Ep. 3,096: Cynthia Calvillo interview, Conor Vs Poirier is almost a done deal, more


Took next time roll baby on May Junkie. Radio with gorgeous Georgia. Go. This is what we do in why we do it baby. We're. Covering. Ma, from all over the world, this is the premier stop for all your combat sports needs MMA junkie radio from the Mandalay Bay resort and Casino in the fight capital of the World Las Vegas Nevada. The lights are on at the Mike. Sir Hot it's tied to get your ever may fix junkies take it away big. John. Gorgeous George Goes. Are you ready? Junkie. What's up junky nation? Gorgeous George in goes the MMA Junkie Radio Team here on a Thursday here on sports caster ready to talk some mixed martial arts and some other stuff. The, next hour going to be a fun show lots to talk about some big names to talk about starting with Conor McGregor versus Dustin oil on January twenty third. Sounds pretty official to me. We'll unpack that Peter Yawn versus sternly finally. Finally, that gets done courses a fight card out in Yas Island. Also known as fight island in that's on Saturday headlined by Brian T, City Ortega against the Korean Zombie Janssen. So we'll look at that card all the big fights from that car and we also gotta guess or you. Scindia Khalil you see flyweight currently a flyweight in for many years she competed as a strong late so. We'll talk about her fight versus Lauren Murphy coming up at UC to fifty four next Saturday when goes on will be hosting watch along here on Sports Caster, join us for the watch watch the fights along with us. It's a pay per view so too big car that's a line by either Mogomedov. Engaging all right folks buckle up. It's the May Junkie Radio. Show. It'd be right back. Let me goes Danny Seguida dropping in just wanted to let you know about 'em junkies latest Botkin it's. Eh E. weekly Spanish language show dedicated to all things professional fighting each Monday we recap the major events from the weekend plus we analyze the week's biggest news you also bring you exclusive interview with the best fighters, coaches and experts in the Hispanic and Latin American you can find out. Every Monday morning on your favorite podcasting platform. So screw. Amazon Joe. All right so Into Calvia will join us at nine forty am civic time twelve forty PM eastern time. in the meantime or talk about some of the latest news. But like I said, I always leave that out for it's for a reason and other stuff goes congratulations to your dodgers. They had their backs to the wall on the got thumped five nothing. was eight nothing in the second game and it was looking like you guys were done. But they clawed back and the loss eight, two, seven in game. Two. Some of that momentum could carry over in will address that in just a second. But man, you guys almost made it one, one, eight, two, seven with a man on base and I think the man was on third. Taking he just hit a triple. So. You guys had the winning run at home. Again. You came up short but then you responded yesterday with eleven in the first. In a final score of fifteen to three, right if three. Lasting scored two runs but I think the the underlying thing here is like tonight. So Long Clayton Kershaw wakes up okay. You should be the starter, but we've decimated their bullpen and their bullpen was already kind of hurting a little bit. So I, think this is going to be a good thing. We're real streaky team said I. Know that they're already starting to hit a lot get some runs because that's what they did all season. Hopefully but that together and it just turns the tide. Didn't they decimate your Bogan too. I mean, I run game one we went through five pitchers. On but this one wasn't so bad. So. We should be okay and the fact that we got away with wow, we didn't get away because we lost the game but with pushing Clayton back when game do kinda hurts you know but. I heard likely and probable. So I imagine he will go but that's what they said the morning, the game two, and then all of a sudden I think around eleven am our time something like that. Out Circle. Those damn I guess you know what to be fair goes in Iowa City here. Winner. The Lakers clinched Sunday right. So we already are on Monday. We did. Right. Had are wet. All Ready. Had ourselves on the back of the? Yeah we could do it again. We can man yesterday we were I was on hoops hype, which is part of the USA Today sports network Iran hoops, hoops hype. That was like at least three articles addressing. All right. Let's dust ourselves off we won. But remember the NBA season's GonNa Start Again, pretty soon because of the way the pandemic stretched out the previous one same thing that happened in soccer. And So they're talking about well, who's likely to stay in WHO's likely to go? I want you guys read the Article Your Lakers fan or of your Lakers hater but I think we're looking pretty good. It says Ad. Almost one, hundred, percent stay I wish they would have said ninety nine, point, nine, 'cause they may have jinxed. Unbelieving Jinx Jinx's bummed. He's saying for y'all lot that do. and. rage on Rondo did exercise option I think he just wants to get paid a little bit more. and. It talked about two names, Danny Green Kyle Kuzma, who could likely? Be Part of a tray along with maybe Javale. McGee because of the money just because. They don't seem to fit in all Miss Danny Green's D- Of course, him incudes can get hot from three point land, but we've got a few others that can can shoot it. Am I think they just you know you gotta revamp the team and so by trading some of that, you could get another. Another big name. A good third score so anyway. All right. So as far as Amigos, we'll start right at the top, not a bigger name sport than conor McGregor McGregor, employees of kind of like done the whole call each other out but respectfully unlike their first light. and. The proper was McGregor wanted to fight this year. The UFC said no. And the UC offer January twenty third almost let the ticket or leaving they said yes or no that's take it or leave it folks I saw McGregor tweet alright I accept Me I consider it down done. But Have I seen both bowed agreements no, you know and. I didn't anything on Junkie last night or this morning but to me like I said, it sounds like. With Dustin saying Hayden full. McGregor. You know he usually figures it out because then the sieges. While K I lose one hundred grand year or their big deal whatever the he gets needlework UC does handsomely. I think it's going to happen you excite against. I like it. I mean it's a rematch that I'm not the biggest skyline rematches but I don't hate them at the same time. and. This one's interesting because the first one had a definite conclusion to it, but it was one of the first times that we thought the that kind of land behind the ear that that just isn't your typical knockout punch and Dustin was so forthcoming after that about how that fight affected him and they both improve so much that it's made me WanNa see it again. So I'm down with that and I think it's interesting. You know like. The put their foot down they really did and because they've created a cart before, which is essentially what he wanted and he didn't get it. So I think every time something like that happens. I mean I just think it's A. Measuring contest with the UK's the connor a lot and so I think right now you see the Stan but don't be surprised if conor McGregor comes back with something, we don't know what it is but I would not be shocked that we came back with something else and you know why he would come back with something this. Karma Gregor. Well Yeah. But because a bunch of fans or a bunch of media in the process of congratulating them letting them know that we're happy to see it. Someone's GonNa say something like I couldn't get the December data but hey, I'm excited to see you minute. At. Todd Ego works. That's how those power guys were going. Yeah. It had slapped me around. You know what? I'M GONNA demand in comeback. Look, the meat potatoes is the date, the opponent. I just wish they would have waited till twenty, four th at this point just to see what comes out of that because when we start getting. Too, deep into the spring. `specially with Habib. Habib. Takes about three months off of the year where he's just unavailable. And that's because of the religious holiday, the the Muslim religious holiday of Ramadan. About Last about a month. And then obviously somebody who's fasted from. sunup to sundown and not really drained. You need a little bit of a recovery and so. A lot of us who want to see that division. Constantly active we respect. What he does, but basically, we we've accepted he's GonNa fight once in the fall in once in the spring the summers a little bit pretty much off limits I guess. So January twenty third. Let's just say Conor McGregor one. But he broken knuckle. Does that now mean that a doesn't fight by you know a certain date in April or May when Robin begins now also not fights postponed. So next September October, you know I don't know. But were beating may not be just engaging in connor may not be Dustin way so I guess technically UC can just shift things around but I figured you know what we're this close. Let's see how that plays out and then we'll go from there heller still there another wildcard named Michael Chandler. We might have to step up the fight either one of those guys and then again, what if he wins you know so It's I guess it's as against its tentative but kinda looked. That's good. So now we gotta figure out well now, what happens to Ferguson? The hooker what happens to Oliveira Chandler, Nakashima ardy whoever else's laxed out there? And then go from there. May just blew my mind right now. With the I completely forgot about Ramadan and just how close if there was any type of injury which happens quite often with fighters. That could really really because there's no way you don't give Connor wins at fight there's no way you don't give them could. You. Have see what Lee that. Hell No. With a bit beaten cowboy and ways since last long. And I don't see how anybody could deny him again we're not. Happen but. But WE KNOW THAT The. Got, what's called the war room now? Dan Why does allow people to see it is granted a few interviews or it's in the background I got imagine there's three walls. That has whose contract is expiring water the rankings WHO's fighting WHO and win. But I, imagine there's one wall. That's a big pot like. You know a big pot with an S. dollar sign in front of it. That's Habib versus McGregor Part Tube. So I got imagine he just stares at that maybe bows to. Or whatever. On the simpsons, the guy that built the monorail apply looks. But yeah, they would not risk. Not Doing the fight. So you're right. They can't get it done by certain time up, which is back thing. I looked Ramadan in twenty twenty one in it's April eleven. That right. April twelve excuse me to May eleventh so. Imagine the last the Saturday, you can catch a beep. Before Ramadan would be the following. I just opened up my calendar here. And Goes I, think I need new computer I have so much INFO on this computer it's slow. It been wheels me. So. I. I wasn't ready to buy a new one, but I may have to just because of that or are add more memory but the last. Weekend would be April the tenth in twenty twenty one. In. So if the other guys fighting on the twenty third. To April tenth, that's that's ten weeks of preparation. If he basically you want cool back and count you know, and usually these fighters need to decompress a little bit or we can wait until sometime in July I guess and. Maybe be is really you know ready to go by then I mean that's not realistic. Our imaginations August September more when. We're just putting on our binoculars union looking into the future 'cause it takes about a month to Kinda get your body back to normal. and. Then from there to get into account, right? Sia for sure you're looking at August? September. I think. Yeah but again, we'll go a lot more. On the twenty fourth and reminder goes in I'll be hosting a watch along here on sportscaster here on this channel. So you might as well subscribe now that we you always get the notifications of our watch along which are basically the the fight parties that we do. We Watch it's along with you. The next one is October twenty fourth, a beaten amalgamate offenses UFC. Undisputed belt were actually he's unifying is undisputed belt versus just engages interim belt. And of course, we got Michael Chandler on standby. In case one of those two isn't ready to go. There's one possible out but I think it's a long shot. In that's if Justin were to beat Habib in an all time. Classic that needs the rugby run back but even then McGregor's such a powerful. Figure, in the sport that even he could possibly interrupt that. Say, I don't know. Why We're Mrs Endless of what could happen. We might as well just wait until the twenty four hours ago. Well, this is what happens. That's amazing thing about if it were just that great fight. I would say they wouldn't do it. They would do the connor thing. If Justin. Arguably one, but the decision went to copy. That could be the only way where I can see them may be doing it the rematch. If Justin knocked out could be early. I don't think they would do that I. Think we WANNA Connor I don't know man that's that's tough. Not just in winning just loses in any fashion except the most egregious. You know scorecard ever. I think. We move on, we move onto the winner of McGregor versus Poi-. Although the you'll see my weight that one ounce it what a foyer wins do we really WANNA rush way back against so be. Right away because would have beaten McGregor and hooker. Yeah. That deserves another shot in my broke. So but do it before April or would they say everybody takes I'm on we'll just regroup in late summer. Power. Nf Justin wins, employees, wins they bought before they had a good fight and gates. He's one of those guys that says I just stuck on undefeated finer, and now I'm GonNa go on the. Revenge, Tour Dustin employees at your next. Obviously, he can't get to any hours because he's over one championship. But again, we got our binoculars on and we're looking as far as we can in the all the possibilities that are out there. That's what makes it fun. You know what I mean. That's pretty crazy that division The bantamweight is not. Welterweight can be nuts. But it's lightweight right? Lightweight. Division I. Think it's got the dept along with the superstar names to go with it. That's what makes it. Arguably still the division that pops the most the welterweight might say, well, wh-. What about us they got? Quality Champion in Comorros Mon-, they got some really really starpower athletes in Hey Mazal, Colby Covington. and then they got some really really good up and comers really not commerce contenders I should call in Liane. Edwards Neil wonder boys definitely got some popularity Hamas Shimane his. Climbing up the ranks veterans like Magni Maya who can put those guys over or check them. You know they still need more too but. That division you know is is something else by the way it's got a lot of talent but right now the champions not. He's he's he hasn't arrived in terms of that Superstar status you either to be dominant. Or popular. Either he's Hitting eight and a half's on. The scorecard of ten pretty damn good man he's lost once you know but he's still not like nobody's getting excited if you save Okinawa ski for so-and-so. So we all just go. It's pretty cool. Who What Other? What other title fight on that card you know you already start saying that? Whereas if believes vines only like shit. I can't make it to the wedding. Habib's fighting you normally that's right there that that's a big deal woken on ski needs a little bit more to get to that level is he's already kind of becoming that level Jones becoming or is that love? Excuse me? What were you saying? I wanted to give you a question that we all kinda argued about last night. Three names. Tell me WHO's more likely to fight. Niklas Oh, my God, Daniel, Cormie or been asking. If i. told you one of those guys is coming back out of retirement or whatever the hell you call Nick Diaz what he's up to. Which one would you think is the one that's actually lays up the gloves. than. You think so. I think Ben ask Him. Now I know something about been I, don't know if it's public I'm pretty sure it is but I can't take the chance. He's pretty much retired or at least retired for now, and the Nick is just. I mean I love the fact that they said the guy's been training. He cleaned up he's ready to go. He's audible. Denouncing, announcing We announce that. Okay well. I would call me did. I think he was asked about the use on a polite ticket back. So none of them they're all they'd all be returning fighters. So none of them are in these. Horrible. So it's not one of those countries be filling Guy Dana call the offered me mill. But still I'll go with cormet. While I mean you kind of scared me off now with what you said, but I was thinking aspirin. He's got a lot of stuff going on Oscar. Businesses. In stuff but. Look. Good one but. I think specially, if he told them look man. Turns out Francis can't go blades can go you WanNa dance again with me Oh Jimmy on such a stretch that that wouldn't happen either. Right you mentioned Banham links. Let's talk about Peter Algebra sterling you've two, fifty, five, no, two, fifty, six, December, twelve. Your thoughts. What's the fight that had to happen? You know we've all been wanting that we make sense as far as records go rankings go it just had to happen. It sucks that. Sucks that it feels like alginate had like jump through hoops to make this happen was the clear guy. This is the fight that should happen again defending against Peter Your? It's GonNa be a good fight. You know Algebra when he's at his best I feel like he can defeat anyone in the world. Every now and again have that fight where things don't seem to click but I feel like he's gotten over that. The. Good fight and NPR guys like Peter. Peterman, woken offscreen. Israel on pride cleared this up on in his last fight. But are guys that just came out of almost nowhere. And one title quick. And I wasn't really sure exactly what we had with them. They hadn't had those types of fights where you go. Okay. If you put in this situation, he's good because I can reference this fight where he was there and he fought right through it they haven't had like every scenario just yet. So. Peter Yawn I. Don't really know like I. Know We have a great fighter. I just don't know visi leaked. and. So I think I'll Jemaine sterling can give them some problems on his best night. I think it's GonNa. Be Fun Fun Fun I like it and it had to happen. That's what I like about. It's happened. They made it happen. To be fair Gansta lump tested is pretty. Well. Yeah. But like is you? Put it this way we don't know what happens. If you put back, right ever really seen much of that. Certain fighters we could say all right. They've passed that test they passed this debts pass at us. I think. Israel's is shown how tough he is man that there are no question works Bagai. Early predictions who do you like Yom or Algebra? I'M GONNA go, without job. I. Think eventually gets them down and I think also that when it gets you down, he's like Anaconda man he just he just zapped every. Bit of energy out of your body, he knows a win the round. If he can get that early on Yawn I, think he can make a tough night for him. Yeah, and if beyond can beat him then I think he will answer a lot of questions. Yeah he's the champ but. His road to the title was. I don't know. Right time right place. Right time right a the whole thing with Josie all the that shouldn't have been hit. You know. If, somebody were told me a man, Peter Gammons. My friend or I trained with him, he's awesome. You know then I'd say, well, gap an Algebra would be able to hang his hat if he had beaten Peter Yang for the title, not to say Josie not awesome right now, but he's been losing. You know. So Peter Yang got his win. He's got his Heidel over. That's not at this moment. Awesome. You know. The. I don't know we'll see that's that will be one hell of a first title defence for shirt. You know in Volkov's skis kind of going through something similar. You WanNa title it's cool. You defended against the guy that you want from. Who Kinda beats you you You. See what I'm saying like his stock hasn't. Risen yet. Thing. That scares me a little bit about Algebra sterling is. What is he gonNA look like over five rounds like can he put that same energy that he puts into a three round fight into a five round fight and does he play that card almost like people said Paulo Kosta where? You know maybe he just doesn't go as hard and because of that, he loses like those are kind of like the question marks I have when fight. While this guy's got a podcast breaks down fights. He's very active on fight night. So I think he has a good grasp of what what it takes to win a fight. What it takes to win a title fight like he is a hardcore anime van plus one advantage she has. Is the championship pedigree of his Jim Longo Saroj the Sarah Longer Gypsies me. At Sarah's one there, Chris. wideman. As one there and they've had fight fighters who fought for the world title like ally Quinta. And with Matt Sarah and Ray longos. Expertise and experience. I think he'd be ready goes I think he'd be ready for the title shot now up maybe Peter Jon wins maybe I'm wrong I don't know maybe he gasses in the fourth like you said what you didn't say that but One. But I'm pretty confident that that. Even in the losing effort, he can go the twenty five minutes. Be Good fight though. Yeah. So they're fights that folks again. Now Cynthia Calvia will join us in about fifteen here she's fighting Lauren Murphy UFC two, fifty four. Gives me an opportunity year to remind you all that on October twenty, four, th Saturday. At Two PM Eastern Eleven A. M. Pacific. The UFC paper you will begin those and I will be here on this channel at ten. Am Pacific one PM Eastern one hour early to fights before the review will watch a total of seven five. If, you get the pay per view in. If you don't get the paper of you will be your eyes and ears for the papers. You'll see two, fifty, four watch long and yet that. IS HEADLINED BY HABIB OFF AS, he unifies his undisputed title against just engages interim title. Me Take a look at that card. By the way you see two fifty, four Robert Whittaker's jared cannon here. In arguing that. Alexander Volkov while Harris In argue with that goodbye. be over Lauren Murphy cannot argue with that one. Man Alive versus young The lava. Literally tried to do this four times in the last three months, it seems like. Stephens. DREW versus tied to we've awesome. And then I don't know what the other fight will be honestly that sneaks in their. Hair some names from the card. Alex Oliveira Sam. Allie Casey Gani. I don't I think one of those I'm looking at one of those names as being somebody that. The see might throw in there as you get closer to that per view, you want sell the damn pay per view you know what I mean so. you can't go wrong with Alex Ella. Era. Now. Live. He's a fun fighter pre post during the fight. He's just entertainment man. Yeah for sure. All right. We'll move on from yawn and Sterling, which is set for December twelve earlier we talked about McGregor way looking likely for January twenty third. Of Twenty twenty, one by the way, McGregor was saying cowboy. Stadium. I like his vision his. Thinking that you know the pandemic. It'd be nicer the pandemic numbers were. Kinder to us as late with the pandemic numbers have been good here in the states they've been going the other the other way. Now, I could just be a surge that represents. Kids back in school or People attending sporting events I don't know why why pretend to be an expert it it's too late to save. Well, that's Labor Day because Labor Day was six weeks ago. I mean it has been hot in certain parts of the country. Maybe people are still getting their beach on their pool on who knows. But I. Think it's a little bit of kids back to school in some of the socializing that's on on some. Some conferences are allowing fans some professional sports are allowing fans So I don't know but I'm just hoping that that surge those down because I would like to see McGregor fight at Cowboy Stadium I I'm not a fan of the Dallas cowboys by the they got probably the most. The bad ass stadium in America One. La Allen looks pretty damn impressive but this one's tremendous. Seen many pack down fight there. So I've seen boxing scene. I. Think a Wrestlemainia. So you know it comes off really really nice but. You know I think I think if he's looking at January twenty third keeping it real, it wouldn't break the records that I think he thinks he can break not because of. Its McGregor's play not because of that just because I think they still would limit the spacing and I don't know how that would come on you know but maybe having that. ALLOWS THEM TO SOMEWHAT FILL IT UP I? Mean some fans are showing up the Cowboy Games and That's cool to see you know as long as they're safe but. I don't know. That one might wind up being. The Apex Center or yards island if you can't sell out cowboys stadium. Don't don't hold event there. That's the whole point is how big and massive it is to go back in the record books and look at that like Dude, how many times we have to see the Pontiac? Silverdome in WWF. Andrei in Ho Cogan what's the one thing that they point out I mean there's two things right? The Slam and how massive all that wasn't the records broke those things stand the test of time. If you're going to do something like cowboys, stadium think about how many damn press conferences people would bring that up. And if you're gonNA finally pull the trigger on it, it's gotta be massive and there's gotta be fan the all over the place, and if even if you can I mean granted, we could fill that up to half the capacity a still a gigantic gate It's not an upright it's not going to be what you're. You're expecting you're right number I think that was cloudy and pat impact cow that They had the standing room. There are just people. Were Julio Cesar Chavez I think it was Greg Halberd. Been City at stadium that one hundred thousand. So. I WANNA. Make sure I still think how did they find it? Eight thousand feet altitude maybe it was like Monterrey or some other city I'm not the look that one up was referencing it. Who knows I could be well, I know they weren't a stadium. I, know they were in Mexico and I'm pretty sure it was Greg Haugen I know for sure it was Cesar Chavez that. That won the fight and. Was Pretty much the a side of that one but. I'll get that altogether by by the next time we mentioned this now one thing that Conor McGregor was very smart as he picked the the month of January, the cowboy season usually ends in December. Won't be any schedule. Opposition there. Really impart on Conor McGregor I. Get that part he he's safe. That's the safe bet. So All right. Let's get. Bela Tor a little bit of love the second biggest organization in the world they gotta show tonight Cyborg Blanco. That's the main event Chris Cyborg featherweight champion she defends belts against Arlene Blanco they are on CBS sports network and they have been on CBS sports network however, this is the first time they're on CBS sports network being state side there are other fights have been Europe. So huge event I've been liking them on CBS sports it's just look at CBS sports it's part of CBS CBS sports is like Fox, sports west. Or foxwoods one excuse me where it's it it you know it hasn't been around as long. So it's slowly grown but they have the the TIKI journey show they have on Adam shine and they have Jim Rome. They have some soccer watch soccer there. So they're definitely investing some money and they have a lot of biltmore replays. Annabel tour on live for West Coast and east coast. Biltmore definitely took a huge step up. check it out. It's Channel Two to one. It'd be of direct TV. Tonight, and then some other things regarding belts, and goes you can feel free to comment on. CYBORG Landho-. CBS The only other thing I want to stay with Scott Coker. Did say he'd be interested in booking, resume, versus vader. That tells US Verdun was a free agent right now has at least been talking to valid for maybe or you know stocker can openly say that there's no like A. Free Agency period where that you know that can't even be discussed that usually means that the UFC, some sort rights negotiating rights or time period. I of course, always prefer for the fighters to stay in the AFC less the bell toward vision in question is. And built for the heavyweight division. It's not often i. mean it's got Congress. Who just lost to John was at a resurgence Beta who's champ? Material who's getting older you know does have failure who's also getting older so. I don't know but to be fair getting older and maybe he feels like he just doesn't have a place left the ucla he'd like to do this and get paid. You gotTa build toward that credit they do pay their athletes well but. We will see what do you goes. I. Think this I wanted to comment on this event. I think it's quietly GonNa be very fun car. CYBORG is Leslie TV. Okay. But they also have a tricky on the carpet tricky pit bull and I think that's going to be a fun fight. The Rick Benda's is always fun, Mando. He go missed weight but I think that's GonNa be a firework. Site Awad even though he's on a four fight losing streak, he always puts on great fights. So I think this card will be fun for people to watch, and at the end of the at the end of the card, you get treated a Cyborg doesn't matter who you match up with just fun to watch her. Yeah I don't think too many people are gonNA go again Cyborg I. Mean Blanco's been around. She definitely deserves retitled shot. But I. Don't think too many people are GonNa go against cyborg other than Matt Erickson from USA Today. Sports Animation Hunky, he loves the underdogs. CYBORG is. It's comfy. She's the goat. Because her loss to Amanda Nunes. But man, she'd been doing this for a long time and the have four belts from four major organizations is an a lot of title defenses. Folks is that enough to offset that one head to head against the Manda? Some but Amanda has also had titled Defenses Now. And she check out that clear-cut win. she's got more than Cyborg. She hasn't been doing it as long as Cyborg she doesn't sell as well as I worked probably. For sure on the Mount Rushmore I just don't know she's she's the gold, but for some sheets ago. And then the comment on I kinda, don't want to see it and they've already fought. We don't have very much left of failure. So I wanNA see fresh matchups. a look people pregnant. I want to shoot me after I say this. But they've opened up the pocket books before ridiculous things. When it'd be funny they pulled off brock versus spader. WHO That's must see TV. On. CBS. TAP CBS sports on the shoulder. Go. We got this one. When you ran back, don't put this one on A. On big. CBS Now that would be pretty insane. I mean I love Brazil Verdun Verdun and he's a great fighter and I. Would I pick him again to be failure? By just knowing that there's not much left the. I WANNA see him in the fresh matchup. Now, all right folks we got our next guest. Cynthia Cal hang with us. We'll be right back its enemy junkie radio sportscaster on. The. Sneak is a true crime podcast from for the win in USA Today, and this season is on surfing champion his life took a violent tragic turn. But then thirty seconds, they're both dead the sneak murders it Whiskey Creek is July twenty ninth wherever you get podcasts. And there she is. Real nine, one in one in her career. He's got to fight coming up at UC two, fifty, four Lauren Murphy. She's been ranked as a straw. She's ranked flyweight. She's bad. Ask 'em effort what's up? Man I'm doing great just getting ready to Leap Frog Dhabi so I'm pretty stoked knives I get you pumped up Law or something. Do. All right. Over. I'd probably some sort of a quarantine and like you said, you gotta hop on climbing do that over there again. Usually I. Don't ask this question especially if a veteran like yourself. Cam For this camp was different because a lot of you in Vegas. Yeah definitely it was different. It was a choice I ended up making just because of the covered restrictions it just made a little bit tough to train training California. So it was Kinda no-brainer to come here to Las Vegas especially with the US. CPI. saw you bounce around or. Thought you is. Tour. But did you also do any of the other gentlemen by nearly the is? Always the extreme couture Anna ten planet. Okay. And then you have a new restructuring of your coaching team Welke toes movie going with you. Before He has so I'm going to be taking my striking coach Jimmy Gifford and He's from here beside Las Vegas and then wrong Kessler whose my digits he coach back in San Jose and I'll be taking one of my training partners whose you've see star Mallory Martin. Nice. All right. Would you think you right any different terms or hey WanNa one five. Yeah. No I mean obviously, I'm pretty stoked on a lot of people most you know fires don't want to travel and deal with the WHO you know just the jet lag and many other issues that come up with like finally flying across the world to fight. But you know it's history right? Not to be part of this fight island you know also on could beats card I'm I'm really soaked to be part of history. So I think. It's it's. It's a great thing. Did you see right island declassified on the? Chance it's a four part series yesterday. Have you got? Yeah I think I saw the first one analysis seem to, but I haven't caught up yet. Man after par to I told him what he's you guys got to see this dope really really like it. It's warmly. Four. List that they did it. Awesome. I'm. Not GonNa Lie Attorney My man card right now I read tears coming down my eyes because it was. A roller coaster of emotion. Focussed on few fighters and I don't WanNa give stuff away on everybody employed. Who des Yeah Yeah. So hopefully, they got cameras on your hope we continue. You're right. You're on a great marred you deserve to be on these main events or Bharti had your old programming events like looking back. What do you prefer pop of you or headlines? Car. honestly to me, it doesn't matter I just I just have a goal Reno in that's become a champion whether the. Main Guard main event review I don't care you know. First and foremost is my goal, and then after that, you know inside talking to a little bit about obviously wanted to be on pay per view. So I can get that money you know. But for right now, that's not really that's not the case. So you know my main focus is just getting that title. India you brought up earlier in the interview. Quotas to. Be. We've followed your career even all the way back and. So, I want to ask you. All these progressions that you've been through when you. YOU'RE RUN INTO and. Tom What you do today with they be like. Would they be like? Our Go. I would say that. They're not surprised. A. I mean I'll honestly I mean I don't know whether there would miss fries like you know, hey and making it to this level. But as far as like being involved martial arts just you know nothing different say like especially us in high school I feel like a lot of this probably got into trouble there's a few times got suspended for almost lighting and the Times didn't get caught so. You had A. Career that we don't know about. A Pre pre degree. Yeah. We had a couple of minutes to say we were defeated in the streets. Lauren Murphy when you look at her resume everything, she brings to the table. Is She bringing anything? Anything different opponent that you would do for. I mean I would just say I mean her experience but I mean, I fought some really great people on and all of them some of them veterans just like Jessica too. So they've been around for a long time every every fighter presents on dangerous but. I don't see anything too significant coming from Lauren where we'll be shoot. I really gotTA worry about that one move. You know she's not that big of a finisher. She's finished one time in the you have seen I think. It was against someone who pretty much you know everybody's stubbed. So it's not A. Yet I'm Tom Basically. Looking for really really tough fight. She's not an easy fight you know and easy fighter to finish. So I I do see as a challenge and I wanNA give her you know be the first finisher. This recipe that you have going on right now jim couture ten. You. Have all your. Way On this by year or It's going to be going forward. Yeah I mean, of course, we got to see how things play out. It's difficult for me to like really make a commitment with the routine. What's going on with the world you know whether it be covert or a presidential election? No Kelly's a little bit difficult right now you know it's a with restrictions, and then also how expensive the taxes are crazy. So I'm still trying to figure some stuff out. You know we got to take a day for day and you know I can't really look past like a monthly no four weeks or two months you know right now like for example, like this, I can't was only at. Your Vegas for like two or three weeks, and then I ended up doing my whole fight camp because it just ended up working out that way the best. You brought up taxes and yes you're going to the difference in your paycheck if you're in any way biter now or maybe. Maybe. You should that questions that factors into your decision. You'll see you'll see how you could benefit by being based in the state with no state taxes. And then another thing Damn. Cynthia, you. Would fighters over the years. Gear it it's Jillian Robertson were ten dollar Rosa. Both of those name weren't well on the three and these were even before the UC. Then, she bought a man to cooper dollars would. Bars. Liana materials. To Regan Jessica I like you really haven't had a Lael. At all. There's no Gimme fights. Recognizes all those readings we deserve respect and I don't want to disrespect Jessica Sanchez Burke that was your first sight. I I'M NOT GONNA. She was because I don't know anything about her but I wanna ask you from that I asked a lot of writers. He can you look. Tell me like. What you got paid was there any money inside usually find have army stories bear about what happened when they first started? ME. Far or but it's got. Or. Maybe the way crossing Americans give any. Offense. I would definitely say that after what I get paid on my first sight, we broke even because of like all the medical that had to do but I think I got like a thousand in one thousand. And then for everything else that you have to do for that fight cab, you know maybe maybe not maybe didn't even. Just. Look more out of my pocket where but yeah. You know I just remember it was a very significant for me because I was laid off for three years due to You know I had broken my arm three times in a row. So it's me three years to make my professional debut. So had some built up aggression and I remember just like crying right before I'm GONNA walk out because I'm like. Sorry. They're definitely I should say. Yup definitely wasn't here's a excited because finally they has come. Good, your eggs and Bacon they ordered or Brooklyn or what? I think I have to take this I. Think it's the UC so Time, and that's all right. Thank you so much. I folks there you have it. That is Cynthia Kallio. Always a fun time with her. Goes. We've known her since the amateur days actually had a tough enough of she lost that fight by the way she still had five or six one amateur career, but I'm not particular night. She. She. She lost. But she's only lost twice in her career once as an amateur in once as a pro does have one draw but at nine, one one, if she can get past Murphy who's ranked ahead of her, she'll break into the top ten of the USA Today Sports, anime junkie rankings, and I can't even say her stock arise because she's already pretty popular. She's headliner event and and she's been on pretty big cards and Lauren Murphy, again is a ranked fighter who's won three in. A row herself. So this tremendous India now, this is only your second fight at fly. Let's not forget a lot of that equity that we're talking about is from starlet destroyed portion of her career but still you can move over. You know especially, if you have that type of name, I don't want to say star power just yet. 'cause sometimes that's a lot of pressure on fighters but she has headline events not forget the event stuff the guy she headlined it. So the give those Eder. It was and it was a good performance for her. On that fight. So she's GonNa mark up a lot of little things off the. Bucket list, and so that's what I was case to find out what are your? What are your friends and family 'cause? We've been on we've been around for most of horizon. It's been really cool to see even. The little persona like check the as right like she's very, very popular. So really she's one of those where once you break that top fifteen, they say you're three fights away from title for her it's to whatever it is. It's one less just because she's able to create that persona and be very likable and been known for giving people good fights. Now What do you think there was a Kobe test you ties or bacon and eggs covetous. Yeah probably. but that that sounded like. Added stayed in a hotel in a while but man, that's one of the nicest messages you can get when they go. Chris. Don't know when when. You basically answering because there at the door when you get the knock at the door I should say. Make, we'll have Michael Remember that movie tombstone where they wanted to have room service traveled have room service I. Really Do Love Room Service I remember when Dana Delany played the part of. Dusky lady say this, you have a name I forget. I. Remember when she said that was like you go girl I'm a big fan of room service as well. the home of the Twenty Dollar Burger. I mean the prices are a little outrageous when it goes around service, but it is Kinda, Nice. I like the game of the tipping. They. Let you know like, I'm I'm gear. As pulling that kind of have their little little towel right over there over the album and Gannon they stand there and they go. Would you be needing anything else? It's like this little. Baas. How does the look we've eating anything else? Okay. Brag you know. Do you need any is because if you haven't looked at the wall yet did you need any is the can against anything? Guys looking go for a hike or They're still delayed and then all of a sudden you go out because you're already wolfing your food. And Brad, we got the plans and got the OH. Shit Yak the wife or the girlfriend gives you that nudge like he's waiting for tip you. Go you know, and then you ain't got time to go fifteen percent is your. Twenty Bucks? Off? And kids are acting out. Gets. Background that you know that that guys Kamar behave. Transaction getting it through the have I. told you game that I love playing when it comes to the witnessed. Number. Juliette has and she rolls her eyes and just. grimace because she hates it. We. Go somewhere. Usually, I'll leave the tip in cash. So, we'll say like the crack day, for example, right or let's pick a national chain. Let's right I hop. And our breakfast was thirty bucks. I Dunno whatever. So, I'll just I always tip twenty percent i. If I have. More at twenty percents thirty six. It was a ten on my given I don't know. But all leave the tip. And then when you walk up to the register and pay. You know being good good couple minutes or whatever, and how's the service. Great. and. Then they go down a little tip. You know. And I say. I'M GONNA I'm not, GONNA put down because they give you the ticket. So you're supposed to sign in attitude and they point Jack Attitude No. I'm not gonNA attitude and I'm going to tell you why yet to give them a real serious face and scowl. Argo logo why not you know or sometimes they'll go into K. know. But there there's a little tremble in because usually that's. Ninety nine out of one hundred people leave a tip. So for someone to that, there are not going to do it is that's not the big deal. It's the fact that during about the tone why in just when they're all doing that deal on Mike because I already took them casts silly and then I giggle it off and they Julia just goes like this but. I told her man I'm over fifty. Let me get away with some of these things from time to time. It's fun. I like that one I am the one I don't like is when you're picking up food and ask you if you WANNA leave a tip. Or what? This is just the normal at that point. When I go to seven I got back I do and everyone right What is your tipping because you're tipping the service but I'm just Rude. I WANNA turn around like Luther in the warriors and y like I WANNA SCREAM A. Building what happened nobody did any Heen? When he does the Candy Bar Yeah. Yeah, All right. So let me explain you're. you're right. We called it in someone. Took it down in someone prepared it. I guess someone did package it. You know seven eleven you open the door grab your coke. In then you pay over there on the past. And give you your your silverware, your Napkins. So. The only reason I have done it is I don't give them twenty bucks or site twenty percent. I give the MIC like three ones maybe or a fine of that's all I got but I'm certainly not doing. The fifteen or twenty percent game because you're right goes all I did was drive up you know and. You came up to me with a mask and you had me the food that I ordered and I give the. Not even that that I'm okay. With that, I could see how right you're risking your life the walkout. Cool. I'm talking about I'm walking in. and. They had me a little bag and pick it up and I walk out that one. Yeah. Well, the only reason have done it is for the Camaraderie early on. Of they've been out of work and they could boost and then as I drove away because I overdid it that day. Thing, I gave them a ten show just giving them a five and as always jar like wait a minute I'm kind of been. You know kind of an economic situation do and I remember kind of driving and took me a couple exits before right but my slough back on and drove home. But I remember. Like you know like I'm ED rough too. So yeah, you have to go in. You have every right to just go in with your phone. Like yeah, that's crazy. It's going to be a lot of fun Garcia. Okay. Grab it. You can parents help does that she does that to avoid fans so you can just do it in this. You know as they're saying, would you like to live turn around and goes out the little trick if they come to the car? Know beforehand that if you have those singles laying around, give it to them or whatever I think don't even appreciate that because they probably gets a lot. But look if you've had it pretty difficult than I could understand if he just wanted. Gable Neil. Thanks. That's A. Member, the the Red Robin trip where everything out flipped on me. I had to give a pretty big tip that time. Because of the leftover money that was supposedly on the card rather than leave you with like. Just a a little bit of money left on the Carter might as well just make that the whole tip. So once I gave that as the tip and they ran the car and said, there's nothing there's only three bucks on here. I had the match that the second time around when I had to pay for it otherwise trump Sarah right gave her a pretty good day. I. Said Goes the Red Robin and I gave him a Red Robin Gift Card I. Look Dog this has twenty five bucks on it. It's enough for me to get my Banzai Burger for you to get your chicken Teriyaki comes with fries. It's not like would you like fries? It comes with fries. And a tip, the drinks re tax and all that the twenty five should covered. Dirty What was supposed to be thirty? Yeah. I think we had Dr Pepper here. So that's why I was just get burgers. It comes with fries you're good should cover it. Goes gives them the car they go in the come back. I thought it was only like fifty four cents but if it was three bucks, three bucks and goes goes no, it's good. 'cause I was pretty confident I had used that. I had used it in I had it in my wallet like an idiot. So goes that I fly or yet he flies and I buy. I hey you fly. So he flew. And the top of flu in went through that embarrassment front girlfriend the. Early in the pandemic too. So it was like it's not like now where they just now are at a commodity give your this very early where literally they're handing you a pan they're put on sanitizer they give it back they doing it again like I mean it was very early in the. PB. Goes made her go back in there. Go back in their man there's money here turns out there was no money than goes out to pull out his credit card and. In. The any walked in with framing race. simply Cavallo says she's sorry about that with DMC did need. That's fine we weren't tripping. We asked I, think most most of the questions we wanNA, do she fights Lauren Murphy? You'll see two, fifty, four, on October, twenty four, that same day goes going to be hosting watch along long on sportscaster for the Habib Narmada made off just engaging title unification. Bout. And you got Robert Whitaker jared cannon ear in the KOMEDA events not solid one, two, punch the rest of the card. We said a few minutes ago. It includes Calvi over says Murphy Stephens through versus die to we losses another fight. So it's pretty solid in will be here at ten. Am Pacific one PM Eastern one hour before the pay per view which starts at eleven am Pacific, two PM Eastern. Now, I know a lot of your another no, no they've been fighting in our normal time they have. But they're adjusting because Habib needs to fight crime time in that part of the world he's all over Russian, TV. and. So the UC's accommodating the primetime of star over there, and that's why basically the pay per views a start early in our neck of the woods. So Ten am eastern one PM Pacific for the sportscaster watch along. In the pay per view starts at eleven am eastern two PM Pacific. So what will keep promoting that as we go, we'll be back on Monday with another addition of enemy junkie, Radio Huron sportscaster look out for other franchises, other video franchises such as fitting click. rankings report, and then a lot of the interviews that we do. You see them usually if it says one of the writers names and Emery Junkie Radio, we conducted the interview. DID THEY RECAP? Usually, include video highlight of the interview but you watch the whole interview on our Youtube Channel youtubecom forward slash enemy jumpy video. Goes. I'm getting ready to say a due to the audience that you to say anything before we go. To remind people still kinda early in the process. But of you're tuning in your hearings on our podcast junior sportscaster sportscaster new figuring trying to figure out what the Hell's going on. We are doing our podcast. On sports caster. So what that means if you got used to just listening to us on podcast and you want to hear us live instead of waiting for the podcast or if you wanted to see the video of us doing the interviews. Video of Jordan talking. But you also get to see the Kabale our guest. You would see her and you get to see the video portion of this. You go to sports caster in you can catch the show. So you're still kind of trying to figure out what the Hell's going on here that's the transition that we made its Mondays and Thursdays Nine am Pacific. You can watch the show live on sports caster in if you can't make sports concentrate will then you can still listen to the show be a podcast the way you normally yeah and no more Wednesdays on sportscaster folks we did the last two weeks to tell the audience hey, or moving the Mondays and Thursdays Mondays and Thursdays Are. New Days here on Sports Caster live noon eastern nine am Pacific. Goes Good luck to your dodgers tonight. Thank. You Up. Menu comes back this weekend not only do they have a game the following League Champions League starts PSG. is going to be the first opponent so. Getting pretty excited here. All right folks we're Outta here. Go out there and be champion.

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