3-24-2017 Worship Service


We'll begin service day with seeing number two hundred and seventy four no not one. There's a lot about that song. There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus. And there's not. And he also says was there ever I give like to save your given. And while he refuses a home in heaven. No, not one all of those that will come to him. Truly desired him to be our savior, truly desiring him to forgive us. Our sense. And truly desired to walk with him. He will be there for us. And he will be our savior. Jesus christ. Our Lord and master here on the air. What a free in. What if say? That he is to all those that will accept him to all those that will just last side there will and their way and accept Jesus Christ. As our savior? So let us this morning. Thank him for what he is done for us. And give him all the honor and the glory. For coming here to the earth being Bedia to father in all things. To use the power that his father had given him to be able to overcome Satan and everything to be able to set an example for us of how we should walk and what we should do here. As we go through our pilgrim cheer on the earth. And are we growing? Are we drawing near? To god. Are we draw near? Dr Lord safer. Are we walking worthy? Of his spirit within us. Each week that goes by draws closer to eternity. Seemed like they go by awfully quick. And soon. As we have seen numerous times in our lifetime. People leave this world, they go off into eternal life or eternal death. Whatever it might be. We all have that spirit that so within us that will live throughout eternity in a spirit world. And how will it be with us? Are we walking without Lord and savior today? And that's the question that each and every one of us should have are we walking with him. Do we have a true desire? To have him first in everything that we do. That there is no other idol. There's no other God in our life. But just following him walking close with our Lord and our savior Jesus Christ. We have turned this morning. The first Corinthians. The first chapter. Unless read there, there may be other places anywhere, we read I know, there's a message force. I know that there's things good throughout the entire bible because our Lord and savior was the one that had these things compound. He had righteous men that were writing these letters. And he has had them recorded. So that we can be encouraged with them today. We can be chasing with them. Whatever might be. We can use them to our benefit spiritually unless think on these things this use it for that. Let's see what the message is here. This letter was written close to two thousand years ago. But I know that it stands Justice much. There will be things in it today that we all need to take heed to. So that we can understand and walked closer to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. As we go through this life. He says Paul called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ through the will of God and socities are brother and to the character of God. Which is at Korean to them that are sanctified in Christ. Jesus called to be saints with all that in every place. Call up on the name of Jesus Christ our Lord both theirs and ours grace beyond to you and peace from God, our father, and the Lord Jesus Christ Paul said a lot in those few words there. First of all he qualified who he was. He says, I am Paul. Called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ through the will of God. Are we satisfied with the condition that we're in today? Are we confident enough in with our condition between us and the Lord to be able to make a statement such as Paul did there. He says I am called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ through the will of God. And the we know today that we have accepted at Paul knew that he had been called. And he had accepted that and the spirit of God working within him. And he also had a friend there brother that he felt like was in the same position. I believe. And then he just goes on any makes a statement of who he was writing to. And he says I am writing unto the church of God. Which is Korean could this group of people here today? Could we be classified truly as a church of God one that is truly worshiping truly. Walking with him today. And I believe that there was people there cringe that was doing these things. And if we if we read far enough you'll see that there is things that Paul was bringing to their tension. Even though they were walking in that. There was mistakes that they were making and Paul wanted through the Loehr to put these things out. So that they could clean them up while they were here in the land of the living. But he just told me so this is the church of God. And I believe this church. Here is a church of God. I believe that his spirit is here with us. And he works with us and all those want to be accepted with it and accept him can be accepted and are accepted here today. Two that are sanctified in Christ Jesus. Now that's each and every one of us the opportunity for us to be sanctified in him by receiving that spirit. He says called to be saints called with God, the father by God, the father to be able to be a Saint debate to receive the spirit of the Holy Ghost. And then to be able to walk them. With all in every place. Call on the name of Jesus Christ. Our Lord both theirs and ours Paul was not saying if just he or certain group of people was able to receive that he says Jesus Christ is Lord both. There's all of whoever it might be the gentiles Jews whoever Jesus Christ was there's if they wanted it. And he said it is hours. Also. Paul's g. But he did not he spent a lot of time most of his time preaching and teaching and ministry. To the gentiles. Grace bien to you and peace from God, our father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. And let that be with all of us today. Grace be unto you. The spirit of God the power of God be unto us. What Paul say that's available to you receive it. I think my God always on your behalf for the grace of God. Which is giving you by Jesus Christ. And I wanna thank him today for what he has done. This. We sung here. There's no other savior. There's what a savior Jesus Christ. Paul just thinking he says on your behalf. For the grace of God, which has given you by Jesus Christ. And can we all today say that we have accepted that we've accepted Jesus Christ and his powers within us? And we're walking with him. That in everything we are in rich by him in all utterance. And in all knowledge, this is what the spirit can do for us. All friends, whoever you are doesn't matter. He says in everything are enriched in him in rich by him enriched in our mind enriched spiritually as what Paul was talking about there. In all utterance and all knowledge in all the things that you are speaking. And in all of your knowledge, you are enriched with the spirit of the Holy Ghost. What a wonderful thing thank about being courage. D- is that in your life today? Do you know that do, you know him fully as you're safe? Even as a testimony of Christ was confirmed in new. So that you come behind in. No gear waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you coming behind into gift in the gift of the power of God that he is offering? He has to all of us today. Are we behind or we will these people is so that you come behind and no gear he says that testimony of Christ whose confirmed in you by your works by your knowledge by your understanding by your accepting ham. And by receiving the grace of God. He said, that's what has then. So that you come behind in no gift that you're able to receive that gift of eternal life wading. For the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ waiting for him to come into you. And to take your way from this earth and to be with him forever and ever what a day that will be friends for we can leave this world and go into a turn ity. To spend their with our Lord and all the righteous and with God, the father and be an air with Jesus to that beautiful city to those matches that he has promised for us. All. Thank about what we're what we're talking about here. We look around in the natural things here on the earth. And we will go out, and we will see diligently when we decide that we want to copy something or there's something that we won't here on the earth that could give us some pleasure here on this earth. This is what most people here in Addams family. This is their mind, and they will go out, and they will sacrifice and do all manner of things. So they might gain that worldly pleasure. That are doing. But what about spiritual part? If you just look back this past week and our lives each and everyone of us how much time have we spent? In the natural part. And I know that takes a lot of time to spend in the natural part. But even while we are working and doing whatever it might be. So that we can live here on earth and take care of our obligations. We can be in spirit. We can be thanked we can be communicating with our Lord and savior, right as we're doing our daily wall. But then when we look around another things how much time are we spending in the word how much time do we understand these things how much time are we spending encouraging others in the truth. Just look at what Paul was doing Paul. I believe gave up gave it up. All I believe that he had a mind as he was coming along. He was educated. And I believe that he had big plans of how he was going to live his life. And he was going to be someone in thority. I believe is kinda way I look at Paul. But when he saw the truth when he was smitten down on the road down to Damascus there. He was as he was going to imprison the righteous people that believe the phone Jesus Christ have put the dance or whatever it did not matter to him. He hated that work. But I believe that Paul truly wanted to serve God. And God was able to open his mind, and he accepted it. That's the key to it. All he accepted the seed was so and he did not allow Satan to just come in and take it away immediately. He furnished it good ground. He waited upon God. He went on down there to Damascus. And he was there without a site for three days of believe. And in Beijing, God was able to show him that they're gonna man come to him and baptize him. And that's what took place. And ladies hands on and he was able to receive the spirit of the Holy Ghost and immediately. He preached Jesus Christ crucified Jesus Christ missile the world savior would immediately went to. To the establishment of many people. How's the able to do that? By just putting it into the hands of Jesus Christ. And who shall confirm you into the end that you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. And that's the key friends who shall also confirm you to the end, and that's Jesus Christ. King will confirm us in his work to the end if we will walk with him with we hold out with him. God is faithful by whom you were called into the fellowship of his son. Jesus christ. Our Lord God is faithful for end. By whom he work hold onto the fellowship. Are we fellowship ING with Jesus Christ? Our Lord today you and on a daily walk as we go through life. Are we truly fellowship ING with him? Now beseech you brother by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing, and there'd be no divisions among year. And that you be perfectly joined together in the same mine in same judgment. Now. Look at what Paul was about to bring to these people's attention. He hit told them all about already told them how that God was working within them through Jesus Christ. There was people there. They had been able to accept that. But now, he's he's got some things that he wants to bring to their attention that they need to clean up being. And he says now I beseech e brother in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He says I want you all to understand. He says I am telling you these things I am asking you to do these things what he's really saying. When he says, I beseech you I want you to have close attention to this is what he's saying. That you all speak the same thing. Knowing the doctrine is knowing what the truth is what he saying you all are able to teach that when they go back. And remember what he says that an everything you are enriched by him and all other it's and all knowledge and ridged by the spirit of the Holy Ghost. If you are in richton that. Then he says that you all speak the same thing. And you be there being no divisions. Among. But that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. What do you want? This is what Paul was speaking to those people in that day. And I believe that the more speaking to us just this plane and certain today is he was. That we're one together with Jesus Christ. We're one with him with his father. And we'd be perfectly join together in the same mind. And if we're walking with him, we are walking with Christ Jesus, we will be in the same mind. For a have been declared to me, AVI. My brother by them, which are the house of Cleo that their contentions among you. Someone had brought this to Paul's teaching that their contentions among the people there at the church of Korean. Even though Paul had already told them all about how that the Lord was working with this group of people. He says there's something here that you need to clean up in. There's something that you need to look into. Now, this I say that everyone of you said, I'm Paul I have a policy I've seen and I of Christ. Is Christ divided was Paul crucified for you. Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? Is Christ divided. Is he divided today? Among us are we walking all a one accord with him. Now, there's people in this day here and things that Paul was bringing out to their attention. He says there's some of them were same because I believe that they were maybe following certain people are these people might have been preachers, teachers, they were they were different ones that had taught to the people some had baptize different ones there. And some of them was maybe saying, well, I am walking or I have a more religious benefit or more. I am more religious than you. Because I am with Paul. I am a believer in a follower of Paul. And maybe the other says, well, I am because I follow a policy, and he is my friend and another safest. But he says there some says I am of Christ. And that's where we better all be today. It doesn't matter. Where you go. If you are going to where the doctrine of the truth Christ is being preached and tall. And I want you to understand just listening and hearing what others have to say throughout our country. I think it's a very very rim lit. Where the truth is really being preached in our country today. I think that it you better be extremely careful. Of how we take license. Two. Go to places and the here were here things and here to doctrines that goes against what the truce of this book says. But these people in that day, some of them felt differed about different things. And I know that we that God has people throughout this world that is serving ham. I can assure you that. But be careful that you don't let Satan deceive you into believing a lie. Is Christ divided was Paul crucified for you. Or were you baptized in the name of Paul not at all? And he wanted them to understand these things that Christ is not divided. He will be at one, and he is one. He says was Paul crucified for you was not Paul that hug on that cross. You'd better be looking to Jesus Christ. He said for your have you'd better be a part of the truth spiritual church of Jesus crying. And not just be something. That you feel like well, I'm okay because I am certain. I'm a member of certain church, or whatever those things are good. But I I know that we better have that spiritual part. That is what will get us into heaven. There's no church that will get us there. There's no denomination. There is no religious affiliate that will get it there. But the righteousness that comes from God, the father through his son Jesus Christ is what will put us there. He was the one that was crucified for our CNN's. He is the one that was risen out of the tomb out of the grave. So that we can have eternal life. I think God that I baptize none of you. But Christmas and gas. Let's any should say that I had baptized amount name and baptized. Also, the house of Stephanus beside no, not whether baptized any other for Christ's me, not to baptize, but to preach the gospel. Not with wisdom of words, less. The cross of Christ should be made of none of fake. Listen carefully to that. He said God sent him here to preach the word of God to preach, the gospel of Jesus cries, and what is the gospel of Jesus Christ. But to believe on him. And accept him. And then he says follow what I asked for you to do do the things that I asked you if you love me says keep my commandments. For Christ's sent me not too bad times. But to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, not in some fancy discourse or whatever. But he says less the cross of Christ should be made. None affect Preet simple. Peer and free that the cross of Christ. Jesus Christ died on the cross for your seeings. And you better accept that. And he also came out of that tune. Because Satan could not hold him there. God the father had power over that natural death. And he raised him back to life in that natural body. He was here on the earth. For peered of about forty days. I believe it was. And then he is sending back up into heaven. And he says I will come again. And he will friends he will descend with the great shout with the Trump. And all of those that are dating Christ that have gone on. We'll come out of the graves to rise to medium in the air. And we if we are alive here on the earth and walking with him. We will rise to meet him to ever be with him. And he says encourage one another in these things. That's the opportunity that therefore all if we put our full faith and trust in Jesus Christ. For the preaching of the cross is to them that perished foolishness but into us which are saved it is the power of God. And what is the preaching of the cross to you today? The true words. Is foolishness. Do you look on his words that are being given to us as Foley snus? He saved but unto us which are saved onto us that has received the power of God. And have that hope in that peace within us that we are saved from our CNN's. He says it's the power of God. That's what preaching dust Frantz. That's what the gospel of Jesus Christ shows us that it's the power of God available to all of us. He says for eight is written. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will bring to nothing the understanding of the Prut the wise in this in their own sale and those prudent in in their own words. He says I will bring to nothing I will destroy the wisdom of the wives. Where's the wise? Where's the scribe? Where's the dispute or of this worl- have not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? The things of this world. He says our enemies of God. If we allow them to become our gods. But he says where is the wise in righteousness in the work of Jesus Christ? He says where are those that are wise in their own concedes? Where's the scribe those that felt like they were they were righteous people in that day and did not need listen to buy and did not believe in the messiah of Jesus Christ being the messiah here the earth the savior of the world. He says, where's the speeder of this world have not God made the wisdom food made foolish the wisdom of this world. And he has. To all of those that put their faith and trust in the things of this world. He says those that understand the truth. See how foolish that is in. God's word shows. How foolish putting our faith and trust in the things of this world are. For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom, new not God it pleased. God by the foolish of preaching to save them that believe in the world looks phone the truth of God is foolishness. He says, but he says, that's what has saved those that believe. For the Jews require sign and the Greek seek act wisdom. But we preach Christ crucified and to the Jews a stumbling blonde and into the Greeks foolishness. Listen carefully to that again and look out throughout our country throughout the land. Today, how that people seek after all manner of things and go to all kinds of seminaries in whatever it might be to try to gain more and more Dali knowledge in the name of Dr beside their name because they have become a doctor of the Allah g when all we have to do is as just go back, and look and see what God did with this man year, how he gave him all the knowledge that he needed to be able to preach into teach and do a wonderful work. So wonderful that the spirit of God was working within him and a good portion of this bible this new test. But after the gospels is the works of Paul the spirit of God in Paul and how did he do that by following the gospel by follow? Knowing the spirit not by knowledge of what man had given to him. But by knowledge that came through the spirit of God. And he said there he says for the Jews require side, the Greek seek after wisdom wanted to see all kind of things, and that's what goes on throughout our country today ever learning, but never coming to the true knowledge of God. But we preach Christ crucified. That's what we need to all be preaching. We need to be accepting that unto the Jews a stumbling block, and it is onto them because they did not want to believe it was a stumbling block to them is that a stumbling block to you and into the Jews. They looked on it as foolishness. But spirit of God. Was able to show it and Paul, and he understood this was the truth. It was not the snus, but he accepted, and there's people here today that know that this is not foolishness, but it's the truth of God. And it will give them eternal life by just accepting this and walking in it, but unto them which are called Jews and Greeks Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God unto them who are called. And how can we be called accepting? Repent? And asking. That he will call and he will choose us. He will call us, and he says Jews and Greeks. The power Christ the power of God and wisdom of God. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men. For you. See your calling. How not many men after the flesh not many mighty not many noble are cold. This poll was writing this two thousand years ago that he's saying things were going on in that day. That we talk about in our day. He says for you, see you're calling brethren. You see how you have been called into the gospel been called into the spirit. And he says how that not many wives being actor the flesh and look around how people feel like they are so wise in their mind today, and Satan has them to see into believing that we are. So Why's that? We just all we can do have to do is believe and say that Jesus Christ was the son of God. And I believe that. And now I can go on and I can live my life. However, my sins are covered. He says that not many after the flesh they are living ban after the flesh because they are continuing in that Leslie mind, the lust of the flesh that they live in that has not been taken away. The no they they say those things he says they worshiped me with the mouth, but their heart is far from me. Not many wise men actor the flesh, not many mighty not many noble are called. Why why are they not called because they are putting their faith and trust in themselves in man, not in God through Jesus Christ. But God had chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and God had chosen the week things with the world to confound the things which are mighty. And base things of the world and things which are despised half God chosen and things which are not to bring to know things that no flesh should glory in his plant presence that no none of us should glory and our flesh with the presence of God within us and ks case. That no flesh do that. Because it if we have received that spirit of the Holy Ghost. Then we're not glorying in us. We're glory, and and what God has done and what he has given to us through his son, Jesus cries, that's what we will be glory in. But of him or Ye in Christ Jesus. Who of God is made unto us, wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption. That's what righteous will have. But off him are Ye in Christ Jesus now him God are Ye that are in Christ Jesus in the spirit saying who of God. Is made into us wisdom, and that's that righteous wisdom. He says that God will give to all of those that come into him. And righteousness and thank to fixation, and redemption, we have been redeemed from our sans. Redeemed out of this life this natural life into eternal life redeemed by having faith in God, the father through Jesus Christ our Lord that according as it is written. He that Gloria led him glory in the Lord not in man, not in some building. Not in what somebody is telling you. But what led him glory in the Lord, Jesus cries? And what he has done. And what his word says that he will do for us. Walk with him for ends and be strong use the power that he says, I'll give to you to overcome all thing and brother when I came to you came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom declaring onto you the testimony of God. And that's exactly what I wanna be today. And I tell you I'm not at all excellency in the speech. Of a proper grammar and all kind of things there. But I wanna be how as he says here with excellency. Of wisdom, declaring unto you. The testimony of God goes back. Let's read that again. So that I clarify he says and brethren when I came to you came not with excellency wiz. Speech or of wisdom of own sale is what he's talking about. He didn't come there with all manner of or -tations. But he came there declaring onto you the testimony of God. And now know that that is what is being declared to you today friends, and we can accept it or not. But it is the testimony of God and his work year pony or and it is time for us to make a decision of what are we going to do? How are we going to walk? Are we go be at one? We Jesus Christ. And lay aside the things that will so easily set us at distance from him. And walk with him. And then encourage one another in his work for determined not to know anything among you, say Jesus, Christ and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness and fear and much trembling. And my speech, and my preaching was not within Tyson words of man's wisdom. But in demonstration of the spirit and of power. Let's see what Paul saying they're understand what he was saying. There was things that needed to be cleaned up there. And they was just telling them why. And how he was doing what he had done. He says when I came to you. I determined not to know anything among you of the natural things he says, but save Jesus Christ and him crucified. He says that is what I have was determined in. That is what I was going to preach into teach to you. And I was with you in weakness in natural weakness, and in fear and in much trim Ling, I believe that he had godly fear. And I believe in trembling there knowing that Satan was of was there and to tempt him and to try to get him off onto something else. But he. Was there knowing? He could preach the gospel simple. Pure and free as he said in my speech, and my preaching was not within Tyson words of man's wisdom. He was relying totally Abon. God the father and Jesus Christ. Not with some enticing words of preaching and teaching that he had. But in demonstration of the spirit and of power. And that's exactly what I wanna see today is demonstration of the spirit of God and his power working and all of us today friends, and that's where it must be. If we want to be a part of his kingdom here on the earth that your face should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. And that's where it has to be and be careful people have taken the word of God and change of into a alaso that they can justify their wicked ways. And when you teach into preach, these type things to karnal people. They just continued to stay in that same condition. We have to preach the truth, simple, pure and free. If we accepted in that manner, if we wanna get out of our CNN's, and that's what Paul was Sade here, and my speech in my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom. But in demonstration of the spirit and power that your face should not stand in the wisdom of man. But in the power of God. And that's where it better be today with each and everyone of us is our faith be in the power of God knowing that he is. Told us that he will give to each and every one of us a spirit of power. The power of God to overcome Satan. And all things Paul was being very plain to these people how we speak wisdom among them. That are perfect yet. Not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes this world that come to knowledge. He says he speaks wisdom to them. That are perfect in the spirit of God. And he's talking about the wisdom of God. The wisdom of the gospel of Jesus crimes the wisdom of the words that are written here in this book is what we need to be working with in our day. Paul didn't have these gossips, and he didn't have these letters to read into exhort people by he was writing this letter to them. He was the author Jesus Christ. And God the father was the author. Poll was just putting it down on paper there. So that others could be able to read and others could be able to understand. And he says there how we speak wisdom among them. That are perfect yet. Not the wisdom of this world, nor the prince of this world that come to note. And those things will come to nothing when our Lord and savior comes back to the earth all things that he says that are anti Christ that are false teachers who ever it might be. They will be destroyed. Friends be careful that we don't accept counterfeit teachings, but we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery. And this is what Paul was speaking to them. And that day don't let something counterfeit come in. He says, but we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which God or Dane before the world and to our glory, which none of the prince of this world new for had they known it. They would not have crucified the Lord of glory. They did not know why did they not know because they did not want to know it if they had had a true. Zeier to won't God would have given them that understanding, but they did not which God or Dane before the world and to our glory that wisdom that righteous wisdom has been law all the way along and is now so readily available under the law of grace to all of us, but he says, which none of the prince of this world need princes of this world. He said thank about who. That is. That is the people who are worshiping the things of the world has that adultress mind. For had they known and he's talking about in that day. They would not have crucified the Lord of glory, and in our days, if we truly know an understand these things and walk in it, then we will accept it in not continuously be crucifying our Lord and savior. And what's we accept that? Once we have been enlightened by the spirit of the Holy Ghost. Then we can't turn back. He says if you go back, then you've crucified him a fresh and there remained. No more sacrifice for seeing became full. And remember we accept him walk in spirit. But God hath revealed them unto us by his spirit for the spirit searches all things the deep things of God. God hath rebuild them unto us by his spirit. What his rece- what what has he revealed to them SCO backup leave I skip that ninth birth. But as it is written. I have not seen nor ear heard neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God had prepared for them that love him. And knows that love him those that keep his Sade. God will make that heart full with the spirit with knowledge of how we should live our life and what we should do. But he says those others he says I have not seen no ear heard. They did not. They have not accepted that neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God had prepared for them that love him. They have been able to receive it because they don't have that proper love. But God hath revealed them unto us by his spirit the righteous he says God revealed that. Us, and he he will give us that knowledge, and he'll give us peace and hope. For the spirit searches all things. The deep things of God. Is that spirit searching in you today is it searching for the deep things of God. For what man know what the things of man, save the spirit of man, which is in him, even so the things of God. No, no, man. But the spirit of God. Now, we have received not the spirit of the world. But the spirit, which is of God that we might know the things that are freely given to us God, he wants us all understand that. If we've got that spirit. We will have the wisdom. There will be no confusion. There will be no division. If we're full of that spirit with us. And God he says now we have received not the spirit of the world. That's been taken away. We had that. Now, we've received the new man the spirit of the world has been taken away. But the spirit which is of God. That we might know the things that are freely. Given to us of God, what is freely given to us? God. The grace of God the power of God. The gift of eternal life. These what he's talking to. These are the things that God has given us that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God power over Satan. Which things also we speak not in words, which man's wisdom teaching, but which the Holy Ghost teaches comparing spiritual things with spiritual. Is that what do we see that in our individual sale today? Not the things of this world. In. But which the Holy Ghost teachers. Is that what knowledge that you have today could spit comparing spiritual things with spiritual or we can pairing natural things with natural things. But the Matra man receive if not the things of the spirit of God. The natural man cannot receive that in Paul these people to understand, and he wants us to understand it for they are foolishness unto him. And when people look around the people of the world, and it's foolishness that they say that you need to do these things and that that you don't have to do that. And they'll tell you. But listen to what our Lord and savior says he says we do have to live in that manner. But he that is spiritual judge if all things. Yet. He himself is judged of. No man for who had known the mind of Lord that he may instruct him. But we have the mind of Christ. And our brethren could not speak into you as unto spiritual. But an as unto karnal even into babes in Christ. I have fed with milk and not with meat. For Heather to you or not able to bear it. Neither yet. Now. Are you able that was he was bringing it right down to the people there? And are we what conditioner you and I end today. He says I've fed with Milton. You should be material spiritually what he's saying. But he says Heather to you or not able to bear it. You were not able to bear the strong meet you were not in the condition that you should be to bear that to take hold of it to accept it. And he says now he says neither yet. Now, are you able for year yet carnally says this why they are not able to receive that? Now, let's examine our sales today. Are you walking in confusion? Are you confused? If you are then you are in this same condition. He says, I fed with milk. You've been able to re here these thank you should have been able to grow and be able now to take the strong me. So that you can sustain life. And be able to accomplish the things that God would have for you to compass spiritually. But he said he told these people after he's already gone through all of this stuff and tell him about it. He sees you did not you were not able to hear it then and neither now are you able to hear because you have a car mine. And if we aren't hearing the word today friends, it is because we have a carnal mind if we are being saved into something else. Eight is because there is a carnal mind that is carrying away the spirit of God will not do that at all. For for Ye are yet karnal. For where is there is among you, envying, envy, and strife and divisions. Are you not Carling walk as men, and if that is taken place within your life today that is all I can save just follow through look what he's saying. Are you not Carl and walking is man? For once. I am Paul or another. I of Apollo's. Are you not carnal? And let's listen carefully to what he says who when who then is Paul and who is a policy, but ministers, by whom you believe even as the Lord gave to every man, I have planted a polish watered, but God gave the increase, and we'd better know where that is. And be sure that we are listening and hearing true word so that God can give us the increase. He's already told us about other things there we have that car remind and if we're listening to things and being carried all he says, we will not be able to receive that increase. He says I planted a policy watered but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planning anything neither he that water. But God that give it the increase. Be sure that we're getting good seed planted. And that's what he talks about. We must have that. Good seed. So that God can give us the increase. Now, he that planet, and he that water are one because they were both walking in the same doctor, and they were both walking in the spirit of God. As while they were one. And every man shall receive as his own reward. According to his own labor. For we are laborers together with cod year God's husbandry year. God's building listen carefully that eight burst. Now, he that planet, and he that water one and every man shall receive his own reward. According to his labor. We've got to believe. Got gotta have faith. Got to put our trust in Jesus Christ. And then let the spirit that he will give to us. Labor within us. Because he says here that every man shall receive his own reward. According to his own labor. So if we go out here, and we labor into the Carl things into the lust of the flesh, and we're involved in all manner of things here throughout the world list. They less saving Innis dollar tree adultery fornication dance. All manner of things that he might see in liars, whatever it might be. He says you're going to reward. You will be rewarded because of the same thing there that you had what your labors are. And what does he say that those that are involved in that type of lifestyle cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. He makes it very plain and clear to us. Does not matter. We can't live in that type of lifestyle and accept to be to be a part of his kingdom for we are labors together with God, you're God's husbandry your gods building. Now are we allay with him? Are we God's building? If that's the case, then we can't take it in defile it with the car mind with the Carl things of this world, according to the grace of God, which was given unto me as a wise master builder. I have laid the foundation and another build their own, but let every man take heed how he build their own be careful what he's saying. He says according to the grace of God, which is given unto me. That was what Paul was ten. He says as a wise master builder as one that understands the truth. He says I have laid foundation. I have preached to you. I have talked to you. I have fed you with that milk. And he says another build their own. But let every man take heed how he build their own. You better take heed? He says how you build. Upon that foundation. What you build upon it. Are you building silver and gold and precious stones or you building would and stubble for other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ. And that is the only righteous foundation that can be laid that we can build up on and heavy ternal life through. And that is through Jesus Christ. Our Lord friends, there is no other for other foundation. Can no man lay. That is laid. Can't do it. And have turned life. If any man build upon this foundation. Go silver precious stones would hey stubble. Every man's work. Shelby made manifest for the day shall declare it. Because it shall be revealed by fire and the fire. She'll try every man's work of what sword it is. And that fire will try work that spire that Jesus Christ has here on the earth. And it is trying our work daily. What are we doing? Are. We building on that foundation. That precious foundation that he gave to us with gold and silver and precious stones. Would hey in stem. What is there today? If any man's work, abide he show build their own and he shall receive a reward. Listen, if your work, abide if it stands the test of God, if it stands the fire of God, he says you shall receive a reward. If any man's works. You'll be burned he shall suffer loss, but he himself shall be saved yet Suez by fire. And I believe that he's talking about there that if we build that would hay and stubble here on the earth, and we see that we have made a mistake, and we can go to him, and how godly sorrow then we can use the power of God, we can use that fire of God to have those sands burned here in this life and be saved yet. So as by fire, we can be saved. No, you not that you're the temple of God. And it is spirit of God dwelt in you. Now, remember that? And listen to what he's going to say here that now we've received that spirit fast a case, and we have we are now a temple of God, which is holy quits temple. Ye are let. No, man. Go back to the first of that seventeenth bars. If any man defile the temple of God. Him show. God destroy. Pretty plain. Him. If any man defile the temple of God. And what is the temple of God, it is this temple that we live in that has the spirit of the Holy Ghost within it. That has accepted it that is what is the temple of God. If any man defile the temple of God him show, God destroy for the temple of God is holy which temple Yar. Let no man deceive himself. Any man among you seem to be wise in this world. Let him become a food. That he may be wives. If any man. Among you seem to be wise in the things of this world and not things. Righteousness. What he's talking about. He says let him become a fool to the things of the world. Let things the world become foolishness team. That he may be wives in the spirit of the Holy Ghost. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For written. He take the wives in their own craft in. And again, the Lord north the thoughts of the wives that they're vein again to people who are wising their own seeks wise in their own minds. What he's talking about not being spiritually wise. He says again, the Lord north the thoughts of the wives that they are vein. What are the thoughts in our mind? Our heart today. Therefore, let no man glory and men for all things are yours. Whether Paul or policy are safest things of the world or life or death are things present things to come all are yours and year Christ and Christ is God. He says you can overcome all of these things here on the earth with the spirit of the holy goes. These things can all be made subject to you. Because and then if that is the case, then you are Christ. You're subject to cry. And Christ is God's Christ is subject to God. And he's spirit. They inflows all the way through from God, the father to the son to you and me, and then we can walk with him. Eternally? Let's turn like turn. Just few words here. And John this is the first first of John. Read a few verses here in this fifth chapter. I John he says who's wherever believe that. Jesus Christ is born of God. And everyone that love him that began love him. Also that is begotten of him by this. We know that we love the children of God when we love God and keep his commandments. He says that's ones that love him. That's his children when we love him and not the things of this world, we get that karnal mine out. But now we have that commandment and we keep his commandments. And this is the love of God that we keep his commandments in his commandments or not grievious. That's just the things that he asked us to do daily three. He says do those things and he says that's not a greediest job for us to do for. Who's whatsoever is born of God overcome the world overcomes that carnal nature, and this is the. Victory that overcome the world, even our faith our faith in Jesus Christ that gives us that victory. Who is he that overcomes? The world. But he that believe it that Jesus is the son of God, this is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ, not by water, only, but by water and blood, and it is the spirit that bear witness because the spirit is truth. And Jesus Christ came he was bad times with the water. And he poured out his blood for us that the spirit of God is able to go through be available to us through this the water that he was baptized with and the water there that he continued that baptism. He continued to walk in it. And then he and teach us to live in that manner. And now they and he shared that blood not by water, only, but by water and blood, and it is the spirit bear witness because the. Spirit is truth. And it will stand time in eternity friends, and there are three that bear record in heaven, the father the word and the holy goes. These three are one, and there are three that bear witness in earth, the spirit and the water and the blood and these three agreeing one do you see how he talks about being one in green won a green in in the gospel in and the work in the scriptures. If you receive the witness of man, the witness of God is greater for this the witness of God, which he had testified of his son. He believed on the son of God half the witnessing himself. He that believe if not God has made him a liar. And because he believed that not the record that God gave his son. And this is the record of that God has given to us. Ataur novel life at this life is in his. He had the sun half life. He has the son of God in has life. Eternal light. He that hath not the son of God hath, not life. These things I have written unto you that believe on the name of the son of God that you may know that you have eternal life, and you may believe on the name of the son of God. And this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything, according to his will hear us. And if we ask him, it is his wheel that we received that spirit. And if we ask him truly desired, you give it to us, and we can truly understand. Dan that we can have power over Satan. We can have hope we can have peace. We can have joy in this life. Don't have Satan get you down. Don't let Satan divide you don't let Satan destroy your opportunity. Accept Jesus Christ is our savior and him alone. Unless walk with him. At. Together. Will saying number three hundred ten. Revive us. Again. What a song? Three hundred ten. And if there's someone that would like to make a decision that they won't to. Accept christ. You can do. So my coming forward as we say revive us again. I believe that is what Paul was writing to the crank themes about he wanted to revive them. Again, back into the things. They had one time Balide things that they have heard and believed in were some that was slipping he wanted to revive them back into that. He says we praise the God for the son of a love for Jesus who died and is now going above. He says revives again really chart without love may each so be rekindled from fire from above. Let that fire burning strong within you today. I let that fire destroy that would and stuff. And then let it burn strong spiritually. And be revived. Into spiritual life eternal life. Let's pray. To God the father through Jesus Christ. Our lord. Thank you for all that you have done for us. Thank you for the words of exhortation. Thank you. For the words of encouragement. Thank you. Most of all what you did. When you came here to the earth and poured out your blood that we might have a tunnel life. Helpless to follow you. Be with those that are struggling this morning. To help them to see and know the truth of God. And to lay aside anything. That would be displeasing TV. Wall with you throughout this world. And be able to have a term life with you in the near future. We actually things in Jesus name. Amy.

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