2014 - Trump to Cave on Shut Down? & Roger Stone Indicted w/ Emma Videland & Larry Murphy


Dhamma jar any rumour? Where every day Friday. That means Monday is casual Monday, Tuesday, casual Tuesday, Wednesday casual hump day. Thursday, casual Thurs. That's what we call. It Friday casual. Charney with Sam Sita? Yeah. January twenty fifth two thousand eight nineteen. My name is Sam cedar the five time award winning majority report, we are broadcasting live steps from the industrially ravage Ghana's canal in the heartland of America. Downtown Brooklyn USA. Schedule Friday, folks. Of course, it's never casual. The Trump years, or it's always casual all depends on your perspective. Joining us today in studio. TY T correspondent Emma Viglen joins us. She's here in studio. Also on the program today. Larry Murphy will jump out of my texts and into and Marie reality. Yes. For my dreams onto the program. Larry Murphy known as just about almost every character. Bob's burgers. We'll be here will not here. Also on the program today. Major airports on the east coast halt air traffic over lack of air traffic controllers. And Roger stone has tumbled into the barrel has ball men or Ford shuffles into court to find out if he's going to go to prison for a long time. While Democrats draw Republican support, but the shutdown bills in the Senate fail. White House now drafting a national emergency order to pretend to build the wall. U N to meet in a special session tomorrow about Venezuela. And apparently White House overruled security professionals in giving Jared Kushner top security clearance. Oklahoma Republicans want to strip teachers of their certification if they engage in any future labor action as Denver teachers prepare to go on strike. And remember how a governor Disentis from Florida surrounded himself with racists. Well, yeah. Also on the program today. Heart warming story of an Indiana school principal who got arrested for helping a kid get medical care. All this and more on today's majority report. I think it's the first day in about two weeks where someone has not jumped into the democratic primary if I'm not mistaken, it's pretty close. How many official contenders? Do we have now in the race doesn't six shower at six right? Got harris. Warren Jetta was the first one actually though, you know, he's his really great shot. He doesn't have a huge shot us officially the race tell C Gabar that's four. And however, we should guy later guy moody Gog. Yeah. And so that's five. There was oh there is a six that that weirdo from Maryland, congressman guy. No, no, Delaney, Delaney, Delaney. Right. I wasn't aware. Do we say Chelsea Gabbard? Yeah. All right. That's that's. Quite a bit considering we're not even out of Jan January Zillah breath. So. But so there it is is we don't have anybody new to report today, but we will talk a little bit about this week. Obviously. We turn a fascinating juxtaposition between Warren and the way that Warren is running for president right now. 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Save on quality professional therapy by going to better help dot com slash majority. All right. Let's jump right into this. We have some let's first. We're talking about the shutdown yesterday. We had two bills in the Senate that. We're basically test votes. Right. They were they were ways. I think for both parties to sort of say this. Let's get a clear sense of where this is trending. It's trending against the president. And. The real question is how much are Republican senators gonna feel like they're getting chewed up by this. And if you look at the list of people who voted well, if if it was a test vote Joe mansion failed that test, right? So he was the one democrat that sided with the Republican. Oh, did he side with Republicans yet? I didn't know that. Now did he vote? He voted. Yes. On both bills. Yes. Okay. So he didn't vote against the democratic Bill. And I think the Republicans who jumped did the same thing they had the opportunity to vote for both. And local theater. I mean, that's what's frustrating about all of it was that what you were saying it's a test vote. But it's it's what mansions doing is just kind of signaling to his home state with these his entire career, which is I will be a Republican. But just be a little bit nicer about it. Yeah. He's he's covering his his his arse as it were. He drinks. On jake. I forget that. He call them jank's all the time. It was awesome. He made me like Joe Manchin, all sink to I'll tell you what sink communist, I don't know about killing innocent civilians babies, but we gotta come together. It's interesting when you look at all six Republicans who voted right? It's a Susan Collins. No surprise Lamar Alexander. Also, no surprise. But you get a sense of like Johnny Isaac since he's up for re election in Georgia. Stacey Abrams we that's exactly right. And we had mentioned Johnny ISAACs like weeks ago because if you look at what's going on in Georgia. It is trending blue. And so they're nervous. And in those instances, they vote for both the plant so they can turn around and say, I want the government functioning. But this clip with Michael Bennett who I don't know in Ben it's been in the Senate for how many years now. Least while close to. I don't know when he got elected but four four years. I don't know his entirety in the Senate. I don't know that I've ever said his name more than three times the show. Oh nine. So he's been in there for. So he's been in near the entirety of this show. And I have never ever had an instance to quote him or to play a clip of him. He's even managed to avoid like being castigated it he he's never come up. I think maybe we've mentioned him in the course of probably. The year that he ran which was probably I think tw- twelve or something. I'm not sure. But here he is apparently. And this is a two for for him because he gets to speak against a shutdown and he also gets to crap on. Speak at all and crap on Ted Cruz. And apparently everybody hates Ted Cruz. Only thing that is necessary to pass a clean Bill paying the salaries of every man and woman in the coast guard is for the democratic senators to withdraw their objection. Is that correct? That's correct. Thank you. President from Colorado sold them, as you know, rise on this four to contradict somebody on the other side work, very hard over the years to work in a bipartisan way with the presiding officer with my Republican colleagues, but. These crocodile tears sitter from Texas. Crying for first responders are too hard for me to take their too hard for me to take. Because when you when the Senator from Texas shut this government down in twenty thirteen. My state was plotted. It was under water. People were killed people's houses were destroyed. Theirs. Businesses were ruined forever. And because of the Senator from Texas. This government was shut down for politics. Did he start to second place finish in the Iowa caucuses? We're of no help. The first responders to teachers to the students at schools were closed. With federal government shutdown because of the junior Senator from Texas. Pretty powerful stuff. Now. That was great. I mean, he's going to probably announce in a week. Right. Exactly. I I think like, you know, the it is it's the first time in a long time. It feels like where you have these protracted battles where the Democrats. Not only appear to be winning but appear to be confident about their dens. Yes, they're politically emboldened for the first time in ten years eight years, and that's what's exciting about it. I think that they're poll watching which they never do on policy. But when it comes to write it takes now two-thirds of America wants marijuana legalization. And you still have democratic Senator saying it's in the sky. But when it comes to President Trump, they're holding their ground, and they're watching and it's successful his numbers dropping, and it allows someone like a no name guy like Bennett to take to the Senate floor and go all in it sort of feels like there must be some polling in Colorado that is not necessarily public because Corey Gardner. It was one of the first Republicans to defect right? And it a big up at and Denver post about how it's the right thing to do to reopen the government. Yeah. I mean, it's it's interesting, and it, it's helpful. Insofar as I feel like, you know, the you want other. On some level. There's you want other lessons to come from these get into the bloodstream of the net. The narrative that like government workers are not these sort of faceless. Bureaucrats who are you know? Living the life that their average Americans who are trying to make ends meet and can't survive without a provides central services. Exactly. The whole context relies on if he wants to keep speaking like that he's going to need to figure out what to do this hands though. Who's that Bennett this going on? I don't think he I mean, he seemed no look annually that you like to know he was genuine. You're so mad. You don't care you uncomfortable. Right. Right. Well, yeah, he's probably uncomfortable expressing that level of rage. If you. Ted Cruz, though is that's amazing. She's amazing. Just even just that that distinct personality and physical profile got elected to the Senate, even with his politics. He's he's popular with the Republican base. Yeah. He he came in second as was pointed out by Bennett twice in instances. I mean, he has a real finger on the pulse of a certain brand of Republican. I think it's a dying brand of Republican. I think it's the same. There's a weird crossover with Trump, even though he's a complete Philander and vulgar person. But there's an evangelical base that doesn't move that will always support complete freak show like Ted Cruz. Do you? Remember, the bikers got his face and Indiana, the bikers who supported Trump that was my favorite most cognitively dissonant clip of the whole two thousand sixteen primary and they're like in his face with leather jackets and like lying, Ted, lying, Ted. And he's like, well, actually, all right? And then you know, he's trying to debate them and all this nonsense, and there's this bullying them and then out of nowhere. They're like. Yeah. You know, what else you promised to like light up the sand of Syria. That's going to kill a lot. Innocent people. He just was there. Like, we said. Let me great. For the New York count reported the whole thing public. That's totally. Let me is. You are the problem. Robert kitchen. You are the probably something. All the candidates name one who had a million dollar judgment again for hiring one. Donald Trump young. So you like rich. People powers, your Goldman Sachs jacket that we know your wife works there. Supported by one point three million contract all over the country. Our average contribution sixty immigration. You know, Donald Trump. Head a million dollar judgment against hiring illegal aliens. You know what he's doing right now in Florida? He brings in hundreds of four and were instead of hiring American serve with all respect. Donald Trump is deceiving. He is playing you for a chump prayer fall. Astor? Merck is the main stream media, so Jeff. Trump to be the Republican team every chance why John bainer supports Donald Trump. John bainer. Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi? The thing is everybody. But I'm in Trump. He's the only one that's going to put us where we need to beat second amendment. Okay. Great quality. All right. I have defended second amendment in front of this court of the United States. You know that Donald Trump supported Bill Clinton's national ban on some of the most popular firearms in America. And that is faculty rita's book where he said, I agree with Bill Clinton fact said hey done that's a quote from Donald five twenty years fighting fan the second. And I'll tell you this. If Donald Trump every becomes with. Right. I don't like. Alex galax, but he's gonna put a liberal on the supreme court's gonna take away their second amendment. Right. There is a reason why gun owners of America has endorsed me in this campaign because I've defended the second Mongol while Donald Trump is a New York liberal who will take away your second amendment this mass line to you. And he's taken advantage of you. And I would miss shown you that does the protest. All right. We get it was do get to Syria. The guys you're going to kill a lot of innocent women and children if you do that. And he literally is looking at the guy like what going I went leading up to twenty eighteen to I think eight Trump rallies or something along those lines and spoke to supporters. I was kind of the work that like I got most attention for me last year. And you really there is that populous fervor that guy was more articulate than a lot of the people. I spoke to but there they were focused on campaign donations, and the fact that Trump is a self made businessman that made a lot of supporters show comfortable because. Corruption is a widespread sentiment throughout the country. No matter what kind of person you're talking to. You know, we interviewed someone who had did a history of the concept of mesmerized them in this in the country and the snake oil salesman. And the thing that she said was that Trump was indicative of that tradition. Was that people know the guy is a liar. It they feel that he's on their side and lying on their on their behalf. And that that idea of like that he self funded and is not taking other people's money. Led them to believe that he was in their corner. Which of course, he he wasn't. But and I don't like, and that's not I don't even think they have to get that much more sophisticated beyond that, you know, small campaign donations or just the idea of like, he's rich. He does he's doing us a favor by runs these sugar daddies, Goldman Sachs or cetera. I mean, they that guy hates the financial institutions just as much as progressive, Stu. And so we just have to remember that in our strategy. No doubt. I I I I think that's true. The question is that on the list of things that will motivate that guy to vote absolute how high up is it? Protecting dodd-frank or a twenty-first-century Frank f to Syria. You have really weak position dodd-frank rule. But I I don't doubt. I don't doubt it. But I also my point he's probably does support more rabbit stuff than that. But my point is is that how motivating is that versus protect my guns. How motivating is that anti immigrants or? Yeah. We'll in that's keep country white. And that's the problem. That's also the bigger problem with just anti corruption politics, generally. Right. Because the way it's been deployed whether it's with Trump or Bolsonaro or Mody it fascist win elections using generic anti corruption campaigns. So unless you really specific about what you're actually talking about. It becomes like a stand in for everything has actually been used to de-legitimize some really good leaders. Yeah. I just don't think that it's the primary motivating factor or even the secondary motivating factor or even maybe the tertiary motivating factor for a guy like that. I think that comes in. But let's general f you it's also like, I'm sure they hate Goldman in the same way. He hates immigr-. Like, we said hates everybody else. It's it's a generic stand-in, and unless you get super specific for even going back to the nineties like that's how Bill is going gun to power. They had big wide ranging corruption scandals. He's like, I'm a self made billionaire, and I'll fix it. That's the map that's been followed by all these anti-establishment than anti-corruption. Right. Yes. Italy anti-establishment always victorious whereas anti-corruption, you're right. You know, when you it can be used to deflect and kind of prop up strongman, I think balls neuro. An incredible exam. They're all incredibly corrupt themselves like and then capitalism itself, more broadly. But rut problem with anti-establishment to is just who's defined as the established. Right. I mean, Donald Trump was established exactly. State folks. What is a fascinating moment, which is with with everything that's going on with both the shutdown, and there just seems to be a mega narrative that is that we're we're joying this week essentially here is Wilbur Ross. This is this is one of the most stunning pieces of of now, I've heard some reports that say that Wilbur Ross is just completely out of it that sleep at meetings that he's just completely out of it. But he seems to be not completely out of it here, but just completely out of touch and here he is being interviewed by Andrew Ross Sorkin. So this is really the functional equivalent of like, this is his name. Well, we'll Andrew Ross Sorkin. The home game. Yeah. This is a home. This is like beyond street reporters in the history of life on earth. Right. I mean, I don't wanna say like this would be like my sister, Julie interviewing me, she already more episode. She would be more adversarial. And so here he is on. This is a guy if you'll remember Andrew Ross Sorkin when occupy I started he was the one who who who bragged about fielding calls from financial leaders asking whether they should be afraid of what was going on in Chicago park. And here he is interviewing Wilbur Ross and Wilbur Ross is just like, wait a second. Just you be quiet for second. I'm I'm digging a hole here, and I don't wanna be interrupted mister secretary. I wanted to come back for just a moment to the US government shutdown while here in Davos, I interviewed Alex carp? He's the COO of Pailin tear a major government contractor in the United States working on behalf of the Pentagon and the defense department. He said that the government shutdown. He believed was terribly damaging to the brand of our country. Do you believe for second just contemplate what it takes to ask this question in this manner? The framing is completely from that perspective. Suddenly like, he cares is sociopathic. I've just spoken to a contract to thinks that our brand is being hurt. But we should note Pailin tears, Peter Teal's, right, right? And it's super bad for the brand. Okay. Believed was terribly damaging to the brand of our country. Do you believe that? I think that's a great deal of hyperbole. We've had shutdowns before I'll be for not such a long period is we've been best far. Put it in perspective, you're talking about eight hundred thousand workers in. Well, I feel sorry for the individuals that have hardship cases eight hundred thousand workers if they never got their page, which is not the case, they will eventually get it. But if they never got it talking about a third of a percent on our GDP. So it's not like it's a gigantic number overall mister secretary. But there mister secretary of their reports that there are some federal workers who are going to homeless shelters to get food. Well, no, they are. And I don't really quite understand why because as I mentioned before the obligations that they would undertake say Abbar owing from the Bank or credit union are in effect. Federally guaranteed. So the thirty days of pay that some people will be out. There's no real. Real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan against it. And we've seen number of ads. Yeah. You could hear him. He you can hear Rosser go like, okay. Yeah. Let's let's I mean, this is too much of a train wreck. I mean, I'll never be able to have another government official on again. I mean, I the. I don't like this is this is this is this hearkens back to. What's his face from from Vietnam? Well, the guy from Ford MacNamara, right? Like, look, it's just eight hundred thousand people it's a drop in the bucket for some dumb. But if they never got paid what three percent of our GDP. Believable, and he's also sort of implying like the they're they're up to something fishy going to get the free food as responsible and get payday loan. Yeah. Exactly. I mean, it's such it's like this old time view of banking. Right. Feel like it's straight out of it's a wonderful life. Oh, just go down to the local Bank. Take out a fifty dollar loan for my which. Yeah. Your food. Exactly. They are. They're not just the loan faily method for a guy like will barrages you can do that you walk into the Bank. And it's like, oh alot Mr Ross, shall we get you your typical drink. Actually have to go. The Bank of probably goes to him. Yeah. I know I made a joke that he's the kind of guy that thinks Abaga potatoes costs four hundred dollars right because he's just never been to a grocery store. He's like that. What's good or what's her name from arrested development? Lucille Lucille blues. No, no clue and could take out a loan could a bag of potatoes. But the idea of just like, you know, it's a bridge loan, you get a bridge loan, and it's federally backstopped because you know, the federal government's gonna pay off as if like these as if you could walk into a Bank, and there's a loan officer there who's just like has the authority to say, oh, sure, we'll give you a non securitised loan. I was watching through cypress, and there was an INTERPOL red notice for minutes. I needed a bridge. A lot of people could learn from that. It's it's it's stunning. And here is Donald Trump. Not to be outdone by his commerce secretary in terms of complete oblivious nece, he also thinks that banking operates like it did I don't know if it ever operated life is. But as if it's some type of like, you know, small time small town movie, and you just go down to the general store and his delusion. I mean, this is it is amazing. I now, of course, nobody's gonna see this though, this is on FOX. So I imagine this is why he's losing support is that the veneer is really starting to get thin here. Ross said that he didn't understand what pedal workers we help getting food. Can you understand a habit? I haven't heard the statement. But I do understand perhaps you should have said it differently. Local people know who they are where they go for groceries and everything else, and I think what will probably trying to say is that they will work along, I know banks working along. Jeez. The mortgage the folks collecting the interest and all of those things they work along. And that's what happens in dime. Like this. They know the people they've been dealing with them for years, and they work along the grocery store, and I think that's probably what Wilbur Ross met. But I haven't seen a statement now. But he's done a great job. I will tell you that. Yes. Been working long by the all American rejects and that song. No. This guy is completely imagining a world for people that does simply does not exist. You know, I. At a hardware store. Upstate that. I go to quite a bit people have accounts, give me phone number, and they're like Sam and yes in some people they put it on their Bill contractors can go in and they just put it on their Bill. They don't need cash right there. They're just picking up stuff. And at the end of the month. They square up. But the idea that there are supermarkets that function like this anymore like you can go into the local Krogers, and you're going to say to the manager high come in here every week. Okay. Like everybody else here. I have no idea who you are. And yeah, I just put it on my tab. Right. I'll get fired if I do that, sir. Exactly. Just put her on that scene in the sopranos. They go to shake down like the Starbucks place. And they're just shame. So that the windows like, no, you don't get this like every penny in this system is tracked globally like I can't do that for you. And they're just like. It's no small business. The more. So you traveled amongst you know, these folks for an extended period of time something like that seems to me more than anything else is going to start to crack that veneer a little bit. I there's a thirty to thirty five percent. That will never move. Right. I think that's true. Yeah. But I do think my my boss jank has said this before the local mom in Kansas in Indiana. Right. Who sees she voted for him because she socially conservative, whatever the case may be when they see the human costs of decisions like this. That's when that support kind of tries to starts to trickle away. We're seeing this bear out in the poll numbers. How long they stick? Who knows? But I think that it's so obvious who. Is being blamed for the shutdown and the narrative is correct. And it's it's it's fascinating to see it unfold. He's crumbling a little bit. Yeah. I think that's true. And even there's you watched that you track the headlines, the Democrats block the Republican version and then in terms of the democratic version, it's just both bills fell and. Of course, the democratic one got more votes and. I think all of this is just had Donald Trump not said on national TV alone. It I'll own it blame me. I think they would have been very different story. It was actually a very shrewd move five Pelosi and Schumer went which you know in hindsight. I thought they kind of looked a little weak on TV where Schumer's coward over saying we disagree. Right. But they got that sound bite. They got a few. And it's it's worked. It's worth. It's worth a total nebulous is fine. It's still highly problematic that the Democrats need the mainstream press right to to have something that is already pre digested. And if force that, and then still are still the mainstream press will hedge they attempted to do this right for a while takes two to Tango, we see all these beds to that effect. And that the Democrats are still so behold into that is problematic. I understand the dynamic because frankly, like the on the right FOX has a service singular control over these people in a way that TY T or two hours of MSNBC or whatever it is don't, and that's a that's a sort of a systemic problem that I don't know. I don't know how that's how that changes. I think what's really interesting. About the new cycle in the shutdown is that Trump's lies about who's to blame for the shutdown. They keep getting repeated people keep going back to it because the media's hyper focused on the shutdown. So he doesn't get to start a new scandal that distracts people. I mean, this Venezuela thing, obviously is is is breaking some of the shutdown news cycle, but the lie continues to be repeated, and it's pervasive. And so there's not a new scandal or awful tweet that the media is losing their attention to. And this the bright new shiny object. The shutdown is consistently the story and the story gets worse every day and the lie in the sound bite gets more effective everyday. So that's why this is a particularly bad new cycle for the president. And we should say there were reports today of in New York in Florida. So the FAA confirmed that there is a ground. Stop. Pitch at LaGuardia Airport. Flights delayed in New York and Florida airports due to air traffic controller absences, we saw reports of Philadelphia also stoppage is that right Brandon and others just this is just gonna increase. I mean, this is just going to increase in there. And you're gonna get to a situation where you have these. Air traffic controller. I think senior staff is just going to start to like give a vague nod and say, yeah, don't worry. If you if you're sick, stay home. It's going to be one of those deals because they know that they have the ability. It's the TSA and the the the air traffic controllers who really control this. It seems to me in terms of like any type of work stoppage will will will inhibit because you're dealing with centers of the media. You're also dealing with something that impacts people across the country simultaneously, right? Like, you're shutting down. In the world. And there's nothing else that can match that. You just can't have local coverage and national coverage simultaneously for anything else. Other than this type of travel because the stories in local Miami papers, and it's in New York papers, it becomes a national story. Even if you had IRS people who are denying, you know, who are not getting your refund and you're in Florida, and I'm in New York. It's just not present there, another you're getting a robo call from the IRS that you face forfeiture. But then you can't get anybody on the phone well figure it out. But I mean, I just wanna say really quick there was a report in Reuters that just came out that just puts meat on it, right? Like Wilbur Ross's, that's funny in a dark way, and we should play that Simpson's thing. But there have been eighteen percent increase in pond broker chains easy Corp. And I cash there's a huge. Jump and payday loans and like. Earners, really happy. Right. Yeah. Mike problem. I mean. Spell to definitely still do those. Yeah. But it's just you know, it's happening. And obviously those loans are catastrophic for people. That. Well. Well, yeah, we can play that in a minute. But let's play this Kudlow 'cause they're bringing out everybody like, and it's you know. I always get nervous when I watched clip Kudlow now. Hello looks good. It can healthy ageing carrots taking runs. Hi, I'm a little bit concerned. This guy's like he's turning into Rudy Giuliani. His the same sort of pallor Judas brothers. They do don't they go a little more vitality. Though, it looks like he's like he's gonna waste a lot more of our time before he goes here is here is Larry cudlow. He is the top economic advisor to Donald Trump. Guys. Real heart problems. And he. He's trying to make the argument that. Well, he he's trying to say that federal workers are stand stepping up. Now, what he, you know, people sort of catch him on the fact that well, if they don't show up for work, they get fired immediately. And even though they're not getting paid. And that is just beyond the pale to remind him of that. Cave on posit. I should say that like prior to this. He says look you have federal workers or coming in volunteering to work at a time. When there's no pay they really behind the president. That's why they're doing this and doing to him. This guy's taking off his his I think is microphone. Oh, maybe dressing him. Hearing without pay volunteer. The common workers they're showing up. Which? Hey. Who's your font here? That's not what. You know, I'm not even gonna go there saying it's very clear, and you know, what else with respect to people who do have financial hardships of some was asking. They are coming to work and giving them twenty same twenty four seven work. They always did. And I will say to you whatever semantic game. You think you're going to play with me? And I'm usually an easy going guy. Give them credit. Okay. They onerous honors by their service. Don't care whether you're Republican or democrat. Sincerely, honors Democrats have shut government down. Right. It's you know, what I'm saying. And they do it because of their love for the country and the office of the presidency and presumably there allegiance to President Trump. But whatever they're doing it some credit. You know, there's a lot of wonderful people in this country. There are a lot of wonderful people in this country. Specially some of these young I've become a become a great fan of the millennial. Thank you. Somebody getting another drink. Otherwise, I love presumably out of loyalty for the president. Traffic controllers are doing it for love of the country and Trump I have no doubt that there is that people who work for the government have some measure of pride that they're working for the government. But let's not kid ourselves. They want to get paid. And they're coming in because they don't want to get fired all of the millennials now. Talk about that. He I mean, he was getting very getting. Yeah. Yeah. You know what? I mean. Yeah. Exactly. He needs more heart medication. I think not more heart medication for breakfast, some some, but they're all on the defensive. They're all on the defensive went full patriot patriot mode. Yes, exactly total last refuge. Situation, and but he still managed to get it in like their praising President Trump by going. I like saying you don't wanna play semantic games when you're trying to call that volunteer. You're playing like the you know what I mean? You know what I mean? Right. You know what? I mean. Everyone knows what I mean. I don't even need to say it. They're getting paid. But sir, they're not getting paid. Don't get don't play semantics with me. Who's the dude we played last week with Libby Watson when I was in the chair of I forget, it was one Trump one of another Trumpy heaven has this vacation getting an early advance on a vacation, right? And they're going to get back. Maybe get paid for. They're actually they're having a great time. I love that. He's a fan of the millennials now. Yes, that's good. He's really impressed stepping guessing statement, how did he get the money? How did he get? He's on twitch. What is the threat? Why did he bring up millennials? I think he was I think he assumes that most of these workers are millennials all TSA guys. They're all millennials. They're Kwan by side. Air traffic control one. I m flattered. Future. Somewhere someone's mocking me. And I'm pretty sure they're millennial. As much as we think that this is hurting the Republicans and Donald Trump, and I think we are days away from this. Basically, you know, like we are. It may take another day or two of. Of of shutdowns of airports to to basically break this damn. But it definitely feels like this is culminating that there are one or two senators were walking down the hall, and and telling Mitch McConnell like you gotta deal with this. This is time. I mean, you already have you got what's his face? Not gosh. I can't even think in Wisconsin. I wanna say norm Coleman, but it's not norm Coleman anymore. Ron johnson. Not you know semi publicly blaming. Mcconnell for this. You know, making sure that it gets out that he is he's gotten mad at him. Which suggests to me that Ron Johnson is rather concerned and worried that that, you know, nine rand trust fund, baby. Literally like, he's a rich kid who read Ayn rand decided he needed to go torture people in the Senate. And he he's feeling real heat because that guy's also dumb. Well, he's not out of their reelection until twenty twenty two. I'm not mistaken. So he's eerie is he he if he's starting to get worried about it. He knows that. It's that it's a problem. And I think we're a couple of days away. However with all that said, Donald Trump seems to have a different perspective on it. The state of the union speech has been cancelled by Nancy Pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. She doesn't want the American public to hear what's going on. She's afraid of the truth, and the super left Democrats, the radical Democrats what's going on in that party is shocking. I know many people that were Democrats this which ING over right now. So I hope they know what they're doing for their party, so far they haven't have you know, I won the Senate meeting. We won the Senate altogether. But. Talk about that talk about the house. I didn't have any chance to other than a couple of people like from Kentucky where I wanted campaign for Andy bar and some others. They ended up winning they're racist. But I couldn't campaign too much too many people. We did a great job with the Senate and people don't wanna talk about it. He's coming back. Trump clues. He's fun apart here. I mean, really honestly like he's falling apart unfloppable. I just think that's his one mode. I mean, he's falling apart a little, but like the run on sentence the consists he's a one walking run on sentence. He really did. He really did catch himself though. He said I won the Senate. I mean, we did we all did. Whatever. Yeah. Me a love lost like she gave ULA. Oh my God. As the best story lie. The past couple of months is hit just like oscillating between I won the Senate, historically, unprecedented. But then I lost the house because of mea love at one point though, it becomes those moments where he's talking about people can go and work with the locals, the local people, you know, like there was a time where you could say this and on FOX, they would repeat it, and and they would see the clip and people would genuinely be, and I think they're still going to be thirty thirty five percent who are like Democrats are bleeding support right now. Like, they're just people are walking away. The president said it on television. I don't think walkaway sticking like, I think it's I think it's Republicans and like Charlie Kirk think it sticking no one talks about walkaway. No, I don't I don't even know. Walking a lot of people here. The locals are walking, and they're going to milk people, and they're getting a milk loan and the new leaving the extreme the Democratic Party. They don't want the truth. People said you can't handle the truth. That's table. Some pimple. All right. Let's as this is all happening. It's the. It really does feel like, you know, I watched a little bit of morning Joe this morning because I was just curious. I know it's first time in. Ever and. It was they had on JIRA hottest on they really. Yep. And he mathematics that you're talking about. He was on. It is. But it's fascinating to see all these things that lineup. I mean because they they spent the whole day talking about the shutdown. It wasn't Joe and Biko. It was the it was Willie Nelson. Whenever the guy's name is. Oh, that's the hand. No. I don't think it's really guys so Willie Geist was hosting, but they they're talking about the shutdown and it's getting serious, right? And they're mocking in the same way that we have Donald Trump and Wilbur Ross and Larry cudlow trying to seem like they have, you know, actual warm blood flowing through their veins like the millennials. But then this story that is coming out of Gobbo's. The main story is the critique of Davos at this point, at least in what's in the in Davos has been sort of out of the the news for the past couple of cycles in part of it is that there's this critique out there and. They've let people into the building on some level where the critique is. And here is an exchange, and this is just a stunning exchange for for multiple reasons. And I think they should be obvious to a lot of people a Washington Post reporter is moderating the this panel. And it's a Washington Post panel, the the reporter is Heather long. She just does like a general beach. She's nico. No. She's she's she is. Kyron here as an economics correspondent for the Washington Post. Now, I just want everybody to of sit with that for a moment in a magin what the base line knowledge of the United States economy and just the things like the history of the economy, basic stuff, basic basic knowledge of how the tax system works. Very basic overview. She is doing this panel on it is this guy is Michael Dell from Dell computers, right? And this guy from MIT named Eric. Jolson he is director of MIT's initiative on the digital economy. And so here's the exchange. She asked a question, they get a big laugh because the idea of actual tax regime is hilarious. But listen to where this goes, they're growing calls to address these inequalities, particularly the wage inequality with more taxes in particular in the United States. There's been a call by congresswoman Cossio Cortez to tax people earning over ten million at a seventy percent tax rate. The current top rating states is thirty seven percent Michael Dell do you support this? I just want to thrill that. Wow. Well, look, I mean. My wife, and I set up a foundation. Twenty years ago positive. I just love the fact that he can't even joke around like they're all laughing in he immediately. He immediately goes to the talking points that he that that that his like he goes into defense. Can we say that Bill Gates who's more classy unless I mean, I hate Bill Gates, but he's less of like an obvious moron than Michael Dell. Made exactly the same point. About twenty years ago, and we would have contributed quite a bit more than seventy percent tax rate on my income on my annual income, and I feel much more comfortable with our ability as a private foundation to allocate those funds than I do giving them to the government. All right. I'm not supportive of that. Well key. And and and I don't think it would help the growth of the US economy. That's interesting. And can you say more about wine? Why you don't think it would name a country where that's worked ever? United States briefly in the eighties. Positive first off I off she is completely stumped by his his challenge. Name country where it's worked. In addition to having no further really follow up. This is the this is an economics correspondent for arguably the second most important newspaper in the country. I don't know where would rank internationally, but a fairly important paper that internationally as well an economics. Correspondent not the economics. Correspondent. And she says for a short time in the eighties. Now when Reagan knocked it up he wacked it up to eighty percent. The decree hop marginal tax rate starting in nineteen thirty six through through till nineteen eighty two was never below seventy percent. The highest was in the nineties and that was for over ten to fifteen years. It was in the high eighties from thirty six to fifty maybe hitting ninety occasionally these reporters just worship the orthodoxy of the current economy different Google. Yeah, they don't they don't like like, hey, I'm going, and I'm re-. I'm the economics correspondent for the Washington Post. And I'm going to ask Michael Dell about these tax rates. I wonder what the tax rates have been in this country that I am an economics. Correspondent for the second. Most important features of the modern economy. You're always writing like dumb like tributes to in the Washington Post is Google each which in dall-, computer. Dell computer, and then you go to go. And then you discover out to not embarrassed you something fundamentally wrong with everything that that that this basic level of competency, when you headed to like, it's just mind, but you know, it is guys. Merged Nate years. It's ideas, but wait a second. So fortunately, they have a guess you need to be a professor at MIT to to know this but go so the US economy, that's interesting. And can you say more about why why you don't think it would name country where that's worked ever? Nited states. Briefly in the eighties. No for from about the nineteen thirties through about the nineteen sixties the tax rate average about seventy percent at times it was up as high as ninety five percent. And those are actually pretty good years for growth. So I don't have a strong opinion on that proposal of the devil is in the details. But I think it's actually a lot of economics that suggests that it's not necessarily going to hurt growth. Yeah. I mean, and it's actually wasn't eighty to the top marginal tax rate went down to fifty percent. And then in eighty six I think it was for the big omnibus tax reform. I think it is went down to where it is now like in the high thirties and. The during that period of times, it was post-war. Granted they call it. The great compression, the economy work for more. People broadly speaking than it has in terms of wealth inequality, and in terms of everyone, you know, living a decent middle class life. Plaque people didn't share in a lot of this part of it was by design by the US, government, frankly. But that's that's the reality. But the idea that just the basic I just flabbergasted by the reporter more than anything else. I can understand off the worse doesn't she? And I've never seen something. So satisfying MIT reporter body ING her. I mean, I can say because I'm a woman, right? But yeah, I mean, it was it's it's mind boggling, I think that there's when you see reporting around economics the CNBC's of the world. And you know, I'd include her in that it's not even about the history. It's not about looking at policy, even it's about this kind of disturbing worship of corporate culture, and of wealth building and economic forums like Davos, you know, were are part of that weird worship. It's a capitalism shrine, basically. And they're just kind of Sinaga Fers about what's going on currently as opposed to giving context as to how things were all in the past. I think those a prime example of it. And agreed just example. And it also is is a great example of the implications of. Someone who gets elected in a primary with twenty five thousand votes in queens, and you were following around during that primary and the run up to the primary. Oh, yeah. It was one of the first people I think so is about a year ago, you know in March. So that's when I first covered her or did that full day report on her in that that question doesn't obviously doesn't come up. And there I think that MIT guys probably more emboldened to bring that up or would just all of it. I mean, it's just I think that's the other dynamic of like Dabo's, I think is always invited. Like they liked to have. Okay, come give us a little critique to prove that were willing to to size. But if you're in a room with all with a couple of hundred literally the global elites right like in the proper uses the word, and then you just know it's going to be streamed on C span. Nobody's gonna watch it because it's really boring after you let get over the novelty of watching. Bano lecture. Click some leader from Zimbabwe that relief for others nonsense that happens at Davos, but now because it's social media lake their market in a non gets this better than anybody else. Dav owes. It's the fact that I'm gonna get clipped pissing. Tony Blair off. That's gonna go viral. That's the whole point of this conference is Michael Dell looks like an idiot. They are whining about tax rates and then doing bizarre exercises where they pretend to be migrants as like experiential learning, and it's for the rest of us to look at them and go, oh, you people should be in the dust of history. You've ruined the world. And you're delusional. I'd say we're about three years away from Dabo's being a lot last public Burke. Oh, yeah. Like a government in exile. I think it's going to be like, no social media. We'll definitely we need to be able to really exchange. People. Absolutely here is another example of of Davos, basically. People basically ju jitsu wing 'Davis in some way. Like, I'm glad you've all assembled here to make each other feel good. And now we're going to use you into of everything that's wrong. And this is this is a time magazine panel on the state of inequality, they invited this guy rut Rutger Bergman he's an author. I don't know what else is critiqued credentials are. But he's written a he wrote another book about about wealth inequality, and the I guess the. Disequilibrium that's created by having such wealthy people. And I think where is he from these European obviously dodge all right here is the exchange, and it's interesting to look, I don't know who the other panelists are, but they're all like, wait a second. You know, nobody likes to have one of those comments that indicts everybody for being onstage. This is my first time at devas. And and I find it quite a wilderness experience to be honest. I mean, fifteen hundred private jets flown in air to hair, sir. David Attenborough speak about you know, how wrecking the planet, and I hear people talk in the language of participation and Justice and quality and transparency. But then I mean almost no one race. It's really issue techs. Void right. And of the rich just not paying their fair share. I mean, if I met a firefight Vitus conference and no one's allowed to speak about water. Right. There was there was only one panel actually. We've had two you're the second. One penalty. Let's go there one panel hidden away in the media centered. It was actually Texas. I was about was one of the fifteen participants something needs to change here. I mean ten ten years ago the World Economic Forum ASTA question, what missed industry do to prevent brought social backlash the very simple. Just stop talking about for them for start talking about Texas. I mean, just two days ago. There was a billionaire in here. What's his name Michael Dell? And he asked the question like Namie one country where top marginal extra seventy percent is actually worked and I'm historian United States. That's where has actually worked nine hundred fifty during Republican President Eisenhower veteran marginal tax rate in the US was ninety one percent for people like Michael del Este Tech's for people like Mike Elvis mortis seventy percent. I mean, this is not rocket science. I mean, we can very long time about all these stupid philanthropy schemes phone at once. Mar it's we gotta be talking about Texas. That's it Texas, Texas, Texas, all the rest is bullshit in my opinion. Enjoy your last time at Davos. I mean, that's the I mean, it's it's obvious. It just it's a lot shorter conference. If that's the only panel that you have right, which is the one which talks about tax avoidance, and basically these schemes in which to rollback taxes, and they don't get to self aggrandizing about all the philanthropy and foundations as Michael Dell did in his first breath after that question was asked him while he was justifying tax avoidance. I mean, there's net exit of capital from Africa because of tax avoidance schemes that cancels all of the like, you know, because that's they love the Africa safe. Right. But if you buy a cow for a local business person in Africa that'll change it most preferred by a cow for so many Malawi tax. Comfortable with that. There was also a massive report that came out just I think the beginning of this week probably timed for Davos, which showed that a a very very strong correlation between companies that have donated to nonprofits and those nonprofits turning around and advocating for deregulatory practices on those companies just willy really, I know that's very shocking. I hope we haven't ruined any of your allusions, and I'm a mere twenty four. But I I still am a cynical. I feel like everyone at the table. So it's a little sad. It's a little sad. Oh, all right. Well, let's we gotta take a quick break. Actually, we're gonna take a flipped a quick break. And about me. Hopefully, Larry is back and we're going to stick. Right. You ever watch. Bob's burgers. No on my list. All right. Well, there you go. Won't won't know who Larry is. So he's gonna call in other things. Besides abouts spreaker. I actually that's a good point nothing. No funny voices in a variety of platforms. Asi mcgee. Do you know that cartoon him McGee? No, all right. Intro take quick break. When we come back. We'll bring on Larry Murphy. Live a. Laugh at. And they're coming to. We are back Sam cedar on the majority report, ladies and gentlemen. Our next guest needs no introduction. But I will give him one. Anyways. His the voice of teddy and Harold wife on Bob's burgers. I can't remember her name, but the name and your her and Harold Harold is is is Edith Edith, right? That's right and Ella. Good spa. She's walked off the set. I'm not exactly sure why she's was not a fan. And also, of course, you were ASI and Ashley McGee, right? That's true. And Larry, Murphy and gentleman. Thank you. Thank you very much. Mike, Michael his Mike. Taking a little vacation for a moment. He'll be back. And is here from the young Turks. Are you familiar with her work? Hello. I'm no, I'm not I'm sorry. Okay. Well, she didn't know your say either. So you're pretty excited this morning. Roger stone was arrested those good news. Yeah. What maybe it's not surprising news, right? No. It's not surprising. Was there anything that? You found surprising about it. That would speak to the press after he came out swat team. What do you think that? I I mean, I I'm not surprised by that. I think that you know, you have to I think that they probably have to do kinda win the press over and make it a big enough deal. So that it comes up on the radar. I think I don't know what the logic is for twenty nine guys or whatever he Andrea listed what what showed up at his house. But you know, they did the same exact thing to minute. They did the same thing to for the whole swat team. Oh, yeah. There's in fact, we have video footage of the arrest of Roger stone. And I look I think it's like logically damaging when he couldn't pick out an outfit before it to go. The courtroom that hit that hard throw up the Nixon sign though minutes ago. This this stuff that he did to Randy credit co two it seems like he really, you know, he really was abusive to Randy critic oh. Who I think is you know, on balance a decent guy. And maybe got caught up in something that he wasn't quite sure that he was what he was involved with. But here is. Ran. With course. He did. He did he do. They basically say that he flipped that happened in the last week to we don't know. Of course. He flipped. Yeah. But he seems awful sweaty. Last time we saw right here is some footage of the rest. I would just playing in the background. Okay. Biro drum corps may what's his face. Look healthy. Oh, okay. Let's play this footage of Roger Stanton is all really unhealthy. I look I got one thing to just a report we were mentioning about twenty minutes ago that it looked like over the next couple of days. We could see the Republicans crumble on this thing, particularly with the with the announcement of the shutdown of the airports this morning CBS reports that senior officials tell CBS news, expect President Trump to endorse a short term Bill to reopen. The government and end the partial shutdown the length of such a measure on clear two to three weeks. So this could be done by by Monday. People could be back at work hopefully home in. I mean the union. Oh. Stay gonna happen. It's gonna happen. Well, that's I mean you saw today that the basically now that air traffic controllers, they're pretty forward letter. That was the equivalent of if anything if anything happens on you like yesterday, and then now this kind of at LaGuardia this morning. It was kind of that situation where they weren't saying LaGuardia that was closed, but it was the other east coast. No LaGuardia was quite getting cancelled attacked it. Right. Yeah. All right. Well, they said that it happens. It's Nancy Pelosi's fall. We'll try to. Here is. Here's Roger stone outside you, probably know as Nancy. He's so adults. He can't dictate buddy. Boy, Nancy Pelosi is I call her. Not nicely with your she. Here is the grading that. Roger stone got when he came walks out of federal court in Fort Lauderdale, apparently not a huge hero down there. Well. I have always Ted. Is not been tough. Two year inquisition. Charges today relate and no way to rushing. News operation or any other illegal lactic connection twenty sixteen campaign. I am closely accused of making false statements during my testimony. That is incorrect any era I made in my estimating would be immaterial and without intent. Walk him up. Yeah. That was pretty pretty fun. Happy. The FBI agents. They when they knocked down this or they should've screamed get me Roger stone, right? He's I do hope he gets to jail. So that he can talk about. Oh, no, I didn't get this. I didn't get the here. I got this before I came to jail. Have to with this big Nixon's out. You literally hasn't Nixon tattoo. Yes. Freak would you would you hire Rudy Giuliani as your attorney? If you were him, absolutely. Complete chaos. One hundred percent chaos. What do you think is going down with Juliette now? Larry Larry comes. The laughing. The last thing I heard was that they asked him. You know, Trump tweeted, basically, no collusion, and then they asked ready Giuliani, and I think they must have him on a gag hold. Now, he's not allowed to speak. So he was just like I did speak with the president. I spoke with the president about it. And the president said got up. That's being quiet. So here I am. Okay. Here is like Trump's really losing it but still together enough to realize that Juliani should really shut the fuck up. Here's John forty eight hours from realize what happened Juliana grew forty eight hour, don't touch it in real time. Take like takes a little processing how does he process it little delay? What how does he process it? Oh, what would what when they ask me about that? What am I supposed to say him? Does it easy? Does say anything about that? Got it. Got it boss. Hypothetically speaking, if he talked to gruza Fatullah if these torn communication if he worked for the Kremlin. If it some point on three way call that's not a crime. North. He didn't say anything on the call not that he did. And if it was on tape, you don't have those tapes. Yes. The best is what he wanted. He mentioned tape. Why did he mention that? He he was weird. Well, yeah. It was weird said because I should I shouldn't have said takes. Yes. Implicated Knicks near the seventy four we'll get nothing like tapes. No, taping system not pieces inside the place, no syrup. Tissues tapes were ever made by the president by anyone that is worth. Illegal ten them. We're not gonna give them to you. I don't think there's audio of it was in the interview with jot ner, and he said, he says, look, I've reviewed the tapes, I have reviewed all the emails. They didn't mention anything about it. And then shot goes, you heard tapes, I shouldn't said tapes. He's a lot coffee was murdered with like torturing like. Volley composting Hobo where did your? Here's this is. This is right here. Okay. So. He goes he goes. But I could tell you from the moment. I read the story. I knew the story was false and China goes because because I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the text. I have been through all the emails. I knew none existed in Ben basically when the special counsel said just in case there are others. I might not know about they probably went through others found the same thing. Wait, what tapes have you gone through? I shouldn't have said. Alleged there were texting emails that corroborative cone saying and there were no texts. No emails o Becca stupid is by its cell eight you so there were no tapes. You listen to though, no tapes. Well, I have listened to tapes, but none of them guitar. That's trying to sell Trump himself. It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. What he's really just a p. I mean, he's the PR wing. Right. I mean isn't right now with this isn't this just to come out ahead of something before it gets exposed. Yes. So that elite thinking is he actually his lawyer like is he doing any legal briefing? Right. Is he I think with is he an actual lawyer. Right. I think that we should establish whether he voyeur guy. So what is the point of starting to realize? Single like figure from the Gambino and banana families that this guy put in jail start his career should be released from prison immediately. And they all have new trials. Well, there are without a doubt. They're all. Just guy games. Him. Date you name America's mayor. Oh mine. I visited though that Trump Trump can't get outside counsel because no one will work for him because he doesn't pay people to have somebody who will just be there. And like process of also part of is largely smell largely that he's that he might be culpable in the end for crimes Yuliana who sat signed up Giuliani. I think he loves attention. It's no, I I think it could be I think it could be both good job. I don't think of protecting himself of others. I think it also trying to get back on. Now. I think I think it's I think it's I think it's he enjoys it. I think he also monetize it. I mean, he is the as long as he has the air the president he's out, and he's getting contracts from millions and millions of dollars those doubt, he's going to he's going to Brazil. I I would put so much money on that. He's already read he ran a business throughout the Obama years of teaching like governments in Latin America how to even have more ruthless. Police the rights he's gets all these private contracts department of homeland security guy. Yeah. No, he's horrible human being. And I think part of it is it's also political process. And so he's trying to he's trying to, you know, muddy the waters, but the real question to me, you know, I always circle back on this is like these guys are bad at this. They're bad at this record good at it. When it comes to even being why did it take? They know what they're doing is legal. It doesn't seem like anyone's clandestine. Did you hear? Did you see some of the things that came out with Roger stone where it's like, hey, since we're gonna talk about something legal. Should we switch to what's up? You know, the one that's in crypt. It's that. They can't read the legal. Good idea that it's like, oh, what's that? All right. Bye. Week thing. A legal before we switch to the other app. But this is the thing that that that I can't get past. You saw the, you know, the time story the propublica stories that show that basically Trump has been just his entire enterprise been criminal for decades. How is it that these people have been able to act with impunity four decades in this city where you have some of the most ambitious political prosecutors in the country, right? I mean, this is not just protecting. The big weeks is not like Donald Trump had some type of like broad constituency. There's a real sense that everybody thought he was a schmuck Cy Vance got political donations from him. Yeah. Twenty-five grant. But I'm how much better would he on? I know that my bag. Well, the twenty five grand is is a decent amount. But DA for DA, but how much better would he have been off if he was the one who took Donald Trump down. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's that's I just think that rich. People get to use New York as their personal playground and see themselves as above the law and a lot of people in law enforcement. Just don't turn a blind. I just don't think it's at the top of people's priorities. I think generally, that's absolutely true. Particularly people who are in the system, but I sort of feel like Donald Trump was is if you were a prosecutor, and you wanna make name for yourself is there would there have been a better person to take down the Donald Trump. And it seems like it would have been the easiest thing in the world to do the no consequences because he doesn't represent any actual power exactness the trust fund jackass exact like actually going after act, right? They're not going to go after I really do Riggan own the system. Exact some ass seem to be tolerated by all society like Donald gonna show up. Again. A lot of people made a lot of money off him. I think that's true too. Put him out in front. He's that's type person go after right? Yeah. But also this celebrity worship to he was in each kinds of circles. I mean before he became really right wing. He was hobnobbing with the Clintons. So it's not like he was aided. Trump figure for a majority of his public life. Definitely I was also those one before it. No, he copies, Fox News. But that was when he was like, I was just reading this piece about Indonesia than he at times had product stuff going big stuff. Yeah. It's the time is free McCollum poi- smart guy. Big stuff going on India Larayed, globalization. Larry relic zander's reading about Palestine bigly. Oh, yeah. It's about time. Larry, no, do you go through some of that too? I mean, do you find I'm not gonna say specifically where in Massachusetts you live? But do you find that you basically have carte blanche because of fear status? What do you mean? Carp lunch? What I mean? Like, I mean, can you get away with all sorts of stuff because you're celebrity do you is getting and get away with the what what am I getting away with? I mean, why don't you list off some of the things I know a lot of interactions fam-. I really don't. Yeah. He's like I'm not gonna to. Yes. I'm not choosing that. Larry built a an unprompted shed his backyard. Absolutely ridiculous. Those are allegations are false fam- really comment. You wanna talk about what's going on your roof deck with what you're growing up there. I don't know if they're playing. The Larry let me ask you this. Did you get a permit for that slab that you put down? Bit get oh Sam speeder. We might have a bad connection. Hold on. I'm gonna put my lawyer on the phone. Have a slam and you never got a permit is no problem within anyway. Because you wouldn't know about it. There were no tapes of the slab being discussed tapes of that here is this guy. John Berman on on CNN talking to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you sent me a picture. Let's look at the picture first. She looks like she is crying. I've been told. I look like her. Like Phanor versa. Can you do that that that that that face though, that she has they're like me to do? We already said we're not going to respond to what jank's had said before. I'm not bringing. I'm not going to bring Ben make what's his comments into this offer his lights doctor. That's awesome. Koets reference. They're all over the ship. All right. Let's let's listen to this exchange. Audra stone the president's longtime political visor placed under arrest. What's your reaction? Look, my first reaction is real simple. This has nothing to do with the president and certainly nothing to do with the White House. This is something that has to do. Holy with that individual and not something that affects us here in this Bill, just the president is literally named not by name as whatever is is all in the passive someone is ordered to do this stuff who else would be doing the ordering. There's also something that affects us here in this building nothing to do with the president on this show a couple of months ago, Corey Lewandowski who was one time campaign manager to then candidate Donald Trump used to tell me it would make him crazy when then candidate Trump would talk to Roger stone on the phone, and it would happen. A lot is connection between Roger stone in the now prison of the United States would concede that look Roger stone's somebody who's been a consultant for dozens of Republic. Hicken presidents and candidates and members of congress, but conversations between those individuals have nothing to do with the fact of what these charges are about. And that's about whether or not he made false statements. We'll let the courts make that decision. I think a bigger question is if these if this is the standard will this same standard apply to people like Hillary Clinton. James combing Clapper, where we see the same people who we know of also made false statements will that same standard apply. And that's a question that we'll have to see what happens on that front. What Obama had actual ride coordinate with the Iranians to get hurt on mitt? Romney, you go you go through a subs. If you're listening, if you're listening, if you get more more more stuff lake more on this moustachioed, axle, rather, non the statue. Because they're they're totally mustache you. We're gonna keep talking about crimes. She get on the what's that? Oh boy. Larry where does this go? What happens next here on top? I don't our you. Man on the street. I'm in DC right now. Just a quick question over here. I'm with the best. Question. No. You you fall. You follow? You follow the Muller investigation as much as anybody. I know of in what wh- where what do you think is happening you, you know, you're not completely. You have some sense. I don't think we have. I don't think we have conceit fully what's happening behind like. I did think that Sam. Yep. Go ahead. I'm listening. I did think that that BuzzFeed story. I thought that was a little sketchy considering they hadn't done anything before. And then that occurred. That's never happened before. It was not not a leak. I think that that's I think that's going to be. I think that's going to be true. I think what was said was going to be true. What they said. It was it was inaccurate. I mean, if it was inaccurate was any inaccurate. Does not mean fall. Right. I think the chose their words, and I think they were forced to respond through Trump's lawyers in who knows Whitaker. I mean, that's going to be asked at some point. My sense senses. I mean, I don't think that I don't I think it's very unusual that happened. And I feel like it that happening when it did. And all of the at least from what I've read all of these indictments these can't be altered. They can't stop them from happening because they were already sealed and filed. So it's basically like they can't there's no work around for that. But every other angle they can work. I mean, come on who's going to admit that they had a conversation with the where they were like, I'm press do septic. Who's gonna that doesn't make any sense, that's obstructionist? And like when he has to speak before the house and explain the conversations you had with Trump. How would he do that? Exactly. What's he gonna say? Who's that Whittaker? Yeah. Well, I mean, he's going to be asked to series of questions that are like there. There's no reasonable answer for it. I don't know that Whitaker would have told the Muller investigation to issue that as much as the Muller investigation would have done that. Because you know, MARCY wheelers explanation is that they don't have the same relationship with cone that the southern district of New York does southern district of New York does not need him for a and don't want him as a witness. And so you had to investigators it said that clearly indicated it wasn't with the Muller investigation that probably are wear this stuff. Meanwhile, Muller chooses not to use this information because for some other reason he wants to maintain Cohen's validity as a witness in other areas. And so he doesn't want to impeach his own witness because that is not even sufficient, apparently, whatever Muller has is bigger than telling Cohen to lie to congress, right? And speaking of can you explain to me what transpired in the last week with the fact that he declined to show up voluntarily then he was subpoenaed by the house. And then he was subpoenaed by the Senate. I mean it. It sounds correct. I I don't I think he's not yet subpoenaed by the house, right? But I now his excuse to postpone like the voluntary question is the threat, but that smells like to me. Definitely. Yeah. And I think it's probably because they he Muller has said to him. You don't wanna be asked that question in front of congress because they're going to ask you the question. If you lied to us before and you gonna have to you're going to be compelled to answer. And I would imagine that the the committee also is aware of this and they don't want to spoil cone. But I don't know how long they think they can punt. And so he goes to prison in March seems like stuff may becoming down very sin because of that the prison March and that's killed for mid February. And I thought it was I. I mean, no matter what he will be appearing. But now it's behind closed doors. He's an informant which is totally unfair appear. Once he's been in prison, bad Lauria. I tell you what you can come. He's cards for are the better lilies. It's gonna look PC shit. It's gonna look back though. But that was that was another Trump classic, man. A couple of months ago it he's just he literally like he's like, yeah. It's called like Rico. What they do is. They get a guy to rat should be outlawed. To that. Great businesses take down to that technique. It's actually think about it to government. On him. And then he fits him. Then you've got the boss shit. The bus of the road. So they get somebody else. Do dirty work for them. Really, I know because this happened to a couple of good friends of mine. That's why I call them. Build him up Muller. Cake stacking mother fishing guy, mother come up with a bunch of different things. Rathi used to help it by casinos. So Larry, the what's what's what why don't we break some news here? What's the story with what is going on with the Bob's burgers movie? No story. Still in snowing play no palm other than of date of release. That's all I have with. Sure that you're probably getting daily phone calls and daily updates. What's going on an I going to be in the movie, or what I have no idea, they come on Sam, you know, that these questions I can answer for you. Lawyer laying very Larry. I would ask. I think I should ask my lawyer. Yeah. If if Larry knew anything about the Bob's burgers movie, even if it was moving forward without Husam. He's not obligated to tell you. Meetings say Sam is out. He's out. Don't tell them about that. He's not in the movie. He's under no obligation. Hypothetically. Well, I never said that about Sam. Ever. Said that I never did that. Larry, always a pleasure, buddy. Hey, thanks. Thanks. Bye guys. Bye. Thanks, larry. It's awesome to have Larry a good mood about what's going on. Yeah. The last couple of times he was on. He was like, I'll do funny voices. But the Republic lapsing to write than today's like Roger stone's going in jail day for for us enjoys he enjoys the the he'll enjoys the police work. Do we have a? We have to of. Now what? About Jimmy Reefer cake. I don't need to subject her to that. She's our steam guest. I am esteem. Yeah. Let's let's I mean come on. I think we got one minute. What is this is your size adenovirus class, folks? Just a reminder of this program relies on your support you can become a member at join the majority report dot com. Joined the majority dot com. We'll give you extra content every day. Got new collaborate. Hugh, none. So it's a mid thirties. Or is that three minutes? I can't tell Jay Cunanan minute thirty. All right. Well, let's play minute. Thirty. Thirty. The way we need that need robots. Re tweet. Getting. On friday. A little far far afield from the original mandate. The lyrics are in Cuba original, well, the original mandate to promote the show and talk about we'd no look back on the on the week. What are the lyrics? Did. You Cunanan got beats Twitter machine is where we meet a need robots to compete. Professor are see what compete all skipped a little bit had four real. You know, gangster see with patented secret technology about that's leads right up in your DM's and pretends that your friends but stray from the approved facts and the rephr- Tron for twenty attacks tweet every four four minutes, twenty seconds. They all get a robot lesson with the butts that I got the show never stops. And you'll never know if they are real or not blame the Russians the FBI, the DNC and the number one bought men will always be me. Does anybody lives and main get him some help? Sorry long. Michael, sir. What would happen on Tuesday night? My showed happened on Tuesday night. And it would be a great show. But I guess actually so next week. I don't know what's happening on Tuesday. But we rescheduled to Thursday. In case, we Jesus God. Forbid doing live coverage. Trump talking about the shutdown ending. So Bill Fletcher juniors joining us, we're talking about labor uprisings in the sedan which are happening right now. And then the kind of the political legacy of on the shell Cabrel on this Sunday. The elicit history is the second candidate guide, and it's going to be of Tulsi Gabbard with some. Yeah. Sean Carr of intercept, and that's like a doorway into talking about Hindu nationalism as well will react well to that. That's that's totally fine. I've gotten that reaction. She promotes peace, although I know actually legit. And peace and torture. One hundred we need peace on the other weenie, torture, really quick the the the paradox. That's the third way position. But I want to say that, you know, just because people I know get very sensitive emotional about her. She tweeted the right thing on Venezuela. Those after the show you after the show yesterday. So we couldn't include it, not a word on a Lula or Brazil. But so and then there are now like very few left to the live show Friday night with alone and kofsky Trevor Bill you bus Carson Kara, Mike Racine. And of course, the team Bs gentlemen. So get your tickets patriot dot com slash TM Bs for the whole show and on YouTube where you're gonna stick around with us. But what where can people were the the freebies? You're leaving us. So what where can people check out your work? So I host a show called. Called rebel HQ. Well, it's on a show. I do kind of videos for it. Jank does the show were kind of dueling on the channel YouTube dot com slash regulations. But we have to work together. So we do I represent obviously the east coast and he's on the west coast. But I will be I guess I'll announce it now I'll be in LA not next week but the following week. So I'll be on the main shell doing the damage report. All of that, good stuff. You guys. Breaking breaking. Oh, I should say. Check me out on Twitter. That's where I'm best Instagram. Can't even figure it out. It's so hard, and I'm not gonna take a picture of myself in front of a caller for wall. Licking an ice cream cones. So follow me on on Twitter. Yeah. Wow. I'm really bad at promoting myself. Anyway, revelation Q Facebook YouTube and then me on Twitter at 'em vigilant. A B doing a brief livestream map injure tonight. So everybody should should we should say more to check out doom to check them. Oh, yes. Checkup into stuff and Matt new Matt literary hangover the house of seven Gables episode. It's gonna be on YouTube this weekend, but you can check it out on the podcast feed now. All right. Quick break. Head into the fun half. Six four six five seven thirty nine twenty. We will take your phone calls and your I am 's Siu in the fun half. Are an for folks. Six four sixty five seven thirty nine twenty see you in the. Fun.

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