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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. A new stimulus bill to address. The Corona virus is stalled in the Senate on Sunday. A procedural vote. They're failed. The package is worth well over one trillion dollars. Npr's Susan Davis Reports Democrats and Republicans. Disagree over how much relief aid should be directed toward businesses and industries. They do agree on the main pillars of this bill which essentially would give small business loan guarantees and direct cash payments to Americans. But what they disagree about is a central part of it. Democrats want more money more money for hospitals. More MONEY FOR WORKERS WHO'VE BEEN UNEMPLOYED and Democrats want more accountability for the money. That's going to be in the bill to help. Companies corporations NPR. Susan Davis more than one hundred million Americans have been told to stay home to slow the spread of the virus today. Louisiana joins California New York Ohio Delaware and others in imposing a state wide shelter in place order from member station W. R. K. F. Paul Brown has this report. Louisiana's number of confirmed cases has skyrocketed as testing is ramped up. The State has ten times as many as it did a week ago. And according to a study by the University of Louisiana Lafayette a growth rate faster than any state or country in the world. Governor John Bel Edwards said at the current pace. The state's healthcare system could be overwhelmed in as little as seven to ten days. We need to flatten. The curve extended a relation of this emergency and expand our capacity to deliver healthcare all at the same time Edwards is ordering Louisianans to do their part and stay home except for essential tasks like buying groceries. Are Picking up prescriptions. He's also mandated the closure of all businesses deemed non-essential for NPR news. I'm Paul Braun and Baton Rouge. President trump is activating the national guard in three states. New York and Washington State. This will help. Lower states costs liability. Trump says his administration will also work to provide the states with mobile medical centers. Scientists say far more testing will be necessary to ultimately contain the corona virus pandemic. Npr's Jeff Brumfield explains why not everyone who catches the corona virus. Get Sick at least not right away. And there's growing evidence that individuals with minor symptoms or none at all can pass it along to others. Jeffrey Chaman led recent study of virus spread in China and found. This kind of transmission was a major problem and the only solution is to test even mildly. Ill patients you should be testing as much as possible because that informs people to stay Home Shaven. Who's at Columbia University? Acknowledges that ramping up testing may be tough especially as hospitals. Start to fill up but he believed that the only way to bring the virus under control. Jeff Brumfield. Npr News Washington you're listening to NPR news from Washington Secretary State. Mike Pompeo isn't Afghanistan on an unannounced. Visit he's trying to push forward a deal signed between the US and the Taliban this is waivered because of political wrangling Kabul and concern over the corona virus NPR's Diaa Hadid reports from Islamabad. Pompeo's appearance is a dramatic gesture. Meant to shake all the parties into finding resolution most travel even for diplomats has been severely curtailed because of the pandemic the visit comes as the Taliban step up their attacks including an incident on Friday while local media said more than twenty security forces were killed during his visit. Pompeo's meant to resolve a dispute between the Afghan president. I should have honey. And he's K. Rival his name is Abdullah Abdullah and he claims that he is the rightful president. President Hunter team has also delayed releasing hundreds of Taliban prisoners. That's a key. Demand of insurgents before peace talks begin between Afghans delayed. Npr News Islamabad. The International Olympic Committee has said publicly for the first time postponing the upcoming Summer Olympics is a possibility the IOC sites concerns over the pandemic. There've been calls for a delay of the Games which are set to open in Tokyo in four months now. Japan's prime minister has conceded. The Games may need to be delayed in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel is now self isolating. She says Dr who vaccinated her last. Friday for pneumonia was infected with the virus. This comes as Germany has imposed new social distancing rules these limit public gatherings to to people not including families. This is NPR.

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