Feb. 17: Hear from Mario Andretti and Lance Stroll


Coast to coast in Canada across America and around the globe on the World Wide Web. This is race line on the race line radio network. Presented by Subaru and race lawn is driven by the twenty nine hundred Subaru WRX wwl wreck says TI the atypical sports car Subaru confidence in motion whether Subaru VR's Ed the formula poor performance and by continental tire for what you do. It's a Subaru candidate presentation by gosh, your national radio motor sport out thirty the race line radio network. I'm Eric Thomas host anchor will Erskine our supreme commander in race line master control. Josh Santos handles the network this week start a wrap up of the sixty first running of the count- great North American raise the Daytona five hundred one in a joke by Denny Hamlin. They also have sound from the very busy Canadian International Auto Show tomato Canadian motorsport hall of fame gala, featuring legend, Mario Andretti and racing. At one team launch for a short interview with Montreal driver land, straw, less. More entry to notes for the Subaru raced on Email bag trivia contests in the race ramp. News Hamlin wins the Daytona five hundred again to lift the lid of the twenty one thousand nine NASCAR campaign. Stuey gets the gator and his F one being Americanized sofa. Race fans everywhere powerful sport powerful radio or twenty seven th year on the air across Canada. This is the race line radio network is Louis Allison. And you're listening to race line radio. Unlicensed doctor we suggested for scripture in for one of our shows. Sign up for our free podcasts at I tunes, or what your favorite podcast here fake, doctor's orders. Sports five ninety the fan on demand. Eric Thomas race line on the race line radio network with the latest news and opinion. And here we go for ya on the race line rates rap off the top got to say this grand time had by all at the Canadian motorsport hall of fame gala dinner, the Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto still overwhelmed by the hall induction. I am miss, Janice. And I were there in full regalia sound coming up with Gus of honor legend Mario Andretti in from earlier in the day. Sound with Canada's Lance stroll from his racing point f one team launch at the shame at the same auto show. There you go NASCAR sixty-first addition of the great North American raise the Daytona five hundred. And you know, what this is a pretty darn good five hundred one of the best. I've seen in a while. Until all hackers broke loose with ten laps to go and went right down the toilet. Not one not two but three big one wrecks taking out. All I don't know twenty five cars or so two overtimes and finally two matches twenty sixteen win. Denny hamlin. Takes the twenty nineteen version of the Daytona five hundred Kyle Busch second Eric Jones third and this is good one-two-three Toyota finish for. Coach Joe Gibbs all emotional as you normally is just too bad. We had to Wade through so much crap to get to the end. And I use that word loosely. You know, this is the last restrictor plate race as a new era rules in intakes, the spacer is affecting horsepower. And speed should keep the cars from flying up into the fence notice. I said should how does it feel out there while clash winner? Jimmy Johnson explains it nicely. There were a lot of opportunities to pass. But when the line is around the top you get runs, and you just you can't pull out in this rules package has trended towards the middle of the race track or the high lane just the cars, stay wound up in your hiring, our PM and the engines pulled better the bottom lane. It's easy to really stop that car with the side draft and get their RPM to lower the engine doesn't pull Jimmy wound up wreck DNA in the five hundred. Let's run down the supporting Daytona, shall we trucks messy here to a record eleven cautions. Only nine of thirty two trucks finished Austin hill wins with candidate Stuart freeze in a hard-fought tenth BC. Jason white did not qualify. Sadly xfinity race won. By Michael Anat's? Canada's DJ Kennington distant thirty third NASCAR notes. What did you see this mass cars banning all drivers and teams from betting on their own races? As part of new gambling initiative. Nascar employees for who did a prohibited. From disclosing confidential info and from requesting insider information that could potentially help their own gain and the gain of others. It seems logical. Nascar partnered with sports radar integrity services are called to develop a comprehensive gambling policy intended to protect the integrity of the sport. What we saw the Daytona five hundred nothing to do with gambling just a lousy lousy show at the end, and that's too bad. Because it was a good race up to what tend to go the rally news. Here's something good presentation of his Subaru WRX WRX STI creating those Munster's sales. World rally championship. Yup. The rally, Sweden and odd. Tanic leads the points for the first time in his rally career taking Sweden scoring maximum points and running away when rivals Yari Mati, Latvala and t- moose soon. Got stuck in snow banks at the end ten top tier Neuville by three and a half seconds to ensure a maximum thirty point score drag racing and each season opener. The winter nationals Pomona California rain to head to the Monday winners. Doug Kalinda in top fuel Robert height in funny car bolt. Butner your winner in pro stock the continental tire sports car report brought to you by continental tire for what you do. Canadians were keeping an eye on lots of them. Here's a couple more to ponder that ever nine Porsche nine eleven GT three are entered by Pfaff motorsports. Fulltime pilots in the himself. Weathertech sportscar championship are Canadian Scott Hargrove and Zachary robots Sean robot, Sean the twenty eighteen Porsche GT three Cup challenger Canada champion Hargrove, former recently radio guest, of course, when. Two thousand seventeen GT three Cup challenge. Candidates idol with half. Oh, the last time he was on. Danny more told us there were certain cooking. Couldn't tell us what it was. But it's back with Allegra motor sports and the two car program for the twenty nineteen block pain GT world challenge. America, bro, amd vision joining fellow Canadians. Kyle Marsili on that grid. Indycar latest Robert wiccans video on social media showing the plucky Canadian rapidly pushing buttons on board while standing no doubt an exercise for hand eye brain coordination wiccans effort to reysen walk again, unflagging some listeners upset that a portion of the Indy-Car schedule might not be carried on Canadian airwaves say it's not. So you see not everybody gets NBC S N. What are the events of the potential dark list is Toronto. And that ain't good once upon a time Kerry by sports net, and or TSN they need a new TV home in Canada. But as retold IndyCar is indeed now working on a Canadian TV deal. And I hope that hits and hits soon Formula one in the opinion of the often outspoken red blue. Principal Christian Horner. Liberty Media is making a big mistake. Trying to apply an American sports model to Formula one. Liberty is made changes to the sports approach to digital media and fan engagement to Horner though. The more concerning question is liberties blueprint financially and regulatory for what they want F one to be from twenty twenty one onwards at already looks like the engine will stay the same. But Horner believes that he'd to ensure the Motors don't become as he says an enormous performance differentiator like they were in the early hybrid era. I think we tend to agree with that coming up as we mentioned sound with Lance stroll from his racing point f one team launch at the Canadian International Auto Show. Let's do some bikes here. Quickly first preseason tests, paying Malaysia sadhu catty smashed the circuits on official lap. Record factory writers. Andrea VC Yosso and Danilo Patry pretty much uncatchable throughout the test. Yamaha look strong to with their quickest rider over the three days of testing was not multi time champ Valentino Rossi. No, no. But it was maverick vinyl is faces in the pits Canada. Stewart Friesen holding off Larry white and teammate Billy decker to win. The fifty up super dirt car nationals fanatic finale Volusia raceway park in Barbara Ville, Florida Stuey flipped back and forth between his modified assignment at has NASCAR truck battles. At daytona. The Niagara on the lake pilot outran white on a green white. Checkered flag restart but white talented enough points in the end to capture. The overall gator championship sad to have to tell you. We've lost one of the great racing artists of our time. Sam bass whose images earned a claims the first officially licensed artists of NASCAR has departed this earth in his fifty seventh year it was kidney. Failure said the statement from NASCAR reads in part that we never turned a lap or a wrench few captured. The essence of our sport through his art more than Sam bass end of quote in here here to that. Sam's paintings, always brilliant and prized he was a ridiculously talented artist godspeed Mr Sam bass seventeen year young Raphael, Lazar of Saint Joseph Dubose Quebec will do three NASCAR tr. Races for Kyle Busch motor sports in the number Forty-six Toyota tundra Raeffel do martinsville in March plus Dover and Bristol Lazard when a pair of marquee events driving Bush's super late model last year the short-track US nationals of Bristol and the Arkansas super series at Anderson speedway. The kid does have gobs of talent. And that's it for this week in the race raptor questions. Opinions comments always welcomed. Share your thoughts and theories develop fans across the country could win grand prize in our Subaru race on E mail bag trivia contest qualified to win the contest up in a few minutes. So hang in a spell all well pit stop please. But on the first guest segment from the auto show in the Canadian motorsport hall of fame game. Mario Andretti then land stroll who Toronto racing point at one launch. This race line. Presented by Subaru. A range of affirmative drive this week at two Subaru dealer, anywhere alone. But got all race long radio network. This is true. And you're listening to race line radio. Save like when you're at a game and sign up for a credit card just to get the prize. And then you mmediately cancel the credit card because there's no prize when you sign up for a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite podcast here at five Ninety-two fan on demand. Canada's national radio Mona's Bordeaux thirty. Yes, indeed, the race line radio. Number also enjoyed unparalleled success to his this racing. Legend of the twenty six plus years. We have been on the air being able to talk shop with winning driver of my generation is a sustained thrill. We know you enjoy hearing from him as well. Fabulous to have him there. The Canadian motorsport hall of fame. Canadian International Auto Show gala dinner were ten journalists, including yours truly were introduced before officially inducted into the hall of fame. So a few minutes, then with the one the only Mario Andretti back with us on race line radio hall of fame. And it's such a special thing for you. And for Michael Michael preceded you into the Canadian motorsport hall of fame, but to be in this institution knows you and Michael treat that as a very proud of chievements car some in, you know, this is something that while you're. Pope involve in your career. You don't think about these things? But at the same time, you know, you know, they're they're out there, you don't want to disappoint yourself. But when when it happens blame me, it's probably the ultimate honored that you could expect, you know, because you know, the somehow your career is appreciated somewhere. So he's got all going. That's why I feel to me I feel so happy that I was invited to this event because the ten journalists they're going including myself, so proud to be in the hall with you. You guys deserve it in every possible way. Because I know how important it is. You're the only year to Cavas between that race car us and a fan without without you, the sport doesn't exist. So I cannot say enough I much I appreciate. How much I have respect for all of you and tell you what to me that. That's why I think I would have crawled to get here tonight. Well, it's it's great that you you're gonna make it here because I would have been disappointed if you hadn't because in the twenty seven year history of race line radio across Canada's our twenty-seven season on the air and to be enshrined in this hall of fame with you. And with Michael I to me is the is the ultimate Eric congratulations to you and the other nine individuals, obviously, some are no longer with us. But I I know I've known him, and I know their contribution. It's all appreciated. I know our time is short here. But we're going into Daytona five hundred weekend. We talk about your sports car racing. We talk a butcher, IndyCar achievements. We talk about your Formula one and chievements that Daytona five hundred win happened before you won the Indy. Five hundred what do you remember about that just very briefly? Of that five hundred win was a hell of a day me. It was a good day as you can imagine. Because it was not a lucky win. I let a hundred eighteen of two hundred laps. So I was competitive from the get-go, and it was one of the most satisfying wins of my career, quite honestly because I was playing somebody else's sandbox. Thank you so much for being part of this Mary. Oh, God bless you in debt. We'll talk again soon. Thanks, my pleasure. Congratulations again. Thank you, sir. And as I said in the very brief interview, we're right in the middle of this huge gaggle of people in the kind of explain what was going on there. What an absolute thrillers. I said to be able to say him enshrined in the same hall of fame as that, man. Mario Gabriel Andretti. And of course, his son Michael went into the hall of fame, the Canadian motorsport hall of fame a year before Mary did select company to be sure miss, Janice, and I were part of the of the gala the the Canadian motorsport hall of fame gala, which was in the art and automobile exhibit at the Canadian International Auto Show. Yeah. A very busy day. We'll talk to land stroller later on the show here about the team launched they had earlier. But anyway, Mario was was was going to be there along with Townsend bell. He remembers a as a current sports car driver. Former IndyCar driver he does the NBC TV commentating with with Paul, Tracy. Townsend bills to be there in. Mario was going to be the special guest, and we were waiting around for him. Because the weather was so crummy in Toronto pretty much, you know, since the weekend in through Monday by the time, they got all the flights that were canceled on the Monday rescheduled, it was tough for Mario who was on in in a private plane on the ground in Pittsburgh at four thirty. And he and the dinner starts at what seven. So I don't think he's going get link. It's going to get here. But you know, what the great little guy stuck with it. And he got up a plane. He landed in Toronto, the you know, they whisked him from the airport in into Toronto. And he put on his tux. Cedo? He got up there. Eight a bite of dinner because as soon as he got there. They put them up on stage along with Townsend bell on these two guys sat there on these two swivels tools doing some of the best standup I've ever seen. It was hilarious. It really really was hilarious because Mario stool had. Really good ball bearings in it. And it kept spinning around in keeps saying, I think there's too much oversteer on this stolen. Can you starts to spin around and around anywhere? Townsend was was talking to him about it and Mariel said something pretty poignant, and it pretty funny too. He said, I'm not gonna try and do his voice, although I try to do it. He was saying that the the engineers nowadays rely too much on the technology and don't do enough seat of their pants in the listen, he says without their lap charts, you know, and and without their their their their graphs. It doesn't really work. And he says, you know, what they need to stop doing that. He says I had an engineer tell me once when I was in the car put the track bar on five. He says I looked at him and said don't you think I know where to put them track bar? He's Maryland running for quite loud. Anyway, great that we had the the brief time with him because it it just made the the gala that much more special to have Mario Andretti there. Okay. Well, let's work up that final pitstop went up ahead. The Subaru Raisani mailbag, trivia contest and land straw will. Join us this is the rice line radio network. This is Stuart freezing. And you're listening to race line radio. Subscribe to a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite pod catcher. No medical exam or health. Questions will be asked sports knit five ninety fan on demand. Canada's national motorsport Garrity the race line radio network. I'm Eric Thomas have a look at my Thomas tales columns, it inside track motorsports, news magazine, and they're on the web as well at sports net dot see as our way, we go once again with a world famous. Subaru race Lenny Mellberg trivia contest for twenty nineteen another grand prize pack to win if you qualify by answering the Subaru trivia questions correctly in your Email comments. If you do the entry goes into the brake drum with a winner drawn at random at the end of the on-track racing season in November. Okay. The qualifying question here. It is currently on the twenty nine thousand nine hundred Subaru WRX, STI sport tech model, right? They offer a special eight way leather accented seat option you need to name that special seat. Unless once again of the twenty thousand nine Subaru WRX, STI sport tech model the offer a special eight-way leather accented seat option. Name the special seat to qualify to go into the brake drum to win the prize us era. At race line radio dot CA to connect enter the contest to win the price back if you can use Eric at race line radio dot c that's capital E R. I K symbol at race line radio. One big word, no gap. Don't do that. It'll bounce dot CA. Eric race line radio dot CA is now go over to the mail bag and see what we have. Oh, yes. Don bane, a good guy that he is listened Sunday nights, eight o'clock on AM eight hundred CK L W in Windsor. He says Eric the trivia answer is the seats on the Subaru WRX STI are the he's got a correct. But to go down, and he says, Eric, by the way, congratulations on your hall of fame induction. I really do. Enjoy listening to raise line radio. Does Don Bain listening on eight hundred CK L W in Windsor. Thank you so much done depreciate that. And again, if I can humbled by the by the tremendous number of congratulatory notes, I got on Email, you know, texting phonecalls people seeing me live in on the street and just just. Offering congratulations and thanks very much again, Paul Anton, Dearborn heights, Michigan. He's another eight hundred CK L W Windsor listener, Eric. It was great to hear the news on your show last week that you've been inducted into the Canadian motorsport hall of fame in their media category. What a great honor that is deeply deserved giving your hard work. These many years of providing and participating in motor sports reporting and coverage in Canada. Congratulations. And it's Paul and his wife iris Anton in Dearborn heights Michigan. And thank you so much Paul and iris for your very kind words, of course, Paul is a former grand prize winner. And in the in the trivia, contests, and you know, he can enter as many times as he wants to come in another price back. But thank you, Paul for very much for your very, very kind words. Same kind of thing for our good friend Wendy Hollis known affectionately as the merit Ville maniac who listens Sunday nights at eight and Saturday afternoons at four on our Niagara, western New York affiliate. Newstalk six ten. CK TB, Eric I have to say what took the world so long to know what the rest of us have known all along your show is number one because you care enough to keep all of us gear heads happy twenty four seven all year long was so glad to hear you on C K TB recently talking about your induction into the Canadian motorsport hall of fame in the new media category. Now, I can say I've been there since the beginning in. Yeah. When do you have a lot of folks have been listening right from day one? And you have no idea how a pre she'd if we are to have you there and have you there listening loyally for so long Wendy goes on to say, my next kick at your trivia question answer is the Subaru sport tech eight-way leather seats has called that. Correct. Way to go Wendy hope it's close to. It's it's better than close. It's right on the nose here. Let me know if I have to do anymore mining to find the answer. No, you're mining days are over at least with this miss this question. And thank you so much for that. Wendy hall is the mayor drill maniac. Listening on NewsTalk six ten CK TB in the remaining minute are. And a half or so I had to make a comment because I never got a chance to really do a lot of that. I told you what I thought of the Daytona five hundred darn it three big ones with ten laps to go. And you know, and it just turned it into unwatchable mess, and it's too bad because up to that point. I thought it was one of the best Daytona five hundred. I think we've seen. I mean, we were really afraid with you know, with the new you know, there's a final final restrictor plate race. There was going to be pretty processional. You know, the truck race kind of that way. Extended race was kind of that way. But no, they use the top and the bottom, and there was a lot. Good good. Joe sting going on out there until with about ten to go. And then I'll hackers broke loose. You had you know, Menard getting into the back just trying to push him. But push too hard on Debenham dental that triggered the first big one. There was two more after that. And then what gets me is they waste so much time trying to get the race restarted. Once they did. Denny Hamlin won his second career Daytona five hundred that part was at least good, and the fact that all drivers. Involved in those big ones, but more at we're okay? But man, it was messy Senator contest entries. Enter comments who's ever raised on radio dot CA to connect to enter the current trivia question. You have to answer to qualify on the Subaru WRX STI sport TEK model a special eight accented seat name that special seat click off another pitstop here. Well, then from the racing point f one team launch Montreal's land straw. This is race line. Presented by Subaru for the elephant performance handling and test driver for yards at sports to this week on the race line radio network. I this is Mario Andretti race line rate. Returns in a moment. Subscribe to a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite Bod catcher. Aw, man man's sports net. Five ninety two fan on demand. Canada's national radio motorsport authority into twenty seventh consecutive season. We are the race line radio network history. Made the Canadian International Auto Show Toronto as on the same day. We had the Canadian motorsport hall of fame gala the new Canadian owned sports pace a racing point F one squad launched their their team. The first time a Formula one team has been launched in Canada. Yeah, I found that strange. What is true? Of course, we were there with our trustee Rowland and microphone to grab a few minutes with the young Montreal who just barely into his twenty s is hoping a complete change of scenery. And a brand new team will get him back on track. After a rather unforgettable twenty eighteen in Formula one. So here we go Lance stroll is back with us on race lane radio. This is a new beginning for you. And I think you probably going to have a piece of equipment where you can actually do some attacking which you weren't really allowed to do last year. I hope so that's the plan. Yeah. We want to. Want to be fighting for points this season on on a regular basis? And maybe, you know, grab a few podiums when we can exactly lend strolling on race land radio, the beauty of this is is that the force India team, which showed some flashes of brilliance last year almost to a man is still here and along with Sergio's experienced that's a big plus for you coming into a new in quotation team, Fisher, we ever really help fish trucks are going into into the season. It's no doubt. I can I can feel the energy in the building back at at SilverStone right now. Everyone's, you know, very motivated very excited to to begin this new chapter, you know, working on my my alongside my father showing his visions extremely exciting moving forward. And. Yeah, just ready to to tackle the season. Oh, good drivers will learn from whatever situation they're in good or bad. What did you learn last year that maybe you didn't know before? Is there anything you've learned it all from last year? Definitely got my fish versity. I guess I built it. That's a plus. Isn't it Fisher Fisher? I mean, you know, this signing any sports it's a roller coaster, you know, year year by year, your experience different challenges and last year was was a challenging year. Some, you know, not a secret. We we were in the back of season will not we anymore Williams than than I in the backhoe season. And now, my visions, visions, you know, my my eyes my eyes on on on the future. So, you know, sites sites said on the future say onwards was it hard to stay positive knowing the the season that you had. I mean. Yeah. You learn something from a, but it's got to be awfully tough. Especially someone of your age. Only twenty not to get down on yourself. Takes a lot of. I guess it's the overused word, but it's confidence, isn't it? I wouldn't say it was it was tough at all. As a competitor. We want to you know, as a competitor. I want to to to to to finish the front office as often as possible just like everyone else semi grid. But, but I you know, I knew what? Well, my pass is all about two thousand seventeen I have a great year the from some great seasons. So I accepted. The fact last year was a challenging year, I learned from it. And now, we're we're moving forward and by future had actual combat. I mean, given the wrap-up senior very quickly the new wings on the front and the back hopefully will decrease the amount of wash from the garden front until you get it out there in combat. You're not going know. But what is your prediction? Hopefully, we don't have too many cars in front. Thank you so much less. Well, very exciting to be part of a Formula one team launch. That's for sure there's candidates land. Stroll Montreal's land stroll as the rapper came off their new racing point f one team of the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto here is hoping this gets the young man back in the groove as he's still got a lot of potential to realize great rookie season last year when absolutely nowhere. If if at all went backwards with an entirely uncompetitive Williams automobiles so let's hope that this new a sport piece team, formerly force India. We'll get him into into a better space because as I said, there's a lot of potential here for young land stole one of the good things that we mentioned it in the in the very brief interview Knox plane, why it was so brief normally I would do a nine minute interview in this larger guests segment, but I'll tell you why it was it was brief in a second. Because I know you kinda like hearing some of these behind the scenes story because I was liked it. When you when you when you watch the hockey game. And you you saw some of the behind the scenes does. I'll get to that. The fact of the matter is this is the old force India team and last year there are a couple of little small flashes of these guys are going to be okay. Almost to a man that team and its personnel. Have stuck around to now become the racing point team. Which is which is terrific. And I think that's good for for you know, consistency in terms of not having to break new people in as Sergio Perez. His Mexican teammate has been with this squad for eight seasons. So there's a guy who's used to working with these guys in here comes land stroll? So I think this is going to be a very very very good environment for him. And of course, his dad Lawrence by the assets of force India to form this brand new team. And as as Lance mentioned in our interview that it he's looking forward to to working with his dad, and of course, now, they don't have to worry about where we're going to get money to pay for this. You know, when the team manager is trying to figure out where the money's coming from for, you know, paying the bills and paychecks for your guys, and it's not there that can be very disconcerting. But with Lawrence stroll in behind this. Now, they're not going to have to worry about that. Anyway, we at the launch. It was great. It was it was terrific to be at a formula. One team launch of the did that in the John Bassett theatre the Canadian International Auto Show at the metro Toronto convention center. They had fans up in the upper balcony area the media in all the VIP sort of sat down below David Croft Crofty from Sky Sports f one who's who's terrific. Good. Funny guy did all the interviews with the team principals, and and it was really really good the pink on the race car. They do a lot with breast cancer awareness, and that was really really nice to see bombard yea on the air and taken behind the driver's head. There's a lot of Canadian signing on this thing, which is really really good the wings on these cars. This year are so much different. And hopefully that'll reduce the amount of turbulent air or dirty air or wash off the car ahead that they hope will promote some more passing. Anyway, it was kind of a strange situation. And you know, you've heard me over the twenty six years at race lines have been on the air that we? Sometimes have trouble getting through the F one media gauntlet to talk to drivers. Sometimes it's good most times, it's bad. They're three or four people in charge of the the media regarding land stroll, and who gets into interview them I discovered by accident because I ran into one of the team personnel in the elevator that the local media guys weren't going to be accommodated. I wasn't going to have any time with Lance. I created enough of a stink. I guess, but you know, what I got to get you this stuff. Right. This is why we're in the hall of fame. I guess and why but on the air so long darn it. Yeah. We'll in there. He's pumping the air with his fist, you know. And we're eventually we got a supposed to have five minutes with him. But there's like three or four people running around with different lists. There's all kinds of people in this one room, and they're all supposed to interview Lance, and we're supposed to take turns. I he says we'll get you. We'll get you your five minutes after about two minutes and a half. Or so there were tapping my arm to to wrap it up, and I thought. Anyway, it it didn't go exactly the way I wanted for ya. Not an excuse. But sometimes you have to work within the framework with other people there there are some people in that room. I knew really had no business in being there in all. And I mean, you have to look at the fact that there's there's big media. They're the, you know, some of the television networks were around some of the French French the Quebec media were there. You know, there's there's there's writers. And but I thought if you're going to have a launch of an F one team in Toronto in in Canada, the Canadian media and the Toronto media, which I'm included in better be part of this. And eventually we got our time. I didn't get as much as I wanted with Lance. We'll we'll we'll I think I've made a good contact. However, the matter what happened at I think we're going to be able to get some access with Lance at least on the phone a little bit later in the season. But it was good to get some sound that it was good to be part of the stark launch of an f one team because that's never happened in Canada before. And it was good to be part of that. To see how it worked thought. It was pretty cool the way it was. I I was impressed by the car was impressed by the for the team management on stage and Lance was great. And and Sergio was was terrific. And it was good to be part of that. And we eventually got the sound that we needed with Lance. I didn't get as much as I wanted. But that's going to be okay. Anyway, the car looks very very interesting, and I really hope that this new wing configuration foreign after it's it's funky looking stuff. There's little wings and little inlets and little little sawtooth edges around the wings. That are supposed to be able to you know, cheat the air and let the car move through the air easier. So you know, it it's still very high tech. And he was very cool to see that close up because they took that car. They took it up to the upper into the the other building into the into the south building. And where we have the art and automobile where we had the Canadian motorsport hall of fame in induction gala dinner, they had that car that Lance's car the brand new racing point machine in front of where everybody was in the cocktail hour, then we went in for the for the rest of the dinner. But it was cool to have that car there. It was great to get Landstuhl. But every once in a while you get caught in immediate crush. And that's that's exactly what happened at the Canadian International Auto Show. This was all done, of course, a day before the show runs. And now it runs for the next two weeks in Toronto with miss Johnson. I in and Katie and Blaker are going to hit the go train and get up there and go see the auto show because we we didn't get a chance to see a lot of it while you're actually heading even opened yet. So maybe we'll see you there. But anyway, there's there's Lance stroll. And we were glad we got the time that we did with him. All right. Well, enough nattering, let's work in the final pitstop. We'll return on the last lap for next week show lineup and more. This is rice line presented by Subaru? It's powered by the heart pounding WRX S T now fourteen time today and rally manufacturers champion on the race line radio network is his David Hill coming right back a race line radio. Send us your money. Sign up for our free podcasts at I tunes or with your favorite Bod catcher. And we'll send you a free subscription for sports net. Five ninety the fan on demand, absolutely free. Eric Thomas Riceland across Canada on the good old race line where do you network? White flag is signaling one more lap to go. So here's what we're planning for you for next week more wrap up of the very messy sixty wanting the NASCAR Daytona five hundred as we roll sound with winner. Denny Hamlin from the tone of media center directly after the race in the two part presentation Denny will detail the wind moves at work. The moves that didn't work and how a one-two-three Gibbs finished feels plus more of your comments at entries for the Subaru race line E mail bag trivia contests. But when checkers fly we say goodbye Hugh norms race line. Thanks going out to land strolling racing point F one media. Mario Andretti in the Canadian International Auto Show and Canadian motorsport hall of fame media, Jimmy Johnson and NASCAR media big. Thanks as always supreme commander Willer skin Josh Santos for operations and pre and post production. So from all of us have race line radio. I'm Eric Thomas so long everyone race line. Coast to coast of the race line radio network. Presented by Subaru has been driven by the twenty nine. Subaru WRX and wwl racked says TI rally, proven street legal. Learn more at Subaru dot CA for the twenty nine nine Subaru VR's add the formula four performance and by continental tire for what you do talk again next week right here on race line radio.

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