REShow: Jeff Garlin. Hour 3 (11-21-19)


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast one. Everybody's got A to do list. Drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list and the good thing is you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. All you have to do is go to GEICO DOT COM and in fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance extra money in your pocket. Of course this may be the most rewarding warning to do you do today where we're back and I'm wearing my sunglasses awesome. You are on their prescription. And what does he who you were talking to. I wanted to look at her eh things to do with my is. I'm sorry I meant that as a compliment. Your intriguing across the room talking to me too as well as well. I can see you. You can cause your close. I have such an image of you burnt in my brain. Do you know I'm on the rich Eisen APP every day. I love you including weekends when you don't do it show. I checked to see if there's something I missed the rich Eisen APP and I love it and I appreciate you saying that Because because I love everything that you do is well admiration society and I will share this every now and then I will get a text from you out of the blue saying I love you man and I'm like equal. What brought that on? Whatever I involved on a daily basis in my life I love your wife and your children I love you and let me just say some I have my take myles Garrett take okay what you were a little concerned loose cannon going to say I have two words for you Jackie Robinson and Jackie Robinson was called that name many many many times did he pick up the bat and go after people? No I know he did not. Okay Jackie Robinson busted. Open the doors for everybody in every situation. All human beings are better because of Jackie Accu Robinson. So I'm saying that's not an excuse to slam man with a helmet all right move on. Oh Jeff Garland everybody on the rich Eisen show disgusted asset more with Chris Brockman News. Update do that with Brockman later. After I've gone to wear red sweatpants big move you've got some people flying a plane and they dressed like pigs yes I unfortunately I have a time you someone. Nineteen Fifty College. Football doesn't do travel with the coat and tie quite often. Here's my situation at home right now. I have a lovely woman who comes once a week. She does my wash and I I. I use dry cleaners to my assistant fractured a her foot. And therefore there's no on clink clothes. I'm wearing the last of it I do it onto. We're on a pair of brand new boxers. Yes from the good people of Sun Spelling and England. They're really top quality boxers Autobahn yes all stuff that came in the mail this morning. Come out like you. These are from roots of fight. The Mike Mike Tyson sweatpants got those and these champion spark. There's actually been in my drawer for wild. Never worn it. This is the first time it's time it's your first goal new stuff new underwear new socks. It's all new. It's the last of what I have. I have nothing that's clean. That's all and I would not come on your show in old clothes is what is is this. Is this a throwback to the the Brad Pitt shirt from once upon a time spark plug shirt. That Black Brad Pitt. He did wear one like this in once upon a time in Hollywood. And don't think that I. I didn't think that was a good luck. Anything that works GRANPAR- was GonNa work on your roof and that too. I take my shirt off work on the neighbor looks at me. We exchange nods. Yes My neighbors and elderly man nonetheless and it's good work. It's good work. I do on the roof. Komo so stuntman. I and I beat up Bruce Lee once you know what colder than that. There's no there's no similarity divergence virgins virgin happen. I happen to know where you're going you're going to Chicago Chicago. I'm going to do press for my special special. That can be ashamed right now as a matter in fact. If you're watching right now turn this off go and start streaming me really very this is this could be a bonus material. Take thank you for talking about rich Eisen any ordinary show. It's rich Eisen stay here. You don't WanNa miss it. If you care. People do people apple care people care about eight to see the best. You're going to Chicago Chicago going to see the bears and the giants our friend Doug Robinson is joining me Sunday And barbre loser or the giants fan sitting there which Audubon says a bigger loser if I have to. Are you asking me to decide. I'd in the answer. What's the answer? Bears Fan. Nobody expected the giants to do anything. So they stink and they're doing what they're supposed to do the bears. You're supposed to be good and they're not even mediocre. Okay what do you point. The Jeff Garland finger of blame towards on that front. Wow on that while end up meeting him and he'll be a nice guy or whatever but the coach the coach. I don't blame trubisky. How'd you bisky? Skill set is as good as people. Ah Who wants super bowls. I'm sorry you either have a great quarterback or a quarterback that can do what you need them to do and if he's not doesn't have that a great skill set then you put a playbook together that works on the strengths and what the quarterback can do. That is not happening. We have an exciting young running back and David Montgomery. What's happening with him? Nothing terror Kohn a dynamite. I mean just amazing. What's happening with them? Nothing that defense have suffered at the hands about bad that offenses so it's the play Holler. It's not the play executions right. The playbook is ridiculous I I I put my hand in my head like this all game every either I'm there I'm watching on TV. I've not missed a minute. And that has nothing but but why would it work last year and now suddenly not not this year. You know what I mean. That's the point. Is You know Jordan. Howard point is Jordan Howard? I mean he signed by. What would they sign for blaming the GM to bring him in the coach? Get rid of him. Get rid of them. Yeah the defensive coordinator should be the new head coach. You elect elect Chuck Pagano Love Chuck. Pagano chuck does a great one. It took a lot to get him out in in in Baltimore Bright Annapolis Right. Yeah because you know he was. He's he's a great coach. That's our coach. That's our coach. Let's make the move now. Get rid of the GM am Brockman 's new bears GM. Would you accept that role Chris I move would make as the pairs general manager. How great in question? I'd signed Tom Brady Right. By the way side. Colin Kaepernick the same play calling. So what does it matter unless it's a new coach. Chuck Pagano Tom Brady Bunch. Who is there somebody else? That's interesting quarterback that's GonNa be available Cam. Newton Cam Newton would did you take him of course but you love trubisky. I don't love trubisky. I said he's good enough and I'm not blaming him. I'm not at all right. I I am blaming the coach and the GM they make weird moves. So you're but it still despite all this yes. You're getting on an airplane bears fan and you're going bringing the dog Robinson Executive Producer Koper. Bergh's yeah okay excellent gentleman yes And I am again getting on a plane to go see the because I love the bears and I've magical seats. I'm like on the fifty nine and by the way if you do this yes. It's the fifty yard line rate rate rate behind the bench of if you didn't have your NFL access. I I take you to jets. I would still go with. I would do work. Can't I'm busy. I'm busy the way. How many times have I asked to guest host of the show? How many times many many times every guest hosted? I know you've said that but you're busy God now I know what is it. It's the same reason Leno you never had anyone guest house. You're scared that I'm going to be that much better. You're scared that America with tune in numbers as you if not seen yet tell him who the last guest host of this program was probably thirty and Marshall. Yeah and by the way her skill set Daman Presi no so concerned about having somebody sitting in this morning still go west to sit in trying to get jerry years. Let's play hypothetical of. She does replace you. which will be hilarious? Doesn't money go to the same place initially to work. But I I know you just like me that even if we made a nickel for being a stand up are you doing this. We'd still do because it's what we do and we're blessed because we do what we love. I would love for you to do but you're Jeff. You're you've got a lot going on playing and playing with your arms to successful. I can't guess I don't have time I mean seriously you're showing up to Champion T.. Shirt you got your your your latest of Mike Tyson where you're going on plane as Chicago. What's your foreign seven bears? Yeah trying to they are. They are much more of an embarrassment embarrassment than the giants and their two. Like Hall of fame Teams I mean the bears and the giants are what football is all about right right you know I gave you one extra lost four and six to try to vote of four and seven so if you lose to the giants now there's no if come on no we'll probably beat the show. The point being is yeah. What does that mean if you beat the giants? It's like beating the jets KALPA. Yeah that's okay. That's okay just garland. You're on the rich by the way. If it wasn't for Joe Namath. The jets have no history. Then you'd talk literally is the jets. The jets are the prediction that Super Bowl. It was like we've we've you bake. It is the jets since then by the way I was a big Richard. Todd Fan like Richard so was i. And here's the issue I have with what you just said. Tell me I am retort Lewis. You're I'm retort Lewis. I know I know respond but I watch what you said. Yeah but okay cannot send testimony almost got us to the Super Bowl people to me. Love the jets you you and and Larry David now. Yeah the jet you spend a little beans on good morning football that the jets are involved integrally in curb your enthusiasm yes. There's a a big big thing. It's hilarious and I can't I swear a kid anything anything we'll give it away jets. That's what you've seen it. I have read the curve on the. You're the there's a few people who seek curbs before they are likes feedback. You're one of them. This honour so you've seen by the way isn't hysterical. Yawned hysteria on hysterical circle. I I will just say this about the episode. Is that when it was made that the upcoming jet season had yet to be played. Yeah it was just an assumption so and there was some concern that if the jets performed a certain way it might undercut the spirit of the episode. Yes and we're in the clear. Oh I can't. We're in the clear we gave away anyway as a football fan. I love football. Yes it is exciting when the jets or the giants are play great. I think it's fantastic and New York is so important. That's why the Knicks are the saddest story. I think in all of sports. The Knicks are the saddest thing there as well. At least I can pour myself itself into something which is One of things I wanna hit with you when we come back after we take a break. Chicago News. This new this new bromance in the NBA that appears to be blossoming. Right before our very eyes. Jeff Garland and Steve Bomber. Oh the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. I need you to hit on that with you. We also have start bench cut for you because I love to start Baczkowski. We got that and then we'll send you to Los Angeles International to head off to Chicago the cognitive and then we'll get Christmas cards. Update once he leaves. That's how we're GONNA we'll also get some more of the phone calls people that will be guest hosting before the year. Twenty any twenty is over. I would love that. I love to say to nineteen. But you won't let me you're scared. I am absolutely inviting you to do it. But that's okay so scared it's Okay Jeff keep the same insignia of you. Running Jeff Garland. We'll do whatever whatever you running. Just Chris Brockman news update phone on call still to come but when we come back more with Jeff Garland you can check out. Jeff Garland are managed Chicago available on Netflix. But only do it once. He leaves Seven season of Goldberg's Berg's on ABC Wednesday by Al Akhbar. Now who's WHO's a bears fan who's also going to the game fantastic. I wanted to give him Chris. WHO's the four three? I have three season tickets. 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That was in Florida at the Comic Strip on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale how many people were in that establishment I actually word got out OK amongst people who knew me because okay you pack the funniest. Here's get back it They all showed up. Okay passed auditions boom twenty years old starting my career so you were drawn. H Twenty S. What you're saying momentarily early the next weekend anyone came I read in high right? So what's with you and Steve Bomber man. All right. How many games does he taking you to WHOA WHOA WHOA I bet? A clipper fan for a bit way was my la team. Yes okay but I was always a bulls fan. I got so frustrated with the Bulls. I started watching more clippers and that team last year I fell in love with delightful team. Don't overachieved I love them and my three favorites are still on mantras. Harold and Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley were my three favorites and so we didn't have to get rid of them to make things happen so I even have goosebumps right now. How I just love that team? So last year I go Doug Robinson the the seventy sixers sixers invited me to a game And I'm not going to be a sixers fan no matter what happens and so I'm walking around and I see St Bummer. Margo Hey we had a conversation we hit it off. He invited me to a game and after being at a game and also hanging with Jerry West at halftime during the game man. Who told me really interesting things that have been proven true that I told you and someone brought it up with them and he denied it? But it's been proven true. He was concerned about a certain first round draft picks knee and he said that John Moran would be amazing. This is what the genius of of all time in basketball's so I'm hanging with him. He also talked about Amazon Amazon Amazon. You know it it was fascinating loved it. It was like I'm like I'm all in. I'm all in. I bought season tickets. This before. The acquiring of Kawhi and Paul George what is it like sitting next to bomber to game. It's fantastic but he's constantly. He has focused but yet he laughs at all my jokes but he's just yells defense he and then we just last week completely by accident. Where on the daily show together Nokia? Okay we're both. We're both laughing. I walk in the dressing. I'm like what's going on. But he's I would have to say he is my pal no doubt about it. So we've crossover from mm acquaintances to friends taxed each other and I love the dude. He is every dream that you want for a sports owner so passionate yet let the people do their giant absurdly wealthy so you know the depths early the wealthiest owner in all of sports basketball right. Oh of Sposi also see what does he chitchat during the he wants no Chitchat because he's focused on everything. He loves the pirates of the Caribbean movies. I can be made that up. I thought that'd be really funny. You bring up you like two or three better ones the best. But two or three after He's a big Johnny Depp. Guy No no. He's just he's fantastic. Talks about everything. He's the best. Yeah that's amazing. Yeah it is by the way. It's it's amazing. It's a dream. I am signed to the clippers yet as long steep baumer or someone he loves owns. The two inch means forever pretty much. The parents have to hurry curve. Fan Yeah of course I say. Of course 'cause people who are really intelligent and love and Larry Larry's right. Yeah there you are sitting next to him look at you. What's the that's an odd looking? Clap I gotta be honest with you hack. It's a low impact glad for meaner. I'm not as excited as he gets by the way. That's him in the middle of the game. There's nothing at stake. He does that all game for me. I wait like last night's game versus Celtics. You should I was there and you you I would've. I was doing somersaults. It was it was insane. was there last night too then. Using arising amazing game bird late November. Everyone's talking about Patrick Beverley Lou Williams which please they should but the the blocked Ted mcgeough Leonard actually blocks a last second shot. Were you sitting by bomber. Last night I was that Choline Dunk was like like right in front of the sickest dunk. Oh don't get me and by the way I'm all out on the balls. The balls are my second favorite team. They're gone your Clipper Cornell Michael Jordan's not playing for the balls. I'm done. He's not playing for the act. Pippen Horace Grant. That's might and also Chet Walker her Bob Love. I loved Tom. Blow Rico. I love the balls. He'll cartwright broke my heart. But I still a Molin on Blackhawks bears and in cup. Okay but the clippers are your adopted team in La. Well you have one you know. It's funny Chris Brockman or jeff girl here on the rich Eisen. Show you Brockman Rochman. You came in years ago and you said to me. Brockman is dating someone who's awesome not awesome as he's up up there with your wife right. I appreciate that so are you where Sarah Tiana's now with child. I am aware because David Spade show. That's how desperate I've become either the David spade show. I Love David. I Love David so much but no I. And she's a writer on that show and I see that belly and I like Mike. Are you kidding me. I I was so happy I am so happy for them. They're going to have a great child and be great parents and I'm going to give them a really nice gift. I know I know I. I gave him mm-hmm advice that you gave me when we were Susan. I I had our first is that do you know about being present right and that even when when you are sitting with your kid watching one of their terrible shows or movies or whatever. You're not watching the show. You're watching your kid derek child yet because it goes so fast it goes fast and my kids would watch kid shows and I just stared at them. I didn't look infringe them out there. You're like even if they they say you're freaking me out. Just don't care but they never said that I I would turn away then. They're not smart enough to catch the you know and and yeah it was just you know I'm my boys are nineteen and twenty three. Still Kiss them all the time. Love them can't get enough of them still stared them. My Son Duke went with me to the game. I'm last night at the game during the. Oh yes I did. Nineteen years old. I was there ever gotten confused and stared at St Bomber by accident then. No but Steve's leaves there's at me Oh man all right before we send you Los Angeles International Airport. Let's do start start bench cut down and be quiet. Cut Start Bench cut. We're GONNA give you again for those who are just joining us here on the rich Eisen show for whatever reason You have to choose one to start one to bench one to cut right three choices. I up the Chicago bears. Twenty twenty starting quarterback. toback your your choices. You Start One bench one and cut one Cam Newton Philip rivers and your current quarterback Mitchell. Trubisky start then. Start Cam Newton Bench Mitch Trubisky and I cut bill of Rivers really. Philip rivers comes available this off season. No really no way you see in sports you C H come in when it comes in the moment we're at. The bill has been an excellent quarterback but the way he's playing is not because of he's got a bit of an offensive line problem but still. It's a big bowl of. He's Philip Rivers. Yeah so my my prediction is is that you're gonNA run it back with your coach and quarterback they're going to run right back. Two Thousand Twenty will be Negga coach and but trubisky's the quarterback of course. That's the way it's getting cold singer if they got rid of the coach and or the quarterback the GM's going. Oh I stink exactly. GM CAn't ownership get takes forever to get somebody they're not getting rid of the GM. No it's all the same next. I think they're going to run it back what I'll still be there. Okay very good next one up. The there's the latest story about the Houston Astros was in his jazz scandal and basically Mohit most egregious form of cheating in baseball atmosphere. Benjamin cut one using cameras and signals to steal signs using corked bats performance enhancing drugs while the worst one. And then the one you cut is one like it's no big deal okay. Though the worst one using cameras Kosei cameras and signals to steal sign signals. I'm not worried about but cameras. I think if a player gets the second base you know getting better bear game so I would say what what. What's using cameras steal signs corked? Bats court a put a such a photograph photograph by the way. That's a big corporate okay so I started corked bat. Okay because right away. That is huge cheating. I need a drill take power tools bench bench clamorous cameras and I I cut. Poor performance formed dancing drugs. You know I am not pro steroids all that but a Lotta guys use steroids and it didn't affect our stats. There were the light light up but it didn't affect their staff so kept them going. You take someone like Barry Bonds who is a ridiculous baseball player. Give him a chance to get stronger. And and every day have his energy he's GonNa tear apart the universe so I cut that. Have you ever used performance enhancing drug yourself itself. Jeff Weiner got next one year we go next one everybody Start best place to watch a cubs home game bleachers bleachers rooftop bar across the street in a luxury box next to Tom Ricketts okay. You start a luxury box next time. Ricketts okay I've never done. I have sat at the game next. Tom Ricketts Times But first row okay but I would say luxury box because you're right there. Bleachers Churn number two and then rooftop. I did that once. Oh is that a waste of time. What do you mean? Oh It's lame. Now you know I used to live there with Conan and and before they changed the thing and built this one building from back porch and when I lived there with Conan I could see down the third baseline home plate and it was so fun and second for those who may not know you lived with Conan. O'Brien yes in one on Sheffield or on Kenmore okay right by I Show Sheffield at the apartment who I got the apartment from was Dan Castellaneta voice at homer Simpson. And Ron. We're on this but that was not. I was friends with Dan from second city So that wasn't even part of it because Conan came in after already lived there But we have for my back back. Porch rank could see into Wrigley. Watch Andre Dawson Bat. Like down the third baseline from Learfield Conan. O'Brien like a roommate. He was a delightful roommate. I was the bad dad roommate. For example I had air conditioning in my room. Go in and shut the door and not in vitamin the back room which was so hot in the summertime retired and the poor guy. He actually threw away his food when he moved out. Because it was just so threw away his futons. Utah was not it was not reclaimable reclaimable unless you like that sort of stuff last one for you yes. This is going to be a good one for you out with a bang. If you will start bench. Cut Jeff Garland Garland yes most suggestive sports phrase for this generation load management beating the shift tanking. Okay well I'M GONNA go reverse on this beating. The shift is cut. Let you know think that he's involved a lexicon. He's not okay. So what are the other two load management in tanking. Okay tanking I would bench. Okay Load Management Dear God man that works on so many levels I mean and I use my handsome drugs. It doesn't help with my load manager. But I gotta I believe in management as someone who uses the horn before as a clippers fan. I believe in load awesome. So load. Management is a big one for me. I just it's we talked about it the other day. Whoever came up with the phrase we need to come up with a way to make it sound official that were just resting our players and it sounds something serious? Let's call it load management without actually having to describe what the load is. That is being mad right. You know like works on a lot of levels it works. Say It's probably some general manager somebody buddy and then it was a broadcaster who repeated and then it gets used and then use. That's always broadcasters who pass it's like the term my bad I hate it and I my opinion is it started with somebody who worked with the mentally challenged and if that's something that sounds like a mentally challenged person would saying right and they were out playing basketball and then they they made a foul and somebody says oh my bad sometimes. What's that oh I must have heard it at work the before I let you go We also there's another phrase that's out there that it does sound like something out of curb which is as long as you say with all due respect Talking about you could say anything disrespectful. Possibly one after that I if you do that you're being rude. Here's here's the way you do it. Okay okay if I were to say with all due respect I would add you. Shouldn't and then explain what it is. You're doing okay. which is a word of advice but I think that the proper way to say it and the when people use it is this with all due respect and obviously I'm not showing when you any four you and then you make the statement? That's what's missing in the. There's two versions one with all due respect doc. You're my friend but I think this which is thoughtful and I'm helping you and the other is I'm being an ass with all due respect for for you but when you pick your nose or whatever that's what I'm saying people using the phrase with all due respect feels it makes it feel like they've now free licensed licensed free license and they look like a jerk. That's what I'm saying so unless you add one of those two either but I think for you. Here's my right thoughts right or you say I have no respect for you ever again. That's what I'm saying. That sounds like something if there's a terrible in curb herb oh you wanna put that occur. SA- curb idea. That's what I'm saying. Forty explain this. You don't like it. Listen time to explain this. Please okay so I never mind and I talked about special people coming up and asking me. What's Larry David really like and when people want to do a picture whatever? It's a kind thoughtful thing. I'm honored what I don't have time for people coming up with their curb. I is based on their their their lives. So someone who I happen to me. It's a great curb idea. Go listen no one has ever told me. An idea. Then said that's brilliant. Let me tell and then go this one. We'll be then they'll tell me and I'll have to tell them see. Why did you do it? Because here's the point that people don't know right. I'm an executive producer on curb your enthusiasm. I'm an involved. I'm involved with creatively. Show I in the history of the show have never told Larry an idea for the show. Never everyone never once. I've never walked up to one and by the way I got a lot of them I write my own stuff. I never gone up to him. Gone Hey man about this or this happened to me. Nope so if I A- producer creative producer show. Don't tell them lamey alone. Please come up and tell me you like the show or I'll say everybody you know you could say with all due respect. Here's what I would say. Hey Jeff I play quickly say say your Bill Swartz on the street bill swartz on the street. Hey I've got this great idea for Kirk due respect I don't no you have no respect for you. Don't with all due respect from actually having to be obvious that you're going to be disrespectful the point it is an obvious statement with all due. Respect is obvious that you have no respect no respect so add that with all all due respect and let them know what level it's at like I said I have a mess respect for you. So he said with all due respect and I've spent. I really think it would help you. If I'm trying to help you as a person gentle because I have great respect for you thank you. I don't ever your bill. Swartz at the at the farmer's market I have no respect. Do you smoke farmers. Market Alternative replaces third and Fairfax Jenkins. Aren't there check him out on. The Farmers Market Dirty Fairfax and also on Netflix special. Jeff Garland our man in Chicago available. Right now you're going to be an actual manage Chicago. I get get your flight. Thanks for coming on the show by the way as always an honor. Thank you right back with all due respect. We're back with more Chris. Brockman news update. We all know sleep is important for me in particular. It's crucial. I get my rest. Certainly since I've got this. This show the rich Eisen show and then every Sunday morning wake up nice and early for NFL Game Day morning on NFL network. I just came back from London and the jet lag is killing me for the second time. I'm in three weeks. Thank goodness thank the Lord for my sleep number bed because I get to set my side of the bed to the way I like it and my wife gets to set the side of her bed the way she she likes it. And it's the perfect for couples because of all that my sleep number setting a sixty hers is seventy just ten numbers apart but it is the world of difference and the sleep sleep number. 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The happy Honda Day sales event is letting you know that if a new car is at the top your wishlist this holiday season hurry into your local Honda dealer and get a great. The accord civics civic hatchback today report of the day's news from the world of sports and entertainment. Someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever Chris Brockman again. I can't believe Tom Brokaw. Okay all right so Takes time out of his busy schedule to mentally. Put his stamp on the Chris Brockman News. Drop Chris we have over there. Okay just adding a little bit to this mouse game Mason Rudolph Situation Jake Trotter. Who covers the BROWNS FOR ESPN tweeted out that he talked to Baker. Mayfield about it asked him About it said that He seemed pretty stunned. By the revelation that myles Garrett is saying that Mason Rudolph Said said. It wasn't something something he heard including from anyone on the team until he just asked him. Wow you'd think that would make the rounds. Wouldn't it between last Thursday a and six days later when he alleges it to the NFL again. I don't want to now. There's here because the last thing I wanNA do is make. It seem like something that is so serious. Has To be accused of being being sent out as an accusation would be in any way shape or form false. I don't want to say anything. I'm I'm just putting everything out there in front of everybody. What else do you have over that couple of injury notes before we get to some F funny Jerry? Jones sound Ty Hilton's questionable for tonight as is Arik Braun Both were full participants in yesterday's okay. Walk through are expected to play. Hilton historically kills it. Yeah Houston would be a big. A big admits missed the last three games. So we'll see what goes on there all right a couple of patriots notes Of Note. Big Time here. Tom curren reporting that. Mohamed Sanu Miss Multiple Multiple Games. No kidding the direct come threaded. High Ankle Sprain. Tom Sang that it happened on a punt return where he appeared to have his leg twisted up on could keep on the sidelines. A couple of weeks and unless there's drastic improvement by the way New England next few games are Home for Dallas at Houston home for Kansas City. Those are the monster easily the toughest three-game stretch of their entire schedule. And then Jeff. How're the athletic saying Philip Door said is in concussion protocol. Aw there is some optimism that he will be cleared in time for Sunday afternoon. So it could be Edelman Jacoby Myers and Mikio Harry their rookie. Yes Watson Look Matt cost time look Izzo no email. Why as long at if he wasn't dancing with the laker girls and clearly live in life the way he loves it this this seems out for Gronk comeback and save right now screams flaw it also more than more than the first half of the season and there are rumors in New England about bringing Antonio Brown back because he that's where he came out? Yes I'm tally. It doesn't matter how much he apologized to craft on on twitter and the Patriots won them. The Commissioner's Office is GonNa put him on the exempt list to start at the very least at the very least he will be on. The commissioner's exempt list. They might they might not get him on at all the rest of this season. At least that's what that's that's what the indications the League is put out there. Wow what else Chris. All Right Jerry. Jones The funny story told yesterday in his radio show about him and Bill Belichick take listen. I'll never forget I was in skiing after the Season was over after our season was over. The cowboys season was over. And that was are renting skis for my grandkids. And there was a align and I'm sitting in the back somebody bumps up against me a few times and I turned around and there was this guy that couldn't make him because he had his ski stuff have phone and goggles and raised up. It was bill and of course he had He no longer had a job. He'd been with Cleveland and they'd it let him go up there and he said boy. Listen said I can coach said if ever get get an opportunity to don't don't forget about me. I mean and I've thought about that many times. You never know. When you found a great coaching found him? In a ski out that that what Elsa Krispies we go out the door here yeah we as we go out the door here. Adam schefter saying Marquees pouncey suspension has been reduced from three games to two games myles Garrett indefinite suspension upheld now okay. I'm not surprised by that but now the report about what he said in the meeting with. James thrashes appeals. Officer is GonNa just absolutely take fire and I'm sure we'll be part of tonight's pre game shows and everything and the Yankees released Jacoby. Oh God the long national nightmare is over great job is a great signing. He did a lot twenty six million left on its hoof. Wow that's a lotta dead money. Well I WANNA thank Brian Billick and I WANNA thank Jeff Garland man. That was a ton of a lot of fun on tomorrow's show Cooper Cup of the Los Angeles Rams will be on the program. It'll be great to chat with him. Mark Cuban WHO's mavericks are off to a terrific start and then in studio Lil Rel Harry will be here. I'm excited about that fan as work So that's our Our show on Friday. Let's sneak in one last phone. Call Eric in New Mexico to wrap up our poll question for the day. What's up Erck Mark? Hey now hey rich or are we going to ignore the fact that happy Gilmore is the greatest underdog story of all time. Like how does Chris Forget to put his story around the poll question. Like with all due respect Chris. I was a total eric. With all due respect. You played well done you. You know. Just adversity that man had overcome to get his grandma's house back credible not only did he learned a new sport. He scored the leading lady and he the events his friends Peterson beating-up alligator very much. Eric let's not forget Bob Barker's role in all of it to best sports movie underdog rocky ocoee Balboa thirty nine forty three years ago today rocky and theaters near you. A love story is a love story not really a sports story. And we all know Rudy Rudy was carried off by what two guys well the whole team. Chaining his name loud slow clapping fabbro. Dan Based on a true slow clap. Twenty two percent Rudy Colts win tonight. I'm telling you I smell it. I feel it. I'll come on tomorrow and all either where the egg or tell you I told you so and then forget that I actually said this Senate your sports talk radio. It's gotta be entertaining. Don't be right right. We'll see you on Friday. Everybody Monday night is podcast night. The Los Angeles Lakers. What's happening? Everybody this is the Lakers. The podcast I'm your host micro super pumped to be your flanked by Erin Lahr tools. You ready to go. I'm ready to go. The maker will be a top ten defense team. That has two stars or in this case of Lebron sometimes can't put out. I think they're both good candidates for. Mvp I really like the way that this team just feels to be around the. It's a it's a very clear message to stars and the navy and its everybody else on board the relationship that is developing between those two off the court and on the port. Their cohesiveness on the court I think in this case is a special case that the two of them will enhance each other at the post. You taking away from each other. Be sure rates. Subscribe and Lever Lever of you available on Apple podcasts and podcasts.

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