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Boy, Rick flair joins us in this exclusive interview about his recent health issues and why he wants to go back to being Rick flex, plus the undertaker and Goldberg were in the main event of WWE super showdown this past Friday. But all anyone wants to talk about are the final ninety seconds of the match. We'll break down exactly what happened in the ring and Jeddah all that right now, I'm the, the open podcasts, Goldberg, and undertaker for a first time ever. And everyone's talking about it probably for all the wrong reasons and the ninety the last ninety seconds bully was not. Pretty but you're talking about two legends, especially when it comes to the undertaker lot of criticism towards Goldberg. And if you really watch that match again, I think a lot of people if they gave it a second, glance might be instead of criticizing Goldberg might be praising Goldberg after what especially happened, two minutes into that matchup bully, I gotta tell you. For all those criticizing Goldberg you try to do what he did you try to do it. Any of those other guys in guys do out there? You try to have a main event level matching get your bell. Rung in the third minute, and try to plow through Goldberg could very easily turn around to the Rafferty taker and says, I'm out. Let's, let's get this over with. He didn't do that. He plowed true. He tried. He tried to perform for everybody. There's gotta be something to say about that. That's a man's man right there. He could've took the easy way out probably made a million dollars for the night, right day. Yeah. I'm sure how of a payday. I mean, it's basically an ala carte show, you know that, you know, the prince guy or whatever at least from what I understand basically tells everybody tells Vince, I'd like to see this like to see this, and then the WWE tries to make it happen. Hey, let's get Goldberg versus guy. Money's not an object. So we'll just throw it around. And before I get into breaking breaking that down. I want your opinion on because here's the biggest mistake, I think the WWE made with super showdown the called it bigger than wrestlemainia. What about super showdown gave you the perception, even the tiniest bit of a perception, that this was a bigger event than wrestlemainia? I mean listen it was it was a really nice card, and it's in a stadium and tons and tons of pyro. So look is there, but this was not a wrestlemainia show. I mean, wrestlemainia that's the elite card of the counter for the WWE. He that's the gold standard. Bully, you gotta stay away from that. Why would you even go near you shouldn't because what that does to me, it lessens, the value of wrestlemainia? If you're if you're wanting people to subscribe to the network and tuned into that show, which was let's face it. Top about what's it good show? Good. But that was not a great fantastic show by any stretch of the imagination. And if you're telling people that it's as big or maybe even bigger than wrestlemainia, and then we get what we got this past Friday. I think that lessens value of wrestlemainia, my opinion. I don't to me it doesn't lessen the value of wrestlemainia. It's just blatantly. I don't know. I don't lying for the hopes of people watching the show. This is not wrestlemainia rental mania happens once a year. Nothing about this show gave me that, that wrestlemainia esque feel it's because I know what it is. And maybe just maybe that's because I'm quote unquote smart to what it is. Maybe the average wrestling fan doesn't know. So they'll allow themselves to be convinced that, oh my God. This is going to be a bigger show than wrestlemainia. We have to subscribe to the network. I'd stay away from all the wrestlemainia comparisons. That was one of my problems with the show. Now, what do you want to know specifically about Goldberg and take her? Well, you said that and obviously two minutes in Goldberg hits his head on the post gets busted open gets his bell wrong, and he still look strong. Now, most people watching back and they said to ninety last ninety seconds of that match was not pretty and everyone goes back to that jackhammer from Goldberg on the undertaker as where things went awry, when you go back and look at. That match to train die, the professional wrestler. When you go back and watch that match. Where did things in Europe is go awry before the jackhammer there's a point in the match taker put Goldberg up on his shoulders and gives them a move called snake is, yes. All every wrestling fan out there knows with the snake is, is, it's when you got the guy on the shoulder and you drop his head onto the turn top turnbuckle Goldberg took that move. Nothing happened on that movie took it properly taker then hit the ropes and Goldberg taker with that third spear that third spear took a lot out of Goldberg that blew him up pretty good. When you go back and watch right after that, spear you see Goldberg with his head down, and he's gasping for air right there. It took a lot out of him. And right then and there. Like if you're playing a video game, and there was like a strength meter on Goldberg, you would have seen it dropped tremendously. Right, there is when the gas tank was empty. So now Goldberg starts to pick up taker and he's going to go for the jackhammer. And I watched this about a hundred times and just to make sure I wasn't wrong. I went back and I watched old clips of Goldberg doing his jackhammer. This is a move that I have taught my wrestling school. This is a move that just like any other move has certain mechanics. You have to do things assertain way. And not just one guy. Both guys have to do things a certain way, every move is fifty fifty you have fifty percent of the responsibility. And the other guy has fifty percent of the responsibility. And if both guys do their fifty percent correctly, you'll get one hundred percent of the move. You didn't get fifty fifty here. If you go back and watch when Goldberg. Gets ready to hit the jackhammer when he picks taker up takers legs to not go straight up into the air, takers legs start. They point at like ten o'clock like if you're looking at a clock his legs go to ten o'clock when that weight is away from you. It's very hard to control. But the mistake that Goldberg made almost instantaneously is when he picked up taker Goldberg stepped forward. You're not supposed to step forward at the end of the day. The beginning of this move is a vertical suplex Goldberg's feet are supposed to stay exactly where they are until taker is in the vertical position. Goldberg picks up taker and instantaneously steps forward, thus stepping underneath him and offsetting the balance of the move. I'm doing my best to paint the mental picture here for people, I think he's doing a great job because I can picture in my head everything that happened or an jackhammer, so in a perfect world. Dave Goldberg wants us now. And I even went back and watch Goldberg jackhammer big show in WCW. It's picture perfect. Everything goes straight up into the goldbergs feet. Never leave the position that they're in. He gets big show vertical and then does the power slam esque finish not against acre. The minute Goldberg gets taker off the mat Goldberg takes to definitive steps forward. And as soon as you do. That the wait is unbalanced. And you come crashing down now do I put the blame on one or the other? I never put the blame on any one person in a match unless it is definitively that person's fault. I told a story last week how I busted open undertaker years ago at a Jerry shot that was definitively one hundred percent my fault. This move is not definitively one hundred percent Goldberg's fault because takers legs were sticking out at ten o'clock did take her mean for his legs to be there. No. Were they there? Yes. Were they there because Goldberg stepped into soon, possibly nevertheless, both dyes were off just a little bit actually, let me take that back Goldberg was more off in that move than taker was if takers legs would have went straight into the air as opposed to out, we might have seen the different move. I don't think we would have because once Goldberg takes that step forward. That's it done. All better off all bets Roth you're coming, straight down any of these moves that you see happen day with a vertical suplex or power slam, or you take any move where both guys are executing them. Both guys have a responsible responsibility to said move. Each guide has to do their part, perfectly think about trap. He's artists in the circus, you have one guy who flies. Through the air and the other guy who catches, right? Yes. If they're timing is off, if they're not doing their fifty percent of the job at any given moment. What can happen it's going to be an accent. So he's gonna crash and burn. And that's what happened in that moment in time with the jackhammer, if you go back and watch any of gopro. Let's take the biggest jackhammer of all time against the big show. Watch out Goldberg gets them up in the air and Gobert stays right where he is his his feet. Never move forward. Then go back and watch takers. He picks up taker and he steps forward. Right then? And there is when the move went wrong likely you're hearing God's busted open, live, weekdays from nine AM to twelve PM eastern on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six or on demand Sirius XM app, Rick. How are you today? I'm great. Good morning. How are you? What are you say NATO, are you? Good. How are you? Ma'am. I'm great. And as always it is great to hear you. God bless you. Thanks. Hey, it's time I'm taking time off to make sure you'll so, so I actually feel the best, I felt guys in ten years and you know what listening to your voice. You sound great. You sound you'll great I go, and I can't work out yet just because. What most people don't know. And I you know. Willing to open up to now if I had a total of four different surgeries and the fourth screen three week three weeks ago today, but I didn't tell anybody about him except you know, my wife and family, not even tell actually because I want to worry about it, but they were procedures. I had. They win in the first time a look for blockage. I had none. Second time, they're pumping the leap, and they tried to shocked, my heart. Back where the what was happening with going into eight them? If you understand anything about medical medicine it, where it was into an irregular heartbeat that lasted two days. And then. The third time I have what's called an ablation where they go in and it's like tottering. Some stepping your heart and hold it together. And I was great for three days that time, but didn't work. So the last. Technique, I went in and it happened in the middle of the night on Wednesday night, three weeks ago as I, I couldn't breathe, and it had been bothering me for a couple of days, but it's to the point where I couldn't walk like ten steps, I felt great of all the teddy down, but I couldn't breathe. So the only way to get myself in. Don hospital in full and follow protocol, because of the number of people headed me was to go into emergency room. And even though I was there. Get straight through like maybe thirty seconds from door to door. Some rich picture me. And that's why it went upside down. But then I got there and. And I'm, I'm actually glad that went they found. A blood clot and had been in my leg. You're broke off. They went to my lung. So we got that taking care of that's why the surgery was put off for three days massive amounts of intervene Asli of blood thinner, and that was cured up. And then I had a fluid on my heart as a result of anesthesia, from the three other surgeries. I'm giving it to you, as I here as I'm learning. Okay. So I had one call with congestive heart failure. So I was taking math of latex and actually like lost nine pounds over the week just fluid 'cause I've taken dick before, but our drank, you know, twenty drinks so that balance out. So, and I actually came home and didn't do anything and have it I went to one signing for Seth rounds and his friend, whichever enjoyed but I'm not going back to work until Friday and this time, but that he'll up like after I shock my heart. I got an plane and flew to London for signing with all the guys because I didn't want, I looked forward so much. Now, seeing all the guys it was actually in Liverpool and Brent was there, and Kevin Nash and Bischoff, and as got home and Waldman, and Jericho was, you know, and I'm Jay above the field the same way and bubbly you're probably just by thirty eight now. Doesn't matter. Your kid, you're, you're young guy just signed thirty years from now. You'll really appreciate these Beaumont's. If you're still here. With me. Not. You're like that's probably probably. That's a good point, though, anyway. I'm just saying I feel great. It's unbelievable at gave me a whole new. Whole new understanding of these kids, not give these elderly people who have emphysema they can't breathe. Only crap. It's brutal. I mean you can't take themselves. So I'm a rate does far. I'm not gonna every piece of wood in the house that's far. Everything is great, but I'm actually doing with the doctor said, so, and it's working, and ultimately, it will continue to be like this, and I'll have another twenty years to f- Oma, you guys take Kim. At once. Nate. It's great to hear you in such good spirits, like thank you. You sound awesome. I gotta ask. I gotta ask you, though about two weeks ago bathing, I don't know. Yeah, I definitely will with all due respect two weeks ago. You went on that crazy rant right before you went to go, go do the signing for Seth Rollins. And you said some to the fact that if I want to have a beer, I'll have to and you know, I'm leading the life that I wanna leave. And if I want to be RIC flair I wanna to be, I'm going to be RIC flair. Can you give us a little bit more insight into, you know, basically what you said? Okay. That's a great question. Because I hope you've asked that, here's the deal. I came so close to dying. And seventeen. I don't think people understand. Like twenty percent chance to live septic pneumonia. Congestive heart failure. I Don and everybody blamed it on alcohol. Well, what happened was, I had surgery three years prior to that actually three thirty degrees. One in emergency. Appendectomy and I've learned through asking fifty different doctor's custody. Virgin appendectomy right sat up in bed. Can I don't want to stay in hospital? I don't hurt any never surgery for that and through that I got the intestinal blockage. So three third at eleven days. So it's like one in a million. I've heard this from three different doctors that, that type of problems come back. So apparently I did something that day or in prior prior couple of days, August fourteen of seventeen where I did something. To cause that 'cause I wouldn't septic. I got a leak in my intestine, and yes, my system was probably worn down from all drinking. But what caused was a one in a million. Back. What a one, one in a million thing, I wanted a million situation where intestine can start leaking again. That's what makes us septic. And septic is what can kill you had kidney failure to it just major. So it took them. You know. Two days to get ready for surgery and which I was, and then they had to put me in a coma. And then so anyway, get into your question. I decided this time when I woke up. That I would I had I got nothing to lose. Does that make sense? Yes, I am. I am going to not bring to beers and everything's diety attack anymore than I mean I mean, that's where I was. The first time. I Greg, a beer or anything was that my wedding and the two or three beers. Glad that champion had at one of their than the diety was so bad that it wasn't worth drinking. Right. Well enact and I found out that the drinking is what this drinking. Yes, if warned dot my immune system, but if there is all of the, the going, septic and. After four thirty degrees where they put you to sleep, and that's the unknown, right? I mean. You just never know if you're gonna wake up, and that, that's a given, especially when you've had that many surgeries, and especially as you get older, you know. Anesthesia could be complicated. It'd be complications. I just said to myself health. I and I I'm gonna say what I think, and what I feel and actually I just back down and recipe two days after I made that, but I would just making a point because I was losing business, opportunities left and right. Because people were thinking, oh, maybe he's going gonna come around and I had you something that showed him energy. Could I felt that good? And I'm feeling better now. And I just wanted to be energized. And so people that I still had it and to be entertaining and have fun. And, and, and that's basically, that's what that what that came from not losing, not losing opportunities that I have coming up in the future, especially for Brandon doors. But where I, I've gotta be up myself for those three day. Filming shoes? Like I did for a company recently autumn New England. So anyway, that's, that's what brought that on. And I'm sure like where you're coming from is that there's certain expectations when it's, it's Rick flair there, they're expecting, Rick flair. And, and I'm sure that's what you wanna give your fans in the public. Yeah, I know. But I mean, I've had this low everything down. I get that. But bubble tell you this, because, you know, we not only have been friends for years, but he's an old school guy. And I put my body through a lot more than most guys than our business, even though I was never a hard core guy. I mean, backdrops upside down, whatever even at a couple of those ladder matches when I was in my mid fifties, when edge or with Matt hardy, or somebody, give me the bumps 'cause I wasn't qualified to give them any. You know what I mean? So, and it worked out. I wasn't afraid to do it, but I was afraid out hurt somebody, 'cause I didn't know how to do anything harmful ladder. And, and that's whatever age you rich in this business today, you're frayed I'm getting. Hurt is a day you need to walk away. And I think what will attest to that Bubba, obviously, has reached that point. And he's still young and he's still active. He goes through a table of moral he's lucky, you know, look at Mick fully mix not so lucky not that he's not living the good quality of life. But he's lucky and he's probably in pain in, in a considerable amount of pain daily that he won't admit to because I don't I know he's not a drug guy. He's not gonna load up on drugs in that. Did you live to clean, but I look at Hoke who is in paying twenty four seven. The guys would, you know, continued back surgery is ongoing hip injuries, hip replacement knee replacement. I, I have none of that. And I've fractured in. Airplane, vacc- five minute. Good two, rotator cuff, had a lump on my back felt was cancer as a result of their plane crash if by lightning and these were the older these five rations. Well, not five eight hundred three and fifteen and I'm still here. So it's like I pulled through the morning and not. Making a joke. I never fun with YouTube of those are media. I'm glad we're talking because I got anyway. I've never been my phone as I said, God, God's guarding, the pearly gates and the devils afraid of me so he thinks he keeps keeping you on earth. Rick as long as possible. I hope so. Hey, this ocean millions of, I'm just starting to get the hang of it, I had to call Ed, just tell me Becky Lynn, the really student on you, my God. I was it was me on. He goes low risk if a word. Well, you think the niche. Well, you just expose that one. No, as bad I just, I don't be exposed to. Hey. Thing is that me, okay? All they had the hook in your mouth. Yeah. That's important thing. And here's the funny thing like Kevin Nash investment. I love this explanation for me. I'm the last traveling world champion. And it's interesting if you look at where I've been, I mean, tr the traveling world champion was really a issue. It was and I wasn't tough enough to be that guy. I would have to have never had. But when you're traveling world champion, and you're going to Japan and you're going overseas in wrestling against people that you've never heard of I mean, I, I feel horrible David Ortiz shot last night public right now. Can I tell you after being there and all the getting killed twice? Wrestling, Jack Benigno and the eighties and taking paperback the second die where they almost killed us both again administer minicam public companies. And then now you know, people are thinking you can go into these islands, and everything is like Hollywood. It's not the case. These are tough, and they, and they know for whatever reason, and I know David. Well, matter of fact, you always lived me. Oh I love you. I grew up watching you as do so many of the great Dominican baseball players of, but that I see, you know, in and out of different events. And it just it was back, and I mean, I was in Saint Croix one, that when the guy when the cops were breaking up a, a match with me and Carlos cone, and somebody shot the horse. The cop is on. You know, I'm over in Japan and I literally getting stretched every night, you know, because those guys, it'd be that'd be a champion the, you know, they're, they weren't messing around with Jack Brisco it weren't messing around with Terry funds. They most certainly we're wrestling around messing around with, with arly with me. You know. They didn't feel. They weren't intimidated. I mean put like that. And I do that all the time. And you know, I'm wrestling Brody per hour in Japan and, and a week later wrestling Brody for an hour in Saint Louis sold out sector don't and two weeks later. I wrestling because the ring didn't show up in Iowa, I guess, Bobby Brown for an hour on a high school wrestling mat with ropes around seeing see this bully, this is kind of like when you have a discussion about a football player with RIC flair. It's kinda like you're talking about Tom Brady because Tom Brady's never played a sixteen game season because he's always in the playoffs, and he's most likely always in the Super Bowl, it's the same thing with RIC flair. He wasn't having ten fifteen minute matches every time he stepped into a ring. He was having a sixty minute match so that, that has the factor in when you look back at the career of RIC flair. Well, not only that, but a couple of times, you know, county, one on Sunday or on Wednesday and two on Saturday and Sunday. I can think of three occasion that would be nine hours in one week. With with Ricky. Morton, and steamboat don't but don't understand me a walk in the park. In terms of the towns, I was with, but there's a lot of times, a lot of guys and our with the long night, especially in front of honor and fifty people. So, and then getting back to what I was saying is that I've had to be so guarded because of what, you know, you, you, you can't say what you say. God forbid about. I can't brag about Ashy. I couldn't because, you know, well, it's his daughter. Well, no, I'm sorry, I can say it, 'cause I know it. She's the best. We, we brag about her enough on this show. Rick, trust me. We wrote. We put her over to the moon because she has earned the right to be put over to the moon, and it has nothing to do with you as deftly. Here's the deal, and I'm so happy to say that because it's just I'm at the point now or I'm not going to be guarded, or I'm not gonna go, you know, qualify every statement, which I'm sure we find ourselves doing and saying, well, I don't I like the guy personally, but you know, I'm done doing that. We're all adults. Okay. And, and, and I'm so glad you're here, you say that because he is the bed, and I'm saying that just like Orton when he wants to be, and I told my face is the best. If you fact, your insides athletic ability, and their career, you know, right now today that's wrong. That's great. But he's not ran New York couldn't do more gymnastics stuff. Yes. If Morton had to do that he could do it. Okay. And set the deceptively strong, which makes them unbelievable that role through stuff. He was doing with John CENA. I it it amazes me and I text him and, and the greatest competent I get. It's eight words ago. Oh, thank you so much, makes that means a lot. Coming from you, right? Yeah. So it's for me to be a point in a point in my life. Where I should be able to say what I say I mean I did these podcasts about four months ago, and I called him about my time I shouldn't have said that. And when I said, ashes unafraid around her out of the well, then I'm thinking, well, should I say that or not, you know, you know what I mean? And I know the answer. She's not, but then okay at her dad's and say that. You know what I'm saying? You're not saying it as her dad. You're saying it is Rick, flair one of the greatest performers of all time the deal, but here's the deal, it's interpreted that way and Bubba knows that. Live in address in your own. It's like you other night I text all the girls. Electoral list is for nominally entertaining. I find her. It'd be so gifted guard on actually the the match. They had. Was entertaining Alexi got talked. I mean, hope anything's and going back to the women at thirty five they deserve to be in the main of it. And they had unite this word, but they had arguably the best match at twelve thirty at night, and here's the reason because they have the best story line, but they ramped it up. So high they were beating each other up with these candlesticks and chairs to the point where it was. You know there were working, they look like Brock beaten upset with each other. That makes sense. Yeah, they took it to that level. You know. And I and I said God. An eight as a father. You don't wanna see your dog into shipping out ever. But that's what that's what they were doing. Nate stis. And there's no behind him. There's no doubt that Ashley is doing the some of the best work in the WWE as good as the men are doing, and she deserves all the props in the world, whether it's for me, whether it's from you or anybody, she's earned them on her own, but I want to ask you about a different subject real quick. You just mentioned earlier on that, you were fifty five years old. And you were wrestling in ladder matches or whatever you would do. And you were you were you know, get to the gills against Mick Foley in TNA. My question is did you see the match Goldberg versus undertaker at yet? And yet, can we please get your thoughts on the match whether or not you thought the match should happen how the match went down just your overall feeling? You know from you. Well, overall feeling is that? They opened up hot. I loved it. And I love the match up until the last minute. Now. And. I here's the deal whatever you want to say about anybody that's business. He is gonna be on mount Rushmore if there is one or whatever they're you keep hearing all this, you can say no wrong about the undertaker. Okay. He is. He is at talent of a lifetime. Is that makes sense? Yeah. We agree with little Goldberg Goldberg, and arguably the greatest run of anybody for years, and it still never had anybody spend more than a half hour with him learning the fundamentals. And he pulled it off. And I'm sure you know that he's broken hearted. But I can I I'm gonna argue without anybody. I mean it's tough and it's not it's not factor on age when I was doing this, I would still they had be back in the ring on regular basis. It it's so hard to come in and work through or three times a year. It's hard. I mean they're talking about making a big deal but Kevin Durant, coming in tried taking six months off wrestling, and getting in the ring in and climate on a stairmaster or an elliptical is not the answer to getting in the ring and going full speed. And I, I mean that's my hat's off two hundred. I don't know how we got you know, I mean I thought he and Randy Orton had a noble man. Old school. Yes. But old school is new school. And it was like every wait man who contender going at it. Right. And hey, man. And they didn't miss a beat. You know what I mean? And Randy is working full-time hundred works twice a year. That's hard to pull off. You know, Ricky, you're your benching and triple, h and Randy, your, and I know you mentioned Randi or, and before, and I've said this, on the show, is Randy Orton under appreciated because when people talk about the rates of all times, they never really mentioned, Randy Orton, lobby Tae at Randy Orton, blue by dad, Bobby, who I love and talk to, you know, a couple of times a year, just like asked you, blew by me. Okay. And I don't care whether given the chance or not. I could never do what she's done. And I mean when I tell people that she could have gone to a division, one school for four different sports. I'm not lying. I was there track and field. Gymnastics, not gymnastic coach. She only went to level nine all star cheerleading, but she would've didn't wanna do it on a on a all girls team. She wanted to be a flyer. She's don't but scholarship green and basketball, and then she ended up playing volleyball, which he didn't start playing. She was thinking the ninth grade. So there you go. She was a great. The two twenties ran a five thirteen mile in the ninth grade. Give me a break, but you didn't like it. You know, being her father, I cannot say how many times I had to go to school to tell a coach leave her alone. You know, she can't do three things in oh you guys wanted to that's great. You know, then you know what I mean, I finally moved to the public school. Because it don't just because you're paying tuition in a private school doesn't mean you have any say when coach wants to win they wanna win. Rick. I just want to bring him back. I just want to bring you back real quick to this whole go Goldberg versus undertaker thing. And it has to deal with the respect level. A lot of fans on social media have been very vocal about Goldberg and whether or not Goldberg should have been in the ring, and whether or not this match should have ever happened. How do you feel when fans are so blatantly disrespectful to her performer, despite the fact that, that performer gave it his all and try to be a warrior in that ring and pushed through? Well, obviously I don't like it. But that doesn't mean that they can't have their opinion. I, I think that and I mean I don't have an agenda here. I'm never gonna stop telling you how good you undertake is just like Bubba Bubba couldn't say about what about entertaining every wanted to. He's a man's man that has been, if example pointing case if he had ever gone to WCW. And fold up or became difficult. I mean you could have changed the world. He was that big of a influence, you know, it's like it, they're just some guys that are so damn good. And I can't let a minute or two is a result in for d. Defined anybody because, you know, you're funny if they had gone one minute more perfect and then hit it. Everybody would be going got. It was great because what I thought, oh my God. They got me again when he hit what he hit it with his bare, I been here goes, the Brock deal. Right. And then he came on it, but I mean I thought they started out great and those same people that are critiquing are when he was walking along the top world Dacre and drop dropping on viral. We're going God day you can still do it, right. What is your opinion me? What were you what, what minute and a half? I mean Jonah Michaels carried me for thirty guys. I get credit for being in that the only thing I give myself credit for it. Wrestlemainia twenty four is being that the cigarettes bull. I think he did a little bit more than that. Oh, guys. Forty Sean said to me. Will you please just once you're like keep your mouth shut with different verbiage? And let me do this. And then I went out there and 'cause I'm not used to doing that. I messed up a little bit, but he recovered. Nobody knew it. But I never said through works. We he carried me and that's the way it's going to be. And I'll got I'll take credit for being there. I think it's the greatest retirement weekend of Indianapolis and its work, whether it be baseball football. I've been superstar, and I've been to tatting. I've been like that the three days for me throwing wrong will be something that is special. And I don't see it being duplicated. And I've got nothing but nothing but, you know, the fondest memories, I think I went to TNA number one, I needed the money because I was going through multiple divorces. But I think I went to her to drink above it. Mccown. Tell Dave, what was the first thing I said, you wanna tell you every TV I ain't gonna stay out. Are you going gonna stay out tonight, right? Because I lived I lived close to the building. Yeah. And when and whenever basically when you told me to go out, I didn't have a choice, I had to go drink red wine with Rick. That's not true. You pull up the couple of times. Hey, let me thinking about it. I got I got I. Yeah, but you did the same thing to me when I brought out the Jack Daniels. Exactly. And I always will. What take her? I lost one watching damn you're lost. Another. You know Greek you mentioned. But because you mentioned showing Michaels in you mentioned before the, you know, the gloves are off, you know after everything that you've been through, you're not gonna bite. You hung anymore. You're going to be honest and truthful every time you have a microphone in your hand, you know you had the, the second video on YouTube. And you mentioned showing Michael's that, you know, he was a little judgmental, and who is he to be judgmental? Why why Shawn Michaels, because I know you respect the hell out of show on Michaels. And, you know, is this part of the new Rick flair that we're seeing? No, I say. Your first of all I just said, what, what I said, I meant because you're doing. Not good. I've questioned who he is wrestler. I mean Jim Ron, I called Jim Rawson said came out, but, you know, Jim was telling the truth when you open yourself up to something like thirty thirty you, you are you, you're taking the good in the bed. You know what I mean? And that's, that's what it is. I like my own kids said about me, but, you know, because you think and everybody knows me knows that if I have it, my pocket is theirs. And I can assure you, they all let great lives was I there. No. But here's the deal if you'd think the kids, and they do, it's a tough schedule to stay in extremely tough schedule. But you can't even compare it to not going home for three months. Four months. Literally, and then going to Mexico and staying down there flying for Mexico that story I tell over and over again. Right. Was in Florida. All week long. Wrestling berry for an hour and then double shots with very in Renton. No for an hour each. One Jack and our dusty in our, you know, and then having a fly to Japan knowing that I had to get off the plane. And russula Jomo for an hour general for an hour jumbled. Three separate nights, I completely broke down. I drank. I drank. My wrestler Butch Reed for an hour in a cage here. Daddy graham. In the old aluminum building sports arena in Orlando, one hour in the cage a hundred ten degrees, and you can't use the cage as a weapon. Okay. Eddie. Thank you. Gotta get kind of creative, and that's the amount of. This came up with everything. Right. And now I put a blade on every finger anima hand. And all of a sudden Bush really head became harder. Bobover zil. Hey, I Rosa Momo for an hour, you kidding me. You guys I met. There's, there's a method for the man. That's you. I'm sure there's been more than one wrestler that forty five minutes into the masters probably begging you to please bend me, so we can end this match. Oh, God many, but I couldn't I mean it just. Hey, listen. I was begging myself, then. Hey, it's like this the deal of the title arranged. Right. So New Zealand. Right. And having fun with our. They raise. Would've been bugging, the travel and anyway, didn't believe me, guys. He was the real world champion. I mean it goes, we're sold out dog gonna goes, a Rick. Crazed shirts tonight's going to be in the light, but do like negative voters name. Rick fever, Steve Ricard, but diva favor and we'll switch the title tonight and. I'll give it back tomorrow. What do you think? And then he pulls on the Marlboro and I go. Okay, hollywood. What are they find out? Oh, handle, I go don't worry. See. Wreck. They're calling the next save because who was there that the came onto trip with Paul by some people call. Call either. I think guy goes the president then. It's a screaming at me and I sent him. I said, you know what, why don't you scream and Harley? Good luck with that. Yeah. No that works fine. Okay. I, I just hang up. He goes last words were. Everyone's wrenches again. He goes. I told you what, what did what did you handle? What did they add on then sales payment? I mean. Rick, you're awesome man. We, we love what you come on. You are truly the greatest of all time, we love you in day cue, thank you so much for the time as always. Thank you guys, much respect you and you know, I just feel honored that you guys. I mean I can't respect and everything as you get older. And they have your respect means a lot. So thank you so much. Rick has always a pleasure talking to you. And I'm so glad that you're feeling well, and I hope to see you soon. Thank you very much for coming on brother. Thank you guys very much Bye-bye. Thanks for listening. Catch us weekdays on busted open from nine AM to twelve PM eastern on, Sirius XM by nation channel one fifty day did open on cast.

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