you go. There's just so you can see it right at the bottom. The date March twentieth took reasonably new. Could Moore's Middle East respiratory? You know this is. This is a this is mercy. Ceo v Right. This is another corona virus. One which by the way. Dr Boyle himself has said is a bio weapon that has been personally manufactured and released rather manufactured and released on purpose along with a lot of other things. We've already talked about right. I mean even the anthrax discussion guys. I mean that's important that that's why he was blackballed the reality that he he revealed the truth but which we know no he was actually shown to have come from. Fort Dietrich. That's a fact. And he's the one that pointed that out anthrax was the the the anthrax attacks or whatever you WANNA call it on. Congress was the litter. That was the exact reason why the Patriot Act went forward because there were people that were holding it up then the after that anthrax threat all went forward and this was a manufactured false flag attack in order to do this and yet we're sitting here staring at stuff like this and refusing to consider it but this this is from the US w Sydney School of Public Health and community medicine and says could Murs Corona virus be bioterrorism. This early twentieth new study shows why this could be one of the explanations for the paradox of the virus. Isn't that funny? How we have all these unexplained things that we just can't make sense of but we all know that they're working on bioweapons right and we're constantly trying to fit this into some kind of mutate and mutation narrative. How this possibly happen organically when. That's very statistically rare seeing as how we know for a fact they're actively working on bio weapons yet we pretend that's just not a possibility. The reality is when you actually dig through this. You can see the evidence is clearly. There and even mainstream medicine is beginning to point to that obvious backed now in regard to the Mo the more the tie-in to the Israeli Iran potential. Or Rather. Just anybody let's say an attack. A bio ethnically focused bio attack. That seems to be focused on Italy in Iran. He saying here that it was a French company French laboratory that donated contaminated blood to Iran. Now today Safi is an ally of America's mysterious biological research. Sanofi is a manufacturing claimant of malaria treatment for corona virus which trump has formally introduced. What is going on now? Obviously there's minor translations with things that we translate but here's the point. This is something we're talking about. After three decades ago about three decades ago nine hundred eighty four hundred ninety five the Maryland Institute which is what they were referencing there which is now owned by Sanofi issued factor factors content issued factors contaminated with HIV for haemophiliacs from West Germany Italy Argentina Saudi Arabia and Iran. Now this company or other I this you could see that. This is the idea that Iran made a big deal about this but as not experienced enough to charge French company for contaminated blood but get this gates foundation. Welcome Launch Fast Track Cova Nineteen therapy fund search for Sanofi. A number of axioms for the novel. Krona virus are already being developed by range of drug makers including sympathy so a company that was involved in the transaction of some kind of HIV contaminated blood to Iran is now working on a corona virus. I find that very interesting or a vaccine specifically especially when we were discussing the potential for an ethnically focused version of this virus that we're now making a vaccine four now it's synopsys work on a potential vaccine is also been fast tracked by guess what the US Department of Health and Human Services Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. The French drugmaker is tapped into its earlier. Work on the SARS virus so the same group also worked on the other bioweapon another type of corona virus that caused an epidemic back in two thousand two. Now what Bill Gates have to say about the company? We'll look at that. Turns out. Few outsiders have had a clear has have had a clear view of the drug businesses gates over the past decade. Bill Gates's relied on giants like Merck. Pfizer ends offi of INTAS which is the addition to the company's Nafis Ambridge so Bill Gates tied up with the same group. Snobby Pasture Announces Vaccine Discovery Collaboration with the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So you just finding all these weird tie ins with groups that have specifically like even even regard to we already talked about the idea of the Chinese DNA and the Harvard tie-in right not the discussion of multiple Harvard issues here. There's one of the Harvard being kicked out of CIA of China a Harvard research when they were caught actually stealing Chinese DNA and they were forced out of the country right then. We have the Harvard scientists who was arrested for working with China and we have the Chinese national. He was arrested for Leaving Beth. Israel and trying to smuggle twenty-one vials of bio research from from the US into China all these obvious crossovers but the fact that we have these titans with groups like this that specifically had had worked with some kind of weird blood exchange with Iran and giving them tainted blood is now the very group. That's working on a vaccine based on what I think is actually an ethnically focused attack against Iran. In in one part. We're staring at here and then it's tied in with the Bill Gates Foundation a group that's been tightened from the very beginning of this whole damn thing. Safi announces it will work with. Hhs TO DEVELOP CORONA virus vaccine. Just it's just there's one more data point for you to think about for yourself and ask yourself what it means. You know. Those are the kinds of things that lend meaning a hell of a lot. More wants to store fleshes out but something about that just seems off to me the reality that we clearly have crossover here. In regard to groups that have committed some morally ambiguous acts in the past specifically tied in with Iran. It's just hard not to see these things in regard to the same vein of thought about why Italy Iran seemed be dealing with this more than ever. Here's an interesting add into this discussion. That seems to challenge somewhat what we're thinking here and this is really interesting. This is from Move Alabama Corona virus. How to lift lockdowns and why. We should all wear masks now. He says while. Us President continues to blame China. There are more signs that the outbreak started elsewhere which I completely agree with and he says elsewhere for reason not just the United States. Get this now here. I'll just read the read. The first part some question why. Italy was caught off guard when the virus outbreak was revealed on February twenty first now. He's quoting this from NPR. Now on a show you just so you see this. And it's not just you know his opinion on Moon of Alabama as it says right here at the way the bottom of While here first of all let's make sure this guy I wanna make sure I get his name right. Mr Giuseppi removes the CO author of a recent paper in the Lancet. Okay so and that's important because never the Lancet was the one of the first groups I think on January twenty fourth back then who argued that? This didn't come from China dry that it's their data on the. Lancet right and this actually glad I just remembered that somebody even just brought this up to me. That said the point is that China has been and I made this point numerous times. China has been releasing the scientific studies from the very beginning the Lance. It's been publishing them that they keep pretending China's hiding things and you could argue that they're not showing you their full information but the bottom line is that they have been actively releasing information and Studies. That have been heralded by the scientific community. Take that for what you want it to mean because you know my thoughts on the scientific all kinds of things but nonetheless mainstream optional you can see that they have been heralded by the mainstream community and by the scientific community and the lanes it all the way back in January twenty fourth so that the data clearly suggested that it didn't come from the from China and likely the United States and and yet we pretend like we're so off guard about this suddenly we don't even the lands. It was find was discovering where it even came from an still trump's trump's pretending he had no idea this was even happening until the beginning of March lovely but as he says this co author for the Lancet says he is now hearing information about it from general practitioners. He says quote. They remember having seen very strange pneumonia very severe particularly an old people in December and even November. What do you know about that? He says quote this means that the virus was circulating at least in northern region of Lombardy and before we were aware of this outbreak occurring in China. Now understand what they're saying here. They are literally suggesting he. This his opinion he saying that he saying this means that this was circulating at least in Lombardy which then means that at this I just mean either one of two things. Either that was happening in China before and they hit it is certainly possible or it was happening elsewhere. Before the first case which even the World Health Organization argues was what China says it was which was The first case they saw was in November seventeenth which art museums interesting is arguably. That is kind of what the US government is saying but ultimately what China's saying that they ultimately released this when they knew what was going on what. You can't prove that they didn't know what was happening. I mean that's crazy but is it possible. They live in it a secret. Absolutely I mean this is what we're dealing with right now in this country right this country right now is absolutely this. Government is absolutely not revealing. Its information that's the point but what Italy is saying here is at this at the very least they can see started in possibly November which perfectly aligned with what we're dealing with from the United States. The vaping illness the Weird Cinema Monja all of the same things. Even when I talked about this the other day in regard to the vaping illness when you actually look at the vaping Sta even even not even just the symptoms but what it's affecting its exact almost and damn near exactly you're talking about a meeting medium of fifty about fifty eight age for death which is a little bit lower than some of the things seeing but it's kind of going all over the place. It kind of seems spot on. We're even talking about the bulk of the cases not death but cases being right around you know the twenty something to thirty something thing we're hearing today it's like identical the WHO it's affecting the symptoms it has but yet no one seems to have been like. Hey wait a minute. Maybe that thing was actually corona virus like that Chinese scientists wrote to us back then and said that they completely ignored already talked about that they wrote to them and said we think this is colonel virus and the government said No. It's not shut up. Shut the conversation down. Because that's what you do when you're interested in finding out what's going on because at that time it was still mysterious thing that couldn't explain which it still is but yet they turned him down because he didn't care what his theory was when they didn't know what was going on. Sure sounds are cover up to me. I don't know about you but Italy saying this Italy saying that. They think this started before they claim it came from China. Right very interesting now understand. Shouldn't say it like that. Italy's not doctors in Italy are saying this and they're the ones you should probably be listening to right as the sudden appearance of a new type of virus against which no one had any immunity led to the sudden rise of cases with severe respiratory difficulties. These require up to three weeks of Support intensive care. Our healthcare system systems are not capable to work under such an onslaught if they get overwhelmed. Other cases which require intensive care will fall by the wayside which is important to think about. You know people that just don't have that but you know have a heart attack or other things that happen. You're kind of in a bad position when that happens the number of necessary death and starts to explode and I agree with that right now. Trump was constantly passing off the idea that we're already in the flu season right. Which somehow I mean I get it there. They say they're testing everybody. But we've already seen that worked out when we believe that they were testing everybody. I actually think they're testing more than before but I just don't know why we start trusting them now when they just lied about forty times about having tests but they claim they're testing everybody but the point is we're having he's going we're gonNA possibly fifty thousand deaths from the flu. It's like Gee maybe that's not what you maybe. That's their cover story. Why can't that be possible as John? Rappaport keeps telling us that now. There's exactly doing exactly what he said. They're just GONNA sidestep this in one way or the other. The only possible way to avoid such an outcome is to MIM MINIMIZE CONTACTS BETWEEN HUMANS. And when the first wave exploded move on city. The authorities ordered a complete lockdown the city and province that happened on January twenty third twelve days later on February fourth the number of new cases and we want to started to decline the Lombardy region. Italy ordered a lockdown on March ninth. And it's not too far off the US. Twelve days later Italy report. Its first decline of new cases while the hospitals and we want as well as Lombardi were for a while overwhelmed. Further outbreak has been slowed if not stopped now says China's notorious for air pollution. Boulevard is not the theory that air pollution has contributed to the high number of severe cases in both regions is thus not confirmed. Noses lockdown have been ordered and several European states and I thought there was one of the part that I want to read here. It looks like you know what I think. He added something to this. Because it's longer than I thought it was before anyway. The real point was the Italy aspect. But it's interesting tie in with this at the end of the point on this that I thought was very relevant anyway. Read this for yourself as always I hope I really hope all of you out there do that and actually take a time. Take a moment to read through the things that I'll post when we're done portent but tied in with the same logic here because what we're talking about here is the timeframe right so Italy is now saying they're looking at November December. Okay here is again the CDC information about our flu season back in November December. Now you can see. Let's just gentlest. Just jump back to the year before this very different. This one that that's the right one you know. Even let's go back to the actual season right so you can get in their two thousand eighteen. Nineteen to seventy thousand eighteen. You can see that it's it's it I mean. Let me ask you this before. Even keep going. This is really alarming to me. I I don't know why that's normal. How in the world can we continue to have basically an almost all encompassing epidemic? This is this is means influenza like illness so they're not even sure what's happening that just influenza like and it just reading the country every year you know much money that produces. That's where I thought it was so crazy. When the doctors and trump's taskforce we're saying hey now that we've learned some stuff now we can probably now next time epidemic for flu comes around. It's an absolute guarantee. Clearly it is that maybe now we can start doing things differently. It's like Gee maybe we should have thought of that the last time you know. It's because they were too happy making so much money off of this illness that clearly I think was created but take the point here. Is that right up at the right up in the year before the two thousand. Nineteen two thousand twenty. It's really bad really bad and this is this is the same timeframe we're talking about here. This is right here. December going back to right so you can see arrive about November read. The timeline is almost spot on obviously. This does overlap with the flu season. But my point is that this is not normal guys. That's not normal. I don't know how in the world we can look at something like that. I mean this is top top top high high infection problem. You see what I mean like. That's crazy that's that's the vast majority of our country as he points out on the video. I've showed you specifically Maryland and Virginia were low in a general sense but specifically be this year they early on were bad outside of the season. Like right there anyway. The point is that this is the timing has to be pretty clear that we were dealing with a very severe issue right before this all happened and Italy seemingly had the same thing start popping up and a is this before every American out there watching this can remember that there was a weird unexplained. Illness swept through everywhere. Everyone says that they didn't know what was the coffee. Wouldn't go away all these different things and we're just pretending I didn't happen. At least our government is an and more anomalies in general. So here now. We're hearing now. We'RE HEARING IN GENERAL DID NOT. Apparently the symptoms have just up and changed on us right. Here's here's actually the CNN from today saying the same thing. What are the symptoms? Fever cough flu symptoms right the same old thing we always here. But here's a New York Times from the day before saying totally different stuff. Lost sense of smell may be peculiar clue to corona virus infection. So we're now being told that apparently you can lose your sense of smell and other other sense taste and even pretend like it says your doctor's groups. Dr Groups are recommending testing an isolation for people who lose their ability to smell and taste even if they have no other symptoms crate loud guys. This is some franken disease that makes no sense about anything this does not. There's nothing that's ever been like this. We are staring at a man made manufactured thing that has gotten out of control. There's just this doesn't make any sense and even keep reading and you find out. Oh it's not only that you may just have slight diarrhea with no symptoms. Will you may have the Koran of ours too. It's all over the map. You just anybody anywhere anytime could have. It doesn't seem to fit their narrative. Perfectly that's what we're getting. Here's the study from China a third. A THIRD OF CORONA virus cases may be silent carriers. They say classified Chinese data suggests so you know the the the a symptomatic carriers we keep hearing about. But how does that line up? So if a third of these people don't even show symptoms. Why are we testing temperature? Why isn't it? I mean if this is the case guys. This is everywhere. Which is what I've been saying before and everything we're seeing or just things that they're forcing in anyway. Because this has already been going on and I think they already knew that the CDC's also saying that they can survive on this specific on this Princess. Cruise ship up to seventeen days. I mean how does that even add up with anything else? We've heard. This is something different and more alarming or or for all. We know this is some horrible thing that they're completely making up at the end of the day we don't know because they're absolutely hiding everything from us and we're forced to go through. The obviously corrupted obviously influence infiltrated mainstream media to drip out the things they want us to hear. That's that's how they built this system. They want it that way horrifying stuff though and here. I mean even even better. Here's the New Jersey top health officials saying. Yeah we're all going to get it right totally fantastic. I mean that's not okay understand. It's not just normal to be like. Yeah we're just going to get it no worries right. They don't even say that with the I mean understand. That is because they're not ready or maybe they didn't think they needed to be or they're just wildly incompetent either way. That's not okay so normal what we're dealing with some really really unorthodox situation. I mean you we. Even trump supporters have to see that the way they acted was obviously dragging their feet. I mean I think I have some some tweets and you're not gonNA show you towards the end but I feel like I'm stepping on a point here but what I said earlier today is that it's very clear that you can see the pro- the progress here that he knew about this right. The military told him in January waited entire month tire month. The media was talking about that a month later that we know that you know China's this China's serious look at what's going on and then another whole month past and then Donald Trump did something chur close down the border and then they apparently nothing else for weeks until suddenly feeling he needed to force people to do things and you know it's it's really really odd situation. I just don't see how any of this make sense and speaking about not making sense. Let's dive into some clips from today's briefing. That are ridiculous and here. I I already tweeted some out. Here's one of them. Says she heroes sell play his Actually well that's right. I forgot that I had these loaded up. He can move my microphone. Let's watch this one first. Then I'll read you. What I wrote earlier today has done an executive order. Invoking Presidential Authority under section forty five twelve of the Defense Production Act to prohibit the hoarding vital medical equipment and supplies such as hand sanitizers face masks and personal protective equipment. We have a lot of face best. A lot of equipment is coming in and we have some people hoarding and attorney. General Bar's GonNa be speaking about that in a second WANNA prevent price. Gouging and critical health and medical resources are going to be protected in every form under this directive. The Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to designate essential. Health and medical supplies is scarce. So we'll designate certain supplies and medical elements as scarce. And that means it will be a crime to stockpile these items in excessive quantities which is happening to a relatively small degree. We think but nevertheless it's happening we can't let it happen and we can't let them resell them at excessive prices with some people are doing very simply will not allow anyone to exploit the suffering of American citizens for their own profit. So we're GONNA be watching now funny enough. That's not even the clip. I had so I just pulled it up while I was doing this. But somebody already caught in the chat. You notice. They rub in their face. She's touching her nose. Bill Bar does. The same thing happens every single time every single time. I mean the whole point of what's happening there with the potential of symtomatic. Carriers is ridiculous. Any one of them could be sick and they would have no idea. And that's the whole point now. Does this make sense? But we saying there is really alarming. He's talking about the Defense Production Act and there's a few things that point out here one is it's clear if he's if he's enacting so basically they. They rolled it out but they hadn't officially used it yet so today. He's saying he's officially using now. Ask yourself this if this is this point. That was already making. And it's been vindicated. He's already had multiple groups and he does mention this in the in the briefing more than once. Multiple groups of on their own accord came to him and said we want to make mass. We WanNA make ventilators and they're gonNA pay for it right there there. They went to them. Which means that the whole narrative why they needed his act was irrelevant. Especially because they're gonNA show more about how they already got more mask more things from other corporations that somehow their stockpiles facebook has a stockpile of mass. Like it's odd but does make sense why it didn't make sense when you realize that the production defense actor. Defense Production Act is used to create complete control over production. It's martial law period and so we didn't need it as I said it's like using a nuclear bomb to kill an ant. That's the reality. Because obviously he didn't need them that's why he was so reluctant to say whether or not he had forced them to do it because he recognized. That was a conflict of what he was saying. They needed to pretend they needed that. Activate mass but they didn't need to tell them to. They didn't need the Act. So when you dig through the act and find out that they can now basically all's literally invade other countries to protect some kind of resource based on this act. You Begin to recognize that. It's a little more than you than previously thought but it's unreal it's unreal but then you realize is what he's saying they're now they're using this act for one of the things that I just told you about the wasn't to make masks or to make ventilators he's in fact using this production. Act To tell you what you can by how much now he's telling you. Guess what you can't buy this much of this because we say so now arguably. There's some logic to that because I've already been complaining about people stockpiling doing but at the end of the day when it comes down to the government telling you what you can and can't do. I disagree period. That's not the way that should go. People should have the ability to be a complete horrible person and buy up a whole stockpile of stuff. That's their right. There are bad disgusting person. You'll see them for that but to have a government step in and tell you no no no no. You can't buy that many because Joni some. That's Mommy Daddy government and that's crazy. They're using the situation to push this in but they didn't say this before did they. They didn't say well. We need this act to make sure we can tell you what you're allowed to buy. And how much because people would have been unhappy about that they have to say? Well we need it for those masks that we see in the created an artificial need for Interesting and now as he said they're gonNA stop people from doing this and stop you for me. I mean so if you go out there and you actually feel that you need a certain amount and they think that that's too much they can put you in jail. They can find you. They can stop. You mean that's what we're dealing with. This is the first arm of a martial law. Act What we're dealing with guys and it's pretty crazy now. The next one I wanted to show you is the tweet I was going to show you. In this regard in regard to the idea of you know who would have thought and I thought this was such an interesting tie in to the whole nine eleven discussion. Now might have to this because I had to. Just throw it in here. Let's see if I got this correct financial point we've never had an economy like we had just a few weeks ago and then it got hit with something that nobody could have ever thought possible. We got the audio describes a little bit off what you've got the point but you already said there right this is. This is what I was talking about. This is what I was tweeting about. I mean I couldn't believe. He said that I said yeah something. Nobody's thought possible right. Not The mainstream media not Bill Gates at the Pentagon no one except all of them did warn about what we're dealing with on the show you the images just like no one ever guests. That planes would fly into buildings HASHTAG. You're being lied to. And there's a reason I put that in quotes you understand. This is the Al. This is the argument right. Oh they're never never would have believed that. That was what Bush said who would ever thought of that. Every single one of you including the fact that you actually gain live exercised the fact that planes fly into buildings right before nine. Eleven the day of nine eleven. Think about that. That's been verified right. So there's Bush arguing saying he had I who would have thought of this in knowing that they just did. How does that not prove to you? That he of they're covering something up and we all know this by now. But here's the point term saying nobody would have thought this was possible except Bill Gates in two thousand eighteen. You know accept foreign policy in two thousand eighteen. The next pandemic will be arriving shortly. He they know about this. The whole narrative is to make. It seem like this is so unexpected that there's no way he could have been ready for this because they know you know that they're dramatically unprepared that it's embarrassingly. Ill prepared and it's hurting you. And they know that so their whole point is to say China bad guy. We didn't do it. Obama didn't set us up and who are thought was ever going to happen right. Perfect perfect sidestep as always it really frustrating to see them continue to do things like this just own it guys real leaders own it interesting. I don't know why they didn't load. Let's try that again. Toilet favor likely. Sorry one more time. This is interesting though. This is bill bar actually talking about. What will the hoarding and stuff like that? Supply of toilet paper in your house. This is not something you have to worry advantage. But if you are sitting on on a warehouse With masks surgical masks you will be hearing a knock on your door now again. The the argue that there's logic to this to say these people are hoarding and they shouldn't be because we all need it but now you're getting into this really dangerous I mean. Do you see the kind of government overreaches allowing because you feel that you deserve that or other people need it. This person made a conscious choice a long time ago to clearly do whatever they did right for whatever reason and they have the right and the freedom to do so. Do I agree with hoarding things and pandemic? Obviously not. You've heard me freak out about it on this show. These are bad people. But what if you're a group that has a stockpile for some other reason that you've had it for ten years now suddenly because you've got one hundred thousand mass that they need will now. You're going to get a knock on your door. What if you don't WanNa give them up right? What if you need them for something? You're planning next year. It doesn't matter anymore right. This is the point and this is the logical explanation. Just like with the idea of the other things we discussed and Whitney's article. There's always the far less logical things that always happen right the way they abuse this and say oh well we need that thing to even though you've got one and you're not even part of the worst. GonNa take it because we need it. The governor fighting for you shut up. You know this is what can happen. And and and this could be abused by individual. This could be abused by somebody in the task force for personal reasons. I mean these things happen now. I don't think that's going to happen. That's a ridiculous example but the point is can and if we're and even outside of making up allot you know overreaching government examples of how that could be abused simply the idea of telling you that you need to give up your stockpile. Because they didn't prepare. I've cut that means so they're gonNA come knock on your door because they didn't do what they needed to do with your tax dollars. They're going to double up and take it from you again really crazy now. Let me stress again. The point that I'm not saying it's okay for people to hoard and do this but my point is that even though we agree it's wrong. It's never ok to allow the government the power to come in and play the Daddy Role. Mommy role and decide for you because guess what would that problem goes away. That overreach doesn't and that's what we're seeing today. Five hundred thousand in ninety five so again. Maybe I'm wrong on this. Maybe this is totally normal practice. But facebook has a supply of seven hundred thousand. N Ninety five masks right. I mean that's odd. I don't know why I find that to be so interesting. Obviously because facebook is pretty various today. But isn't it interesting? Now ask yourself again. All this time has passed all this time when their swear up and down? We've got a million tests and we've got everything for everybody and then obviously we didn't and we still didn't and then we still didn't and then we still didn't again and they kept saying we did this. This has been like five or six briefings where they swore an even right now. We're just now starting to get to wear. The tests are being used at least so they tell us how we even prove that but the end of the day. The masks are still issue right now. That's the big problem. But you're telling me that. Facebook had a stock of seven hundred thousand masks for this whole time and you know what I mean and we're and yet we're still dealing with with still. I mean the whole process doesn't make sense again. I don't think that the government should have the right to tell them. They have to give them up but the reality of the way that the the these elite circles in the way the basically the people that are suffering are the people you the individual and of course the individual workers that are dealing with those individual people seeing that they have to keep their mask for a week and keep it in the plastic bag. And make sure you know. It's that doesn't happen. That happens when you don't have what you need anyway. I just thought that was interesting. Odd Point about facebook having masks. Take it for what you will for the first time this morning. Your Surgery Journal on the Today says you WanNa Americans to understand that this is gonNA get really share that. Of course it is going to be bad and we have a lot of people dying from the flu. Is You know we have a very bad flu season on top of everything else? It's very bad. Looks like it could be over fifty thousand and Certainly this is going to be bad and we're trying to make it so that it's much much less bad and that's what we're doing and I think doing a very good job of it if you look at other countries what they've been through and you look at the numbers and compared to ours which is a much larger country than most The numbers are pretty amazing. It started with the fact that we stop people from coming in from highly affected area and and infected area and That was a good thing to do. So yeah it's bad and it's going to obviously the numbers are going to increase with time. And then they're going to start to decrease and we're going to be opening our country on for business because our country has meant to be open and working with others about especially for our workers and The engine for that whole system is we have to have companies and these companies are loved by our workers because they're paying big salaries and big big dollars to our workers and we're GonNa get it all going again very soon. Hopefully I'll reverse my God. I mean the the nonsensical way in which he answers questions. It pains me like physically pains me to try like if you watch. I should've mentioned it before that clip but watch the way bar and people respond to him when he's you notice when he's in the middle of weird tangent and he just like completely loses the point and just starts talking about something he just brought up and had nothing to the question had nothing to do with the con- you can see them like that you know it's it's disjointed. It makes no sense and I mean just the whole thing anyway. Nancy relevant but I just had to point this out to the nonsensical way in which he maneuvers around things and doesn't actually even address the question it just seems. I think it's intentional. But it's it's hard you almost feel sometimes like it's just just anyway the point is of course you know it's less bad that's always you know less bad we want but he says clearly that the numbers were amazing like. I just want you to recognize how ridiculous it is though. He's trying to answer these questions and he actually ends up saying that. Our numbers are amazing. How I mean. That's just because he's he fell into it didn't know what to say and he says the numbers are amazing. It's just embarrassing. What numbers are amazing? All the dead people in this country the people that are suffering. I mean the fact that even happening. I mean it's ridiculous you know I mean the whole the whole process of this whole. The briefing is frustrating to watch. Because you can clearly see the control that's being placed on everybody by the trump administration. You Got Pence pompeo's trump's in the in the area basically you wash the way trump will stand next to people speaking and like you just. The presence is like right here. This is being aggressively controlled. And why trump is the face of this when he continues to make himself look pretty ridiculous. I don't know maybe that's the point but pay attention. You will see them just circle around and talk about like they specifically ask you very specific question. He goes off about workers and building and the great amazing salaries right because everyone in America gets great. Amazing salary right. You know who he's talking about he's talking about the only thing that exists in his world. The one percent right all Americans. That don't get great amazing salaries. They're not part of that conversation support to think about. Also Mrs Pence is the first Yes negative now. I should have given that little. I'm GonNa let you watch that again. Now this starts where she says. Mike Pence you have been tested. Mrs Pence has been tested. Has Mrs Trump been tested? Which should be an obvious. Yes I mean for crying out loud for everything we've been talking about and I. I'm not one to speculate in regard even things like this. Please tell me you feel how obviously that. There's some that just watch the way he answered this and tell me that. There's obviously not some something something happening right here. Also Mrs Pence as the personally invested negative. I mean I know you feel that. It's obvious skies. I mean that's crazy and the point is that we'll probably never know maybe I'm wrong but the end of the day that's dangerous the reality that some I mean it's it's clear he'd first of all maybe didn't even know maybe that's why he's answering like that because he was kind of like but they're not even following their own rules as somebody already pointed out. Is there what rub in their face? And they're doing their thing and I mean even the fact that they're they're standing right next to each other she goes off. The doctor goes off to talk about the fact that she just had a small fever. I tested and I wasn't positive but it's just like you're right here. I mean there's just it's crazy the way they're conducting this shows you again either that they're wildly incompetent and I really beginning to feel more so that there's something that we don't know that they know there's a reason why they're not having to do these things the way that we are. I mean that's my take on it. You tell me I think it seems pretty obvious. I have a couple more clips that I just had queued up here that I want to break down every time. But let's see if I see if these still stayed up for vice-president president so John I'm the supply chain Task Force lead at my task is to increase the supply of critical medical supplies which include personal protective equipment. And then later some items like that. I WANNA take a few moments to explain the organization and we've stood up this week now. The reason I'm showing this let me know if the sound is too low and if we can just pass these. But he's this is the FEMA guy and he's displaying some ridiculous chart about preparedness or what they're doing and how they're going to get the things they need. Which by the way understand you beans right now? That they don't have everything they need which is just an ongoing problem. They don't and they probably won't because they knew they were not ready for this as a lot of people weren't by the way but they're showing you this ridiculous chart of a bunch of boxes and some things and being like this is our plan such. Please please watch this and just recognize. This is ridiculous. There's the appoint hours ago his last days on approach. So you have a chart behind you. I have a focused to focus late What on personal protective equipment. Medical supplies and focused on vendors operating under a four lines of I mean. I don't even see those things on his list. Medical equipment consumable supplies. I don't see ventilators so already I'm kind of like what's he pointing out. What's going on first line of effort? You say is preservation and and later tonight and talked about that building and make our stuff last long so we're just preservation right so here are things we need and here are a couple of boxes with words in them that mean things that we should say preservation. Because we're doing that right that this is what's happening right now this. This is a presentation for six year. Olds this doesn't show you anything I just this is. This is really ridiculous to me team of people that are searching the globe for personal protective equipment figuring out where dish figuring out if we need to buy good so there's people around doing things right people looking for masks right at the bar right. That's so what does that show you as an American was that? Show you as an individual right. How does this box make you feel like things are better? The point is this is supposed to give you some vague understanding. There's a plan that's it just. Why not just right in one of those boxes. Defeat virus with the meaning of this is and this is the kind of stuff they continue to do or just transported and get it here faster. We have a line of effort called reallocation we working with our industry partners to illuminate the supply chain the many vendors many distributors all on separate systems. Nobody has one site picture for that supply We've brought our our industry partners in weaving that together to make better allocation decisions and understand where it is and where it needs to go. We have a line called expansion. Earn some of that right so again just so. He just went from relocation expansion. Like what exactly did he just explain right so reallocation so basically we need to be able to put these things in different places. That's what he basically said. He said he she said preservation spoke to this. We need to make sure we have this. We're like I just got to say this is played like maybe are out there. That thinks this is just perfectly self explanatory and I get I understand. I understand what this graph is trying to say. But this doesn't mean anything like you could have made that you could have just filled this graph in with any number of things and you could've gone around and spoke about each word and that makes it just as valid. That doesn't change the fact that they still don't have these things. You can talk about your plan to make sure that your reallocating these things properly. But they're not here yet. So how does that help anything? You know what I mean it. Just it doesn't again. Just this is so ridiculous to me today. If if those that have wanted to convert plants those they WANNA get into the business. We have the tools to help them to do that. To focus areas right now P P and ventilators for lines of effort work in the problem of tasks to to get more. Increase the split. Oh okay because that's perfectly because that makes perfect sense right because that's just totally clear. My crazy it's ridiculous old. That's Today Frost one hundred for the first time this morning there surgeon general auditor said you want an American understand. This is gonNA give really bath. You share that Going to be bad and we have We already talked about this. Jump the next one to get moving. We don't want to lose these companies. We don't WanNa lose these workers who wanna take care of our workers so we'll be doing something. I think relatively quickly but we've learned a lot during this period. This was a very necessary period Tremendous information was gained. But we can do two things at one time you know and again I say. We have a very active Lucy's and more active than most. It's look it's heading to fifty thousand or more deaths. They keep saying this understand. They keep saying this. And there's a reason for that and I was part of. It could just be because you WANNA be like. Oh well you know it's not as severe but this is an easy way to cite you. How easy would it be for them to cover some of these actual deaths with the flu? Right I mean this is the same administration that is all has actively been trying to keep information from you so if they don't want you to know first of all let's just say trump in his mind is very aware. I know he is that he was not prepared. They does not have what he needs whether he listened to dumb advisers told him the wrong thing where he thought he didn't have to because Israel told on it would only affect Iran. Or whatever you WanNa talk about the fact that he knows he wasn't ready right. So Wha- wait hold on a second. Let me go back. Real quick tremendous information was gained. But we can do two things at one time you know again. I say we have a very act right right next. Lost my thought process so the point is that how easy would it be for them to just kind of sidestepped this into being the flu right? The point is trump knowing that he is not prepared would the last thing he would want to do would be to admit that all these people are suffering. Because he didn't do any didn't take action when he needed to. So I guarantee they would rather explain why the people for the flu. All these people are actually the flu. You don't just like they did back in September and November in my opinion just like they did when Fort Dietrich kind of weak and they covered it up by saying it was vaping or anything else. They could pass it off to being flu season more active than most. It's looking like it's heading to fifty thousand or more deaths death nutcases. Fifty thousand deaths Which is A lot and You look at the automobile accidents which are far greater than any numbers. We're talking about. That doesn't mean we're going to tell everybody no more driving cars. So which would you give such as ignorant false equivalency and they know this though right I mean. That's that's the reality of that is nonsensical and this is when you can see physically. See the doctor behind him going. Ooh because that's stupid. Same thing with more or you can constantly watch them make reactions when he says something. That's ridiculous has not just the skies and it's not just trump either by the way but he's just very on the face off the cuff and just kind of says things and I don't know why he constantly does this for how often he's been. It's kind of hurt him we. We have to do things to get our country open. There's been an incredible period of learning. And we'll have announcement of the fairly short period as to the timing judge's personal ask about these guidelines on testing obviously Senator Rand Paul's tested positive for virus but he was not in contact with anybody who was known positive and he didn't have any major symptoms other your guidelines under the guidelines outlined year. He would not have gotten a test he got one anyway. So what do you say to him? He's pointed out that if he hadn't gone basically in defiance of these guidelines and got tested he might still be showing up to the exactly right. I mean for crying out loud. I mean this is the whole point. Vade themselves have continued to force the day. Symptomatic carriers whether that's real or because it fits some agenda. You know you can see. That definitely works for them in certain ways but at the same time how in the world you explain that anyone is people in this room could be symptomatic carrier. They wouldn't be showing it. They wouldn't have a fever no symptoms so they could easily be any one of them. They're testing thermometer to the door. They say what does that matter? So it's just it just doesn't make any sense and that gets friends brands. Fred and they could be the ones doing it. I mean they could literally be the one spreading this everywhere and not even realize it and they all know this so what he's point he's saying that. Rand Paul tested positive and he doesn't have any symptoms and he only did this because he did it in opposition to their guidelines. Because they've been forcefully saying if you're not sick don't get a test even while they know they're asymptomatic curious. How does that make sense? It's because one they're just completely not prepared and two is because they don't want people knowing what's really going on. That's my take on this but I mean watch sidesteps this question so so. That's why this was important. That's why this recommend right. So that's why this piece of paper that we keep pointing to is totally important. Just completely ignore the in. He does follow up. He pushes back but even she is sidestepping the obvious question. What she's trying to say I shouldn't put it that way. She is making a point. What you're saying that this is a point that I can tell. She's being forced into because she knows she can't really address the she answers. That the right way. It's GonNa make trump. What ben so the argument is look? We know leaving out the part. We know we need these tests and just jumping right to but if you follow these guidelines it's relevant right like if if your social distancing if you're keeping apart and that's what she gets to write rand. Paul if he would have just kept and this I'll let her get into it because she says here but it's really stupid because if you're she's argument if he goes to. He could have continued working right as long as he kept distance. So you're so. You're literally telling people that they should be working on house arrest. I mean it's so conflicting ridiculous you'll see the American people wasn't because we have been saying that there's a level of a symptomatic or mild spread. And that's why each person has to be responsible. Each person has to be responsible in the way that they decrease their interaction with others. The six feet. And you're all very social distance. Thank you but also assuming that everyone that you're interacting with could be positive in that goes into the handwashing piece and that gets into the other piece we talked about like bar or like Donald trump right. I guess it doesn't apply to them. Surfaces I think until we really figure out the respiratory transmission versus the surface transmission and this hard surface transmission. Not Fabric will be really critical because that is away. The virus could spread on. Subways are Metros where people will be holding onto things that other people had recently held onto. So that's the real question. What are we can just keep. With the example of the opposite there are many other people that were somewhere. Just keep with this one example. If he hadn't gotten that test he would still be showing up to the Senate everyday. Is Police work in the mid language who guidelines? He wouldn't have been infecting others. Because of the social distancing washing your hands doing everything that we talked about so we talked about also how people make choices because of their jobs that they have to come in. You'll notice I was not here over the weekend. I think this is the part that we really need to take personal responsibility for Saturday. Had A little low grade fever so actually probably Gi thing meticulous on the physician. I looked up. I ended up picking bank from Walter vs so I gotTa test late Saturday night and I'm negative. I stayed home another day. Just just to make sure that's how we protect one another and then of course. Don't forget that these are the tests that already have shown faulty numerous times right the same the same test that we've already had a lot of false. I mean it's there's so many things to this that don't make sense so you know unless everybody's taking their temperature every day. We can't say that he had no symptoms. These are the kinds of things that we have to note. So get now. She's arguing that that he just did right like because because they didn't take his temperature every single day every moment like symptoms are not your temperatures up. Five degrees symptoms are symptoms right. That's the point. That's what they keep saying. So if you're a symptomatic it doesn't mean you're nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight right. The foot's ridiculous. This is them trying to cover for the re the obvious hole in their narrative right. And you get what she actually said that so if he would've just adhered to these policies he should've kept going to work yet simultaneously. You're telling all Americans do the opposite. So what does it? What's the difference there? What are you talking about? It doesn't make sense? They're trying to cover for the fact that the fact you asymmetric carriers obviously poke a hole in their narrative that made that make the narrative that you don't need to get tested because we don't have enough test. We're not going to say that right. That's what this is for one another. This is the personal responsibility losted. That happens or go to the next one a weird. This has been happening lately. This is part maybe parley happen. The other show see this youtube. This is apparently what happens when there's no people running the show right. I doubt it. This is youtube using the situation to their advantage. In my opinion here's an excellent ask about these guidelines touch thing obviously seven rand. Paul's tested already. Is the president of south again on that. You're so far has been worse in the problem. That's right so this is important. He guys have to recognize that. I don't want to search. The SCREAMA microphones weird. But the point is that we have been John James Corbett. Let's say a month ago. Wrote the article that the solution will be worse than the problem or something. Whatever title was and that's we've always been talking about the problem. Reaction Solution Right that the government solution to the problem is almost always worse than the problem itself. That is what we've come to know about government's general particularly the US government right so what trump started his entire briefing off by saying that that no that Enzi said he's reading his notes and you can see them reading. He goes that the BRA. The solution will not be worse than the promise stops. He looks up he goes. The solution will not be worse than the problem. Obviously he's seeing what we're saying like. He really emphasized that because we argue. I argue that it's his people it's trump supporters. Who Don't want to believe that he's doing all the things that we're talking about right. That some forty just move against the deep state or whenever they WANNA make it up into their arresting people behind the scenes and it's all going down right sure should be them. See any evidence of that so I'm not going to be any Greens do it. What the bottom line. It's it's it's very clear that he sees what we're talking about. And I think that his supporters are coming to him and saying look good. You know. They're trying to trick you and they're gonNA make the solution worsen the problem and now he's literally saying that to make the villa. The solution won't be worse than the problem. Well it's real nice just keeps saying as the exclusion continues to be worse than the problem right now. The solution is worse than the problem. So it's just funny that he he forced in because he's watching this stuff he's watching. Our shows believe it. Not Maybe not my show. But he's watching the independent media information. Because we're the ones calling the truth. I think has been very tough. This has been a very tough. This was an operation is. Was Somebody going the cure the cure he says. Don't you love that? When's the last time we ever had a cure right? Oh that's right right before. Big Pharma took over. That's right to a doctor and saying you needed operation and we've had an operation we've learned a lot and we fixed a lot of problems One of the things. We fixed it if you look at the obsolete system that this is good that already off the point already now. He's off the point. About how obsolete it was Obama's fault. He's already he didn't answer the question by the way he started rambling about something that was barely connected. And then way off on the point is that every time inherited. It wasn't mentioned. This has been for a small group of people and even for that it was not very good and very obsolete. We now have a testing so we have a testing program. Now that will hopefully be able to be used for many us the future. Should we have another event like this? I don't think you'll have another event like this. This is very unique. Hewlett back into time. You look back decades and decades. Okay very unique. You look back decades and decades he says and as I point was it was unique. And you've never seen anything like this before. Watch what he says next. We can name them all the ten years. You know you go back to o-9 but that wasn't like this as it. So he goes from being totally never seen anything like this to weaken name them all back ten years in all the ones it was actually another one basically every every election year as you pointed out but explain this to me right in mid sentence. He changes the point just at the point. That out real. We're going from it so rare. We've never seen anything like this before. But we can name all of them guys. I mean this is just ridiculous is it? I mean I really starting to wonder whether he's trying to look ridiculous. Don't down but they lost a lot of people We were early early Jeff because of the fact that we closed early does a big move. Percents ended by the not answering the questions still but we were early. He says so. You get early somehow yet. We still don't have what we need worked out in your own head. Because he closed the border right which we all know happened and Arctic said was something we also they should have done which other groups had already done was an unprecedented in any way shape or form right. He was already behind the curve when doing that and then did nothing else afterward which continued to be a problem until they finally acted like something was really happening right but apparently he keeps saying that was a great thing. Everyone tells me that Wasa why nobody disagrees with that. Whether asking about is the fact that you didn't do anything after that but then he just done our next by next question. Go you lose so basically. It's allowing me to get to where I had loaded. That's too bad. I think that was a good one next. Oh well go to next one much. Just easing off on your team told you. That's the right path to pursue. We spoke to him today and I was telling them that. We have two things to look forward or any of the doctors telling you what you're doing. I spoke to him today and I told them two things. Don't forget the doctors if it were up to. The dodgers evasive. Let's keep it shut. Dallas shut down the entire world. Because again you have to almost one hundred and fifty countries so that shut down the entire world and when we shut it down that'd be wonderful. Let's keep a check for a couple of years. You can't do that and you can't do that with the country. Especially the number one economy anywhere in the world by far number one economy in the world can't do that because well it causes bigger problems original and also a usual tactics she was trying to reiterate. It'd be like so you're saying that you're not listening to the doctor. Then he just speaks over into some other tangent. I gotta be honest. He's actually. It's actually that actually pretty smart. He doesn't on purpose. I promise you because he's trying. He knows what they're going to get which then also then suggests that. He knows. He's not answer the question right. So maybe he's more smart at this than he seems but the point is he's making himself look stupid Either way he's incredibly not answering the question and I think it's it's obvious. Let's talk about the cure being worse than the problem. We can't have the worse than the problem here. What we have done so this is not retracing. This is that we've done really well cool. I feel more secure. How about you? What onto say at the being of your beginning of your comments that you're gonNA take care of the Asian Americans. I said when he started this discussion he made a huge point about how people are blaming China. That's not okay I mean yeah you mean like my Pompeii oh you mean like you. Yeah you guys were blaming China and you still are by the way a mess. All across the board but started. Obviously somebody's talked to and said look. You can't keep doing this because there. A lot of Asian Americans in this country that even ones that voted for you and their constituents right so you gotta make you gotTa make it clear that you're not talking about all Chinese people. Obviously that's so. This is what he said and something in particular at that point because it seems that there could be a little bit of nasty language toward the Asian Americans in our country. And I don't like that at all is now. You have to be honest with this clearly. There's people on all sides doing this. But yet it's predominantly the tr- the right-leaning side of this that has been the aggressive China bad guy narrative because the ride the wave is all the aggressive bad guy narrative right there the both NBC response there. It's like the bad guy. Russia Bad Guy China based on basically zero evidence. Now I argue that both governments are dangerous China. I would see a little bit more. But regardless in the narrative they're pushing it's based on absolutely zero evidence but it's just it's just interesting to see the way things play out there. Incredible people love our country. And I'm not GonNa let it happen so I just wanted to make that point because they're blaming China and they are just like that he knows what they're asking thanking statements to great American citizens that happen to be of Asian heritage at. I'm not GonNa let that happen but it just recognize the I mean. It's obviously but Mike Pompeo has literally used the word blame twice. He's Blake. China is to blame. That's Mike Pompeo's direct quote right so there's no way in even fault. There's been a lot of different frame for trump infra pompeo. Clearly they're passing the blame on China because they wanted to one because I think they're covering up that they know it's at least was here before then and to be a possibly because they actually have some various actions involved here. They're trying to push that off because they don't know that for sure but now suddenly he realized it was bad for him so he started off by saying this and I think there may be some kind of a thing going on here. Obviously obviously the narrative was pushed by predominantly by Fox News. And and the this that side of the argument I mean it's just it's ongoing and they just sidestep into something else. It's kind of kind of funny but it's obnoxious analysis. My question okay. So she's saying basically she asked about the defense package the the stimulus package rather and the trillion dollars or discussing right now two trillion. And what? He's saying they were just talking about the fact that they are saying well. This might be over a couple of weeks. I think I think we all know is not true. But that's what trump has continued force in a couple of weeks couple of weeks right. And that's why everybody's saying does that. Because you want the economy to beat the CON is the economy more important than American lives. And you know he barely can answer that question. But the point is she says if you're GONNA if you keep saying it's going to be over in two weeks. Why do we need to trillion dollars? Like you like shouldn't just be less than that which is obviously a good answer. Good question to save companies that have been shattered You'RE GONNA have to shave Various I mean you. You know a lot of the companies yourselves. We have a company that was. I think the greatest company in the world named Boeing. Boeing's going to need some help now Boeing had some difficulty before that's unlike others. We have other countries companies. That didn't have a problem. Coming in Boeing had the obvious problem that everybody knows about from a little more than a year ago. It gets even worse. So she asked a broad question about in decreasing the amount of money and he finds a way to make it all about Boeing. All about what just watch it gets worse. Talbot Boeing. That company right now is in a was in a really bad way why because they lied the FFA they mislead withheld very serious information. That actually took people's lives and planes crashed. Yeah that whole things that we know about right. The actual documentation they lied to the FFA and people die because of it. Yeah that's why the company is failing right period a culture of dishonesty a culture of criminality. Gee I wonder where they get that from right seeing other munitions company for the US government but the period is the Butler co point. Is she asked about? Generally speaking the reduction in funds and he goes off. About how Boeing Boeing Boeing? Boeing needs money. Gee I wonder how Americans feel about bailing out a company that was already going to fail because corona virus a double problem and it was a big one And then on top of it as they're getting ready to really show this stuff on top of it we all get hit by this and obviously the airlines are going to have a problem. But the airlines aren't going to be vying from Boeing or from anybody else right now because of his This difficulty so we have to work with the airlines. We have to work with the cruise lines. We have to work. With the companies. Like a Boeing because Boeing's a potentially again a great company and a very rough period of thirteen months very rough period horrible period. Unbelievable would have told me. This would have happened to Boeing. Whitney believed because to me was truly one of the great one of the truly great. Probably a almost one point of GDP can think of. They're talking to believe that. Ha- so money right money. That's what it's about not that they're good company are good people. Are you know good for the American peaches with their? They make lots of money. Which of course is what companies and businesses are all about but recognize a company that allowed American lives to be lost because they didn't want to admit that they have problem. Yeah that's not. That's what should matter more than Prophet. You know but not in the age of trump in company could have that. Kind of an impact but Boeing. We have to work with For Two reasons a great company that we have to save number two it produces unbelievable numbers of jobs so now he's already shifted off as if somebody asked the question about why Boeing. Is that important right? So this is off on another rail. He went off to a whole new rail and his answering his own. Question about why Boeing is so great. Wonder if there's something in his mind about Boeing and So you know the numbers Have to be reflective of that kind of thing. You know what I'm GonNa do last one. My wife is an elementary school teacher. Obvious I guess not. Thanks Youtube gotTa Love It. GotTa Love Youtube these days guys. They're really striving for perfection. I gotTa Tell Ya but there's so much that goes on in those things again as I always tell you. I can't stress why it's important to hear and they're actually take a moment to watch the State Department briefing the White House briefings because it really does show you the reality that they can't hide the the exercise in futility is I like to say the the circle the hamster wheel of nonsense that comes out of their mouth. It's it's crazy but here here's an example of why the it's not just me saying look. They're they're lying to you or they're deceiving you or that's not true. Here's an here's something that we share recently says. Vp Vice President Pence leads. The curl virus response gave the country. Wrong information about receptor respirators. This is Dr Burks reaction watcher reactive. He says as Dr Birds Explained to me that many people that require respirators because of a of a surgery gone wrong and so this frees up more of our capacity across the board. I know it's not lost on any of the governors here Mr President at loops right. What are you GONNA do right? If it was about honesty she would have been like. It's actually incorrect. Now because they know all their names are being used to put a veneer over the lies that are happening. Same with Dr Chee same with all of them right there there there you can you can. I think I actually think that's why Dr Phil. She wasn't here today. Right same thing with Dr Redfield who suddenly disappeared right. They are trying to this whole thing as I said one of my videos the whole purpose of this briefing and this task force is management. Narrative management is narrative control. That's what they're doing. I mean I really do. You really need these. Br this whole task force to get up everyday and do know they're doing this to make sure that you know what they want you to know and I argue. It's doing the opposite. I think it's pretty embarrassing. But who knows? Maybe I'm the only one feeling that way but the point is that people like voucher. I think that's why he's not here. Today is because he was visibly uncomfortable with the lies being told last time I mean when he when Pompeo was talking to us when discussing by the way I mean imagine. We'll just show you this now since I was gonNA say talking about sanctions in Iran right. How POMPEII swears up and down at no sanctions or no sanctions. Aren't stopping food medicine. Which we know isn't true. You could actually watch that. Cause physical pain for Falconry. He PUTS HIS HEAD DOWN. He touches his face and it goes on the whole time times. We're trump would call on him and he wouldn't even come to the podium because you can tell that they don't WanNa try to. They don't want to have to stand up there and pretend that what they said was was accurate. The look that you can see on her right here. That's that is. Oh well whatever you know. That's totally not true. But I'm not gonNA say anything about it even though we're literally dealing with lives and whatever you know I mean just it's this is crazy. Got An governments. Do even while we're talking about an unnamed. They mentioned this in the briefing. A White House correspondent has suspected Kovic Nineteen. Why would they remain unnamed? Ask yourself that right. I mean it's interesting that the way that they're controlling. The flow of information is what is causing panic suspected. I'm sure we'll probably never gonNA hear anything else about it. Meanwhile they're all standing right next to each other. They're all speaking and laughing and you know whatever and they're touching their face and no big deal even though they can all be symptomatic carriers. No one seems to care. Right doesn't add. The point is as even French. Medics are saying as their filing a lawsuit against the Prime Minister of France quote. They've been lying from the start right. This is what's coming out guys. This is not just the US this is not just any number of governments but it is. I would argue predominantly the Western governments. Right now lying about what happened in possibly the same way. China lied about what they were dealing with when it was happening over there right but the bottom governments lie the lie about what they've tried to manage the narrative but the bottom line is our government is pointing to anybody in anybody that everyone they can while right now. They're lying to you same thing in France as the medics themselves are saying. They've been lying from the start. Why would that be? And if that's the case why then the media not lambasting France for lying and hiding what was really going on in putting everybody at risk will. That's much closer to the United States. Why wouldn't they say the same argument that China did it back? In December they said right arguably it would make exact same sense but of course not because is an agenda and a narrative in a political point to make against China and the others an ally dealing with the same problem so that will never come up even though they're lying and hiding their information just like all of them but they're lying guys that's the takeaway. Here's the media then didn't start to understand. It's not just the trump administration or left or the right. It's everybody and this is so ridiculous. Here's The Washington Post on February. I get a grip America. The flu is much bigger threat corona virus for now right get a grip right jump forward to march crawl virus deniers and hoaxers persist despite dire warnings claiming it's just the flow. Yeah you mean like that. You know what I mean like. It's just crazy. Like they. Act like all sanctimonious enrages when literally. They're doing the same thing and this person says the media hasn't done done the public any favors there to anti-trump instead of fact based I completely agree right I mean all of the Left Right Paradigm. It's all ridiculous and as I pointed out with this tweet as well as it says. I don't want anyone to forget that two months ago the US was stridently. Criticizing the containment measures. China was taking two months ago. There was plenty of time prepare. Thank you in somebody else pointing out the obvious. Here's what I said. I said exactly no matter your opinion on China's transparency. And that's the point that take even if you think they lied make. They probably did. Trump's administration was warned by the Pentagon in early January. Then eight whole month past a whole month then at the end of January the mainstream media as you can see was criticizing the Chinese response then another whole month past. The fault is clear here guys. They didn't take action when they needed to January twenty seventh January twenty fifth. It's all of us. We all saw this. We all saw it happening even if argue that this was happening that China knew this in December which. I don't know how we could possibly know that if you didn't have information again. Think about how that makes sense. They're arguing that they China wasn't giving them the information they needed yet. Somehow they then now know that they didn't get that information they needed because that makes sense right but the end of the day China itself is saying that they're now finding the keys. First case was November seventeenth so in a way. They're even saying yes. We agree but we didn't know it until we finally find out now after the fact doesn't matter they knew in the beginning of January. They didn't do anything that can't be more clear guys. You close the border trump. You did way after the fact and then took another month to do anything. No mass task people were struggling. It's very clear to see that they weren't ready but sadly there's a little bit of a silver lining just to kind of be a little funny at the end of the year. Gas prices crashed to fifty cents. Can you believe that it's like we're back in one thousand whatever? It was but just looked that one was it. I don't really low gas prices. It would crazy fifty cents but I sip sad that no one's driving anyway but I I called this. I said this a ago as they get ready for extremely low gas prices because we saw the way. This was happening in regard to the way that Saudi Arabia was playing this and with Russia. And the whole thing. It's like a simultaneous problem. That's happening. I argue because of this like they're trying to. They're adding to this whole dilemma. But I think it's GonNa hurt Saudi Arabia more than anybody else but bottom line. Hey fifty percent gas a little bit of positive spin but nobody's driving anyway but to end today. I WANNA get into a couple of things about foreign policy that I actually said I was. GonNa say that Iran thing and I didn't see that here but actually before I do that. Just you know the corona virus thing which this Kinda ties in with two. It's covering up all of this stuff but for all those out there that may be tuning in for the first time. Please take a moment to go back. And look at the other work. We've done in regard to the history of the US government and biowarfare and they're testing on unwitting Americans over two hundred and thirty nine times the reality of all of the different narrative swirling around this in the sense that some of them make. And it's all there. It's all there for you to go through research the links for yourself regardless of what I said about it. That's what's important. Do the research look into this stuff. Not just the mainstream narrative not just one person or the other and independent media but all of it question it think further asked questions but all the stuff over. Today it's powerful. You know the fact that they're literally working on their you know the introducing an actually seeing into fruition. The continuity got continuity of government martial law. Kind of program that we already know what their main core discussion has. People like us on their list though the moment that happens as he said almost immediately certain people be swept up and put away because we're a security risk. That is that the United States is that the is that the America that you believe in your mind exists right. Is that the United States of America. That that you still believe in the tenants that we were tricked into believing longtime ago me. Neither the reality is whether or not the tenants of this country wherever really you've realized and believed by the people that signed that constitution. They've taken root in the hearts of people just like us and fight for those even if our government doesn't and what we need to do now is stop. What they're trying to do as my microphones. Really I apologize for that but no matter what we need to stop what's happening. There's no need for the defense production. Act there's no need for martial law there's no need for the earn it bill. These are things for them to accomplish goals. They've always been trying to accomplish and one of them. Sadly right now is the fact that nobody's paying attention to other things that are going on around. The world. Yemen is still in a horrifying situation whether or not the corona virus is already beginning to happen there. They were already free. I mean think about that that we're right now concerned about people all around the world yet. There has always been this. Many people suffering every single day in Yemen. No one cared. That's just disgusting to think about. Why do we care about these other people but not them why because the US government and the propaganda machine have told you? You don't have to so people. Don't this Disgusting Statement. I had to share this statement. From Sean Penn. Great article by Whitney by By caitlyn johnstone quote. He said there is no greater humanitarian force on the planet in the United States military. That's what Sean Penn said. I said that ignorant manipulative and just flat out insulting and as somebody added also just wrong. I said yes that's Avi. I thought that was implied. But they right didn't say that but obviously wrong. It's facts over feelings squash tag celebrities are less informed than you. That's very real. These people think they know all. They think they've got the inside because they're friends with the anchors that also don't know what they're talking about or the mainstream accredited journalists and also don't know what they're talking about right. They all think they've got the inside when they're really less informed than most of you out there if you can literally say that the the US military that's killed millions upon millions of people since the war on terror created was started. The war of terror has was okay with a mill half a million children being killed in Iraq. Totally worth it right. I mean even I don't understand any military can even be back even be pointed to as a humanitarian force. That's a joke. This guy is joke if in my mind if he's willing to say that I mean I honestly think some kind of a stooge for this intelligence groups anyway but I just it's just unreal especially as we're talking about things like Yemen as we're talking about civilians that were just murdered in Somalia for what so. The government can maintain its efforts so they can keep dropping bombs so we can continue to kill the Syrian civilians. We can continue to kill the seventy-six Afghanistan civilians I every single day due to. Us bombings. Yeah we don't care about any of that but go entrust him that the greatest humanitarian force on the planet. Dammit I just realized they put great. Oh that is right. There is no greater okay. Good I thought I just wrote that but it's just disgusting to humans. Say say something like that. I mean even this even the other. Us officials are beginning to admit that solid killing Sulejmani backfired and may distracted from Crovitz nineteen response and this gets into the reality that they're in the midst of what's going on in cope with with corona virus that people like Pompeo were actually driving them to bomb attack locations that were tied to Iran in the middle of. What's going on and if you can actually believe at least as the story goes. Trump was the person who said No. But who knows if that's just what they br- manuafacturer to make. It seem like they were showing restraint but at the end of the day we know the POMPEII was clearly one of the most rabid anti Ron maniacal. Sociopaths driving this boat. It's horrifying but they're willing to do this in the midst of all this talk about twisting in the knife right the lies about this. As it says. Trump president trump was getting ready to declare the national emergency but inside the White House Thursday. A tense debate erupted among the president and his top advisers. Pompeii a one of them on the far different subject whether the United States should escalate military action against Iran while they're literally about to declare a state of emergency but let's just go in Iran to while they're struggling through an obvious thing that I think they had a hand in G. I mean how can you possibly justify that unless you think this was the next part of the plan? I mean really like I mean. That's that's even cold for them that the for these people as they put forward on like this is people notice now even for the image. Pompeo put forward. This is cold. I don't think it is for him really. I think he's much colder that in reality but what they put forward what is it. You know what they're dealing with this and then bombed them anyway. That's crazy but here's this as it says right here in the tweet. Somebody shared his crazy. Pompeii owned Grenell reportedly arguing. The Corona virus has created a window of opportunity for direct strike are weak and divided Iran and says the secretary of state backed by the new acting director of National Intelligence. Argued that a more direct strike. Ron As hitting its naval vessels could take the country by surprise and pushes leaders in the Gauche eating table. Yes because that's what they really want right and of course catching about this. I wonder why he was surprise. Maybe because they're suffering from a massive problem right. Now how disgusting. I mean truly revolting. That should make your skin crawl that your government is literally saying look. Look look at how horrible it is over there. Look Romanians that are dying. That's a perfect opportunity to attack them. Damn it I mean for. You can't get past that kind of stuff now. On in. This is the point I was saying earlier. As Cassini has a a combination continues to slam strange. Us OFFER TO HELP. Fight Corona virus while crippling sanctions remain right. 'cause obviously they're mutually exclusive the sanctions are what's causing the problem. Get this lorries trucks which the slang trucks packed with medical supplies destined for Iran to fight Corona virus? Guess what guys are being stopped by Romania and Bulgaria G. Who what could they possibly stop them for? Oh that's right obeying. Us sanctions and economic warfare on Iran. But wait a minute. Didn't Pompeii just swear up and down and they didn't do that as I as I'm saying that I remember that I had been you dig it. I specifically pulled about Pompeo saying that we see real quick there. It is son of a gun but as we as you can see you got these trucks and in this and I have looked into this all day. These people are shipping. Medical supplies to Iran in Romania and Bulgaria are choosing to stop them because US sanctions soon. Ask yourself how does that make sense with what Pompeo was saying right? How does that add up that? If if he's saying well nothing. It's passed them right. Nothing rather than everything anything that needs to get in their food. Medicine will absolutely get in the country. Swear up and down right here. Here's the video. I WANNA show you this picture of again. He's considerations who relaxing sanctions on Iran during the President City to talk that's a question The the whole world should know that humanitarian assistance in Iran is wide open. It's not sanctioned. We offered to provide assistance to the Iranians as well. I talked with Dr Ted rose from the World Health Organization about this. We're doing everything we can to facilitate both the humanitarian assistance. Moving in and to make financial transactions connected. That can take place as well. There is no sanction on medicines. Going around there's no sanctions on humanitarian assistance. Going into the country. They've got a terrible problem. There and we want that humanitarian medical healthcare assistance to get to the people of Iran themselves. We are where we are working to do. All the things we've had in place for the first three years here to deliver security for the American people then. No the arrest. They know the answer the leaders they know the answer to your question right. Of course you have to sell leaders. I meant the leaders right. Not they know the answer. Right here's the understand what they're saying there and I was trump made. That looked much worse. They know the answer. We're not GONNA do it until they do what we want them to. That's what he's saying right there. Period but trump jr POMPEII. Oh continued to say no first of all before even show you the actually the clip again. There's how can you possibly argue? That food is always gotten through if you had to create a Swiss channel like a couple months ago literally because food and medicine wasn't getting through right so they got US sanctions and they say no food medicine getting through. But it wasn't and everybody knew that so they created what was called the Swiss channel. Which by the way also failed at that because US sanctions still stopped it but the point was that they had to create an alternative because sanctions were blocking it. That is absolutely verifiable so. There's no way you could argue that. But he just lies anyway because POMPEII allies what he does but here is evidence literal evidence of this happening and this is accurate. Hey but this is not new guys. This happens all over the place. I've been talking about this for years romania-bulgaria Bulgaria or not. I wouldn't argue. They're doing this. Because they're being malicious they know that the US government will maliciously go after them viciously the US government will make sure remaining area pay more ways than you can realize if they dare to allow Ron to get food medicine period because they know that's what the US is actually doing. They're trying to starve the people they're trying to make them hurt pay so that they revolt on their government. Guys this basic basic foreign policy one there sanctions you keep pointing out their own documentation points this out. It is intended to hurt the civilian population. They just created a propaganda campaign over the last so many decades to make that change. But you can still see it. It's easy so as we're watching these people said here until you own just trying to just trying to get through with his medical supplies now. Here's the argument. They say okay. Well they're trying to secretly bring through weapons with those medical supplies. Yeah no that could be true. First of all. Ask yourself why. It's illegal for Iran to buy weapons. Course that's totally different discussion because Iran bad guy of course right. They can't have anything. If suddenly water was deemed not allowed for bad guys will. They wouldn't be allowed to have water anymore because there are bad guy or just doesn't make sense gun. Us government sells weapons. Seventy three percent of the world's dictators but wrong camp by about weapons. But that's different. Don't get too far off the point. The argument they claim is that well. These things are not food right. There shipping in weapons secretly. Okay despite the fact that that's not illegal what you're actually saying there is so we are stopping food and medicine. But it's because we think they're using that to cover for weapon shipments so that's not the same thing as saying we're not stopping food medicine. That's different but see that's how they lie to you but even then that's also ally because yes they are in fact actually stopping only food and medicine by claiming that there's weapons that's ally do. This is what they tried to do. This is what Elliot Abrams and trump in pompeo tried to do in Venezuela by sending in barbed wire and things to try to act like they were sending in wet food in order to make it seem like Madeira was losing and they failed but this is what they do Elliot. Abrams in the Iran. Contra scandal was caught sending in weapons using food shipments. That's a documented fact. So this is what they do and so what they're doing is accusing them of that. Which they are guilty classic. The point is either way you look at it. They are stopping food and medicine period. So pompilio can stand up there and and bluster all. He wants but we know the truth. He's killing people by. I mean on top of that then also deciding to try to push trump into actually bombing Iran while they're sanctioned while they're starving wilder freezing and while they're suffering from corona virus or whatever that I think the US had a hand in talk about sociopathic psychopathic. That's sits as being psychopath period. Crazy stuff an after that. It seems that there I guess. Revamping the same kind of agendas and other places while no one's paying attention because guess what just happened in Somalia. Apparently Oh look at that al Qaeda branch and Somalia Threatens America and East Africa even the US So a whole new al Qaeda branch right so al Qaeda just like. They're working within Yemen like they're working with in Syria like you're working with all around the world but this one's bad guy just like the bad guy that attacked us on nine. Eleven as they tell us right except that they work with that same group all around the world but don't look at it Al- Qaeda branch in Somalia threatened. Oh one of this is because there's a push to go into Africa for obvious. Reasons rearers minerals and this is just the excuse now right. They've already been increasing bombings in Mali. I've been showing you the civilian deaths every time but no one's paying attention so now they have an excuse. They've got the bad guy. Bogeyman al Qaeda right. They couldn't use Isis because is even though they're clearly showing isis flags in that picture. Who Cares it's the science. Whatever it's just an out nebulous terrorism thing that we keep throwing in your face but what this is going to mean is more. Us presence in Africa. It's going to be more control over these countries and of course you know after the fact. Refrain the cost of war and you know selling their resources. Because we're the good guys liberating people and we have to sell their resources. Course because that makes perfect sense well it's also happening elsewhere. Get this new terrorist. Group has announced itself not even GonNa try to pronounce that fighting against Turkey and Syrian government. And its army. Oh how weird so again. It's it's a group. That's going to be focused on fighting the Syrian government and Syria. Just like they kind of lost control over but now there's a whole new one so it all works out right wondering who's backing them. Hillary Clinton any idea it's funny but because obviously the point is Hillary Clinton admitted more than once that Saudi Arabia or other admitted through wikileaks. Which he didn't want to that they knew that. Saudi Arabia was arming. These people sort of how like Joe Biden would admit that Saudi Arabia and everybody was arming. These people I played the clubs before right. So now we have a brand new group out of nowhere that just popped up and said we're going to start by the Syrian government. I wonder if they're getting an influx of weapons from the US government. Who would guess or maybe you know what just like last time. It's probably weapons going to Turkey. That are then going to these guys or and that's why they claim they're fighting. Turkey because really working for them or you know just just like what happened. Last time I would say that the least likely thing here is that there's just some new terrorist group. That just happened to fight the enemy. That's the last thing I would think is possible here. You can watch us for yourself. It's in a different language but recognize the Matt. The the flag in the back looks ominously like Isis. This guy this is a paste cut and paste copy. Same Old Agenda Rover and over and over while you're not paying attention next thing you know you're going to wake up from whatever's going on and realize. Oh look at the fight Syria again because bad guy never ends guys. It never ends now last thing. I want to show you actually. I'M GONNA jump something. I'm GonNa talk about tomorrow. A really great article called ten questions for the US. Where do the Noble Corona Novel crossovers? Come from? Now I'm actually talk about that first thing tomorrow so you can look forward to that. But I'm going to end today with a semi humorous semi absolutely terrifying tweet. Just and the show here today from Lucrative Nineteen eighty-four is here ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for tuning in guys. I love you all as always question everything. Come to your own conclusions. Stay vigilant in you awesome. I want to make the case for secrecy in government when it comes to the conduct and National Security Affairs and possibly for deception. You would lie in order to preserve the truth. If if I had to say something I knew was false to protect American national security. I would do it. I took an oath to uphold the constitution and the constitution mandates certain openness and fairness. You're willing to do away with that in order to achieve. I A temporary military constitutions. Not a suicide pact. But you took an oath to it. I don't make any apology for when I was a cadet. What's the first what's the cadet motto at West Point? You will not lie cheat or steal tolerate. Those who do. I was the director. We lied. We cheated steal stole like we had win. Entire entire training courses

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