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Saddam. Seven ten espn presented by Progressive Insurance. Guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. The NBA always at the forefront of doing the right thing and our next guest. He's a part of that family and we love having mom. We love talking to him as in L.. A. Kid David Physio joining us here. On the show on seven ten ESPN PHYS! Thank you so much for the time. I do want to talk about this Coaches Association Committee that you're on with popping. Steve and Stan Van Gundy. Lloyd Pearson just a second. But just as someone look, you grew up here. You are african-american. What are your thoughts on just what you're seeing right now in this country? You know I'm not surprised. I mean this is this is. This is what boils over when. You know in nineteen. Ninety one Rodney King was beaten down on video. And you know, although we protested and burned down things and tried to get the message out that. there was some some really bad actors in the police force. You know don't really listen not to change and. Time and time again we've seen. On tape on video all camera phone. black man, either be a brutalized and murdered unarmed black man. being targeted. you know for the color of their skin, and This was just a matter of time before This boiled over an. was different than back. Then as you know, we are social media and the message is now. A national message worldwide message spraying very fast, and you can see that you know if you go back to those protests back then it was. It was mainly Black Black People Hispanic people in the streets. Protested and now you just have an array of races and. And Ages and genders out there saying that enough is enough and you know. Obviously we don't want to see violence or or anything bad happened anybody already damage to people's property but at the end of the day they say, is that the only way the voiceless is hurt his through action like this. Oh No, I'm not surprised and you know. You know it's just unfortunate and I just WanNa make sure that I sent condolences. you know to the Floyd family and Aubrey family and. Taylor family, and all of the other families that have had to suffer. Through losing loved ones at the hands of the police. How encouraged are you? Though by the stuff you just mentioned about people from all sorts of different backgrounds in age demographics coming together, whereas that hasn't been the case previously. I am encouraged You know I've always said that this isn't a black problem. This is this is this is the White Problem Mrs perpetuated through our history you know. It's been a stain on our history. The the racism that that our country was founded on. The the killing of native American Indians or this men of Africans. You know this is. This has been a white problem and. You know to see so many why people have conscience. Come out and start to really recognize that. these are things that don't just affect our community, but it's a fact on all humanity. is really encouraging, but you know as my wife said here. We sit here talking. You know as as many people are. That are in the street right now protests that we need double that to come out and vote. You know and that's the thing that's GonNa. Really my the two years the two year vote cycles, and then obviously the the four year. What is critical, but we need all of these folks went when the story goes away to step up and get out and vote and put people in these positions that are GONNA put humanity i. And that's that's my point. Is that I? Look at it this way David. PHYSIO joining us here on the Sodano, show is that it is important to register. There's you know there's so many people is three hundred thirty million people in this country, and about sixty, some odd percent of those are eligible to vote, but yet only. Half of those actually are registered to vote and I think that whether it's the federal level, but more importantly the local level like those those votes those ballots. That's the most as important as anything to be honest with you. Know. You're absolutely right. You know you start to talk about your Mayor Council People Police teeth. You know, Sarah. Though the people that we vote for those people that were putting in those positions, and so you know the thing that I think about it, 'cause I. You know I had a grandfather I was deeply rooted in the civil rights movement. He used to always tell. Is You know? Why do people think we die for the right to vote? It was four times like this for for times like you know when Rodney King was beaten. we need to be able to exercise that right because think about it. If all of this was going on, and we didn't have the right to vote. Could you imagine then what would be transpiring and so Dad is what are our parents grandparents? Great grandparents went through and why they went through. It is for times like this, and so if you if you aren't registered to vote if you if you. If you're not a person that has ever voted, you must go online. How to register, it's very easy. Get Online. Get yourself registered. And about the candidates for all of these local level positions. That can impact the change that we're talking about. David Dale with us here and Look David I think that you know as we talk about the political process, the reason you need to get involved in the political processes because the actual issue that we're talking about the killing of minorities and African Americans in this country, the hands of police, and just the injustices, and the the fact that we just had a young man on his I. Don't know if you were listening. Literally said I'M A. A college graduate, right and I'm in my car I've been you know. Have guns pulled on on me and we're just going to dinner you me and my brother, and that's that's an America that a lot of people don't live and the fact that there are people that live that way. We need to focus on that and understand that it's not even politics. This is a humanity thing. You know what I mean. People be treated humanely. And again you know. The and voting, and all that you're not going to change. People's hearts, but you could definitely suppress some of their actions with with penalties with accountability. Along and you know I feel for that kid, because unfortunately you know throughout my childhood or Adolescence, that was a routine week for me was two or three times a week. Having a gun pointed at the back of my head. you know as we're being pulled over in south central lay you know I. It's a shame that I could that I could sit here and do the exactly team that you have to do when you're over. Bottom a police we didn't get. Kill. We see your license and registration. We got throw your keys out. The car puts hands out the car door from the outside. So your hands backups slow. Get down on your knees hands behind your head, and then you heard Click Click. And that is traumatizing and the fact that I know that by heart still at forty five years old. really sad me that. I know that, but it also shows that here. We are thirty years later, and this stuff is still happening, and things just got to change David, Dale joining us here, former NBA coach! Committee for Racial Justice and reform that the NBA has put together. We'll talk about that in a second but FIZ. What can we do? What can people like me? People who are playing in professional sports. People who are in the limelight people who have a platform? What can we continue to do? What can we do? That maybe hasn't been done to help this. Cause her one. We can't let just be a moment of outraged we had. THIS HAS TO BE A. To to when you dealing with the humanity of human beings continuous effort. To make sure that we never let these things creep back into our society, so we have to keep a spotlight on what is happening in our communities and people that have a microphone and TV, and his followers must continue to put the spotlight on this and the other thing that you can really do is get involved from from from a programming standpoint from a activism standpoint. Get with the N. double. ACP. Urban League color of change. All of these black lives matter you know. Don't look at these organizations as like their You have to be this all out. You Know Gung Ho activists type of person. That's not what it's about. It's about sewing that you support them. And that you you have empathy for the communities that are suffering and ingest you know whether it's donating money or donating some time or donating your platform. To the cause I think there are things that you can really do to help. David Fidel with us here phys so. You and the NBA Coaches Association. You establish this committee. It's yourself it's pop. It's Lloyd Pierce. It's Stan Van Gundy. Steve Kerr how did this all come about? you know Lloyd periods? Really really was the driving force behind this You know we also got. J.. B. Bickerstaff Brett Brown and Quin Snyder. On it and Lloyd Really galvanized the coaches association, which wasn't hard because. You know one thing you can say about our coaches is we stand up for our communities? And then we stand up against injustice you know I in all of our all away so Lloyd. you know brought this association. Rick mmediately Riccar allow immediately got us all Zolt. Call and and we began discussing. You know real action steps that we can take association. To to really try to impact, change and I'm just really proud to be affiliated. You know the fact that Rick got me involved despite the fact that I'm not necessarily employed by team right now. you know it was really honor for me and to see all of these men put their heart and soul into this You know it's really moving, and it means a lot to me. That now I'm a part of this group and I'm a colleague of these man, because these are that I could be proud to be around and this, and this guy's from all different races and colors. You talk about White Man. We Got Hispanic coaches. We have sposa Filipino band. You know. Obviously, we have black coaches. We got all different ages, and you know just really good to see that no matter what color age you are, we all feel the same way about it and so You Know I. Think we're GONNA. Do some things that you know really can facilitate some changes. Obviously, we're GONNA need a lot of help going to do a lot of collaborating with. Their for community leaders and That that really care about these issues of humanity and you know. Hopefully we can really. Do some good things. David still with us here, phys. You're the best man. Thank you so much. You're taking the time. Stay safe. Stay healthy, and hopefully we'll talk again soon. Buddy take care all right, take care. There is David Fidel with us here on the Sodano show on seven ten. ESPN just powerful stuff, man, I mean. He nailed it all right. We're going to open up the phones again. At Eight, seven, seven, seven, ten, ESPN, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, seven, seven, six, I wanNA talk to you. Guys Will WanNa talk this through WanNa. Talk about. About the community we want to try to find ways to help each other. We gotta help each other man. You heard this man we've been talking about. I've been preaching about it her preaching about it, a means GonNa, come on and talk about it at eleven forty, but we need to hear from you. Eight, seven, seven seven ten ESPN. We're back in less than two minutes. 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Thank you gift which includes two hundred dollars service Valvoline, instant oil change under dollar gift card to wingstop and versus liquor and one hundred dollars gift card. At terrier DOT COM cat footwear is also available at you terrier. So. I want to thank David Vidale. I WANNA. Thank herm Edwards, I know it means going to join us at eleven. Forty is want to thank all of you who have. Called in today tuned in today. And Hopefully we make an impact. That's kind of the key here you know. Hopefully we'll make an impact and we're gonNA. Talk some more on the phones. We don't have another gas for another twenty minutes or so so if you want to hop aboard, it's eight seven, seven seven ten espn but I think at the very genesis of this it's this isn't a political issue. Guys, humanity issue because `simple. Isn't that hard man? Okay it's not. You gotTA treat people with respect men. We learn at a very young age. Respect people understand people listen to people. Be Kind to people is not that hard. It's not and look I would welcome any anyone on a police force right now. If you happen to be listening if you WANNA call in, we will give you anonymity. I understand that it may not be something that you want to put your name out there or even your department but I'd be willing to have that conversation. We do as well because I think it's an important conversation to have. So Let's do this as a community. And understand that you can't treat people like second class citizens in. Like? We've just done that for too long and growing up in different Americas is not right. Everyone should grow in the same America. The land of the free, the home of the brave the land of opportunity, right? That's what it's supposed to be. Let's make it that like for real for everybody. That's important here and as visit. Get involved with that's donating. Some money donated some time showing support. Those things. Are the very least we could do. I was just reading quote from Quin Snyder. The head coach of the Utah Jazz. He was on the podcast. And it said he said this about willing to have that dialogue to be transparent with yourself to be honest with yourself ultimately as a white man. What I was hearing was we need help. It's not enough just to have your support. There has to be a willingness to confront these things when you see them. To be willing to take action, and that's what needs to be done, and that's why I'm so proud when I see people of all different colors and backgrounds and Mris at these protests. And Again I. Don't condone the violence, but I understand it. And hopefully we can, we can move past it that part the violence part. And we can focus. On, what's important? Which is the protesting? Because Ninety nine percent of these protests have been? Peaceful. Informative Educational. Inspiring. We can't be focusing I. Think the media. We need to do a better job to a focusing on that more. I know that the visuals look. Capture, people on television. But you know what? You know what captures people more is inspiration. Is Unity. And that. Is What we need to focus on. Go to the phones. Mitch what's up, Mitch? Georgie I wish I could talk to you on the better circumstances. Just gets worse. I don't have. Well to me. He was in handcuffs. That's check me. No reason to kill. There's other three people winning to get arrested. This not a mom-and-pop. Macharia cops good, we've got him out. I say somebody takes the chiefs of. Police say she's they take responsibility. Maybe hit them hard with money or find them if they get these guys. This guy had eighteen complaints in nineteen years. If you read it, it's terrible and there's other three guys did not. We would have. This did the right thing. A big twenty dollars forge bill big deal. Down I'm from style. Didn't pay taxes on the cigarettes. Seven guys put an illegal choke didn't pay taxes on the cigarettes. Ridiculous is. In such trouble now. Thank you met right? It is ridiculous. You're right. and. That's why you're seeing the outrage and it's justifiable. Because it's not just those instances. It's four hundred years of instances. And at some point you gotta look at yourself in the mirror man and who you are. You know. And we're all guilty of it. But. Because everyone has their biases. But that doesn't mean we can't change and we can't just do. What's best for each other. Again at the very core man, the basic things you're taught. is to understand people respect people. Let's just do that. Let's just start there. Harrison L. A. what's up, Paris. Known Georgia I long long time listener first-time caller, thank you. I WANNA, say this George. I am not from here. I was wondering hundred. I've been here for fifty years. Came and when it first came to the to La i, the are pointing to phrase. We all look alike. Didn't know what it what it meant. On Joe and Nineteen seventy-one I duNno, how How familiar you are with with La. crenshaw and Rodeo which is not will bomber boulevard. Okay, rather than in that. There was a store called boys market. I used to work there. I was going to school at night at a friend from an HR Louisiana, who's going to school at night as well. We went to work that morning at ten o'clock. The stores that are getting busy seven check sounds were open. and. right on the street. There was there was a store market fourteen where Robert had been committed. In came to police officers. They. Not The seven six or man fi were orientals and tour blacks John Myself. Came to police officers. And said to me John. You. Both are suspect. A robbery has been committed committed down the street. John and I was surprised. They took US worn off. And as soon as the guy saw, the guy said. These are kids man. The guy came in here were ruined ups. Fast, forward. In nineteen seventy five. We're going down crenshaw towards four of us on thirty ninth and crenshaw. We went down. We would go. made a left. Anonymously that we would surrounded by a four patrol by porno patrol officers. They said that there were four individuals who are committed a crime. Four guys. I was wearing a t shirt in Iraq and they just I. Don't know what kind of description they got. But the guy said. One of the guys wearing a tee shirt. I was sitting in the back. This guy didn't even know this were t shirt. Right then there are George. It hit me. I said. Look alike so you just we saw four four block is. No description that you got what you stop them. Go. Hundred Eighty three. I was working for RTD. We're coming down with suitable before we I mean. We can't before we got to Worcester Boulevard. I said to my friends were four of us. There was a police car right at the corner. I say I'll soon as we cross was. We're going to be filing so fed so done. They followed us. I. They've stopped me because I didn't have the tag on my on my on my car, which true I just forgotten to put it on, but the point. Is. If I was. I'm not GonNa, say Hispanic because he'd be had Min Hispanic you. Probably they probably would have been followed. We win or lose white when yellow rain. I swear to God. That will not have you known that my car didn't have anything. And although I've been here for a long time. I've never been EXP- been exposed like the African American has. where? There have been belittle. kicked. or any member of their family? I heard keyshawn talking about early. But. Now I understand why anger. Why the? Hostility! Why the distress! Are, bad. But that enough just. To start. Provoking a black person. And then leads to hostility. And sometimes in tries it, and the best is a policeman is a black to. I mean it's a it's a dead wood. and. That's unfortunate that these things have been going on and. Very little has been done about it. Harris to was a I. I had been when I came here I really I was watching the An inquiry of your remember i Rubin Talavera okay. I did not know at the time George. What was the equal Rubens Solitaire list? On I found out i. read the papers because that was a young with nineteen. I read the papers to what took place. And how Rubens? was killed and I I. Don't know the if there were any any people found guilty about that. No I mean, listen. Thank you for the call Harris and I appreciate you telling us your story. As far as Ruben Salazar I I can let let me get back to that in a second as I got a lot of people on hold that I WANNA get to. But for those that don't know who Salazar was. Ruben Salazar was civil rights activists and he was a reporter for the La Times. So a Mexican American journalist, but I can. We can get to that in just a moment. Let me let me make sure I get these people in who have been waiting to tell their stories and kind of just weigh in on some of the conversations that we've been having this morning but I appreciate it. You stay safe. You stay healthy. Let me go to johnny in Victorville Johnny. Yes George I, WANNA! Thank you for your platform. I have enjoyed this I agree with. Every caller that has called it I'm say nine year old black man I was born in Louisiana grew up in Louisiana and Texas. I experienced being treated as second. Class citizens. I left there when I was nineteen I joined the Marine Corps. And in the Marines quit I learned what Sloan there. Hi, amber! We had anyone in our organization that would defame our character. We took care of that. there's time our lead would ask. What happened to him, nobody knew. But we took care of that. My point that I wanted to make today. the situation that that we are experiencing right now. Can Be prevented. If Wing Stop the cause of it. I guarantee you. Whenever they're the 'cause. That's GonNa be a reaction. they have a cause for what's going on right now. And eventually we will get through this. But I can guarantee you. If they have another 'cause. We're GONNA have another reaction. Thank your doors. Yeah No, you're right. This isn't GonNA end. We don't make real change, and that's why I was I started the show by talking about and you've heard Phil David. Physical and you've heard her mention that. People got should've OATMAN I and it's not about just at the federal level. I understand that the federal level is very polarizing right now and people are on different sides of that, and so be it and I'm not trying to change people to. Think differently when it comes to their politics in that regard, but this particular situation is not about politics about humanity. And I think that. If you are upset. With the way life is is going down I. Think it is as important as as much as as much as it is important to protest, and that is our God given right here in this country. I also think is as important to take advantage of our most important right, which is all right to vote? And people have died for the right to vote and I think that getting registered is much easier than it's ever been particularly in this state. So. Just do that and thank you for your story and I appreciate it real quick. Just to and again I WANNA get to as many calls as possible here for the Gentleman Harris who called earlier from dudas. was talking about Ruben Salazar Ruben? Salazar's I mentioned was an activist rights. Activists in the Mexican community was a reporter for the La Times and he. Passed away during A. Protest of the Vietnam. War In one, thousand, nine, hundred ninety, and was struck in the head by a canister canister of tear gas was shot. People believe that that was. Shot at him specifically to silence him as a vocal member of the Mexican American community here in L. A.. For those that don't know that you can read into the further details if you'd like but I know I had mentioned that we would get but I want to continue taking the calls. David isn't chat were Chatsworth David Good. Morning David! Shirt airman, yes, sir, okay would first of all the protesting, everybody has a differences whether it's good or bad in We're not here to debate. That but I think at the local level. If we just keep an eye, what's going around in certain states? I don't know if you've seen. The News won't show a lot of this and you know they have their reasons for, but if you've seen the sheriff in Flint Michigan. and. He was out there on. I did I did and he put his put his guns down. He took his his gear off and he told them. What do you want? What do you want me to do? How can I show solidarity? And he and they said to March with them and he did. Yeah he did and and he. You know everybody that was with them all their batons put away and that you know the the white I think that's the right way to do it if you're gonNA. If you'RE GONNA, try to make some change if we do it the right way because of what we've seen on the news, and they're only showing the bathtub. Really the good stuff right so everybody's just running. Running with the bad and I was listening to the morning. Show this morning and L Z Jovan from Arizona, and he said he was out there yesterday for about four or five hours, and it was like you know silent protesting and there was a couple of people who are just trying to round up the crowds, but if they show the good stuff that's on I think this though can be you know. A little quicker rather than you know all this. Just the the hurt and stuff it's it's it's sad. You know and we have to explain to our kids. You Know Hey, why this is happening and we shouldn't have to do that. You know and but it's what's going out there in the world right now, but if we all can take some like the Flint Michigan Seraphin in do that in our communities think a lot of this will be handled a little quieter. Yeah to your point and thank you for the call. David stay healthy stay safe. It's what I said earlier I mean. I started this by saying that part of this is on the media to. That ninety nine percent of these protests have been thoughtful and peaceful. And with a real purpose. And I understand that the images of the looting. Can stand out. And? Keep viewer there. But. Also. Unity will inspire and keep people there, too, I believe. So I, do think it's important on the media to do that. Go Thomas in La Thomas and George Douglas remind. America something when Martin Luther King was was marching, and they were marching peacefully. They had dogs sick gone down yet. They had water hoses put on them. Black churches were bombed and burned. We talk about Osama bin. Laden how he he he a wreck building. He bombed the building. They hundreds of black churches were bound right here in America and I WANNA. Let America, re be reminded. Two of the three civil rights workers sworn Chaney and Goodman. They were killed by law enforcement because they were registering people to vote the reason they were in. Mississippi was a church have been burned down down there. These are churches. Everybody's worried about you know talking about looting. Okay. There were no cameras there when they burn down churches and four little girls killing churches, so let's stop all this stuff about all looting and looting churches were burned. Swarner Chaney and Goodman all you gotta do with Google they were murdered by law enforcement because they were registering people to vote. is nothing new for somebody to come out of town to support everybody or they? Not from here? They not from it. We've been doing this in America the longest. People Harry Belafonte, a Kareem, and all these people they. They went down to where the trouble was. It's nothing new for this, but a miracle. Y You focusing on looting, remember the churches that were burned down in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia don't forget that Yep. Don't forget what happened to Sworn Cheney. Don't forget. The Dog. Stead were sick on Martin. Luther King and how house was bombed and he was protesting peacefully. Peacefully, and this is what they did. He even went to Memphis to to be the peacemaker. He his blankets. Brian's were blown out and I'm sure it was by law enforcement. Thomas. Thank you for the call. Man, appreciate a stay safe. Stay healthy, okay. Thanks her. Manager. Hey George. Thanks for taking my call first time caller longtime listener. Thank you. I've heard people talk about different solutions, and in order to try and make things better. A lot of it's been. Dealing with training and whatnot. But I had a two-part idea I think in turn the country into a different direction that might be better for everybody sure and for just my opinion. But. I feel like a lot of people that are being targeted by. Certain police officers. Half retargeted because they don't have the resources in order to legally go after them if they were to survive their encounter. Whereas other people might have. Those resources available to them so I think what should be put in place as some sort of fund. In order for those people to. Take advantage of getting legal help other than public defenders and whatnot. You know better. Representation for them? And the second thing innocent fun in my head at least a. would be every cop having the body cam on them, but again since everything's going to five G. have that go to a live feed that goes to government approved website, or whatever and you can go onto that website. Click on your country or your county and whatnot. And look at different police officers Bodycam. In I. think that while I think that that I know that you're. I know that your your thought. There is to be helpful. And I know that it comes from a good place. I just think that. Will I get it I. You're one hundred percent right and I. do think that body Cams are important, and there should be more of them to be honest with you, but I live feed i. feel like that may be something that you'll get some political pushback on for infringing on people. So I I think that I don't know enough about that. To have an actual intellectual discussion with you so I don't want to necessarily touch that necessarily just 'cause. I'm not as informed on something like. Just the brainstorming ages trying to help. Make things better for everybody. Thank you, Mandy stay safe. Stay healthy. Let Me Grab Susan in Manhattan Beach Susan. Hey Can you hear me? Yes, absolutely, thank you for calling. I'm just trying to say that this is systemic. And it's not enough to just feel with the police because if you look at the legal system. People of Color go to jail for much longer sentences for the same crimes. They are targeted when they are going to communities that want to keep them out. and. Judges are unfair in how they. Deal with them, so it's not enough to just have the public and the police sit down. You also have to have reviews of these people that are sitting on the on the court, and how they're dealing with the people that their. Sentencing. Yeah I one hundred percent I agree I think that there needs to be reform across the Board Susan and thank you for the call I appreciate and that is. They need. We need to look at the Police Union situation? We need to look at. The the sheriff's department and the political. Aspects of that. We need to do reform across the board like again, and I am someone who supports and understands that law enforcement is a tough. Ask Job Like I get that and all I'm asking for is man. If there are just a few some bad apples. Let's figure out a way to for those bad apples to not make you look bad because that constantly is the case and we hear that over and over again so I. I want that to not be the case. And we should all feel like everyone is out there and law enforcement to protect and serve everyone, and it doesn't feel that way. So. Let's work on this together. One more call here and then we got a mean. James is important James. Hey guys! Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. One point that I wanted to bring up like one thing I haven't really. Sorry I don't mean. Gather Myself Second Short story I've experienced some pretty serious depression in my life. I mean I'm not gonNA. Say That I've experienced racism or anything like that. I'm not denying it or anything, but you know I've experienced. Local oppression I was. Extremely ostracized in school I, knew kid coming into a very small town I just got. became the social pariah so I know how it feels when it feels like the entire world is against you. The biggest issue, though it I was noticing in all of it. If you. Mansaray. Have you really get down to it? You really think about it a lot of critical thinking lot of introspection. It comes down to the haves and the have not. And it's everybody saying it's the stomach, but it's. It's hundreds of years of oppression against groups of people. There's so many layers so many blankets. On top of it, just covering it all up and. It's such a terrifying now. I'm sorry I'm just going at circles right now, but James. It's okay I mean to your point to your point and thank you for the call to your point. It's really one of these things where you're right. It is layers upon layers, and it's hundreds of years it's this isn't new. For a? Look. If you feel that way, okay, and you're just talking about and I'm not trying to diminish your situation right like if you're talking about feeling that way. In school. Imagine. Feeling that way. Every moment of your life. From school, but in all the different facets of your life in the areas, where they're supposed to be institutions to protect you and guide you. Beyond school. That's that's it right there. We'll talk to a mean. We're back in two and a half minutes Sodano with seven ten espn presented by progressive insurance. Guests like a mean Hassen, ESPN, NBA insider front of the program appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. It's also again. Thanks to our friends at Pennzoil. Motorola's made from natural gas gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil and my computer career training for a better life. Amine is here giving us the straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless thanks again to David Fidel who joined US earlier? Thanks again to Herman Edwards. Who joined US earlier now we think a mean so I mean look man. You and I have been friends for a long time. You know I I would imagine. We've had these conversations before but I would imagine what you saw. Over the last several days had to be not only disturbing, but I think maybe even potentially encouraging in some ways just based on the makeup of what we saw out there in the protests. were. Optimistic me hopes it gets is the precursor to something real something some real change in attitudes, assistant attitudes. because like you said the make up. You know the the this is not a black people protesting thing. This is Americans protesting. And hopefully those same Americans go to the polls, and and not just in the presidential elections, but also local government your DA's or least she's all the. Justices judges all the things that you have control over your vote really does matter and doesn't get swallowed up by millions and millions of other votes I hope everyone is out there marching exercise that constitutional to bring about change. having said that it's tough to see George in what feels like every major American city. a bunch of people go out protesting police violence. And the reaction from the police is okay. Let's be violence right that is really hard to swallow that it's not one or two backups, and it's not one or two bad You know police policing department. It is nationwide. They're all out there, showing themselves over and over and over and over again. and. even. You know I I guess the one thing I'll say. Is I shared a couple of? Examples of police officers, not doing that of ESPN the situation by by talking my knowledge ing the protesters. And I just wish that all the people who are justifying with the police officers who aren't doing that. you know just those violent actions could see that. No, no, the COP have another choice. They don't have to be the way they are. Yeah. Look, and I think that we've had numerous stories here whether it was her. FIZZ or yourself and you know or callers calling in with different examples of this and I think that there needs to be reform on a big level here I mean, and it's not you mentioned voting, but I also think there needs to be reform of police unions and things of that nature. There's actually a story today. USC had to denounce one of their boosters, and it so happens on Tom. Sweet time on that one. Last nine. They did this morning right, but it turns out. She's also. Part of the the attorneys that run the. Police Union. You know what I'm saying, and it's like and I think it's. It's a systemic issue beyond just the stuff. That's obvious, right? Federal Government Local Government Mayors you know police force like there are intricacies to. This is kind of my point. Right absolutely, and and and I WANNA be I'm not anti union. I think every. I'm part of a union. Right, exactly every workforce that is dealing with a management ownership has. A lot of money and power on needs a way to exercise leverage in turn, but That's why I say if you're a good cop. And you see a bad cop doing bad things. It's not enough for you to just be good cops. Well I'm. Over there. It's on you to push those guys out 'cause they make your union look bad when you have someone like that that lady. asking or Clean for people to get. Shot! Calling protesters stand thugs, which is just a delightful kind of specific sort of racism. They're. Like You're not GonNa win any kind of brown points with the rest of society, although our job is so hard. Yeah, and you have a lawyer who calls protesters Santa. And you have. A lawyer WHO's calling asking people shot, and and and so this is a part George where? Again. I don't think it's on us to fix anything. I mean we can fix what we can in terms of. A lucky people were going to hold these institutions accountable. And and whatnot, but at some point I am pleading with the good police officers which are hundreds of thousands in every precinct and all of. y'All got to be the ones that make the chain 'cause. You're the ones who are working side by side. You know officer so and so, and so and so and we pendants on so that dude's races that gets up people that do picks on minorities. You know who these people better than any of us do. Why don't Y'all do something about? Why is the onus on us to take them? Well said well said I. Hang out with us. Your twitter feed has been a combination of smart, insightful and actually kind of funny in some cases. Just based on your reaction to stuff. What is the thing the video you've seen the most you know as we try to end the show on a little bit of a lighter note while also being serious about what's happening video that you've seen that. You're like man i. this one just kind of had to make me laugh just because of what I what transpired. I needed this morning. It's a it's a black norm being harassed by police officers being handcuffed by police officers. For no reason other than they think he has worn out and he keeps saying to them. You guys are dumb. You guys are making a big mistake, but he kind of. Let them go through their whole suggish men, handling routine with forty cents kicked my ID, won't you? And they pulled out his pocket and it says he's an FBI agent. And then they have to do she pursue, and you're Kinda like the. Further illustrating just how corrupt and racist some of the officers are. Getting Ready to. Physically beat a man. They weren't even CH-. Weren't sure was the suspect. And be didn't go through any sort of kind of pulling poll of. Asking questions figuring stuff out before they decided to get physical. It was a microcosm right there and while I'm watching this video as a Muslim thing on now, here's another Guy GonNa beaten down, and another one is depressing videos on when they pull the idea. I said it was like reality hitting the corner three in game six of the twenty thirteen fire, it went from absolute tragedy can. Hello here again. My God yeah I've seen the video and he's Sudanese. You've got that with solidarity. Great. Are you hopeful for basketball? I got like forty five seconds here. I mean I think it's going to happen? That's just asking me yes I. Think Basketball is going to happen I. Just I. Don't know if it's the right decision. To me, it's a safety thing. I just don't know the way they're going about it. And some of the concessions, the League is making the players to be able to go back and forth on campus, and for you know the quarantine would just isolate the guy who who test positive I i. don't know those measures. Are. Nothing I hope that. When we finally do get the details, there's better kind of safeguard to get those action. I mean thanks for stopping by man. Stay safe. Stay healthy. We'll talk soon. All right there is. I mean. Thanks to a mean. Thanks to Edwards thanks to David thanks to greg thanks to Laura and more importantly. Thanks to you. Thank you for calling in telling us your stories. Thank you for listening. If! You missed any part of the show. Please subscribe to the Podcast, and you can listen back to just some really powerful stuff and smart stuff, and hopefully we can start uniting. Because, that is what we need to do. As a country, we can fulfill the potential of this country by doing that. I love you. Stay safe. Stay healthy. We'll talk to you tomorrow at ten. Have a great rest of your day.

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