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You explorer, DNA check it out this mother's day. Get thirty dollars off twenty three me health and ancestry kit at twenty three and me dot com slash lady. That's number two three and me dot com slash lady. Again, Twenty-three in dot com slash lady. Offer ends may thirteenth. Podcast one presents the lady gang. The Hollywood girl posse with lady gang quickey. Here's Kelty night. Becca Tobin and Jack Vanik let's make this quick. Hello. Let me start over. I was reading an Email. Oh, mike. No really wanted it done and one and done you get one chance to be in the lady game the Email. I'm reading is very important. What is it about our tour and a possible airline sponsored? Okay. Well, we'll get to that. Okay. Cool. Hello. Hello. Hello. Great time to mention we're going on tour took a survey. But the late again duck. Oh, actually, it's a great time to mention. Yeah. We get through the intro. Hello. Hello. Hello. Welcome to the lady and quickey. That's it. We're going on. I'm pretty excited. I just well we've been working on the gift bags so the ball getting legendary late again gift bag, and we just ordered the bags which is so cute. And now, we're working on the things we what do I know what the bags look like we're here when she showed us graphic on them. Oh, it's cute. What is that? Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. But you're gonna your studies. Jack, it's the same one. We put on these cookies would have been a great idea actually would have been a good idea. Good idea bad PECS of us. Okay. But we need people to buy tickets 'cause we're almost sold out. But we wanna be sold out. So we can feel cool. Yeah. We're sold out. So Houston, you guys need to get on it. And by some tickets, well, Houston from what my music manager husband says is a late buying city culturally. Y'all don't make plans you decide the week of you're going to go to something that doesn't work for us. No. We don't like that. I'm not accounting for a half. Oh, audit time to know. If I need to wear a good outfit or if I got waste shitty. Outfit on Houston. Going to be my mom there. And I know I know y'all listen to the podcast is our number three city where show up guys it's not even expensive. And if you're VIP you get to meet us, how low who doesn't want that. I think a lot of people obviously alleged. No, one cares. Never other city. You're on flagel on we got like ten tickets left in every city. Yeah. I mean l is going to be a game changer because we have Tanya rat is our guest. Musical softball musical situation. Do I sound like really intelligent. No, I'm talking about this sound quality. Now, you sound excellent. Okay. Well, it's finally here. Everyone needed to bring something up really important today. But back is going to be singing her audition song what? Yeah. Audition song for what it's we're celebrating that we are half way to five hundred episodes and Becca is gonna sing the Kelty night appreciation song five six. This is the Kelty night appreciation song. You're she's like a little hot mom. She keeps us going keeps. His moving keeps us doing our job and making money strong. I know that I didn't want to. This is the county night appreciation. That's not get rid of her for long. She's paid too much or mom doesn't have a dengue Kelsey night appreciation. Country. Obviously, it's great. Okay. Okay. So I'm so excited. You guys are here. Are you what you had to be here? Okay. What's been going on? I want a little update from everyone. Like a circle update. Ooh. I cleaned out a circle jerk. I'll give you a couple of things about me that I wanted to say. To get get some stuff off my chest. I cleaned out my closet. First of all, I feel really good. That you contact my girl just all your show on posh maar. Yeah. Your girls year on posh, Mark. You're getting some sweet deals, but it's under a different name. So good luck finding it. I think I'm going to do on a secret name to have a secret name on posh. Mark. Well, you just set it. You couldn't use it anymore. Oh, yeah. Oh, my online. Closet. Anybody my secret name? I haven't seen her name. I use it for everything. Do you want us to take this part out? Now, I'll get a new secret I've been using that for like a decade. So good. It is. I know. I know exactly what it is. It's her hotel name. Oh, yeah. It's actually alias. I'm not you need aliases lady tour. We're going to have to. Yes. The most that's put my name. Nobody will care by the way, I had a friend this week who was like doing TV hosting and she ran to like this other TV host. And she was like, oh, yeah. I've no Kelty. We used to run in the same circle back in the day. First of all never met this woman in my life. A second of all the next thing. She said to my friend was and I think eight Jack Vanik what? The blue expose her who was her name was like shallan shallan. I I don't know who the you even are. So and he was like she was like back in the day. She was like warped tour talking about being a Furgence. And it's like you can be a virgin still a hor-. Yeah. I know I can't I just wrote a chapter in her book about it trailed, but his shallan hybrid of Charlotte in an onion. Yes. So that's the type of shallan is not a good me. Why did you say that for a hater? Did she if you're going to be named shallot than you should be nice to people who will say the question? We no me or does. She hate, my whatever she sees. If she hits your brand. Sent me about you. Yeah. But she also was like I used to run in the same circles, you wish if we wanted to EMMY winning circle halting fever doesn't have circle by the way. I don't have a cynical. This is my circle right here. And immediately when we're done I will go in a corner by the, you know, four people in this world, I hate is that what's happening. Is that your update? Well, that's that your closet show oil. Kerr solve. Yep. Shallan buy tickets for Houston. You there? I just thought it was like berry. I was a little of that me. I'm also like choose your audience. I did this. I actually did this the other day I was drunk what tell us. I was talking to a girl that I just met. She knows a girl that I know. And I started sort of not snack talking, but I'm not like a huge fan. And this girl was like, oh, she's a friend of mine, and I like didn't stop going. I actually after that day. I was like should I stop drinking? That's a terrible thing. New bad. I've done that before you just can't stop. You've kind of like opened before gates, and you're like, well, maybe things that they're sort of like for her to be like, oh, I'm so glad you said that me too. But really just being mean beyond the worst faux pas the other day. Oh shocker. I mean, what was the guys? I do them all the time. No, we have to cut him out of the. So it's a lot of them out of our memory. I have to that will share with you one. We might have to cut. Do you want wanna hear about our updates? Now, I do of. Okay. This. And then we'll come back. We'll do you. Okay. So first of all this morning getting my makeup done and my makeup artist Rebecca has two sons Asher nez Rah, and Ezra is like built like his dad like he's like a little Nordic Viking. And he has long hair like he's like a grizzly fifth grade year old you're like explaining he's really hot that that you know, the data super hot. But like picture the super hot lake. It's like in whatever the yeah. Who like he's fifth grade like the hot verge be hot when he's older. But right now is just like a little boy with like men hair and like big thighs anyway. So we're Becca 's leg need to cut out. No does even worse one. You haven't even heard about it yet? They make chair and she was like, and I was like at this restaurant. I was just so offended because the waitress was like, what can I get for you, Hon? And then she I think she thought that he was. Girl. And and then she was like, it's not the first time someone's thought he was a girl. I went to go get him an idea thing at the at the driver's license place DMV and the woman was like, wait. Wait, you put you put boy that's girl and caught. And I was like two of nineteen you cannot assume that one hundred percent. So then I started like trying to make her feel better. And I was like if he was a girl he would be like super gross. And I was like, and you're so cute like in order to have a girl that looked like him you'd have to be mama June. And she was like, hey my kid, by the way. And I was like oh my God. Is that me? I mean, it's not great great. I meant it like he's obviously boy like oh God. Okay. Well, all right. Here's the one. We might have to take out. That's even worse. You know, Kerama came out with his line of bombers. No, okay. Crop jacket bomber jackets that just one rude. Okay. Okay. By the way, it did. You know, an Instagram you can have stories, and you can just send them to close friends now. Rama sends me as close story. No. I'm part of his close friend circle. I know that updated know about his bomber line k stately. I'm not in his close friend circle. You can go yourself. Okay. Anyway. So Kerama put out this line of bombers. And it's like, basically, you know, he always wears a bomber. And they're like super pattern. Do you know what I mean? And So Chris Knight loves a bomber. He's always trying to find a bomber. And he was really excited about the Chroma bombers, and I was like are you going to get a Chroma bomber? Then they were Homer almost call case daily. But anyway, we should've called him Chroma bombers, I'm so then I was playing cards with my two guy. Best friends who happen to be married to each other. And I was like oh, Chris, by the way. Did you get a chorale mo- bomber before they sold out and Chris's like no, I wasn't really into them. And then I go to gay in front of my gay friends. And I was like healthy. You can't use it. I. Adjective adjective, then I was like, wait. I was the best woman. These these are my favorite people. They say to you nothing. And then I was like in my mind. I was like I should stop. I should apologize. What does not use double down? And then I dislike. And then I just went mute for like an hour. And was like God, I can't be out in public. Because what was I thinking? I'm just so embarrassed into that like nineteen ninety four. Oh, it's got a pump for on it. Like like, no. I'm sure that's straight men are wearing Chromos bombers they're beautiful bombers, I think Chris night doesn't wear baby pink. Yeah. Right straight men do right in future. When something like that comes out of your mouth. I think it's best to say. And apologize. I feel like a lot of time or sometimes people probably don't want to like share like embarrassed not embarrassed to say something. But like don't wanna 'cause like a scene like if you knowledge that you said something that was a little off color than I feel like it kind of clear you'd be like, I realize I'm in idiot. And I just use the word gay in like a derogatory gonna. Whenever I gotta call my friends on the way home. I feel awful. I'm so sorry and chrome. Oh, you're bombers are beautiful. Anyway, I'm the bad person. We come back. You're not backing Becker gonna talk about why they're bad people. We so who out there is in a meal slump a cooking slump. Sometimes you have you're not recipes. But then you get sick of them. But trying something new requires a million trips to the grocery store and wasted produce and wasted ingredients. Guess what blue apron? It has everything you need. It comes to your door perfectly proportioned, fresh produce fresh ingredients, and it's all perfectly measured out for you. And the menus are d- malicious. 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Update me still wearing that blue sweat SIMS. Let's see. I don't have any updates Becker Utah updates. Oh, yes. Here looks good Jack. So you guys, I really like my hair. Now, it took me a shut didn't know. I it took me a second to for it to kind of like settle in on my head. It's caused oct- oxidizing. I know that because I went to school for the color lighter than it was when you're not supposed to wash your hair for the first few days after get colored because it like still hits the oxygen and like becomes the color. It's meant to be. Well, I love it. Now. That's my update loved my haircut obsessed. They use your Kerry from belt surrounding LA Hoya. And she's been on the podcast. She's the sweetest angel. She does all three of our hair now actually ever really cute photo of the three of us. From the show that we took for her, by the way, when you guys came to take that show with me art picture me. I thought you're being with me. I know I'm like what's who's hold who's holding up something weird in this picture. I felt like I was getting punked. Yeah, we ran enduring Jackson interview during late again TV 'cause we needed a picture of the three of us because Sherry just on all of our hair. And we we need cute hair picks. And we were like Jack one second we need to pick her. And she was like what like she was happening hurt they use. And I was like, oh my. I was like oh. Beckoned kelty. I know thought that something was happening. And I was not inside the Joe I understand is fair fair threat. Yeah. My update is this. So I got out voted to do the lady gang book. Yeah. I technically haven't announced yet. Just we have we have like soft announced it hundred staff announced Safta now. So, you know, the three of us are like we always vote on like things that we're going to do. And I and our rule up until this point has always been all three in all three. We don't even do majority role. We're like if we're if one of us is nine the book was a little majority like you guys because we were like, we'll do the you were an I kind of wanted to or you did not. Here's what difference between tore and a book is like a tore requires like a week day, an two hours of your energy and of book requires you writing in book, I know I understand is that bullshit out. How now that I've begun writing. I've realized it was quite a time suck it is a total time suck however been great. The book is done you can make residual money for it for the rest of your life. I mean, we're not gonna make residual money on this garbage pile. There are many they're bigger garbage piles that have made a lot of money. I I'm not wonderful. Okay. But anyway, so so I've just been having been right in isolation. My least favorite activity on the planet for the day. I honestly when you started this story, I thought the story is going to be like I didn't want to write this book. Loving it. No. I don't really know. So that you're complaining, this is this is me venting. That's what's happening in my life Celtic night. I just got back from pump springs. I'd like to chill no chilling, no showing, but I look Becca. We've I we did record a chapter, but that's not. Okay. So there's still so much work to be done. Just because I sat there, and you can't. Good to go to now. Saying that Becca recounted a story for one of our chapters called the bedroom. Baptism. Yes. So funny that I was crying, you're crying. Yeah. Because I was remembering it was too good. And now it's being transcribed by someone who signed an ironclad and yet, but even the transcription is still going to have to be put into a social. No for sure it's hard work. I'm not denying you that actually makes it more work. I realized the transcribing unlike the recording it on a voice memo, I'm better off just I was planning on helping you like if you record it, and we get it transcribed. I put it generally together. And then send it to you. I was planning on helping planning on writing chapter wasn't gonna write your chapter. We were almost planning on writing your chapters for you didn't wanna do it all shit. I can't show my face at a book tour and be like, hey bitch. I didn't write a single word my sum up chapter just to see if you even I won't read it the size of my anus by Becca Tobin chapter picture book, actually what I would. And I was really excited today because Beck has begun the book, and we have a cork board here with all the chapters, and I've been giving everyone cold stars. As we go for. No, no other reason, but my own enjoyment. No one's looking at this more. Nobody's like, ooh. Let me look at the board today to see what I have to do it exists only for my pleasure. Another star. I didn't another one today. So you did the purple or the mini essay? Anyway, it's not even updated to be honest is the wrong information, go will. But I just love gold stare. Over. I think it's so good. I do too. And I have really loved loved doing the writing I'm stumped right now. I had a real brain fart last night at can't get past something. But oh, I'm so sorry. The life of a writer, you know. Heresy guys enjoy it while you specially Cal to you love being alone with your thoughts. I just think that it's been really fun because I'd be like going through my old journals to like pull up old stories and stuff you had journals. I didn't have journals such a moron like I've said stories because God, I'm a mess of a human. Yeah. That's why this is so easy for you. I know well, Kelsey lake road a chapter on her divorce, and it literally goes through. I don't know a hundred different stories within it. I'm like, we're not where's the divorce in this chapter so far. Okay. Well, first of all, I don't think this is actually elating booknotes session where you should tell my writing that will be at another time you guys. Hey, number one to overwriting because you know, editors and whatever are gonna wanna come down cutback. And of all I've never ever spoken about my divorce or how I decided to get married at nineteen and how I got into it on the podcast or actually in any of my previous books. So this will be the first time, and I want people to understand you can't talk about getting out of a bad relationship in less. You can understand why you got bamboozled into the right? And I fully expect that when you write your break-up chapter that it's not just gonna be like. And then we broke up. I wanna hear how did you get conned by the con, man. Right. All right, fine. You're a great writer Kelty. It was an amazing chapter. I loved it. Jack is out of the league. Who should we? I would like to be out to. I don't wanna have to write this book. You know, what we should both come out and get out and then two writers? Oh, yeah. That's nice. You can hire a ghostwriter. I don't wanna do have to pay for it yourself. I don't deal the only ghost rider. I would want would be Jenny Mollen, and she's not going to do it quietly. Absolutely. She is me. I love her. She's books like I mean. Well, she's an amazing writer, we're gonna do great. And now that we know Jack's going to illustrate it. So we don't have. Boozing reading it now. Well, that's what you get for voting. Yes. Nice thing is I I because I'm so not into this. I can do the bare minimum. Yeah. Yup. I know I'll be right back rent and make the same amount of money. Bingo. Cha ching. Wait can't wait until we become New York Times bestselling authors. And you change your bio on Instagram New York Times bestselling off. I've got news for you won't happen. It's gonna it's gonna change immediately. I don't even think I'm going to change what I would like to paint is. Anyway, even if we don't come to your song on who's going to check just don't do that. No, please. Do I love that? It's so good for you. All right. Well, it's time to go. Now time to write the book. Maybe they'll make a scripted TV show based on it the book. Oh, my that'd be amazing. Because then we don't have to do any work. I probably have to be in it. Oh, I'm not acting. I won't both of you acting in it. Absolutely not you'd be they'd be like the show is great led by Becca Tobin and these two idiots they seem like they've never act. Today article that comes out about lady getting Kelty night and friends in front. Oh, yeah. I thought well there's been a few articles. That's Becca Tobin tonight and friends what about the time that we did the late again closets. And then they pulled it. And it was you in my closet. Those a good one. Yeah. So the only people that write it like it's Kelty in France is entertainment tonight. Not true. Everyone else is like Becca Tobin in some other people who've never. Actually, no all the articles are leaving Michelle's best and friends and friends. We're all like by proxy by proxy by proxy. Maybe sort of famous adjacent Jason. Okay. On that note. We're not here for a long time. We're here for and we gotta go. Escalated quickly. Hey, guys. Thanks so much for listening to the lady gang. You can subscribe. If you love the show and check out new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcast. Follow us on social at the lady gang or follow us this and only at Kathy at beca at check Vanik watch TV show lady game TV every Sunday on E and head on over to our website. The lady gang dot com to ask us a question sign of our newsletter. Or by all the cute lady gang Merck. You see us wearing thanks for listening. And we'll see you next Tuesday. Showdown over the Muller investigation. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute attorney general William bar will not testify before a house committee Thursday a scheduled with a dispute over the format triggering a showdown with committee chairman congressman Gerald dabbler on whether bar should step aside. Think he's going to have to answer for apparently testifying untruthfully in both the Senate and the house, and that's certainly when option the attorney general had a contentious hearing today with senators over the Muller finding to congress the special counsel will likely be summoned to testify an emotional vigil tonight on the campus of the university of North Carolina, Charlotte thousands of students attended honoring the two students killed yesterday. One being called a hero for tackling. The gunman more severe weather is on tap for parts of Oklahoma and Texas yesterday two people died in separate incidents in storms and flooding. I'm jackie. Quinn.

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