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A listener note. This story contains adult content and language. On may twenty fourth two thousand sixteen an FBI agent in Tallahassee police investigator show up at a two story apartment complex in a palm tree line neighborhood in north Miami. Looking at the door inside her apartment. Katie MAG Vanua is on the phone with her boyfriend Sigfredo Garcia. Some special agents came to talk to me right now. Okay. What the fuck? I'm speaking out. I'm like what the hell's going on Sigfredo tells Katie federal agents have been at his work at the Balkan me. I don't know what he's to somebody called anonymously. It said something about a trip down homicide something. I don't know. So I was listening. I don't know I'm gonna call my turn here. And I'm gonna have them call you fucking. Insane fucking stocking. Don't they need to fucking call the first and no. Warn is they'll do Katie gets off the phone and waits for the agents to leave. She doesn't let them in. The next day. Seek freydl pulls into an Exxon Mobil station. It's a warm breezy night in Holland bail beach, a city just north of Miami. He gets out of his Lexus sedan and suddenly he's swarmed by F B I agents and officers from the local police department. The cops coffin then an officer searches Sigfredo and his car defined fifty hundred dollar bills a hand held intendo and some prescription bottles. They bring him to the police station where they find something else in his wallet a small baggy of cocaine, but that's not why they're bringing him in. We have arrested secreto Crato versa for the murder of professor Daniel Marquel? Mr. Garcia was located by the Honda beach. Police department in Broward County and take it into custody. The police release a mugshot irregular south Florida guy knows Hispanic guy beard goatee. Why care I don't know what a murderer? It looks like there is a book for murder, but I didn't get that sense from him see frito Garcia whose friends call him by the nickname to DOE has some history with breaking the law. Couple of arrests in south Florida. I think he got busted for not having a fishing license cocaine charge. I think. In fact, he's got twenty two arrests going back to when he was a teenager. This is still an active criminal investigation in order not to jeopardize his ongoing investigation. The probable cause in this case has been sealed by judge Saul shrimp. This will limit the information that we can provide you today Kara letters, the local reporter is at that press conference, and like a lot of people. He's wondering who is this person really find a whole lot about Siegfried of our SIA and the bigger mystery why in the world would this guy a Miami resident come all the way to Tallahassee to commit a murder? Still don't know the connection to Dan Marquel? At this point. Just the fact that somebody who lives in Miami is now being charged in a two year old murder and Tallahassee. Enters colleague at the democrat reaches out to Wendy Adelson for comment on the arrest. She promptly sends back in Email. These past two years have been an extraordinarily difficult time for our family. Although my children will always live with the tremendous loss of their father. My hope is that these new developments will finally bring some closure closure seems allusive probable for. There will be. Yeah. This thing isn't close to being done. Hey, it's Matt host of over my dead body. And I want to tell you about another podcast you're gonna love it's called obsession. In a new podcast. Sponsored by focus features new thriller. Greta LA times studios presents obsession a five part podcast series at doves deep into the culture history and deadly consequences. Unrequited love on the podcast. You'll hear interviews with former prosecutor in author Marcia Clark that unpack instances were unrequited. Love turned undesirably dangerous. You'll also hear from professionals in the field of psychology breaking down. What exactly creates these involuntary? Behaviors obsession. Also features interviews with Neil Jordan, the director of Greta along with others behind the film. I'm so excited about this show. And I know you're gonna love it. Make sure you listen and subscribe to obsession on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening to this right now. From wondering, I'm Matthew share? And this is over my dead body. The too. AM to I've got his blood on. Craze. The. The first season is called tally. And this is episode four Tato and to DOE Wendy Adelson hasn't given any interviews since Dan's death. She told us she didn't wanna talk on tape for this series is writing radio. I'm Andrea through it. But back in two thousand fifteen about a year and a half after the murder. She took a creative writing class that was featured on a podcast if you're just tuning in now for the first time Bienvenido that's welcome in Miami. Music here, by the way is from the original podcast episode. Ten months ago. Someone killed the father of my children. I we got divorced. And then he got murdered in casual conversations. I don't know whether to call him my ex elite spouse or my late ex-spouse except that late. Ex-spouse sounds like Lee TEK spouse. Wendy looks back at how she and Dan I came together and why they came apart. They married when I was in my mid twenties when I thought I could cheap system, and Mary a man I locked passionate love for because hey did not die anyway during marriage. I saw his intellect and big heart and thought he would make a wonderful father for my children are marriage dissolved after the children arrived as the loneliness of being married to someone that didn't v me as an equal krypton do believe he loved me the best way he knew how I mean, he didn't like fiction. So why read my novel, it was logic? Not a lack of love these shows a dark sense of humor. But she's also introspective. She writes about how would she presents to the world doesn't always match. What's going on inside? Danny used to tell me that everyone thought I was such a nice person and such a good person. But he was the only one that knew the truth about what a bad person. I was he was convinced. I had to. Diluted everyone but him after she finishes reading the class gives notes focus on the writing not the murder. The teacher says we're not the podcast cereal. And when Wendy sits down with her teacher afterwards to talk about the experience. She admits it was tough. I was shaking from head to toe, and I thought okay, let's just do this just dive in. I didn't have a plan to do it. But it just felt unavoidable. The words kind of just flew out of me. But then when I was done I sat there, and I couldn't look anyone in the eye and I was sweaty. And I just thought okay. Now, I've done it. Now, it's out there. Now what? Yeah. This was the only big one that we've found that with the we didn't know we had a criminal in our mists, basically Maria to sit Arado lives just a few doors down from where Sigfredo Garcia and Katie. Meg bana. Woah, shared an apartment. It's a quiet neighborhood. Only after we saw it in the on the news we've found out who he was where he lived. And we couldn't believe it. Marie remembers Katie to a young girl, polite, Catherine my band. Woah. Katie to friends and family is thirty one years old. She has long dark hair dyed lighter at the tips and a bright smile, she moved to Miami. When she was seven years old. She's my daughter's godmother fair you can chat to keep my house. I had to keep hers we've which the other basically twenty four seven katie's best friends from childhood is Indra Alaska's, and they stayed close. They even have matching tattoos. News of bumblebees when you Indra had cravings while she was pregnant, there was her friend Katy with the food. She wanted the both got into bartending. She really liked to though bartending life in the bottle service. Is it was it was fun. I can attest to it. Because I did it did it for a year, and that was fun. But eventually you Indra says katie's boyfriends Sigfredo put a stop to that. When you work that lifestyle. You have to were very small clothing. You you have to flirt with the clients. Like, that's how you make your money. That's how you make your tips as a bartender as bottle, garlic. That's just how you make your money. So he didn't like I was this girl, you Andrews known Sigfredo just as long Siegfried frito and Katie started dating in high school and have had an on again off again relationship for years. The two kids together Univer says yet Suk frito could be hot headed, but this this arrest and something else. Anything has like, okay a robbery. All right drugs. Okay. What a murderer like I would never. Ever expect you not Siegfried who was arrested Katie was planning a trip to Orlando to DisneyWorld to celebrate their daughter's birthday. She ended up obviously, not going. We still went because we already had patriot everything, and you know, we're taking our kids so under the polling, but it was it was pretty good. It was it was quite stating Katie Meg band. What makes a lot of phone calls in the days after her boyfriend's arrest, one of the first people she talks to her brother Francis. What happens fucking on? How would his mom? I got a lawyer. I have no idea. She tells him about how the F B visited Sigfredo a work and literally shit it because he's going to be a manager on his job because he's doing so good. And he's like why are you guys opposing supreme has been set up. She says the tiny amount of coke. They found on him. The cops must have planted. It. There's no way he would be stupid enough to carry with so much heat on everything that I went there doesn't make into an example, everything is saying that he was the trigger guy. I know he's not I know that sounds fair. I know that's something. That's kidding everybody. Do not know everybody. Everybody in Facebook knows. Everybody's calling my phone. Like Hello, activate your facial. Sukarno's booked at the Broward County jail. But soon he's going to be moved closer to Tallahassee to face the murder charges. He's there all alone. And he's able bucket grab any. He's committed enough syncing like they'll be sooner or later going to catch up on you. Not for something that he's he know for the rest of his life. Well, you know situation where they're going to do. Kiedis life is turned upside down in a bunch of ways. Now what they're gonna call him and interrogated me for hours. Probably you know, and I got him later for myself. Because like I'm scared. I'm already feeling a little weird would school with my kids because you know, parents and stuff I just want to I want them away from that. I need a bigger where to put bugging disease looking barging open the house, and I only have everybody in the whole city. Texting me. It's my daughter's birthday this weekend. And again, you knew you. Katy talks to friends and family who want to make sure she's doing. Okay. But she also gets another call from a friend named Jessica who says they need to talk. I ain't you ever believed to. Kiedis distraught. Jessica tells her she should stay calm. Right now, the calm down. Everything's gonna be stressful. Choose new can not getting. No, I can't say schooling. It was supposed to Katie when I told you been knees dating somebody stuck in no something because this you would've not came out on this. She told someone out. There's nothing. I've been going on with them. There's nothing on them. You would never to anything like this ever, you know, him. I mean, it's off. Well, you. They make a plan to meet Jessica tells you be careful keep an eye out for anyone who might be following you make double turns when you're driving if you have to but a half hour passes, and Jessica dozen hear anything back. She calls Katie again goes to voicemail she text her. Fuck it just come to my house. I really need to talk to you. As AB Katie text back. Gimme a sec. I had my whole family talking to me, please. Jessica weeds for over an hour until she loses her patience. You know? I need you to talk to me. I'm sorry. This is happening. But this shit's not even done yet. Still Katie keeps dodging her and maybe for good reason Jessica's married to the other man, the cops have placed in the Prius with Sigfredo Garcia on the day of the murder. His name is Luis Rivera. Luis Rivera was like a brother to Sigfredo their friend gender Velazquez says she didn't know him as well. But they ran in the. Same circles growing up, and she'd heard something Lewis was unknown gang member. I mean, it's no secret. He was thinking he's always been king all his life. Not only that he was the head of the north Miami chapter of the Latin kings, and he got a nickname king Tato at the moment of soup Fritos arrest. Luis Rivera is already behind bars in a federal prison outside Orlando. He'd been picked up in a big federal raid against the Latin kings a year before wasn't no surprise anybody. Because when you're a top crown and they do a Rico act. They're gonna pick you up. It's just going to happen now king. Todd to- must make a decision and understand if I put myself in his position, if they're telling me, listen, you're gonna do knife in jail or gotta talk, you know, he has children they want to come back home to at some point. Also, I can say is this. He he was facing the death penalty that that that's undisputed. Chuck Collins was one of Louis Rivera's lawyers on the murder charge. He says his client was in a tough spot. Was already serving a twelve year federal sentence. If he didn't want to plea guilty to the crime or accept a plea deal. The only other alternative was to go to a jury trial in put his fate in the hands of twelve jurors jury trial and the possibility of the death penalty or seven extra years in prison Rivera malls these options, and then decides. Yeah, I'm going to cooperate intentionally till a story or you give a statement that you know, is not true. Committed the crime of perjury, which is really the least. And he tells investigators his story of what happened two years ago in Tallahassee. Louis Rivera's slouched in swivel chair in a bear interview room in the Jefferson County sheriff's office he short much shorter than his friends Sigfredo Garcia five feet four inches and socks today. He's in his neon orange prison jumpsuit across the table from him are cops. I can recall when you I understood that you were going to come to Tallahassee because by fannies you've never been to Tallahassee before Rivera tells investigators that two summers before he Garcia drove to Tallahassee not once. But twice the first time is in June of two thousand fourteen a month before Dan Marquel? Murder Garcia picks him up in a black Hundai rental car. If big me up. Played college colleges. Here story. And came the pink of the same thing. Of a Molly. Rivera since he's used to jobs like this. I'm Jack Boyne I robbed drug dealers. He says they make the long drive up north basically the length of the state, but as they're driving Rivera learns that this trip it's not to rob someone. In fact, he later say it's not like anything. He's done before. So when I get him a car. That's what we come to come. Garcia shows him a picture of the man they're going to tally to kill Garcia. Also tells them the guy's name. But Rivera doesn't wanna hear it to show me the picture. He says the finally stop at a motel near Tallahassee where they unwind. They drink smoke. Weed. Stay up late. Back in the car. They'd get to work tracking down, Dan Marcal. I did. Yeah. But they don't do anything to Dan not yet. Instead the following for day and a half, and when they're not working they're party. They go to a hooters, he chicken wings and drink smoke more weed back at their hotel room. And that's when Rivera starts to get jittery about the whole thing. It's hard to care Rivera here. He's saying I don't think this is going to be worth it think about him. Even though they've known each other since childhood Rivera isn't taking any chances. He tells the police that he stashed an extra gun to protect himself from Garcia group with this kid kill you. Maybe. And so they bail on the hit they turn around and head back to Miami to go back to their regular lives. They don't speak about it. Again, Rivera says he figures the plan is dead. He forgets all about the man in Tallahassee until a month later. They told me. Look, we gotta go back. So they do this time Rivera, rents a Prius. It's got tinted windows a badly repaired side mirror and it's painted silver. Pine mica Tato in to drive up north again on the way, the car gets photographed going through one of the told of the freeway and then later while they're driving around Tallahassee cassia starts fiddling with a gun in the passenger seat. Somehow the gun goes off by accident. That was on this record. Oh, man. They stop cassia crawls under the car. The bullet had gone cleaned through the gas line. Are you serious? So we put the car gets a ride to an auto parts store. Visor rubber hose, fixes it himself. The next morning their parked on Truscott drive outside at Dan's house. When Dan comes out with his kids, they follow the car to daycare circle, the block with Dan drops the kids off, then they fall into the gym, and wait some more. Our? Jim when Dan pose into his driveway. He opens his garage door Rivera pulls the Prius right up behind. Feet away from his car. Tim, so. On a car thing. The. Twice. We we've. His again. But Rivera says Garcia pulled the trigger. And that was the last time they talked about it. So that's Rivera's story. But now when investigators want to know is why why did to get his best friend taught. So to help him kill, Dan. Truthful can give he said that. Yeah. He's saying Katie is the personal between the woman that wants, Katie. Put an. And that's what he tells you. Okay. Keady Katie MAG, Bana, one Sigfredo girlfriend. That's who insisted they go back to finish the job after they failed. The first time. Even though Rivera says, Katie and Sigfredo were on a break. Shoe chiel? I guess you told him if you want me back, you gotta go do this. If you want me back, you gotta go do this shit. So. That is true and is because the cave. Rivera tells the cops Sigfredo and Katie are calling and texting each other the whole trip at one point Rivera season, Al in the motel parking lot. He thinks it's a cool moments. We snaps a picture of it and puts it on Instagram. Katie sees the post and calls to right away. This should down if he's slowly. I. But so she date why we can't nobody. What is that? Mike, I'll be talking to phone off. But what about? And then as they're driving outta Tallahassee. Is done. Michelle, you have no money. Away when we get back to the house. He coach, buddy. If you didn't hear that he says that Sigfredo asked where's my money? And Katie said don't worry about it. I'll have it tomorrow morning. Sigfredo Garcia Luis Rivera and Katie MAG Banha will seem to live in world very far from Dan Marquel? 's they don't seem to have any connection to him at all. Except one if beyond these here asking for records for Katie. What? That she she works here. I would I wouldn't. Get any the weakest freight owes arrest the FBI shows up at a dental practice asking for records, a katie's employment. There the office manager goes to the back room and makes a call to one of the dentists, Charlie Adelson. Every year. She works. I don't know what you want. They're here. I'm not there right now. And insured ary stern. It's not my office. It's my dad's office. So I can't. Anything out? You don't have access anything. So I would do this. I would not speak to anybody. Are they there now or do they stand? I'm in the Bank. They're just waiting for me to come back. Do me a favor. I'm gonna call you from a landline on your cell phone. Okay. Okay. Over my dead body comes from wondering, the makers of Dr death safe for work and one plus one every great partnership is a love affair, and sometimes those partnerships are just as hard to get out of as they are to keep going in one plus one the new podcast from wondering you'll be immersed in the stories of some of the world's most legendary creative unions think beyond saying Jay Z free to call. Oh, and Diego Rivera and Google Sergei Brin and Larry page, you'll hear all about the highs and lows of these partnerships and learn how they created something extraordinary. Just by coming together. Stay tuned till the end of the episode for preview of one plus one and don't forget to subscribe to one plus one on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening to this right now. After Sigfredo Garcia's arrest, Katie Meg what gets to work finding the money. They need for a good lawyer. All in all legal fees could end up costing them anywhere from fifty to a hundred grand. That's crazy will but. And she puts a plan in motion. What I was thinking today instead of tagging everything I think I'm just gonna like everything the Greg for the voyeur move out of her apartment, get whatever money. She can I. Hannah is she that she has somebody who wants you to sender picks. I have pictures of it all started hearing. She calls freight does lawyer GM Lewis Tijam, a are you doing? Hold on all their on. Come up, something more. I just I was thinking if you if something new came up. The lawyer that I talked to is talking to Charlie and that, you know, they're having conversations, and that I'm assured that you know, Charlie's going to be copying. Police anything like that. So okay. What about me or anything about me or they? Again, about nine o'clock at night last night again that detective ice him from Tallahassee calls me and says what are you talking to what you wanna do? She you know, she cooperate police telling Louis Katie should cooperate. If she doesn't want to go to jail ourself. Better cooperate once you to cooperate now or pressing squeezing you to grasping and stuff. Okay. They don't know really who to approach in the family. At least that family now knows what's going on. And I know the Charleston won't be talking to. If she's arrested Lewis says, she'll also need her own lawyer, he came represent both Sigfredo N, Katie, and that would cost her even more. But that's not happening yet. He says you only reason they would be approaching is to arrest. You. I don't think they have enough to do it. Okay. Unless there's something that they're just holding on holding back. Of course, there insinuating that they do. But I, you know, I don't I don't know what that would be. That's why thought it was so important that we reach out to that family to see if anybody over there was talking or saying anything, and we know I know as right now that nobody is. Want to begin again by I extending our indulgences to the Marquel family on June. Second the Tallahassee police chief gets back up in the briefing room for another update during the past almost two years, even Durda tremendous amount of turmoil in their lives and remind everyone that ultimately cases about the murder, professor Marquel and the lasting effects. It has upon his family and the community up till now the judge had been keeping the evidence under wraps to protect the rest of the investigation. The today the date it was unsealed. So we can provide additional information. Someone tells me that the court document has been filed for his rest Carl enters the Tallahassee democrat doesn't waste a second. Again. Like, I'm pushing people out of the way like this is a huge deal enters opens up the six page affidavit, please out the probable cause it led to Sigfredo Garcia's arrest, and the first thing that really pops out to me is that Wendy ill since. Family is being implicated in this murder. Not only someone been arrested. But Now Dan Marquel? Ex wife's family is also being looked at impedes to the arrest. Affidavit. Investigators believe motive for this murder stemmed from the desperate desire of the Adelson family to relocate Wendy and the children to sell Florida, which is consistent with what Luis Rivera tells the cops. The wants to to kids. She won four plus kids that was kind of the what went to kill the lady wants or two kids back that was the plan. That's what I went to kill that man for Charlie Adelson's friend and colleague Marvin calls to check in on him. Really can't talk that about. Okay. Are you? Okay. Are you? Okay. Yeah. Fine them actually mama to work right now. I got some appetite patient wanting Sumi because us pain from his implant not that it failed. But he's throwing Sumi yesterday. It's actually your problems. Listen, you know, I care about you around the same time Siegfried does lawyer breaks the news to Katie. They feel the probable cause affidavit John pits on the the internet and stuff, and there's already, you know, stories about your involvement in the Tallahassee democrat. Okay. Just what was in the probable cause. Affidavit. Okay. So my name is out there ready. Your name shopping. That's really public record Charlie warns his friend to watch what he says Lord Mitch phone. Let me put it to this way. Yeah. Anything that? You would not want the FBI to be listening to don't say it on the whole all professional question. Yeah. Anything anything you're really close to work June the fifteen. Yeah, I'm coming in at nine that day. You're going to be able to work Marvin. I I worked twelve new surgery. You know know, you know, you re you read stuff, and you know, I just they can write whatever they wanna right. It's a free country and it stands. Okay. Meanwhile, it's now been a week since Sigfredo arrest, and katie's been dealing with the fallout selling your furniture moving out of replace cancelling your trip to DisneyWorld with her daughter. She's also been avoiding Jessica Lewis Rivera's wife, the one who wants you to come down and meet her instead katie's past Jessica's number along to her lawyer to handle you give my number to your lawyer. You fucking kidding me on what grounds Katie get fucking real. You know, damn well, I don't have shit to do with what's going on. I was calling you concerned to talk. But don't get it. Twisted. Why don't you go until your lawyer? The reason your husband is in jail is because if you and Charlie and this also fits Rivera tells the cops whose. The. In what ways to? Yet you heard that right as page six of the probable cause affidavit states. Investigators developed information that around the time of the murder, Charlie. Wendy's brother was involved in a personal relationship with Catherine Meg Banta. Or as Luis Rivera says, she was fucking the dentist the police and the FBI have been listening in on both Charlie's and katie's phone conversations for months methodically. Putting together their case. How much how much time even bowling an open people all day. I'd say off was I got a chance to go down and see. See my mom. See my nephews. Is that? These off. Oh, yeah. You know, I usually bon-bons. But if I replace all day keep that good life. Yeah. So so. So show once the arrest affidavit is public Carl enters assumes the rest of the story will unfold quickly. I fought that within a week that Adelson family would be charged as the summer drags on. He waits any weights. But no new charges come enters puts in public information requests for any unreleased documents related to the case, he's not expecting to get much, but the Tallahassee police reportedly frustrated by the slow progress the state prosecutors are making so that fall they release a boat load of documents on the case. Those documents showed everyone that they had talked to boyfriends and girlfriends of Dan Marquel in Wendy Adelson. In those documents is a probable cause affidavit the illustrates in painstaking detail would police think is a conspiracy between Katie MAG, Vanua, Sigfredo Garcia, Luis Rivera and. Charlie adelson. Taking care of his family taking care of Paul team dentist. Why are you calling the wheel something regarding our son something regarding his ex girlfriend and the person asking my mom or somebody? That's on the next episode over my dead body. From wondering this is part four of over my dead body. 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That's wondering dot com slash survey. You'll have an opportunity to tell us what you like about this series over my dead. Body was written and reported by me, Matthew share and Eric Benson. Additional reporting by Sam Turkey sound design by Jeff Schmidt, associate producers Chris Siegel, executive produced by George lavender, marshal, Louis. Her non Lopez for one. Imagine you have a dream in embellishing. But you always feel like you're missing something a piece of the puzzle. You just can't put your finger on. And then you meet someone a collaborator partner a kindred spirit or even a rival a person that there's you drives you to create something truly inspiring that chemistry of two people in a singular pursuit allows you to achieve the success in fame. You never could have on your own together. You make a Mark on the world. I'm faith faily Enrico, go Yana, and we are the host of the new series from one one plus one from the people behind business. Moore's and dirty. 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