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pillow friends. This is Ron burgundy the entire first season of the Ron burgundy podcast is available now to stream or download and what a season it was Peter dig. Which Mr. Deepak, Chopra sandiego chicken, Mr. rupaul, we should get out of this elevator. Find the Ron burgundy podcast on the free iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. The Ron burgundy podcast, another reason why I heart radio is number one for podcasts, who? Boo. Boo. Who's there? Oh, is that is the internet? Oh, welcome to season eighty five episode one of daily, as I. Production of our radio. Now, this is a podcast where we take the deepest dives into America's old, nasty, rotten skull, and figure out what is going on, you know off the rip how we say ball coke industries, Fox News. See you would call that. Hey, for profit, racket Bray. Yeah. We'll look is Monday June third, right? Yet. Viz Monday, June third good. I'm time traveling twenty nine thousand nine my name is miles gray aka? Okay. Hold on. Let me just let me give my zone. All right, dre. Hold on. I sit back with the stack these tweets in this bag, and this weed that gives me the that makes me the DVD on this on this earth is bar puppet cars, with this karst. Oh my gosh. I had this. There was a whole second half to that. But I am not angry enough to do it. I thank you to Matt dick at Matt dick. The offer that Eminem has hired a and I, I'm so honored to be joined as my guests coast because, you know, you hear my voice Emmys, Jack up to something. He's, he's whole hold on, don't now they heard. You're fine. No. Was trying to reveal that the guest is none other than young Yemi lofty Jamie Loftus herself. And let's hit her with that here. Should I just go right into it? Yeah. Yeah. No, go do. Okay. Certain county in three four. I got them. I thought in back hot takes our attached dog is met, black cut the bite you match run non with. Oh, no. I'm doing it wrong. Zamboni whip your phony, Ivan in the hacker, you can't. Of that, code or now I lost it. Nobody Jamie loved his Hugh kit. JV lofton. Oh, those were ain't. Nobody. Yeah, it would have been really good. You should incident been my Jamie. Ain't nobody rise them bony. Man. I don't I I was really excited for that. And I really shit. You want another bite of the apple. I don't know. I think I need help. I feel like that was pretty tight, though. I'm going to be real. That was brand for you. Yeah. It fell apart in the middle and I didn't save it. Part I'm brand. Then you just embraced it. Did your thing. And then they're like, you know that there's something about that, Jamie. Loftus. There's the way the way she fails is so beautiful. Yeah. That one is from at shell Hoskins. I'm sorry. I absolutely ruined it. No, no. You made it your. I thought it was beautiful. I'm ready to. I think we can expect to see you in the next BT cypher. Thank you so much, fresh, the double XL, freshman class when, when you're going to be you, one person. You a little it. Yeah, it's just me and I'll just fumble a little nauseous. Zack's versus right after him to make him, look better. You'll begin ghost writing for him. Well, well, let's, let's look over to our right in our left to see somebody in our third share our guest today. This is this is somebody who's come back a second time. Yes. And we liked him the first time we're like, which haven't back again. He's my friend. He's your friend. I'll be honest. He's my friend. Well, please welcome helped me. Welcome the hilarious. The talented the wise, ally Oseberg, and nobody knows. Say that's how it should have. I'm now going to listen every time I hear first off. Thank you guys for that lovely intro. You're both my friends. Wow. Now super honored and also honored to be on the season premiere of season eighty-five. Thank you so much. Yes. Big year. How far we've come eighty-five year. Many of my friends were born nineteen hundred five I was born in nineteen eighty-five. Oh shit. So this is perfect favorite bowling for soup song. Five years. No. The guy from bowling for soup is the voice of Chuckie cheese. Now. One. I did not know that in two between the time you said Chucky cheese, I was like I thought it was Mark Hamill for the movie could you imagine? I've that would be great. Yeah. I would have been so happy about it. He's as all the roles also whenever I hear old town road. Now, I am going to think nobody Jamie Loftus. It's true. Zamboni UN Lausanne, bowed, that I guess we should talk about what we're gonna talk about. Are you to try to keep it loose? Okay. You know how you know how I get down miles is in charge today. I scared the substitute who smells like we. To teach you know, it's funny, that was like res- soon as I got done with college two thousand seven in the economy was exploding. And I was like, you know what I need to go get that sea-based or whatever that test is for substitutes. I did that smashed it. And right before I was going to begin doing that in earnest, I started getting into politics, but I still got that shit. I did. I, I saw for like my first few months a call. Call out of college, and I was teaching in Watertown, which is like where the all the Boston bombing stuff happened like we're the guy was hiding the boat. Yeah. Water tons in New York. Right. There's also a Watertown messages, because there's a lot of kind of New York is a bad name. There's also Universal City is a bad water wars. Yeah. But there is I was teaching second graders. And they're like today, you know, just teaching them about the one year anniversary of what happened. Okay. You're tasked with that. Yes. And I did not have to take tests to be a substitute teacher. They were dislike are you free? The requirements. I took it really seriously. And I like put together a lesson and I went into the class, and they might have been older like fifth grade because I was like okay guys a year ago today. So very serious happened. And then one kid in the baggage is like we know and then as gave up and I didn't do the lesson. You build on the whole thing, I've put on, like, remember the titans. I guess I I was a TA for one week one class. No two classes. Actually so's two weeks. I was in grad school, and one of the teachers like do you want to be a TA, and I was like, okay? And I was not a good TA when two kids were talking. I was like, hey, stop. I literally slid to them stop. And then I they were like super offended. Yeah, I know. That's what I was like. So I don't know if I'm not assertive enough, where I was like, did I go like stop licking a very like please? You know what I mean? Like, is it a very yeah, I would stop. Did you say stop? Or did you say? I should've said that figure stay empowered with. Got the new soundboard and you know, I'm getting. And, and then I remember I got a day job. That was I was like yeah minute take that. And the teacher was like no, you can't leave me. And I was like, sorry I just left. Yeah. And I, I don't miss it. I mean, that was at the turn of people being on their phones everywhere, like right at that period. So it will you study? What do you have, what's your masters degree in? Why didn't finish out because I wanted to comedy. Yeah, it would it would have been in screenwriting. Oh, I already got. Yeah. Yeah, just a real unique LA thing you know, I also you know, as a master's in screenwriting is Kevin Durant. Make sure we all know same page. Let's get back into talking about. So first off, we found out, Tiffany haddish has a very interesting way to hear feedback after additions. And I think it's perfect. And, you know, some casting directors should be ashamed. What else talking about? Oh, okay. What's June now pride month? So inevitably a lot of pride. Merch is being sold, but the brain. So, yeah, we are going to look into, if you things that look like, you know, actual worthwhile promotions of pride month and others just seem like, you know, just opportunistic you have a cheeseburger, dummy love it. Yeah. Hey, gays. Like, you know, gays like sneakers to she is not just for straits here. Supreme supreme. Exactly. Proceeds go to what is it the Carlisle group or whatever nasty Meg Montel shareholders, then we're talking about? Oh, you know, Trump had to pivot, obviously because Robert Muller stuff got to real for him. So now he's just trying to make Mexico the new Russia and we'll talk about how that's going out. Well what else what else? Oh. We gotta talk about the thing that exploded the internet on Friday, which was the re revelation that Keanu Reeves might be old and alone. Yeah, he met his fallen, but we gotta get him up. I've got a plan. Your data plan. You got your armed with many anecdotes, we're going to explore this a little bit because they're strapped it turns out the story was not quite fully sincere. But I don't think that changes anything about how we feel about him. But it's in a there's a there's kernels of truth in it that, that the public needs to know about, oh, one hundred s and that's all we do. Here we talked truth. And finally, we'll talk about the egg industry. Just really desperately telling us to eat more eggs, please as well, as you know, Whitney Houston, her comeback, because it's highly anticipated and three dimensional. So before we do all that he li- yes on delay delay. Mommy lie ally. Tell somebody search history. That's revealing about who you are. This was literally what I was thinking about my search history. I was like it was all populated with different types of otter box searches for the last two weeks because I got a new phone, and I've been obsessed with trying to get an otter box that didn't cost an arm and a leg bake your new phone. Oh. That's a phone. Oh, wow. Oh, you already got water. I got the box. You got the box got the Bach. I got my by. Are you a serial foam breaker? No that, that's why I'm more obsessed with the box because I haven't it hasn't happened yesterday. And I feel like I'm putting most people are like, oh, I don't want to jinx, it now manifesting it. That's why I'm saying it out loud. Not breaking any phones twenty new going to manifest a protect the air of a spirit of protection. Exact. Yes, I think that's good. Yeah. And so it might say your box is almost you indicating to the world that you are prepared. For a drop. Yeah. And you could be alternately manifesting drop as well, protect. Yeah. I mean it's a out. It's a fine line. Kinda gets kinda complicated. It's, it's, it's layered to say the least. Yes, I got one of those poppers on last week, I got a hurry tos Papa pop socket yellow pop sack. Has it been? Here's the thing. I was going to get a pop socket. Sorry to start something with. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. Here's the thing about pop sockets. Sorry. Sorry, the otter box. Stan has logged on the. Do you like it? I here's the thing. Is the version is the last thing. I've touched before I go bed. The first thing I talked I wake up so Marino's pop socket is, but does it when you take a selfie because that's when I was looking. Oh, is that where there's all the ads are like you can grip the phone better? And I'm like, isn't it just to was this for then why? Why do you have? Yeah. What what's I'm thinking? I'm thinking ASMAR thing, but like for touch, I thought it was like just something to fidget with. Oh. You're just like I'm nervous because phones are getting so big, and our hands are not yet. It just helped you are holding that thing. So. They got pop soccer me to come and take you away like. I think like the air. Like how many figurative between both fingers like if you're gonna help anything just for one, halo of or if you want to hold you wanna use it as a stand? If you wanna watch something whereas right? That's the big one that's I thought it, what it was exclusively for. I see you. Let me see you hold that thing, the way you're holding it originally. I am a this photo Willoughby on Twitter for you to see how Jamie check with high calling. Okay, I'm learning. So I thought about getting one, and I was like I'm on the fence and Jamie's like you know what I, I don't use it for the same reason. Everyone else does. But five stars out of five. All right. It's basically a sex toy. Those photos will not be on my Twitter. Oh, what isn't as overrated? Ordering foods off apps. Okay. Go on not now. Tell me more, too expensive fair. It's I would say fifty percent of the time. It's right. Or by the time you get it. It's cold or soggy. And if it's wrong, or if they just straight up mess up the order, you have to like order all over Egan lives, like two hours time they'll, you saw big, but I understand for some people. It's convenient for other people money is not an issue. I have to be in their shoes. Yeah. I feel like it as a flex. Sometimes what people were like or something, I'm post mates. Oh, so that's where you are exactly the casualness about it. They're like, why don't we just order in, and I don't know, I've never been able to just casually, but it doesn't always mean you're doing well, you could just be fucking just reckless careless which your money. That's true because I'm like, I don't know. I've been at friends houses in there. Like to an order Taco Bell to the house. No, no, no also. I can I can get on board with posted Mason shit like that. She's context fucking fast food. No. Yeah. Ver- and also fast food like going there. I don't know. There's something tactile about it like going and doing it. Well, I've heard of fun even going through the drive through. That's what I mean. Like going through there. I don't know. There's something about it. Yeah. That makes me feel connected on my bell because I pull up and I go. Make the custom Mexi melts. And then maybe you know, the caramel, apple Empanada, but that's been discontinued in some places have heard what is something that is underrated. Sweet and low. She every place in LA. I did not expect to get attacked. On this one. I'm sorry, getting attacked. I'm just discussed. Just not leave you with the idea of you. I'm glad I'm glad that. So I mean, this is a fun hill for you to choose to die on the wrong. I'll get look. This is this is all things. I'm okay with being canceled about. You know what I'm gonna cancel my phone this one out? Out on Twitter ally. Be cancelled over this space. You're okay, equal splendour trivia, stevia, disgusting, just pure garbage. You know, I agree with. Fire so sweet lows the only one I can tolerate. I'm an ice tea drinker. Don't drink anything. Warm sugars not gonna melt in. There is just going to the bottom, so I have to pick one sweet low tastes so good. And every place in Los Angeles, just seems to be zeroing it out. Starbucks has equals version of sweet and low. I feel like Sweden low is associated with boomers or worse. People who are because it it's I mean, because it was the original fake sugar, or the one as a kid, I remember when he used to just be like white packets of sugar or pink package this week. And now there's white yellow blue green blue fucking fuchsia and all around. I like the Brown sugar in the raw but that's does that melt. No. You know what I like in Japan and other places to they just have the syrup. Yes. But that's just sugar water. What's wrong with that? It's just a censorship in. It's not the same would you prefer sugar if it melted over Swede lower, you're just probably have a shirt on that if we did, if we put up the panel number I believe, sweet and low, and you've got Sweden on? Yes. Because. A coincidence. So what are you promoting? I heard from a couple of things here to tell you sweet. Lows only carried it to places right now that I frequent where you're gonna love this one. Jamie Duncan Don. Oh, good. I mean they they do not discriminate he's back. Yeah. She's hey. And then AAA has a oh, it's weird. Chipotle only has like regular sugar and sweet low nothing else. Sweden, though. I think in my great aunt Mary, stealing fistfuls of it in, like anywhere. Friendly's. Because I mean, I've had to grab it before from I one time went across the street to a Starbucks grabbed on. So I could put my coffee bean ice. Tea have sweet low and wow. Wow straight up. Yep. Done it. No one stopped me. Only by you. So because what three lows has saccharin soccer, and I remember back in the dude, look cancer. And then people like that. And now we're back to sac. And also, I think equal in splendor. Have a Sparta me. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. Aspartame which was actually worse for them. Yes. Which is worse for the Lord of the rings name spot. No, okay, cool. So we got that is it cool though. I feel like I feel like there's a lot of tension in the room. I guess, you know, it's it is you've walked you walked you've, I'm less angry about it now. So donuts you got her with Dunkin. And I just you got me when you basically said all the motherships are trashed because they are trash. Yeah. 'cause that fake shit. Just does not taste it right show. It looks splendid to me tastes like metal, I don't know that was I remember who's drinking is like, what is this metallic taste wouldn't have some kind of exam if that's coming up? BS stroke. Yes. Well finally, he lie. What is a myth? What something that I was miss up, the wording of this? But you know what some shit that people begin wrong, and you're like, no, it's not it you go. The current tips about sleeping is like people say that don't don't have, like lights on, you know, like, don't have certain like don't have your phone screening your face. Sure. But you go watch TV and pass out. I was talking to someone like you shouldn't even be watching TV. I'm the gift, the TV's fifth like twenty feet away from you. I do it every night. Blue light. I know that's why like a lot of people like to do that night shift. Right. Like I have on my computer to that'll phase out the blue light, I put on a timer on my TV. When I go to save your myth, is that that's bullshit. Because you sleep with the TV on all the fucking time. Yeah, I can fall asleep watching TV. It's not five feet from my face, but it's still like I can sleep. I sleep like a baby. It's not like fucking up. My sleep does the TV, like just what's happening on the TV ever like seep into your dreams, because that does happen to me every once in a while. I'll be falling asleep. I think I'm still watching TV, but I'm sort of in, in my feelings about something sad. It only happens if it's something I've never watched before, so exclusively don't do that anymore. I'll just watch comfort food to go to bed or if. Is something that I haven't seen before. It's gotta be pretty harmless. Like a like, I, I can't even think of a good example right now. But like I oh, you know what? I didn't really watch friends growing up. That's on TV. That's fine. Crossly too. I don't typically because now I'm just I watch it. And I'm like, is this a good show? I might get canceled for that one. I listened to to, you know. All the penny is not I, I listened to ASO mardi go to sleep or there's this YouTube channel about the history of roller coasters, but that shows shit asleep. Yeah, that's probably how sunny got red pilled. I shit running. And then eventually, it was like is like us, you know, like throw your votes in the trash like take on the identity of someone who's been dead. I'm sussed with sonny's and scrim obsessed Inc. You he just hit for k for k to k but look there with a lie manifesting on this episode out there. Let's get into the story. I guess, now there was a recent article I guess it was like a Hollywood reporter did around table. Is that is the queens of comedy issue, and who are the queens of comedy here? They are Jane Fonda, okay, Gina okay? I Rueda your Phoebe wall. Natasha. Yeah. Okay. Alex burns foreseen and Tiffany haddish. Yes. Yes. And there were just talking, you know, their secrets their experiences their lives. That's actually really get round table. And Tiffany, haddish though, had a very interesting anecdote because she was talking about something she used to do in auditions, because she wanted to get on his feedback because he just didn't believe what she's hearing. It's brilliant. It's brilliant, peop- this clip. What I would do. I would put my phone on voice memo put in my bag. I do the audition, walk out the room. Leave my banning St.. What would you here come back and be like, oh, I forgot my purse, emir give my purse you've actually done that car being let me link on z. We meet him. What would you try? She's not as urban as I thought I knew that was the word. Yeah. They would be like she's so ghetto. I just can't her boobs are big enough, but I really think go with a white, girl, she's not, she's not this, this world should be changed to white if our hair was league. It was like my MO a why not. But also, like also devastate. Yeah. And that's just such an indictment on why there's such a little representation. They'll. Yep. Where you have people. The gatekeepers are like, well, because it's like yeah. Who are in those rooms, most of the time that you're leaving your phone, right? Yeah. And that, that is like, that's also the person who is probably saying that is like a corporate drone. That's what's so frustrating about all of this. This isn't a person who gives a shit about the movie or the whatever they're doing. They're this product that is literally what they're thinking in their head. And then there's a filter that goes, call product movie or TV show related. They're almost always ugliest, but yes. Oh. And then the room and then they call you like weird looking like. It's like buddy. This is why you're on that end of the equation. Wow, shots of fine with Jamie Loftus on this one can't nobody Jamie locked. I mean like getting direct feedback after an audition. I mean Tiffany haddish is stronger than I am because I've gotten direct feedback. And I was like, oh, I got, you know, like I got to go to Dunkin now I gotta go off the grid for copying. And people always like when they when they they're always like the casting processes, not personal. That sounds pretty fucking personal. Yeah. Post. She's so ghetto. I just can't. Yeah. Personal. It's like a non-stop non-stop, personally yet. So crazy like doughnuts on personal. It's just the business. It's not personal your boobs are just all weird. Please go, your ghetto the foot couch. Get the fuck out supposed to take that it's not personal fuck off. You'll never work again. Someday someone is going to be looking for a girl with a light mustache. And then that's when I'm really gonna shine. Oh, you know what we gotta make our own offer. -tunities. Get get down here this year. Women with mustache is going to be able to vote. I can feel it. Yes. Seal it also, if you wanna ruin some friendships us, Tiffany haddish's voice memo tag that leaves some shit after you leave a group like you know what I mean and come back and like, oh, I forgot my purse, then you listen back to Jamie. Always thinks she's always trying to be funny shit. I left I like recorded a show. I did like a full hour show about a year ago, and I left the camera was behind to audience members that I didn't know and like at the end of that tape, I won't say which show it was. But it was like they're like. Those okay. Chevy state. I don't think their their their, their brains were robust enough to handle your comedy there. Yeah. His galaxy branding over your enemies and not to use a fucking. Saints pups pop saying, it's okay as like worse than bad. Yeah. I don't know. No not. Really? I don't know. Just something about hearing, like okay. It's like this weird thing that it didn't need a so vague. You don't. Anything elaborate? Yeah. Right. What can I do to improve? Right. Exactly. But this I mean the Tiffany haddish comments, especially are, like so pointed like us. Well, hey, at least she's in everything now. Yeah. She's actually, and I bet. Oh, god. I hope she goes in to see some of these cashing veterans and be like I saw that video, and they like it was you. Just so, you know, and this will be your last job. And they're yes. Okay, we'll take a quick break. We will be right back. Rathi is are the everyday slats for life on the go. They're stylish comfortable and go with everything from yoga pants to dresses and skirts. They've quickly become a most loved gotta have them brand, thanks to their wide range of colors and patterns with new ones, launching constantly and there's zero break in period, since Rossi's are crafted using three D knitting techniques, and hand assembly there. Seamless design means right. Out of the box comfort. Best of all, they're made from recycled, plastic water bottles. That's right over twenty five million water bottles have been diverted from landfills to make these gorgeous and sustainable shoes. Another major bonus, they're fully machine washable. So your pair will be fresh and ready every laundry day. Plus Rossi's always come with free shipping, and free returns and exchanges. There's no risk and no reason not to try you'll quickly. Discover why BuzzFeed called them there forever shoes. Check out all the amazing styles available right now at Rossi's dot com slash iheart. Comfort style and sustainability these are the. Shoes. You've been waiting for head to Rossi's dot com. That's our T, H Y, S dot com slash iheart. Today. And we are back now is June two pride month shout to LGBTQ I plus people out there, all Zych gang all y'all. Which means look when we see pride month. We see a lot of lot of great events, a lot of notable things happening and we'll see a lot of merchandise. Now already jam McNabb has gone through some things. And try to read between the lines to see some of the decent Mummers that's out there and some things that are just straight up fucking cynical cash grabs. I am excited for this brand participates my favorite, okay? So up, I marks and Spencer the the English supermarket chain. They had a sandwich called the LGBT. Block baking it to me. Oh my God. It had a lot of people fucking pressed. They were tight on Twitter when they saw this because it's like one was perfect. There's a tweet that just has the photo on display and says marks and Spencer through the first artisanal sandwich at stonewalled. Are they giving any money to any thing? So when you look at it, there's nothing on there, aside from a rainbow flag and LGBTQ plus and just the design of the package. Yet, that's all it says, there's nothing which is queer. What more do you want exactly high? We've reduced you to a sandwich. This is you what a dream. Hey, all my lettuce guac bacon and tomatoes out there, are you questioning to put on this bread? It's L lettuce bacon tomato. Keen. Wa what could be I food. Oh, I. Seis Berg lettuce. I mean that's. Okay. This is why we don't work for Marxist. But anyway, so I there wasn't anything indicated on the packaging anywhere on the sandwich, and now marks and Spencer claim that they had made donations to charity. But I never knew that, you know, a lot of people were just like this doesn't make sense. But it seems like this is a tactic. A lot of places are using that just saying, like, oh, we give to charities. Yeah. So that's why we can just exploiting this because we gave a little bit of money like ends, I'm sorry, ten thousand pounds is not enough. I'm sure you made more than ten thousand pounds on selling these sandwiches, because it is a good is a false like when you do as something like make a weird sandwich for pride month. You are like leading people to believe that it is for something other than just giving much. Which, by the way, all the people who bought them were straight people that are like, oh, I'm participating yeah. Right. I'm an ally. Exactly. That's good. Oh, people holding villa say I wasn't a Nola off the sandwich. Also starbucks. They have a little thing. They have a pride brand. Love tumbler and again, there isn't any proce any indication of where the money go, but Starbucks credit to them as a company has a very good record with LGBTQ. I, plus people that work for them like, oh, yeah, whether it's medical benefits, and they also pay for, I think, subsidized for gender reassignment. Yeah. And if you're if you're part time, I think you get benefits to the only time Starbucks misstep those when they switch sweet and low to equal. That's my only problem other. Other. Blasphemy where are we Laurie Howard shirts Schultz is spinning in his early grave? Now. Yeah. So I guess, you know, Starbucks. I think we can. I think they're okay on our okay, where we fall on the better ones. Yeah. If they have an doing right by people, exactly. Yeah. I think that that's, that's a good one. Like we're the fucking adjudicators actually, we get to decide triumvirate of nobody's. Will then decide. Okay, also target. They have fucking everything they can lie pride. Brandon line of clothing teasers, taint, swimwear. Slip block accessories. Jumpsuits razors. Everything mouthwash booking. Mouthwash. They have pride mouthwash. Yes. What's the I don't look something about that is real? I don't know what I think. Yes. It's just I just must be the labeling. That's all any of these things are. But again, this one, according to website, they're just sort of, like we've already donated one hundred thousand dollars to an organization that aims to end bullying and discrimination in schools, based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Now get all this stuff. Didn't also a few years ago they get in trouble for donating to like anti LGBT Q like they were in hot water, people were like then the big thing was like, well, we can't protest target, a lot of people are having our time. I can't shop anywhere else. I live in the middle of nowhere. Right. You know what I mean? Like it's he goes out or WalMart. So it's like picking the worst. Oh, yes. To stop funding anti-gay groups. So when was this eight years ago? Okay. So they've, I guess not a one eighty maybe like eighty seventy five eighty to ninety but yeah, again, this whole thing of like just saying, like, well, we don't eat at one hundred thousand dollars. I think is not is not very sincere in the sense that when you think about whatever these profit margins are can think it pales in comparison the volume of sales, they do if they just said. Hi how about thirty percent of everything you buy is going to something half all what I, I mean really it should be all. Yeah. I don't see. I mean unless again if you like the sale of this is funding some other thing that is an organization that is already doing good. It's, it's kind of interesting to, to sort of pride wash your business like this, there should be some sort of, like general policy, in place of, like, if you're going to co-opt like. Something like pride month like and that's not even a bad thing. It means that, you know, in a general sense that this is something that the general public is amenable to that it is something that makes her business look better for participating in. So like, even when businesses fucking suck, it's like I'm glad that it is advantageous to be participating, but there should be some sort of guideline of, like if you're going to do that, it cannot be a transparent cash out to be some Kathy. But they are selling Harry's razors. And the Harry's razors that they're selling through target for pride all of those proceeds, go to the Trevor project. So you know you did one out of maybe one hundred items is I'm gonna put that one on Harry's razors is doing the right thing. Yeah. Right. You're not. You're on this. Does target own Harry's razors. I'm pretty sure they're their own thing. But, you know, who is surprisingly has a good track record seems Bud Light. Bud Light apparently has been they okay? So they have their cans, not seeing them. Two seconds behind you on that. Catch up down for for, for Bud Light, a dollar from each case goes to glad and they seem pretty happy like even in their press. Release. Gladys saying in two decades of pardon me. Glad Bud Light hasn't let the gay community down and makers of the light beer, beer, still haven't had their fill of equality. Okay. Thank you, bud. Light. PP beer. We're at con Bud Light. Dealey fucking daily. All right. Who else who I ki- I have a rainbow bag and that one hundred percent of the proceeds, go to HR see human rights campaign. Okay. What about what about the like their hotdog prophets and the? They got good potatoes if they if they should donate some of their food prophets to something because I eat five hundred dollars worth of meatballs there. You do also. Yeah. Yeah, wait. How did I know knew this about, you know, I you know, my favorite in Burbank. Good. I used to work in Burbank. Also a nice good to key for lunch. Omar, power one, oh six where hip hop. Lives right down for Bank. Yeah. There are very hip hop. Like, yeah, I would go there all the time of drag people you'll. And how jury duty there in Burbank, and I went to the new one when it opened up, and their food court was not ready yet, and it was devastating. Yeah, it was like a twenty minute walk from when I was working hearing at robot chicken, and you go and get just like a bucket of meatballs and just bring it back. And just munch on them all damn day. You ever buy the frozen ones to make a home right on, don't wait? They, you could buy them at the store, the gravy to in the package. Good. It's like buying frozen TGI Fridays food. You know what I mean? Like it just her even though it's probably the same thing. I guess things that are deep fried that are frozen like unless you're bringing this shit back to life in a deep fryer. Yeah. You're right. You're right. And that's yeah that's the difference like I've had Perot geeze there is that wrong at Ikya. Yeah. Maybe, maybe I don't know. Maybe it's a reasonable thing. They should give some of their food profits to the queer community. Okay. Let's Iowa out some fuck ary though, okay? The Trump campaign, they are also selling pride merchandise with a watercolor rainbow flag on the front, this house LGBTQ for Trump now by this shirt and get twenty percents off and all of the proceeds go right into Donald Trump's and they're on sale because perhaps they're not very popular sale. The store know and also because I mean, think about his record with LGBTQ people. What the fuck. I mean, it's, it's absurd even shocking sell that shit. It's not he's even trying to act like this is going anywhere else except for the campaign, coffers. But when you look at everything else that's been going on and, like, nixing, the protections of like trans homeless V, moon cannot get into shelters and things like that. Yeah. Whatever I can I could start sweating. But I mean not. Surprising at all. Fortunately, I cannot. Imagine many of these are being sold. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. So, but what's funny is a lot of the candidates are also selling pride merchandise. But I seems like all of their merchandise is also going to their campaigns are wait. Kamla pride shirt scraped to the campaign. All over is grandpa, Joe Biden. Pride. Tanktop scraped to the campaign Elizabeth Warren straight to the campaign. Bernie Sanders scraped to the campaign Beddoe work straight to the campaign. What about Pete? Oh, well, he has some shirts that commemorate fiftieth anniversary. And he's donating the proceeds from that merge to organise as it says on the website organizations, working to advance the rights of transgender people across America. Okay. Pete, right. AP. I'm in, like, honestly like why all of these candidates? If you're gonna do that, right. You imagine the platforms you're running on. You wouldn't want to, like, if I was at a town hall. I'd be like how come all your pride merchandises goes your campaign? Yeah. Like I get that you're trying to say, I'm my campaign is Representative of people indicate that, but fuck percentage of that it's such bad like a side from being selfish and bad. It is just it's also bad optics like for all these candidates that especially really progressive candidate position themselves. Yeah. Yeah. That was none of them fucking done that. To make ten ten percent. Yeah. Fifteen twenty yeah. I get that look. You don't want to take a loss on it. So what figure out what it is whatever your cover your cost, you know, and then whatever and build that into your price, and then everything else, just give to donate that. Here's one of these candidates are poor. I wonder if like not, like, I can't eat the cost, because then I can't feed my family or why don't you go to pride events print up a bunch for free and just give them. Right. Right. Don't charge people for them agreed one thousand percent, or I don't know if it's that there's maybe some kind of campaign finance law that now they can't because p going to cause if, if mayor pecan do than anyone else. And that dude is not even a progressive. No, that's like, but he gets it. At least. I mean he gets that much. Yeah. Good free, although well, yeah. Get it. Get out everyone. Bud Light in Ikya, Bud Light. Yeah. President. He tiny. Before it was a sky tic TAC. Twenty tags snake flags snake legs neck flag snake flag. But now it's gonna be fun. Chill president Bud Light. I dunno. Bud Light is also a petty, Bud Light would cut back on arts member, bud. Light wasn't bud. Light coming out with though. We'll do these corn syrup. Yep. Shit, and the judge told them to knock that shit on. They actually just got told in court last out doing that shit fashion would suffer under. Presidency. Yes. But everything would be all overprint VPN, be reinvented by VPI. That's true. Yeah. Totally I'm very minimal yet. And I feel like food would be a human, right? Yeah. You know, anyway, look, let's not let's not create their platform for them. But if you can, please vote. But, like I told you what bullet Akia snake flag, okay? Policy really quickly Mexico now, Donald Trump said like on Thursdays. Like I'm gonna have a real dramatic announcement. I'm do something really dramatic having to do with the southern border. I'm gonna nounce it. I thought he was going to feel like we're, we're, we're declaring war on Mexico or some shit like that. No, it's just another fucking trade war. 'cause now he's basically hitting every Mexican product that is crossing the border with a five percent tariff starting June, first on all goods imported from Mexico. And, and then it goes on to say that Trump would carry out this threat, quote, under thirty from the international emergency economic Powers Act, and that he would lift tariffs, only if the legal. Immigration crisis is alleviated through affective, actions taken by Mexico. First of all, Mexico is not the reason why this is happening now take a look at all the fucking regime change wars that were going on all the puppet, governments, the United States stalling in the fuck. Seventies and eighties dead completely destabilize these places. We have no interest in helping them only to exploit cheap labour. And we've created places that are very hard for people to live in, so they are trying to move to somewhere for safety. How about we look at it from that place, I, but of course the nuances loss in history's lost on this president. He's, I mean, yeah, he's just like doubling down to keep his base loyal. Yeah. Not to mention this is a crisis heat completely created. Yeah, we very much can take people into this country who are seeking asylum. Absolutely. He seems to not have a problem exploiting their labor at his golf clubs. So this is just a very disingenuous bullshit distraction because. Tidbit a news Maggie Haberman. The Trump whisper, she was on CNN saying that basically Trump reacted so radically to the Muller press conference because he didn't read the report and had only just gone off what Fox News and those William bar press conferences, where have never read a word. And then so when he saw rubber, Robert Muller say that should on TV, like believe that. He was like what the fuck by doing? This is the report. Oh my God. Like we gotta start another trade war, change the name, this is anything with him, is just like a changing the narrative of something horrible. Yes, this is exactly what is supposedly. He's like me. He doesn't have to do all his homework. He just waits until the news report, so he watches Fox News, just like I do exactly so fucking wild. And now that's why he's trying to do this whole thing of like Reconceptualise ING the crisis. He created at the border as somehow being Mexico's fought to get the base to be like. Yeah. Fuck you. Let's look stick to Mexico. However, just like with the Chinese tariffs we are fucking paying for that. Yeah. Mexico. It's not like again, in his weird fucking whatever mind of his head, I don't even I can't even I'm out of things to call this. Yeah, it's crazy. Like crazy. Piece of detritus that he believes that somehow putting tariffs on these goods means that the, the treasury department is somehow just their Bank accounts are filling up like he's like yo Mexico will meet three billion real quick. Understand, how government works and. He doesn't understand even how business works. This is his second trade war of this year. I mean, the app when many more to come, I'm sure it's funny thing is Chuck Grassley couldn't even get behind it. Normally he loves everything. And again Chuck Grassley he's only saying things because he won't do anything substantive about it, but he said trade policy and border security are separate issues. This is a misuse of presidential tariff authority and counter to graduate all out and cover a lot of different old man. But yeah, I hang I hang out at a lot of Denny's. All I hear I what I heard one no dentures, one with denture. Dang peers Bish and you get go, Mike. Can I get a spoon to eat this? That is incredible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Grassley for coming in. Thank you so much. You're so welcome. So, again, this is just more distraction that is throwing everything into disarray, then, you know, they're trying to do trade deals with Mexico and Canada, this shit that shit ain't going to happen when you're doing this bullshit. So anyway Trump, please just go away. Is that good? Does that make sense? If I say that all our problems solved this did I solve systemic racism by saying, please just go away. Favorite kind of Twitter warrior, Trump takes actually just stop front assault. It can you just take the l you please just take the train and get out here? Anymore will, yeah. And we've just we've really gone to this, like, full on dystopia now like nightmare. We have people self immolating in DC. Yeah. You barely splash of like hi. This person had lost their fuck. Yeah. And it's not even a euphemism. They literally, it was still relation, which, I mean, that is significant. Yes. And that people used to be like, oh my God. But again, it's just was just chalk it up to another. You know, the last time any mansion was literally, a rage against the machine album, cover right from an from a famous old picture. Which my dad, I remember when we first all that I'm cover at a record store. We were like looking through things, and he'd never heard of rage, and he saw that. I'm cruise like what was this? It's, it's like the rage album, and he's like, all right. I'm buying this. Well vote and, and at the time I didn't get going on. I was like why? And he's like he's like man as like you know, I was really against the Vietnam war, and he's like these tell me about the history of like those sort of protests. And he's like, man. He's like this band, is probably onto something. That might be a rage against the machine. Vintage boomer, one of my first concerts was rage against the machine co headlining with Wu Tang clan and Atari teenage riot. What was it like rock the bells or something that was just a literally rage against the machine tank? This was right after what was that. The day after ninety seven. Wow. Yeah. That was one of the first concerts, I ever went to my mom took me. What a cool mom shot up to my mom is your mom, where did she hang out with with you? Yeah. And she was like, yeah. Let's rally run the family. She's like oh, yeah. Parade is my shit bomb threats pouring that everyone's like covered in mud. It was so fucking wild and she survived. How did she what was the car ride back like? Oh, she just was. I mean it was just perfectly normal. We were just like she just wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna catch a cold from the rain. And the way that was all Jesus as mush bit for me. And she's like comes into I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Well, this is this is my son as much told hurt him be careful mohawk guy. I'm watching you. It's actually not that far off. She's just like careful, everybody everybody, I'm his mother, and I'm right next to you. I mean, that was one of the craziest concerts in an amphitheater because they obviously they were huge at that point, it was like peak empire. And why am I blame what forever? The second album tangled forever. What's up? And I was when they came out in nineteen ninety seven or nineteen Ninety-six actually. So that is perfect timing. Yep. And also, if people don't know one of my favorite bands was the open, which is a tight teenage riot, which is like this insane digital hardcore band. So literally for three hours, it was just pure fuck and bliss. Yeah. Bliss, sticks everybody back then they didn't say it. But back then everybody was going off. Yeah. Oh, yeah. They're going off in the comments. We have a time traveler. All right. We'll take a quick break. We'll be right back. Do you sell stuff online? Then you knew what a pain shipping can be. It's time consuming. It's expensive. 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And we're back and we just need to talk about something those very personal to me. This is. Yeah, this. I think news, I'm he went everyone read this simple. Just excerpt from an interview that counter Reeves had done with believe a Malaysian website. Right. It had the internet aflutter. And this is just the name of the article was like canneries is a lonely guy. Yeah. But first of all, I'm hooked listen to the outline same this, this listen to this and imagine county, you're saying it. You mean romantic love, you know, on the lonely guy? I don't have anyone in my life. But if it does occur respect and love the other person. Hopefully it'll happen for me. Wow. He is not like, oh my God. He's only the other voice, I would respect that I'm wet this. Okay. I know 'cause I. Donate myself. A lot of coffee this day came. Yeah, good. Everyone gets horny reading this. Yeah I'm warning for it because I feel like he he sounds like such sweet man who deserves love and he's not getting it, and he, there's other there's been other celebrities who've tried to pull the quote unquote lonely guidelines hoop. But Jay Jilin halls always and just like maybe you just can't be loved like, he's, he's always like I was being creepy in your movies. Yes night, crawler. I love night Crawley, but that he would you Fook make crawler Jake Jilin home. Oh, he's a dirty man. But he but like I mean. Yeah. And it's he's playing now a guy called mysterious like come on come on. But with with Keanu it really like his history, backs up the lonely guy, everything. Yeah. One thing I do have to say before you get into this. I'm I'm sure people are tearing their heads hair out listening. This is that this is actually fake. This comment did not happen. His spokesperson. Jason came out, like publicist and was like this piece together. It says quote this interview did not happen. This was pieced together from several interviews in the majority of these questions were not asked nor answered their fabricated. Right. So which fair, but how doesn't change anything in my mind because if, if it's the brand, it's his brand, and also, I believe, Keanu deserves love single. He I mean, if you haven't read, Kiana Reeves is full Wikipedia page. I truly it is. It is a stirring, read. He has had a fascinating life Rulli. I will not. I mean it just like some of it is truly very sad through a lot of stuff. And, and he has this reputation now and I have some collected anecdotes of being a very eccentric friendly kind person. Right. Your first and that I. Only like yahu Reeves your anecdote about him when you worked at the bookstore. Yes, a call you ahead of time. Everyone's day to reduce what is Allah. Hello. This is Mr. Eves on my way to get my books and what were his books. Sydow Oku puzzle. I love the hit called. Oh, and he would get like one novel as well because he has like I worked at book soup on the sunset strip and he's been going there for as long as I've been alive lives in. We like, yeah, it must be nearer. He lives. He's seen a lot in that area. So, so these collected works. Yeah. Okay. So I tweeted that out two weeks ago, and people started responding with their I mean, there's been a lot of people in Los Angeles, who have close encounters of the new kind. So here are some of my favorites user at Levi. Harris said my stepdad built him a custom motorcycle and as things he came over and enjoyed a home cooked meal with my parents. So that's one very just like I've accounted sweeping the like is everything. Okay. Mr. he's had a home cooked meal. This this, this is my favorite one. This is from at a lease underscore wisdom. He came into the arc light once when I was working there movie theater war. His motorcycle helmet inside took it off bought his ticket from me asked about the soup then put the helmet back on and went to the snack bar. He was seeing Vicky Cristina Barcelona. There's so he walked into the theater with a motorcycle daft punk mos-, because I think maybe he doesn't want people to bug him. But he was just like one for. Just puts it back on. Does he lift a vice or does he kind of have take it off? I didn't have I didn't have the for. Yes. This soup and theater I work at the ticket counter. You gotta go to the overpriced bar serve. Another one. I worked at a hotel in Toronto, and he was sometimes have cupcakes for breakfast on. There's a there's an old story about an actor. Okay. So cannery is a an actress who is now. Very famous. But this was before she was just doing bit parts. No new. She was her cars and the have with her car. She had a pullover in the side of the road, and like get her car polite physically pulled over and this happened in front of some restaurant in LA, Kia and who comes up Keanu is like oh, they'll you, and he pulled the car to the side of the road with her, and it was Octavia Spencer. I knew it. Yes, I remember when I read that story I was like holy shit. This guy is the best he and then the final one that okay favorite celebrity stories, a Keanu restore he was going home with the woman on his motorcycle. He pulled up in front of a seven eleven turned to her and said, get whatever you want. Wow. My fucking grieve. Isn't that set is in credible? Also on his feminist, icon, qualities to, yes, movie counts. Yeah. He has been in more, like more movies directed by women than really any major actors working by lines. Yes. Yes. Smith has zero. I think Tom Cruise has one everyone talks about, like action stars during their heyday. And I'm like, you know, back at that same time Kiana was doing these, and we took them completely for granted point break. Great movie. Anybody who says otherwise, or thinks it's completely couldn't agree more FBI agent, man. Remember point break live. Go. I didn't. But one of my friends, actually got picked to be Chinese five. Yeah. Man. I should go. I'm like, please. Make me Johnny Utah. Yeah. I missed it by the right when it wrapped I was like fuck I should've gone. Yeah. For people who don't know, break point lie point break point was alive show, where people were reenacting the movie basically line for line, and they always just got a random person from the audience to play key on, because like he can't act and you could probably find it on YouTube. There's a clip of somebody saying the I mean, FBI agent and seeing the entire place lose their mind, along and the cast was, so I saw that video the cast was like having fun jumping do good times, good times to be had there. So he deserves love. He's a sweet kind angel. He has soup at the movies and, and he truly I would like I would like in the, you know, in the worldwide mythos for Keanu Reeves, anecdotes to supplant Bill Murray say, right? Because I think I've talked about this on the show for I cannot stand. Oh murray. Anecdotes, stay at home. Same four one. It is. Yeah. I believe this all very invasive in weird. I agree kion new is just existing in the world, and helping when people need it. If if calendar Reeves shows up at your apartment party, it's not. 'cause he just busted in the dorms like what's up? It's because he was probably sobbing on the stoop of the buildings and said, hey, are you? All right, man. He's a good man just looking for love. I ended like, hey, when it come to a party. And he's like, sure, I'm, I'm so glad you said the Bill Murray thing I always think about that too. Like, none of this sounds whimsical at all, and he's eating it. And he's also a woman beater. So I just don't stand him what they're, they're look it up. Yeah. He's bad. Not a fan. Don't like him. I'll do it. I'll cancel him on the dailies. I don't their own. Okay. So I just think the kion I mean it checks. I understand why people like Bill Murray. Anna does. But these these ones checks all the same boxes from a nicer bulletin, and he like, gave all his matrix money to the crew, you know about that. He may be a myth though. Oh, he thought he said in the in an interview recently, where he's like, I wish that wasn't public information wasn't supposed to be public information. But apparently he made like over one hundred million dollars from all three matrix, 'cause combined any kept like I think a twenty five percent of it or something. He's like, what am I gonna do with? It's not. Have a family. Yeah. Yeah. He's, you know what dude just, forget it. You keep the money stance you man was fucking MO in it up around me. He makes him. Oh, look fucking good. I wonder if the other reason is like he's just so impaired, like dude honestly account is a good guy. But like he always makes the conversations about him in his loneliness. And it's kind of a drain, but also I'll say hopefully it doesn't bring the conversation down too much. He you know his his fiancee. I don't think they were officially married yet passed away, when she was eight eight months pregnant with his kid. Well there. Oh, yeah. That's to sad to say, I'm sorry. Also like at this point, if he wants to live a solitary life, that's, that's a choice, and fine whatever, you know, Keanu, I want him to have whatever it is whatever you want. Let us know Keanu Reeves. You're listening. Tell us what you need. We'll get it for your love. You kiono inconclusively so much. Bill Murray is a domestic abuser who told his wife, he was lucky. He didn't kill her already said yet. I think I, I saw you type type in your competitors. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. In the in the details of his divorce. There is a lot of Chit what you and also those Bill Murray stories that those operate on the Meath Ohs in the celebrity. Got it got about him doing anything necessarily like cool. It's like, oh my God. How what a kind God for him to come down to the mortal level, right announced it but he did. They would just be an intrusive, alcoholic and someone will call the police, right? And when he when he leaves he's like did it again. That's totally tell he's like he's a Ghia. I'm still got that cool on quality. Yeah. He wants to make sure he's still that version of whatever people have heard. I mean he's like all right, good. The brand is there for another month, right? Keanu my heart heavy buddies with you on really quickly. I also just want to talk about when Houston because since her death in twenty twelve her estate has been very reluctant to do any kind of business regarding her estate in her likeness catalog all of that. But that is all changing because the her former manager in executive her state, who was all sorts of stern law has announced that they're doing a deal with primary wave music. And their company that specializes in making money off of iconic music catalogues, and they also like do stuff too. Like they wanna help rehab her image since the years leading up to her passing. We're not the most beneficial to her legacy. But the latest thing that they're doing now is making her a hologram and I don't go. I mean look, do what you gotta do. Get those checks as long as you're doing it the right way. But the thing that really kind of struck me about this whole thing is that this is like a whole industry now. Yeah. That's based off of taking just old Cadillac. Yeah. And making as like generating as much content and business out of it like, then other things, so Billie holiday, or there's, I think a Billie holiday in Hollywood. Yeah. Yeah. It's like a whole it's like I think even like Mozart there's even people who, like we've never seen on video that show. We're not totally sure what they look like. Yeah, this is a composite of Mozart performing enjoy. It's the guy from Amadeus space. Remember him? I don't really object to hologram. I mean, I've never been to one around. You did lie. Weekend too. I think it was the first year the shard doing two weekends and I went because we were like we're storied we gotta go and it was funny. I saw huge fistfight breakout between dodgers and giants fans right in front of me. And this. Of the Coachella. You know, when, when you get like the, the real like to pox people who, like grew up on that. And you start seeing San Francisco Giants gear, and that was already very rough time in sports anyway. But that hologram was interesting. It was in no way me being like that's to buck up there. But it's cool to from nine hundred yards away. Sure you like, oh, yes. A little late there. That's too cool. Yeah. I think it's I I'm not opposed to it. Yeah, it wasn't even more that I brought it up because I'm like this is appalling. It was more that this place. This primary wave thing. They are all about just taking these huge names that aren't really making music anymore. So smokey Robinson def Leppard, Kenny Loggins, Paul Anka, Loggins. Yeah. I love it that Paul. Anka, who I thought was the dog from Gilmore girls. I didn't know that was didn't know because I don't watch showing up and I'll just be like who the fuck is Paul Anka, because, you know, her majesty watch it all the time. I guess the dog. And I'm like, okay, and then I sound my oh, that's singer anyway. But they basically have been raising a lot of money because like asset managers and like state pension funds and investors are looking into this new business of getting into these catalogs, because their whole thing is that like with streaming the value of these songs has like it's become a very viable investment product. Right. Because a lot of people are, like just listening to these older songs over and over. And they're like you'll nuke new songs is. Not where it's at because, oh songs flame out really quickly and they don't have the same kind of long term, like play life. Right. At these things have of like the smokies of the world, the Whitney's of the world. The Royal basis, so crazy that now like a wedding. If someone makes us Spotify playlist, people are getting royalties from someone's wedding. Oh, right. Exact-. That's what's happening. Yeah, that's why they wanna do. 'cause they're like, oh, we can make money off the song, just playing somewhere at a restaurant. Right or something? I wonder how much that falls into the conversation of just like reboot culture in general, I feel like it's like sort of the musical version of that of like, well new artists in, like new ideas aren't as profitable. So let's like literally bring people back from the dead or bring people out of retirement about I don't know. I mean I don't dislike it as much as I dislike, you know, like Disney reboots, because the one for a specific year for specific crowd, but it is I don't know if I I. I'll have to cook on that. Did you guys talk about the Disney thing this week, The Lion King trailer? It is so weird. It's been literally all just look at all the lines look, the same one just has more hair than another and like is are bigger yet. I didn't I only saw the teaser I didn't want to. It's so crazy. How what you're talking about. I cannot stand Disney doing this. Like they're like, you know, it's like the things the imagination that we used to have in these, we kind of took that out. So what if real lions talk, I'm not as interested in that favorite. One is lady. And the tramp is just a j peg of two dogs, and they're like coming next year two dollars like why the fuck would you? Yeah, they're out of like we're going to step further to make you a real, there's no dialogue, because doc, don't dogs bark barking and there, I don't even have the energy to be mad about it. I'm like, yeah. You're gonna make a million billion dollars and the right wars are in ten years Hooker. Wow, they're true. And I wish this is what I reformed was about like the ice caps melting. But also Disney remake. Doc is just a priest like someone has to do something something. Well, you lie. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you, again, so much for having me. This is so episode eighty five the year of our Lord Ellsberg. Yes. Where can people find you follow you support you at Eli Owl's Berg on all the socials, okay? Have a podcast called closure the podcast that never ends, which Jamie has been on also have a podcast called pot as a woman that Jamie has also been on women and those, those are all oh, and by the way shout out to everybody from the last time I was on adding me at Twitter, about the sneakers, because remember I had a Chuck Jess looking for Chuck to and blue blue. Yep. And I found him ongo under retail. Oh, someone put you onto that. Yeah. Oh, wow. So God them wanna think everybody today. I'm wearing Jordan ones. Yes. Very nice. Oh, thank you. Thank you. He's an antelope roofs. So thank you again, for having me, this is so fun. It's always good time. What's the tweet you like tweet I this week? Yes. Let me pull it up on my phone. It is from a very funny person on Twitter and Enbridge, w that's bridgier underscore, W, and the tweet, he wrote, and this is a good one because of the Cheonan conversation is I want the climax of the next John wick movie to take place in the lobby of Hampton. A good one. I loved it so much. Shits already looked shot up. Hi. Hello. Hello is at me. Well, okay, we'll go back to me. I just had a brain fart. I was like, oh, I was like the positives like, oh my God. It does the just in here on that. This is what happens, Jamie. Yes, first of all. Thank you. Listen. I'm no Jackie O. But I do my best. Well, some might say you are some might say here, even better, I'm Maryland. So might say you're worse, the opinions standing spectrum. Wow. Guys me sound off in the company. Let me know how you feel. So I can go bury myself alive. Sound off on my comment. Always an honor to pod with Jamie. Wow. Yes. Yes. As I love having Jamie on their you're making people. Hey, when I'm on. No, you're like listen. It's controversial. But I know. Little on me. If I had my way, we'd have our own show, where we talk about fucking I ki-. Oh, wow. Or Memphis do show where we just keep me go to it. And we just have a conversation over a plate of meatballs. Invite someone over people Vike five? Says. Some free meet bows, you want some meatballs. Let's talk everyone. We, we start off. It's everyone gets fifteen dollars is spent the food court and we come back what you got what you got what you got. Subscribe to the patriot where you guys walk BI Kia track and talk. These people are always in here with the recording equipment. Full sound guy with a good, boom. Anyway. Where can people find you and follow you and love you and support, you, you can find me on Twitter at Jamie Loftus, help, or Instagram, Jamie grace superstar and listen to the Bechtel custom great. Yeah. Is there a tweet that you like, yes? My friend Jordan, seals just treated this moments ago. It was her review of the movie Ma and her entire review is why lust after Luke Evans when Allison Janney is right there. Oh, oh, it's at. Jordain. J. O. U. R. D. A. Y. E N very very, very good. Spell miles where can we find you? Thank you so much under I was hoping why you would ask me that. Yeah, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram at miles of gray. Now. What's the tweet? I like you ask. Yeah. We wait. Hold on. Wait is the tweet that you like. Oh, thank you so much, allow me to answer. First of all shout out to Melissa Jordan, at pygmy hippie who just suddenly just said fuck now, this song is back in my brain, Santa, Santa, Santa numbers, Eddie. Because I haven't thought of that song and a few months. Well, that's on us, Christmas and July's coming up. Oh shit. Yes. Right. Yeah. Okay. Another to die. Like from Dan, white who's at is at, at Dan white skinned, my Tate, and shattered, my tailbone trying to slide down a fancy Bannister, while playing Butler Briggs be at a murder mystery party, everyone figured out. I was the murderer while I was cleaning my bleeding ass in the bathtub. Fun. Dan? Come on yet. Did it again? My friend. I think this person he's in Chicago, right? Yeah. Man, he should if you're in LA, Dan away. And if you listen, I don't know if you do. Come true all the way to the front, you can find us at Daly's guys on Twitter at the daily zeitgeist on Instagram. We have a Facebook fan page and just say, no, the daily zeitgeist is a production of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheart radio is the radio of our radio. Wherever you listen to victim. Okay. Good. We also have daily, what don't we have website with I- WWW dot Dennis. I dot com where you can find our episodes. As well as the songs we read out. Hey, miles. What is this? We rise out on today today I got him. Nice. You know what I wanna do is actually a song by this young rapper, why bien cord and the track is have mercy pretty good song and young fellows got bars as they say, who and I like the production and I just hope you all enjoy it a little background about this, dude. He's from Maryland. I believe, yeah. Part of the white group. So just, you know, check him out, I guess that's it. Well, miles it's done again. It's been done. Again, pays yet bennigan's. There's gonna be another episode of this show. Love. What is that? No. Because I. Oh man. The monte. Cristo. Bennigan's. Yet. Fuck my whole body. Unhealthy, but yeah, is there there they're no more bennigan's? There might be a few, but they're like they're not in California, as far as I thought there will used to be one in Encino with all the time. First time I had it, though was in Coral Gables for to meet me at the end like the. Yeah. My friend's brother used to own a strip club, and we used to go there. First time I had bennigan's. We're trying to end the show. I was I was eighteen years old. We went to the strip club and the bouncers there. These two do they always eight bennigan's? One time. They're like a we're ordering from Ben is defending the menu fronting like would I get? He's making Chris. I had it. My life was changed. I alternate between that and the chicken fingers and fries. Wow. PF was good for my heart good for my soul. Doctors might say otherwise. Doc, you come doctor. I've called him ater. On that we will see all tomorrow because it is a daily show by. Swedlowe please hammers. BBC's PC's annoy you three bad. Like a new car be racist. Cops need both ball. We all need print Comecon be with out going. On the right path. You with a light jazz, Mike Tyson strike, Nick is going now. Lisette new drip. I grabbed my life back. It's no complaining on this side. My nigga shit is not tolerated because some Nichols off like a operation teams. Waymo consolidated we presidential inauguration. We could crack Ronald Reagan ship or my shoulder while now for waiting now. Took him out of patience. Now. It's time for the takeover all gas in the break. Slow took a trip by the Tokyo Phnom here in Paris for the mayo foot Knicks days. Oh, you mad at me. You'll pay slow nigga you shape, though allows just sleeping. No ace. Oh foot. Now, why would have pay show because wage don't stay so pay pick Craig pants bitches? She laid you really ask, because you stay. That we need to closed, smell of money has a great old, these things that I prayed, Swedes, please. Hammers BBC's please. Three-phase new car be racist need days. Most of all we all need print come come out. No. I'm going. Right by you would a light jazz Tyson, strike back, niggers going. Now. My new drift. I grasp why cry overspill milk, you still filled on the real deal. My bitch bad. When no ill-will kill nigga loosely sank shafts Cam wanting, that is my faction. I'm not really with the high flashing my bragging, a penetrated Ben at greatest house renovated. I got the juicy when lemonade. Is always instigate? Can't me yoga cloud data. Applies oughta who Wesley. I'm this his food, Basham born born now like you and Sweden these hammers. Jesus. Please say three favors. Madison, new car be racist. Cobbled cribs need as both the ball. We all need Trent. Come come out. No. I'm going nuts. I hope to right past visit. You would would've light jabs Tyson, strike back, niggers going. Now. About my new drift. I grabbed I just wanna get my life back. It was a writing camp at a house in the Hamptons for beyond say, she's walking around with her baby walking from room to room, just listening to what we were working on. I remember ferrall showed up at the front door. He had like a CD full of beets. Everybody was slinging beats at her. When I remember, I kept getting to the end of the course look a hill goes here like because it needs another section like the the anthem stadium like everybody screams it. Record it into my phone when I was running like, I'm sitting here panting into the phone. And then that was that was it. And she was like, Kratz you. Have you have Beyonce as for single, just like? What a what an interesting day that was, I'm Dave Stewart songwriter. Producer co founder of rethinks and co create an executive producer of Soland the show all about the intimate and mysterious author of sowing. Join us for sung lands podcast on iheartradio alert heavy you podcasts.

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