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Thank you for listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcast one. You know I think I can safely call myself an M._t._v. star and and I am thrilled to let you guys know that this week's podcast is brought to you by M._T._v.'s the real world Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch the original reality show is back and streaming now only on Facebook Watch M._T._V.'s the real world Atlanta is the next true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and had their hookup screw apologies fights tears voices and lives streamed exclusively on facebook watch if the return of the first unscripted show so in T._v.. History to tackle gender race AIDS Taboos Life Death Addiction Connection Acceptance and reality and it's being reinvented M._t._v.'s the real world Atlanta is an all new reality experience with content sent dropping daily and new episodes every Thursday find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again and facebook click on the facebook watch icon and searched the real world on watch CH- M._T._v.'s the real world Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch Los Angeles rescue crews one and <music> only famous. It'd be Perez Hilton guys welcome to the Booker he's for as how are you doing. I am alive and healthy and good and just a jumble of emotions kind. Well you know a minute ago. I mentioned that I'm an M._T._v. star and I I really think I am. I actually think I'm an M._T._v. star. You know you're an M._t._v. all-star of an Salaam you V._J.. Mt Out but I was just this weekend on M._t._v.'s wilder now which doesn't air on M._t._v. anymore but it still called. M._t._V.'s wild. Wasn't it on M._T._v. too because I recall when I worked there as when that shows started. I believe it was on M._T._v. too so it's not there anymore well. It was on M._t._v. for a long time so it was okay so they moved it over. I didn't know that I thought it was just M._t._v. to show. I didn't know where I don't even know of M._t._v. to exist anymore does it. That's a good question. I have no idea I don't think so but yes. I think you're correct. I think it was on M._t._v. to and then for a long time it was just just on M._t._v. and now airs on the H.. One and I was on the most recent episode. Thank you everybody for the feedback and of course I was really nervous before I did it but I think I held my own. I saw a little clip that hugh post and I loved it. I thought you look cool and be whatever you said your confidence and what are you. You said something to the guide Spanish. I don't know if they believed it out they did it looked really funny and it looked like you were holding your own. I think I did hold my own but so weird so many people which is why it's cool that M._t._v.'s doing the real world Atlanta on facebook because so many people don't even have cable they're like how can I watch it. I don't have cable anymore crazy right anyways but oh God you know what I don't care. M._T._v.'s not not paying me. I didn't even watch I didn't even watch my own episode. You were there you know what happened. Exactly exactly I promoted it and I promoted a lot but instead of seeing myself on while out just because of the time that aired it aired at four thirty eight P._M.. Pacific 'cause I have the East Coast Feed on direct T._v.. And at that time I decided to take my kids to the movies instead we went to go see the lion king which is good to talk about because I think parents may WanNa hear this. The the critics have savaged the movie they oh yeah. I didn't see that wow okay. It's got something like A. I think a fifty percent rotten score on rotten tomatoes tomatoes. Wow so so critics hate it but I thought it was fun. I didn't I mean I don't think it was a groundbreaking revolutionary but I actually enjoyed it ad. It's so funny because they my son never having seen a single episode of Cisco and Hieber Young people probably have have no idea what it is not a close their us by the way yeah intrinsically. My son gave a thumbs up N._F._l.. I'm like wait a minute her giving a thumbs up Anna thumbs down. I just had like other worldly moment so makes review for my son I enjoyed it and despite the mixed reviews it did crazy numbers the box off. Oh my goodness. Did you see that I was insane. What of the highest grossing openings of all times mm Sal when the trailer came out? It looks really cool. I'm about to say something very embarrassing. I didn't see the original I have no no. I didn't so I just I just saw the two and how you know they did the live version of what they'd already you done as animated and I was like this is really cool so I've never seen the movie but it looked incredibly cool to me if I was going to if I had kids of course I would totally go see that that looks. It looks fun to me. What speaking of trailers actually I wasn't even as well actually? It's a good thing to talk about. Even though I hadn't put it down on my list. Did you watch you probably did it. Did you watch the cats trailer with Taylor swift and disturbing. I saw it on your site and you're like this looks good and we all got in line to say no it doesn't it looks terrible. The cats are freaky looking and you're like it's GonNa Win Awards. I'm like for what worse looking movie terrible first of all you like it. I first of all I am a huge theater lover. Of course I know the original source material the show the show is basically a show about nothing. There's no real plot really there's nothing that happens a cats. I've seen it myself how you walk out and you say what just happened because it's based on poems it's based on the poems of Elliott but also the original show is so cheesy campy and not the movie might be like that. I think that's why I love the trailer so much. I'm just looking get at the characters and the cats and how they're walking around. It just seems very creepy to me in the costumes. It's very weird speaking of musicals actually I'm legit a huge musical lover and theater lover. I took my kids to go see two shows of the last few days I took my daughter to go see the friends musical parody which is playing at the Kirk Douglas in Culver City and she loved it even though she'd never seen a single episode of friends before I took my son to go see Miss Saigon in which is playing at the contagious and I had never seen Miss Saigon before. I didn't even know the music I didn't know anything about it other than I thought it was about war and I go with my son and Oh my God <hes> this is such an adult show nudity violence and drug use. Oh my now that I know that I would've still taking my six year old anyways because these are good conversations to have although oh he didn't have any questions. He didn't really want to do any talking after the show because he felt he fell asleep during attitude so your daughters got the theater gene your son maybe not so much. He's he's got the theater gene. It's just a longer show intermission at Miss. Saigon started basically at the time that the friends musical ended so yeah but my friend Ian Army Taj who stars in Young Sheldon but got his career start doing musical reviews send us a video saying we loved your video and a little note. Mario and MIA take a nap before going to the which they did not what do and that's a really good tip next time to go see a show. I'll have my kids go. Take a nap. Well let me springboard off of that so he's also in big little lies. Oh yes he's finale last night and they didn't really nice job. Tying up season to season two was only six episodes. If I'm not mistaken but it's like one of those shows they didn't need to do season too but the characters are so good and Meryl Streep on top of it and the friendship between the ladies they did a really nice job of tying trying it up and they even left it open for a season three which I don't know if it's going to be necessary but I enjoyed it. I really think they've done it to such a good job and it's a testament to those ladies there just a plus. The Co Kidman Meryl Streep Reese Witherspoon Laura Dern is probably going to get every award ever. She's just seems psychotic. She's crazy but it's and that Zoe crab it is so beautiful was she knew this season Rashawn last season to know she was on last season. She's one of the <hes> the five girls that witnessed the crime so they did a nice job. I mean they really they. Of course they did it's H._B._O.. But it was really good one of the heads of H._B._O.. I remember reading said it's unlikely that it's GonNa come back for a third heard Seattle. I don't see and I forgot Shailene Woodley too. I doubt it there's no need. I said there wasn't a need for season two but you love these ladies so much. You won't mind if they do. You'll still watch. I know I'll watch my mom. Sent me a photo of my mom. I'm in Dad's wedding announcement in the local Spanish language newspaper in Miami because today is my dad's birthday I was totally fine until she sent me that and then I was a rack up crying et sucks and now just been an emotional mess all morning but I do and <hes> forty-five minutes later really start our show but thankfully I'm healthy and I've been enjoying my daily daily <unk> harvest to get me through my very early morning workouts and recovery and you too can have a banging body like me. If you stick to your daily harvest. Let me tell you honestly. I'm not even joking the the best thing you can do for your health. If you WANNA be healthier is meal prep and daily harvest. Is your meal prep daily. Harvest delivers thoughtfully sourced Sheth curated food that is built on fruits and vegetables and can be prepared jared and less than five minutes so if you don't Wanna eat animals anymore daily harvest is your go-to fill your box with more than sixty five different options like ready to blend smoothies refreshing chilled soups and Savory Savory Harvest Bowls good a daily harvest dot com and enter Promo Code Peres to get three cups for free in your first box. That's Daily Harvest Dot Com. I just had a brain fart and we mentioned on the. I should send this to you. I'm going to set down to you. Hold on don't share this because this is not been made public but I'm just texted you something can i. I haven't received it yet here. This take a look at it. Though I am not even open it up I saw enough. I did my naked. It looks so good at it. No I'm done over. I cannot wait to share that with you. All maybe it'll be. I doubt I'm trying to get like a hope. You know it's good to eight hi. I'm trying to see if some like outlet might WanNa do get exclusive. I look or whatever but if not then I'll just release it myself anyways high guy I am so torn and concerned for Cardi B. Torn because I don't know for sure what prompted prompted her to do this. Either being sincerely in a truly bad place or just being dramatic and inappropriate. Let me explain what happened over the weekend Cardi B. tweeted it out wish I was dead at then deleted that tweet it wasn't a hack. She really tweeted wish I was dead and this after she went on Instagram live off to defend herself yet again over previous statements that she said you know the statements that she claimed previously to have drugged and raped men. She said that and now she was clarifying basically that she was lying but she never did that in the past yet that she would go through guys wallets and rob them but that she never sexually assaulted anybody and having said that explain what happened. I don't even know why she felt the need to even talk about that again because I think I'm pretty plugged in and I didn't see people bringing that up recently unless they bring it up every single day. The and she's just exhausted a people bring it up every day but still she could have chosen to just ignore and not remind people of that. Let it go. I never believed that in the first place I didn't I think she's just one of those people that just kind of free free association talking running her mouth. Yes she was a stripper. I never really believed anything quite frankly. I don't care why she brought it back into our lives. I have no idea there's one of two scenarios. She tweeted wish I was dead because she really was thinking that and then if you're really suicidal than unconcerned for your life and I'm concerned for your one year old daughter and I'm concerned for the rest of your year it and I'm just concerned or she's just a drama Queen and so gross to me that would be gross like I would never tweet anything like that unless I really within that dark of a place I what do you think why do you think she tweeted that. I'm going back and forth much like you just said I do find it gross if she's just being dramatic and looking for attention the her social media platform which he knows autonomy people follow follow that on the other side of the coin issue reaching out for help. Does she have drug problem. Is She okay. I don't know the answer to any of those questions so I'm sort of caught in the middle wondering why she did that repeated. I don't really know what to say. That's why the first thing that I said is that I'm concerned at alarmed anytime that somebody types that and throws it out into social media. You should be concerned. I think anyone should be considered. This is a lot of people should've called the authorities at that moment now and I think that this is really reflective of where she is right now and I'll go back to what I said. A minute ago the rest of her year Cardi B.'s not gonNA have a good rest of two thousand nineteen. I expect more things to happen. I don't know what those may be. It's not going to be from hi-de-hi-de-hi`ing I think a lot of bad things are coming her way just based on about one tweet. I don't disagree with you. I hope she's been good with her money and saving from Cardi B. to somebody that I was friendly with. I've never met Cardi B.. I'd love to meter though but I'm gonNA spill some t try a little exclusive about Wendy Williams and it was prompted by Andy Cohen's most recent appearance on the when be show Wendy recently celebrated her fifty fifth birthday and I just genuinely wished her happy birthday in what am I daily recap videos and then later that day. I saw Angie on her show. This is what Andy had to say because it was his first time on Wendy's show in six years Andy The star of watch what happens live on Bravo says quote. Your husband was not my biggest fan but I've been cheering you on for the last six years worse so I always publicly paid respect and gave props to Wendy Williams and I've been on her show countless times in fact the very first preseason of the Wendy Williams show before was officially picked up back when it was still only a test on Fox on a few Fox stations. I think I was appearing once a week. You you know we had a close working relationship and I've met her a bunch of times and then when I was living in New York City I was on her show regularly. I haven't been on in a while because I don't live in New York anymore. I was in New York for about three years and then earlier this year here. When Wendy was going through all of her drama and they were looking for fillon hosts either so low or part of a panel Mike team reached out and her husband nixed me said no to me as a Philip host either by myself for as part of a group and that was really hurtful to me and I gotTa admit after a while they're my hurt feelings got the best to me and I a maybe wasn't a big wendy fan even though it was all her husband's doing but I'm glad that now she's in a happy better place no longer with that husband so hopefully wendy and I can make amends and I? I don't even understand why they would turn me actually the only possible reason that I kept on thinking of for her husband saying no to me even as part of a panel I get it maybe they're they don't think I'm nick cannon or whatever and don't have enough relevancy `vincere or whatnot to host the show by myself but I totally would have made sense. It's a row part of a roundtable which they did as well. Maybe the husband thought Oh we can't have Perez on because he'll be two good. They'll want to get him when he's show or something like that. I don't I don't understand why any other meaning why well I didn't know this back story so I'm sitting here much like the listeners just listening to the story. I didn't know that you had that that much history with windy and that show so it's being the bigger man by saying what you just said. You're MEA. Culpa there where you said that you know okay. Maybe I was being a little bit petty when it came to some of the stories but then again and she does what you do. She knows that you are going to have to have a point of view A and B half to report on her because she's part of the entertainment business so I don't know I hope I hope this gets to her. 'cause you know I I don't. I'm a fan of treating the people well that treat you well and I thought I always treated Wendy well and showed up for her and well. I mean some of the things that you've said I look. I wouldn't say that you've crossed the line. I don't like leg you cross the line that was all that was all after the ass full husband had not me yeah so I get it. I think everything you said speaks for itself. It's fine. I really wanted to reach out to windy on your own and say hey. I'm here for you. <hes> you know I may have reported some things that I regret a little bit. Maybe you don't but I would keep that line of Communication Open. I think you two are good for each other because she she could use you and you could use her is all that I'm saying I see the the bridge. That's built there I just I hope you can repair it if there is a problem one of the thing about the many reasons she's inspiring to me one of the things I love about her story you know she just turned fifty five as I said and her show's been on I think ten or eleven seasons that means that by the time she got her deal to probably what forty two or forty three older than me so it gives me hope that you could spend a longtime building and growing career and in this youth centric culture and media landscape somebody that's seasoned and really good can still get a break. I agree with everything that you say and there's a lot of times I go into rooms with people that are much younger than me and I don't get the GIG and sometimes they do and I sit and say well that shows going to fail L.. Because I know I would have been better because I am more season. I know what to do with my thoughts and how to lay out with these young people sometimes don't so I agree with what you said. I think anyone could have an act to and if you look at people like Andy Cohen Perfect perfect example you think I wasn't exactly a spring chicken when he'd landed on television and really started again and I think you will have a second AC. I hope I have a second act. Maybe we'll have one together that would be even better but just keep on keeping on man a meeting with a bunch of agents find good for you good and my number one priority is trying to do more with the podcast. Turn this into something else so fingers crossed. People fingers crossed honestly honestly honestly. We should've used a condom but we got distracted. Canoas should get tested for H._I._V. But honestly I'm afraid to find out. Honestly we've been together for a while so getting tested never really crossed my mind. Honestly no one wants to think about H._I._V. But there are things that everyone can do to help protect their sexual health. Condoms are a great star. Get tested in ask a health provider about all of your prevention options because honestly our health. It's worth protecting find out more and get honest about H._I._V.. Dot Com anyways from Cardi B. and Wendy Williams to somebody very else. I have had some beef with Kathy. Griffin in a new interview Cathy was asked about Me Rosanna Scotto. Do you know her from Fox in New York. Yeah Yeah Good Game New York. She's awesome. I've been on that show a bunch of times. She interviewed Kathy recently and asked her about all of her famous feuds and I was one of the many people brought up and asked if I would if she would make up with me and she's like no. I just laughed because like cassava stated. Oh my God. How can I function but I gotta give credit listen? Even if somebody's been nasty to me. I can still acknowledge that a somebody's nobody's talented which Kathy Griffin is. I think she's very funny and be I can also acknowledge things. They get right and do well even though I think she's a miserable human being I think Kathy Griffin does a really really good job at staying relevant. I mean hello. She's had a career for thirty plus years and somebody else I loved listen. I love the Margaret Show to me. Margaret Show isn't icon. Margaret is not as relevant as Kathy Griffin. It's true there is something that Kathy has in the way she does. What she does keeps her relevant so one of the things she also doesn't she talks a Lotta smack and I'm not even talking about me now? One of the things she said in a recent interview to me is clearly smacktalk and actually below the belt look at me throwing out a real Americanism there well done. She was talking about her feud. Andy Cohen and with Anderson Cooper and in this interview Kathy spoke about Anderson's mother Gloria Vanderbilt who recently died. Maybe a month ago more or less. This is what Kathy fucking Griffin had to say about Anderson Cooper's recently deceased mother quote. I really wasn't love with Anderson's mom the Great Gloria Vanderbilt she let me call her blow Vandy and she gave me so many life lessons. I actually Kinda knew her better than Anderson in a way that last line infuriated me how dare you I actually kind of knew her better than Anderson and away. Fuck you talk you. That was done on purpose joke. No it's not you see this now. That was not a joke that was clearly an attempt to hurt Anderson Cooper and I would find that very hurtful. Oh okay all right. The mom just died exactly just layoffs died. I don't think he just lay off a little like don't even talk about her at the moment but once again someone's asking her they're talking about feuds and and that's one of the feuds and you're trying to be funny in the moment look it's not it's not really egregious but it's below the belt as you would say. It's a little too soon to someone that you seem to have such a close relationship to at one point. It's hard being friends with a Kathy Griffin type. It's hard being friends with the president. You know what I mean. That was not a great friend. I happen to agree with you but I think other people their perception of her their perception shouldn't of you. It's the same thing with Howard stern before. The new Howard has ruled out if you will I think people have these perceptions of these people and they're usually wrong. You have a perception of a performer. I know who you are kind of. No Kathy what she's trying to do. I know what Howard was trying to do so I think there's something there to that but just getting back to your point. It's still too soon. You were friends and it's it's not that horrible nuts to me. That's horrible. You know the implicat- implications like Oh yeah this. She knew what Gloria Vanderbilt maybe ten years Max and Anderson knew her his whole life and you're just implying so much awful. It also could could mean that she knew a side of her that maybe he never got to see as a son. That's all that she's kind of say. I don't know if that's necessarily a slap in the face. I'm sure there are people that know aside of my mother. That I don't know because we have our own relationship I kind of think that's what she was saying and still trying to be funny at the same time and maybe poke it a little bit. It's not egregious now it was it was totally a polk on purpose purpose. You don't know Kathy Griffin like I know Kathy. Griffin there much true all right from Kathy Griffin to another K. Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner. You know what I love it. I and so good at what I do like I just put this story Mex- but it goes on a theme. We're on a thing today. I'm going to give Kylie Jenner props. She's not one of my favorite people but I love when quote influencers are actually fucking real. It reminds me a we spoke about Olivia Cope on the podcast right. Remind me she's the hot model that was Miss Universe that talked about being depressed and I believe so yes. Kylie recently opened up again N._J._I._T.. Spoken about it previously but I think it's a good thing to talk about on the regular about her struggles with anxiety. This is what she had to say. I'm proud of myself my heart and my strength growing up the limelight with a million <music> is on. You just isn't normal. I've lost friends along the way and I've lost myself to sometimes my first Tattoo was sanity to remind myself every day to keep it. I've struggled with anxiety my whole a young adult life at after my baby I dealt with it all the internal adult all the internal ups and downs. I felt like I had to find myself completely again. I keep a whole lot to myself but just wanted to share and let you know I'm human my life. Life is not perfect and what you see on here on social media is just the surface be gentle with yourself move on and let go we are all capable of great things worthy of love and allowed to express ourselves do more of what what makes you happy and be unapologetic. Now is your season. We all have a magnificent destiny which is all really nice but and this is a feeling I have of most of those influencers who just post photos. Does most of their photos are fake. You know they're creating this fake image of their lives which she just admitted to. I just wish these people were more honest more often well. They're not in the job of honesty. Their job is to present the fairy tale and that's what the Kardashian show is. That's what they are. That's what they're based in. They are presenting us with the alternate reality of lamborghinis and rappers and billion dollar deals and you know this magical life but when you pull back the curtain they're just a bag of skin with bones and blood and emotions just like everybody else. It's it's not better. Even I know you've got that picture with your mouth agape. You're not any better than Nassar. You're not any worse they have problems to. It goes against selling the fairytale other would surprise may was at least from what I saw. The response response at a lot of people had was not supportive. A lot of people were very critical of her mocking her data not shock doubting her like us. How could you how good your light beat that bad? When you're a billionaire this that the other in the world is based jealousy and you know when you sign up for that game of fake smiles and Lamborghinis and everything else well you've got except the bad with the good and there's going to be more bad than good because it's jealousy but people are watching Chink to be jealous for some reason that's the weird catch twenty two of what's going on in the middle that people want to hate that they want to watch it and they want to joy it but yet they they're really they compare their own lives to it at the end of the show and they become I'm depressed and think oh wow I can do that to go out and do the same fake life and I'm going to do the same pose as an? I'm going to create this alternate reality of myself. It's unhealthy. I don't expect people to be nice to her after she was real oh but if those are her real emotions. I'm happy to hear it because it sounds like there's a really balanced human being inside of her so good good for her and screw it. Everybody else says online's for haters. Come on well. I do have some. I'm not so great Kylie General News and I'll get to that in a second but you know what I'm going to giving mood. I I would totally gashed Kylie some progressive insurance because everybody loves a discount saving money on your car. Insurance is easy busy with progressive. It's an average savings of six hundred ninety nine dollars a year for customers who switch and say that in fact customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy when they switched progressive discounts I just for starting a quote online or owning multiple vehicles. Get your quote online at Progressive Dot Com and see how much you could be saving discounts not available in all states and situations all right as I mentioned saw it wouldn't be Kylie Jenner without some drama over the weekend she had a pop-up shop based out of this trump but she had designed for her New Sky Kylie Skim the pop up truck showed up to Panama and she was hyping it big time on her instagram story and she's got over a hundred million followers on instagram so a lot of people were watching and paying attention and she said that she might show up. She was very carefully worded. She didn't say she would but she said she might. If I'm a fan of a celebrity and they say they might show up I'm taking at they're showing up and maybe they're just saying might for safety reasons for legal no reasons or whatever and she ended up not showing up to her Kylie pop up and so many people went just hoping to see her. She sent her mom and her place Kris Jenner showed up for for five minutes. That's something that's a celebrity and I don't think that she has to show up that. Don't say you might show up. She changed her mind. Maybe she was going to that's real shady. I think yeah and the thing is people. Don't know where that is is but that's ten minutes from her house. Tops Woodland Hills Calabasas there right next to each other so that's come on just just rollover drive-thru. Wave you know what I mean anything. Come on and even in your mind. If even if you just didn't want to do it just to be nice to the fans which you should've because you said you were most likely going to be there. It would have been good content for her to she could've filmed. It made a youtube video got. She's got hundreds of millions. You're right it would have been but what's the difference between thirty million forty billion nothing so lame we'll speaking of money. God this also reminds me of the response that Kylie Jenner got when she opened the Dub about anxiety Valerie Harper for six years now the iconic T._d.. Actress Legend of the small screen starring in Mary Tyler Moore Show Rhoda a Valerie's salaries house or Valerie. Whatever that eighty one was called? She's the battling brain cancer for six years. Now miraculously still alive and her husband set up a gofundme e for her because does they need the money. I don't think anybody ever prepares or plans to have it illness that lasts six years you can say than Save and prepare plan but illness. That's that longed that just must cost so much money because insurance she does have but insurance doesn't cover everything and so many people were so critical and and attacking the husband for starting this gofundme me saying oh you're so rich. Why do you have a gofundme me blah blah blah? I mean people you don't have to contribute you. Don't have to donate money right exactly the woman and is really sick. She sick hits for her. It's probably hard to say I'm out of money. We're tapped but I'm dying. I could use the help Geez have some compassion people and the ones that are donating or the ones that feel like wow this. This woman touched my life and I want to do something nice for her. She gave me all these years of free entertainment. You could even think that you can even think os this is so wrong or her to do this but then people have been leaving comments on that gofundme may what I say about the Internet. What could I say? It's a place filled with Haight who cares. That's what you're GONNA get. If you put anything out there that's the world that's the World Jealousy and eight so upsetting. It's just ridiculous. It's all ridiculous well. This is not ridiculous. This is who wild. Have you been paying attention. Maybe you have because you really care about the bachelor slower. All of the real life drama related to the Bachelor Creator Mike Fleiss. I saw a little bit of that do tau. I'm not down with the story. Oh my God. This guy's wife has made at some damning allegations against him. His wife is much younger. He's in his fifties. She when they married was just twenty five years old they had one in child together and then she recently got pregnant and he claims she lied about being on birth control and he didn't want to have another child and she claims that when he found out that she was pregnant when he was demanding that she get an abortion ads also alleged that there was a physical fight where he was violent towards her at the family home in Hawaii and this this is the wild thing right. There is video evidence of this alleged physical altercation <hes> wow which she claims shows him being abusive towards her and he claims that same video actually exonerates him that video has leaked the video hasn't been released to the public but that's bold he'd like or or the video will be so inconclusive. I don't know how one I can say. This video makes the other person guilty. The other person said no actually this video makes me innocent but I wonder what will happen with him on the show. He didn't kill get fired. I Dunno it depends on what's it's on this video fire the Creator Yeah of course can they I don't know I don't know it's funny. There's two sides to every story. It's funny how to people could see the same thing. Come out with two separate stories than you put in emotions silence and especially a pregnancy who knows. I don't know well that that happened. Are you still watching the Bachelorette. Show still on it's barely on but like I said I don't care. Does you watch judge the trailer for Bachelor and Paradise No. I'd never watched that herpes island. No thanks pass which you watch the Bachelorette over Bachelor in Paradise Yeah. I WON'T WATCH BACHELOR IN PARADISE. I've never seen that before. I don't like the Bachelorette Bachelorette because it's a bunch of do foods and I like the bachelor because it's twenty five hot chicks and one did it's like my fantasy twenty. Five girls wanting me at once. It's never happened ever all right. Well some beyond say news moving onto music news beyond set. You know what I think. The theme of today's Podcast is I'm awesome and I can call it like it is and I like to praise people. Even if I don't like this out of the other I mentioned mentioned last week that I don't really care and it seems like that's the consensus to a lot of people don't really care for beyond says new song for the Lion King Spirit right to soundtracks on yeah. I did like in the movie. Actually I saw the movie. I liked it in the movie. Well there you go proving my point that it worked in the movie however I will say I loved the music video. Did you see the music video. No I did not oh. It's so good. She filled that in the Grand Canyon I recall her shutting down the Grand Canyon for Yeah Yeah and she first of all looked amazing gave us. I think like eight outfit changes and even gave us choreography in a valid live for the video is amazing an iconic and she also released a new album album with a lot of original music from her inspired by the Lion King. I doubt that album would do well but we'll see in more music related news owned by Gosh Asep Rocky. He is still in jail and he's GonNa be there at least until this Thursday and what's wild is member G. eazy. I think it was last year was arrested on assault charges just like a separate rocky and on top of the assault charges he was found in possession of cocaine and he spent less time in jail eighth rocky. I think the big difference it is and I think maybe it has to do with maybe he just had a better lawyer. Maybe G. EAZY got a Swedish lawyer. Whereas maybe a thep rocky had American moyer's? I Dunno but almost right away G. eazy pled guilty. Maybe because he pled guilty. They're like okay. This is what we're going to do but from the very beginning at rocky has pled not guilty even though the authorities are in possession of a lot of video footage of the fight that happens eighth rocky had Kim and Conway Lobby on his behalf to Donald Trump Donald trump even tweeted of Donald Jr is a reality show. Donald Trump data reach out to the Prime Minister of Sweden and the Prime Minister of Sweden's Office spoke out on this saying that Donald Trump will not interfere fear with the legal proceedings of Sweden plow and also G. eazy himself has spoken out about all of this and he says the difference between me at rockies treatment and process in Sweden brings is to mind to concepts that disgustingly go hand in hand white privilege and systematic racism. Let's call it what it is. He should not be behind bars right now. My heart goes out to on my brother Asep Rocky and his team. We're writing for Y'ALL HASHTAG justice Iraqi Hashtag free rocky. I mean I do agree G.. EAZY was on more serious charges. The cases are apples and oranges. Every every case is different. I will say that I have no idea what he did. I don't know what they have. It's a solid point that brings up. This is the seems to be systematic racism. He may be guilty and I'm not saying let a guilty alty guy go but when you take to people with similar ish charges and you see what has happened not even similar I would say don't you think assault and drugs are more serious charges than just assault yeah but what was the assault all who is it to like. I said we don't know I don't know what's on the videotape. I don't I actually don't even know what he's really truly alleged of doing and what they have on him. You know g like you said he did plead guilty. Maybe if he did plead guilty he would have been led out yeah. I don't know more music related news. Sam Smith released a new song. Did you hear that yes I did. I love that song. Gach Great Song the first Sam Smith album his debut was so good and then end the sophomore album to me it thoroughly under delivered it just was not I would even say it was bad but now dancing with a stranger and this new song I forget the name of the Me Song but I love it. Check it out of the haven't heard it more music related news diddy has announced that he is bringing back making the bans on M._t._v. which I think is a great idea for ditty and a great idea for MTV but an awful idea for talent it if you're thinking of doing that show don't because unless you just WanNa be on T._v.. That badly but I doubt that diddy an M._t._v. will be able to make a real oh musical act that's viable out of that. Come on man. Danny Cain ruled that was a different time that was like fifteen years. Throw and it's pre Internet WanNa make something happened. You'd better try to do it in a legit fashion but Hello Cardi B.. She got a career out of being on what V._H._1. It can happen speaking of M._t._v. and reality shows Brody Jenner opened up about Caitlyn Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner seems to be a big story line for Brody on the hills Dell's this season and spoke out about Caitlyn missing. His wedding brody had a destination wedding. I think he was in Bali or some shit like that summer far away he did it on purpose. Just have a small wedding. He said quote not having my dad at the wedding. It was a bummer. Honestly it really did her and I would have loved to hat had her there but she had better things to do. Apparently that was a little dig and I think doc it's totally fine still have hurt feelings about it. Caitlyn Jenner refused to go because she had some kind of work obligation or worked commitment weddings don't just happen. Weddings are announced weeks if not months at a time especially does donation weddings Caitlyn just did not want to go period yeah and she's already got so much money like Oh. You're going to a speaking engagement or whatever the fuck it was like I it was Brody Jenner. I don't know I could ever forgive that if I didn't want her there. That will be one thing but if I wanted my mom my wedding and my mom chose to go get a paycheck over coming to my wedding maybe if she paid for the whole wedding I'll never I didn't even think Caitlyn Jenner paid for the wedding. Could you forgive that. I don't think so. I think my parents would have to be at my wedding yeah more T._v.. News Net flicks announced that that thirteen reasons why show okay was ended teeing out that controversial suicide seen from season. What do you think that was a good move? I don't know if it's a good move bad move. It was very real. I watched season one. I wouldn't have thought to take it out. I don't think think that's going to be the thing that pushes me over the edge to kill myself but I'm all for people being a little bit more proactive and such so why not I wouldn't been upset either way. How about that well? They did it because apparently medical experts said that I'm having that scene in the show was bad. Although I'm sort of inclined to also agree with you you know the show is not a fantasy right. It's grounded in reality right right so I would think you'd want to be as real as possible. I've watched a ton of horror films growing up and it made it didn't make me WanNa murder anybody to send thing with video games who knows who really knows all right before we take some calls too quick parenting items I this is going wing trending right now. A lot of people are chiming in about what Tom Brady did while on vacation did you see this. I saw him jump off a cliff. Yeah Giselle no with his six year old daughter. They have the same body but what the six six year old <hes> like. I said they have the same. Oh God it I'll do. I have a problem with that. No not really I mean I think it looked higher than it was and kids jump off of diving boards all the time. I didn't have any problem with it if Tom. I'm thinking was safe. I'm sure it was probably said I'm GONNA agree with you and I also think he probably did it before he filmed it and he was like Oh. This is totally safe for my six year old than they did it but a lot of people were even with a topic on the talk today wow yeah making headlines and finally this made me happy right now. Angelina Jolie is filming a new movie without her kids with her and she he according to reports rang up Brad Pitt and said hey do you WanNa have the kids for the summer and is letting Brad have the kids oh for the summer so it's nice to see that co-parenting well and have their be good blood. After everything bad that happened cool and let's take some calls hi my name's Jacqueline and I'm a first time caller longtime listener for Buffalo New York first of all of the podcast Chris. You're the perfect balance Pittsburgh press respect the fuck you by the way for sticking up for the police when the other caller made that comment that was little crazy and then first of all I think dog does that bath will never be replaced by. I don't think get mean if he's going to bang anyone or not like that doesn't mean anything but obviously no one will replace them. Navy probably never get married again I would understand. I don't know what I'm thinking but guys left podcast. Keep becoming thanks for the first time that she ever called. Thanks for calling her like the painful Kerr a Sunday afternoon mattress. You're <hes> I'm calling the holy lifting <hes> hearing Ramos Pain. You cannot on inherited a children's completely <hes> you come. There's a part of the inheritance that it's obligated to go to every single child even though is he's not recognized Cleo. I mean it's viable vehicle yours you. They will get money handy. Few we see sons being for ages children. I was a kid and they were claiming it like. It's been in Kirk Nick thirty years so yeah. This is news okay well. That's interesting so there. That's why this kid wants to make sure that goes dead because this kid now is entitled to some of that money whether or or not Julio wants to give it to the kit. That's pretty why I don't like that. I mean what if your kids and asshole or has betrayed I duNno. It's my money. I should be able to do with it. Whatever the Hell I want case by case scenario? This person didn't even know his or her dad so it's not like this person was an asshole. This person doesn't even know the father I totally against it. I don't know I don't like it. I don't like being told what I can or cannot do with my money. Okay I rarely driving to work and be able to reply to this about the dog and his wife what she'd said. We're still in the right about this stall ridiculous. The best was saying like he can never be with again. She was just meaning like don't let anybody replacing me in your heart. Totally agree with booker aren't GonNa get back on Monday night forever. I liked that in the moment but she's wrong. You're being so literal out dog-devouring at her and I'm a literal literal literal person it's part of his chart. I like it. I liked that. You're so literal so I could explain to you like a toddler. It's you know I think it's a cultural thing I do and that's what I've kind of figured out about you at our relationship I've and even your postings at times times. Sometimes I wonder I'm like is this just Peres taking a different angle at things because it's part of the job but most of the time. It's not even that because I'm thinking I'll do that. I think that it is a lot of literal the things that slipped slip by you and I can't tell to to me. English seems like your first language like it's when I it was when I I know but when I see you speak in Spanish clearly your that your language things get lost in the middle sometimes I I think it's funny that's right. She's wrong as well by eight hundred seven to eight five. We'll do this again later the week thanks for listening guys A._p.. Radio News. I'm Rita Golay beginning today. Immigrants here illegally will be allowed to be deported without appearing before judges. I this is a new trump administration policy. It applies to those who've been here less than two years. The A._C._l._U. is promising to sue. Do we are learning that lead Russia investigate a robber muller may well begin his testimony before Congress tomorrow by cautioning that he will not say anything more than what's in the Muller report. President Trump says that report is pretty clear. There's no nothing nothing they'll wasting their time A._p.. Correspondent Jonathan Linear on the concern at the White House. There's a sense among the president and his allies that the muller which credibility despite attacks from Republicans remains high that he could perhaps convince Americans who didn't read the report but will watch the testimony with the president did something wrong moreover he could convince Democrats who on the fence about impeachment to move that way this morning the president tweets that impeachment Mitt hearings would be ridiculous. The president's also tweeting congratulations to Boris Johnson this morning Boris Johnson will be the new prime minister of Britain. We'll get to unite this amazing country and we're GONNA take it forward. I thank you very much for the incredible.

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