Yankees-Red Sox Weekend Preview With Gabrielle Starr


Keep up with team. Usa with gig speed over wifi from xfinity. Can your internet do that. Restrictions apply not available in all areas requires gig internet and compatible gateway gig speed wifi sharable across all devices. Actual speeds vary internet guaranteed xfinity proud partner of team. Usa this is the yanks go yard. Podcast with adam and thomas dante. Welcome eight friday. Rivalry edition of the yanks. Go yard podcasts on a pizza friday. I'm adam wider alongside. Thomas karen auntie as always but heading any sox at fenway this weekend for the first time since last september and for the first time with fans in the ball yard in a much longer period of time. I can't calculate do month. Math on the fly probably should've prepared that I think it was two twenty. Nineteen i don't know but it's it's been a long time. We are ready to be. Welcome back to fenway. By the fenway faithful. And so we've got one of them alongside us today. Four the pod new fan sided editor on the phillies site. But she is a die. Hard red sox fan and he founder of girl the game gabrielle star gabrielle. Thanks for joining us. Today tells a little bit about how you got here. How you came to be here on the pod with us. We're excited to talk with you. And probably get ruthlessly mocked by you because that's that's sort of how it goes i mean i'm expert vinegar ruthlessly mocked by you guys too but that start was really really nice so thank you I you know what you when you said fans have been in the stands real quick of since sox yankees in pretty sure that the last time fans were in stands at fenway the rivalry with sunday night baseball in september twenty nineteen when they fired dave dombrowski during the game. They're at. I found out about it and it was like they're really. They're really like i don't know if they want her loss. But they fired dave dombrowski during sunday. Baseball and it was red sox. Jesus was pretty close to the end of the season. So i'm gonna safely surmise. That was then fans in the stands. thank you so much for having me. I don't really know what to say. Yeah i got into sports as a blogger in two thousand seventeen. I was doing writing freelance But in the beauty industry while working full time at a start up in boston. And i just wasn't feeling filled like i knew that i liked writing but i just i found it very easy and kind of monotonous to just be like at this skin. Care product has x. amount of vitamin c. And as we all know league wasn't it wasn't filling my cup At a friend of mine was like well. You're crazy psychotic. Red sox fan like you're a good writer. Why don't you try writing about that and Since he was somebody in the red sox organization very high level. I was like it was like a family friend. I was like okay. Like if you think that i could you know And so i just started doing it for fun. And i was doing it for another site. That was kind of like wannabe barstool. But like not as heavy and then i on a whim started girl at the game one day and i remember sitting there on my bed making a wordpress website just for fun. There's like what am i going to call it. I like alliteration. Why don't i call it gabrielle. At the game But then like you know at the end of the day though. I'm just a girl at the game like it's on gabrielli. Gets you know all women. Anyone who identifies as a woman who loves sports in our passionate about sports and have opinions in the have memories and takes and want a place to put them on and so people responded to it. Really well and i started adding contributors. We have a podcast now. And then i was also hosting locked on red sox and i was doing social for. Mlb on lockdown red sox all of their mlb podcast which was thirty three podcasts during the central for them myself and and then fans cited came calling and it was the perfect fit because i liked to write about things that i would like to read and a lot of kind of the old world media. You know. it's no disrespect to them. It's just a different kind of world. Now and bloggers and fans can give their takes and be taken seriously as oh you can care about the sport but you can also be objective about it. And that's something. I pride myself on. Is you know. I love the red sox but when push comes to shove if bullpens being garbage i'm gonna call them on it if they're hiring domestic abuse or i'm gonna call him on it. I'm not a blind fan. And i think that that's important to have people like that. I wish that teams hired people like that to help. Give them more of the fan side. I did not do that. On purposely swear but You know if if each team had kind of like a fan representative to be like. Hey this is what fans actually want. This is what fans actually care about. I think baseball would be a lot better place That was a lot but yeah so it'd be nice if the yankees had that i mean we. Sometimes we were convinced brian. Cashman's listening to what we're saying because we're we're coming up with we. Just we come up with trae candidates. Every single day doesn't matter who it is. We're talking about how bad they been. And how. They need to be held accountable. So we know where you're coming from from that angle and baseball's been super crazy this year so fans have had a loud voice and everything that's been going on but what time for you to come onto the scene in twenty seventeen you said. Red sox win the world series in two thousand eighteen. Then you have that little flop of the season in twenty nineteen then. Mookie betts get straighted and then twenty twenty a so the first thing i wanted to ask you at the top. We're not gonna talk about last night where you guys blue blue that game. Richard zabel bit of a no hitter going. We get a little while. Garrett could literally never be garbage got ross. So what top here. I wanted to ask a red sox. Fan who is very level headed. I think in you. And wanna know if if you guys have come to terms with the mookie betts raid or what the healing process has been. Because i've been watching. A lot of alex perdue go this year. And it's not it's not a good straight up trade but alex for dugo is frigging pretty good and he fits the identity of your team. I think perfectly. So what's what's it been like over the last year yourself. You know. Alex purdue go first of a wasn't the only part of that trade so i mean we got connor wong also who actually is at the big league club this week. Because kevin blackie is hurt. So he's You know it's his debut time now But that was really not eloquent. I'm sorry i have not had any caffeine today. Alex redo actually has the third highest batting average among like the typical starters in the lineup for the red sox apologized. I live in the city and it's very loud. He's hitting to eighty two on the season. And you know he is. He has been very impressive in the outfield. Obviously there was never going to be a straight up trade. That really satisfied anyone. I william. Maybe if they were like years walker bueller and eight hundred million dollars like okay then we can talk. Maybe but i think the thing with. Mookie is they they low balled him from the star. I think he felt insulted. He i think part of him did wanna stay here for his entire career. You know. he's the rare homegrown guy that we have here in boston but at the end of the day they him a really low amount for what he deserved literally right after the world series when he's the ale mvp and he's the batting champion. He gold glove silver slugger. You know all of these accolades. He literally leads them to world series and they like give him much less than he deserves. And i think he kind of was like. Wow if this is like everything. I've done like the confettis literally still on boylston street right now and you're offering me like seven years. Two hundred twenty million. Like i'm at least gonna try free agency and i don't think that means that if the red sox had given him a competitive offer if if we had reached his free agency this year that he wouldn't have stayed. But i think that you know between that and then debrosse keesing ra. So he's not gonna take it. I'm to go out and give all this money to evolve in sale. It just was setting the stage for as dombrowski loves to do bad financial decisions overspending over budget and then john henry being like actually we would like you to stop spending down to brodsky's like add on how to do that so i guess i'm just not gonna make any moves for the entire twenty nineteen season and you see that because craig kimbrel joe. Kelley walked after two thousand eighteen and the only person he added to the team was colin. Brewer factually perennially mediocre. And like doesn't add anything to this team so with mckee. I think. I don't know it was like i was expecting it. Because now we've been over a year says the actual trade in extension. But like it sucked. It really sucked honestly. At that point you know it was the twentieth. Nineteen twenty eight twenty. Offseason was like mookie saying you know like the cheating investigation You know the pandemic like it was just such. A cluster bleep. I don't know here's swear on this. Podcast it was like it was down and you know it kind of got to the point. Where like it just seemed like a fever. Dream of even having mookie betts and then you know i think most red sox fans were heartbroken. They didn't blame him because a it wasn't up to him if he was traded or not but people were mad at the red sox 'cause they made bad financial decisions. You building your team around him. He's the other. Mike trout basically in this conversation and instead of building around him you treated him and basically paid. The dodgers take david price. You had a skeleton starting rotation. Your team was embarrassingly. Bad literally two years after world series in stop may few seen that before about. We've won four world series. Fifteen years of menu are in the bottom of the barrel. Like two years later like this is this is like the pendulum. The see-saw that i cannot get off of But i think everyone here was happy for mookie. You know to win the world series like everyone here that i've seen unless you're like really one of those ships had sports fan. That just isn't a real fan most of us when he won like i was like i'm happy for him. He deserves it. He's a great player. He's a great athlete. He's great for just great things in his community. he is super philanthropic. He's wonderful like during the twentieth eighteen. Postseason he was feeding the homeless after games in boston. He was like literally bringing trays of food to homeless people in downtown boston. While trying to win a series. That's just the kind of guy he is. I don't think anyone here. Begrudges him that success. I think it is hard but go has been good We'll see what happens with. Connor wong and You know. I think the biggest thing was we didn't get any pitching prospects in this deal and we desperately need those As you guys. But then we got gary wheelock from us. The thank you you know that. Yeah all right yeah. I mean with mickey. There were times where it was frustrating during this whole year and a half because they drew it out like all twenty nineteen it was like is he gonna be treated during the season is he gonna be you know. Is he gonna sign the extension like he said at the beginning of the twentieth nineteen season. I just wanna focus on the season. I'm going to free agency. Like he kept saying that. And so i think a lot of fans myself included as on the fan lino aspect of my life. We're kind of like this sucks dude like i get that you want to focus on the season but like do you want to be here or not. It was kind of hard because you know he kept just saying. I intend to test free agency and then the i think the thing that stung a little bit was that he was always so adamant when he was here about going to free agency and then like within months of going to the dodgers he signs this megadeal and so i think that part was i of lake that was a little bit of a slap in the face but again that was during the pandemic his priorities shifted. Jd martinez was asked last fall. If he was gonna opt out before this season he's like our. Don't want to be a fridge right now. He's like what i mean. No like murky did what was best for him. I respect one hundred percent. I still root for him as long as he's not playing the red sox and you know i he's one of the greatest like he will be in. The hall of fame on satellite will probably be in a dodger scout. But that was. That's what we wanted to ask you for that trade. That was just one of those moments. Where and i have one thing you know about me. I sort of have a six cents for when the red sox are going to be annoying like you're right that it is a roller coaster right. You are totally right that you you ping pong from being like one hundred win behemoth world chamie to being like a last placed issue strange team but i always sort of no i get the vibe when the comebacks about to start and so it's annoying you've got to admit it's annoying for fans like us on the yankees side who were sort of like we know high and blooms doing we understand that like the team's not going to be a the twenty nineteen and twenty twenty red sox forever. You're not always going to be running kevin pillar and jonathan. Who's out there or whatever like there's gotta be pitching there's gotta be a plan etc etc but this off season. I started to get the vibe. Like they are going to be better sooner than why are they going to be better like. It's partially the alex thing but it's also partially just like they're signing these like three million dollar in dudes who just like as if i don't know if you have the same perception and clearly you kind of do but as fans like you see the red sox signing marlin gonzales and kiki hernandez and the rest of baseball is like those guys suck. And i'm like no no no like renfrew renfrew throw these frigging dudes are gonna be ingredients on the next annoying red sox team. That's going to be a little bit better than you think. It is like and i always hesitate to make fun of the red sox. Because they've got the last laugh on us for what fifteen years now like. Two thousand nine was the last time the agee fans like they went over in the first half. They didn't beat boston once. They one zero games against the boston. Red sox and then the second half. They ate rat a boston's lunch and they propelled it into a world series win but since then there's always been like a red sox fan snickering at the end of the rainbow. Like rehiring alex or even like we got to celebrate al gore being gone for a month and a half and then he took a little six game and then he came back the game. You mentioned. we're dave dombrowski gets fired in the middle of the game and david ortiz comes out like does some weird little waving to the stands for some reason like he gets honored mike after his shooting when he came back to yes and they basically. That wasn't the same night. I don't know i feel like it was that we know 'cause because poppy I was there. Because i if you think that i'm missing. David ortiz's return because like he got shot out a weekend after my birthday is my favorite player of all time and i literally was in my apartment in la crying into a david ortiz pillow. Refreshing my twitter feed for about whether or not he was okay so and then. I moved back to boston like a month late at less than a month later. and i was like if you think that i'm missing. David ortiz. returning offend fenway. When he almost died like no no me at all. And i was there and i was like sobbing hysterically behind home plate. Like was i mean it was very emotional but that i'm ninety nine percent sure that was a week night but it was around the same time pretty germs weeknight. Because it was kind of like a random like a tuesday or something. Okay good. I will recant that statement. He's like sitting next to the dugout just like eating sunflower seeds. Of course he just go down there and like suit up and maybe we're really bad this year. Can you just hit some bombs like no. I just remember that. I remember that last night game though because mike talk men is a key piece of that twenty nine hundred team got her in the middle of field for no reason like just running around heard is quad and then in the playoffs. No stanton somehow and then. They have no outfield depth. And it's like all right threat like we're supposed to go on this playoff run this year and the red sox are laughing at us again. Injuring our last outfield hope in their stadium. We're gonna take a quick quick break. Don't wanna kill momentum when we come back we're gonna be talking this weekend series what we can expect. Stick around. Welcome back to the yard podcast with gabrielle star. Red sox fan extraordinaire. No better timing this. So let's let's talk about the comeback. Twenty twenty one red sox and it's it's been a weird year for everyone. I think a lot of people expected not this. Although like i said i did and you said you did too. Why is alex quarterback. Why is this happening to me. Personally i feel like i see a lot of yankees fans on twitter like obviously they don't like corre because kazlo the cheating thing i get that one hundred percent. I'm not a fan of cheating either. Just gonna put that out there. Right now The first thing. I said when the allegations against the red sox came out was i don't want anything that wasn't one fair and square. Obviously that's a bold thing to say. Considering there has been cheating in baseball for one hundred fifty years but i mean like astros level cheating at a want. I don't want it putting another But yeah i see yankees fans like. I hate alex. Cora but i hate aaron boone. 'cause like dude congratulations. Your team hired a guy because he hit one walk off home. Run like literally i. I will never understand that like so many qualified people. And you hit the you like you hire the guy literally to troll the red sox and that doesn't even work because we told you right back. It's it's kind of insane. I'm cory for one thing just like connects with the players. So while you guys like divers in bogart's really struggled without msn actually denver's because he's basically a twelve year old ignore the fact. He has two children of his own. Didn't know that did not know that these guys they just core and knows how to work with them. In a way that ron reynecke just wasn't going to get done last year and you knew that from the second that they announced that they perfect scapegoat. He was interim escaped. He was they were like a great. Forget degrade great filler. When we fire them at the end of the year. Nobody's say a word. Nobody's gonna care. I mean look. He came to boston to be chorus coach. That's what he wanted to do. He didn't wanna manage this team. He stepped in. And you knew that. Barring some kind of crazy amazing managerial candidate. Coming out of the work. That the reason it was. Cora i mean the reason that was reinecke was because corner would be coming back because otherwise you just hire somebody new. 'cause you're not i mean while yes. The red sox have fired people in various short times. I mean time the cashman's been your gm. We've had like seven gentlemen interest but you don't you don't hire reynecke you don't you don't assign reinecke to the role if you're gonna just actually hire someone for real so cora coming back i mean for starters. It's just like it's i hate to say it but it's a vibe thing. He knows how to deal with his players. He knows how to get the best out of them. Got getting guys like in marlin. Those guys at cora has coached before in houston and in for team. Puerto rico with key there guys that he knows what they can do and maybe the teams that they were currently that they were previously on. Weren't getting the most out of them but coronado's how to get something out of them. And i think that's something that he heim bloom having common. Is they kind of see the diamond in the rough in all situations. I mean look at nick. Pa- vada prevented last night. Six in two-thirds scoreless hitless innings with only two walks. This is a guy who had fifteen eray for philadelphia last year before getting traded. This is a guy who's the was never under four with the phillies in like three and a half seasons with them. This guy that they had given up on who find bloom for whatever reason had been targeting since he was with the rays. And you look at that and you're like what does this guy know about these ranchos that we don't know but you know a lot of them have worked out pretty well. So far and even garrett richards garrett richards like lord campbell. There's so many better things you can spend ten million dollars on garrett richards but i'm sure you guys can relate to this because you know the sticky stuff has impacted like a lot of pictures including pictures on your team course. I don't think that garrett richards anticipated that in the middle of the season he everybody else would have to go cold turkey on sticky stuff and he he basically has admitted that he has been a pitcher who's been using this stuff for his entire career. That's basically what you can infer pretty plainly from what he's been saying Over the last week kind of embarrassing for him though because he wasn't even that good when he was using a sticky stuff but that might be one high blooms rare els just based on how things have changed in the league. But yeah. I think coaching though so like i can't even fault. I wouldn't fault him for that and you guys were in on kluber too. So you're saying why we didn't go for cleveland. I understand it kind of a tongue in cheek by bloomer. He was like we already have enough players. Capitulate coming back from elbow injuries. Like i get it you know. We're like all of our hopes. Are all of our eggs in the chris. Sale basket right. Now but yeah. Gary richards aguirre. Richardson matt andries. Just an austin brace bryce in new but He's terrible so you know we look. It's kind of funny. Because i think a lot of people thought this division would be a lot more hotly contested than it is and we kind of just have like a lot of like spiderman vs spiderman of teams go on tear and then they actually completely fall apart I haven't really kept an eye on like if your team's gone on any tears but like you know the raise. The jays the socks look. We lost the three games in a row at the beginning of the season to the orioles. So it's all it's a giant roller every year. It's rollercoaster yankees went on a twenty three. They start at six and eleven twenty three and nine five and thirteen now. What adam six seven and six to seven and two and look at. I think that the roller coaster does have to do with the manager. We're talking about alex. Cora i think he. Aaron boone is the antithesis about alex. Talk about all the time you look at the yankees rosser. It could like adamant i could. He could be manager. And i could be bench coach in the yankees would probably win ninety games like it's an autopilot roster. There's not many decisions you can make to kinda screw things up that aaron boone. Kinda does that more often than not and he is not a motive he well i don't i don't know not i know it's your podcast but can i ask. You is seriously because i need to know how the hell is aaron. Boone still managing this team. Like i said it's autopilot. They don't want they're not gonna create any midseason sir and like we said it's an autopilot rosser. As long as things aren't happening like they were during the the the six and eleven in the five and thirteen stretch. It doesn't matter. This team is supposed to hit. The team is supposed to have oak the bullpen. Supposed to be nails. Starting rotations actually solid so very few mistakes you can make but comparing him to corre corre does get every ounce of skill and and passionate as players in aaron. Boone does not do that and just look human wet blanket. He's a bit. yeah he's a puppet for the front office too but you know and now being a puppet i know no. I'm not even saying this to troll. I'm saying because you know. I follow you guys on twitter and i follow quite a few yankees fans. And i'm friends with the lockdown years host. Stacey and i just so i see the tweets coming out. And it's like i mean they'll be upset. Looked yankee fans will be upset regardless but this is in the industry leading like this and it's like questionable decision by boone. And i mean look. I don't want the yankees to win. You know i'm a red sox. But what i do like is when both of our teams are good. Because it's not fun i mean. Look it's always good to win a game. But it's not fun in my opinion when one team is just mercilessly beating up on the other team because one team is really good and the other team like. I don't consider that the rivalry. I consider the rival relate two thousand three two thousand four like even two twenty eighteen but like when the yankees are just so good on. The red sox are aesthetic like. That's not fun literally like not even as a fan like nine innings of just getting our asses handed to us. That's not fun. And i think you guys can agree like when the yankees are bad like. It's not it's not. That's not a rivalry that's just well like last year. When what we we went to eight or nine one nine and one on yeah. It was like i was like. I don't wanna play this game. I wanna play legit. Yeah i was more excited to play the blue jays because the games i mean we are asked a bunch of times but we knew the competitive edge. Was there me new. It'd be a fun game to watch and kind of go parlaying into this year and how. It's been very different. We are always talking your guys roster and we're rooting for guys to suck not like you know not to a level where they're gonna get demoted. But like i would love to see jd. Martinez not doing what he's doing. I enjoyed last year talking with no video room access. It was amazing but now the script is flipped you guys have so many players dominating and exceeding expectations and the yankees have everyone underwhelming. To everyone. Like to a degree that is unimaginable. Unless you watch we watch team every night and we're like we can't believe this. I want to know from a sox fan perspective. What players are you most surprised about on the yankees who have taken a gigantic setback. Reva regressed like beyond your wildest dreams who have sox fans like been taking pleasure and who have been terrible you know. I don't know if it's just that like i'm older and i'm more busy and this isn't going to be a fun to answer like this isn't going to be like one of those like crazy. Red sox beyond answers on. I don't know. I like. I don't know if it's just like you know being busy with work or just like kind of evolving is like. Why do i care so much about your team like. I should be focused on my team. I used to yankees fans come. Into my mentioned. I literally saw yankees fan last night like at one in the morning. Be like ha ha. The red sox awesome. Yeah like four hours ago. What are they keeping you up at night. Like what the hell man i you know. I'm a lot more concerned with my team than yours. But i will say. The ongoing thing that baffles me about the yankees is how guys seemed to just get injured. Like living. Life like stan judge. You mentioned my tag men like i. I don't know what's going on with. Luke voi- i just. I know that you guys have like a ton of injuries and people keep going on and offer like sitting for a couple of games. But they're not on the injured list. You know what do they just like. They don't stretch ever to just go in with leg lift weights unlike chug way protein. Like what's the deal with your training methods because these h. bar with term from tom brady. But there's no klay ability on your team like play the outfield anymore. He gets hurt by running. Wind sprints at tropicana field and then he's like oh man like actually takes five steps outside and everything hurts. I'm dying and i'm like okay. Well you actually. I mean it's more legitimately i. It's kind of interesting to see fan to see athletes. You realize the athletes on the one hand they are like the epitome of the human body like physical health. You know they are like the paragon of light. It's like you know seeing hercules in real life and then on the same side their achilles heel on you're you're done God forbid. I just don't understand how at this point when you've had the same players standing judge for example When you've had players get similar injuries or the same kind of injuries like obviously judge had like that broken bone in his hand in like what twenty nineteen or something but yes. I only remember that because it was during the four. Because he was he was hurt in the four-game sweep series. An era was on the call and he couldn't stop talking about judge who hadn't played in weeks as like my dude do you. Do you want to stop your national televised. Love letter and talk about someone who's actually in in the game or are we just going to listen to you. Expound on how beautiful. Aaron judge for another thirty five minutes. How are they have. They shifted their training methods like or healthier this year. They hired an all new strand coach last year. Which is why with getting back to something we briefly touched on. That's why the yankees have corey kluber. Mainly 'cause we hired his guy as co so we like him. We don't have an issue with corey. Kluber in terms of why the red sox veered toge- richards or whatever we have his strength coach. We worked out with in private. So i'm sure the dude was like you guys. Should you got the leg up or whatever It's funny that it's funny here. You'd be so annoyed at a ride in the booth. We're obviously not a rod defenders. We don't care he's you know he is what he is. He was the blight on our fandom for a decade. But the fact that. Espn doesn't seem to be able to balance their booth. Ever your upset that arabs in the talking to the yankees too much and then like five years prior they used to do as red sox sunday night with dan shulman nomar garciaparra and curt schilling. Who's that booth like very clear who that booth is for. You said curt schilling. And i just gagged little a-rod but it's like maybe a little bit worse like a-rod but we got it like give credit where credit's due i mean shillings like a nazi fan. Boy like me literally. Like you're spending your mlb. Paychecks buying things that were worn by people who murdered my ancestors. I'm gonna call you out like i'm surprised. That guy hasn't blocked me up. Because i genuinely go off on acai accurately so i'm not like you know he. You know murders dogs in the street. Like i'm saying has based albums of his nazi artifacts that he has spent at least thousands of dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars buying and like so. It's so appalling. Not to mention he like stole millions of dollars from the state of rhode island and is spreading vaccine misinformation in like. I wrote something about lenny. Dykstra for that balls outta here last week. It was the anniversary of the mets trading him and then he followed me on twitter. Started re tweeting on my articles. And i thought it was kind of funny because one of my pieces. I wrote two things about him and one of them. I said that in retirement post imprisonment dykstra spent his days tweeting vaccine misinformation and tagging curt schilling in aubrey huff in tweets. In hopes that he can join. They're conservative conservative. Retired baseball club and here dykstra was like i. Guess maybe he didn't care or Read it closely. Or he's just a kook But he was re tweeting all of my stuff that i had written and being like the lovely debris al growth this about me and i'm like i literally wrote the east i mean it's it's true but you spread vaccine information misinformation On twitter so. Yeah i don't like curt schilling group ago take a rod over curt schilling in the booth. Any day i think most normal people would cause there's a difference between just being kind of a dink. Unlike a that is a rod and being like a terrible human being. And i don't think era. I mean look era that guy like you can just tell that he wants the yankees to love him so so badly and the yankees are just like no like. You're that guy that we paid. Tens of millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars to like we got one world series out of you. The first ever full season suspension for performance enhancing drugs and then at the end of the i was his last fenway game of his career and he was hitting like one thirty maybe and he gets up to bat and everyone's doing him and he was so cocky and you're not even good anymore and we've won like at that point. They'd won three world series. I guess and because what he retiring twenty sixteen hours before they forced him out like he. It was because it was. It wasn't supposed to be his last game but then they forced him out for the season ended. But he's like he's like walking up there you know i'm like at the game. I guess like twenty sixteen. He's like he's like. I can't hear you when people were booing him. And it's like you struck out every single game this weekend. Like why are you so kagi like you're not even like i just like he like i think he he wanted to be the he didn't want to be the villain by think. Once he became the villain he was gonna a lean into this. Because it you know it got him noticed. Got him buzz. You know he probably got more out of it. In terms of like financial style you know lucrative sponsorships of like this. You know this is era. This is like the cocky dude on the yankees like. If you're on field at that point he just trying to like market himself is just kinda that guy but Yeah i i would take him in the booth any day. And i don't like him in the booth. Rod was a rod was the dude Like like it will. He would have been the dude Using his flip phone to take selfies and then making it his facebook profile picture at mean. Only the wraparound sunglasses was vibe for him for a saw mean you look at those pictures of him in jeeter from like the all star game. And they're both like the wraparound sunny is like oversize football. Jerseys unlike sweat shorts down to the knee The nineties were quite time now rennes forever friends forever until they actually got here and then they were not friends river at all she. We go around and do little predictions for this weekend I'm not sure how we're all very differently. I think thomson. I are both very cautious. Considering we just lived through getting swept at home by y'all in our first battle of the year some sunday night game the friday game was my birthday. And i was like i just wanted them to win on my birthday. I don't really care. And then they swept. And i was like oh. This is nice embarrassing. Losses were embarrassing as we. We're having a bad time overall. Let's let's do yankees red sox sandwich. I'll go thomas. I how you feel about this weekend. Where are you mentally mentally. I like where where. The resiliency has. Kind of kicked in for the yankees. The last two. I know it was against the royals but the first game of the series should have one. You could tell. Luke voids kind of changing the complexity of the lineup. They come back. They have that dramatic win in game two that they should have won anyway but they caught it up twice. Then yesterday they blow the doors off and score some runs. So i think that's putting us in a very good spot. We have our three best pitchers going. I know it's not saying much. But kohl's in the finale on sunday which which. I'm happy about so we get two of these. What we get one of these wins. I think we're in a very good position for coal to take down in water. Rodriguez Lefty going up against the heavy right handed yankees lineup and Socks might be a little bit tired that you guys are very very grueling series with ray so that might that might play a little bit into it but still going to be cautiously optimistic. Because i also wouldn't be surprised if we lose the first games of the series. And then baxter against the wall and cole has to get the win. One hundred percent gabrielle. Where are you on this. Are you still off the sweep or are you a little more depressed after this race series at. What's the overall situation. I'm i'm one of the kids down. I'm not. I'm not feeling good My thing with this team is it's so all or nothing you know like they're either going to score literally fifteen runs or they are going to be what they were last night and just totally ruin. Nick peta's gorgeous. Start by not giving a damn thing with their bats. I you know i know. They're tired They had a bad series against the royals last weekend. They lost to three and in very embarrassing fashion too. Because the royals are not good I'm not. I'm not looking forward to it mostly just because i never. I don't know if it's like the the like ingrain trauma of growing up in a boston household before two thousand four. But like i never look forward never confident going into a yankees series like my thing is like i don't wanna get slapped and i'm not saying that as like literally like i just never want them to get swept so going into this series like that is. I'm sorry but that's my low expectation just because our bullpen has been struggling Our lineup has been struggling. I mean bobby dall back is on pace for like two hundred and thirty strikeouts and like the only reason he's still up here is because we don't have better options than that We have guys who are on by christian. Arroyo has been really great for us. Unlike he like he. He hit a grand slam last week in like three home runs but he just went on the injured less Kevin on the injured. The injuries are starting to get to us. We don't have a lot of good options at triple. Eight of that are ready to come up. And i think people forget that. There's a clear distinction between a guy who is ready like waterfront. Go for example. He's been ready like the rays have been holding down because they don't to pay him. They want to manipulate service. Time like that kid's been ready and a lot of times. You know what. I'm sure you have seen a to with your team is the red sox. Denver's he wasn't ready. They called them up because they were last in. The american league in home runs twenty seventeen. They had no bats because the david ortiz retired. And really this is fine. We don't need him and it's really you sure so. They called observers and you see him make routine errors in at third base because he wasn't ready and four years later here we are. So i'm i don't wanna get swept up but i'm optimistic. It's funny like if you pitch shifted what you just said and change the name system yankees like you. I also feel. I mean i had you have pre two thousand four like nervous anxiety. I post you four nervous anxiety disorder. I don't enjoy these games. Ever you were very connected all the time yes. It's knocking skittish constantly. I can't imagine attending one of these. Like that's also where i'm at someone's like you want to go to yankees jesus christ now. Of course i don't Definitely not at fenway. I promised you before. My i did promise you to tell you. The story of the time. I was chasing new fenway bathroom. The censored version is in two thousand twelve and the red sox were really not good and john lackey was mid tommy john rehab and was reviled player and not like a fan favorite. I bought a john. Lackey t shirt at the door for five dollars and wore it as my halloween costume. I was the chicken and beer. Red sox and then i wore it to a game at fenway that year and everything's going fine i don- people notice. I guess and then i was walking the aisles and some dude came up behind me and went john lackey and i just ignored kept walking and he goes john fucking lackey. Haw and i'm like all right. Alright writer and i went into the bathroom. And he's screaming and he's like john lackey and then you go in the bathroom standing on a toilet and also he not he goes john. Lackey wanted you my wife and then he left. I don't know what that means to this day. I don't know if you had a personal vendetta. Maybe john lackey like did try. I don't know situation was the most confusing moment. I've had it a ballpark. So you've asked me in the past like do you like i love anyway not that day. But i love fenway. i would never in my life. Ten yankee sox at fenway. And if you're wants to do that. God bless i don't really like attending oxy stadium. Either to be honest. I went to a game in two thousand nine hundred. That turned out well. Before that i went to the earliest sham endeavors. Game was the most recent yankee socks game. I went to the yankee stadium and i switched positions. I switched positions between the eighth and ninth inning. So i did that. I fully did that. That's my fault but yeah going into the series. You don't wanna get swept. I don't wanna get swept as long as the get swept. I will leave satisfied in the interim though like it's so basically we both want our teams to just win at least one game in the series of. That's that's what we wanted in the last series. Yes were sitting around the house. Just win one. I don't care what it is. Don't care when it happens win. One all i want to know. I'm getting greedy now though i want to. There's no reason game stadium in my life. it was may twenty nineteen. It was remember when andrew benintendi was the red sox leadoff hitter no legitimate reason for a solid two and a half months So i was at the game the first game back that mookie was leadoff man when core finally accepted what every fan had seen for the first two and a half months like this. I shouldn't be batting leadoff. It was like the beginning of benintendi collapsed. I take no pleasure in that. Like i felt so bad for him but it was like power. We still doing this. So i was at that game and i will say my in my experience was not as the i and get chased or anything but i will say on twitter leading up to that series. I had yankees fans like if we see you at fenway. We will be your head in. And i was like this seems really excessive. Like it's a sport. It's not like you're taking this really seriously. Nothing happened at the game. Obviously and your food is really good. But the one thing that i thought was really funny and i literally pulled up. The tweet is i had yankees fan. Sitting in front of us is june. I nineteen i tweeted. I wish you all hear the yankee fan sitting behind me. Moaning about tommy canley. Because the guy was shouting he sucks. He fucking sucks. I hate him. He belongs in aaa. Most gimme chapman. Fuck this guy. And i was like tom. Mckinley has a one point. Five seventy era and everybody yeah. Everybody misses now that he's gone. Yeah and i was just like i know the red sox like the red sox bullpen was so bad in twenty nineteen because they were overworked. Because starters were like dead but to sit there and having against you and be like this guy. Sucked me chapman. I'm sure you know how i feel about that guy. when can lazier was under two well under two. I was like there's your there's there's come at the bottom of the famous no doubt. Oh yeah the three of us are entering weekend. Set huge one and all of us. Just don't wanna get swept. So i guess that's the vibe of we're all sitting here. All of us are nervous. None of us are happy. Like take the rivalry so intense. It's so awesome. And it's like honestly. These games are just stressful. Like it's fun to look back on four for me now and i'm sure three for guys. it in real time because there's just so much wrapped up in it. I don't think it's fun you know. it's it's just. It's just stressful. I don't think it's fun and two thousand and three. I don't even look back on fondly because it gave us our manager of their goal of that. Is it for this rivalry edition of the go. Yard podcast make sure to find us on apple podcast. Google pocket spot. If i were ever you get your pockets drop five. Serve you along with a mailbox question. If that's something that interests you gabrielle star. Thanks for being here. Where can people find you to prob. I'm sorry like you're probably gonna get heckled during the series but we do appreciate it. Fine i- social media at this point. I'm you can find me on twitter. At jeff s. t. a. r. One girl at the game is at girl at the game on all social platforms girl at the game. Dot com growth again podcasts. On apple spotify. Whatever and i'm writing and editing for that out of here now so if you went to that falls out of your dot com I have like four stories up this morning Because i couldn't sleep last night so yeah and it was kind of fun. 'cause nick vada i got to write about a former philly and that's kind of my wheelhouse. Sow yeah thank you guys so much for having me next time. If you want me to come back. I'll tell you my kevin millar aaron boone story which i totally forgot about until. Now good teaser. For next time with coffee. I forget on my actual stories. We'll have you back thomas. Karen day we're going to be. We'll find you at tommy's underscore takes you can also find us at yanko. Yard dot com. We've got plenty of content therefore you especially through this rival rivalry weekend and you could talk to us on. The official yanks go twitter account at go yard. F s will be there around the clock for the next seventy two hours until then. We'll see you all on monday. And i'm at atom winer. If you're an astros fan who just read something i wrote in the middle of the week. You appear to found me during the recording of this podcast. So congratulations i'll see you all and see. Tony ends over the weekend.

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