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You don't make. I'm the guy that's a bit ahead of the curve and with the holidays coming up fast. I'm here to fill you in on another big secret tax kind of sewers. Rejoice you've got spirit hub. Enjoy the world of uncommon craft with their comprehensive selection of old favorites like whisky and vodka. To unique lakers. Like maple syrup glazed barrel. Jin spirit hub connects independent distilleries with you visit. Spirit dot com today. Spirit hub uncommon craft delivered enjoy responsibly. Winchester in america's greatest city of chicago five kiss. Fm radio station. It's the fridge. Every tuesday december fifteenth. Fred show is on morning. Kaelin mourning mourning mourning mourning mourning owner jason braga morning. Hi good i love it. I love it how much i'm doing. Great appreciate that. go in. Just a second. We'll entertain report after that. What do you have coming up teases and you tell me which one you're excited about. Okay i i'll tell you who still feels guilty about two packs death. That's not for you. Okay second the cast of the sopranos attitude. The cast sopranos is reuniting. Tell you what now i won. I was not really a team that was more of a statement. Will you case green tiny. Reuniting masterclass that would be great ki. Facebook for like a master class with martin scorsese or whatever movie. Rubio's mask lesson radio That was really getting know. I just you know if you're asking me which one i'm more excited about. I want to hear from you which one was more exciting was directed at me. But i i gotta hear both right so that i know for sure. Yeah that's that's very. Yeah because i got to pies which one you want is an apple pie and a pumpkin pie because if it is by gasoline if it's a headset apple pie anything else. That's always apple pie. See that's what. I'm saying like the he would have been like i don't care what's next even taylor said forever but that's what you're getting both pies know there's there's a few directions i can. Of course rubio knew immediately Well but you have you have the maturity to just say well. That was going to sell an adult joke. But now he's not and then doesn't do it all like you She'll be silly about a half an hour with the showdown new player today. Same prize. i look every day. But it's never changing Well someday it will change one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents a good news stories. This hour as we'll stay or go next after serve mesa one zero three five surf mesa. What are three five kiss. Fm chicago's number one. Hit music station. Good morning fred show. Hello hunter good morning. Welcome how are you get onto a we call. The stair go We pour through thousands of requests each week for people who want our advice and This thousands maybe hundreds of them. I'm not you couldn't be way more than that And so we want to hear some of them and sort of like a community meeting like a group therapy thing. Cc what everybody has to say about this What's going on with you and jessica. All i know you guys have been together for seven months that you're having some kind of issue. What's the deal care. I mean we've actually been like really happy. You know we both love each other like we teased by family. You know and and she loved my family and they loved her and You know it was great and it is great is just He doesn't want me to be her family yet. Okay seven months you have introduced her to your family and everything and well And the serious relationship with seven months but we were talking about like you know. We're looking to the future here. We're looking for your maybe marriage and all of that. Yeah he yeah any. She even say he'll spend the rest of her life and may but he's not ready for me to meet her family yet. Until i just like i don't know is that normal. She said she wants to take it. Slow like don't my respecting that. But i'm also i just think results part of me and i'm like is that something to worry about that. He's not ready for me to meet her family yet. by the way you can be part of the show eight five five five nine one zero. Three five off yeah. I think it's weird. I think it's weird because you're at the point where she's comfortable meeting your family and you and she's comfortable enough to save that you're the one you know so to speak. But yet for whatever reason she's concealing her family from you were you from her family. I doubt that she's ashamed of you so someone tells me something about her family. She's a shame. That's what i'm thinking. He indicated that to you as she as she given you. Any clue bad childhood or that. They someone of the families of weirdo or something like that. He definitely hasn't talked a lot about her family. key mentioned that earner shishir like. Don't talk anymore. So i kinda yeah. It seemed like kind of a hot button topic. So figured i'd give that on and like but you know about it. And then like i mean he. He moved away from her family. Well yeah i feel like. I feel like there's drama in the family. But if she still talks to them and i mean she still talks to them if they were like a strange. This is not a conversation if there was no interaction with them. Then you wouldn't be asking to meet them. So here's a woman who's like i want to be with you forever but then you don't get to see the whole picture and not that you would change the way that you feel about her. It might fact enhance the way you feel about her. But you wanna to maintain people because like how. Can you know what i mean. Yeah i mean. I heard wanna see like you know where she her own. Good play in different like you have a right to to. But he's got they're going to be together forever. What's the rush like. Like longtime but thaddeus. It's twenty twenty. There's a pandemic out there you don't you don't need to be meeting zoom meat. But maybe she's gotten should maybe she's got issues. Maybe there is something behind there. Maybe she doesn't maybe have a different political stance and she does or they do and maybe she doesn't talk to some members of the family anymore and you got time in but you ain't going nowhere in fairness she's not using the pandemic is an excuse because you're using the pandemic use not calling. You know your if that's if that's the only reason you haven't met these people. If i if i met a girl in the last seven months and she's like look. My family lives far away. They're older and i haven't been home then. I'm not going to be like you're taking me home. I don't care you know what i mean. Ignore like you know. I've been if i have been dating somebody for seven months. I don't know that. I would have been introduced him to my family because go home. I've go home a couple of times. It's his whole thing fly home. I get tested. I hang out with my family. That i come back. I get tested his whole thing. And i'm you know it best probably for some people risky enough as it is. I'm not introducing other people into that so it the pandemic thing if she would have told you if that was the problem that you think enter it. It's not the pandemic thing. Like i mean you know maybe even doomed with my family. You know what i mean like. We could have been right right right. There's something more family peace of mind. Don't you have to think of the peace of mind the other person involved to like just to say okay. I've met your family. And i've hung out with them. I spent time with them. Now you've met mine or some of them. You have some idea what's going on there. I mean once you do that just for your partner to give them peace of mind. They're asking for it because like she she left it so big like he doesn't like i want to be respectful of her boundaries and mike respect date. There's something there that she doesn't want to talk about her doesn't want me to t yet. Doesn't want to open up about yet. And so i respect that in mike trusting all he will tell me when the tiny great. But i don't like i don't like it because not a reason to to leave your laces again. Me feel like he gets to choose pick and choose what parts of her life you could access to and and again this is seven months and you're talking about forever and you don't feel you're talking about forever. That's that's i got forever to to to figure all this out it's it's we're gonna be together forever so you may as well lay it out now and whatever it is you're concealing. Yeah okay so you have a conversation with their have a conversation with her bringing it up. I want your family is there. Is there something. You're you're not telling me nets as that you don't have to be. I don't wanna see your family or this is over. Well i feel like that's implied. Though i feel like him saying he wants to. He wants her to reciprocate what he's offered her in this relationship. I feel like it's implied it. It's either do it or tell me why we're not doing it. Okay yeah then she has she had they have to have a conversation and talk about it. But there's no reason to leave your relationship for seven months just because you have a family like every red flag. Every family dynamic is different for family. Maybe there's there's some drama behind their. That doesn't change your opinion on that one on on your girlfriend you'd have well because some people though you know that it's no fault of their own but if we're being really honest here if you come from a really bad family environment and depending on from from where and what happened. That's something that you should be aware of before you get into a lifetime commitment with somebody not because you're not gonna do it but because you will be aware of sensitivities of things that are coming of aspects of that you may have talent we were. There might be challenges in your relationship. I wanna know. If i'm gonna marry somebody everything. There is as much as persons willing to tell me. And hopefully that's everything if i'm marrying them Hunter i'm gonna take some phone calls. We'll see people have to say good luck band. I have the radio on and and you can make your life decision in about ten minutes after taking phone calls. Okay good luck. Eight five five five nine one zero. Three five dude is is with somebody for seven months and she's fully in with his family except she won't introduce him to any of her family despite the fantasy says that they're gonna be together forever. That's the intent. Hey bill bill. Good morning what are you saying. I definitely think he should stay. 'cause once kim meet the family you become Expected to go to every single time you have now with just girlfriend might be serious but down the road i mean i don't think it's that simple man. I don't i was brought to you by spirit. Hub uncommon craft delivered whether it's innocent puppies and kittens and situations of Dogs being used in product testing or endangered species for trophies. The humane society of the united states is fighting every day to protect all animals. Their work needs your dedication and support. So they can take on the biggest fights for all them. You can help prevent cruelty right now. Where the one. Time or sustaining gift at prevent cruelty dot com that's prevent cruelty dot com. Visit them today and become a humane hero to all animals hiding you know what is what is so bad that the guy she's gonna marry supposedly can't deal with. That is as soon as you go to the family. You become part of the drama in you. Automatically take her south. Yeah i would enjoy the time you hear right now before all that angry. What did you find out that somebody her family is a terrible awful criminal or something and and you had to live with that because you're associated by moses by default but you still gotta you still don't know what you're dealing with family you guys going to judge me. Yes no. i'm going to marry you. And i don't know if there's something really terrible going on and she didn't do that but i have a right to know. I still have a right for her. Not to not that long day talk seven. They're talking about being together forever. You're having conversations like this is serious. Yeah oh macy's slow the relationship down then. I think they should just smoke a jay and chill because this is too much something here that i don't like. Thank you have a good day bill. Yes paulina okay. I think that there's something there that she doesn't want him to see. I get that and everything but what what's going to happen the family or he's gonna meet the family at the wedding that to me is is not nice. She gets to pick and choose access. He has to her life when he's given everything. I'm saying every family's different. Maybe he comes from super. Loving family understands family. He talked to his mom every willing to meet his family. Then i think we would have sack is like okay your family. You want me to meet them. Meet them. But i'm not ready for you to meet mine. I think that they both can control those situations. And it's nice that she's willing to hang out with his. Hey selena i go yes girl. So a few years ago i was dating. This guy who didn't introduced does family for almost a year because he was dating another person's That happens or maybe. Maybe there's something about her that her family might reveal like if it's dating or some sort of aspect first of her past that she's not telling him about. She's editing her life. I don't like it. I don't like what is she hiding. Been a year. Y'all deeper shady. Thank you sleep. have a good day. I thought i was thinking. Maybe he's another relationship or or he or sorry she is or maybe she doesn't really took them serious. Like we think this whole forever thing. I'm already like you gotta meet the family. The parents i didn't see a point. I would get it if if he's pushing his family on her and she's like no but she's all in on his side you know. She wants to be immersed in his part in in his stuff. So why is she not reciprocating. And if it's something like I'm not ready. Or i don't like them or there's some good skeleton in the closet will then all she has to do is tell him that and this conversation is mood. He's probably okay. she's not telling him anything. So what does that mean. Hey naomi morning. What if you want to say what are you think. Okay so i think seven months okay. Yeah maybe a little maybe not for some but coming close to year. You need to find out because i have a feeling. She's her side piece Something else going on in the family knows another guy As the guy and he's just you know this accessory but a seven months seven months. Id's i mean yeah happens all the time and she met and she met his family for come on now like really no. I dated somebody who met my parents in which eating because she might she would argue. She wasn't cheating that you know it wasn't as you guys official. Oh yeah but you know. We weren't as serious as i thought it would it but hit your comings. I mean my family like what do you think that means i feel like there'd be more shady situations he would. He told us about it not just meeting her family. You know saying didn't seem like he felt like yeah exactly like she's not oh she doesn't she's let me see your phone or she doesn't let me Contact your on tuesdays and thursdays or something like that. You know what. I'm saying stays. Everybody knows what happens on tuesdays and thursdays some naomi. Thank you for listening. Have a great day. Hey ryan recording. Hi good morning. You've been in this situation just to recap of you just tuning in this guy in sayer go he. He's been dating a woman for seven months. They both acknowledge according to him that they're the ones that they're going to get married and she's all in with his family's met them. I guess hangs out with them. According to his note to us yet he at her family's off limits to him completely. He wants to know why you should go. But i mean he's got to figure this out for himself. I honestly don't think he's telling the full story. I mean if they're claiming that each other are the one You know something's not adding up like how do you not have that conversation break breakdown. What what exactly is it that. Why can i not be your family. You really think like it's going to hurt our relationship. Some way of how successful authority and like you said seven months. I mean there's plenty of people. Have i know but crap and whatnot but like you know you're gonna find somebody else that's gonna wanna to introduce you to family gonna take pride in you. I can think of your lack of worth for seven months. And he had brought up the they're talking about marriage staff and the one thing and all that then i would say it's too soon and he needs to pump the brakes but but they're apparently you know hot and heavy and serious and if that's truly mutual then that changes this then he has a right to know what's going on everything a hundred percent concern. I mean you got a lot of good points like from everywhere and like it's kind of hard to say stay or go. But i mean like i said what i said before. He's gotta have that conversation and and really breakdown that berry like not not made 'em hey i don't mean your family oak do it. You gotta have that conversation and see where everything lives. 'cause i say that is that five piece but there's there's something that's not quite right with this situation. I agree thank you ryan have a great day. Thank you got eight amy. good morning. Welcome to the show. How are you kidding berio. I think he's he's gotta go In my past relationship. I didn't meet family until like nine months the years and it was such ideological differences between the family. And the that we're gonna be together rather like four and a half years after that anyway but it was never it was like. We're always trying to fix something. You can't pick your family your family and i feel like maybe that's that. She knows that they won't get along. And if they are talking about the future than like that's something to think of your family and your significant other and you don't really see eye to eye. It's let's say this is all on the up and up right. Let's say that there's no cheating and they really like each other and they really feel the same way about each other than i feel like. She's kicking something down that kicking the can down the road. Whatever it is. There's something whether he won't be accepted whether it is religion or it's his race or whether it's or whether there's something fundamental here that's being avoided and want to know what that is because in fact we're talking about being together forever but i you know he's gonna find out on maury povich. What i think are more easy going more excited. Yeah he's actually dna tests involved or we're gonna find out there on here and we're gonna fight. In fact i wish you wouldn't go. Don't go on more income right here. No problem we got chairs. You can throw in everything Thank you amy. have a great day. Glad you call it Listen to entertain report. And then she'll shelly is here on the show. One three five one every five. Kiss up out. The latest entertainment news is on the fred shown. Says he still feels guilty about death panels in vegas to see him. Fight bruce seldon. The night he died in a drive by shooting. Ninety six and mike says he feels like he really pressured him to be there so mike wanted to walk the ring with accustomed to attract played in the mgm. Grand switch just need to take a second to appreciate how amazing that is on. He says he pestered him to bring the actual tape like the recording which is very timely old-timey on and after the fight mike plan to join him at six six to nightclub where the rapper was shot. He said he only changes plans because he'd recently had a baby and decided to go home to his family so sad sort of the bachelorette for those really something i can i It was very bad. David really bad and A little guilty but commented fight meet crushing them for being taken off the tape. You know and i go out with him. Then they apartments six two of them they by just a little baby on a model of Provoked me to stay home. So i stayed with the baby. Someone called me at night and told me that happened and this is just what we do. You know i come to my senses. That come to mind jack and i know who i i know what my elements about and my word is what happens in my world. This is what happens in my world. Alad parnham. I want my word. This happens jessica. It was to attach to it. It was different so it's kind of like two reasons. He pressured him to come to the fight and then he pitched him so. I don i guess maybe he feels like me at this club or that was it. I don't know a lot about two bucks. I know you do but that was that was going to happen. One way or another. I was about beef. What and that wasn't like a random occurrence. I mean yes i guess. We'll they don't know. Who's but i feel like there. Was that was premeditated like it was there was. That wasn't just a one off deal. There was be for. Maybe something going on behind the scenes. Like me yeah. If it hadn't happened there may have happened somewhere else somewhere else. I'd be maybe not you know. I don't know i guess i would feel guilty to but obviously he needs to let that go because there was a long time ago So the cast of the sopranos is reuniting for a good cause kristof series creator david cheese. We'll be joined by more than a dozen cast members including jamie lynn. Sigler who you have a crush on her rush on his show and see bush emmy for a friday night event to benefit friends of firefighters. A group founded after nine eleven to support active and retired. fred. I'm here to tell you how to be the guy. Sure to get the exclusive. Invite to social bubble. This holiday season impressed with the best uncommon craft spirits from spirit hub. Delivered to your door see stories behind. The distilleries inspired recipes at of course. Great spirits on spirit. Hub dot com spirit hub uncommon craft delivered please enjoy responsibly fisher house. If i had a chance to talk to the fisher family. I would start crying. Because i can't articulate how much it meant to us. Your house is to comfort home for military and veteran families staying at no charge allowing the family to be together to support their loved one during medicine prices. It's enough to help. You thrive through these hard situation. Go to fisherhouse dot org for more info and how you might help. That's fisherhouse dot org. In new york city firefighters and their families the event will include the live reading of a new scotch from cheese and six does writer. Terence winter the fundraiser. If you wanna watch air seven pm eastern six central on till tomorrow. I didn't even know what that was. So die In an upcoming prequel the many saints of newark The young tony soprano will be played by. Michael gandolfini james son. He passed twenty thirteen his dad. So you guys have all seen by now. Naomi campbell her has met suit. Have you seen that photo okay. I'm obsessed with the in. The beginning of the she famously wore one on to a museum like not even to fly but she also wears them to fly. Well she was asked. You know like where she gets them. Because i'm sure people want them. She buys them in bulk and their subscriptions so they just keep coming to her house. Any photo because i thought i had seen it but yet she has matt service seen picture. Yeah yeah there. She is a long building she she goes to museums. That's how she leaves her apartment. Which is amazing. Yeah they just keep coming in and there was one point where they stopped because they ran out and she's freaking out. She had nowhere to go but she must be some sort of proper morton checkout online today. Katy perry majorly changed. Her hair. Felina thinks the hockey back And i'm response to obama. I guess obama was wrapping one of his songs. Eminem responded that's on french. Radio dot com is figure. The t i got the new one for you guys. It's there's a woman who rehabilitates wild animals and she has a t t dedicated to leave which is a beaver own. That she has re ability is is in the process of rehabilitating. I don't know the whole story about beef fairly. She found him and the intention I guess he's not a pet like she'd she's trying to raise him and allow him to be a beaver in her home so that he can be released back into the wild but like he'd dams he damn stuff in the house you know how they damn from like he'll take anything he can find and he'll build dams in the house and then she gives him like little pieces of balsa wood and he just nauseam all down into sawdust or whatever. And i guess he's young now so he's not he has hormones aren't like yeah he's a full beep so he's like hormones having ramped up but as soon as he turns into like a man goes from boy to man. I guess we'll start getting mean use their p in like something drink or something or if some foods i swear ingredient and a lot of food or something i gotta look it up and they call it something else. So people don't realize beaver pissed off the bar track beaver p vanilla flavoring. The fda regards cast caster eum as natural flavoring. All on. it's really from the beavis. Yeah it's all it's from. Their butts is a castor oil. Is that what it is. But no c. A. s. t. o. r. e. m. kastoria and beaver but secrete a goo- called kastoria m- which animals use mark their territory. But it's the fda calls it natural flavoring That happened that this guy discovered proven slavery. I think we could use this. No shit carries him like but right now. He's okay but she. She was saying in a video days. He's gonna get mean when and then she likes i guess let them go eventually and he goes off and his teenage years. He gets the hand to your algorithm is nice and friendly tiktok animals a lot of farm animals so happy to i a good mixture of man. I guess sports cards. I got all kinds of stuff. I get yesterday. Criminal hacks part one lot of pilot stuff. Let it airplane stuff. I get Smokey robinson went to this guy's a motown star. If you're not familiar with smokey's work i mean if you are a certain age. I dunno fifties above. Maybe than this guy would have been part of your childhood. I mean a lot of hits. Smokey robinson he's on the tiktok he's on the cameo rallies he's probably on tiktok too but a guy named jeff purchase his mom video greeting from smokey on cameo for three hundred and fifty bucks is mom grew up on the same detroit street as the famous singer. Ask that smoking. Wish his mom. A happy hannukah Hannukah spelled in this case c. h. a. u. c. h. a. an uk hr yeah as opposed to hanukkah spell both ways i guess this is the message that surprise this smokey robinson. I was contacted by your son's jeff. Kerr they told me that. Used to live in detroit across from me. and gosh. that's that's beautiful and they want me to wish you happy to nuke idea is happy governor. George to publicist as he's like i don't they know what it was. But he's hitting threes. I have to his sons jeff and jer. Only that use. Gosh that's that's beautiful and they want me to wish you happy to basit so man you on twitter. Now join t. new lady He's probably not all that tech savvy but if you can make if you can record a tiktok that he can take a word. You don't know and put it in google and do the google pronunciation of figure out what the hell the other thing is. If i'm a big celebrity. He's older it'd be doesn't care but i'm not i'm not going to get set up to say something stupid you know so i'm gonna make sure i'm going to have somebody or myself. I'm a research what i'm being asked to say so that i don't wind up like this google. Will you also hannukah spelled or pronounced or whatever knows all the time. I see where it's all the timer things i don't own and i'll like look it up on google fi saying half the time i still say wrong but like anyway And then we have this Famous this is also a cameo famous. Ufc ring announcer. bruce. Buffer isn't the brother of the son of michael buble. This brother little brother. Michael buffer was good ball. He's got sued for it Michael buffer copyright was paid two hundred ninety nine dollars on cameo to record a break-up message for a fan and this is what he did time to find the time line anywhere as good as i should have this pulled out but now Marvan ride with mark mcgrath. Those a cameo too. I thought it was really. Oh i don't know ask someone. Didn't he come out and say somebody said set him up or something here get his mark. Band sheared off the charts. But always in your hearts this cameo was booked by cheyenne and she wants to know a few things. And this is a little difficult for me to say. Because it's the first one of these i've done but she wants to hear no. You mean a lot to her. You mean the world to her but she's having difficulty staying in this long distance relationship. It's been on the road for years with my wife a long time. That biggest arguments. The biggest obstacles in our relationships is the distance between us. It makes it very difficult around the road And it's hard for. John is trying to let you know it's very tough for her to stay in this relationship. She still cares about you a lot. You never know what the future may never know. Wants to be friends with you. You cares about you very very fake than heated. know at the time because he looks really tortured. He's really like stumbling over his words. He was trying to see if he would read it but he was a fake. Like fake to see if he'd do it. Hold on i'm reading on it. Can you decline a tiktok tries to get you to like. Speak out against somebody. You don't hear 'cause or something. yeah. Because i don't know just watching this washing hit. He's really struggling. And i don't think he's that good of an actor so mark mcgrath is like a music knowledge expert though he has an encyclopedia like the guy is incredible. He knows like you went on jeopardy when they had any win every time because he just knows everything very knowledge story on this thing He got set up anyway. Whoa research this off the eight five five five nine one one or three five showbiz. Shelly is here next. Play the showdown for one hundred and three dollars fifty cents. If you sabir four game win streak on the fred show. What oh three five one three five kiss. You have what it takes to battle showbiz shelly. In the showbiz showdown eight five five five nine one one zero three five. If you wanna play the game. I keep forgetting to tell people to call these days. I just assumed that dislike everybody in the world. Now's everybody knows what we're doing votes in the whole wide world. So if you'd like to take on showbiz. Shelly call now shelly. Good morning. good morning. I just keep forgetting to get people to play against you. I just did that oughta this. Because that's what i thought. I thought you said the number. Nobody called and i was like. Oh no i mean it doesn't happen these days and just really never know these days. What's going to happen to out. I'm just never truly aware of what what the new day will bring you know some days. It's like nothing works some days you wake up. It's like hey come in two days some days it's like you don't have to leave your bed your underwear you know other you just never know you just never know shelly How are you doing. I'm doing good. How are you guys doing right. We're just lining up display here. We go in through the entrance interview you know. We asked him a lot of personal questions before they come on the program. Like what's your name. where are you from. Have you received the vaccination yet. A lot of people are wondering about that. Here we go. Hey kaelin in palatine. Good morning how you doing excellent. What's going on unit car or are you going to work. I guess what do you do that. You have to actually go their customer service plumbing companies. So we're essential. Well you are some have is my calling kaelin get over here right now Okay so it's five questions. Chile has won four straight games. Three eighty four twenty-seven her overall record and the prize of course one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents. Are you ready. caitlyn. Alice play caitlyn. Good luck thank you. Shelly off to her sound booth proves she is taking her headphones off. Here we go question number one who hosted. Snl for the first time over the weekend in a new photo. Sasha obama looks amazing and all grown up. What's your sister's name. Why did shawn mendez. Publicly apologized to sam smith. Oh i have no clue. A game of thrones prequel is in the works which network aired game of thrones and adam. Brody is forty-one. Today adam rose to fame after playing seth cohen on this teen drama in the early two thousand three one more. Oh you were. We got three three which is good but you were so close to for all right. Well you'll see in a second and then you'll be like hello hi shelley. Three three was the score. Okay okay you ready. I'm ready s. l. For the first time over the weekend timothy salomon a new photo. Sasha obama looks amazing and all grown up. What is your name. Malia shut mendez publicly apologized to sam. Smith oh he introduced him with the wrong correct. Romania game of thrones prequel the works which network aired game of thrones and adam brody is forty one today adam rose to fame after playing seth cohen on this teen drama in the early two thousands. One caitlyn goes. Oh she didn't know the answer. It's like whoa. we're so close Caitlyn you have to say. Caitlin showed up on the showdown showed up on the showdown with the girl was good. I mean we grill. Hang griller for the whole thing Caitlyn hang on and have a great day. I'm glad you Playing thanks for listening and have a good day to plumbing place. Okay shelley boy. You some tired today shelly. Like you sound like how about how about how she's like. Oh man. I lost so refresh about how soon to be honest. How how soon before the showbiz showdown you wake up. Honestly five minutes. I wake up at six thirty. No i wake up between six thirty and seven through my little prepping stuff stuff. See what's going on mendez discipline. Because let me tell you shops like when we were working from home for a day. That's how it started started with okay. I'm gonna get up at the normal time in lay in my bed and do my our prep like i do every single day and then it was like well saying there's forty five minutes before and then it was thirty minutes before and before long. It was like rodney earned. Four minutes crawl my ass in there and start talking so you have tremendous discipline being able to get up at home and like actually More have tremendous -iety and i can't imagine waiting till five minutes to get on to do it. I need to peters not gonna were. Nothing's in the log in and the power was out at my house howard. We thought of every single contingency for this. What am i gonna do helical. Chick generator can't do. But i wish. I had this kind of discipline when i was a kid because i was the i i i have anxiety but yet for some reason i wasn't the kid couldn't go to sleep until all my homework was done now guy. Everything has to be done before i go to bed and then i have to have a bunch of stuff done before you even walk in the door here because if i don't i feel way behind so i gotta lay in bed for like an hour and respond to emails and like i got a clear the board to walk in here. I if i had been disciplined as a kid. I probably would have gone to harvard. I s. i would've would've been bennett on the bachelorette which we started talking about this morning but it to be completely honest i did for some reason. You guys can fill me in watching a mental all apart. Because they're just such bitches. He went hard. He went hard and they were yelling at each other. And that guy with the with the mustache. It's just a little wimp and like wait. They're all bad beard going. They got kicked off like came back for like last night. I didn't have air conditioning in the room. Either all sweating this claire back to or yell at tayshia. You want to hear my prediction by the way claire in and dale my prediction. I don't know this. Obviously because it's real time now they're not gonna work out and she can wind up with the bearded guy or the blake guy. She gonna wind up with one of the rejects beard. Oh the biggest beard guy got kicked off last night with the with chin beard. Yeah blake blake. Made the clay weiner think so and then there's the guy shouldn't like right down his deepest darkest secrets and then burn the nfl player loss. On that way yes kaelin. You would've loved it last night because they talked to like a crystal experts crystal reverse cowgirl and teach other sky crystals because those are for sexy time had a red one and a reds one red blinking. red ones the matrix rentals and blue crystal. You may only me. I'm gonna watch today. I wasn't feeling their bs last night. The second part of it is just. I don't know i can't deal with them Anyway shelly on at noon. What do you have coming up today. I'm thinking of talking about the origins of chanuka. What he thinks gases. I do ask laughing. When i first saw that video. What is unlike no. There's no way that he's all god is and that's what happened. Crazy nights of sound Let's not even smoking hookah song trade and not know about contact son. Jeff told me that used to live in detroit across the street from me and beautiful and they want me to wish you. Happy nica is nuclear. George lucas. four times. Four times he went on it. You don't know what it is if you don't know what it is anyway. The best part is like he had to like read over. Be like chanuka me. Sheriff saying this new car real quick search winter revealed what he what he should have said. But i'm really glad he didn't Shelly we'll soon have a great day. Okay i hope you enjoyed shinyuka. This year Twenty four k golden. Good news stories next the fred. Show her the. Fred show is on one zero. Three five kiss up comes feels good. Good use positive stories. We every day on the show in which she got. Yeah so well. Smith season two of his snapchat series. Which i did not know about will from home from your yesterday for at the season two premiere. Well broader along jason derulo to shock fourteen year old aiden who was diagnosed with cancer. In april aden's father chuck goes with him to weekly chemo treatments to. Kobe usually stands outside the room and dances to make him laugh. I feel like we have done that story. So derulo taught Shock and eight. New dance moves then. Big surprise will had chuck and eight and a box that was delivered to them and it was a. Ps spy you. Okay so cool. Yeah i mean you know he's deserve. That's what i'm saying. You have got a ps five. It is awesome though is something he and his dad can do together. Because he's a warrior fighting cancern at ten k. donation was also made to cook children's medical center. Where he's receiving chemo for cancer. That's awesome that's so cool. Sounds pretty deserving could afford these chapelle shows when rico's and he plays the kid in video games and the kid can make a wish for dave dicamba and like just keeps beating him. And it's like do you don't mean i'm the guy that's a bit ahead of the curve and with the holidays coming fast. I'm here to fill you in on another big secret. Talk show kind of sewers. Rejoice you've got spirit hub. Enjoy the world of uncommon craft with their comprehensive selection of old favorites like whisky and vodka. To unique lakers. Like mabel syrup glazed barrel. Jin spirit hub connects independent distilleries with you visit. Spirit hub dot com today. Spirit hub uncommon craft delivered enjoy responsibly. Fisher house if i had a chance to talk to the fisher family. I would start crying. Because i can't articulate how much it meant to us is to comfort home for military and veteran families hanging at no charge allowing the family to be together to support their loved one during a medicine prices. It's enough to help. You thrive through these hard situation. Go to fisherhouse dot org for more info and how you might help. That's fisherhouse dot org. No you'd some youtube rubio kid deserves. Ps by then some by the way speaking of of that Lurie children's hospital on thursday We we've never dunkin if he never dunkin so forever. Larger coffee sold between. What was it in the morning at five. Am new Then one dollar will be donated to ann and robert h lurie children's hospital of chicago so thursday donkin five eight noon Go get a coffee larger. Xl coffee there. You go So this is very cool. idea A letter writing initiative that cease bundles of uplifting personal notes being delivered to individuals in need of kind words is back with its twelve days of letter writing campaign and you can join him there for more days to go On the more love letters december dr organization says we need your cursive to make this year. The most impactful. Yeah so you sign up each morning. You'll find a new letter requests. You'll then have a day to write your letter to someone who might be feeling lonely or need extra encouragement in the form of a handwritten note and corrects many letters as you would like so It started. I guess way back in the day when the founder published a simple question on her blog. Do you need someone to write you. A love letter today The inbox was filled with heartbreaking stories. That one question changed my life forever. She they spent the next year writing hundreds of love letters to strangers and all parts of the world. Now they're forty two thousand members of this group facebook group m. l. l. is what it's called and And you can join to and then you can write a letter to somebody who More letters might be having a hard time. It could use a little positive message because an isolated from somebody a more letters on face. Fred show turned out. Lie studios in america's greatest city in kfc fm chicago when entering five kiss. Fm radio station Everybody tuesday december fifteenth. Fred shows high. Paulina good morning owner. Boehner deals in the other room waiting by the phone. I know second date for this couple. We'll get to next the entertainment report after this. Very famous artist and icon sad. That fan tried to kill her. Well i guess you probably shouldn't say fan. A man tried to kill her and to her real fans saved her life. I'll tell you this wile tease masterclass thing. I noticed that. I can't wait to hear. These stories are enough money. Why were you left waiting by the phone alexa. How are you doing well. good morning. Welcome to waiting by the phone. Tell us about your date with chris. all about it's where you guys stand now everything on a dating up and we talked for policy weak and then we ended up going out for dinner and drinks and we had a really good time and i mean i saw. He felt the same because he was texting me law And then just one day. He'd completely like stop texting me like it was like check back and forth like pretty much right away but then like there's a couple of hours of between the few vendors nothing and i just i don't know what happened and he's not responding to me so i'm hoping you can help me out okay. So he's got him frustrating and you want to know what's going on so we'll call him. You'll be on the phone. I don't want anything right at first but at some point definitely jumping on the call and hopefully we can figure out what's going on and said she base up on another day to we'll pay for everything okay. Can i hang on for second. Let's find out what's going on next after. Post vallone on the fred show. What are three five plus own three five kiss. Fm chicago's number one hit music station. It's the fred show alexa welcome back. Let's go chris guys app. I didn't talk for a while. went on this date. You thought really well. And now the communications simpson. His trickled off. And there's nothing goes to do you want to know why we're gonna call him now. Good luck hi chris. Hey chris fred calling from the morning radio show on kiss. Fm star. bother you. But i have to tell you before we go any further that we are on the radio. And i would need your permission to continue with the calls. It okay if we keep going Sure thank you. i'll hear about alexa girl. He met on a dating app and went on a day with not too long ago. Do you remember alexa. Yeah i remember her okay perfect because she reached out to us and told us that she'd met you in likes you and the other day when well and she hasn't heard from usa sedate and she was kind of curious. Why and if we could find out what's going on okay. Yeah so we went out one time Honestly pretty good time whether then after the date and then we'll social stocking you know like you do checking out the facebook name or whatever and and i stumbled across Her interest page and also kind of roaming through that and found. She had an entire board dedicated her wedding ingle yet. But lots of single girls still do. It's like You know scrapbook or like a vision board or something. I just creeped me out startled. But i would kind of be like you're yeah you're years away from being married for the same reason you would look at it through a bridal magazine just to like look addresses because you like wedding dresses and their prettier. This is public for everyone to see right. Everyone sees it. Feels like a little bit of like an expectation. If you're seeing this girl with you what. I think most people when they go out the expectation is eventually they'll get married to be together forever for a long time or something like that. So i don't know if that's unfair but It sounds like a pretty common thing. I like that alexis here by the way What word girl has stuff like that. We wouldn't magazines or watching. You know one of those shows on tv or they go shopping. It's just not fine engaged. Might come across something on the internet. Where you think. Oh that would be cute to have at my wedding one day so you pin it you know so you don't forget what it was or you can reference it it'll take you said they give a surprise at girls. Think about weddings but public process enough for you. Wanna go on a second day whether i mean what is your ambition. Is your ambition just to date forever. I mean i guess it's that the wedding thing isn't that farfetched to me. I don't. I don't know you've never met a girl. You gonna one day outside of that and then you know her main interesting. I mean her. That board had the most pins on phillix. You spend all her time. You know thinking about this wedding sometimes people just because it's a time waster and it's something to do we. She's obsessed with pinterest anyway by the way i have. I have a pinterest account. So i can look at other people's pitches to count for gift ideas. I do have that which is smart actor. Yeah i think it's a great place. You know to look at things. But i i. Just you know creeped me out. I don't know all right so you say it's kind of a weird reason you're otherwise you can't get over the you know the aggressive Pinterest wedding pins and go on a second day where they're at least see if you you know since you had a good time with the first one no it was too much for me to mile. Okay well there you have it alexa. Yeah i like it's an excuse. I mean it seems so ridiculous that it seems like it. I don't care anymore. it's what it is then by. No chris answering thanks for your time alexa. Best of luck to you. All right entertain report next after surf may sell what. Oh three five Five kiss up elitists. Entertainment news is on the fred. Shown it's brought to you by lurie children's hospital so it was share in my tease. So i guess some guy. She was performing on broadway. Some guy was at the back entrance told her that he wanted to shake your hand. She shook his hand putting saturn pushing her down the alley and said he was gonna kill her crazy so there was no one around but then to fans of hers turned the corner and saved her life. She says that those fans later became her friends. So i need to do is save taylor swift and then we'll be. Yes even twin taylor a lot or you taylor stuff taking taylor. I don't think i'm on the on the like what is it called. When you're on twitter and follow like a thread guate-. I don't know i don't know if she will ever see that but i just got save her life and then she'll notice me number just give it to you. It's been holding damn big girl. Without the worse little girl average average girl really got a lot of ways. I just went skinny girl. Hey hey little girl. I'll just call you skinny girl from john. Look we just had that sexual harassment training the other day. I'm afraid honestly so. They make us watch this this. They don't make good idea. You know. I understand like and they're doing it to cover their ass. The company with the watches to training about what we you know how we can can act in the office. And i watched it last night. You guys have done it. Previously and now. I'm afraid to speak to anyone. Like i'm i'm afraid that anything i say could be. I mean like relate to any of those scenarios that were bad though. I don't know come around the corner asking me if i like my shift and wanna keep it. You want to keep your ship. Yeah 'cause i gotta go pick my daughter. I got to take this training. This scenarios with actors and they're showing and it's very uncomfortable to watch so cringe and i understand. They want us to see stuff. I mean everybody needs to see the way that you can. I can act any office. I understand that but it's forty minutes a very bad acting and very very uncomfortable scenarios. You have to watch because around the corner you like either in a warehouse they touches. Her elbow is like do you like your shift. And he's like she's like yeah like multi want to keep it funny but Happens in my house like inappropriate there was one with the boss who was trying to get the girl to go out to dinner with him after work. And imagine being in an actually. That's why i'm saying. I understand why this training exists but like they found the creepiest guys to be the typecasting because the guys were like super creepy. That we're doing this. Oh god jeff so. I'm afraid to call you big girl little girl girl girls from any of those you and we'll be all right. Just keep your eyes. Let's keep i shift. And i'll just go on like we're going to be okay. So jeff bridges revealed a newly shaved had in his latest health update. He wrote feeling good shave. My head got a puppy. Monty had a birthday. Seventy one man always like meet his tweets in his voice He told us back in october that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma also shared a link to no kid. Hungry seeing the health of our children can serve as a compass letting us know if we're on course or not are off course so he gave us an update and also you know plugged charity which is very Racially cook man. The star of one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. She's all that you guys think. I look like her. I don't look for you. i don't know. She joined the remake all that cook. Now dear god why she will. She'll addison rae. Mother feel old. Now we do you. Oh he's pretty. The daughters so anderson raised pretty one. And then there's gonna make what is. Is it going to be pretty prints juniors old enough that. I can't remember when i saw that movie watch. I watch it all so good when i get real union. Look him random cameos. But yeah so i almost said well. What else is she doing. But she was in netflix Love guaranteed which was the number one most watch film of netflix in september. So i guess she didn't need to do the movie she just. I don't know. I mean if you're going to remake the movie someone from the cat like someone has to be in it. You know. I feel like you have to cosign this year. Really quick Guardians of the galaxy star star lord. Because that he's bisexual. I don't know who that is by. Oh okay yeah he Chris pratt plays star. Lord and i guess the character is by and They say that he was by the comic book. I don't know. I don't know that we knew that. But they also won't say if the preferences will be shown in the film. But it's a start i guess. So they're coming out and saying i don't know it's a start. Hopefully they do show you know his love story in the next come so i didn't know that who he played so he plays star award his. Yeah that's god that sounds nerdy. Peter quill but his His name is start. Lord he goes. It's it's it's an ongoing joke. Because nobody knows who star lord his. And that's i stand by star. Lord books as much as i thought i did. I don't know i feel great franchise. It's a great movie. I've tried so hard to look at. I desperately wanna like comic books and video games for that matter. The comments but i mean i enjoy all the marvel movies all the dc movies. I don't read anything. The comics just you know so i. It's kind of like how you say. Fred like you read and then you watch the movie and it's just like oh there's a lot missing from the move from the movie that there was a book so often find. The book is better than for me. Like i don't have that. I don't have that t number like oh man. They took out a whole chapter of this book and the movie responded to the movies. Fine with me. So i'm fine with the way the movie is You don't know the difference so you really can't say well that's why don't you can't say one way or the other because you don't bother to read that's why because reading is good Mortar check online today. Katy perry changed. look again. Paulina says the hot. Katie is back also Obama is an eminem fan who knew and so Gave them a little shout out. That's on fresh show. Radio dot com for christmas kaelin Maybe you should talk to someone and you open it. And you're like really. Don't know the book i've been talking about late. Therapist lady routed about her experience as a therapist. Yes as soon as i'm done with a punishable face by calling joost it will read. Maybe you should talk to someone. But i can tell you do need to talk to someone. That's the point of the book. Okay no the book is no no the next book i bought you which is definitely go. Talk to someone. That was the message but no this is not. It's about a it's written by a therapist about being therapist that stories about people who went to therapy and then her own staff. 'cause you're if you go to therapy then and you've heard us talk about it because we go You've heard us talk about wanting to know like at some point after years of telling this personnel. Your stuff it's like well amir your stuff. This is unfair. This only goes one way. I want to hear what you're up to. I love that. I can give to people after i read them to. And so i'm gonna give that to my mom. Who's the therapist. So i think that will be good. Also my friend has two therapists. Should i be doing that really. Yes isn't a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Oh no she has well. She has a trauma therapist. Which i definitely have my fair share. And then she's a regular therapist. So do i need specifically to. I mean i'm like now. I'm thinking like god. I gotta get a whole team of therapies. Police therapist therapist. Yeah i need to know if i need like. How do you afford all this. I live at home. Squeeze try it. Let me say something own arabic. You'd really be big guy cooking at home. I would be balling so hard if i were paying mortgage no. My thing is obviously therapy. So my therapist works with me on a sliding scale highly recommended to look into it for those who because it is pricey and they have no therapists. I only see like once every two months because it literally is that. It's just like a session and so hard not only does multiple therapists. I mean this is while my add a team people. Antioch team deal making moves Move the bags around was on last night Tayshia got rid of the blake guy. You think blake saw you joy. I love sorry about that story. Oh man late last night a story. We both sauri interesting. I can say four eastern european like french-canadian. Maybe very nice story station. She doesn't have feelings for sorry addition and more confidence situation. I says relationships so she sends him home. Sends this other dude home. Riley guy said. I think riley was the guys you. I really hit his turtleneck isn't he. Yeah he's a boy eh fake name like he chose. He's from detroit new york and he tried to argue with her about him to be kind of tried to be like well. Why why reminding mean invite you to just get away get away. Just just say thank you leave in a limo until you give them. Some of this is in front of her though. Tried to reason with her. And it's like you're done you're right now in the limo. Suv drive right drive in circles until you start cry torture They just keep prying into. They're doing they make you see like I know some shows do it like Gordon ramsey's cooking shows like the four like hell's kitchen. You get braided all the time. So before you leave. You have to see a therapy to talk to somebody interview. I don't know. I mean you're on you're on this show and then heartbroken and your mental state might not be good along neal lane. They should also have a therapist that they work when And a doctor medical doctor on a lot of things Pants sure that. I'm sure there is one sort of some physician to get an se. Check before you go on. Show good mental health. Like i told you about. But i'm saying leaving the show like you wanna make sure. I'm harvard bennett. He came back spoiler alert for no reason because she got rid of him again but he explained to all the guys back started with this really strange bizarre. Walk out of here. I had a really emotional time ultimately come to the conclusion that i was going to be written off as this. You know harvard d. bag. That that i certainly am not. I felt like there was a lot of unfinished business. Least so Went to see tayshia and told her. I loved her and now the following day i received a note saying that my my words meant to lock and she liked to see me at the rose ceremony where she proceeded to send them home from last week because he was coming he got no but then he came back and then he explained to the guy because he got ticked off then he walks in the room with all guys that either less. Go really tough doing here. So he has to explain to them why he's back and then it didn't matter because he got kicked off Kicked him off twice back again. The whole follow up. Did you see cler- clergy not. Come on with. Joseph was there. You'll say neal was the guy who was mean to clare. Even though he said he was very mean in his approach but most of what he said was true. Yeah and he could have said differently but nonetheless here is a yosef. Not being willing to apologize declare. I rarely do this. I to try to help you help yourself. I've seen a lot of crazy stuff twenty years. But hey it's fred. I'm here to tell you how to be the guy. Sure to get the exclusive invite to the social bubble this holiday season press with the best uncommon crafts spirits from spirit hub. Delivered to your door see stories behind. The distilleries inspired recipes at of course. Great spirits on spirit. Hub dot com spirit hub uncommon craft delivered please enjoy responsibly fisher house. If i had a chance to talk to the fisher family. I would start crying. Because i can't articulate how much it meant to us. House is to comfort home for military and veteran families staying at no charge allowing the family to be together to support their loved one during medicine prices enough to help. You thrive through these hard situation. Go to fisherhouse dot org for more info and how you might help. That's fisherhouse dot. Org was really not a good look it just the way. The weight escalated the way you spoke. I would love if you could just see that and just be like you know what i do. See that in claire for that. I'm sorry i'm not gonna apologize. I really don't care what these guys really think about me going to stay true to myself. Okay i mean it was bad how he said it was screamed at her. Yeah i would expect more from the oldest bachelorette was a little too much. Yeah the way he spoke to her. I did not care for but everything. He said to her She said you could never be the mother of my children derogatory so she said it was interesting but i i mean the whole thing. I don't like her guy who is trying to make the coup like whatever the volt against players kenny. Kenny who is he should have spoken her that way. There's no doubt about that But you know he. I think he would have gotten the same response from her if he had said those things to her even though she deserved to hear them He just sort of said the should have said them differently. And then i think that would have been a pretty easy opportunity to say right there. Hey i shouldn't spoken to her that way. My bad on that but by the way. I meant everything i said. Yeah that probably would have gone over okay. But she wasn't there like it's not like he was confronting her. Yeah she's busy trying to get pregnant by dale trying to yes she said. Oh my gosh. I'm totally on the pill and then you know. Take the entire month. Tst new story alert not new story. Just like sal. He saw he saw something. Dated before. Where you know the i'm like. Hello oh there's a few less ladies need to consider. Now you d i take. I take a different medicine all the time. I don't know i don't know. Would you take the male pill absolutely one hundred percent. I would okay. What about you. People forget or whatever. But if you forget and i like that's that's the burden of a woman. There isn't a male alternative there is. It's a condom. But i'm saying as far as the only if you make a joint decision in a relationship that that's the contraception. You're going to use them. That's on you. And that's that's a burden and i get that but if that's the choice that you either take it or you don't and if you don't if you miss it or you don't or you're not you're way behind than you gotta be like. Raise your hand and say hey way behind we gotta do something else here as opposed to. Psa antibiotics make it not effective. Sorta something else. I saw this week to repeat fever. Be respond that affects birth control. You can't yeah. It's bad idea trending stories. What oh three five surprise anybody but there's a vaccine scam already number of colored vaccine scams already I got that and the most hated cities in the country in. What's trending in and more nuts. I i watched. The masterpiece feels radio masterclass. And that's why the tease was so good. Did you work before you met him. Last twenty years. Before i met him were absolutely worthless was only i met him. Things are you're just wheeling and dealing out here blooming even rubio's going to even the man who taught me how to tease going to hang around to see the conclusion of. Yeah thank you so much. You're okay. I made the professor. I made a brown We'll do it next. Fred show stuff on one three five kiss. Fm is what's trending because of my incredible tease. Everybody's still hanging around. Yeah i mean i'm excited. Everybody in the room listening. You guys the people who are paid to be here. You guys still hung around. I'll you don't want to keep leaning girl. It's been a little bit. that'd be great. Sure a lot of companies have to do this. You know this is various training for legal reasons or whatever in this one about the harassment. Again a lot of people probably see it like you know. Yeah i get it but it just the the presentation as They had they played out these scenarios on the train made us do and it was just. The acting was just really bad and the scenes understandably were very uncomfortable to watch made worse by the creepy as actors weird to do it like this like at this time because there's no it's like bella. They're doing it because at the end you know you click a bunch of boxes and you except like if anything ever happens you can't come back and say we didn't learn. Any of this runs working from home is is it yes. I don't know you j. Keeping their pants on zooms wearing pants in this call more than once how business we've heard about people you know one guy was jeffrey toobin guy the guy wrote for the new yorker or whatever. He didn't have a job anymore because apparently couldn't keep his pants on himself. A mean good lord The first dose of covid nineteen lancet. Say that the first dose of covid nineteen vaccine been administered in the us. The first person inoculated in new. York is an icu. Nurse at long island jewish medical center. She said i feel hopeful today. Relieved healthcare workers around the nation are also getting the shots they gain yesterday. Health experts say that will be months before the vaccine will be widespread enough to make a noticeable dent in the spread of the virus So the question is do you need a covid. Nineteen vaccine if you've already had the virus kaelin sa- question The answer is clear. But i didn't feel good after reading the article and like do i don't a lot of other things. Most experts say. Yes the chief medical officer at web. Md source i use for all medical needs says i have had brain cancer and herbie's and god and that i need my leg amputated says all of those things For various reasons we do not know that we do know that people who have had covert will will have immunity for a period of months to years ram. We just don't know how long right so it could. Last couple of years. It might not experts believe that immunity from the vaccine may be stronger than getting covert and recovering so basically at some point. It's possible you could get it again. So that gives vaccine. I guess he's a right as a safeguard. The better business bureau is warning of scammers trying to make money on the cove nineteen vaccine which i read some like what of course they are the agency says you may receive a phone call text message email or even someone knocking at your door claiming to get you on an early list to get the vaccine. The scammers may promise you a covert nineteen vaccine for a fee or ask you to share your credit card or social But the ftc the federal trade commission says that you likely will not pay for the vaccine out of pocket during the public health emergencies. Don't give your card number. Like i'm dr fauci and i of the vaccine. You know i'll give you the way that he had corona virus. So he can. He can the immunity. Dial in your. Dr he's not he's a family man. I understand and he's not worn here. Warn year Elders in your. It's the people that don't know better President elect joe biden's electoral college. Win was made official yesterday biden past two hundred and seventy vote threshold needed to become president just before five thirty with california's votes pushing him over the top. He ended up with three hundred six president trump to thirty to the same count. The trump beat hillary with four years. Ago i guess the other way round of course And yet. I don't think it's over somehow supposedly. He's we're still doing this again. I tweeted about it yesterday. You know just like hey be down with us. It's not a a an and no one came after me but it's not a political statement is whatever side you're on or moving forward like iriarte people ask the opposing side to move on. You know like just move. So i i'm just as as a guy who's fairly moderate and but really you know I'm just like come on. I try i try and especially in the media you know i just try and kind of stay in the middle and polarizing with the politics. Nobody comes here for that. But all i'm saying is it's over it's over. It's officially over. Maybe you maybe. Somebody's i don't know of anybody rod but whatever it's over it happened it's also the doesn't seem that way but whatever. It's also time to hope that our president does the best he can do. Because wishing that whoever the president is obviously biden now does bad job is not what you want for the country. You know we we did this. We debated s. We went to court over this like. I don't know if you're if you're a trumper. I guess it sucks but here we are. Let's like figure this out so we can get together and get these people that get the big everyone vaccinated or whatever so we can get back to like the the two sides come together. Get a stimulus package for the people man. 'cause it's it's it really is just flat out their own. We're all this and we all want to go back to You know having gatherings and in bars lives and lives and concerts on these name anymore. Cheers hello lou. I'm saying whenever ends vaccinated arm and there's nobody in there that that was nice. That was empty and i wanted to and i also learned. I learned that on rubio's masterclass to paint a picture win win. We're broadcasting to the folks paint. A picture in their heads is over. going for. That picture was an empty boss bar now. Of course it usually is at four. Pm when i go ten years ago fifteen years ago ten years ago it would have been i would four am right but you know things i get back to his boozy brunch and his early boss bar and straight tobacco Thanksgiving a recent study among america's most hated city. You wanna hear it. The most hated city the way most hated city in america. Number one in detroit michigan of skinny girl kaelin fan. I mean i don't understand. We're trying biggest baltimore. Los angeles saint louis new york philadelphia. Colorado springs riverside california and miami florida. Why they got the top ten at least hated in case. You're wondering minneapolis. Fort worth and saint. Paul okay so all the funds states were in the hate it. Yeah i love. Vegas vegas yeah. I don't even know what that's another one you know wants to go to las vegas. Say they can't do it. Can't i'm not going to las vegas year two years for sure but i feel like i don't know why we hate having fun places. Jealous hustle saint paul and saint paul exact. I can help you in minnesota. By the way they only ask people. Minnesota minneapolis saint paul right and saint paul to me. What's happening here is National cut cake day and national. Wear your pearls today as well. It didn't read. Show talk better than they type. These are the radio blogs on the friendship. I two audio journals. We do every day on the show. Paulina wants to deal block today. All right falling what you got sierra. Thank you thank you dear blog. I feel like we can all relate to this when it comes to our parents because my mom and i were nothing. I'd i on something here. And i think it's really interesting because she's done this before but basically what i'm doing right now is. I'm calling light search. Because i'm not trying to tomorrow but i'm kind of condo searching kind of seeing what's out there i mean i don't work in real estate so i don't know what the market looks like. If it's hot if it's not. But i just felt i waited the location for an hour and a half of my way to drive people around from place to place own selling. You could probably sell anything. But i also yeah there'd be some professionalism issues perhaps condo. No no go around the back door. Like i know people can do on the dell. Yeah we don't need like deeds and just move right perfect bedroom martinez that would see your light searching light searching for a better term. But i'm just looking like on the apps. But i have actually physically seen a couple of them i do have a budget is very low But i also wanna stay like in my neighborhood. Where i grew up i midway. I'm looking like midway airport so like there's different sites to. I'm looking literally at every neighborhood around midway. My mom obviously bought the house that we live in. I don't know like nine hundred ninety nine or something attend the so. Call me crazy. But i think the market has changed since nine hundred way we get loans and all of that has changed. Plus she was married had two kids. I feel like we're kind of going into it or we go into differently. She was looking for a house. I'm looking for a condo. i'm not married. i don't have kids like it's just different. So i think she wants to give her input in her advice. Which is great. I want to do that but my mom used understand like. I'm learning to and the reason that i give her israel because i'm learning it from my realtor and my lender all these people but she thinks she knows it all and i love her disagreeing on like what is it that she doesn't agree overprice and i'm like this condo is overpriced in your is like like she's like well i wouldn't have paid less and i'm thinking like yeah in nineteen ninety. Nine hundred like doesn't get that and you know kinda like says it's too late with the loans and everything like i'm learning how that's working on. A house definitely know how that works with the whole her thing. She's very traditional twenty percent down. And i'm learning. You don't need that granted. There's different approaches to that because he got like pay an extra insurance. Yeah so like. I rather just go in with not twenty percents. But i know that it'd be better for me in the long run but like who has that. I'm going so. I don't know i'm just thinking about it. She is wants to be involved. Oh and then. She doesn't like i'm not gonna say what street doesn't like a certain street by us and i'm like it's not bad there it's like there could be some shady parts. Yes but it's not a bad area. My best friend lives right there so looking out for you though. She means well but you know she's old. School is what you're saying. Oh and and fred you said you bought your house or i at twenty six right. You said that before like where your parents involved in that. They helped me with the down payment. I paid them back. Yeah that's not a bad idea. But i mean they help you like as far as or stay here or don't wasn't it It was an austin. Yeah yeah no and that was always the deal with my parents is that i had to come up with some of the down payment. They would have the rest. And then i had to pay them back and so again it was less money i had to pay interest on. I just paid the back of his But yet no. I asked them for help. Though because i didn't i didn't know anything about it. A lot of stuff came up. But but my mom didn't question or or neighborhoods or whatever. She just kind of went with whatever the realtor said and then and looked at those options. But yeah i mean there were certain ones that they didn't like as much and this isn't as good and maybe look at something like this. I did what does she just doesn't want you to leave. Okay here's the thing. So she says you. She's like i think it's time and she did tell me vats on feel better having sexually boyfriend of the basics. She's finding a problem with everything you know. She would be like. Oh great of. Yeah you should get that show. I just feel like deep inside. Doesn't want me to leave. Yeah of course because my sister lives in detroit now like by detroit house you guys here. This from the most hated city in the country. Love my family so much. But i feel like they look at my sister who go to like an ivy league all these things right. I felt he look at her as the older sister and like what she does. Okay she can live with her boyfriend she can do this and that but pollyanna looking at condos. Oh boy you go you know. That's it like banned house for mom. So i'm sure i'm sure it's mixed but you know what she probably go celtics. You're going to get herself fat condo with a view in the loop and she'll be balling out martin going to be out here. Hey mom can. I come over. She's gonna be like not tonight. We'll paulina your your mom's fun buddy. Like her sister's the one who organizes things you know lays down the law and you and your mom or like little buddies and you have fun together and that's probably why she doesn't want you to leave. You got your in this relationship and you know. I don't know down the road other things will happen. I'm sure you can't do all that stuff in your mom's house so she know totally. But i was looking before and i talked about this. Maybe last year. I was looking before like the whole boyfriend thing anyway. Because i'm twenty eight right. My goal was always thirty. And then i was like you know what twenty nine sounds really nice too so i was like thinking condo of your own. Yeah thirty right okay. Plays build some equity out of your credit. Go to accomplish minutes. It's a big deal. It's good for living at home on purpose to save got like i know. I could've got an apartment here. And i've had an apartment when i moved back from l. a. when i was twenty four but i said i wanna live at home. Help my mom's and save up some money go. But i just wish she kinda like trusted me more a little bit. Just let me let me teach you mama. It's not literacy trusts. You is just your child. So she's always going to have reservations about stuff. You're gonna do you know. I think it's true that people remember I don't know like my. I went to the same college as my mom. And she used to walk around. Stanley's yeah we both wentz. Smu and and we. She walked around telling stories or or reference. Something to me about how it was when she went twenty years. Twenty years before me. And it's like well it's not no it's totally different now like it's so and so isn't like this place doesn't exist and that places like that and whatever and it's like you know. I think the people trying to help. But they got to realize things evolved in their different now change and and you kinda have to accept that but that now imagine how long she would be like. Oh you can't go to new orleans. It's a dangerous city. I was there for the super bowl like years. I'm like six. I live in detroit man. The most dangerous city in america says she was always telling me about taking the cable car. I'm like me and i love. There's no cable car anymore. Like it's all so different. But they try they try to help your mom against you getting a condo or she wants to get a house like a single family home or the house next door. There's actually a house for sale across the street telling her that nobody tell her personally. I'll be very honest. I want a house. Because i feel like i mean i want the yard space But okay single. Paulina can afford it. The longest you'll be doing all people queen with the hostile online therapists inskeep therapists. You can have a six bedroom house on several times a week. Money left howard hughes over here. Hey we'll see we'll see idea big long beard. Lots of money didn't end well for him. Whatever reid wasn't much of a sales echo your house. Bill colo Well pauline. i'm happy for you. The big big moves a lot of things happen for you. Lot of things happening here in twenty twenty for you. I'm terrified of twenty twenty one land. Why why you team up for success. How do you want more this year. I mean they're good things happening for sure and and you know. I'm grateful that we're all still here and able to do all of this together so there are good things coming. I feel but i'm nervous. This is new territory for me. It's very nerve racking up growing up man. My kids are just growing up right right in front of my eyes closed. The wrong direction.

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