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October 11, 2019: Paul Lee Stine


Today is Friday October eleventh two thousand nineteen on this day in Nineteen exte- nine twenty nine year old cabdriver Paul Stein was murdered by the infamous Zodiac killer despite a myriad of claim soda today in True Crime was written by Colin McLaughlin. I'm Vanessa Richardson Borough Eleventh Nineteen Sixty nine twenty nine year old Paul Stein and square the shadows seem to dance across the passengers face keeping him in a gloomy shroud Washington and maple the Dan said in a near whisper he didn't speak again Stein started the meter and pulled away it takes an average of eighteen minutes is to reach Washington and Maple in the presidio Heights neighborhood from union station Stein's passenger remained silent for the entire ride mine didn't mind that he'd been driving a cab for long enough to expect all types he'd had passengers that told him their entire life story from the backseat of his cab. Hey Friend I wanNA tell you about the new three dollar little John from Jimmy Johns a skinny mini version of any original Sandwich Ling spree might have ended that night before we discussed the hunt for the elusive Zodiac killer let's go back to the evening of October taxes and delivery fees extra welcome today in true crime apar- cast original pity he was even gearing up to quit just a few months before he'd been mugged by a passenger and ever since he'd felt a tinge of worry whenever order of Paul Stein a cab driver who gave a ride to the Zodiac killer on the night of October eleventh nineteen sixty nine and was a stranger got in his car Stein had decided that cab driving wasn't for him but he still needed to work the job while he found something else and up a new fare at some point around nine thirty pm the passenger was a white man even in the brightly lit intersections that surrounded San Francisco's Union. Oh on the night of October Eleventh Stein and his Yellow Cab were cruising through San Francisco's theatre district he others like two nights ride kept silent speaking only to request a destination Stein thought about turning on the radio but decided against it all of the stations were talking about one thing anyway the Zodiac killer just two weeks before to students had been tied times listener discretion is advised we advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. I'm Vanessa Richardson and today we're discussing the most mine didn't like to define himself as a cab driver that was his night job meant to support him as he pursued his doctorate in English at San Francisco State Univers- killed in his car after reaching his destination had it not been for a communications breakdown within the police the Zodiac killer's ten month long up and stabbed by a man in executioner's hood over

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