Episode 245: Arent You Forgetting Something?


Trump, says Congress what Congress Chicago explodes and the NCWA send some ominous signs football fans that twenty twenty isn't going to be a year. Welcome to the editors hosted this week by me, AL CW CW COOK and featuring. Jim. If they canceled the season and the jets can't lose a game right garrity and Madeleine lower your flags and march straight back to England. Rich lowry is on vacation this week. Sponsors the conceived in Liberty. Speak. Series by the Bradley Foundation and the American Story Podcast by Claremont Institute more on which later. But I. President trump decides lay task say ma, he signed an executive order series of executive orders. Over the weekend. In which he well usurped the Legis the church didn't do what he wanted it to do. The executive orders do four things. One. Instructs. His administration to look into ways of helping Americans who are facing eviction wants not especially controversial doesn't really do much. The second extends the deferral of student loan obligations essentially allowing students who owe money to miss payments without penalties. The. Third. Extends the emergency supplemental unemployment insurance benefits from the Caz Act and the fourth, which is by far and away the most controversial. Suspense payroll tax payments for some workers through the end of the air although it doesn't right off the tax burden. Jim Conservatives made a big deal it when President Obama did such things and were upset when he promised to resort his pen and his phone, and now president trump looks as if he's doing the same thing though. Yeah. There were a couple objections here in there Ben Sasse stands out but by and large. There was very little objection from elected Republicans and really not even from be safe for the the right of center media World I. Guess I can get me no an additional bonus editor's pick in here in that I think you will live in and Adam j white wrote a really good piece for US laying this all out and observing about how. You can probably twist yourself into a pretzel saying, well, trump's is different because of this and because of that look, there's nothing else. This is the spiritual descendant of Barack Obama selling have a pen and a phone, and I'm going to take you know and basically deciding to enact DACA INDABA without Congressional concurrence without Congressional authorization without Congressional Action I. In the corner, the other day I. Like it was kind of remarkable is not a trump. Did it? No not surprising? This is this is incl-. Tirelessly in keeping with the way, trump sees his his view of the office I'm sure John. You would would ready to burst through the wall like the Kool aid man to say, Hey, you know there's A. There's a validation for this. This is how the presidency is supposed to operate, but I think a lot of conservatives look at this differently certainly, we looked very different the this differently when Obama was president and I think what I wrote in a corner post earlier this week and it really kind of sticking in my craw is not just the trump did this. But how little debate or discussion that there was there was really even I think the objection from Democrats was not so much on the constitutional grounds of the President does not have the authority to do this. It was much more in the context of Orangemen bad and if any if if if trump had given them everything they wanted. By direct executive action and ignoring the will of Congress they probably would have been fine with it. There is no inherent view of that I thought two thousand fourteen Sheila jackson-lee and a bunch of other democratic members of Congress. They had this whole press conference in ceremony where they introduced called drafted executive orders. This is right around the DACA decision and they basically were like these are executive orders. We'd like to see the president do and I think no, you're in the legislative branch you have a job under this system it's to introduce legislation and yes, that can be hard. It's meant to be hard. The founding fathers knew what they were doing your have to build consensus and it seems like it's this alien concept these days it like people really the dominant attitude and sadly I think as much on the Republican side or almost as much. On the Republican side as it is on the democratic side, is this the at the attitude of most people in politics elected or grassroots activists? The whole bulk caboodle is if I'm I, want I want what I want when I want it and I don't care how I get it and is ultimately anti-constitutional as bad enough when you know joe six pack thinks that but it's even worse than members of Congress think that because members of Congress. Big First thing they do upon taking office is to swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution right there. I, looked it up, see the words and they just. Ignore it, and they're completely comfortable with an idea of government that is completely at odds with the separation of powers in the constitution. So I began this week pretty aren't depressed. Charlie I. You know it wasn't that I was the lone American on this podcast I'm happy with that Now i. just a sense that those of us who've been arguing for the constitution. Just this old dusty document under the glass at the National Archives nobody really seems to think about too much anymore. Where we will skip over Jim's micro aggression, I am of course American to and been since two thousand eighteen. You're not an American. But like me, you are an immigrant and you came to America with a conception of how things are supposed to what does this bother you? When it doesn't. Yeah, it definitely doesn't I I agree with Jim. That it's annoying to see the hypocrisy of Democrats who do pay. To the Constitution win they're more than happy to completely bypass the constitution when it sits them. I actually think the Democrats are unlikely to sue or or certainly lead the legal charge against this executive action given that. The optics of it are not great. It would be essentially standing in the president's way as the president does something for the American people, which is very much needed. Like many things trump's does I came to get an sympathize with the impulse, which is that Democrats where very hard to negotiate with they were asking for way too much on their plans, which is totally disincentivize people to ever. Get unemployment, and that is a genuine problem not unindo sleep. I have friends who younger siblings or recent college graduates her living with her parents and nice affluent areas getting this this check coming every week can it's just why would they ever get job and I think that's obviously not sustainable. Think he's he was right that something has to be done This was not the way to do it I as a conservative on unfortunately and Charlie speak too much for this can this is obviously going to say rather unfortunate precedent if we ever want a progressive fan. Highly Progressive president, which is certainly postal. Am if you look at current pulling, then this could become a precedent on the point art partisan on Conservatives Parson. Hypocrisy and they say, well, you say you care about the constitution but actually when you had a conservative or sensibly conservative president seem to so So yeah, there's there's long term consequences. I'm less concerned both the the medium or short term consequences. Actually doing think that the payroll tax is particularly effective. 'cause my reading of the subjects is just the employers will withhold. The money and so when even it wouldn't even necessarily be advantageous to employees but yet the long term consequences are not great. Yeah, I agree with that. The one part I, suppose I diff A. On is the idea that this sets a precedent rather than ratifies it a precedent, right? We need to be clear about the provenance here and the scale. This pales in comparison to Obama's abuses but it is nevertheless a ratification, an endorsement of those abuses and unfortunately. We have seen the same Republican politicians who are apoplectic back in two thousand, thirteen, fourteen, either remain silent or in most cases Ben, Sasse in exception. Endorse this in some of even. Chuckled to themselves. Noted how clever. This is. Now. This is the wages of a bomber, ISM. Obama didn't just defer tax collection in an emergency. He refused to collect taxes entirely. Without any approval whatsoever with no underlying statute with no expensive law that could be squinted out with no emergency declaration that could be used as a justification nothing. He just did it because they were unpopular. And this is not. On the same scale, a STAKA which created positive new categories and effectively change the law, but it is precisely the same approach as Obama took. And it is just as damaging to our constitutional order, and this is a legislative function. It is arguably the most important legislative function. The best case here is that president trump can technically do what he did. Because Congress at another point said that he could in an emergency. and. Because the taxes aren't being. Written off that just being deferred but. It's an abuse even if that is true. And trump. Made it clear that it wasn't abuse. He suggested that one of the aims here. was to force Congress his hand he knows is going to be extremely difficult next year for Congress to ask people at the bottom of the income scale to pay taxes that were not taken out of their paychecks in a sense. What is done here is to create new facts on the ground. He went to Congress. He asked for a deal Congress set note for whatever reason it doesn't matter. In fact, it doesn't match Congress's reason was Yabu sucks we hate you. Said? No. And then he did it anyway and this is the same thing that that Obama did with Dacca. The idea of Dako was to create new facts on the ground and then dare Congress. To Undo it. And Bama was largely right in his calculation that it would and I think as Maddie says, trump is largely. Right in his calculation and the press will stay silent because it wants these unemployment benefits extended. The Democratic Party is not going to make too much I because of the politics, it's not great politics election year. To. Sue The president to raise taxes on poor people. Meanwhile, the constitution gets shredded justice. It did with Dacca and I know we have a lot of. Progressive. Listeners and most of them are. Thoughtful and Send. Interesting and considered emails I want to ask them well you. Twenty. Thirteen. Fourteen where was the Democratic Party? Where were the leading? Progressive rises I went nuts over Decca. I went nuts over Obama's unwillingness to enforce those parts of the affordable care act that he thought would be. Unpopular a law that he signed. I went nuts over trump's wall funding a couple of years ago and I'm happy to go nuts over this to this is disastrous for America. But where was the progressive movement where I was the Democratic Party when the seeds of this will being sown? And I remember back to Dhaka I'm show you do Jim. Every piece it seemed feature some random. Professor in Nebraska, a shoring the journalist writing. That what Obama was doing was one hundred percent legal. And that all of the other people. Who are objecting would probably racists and now those same people are all like, Hey, even article one, Bro. I remember, being told all procedural arguments of faecal disingenuous that no one cares about procedure. And we'd start. We'd say I actually support Dak legislatively, but then you'd be told you just trying to evade the question will wasn't an I'm not. This is really bad in needs to stop there's no excuse for it. I don't know if you guys saw us but Ronald Brownstein. said that trump doesn't understand any of this he stupid reactive. He's just doing whatever curse to him whatever he's. told to do, and maybe that's true but Obama wasn't. Obama was what a professor of Constitutional Law in knew what he was doing and he did it anyway. And I blame trump for this I am opposed to this trump should not have done it. It's not acceptable. There is no excuse. But Obama is complicit in this. And the people who justified Obama's behavior at the time are exactly the same as all of the Republican politicians who and now. Either Stang silent or saying it's OK again, Ben Sasse notably excluded. Those. People are hacks. Situation lists their operatives, and I hope next time. Have foresight. Sorry, Tim. Now. Trump by the animating spirit of both of these explicitly said by Obama and I don't think. I don't think trumpy precisely said this but this is definitely a big subtext is if Congress won't act I will. That's not what this country was founded upon, and in fact, you could argue it's very much what we fought a revolution against this idea that too much that this too much power should be concentrated in one part of the government. I think what's fascinating? Wise. Man told me longtime ago when I was having a Particularly frustrating. Argument and fight some other folks on the right is the difference between conservative and a right wing ideologue. The conservative cares about how you do something as much as what you're doing. The right wing ideologue doesn't really care how they get what they want to support that they get they want and the it's interesting to see the arguments from those who defend this from the trump perspectives at Congress is being unreasonable. Yes and I'm sure that's exactly how Obama felt about the Republican Congress back when he was you know contemplating Dhaka this. But the other great irony of course is that Obama, had spent several years insisting that he did not have the constitutional authority to do this all by himself that he needed Congress to act and that he and then all of A. Sudden my suspicion is that he realize that the sand in the hourglass were sinking through on his presidency. Then if he was going to do something like this, it was going to have to require this kind of pushing the constitutional boundaries, bending them arguably to the point of breaking and that was kind of the. So he was the one who you're spe interesting. Oh. Actually do I look Lo and behold I. had this constitutional authority was back behind the couch I didn't see it this idea that you know. Okay. Well, I'm going to do this. Now I have this now we have this permanent change in how we handle. Immigration in our country because I the president of decided this is so. by the way, we should take a moment to walk around A. John, Roberts, with sharp stick for his desertion in the court handled desolate probably make the argument that the trump administration's arguments were sloppy and not the most effective but in that Supreme Court case. But in the end I don't think enough Americans appreciate why they're wipe passing legislation is hard and why the stuff isn't supposed to be you know Bing, Bang boom you get it right through. Yeah. Happens the worst things are you actually want this whole philosophy of the Senate supposed to be this this saucer and the t cools in it before You Pass something because when you pass something and if in an emergency we pass something really fast. That's one bad ideas usually end up getting. Shoved through the door. Well, look at Tendulkar Abuse Jim I. Mean Look at the potential for abuser. As I say this Pales compared to Dhaka make it remotely. Okay. But IT PALES DACA created new categories of immigrants and it took the idea of prosecutorial discretion and it turned it into a fast. You can't collectively. Declined to prosecute there's no discretion involved in that but. But the potential hair is absolutely enormous Stephen. Moore. Who seems to have been the architect of this? Put out a press release nine seconds off President Trump announced these executive orders in which he said the election is now fifty fifty the Democrats are going to have to sue to raise taxes. He's pleased by the politics of it but where's the limiting principle there it would be nice. Wouldn't it for any president to be able to say I am not going to enforce taxes during an election year but they will be owed the end of it and I hope Congress will drop them if I win, which is what trump said but that's not how the system works. You have taxes being enforced unless there is an election year. You can't have say the. Laws that people dislike. Being onerous unless the president is down. In the polls. That's that's a recipe not not just for. Caprice and chaos, but it's also a recipe for corruption. Those laws are unacceptable repeal. What I WANNA know matter you mentioned the long term consequences of this is, is a you of the view that this will now be come the norm that Democrat presidents will do it. Republican presidents will do it, and we'll just shrug and remember the time when we had meaningful separation of powers or do you think there's anything in the more sophisticated pro-trump argument that you read on the right which is look the only points at which the people who defended this approach back during the Obama Administration will learn is if we do it to them and then they'll be a ceasefire mutually assured destruction and we were so congress to its rightful place. That's very naive perspective in fit very rarely works. I think when it comes to eight Dursey, the laughter Oh was willing to go much further and I don't think that just on a purely first principles faces i. just don't think there's any justification along those terms. The Fan I am curious about in this particular instance is whether there will be a kind of. Strange bipartisan. Effect of the executive order which the he managed to trump doing doing this managed to get Ben Sounds, or nice get Chuck Schumer to agree with Ben size that this was unconstitutional slow I think was the. Term used almost wonder if like this could actually be supplanted by some kind of bipartisan legislative package whether this would have akin of strange effects If if people can rally against this principle I, don't know if you have thoughts on that. Well certainly, an interesting point you raise, which is it's not just a matter of the Senate per se having its perogatives usurped but. It's Republicans to one of the problems back in two thousand, thirteen fourteen was that in order to make the case against Obama's behavior you had to say, well, you know Republicans won the house. In two thousand ten. And for those people who hate Republicans that was unconvincing here I think it's odd because it's not just the president trump has taken away the power of Chuck Schumer. Nancy Pelosi he's also undermining. The authority of all of those. Republicans in the Senate who said No. This was a bipartisan rejection. which has skated by and. I think that should focus a minds. Even those mindset appeared cynical purely outcome oriented the president has bucked his own party. He has taken away essentially the votes off Republican voters who chose to put. The Republican candidate for Senate in there rather than a democrat. So we've now reached the point at which this is not purely a Democrat versus Republican left be right question. But a question of branch free Brunch. And I am I'm interested by that idea Mattie I. Don't have a great deal of faith though that Congress will rise up and Reassert itself because the dirty little secret hey is the vast majority of people in Congress, in an election year don't want to take. Difficult votes and don't want to be accused of bucking. The president as far as Republicans are concern, which is what they would have to do to to override. A veto Jim do you have thoughts on the likelihood of that? You know again, it's been deeply the one hand I. Early this week I was thinking about how? Any party has a hard time standing up to their own president. It's just it's baked in the cake. Right you go to fight with your own the president of your own party. The president can always get back at you. You're always in a situation read like the president to do favors whether it's you know you want your district, you WanNa fundraiser. So this baked in the nature of our of our modern politics members of Congress are not eager to really stand up to their own president navy president in trump who loves to lash out at people who piss him off, who loves to get revenge who love it we saw immediately went on this tirade about Ben saw Ben. Sasse. Right. So you've got this almost perfect storm, which is very few incentives to do the right thing to say no Mr President, you don't really have that. But as I mentioned at the Sheila jackson-lee example in this kind of gradually creeping attitude towards the war powers act members of Congress want to support something if it's popular. and. Then if it's unpopular, they want to run fleeing and they don't want to have anything to do with it and so as bad as as trump has been during this. The vast majority of Republicans who are still in Congress obviously, fewer fewer of them in the house and there used to be. are comfortable with this because trump takes most of the flack trump goes off and crazy directions and they have to hide from reporters but by and large they get you know down and stay in there. It's generally stay in office or their hope to stay in office. And you know the my suspicion is that we saw massive waves of Republicans retiring in two thousand eighteen retiring this cycle. It's because members members of the house realize this is what the job is. Now you're sort of figure head you don't really do you're you're not really a CO equal branch of government you're just somebody who's like one of the you know lower lower tier ax in this endless circus that the trump administration and so I I I can get why they do that. But in the end, this is you know if you don't want these constitutional duties Joe Run for Congress. Yeah, you think it would be the prerequisite to running for Congress a desire to. Be. In Congress. All right. Well, I'm. GonNa. Move Onto Chicago but first, let's hear from. I sponsor Bradley Foundation. Making sense of current events during this extraordinary time can be trying conceived in Liberty Bradley Speaker Series is a new video series that office meaningful perspectives through engaging fifteen minute interviews. Visit Bradley F. D. N. Dot Org forward slash liberty to watch the most recent episode featuring British author and Historian Andrew The author of numerous award winning books including his most recent. Churchill walking with destiny Roberts is a former sexpert on Winston Churchill. In this episode, he addresses Churchill's approach to governing during a crisis and how he evolved from status to staunch advocate of the free market system. Roberts also shares his take on the destruction of historical monuments and that's Bradley an L.. E. Y. at the end F. D. N. dot org slash liberty to watch the video. New episodes will debut weekly comeback often and subscribe to the Youtube Channel to be notified whenever a new one is posted speaking of destroying monuments and storefronts, and pretty much anything else that gets in the way. The riots arrived in Chicago. Over the last couple of days and was looting of a shopping mall battles with police in the business district. The proximate cause of this unrest was a shooting. Police were called to the scene on Monday. And shot a man who they claim shot at them the. Shot Man is still alive. He's at the University of Chicago. Hospital. He's expected to survive, but this was enough in and of itself to kick off another night of unrest Mattie, which will take. Yeah. So I think there several layers to this story in the first is just the way in which social media just mobilizes. Anger on political activity and sometimes not the most accurate or constructively to mildly at. So the police, their side of this story is that this was in response to or the pretexts for this looting wasn't response to disinformation. So they as you summarize, they said that there was an active shooter here the show I think he was a twenty year old male. This was posted on facebook as them having short a fifty fifteen year old boy in the face. This was then a call to arms and I think this question is that this was basically organized criminals just like taking advantage of mass hysteria am what seems to be too can. Immediate thoughts to this I am the first is that given that there was for warning and you should see this buildup online Why weren't they able to can see coming in and do more? To. Stop. It and I think if you if you zoom oh look at. The Democratic Mayor Laurie Hey, she's handled. That various stages of the of the riots It's it's been the same pattern that most democratic municipalities half, which is just a lot of virtuous signaling not a lot of decisive action. This was slightly worse as well. In that on Saturday, she had taken to twitter to Taylor some sunbathers. Am I think she she said it's called upon denic people and and described as his reckless behavior. The fact that I think it was mostly gay actually congregating with their shirts off and on. And yet back in July, she tweeted our unequivocal support for the for the protesters expressing their first amendment rights. So there's just like there's a in here. People are getting fed up and then I. think the most damning statement in my view came from police superintendent who said. Basically said criminal this happened because criminals knew that they could take to the streets in this way. I know have any consequences for their actions. So when your own police superintendent is saying that I think that you really need to kind of. Get. Your Act together. Yeah. So Jim as Maddie says, Lori lightfoot the Mayor of Chicago has been all over the place in her rhetoric and displayed some. Fairly, brazen double standards. Tell me if you think this is fat I read. Laurie light fits condemnation. Of the looting she said, this was a brazen and criminal looting and destruction. This is not anywhere near acceptable and I thought what acceptable was interesting because the application there, and this is bolstered in my reading by her other statements has been some of the previous violence has been acceptable at least it has been overexuberance in the service of a legitimate course whereas with this, she say own don't do that that takes it too far to what extent is she now suffering the consequences of her own unwillingness to condemn lawbreaking earlier in the cycle. Is going to say this is not the first time the magnificent mile and Chicago attack there was video people. Just a whole crowds rampaging into the Nike store coming out with shoe boxes and t shirts and everything they could possibly get their hands on. So this has happened before not that long ago In fact I think somebody's observed that the glass the Nike Store did not get broken this time. They may have upgraded it to a much more impact resistant glass. Your modern reality of being in a downtown city in twenty twenty I. Kind of wonder if this week is going to be if this turns out to be factor in the twenty twenty elections November. And things do not turn out as badly for the Republicans as people think and I think it's you know there's still The future is still unwritten on this I. Think this past week may be seen as a turning point and it's kind of couple interesting and things. The first is the New York Times wrote this piece deeply reported from Seattle and said, you, know a headline was abolished the police, those who survived the cast and Seattle aren't so sure what is it like when a city abandoned a neighborhood and the police vanished business owners describe a harrowing experience calling for help and being left all alone. Now this ran on August seventh. It was covering events that occurred in July and a whole bunch of people were saying, Hey, this is what I was hearing from social media around the ground the whole time the rest of the New York Times is telling me this is all Hunky Dory. This was all just a big street festival and nobody needed the cops nonstop. But as if there was this like this giant sudden correction in which the New York Times at Oh wait actually when they tried to do away with the police. And the the Bob took over a neighborhood in Seattle it didn't turn out as well as we initially thought. So then you have but I, I, still have this feeling that this will you're seeing initially saw in Seattle and you saw it in Portland that there was not necessarily break breakthrough and make you know Mr and Mrs Middle? America feel nervous about this in part because Seattle and Portland have these reputations of these cities full of Weirdos we remember Lancia Seattle's had the protests going back the WTO, the nine Hundred Ninety S. Okay. They have a bunch of crazy lefties out there. That's kind of what they've always been, etc.. The image Monday morning of them, raising the bridges on the river in Chicago. as Charlie, you've probably noticed everything about the world entirely comes for movies and I was reminded of Batman begins, which ended you know the fear gas spreading all over Gotham city and people are losing their minds. It is chaos. It is anarchy and they raised the bridges to contain the violence and anarchy life is imitating art and what was supposed to be a portrait of a city beyond control. Unfortunately, there is no Batman and so here's this kind of this interesting Oh this can happen in Chicago. This can happen in downtown Chicago. Up until recently, we thought Chicago is the place where the biggest menace were these Maga. Hat wearing maniacs. Actors on the show from. Empire. But in fact, know this this magnificent mile can be you know anomaly trashed with graffiti and such you can see my understanding was was. A SATIRIC CD Jeff saying that people are coming up with you halls And just cleaning up the stores that everything they could get their hands on There is a pattern here and Republicans can make this case I think anybody who you know. that. Right now, you have this pattern of the BLASIO lightfoot in Chicago. Ted Wheeler and Jenny Durkan in Portland and Seattle who just shrink in the face of this serious threat to law abiding citizens and private property, and in the end we talked that last segment about members of Congress who don't really want to the job of being a member of Congress here you have mayors who don't really want to be mayor they don't. Want to enforce the laws they don't want to be in this position. They don't want to confront this power problem because doing so might alienate some of their political allies or I suspect they fear they'll have a challenge from the Left Guess What folks? This is the job you signed up for this is the job you campaign for get out there and do it. But they will not and I think there's an argument that even if this is you know even if these cities are always going to be electing Democrats almost worth noting they're probably some people in the nineteen eighties without Repub, the New York would never elect a Republican mayor. Then, you know basically Republicans can say look we have our flaws were not perfect but we understand that there must be law there must be order and that just because people claim to be acting in the name of noble cause, they can't run around and do things they can't steal things they can't destroy other people's property i. think that's a message most Americans will go for and I think that you know Democrats are really skating thin ice and I think that New York Times article saying Hey Seattle didn't turn out. So well was in early important indicator of this Mattie what's your res on that as? Conservatives say family. In many cases the the cities in which these problems tend to arise are run by the Democratic, party and so merely instructing people to go and vote is unlikely to change much Chicago I believe has not had a republican mass since one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, one. Almost a century. So, merely putting up billboards and saying how important it is to turn up the ballot box is. Unlikely, to change a great deal and yet it is true that. Voters close to those cities. Often. Do Change Their voting habits as a result of this sort of activity. In one reason Illinois, a state used to go read in presidential elections. was. Crime. Yes Chicago State, Democrat controlled. But Illinois was not. And of course, as Jim says, if you push too far, you will end up with Republicans in charges we saw in New York with Rudy Giuliani only just. Cal Smith pointed this out this week that. Giuliani one that watershed election. With fifty one percent of the vote was it was not a landslide. So I wanted to do you think that? It is likely that this will. Change. Some mines or is this baked in or perhaps this is trump and the Republican party likely to suffer because people say well, look through the president as. Well there is a obviously there's. A kind of amuses me that in New York. where I am Thurs being this mass accidents of all the the rich liberals. are in the hunt. And it's funny because people who hold these views about well, actually to fund the place. Yes. Absolutely wherever they live in Nice affluent gated communities. And they're able to get out of the danger areas I. Think Ordinary Americans don't hop that can luxury I mean if you look at if you look at pulling data. Especially, as it pertains to pull rising, generally do Actually, people are not anywhere near as partisan as. Politicians assuming they are they're actually They're they really care mostly in peace. You know kind comes down and actually on on a day-to-day level being able to let them safe securities. So fundamental that I could see don translating into voting as you say the it'd be it'd be very easy to exaggerate that or to overplay it. But I definitely think is created an opening for US serious law and order candidate Republican candidates can make the case for why what they're offering important right now. I think it's In the background while you were speaking, we could hear police sirens. I don't I don't actually leading the nice part time Charlie. So, this is a personal issue for me. Yeah. You don't want to defend those police sirens. Exactly. They're actually a comforting to me. Well, second sponsor this week is the American story. PODCAST, by the Clermont Institute. The American story is a free weekly short-form podcast that aims to reveal and remind listeners of the goodness of our country, our country, Jim, hosts Chris Flannery at the Claremont Institute explores the ideas, events and people that have shaped the American way of life and understanding of what it is to be American Jim. As. The United States becomes increasingly disunited. The American story brings citizens together with stories of hope on an dedication to the common cause of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Some example podcast simple truth. It's about George Washington the American dream about Martin Luther King last hand about Wild Bill Hickok number forty, two about Jackie Robinson, of course, and beautiful goodness Abraham Lincoln. America is growing increasingly divided, but the American story aims to unite listeners with true stories about Americans, and the American experiment in Freedom Stories weekly about immigrant statesman poet soldiers. Inventors Pioneers and ordinary citizens reveal our rich history and shine a light. On the path forward. Each episode of the American store reminds us shed inheritance of freedom and what we must do to preserve it. Have you visit the American story PODCAST DOT Org. That's the American story PODCAST DOT Org. You can find all the episodes and you can subscribe for free on apple podcasts, Google podcasts, spotify, or on your preferred podcast platform. That's the American story podcast. By the Claremont Institute. So yesterday morning. began to bubble up on twitter that always not well in the world of college football. I'm currently taking a break from twitter but whenever something interesting happens on twitter people, send me the tweets. So I saw the five all six. Offending tweets and I must say heart sank I am in North Florida College football is absolutely Enormously popular. It is read on a Saturday to see anyone who isn't wearing either a Florida gator shirt or Georgia bulldogs shut or whatever team. They started following back home before they moved to. North Florida. Jim. I don't know to what extent your college football fan but I know you're a big sports guy in general does this worry you in terms of sports for twenty twenty and also in terms of the full in twenty twenty? On all these levels. My interest in college football is generally well, I know the jets are going to be terrible. So let's they're going to be drafting next year. pull. The. Easy thing to root for you shift from team to team. Quickly sorry I have a quick story, but the jets when I was some a tourist I am actually went to jets game and I go into this massive found. This is before New, York I got massive foam finger on sitting there with my boyfriend at the time with this big phone figure and somebody behind US win who would buy a foam finger we suck. Just felt I just felt totally. Just like Ben, the Finger Day of course. They, did lose quite. So that is the inmate which. Isolate. Exactly. How could you tell twenty fourth two, thousand, fourteen? Yeah late late late Rex Ryan early Todd Bowles Yeah those are bad year anyway Yes. Sorry. Mattie you deserve to be treated better than some guy can take you to a jets game but at least you got to meet some of the innate positivity and optimism because she did say boyfriend at the time. So she cleaned like. Sounds like upgraded. Anyway. The look. College football is a really big deal not just in the south but in a whole bunch of parts of the country where there isn't a pro team where in you know whether it's Gainesville, Happy Valley in in Pennsylvania by and large. These are parts of the country where you know this what you do on Saturday this is what you. Get excited about if you ever watch you know College Game Day where you see pretty much not just the entire campus but the entire community come out in these swarms by some of the biggest stadiums at the country are college football stadiums was University of Michigan I wanNA say their attendance is more than one hundred, thousand people I mean these are huge deals. And so obviously, this is this is almost akin to canceling Christmas, this is a disappointment on an epic scale for some of these communities I suppose you could try to from that trying to extrapolate what's the mood of the country going to be come November you know is that GonNa. Be reflects badly for incumbents or is it going to people in people in a bad mood? We'll probably have a lot of reasons to be in a bad mood in the fall. But the indicate look people kind of recognize I wrote about this for a little while ago. The NBA can proclaim the bubble the NHL players in two Canadian cities and get through it. Okay. Baseball. Had some bumps in the road. Thank you Florida. Marlins. I'm sorry. Miami Marlins. In my mind. Sally the whole state with the. Marlins. A The One of those things college football, it's just tougher. The rosters are bigger more players are on the field they're crashing into each other. It's going to be really tough to prevent the spread and there's been this thing. Is there any way they're gonna be able to pull this off and I? They said we're not GONNA do at a conference games and now over the last forty eight hours, it looks like the season is likely to be other canceled entirely or maybe one or two conferences are going to. Try to do it. Maybe some teams will not go along with the decision of their conference. It looks like if we get any college football this fall, it's going to be very, very limited and that's going to be. That's going to be a deep bummer for a lot of people but I think what's more it kind of indicates look this. This has been an ordeal I've been having. You know talks of my sons who are like, you know how much longer is this going to go on and? Miss My kids and we've all been putting up with this since at least mid March. But? The. God's middle of August. You know we've had AK ships cancel the can't travel give Americans leave the country. You know. It's gotTa be over soon right? Well, maybe not. As we get closer to winter. Cold and flu season begins You'd like to think that the isolation we've been doing would minimize the spread of that. But you know people talent, the medical experts who telling people since that flu shots available go out and get it because you don't want to be. The hospitals deal with everybody having the flu at the same time. They're still dealing with the dealing with the current coronavirus were supposed to get the vaccine late this year early next year probably won't be distributed on a massive scale until let's say late winter early spring. You know we may or may not have football this this this fall we may have another miserable winter ahead of us more intriguing ideas being kicked around the idea of doing spring football in college football. He kind had that option you. You nobody else's using those stadiums than you can probably arrange it. Maybe that would be a good idea maybe it worked out. For a lot of these teams but you know just another one more giant bitter pill to swallow in a year. We're all just you know feelings. We've got one after another just a deeply frustrating set of circumstances s I have to say this came as a little bit of a surprise to me. Most of the sports obsessive know had been predicting this but. It felt to me because I'm such a big baseball fan. That things were improving perhaps purely because I've got to watch baseball every night for the last two weeks and also that the schools reopening here in Florida and the cases certainly in my county really dropping and a bunch of people I'm friendly with have started flying again and I was getting the impression. Hey, this. This looks like it's improving a little bit and then this this news came came out of the blue now Maddie I know you're not. A college football fan and. You could say that journey. Surely. My story indicated great with us was your first exposure to the game was was the jets and I. Just assume you run away from it. But scoring. Except, the players are professionals. But it's Not a college football fan mighty. But but I, I wonder whether you shed my growing sense of optimism or. Whether I've been kidding myself and this fits perfectly within your worldview anticipation. Well I. Don't I don't know if I had many expectations because it's not something I spent an awful lot time. Thank you. But my to says a person who doesn't spend a little time to give it. This is that the first is. For in terms of safety for the players themselves like I kind of thought SIPOS dangerous. gave me maybe I'm missing something here, but I would have so. There's there's quite a high risk of injury in that game anyway, and so throwing in the chance of catching Kerr devices is maybe now. That that different in terms of the risks of the game at least for the players themselves the the bigger issue I think is is obviously a domino effect. This has on the economy because I didn't quick Google. At different universities, actually get in revenue from his absolute enormous. Alabama I think is seventy, seven, million and six point five million that goes to their academic programs. This this really devastating effect I think a knock on effect on. So many other aspects of life for for these communities where cultural. Thing in that say nothing of people who have scholarships I mean if you're a male player I think my understanding is you have a biological clock and so you only have. So many years to kind have really. Shoe show you what your potential So it's really sad did not respect and also I suppose theat if some conferences Pelote, then it really can strict on on the whole on thing I'm imagining like the World Cup, where Lake Esley France Spain or in it, and then well, if you know if there's only three. Countries participating would really be a victory. If these championships went ahead, I don't really know I. think There's there's a law old side. There's a lot of consequences that would come from something like this. So it shouldn't be done lately. Yeah. That's one reason why. A number of people said to me. I'm not sure that we're going to get college football nfl for that matter. I thought I. Don't know because as you say, this is a four billion dollar. Industry. We don't need to relitigate the. Issues with the way the is set up but Maddie you're absolutely right. This is one of the main funnels of money into colleges and it doesn't just affect their sports programs. So. Jim, do you have any thoughts on? How that's going to affect not just two colleges per se but football going forward chair well. They've already given up March madness, the a traditional spring basketball tournament, which is a huge ratings and has sixty four disruptive sixty eight teams. Once you have the play games and stuff that's a huge deal both for the networks for advertisers for all schools that participate you look back on the blog of INSTA- Pundit Glenn Reynolds, and he's been talking about the the coming collapse of higher education or the bursting bubble of higher education and some people might say, okay ready for the bubble burst by now But this it's it hasn't been a bursting of the bubble it has been a slow motion process but you. Are Starting to see universities and colleges are realizing Oh. We've we've gotten used to being able to hike tuition well beyond the range of rate of inflation year after year decade. After decade, we may have hit the ceiling of what people can afford to pay even when they get loans even with government aid etcetera etcetera, and now all of a sudden like one of the one of the legs of the stool that's holding him up is GonNa get kicked out there. They're not going to have all that revenue from college sports, their use having Stanford University which has the I think the third biggest down in the Country Announce that they're getting rid of not all but I think it was like a half a close to a dozen of their non revenue generating sports the you don't get a lot of money from rowing competitions from gymnastics, volleyball all the other sports in a perfectly good sports and God bless every student athletes participated. But unfortunately, they're not shown on ESPN all through Saturdays and on Fox and on. ABC, on Saturday nights. So you don't get that giant television revenue so you don't get the money come in it. So people you know they're generally the revenue from football and basketball has managed to support these sports and eat at. Stanford University with this giant endowment is saying, we can't afford to keep doing this. A lot of schools are going GonNa look at this and say I don't know if we can get to you these programs at all and there may be some schools that have said they're thinking about not keeping their college football program that they're not with the one of the ones. That's you know getting huge numbers of victories. It's huge corporate sponsors and selling out large luxury boxes and all the ways you make money. Some schools might look at the cost, the cost of the program what is bringing in and saying this isn't necessarily worth it. For those of us thought that college, the higher education drastically needed some sweeping reforms and for those of us who thought that the college athletics world was increasingly turned corrupt under the NCAA. The basically colleges had decided to become the developmental leagues for the NFL and NBA, and that this was not it more and more colleges restrain away from their purpose, which was to educate young people. That maybe this is going to lead to some ness some some improvements down the road. But for now, it's going to be supremely painful for a whole bunch of schools at Bisley believed the money was just gonNa keep flowing in forever and ever we know it's been interrupted for one year, and my sneaking suspicion is that we're going to have long lasting lingering changes to our culture. I couldn't sports culture including idea that you know we're just not gonNA count the how do you compare baseball camp statistics for this year? To all previous years when there's only sixty games, how do you compare you know go nobody knows who's going to win the NBA Championship? Because they had this China interruption to the year some guys opted out it's going to be nothing. Twenty twenty is really going to be comparable to what happened before and we're hoping we get back to normal but none of us have any real idea about when people will be back in our lives. On that depressing note. Trying injected at a levity with our light items, Mattie. Your Mama's discovered facebook filters. Yes. So so. Raise it is great and the time like this to have ways, it's not only talking to your family live abroad but seeing them unday. and My mom who is very Very Smart Accomplished woman. Just thinks that there's nothing more serious than life than than these filters that turn you into a watermelon nor turn you into our bunny rabbit or? or Elvis, Presley. This actually happened I initially by accident we're having quite serious conversation actually. Which I would I would bore you with the details on in any case GM pit some button. And there he was Elvis on she just I'm also has this thing where she she when she starts laughing she just starts crying with laughter and she won't stop it's very infectious. So yet she's she's been really enjoying the facebook filters as as I am indirectly. Good. With really bad news. I'm sorry I don't think Auntie module is going to make it and she's which you know what the would be kind of like out Glaswegian we have very dark says if you are though my mom, my mom's English is I think mentioned she before which is supposed makes me half? English but that's another story and certainly not a late we'll have a crossing Tim You think everyone is in the same boat. Yeah. In previous editions of this podcast with came to the lighter items talked about doing online happy hours and You know socially distance get togethers with the other parents our kids it dawned on me of the day. There are certain people I'm hearing from more often certain friends through online. Forms of chat than I did before the pandemic when we'd have to bother to pick up the phone and talk to each other and our conversations are generally how you doing and you'll be quickly realized everybody's in the same boat in the sense that everybody's got the same problems everybody's kind of you know. Kids are going nuts They're not going to have school in the fall you know online learnings. Ridiculous. are you going anywhere might be going someplace but you know they they wanNA fourteen everybody's in the same situation and I wrote the first morning jolt of the week talking about. If you're having a tough time getting through this and you have you feel like your wits end feel like you're you're ready to tear your hair out. It's okay. Because everybody's in this situation you're not alone. You're. You're you're not doing that bad. If you're if you're on this side of the dirt, you're doing. Okay. If your kids learned anything during distance learning, you did a good job. If you're still employed, you're doing something, right? You know this kind of the sense I don't know if people are giving themselves enough credit. For. Getting through what is a really challenging time and so every time I talked to my friends if you're a little bit better on this front and it's that recognition that no, there is nobody out there who is Whipping up amazing recipes every day and you know figuring out and they've lost twenty pounds and you know. Everybody is struggling with this in one form or another you just may not be able to see it. So if you're having a hard time, it's okay you just means you're a human being and we're going through a really extraordinary time and you know talk with everybody else you have this book all in this boat together and we will all sail through these stormy seas one way or another, and you know this is a shared hardship that we're all. GonNa look back on this and laugh. Someday. This is a nice little segway to my light item, which is Daniel Tiger's pbs kids show that is based on Mister Rogers. Mister Rogers esque. Monologue there jim very welcome one. Daniel Tiger is a a nice show and it revolves around lessons extremely useful for kids. Tells them that when they're feeling angry that count to Tan shows them that it's normal to be upset or feel jealous. And it's been great. We just subscribed to. PBS. Amazon prime channel I suppose you would call it to get this and it really shows you the kids absorb whatever it is they watching I mean. If my kids watch jake and the Neverland Pirates for example, on Disney plus and I have to scold them. We'll tell them not to stand on the table or to. put down a fork. and. They will say, Oh, you're. Response, which is not really what I'm looking for but with Daniel Tiger they. Don't internalize the lessons but they feed them back to me. How they're supposed to be well behaved or feeling a little bit angry at being scalded but that's okay. It'll jingles that they. Sing. So. If you haven't watched Daniel Tiger and you have young kids, I would recommend it not only. Kids show within the. Collection, but certainly a so corrective to the pirates brace worry about spider-man. Convey Belt on which you have probably found yourself. A lost item is our editor's picks Mattie. What's yours? I really enjoy a rich and Ramesh is why trump's losing? He's I thought it was both forceful unfair which is a rare combination when discussing president. So I thought opposite greet which I've Kylie recommend. Magazine piece that's now up on National Review Dot Com. Jim Guarantee. What's your edges pick? So, readers probably notice the most Democratic primary I'd kept a series of articles on the Democrat. It's twenty things you probably didn't know about each candidate and Fred flights who has worked in the National Security Profession took Rhode. A kind of a day with five more things. You probably didn't know about Susan Rice Susan Rice is being speculated as a likely choice for Joe Biden to be his running mate In fact, by the time you hear this, you may know. This listeners. But who the the running mate is and I'm obviously I would not ordinarily like somebody else coming along and saying, Hey, here's more stuff. Jim Should've mentioned but Fred is a very nice job with us and he lays out kind of like just a good perspective on Rice's duties how she handled it and what it was like to serve under that and all the headaches they made plenty of reasons for conservatives be nervous plenty of reasons for Americans to think. We have a sharp elbowed bureaucrat who is very good at covering her tail but not necessarily getting the job done Read it, check it out and heat it. Hopefully, this will be Oh, maybe this will not be maybe this'll be irrelevant a couple of days but considering I was Susan Rice's probably going to have some job in Abidin Administration. You should read this and be prepared for that eventuality. I think now every time you write one of your things you may not know about I'm going to write a follow up. The says one thing Jim guarantee missed. I presented that I twenty I didn't put Benghazi, and then there's really well you. Benghazi. About Benghazi. You probably didn't know. That's true. That's true. My edits pick is the series of pieces that one of summit interns Luther Able wrote from Portland Oregon. He volunteered to go out there and Witness the unrest and he's been writing it up he went down to. Protest outside a police station. He's spoken to some locals and done a bunch of interviews. All of them are interesting and worth reading and. Well done. Well. That is all we have this week you've been listening to the editors she a national review podcast. I've been filling in this week for rich lowry and the other guests have been Jim Jimgeraghty. And Madeleine Kerns we will be back later in the week with the second episode. Until. Then thanks to the Bradley Foundation on the Clermont Institute and to all of you for listening we will see you next time.

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