Episode 08 Comedians and Crisis


Do you like conversation. A variety of topics feel like no one gets tired of hearing the same typical sports catastrophe. Talk Yeah we feel that went to join to high functioning Geeks as they discuss just about anything under the Sun. We can't tell you what we'll be talking about each week because we don't know where rains will take us. It will be an interesting conversation. Though so hang on and join us here comes the relentless okay so now now we're really starting 'cause I just saw go two zero again and right here you. Let's try this okay. Yeah Fun how? You Doing Alan. Good what you were good until about ten to ten right like it's funny since we're only doing this once a week we really do have lots of other life. That happens besides this and I don't remember changing anything but it really is possible. That as of last Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. I had to do something that was. I don't know hooking up another peripheral or something that just doesn't come to mind going to a different asset. That needs different settings and and so I keep thinking that I just left it exactly as it was. It's GONNA come back in a room and everything should be on the table. Just where I left it but I in the house and so people move things around like. Where's my right? And I know with all the different podcasts. Or Not podcast but all the meetings. I'm getting on with Zoom and Goto meeting and this that and the other thing. Sometimes I use my mic on the headphone. Sometimes they use this Mike. So there's so many things that changed and now that I think of it like I belong to a deep thoughts discussion group on Wednesday nights and it's also in zooms. Why figure that everything's is going to be the same? But if there's anything about how they have it configured that affects what I then us then caster for joining in. It's like sometimes and I don't like the idea of this. I keep thinking that how you have set. Your machine stays. But sometimes they give people the ability to alter others settings like we do. Muting and unbuilding microphones and if has the ability to say. Wow you're Saudi echoing. I'm going to do something and that's I don't think in fact my sound settings anyway. I hear they're invading. My sovereignty. Stephen Machine is not my own Dhabi. Feed all right. So let's see what we want to talk about this week. He had a bunch of good brains equally headed. Where do you WANNA start? You mentioned a few things I had a couple of things. Let's if you like do it. Because it's relatively firm in my mind. My wife just had a birthday lean. I was passed that along. We and it's you know it's funny. We've gotten really good at doing birthdays where we take the day off for each other's birthday and we like play Hooky and go do things and it's very in the past has been very cool to be like. Hey worth a museum and nobody else's here or at the zoo or just taking a hike and stuff and nowadays. That isn't necessarily the benefit you get. Nobody there anyway in a lot of even open so instead of going to play mini. Golf or something. We went for a nice walk. We the Cleveland Metro Parks System. Just put out the. Oh Top thirty-one hikes based on I Guess Walker voting and maybe some Rangers and stuff like that and so we just. We'd like list as we said. Let's go to those thirty one hikes. Take us all over the Emerald Necklace. Which is the nice name. They give the the system of parks and reservations. That are all around Cleveland. And we picked like eight La three to five mile one or something like that and so we we went and had a nice time together and As you might imagine we were to twenty percent of the people on the trail. Were wearing masks. And I know that we're outside. I know that the Oh the opportunity because of air flow and so forth is low but nonetheless when you're on a small path and you have to pass by each other and and people aren't wearing of asking Jerry. I just wanted this to be easy. And non nerve wracking out in nature and instead you get the GB's because you're huffing. And puffing a little bit more there was elevation gain and loss. We went to the Brecksville reservation and a thing called I think Copper Creek Gorge and as you might imagine near a gorge you have to get up to the top of it to look into it or down to the bottom to be near the water and so people are just kind of going to a chorale concert singing and spewing more droplets Who just hope that out of all the Times that we've been very very careful and even here with our own mask then you get home. It's like well probably should pop in the shower and clean this masks. Burn it because oh well so well. I saw the other day that it's confirmed that squirrels have caught the corona virus plague as well and the often had like mice have Hanta virus down in the South West and stuff so we have to hope that they don't jump. You know one of the biggest things that we've seen in the last twenty thirty years. Is that weird ability of flu and things to jump from animals ovulations at used to you kind of couldn't get hope and mouth disease. You could get rabies. But the the barriers. The lines between station of diseases are kind of blurring. And that's not this one came from bats. I don't know that I have baths roaming around my neighborhood and flying into my house. But that's that's up here near Laker he. That's not the case down. Now we've got hats here so there it is. Yeah so besides the doom and gloom stuff what you get her. What was she happy? Yeah the colleen and of course. We found each other. You know one of the joys of being a Geeky is that you find other Geek. Sometimes and she doesn't have the same a- Geek express the expressions that I do so she's not necessarily as much into the science fiction of the kind books but to me Geeks. Isn't those things it's like having that unbridled enthusiasm for the things that you're into you know I think it's cool Simon pegg definition if I remember right and so she's always liked. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the prairie books. And she actually. She knows a ton about it. One day she'll give a little extra and all the other people that grew up those books and have them as their heroes. She'll she'll delight the room with how much he's come to know about that We actually on a couple of driving vacations. You know we make a point of including. Let's go to call natural feature. Let's go to this fund illiterate Hayward Mark Twain. Live that stuff. Well we've actually been to like the house where Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote many of the Little House on the on and into some of the cities that were featured like. There's no reason to go to dismiss Minister Minnesota. No it's North Carolina door no normalcy Dakota except that has got a relation to the little prairie so in the in the same way that I have enthusiasms for certain authors types. She does and every year I try to find. Is there anything new about Laura Ingalls Wilder? You would think that you know. She was writing one hundred years ago and actually died in Nineteen fifty-nine which boggles my mind. That she was around that long right. There really seems to be some love and appreciation and scholarship. That's going on and so I just got her The latest one where someone collected a whole bunch of here are postcards and letters in your personal effects if you will that. She exchanged within her family or with other people and they collected a bunch of them together and she just drinks that end. She loves the going back Zozo high near times and stuff and she's also big into Kurt von against occasionally. I've found a book where all right they mind. The Kurt vonnegut world a little bit more and found some miscellaneous you know he really has so far as I know published all of his long and short stories but they keep on finding interesting things. So that's what I try to get. Her is those little things that you don't you don't see them on big best sadly ordinary airy much to her taste you know what I mean. we got to renew so we still actually do listen to Stereos have come a long way and nowadays. It's not a boombox it really is. You can play CDs which also of course attached to the net and so I have a vast music library. She can tap into that But we had just talked about Some of the music that you put on when you are Ono too much doom and gloom. What's going to make it better? How some Weirdo Yankovic? Which we've talked about. We both love in. He has a great birthday song. That played all my kids on there. There you go. Have you brought actually so I found? It's kind of funny. I have all of the weird Al Yankovic but she also doesn't only even though she's most of the time in the house nowadays because of our coronavirus situation. She's often on the road. You know what she does is a relationship manager for big retirement plans and so she likes to listen to CDs in the car and so I have. I got some weird Al Yankovic CD. So she'd have the portable version and I don't know to kick it up for a minute. Gave made it. So you really can have music everywhere but if you haven't pre sought of what you might want to listen to and then download it while you have not wi fi but crappy signal. It's amazing how quickly that eats up your data on your different phone plants. So funny you don't need any of that if you have a CD that you can just pop in the swatting we talked about you know having the actual cd that's crazy exactly so. I got her some weird Yankee CDs and that when she talked about what kinds of things she likes from him. I got like the POLKA party. One the dare to be stupid. Which is an older one but has a whole bunch of really good songs on it and stuff like that Also we really like an author. Bill Bryson. I'm not sure if we've talked about him before he became known for doing Tourism books and part of the interesting take he had on it was he was wondering around the United States as a British lawyer. An English person going not like we know all about the United States with more like waterfowl looking at this place with new eyes and kind of like some of the quirkiness. The weirdness of that Americans all take for granted. But you know it's not everybody has different names for pop versus soda versus Coke in their own country. And he's very good about commenting on that. So we've we A you know. I'm trying to think like visit to a small island or no. I'm here from a small and I wish I boy being weird today about having exact titles but not only has he written travel books. But he's one of these authors. That really is great at applying that same. Maybe let's call it a technique of looking at a particular topic a body of knowledge and being able to present it in a very Simple but deep way all at the same time so I got one. I got a couple books from him for her. One called the body. That's pretty much says here's how your body works and you know not only the anatomy way and not in the you know. Where's the solway way the mystic way but just kind of walk through another one called at home where it's like? Y Our houses as they are. How did we just a pretty standard saying every place has a kitchen and a bathroom and bedroom and maybe a living space and we used to have powers but now we don't and why is that and you and I mean he's really good at taking a investigatory stance on it and a historic stance and an amused stance. And so I got her a couple of things like that and and one of the joys of having someone who loves to read is that there's an unending number of books but when you find just the right one that's just to their taste or like. Oh I love this guy but I didn't know this one was out there got an early say so so that kind of stuff and as usually have a little Europe while your gifts up and you put them on our one coffee table and you take your time opening on and also and this is the final big thing. We've gotten a fun thing we she. She dresses beautifully. And I'm more of a casual guy but we've discovered that we both like have everybody again. The geeky world likes t shirts. Say something on them and I tend to avoid the more like. I don't want to swear in public so actually good. It's wearing in public but I don't want my t shirt to do that for me. I want to choose the context and the people that I'm talking to as to whether I'm going to say that having having said that that does not sound to Ridley moralistic. We really like if you're going to back team like she always wears when she goes to her conferences often something that has a cleveland. Pace's she's proud to be from Cleveland announces that but there's also all kinds of as you might imagine aaa Aa Single. A ball club. That have the most amusing teams in world and so banana slugs and zippers. And whatever else might be and she was driving one time where she heard a radio. Announcer doing a ballgame and it was the most productive rumble pony of tonight has been you know Bill Bronson and it's like rumble ponies. Wanted Great team name another thing that we're really good at is you listen to what they're saying and you make a little mental note of like. She was really amused by that. And it's only on her birthday July. If I remember this she's going to be just so tickled that I picked this one little or out of conversation. So what I what I tend to do is get the things right away because I'll forget about them and then totally forget about them. We have pulled so many gifts out the closet. I've given birthday gifts. We dash place or something. Hope that you'll remember to go to the stash patients. Oh yes you'll really like this. Thank God I found it again right. Oh Hey this was like five years ago well. Her birthday's in three months. I'll give it to her then exactly so I got a rumble. Ponies awhile back in this case it was the yard goats how they're from Hartford and and it just. They have a phone logo where it's like a goat chewing on a baseball bath. You know that guys up and and not only got her the t shirt. I actually got her. What they had on other website was a mystery box. Were you not only t shirt you got like some trading cards of like double a ball players who you've never heard of before and a little plush toy doggie wear yard goats little shirt so it's just silly and yet that's part of what being ever fund is never losing a childlike silliness. You know what I can take the baseball cards and put them in the spokes of your bike. Even exactly and and actually these are like fancy catered they're all laminated and they're like meant to be lasted and stuff. So it's like I guess if it really maybe maybe lightning will strike that without us knowing it. You know Jim Johnson has suddenly. He moves his way up through Aa to triple eight to the show and sudden. Wow I got an original of this guy before anybody knew that he was going to bat. Six hundred and then you can. You can take that you can sell the card. Take the money and invest it by so very bad day two days ago in the market but I have doubled the market. Why have I have my initial investments from January of last year? I more than doubled a castle. Can't believe not to be bragging but it's amazing if you're just making more than you know any of the indices. Snp Nasdaq and stuff like that. You're making a percent or twenty or thirty. Three or like Nasdaq is have a very good run late. Because everybody's into tack fleeing other things and and nonetheless I picked just the ones that everybody wants to run into this and so so it's really helping you know when we think of security and and getting ready for retirement it's really nice to have your investments doing well so that's kind of fun to jump back on topics real quick. You mentioned Laura Ingalls Wilder. I used to love those books. I read all of them in their great books. But I've heard that they have this award. The Laura Ingalls Writers Award or story award or something like that and they were thinking of changing the name and dropping it from her because she wrote about Native Americans. Not Very highly and things like that. And it's like well hold on again. This is history. This was the time period and to ignore that and to pretended didn't exist or even condemn her as a writer for writing that way. I think we're missing kind of the point. We're getting a little too overboard on things. People need to soften up a little bit. I I really do agree it. It seems like an incredible overreaction. Yes lie modern sensibilities to everything going back in time and instead of trying to understand why that was way back then and that we've grown since then you know what I mean we really have become more civilized more accepting of difference and so forth but to try to eradicate it or to try to make it that they were bad back then so and unfortunately who are the victims of that. It's Laura Ingalls Wilder. It's Mark Twain. It's Mel Brooks. I just did up post on facebook. Because we've been trying to watch more stuff in order to keep our spirits up as the as the coronavirus lingers and so we just watch blazing saddles and holds up. Really really well. It's an hilarious movie and yet boy it really does make fun of all different kinds of stereotypes but the and maybe this is. I always think about is. It isn't the presence of the thing. It's the thing is treated there's always contacts and so someone commented and I already thought this you know if you look at everybody in that movie that that really is the harshest about the use of those terrible words. They're the biggest jerks in the movie. They're not the admirable ones. They're the idiots they're also it. Isn't that Mel Brooks was saying. Hey everybody learned to use these stereotypes and stuff. He was pretty much saying. And that's you know forty fifty years ago even back then when you were jerks you can. I heard some authors saying that they've written a book and they have characters in it that are racist or characters that are not nice to women and things like that and then they get completely slammed for people just calling him all sorts of names and demanding. The book be taken off. The shelves. Rewritten is like well. Hold on. Look what they're writing. There are people in the world like that and they're including that Kerry. That's saying they approve of it. That's not saying that's how they think it's a character. Look at that that. That's great that you're upset about it. But it's a character representing what some people in the real world are like. I don't think we're losing discernment you know what I mean. They don't get any appearances. Not like for instance and This is kind of a dilemma to me. So if you put a character in a book or movie that uses Patois you know sounding like people of that country. Then you're you're it's as if you're being. You're stereotyping them. And as if you're making fun of them but you're not you're actually audit adding authenticity and far more inauthentic or far more rude to me would be oh. Everybody speaks the Queen's English no matter what country they're from no matter what time period there from and like wow. That's cultural imperialism. Isn't it if you act? If nobody spoke with an accent nobody had. There was no such thing as pidgin English or any of the other dialect tease. It's part of what you commit to as an author creating place you know that you can transport the reader to a certain time and well. They don't all talk modern. They Talk Right. They might talk at the time and we know enough about how they spoke that you can include old words and old ways of speaking. I don't know that. That is an overreaction in just it would be like Just recently they had a little women remade the movie and in today's world and I could see the executive going. Okay okay. This looks like a great movie but we really can't have all four of the sisters be white. We need to have different races on minute. That kind of changes things in jarring difference. Yeah now am I all four the maybe native American version of little women or the. Hey I think that would be wonderful. I mean you remember clear back in the day. The wizard of Oz Michael Jackson and What's her name did the exactly? What's her name Diana? Ross maybe yes. Okay so yeah so. I think that's great but that doesn't mean everything has to be okay. This has to be an all black. Cast has to be an all Asian cast. This has to be in all our ESKIMO PENGUIN CAST love not. Yeah this is such like an interesting tricky issue. They had you know my experience so to go to the other end of the spectrum once in a while you not only have that things are unacceptable. They're actually censored that they try to make those things like ceased to exist and I have met zero sensors. That are not exactly the people that you shouldn't have doing it. You and I mean people that are like volunteering to be the sensor. They often have such an agenda. Such a closed mind as to how the world is that it. You really shouldn't give any of those people that job and so there's all kinds of things going on in the world nowadays about how you're not allowed to say into certain things and and I guess in into to be Geeky on for minute know logical fallacy wise. There's a thing called dichotomies thinking where it's one zero. It's yes or no it's just either end of the spectrum and I wouldn't. The world is like that very little. Almost everything is complex and messy and whole spectrum of various different things. And so like when you do think of all the ways of that realize in the world that have made worse mandatory sentencing where you know you either get zero or thirty years like extenuating circumstances. What about everything? That goes into a sense of appropriate justice when somebody has done something wrong. It isn't an well boy that's again we. We have so many topics. That's another six podcast right to have the people that are about that like nowadays term. I've heard is canceled culture. That if he does something wrong there like they must cease to exist and I find it real hard say well so this guy might have made a mistake and it might even be a big mistake. They've also contributed to the world in a big way. And so I'm still watching Woody Allen movies I think that some of the things. He's done a really deplorable really terrible and yet to separate the artist from that you have to you. I don't want say that he doesn't exist anymore. And I'm not a champion for but I think that's happened to Bill Cosby or Louis C. K. And we can start to name to people that they really did. Hilarious funny heartfelt human albums before found out that bill cosby also really had a problem with drugging people. I again no support but but I don't think and I guess now it isn't even that they wait for them to have a body of work and you have a comparison. People make one mistake and they're immediately like Lynch. And why are you you Kinda right? I don't know anybody who cast the first stone. That is so perfect that they should to one worse is a lot of times. Some things are taken out of context that they'll take one thing you know if if just as an example. I don't think this has happened. But it's the type of thinking is somebody does a Broadway play or even a local musical theater play just in your local community and their plane. Maybe a racist Bigot Archie bunker or something like that. They're playing that part and and thirty forty years later they become a super huge actor superstar but somebody from that community. It's mad at them and praise up the recording from this old play and says look listen to what they're saying and they played the line and then suddenly everyone's jumping on the bandwagon crews find this person ruining their life but it was clearly taken our context without the full story. Part of the problem. Is People just jump on the bandwagon without understanding? There's a safe auto commercial about auto insurance for the rest of us and all these people yelling protesting a one guy goes. Hey what's this about in here? I don't know something about auto insurance and they're just joining protesting right funny. Show that that kind of rabid going through the crowd type thing you know and so you know and and so it's kind of funny because things are messy and complex. What also makes me sad. However is there are some people that you you really want them to be The characters that they played that they've been in heroic roles or whatever else it might be and then once in a while the mask slips and they reveal themselves maybe they really are a bad guy you want. I mean if you find that it's not a single thing but it's a pattern of bad behavior. I find it. I don't know I don't want to give any more money to bill cosby. I don't WanNa give any more money to Mel Gibson. I don't WanNa there are some people that have. They've just been so bad that I I kind of what with my vote with my attention and and I don't know and every hazard different things that they think are bad and so it's not that my sensibilities have to be anybody else's but when you see a video of someone got drunk. And in Vino Veritas. Right you know that they told the truth for once instead of being very guarded and then they go off on this misogynistic or racist or whatever ranted. It's like oh I just don't WanNa think you have that in. You don't WanNa think you really like that and yet there. It is one of them that I kind of get behind is II Johnny Depp. And the problems. He's had because his act now ex wife came out. Oh my God he beats me he does this and all sorts of things and everybody's like condemning him in criticizing. Minana on the second wasn't Tim. It really was her. She's completely lying right. I'm behind that because I had that problem when I was going through my divorce so I can get behind that. But that's the issue people just jump on without the whole story. Yeah boy social media like it so much it's that don't you want to like know both sides of the story. Don't you research snow most people don't they're happy to read the sensation realistic headline? They're happy like you said to be part of the crowd. That's just you know kit. The actors and torches out immediately and I I try not to my opinion I think a lot of those people do it because they feel so horrible in their own lives. They they don't. They're on my life sucks. I go to work. I have bills I come home. I just my life is terrible blah blah blah. So I'll make myself feel better by someone else down going on crusade or simply act up. That might be you know so you. You're you know we kind of danced around the subject but you mentioned though cosby couple are funny guys. what are you guys are listening to a lot? What are you listening to? What do you go? I know because you like to go to comedy clubs and stuff that really our favorite night out. You know what I mean. Stand up comedy or improper things like that. It's just it's I love seeing people that are that witty and that sharp smart quick that they write good material that they're very good at you know handling hecklers. Whatever else might be an overall thing? I think you hear more truth told in like an hour and a half a standup comedy. Then you hear all this been doctored statements from politicians and businessmen and stuff like that and so we. We have a great comedy club. Here in Cleveland Call Hilarity. The owner is very good at getting all the good guys in. And that's that one of the things. We have absolutely missed the most while. We've been in lockdown is. You can't go to accommodate club that are automatically like Eah Krems many people there as you. Can you make sure they have a two drink minimum? And it's a guy with a Mike that is you know everybody's kind of breathing on each other but having said that we have such a some of our best times the Khalid and I have ever had together is going to accommodate club and seeing like Bill Burr or Jimmy Choux Hanson. Or some people. We've Lost Sean Peanut or Richard Jenny and for that hour hour and a half that they just there. It's just wonderful to have a good belly. Laugh it's wonderful to be surprised. You know what I mean. That's so much. What comedy is is kind of that tension and release? They set something up a scoring a certain way than they surprise you. there really are a to to. Kinda ducktail to what we were talking about. There's great insult comics. You know what I mean. Even there's there's comics there's like I don't know that I should be hearing this combination comfortable. Sometimes exactly a lot of comics described their work. Is they see that. There's a line somewhere and they're gonNA help you step across that just a little bit. Maybe a Wok. Because something to be found in being more accepting of humanity has all kinds of good and bad to it. There really are all kinds of good and bad fosters good and bad actions but there's humor to be found in anything and so this isn't meant to be crazy but every time that you hear someone get challenged well tell me a rape joke. Toby Holocaust joke. And it's like good Lord. Those are just the most touchy horrible subjects in the world and yet I've seen skilled comics. Tell those things and you laugh. Because it's they really are good at pointing out that even in that there's humanity and their surprise and there's you laugh at the people that think it isn't funny or you know what I mean or is only funny or that. It's not funny at all and kind of laugh at the extremes that people take on so many comedy. Comedy and Scifi are two of the art forms that can do modern politics or religion or some other newsworthy. Thing and get away with it. You can approach the Old Star Trek episode with the guys that were half white half black but it was like reversed and they were enemies. There's the racial problem right there but it got on TV at the time because it was Saifi and oh that's different in comedy. Does that same line times in fact. So we've we've seen many. We've seen hundreds of different stand-up comics. We've been wonderful comedy festivals in Toronto and Montreal in Boston and stuff like that and one of the things. You'll see that there's regional variations. You know like sometimes you. Don't get all the jokes because you're not aware of particular Canadian issues if you will or something like that but one of the most fun things as we love seeing Which we've never seen before and it's a little bit. Maybe like catch as catch can. They're not always great but when they're great it's just so much like I got okay so now we've seen him in Toronto. Let's see we can get HIM TO COME TO CLEVELAND? I'm going to every time that you fill out one of those little forms as to get free tickets to say who else would you like to see here? And so of course. It's not really true but we like to think that because from the start we said get Tommy John. Again and then eventually shows up. It's like are nagging campaign finely-worked Tommy John Again so we've had then and I don't know there's something about this social media world. Is You kinda like to be an early and be able to say. Hey you've never heard of this guy but believe me he's really good. Used seek him out. I love that thing of. Here's of movie a book a TV show that it isn't that popular but it's got some real cool worke good thing to it and even if it's not super popular that also means it's not lowest common denominator. It means it's interesting and I love that when we find a comedian that I can just say you know. You're not going to be prepared for what he does. We still love emo Philips. He's been doing things for a long time there comedian. He's really got you know. He seems so uncomfortable onstage. But he it's all the enact it's a character he plays Bobcat Goldthwait used to be the same way. It's like you count like nervous movies. And he's a great director. We've seen a couple of shakes the clown of traffic. What else. He's done that. Like when you find out. He directed his like well. That's a whole nother skill. I didn't know that the had cool is that and so we've mentioned bill cosby earlier and he. That particular situation really makes me sad. Because I've always loved Bill Cosby's comedy me and one of my friends used to just lay in his room on the floor listening to Bill Cosby and laugh and our lives their hair and to Russell my brother whom I slept with and wonderfulness on that was first albums than I ever specifically collected an artist. I would go to the record stores and say. Is there any bill cosby that? I don't have yet right and and I love that story of Comedy Not a lot of COMEDIANS. Do the one liners one after the other one. Afc there and that's got its place in there. Some really good ones. But I've always loved that story where the whole story comes out in every piece of it. There's a climax of comedy at points them. I've discovered that similar is Stuart McClean. You know him I know him for this name McCain if you like bill cosby up. Stuart McLean You A RT. He's Canadian and he did a radio. Show very much like garrison. Keeler where had artists and some stories but the highlight of the show was he told a story of these characters he created but it was always a like mishap day in the life of story. Okay and there are tons of these out there. You can look for him. He is fantastic. Me and the kids listened to like forty hours of him once on our one vacation just in the car laughing. Our butts off the kids still reference it. Those one about pollyannas Christmas party and we listen to that on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving because it kicks off our holiday season a ritual. It is hilarious quote it all year long. We'll say things like family language. Those little references. Exactly that's cool. You should look him up. He's he's got some good stuff out there. It's another not only. I love getting those references of like. Check him out. I love when somebody gives me something. It's like you just said there's forty hours is like how am I never heard this guy? He doesn't have like one album out. He's got TV shows forty albums. Whatever also I love not only now I have something to look into but I have like a whole mind that I can start digging into when a friend told me about the prayer books by John. Sanford and I never read a single one of them. And there's like I think thirty and it's just what you try one in their goods like. Oh you're giving me such a gift. Now I get to go to the used bookstores and I get hit Amazon and I get to like I want to read them in order so I have to do treasure hunt but it's such a a cool thing like how am I not heard Kalina night. Whenever we read a word we play scrabble. We have extensive vocabulary is like probably so when I've taken test I really have. Besides maybe like medical and legal where they're very specific. I really have a huge vocabulary so then when you find a new word it's like how did I make sixty never have heard before as like it's not a Dr seuss word. We think somebody made it up. It's just I never in all my reading and all my conversation didn't bump into this. It's a gift it's cool thing well. This is magically appeared. And I think we've laughed about this before that word that you've never heard of before. Then you hear it like three times in four days universe reinforces it for you. Remember this yeah and I still check out the word of the day every now and then we'll get along station plot my phone okay. Here's a word for everybody. Exactly the MENSA QUEST TRIVIA TRIVIA. Question that leave. Come up exactly. I know there's whole calendars of like old time language that we've let go away. But then he'll and or Shakespearean insult generator type things pop J. You know that God is the Aqap community that I would recommend that does the storytelling that you just mentioned. Mike Bre big. Leah is really good at that. It isn't like set up and punchline. It's very good the stories of the citizens that he's found in his and there's a little bit of absurdity a little bit of self-deprecation but they're so engaging he's really good at spinning tail. Exactly I actually have heard that quite a while of slipped. You'll revisit your out and he's also done a couple of movies now that it's not about him be plays a character but good stuff good stuff. So that's on my list so we got something new. Got Something besides the whole standup thing. Because we can't be doing while this is going on boy. There's so many good. We just watched the monty python documentary called Monty Python almost the truth and it was by a guy that you just know was so much fan that he was able to gain their confidence in all the surviving pythons. Graham Chapman is dead but all the other five were around and they gave such wonderful interviews and they talked about the old days in the by play between the various different writing teams. And they talked about you. Know How they got from Holy Grail to life of Brian to meaning of life and the first different movies and just I. It was really fun to see any Monty Python. Again they're one of those really stood the test of time. They're still so witty. And so funny and just high-quality throughout you know in a half an hour show. You Got Thirty thirty five minutes of laughter. China time what we were talking about earlier. It's not insulting other people. It's not specifically picking on this or that race or anything like that in it's hilarious exactly or variance. It's a fact someone who's who's making that that derogatory statement. It's like he's he's the worst jerk in the seen. He's not one that you admire. You know that kind of writing. So right yeah we. We're both going to say go ahead. You go so at their and one of the joys. Obviously having Netflix Amazon prime and so forth there so much out there so we just recently. We re watched airplane we reward. You know a couple of things that we have left before. It's like the first airplane I had actually seen. So there's a writing team of like Zuqar Abraham's and Zuqar. That did that movie. And they went on to do police squad and various other things. But they don't even older things like Kentucky Fried movie and I think also groove to if I remember right and they're they're much they're much raw or they're much ruder. But they're still hilarious and so if you seek those out you'll be able to see where they got that comic sensibility. And they're like they just so many jokes on the screen. They're going to make you laugh. Somehow you know what I mean. It's pilots visual stuff. It's insect whatever else it might be There's what would be called tunnel vision that I know I saw in college. That was along those same lines as Groove Tube in Kentucky Fried Movie. That's not a one single plotline as a series of sketches but hilarious and that's one of the ones that's been in my unknown availability Q. Netflix's for probably twenty years. Somebody hasn't but who knows what right rights battle there is going on. No one knows someone. There's some problem with putting it back out. Maybe there's performances by early stars that saying Oh I hate that work Jerry. Lewis has a couple movies that he's taken off the market because he doesn't like how they turned out get might be something like that but when I finally see Tunnel Vision. I hope that it will be. It is as funny as I thought it wasn't college or really might be. Oh boy I was in college. I must've been different different me back. Then you know so. I mean you mentioned that Netflix. Another thing we've talked about is catching up on shows watching shows. It's so everything keeps changing and I think the kids realize but I remember twenty years ago or so fifteen when Netflix was young. Start now the DVD's was the thing and we still get DVD's because like ninety eight percent of anything that's ever been out there is on DVD on Netflix. You can rent it saying going to the library. If you have a really good library system like I know you do you do up. Cuyahoga County. You can get just about anything that's been on. Dvd and Net flicks when they came out the streaming had just everything. It was Netflix and Hulu came in with like more recent. Tv shows then everything went to Netflix's eventually and great. Everyone got rid of cable. And we've got an LEX now. Netflix's really has their own stuff and not quite as much of the other stuff from all the various different media combine. Said you know. We need to work on our own collections and especially have exclusive. Because that's the only way that we're going to beat somebody like Netflix's seems to have everything is we're going to. Have you know Disney has all of the marvel collection you know a HBO? Max Has Game of thrones. There's various different warner more existing order exactly. I'll order with his library and it used to be that it wasn't all those walled gardens for the various different sets of things and so I personally hate it. I don't WanNA subscribe to six different services. I really want one or two ominous services to infinity's that I can choose from so right now. I have Netflix and Amazon prime and I'm just so resistant to even if Adema seems very reasonable five bucks a month for all the other content. Some kind of a Patina. Those means it's fifty and I'm back up to a big cable bill. I cut the cord specifically to not pay all that money to and not to be weird. I'm trying to watch less. Tv NOT MORE USA. Some part of like get up. Go take a walk. Read a book. Don't it's that maneuvering that's going on for all the negotiation of their creating original content? They're buying old stuff and then like BBC. There was all available on Netflix. That often had its own thing. So yes my doctor who I y Monty Python all my other. Hbo Max there. Eventually they start to say well. We don't have an absolute exclusive. We'll have an alliance and then you need a scorecard so one of the joys Roku is really good about you can look for anything and will actually you through the various different services and say it's available for free if you're a WHO plus customer? It's available for three hundred nine for viewing. If you're on your mean they'll really so you we would be It's nice to know that it's all available out there and it's just okay. If I did that a lot and I started to see which is the one that always seems I can get it for the least expensive or it's always available. That's the services that I'm going to go with right. We'll see and so like we were talking to net flicks all the cw shows with all the DC characters in that and you just saw a great. Oh Yeah I'll come back to that and But netflix's does get those shows so you can watch all that stuff on net flakes but like a season later rights except for now bat woman is only on. Hbo Max Not on that Flags Bat woman you gotTa do. Hbo AND THEY DO Have Dr. Who Plus they're getting all the other DC stuff like doom patrol and titans in that. If you're a guy I really do want to be seeing doom patrol and titans and and bat women and stuff and they're not all on Netflix's exactly so plus. Hbo Max now has their own Show for the watchmen and you can only get it on Max. So there's a tempting there but then you get like a CBS. Cbs doesn't have their shows everywhere. They want you to get the all access but what really pisses me off about CBS. All access is when you have it. You're paying for it. They still don't give you all seasons of all shows the sometimes the most recent and it's like really. What's the point like Big Bang theory? You couldn't get all the seasons but that is now on. Hbo Max Goofed. I think I defeat a lot of that by being kind of omnivorous by that meaning. There's no show that I need to see that particular show is so much that I'm going to buy an entire service just to be able to get it. I can kind of outweight them and then difficulty is you know. When game of thrones I would indeed wait for the DVD's to come out. And I'd watch him but then if it's a year later spoilers at you already know you already know because every talk about what's going to happen and and I just kind of accepted that's my fate is. There's no way that I'm going to be able to seal myself off from the world to not know what happened. At the end of game of thrones eighty year between it. Era is seeing it. You know an interesting thing about that and I'll push this all the time just about everything on DVD. You can get through most library systems. Where I'm at I can go the Cuyahoga and they have lots of stuff and McCain Ravenna. Library has stuff so there's not too many shows or movies that I couldn't run out of the library if I really wanted and I I'll push that anyone listening. Go to your library. I do not think anywhere near enough advantage of that my library. It literally is a block and a half away. I can book into the into the return slot from where I live. That you'd better record it because I really wanted to see it but the interesting thing I heard recently was From a trusted person that was in the advertising business and was talking to an. Hbo EXAC So this is a personal account. And he was questioning them about why they don't release game of thrones specifically to DVD. As soon as other people are releasing their shows. That game of thrones is like a year behind on DVD and and this editor their thing and people are asking for it. Why don't you have? He's because he's like? Oh and this guy said because what you do is all these people want the. Dvd's instead they go and pirate it they get it illegally somehow and you know if you came out the DVD. You'd stop that he goes. No actually what we have found is if we wait longer in all those people that go in pirate start talking about it we actually sell more. Dvd's exactly okay. That was like Whoa. They're actually kind of on the sly using pirating for their benefit and actually helps them so they used to talk about. That often went back when music was first being pirated. You know what I mean. There was I different Ways of getting thing not nowadays we have spotify and and apple and various different services at seemed to have anything ever anyway but back then it was you kind of did it on the sly and what they did from. Studies was most of the time not most time enough of the time people downloaded music. Single tracks fell in love with it enough that then they'd go and buy the CD and whatever that number numbers were that it was. Actually you should look at pirating theft. It's like lost leader. You sell something for a low cost meeting free but then you actually do get a sale out of it because the thing is so good that people say well no. I want all of you know milk Vanilla. I'm just teasing. You know what I mean you know. That's actually a debate. In the author community people get so hung up on people pirating their books and other people like look. Let them have it because people read it get interested like mouth it be. Yeah exactly these books that are pirated. There's like thousands of them. So you know you're getting discovered just as easily as it is on Amazon or something. So that's a whole argument there on whether pirating is good but according to HBO EXACT. It is so for so many of those things. When I need to see his numbers you know there's the number of people that can make a story persuasive case for one way or the other but it's kind of funny in in Mensa just had a thing where they had to talk about risk management. You know there's certain things that are going on in Mensa that they had to say. Are we going to change? Or continue or how we're GONNA handle this and some part of risk management was people saying well. It really would be awful if this happened. We have to stop it and always when I would. I've done business software and other things for a long time and risk management is all about. What's the chance of something happening? And what's the cost of does happen? And what are you willing to pay? As an insurance policy has preventative to make it so that you don't get the worst of happened and it cost a lot and that there's no one zero again to go back to dichotomies thinking there's a whole spectrum of well this has big chance of happening but even if it happens it's not that bad or you only have one chance of happening but someone dies and so you do something to prevent it. If you can't afford to have this project stop this person die. Whatever and if you can't put numbers on it it's not science I mean there's there's just guesswork argument the argument right there exactly. But but that's just freakonomics and various different books. That have done those kinds of things. I don't know if you've read any of those. There's a couple of great books. Probably four or five of them now about freakonomics where they look at things in life social issues and they say how to drug dealers really work. Who REALLY MAKES MONEY? What's really going on here? You know it's very similar to a a pyramid scheme people at the top. Make a Lotta money all the underlings that what to get to the top. They're all lured by the dangled carrot. You could be the big drug boss one day. But in the meantime they're taking all the risk and getting your Larry of the reward and so they all kinds of different things they show the real factors if you try to put numbers on and measure it and interview people and get the truth that we have all kinds of things that are ideologically presented a certain way but they don't pass muster when you look at what really happens in the world so it is perfect. That's the type of thing we devour. That sounds good. I've heard of it. Seen it not read it. Go check that out. It's just nice. I don't know I'm not into every conversation to be right but once in a while when someone is really bloviating about this this way and only this way. It's like well actually. I read a book. It specifically said your numbers. Don't match up. You know what I mean. That's not how prison sentencing works. That's not how they always basically think you're kind of idiot. I it depends on how you present it and I don't know we talked about this before. I don't know that I don't need to be right but I really do. Have something weird in me. That says I can't stand bullies. And so that's where I am at my most contentious is at least taking the air out of them you know and I think me and Gina pointed this out. I think it's a I can't stand stupidity just to be stupid and I think a lot of the arguments you hear people nowadays like folks. You're saying this stuff and it makes no sense and it's just outer make it more true exactly right okay. So back to the net flakes in the DC. And all that. And you haven't seen this yet but you know the story. The crisis on infinite earths exactly famous DC. Crossover verse exactly that E. Cw shows just explored over this past season and every year. The shows have been doing a crossover event. Where all the characters together Clinton. So the one from a year and a half ago hinted and lead up to the infinite Or the crisis on infinite which is how it should be really the shows. It's ARROW FLASH LEGENDS OF TOMORROW IMPRINT. At all my what there okay And others there's five Arrow flash that women legends tomorrow and supergirl course so they super girls been on a different earth and they visited several other earths. So this one we were excited about. And there's some lead up to it. The first part of the season of Arrow season eight was leading up to it. And there's some other hints and all that with the Monitor. I think this is some of the for for the Comic Book Person. If you like these characters if you've watched the CW shows this one of the best five episode viewings. It was better than some. I have seen. You don't need the high production values always there. The special effects are good enough. There's enough action in it but we've fallen in love with the characters and they just did it so absolutely well. I think now my son would argue that well. They didn't do this. Come on if you know the real stuff than you're like well they left this out and this was okay on how big was crisis back in the eighties. Where all the crossover books? Like hundred books altogether. If you want everything so much on but some of the things I loved about all the DC stuff is they have always tried to get the actors from the old shows in somehow so there was a super girl movie I just played. I wouldn't somehow I drop out with you okay. One of the things they try and do is get actors from the old shows into the nuance ones. Too Little Cameo or another character. That's cool. Yes in the flash the nineties. Tv show flash. They got that character in as Barry Allen from another earth and they use the same actor. That's causing in the eighties. There is a supergirl movie and the actor who played supergirl is on supergirl as super girl's mother. Okay so they always have these type of things so in this crossover. They had tom welling from SMALLVILLE. While they had in the smallville setting and explained him as he gave up his powers to be normal so tonight or something like that. Anyway don't remember I I remember the show it was just that was. I mean totally. Not even connected. They didn't have to connect that at all ethnic did throng they had the flash from the Justice League movie in here and will art about some of the stuff that Kinda hinted at the movie which that was super But on top of that they had marv Wolfman do a cameo. Oh Man George. Perez did such great work on the series. All that so cool people people would know it you know. It was in had burt ward to a cameo. Oh Oh incident great disasters or something like that exactly. I should have holy of at was in it. Not that he had character but he was in it for brief Canio so respectful. And that's so sweet and that's how cool is that all right old auto fans service all but we were eating it. Up and eight had oh. They had glimpses of the doom patrol in there. They had glimpses of titans both from the now H. B. O. Shows they they just tried to swamp thing man? Yeah so I mean it's all Elon more run on swamp thing one of the best series of comics ever ever ever done call. And what for them? Yeah so the story itself is true to the original. I mean they're not trying to duplicate the comic onscreen and there were changes like who was harboring her. Who WAS PARIAH? Those were different character. They use characters from the show instead of some new character which I thought was perfect then through to the cigarette entities are different than who they were in the comics or whatever. Okay yeah so I mean I think they did really good. They brought the legends into it. And I don't know if you watch legends at all I've only seen the first two seasons didn't continue but I want to it just that I haven't so there's so much every character is rory cold He's like so great and a little bit of a spoiler doesn't give everything away but maybe this issue a little bit. He started writing a novel. Kept it secret from everybody but it's a erotic romance novel and he writes it under Rebecca okay. So He's an books ninety unit. Everyone's calling him. Rebecca which is because he's big gruff guy exactly people was in the episodes if you haven't. Seen Bibo on the they that was a character from legends. They brought him into this whole thing. Okay okay so I have a big big spoiler. That happens at the end. Do you want to hear it. No because they wouldn't only be me hearing it'd be all of our listeners. And they come with axes and torches if you've watched the show okay the end of it what they do with the diggle character will make you pump your arms south and ask Dick. We should go watch so unfortunately one of the things. I'm I'm not only behind on legends tomorrow. I'm at least a season behind on multiple of those and if it really bills to each time that I have Watched like a big crossover or climax. I was behind on something else. I really regretted it because I love how they do that. They tie everything together. A The answer all your questions. It sounds so I kind of want to like now. I got my roster. I have to watch all all five seasons to get to. This will be my big climax payoff but I can't just go jump into it because it won't be good. I really wanted to build so that amazing mountain of goodness hate to put it on you but really if you watch all the episodes leading up to it you get the most out of it partly because you come to understand the characters especially like Oliver Queen I. It's difficult to just jump in and watch it and care to see what he does in the crisis if you haven't watched every eight seven seasons one of one of the things episode. Tv has really acquired that compared to the movies nowadays. It used to be that if you wanted something big and spectacular you wanted that two and a half hour big-screen etc but nowadays when you really can do a series of ten thirteen episodes and you have thirteen hours. Tell your story. Like like watchmen. The series versus watchmen the movie. They really can go into more. The boys is about to have season two and the businesses just such an expansion on the caller books. It's much the same but you really can let things breathe a little bit. You can bring in more and let the tension build and let the laughter role and there's just more to it than having to compress it and I've always admired the craft of being implemented a story in two two and a hours but I really do like sometimes. Sometimes things jump. The Shark is not quite the right term but when they have to ours of story to tell and they make ten hours than that socks that it drags ZAP matter. That's a whole unnecessary side plot. And so I. There's there's craft that goes with each one of those things and she. I don't know going back to the days of cereals they always ended on a cliffhanger to get you to watch the next installment and TV has been very good about that ongoing series X. files and so forth they almost always had something unresolved at the end. They very very rarely type things off with the bow and now when they actually do have a whole series. That's like that. They're very good at the pacing of the story ARCS story beats as they say. In the industry they really become proficient at. This is going to be a satisfying experience. All the way through and I loved everything with the Marvel Universe and build up an infinity war and game. That's going to be very hard for anybody to duplicate ten years worth of DMC you and then those last two movies see those last two movies. They don't mean hardly anything. That was a good movie. You know it. It's gotta be that you form with the characters and care about though enough before you see. No he might not make it through and that kind of stuff and I will say. Even though it's a much smaller budget I think this DC universe build up and everything they did to get to this crisis on infinite earths has just as much affect on me as the endgame for four hundred billion dollars. Whatever they you know it was that good I would sit down and watch those five hours over. Get catch everything to enjoy him necklace. I will say this sorry compared to great names like Santos and dark side Monitor Anti Monitor. Their nothing couldn't add something more better more dangerous. I duNno they're not Omni enough out that in the show's everytime anti monitor somebody goes. That's the name that Kinda sucks so at least they're enough fans that they have the same feeling have of. Oh they just went. That's silly yeah. Are BIGGER IMPACT Pope Pariah? Those are pretty good. Always confused me a little bit about he you know he just seemed to be there and I was like I don't know why he's completely there. Sometimes they had characters that are just there to be like the exposition. You know they're gonNa tell you their story and that ties into why this is all going on. But they're kind of like desk that their the the chorus in Shakespearean terms where they're gonNA care some part of the story. They're not in the story but the good thing is now they are all on the same earth and included black lightning to and like pretty impressive that they brought him into it so literally. All of them are coming into the same earth. Well we'll see as you know the DC universe when they handled it created all kinds of interesting and sometimes awkward plots of when I got like one too many super girls one too many Mr terrific's or whatever else I was like Cherry about so they had the superman that's been on supergirl but you know who else they brought back a Superman Brandon Ralph. They had them in his book world so they had Adam from legends. Meet Superman and he's like wow. I'm a super guy and it was hilarious. He plays it so well. I I said I bet. He never thought he'd put on that Superman suit again. Exactly so did they have anybody like dean. Cain didn't show up. You know what I mean like left out. He has been in supergirl as super bowls at but Cadmus like made him disappear. Okay that's I. I need to watch to find out what happened to all okay. That's very cool alive. I'm sorry again. There have been a whole lot of people from past everything. Okay all right good session. We talked about it time as usual. So all right how well. I am going to go. Look up some of these comedians to listen to while I'm working to take lean for me. Thank you very much for that gift. That's fantastic what you think of him. Because I think he's fantastic very good you can look for some of his shows they released like on podcast so. I think he had a podcast. You go back and get some of the old shows. 'cause he died last year. Unfortunately I didn't know that. Yeah it to him for a while you he had a show so I finally said Hey. I'm going to look up to see if they have his show that I could listen to old episodes radio broadcast you know and found a podcast that every week they released his show and I looked and I said oh. The last one was a month ago episodes coming out. Yeah I like one month late on catching new stuff. Yup Yup Okay. All right man right here okay. See delays okay. You have been listening to the relentless and Kikuchi. Podcast come back next week. Join Allen and Stevens Conversation on geeked topics of the week.

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