HR 2: 1st win in the Bubble


Who? Are. Really going to do acapella pull. One thousand nine hundred. Yes you see that Nike split-screen ninety-eight. Best. Was Sodas. In a long time man. Seals. chills all over my body kind of add. Like usually those inspirational as especially for my Nike or something like that. I just kind of ignore. Worry. About pay your bills just to it. Something? Stupid like that. You dislike. New Nike ad is height. General like. I don't want to see and more at from different companies telling me. It's going to be okay because all of these. Reminding how damn weird it his all right now like this is what would make me feel normal different companies advertising on. TV just cool commercial. That would actually make like everything is normal stopped trying to reassure me like that. That's not gonNA. Make It work I knowing I'm not here for your inspiration no no. Like I I appreciate a thought. It's not helping just do a commercial and like Nike, like that's a type of commercial. No matter what the sentiment is. That's a Nike commercial that was great. That was really great spies. Really, really close especially when they split between the grind and Megan, I'm just like that was don't that. I. Mean. It's it's a reminder of where Lebron is not just as an athlete. You know not as one of the all-time great athletes in any sport where he is as presence like what he needs right now just puree society like what Lebron striving do you know and the NBA really has leading to you know they're just not going to be. Perfect you know in terms of I'd say messaging for everybody you know there's there's a corporate element to it, and that's just the way things work but I think for a big corporate entity they're leaning into this and the Lakers one, zero, three, one, one over the clippers and we saw big moments from Lebron's down the stretch best all around game maybe crews laid all season and we saw Anthony Davis LLC setting the tone in this game started out huge fourteen points in the verse order eight trips to the line in the first quarter like ab was doing it and. They got. The the biggest guy have out there is zoo bonds who if he was born in the eighty s played in the nineties might very well be an all star because I think he's that talented offensively that he certainly would have been a problem for people if this was a different time but because of where we are right now with how the game was played, you know he's As effective, you need a little bit more mobility Lubov can't keep up with a D.. jokey as good as joke he. I thought play considering everything. He's thirty five. He came back from akitas injury. He two out of the me I thought Joe can play well, but he can't keep they. Have kept with add in his prime when he wanted to visit player of the year. Defensive Nightmare and he decides I'm going to be aggressive offensively. He's as good as any offensive player. There isn't a lead so you have a completely unguarded guy with. Set of skills he was opposed to eat last night and he did and the bronze and the. Rest of very smart be consistently look for him. Like they decided you know what big fella you gotTA cooking. We just going to keep feeding. You can't eat anymore. Yeah, it's one of the most stylistically interesting things about this matchup is just like and we've known this for the season. Again, we've seen it a lot over the course of now four games. The clippers don't have a natural cover for Anthony like somebody that you look at Goget. That's the guy, the covers eighty, two, the majority of the game, the way if they were playing Toronto is. I. Guess The obvious guy that you would do this with you know and the Lakers don't really have natural guy that you put on. For the majority of the game like they've got guys maybe can do insert. So they don't have the guy that naturally stands out as okay you're. Crime primarily got so it comes down to okay. Utilize those matches. IOS matchups the most like who can actually manipulated the most whether you're talking about the Lakers ad or the clippers with Kawhi Leonard, and in this game, the Lakers did a really good job maximizing what they had. Anthony Davis, started out strong than with the Lakers were were get behind in that game double digits that third quarter comeback that was all the me Davis hit an outside shot set set up shots. You know ad brought them back within a point to close out the third so I mean we. Were still waiting for like a signature playoff moment like really memorable from Anthony. Davis he's had big playoff games and you know he's performed well in the playoffs. He just hasn't been there a lot and he's never been there. You know on a contender where you really feel like, okay. This team has a chance to win the whole thing. Has Been focused all year. The same way Ron has been focused all year and yesterday's game was a reminder of a lot of different things you can do. Yes. Yeah. He went ad decides he's just going to get that work at he says he's just a tough tough guard and when you when you consider the fact that you're right, he doesn't have a lot of playoff moments but he did destroy Portland. He's played destroy well. He destroy, Portland, and so when you when you know what he can do if given enough opportunities and now he's with a squad led by a guy who's unselfish and is looking for him. We can expect a lot of what happened last night to be throughout the playoffs and this might be the first time. If they were to make it to the finals. This'll be the first time in which voters really will have a real choice. If the Lakers win MVP or window finals knows I'm a real choice for finals MVP. I. Just don't. Click. He's got no, they don't. He's got something for you right now it wants to talk to you L Z clipper snoopy what's up What's up? WHAT'S UP WHAT'S UP GUYS LV? Listen I. Know Nine ally Keyshawn Multi New York. He doesn't want to be here when the Clippers Championship this year. I don't know how you're both seen about this last night. Bro. Number One we remission strip club Lou last night. Lemon Pepper Lou. Yeah. Ways. Boy Lou we're missing Trez. And you guys. Come on to be a blog if he asked me. Well one we didn't ask you since you've called in. If you're instill moral victories. If, you're still looking for moral victories than perhaps not. You think you are because championship teams championship teams don't do things like we were missing this guy and this guy you were supposed to blow us up. So we lost, but we didn't lose by much. Teams that do that are led by twenty, four, twenty, five year olds, teams that do that haven't done anything yet and they're just happened to be there. If you are a championship caliber team, you're not looking going up we were so close to win it, and if guys would have won chimpanzees don't do that. Lindsay. We haven't had practice man. We have our full squad, who's GONNA set. Up Okay and number one man and you know what? Keep keep cutting edge you guys play. Did you play? Did you play? Did you play hard? Did you play all the minutes he hung up on you? Paul George McCoy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He no he hung. He hung up on fabulous. But I'm still going to give him the holder. You're not. GonNa. You can not. Not Sell me on how this wasn't an important game to the clippers. This was absolutely an important game to the clippers. You know why we know that because he was closing seconds of the fourth quarter and Paul George? As what is. Out there on that floor. You know why we know it's an important gay because we're watching Doc rivers and he wasn't acting like he wasn't interested he was coaching. You know how this important game because the kind of defense that they were playing the physical they were playing. They were very physical with Lebron James Very physical with them and arrest to their credit. Let them play. This was an important game. And you're absolutely right. You guys were missing key people but notice how to call it in mentioned who the Lakers? You notice that. Worse player third quarter with in the third quarter when the Lakers were struggling offensively and we would normally no. This is the time where Rondo would be on the floor to make sure that the offense wouldn't struggle because he would be facilitating. We didn't have that and it showed me didn't have that which is why you hit a third quarter that you have. But notice he didn't mention that part he only can remember who wasn't there for the clippers, but that's okay. Because when you're trying to be something you're looking for all the reason the worldwide has be something day materialized. But when you are something, you're not looking into what you don't have. You're trying to work with what you do. We talked about this. I'm not gonNA treat rondos absence like it's something that's sort the Lakers I I actually think a lot of ways. It's beneficial. Mirando is not not that being said, Avery Bradley isn't there and when the Lakers won that game right before Season Stop Avery? Bradley. Twenty. Four points in that game he played really well, we've seen all year. You know his ability to treasurer offenses picking up ninety four feed the disruption, and if nothing else he's somebody that you can put out there to bother Paul George or. Quite, lettered plus to this is what I think does matter. Yeah. Look and Trez weren't there and that is something that shit for the clippers. The flip side though is Lebron typically doesn't Miss Twelve shots. Lebron typically does not struggle the way he does over the course of game. If Lebron has merely an average game, just an average game, not a great game but an average game as opposed struggle game. This whole game is different and you're not going to be counting on that very often from abroad gelato drew. Once the way you're on the morning show what's Your fellow. My man thank you. You've been defending the Lakers honors the last two days Andy I duNNo. was leading that caller yesterday as he had to check him and this clipper dummy calling up. Well, he's. Recurs friends. They had their full-strength last last time they beat the clippers and he failed to mention that too. So the Tequila slow in today we got the win dodgers got the win you know apartment with solid gold berry copy. Always, always br I'm going to defend the Lakers and by the way I just want to be by my good friend Andy that while is true. The Avery Bradley went off in Advance Game Rondo led the team will. Seven assists off the bench. You don't go one, eighty, four you go. Ahead and that might Rondo isn't a health you don't here with that you go. Ahead with disrespect disrespectful. In fairness playoff playoff Rondo has been a thing and that is. It's been. Is. Your. It's been. A minute. Yes it has its own. Playoff he went off. It's two seasons ago. It's two seasons ago her a guy. That was. That was the last time John James within the playoffs. The last time Anthony Davis was in the playoffs are you putting Rondo? And Rondo and eighty no one level like really. Put him into the same level. I'm saying they all were in the playoffs two years ago. So why is two years ago making a difference in you? That's not a very bad argument is my point. was present present me with some valid points and not some of these make believe okeydoke points you get from rods, dot com no valid. The valid point is the season of watching Rondo all year that that's my point. Who isn't the drew? Alan in the. And how you doing this is. Orange County. You wearing a mask are you wearing a mask? Growing. But I was just trying to say. Down and. but I was trying to let you know waiters played a hell of a game. Yesterday, we gotta give him props up to him. We will we will be launched. You hear the. So did you hear the show yesterday? We. Dear waiters, I told you. Put in that work yesterday before it even happened I know but he looked like a superstar. Man Right there that's what I'm trying to share it. I'm very excited about the are waiting. For the. Dr Raiders never been out there dangling like that. People ran away from him because he as a bad gumy's. Do because he had a bad gumy's. He looked like some like Chubby boy chubby boy oughta playing street basketball. It came out looking like an all star. So but I had never noticed now waiters before but I want to give trust to Dr Waiters and the lake again pc off. All right sir, the people are demanding were hit. You're getting a lot on twitter on the people are demanding some talk about dion where we will go there next because key looks like he is going to end up an important part of this team's rotation before. So we will talk a little bit about dion waiters last night and what that means mess right? There's any hope I, here's a little help. Healthy trying to influence the voters I'm not above it and I like this. As doing it because everytime rogers try to rigid it for me it's only turned out worse. I don't blame me for your second and third round disasters. That's all you and your scouting department. Yeah. Reads where this phone dog. Seriously You she's huge I mean who who you Gomez we go with these debt. Irish so your third and fourth round women can stay. Know. Third and fourth round picks are fine. Yeah you. Always find a way to just still still is the problem that I took reach too early or that I took her at all. Early. And crabs at all. I get she's reese. You perhaps set. Okay. We'll see we'll see I mean look. Drake is an unconventional pick I'm not saying it's bad. I'm not saying it's good. He he starred in A. Drama for I think no one watched handed in Canada Yeah. Degrassi no keys from Canada. People in America Watch DEGRASSI, my kid watched the GRASSI. Last time drink performed in La he got booed. Yeah I. I would say this I've won the last five snake drafts. Yes, I. Feel like I'm in a good space. I. Feel like I'm in a good space I. Is On the show I won that round now we're done guys. I. Really, be. Yourself you're going to be snake drafted against yourself just a challenge. It's going to be. Versus. No no no no no. No I don't WanNa make it about be I just understand. You know the the artists Chelsea I understand this well look I am not just pandering for the win. I'm trying to actually do this in ways that I think are on wow. Wow. So. Now, trying to represent the people is pandering now. Are you are you just trying to win the poll amongst Denver, you really trying to make the best choices. There's difference. Great. Ricky. Schroder is out there. The Great Gary Coleman played in. So. Basically, you say, are you trying to win the play the game or you try to play of Win Which? I understand. I understand what you're saying I mean look I stepped right off the Bat Janet Jackson that strong strongest poll that was a really really good poll and then better than we. She was available where Reese Witherspoon went. I know she was I know she was. I think. Rate I think I might have recovered well after drake. But we'll see we shall see drake I know isn't like like Raj said not popular in the city now popular a lot of a lot of people don't like drink if we're being really honest about this lot of folks don't want. The less nonetheless, he has more top ten singles. One in music history nobody does it's amazing. Just set a record. It's pretty unbelievable. So that dude is. We'll see all know what the dog. Is Likely. I think people like Drake's music more than a like drake. Like they they liked the finished product. They don't like how the sausage is made. So we'll see or who's making sausage. We'll figure it out people like you go to. When you go to compete page and it starts off. The Gate East I says at. I, he began working as an actor. I'm laid Jimmy Brooks, a basketball star who became physically disabled shot by classmate drama, Dr Eda's pure. He's sort of what an Oscar he said Emmy. Jordan we. Michael Jordan have to kill his friend in a wire. That's that takes active. That's drama no Yup they had to kill us right he he's GonNa go down my copy Jordan on on wire as Wallace. You know one of the all-time if not the greatest show in TV history with some of the most memorable characters ever like the Wallace storyline that will crush you every time. You see it like what happened with Wallace like that's just devastating and Michael Jordan's amaze me look at them now no conduct. Look at them now. Hey I've got hate. No you'll picks they sell for the one on one. I thought you. Put it like this three or four at the plate. That's a good may as a good night good night we shall see we will let the people decide the people though are loving. Dion waiters right now dion wears last night another strong showing off the bench for the Lakers in this win over the clippers five ten from the field eleven points to assist block shot. Not. Turnover three rebounds and like we've talked about before the threat Elsie that he represents as a shock creator for himself for other people the handles the ability to make things happen on the court he definitely their fourth guard. Now there's no question whether you're talking about Jr Smith or I actually think when Rondo is available there's a chance he's lost his spot because dion can do more. Well. Declines in the mix. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT and I. Said this before and I'm GonNa say it again I can't believe this league was so scared of a dude who had a bad reaction to gummy they met this dangle out there then streets. You let this just right out on your streets because of a desktop was. A potent in more potent usual Gumy's took one because he's a baller do. He's above this is this isn't a situation where Dwight Howard who had countless opportunities and he's thirty five years old and you know you're just sort of like. Is he worked the headaches no dion is twenty eighty. And doesn't have the same sort of hopping around history that Dwight Howard had. This is in the case of jokey Noah who was injured and it was cough not money new. York and then kind of bounce around and you know you're not quite sure what he has left. There wasn't a question of what dion waiters had left. It's just people thought he was damaged goods because of the last episode he had on the plane with the Comey's. In, understand that that you know maybe two years ago a dude who had a bad reaction to to see a sea, you may want to stay away from but come on man I talk about smoking every day on this show lots of people took we gotta whole park has called up in smoke all folk. Yes all the spoke we we're in a different place in his conversation I can't believe that the out there hanging out because we. Like I mean I'm happy to. The Lakers just picked up. He wants his Lincoln's grabbed him. But come on dog. You can see why when they brought in Jr Smith and beyond waiters why they grab. Dion I. You can see your De. Dark. The on the upside for Dion waiters and what it's been more than just you know that one gummy isn't like Diaz had conditioning issues a lot over the course of a season. You know he was part of a Miami Heat Organization that really prides itself on culture and the ability to buy in and Dion did not buy it at all I. Guess suspended three times over the course of a season. Yet issues frankly the first time around with Lebron in Cleveland and he ended up getting traded ironically enough circle a life for JR Smith. So you know the de Dion has dion, if the jokes are easier with the gummy, the jokes writing sells more the gummy but there's more to it with with the waiters. But that being said, the upside is also there like there's a reason that people been waiting on with dion or that people can see you know the they'll take. They'll take the time to actually squint with the try to convince themselves that it's there and when he is focused when he's playing with an assistant and I think right now playing within a culture and a situation that he buys into. There's a lot that he can bring you the team and he's got a lot to play rosie like he's trying to convince the rest of the League and the Lakers you want me in my prime you want me for two or three years. You can sign me that deal and you're going to be happy about it like there's a lot of the line for Dion. There is there is a lot on the line for Dion and he's playing at least as of right now, we look at the scrimmages as well as. I Gai- he's playing like he's going to honor this opportunity. The way that Dwight Howard honored his opportunity the way that could joking Noah over the clippers he's that opportunity you'll get. PORTLAND. You Know Carmelo Anthony Very grateful for this opportunity when you've been knocking on the door saying, let me back here and someone finding does. So usually you act right now occasionally, you'll get a Michael Beasley you know who you led back in and then you know. Still can't get right. Okay. So you had to do like that. But for the most part you know the guys were talking about. Especially, if they have an opportunity to play for like a team that come on face, it can win a chip. These guys are stepping up these guys, could it be available and dion much like how? Much like Dwight Howard found money. Found money I just. I was like. This do. What waiting for chairs you're crazy. That do go yeah. He can go I'm glad he's a Laker and is Lakers also to the the opportunity for Dionne may not have been there had Rondo stay healthy you know it Rondo I don't think Frank Vogel was going to be taking Rajon Rondo out of the rotation. So you never know if you would have that same shot, but he's got it now and Rondo. is going to be out for at least the first round of the playoffs and you know Rob Lowe weak- and rich Paul, and let's be honest Lebron because everything gets his his approval they're looking smart right now for that acquisition with Dion waiters and the willingness to be open. All right. The dodgers down in Arizona they are keeping their winning ways alive and an unlikely hero. Has emerged for this season so far getting that next seventeen ESPN is about time I, guess some music played on my behalf. Time. And eat ain't playing today. The people have spoken about seventy two percent of the people. And then this time it only lasts for an hour. So I don't know I'm going to bask in my glory well, no, no no we're cutting pull off after an hour. Oh, excellent Nice. I think people enough. They've spoken enough the way I. Like you don't need anymore speaking we get what they're all thinking only back yet it that's right. Should I start? Should I start retweeting and stuff like handy? that. Yet I'm just wondering what's the protocol? Do I need to wait a little bit longer were just all I know Starting your online campaign this gives us our data. Give us our fifteen minutes. I tweeted out one time. Kim Brothers vote early vote often takes one time Andy you said that's at one time. I, think one time is just one. Okay. All right I see you play a dirty. So I got I gave up now I'd see. How you can play dirty when you're out in the open. I don't see how you can play dirty when you're when you're being transparent. Yeah I just. Advocating for myself, I didn't say anything disparaging about your list in my re tweet I, just I'm helping people be aware who may not even know what I was onto that. There may be people need to realize that I was on today so. I don't think it's that big of a deal. No No, I'm I'm rooting for you to have a good game. You're listening to your listening to Black Elsie. while. Teeth I mean. I wasn't necessarily going to. Frame it like that but Transitioning to the dodgers. There on a three game winning. Streak Elsie. down. In Arizona take down the snakes six to three, hundred, seven, I've one snake drafts in a row. You know what? You are their inspirational you are who that clubhouse turns to. Of, adversity, like right before the whole Houston began the like what what else do? How would he handle this moment of adversity? Where would help the find a strength? I would find INCI. Listen. This is a good showing. La had a great day. Yeah. No because the Lakers. The Lakers won the dodgers wanted to spark swat basically everyone who plays a game and La's on the Jersey somewhere one last night. It was a good. Game. Clear out of three, all three of them. Are you talking about? To the clippers. and Elliott tonight that'd be four works, and then the dodgers win again that'd be fired, and then we'll have the same number of wins I do stay draft wins and speaking of. Speaking, we'll have their team captain on in action in about eight fifteen today. So make sure you listen to that. They, they got big game tonight actually guest Orlando they're gonNA dig. What's quarter-finals correct? Yes. Yes. Quarter found a round of sixteen that's right. Going Tournament. So Aj tolerance. Of all people off to a really strong start yet to two ribs last night to five from the plate and his first home run of the season like this is what they had in mind for AJ pollock last year when they gate him all that money despite the fact that he's got a very long, very chequered history when it comes to health. Well I mean that's always been a theme. Like. No one is surprised AJ pollock hit. No one was shocked by this there's a reason why he was the obvious choice. Because we know what he can do it the bed when he's healthy. Which is why I always like to say AJ stands for always jacked up always upon it because he gets he can't stay upright he can't stay healthy. But when he's there and when he's available, he's really good now the. You know they're not very good. There too in five, the only team that already eliminated from a sixty getting situation. Within the first weekend, then they've already out two hundred five. Done you're already three three games behind already and you barely played seven games. So you're not you're not a very good team, right? But Every win counts, and since we tricked off a win and two to the giants, It's good to see the focus against debates because it's very easy to be seduced into thinking that very we don't have to be very focused. That's how the t book and I'm happy to see US build on a memento from Houston and not mood momentum for sweeping Houston well I. Mean we we went into that opening series, the dodgers versus the giants, and that seemed like an opportunity for the dodgers goes three and one maybe sweep because nobody had any respect or expectations, for San, Francisco and then the weekend and ends. And the dodgers ended up splitting and disappointed in terms of opportunity in front of them. So like you're saying even though Arizona is not a team that anybody has in that Miss, you still need to make sure you don't let down and my hope and again it's early. You know it's a Lotta this is still early but I hope that the bats would wake up a little bit after you got past Houston and I think just the emotions that were involved with that series you know does it help that you're going up against pitcher that's currently sport in the Ira Robbie Ray of close to nine? Yeah. That's going to give you a little bit of help but six run still six runs and it's good to see those bath wake up again and I'm hoping we'll see if there's anything that theory that it just loosens up a little bit. You know the bass need to catch up period but just that it loosens up a little bit without having to think about all the implications of Houston. I didn't think it was that big of a factor, but you know maybe they were pressing because Houston maybe they were secretly so desperate to beat the snot out for. CERIGA. Pitches they. Sweet yet, but they eat out the win in the thirteenth, any they used to mystery. Yeah we're looking at a series very, very bad. Bag Squad and this will allow us to build some momentum. We're still on pace to win forty five games I boldly predicted. But. Requires us to be really serious against really bad heeds yet no, we can't have any letup. Bags. Look. The slot part of the reason that the dodgers are favored by everybody to at minimum you know come out of their divisions because their divisions terrible like the division the Al West is not good to begin with. So by definition that means a lot of your games like you're saying, Elsie present yourself as an opportunity like to keep building your place net standings. But that also means you have to have the discipline not a lead up like I'm not really worried about it with the dodgers this year just because the season is shortened so that urgency's always gonna be there. To make sure that you maintain it. So three games a row for the dodgers that's good. Coming up next low shake are L. Begin. We begin with breaking news for taking shake it. Cardinals brewers called off due to corona virus several members of the. Positive. which is going to post own today's game versus burs. This is on top of everything that's going on with the Marlins we're going on with the phillies going on with all these different teams, take it or shake it baseball's going to finish. Take A. I come. Woz Line. Yes baseball's going to finish. Right now, be this year. Finish. This Is this disaster not yet not yet? No. It south. Disaster lives a neighbor. But you still you know you've got some cushion your one right just because you're post A. Just because you're postponing games doesn't mean the season is gone. Now, the question is, what is the League doing to document how these many to large outbreaks are occurring because if you can go back and trace in isolation and explain what happened what went wrong then you could put in the measures in place to correct those things but when we get to the place in which we can't trace. which is what happened to the country we lost the ability to trace and we couldn't go who was catching it from where and that's why these had to be shut down. When the League is to that point where they don't know how the hell this player guided and we don't know how the hell this manager got it. Then I think you put the brakes but as of right now, if you know you all got it from the same nasty party in Atlanta then I think we're good. It's when you can't figure out where you got it is when things get really really scary I don't think the cardinals were anywhere near Atlanta. We'll see where this goes next want speaking of the coronavirus rudy go bear told the Washington Post he's upset at the way he's been portrayed with Corona virus the media portrayed like The NBA shutdown instead of saying that is pandemic routers, bogere ropes Gobert tested positive. They thought I brought the corona virus to the US turn that damn clock off take her shake. Rudy go bare unfair treatment over the coronavirus. Shake. A. We here. I hear for your friends winding ask Dude. I'm not here for it. I if you were. This them sewer. But you know into deer. You said. You know how you responded to. So just take it. Take it take that long take it's don't. You, you can't explain it away and be you can't you. You can't try to flip the script and use the blame the media technique a lot of people like to do when they hear bad news. They don't they want to say that the news is the news fall is to report Scott to reporting the facts. It's not my fault for creating the facts. Don't do that. If Rudy Gobert hadn't messed around with all those microphones recorders nobody were treated saying there's a reason that nobody blames Tom Hanks I Freddie grown virus like there's a reason at Tom Hanks elicited sympathy and rudy go bear you know did not. It's because of his behavior before that next look Sean McCoy is going to be joining Tom Brady in Tampa. They're excited according to a agent to be playing with established veterans like Brady of Gronk, take it or shake it loose shawn McCoy makes impact with the box assuming there is football. Take. Take. Take take, take, take. Bruce. Arians is a creative person. Tom Brady Leisa back because I can catch and do some things. And you're not asking. Shady to be you know the Workhorse of touch the ball twenty, five, thousand times a day. I ask for that. So. You know it's like what key always says that it's State active doing the things you can do. You can continue to be a positive contributor to to football and I honestly feel that when I saw that I was like. I could see shady getting the getty pass and getting critical I douse. Their third short and in a critical gay and I can see shady gaining the past running for five and you only need three and that's what you're talking about. Yes. Yes. I. Do believe that he would be a positive contributor. We're Tom Brady absolutely as a lot of weapons for Tom Brady at work with staying in the NFL Steven Jones the son of Jerry Jones. told the team website that the cowboys offered? That cross a longer deal, but wanted a shorter deal yet. They still want to sign him for a long term deal after the season taker shake it. You buy what Steven Jones is saying that Dak Prescott will eventually end up in long term deal with Dallas. Shaka. Ashley. Shaking. That's right. I'm shaking. For two years making it because. because. Yeah it just. Doesn't sound logical. and. Doesn't sound logical no, it doesn't sound as if it doesn't sound like a give reason why for two years you've been tried to sign your franchise quarterback. Would does sound logical is that for two years you've been trying to win with the dude who you don't think your. quarterback. That sounds logical. That you've been trying to maximize. A good player, but you don't want to pay him like he's a great player. And so you can try to win the war. All you want is. The reality is that we know Jared Goff. And Carson Wentz had no problem securing the bag for the teams that drafted there. No problem at all. We, not pageant mahomes didn't have any problems securing the bag by the team that drafted him. We know typically speaking that when it comes to the quarterback when there is a prolonged conversation about your compensation. Is because how you feel about you isn't the way they feel about you. When everybody knows you do and you're the franchise, it's easy. When that's not. You get this best that's happening in Dallas. I'll make it even simpler. I can't recall the last time a franchise quarterback in his team. It didn't work out because that franchise just couldn't come up with a contract short enough for that quarterback. I mean. No Man. He just kept insisting on shorter, less guaranteed money less of his future laid out like we wanted to style the guy out, make him a cowboy for life all guaranteed money all the security and he just kept saying, no a wanted short like that doesn't happen I want to show. The use in the NBA NFL. Yeah. Like. This is not the NBA right. In the NBA. Jails because Yeah No. This is not what the NBA does. As. Just a really really strange explanation. I am not buying that from Jerry from Jerry Jones or Stephen. Jones at all aren't coming up. Jones or Mrs Jones anybody any other Joneses I am not buying from at all coming up Lakers get. There's regular season jumped off again in Orlando One oh, three, one, win over the clippers talk about that next seven ten. ESPN.

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