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Dan. There's too many of you. Thus far too many view. I think anyone puckers lamps and presses it against their bosses buttocks, and then smooch is asking. News. Care for her inexactitude. Show. Wasn't hotshot. I'M GONNA. Tell you something right now. I don't care for you or for the putrid sludge. You're trawling out. Looking. While Scrub You're just absolutely right and I'm absolutely room. It must be nice to always believe you know better. To, always think you're the smartest person in the room. For. Your I would never ever say I told you so, but if I did I, told you so law leader Fan, Fan Radio Network. Home K. F. A. N. DOT COM two minutes forty-seven seconds past three central daylight saving time welcome back bumper to bumper is the name of the program it is live and local, and it's a three and a half hour tour on a pretty nice Friday afternoon here in the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint. Paul my name is Dan Barreiro host, the program and Mr Donaldson Ron. Ron Johnson is in today, guards has today and I believe Sunday off as well. Welcome back to the preceding skippy here. It's been a while been a long time very good to to see you in person once again. We've got a lot planned on today's show I mentioned very nice weather. Do Point down from what we've been experiencing, and that in of itself is I, think refreshing. Even though in the sun it's still pretty warm today. Temperatures getting up there pretty good eighty three right now, three forty eight percent humidity. Yeah, now that that's That's real nice, but we've been told before. We really want to understand how humid it is. We need to do point. Do. No longer in the we've had do points in the seventies forever sixty one degrees. That's just magical. De I wish we were doing the show outside. Kind of a summer stock, series or outside at Maynard, or any other any of several other locations, but we are in Saint Louis Park in the safety, and the sanctity of the a caffeine studios were delighted to chose to join today. Bradshaw Brian Box. Is being well. I'm doctor rebooted. Maybe you can explain this. This came in from Sweeney's guy. At two forty five subject line. Please make peace. Hi Dan. It's Friday afternoon with a hot weekend coming up. The bickering and fighting is kind of traumatizing. Could you just agree to disagree and get back to making fun of meat, sauce or something? was there some? Altercation on air between Rosen and common so I was in the score, which has a nice window in studio. Yes, that's true and I see common demonstrative. Stand up out of his, and he's just screaming at Rosie and Rosie's fire, and right back at calm and they. They got into it a little bit. Thinking for was it all for show honestly. I think he got a little bit heated a little bit real there for a minute. Do we know what it was about it? So when I heard it was about the way. Trump buyers handled the strike zone. was saying you know they need to basically. Make it consistent well. Rosie was make it consistent guy. All common was. There shouldn't be anything about making it consistent. There's just be right on Detroit's on the strike zone. Yeah Rosen was saying well. Everybody you know has a little bit different version of what a strike zone is, and as long as they're consistent. They're good, and it could not agree on the to the the glad that the eye opening subject today. I mentioned that we are indeed your I would never say I told you so, but if I did, I did I told I told you so leader because it is related to that and I'm assuming they were playing off of the stuff that was in the Star Tribune today about the use of a row, apparently robot umpires. That's exactly where home plate. and. I, I kinda I. completely disagree on this I think I. Don't know if I'm exactly on inside, but. The the notion in theory that makes sense that will strike those strikes on the ideal of mine's a little high minds, a little low whatever leaves out the reality in life which is. If you take ten people. And put behind home plate. For whatever reason what? They see what they think they see getting fooled by where the catcher is where the glove is. They're not all going to call it the same because they're going to bring. Even if it sub-conscious in, it's not conscious, they're. They're gonNA. They're gonNA. Look at it differently. So I've never been offended that there are different strike zones to an extent. As as common has been, but for me, the I told you so part of this, and this is what made it so delicious for me when I read it? This morning is if you read, this is a film. Miller story. and. The ball Dolly Wallace quoted. We're just trying it. We're giving the guys a taste of it instead of anonymous umpire strapping on the gear and going back there or someone standing in the middle of the Infield, we figured. We would give it a try. So. Here's the call. Here's a Nelson. Cruz quote from my standpoint was very awkward, going back up at one point. Alex Avila stood up, pointed, pivoted around and threw the ball into the screen in front of suggs in mock anger. That's advance Scout Colby suggs. And there were occasional yelps about borderline pitches from my standpoint, said Nelson Cruz. It was very awkward, Marlin. He was complaining about the strike zone to typical Marlin. Radars letter. The law zone seems more narrow than umpire call it players said, but extends a bit higher and lower than there used to as well, and there's no nuance to it then. There's a quote from Dodd Nak believe yeah. Randy Dot Nak. Early he said I don I don't think the players would like it that much. In general, Baseball's a game adjustments overtime. Guys would probably just I don't know how long it would take safe. A pitcher spots up inside under guys, hands and the catcher and move his glove. You think it's paint or just over the plate dot next said, but the ball was off the plate by a millimeter ball. Let's call. Balls called almost hundred percent of the time when umpires are going to that call because you hit your spot and it looked good. Here's a quote from another quote from dot. Guys that have the huge curveball guys like Clayton Kershaw. If, the ball clips the front of the zone. You can basically bounce. The ball on radar is going to say it's a strike. You can literally bounce balls and get a strike called. That would definitely cause some problems with hitters. the beauty of this. Is it's it? It proves what I said forever about. The dufuses who are obsessed with with the whole idea of having laser umpires and robot umpires because there's so much inconsistency and. Looking, for is the same call over and over again and the right call over and over and again and I've tried to tell people. There is no such thing as the perfect call, and what this proves is it ain't you're going to have? Just as much bellyaching the same frustration, perhaps for different reasons. Over robot up that you would. If there's a real lump there because human nature being what it is, you're gonNA, convince yourselves. Even if it's not true, you're gonNA. You'RE GONNA. Say Well that that was there was no consistency between what was called by the robot I and the fourth inning might not even be true, but your head is GonNa Convince yourself that because you're not going to want to admit perhaps your own contributions to the blender about where you put the pitch or didn't put the pitch and so the idea that. All our fears are going to be put to rest. Are All going to be happy about it? McNamee more. Controversy anymore complaining. There's more complaining and bellyaching in this single story than I generally see over two or three weeks and a major league baseball season with human empires. There is no way out of this box so to pretend that there's this perfect solution is nonsense and think about it. I think from what I understand. They're just doing this kind of as a for fun or just to Kinda see out there at target field right now. Is that accurate? It's not like they're actually doing any competition. That's true, so that's that's. Exactly the Doesn't even real and there's. This yeah yeah, make it up now. I understand that you have. Technology available that you didn't use to have in theory. That sounds good. We've talked about this related relation to replay forever. There's just no this perfection that we we pretend to Worship. And to want to get to. It. It's not going to exist and I've said forever I. I don't even know why why do know why I don't want to get into it right now but I do know why it's become such a mantra, such a mission for for so many people and the irony is. It's a mission from people who ordinarily the ones who said I mean who cares it's a it's a game. It's sports. It's professional game, but it's just a game There's so much more bigger issues to mess with, but somehow there I think a lot of times. It's directly related to your Phantom and. Every fan of every team has convinced that their team never gets. It's share of the calls, no matter the sport, and if that's the way you you roll then, you can't be objective because you're not going to remember the calls that you did get just because that's not human, nature is not the way it's GonNa work so again. This isn't the final effort I'm sure there'd be. Fine Tuning that would be done even within the wral of using robot Umpires, but the quotes were just just made me chuckle with crump's today because I said this is. And as you say, it wasn't even a game, it was just nonsensical practice, and whether no time there four three or four quotes, basically saying now inconsistent. I mean how can you? How can the ROBOT EMPIRE TO? Too High in some cases to law and other places. I i. don't even understand how it'd be possible, but it leads. It contributes to the fact. That we have to accept that we're not going to get to this place of perfection. Email. Matt common was a surly mood because he didn't do well in the name game, so use that as an ammunition to lash out. At At Rosen! Zero two yeah, common usually get shut out by Rosie. Didn't think he took the name game all that seriously. He gets a little bit frustrated sometime. In during the REU party had some connection issues, so he had a delay, and that was when all hell broke loose. emailer Rick doesn't matter what they think about. The strikes, neither one of those to have baseball game. have baseball game calms only good at boot, hockey and Golf Rosie has no game wow. That sounded odd sounded tense, did they did they? Did they kiss and make up before it was? Call I think so I think they kissed and made up after Yeah Yeah. It was It was very eye opening. It was is definitely a story that caught my eye today. tell you what let's We'll get before you pause in here. We have our first chance to put grant in your hand. Which Orion is GonNa give you the key word here in a second. We'll give you when we come back. The Borton Volvo guest lineup today as well and we'll have done as before. We're done and A. A lot of other good I think controversial conversations to to get into I'm going to violate the edict that was passed along to me yesterday that because I don't live in the city of Minneapolis I'm not allowed to talk about anything that happens in Minneapolis or Saint Paul. We are going to be talking about something that happened again last night in Minneapolis. It's not all good. That'll be a part of the proceedings before we are done. And all so much more keyword time for his shot, grand in your hand with our national cast contest text, the keyword money tax money, two, hundred, two, hundred to enter standard text, message and data. Fan Invites you to run virtual, red, white and boom TC, half, marathon, relay and five k presented by summit brewing company can run your race anytime anywhere from now until July eighteenth, and you can earn a shirt, finisher, medal and exclusive gift. You'll do an odd are virtual fireworks. We have planned. Learn more and registered caffeine dot. COM Keyword is events. Lavelle Neil. The third makes his regular Friday appearance this afternoon. At, five thirty. Lavelle e Neil the third. What's the date today? Today is July ten so. If everything happens on time two weeks from tonight. The twins will open the their major league baseball truncated sixty game season in Chicago against the white. Sox I think two days after we have an exhibition game at Wrigley. Against the cubs just around the corner show, that's not that far off. The question is whether, of course it will actually happen. We'll get into that and much more with Lavelle Act five thirty. He is headlining. The Morten Volvo scorecard. Today we I don't believe. Right now we have no other guests schedule. We have a couple of calls in I'm though I'm not optimistic. That's going to get done today. I'm confused by this email. Related to the subject. We began the program with my having fun. being quite amused that The twins I efforts with a robot opera at least efforts with the robot arm. and. Practice yesterday left number of players grumbling about the inconsistency of Zone. And, not being particularly satisfied with how that went through behind home plate bill writes. You can't say the laser strike zone is imperfect. zone is zone. If you're going to eat well, I! That's not necessarily true. Because it's garbage in garbage out I. Dare say. The particular always are to depend on the calculations offered up. What kind of technology is used? My guess is that there might be disagreement on exactly. What the most precise. former the technology what that might take and how that might still have some effect on what why this call? Why two identical pitches might get called differently, but I digress. If you're going to use baseball players bellyaching about the robot umpires excuse to not want robot umpires in your to stop calling baseball, players, babies and to set in their ways. I. Why would I need to stop? Calling baseball players babies. And to set in their ways. My point is email back to him. Is that this thing you seek of about for perfection. Is Immaterial even if there ends up being less inconsistency. And even if you want to buy his premise that the zone is zone, my point is. It's not going to stop. FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS Players. Managers and most significantly fans from saying we got squeezed. I saw that same pitch with their pitcher. It was the exact same place and we didn't get it. That's the point of it the point is that human nature being what it is. You're still gonNA end up having. An endless amount of bellyaching which to me is why it's not worth the difficulty in the nation and the shocked. The baseball system that this maintains or this I think it confirms so. Baseball players are babies. They are set in their ways and so as long as they are. It doesn't matter. How technologically perfect. The results are allegedly going to be. There's always going to be. We do this with the ball. All the time people deciding they juiced the ball. They didn't do anything to the ball. They changed this with the ball I'm. Conspiracies will never cease. No matter how technologically advanced one gets, it's just not gonNA work and. When, we're talking about replay when we're talking about calls that are examined over and over and over the toughest calls in every sport, what invariably happens? There's often still a disagreement on I I. Don't think that's right. I think that's it's close, but now I think they got that wrong and got to see that again I. It's it's this thing were pursuing. This perfection were pursuing, and it just simply does not exist now and I. It seems to me like this just proves like the technology at least doesn't exist yet. Have a robot replace a human being and have everybody be happy. You're not GONNA get anywhere. No, because you still have people complaining, believe me I won't be toss. It's not like it's GonNa. Keep me up at night if we go to robot umpires everywhere. Sir I. I'M NOT GONNA. Stop paying attention to the game I. it doesn't mean that much to me. I'm just amused in every sport by how hard we work this stuff in the name of allegedly getting it right, and in the at the end of the day most of the time, no matter how many angles we got there some that seem clear. Clear clear-cut, but there's enough game that still are called into question where it's still different, people are going to observe it and watch it and come to different conclusions about whether the call should have been reversed or should have not been reversed, and I'm not even talking about pass interference, which is another whole area that which I think now the NFL if. If there is a season has decided to move away from the I. No question I mean it's just going to be one of those things where you can't please everybody. The law of large numbers in a nutshell booth caffeine dot com feel like to join US Bradshaw and Brian Inbox Beluga. Whale guy wondering where Jay is, he getting early start at. At bird hunting, this is not a slight against Donaldson. No and by the way by bird hunting, we learned. There's a an urban kind of bird hunting. You may be aware of. It was listening to show yesterday I. It was all news to me. It has to do with e scooters that in a lot of cities. This has become such A. Significant way for kids to make money what they do is they collect these birds birds, I think one of the brands? These. Scooters overnight to get them recharged and the story. I read from I. Think it was in the Atlantic said a key. Kid could has has made as much like six hundred bucks. Is that right given night? Just charging? But what's happened is what you might expect when there's that kind of money at stake. There's brawls people fighting over who got to the e Scooter I. Taking the e scooter away from somebody else trying to blackball individuals who this there's there's lay multi-layer to it, but I don't think and guards. You mentioned. I mentioned the six hundred bucks a night. Guards. He said well, you know. With me, being on the outside, looking in probably for a Lotta freelance like gopher sideline football duties I might have to consider this. I said Yeah could be a good way to make up. That lost revenue. Who knew there is that type of money and bird hunting of the electronic scooter variety? I live in northeast Minneapolis right now so right? I see birds or Or the electronic scooters you know I don't know what brand they are. If we have the bird ones here, Minneapolis or not, but maybe there's a little side Gig in there for me. Who knows I'm right in that neck of the woods I might as well get my hands on some of the cash Sweeney's guys back says they did not make up. All really how extremely bitter that Rosie absolutely destroyed them in the name game common proceeded mercilessly Berate Rosen for defending umpires at the end of the show. Rosen said well. I'll be off next week to which Colin snarled. Why don't you make it to? Go Radio, it was great. It's all about I gotTA. Have some controversy. You GotTa have some negativity. We can't bounce off games yet. If we ever get a chance to bounce off games, I don't even know what it's going to be like to be able to bounce off a ballgame. And to mock it out, umpires call. A grooved curve ball. STUPID BASE RUNNING Boxton getting hurt again. It's the whole concept is so feel so foreign right now because it's been so long since we've been able to do that. Yeah, I miss those days where we can argue about things like that. Actually involving sports on the playing field I definitely miss those days by the way we will mix in some phone calls today since we're relatively guest free donaldson will work on that as well eight, hundred, three, two, zero, five, three, two, six, six, five, one, nine, eight, nine, fifty, three, twenty, six of really interesting emails on the Empire Subject continue to pour. I get to some of those when we return. I couple really really good ones and as I said, we got done to get to got a woge bomb to get to watch bomb woken in the middle of major controversy, involving a US senator as well. That's got everybody talking throughout the United States of America it's. It's combustible very controversial as well and how about this? I. Don't know if you've heard about this one. There's a new. Allegedly a new virus out of Qasr extent now that Chinese officials suggest. Is Much more lethal than covid nineteen Oh, of course it is now again. We get one of these every. It seems like every other day. We're getting one of these stories, and how are they? How much of them are cliquey as in Click Bait I'm not sure, but we'll continue, we'll. We'll take a look at that as well. We are here until six thirty. Sources say about. Sixty four percent bit thirty six percent vicious as in reality between Rosen and calm, it stephanos somewhere in that six. Yeah is what I was told, and my source is pretty close to a particular story, and but nevertheless it I said that's you know it's a Friday afternoon? Everybody's running out of juice. You need something right normally. It's a fedex. Friday for Frank. Rom It's true. They just mail it in point. You got just the opposite. That's the beauty of that sponsorship ever taken whole. Don't think so it. Definitely practice would be. Couple emails coming in on this controversial. Subject before we get to more serious, a section matters by baseball definition, the strike zone is subjective and changes. Height of a strike varies by batter height. They have a narrow stance or wide stance, and how much they crouch machine was calling the balls and strikes it with charge. The strike zone changed the strikes on pretty much every pitch because of how the batter is standing. It's an interesting point, and that's where I think imperfection is just baked. GOING TO BE BAKED IN I don't know if what he's saying is true. Technologically, if you went to a robot up, but it does enter into the imperfections of anybody attempting to call balls and strikes. All that stuff kind of factors in and I continue to maintain that. Yeah, there have been some bad calls made at at at behind the plate, but we've survived at somehow and most of the time I think they're pretty good calls and again. What most players are looking for is a measure of consistency so they whatever it is. You stay true to it over the course of the entire game, and you're going to be less unhappy. emailer that was emailer. Hold on all. All well, here's the back here's somebody with the backstory on rose and common claim, okay yesterday's show commentary to get Rosen going with the Buxton injury. Talk didn't work too well. As common site off the show yesterday told mark the tomorrow he would get going mark said, of course you will think common started all this to get him like going like said towards the end, it got hotter expected. That sounds about right. You can lose control of the getting it going and you end up getting yourself going up. It's exactly right to myself. Many many many times common I. The BUXTON! Think, Cowan I. Shared the same opinion for on this on his side. On this one he's on mine. and the roses just wrong on their skies. That goes back to the idea that you can't. There's no sensible way if you try to put any caution in Buxton's head. That you're you're taking away his greatest strength. That's what some of the ball guys say. I've never bought it. Common I know has never bought it either that there are too many. Outstanding Instinctive. outfielders in this case we're talking about baseball outfielder so narrow center fielders who? Are Among the best. They've ever played the game, but have reached a point where they factored in a sensible method that makes it less likely that they're going to miss half a season in their effort to try to track down every ball that they're absolutely was away even to convince Buxton to learn how to hate to say it crash into a wall more effectively body lean. Vision combination of many many different things so i. And you know Buxton is saying the right things on that. That was the topic yesterday whether it will. We have no way to know how it's GonNa Affect Dizzy possible. He's GONNA end up being too cautious. Yeah, you can't rule out. We're not going to know until we actually see out there, but that apparently is the backstory. Dan after this is a south for listening to the empire, Controversy Common Show, and now yours reminds me of a Mike. Vac Line from your show. If you take the out of the game, you take away the controversy now you'll have boring games. Yeah, well, there's something to that. emailer Mike I believe it works like A. Cat. Read this cat three landing in an aircraft. You have the localize her. The horizontal component and the glide slope, the vertical component, and when performing an I'LL S. INSTRUMENT LANDING! The aircraft does the landing including the flair. It's absolutely precise every time man. That's awfully technical. Idea I'll take him at his word. Is only important. If you're passenger, you want to save landing if somebody precise strike zone, who cares good point I think that he sang. Is that stuff matters to people because we all want to land safely, right? That's all pretty important. Each and every one of us would argue Sainsbury's any of US do these days but. Is All that stuff worth. One missed. Call a ball or strike, whatever the case may be Kip rights with a robot umpires still the automatic strike on a three. Oh count. That's that's a great question. emailer Peter I somewhat agree with your assessment. Dan that the robot won't fix. The Griping for players managed by favor of row bombs, because it may speed up the game by skipping the early lengthy at bats where the pitchers and batters try to figure out the zone the calling that night. They'll eventually know what zone is as long as the robot kept consistent and pitchers hopefully throw more strikes. See me being the IMF that I am. If there was a way technologically. To. Like between the the first four innings and the next five. Alter just a little bit. The robot up home plate calls. That would be delicious. There's a way to bake in inconsistency by the. Touch of a button or something, I don't know if that's technologically possible that to me would be more delicious. That would be even more fun. Thanks for the clarification rights bill who I fired back at earlier them being babies is not a good excuse to not to eliminate poor umpiring. Personal opinion I agree. It's funny, not surprising. They're grousing. You're also correct. The players and fans will find fault with the human or the robot I think again on. They're gonNA get more frustrated when it's a robot, I think you're right. They're gonNA because they're going to be led to believe now there's no question supposed to be perfect and it might be, but they're not going to believe it is exactly. There's even less chance they're going to believe. It is when it's. A when it's a robot up then if it's a a real one going back to the vet quote. When he said that it's going to take controversy out of the game, it'll take the punch outs out of the game. I love the punch out I'm with you. I mean that's part of. That's part of the fun. Yeah, the the. Part of the action to they to get into it last, but perhaps not least on this subject Mitch Rights. How will robot prevent the Yankees from sweeping the twin? Boilers the Harry good question, all of us serious stuff out of the A. Section another bad night last night. In in Minneapolis. one person killed. Eight injured in shootings across the. City CORNSTARCH ABUNE DOT com including possibly pregnant woman. and a seventeen old boy who was struck. Three, times. The most recent shooting officials say a man in his mid twenties was gunned down in a shooting near. Park, That also left. A woman critically wounded. that. Police. Officers responding to a shot spotter activation. Little after midnight, Friday. FOUND THEM SO early. This morning found the man at the scene where he was pronounced. Dead Female Victim Age wasn't given taking HCFC. Went into surgery early today critical. Injuries. not much more known about this story. second shooting involving a pregnant woman in less than a week we talked about the first one in the other twenty seven year old. lanista Columbus was slain the south side street corner where George Floyd was killed. And a man serving as a security guard at the memorial site was also hit but survived. Police say doctors delivered the baby in an area of area hospital before Columbus died. A man has since been charged with murder. I think a man who knew her. If I'm not mistaken, I think this is this is being alleged domestic situation. tragic ending tragically. Violence began yesterday afternoon, shooting the other side of off of a far view park. Fifty Three PM. Police say seventeen year old boy was shot three times the lake possibly while waiting for a friend to get off the bus. Video Surveillance, capturing a man wearing a black hat, gray shirt, black pants running southbound from the scene. But three hours after that two men shot at South Cedar Avenue and East Twenty Four Street Near East Philip's park. But nine fifty police responded after male gunshot victim showed up at a gas station. On Washington Avenue Preliminary investigation suggests he may have been shot nearby in an area of twenty first avenue North North six three goes on, and on two hours later police. The two people have been shot near a laundromat. Thirty seven hundred block of Chicago near the Floyd Memorial? Short time after that a man suffering a gunshot wound, or from a gunshot wound, showed up at an area hospital tongue staffed been driving in a vehicle with several children when another vehicle pulled up next to his in the area of twenty, nine, th street and Park Avenue and fire. City now has logged twice as many homicides as it had this time last year up to thirty, two five of which have occurred in the month. Of July of July. related there's a of. TV. Piece that was filed. Today today. Did, he's attempts to switch file yesterday. Worth a mentioned as well under the same classification of F-. This is not a pace at which we could possibly. Exist comfortable comfortably in the city of Minneapolis. Some. People feeling unsafe in the Phillips never heard of Minneapolis have put up barricades at both ends of their street to block traffic. From getting through. In less than two weeks. Neighbors say their community near Lake and Cedar has transformed. We were terrified. We just walking says Maria Perez. We were like no. We prefer to be inside. Neighbors say all that's changed now. Thanks to the blockades. They put them up. Apparently it's. Residents put these barricades up. About ten days ago out of desperation. Before that they say crime was out of control of drug, dealing and prostitution having out in the open. Lots of violence shootings people were being robbed at gunpoint, said another neighbor Rachel Glover. Children couldn't play outside because they were used needles. Everywhere. So, they went with the barricades. Police came out Wednesday. After some key, apparently concern for Minneapolis traffic control. But according to this story, at least a temporary peace has been restored. We've been getting support from the officers said Ali Hassan a neighbor. When we call. They knew what we were doing. and. They were very supportive and I wanNA. Tell them thank you. Glover suggested that someone affiliated with the Minneapolis Police. Department initially suggested. The blockades in addition, five or seven people rotate for neighborhood. Neighborhood Watches to which MP supports. Problem has been giving us. A strength is now our together? We'll be fighting for a better place to live Stan work. There's nobody else. Is doing anything for, US. Several people on the block field that their city council member a laundry work. Has Failed Them In letting it get to this point. She did not get back to see with comment. On the. Situation. Sad State of affairs. When you are left so desperate. That put it this way, even if you. Are Frustrated by the Floyd Story and the Minneapolis. Police Department! And don't have full trust and faith in that department. It must really be a helpless feeling because the other hand. You have so little faith in the city council as well. To the point where you don't know who to turn to, because you're not getting the kind of support, you feel like you need perhaps from either. And so you decide, we're GONNA, have to take matters into your own hands, and we're going to just block the street. And for at least a period of time, give ourselves some sense of. What any citizen I think wants more than anything else is just a little piece and a little bit of a sense of normalcy, the kids can play relatively safely outdoors. the numbers are staggering. They continue to be staggering. I don't have a solution perfect answer. There is probably no perfect answer. But I think we'll all agree that. it certainly cannot be ignored and that the best minds need to come together pretty quickly and figure out something that is. Realistic. That realistically has a chance to to make a difference. We're on a pace that Is Staggering And it's not just here, but we'll. We'll keep the story to hear right now, and it has a number of people you could hear it. I just I can feel it on the basis of those those quotes how? Frustrating depressing. And quite infuriating, it has to be to feel like that nobody. Again sweet. Bumpers the name of the show will get to the bottom in a minute. Want to read a couple of emails and mix a call or two. Bradshaw Brian box is. Open booth at Caffeine Dot Com, and a number of emails are in this comes from Kevin Out of North Minneapolis. I was at a block a block club meeting a couple of weeks ago and the frustrations real we had a shooting in our corner, and according to witnesses, the extent of the police investigation was to announce the gathered crowd that if anyone has video, send it in. But the same, the boyfriend of a teenage girl on the block and some friends kicked in the door. beat up the family to get money got none. and laughed. They return shortly after and repeated the exercise. It seems that the police no longer respond to crime on the side I live and work here. And while driving to work before the riots, I regularly saw police car to on the way in between granted, my travel has decreased since the covid nineteen hit, but when I go out I just don't see any officers. We feel we have been abandoned and the hoodlums are taken their chance to pursue their mayhem. We're at our wit's end. Don't know what to do. Is the city's way to drive us out of town I? I know you turn your back on the city awhile ago. that's a callback to yesterday's lead male, but I appreciate your continued interest in what happens here. That's Kevin. Minneapolis up by the way for the record. People, in positions of authority, police departments, starting with chief Aero Dondo continue to insist that nothing has changed about police responding. To calls They do not like the intonation. The suggestion that part of what's happened here is. I you're on us. Were on the run a little bit. You're down on us. You want to de-fund US at Sarah Maybe we're going to be a little bit more passive in what we do in everything that we do Erdo has insisted that that would not be acceptable to him. He wouldn't allow it. but emailer guys clearly very. Frustrated as As well. Brad rights imagine feeling like you did during the riots every night. and. On the question of whether the city council's going to eliminate the police department. Patrol the streets themselves. They've never suggested that that's what they were going to do. What they suggested is. The that be that the notion? And I. Get some of this I. Really Do. The notion that. Nothing positive changes because we go with the or there's a few bad apples. Approach. And we try to keep working through the system. And we keep bringing on police chiefs who are supposed to be about as progressive as one could get in a city that's been run by progressives for a long time. And that. We got a shock, the system and the way we shocked. The system is to really shock the system. the problem they have is. We talked about with several people including the former mayor is you gotta have your ducks in a row? you have to have already in place. Some really significant ideas that are tangible and make sense because it is true I think that, and this is part of the reason we've talked about the union side of this thing the structural issue that's going to continue to haunt his and make I think the job for a police officer difficult. Is! The inability to discipline the way. That bad cops need to be disciplined. and. That's why I think to say. Few bad apples isn't enough. A few bad apples can have a massive impact. If structurally. Speaking. The people who really want to do something about it have to keep putting bringing those cops back. And then I would argue then the cops who are professional and just try to do their job. They end up getting hurt and penalized by that. very much as well. It becomes kind of a vicious circle so. I get the shock to the system. I'm still not convinced though that. As we see what's happening out happening here and in some other cities. that. Because the the argument is, we gotTA treat more than the symptoms. And I and we've got. We got to 'cause. We gotta get at that structural stuff. I! Am on record agreeing with that. But I've said the reality and we're seeing it more and more every day. Is You have to open your eyes? To say that we're just going to be interested in dealing with the disease rather than the symptoms makes no sense. You have too many very serious symptoms right now. No matter what you think about coming up with a better formula. That might work term. You've got really serious symptoms day to day that are transforming for the worst people's lives in these communities, and so you can't abdicate advocate in the meantime you you. You have to find a way to create a larger measure of stability and safety. At least within reason. Even while you're trying to deal with some more structural issues, and that's the part where I think the failure has been pretty severe, and whether it's more bad guys are emboldened, or the cops are backing a little bit or combination of both of those things are other factors that go into the mix. It's so prevalent now. It's not enough to say. You know we got to blow the whole thing up you have to. You have to have in the short run. You have to give people you have an understanding of what they're dealing with day to day, and not be dismissive of that and I think that's what I'm hearing from a lot of people. That's how they feel. We've seen the quotes from victims families. Who Basically said where the I, you know, I need demonstrations on this, too. I need I need a greater sense of urgency on these issues that are affecting us day to day. Even if I agree that what happened George Floyd is inexcusable, can't stand and has to be part of a larger discussion. We're still living here. In the meantime, we still have the same day to day issues that we always had now perhaps even more than we did previously. Dean is calling from Learfield Dean. You're on the fan hello. Dana there. Dean! Dean. There we go now. We got you go ahead dean. Loaded? Down a couple of couple of the mornings after the after the riots took place you know from late go I just went down To see what was going on down there and I watch some people on the front line on the walls, and I did some help with folks down there as well and clean up clean up the place, and you just watch the you're just watch the what these up officers took along that lines, and it's the barrage of attacked them in the name calling the just I mean it had a huge effect on on our police force that are serving equal in fact to the point where a lot of these people The cops are having. PTSD stuff happening in their life, and so and I'm not trying to say you know like that we should know collartoo that, but but I know it's the impact on the morale is incredible. I I talked to a guy that worked for twenty years, and one of the precincts one that down down, and I asked him how he's feeling. He said never in my twenty years if we. Have felt more ejected in my life well and I'm on. He's trying to make a different. You know whether it's a good guy or bad guy. No. But. But that side of things we're looking at these guys struggling out there, and then we're seeing numbers of people dropping off before as this as well as I think that they're understaffed. A good friend of mine just got pulled into a double last night. And he wasn't expecting to do a double, but he's doing a double down in this city that that isn't appreciative and thankful. For the very thing that thing eat is some some order and I think it's time for us. All be really praying on our knees for restoration reconciliation across the board, and and the police don't have to pay the brunt of it i. think we all have to work together to make that happen? Thank you for the for the phone. Call I look. There's not any question. that. Time like this. Cops who are trying to do their job. They feel under siege I say to a certain extent. You have to accept if you do this job and understanding that when the frustration sets in on a story like George Floyd, story. That's GONNA be part of your job easy for me to say because I don't have to deal with the day to day. Does it create greater stress does create arouse greater suspicion even in situations where cops literally are called to a place and are attempting to do their work. Yes, is that complicate matters to? Yes, does that where people? Absolutely, but we're also hearing a lot of people. In neighborhoods who are worn down to? And on the issue of of cotton numbers I, don't because any question. I've talked about this actually for even before the Floyd story that. There are law enforcement to say who predict than in about ten years. We're going to have maybe sooner now. There's going to be a big problem just literally getting enough people. Through police academies who are going to be willing to do the job at all I know there's some people out there. Don't believe we should have police at all. Or feel like it has to be revolutionised and cop should have a much narrower focus on what they cover, but we've talked about the insanity of that, too, as it pertains to example domestic stuff. this feeling that well with the domestic you send. You send the therapist you. You send the professionals who are negotiate who are trained to deal with those things that sounds good. And I. Don't disagree with it. There are a lot of police departments that I think have a are attempting to do that, but you're not again living in a real world if you think that anybody. Who's in fair appear anybody WHO's trained to. With domestic issues and negotiate. is going to show up by himself or herself. And attempt to do any of that until there's a belief that the scene has been secured. Some of the most dangerous situations for anybody makes I, think it should be obvious is a domestic scene. Dangerous for the the the the victim at the time, dangerous for other people who might be around at the time dangerous revenue. Anybody else who might try to step in and do something about that so? Again if we're going to have real conversations about, they have to be real the idea that we're going to be able to create these separations. And and and rationally move forward I just don't think that part of it makes makes a lot of sense either unfortunately emailer Ted! I, agree with our Dondo. Wait a minute. There's Oh, I see sent the email twice I agree with Redondo. Has Changed it how police respond? They've prevented zero crime. Solve the similar number for decades. All we do is pay their hefty salaries. Ot fraud cash security racket for local events, generous pensions and now PTSD payout see Fox story today for the suffering. The went on posing police state in some parts of the city and being derelict in their duties. Let's defined start over with a group that doesn't resent the area and the people that they work for. Thanks loved the show well again I I the the sentiment that the. Structurally the system that set up now is not getting to the root of the problem. I get and I accept. What you start over with though means everything. Everything. It cannot be overstated how important that is. What do you have in mind that is going to necessarily be? So Different The idea of having cops. By that appeals to me. Is there way to do that legally? I don't know. But the. The detail precision, the lack of precision. The detail I think has been the biggest problem for some regarding the way to city council, some of the comments out of City Council that indicate they think they're protecting their own citizenry by this approach and yet day. Nothing of the sort has happened, and in some cases it's things have actually gotten gotten worse, and that was when we had the mayor on the phone for an extended period. I think the the comment was. Don't don't try to throw. put this down our throats. This idea of starting over defunding the cops give us an idea of what you have. EXP, precisely what you have in mind and all we hear is we hear? Hate to say it very new, AG, catchphrases about synergy and Collaborative and Stuff that sounds good in theory, but does not deal with the day to day stuff that continues to plague many a major American cities, and most surely this fan. Time shots, but a grand in your hand with our national cast contest text, the keyword, rich rich to two hundred, two hundred to enter standard text message and data rates. Want to get to the bomb here. We'll try to mix and more phone calls and and some emails finish at least for this moment on this subject with what the Atlanta mayor was a couple of days ago. They had a spate of shootings there. In fact, The worst of it was a kid. WHO's in a driving in a vehicle heading towards a liquor store near went the burnt-out. Wendy's who was shot and killed, and the mayor said If to attempt to make this. Basically said we can't blame the police for this one. And WanNA broadened out. Broaden it out. The the relationship between the police and the minority community. is a vital and crucial part of this story. It cannot be left out, but it is absurd. And I think. Leading to what I what I heard from the mayor to suggest that we're having an honest conversation if it ends there. The level of killings and shootings that we are seeing and madness in in some cases if all we discuss, is that relationship? If that's all we discuss, we ain't doing the job. We're not having the honest conversation and by the way this doesn't leave racism out of out of the. The the the story in any way shape or form about. The conditions it exists in those communities, but if we if we leave that out. Or Lion to everybody quite frankly I think, and that's why I think the mayor and least on that occasion was attempting to point to regarding what she has seen in the last few nights in her city Adrian Rosicky is known for what we in the business call woge bombs. And if you're not familiar with him, he's the NBA reporter these days for ESPN huge following very plugged in in the NBA and. Awards bomb simply met another WHOA JR scoop. Another story that he seemed to get before pretty much. Everybody else. Today the story is. Not so much awards bomb, but a woge f-bomb one could say in relation to a an email. Let me give it set up the story if you're not familiar with it because it has like everything, else become very much political. It's become very much blue red. It's become very much sharks versus the jets. And, it goes something like this. Let me get. I guess I'll even use the ESPN version of the story. Josh. Holly is a senator US senator out of Missouri. He sent a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Today. Writing, that the League's policy. On social justice injustice messages quote appears to stop at the edge of your corporate sponsors sensibilities unquote especially when it comes to matters involving China and support of the United States military and law, enforcement personnel. In the letter Holly said, silver has quote has been called deepening the NBA ties to the Chinese Communist Party since Houston Rockets General Manager Darryl Maurice Tweet in support of anti-government protestors in Hong Kong in October. According to this story silver back the free speech rights of Maury, but the ensuing fallout from that tweet caused Chinese companies to pause or cancel sponsorship deals with silver estimating losses of probably less than four hundred million dollars, the league, lowering its salary cap projections for next season games to be pulled from broadcast television in China there's a tweet from Holly a about what he sent to the League. If the NBA is GonNa put Social Costs Davidson uniforms. Why Not Support? Our troops are back the blue or given how much money NBA makes in China. How about free Hong Kong today I wrote Adam Silver to ask for answers. Holly, saying the League's new policy of enhanced employees expression. When it comes to social injustice, has quote crossed the line of sanctioning specific political messages rather than allow free speech this time for you to make it clear that what you're Lee believes about human rights and about the nation. That is your home There's a quote here from the VP of communications for the NBA Mike Bass. We just received a letter in are reviewing it. apparently WHOA Jr.. was in a group of ESPN reporters and maybe others. Because they in this case, cover the NBA. He got some sort of like a form statement from Holly's office laying out hallways complaints. And apparently replied in his own email to that staff written email from Holly's office. of saying simply bleep you and he didn't use bleep. He used the F word instead. At at some point after that holly captures or somebody from his office captures the the the message back to him the email back to his office. and. Puts that out online with a comments, something the effect of these acting here. Basically the bid there must be some some sensitivity here From ESPN people at least one on this particular issue at which point then all hell breaks loose. Everybody's calling espn to see what kind of comment you have etcetera etcetera since then woge has tweeted an apology up I should back up ESPN. Before I would even did that issued a statement. Saying this is completely unacceptable behavior. We do not condone. It's inexcusable for anyone working for ESPN to respond. Wade rain did a Senator Holly? We're addressing it directly with Adrian. Adrian and specifics of those conversations will remain internal I then. Jr tweets out I was disrespectful and I made a regrettable mistake I'm sorry for the way I handle myself and I'm reaching out immediately to senator. Holly to apologize directly else. You'd apologize to my ESPN colleagues because I know my actions were unacceptable and should not reflect on any of them if you spend more than a minute or two on twitter. You will know that this has become like. I said very much. A sharks jets thing if you despise holly. And you think he stands for. Your telling Whoa Ge you go. Won't you love it? You're shaking your fist in exaltation. A got him shouldn't have to apologize for anything if you're on the other end of it. Holly is a US senator who is deeply wounded and Mike. Curl up in the fetal position on the basis of the comment that that won't made. I've made my views on this clear before and I I of quoted in fact I'm not gonNA quote Senator Holly I'll quote. Your guy, the chest four chessmaster. King Gary Casper. who had the same reaction that I did as it turns out to? Some comments that. The commissioner had made. I think this was on. Tuesday! He had one of those. Silver had one of those group chat things going via zoom, or whatever it was on a number of different subjects, and somebody apparently asked him about. The NBA's relationship with China. And Silvers response was that he felt it's improved. They have a different view how things have been done i. think should be done. Hopefully. We can find mutual respect for each other. I thought it was extremely way to neutral I. thought it was extremely What's the best term I could give you kind of mealy-mouth to be honest. It was just sort of. It just it. It didn't. It wasn't a very strong declarative place that he took it a look like he was just basically trying to keep keeping all. Just keep it. Keep it down. Let's keep everything down. And cast off, noticed the quote, and he said the NBA Concern for Human Rights Stop at the bank. China China has concentration camps and is preparing to crush Hong Kong and he talks of mutual respect. WHAT A joke They're vulnerable and they become the NBA whether. lefties accepted it or not. They become vulnerable especially on it at a point where they're trying to pose themselves as we're going to give our players. In this shortened. Season and postseason a chance to express themselves by putting something other than their own name on the back of their uniforms. And as we talked Abou- Johnny Athletic. Noble intention timely in intention. But we come to find out that only certain messages works going to be accepted. In fact, even some players have said within the realm of this particular social justice issue as it involved as it involves African Americans I'm Kinda not happy that? This is the list I have to choose from. I had a couple of other words. I wanted to go with instead, and apparently I can't beyond that once you open the door to this belief that we're GonNa let our players expressed themselves. I. Ask Johnny Johnny brought up actually the idea of well. What if somebody wants to say? Free Hong Kong not on the list. What if somebody wants to has police in their family and watch to make some effort to stand tall for police who do their job correctly? That among the. Items that would be approved apparently not and so. It comes off. Ultimately as this is kind of a game by the NBA regarding putting other messages, certain messages, social justice messages on the backs of the deal why? WON'T LOSES MIND ON IT I. have no idea I. It's not I. Don't think it's particularly good luck, but again if you despise holly, and you think we should be worried about other things. I'm not a big Josh how? That's for sure, but on this particular subject. He would respond that way because I mean. Watch doesn't work for the NBA I didn't think. He works for ESPN. Job is to cover the NBA, so there is in my opinion some vulnerability. The this league has right now on this issue. Now I would say to to to set her holly. What you're being disingenuous about is pretending. Not to understand. The beginning of this process, and and you're showing. Some of that tone deafness that we saw from drew brees. Based on what he was saying, regarding, kneeling for for the for the national anthem that to pretend you don't understand exactly why so many black athletes in this case, black NBA players are. Inspired right now to make certain statements. You're you're you're? You're completely phony yourself if you don't have some understanding of it, but to the larger issue. Of. What messages are okay and what are because I've said this million times. People get sick of me saying. I've said it for twenty years. The easiest thing to approve of or to champion. Is the. Opinion editorial stance that you agree with. The real challenge is your willingness in a free culture to accept or to, if not necessarily accept, and certainly not obligated to agree with, but to at least accept the possibility of. Is that somebody else that you're going to defend somebody else's right? To offer up that statement. That's the test it's there's. It doesn't take any courage to say. Oh, yeah, go for one hundred percent with that. I agree with the sentiment it's. It's one that you might even find abhorrent. And you disagree with that I. Think is where the the real test is and so. don't don't quote senator. Holly I'll quote Casper on. The League has some real vulnerability on this issue and. It leaves me feeling as if this is a little bit of a game. We're doing this. Because this was part of our negotiations with the players and the play, because some players that even expressed concern or frustration about what should we even be playing so even come back for a season because we do not want to take away from these issues that have been raised and are being talked about in a way that perhaps never. Never have before social issues, police issues, etc and I don't have any doubt. This was part of the negotiation You can keep that front and center by putting names up there, but then ultimately we come to find out the league decided what those names were not negotiated allegedly with the players association, so there was some back and forth, but clearly there were some that were not included and You know there's a lot of international. International players to who may have different ideas about what what what caused. They want to bring to the to the table and so to me the league it comes off a little bit like the League looks as if they want to look a certain way and want to give the idea that they believe in that level of that measure of freedom and getting those messages out, but in the end they determine which messages are okay, they. They get a little bit help from the players they get to determine which ones and there's not a chance in hell that there would have been. Anybody would have been allowed to put a free Hong Kong deal on there and I know there's business contingencies in involved with that, but once again. If you're trying to exercise, your might as we're different, we allow our players to express themselves and let the chips fall where they may. We're not worried about what impact it has on our business. The issues are too important. They either are they are and match to me. The vulnerability on I don't know what exactly got into a mean we get. I get a million press releases from people, and some politicians and some of them. I agree with some I disagree with Maybe there's a back story that somewhere down the down the road. We're going to get to on that particular issue. Six hundred, I should say eight, hundred, two, zero, five, three to six toll, free, six, five one. Nine eight, nine, fifty, three, twenty, six will continue to mix and emails If you want to get in on this particular subject as well regarding the latest, the new new definition for Welsh bomb that much is. For sure I've said too I. I'm not really made for these times to the extent that. Everybody wants us just as we gotta get along better. We have to in our discourse. You know saying bleep you is. That's not really that's not a very nourishing way for the back and forth to take place, and it isn't I would grant you that I've always felt though we can't. We shouldn't be all that snow flaky about any of this stuff I. I come from the Christopher. Hitchens philosophy of political debate, which actually is meaner and can get kind of vicious. Hopefully, it's still based on merit, and it's based on actual facts and things that we can argue back and forth but. It's become like I said. You're either offended. Because you're on the other side of it or you say well hollies, the snowflake on the other hand, you could say well, but is the snowflake for reacting the way did to a press release about an opinion that he can one hundred percent disagree with, but what had him rise to that particular level, so we're back to. If you're a shark, feel one way agenda The fan. I was about to rip the Minnesota while. For the one of the more shameless promotional moves in the history of promotions, you you of all People Ron. Donaldson should know about shameless promotions. Oh I'm I. wrote the Book On that I was about to rip him for welcoming or announcing that they they got a new kind of team mascot dog a six month old golden retriever named Hobie. They welcome him to the team. Spend the next year with the wild. But then I come to find out where this dog will go after the year with the wild. It's now training with soldiers six, which is a nonprofit based in Minnesota the provides honorably discharged veterans, police, officers, and firefighters with specially trained canines. At that point I, said I can't ripple. You can't read them for that. because. All. We got our. We get the cutest dog ever now. It's a lovely looking perfectly groomed, golden retriever, the best ever and so there it is I- reeser. He was the original Minnesota while he has graduated sounded now. This is whole bays. Turn Moby, I, like it I think this is just announced yesterday or even perhaps today so You're right. Breeder was the one and now you know it's this progression, so you go from one to the next year's dog's name. Be Very Very Furby, maybe Herbie a I I didn't even want to know. Louis, Louis, Remember. Our ICE AZTEC OUR ICE. I. Don't think that has ever ended. That was delivered to me Great Minnesota. Get together was at two state fairs ago I. Think so he could watch it was. It was lovely as what it was it was. I would even call it if I had to I'd call it kind of special. Couple more. Emails Bradshaw Brian Inbox. On whatever we've been talking about today, it's all fair game at this. Juncture and now I can't find the one I wanted. Where did it go? No not that one not that one. Not, that one, where did Oh, here it is this is from emailer Tito. Dot Talk me off. Police officers experiencing PTSD after a couple of riots from your faraway land and Lakeville. PTSD. Caused so many civilians, so many people from outside of Minneapolis have so many comments, absolutely insanity. I can send videos of innocent homeowners next door to me being shot with rubber bullets and pepper spray by Fifth Precinct Police Department. She responds that she's waking Walking I should say to her house. Police created the culture now they have to deal with it as a sentiment that a lot of people. It's part of the story that has to be discussed and has to be dealt with. emailer. No. That's not it either. There's one other good one. Got Some. Hollywood's that are coming in to. Um Counselors Ted Rights. Thanks for reading my email I agree more details or needed heat I'd read his email earlier from North Minneapolis. How to move forward more conversations be had the feeling that MPM PD is occupying forces, a real one among the residents. They sneer at a C V precincts. Popeye Malt liquor xmas tree last year. That was when those. I were located adorning a Christmas tree. They're. In I'm all I shouldn't use this word, but I get triggered hearing. HOW TOUGH EAST COPS have it? When I had my boots on the ground for forty three years and know what my experience living with empty. My life has been, and I'm a middle class. White male who keeps his and I'm a middle class white male who keeps his head. Down I get that too I. Feel agree with us. I'm curious if he would. I don't think we're having an honest conversation if we make it all about the police. If that's all we discuss. About what's happening in in many communities in terms of levels of. Violence it's an it's a the can't be separated. But, is it fair? Are we having a the full conversation we need. Given the numbers number of people who are being shot and or killed and residents who are saying victims family members who are saying. We got a lot of other stuff that we need to discuss here. We quoted directly from those individuals that has more power obviously when it comes from those individuals in. In those communities as As well. one more I wanted to get to on this subject before we get to some WHOA JR emails. This one came in much earlier now. We've got too many. That's the problem. Police Fourche Shoot Policy Oh. This is from Ryan. I think of it like this. Morbid I know if I tried to myself, two things need to happen I call nine one one to get me stabilized into a safe place. Then get me counseling therapy. ETC, to deal with the underlying causes. See Council's trying to get Minnesota into counseling while they're bleeding out on the floor. Yeah, it's a graphic way to put it, but that's the deal. The deal is that. What I said before is. In order to move forward with what no matter what changes you think need to be made, and you attempt to implement. A certain measure of stability has to be reestablished or nobody wins or nothing really can be. Dramatically shifted. Or changed, I don't think. There has to be. The instability that exists now is conducive to doing absolutely nothing. Other than what we're now seeing is is nighttime totals. We you know we have every day. We have covid nineteen tolls. and. This is like a new box. That's up there. That could be up in the corner. In some cities, it sadly business as usual west and south side of Chicago Illinois. In New York. Though this is a relatively new in terms of the numbers frequency. Here, the numbers are up dramatically and again. The irony is we've talked about. The the allegation is their places where the cops are too heavy handed. And the great contradiction to that is they're all other places like in sections of downtown, Minneapolis where people are having difficulty, just using mass transit without getting getting bothered or getting getting mugged or at least being threatened. We say the complaint was there wasn't. An understanding that you needed some greater security presence in those situations for the good of everyone. So, none of these issues are. Are Very easy obviously, but The conversations have to pretty much continue. Where am I on? I wanted to try to get to a couple of Here's an email on. This has been writing. On Senator Holly and NBA The reason won't responded as he did as it. Holly is in a position where he can do something about China's sanctions trade penalties NBA's been taking bad faith flack from righties ever since last year. Why is it that the white righties think that the black is? The NBA should be the blunt instrument against Chinese authoritarian suppression. Why can't holly make a move all this while the USA still? runs our own. Concentration camps. We do. K.. That's all bad faith. That's the issue. where he not care I, don't even. Disagree that he is using this as a political football. I would say respectfully to ban that. That doesn't make the NBA any less vulnerable. The issue on the NBA it's just consistency. About if your if you, if you mean to open a door that has not been opened up this wide before you either mean it or you don't, and if you only do selectively than to me, I would find it patronizing five on the other side of this to say well all really so some things are okay and some things. Are, not I'm still not sure. I. Guess I would prefer a little bit more I know people bleep you. People believe in. bleep you when you're agreeing with the person who sang it. When you're on the other side of it, it's unprofessional and it goes back to it. All depends on sally whose ox is. Is Being Gored, eight, hundred, three, two, zero, five, three, two, six, six, five, one, nine, eight, nine, fifty, three, twenty six. Top, five five, coming up top of the hour, and then Lavelle will join in the five o'clock hour. He's scheduled for. Five thirty on SEAN YOU'RE calling us from Saint Paul. Go ahead! You're on the fan. Thanks for holding. Thanks for taking my call. Dan Yes. I quickly want to shut up Ryan Donaldson for your Bret Michaels. That's one of the funniest thing ever heard. Thank you I? Out of the loop on even Obama? West related to this, and that was like two months Agai, I've pranked carly. Yeah, I dear idol, forgive you know and I'm still feeling bad about it i. appreciate it, thank. You should have all had those those moments. That's for sure, go ahead. And then I just wanted to ask you so I am twenty six. And I was wondering Dan. If there's maybe some advice that you wish, you would've known at twenty six that you know now that you wish you knew then. Oh, my, that's A. That's a very profound question. Thank you for the phone call. That's two might be too heavy for me for a Friday although we're talking about some fairly. Heavy subjects Best Advice I wish I would have when I was. Twenty six. Probably it's going to sound like an old timer comment, but it's basically. As, tried as it is, patience is a virtue. and. The kid wants to hear that maybe now more than ever depending on what your whatever you feel like. You're dealing with in your own life. But the idea that. No matter how good or bad everything looks at a given moment. Especially, if it's something bad the idea that you want it fixed tomorrow. Or you wanted it all to be turned around tomorrow. It's the ability to sort of let things come to you a little bit without being too eager, because sometimes when you're eager it. You compound one mistake. With, another one or maybe two or three more? That would probably be it. I had hair then to six had here. Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Try to I'll tell you what let's go ahead and I don't WanNa. Get too far behind schedule, so let's we appreciate the calls left. We're not gonNA. Be Able to get to them right now. BOOTH DOT COM! If you WANNA, email us what your call was gonna be about. We'll try to mix those in the five o'clock hour of the show, but we got top five at five to get to which will include what? Take the Florida out, of Jacksonville, and olive branch and the Sean Jackson Controversy coverted testing numbers for the MLB some Vikings Training Camp News it won't surprise many, and we'll get to a little bit more. That wo- JR Apollo Dazzle and it's the fan. Just in case you missed it. It's the top five sports talkers of the day now. It's time for Jan Barreiros top five at five driven by Volvo. Donaldson's that share guards. He's got the day off I. Think he's off on the cake show to be replaced. This Sunday by Ron Johnson. Is that right on Johnson filling in for cake show? I'll be on sermons between nine. And eleven o'clock a donaldson. Where would you like to begin? Let's start with the. Unraveling kind of what's on folded since we learned about the Jackson controversy, the antisemitic self that he put out there on twitter. The fallout is happening as we speak in real time just an hour ago, Adam. Schefter tweeted out wide receiver Sean. Jackson met with a group of anti-semitism yesterday, and he's meeting with the ninety four year old Holocaust survivor today, and that is quote trying to educate himself That's coming from over the week. As it went and then Julian. Adamant Patriots Wide Receiver who is of Jewish faith. He released a video on twitter, and he addressed the Sean Jackson Controversy, and this is the message in a little bit of an olive branch extended by one. Julian Edelman to Sean Jackson Fellow Wide Receiver. It's really hard to see the challenges of community. Can face when you're not part of it. So what we need to do is. Listen. To learn. We need to. Have those uncomfortable conversations. If we're, GONNA have real change. So to that end. The Sean. was doing deal. About we go to. Take you the Holocaust Museum? And then you take me to museum, African American history and culture. Afterwards. Grab some burgers and we have those uncomfortable conversations. That was Julian. Ataman, releasing that video, yesterday and today Adam tweeted the Sean and I spoke for a while last night for making plans to use our experiences to educate one another and grow together. Stay tuned Yeah, well, that's a good it. It's gotten the Ataman. Video. He's gotten a lot of attention and it's. I guess speaks to the ongoing question about you know In the world of PITCHFORK nation. What's the better choice, is it? Disappearing Or to use the common phrase today, the cancelling of an individual as much as might be humanly possible. Based on limits. Is that the way to go when somebody crosses the line, or and it was a significant line at that, Jackson crossed or is engagement. Reaching out. Going beyond the initial shock of the mocking the ridiculing of the the the the the dangerous nature of the statements made an element is obviously trying to get from that campus says let's. Let's Talk Stanley Je John Jackson did not not not to Sean Jellison even about Steven Jackson. Yes, daily Jackson's another former Jackson got in the middle of this as well. We talked about that yesterday. and no idea what what? What he is even attempting to argue at this point, he's said he's used some on artful language about the way he at the start of a process seemed to be defending the receiver. And then he was supposed to be involved in a group chat kind of thing. That was again attempt to have some sort of a dialogue rather than a monologue on the issue. Well I don't know if that's this weekend, or if it ever perfect already happened I've actually no. Earthly, idea shall as I said I'll repeat what I said. Yesterday the elephant in the room, but this particular story is. Relatively speaking, certainly compared to the REPR- do breeze comments. The. Relative quiet in reaction to this one. There have been some people who pushed back. Athletes and others in positions of authority nowhere near as many as did with drew brees, which I think is unfortunate. Because the line that was passed by by the wide receiver in this case was for me extremely clear. Not, even a point, even a matter of any sort of interpretation at all, and it would've. It would've been nice to see if again were in this mode of reexamining everything and having even less tolerance for comments that go over the line I I'm not in a group that wants players to go away. I believe that Jackson should go away forever. I have made that point clear over and over and over again I. Don't think it serves a lot of purpose but I think there's there should have been a lot more pushback than than there has indeed been the last forty eight hour. We'll stick with football for now. I don't think it would be any surprise to any. Any NFL football fan that if there was indeed NFL football in the twenty twenty, it's most likely going to be an empty stadiums, but not so fast. The Jacksonville Jaguars say they announced plans today to hold home games in front of significantly reduced capacities this fall fans in attendance will be required to wear face coverings. The team released details in email to season ticket holders, saying it expects about twenty-five percent capacity at t I bank. At their field in twenty twenty and in compliance with state and local authorities, following CDC guideline distance guidelines. God. Bless him. They think they have something else figured out or somebody needed to write a story I have no idea. I will be. Very shocked. If indeed one thing is what you WanNa, do check the day. We're not even halfway through July. Show you can have. Plans. And everybody has to be prepared for all contingencies. I will be shocked if indeed it happens the way that Thea jags or suggesting it would. It's now Fischel again. Not Surprising you're Minnesota Vikings will not allow during whatever training camp looks like any fan participation fans shut out of training camp in for some people who love going to training Camp I've never understood why, but they do It'll be a very rude awakening, so no fans. At Vikings training camp well, that means that Al. Fish, we get shut out viking, strain against or do we still get to go onto perks? My next question is the purge going to be open. Yeah, I don't know what the rules are going to be. It's a great question. What will hopefully work on that I? Know you know media access is going to be very different, yes, and much more limited and limiting, but whether the exalted perch spot that means so much to us is away from us. Time will tell dairy, yeah, and Ben Gasoline, speaking along those same lines about Vikings training camp in the news that we all kind of expected. He talked about the fact that the vikings might be trying something different some experimental stuff with virtual. Training, Camp meant for fans so they can watch it. Does that do anything for you now? Maybe for some, maybe for some people are really rube life when it comes to their football team and training camp, and all that I'm you know training camp is usually pretty boring to me, but. I ruled nothing out. For people who are missing this a lot, maybe that sort of stuff, maybe you. You gotta try to be as creative as possible so I'm not surprised. Those efforts will be made earlier. This showy announced two weeks from today, and the Minnesota twins are supposed to start. That's major league baseball season in Chicago This development was released earlier today, Major League Baseball and the Players Union say that fifty eight players and eight staff members tested positive for Covid nineteen through the final round of the intake screening process. That's a rate of only one point eight percent, but the MLB and the union announced the results Friday as the teams moved closer to. July twenty third in the pandemic delayed season say that twenty seven of thirty teams at a person test positive MLB released the preliminary results of intake testing from last week, and said that out of thirty one hundred samples, thirty eight per- players or one point, two percent had tested positive players will now get tested every other day and hopefully are five thirty gasoline. Light on what all of this means! I think in addition buster Posey. Also, said the giants Catcher said he's. He's out I believe that I read. He's adopting a couple of infant children, his wife. That's what I've heard too and sold. That enters into the decision. They've made that collectively the two of them to say no Major League baseball well for me this year. There's going to be a I mean you know the numbers are probably GonNa go up as we get closer, I is any doubt about that. The test result numbers you gave. I don't know what. I expected that sounded pre favorable to me, but Who knows what the numbers are? That ultimately could lead to some significant challenges once they. We actually get to a place. We're going to start baseball I. THINK WE'RE GONNA start the season. I do think it's going to begin. Some people aren't even sure that's going to happen. I think there'll be a start to it. I'd be shocked if it ends on time and we close it out the way we want to same with the NBA NBA is going to start. By how long it's GONNA go. That's the those are really the key questions at this at this juncture in you probably say the same thing by the WNBA, because for the first time in almost ten months the links will take the court today. this time inside the bubble IMG Academy in Florida WNBA teams. We'll be allowed to hold up to five practices over there I three days starting today Shell Reeves said quote will be looking for. For understanding retention. Who is ready to play? There's been lots of talk about how this will all fit together, and now we'll start to see it end quote. Re said that all twelve players on the roster are expected to be available for the start of practices. A truncated twenty two game season slated to begin later this month. reminded by listener by way that rabbi I think it's Rows Wall P.. A., W.. O. L. P. E.. is the individual who is the Rabbi Sinai Temple? Los, Angeles also an author and a columnist. He's the guy. who had invited Jackson the other Jackson? To, have sort of a meeting of the minds regarding him doubling down on what the the comments that the ride receiver Jackson had to say that got this whole period. got this whole thing going album pronouncing that last name? Correctly I'm not exactly sure. We talked last segment about Adrian. WHOA, arouse skis, different kind of bomb. This was a woge f-bomb. If you're just tuning in, it was in response to a US senator from Missouri Josh Howley. who sent an email to Adam silver? Saying if the NBA bonding put social, 'cause statements on uniforms. Include quote, support our troops. Back, the blue and given how much money the NBA Makes China how about Free Hong Kong Adrian Watson. Rouse was given a SIP along with I think other ESPN writers of that mail, and to which he responded, bleep you, which was made public on twitter. He has since. Moved on twitter, we read his statements. Why won't go through that? No dog and pony show again but Charles Robinson of Yahu use a former colleague of aging roads now ski. He is disappointed in wedge decision to apologize. He says quote I'll always stand with WHOA JR, but I'm mad. He apologized for expressing himself in a private email that Jack Wagon politician aired out. you send politically motivated email. You deserve whatever response you get I. Wish I had set it twice well. The this axel sharks and jets man. In this case there's a different version of it media pro you know you. You gotta be with your guy or not your with your guy. I think I would say Charles Robinson Ehlers would be. If you're consistent with being bothered by politically motivated emails that are going out then. God, bless you I'm with you. On the issue of whether Josh Holly has any sincere desire. To discuss and to. Examine. The issues of that are concerning African. American players is pertains to police. Do I think he has any real interest in that discussion? No I think he's got zero interest I. There's no reason to believe that he indeed did the I but private email. There's no. He's in the media I. Mean Come on your. There's not there's not. There's no such thing in all honesty of private email. You send your when you're responding to. What is a press release I? I find that a little bit lacking, but there will be a lot of people lining up and I'm hoping that along the way some of examine. The possibility, just the possibility. that. No matter where you are politically that the NBA might have a little bit vulnerable. Vulnerability on this particular issue 'cause I think they do. That's all I got for top five, but I do have a keyword before we go to break. It's time for our national cash contest. We're trying to put a grand in your hand and all you gotTa, do is text. The keyword smile texts smile two hundred, two hundred for your shot to put a grand in. In your hand, Standard text message and data rates apply. Here's the plan. Six five o'clock hour of the show will include a visit with Lavelle e Neil Third, probably about five thirty or show got a couple of other stories. I want examine perhaps even a pretty good done as that. We need to get to as soon as we return right here on the fan. Sky? Lavelle Neil the third will join at about five thirty or so. Much. This a whopper. This was pretty intriguing. Included in the roughly. Ten thousand religious organizations that have received Federal Cove nineteen relief from the federal government. Are Some. Fairly well known and controversial televangelists, and what are described here as wealthy. Prosperity Gospel Preachers Wealthy Prosperity Gospel preachers. Among them. Jim Bakker. Peter popoff. Jimmy Swaggart. And Joyce Meyer. Are Among the televangelists who received millions. Yes millions in forgivable loans from the US federal government. Start with Jim Baker. He leads Morningside Church productions of Missouri. He received between three hundred fifty thousand dollars in a mill. He was defrocked by the assemblies of God after a highly publicized sexual encounter. With a church secretary and spent years in prison after being convicted of numerous fraud and conspiracy charges about Peter Popoff. He Leaves People United for Christ in California. He got between thirty, hundred, fifty thousand in the mill. He was exposed on prime time TV for using an earpiece. To receive radio messages from his wife which he used to. Prophesy personal details about audience members at his events. Excuse me also infamous for Schilling Miracle Spring Water. Amid high pressure fund raising efforts then there's your Guy Jimmy Swaggart. He leaves the family. Worship Center Louisiana. He got between two million dollars and five million dollars defrocked by the pentecostal assemblies of God in the early nineties or sex scandals old enough to remember when he had to do that on air a teary confession that he did. I don't think I am Jimmy. Swaggart I might have to look it up. Yeah, I think it's I. Think it was him I. I have a hard time keeping my defrocked holy men apart. terms of who did the teary eyed on camera. Confessions. Joyce Meyer. who leads something called Joyce Meyer? Ministries receive between five million dollars ten million dollars. She is described as a prosperity Gospel preacher. Known for her immense wealth and lavish lifestyle organization. Had twelve million bucks in cash on hand at the end. Of Two thousand. Nineteen these tele- Angeles among others likely raised the ire of Paul to eat before the coronavirus felt strongly that large profit generating religious organization pay their executives. Massive compensation should not be tax exempt like regular church so there it is a very impressive list right there and no doubt. They they they needed the money and certainly deserved to get. The we've had a few of these stories in other parts of industry. These P P P lawns Oregon. And I think some companies have actually. Sent the money back. Sometimes willingly sometimes because they have been. outed. So to speak and it looked like. The very bad form. Yeah Baker! He was huge. SWAGGART massive. I didn't even know swaggart still still around, but apparently. He is as well I. Don't know much about Joyce Meyer if you're great. Shall we say Crooked televangelist mind, let me know BOOTH CAFFEINE DOT COM. Is the Bradshaw. And Bryant. inbox. Oh emailer Let's cabinet in North. Minneapolis I heard this week that both the Jason Show in the weather tariffs are returning to the Studio Fox nine thirty Monday at the highly acclaimed program enough said will be returning soon. Inquiring minds want to know I'll say right now Kevin. You know as much as I do about When and if we're coming back, I don't think the program has been canceled. At least they have told us if it is. And we knew it was going to be a long slog and we're probably going to be the last to come back because you know we're a week. Lower Cute, little weekly show. And Jason Shows daily whether terrorists are daily. So I. Guess in my mind. I'd like to hope that it would. It might be September. But I don't know I I know. Technically speaking just about as much as As. As you. In that particular regard regarding training Camp Vikings Training Camp I. Think is more for the younger generation of fans. Yeah, I think that tends to be true, yeah? Apple who go forever. But there's most of the time it's. It's it's it's kids, and it's younger people who sort liked the idea of you know being relatively up close and personal. You might have a chance in an autograph. But of course, all that was going to be out of the went out the window. This year anyway, don't you think I mean that was never? There was never in ally, autographs or anything like that this year. That is one hundred percent correct, so in any case we'll we'll. We'll keep an eye on all of those things On the question of advice at Twenty Dr. Phil, from Saint Michael Writes Best Advisor Twenty Six. Maybe the dangers of wearing Bermuda shorts in Texas. Which is not bad? It's a pretty good line I don't know if how many people Even, know or understand. That story it was. It's too and I'm not even sure I completely remember. The, genesis of at the start of it, but. I think somehow. I think this was still I might have still been writing than. and. Somebody was mad at me about something. and was very dismissive of what I've written in wanted to be dismissive about me, and it was something the effect of that he you know. Why should I pay attention to him? He got fired in Dallas in Dallas. The Dallas Morning News for wearing Bermuda. Shorts. which was news to me? because a I wasn't a big Bermuda shorts wearer, and be I didn't get fired from Dallas. Morning News But I came to find out. Find out later that some in some weird way. The. The emailer head confused me with some. sushi array rant about Bermuda shorts. Somehow he put the two of us together. Invented a section of it, but it became very quickly part of the Fan Lore at that juncture. And so ever since I've kind of gone along with it that you know, one of my regrets is I got fired for in Dallas in Texas for wearing Bermuda shorts when there was no truth to it I think that's where it began. The funniest thing about this for me is I've known you now. I've worked here for ten years. I always just took that I thought that was real. I never knew that you were accused wrongfully accused of being fired yeah, it was. That was real, equally important, wrongfully accused Bermuda short right. What's the distinction? What are Bermuda shorts? A specific kind of shore? I just had to go. Look it up because I wasn't sure either. It's dated reference I've yet. So from the images I'm seeing when you when you put in Bermuda shorts and pops up with all these images. It's kind of like a Capri style pants, but they're cut off above the knee. Rather than you know your Capris, are usually around your calf so they it looks like they're almost like tight jeans I turned into shorts because they're either rolled up or cut off just above the knee cap above the KNEECAP. Well, what is fashionable today are sure as a fashionable short. The entire niyaz covered or is it less than that it's what is the current. Shorts are making a comeback can't stand though yeah I know back in the ninety stockton shorts. He used to wear with the Utah Jazz see that coming more and more I. Think we're GonNa Start in the NBA again. You know if you go to a you're you're a pool? If you're going out to Maui unfortunately, might guys in a lot shorter bathing suits. You didn't ten fifteen years ago to. They're making a comeback. That's too bad I. I But that yeah, that is sort of the the history of it and I don't like I said I I. Don't know that we've talked about it on air. People just like you as well apparently assuming yeah, that that was indeed the case email Peter I'm not sure what. Prompts this email. Why don't you guys ever mentioned that? The eighty percent accurate that gives a twenty percent margin. A false positives slash false negatives I. Don't know. Is that the percentage? It might welby. That's a subject we can explore with a male clinic. Big knocker Dr Maurice perhaps next. As early as next week. I I knew there were some false. You know not. Every test was accurate and a lot of times. It also has to do with how how. Safely the test is administered. Got It? There's there's procedure there. It's got to be administered the right way I don't know I'll be glad to, but if If! It's if the twenty percent false positive, false negatives true and they're equally true than. The numbers. So if the numbers are eighty percent accurate. What is that telling US I mean they're still through the roof and a number of states the. Positive tests through the roof. Even if you would make it from one hundred percent down to eighty percent, they're still. I think fairly historic in number of states in the south, and also in California's through the roof to which should not be. At all a forgotten Robert Rights to comment halstead a major part in law because he would bring it up all the time in the Bermuda shorts thing yes, he did. He, he may have some of the stuff. He has a better memory of than I. Do even though I'm meet. And it's about me so I. He may fill in the gap. I'll ask them next time I. See him or well. I don't really why do I guess him? Between shelves today was he got my rocket after the bad blood between him, and rose up the show common was he added he was ready to get out of here. Maybe it's good that Rosen's off next week. Yeah, it'd probably is the way that their program ended. It probably has got A little bit on the definitely on the ugly side. Let's get a pause, and now we'll prepare for Lavelle e Neil third bottom of the hour. Friday regular See how ready he is for a major league baseball season what his own impressions have been. being I'm assuming sometimes around the team at so-called training camp practice sessions. It's after and maybe get to a couple of other stories as well Lavelle is with us in just a couple of. Two weeks two weeks from today. If all goes according to plan. Your Minnesota twins. We back in action in Lavelle e Neil the third favourite city in America. Illinois where he's from? Are you getting emotional about it or are you still Lavelle? Not Convinced that this thing is actually going to start i. think it's going to start first of all. Thanks for having me on could have. Get Sounds Baseball in the background. That does not count as lavelle Bingo today. made the throwing. To some shrimp Hannah hitter who I can't recognize right now, right? Now Yeah, it's. Distracting so far! So, but Yeah I'm looking forward to it and it's funny. It's ironic that it's going to be in Chicago playing both the cubs and the white. SOX! Deborah's. Texted, my sister's Hey, just one, it'd be in town on the twenty second. That's one plane. The cubs are the white sox. And she said don't even bother trying to visit me and start giving me all this. All these virus protection plans going out and buying. Immune system boosters and All this stuff, so. guess I won't have a family reunion very very on. Go ahead. Just a just be there to cover based in hit the road so quite an emotional reaction from your sister. You're right man that you know well. You know All seriousness I mean I agree with you I think I'll be shocked if the season does not start. On time, but I like a lot of people probably a lot more pessimistic. We get everybody together on a regular basis. That you know the things not going to get out of control. I hope it doesn't. Like everybody. There's no doubt about that and I'm not sitting here pretending I know. But I think it's it's. I don't know I'm curious when you're around players to the degree, you're allowed to be around them and management so forth. That deep down. No matter what they're saying publicly. What do you think they feel in that regard privately today think there's a you know that there's a good chance. We're GONNA start, but still not a real good chance. We're GONNA. Finish or do you get any kind of feel from them? It's hard to get a feel just from talking to the players in the zoom chats. I mean. Oh, worried I mean they're. They're worried about Well I take that back. A couple of guys are skeptical I think Mitch Garber is probably. Skeptical that distinct could be pulled off without some sort of stoppage He's. He's worried about testing. They're worried about someone test positive on a road trip. You Know House, get home, families. You know the it's been a big debate here. Some guys brought their families with them. Some guys want when their families to be safe where they're staying at you know. We just zoom with Marlins Alison Marin family here and he's got two kids owned. We've been pretty much warranty, and we're not going out. And I'm like that's along some for two kids. If they gotta stay in the House all summer. You know it's true. That's that's tough. That's a challenge for a parent. trust me because I've got friends who have parents and they've been pulling the hair out, sometimes, 'cause they're their kids more than used to mall. Trust me I can I can testify for no doubt no doubt about that. Yet so I think I think you'll find I. Think you find some people who are worried at? This is going to be pulled off, but other people are trying to be optimistic we'll see. it just. How many punches can the league take before knocked down and out by the state as to be question, you know I'm I'm of curious about the brave situation Freeman, apparently frank seamans I do to get. I guess Nick Marquette has decided to out after talking this three Freeman on the phone. And he said Freddie to not sound good on the phone so. So it's a little heart, and once that goes around in the team mates, their partners in crime. Start falling around him. You Know House economic effect, the guy there's a mental. There's a mental health component to this that these guys gotta deal with as far as not living a lifestyle. They're used to living on a row and you know staying in all the time Marin said that the. The land clears ended up playing call of duty with each other like four to five hours every day. Yeah, because. You know. Can can guys hold it together for for two plus months to get through? This shortened season we'll see. While the yeah, the, there's no answer. We just don't know it. Just we have to let play out and see where it goes, but I think there is yeah, there's there's some significant questions. That have nothing to do with preparation in this case Even if the testing gets up to snuff, and there's been some frustration about how often tests are being done and even the the speed with which they're coming back in with a couple, teams are right, even if you do everything perfect, the unknown is how it's going to spread, and if it reaches a number that just makes it impossible to have games. You know not necessarily everybody's getting really really sick, but that they're not available because they're testing positive for that for that short period of time and you have you know at some point you have enough people to play. Absolute we're seeing this in with MLS right now, because the entire Dallas team had the party PLOB- of the MLS back tournament, and now I'm reading on our website starts dot com that loons first opponent the Kansas City. Sorry. Sporting Kansas City has a player who just tested positive. So what's what's going to happen? Now? You know couple more teams plow. They're out of there, so. it's You know you're crushing and fingers I mean if three. A weeks away from all this and we were just com- back sports back. We get back to some Romney. We need stuff to talk about you know. Less gets closer. You start thinking about all the all the things ways of thinking. Go wrong and just makes it makes you makes you. You know I. Did get a kick today? The stuff you guys had in the Strip about the use of the robot umpire behind home plate for thousand strikes and for me. It was a vindication because I said well. Here's a very small sample size. Obviously, but what it reminded me of because there are all kinds of complaints about. It wasn't all that consistent I was, too. Too Perfect sometimes not perfect. Knock enough other times a lot of players where it didn't seem to love it and it to me just confirms my belief all along that, even if you have robot umpires and the science is that this is the perfect strike zone. This is exactly the way it's supposed be. It will change nothing for players and fans feeling that there wasn't consistency. They got squeezed. Which I think is proof that whether you put human back there to make the calls or you put a robot back there. It Ain't GonNa change the mentality of your average major league. Baseball player I also wanted to. The. Strike Zone adjustment for guy who's five nine versus a guy. Fine you know, does it take an encounter that I'm not sure how the? Is calibrated to. To handle those types of differences but Yeah it was pretty funny I. I was not at the in the squad gang yesterday. I was working ahead on a Sunday project, but I had a head. The action on to the twins were live streaming the workout on their on their facebook feet, so I had it on and heavy pretty funny. 'cause a pitch was thrown home plate, and there is a pause, and then the hitter kind of looks behind you know looks backstop at some guy. Go. A strike you know. It was Kinda comical from that standpoint. Yeah welcome to the new boss same as the old boss right. You have been around some though I. Think what. What is it like around? The ballpark right. Right right now, there's no squad game today. It's kind of a recovery day, so you just got a couple of guys thrown live EP Kenta Maeda in I think Devon smelter taking turns Thrown lie batting practice to hitters get like. Six guys in the outfield. bunch of people behind behind. The backstop here, so there's get screen setup pine home plate, so guys don't get killed as the up against the wall. Right behind home plate. There's music going. It wasn't pumping like it was yesterday. And, pretty interesting. How they have this place set out because. Dairies in the concourses, guys like stretching and getting some work in on the concourse be spread out mb outside right. Rocco has his office like over by the Sausage Stan. Right. Right the right size yeah on the first base side on course, so they're using this space as well as can keep people spread out in. Into a lot for as much outdoor activities possible and that's pasta. Help avoid. Getting the fact I guess so makes sense. Yeah, absolutely it it. It has to be. I mean you got all the great all. Use It as much as you can out that's. When the weather when it's raining, that's a different issue. Things are I, think would get a little more complicated, but a lot of that stuff's protected so. You know we have A. WE HAVE TO TAKE A to come coming with come in through the back entrance of the stadium. fill out a questionnaire. Have any symptoms? No, no, no, no, no, no, no get your temperature taken out. That's been interesting. The temperature thinks been interesting. My this is my sixth time I've been here in. My temperature has been. Ninety seven. Point Zero Ninety. Seven Point Zero, ninety seven point, two, nine, one, zero, ninety seven point one. That's ninety seven point zero. It's been at every day, isn't that? What's that all about that? I just think I'm just one cool. Cat Yeah you're cool. That'd be something like that well. A Lot I'm not sure. Yeah, nothing There's nothing wrong necessarily with that lavelle. The third is with us. He is on the Opel. Which is pretty good right now and you at the ballpark right now. Yes, I'm standing the press right now. What are the press box rules going to be? Is it going to be like we can like? Make it for games themselves one third one fourth full. How is that being Handler d? Do you know yet? Right now the I do because I was on conference calls with the League. Office about this The maximum allowed is thirty five. You have thirty five people in the press box. Denko's radio and TV people so in debt allows for. Social distancing rollock spread out six feet apart right now. Actually there's no one on my side of the press box I know. The other riders on the left side. They're spread out six feet apart. Yeah, but We'll have to wear masks. All interviews will be done on Zoom I. Think I'm going GONNA. Give us boxed meals. To eat yeah, and the twin threatening to cater and I'm like okay. It'd be pretty interesting that because if you start you. Start going on catering train in start mixing it up. You know to be honest will one day it'd be. You know. He's a great restaurants and in town that we can. Now we could say apple miles their businesses to Saigon from thinking. I'm just going to get like a sub sandwich. Chips to thicken. Hey, this could be pretty tasty. You know When we'll see. We could bring we bring our philosophy wind as we do. Have One of the purse of the. Writers on the beat is a vegetarian, so she's. She's been cleared to bring your own food if she wishes so. Under these conditions there any sensible way or fair way for you to get any kind of a handle on the team itself as as compared to what you might be able to do during a normal spring training period. That's a that's a great question and the next degrade unknown. I'm doubting it right now because the. You know. The great thing about this job is being in the clubhouse and being able to have private conversations with guys you know we can. We can make request to the twins one zoom conversations, but it's not the same as being able to sign up to a guy in the corner. You know, ask them about a play. Ask Him about his contract from about something. And sometimes it only takes thirty seconds for you to get a scoop, you know we really want to go through the whole. Set Up to zoom conversation with a player knowing that the PR guys probably GonNa be listening in on it as well you know. It's. Not, going to lead to effective. Working Situation. What we have to do with too much, you know I. Don't know any other way, or there isn't an and again. It's the same in every occupation as you know they're they. There are a lot of adjustments that are having to be made unfortunately, and and for you. It's hard because it's the lifeblood of what a reporter does. Is You create relationships? You try to then lean on those relationships at times where you're trying to get information and that is the. And it's definitely being interrupted. Significant way which might. Have some impact on what you're able to write on a given note. That's just sort of the area right now. I, have I do have a lot of phone numbers of player through and I actually actually reached out to a player on twitter in this dropped into his DM's. Last week to ask him about. His off season weight loss, you know we could back and forth ended up writing about it. You know so so I. Do have some tools to box. That may be able to use by our know how. How frequently it will work some guys pride and want me to try to contact them on the phone. There's like a handful guys who I know if I- SEMATECH afire back. You know right there cool, but other people may not. Even bother to respond to me so but I gotta try I. Mean That's all you got. You have to cook with it ingredients. They gave be mad so. there was an interesting quote. You guys had from Buxton I think it was in the paper yesterday which I talked about yesterday as well. In which it's the first time in a while that he's explored the ongoing issue of trying to be. US to stay on the field and whether there is an adjustment that he is now thinking he can make regarding you know not sacrificing his body to the degree that he has in the future, and of course in the passage should say, and of course it's been sometimes hitting the wall sometimes moving forward. It's been both directions for for Buxton. I, thought he what he said made sense I guess we're not gonNA. Really know how I mean. It sounds like he basically said I I've really come to at now. At peace with the idea of there are some things I can do whether it's understanding how to hit a wall better learning to be on two feet, sometimes rather than one that he has come to the conclusion. There's some adjustments he could make. which I think is good news, and it's welcome to hear now. We're not GONNA know. If he's looking different in any meaningful way or maybe even too cautious until you see him out there in a regular basis, but. It makes sense to me that he's tried to come to this place whether he's studying video or how he's doing it. It's a pretty important issue. Now may all go by the wayside given. It's a sixty game season and we not do it I. Don't know if it's GonNa play out for whole sixty games, but for the future long-term Future Byron. Buxton it's a, it's A. It's a crucial issue is not. It. Is I it? Significant I think is whatever plan he wants. I want to see. It implemented. Okay. How much how it works because! I still think that wants game. Start in. There's a ball hit in his area that he's just going to react to it in. Do what he's normally done. which is like defy? Put his life on the line trying to make a catch. You know so I I'm curious to see how it looks if he starts pulling up. Instead of catching balls Kinda pulls up a couple of fallen and. How people are gonNA react to that houses how the pitchers GonNa react to that you know but You know it's it's a hell. It's a hell of an issue for a guy who's minster talented was incredibly fast, and when he's into twins lineup they they win more than they do when he's not in. That's that was proven yesterday, I think mean last year. It was proven in other years as well. So, he's got to come up with something to distill. Cover as much ground as possible without killing himself like. That's IT and again. The great irony, you know. He came up a guy that was viewed as a five to a player. He may not ever end up being that kind of a dominant hitter i. mean he still got time? I'm not ruling it out, but he might not. What has changed me about Buxton is even if he never becomes I kind of hit her. Be As long as he's on the field and he's playing center field as well. I don't even think people are going to be that bug bite. He's become literally a force as a defensive player alone to such a degree that I. don't I. Don't believe people are going to be as bothered by his offense. Not being quite were supposed to be as they might have originally. Yeah I I. think offensively I. Don't know if he's ever going to be at three hundred hitter, but I think he gets sixty. And you know. He drives a ball halfway. Decent could see him during one hundred sixty two game schedule. Getting the eighteen or twenty home runs. No, I you know it'd be cool. You know that. I think he could hit, you know. Thirty five to forty doubles knowing homerun like twelve triple. Yeah, that'd be great for young all regardless of what the bad marriages you know so and plus you you you factor in the glove work. You have pretty damn good all around player that not too many other baseball teams in the in this game in this league hat. Are you going to drive or fly to Chicago. On driving everywhere driving everywhere, it's officially yet well. Part to this is this is a made for us because some teams are going to have a posse that if you fly into their city, you will not be allowed into the ballpark. Test or quarantine for fourteen days Nelson Wall yeah so I've I've I've told my boss's boss's cool? They said look. If you WANNA travel. There's money in the budget. If you don't want your worried about safety, we understand you know. Analysts there's some risk, but also think this is a rather unique year in our lives, and it needs to be chronicle from different angles. And especially if we're going to have a team that's come on June one wins. Try To win the division. Again I think we need to either so The longest longest drive for me is going to be eight hundred sixty nine miles to Pittsburgh, baby. That's the longest one on the schedule for me to a hike, so yeah, there's a hike. It is seen parts of the country I've never seen before, but can you know? Can you get a driver? No. I'm not. In a planning on taking my car, because part of the reason of driving is one. Tim be a lot of wear and tear laval. Stay off the plane. True I stay out of a rental car. My car, my surface true. So better. Get an think. Tuned up before you go on that first couple of trips. It's running pretty good. Right. Well, it, will we you know we're getting closer I mean it two weeks from today, like I said, and then the exhibition game is the exhibition game with the cubs the day before two days before two days before on the twenty second. Off The twenty third right and Then the the white sox opening in twenty four. Hey, have you gotten any kind of indication from the twins about what their own approach is? GonNa be about piping in sound for Home Games on the. Either four again the players themselves and or for the TV broadcast. There is a rumor. Don't know if it's true or not. There's a rumor that the League is going to provide some sort of standardized. Background noise teams play at the state. So we'll see apparently underproduction now i. think that's true, so. They have to have something. They can't have a quiet ballpark because. You'll be able to hear everything, and I don't think teens want their conversation now. On the field to be able to be deciphered by the other team and also a couple years ago when the mount I don't know if you remember the white sox in the in the oils had the play game without sands because a riding adult. Now Right! And the players have a game like they could hear like the the announcers talk about. So. You're going to need some background. Noise her just to keep everything. On an even Keel here so so I think it's you been watching the some of the Korean league. Leaks have pipe in noise and English premier league has background fan noise so I think. Looks like baseball was gonNA. Follow suit with that by the way last, but least perhaps the most important question. Are you a fan of Bermuda shorts? No I think the hideous why they come in an coming back in style well, that's according to Ryan. Donaldson, yes, if at least a shorter shorts are coming back into into style and they just want to be. There too and whether you believe it or not. Hold on for a second one here on a pair of shorts. It might be dated reference. A lot of people might not know what that means down shorts. No. One person reacted like what's Bermuda shorts. That's are not no one else Adam. No. Okay, it's good. If, they're those are coming back back Danny get ready. For the next on? That means the leisure suit may be play here one of these years. The polyester down those are very. Dapper looking and look and and you very. They're very comfortable material to as well very comfortable material in the especially in the heat. Right stay safe. Stay Dry. And we'll chat next week if not sooner. Absolutely see you next week will be a week away, yeah? It'll be hopefully it'll be a squad game going on, so we can get. Jared to get something going for sure thanks Laval. Manatee Lavelli Neil the third the Opel did very well. I think this is about as good an Opel appearance. We've had with Lavelle in many many many months. If not years well Bradshaw Bright Inbox is open booth caffeine dot com if you'd like to react. To our baseball conversation with Lavelle, and also when we return. Worse than Covid nineteen. Slow cable often. Bear several diseases afflicting the nation as we speak. And one of them. Has Been revealed. Again today. We had quoted from a letter. I think it was last week the week before I lose track of time. From the the hoity-toity. American pediatric organization I don't have the actual title in front of me, but it's the big one. And it had set out released a letter. That called strongly called for. A return to class for the. Students K through twelve especially. They laid out the reasons for that belief. They acknowledged the challenges that went into it. But I think the effort was an attempt. To change the discussion slightly. And to say. We to our doctors. We to are scientists. and. We believe that not enough attention is being paid to. Different costs that are not economic. That might be. Social. Might be mental. Might be a number of really important things that are about the welfare. Of the student population. And I'm glad they did it. We talked about it a couple of times including as recently as yesterday. With Mayo Clinic Big knocker. A Doctor Maurice! Interestingly today that same organization! Has released a statement. In Which? They're doing a semicircle Wonga. From their original positioning. And they are doing it for one reason. And one only. Because the president of the United States is trying to co-opt that subject. And, so now it's can't force. It got to be safe at CETERA etc.. Nothing more pernicious about the political landscape right now. Then this story. Sort of revealing it in a nutshell. Here's my moral. Here's my message in my opinion. Whatever position you take about kids going back to school. please. Please please. Make It. About the merits versus the cost. Versus the obvious health issues. Don't make your decision. Be predicated on whether the president is pushing for it. And that's sadly what becomes the way we do all of this stuff. So suddenly, even if you. Wanted us to have that discussion. Were pushing to have that discussion. Wolf the president wants it. I can no longer abide by it. It has to be a bad thing. In this works both ways. Because the president pushes it. Debt should not have to make it automatically a good thing either. But I hate where this leaves those of us in the middle politically. I really do. That you end up having to run from subject because well, trump got a hold of it. He co-opted it. Case closed. I'm out now. I can't get near it because if I get near it. I'm going to be viewed as. Basically being a parrot for the president the United States. You don't have to be a parrot for the President United States and still. Hope and push that. We have an open discussion about this and that we don't turn it into. What do you want more people to die? that it may be a little bit more complicated than that, and that lives are being affected now I have not I've said before I'm not here telling you, schools must open. Because, I think the date is. tells us that that's an impossible question to answer. We don't know where we're going to be in another month. You can make plans as doc. Maurice said to have all your contingency plans in place and to me the plan right now should be to have as good a plan as sensible and safe. A planet you have can have for attempting to put students back in school. Maybe an a tiered form, maybe a couple of days a week. Were you stagger it as complicated that that could be, but I just shake my head where now? A group of doctors of scientists. Who sent out a very coherent message? That was not demanding schools. Go back, but was saying we got to really work hard to to to try to give ourselves the best chance to do that. Now feels forced because trump. Has Gotten in the middle of it daft back away from it and I dare say there are a lot of people who now who may have been thinking that. Yeah, that's something I. I think we've got to really strongly consider. Depending on how this plays out over the course of the next to next two months especially in Minnesota where the numbers. To be very good, knock on wood, relatively speaking, we all know how it can change over two week increments. Dr Maurice tells us, but. Now I got a back away from it. Because why can't like anything that he likes now his problem is he's so poorly articulates his position. that. No one comes away I think convinced on the basis of the way. He goes about explaining it because he can't explain anything. He has no ability. To crystallize a subject like that. And even offer up. What might be classified as a well thought-out precise plan or plan of Attack In that regard? Show anybody listens. This show knows I don't defend the president much and I'm really not defending him here, but what I am saying is. We Let. We let the trump terrorist win. If you go to a different place on a subject and run from it the minute, the president injects himself into it because if you're anti-trump, that's your obligation. As opposed to say well now he's not handling it very well. He's not giving us any reason to have any confidence in his ability to actually have. Pieced together talk to experts about how our best chance might be to get to that place, but that to me doesn't mean you throw out the baby with the bathwater. And then you gotta run from it the way the pediatricians now are running from a perfectly sensible letter that they sent out yesterday and I thought it was important, because we've talked forever about wanting to follow the scientists and the doctors and not the politicians. And these are other doctors. They have a specialty, but I thought they had an important message that needed to be told, and that we needed to be reminded of, and now it's it's losing its impact because they've along a bit because they felt obligated Sarong a bit because the president is now viewed as pro going back to school so now you have to explain yourself if you were also pro going back. To School. What's worse than Covid nineteen? Well there's an unknown pneumonia sweeping. Kazakhstan this is according to Forbes Dot Com. That was highlighted by the Chinese Embassy a fair warning to their biggest silkroad partner in Central Asia. Story broke yesterday Friday. Kazakhstan rejected. China's warning of a new bug circulating on its home turf the South China. Morning Post. Reported yesterday that the Chinese Embassy was getting nervous about a spike in pneumonia cases over the last five weeks. Death rate of this disease is much higher. Than Corona novel coronavirus, the country's health departments are conducting comparative research into the pneumonia virus, but have yet to identify it. That's according to the embassy and a warning to Chinese citizens in the country. Kazakhstan public health officials. They say it's just standard ammonia. It's not good, but it's just standard pneumonia so. Again. The China record on a being truthful regarding these sorts of things ain't exactly distinguished either so I. Don't know who to believe you believe Kazakhstan, or do you believe China Kazakhstan? San Calm down no big deal. There's no new score that's going to wipe out. The world. But it is I thought good Click Bait and worthy at least of Mentioned as well. There was another think superbug on a bug, but super virus. That there was some concern. Some Chinese signs had his like is in pigs. But it hadn't made the jump to humans yet I believe I. Don't remember what that one was caught. That one has a name I meant to ask. Big knocker about that yesterday, but We have not. We have not been able to Discuss that subject with him. We'll do that perhaps next week as well Let's get to the. We'll get a break here and we got the shore up. Remind you what you might have missed early in the show before we do one last chance this week. To put a grand in your hand, that's exactly right. It's time it's your shot to put grant in your hand. It's our national cash contact. You can text the keyword. Thanks text thanks to two hundred, two hundred to enter standard text message and data rates. The Bumper to bumper show rap. Exactly what it is! Very collected program today. We appreciate those of you who? Hung around for any or all of it. Special guests today, lavelle email the third Friday regular. Lots of good baseball chatter with him. Really a a lot of speculation about whether we're going to. Actually we're going to see a season. Then, he and I are agreement. It'll start. Question is how long will it go? Will we get will get anywhere near sixty games and or to a post season? I'm still pessimistic in that regard. We also talked about the robot umpire. Controversy in fact, that was the start the show. Tailing Of apparently with a very vicious. Angry end to the program where Common Rosen almost came to blows to several sources now confirming it. An had to do with The question of. Strike zones in different umpires having different strike zones. They went at it pretty good so that was the star of the show that was part of the discussion with Lavelle. We went to the a section for some sobering news, regarding more violence overnight. In Minneapolis. Saint Paul I think it was nine more shot, one killed. and lead to some questions and some e mails and very earnest conversation with a lot of folks via the phones. And a Bradshaw Bryant inbox as well. Got Done as item related to some very well known fraudulent televangelists who apparently were among those who? Got A lot of that P P P money and needed it. Badly. I think those really and we talk about the. Controversy. which is kind of ongoing as we speak that debate has also become sharks. Versus the jets, which is like everything else. That's where we are in two thousand twenty Donaldson helped us out today with the Garnsey out. is also out. On Sunday, which means after sermons, which will be nine to eleven. Keisha will be hosted by Ron. The very controversial. Ron Johnson should be good one, so that should be very good. Look forward to that will be. I'll be able to at least you on my mask on. When he comes in hope, you'll have a mask on when he comes in. And we'll We'll chat about some things. I'm sure very opinionated man. I'll just itchy. I don't talk show well I tweeted. There's no question about that and he might deserve one as well slowly, He did after I tweeted then. I stopped by Portillo's to do a little show prep for the bumper to bumper program. Getting the mindset he said and I said I'm in regards these. Are you know what better day to get? Portillo's before bumper to bumper shirt. He's in regards E. ON. On Sunday, so he was wondering what he should do to prepare. The phones regards the in that chair, so maybe we can get. Some ideas suggested to him over on twitter. He I'm sure he I. Don't have his twitter handle, but it's pretty simple. I think actually I don't remember what it is that three Ron Johnson it. That's exactly what it is. I give them some ideas about directions. That you indeed would would like to go. We did also. Talk about the fact that the minister while heavy. A dog again this year. Correct, and this is this year. It's a golden I believe. That's exactly right, herby. No, no, that's who I wanted it to be. No had a different Hobie Hobie Fraser was the old dot is hoping. Is that a dog name? It's I like like Hobie first dog. You don't see too many homes out there. Maybe in Minnesota with Hobey Baker, you guy. We've got to get on pretty soon. Is Tim she'd? We haven't had it in him on while he's always good. RADIO FOR US I might even work on that for Sunday if not Sunday for Monday curious know his view on the effort to put together the season if he thinks it's going to happen. How comfortable he would be. To be out there. What do you say it's just? It's one of those life's risks that I'd be willing to take I. Don't know so. Maybe we'll try to catch up with him if not Sunday. Early next week as as well, he's always good on the subject of baseball. And several other things as as well The the line of tonight is the usual on Friday evening. We'll have overtime with curly Sukkur, and then I'm assuming Dan Patrick. Will follow it seven. We also did talk. Bermuda shorts today we I tried to tell the story as best I can remember it. About being fired for wearing Bermuda shorts. From The Dallas Morning News which never I thought, most people by definition would say. How could someone get dismissed? From a publication for wearing Bermuda shorts that it would, it would seem impossible because I don't think. Anybody newspapers is likely to get dismissed for where I'm immune shorts. Now there may be some papers have dress codes. Yeah, but I thought it would be so preposterous that most people would know it's a bit, and then there was never any true to it. Come to find out that among the people who still believed it was U S I absolutely. I never knew that was just a bit. I should've saw the story. Yeah, that's it so and then you found out that Bermuda. Shorts are coming back. and Bermuda shorts. I got an email from a couple of people saying that They think they're very stylish looking so bad. Yeah I mean if you can pull it off not. So often little more of that way. Key. That's the key half to have. Less than hideous looking knees right? Isn't that part of it to or not? On if you're brave enough to show off. By you, know what go for whatever floats your boat very liberating. I regard why high. Why hide your the hideous nature of your knee caps or your lower thought. We just don't want any body shaming going on, so if you're gonNA, wear them. You know just be nice about at parts very very true Lots of good emails today as as well and a cheap shot about you and your top five at five by Jacksonville the jags saying they were going to have fifteen thousand people. In the seats and somebody said Isn't their season ticket base about fifteen thousand so they. Social Distance Anyway those jokes with the walls. Why not? The Jacksonville Jaguars as well Donaldson? Thanks for helping out with good to see it's been a while. It has been because you know you're not around the office that much, either unfortunately now are you on? Any kind of a semi regular basis or you just not here, it's all about you know ten abi or guards out I get the phone. Call I'm here is no promotions. Wise I'm working from home. It's good to see it. Thanks for helping today. Likewise servants nine am on Sunday we'll talk then enjoy the rest of your weekend or the start of your weekend as well. When they're.

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