Packers Stunner, Mina Kimes on Baker Mayfield


Round with the N._F._l.. PODCAST wishes it's middle name was welcome to another edition of the around the N._F._l.. podcast presented by Sirius X._M.. My name is Dan has and I'm joined a room filled with some heroes Mark Chesler and Chris wesseling what is up boys hate. 'em Back in the studio and it feels good. It does feel good. I real good. I learned <hes> you know about an soon. After lascaux was put up on air that my mic or my voice in general was barely audible to the first line. I felt like a little over over. There was some sort of a plot going on where my voice is trying to. Someone's trying to squelch my opinions is it. Is it fair to wonder if West just you and I on this one. Is it fair to wonder if there was some score-settling involved here yeah. I think that's always fair. Marquez had issues with our producers over the years. I I also notice it's the only show that Greg was here with me since I've returned from along sojourn and suddenly I'm off to the side and they white share with a green fuzzy pillow in my mic is barely working I did when I came into the studio got early and Greg early there which is weird and he sees me in the corner fiddling with some wire with something I don't blame the producer got in CDs. I thought that that's what Marcus putting out there and that now putting it all together. Are you know some context clues in the motherboard. Who knows what was happening? I don't like an even greg in the motherboard sounds like it's first album Dan early. Show just as you know got here new sneakers checking the Yankees Sake. What about the another check it out all right? This is the Wednesday edition of the around the N._F._l.. podcast much to get to today now. Training camps are really <hes> ramping up. Almost everyone is either reporting <hes> already or you know Thursday Friday and and we're in full swing and you see it in the news news because after weeks and weeks of <hes> you know it's called what it is much B._S._n.. Between the heroes in the studio you know looking for stuff to talk about <hes> you know delving into topics that maybe don't seem to be delved into two and sometimes that makes fun podcasting but now we have a lot of actual news to get to us and that's a bit of early. If I gotta say you think a little bit a little bit so much news that we might even return of for the first time and sometime eight o'clock block the light wow one of our favorite tunes that could've used another few weeks of no news now that it's here. This influx is unwelcome on some level. I was trying to keep a good attitude about it. <hes> also on today's show meantime kinds. We've teased it for a few few days now. She wrote about Baker Mayfield for E._S._P._N.. A great peace and we thought it'd be fun to get her on the show and talk about it and got to know me a little bit more who we've <hes> we've all been fans of love for a long time so it will join us as well a little bit but before that now time for what we're hearing presented by Sirius X._M.. Let's do some news back her the service a man good deal came in Cali for twenty lockdown. Take you got eight math doc boy jalen Ramsey. That was the sound of the end of the big arrival era in the N._F._l.. For Training Camp Jalen Ramsey killed it's over now because he showed up in an armored truck with a hype man and a megaphone and as as you could hear from the crowd of seven smattering of like maybe six to seven people when the because he as the height man's in front of the truck yelling into the megaphone about how great Jalen Ramsey is first of all you got imagine Jalen Ramsey in the truck who has to be thinking because he's he pulled up. Nobody was there. He has to be thinking himself away. The second this this may not be a good idea then when the lock triggers the open up the tube heavy steel our doors. That's is louder than any of the cheers which really tells you a lot about again. The turnout for this and the whole thing was just a little bit ponders well if you're a talented young cornerback with swag in the N._F._l.. The first thing they give you when you get in the League your agent and in your family and friends they give you the dion sanders handbook and it's up to you not to be a cheap knock off of Dion Sanders. It's up to you to embrace the character in my problem with this it was in artistic and he did not embrace the role he the only gave it over now half of the character there I also you know you are a team where every other club and your Division One nine ten or eleven games you went. Five and eleven is one of the biggest appointments disappointments in the entire N._F._l.. Fell and so this is the year where you need to Kinda get back together. Get those core leaders operating in unison and you roll up saying look at me. I want to open a truck. You need to give me more money while like eight bosses and like four fans or standing. There just feels like a little bit picture. Tom offline and I don't know if he knows twitter exists but if this video does get into one of his old nineteen ninety-seven t._v.'s that he has an an his study. It's going to get the he's he's probably not gonNA be thrilled with anyway so jalen Ramsey now cautionary tale for for you know how to ruin things that would be like you rolling into the news from at five fifteen in the morning and turning on the speakers and shut him about how much of a raise you need with six people sitting there for them. Four months removed from U._S._C. that everyone that makes about a tenth of the amount amount of money. Is You a hundred the amount of money everything you just described except for the raise part I've seen Warren Sapp do that and the newsroom the eight and the newsroom no mo all right. Let's get to start with some surprising news at a Green Bay. The packers made a cut that people did not see coming coming N._F._l.. Networks Might Garafolo reported Wednesday. The packers are releasing defensive linemen and Mike Daniels to two thousand seventeen pro bowler who's do eight million twenty nineteen in base salary clears is that money and then some on their cap thirty years old the spent all seven years of his career with Green Bay as I said a pro bowl guys recently is two thousand seventeen as an injury issues last year however was the packers make make the decision to move on how about that this comes at a time when they also extending lowery who started last year as a rotational guy behind Muhammed Wilkerson <hes> but he's in the prime of his career in Mike Daniels is just now exiting the prime of his career. I thought that time was peculiar. If you knew this I mean what's changed between your spring practices and now this couldn't have been done six weeks ago or two months ago and Joe Banner Former Eagles Eagles and browns president had some pretty strong language on twitter he said let's be perfectly clear. The releasing a veteran players on the eve of training camp is wrong in indefensible unless there are circumstances we are unaware of and have been clearly explained to the player for an agent. It's just wrong. I it's hard not to feel for anyone that gets chopped right here and suddenly asked to pick up the pieces somewhere else and Mike Garafolo because now we have every reporter reporting all day long from Sunup till sundown said the the packers had tried to make to complete a trade for Mike Daniels and just couldn't make it happen. I don't know what they were asking. Because this is someone that I could imagine someone giving something for no problem and then Stacey Dales later in the morning reported that basically soclean matlock floor and the front office came to a point where they feel happy and comfortable with the guys used just mentioned and someone also likes Daria smooth who they can move inside and out and be flexible with but if you're Mike Daniels. Why could this not have happened two months ago <hes> we're you've got time to pick up the pieces and move and he'll catch assuming he is healthy? This is a good player that has years left and perhaps some extra motivation now after what's happened here but you wonder if this speech as simple as the bottom line situation we saw that report a couple of weeks ago but the packers reporting record expenses there are flat year to year in terms of revenue or excuse me they were down year to year in terms of revenue almost had none. This is a different organization. That's run run differently are they. They just tightening up. The springs strings after spending a lot of money back in March. I don't know that's a good question other news in the N._F._l.. Teller Lou on the all pro left tackle one of the key pieces of the Tennessee titans as they hope to get back to the playoffs in two thousand nine hundred he'll miss the start of the regular season a four-game suspension after failing a drug test for a band sussed substance. Luanne says he didn't knowingly take the prohibited supplement and he did the new move which you're seeing pop up now as these players get out in front of these announcements with a video on social media expressing either ignorance to how could would have happened or apologies to the fan base and all of that so Luanne says you know he had no idea he's not a cheater <hes> but he has failed the test and he will miss four games and that hurts. It's a lot marks destler twenty eight year old smack in the prime of his career and a lot of people think Tennessee is going to be better the share well. It's going to be tough start without their best player well. I don't think this story is over. He failed the test but he passed a lie. Hi Detector test saying that he did not know that this was part of the mix of whatever that though well here's the thing if you go look at the video I mean I don't watch I thought that he made a compelling emotional case in my just who knows what he did but from a human behavior angle. I don't think you go this distance. If you know inside that you aren't this didn't happen to you versus you choosing this to happen. This guy is not a head Casey. Someone that is super plugged into the team. He was emotional about where he left the team team by getting the suspension so I came away kind of thinking I believe. I don't know if this needs to be a case by case thing to with the N._F._l.. Where you know you can't just he's going to appeal? It and I hope he's heard well to your point. Ian Rapaport reported today on training in training camp alive that this is not yet been made official and there's no statement coming from the N._F._l.. Just yet they're still in the process of going through the different samples making sure the first sample matches the second sample so it's not a done deal <hes> but it seems like it could certainly end that way. Luanne sees a coming so he's he's fighting it. He opened their best offensive player. You know the skill position players are not their best offensive players in Tennessee and the right tackle jet conquest coming off a bad year in which he had knee issues. They do have a pretty decent backup and Dennis Kelly so I don't think this means you know watch out. They're never going to be able to score points in the first four games but your biggest issue if you're the titans is quarterback durability and it has been and this is the wrong guy to not go into the season with <hes> holdout talk always fun <hes> Zeke Elliott's the biggest name and I believe the cowboys report on Friday so we'll find out if he indeed a plans to hold out Melvin Gordon of the charters did not show up to training encamp on Wednesday so his holdout is official and Ian rapoport reported that the holdout could be lengthy as the chargers will halt contract talks with Gordon not showing up that is not a great situation also in Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars Yanic and Gakugei Hill hold out of training camp report reported Wednesday that the pass rusher will not report to training camp with teammates <hes> he skipped mandatory minicamp in June after contract desires were not met so oh these are two important pieces of the puzzle right now not involved with the team quick fantasy note on the chargers backfield Mike Silver of N._F._l.. Network spoke to Anthony Lynn the head coach who said that two thousand eighteen seventh round pick Justin Jackson. We'll get a lot of reps in camp and they have big plans for him. If Melvin Gordon doesn't come I mean they're going to have to I mean it's it sounds the the the front office does not sound like they're gonNa cave here and that one is going to go on within the Gakugei the way they offered him a deal of short term nineteen million dollar deal with over the first two years with fifty million plus but nineteen million per year which would have made in the fourth highest paid player does position but I that tells me that he he he is a better chance to get paid here sooner than later because they're already offering something it just maybe isn't the terms once again back to Joe Banner I so he was pumping up in Gawk way as a guy who should get dexter lawrence money because he's cleaner from a character character and health point of view than Dexter Lawrence. I would just add he might be the pass rusher that Dexter Lawrence's but not the same all around player definitely not as good against the run <hes>. Let's move to Cincinnati. The bengals are handing out some money wide receiver Tyler Boyd agreed to. Terms on a four year contract extension worth forty three million. Tom Pella Cerro reported Tuesday. The team leader announced the signing the former second round pick <hes> was slated to enter the final year of his rookie contract where he'd make about a million bucks now make eleven three in year one of this new deal <hes> twenty four years old seventy six for one thousand twenty eight yards and seven touchdowns last year and west the Bengals A._J.. Green <hes> who's been injured injured and not quite himself in recent seasons <hes> we'll see how many years he has left but boyd the Bengals have identified as a part of their future well. He earned this deal by being one of the best number two receivers in the league last year and if A._J.. Green is healthy which he hasn't been awhile for Sixteen Games. This has a chance to be one of the better one two punches at wide receiver in the League. Mike Brown the owner said that A._J.. Green is one of the great ones in great ones tend to age better than average player so reading between the lines. This does not mean that they just because they extended boyd. They're looking at the end of the road with A._J.. Green they're going to have to deal with A._J.. Green soon he's entering in the final year contract but the bengals are not a team that goes out they have to pay their own because they don't go out and signed free agents right. We talked about their offensive. Line is a major question mark but you could squint and you know I'm a big fan of the tight end tyler effort if you could stay healthy you squint and see this team with an ability to score points and I think that it goes back and of course Taylor now in the mix as well Joe Mixon A._J.. Green Tyler Boyd Tyler I for it if he'd say healthy <hes> these guys can potentially put up some points but if you don't have anybody to block well I feel like we've the personnel hasn't changed much on offense in the skill position players. You know they've had mixing for a couple of years. They've had boys for three years. They've had green the whole time. They've had effort of kind of right but you you don't know if he's going to be good for six Sir Sixteen Games this year either but offensive lines can kill an offense if they just can in other bengals news team President Mike Brown spin the face of that front office for years and years and years he concedes an interview <hes> This Week that they lose fans are quote edgy <hes> disappointed and he had this to say. We have to excite our fan base. We haven't made a playoff appearance for three years and in this business that's forever. We have lost some of our hold on our fan base. We have to win that back. I mean count as progress west. That Brown is coming out and saying such things. I feel like he's just ignored. This isn't even issue for decades. It's not progress. I heard similar quotes twenty five five years ago I also say T- TO STATE. We haven't made the playoffs in the past three years as the core issue in Cincinnati I mean that's not where the troubles and the identity of a team that does not really WANNA stand out because a starting point though it's well you know what let coming from him and I mean this is territory but I have heard enough in my binder my infamous binder there are highlighted an annotated quotes to Mike Brown that are almost word for word what he say now that we've lost a hold on our fan base right just came out from one thousand nine hundred six from nineteen ninety eight from two thousand one from two thousand three. It's you know it's broken record. They are who they are and they're not this time where they make that statement and they'll go right back to being the Bengals we know let's swing back to big gigged. Yes we don't know what what the future holes with Ezekiel Elliott but very good news for one of the men that would hypothetically block and well block for Zeke Elliot once week one comes around traffic's Frederick to be active for the start of cowboys. His camp rap sheet had this hill avoid the N._F._l.. List and be ready to go Frederick of course miss the entire twenty eighteen season after being diagnosed with Gillian Bar Syndrome an autoimmune disease that affects the nervous system which is scary. That's scary business US nervous system. I think this is one of the most underrated story lines of the N._F._l.. Off Season and a huge development in the N._F._C. East in the N._F._c. wide because I mean I we don't we hear the name of the syndrome and the more you read about it. You're like wait a minute. This person is coming back from where they were a year ago to not the people come back to work and sit in a desk and they can type again but these coming back to play N._F._l.. Center at a high level it's that's not happening everyday arguably the best center in the N._F._l.. Prior to this diagnosis last year and I don't see any reason why this is not a twelve one team I just their roster is some withdrawal still just twenty eight years old so Frederick Eric if he comes back and he is the guy that he was that is a major piece <hes> for Dallas returning to the fold and other cowboys news not returning to the full Alan hearns wide receiver <hes> he was released by the team. I'm on Tuesday. <hes> the moves confirmed on Wednesday hearns had one season with the cowboys ending in gruesome fashion with a awful after a broken ankle suffered against the seahawks in the playoffs <hes> AH in rappaport reported that earns his ankles ready to go but after several months of Rehab which kept turns out of Otas and minicamp excuse me he did he did participate in Otas and minicamp <hes> but the cowboys laser deciding to go in a different direction will they have Amari Cooper Michael Gal Randall Cobb locked in as the top three. They've got save on Austin as their Swiss army knife and the four role where the snap where were the snaps GonNa come from Sir Alan hearns and we talk about getting released at this time. It's never fun for the player who has scrambled to catch on <hes> with teams that kind of have their rosters in order or have a understanding of what the roster is going to be or a plan her and said <hes>. I'm just wish they did this earlier. They asked me for pay cut Monday couple of days before the camp which is certainly fair certainly fair that he's a little miffed is like you're saying certainly fair that if you're GONNA ask the guy to take a haircut go get the haircut little industry parlance right I mean is it still. I think that's been around for like fifty eight in around but it's something that we're still employing. Isn't it great though I like it. It's great we should we have a nice platform here at the around the N._F._l.. podcast I guess we should be doing everything on our power to make sure that attitude towards it embrace it from here on some of US never had a hair to cut once upon a time he did. I met more metaphorically hours. What Allen hearns is say in other news? Andy read says that he is quote comfortable having wide receiver tyreek Hill back with the team following Friday's news that he'll will not be suspended the N._F._l.. Announced last Friday as we talked about a Monday show that it could not conclude that hill had violated the League personal conduct policy and therefore will not be suspended <hes>. Here's what Reid had to say <hes>. Let's talk about tyreek. I know that's a that's a hot topic so I ah the the law enforcement side of it <hes> there've been statements made on that <hes> there's been statements made by the chief service statements made by <hes> tyreek and <hes> and with all those we <music> obviously we were comfortable Tehreek coming back here and and and by the National Football League statements by the National Football League so we're comfortable tyree coming back here look forward to bring them back here and have an opportunity to get back doing what what he loves to do. <hes> he has obligations and he'll he'll take care of <hes> <hes> as egos and I'm not going to get into all that I'm kinda ended after after this year but <hes> we've all been particularly you folks here. You've all read all the statements and as we have and <hes> we have the trust and tyreek and we're GonNa go four and a positive way you get the idea mark you talked about it on Monday. You know the chiefs had also an opportunity here to step up and if they decided that hill because of his actions and specifically what we know for sure which is the threat that that we heard in that <hes> recorded conversation between hill and his fiancee that they could step into say while you're not gonNA play with us but the chiefs have chosen to different route which is more in line with the N._F._l.. Decided yeah I mean this is seems like one of those scenarios where read in the P._R.. Man Get together very close to say. Here's exactly what you're going to open your news press conference with. Let's not have a lot of follow ups about this. Guy Was in the corner of the press. Coverage is staring in Andy Reid or exactly exactly it doesn't change anything that we discussed on our last show moving on the town of friendly. Only people Pearl River. We've back in Houston. Texans General Manager Brian Gain landed a new job with a former team. The bills hired gain as senior personnel advisor to assist with both pro and college scouting being the team announced Tuesday. The Texans in a surprise move fired gain is their G._M.. After just one season in June tough news wpro river we were proud to see one of our own grew up on quake lane WPRO river about a stone's throw from the Hands House and we keep playing that I just like it. It's very nice it feel like I'm back then P._R.. And it's the fourth of July and the fireworks and the cemetery one thing that I've always thought my whole life even when I grew up <hes> you know not too far from Pearl River far enough that you can knock someone from Pearl River down but you know they're going to get back out of climate out of that mineshaft. Do you know my mom over and over my mom I love deb the greatest woman while the my mom she and my she is actively actively miffed. That could keep Erica's mom to that. What what are we talking about? MOMS this. This thing mayor. Mom is the greatest mom yeah that's fine but there are other people. She's a wonderful. My mom is the greatest now I'm not saying that you need to believe you said it definitively as something that we all believe to you know what I'm GonNa put that on the phone you and you can share our and a half conversation with the Super Bowl. I'm we're tight but I I think she'd understand. We're on coming from the point. I'm trying to make is that my mom who grew up a while. She was born in Queens New York City and then as a young girl move to Pearl River and she she loves the town where she grew up she has issues with how I sometimes portrait portray Pearl River which vacuous because I believe it's I portrayed and a flattering light but opinions vary. Apparently it's definitely portrayed in a pro Brian game back on his feet finally in the news before we get to eight o'clock delight. Yes a well known player is hanging up the cleats. After ten seasons says takes the step back jets. There's a high point of my jets fandom sad is that may seem it was a divisional around playoff game against knowing patriots in January two thousand eleven <music>. Mark Sanchez throws a beautiful ball sin. Tonio homes gets his toes down in the corner of the end zone. The jets upset the Patriots Twenty eight to twenty one in Foxborough that is the famous can't wait Bart Scott game they then they could wait actually because then they got beat by the steelers next week but Mark Sanchez is finished. He's retiring from ten after ten years in the N._F._l.. He's taken a college football job at A._B._C. E._S._p._N.. And I don't think that this is a career that deserves serves as long winding obituary or anything like that but I I will just say that for a guy that will be remembered and perhaps fairly so I get it for the but fumble there is a large segment of football fans in the New York New Jersey area that have fond memories of Sanchez and what he was able to do and while the jets defense and those early Rex Ryan years carried that team go back if you care to and watch highlights from those four playoff wins all on the road from Sanchez and he made some big money throws as twenty two twenty three year old kid who actually was a bit of a limited player as it turned out the jets drafted him to be a star he was never close to that but he had Moxie at charisma he didn't quite have the game to become a true franchise passer but he had some really special moments and for jets fans who haven't had had a lot of special moments since Joe Namath he will always be remembered. Fondly I get the but bumble. It's part of his is legacy but he was more than that. It's real it's real different. If you are a fan of a team that has to look back that far to your last playoff appearances at all and it's so he came very close to being Eric Genie's quarterback in Cleveland they traded with the jets traded up right and the browns wound up getting Alex Mack and number twenty one and I'll say one thing about like when you seem what happened with Tony Romo and around this time was when Tony Romo was criticized so rallying his career for one or two mistakes he made and and it kind of the book was out on him and I think that helped him as a broadcaster along with his incredible smart. We've already seen some stuff from Sanchez. He's very good on air and I kind of loved what he's going to do with its next career because this is when the quarterback gets revenge when they go have a nice twenty. Eight thirty year long career where they're still in the limelight and we learned to love him. I don't think about the fumbling. I don't really even think much about the playoffs for me when I think of Mark Sanchez it's the first few N._F._l.. Starts when he looked like a throwback it to the fifties and sixties with his ball handling sleight of hand <hes> and it looked like we were seeing a guy who is going to be the jets quarterback for the next decade and I just never thought he got better after his first few starts he yeah and he after that second season actually after the Bart Scott Patriots game. They fell behind twenty four three in the A._F._C. title game against the steelers almost came all the way back they lost twenty four nineteen and there was a live jets infamy me a third in three rothlisberger roles to his right and hits a young guy name Antonio Brown for the first down that let steelers run out the clock to clinch the A._F._C. title every jets fan that knows the game and was following what was going the second half just wanted to see mark Sanchez the ball one more time because he was playing incredibly well in the second half and it's a great what if in his career in jets history if they could have gotten that last stop but they didn't and that is it good luck Mark Sanchez and whatever comes next <hes> let us now hit eight o'clock the light Dr Right today cloudy loan signed Franchise Tag Player expected to report before week. One Mark Arc surprised well. I I would have been a couple of days ago but Tom Pella Sarah talked to someone who said they'd be shocked if he missed any regular season games also from Tom Pellicer oh he reports quote. No new deal is on the horizon at this point for Tom. Tom Brady the Patriots quarterback going on forty two years old another chip on the shoulder the old man West will you never know that lack of a contract is coming from Brady or from the Patriots but Mike Giardi from N._F._l.. Network says there is some frustration mhm from Brady's camp. This hasn't been taken care of you. <hes> interesting drama Ricky Cooper Cup the Rams Wide Receiver Tours A._C._l.. <hes> last November will avoid the act of public to open training Camp Great News Marxist for team that missed Cooper Cup down the stretch last year a team that has questions about Todd Gurley for a team. That's wondering how Jared Goff will rebound from an ugly ugly Super Bowl. This is a nice bit of news. Here's the bad news view potentially mark set devolve watch. The Patriots have signed tight end. Land's Kendricks isn't that the roster spot the default would hypothetically have at the stage as I tweeted I think this is the move behind the move behind the move ooh or like that <hes> <hes> Bobby Wagner reports to the seahawks Duke Johnson also reports to the browns West so some people are reporting decide being unhappy. Yes good that Bobby Wagner is there. This seems like Earl. Thomas is <hes> the way he handed it last year that he might not give one hundred percent and practices but he's still going to be tomorrow. I'm annoyed this on this Duke. John's thing I'm not saying is the greatest running back on the planet but that the supposed to give away for a bag of spoons because he's disgruntled. Don't do it mark I no. You're furious about this. The redskins partways linebacker Mason foster vet this is your platform. I'm still coming to grips with this. <hes> I'm working on a ridden piece a personal diary piece that I just need dump out some emotions a lot of conflict colleague what I do Sanchez. I just thought your Mason foster monologue hit hard averaging forces inside of me over this topic not ready to discuss hey west. This is not laughing matter but Adrian Peterson is reportedly in financial ruin <hes> guy that's made more than double of any running back N._F._l.. History one hundred million and he's got people coming after over loans. It's like trying to keep watering your hands yeah. You just wonder like who's who who just like water. That's I'll leave it there. Andy Reid exotic off season activity. He had some Mexican food mark. One okay need more information. He was asked if he uh did anything fun or exotic exotic this off season and he said that he had Taco bell. No he had Chili Rellenos. Oh there's a stray Ainhoa stretching boundaries of the human experience whenever you can. That's my next project chilly rains. That's what's happening in the news downright as promised Sd our next guest you know she his senior writer over at E._S._p._N.. She's involved in roughly four hundred E._S._p._N.. Programs and n beyond the Queen of Bristol Meena kinds welcome to the around the N._F._l.. podcast past the Queen of everywhere but Bristol or that's what I've managed so far. It's so good to have you on the show we are big fans of yours and we have been doing like a a dance for like a year so like we gotta gotTa get me in on the show and finally here we are yes same city yet not together. No isn't aware and one quick note. I mean Greg. He had been very excited about being a part of this but confided to Dan and I had this morning that he was a little too nervous to appear so we're just gonNA I went to three of US F Y and the reason we have mean on a lot of reasons but the idea came from her latest profile for E._S._p._N.. On Baker Mayfield Headline Baker Mayfield isn't afraid of the hype and it's a great peace and mean as you. I'm sure no marks destler is a huge Cleveland browns fan so this just felt like the perfect opportunity to have you on the show and talk about it for a few minutes and let me start here well. Let's get into it this way so hugh Jackson Not Baker Mayfield's favorite guy called Baker. The Pied Piper that is charisma quote has a way of drawing people to him. What you wrote in the peace? A lot of people found deeply weird. Did you find that when you spent extended time with the Cleveland browns starting quarterback I wanna add a quick note on that Piper analogy while I was right in the piece actually looked up the Pied Piper Story. I don't know guys no but it's very dark. Oh Yeah in retrospect may have been accurate piper ends up leading the rats out of the town they don't pay him so he kills all the kids or leads them away from the town as well and may have foreshadowed some of the tension between Baker and Hugh Jackson because he did lead the team away from Hugh and in some ways. Why is it that in the old days the fairytales were read to children? Children slaughtered all the time in those fairy tales. I guess there's a way to keep them in line pretty heavy the fourteen or fifteen years old and some of those old time so they were tougher an earlier age well. How else do you commemorate a tragedy? That's that's true to you. Remember the victims anyway so Baker Mayfield. What was your sense on the guy spending spreading? How much time did you spend with them for this? You know so I met him in Cleveland for that I interview and we spent about an hour and a half or so in the browns facility and that was enough to come away believing not about the killing the kids apart but but <hes> charisma aspect of the Piper analogy really holds I mean the guy is it's funny to me guys that he says I'm not politically correct or amount of politician because he could run for president rightly. He's so freaking charismatic and you hear stories about no you didn't college. He's the guy who walk into a locker room and regardless of your age or your background. I think he can immediately connect with every single person. Is there anyone else I mean in terms of the charisma that he exudes. You've been around a lot of different football players and other athletes and different sports. Does he remind you like right off the bat of someone else I remember people he's still like when they walk into a room with Bill Clinton. Not everyone but some people felt like you could just feel as energy coming at you and it was very unique situation. It sounds like Baker. Kerr has a little bit of that going on. Is anyone else you kind of that comes to mind yeah in the N._F._l.. Definitely none of the guys that I've profile it's funny. I actually wrote a story about his backup in Cleveland tyrod Taylor who could not be more different from him as a wonderful neighbors in Baker himself talked about how he was in some ways how that made him not we said didn't WanNa come in being asked was his his words with respect to tyrod but I did a story on Aaron Rodgers a couple summers ago very different Jalen Ramsey last summer. I actually thought that story Jalen Ramsey is in the news today for the brinks truck. A stunt thought the I thought though the Ramsey story was actually kind of interesting interesting lens to think about Baker her because while they're they're very different in the different positions and I think their personalities mean different things for those positions Jalen talked a lot of trash and was very much himself and I think he kinda caught the bad side of that last season which is if you talk trashing your yourself and your team doesn't back it up. It hurts and I think that's the risk for bakers well well. That's a great call and also the with I think what Baker what makes him different and he does feel different when you look at the way the League is with especially at the quarterback position and even in the pioneer peasy right about how the even the idea of quote franchise quarterback. It's like a politician type term. He is outspoken. He's he he can have rabbit ears on social media and Sports Media Hill stir things up. He'll say things and you think back in the N._F._l.. And especially the modern N._F._l.. A lot of quarterbacks don't do that so in some ways you can look at Baker as a bit of social experiment right for a guy that is going to be outspoken. Say What's on is my also be the leader of a team at quarterback position. That's typically reserved for the STOIC man. That's the face of the team never says anything interesting. I think that's what you're absolutely right. What's unusual about him is that he's a quarterback right because as if he was a defensive end we wouldn't really honestly he doesn't even talk about much trash and but the fact that he sort of says what he thinks about everything and plays that position is unusual? I talked to Drew Stanton for the story and the interview didn't make it into the peace but you know you're there. Here's a guy who's been in the League for twelve seasons. At this point been around a lot on number one picks he was around Andrew Luck and he had a lot of thoughts interesting dots on the way that they've managed Baker in Cleveland from football perspective compared to other quarterbacks. He's been around but from a personality perspective. He told me bakers not like any other quarterback I've been around and he did say he thought some of it was generational. You know Baker is very much a millennial. He is online like us. He is reading stuff. He is not afraid to express his opinions and I think there might be a bit of a sea change from here on out well. I think we've we've seen quarterbacks like this to me. He's got shades of former bears quarterback Jim McMahon. He's got some Brett Farve. Those like Jim. McMahon was unreliable. He it was injured constantly. He was in trouble allot to the point where it affected whether he was gonNA play or not and far was the opposite he was. He was Iraq he played every week. You couldn't get him out of the lineup so to me that's kind of interesting that he has kind of both of those guys in him and we'll see which one wins help but I think Seymour farther than him in floor though that's the perfect comparison Brett Farr and Lincoln Riley brought that up to me because he said Baker's the only quarterback I've been around who plays better emotional and we were kind of like I'm trying to think of other quarterbacks and he came up with far and you guys might remember <hes> Scott McClellan who was consulting for the browns when they took Baker was also Brett Farve guy and I think he saw shades of him in his former Q._B.. I don't think that they draft Baker Mayfield if not Scott McClellan agreed. I'm convinced to this day I this was in the piece. I assume it's inbounds but I found it very interesting. The nuggets that you dug up on his he got married this summer and I follow Emily Wilkinson concern on on instagram because because I want to track what my quarterback number one but he is social media savvy but at the same time I found the Indus Nugget that to get her attention because she was just like who is this sort of thug quarterback guy he followed her and unfold her and followed her and unfolded her on Instagram to get on a radar. I mean that's I've not sure that's something Baker. Mayfield would want me to no but I find it an interesting way to go for a future N._F._l.. Quarter you're to reboot <HES> reimagined fear the mark Wahlberg reese witherspoon classical to put that would be one of his early moves like early on in the films but I guess if you get the girl than it doesn't come off to Portland. I guess you know when I heard that I was confused because Baker so accurate right hallmark kept shooting shot. I look at works right. So who are we to question it absolutely and and we also you know the browns the history it's almost two perfect and mark. I know it's mark is the Browns Fan. You're almost on guard because it everything seems to be falling to play so beautifully for Cleveland that you're waiting for the other shoe to drop but it hits. He's the perfect guy to land in Cleveland and I thought another part of your profile again every check it out on E._S._p._N.. Dot Com is is when you ask them about all the hype people that there are people out there that are smart football people that think the Cleveland browns and go to the Super Bowl this year that they're going to win the division like that's a real thing that's out there I do and you ask him if feels weird have so much hype and he says for them. Not For me for everyone else around here. It's been pretty terrible to be part of the team for a while and that's so true and mark you could speak to more than anyone yeah a lot of hype around the Browns it could backfire and that's we've seen it happened two thousand teams before but you know what it's a lot better then being made fun of constantly for being one in thirty one or whatever it is or twelve and ninety eight or whatever the run was before that like this is better it is better. I think the off season is just so long that there is already exhaustion with a team that just simply one seven games last year. We're not talking about patriots. Exhaustion except people seem some people seem justice tired of the browns but I wonder about being there. Do you feel like the quarterback in the team or able to kind of get beyond all that and just stay focused. I do the way the dismissive tone about the browns wing division. I certainly think they're going to win. The division super bowls slow your role. It is a competitive competitive division. I do agree. You Probably GonNa get to playoff teams out of here but I do think Baker is capable of doing it. You know there's this question that I posed in the peace of well what's going to happen if he encounters adversity in the beginning schedule. There's some challenges there but he's sink honored adversity before I think the fact that last season <hes> after winning that initial game they had so many losses and it was obviously a circus like environment in Cleveland. We know we now know more about the fact that he kept his head down and was able to see her through it. I think is important instructive now. They've got a lot of mouths to feed their on that offense now and he's got a navigate that but he navigated as well in college too and guys I like I'm very high on him. Not having a sophomore slump I suppose just because of the ways in which improved over the season last year I have concerns about this offensive line. It's probably the biggest concern I have about the team but the fact that he was able to his decision making you saw I think him I and Freddie Kitchen's kind of come together. As a season went on I think I think that they'll be fine. This year and people underestimate how much a player like Odell can open up an offense. I don't see any way how they're not going to be much better and I really did put a star by <hes> that the sentence we've been talking about where he talks about. You know for them not for me for everyone else around here. It's been pretty terrible to be a part of this lean because the contrast with the other team in Ohio which is still haunted which went through the nineties nineties and head quarterback that we're the polar opposite of Baker Mayfield Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer Personality wise and I think it's easier for a quarterback like Baker Mayfield to come in and eradicate all those ghosts in the building because of that charisma in that personality analogy and I'm not sure the Bengals have done that yet. Go ahead. I was a sad oh about the bengals appropriate yeah. Maybe the focus of your next profile E._S._p._N.. Hey <hes> you're not just a great profile profile writer. You got a lot of irons in the fire. Including you hosted show Costa show with the ring or big little live which first of all really nice job with title you Don. Thanks your thoughts because I don't know West a few weeks back on our show. Wrote seaports spoke cpos about the show. What are your thoughts about season? Two of big little lies the music. I thought that I feel like I should change the tone of voice more than N._p._R.. That's my Russell Wilson contract announcement voice he around the N._F._l.. Top Jaro Voice I. I thought that the acting was incredible. I thought the plot didn't quite hold me as much as in season one but I thought overall it was for this time of year. Is the perfect summer television show is. Is there a season three hope now I don't know I think that they've exhausted the run of this in the past it would be two seasons but you never know I would like. I do season three but Meryl Streep has a twin and she comes in and unleashes her brand of ood. That sounds fun feels like a bridge too far. It is good though I mean the prestige TV era that's ongoing we're kind of out of the from the enormous shadow of game of thrones which is nice rookie Hollywood they would behind the glass threw it out there. I need a show to watch. I nominated euphoria and meet. I saw you back that up. That's the one ricky that's a great. It's almost like a throwback H._B._O.. Show to the old days where it's it's titillating and a little wild and it's meant to scare away certain that they removed from their library about a year ago. I liked you for you too. I thought you already watching. I suggested silver spoons which West what's going on. Yeah that's not getting generational. Racial divide between Erica and the boys on the other side Gable Ricky would like Schroder <hes> finally before before you go and again. Thank you so much joining us. I WanNa give you are version. It's kind active like our old game qualify to fantasia. What's your fantasy? <hes> where I'm just GonNa give you an either or scenario a little sliding doors action boy okay okay. You're die-hard Seahawk Fan true which I loved by by the way here in the studio <hes> about who we root for an Menas out here covering the N._F._l.. And just being like I grew up with the seahawks with my old man and I just that's who I suppose I still do respect that yeah. No I can't hide it. I have a super bowl too. I'm not gonna I what is relatively whereas <hes> it's a forty eight Roman numerals. My brother and I made a packed if we ever won because obviously it was the first that we would get them together. The other wow I was I was worried that it was the one where the referees Dang steelers and your free you got it before the game and that would have been bad but okay. That's good that you've got the w all right here. We go if I can tell you that in Super Bowl forty nine the famous pass of course which we don't have to dwell on a happy to get into it but if you could go back in time and I won't guarantee anything else other than the ball is handed to is that Lenny in the background era is super morning. Get Out all I can tell you is instead of the famous play call the past. They hand the bottom Marsha okay. I can't tell you whether the playworks works. Would you be willing to live in a universe butterfly effect. That doesn't include the sketch the Joe Yeah for sure. It's it's nothing like it ever replaces it. He's now. This is easy because sketching I I've gone months without doing it recently. I've been busy so I don't mind I will say I don't think that they should have handed it to marshawn but obviously the interception what's the world's worst case scenario. I would rather have have got him gotten stuffed. which is what I think would have been the most likely outcome than the interception interesting so I guess because we don't know each other personally? I just imagine you to be on the sketch like fourteen hours which she knows sketch. It's has gone on the if he knew that it didn't exist and she remembered it from different universe that would be tough to deal okay and now you know it existed but you can't recreate gone. I think it would have found another outlet. Yeah the amount of time interception the gift for whatever is sent to me it would be worth it to eliminate speaking as a jets van it gets the but fumble forty seven times a week. I feel you're paying their right Meena again. Check it out. Baker Mayfield isn't afraid of the hype <hes> e._S._p._N.. Dot Com she also has a podcast the meantime show featuring lenny the Great Lenny <hes> and she's on all those other shows on E._S._p._N.. The lebatardshow does great great work on and so many other things and we just thank you for coming on the show giving us a few minutes. Thanks guys thank you kind of it all right there. She goes to delightful Oh. She's great got to have her back on the show. I think it's like we are in a time where for sports writing for a lot of people has been reduced to list. Here's a list of this or that and it's like that's is this really the upper echelon of why you started into this. She's still pounding out these stories where news five or six news stories come from it and you get to know a player in a way you wouldn't have so Kudos to her and she's like six hundred forty television shows so a busy lady ricky bag. Tell us what you think of Meena crimes. I think she's absolutely incredible. She's she's broadcast girl. Oh yeah she's a she's abroad a fellow broad she she's so impressive. She's so smart. She is not just your typical. You know girl reporter writer to not to throw shades yeah she. She's one of a kind I absolutely adore. Her own lives up the Hollywood hills. Oh yeah which you know at some point. I think we need to get up there by invitation. Preferably or whatever means necessarily storm the gates perhaps as a backup plan that has not worked well well for certain people in the past. You said she's been on the broadcast podcast of course you do with M._v._p.. I've also been a guest. I think we all have everyone are we all broad said Nice that gives us for the resume on yeah all right. Let's get out of here by the way this is it tonight. The Shield ten and to the number one seat in the playoffs plays for our third consecutive championship the Hashtag West that I've been using using all season long in the emails. I've sent out you recall because I see a Hashtag glazes defend. The dynasty is Hashtag and this is our chance to do it Erica. This is your first time for a season with the shield. You'll be getting <hes> import innings behind the plate tonight or the butterflies that for you feeling gun feeling confident feeling feeling excited good too dangerous. I woke up failing dangerous in my head wore my best underwear. All you know treated myself to a high octane sandwich. I'm saving this. You'd never know could be my last caveat championship last Hurrah best underwear well I mean ninety nine percent of us have favored David underwear mark because we wear underwear I currently do I have a favorite I bought a series of three that whenever they're out of the Washburn you're listening to the show come up in a while mark. <hes> it was well known went commando at all times a bit of a hippie throwback type thing it's not the case moved away. Just cut tired of that. I did that because I wanted to and then I didn't want to but I don't regret having done that do you are you always in independence. Now not not always takes showers dangerous. Oh you mean if I were to go out onto the street in jeans or something no I I would say yes I would say we're going as the three of us and our Buddy Jason Somewhat we we are going to see once upon a time in Hollywood on Thursday. I will be wearing a thin slice of dental. That'd be the only thing separating it will be wearing underwear for that. Event me on the UNDIES changed did actually change. We had that sponsor sponsor anymore. I love them to be again just when they come back then we can tell they take the bag out and they give us the bag. We'll talk about the BALLPARK company. They changed my life anyway so we're GonNa play are championship game and there will be a <hes>. I'm sure we'll talk about on Friday. Show I mean it's GonNa really suck if we lose because we'll have to address it in a press conference anything's possible but this this is this is the most comfortable affeldt about our team going into the tournament and less anyone think west and I'd take it to seriously we will be heading to the ballpark very early to scout the semifinal match up <hes> just to get some notes on our opponent in the nine P._M.. <hes> first pitch and we will use those notes to our advantage. You got into it with the trump or someone last time. Are you concerned that same individual will be overseeing your your game again. That's that is a mook. <hes> isn't the way they would assign into the championship game. All right is a hamburger in that industry so he was not he was not the best craftsman at umpire during they. It's just like any other sport. They're going to put their best people on the Games account. I imagine they're going to have a full crew including down chip for this. Yes we're GONNA see the outside outside the chest protectors from the old American league so we're we're very excited and there will be a party at a Tony Garcia are CR short star shortstops yacht club immediately after the game so hopefully that will be a celebration and not immediately maybe and and not like a <hes> everyone gronk on the bad ankle was dancing in Indianapolis after Super Bowl was was it forty seven. I just super bowl giants to yes. Exactly this is my first healthy championship for the shield. I'm looking forward to not a trace cancer and his bones or his body and it's a wonder no hamstring snapping like a twig. Knock knock on wood <hes> all right. Let's get out of here. We gotta get. We got a prep. Thanks again to Munich Times says Dan hands of signing off four quiet storm the mailman and Ricky Hollywood just just four broads chopping it up on.

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