Leah Remini going after Tom Cruise and Scientology, Julianne Houghs ex reveals he didnt prioritize sex in past, Kelly Ripa never made peace with Regis before death


Hey guys, this is Mara from the trend reporter podcast. This week, we have a solution for all your under eye problems by minds, wrinkles, pros, discoloration bags, all it. Dermatologist. Dr Whitney Bo. Is GonNA share her recommendations for medical procedures, and if you don't like needles or if you're on a budget celebrity makeup artist, Miro has got you covered quick and affordable makeup fixes and yes, we're sharing product pigs including INC discount code. It's all available right. Now at the trend reporter podcast, listen to the reporter on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Gavel advice. I'm and. Welcome to the. Show host from my friend donning meets him joining us from Hollywood. that. Do I, sound different. You sound luckily crystal. Clear. You always do congratulations on the new jobs are donny is starting at Okay magazine Dot. com, I love this website congratulations. Today's your first day. Oh I am going to nervous 'cause when we're done here, I'm going to log on and start my story Oh. If you need any help, let me know we'll help you. We all support was so proud of you. You've been working so hard to make this dream come true, and now has we are thrilled. Hey, what time is it is time. Okay. So Lia remedy is that how I pronounce a last name, Leo Monique that's great is speaking out against Tom Cruise and his involvement in the Church of Scientology claiming there's more here than meets the eye. So Leah told US weekly in an exclusive that she thinks it's It's time for people to figure out what's really going on here, and they need to wake up to the real facts. She argues that Tom has manipulated his image to be the good guy, and although she does believe that there was a time when Tom was decent and a good kind hearted person, he's morphed into something else. She also claims that Thomas completely dedicated to scientology's mission to quote clear planet Earth. What that means is making at least eighty percent of the world's populations into scientologists. She grew up very young in the church. Think it was a choice I. think she was pretty much born into it. It left the organization in two thousand and thirteen and went on to expose a lot of them in her Emmy Award winning series. Also to she had a wild coyote in two, thousand, fifteen, a memoir, it was caused. It was called troublemaker breaking the silence or surviving. Hollywood and scientology. Now, what she claims is there was a chapter of the book dedicated to Tom. Cruise, all about Tom her publisher didn't want to include that in the book because they thought it would pull focus that sounds strange. Doesn't it, but now she's released that chapter she's giving it to Tony or take our who has a website called the. The underground bunker, the entire chapter, is there shocking shocking details really stuff that makes you just wow, my my mouth was open reading it go and read it as a link from naughty gossip dot com. What do you think about all this as the juicy wild story and the thing is though is I'm with you though it's Tom Cruise if you would want that in the book because we're going to pick up the book to want to read it. But the other thing is true. So even though remedy had the very popular A-a-any, Docu series about scientology, there's still so much do not know we don't know. A lot about what's going on behind the scenes, they're. Right. Well, she's not afraid to tell us. We should point out to the church, a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology has denied all these accusations, but it's not stopping her. She's still telling us the scoop. What's interesting about this to me is that she was a member, she was a member for many many years. So she really has the inside information. It's like a lot of people if I tried to write a book about Scientology, I. Do my research, our interview people, but it's not the same as having somebody who lived at I. Think one of the reasons they show has become successful. Successful. Thank you very much and the reason I'm a good columnist is I was a publicist. So for a long time more than a decade, I worked with celebrities, I got emails and texts and phone numbers from phone calls from them all the time. So I can do what was going on and it really helped me become a reporter because I've seen both sides. That's what's so interesting about this to me. Hey, it's our poll question of the day. She claims that Tom Cruise has manipulated his image three scientology. Do you agree yes or no? Go vote on our twitter page at Naughty Nice? Nice rob or facebook page naughty gossip and be sure to check tomorrow to hear your results Donny what are you working on so Brooks Lake. So he what still is married to Julian huff even though they are seperation may after three years marriage, he's actually opening up on his podcast about how he didn't prioritize sex in the past. So his pockets is called men thank, which is very hard to figure out how many. Thanks. So He's here to help out it's opens up about how sex and intimacy got pushed down the totem pole. So think about it Robin Life were busy were doing we. We have our work. We have this who renewing, we have kids. If you have kids, you have your wife, you gotta clean the House. You gotta run into Errand and just sexton become a priority for him or for Julian. It seems playing even though he doesn't mention her, but he was married to her. So obviously, she has something to do with it, and he says that he really now has to focus that you need to prioritize it. I've a question for you. I know you hate you. But I'M GONNA ask he says, net a month is acceptable time to go without having sex. A month is too much. Is there a timeframe for you? Score. I really on it. I. Really. Open I. Told my everything here. I talked about working celebrities. I took. My will like I. Took my doctor. Be Myself the ones of Jake that makes the clean Jr is sex, and maybe it's because I British we just talk about this. So I've got much better at talking about emotions we breached though really do either but sexy something that I'm Just so creep. Oh, I don't like them. Up cringing here. I do think though he has a point I will say Catholic I will say that familiar an emotional attachment and a physical attachment of both important. When I was younger, it might be more physical. But, now, I've got to say it's fifty fifty and I understand if it's not for you have different needs to speak. But for me I, don't know I. Think. I think both a really really important. I'm shocked is actually doing this though because. Although. He didn't mention her. We're all GONNA think he's talking about Juliane, and they didn't just spend her birthday together and mock Lupo from US weekly who co host with us every Thursday, he told us last week exclusively that she wants to get back together with him some maybe maybe all this is going to work. I have sex more often talk about it anymore. Let's move our games. Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa. Never made peace with regis before his death. Wow. So this is a big exclusive from OK magazine Dot Com about plague there and It's a fascinating read exclusive that said Kelly is haunted by regret. So towards the end of his life, Regis was pretty honest about his existent relationship with, Kelly. He even tried to contact her more than. Than once and she never replied source as saying that Kelly is notoriously stubborn and she holds a grudge like nobody else wouldn't. She feels slighted. She could chew off completely and now it's too late for her to reach out and show a little kindness. Now, I missed them at Kelly has done this before she dumped Michael. Stray Ham, she has not spoken. Spoken to him ever. Since he left the show, she perceived him as betraying. We'll sent you. If you remember back a while ago in two thousand and six, she stopped talking to Rosie O'Donnell after Rosie accused Kelly of being homophobic. She got into an incident with clay aken on the show. He was come hosting. She put her hand over his mouth while Rosie? Rosie said, she bumped into Kelly, several times after that backstage, Madonna concerts they both huge Madonna Fan. So we know roses actually friends with Madonna and Rosie said Kelly would not speak to her. Let me ask you donate to you hold a grind. I'm Kelly Ripa I. I'm holding a grudge I. Wish I did it I wish I couldn't. But I do. I'm the best that I think the best is different at this. We all we all do our own thing. Doesn't matter what you decide here. Once again, let me. We're not. We're not digging Kelly RIPA here. This is a she is. Some people hold a grudge, my sister better. View. Upset us. You'll never speech with regard. I'm the opposite I. Don't really hold a grudge like and I'm not just saying that Donna you know me, I'm not a holder. I really don't I think it's because I'm lazy. And I sometimes forgets who I'm not speaking to I. Just I move on really really fast. I always have ever since I was a little child but econ change you you are and you shouldn't change who you are, but it is interesting that now Kelly has some regrets. Let's go number three. Definitely doesn't hold a grudge or to cancel the emmy nominations came out. And then there's a lot of people nominated who happened coast are with her. So look at this morning show Jennifer Aniston Steve Kerr grail big little lies, Laura dern male streep. Little Fires Everywhere, Carrie. Washington all nominated re Scott Zero. But. In a roundabout way. Line and she congratulated the stars after the snub. She goes. WHOA. What an incredible honor three of our hallows sunshine productions are nominated for eighteen is. So this is what moon donors at reese actually produces these shows. Or in a roundabout way, she might not have gotten nominated directly for outstanding actress ride. When you put it like that is easier to say congratulations because you're right racist, the boss she cast them. She's the boss of the shows and she's not just in them. But I do like this. I do being gracious and I do believe she's really really means it. Do you want people to that you know don't mean it, but they over congratulate you like they've. Life is something wonderful. Money. Out of me. Sort of it wasn't that impressive? I did win yet. So congratulations to reese and and what she ultimately is the winner here because honestly once again, those are her shows Kim Kardashian shielding the kids from Cognac drama said Kim, the shield in the food children. From Kanye. West, with everything going down all the family is in on this, they've circled around the kids trying to isolate them sources. Tell People magazine that everyone everyone decided to create an atmosphere of normalcy around the children. The oldest one is north who seven. That might start to know the youngest is only fourteen months that has no chance of the little one knowing anything. But at some point, these kids are GonNa grow up in Oregon hot access to the Internet, and find out what do you think the one I really worry about north. So I've nephew who's nine and that kid knows had use instagram up and down and Youtube, and seven's not far off from nine to I. would argue that North probably has a phone and has an iphone because he's taken fees and she knows how to use these things in this really hard as she gets older too. I just Google Kanye West. GotTa. Be there forever really is, do you Google yourself domain? Okay. I'M NOT GONNA lie I, I have sometimes I do. Yes. Quite good at not to get Chelsea. Handler said. You, current. If you don't want to accept the badge can't accept the good. So if people say bad things about you, if you don't WanNa, listen to that. Then you also logically caught listen to the good I sort of went down that path. Although I must admit I have been reading all the reviews getting for the PODCAST I. Love them even the ones that you know five. Star. Home. And, we really do read the comments and this show change really did change because of the comments, this show us to be really produced, and then when we used to have the little sprinkles of silence throughout the show and it was much more sort of carved up and we heard from you, we heard that you wanted him organic charges if you're sitting in bar with me Donnie. Well, that's what we did. So do please comment. Honestly, we re really important and tell us the truth. You don't have to give us five stars. But give us give us. We, will listen to them I. Probably. We're GONNA, take a quick break and we will be right back. Guy Welcome to the. House. Having a moment. Everybody has a PODCAST, right? Every celebrity everybody you knew in college every family member at least once there are literally hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there. Yeah. It's a bit of a mess. So. I figured what? The heck. What's what more? I'M KWA at my new show seven, a pod. We'll give you the most interesting and important stories in podcasting. We'll talk to producers, entertainers and gymnasts. We'll talk the bigwigs and we'll talk independent creators serving the pot will a sense of what's happening in a growing world of podcast. And more importantly why you should care. Listen to serve in a pod on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or where we get your podcasts. Back to the not PGA night show has stopped shooter with my friend. Dottie. Meacham who now I can proudly say is working for OK magazine, dot com that sounds good. Oh. That's fabulous. So let's get to the polls. Okay took. The Hollywood voice. So the poll results are in yesterday. That's right. You've got full Hollywood. The poll results are in yesterday we talked about. Ellen. Degeneres has show is now under investigation can ellen survive this yes or no. Wow. What's this? Oh, fifty five percent said? No, she will survive forty five said yes? Yes. Well, the results absolutely worthless because I mixed up lancers. Yes, she will saliva on over. Used here. Oh. Read to the make dosage. Look on facebook Bob. Coming Cunningham hello. Bob. But pointed out the answers don't match the questions. Yes. Means nut. Thank you. Bob Thank you up Tracy stillman hello. Tracy. Yet. Questions backwards. No, she won't survive. Yes. She will I think though I'm so sorry I got it back would also do we should put a little shoutout here. My friend Robbie Franklin. So I always go to robby is has Passover and lots of fabulous all we have such delicious dinners at our House Robbie starting to. To listen to the PODCAST. Emailed me a lovely note yesterday Robbie. Thank you. The World Roberts got a lovely donkey called spark with before hallows sparky hey. Don't forget to vote on today's poll I. Probably I promise I will try try get the answers. Right? It will fit. It's about Tom. Cruise. Gathered on my twitter page, Naughty Nice Rob or our facebook page, not gossip to leave a comment and be sure to check back to moreover to hear your results, and now it's time for an nicest of the. Oh what. Actually. Taylor swift for a very, very good reason. So yesterday Misdee- actually talked about an okay exclusive where so this is Taylor released a new album called folklore as part of the album. No. They released merchandise will some of the merchandise, a woman by the name of a mirror rassoul she exposed to single for seemingly stealing the logo. So do they have similar? There is a feeling in front. Front of folklore and Amir was like that looks similar to mine but Taylor. Not Very Megastar, whatever she could just own it away, but she didn't take. They're actually spoke out in her people said, you know what? Yesterday we were made aware of a complaint that the specific word of the was used before folklore, we are correcting the situation. So Taylor's changing it. She's doing something you is. Why. I love this. I also like to think a little bit that this is the power of Okay magazine Dot Com misdee- the two of them You know when something isn't right, you pointed out, and then you see who people are a lot of people choose to ignore it. People make mistakes I don't believe for one second Taylor was trying to hurt this young designer here. I don't believe that but you do. Do make mistakes. It's how you handle them. It's what you do. That really tells me who you are Taylor Swift. You are a class class, act this being resolved or it's in the process of being resolved, and that makes you a nicer. The day I love that she stands for the women are the people are the creative folks good for you, Taylor Swift. Okay, and that are naughtiest of the day, not not not. From game of thrones. So Vanity Fair is pointing at Kate. Middleton attempted to rectify the situation with Meghan Markle by taking her flowers as a peace offering. Well, though the the this is not in the book, it's not in the book finding. Freedom. That's the book we were talking about Oh that's book mega. Mega. Actually got some flowers from cates an. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that the flowers were not enough. Listen when somebody reaches out an olive branch flowers, it doesn't even have to be a gift card. Actually can just be a note, an email text come on. Sometimes, it's much better to move on what do you? Absolutely, I Meghan didn't have. The. You don't have to reach out an olive branch to people you she McCabe Kate Kate website to make. Take didn't have to do this. She could have just let it go kate Middleton. She can do whatever you want, but you try to make the situation right, and if you somebody does that you just you owe it to yourself and then to just accept it. Right. Yeah. I think so too, and particularly when you've got two brothers in Fulton hair, two brothers that lumped each other that were best friends and now are not gonna live exclusive a little breaking news here. So I just got the cover of US weekly that comes out on, Fridays? We got to advance mark will tell us all about this tomorrow, but just an advance, the cover is Harry and William can. Can have a secret meeting. So they're going to get these two boys together in a room. The phone they get to do in person I don't know if they're gonNA fly into London I imagine that's what will happen there might fly him into Scotland because he can fly into Scotland, get in the car, go to one of the states and they can have a private meeting, maybe a week or so together. That's a good idea. Good Scape. Okay. Now, it's time for a moment of rub you. Don't get a rob. So we talk a lot on this show about kindness is really important to me and I love reminding everybody including myself to kind every single day. Acceptance is the cornerstone of kindness because you must accept yourself if you're going to be kind. So this doesn't happen in an hour a day a week or even a, yeah. Actually takes a constant battle. It's a lifelong struggle to be totally comfortable in your own skin, but the good news here, the more you practice the easier, it becomes to stay focused pay attention to it and start. Start to learn to accept everything you off. But also everything you are not where you on this time. What I found is that as you get older becomes easier to accept yourself because you're young, it's peer pressure and you're trying to fit in and be cool and as she could older like you know what I am who I am, I'm not changing and I have to accept that. Right you do. I, mean ultimately the you can't really change that much even people with plastic surgery and. All, these massive changes they make, you are who are. You can be a little skinnier economic, different hair color. You can make up ultimately you. But ultimately, you are who you are. So the sooner you accept that and I, love it the easier the better life will be I'm so touched that you're enjoying these moments of rob I had to really fight to get these in the show. So I'm a gossip columnist. Donny is a gossip columnist celebrity writer, and we have no business giving you self help, but it's something that I really believe in and being taught this from the best. I can assure you that did he. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez Alicia keys. The only thing that I have that you don't, it's not necessarily talent. It's thank. Totally accept them selves think about it. That's it for today, Hey. Tony congratulations starting your new job too. So, excited. Okay. Magazine, Dot Com you guys. Thank you so much for listening to the not even is with rupture production of IHEART radio and don't forget to subscribe on the iheartradio. APP. Apple podcasts or wherever you listen and leave us. I. Review that Really Important Donna. You've got some nice reviews. Myself. Let's say this together. Not You you've got to. Take care of. Hi, this is Lee Romney and Mike. And we are very excited to announce that we are finally doing podcast. Yes, and the name is scientology. Fair Game Everybody Scientology Fair Game And thank you to all of you because we tweet it out like, should we do a podcast? Overwhelming. Yes. Amazing response. Listen to scientology. Fair game on the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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