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hello and welcome to misinformation a trivia podcast for ladies and gents of cool trivia and chicken too annoying teams at pub quiz. Where your hosts i'm lauren. And i'm julia schule lord so we are at episode one eighty two. Can you even believe it. Yeah we were saying the other day like we mentioned offhand. What number episode we on. We're like how honor there have. We done this. That's so many book report that so many things to talk about. I didn't honestly. I didn't think that i had that many things to talk about in me. Frankly and i can only remember. Maybe half a dozen of the last episode that we've done. Yeah it's funny though like when we watch like a game show or something. And i'm like you should know that josh because we did a whole episode on it. He's like even remember doing that. Episode is like no there was. There was one question the other night when we were watching. the first the premiere episode of the chase. This season and the question was the statue of liberty wasn't intended for it wasn't originally intended for new york harbor. Where was it originally built for her. And they gave you a trafalgar square suez canal and gibraltar. Like what was going to be the original location of the statue of liberty. And i was like i. Is this something. I talked about at the suez canal up to. I think it might be. I feel like there's a little thicker by brain that i did whole over suez canal and i thought this would be an interesting tidbit and i was like. I hope i'm right us guys. So yes if you missed that episode or that episode of the chase. The suez canal was the original intended site for what america has us the set of liberty. And that's a freebie folks. We're not even talking about the stuff that stuff that we've talked about that. I'm like i'm pretty We talked about that right. That's something i would have talked about. I would have done that eventually right. Yeah absolutely yeah. So one. Eighty two incredible And today is a music episode. Oh oh yeah. Is it going to be about eighty two. Yes because we are huge blink. One eighty two fans like that song all paying the only one. I could quick cyber. So i'm the last episode of the great british. Sorry last season of the great british bake off and the first episode when they had to make like the bust. Yes buster person. Cakes and dave whipped out the bust of his hero. Tom delonge we craziest. That was i beat. Everybody did like recognizable. Famous for the most part is gonna say this was that was some nailed it as shit and yet of great british bake off. Challenge but yeah. Yeah tom delonge and he's not tom. Delonge is not okay like he. He's becomes the alien alien guy and that's what we're talking about today right now. We're talking about how long is a conspiracy theorist no in fact. I had promised this episode for a very long time. Promise this episode in. I actually teased it in our previously mentioned trivia night that you may or may not have attended and but music episodes are such are a lot of work for us so but this can i tell you the amount of joy doing this episode brought me. I was like beside myself so excited to be doing this so today. We're gonna talk about my favorite musical artist. Peter gabriel now. You definitely shouldn't it's good for us. Enjoy the topics were doing especially when we did dictator was just like i gotta do an eight-page your book report about this guy. Yeah so. I'm glad the topic that brings you joy. Oh i've loved this if i could do peter. Gabriel every day. If i could do a different peter gabriel album for like an entire year. Maybe not that to see how. Tell me but the other thing is i. This is going to happen throughout the episode guys. I am going to say wait. I thought that was full collins. I don't get to confuse the heck out of these two guys and you know what i got. You covered okay. You'll you'll know the difference by the time. And i'll and i'll also tell you why you get them confused. Okay thank you so here. We go air here. We go here we go. Peter gabriel peter. Brian gabriel. In fact he was born on february thirteenth. Nineteen fifty in chaba surrey uk. I dunno if that's how it's pronounced but it looks like chabot ham so i'm going to go chaba. He learned to play the piano from his mother and he developed an interest in drumming. In fact he started off on drums of those teachers noticed his talent in singing as well he was a growing up like a huge fan of aren. Be and soul music american rb and soul music and he frequently says otis redding was his biggest influence such a huge fan of his. And so all and we'll talk about the influence of our envy and seoul on his music moving forward so he remarked of his early influences played quite a large part. He said oh they were the closest. I came to soul music before i discovered soul music. Time out sorry. I now realize that you're saying s. But sometimes when lawrence talking about like a dog or oh hymns is so cute. So i thought you were saying like hymns was so influenced. Just love him. he's so cute. Such a cute little man. no. I'm talking about him like like you. Listen to church singing church okay. He said there are certain hymns that you can scream your lungs out on and i used to love that. It was great when he used to get the old shivers. Down your back so at age twelve. He wrote his first song which was called. Sammy the slug which is adorable. Do we have that. Do no we. Don't we do not have a clip of sammy slug. I'm so sorry if you know. Peter gabriel please get in touch with me i so i can fan girl in into so we can get the original court recording of sammy the slug also around this time and gave him money for a professional singing lessons but he was not interested so he used it to buy the beatles album. Please please me so. He just did not have much interest in being a singer. Now so in. September of nineteen sixty three. He started at charterhouse which was a public school in gd allowing surrey. Another very there's gonna be a lot of british bulldog there there. He was a drummer and vocalist for his first band. Which is the trad jazz. Trad jazz in the uk is short for traditional jazz. We mentioned in cicero's at our tharp episode. That jazz was very big and you know. Southern american music was very big in england and so trad jazz was an offshoot of that in the uk. He was in a trad jazz band and they were called the lord's as in. Hello my lord. I know they also therapist cap probably and this was followed by a holiday band called the spoken word and i was like what the hell is a holiday band. Apparently it's just the british version of like like a wedding band or like like. Yeah like you hire them. Yeah okay so sixty five. Gabriel formed the band garden wall with school friends. Tony banks on piano. And chris stewart on drums and banks had started at charterhouse at the same time as gabriel and the two were uninterested in school activities but bounded and started to write songs At a final concert before they split gabriel dressed in a kaftan and beads showered the audience with pedals he had picked from neighboring gardens. So this was the beginnings of his. We'll call it theatricality in live performance. So is he the singer of this band. He was the singer in this band class. So in sixty seven after garden. Wall had disbanded. Gabriel banks and stewart were invited fellow pupils anthony phillips and mike rutherford to work on demo tapes of songs gabriel and banks contributed. She is beautiful for song that they wrote together and the tape was sent to former. Charterhouse pupil turned musician. Jonathan king who was immediately enthusiastic largely due to gabriel's vocals. And we'll we'll talk more about this and you'll notice it in the songs that i play. But peter gabriel has a very distinctive. Tenor has a kind of a raspy quality to it. He's got a lot of range surprisingly for someone who really just kind of ten to sing. And just like one area for the most part but Yeah he has a very like rich raspy tenor so this made an impression. This guy signed the group and suggested the band name of gabriel's angels but it wasn't popular with the other members and peter. Gabriel has mentioned. Like i really liked in gabriel's angels and i thought it was a really good idea but i guess everybody else didn't like it kind of joked around about it. So they settled on king's other suggestion. Which is genesis phil collins. Yes so yeah. Yeah yeah here. We got right so after king suggested that they stick towards more straightforward pop gabriel and banks wrote the silence son as a pastiche of the bee gees who was one of king's favourite bands. So they were kind of like playing to the sky and it eventually became genesis for single released in nineteen sixty eight and it was included on their first studio album which is called from genesis to revelation eighteen. Sixty nine hundred. They're just an eighties. Well i mean sorry. No it's okay. We'll talk about it. I'm gonna listen. I'm the audience. Yeah you're just avatar for the audience totally okay in that album. This is when we first see peter. Gabriel playing the flute so he just picked up liz. Do yes like lizardo lizardo peter. Gabriel and eliza both tests dire diagram. Flute is in the middle So after the commercial failure from genesis to revelation the band went their separate ways and gabriel continued studies at charterhouse in september of nineteen sixty nine. Gabriel banks breath. Aford phillips decided to drop their plans and make genesis full-time working band so in early. Nineteen seventy gabriel. Played the flute on mon mona bone japan. From nine hundred seventy. That's a cat. Stevens record okay. Mona bone jakonen. Yeah the second genesis album which is called trespass marked. Gabriel his musical output with the accordion tambourine and bass drum and incorporate his soul music influences and he wrote the lyrics to the knife which is a parody of a protest song. It's a nine and a half minute song. It's actually surprisingly good. I would say question. Mario much of that is words. A pretty good. He has kind of like a like a rap like cadence through the party of it. It's very interesting. It's not just a minute of singing in nine minutes of jam band. No it's it's pretty. I mean there's there's long stretches of noodling but yeah so. The album sold not very well and at one point. Peter gabriel secured a place at the london school of film technique because genesis quote seemed to be dying. The band recruited guitar. Steve hackett and peter gabriel's cousin phil collins their cousin. Oh hey so peter. Gabriel and phil collins our cousins. And they're still very close So phil collins took over as the driver. Okay because peter gabriel was now more flouted accordionist lead singer and so we played the accordion. Yeah so their next album was called nursery. Crime c. r. y. m. e. yeah From nine hundred. Seventy one. And this also featured peter. Gabriel playing the oboe so he was just like just picking up picking up stuff and things the blow in making it sound good. The opener is called the musical box. this was their first song in which peter gabriel inc a story and characters into the lyrics so his storytelling kind of comes and goes throughout his career. He tells like there will always be at least one song on an album of his either in genesis or as a solo artist where there's a narrative quality to the So that's another kind of highlight of his style is that he tends to be very literary and a lot of ways so live shows supporting fox trot which came out in nineteen seventy marked a key development in pierre gabriel stage performance. He started to recite stories to introduce numbers as a way to cover the silence between songs. While the band's tune their instruments or while technical faults were being so he just started like telling stories during a gig in dublin in september of nineteen seventy-two he disappeared from the set during the instrumental section of the musical box and reappeared in his wife's a red dress and a fox's head mimicking the album's cover so that the album cover of fox trot features like a woman's body with a fox and like a and he apparently kept the idea to himself as he felt like the band would have voted against it. So he just like did it. So they're playing the instruments and he disappears and they're like all right and then he comes back out pink big. He's got a full fox head and a women's dress on so despite initial doubts from his bandmates the incident received front page coverage in melody maker which was a music magazine in the uk which gave them national exposure which allowed the group to double their performance fee so right and also one of his stories was printed on the liner notes of their live album. Genesis live from nineteen seventy-three and by late that year. Following the success of selling england by the pound from that year which centered around english themes and literary references a typical genesis. Show had peter gabriel wearing fluorescent makeup. A cape and bat wings A helmet chest played in a shield and various costumes for different songs. So one of the things that he would do as he would like he had these alter egos that he would create for the stage show. It was very theatrical. he would wear different costumes. He would shave his hairline back a lot or shave his head completely and he would joke later because now he had lost his hair. Yeah the time. He was in his fifties. He joked that it was like his his hairs. Payback for shaving. All the time like creative ways. So he's he's like elton. This is reminding me of like elton. Yeah so this is so. Genesis considered a prog rock or rock Group and around this time. It wasn't so much like there was glam rock for sure in the seventy s mostly in the late seventies s. But this was kind of the beginning of like like baroque. You know different instrumentation kind of incorporating classical music incorporating like you know literary themes an ancient poetry as a very like return to kind of like arquette craftsy media. Not just like my girl. Yeah left me yeah. Yeah what else did they say. Mister sandman you know other dogs songs. The seventy songs the sixties and seventies just like best. It was a calmer time yeah. It's very and it was very theatrical. And he was somebody who really enjoyed the kind of theatricality of music at the time and really took advantage of it and also like it got them a lot of attention. So he's like no. I don't care i'm perfectly fine. Making kind of a doofus of myself on stage because people like it so the last album that peter gabriel made with genesis was called the lamb lies down on broadway from nineteen seventy four And he devised its story of the spiritual journey of rail who was a puerto rican youth living in new york city and the bizarre incidents and characters. He meets along the way. So it's a concept album about this character named rail so also tensions kind of increased during this period as peter. Gabriel wanted to write all the lyrics himself and he split with the band after direct director. William freakin had invited him to work on a screenplay that project unfortunately dissolved and gabriel return to work with genesis. But then you know. His first daughter was born in his wife had had a very difficult birth in it. You know took time away from the ban because he was always going home so in the was like you can't just wear all the songs may yeah so and also he was late to return like bring the lira the band because he is also known for being like very much a perfectionist on himself. Okay so the reason why. There's so many years in between his albums is because he works very slowly okay like he'll do the instrumentation on a song. I the lyrics like when he feels like it. And that might be years or mosque's george. Dr martin he is the george r r martin of seventies rock of seventies rock. Yeah for sure. So in the liner notes for lamb lies down on broadway. Gabriel is credited with quote experiments. With foreign sounds so anyway. I'm gonna play. The lamb lies down on broadway. Which is my favourite genesis song. And it in the song. You can hear phil collins's voice which is kind of cool but here. I'm going to start playing it now. Push ups so this song is probably their most. I'd say like commercial song. Okay of this genesis period. It takes samples from like broadway song and it's a tight five minutes long which sounds extraordinarily long but thinking that most prog rock songs were like seven minutes longer nine minutes long and like a lot of jammies also a side note. There's there's this pimple patch. Company called rail that i use and every time i go to use one i see rail and then steve wonders why. I'm singing like the entirety of the lamb. Lies down on broadway before before we go to bed. Because i like i'm it so i am an extremely cool person anyway. Lamb lies down on broadway. That is probably like when you think of genesis. Lamb lies down on broadway. It's probably the song that you would think if i've ever heard that s okay it's it's a prog rock song. You know what. I mean like it. I don't think it was ever like really played on mainstream radio at any point. Like you're really seeking it out. You wouldn't really know okay so during a stop in cleveland. Ohio early in the album's tour. Peter gabriel informed the band of his intention to leave at its conclusion. He was like i'm out. After the sky's music. Critics often focused their reviews on his theatrics and took the man's musical performance a secondary which definitely irritated the rest of the band. The tour ended in may nineteen seventy five after which he wrote a piece for the press on august fifteenth entitled out angels about his departure his disillusion with the business and his desire to spend time with his family. The news stunned fans of the group and left commentators wondering if the band could survive without him and his exit resulted in drummer phil. Collins reluctantly taking over the lead vocals after four hundred singers. Were fruitlessly auditioned. Oh boy yeah that's too many. It's too many people to audition. And the reason why you confuse them is because they have very similar voices like singing voice plated. Yeah and they're related. I mean there's you know you can say a lot about that. But i mean they both started in the same band. They both reached like pretty good levels of fame. I would argue. Like more. Phil collins morphine. I wouldn't say so. Peter gabriel's like tall and for a while. He had a lot of hair phil collins's kind of small and dark okay. But their cousins. So there's some family resemblance. I would imagine but if you weren't that familiar with either of them as musicians. If you heard a song on the radio you could definitely be like. Oh is that. Phil collins peter gabriel. There's nothing wrong with you being confused by that. So let's move on to a solo career. Which is when. I really got into peter out to everybody. Oh my god. I love this stuff. So he described breaker music. S his learning period which he took piano and music lessons during He had recorded demos by the end of nineteen seventy five which was the fruits of a period of writing about twenty songs with his friend martin hall so after preparing material for an album he recorded his solo debut. Which is just called peter. Gabriel in nineteen seventy six and nineteen seventy seven in toronto and london with producer. Bob as rin just as an fyi title his first four albums all were called peter. Gabriel and they all use the same typeface with designs by the same company called hypnosis and he said the idea is to do it like a magazine which will only come out once a year. So it's the same title the same lettering in the same place. Only the photo is different. So i'll be using the nickname for the album. May their given names based on the cover. Art okay So peter gabriel. One is also called car. Because it's a picture of him inside of a car all right. Okay yeah all right. There's there's some wheels click in my head. Yeah and the fans and everybody basically. That's how they refer to these albums. So there's there's car scratch melt and security but we'll get to them So car was released in seventy seven and reached number seven in the uk number. Thirty eight in the us its lead. Single was salisbury hill. I know that's on. Yes you do know that song. I'm going to be playing it. So it's salisbury hills and autobiographical song about a spiritual experience on top of salisbury hill in somerset. And he said it's about being prepared to lose what you have for what you might get. It's about letting go and many fans see it as his comment on kind of striking out as own after leaving genesis. Another interesting thing about this. Before i start playing the song is it's written in seven four time which is unusual time signature and it has been described as giving the song constant sense of struggle. Like you're walking off okay. A hill and this was the first song where i realized that i could understand what time signatures. I am not a musical person at all. But this was the time that i felt like i was like. Oh i get it now like this is what seven four time is and we'll talk about it after i i play it but here we go. So it's this idea of like. I bom bom bom bom. Bom bom bump bump bum bum bum bum bum bum. Bum bump bump at seven seven. Mary and i was like what i. I got that i was like. Oh my god i remember. I called my dad. Was like dad salisbury hill sudden seven. Four time he's like. Yeah like like bulgaria. I understand music. Movie editors love using that in the trailers trailers for for like quirky coming of age ron or like a parent's the story between a parent and their strange child. Yes oh yeah. They love like the peter. Gabriel music. once you start hearing these songs you're like oh. yeah. I've heard this before i've heard this in movies or tv or in previous or whatever like you said so. Salisbury hill was probably like the big song off of this album of car off of car. The other one the opening track is called more the burger meister and that is a very like very prog rock song. Like unless you're into prog rock you are gonna find more on the burger burger meister extremely weird. I mean it has its it. Has its good points. But it certainly not like salisbury hill was like commercial. People liked it and it was a thing so in late. Nineteen seventy seventy started recording the second peter gabriel album which is called scratch and He was recording this in the netherlands. Scratch is a photo of him and his like it. Looks like he's scratching the front of the album. So there's like all these drag marks from his hands it scratches not my favorite. It's fine. I mean it's also very prog rocky you can tell that. He's trying to figure out what he wants to be. The standout track is probably mother of violence which was written by him and his wife. Jill I'm not gonna play it. It's fine it's a nice quiet little track with piano. It's perfectly fine. It's just peter. Gabriel three is much better so this was released in june. Seventy eight the number ten in the uk and number forty five in the us and his tour for the album lasted from august december of nineteen seventy eight and on this tour. He and his ban shave their heads so again. He's touring alone but he's still maintaining this level of so. The third album is called melt. Peter gabriel three is called melt because it's a black and white photo of him and half of the the image of his face. Looks like it's melting. Okay record this england and nine hundred seventy nine and He had developed an interest in african music and drum machines and later hailed the record. S his breakthrough. So melt is definitely where he starts to incorporate. African sounds world. Sounds a lot of electron ika that he was kind of playing within the studio So this is when you really start to hear his later. Sound that you start to hear. Like the quintessential like peter gabriel album. This album has also been credited as the first to use gated reverb on the drums which created a distinct sound And i'll play what gated reverted sounds like for you right now. So you may recognize this. Because it's on phil collins's song in the air tonight that kind of like echo from sound. Yeah and he kind of peter. Gabriel kind of quote unquote invented. It was actually like his sound guy. Invented this But it's basically playing various rhythms without using symbols for several minutes which he used to kind of develop the song further peter. Gabriel hate symbols. He thinks that they're filler. Sounds he doesn't love them. So he had phil collins. Play this on the record. He he actually was the drums on this record and so he used it on the air tonight and that became kind of a signature sound of the nineteen eighties and beyond so there was a lot of artists who used gated. Reverb on the drums. Mary like duran duran. You hear it all the time. So atlantic records which was peter gabriel's. Us distributor had released his first. Two albums refused to put it out. The americans found it to be too esoteric. It was released to the uk in may nineteen eighty. The album went to number one for three weeks when it was finally released in the. Us it peaked at number twenty two There was also there. Were a couple of singles games without frontiers and biko and he toured the album from february to october of nineteen eighty in the tour mark. His first instance of crowd surfing so he likes to do is put us back to the audience. Put his hands in a crucifix position and just fall into the audience and this became a staple of his life shows. Can you match being the first person ever try this out like to to be like an. I'm going to have my year ago. I'm just gonna follow blindly into the crowd and you guys are gonna know exactly and you know what what's going to happen. Let's just see how this works to a show where they did crowdsurfing. Yes i went to a hello goodbye concert in college and the bass player who was dressed as a hotdog crowd surfed and i think i put my hands on his lower back as he was being. Put off its around passed around. Yes i at a edgy. W cake on sure of course and there were. There were more crowd surfers there than the entirety of all of the concerts. I'd ever been to in my life combined. you mean. No-one crowd served at taylor swift. Gold place weird. That's strange but yeah people would just like go up on the stage like while they're singing and then just into the crowd and then you just see all these bodies just like the passer so bizarre. I feel like as a woman to wear pants. You have to number one. Why only yeah. Although i have watched i have watched beyond say crowd surf which seems insane that she would do that. But i've watched like a concert film of hers and then she's so and i'm sure someone like cut off a chunk of her hair. You'd think they would right. Can i tell you something. She literally took a running leap off while singing. She was singing halo running leap off the stage into the crowd. They gently hand like hand over. Hand gently cradled her back to the stage. Like i don't know how. I'm sure they all hired. They're all hired people they were like okay. Research shows gonna jump into arms. Because if i know anything about rabid beyond say fans is that they want to tear her to pieces because they love her because they love her so much yeah exactly anyway. April crowd crowd surfing. So we listen to a little bit of games without frontiers. You may or may not have heard the song but this is. This is another like big peter. Gabriel song script without so. This is a song about war. This is a song about. You know it's it's a. It's a great song. I love it. a cool thing about games without frontiers i should mentioned is that it has a very famous misheard lyric okay. This lyrics are called monday. Greens i didn't know if you do that so i'm going to play this part of the song where you'll hear this but it's i tell me what you think. This sounds like it's tough because he's singing in a like she's so fucking there. Yeah so it's this that lyric people think it's either she says fuck you all okay. Or she's so punctual. Which doesn't make any sense. It's actually juice san's frontieres okay. Yeah yeah but it's a very classic like misheard lear. His does he sing other things in french. Yeah he sings a lot of things in different languages most often in funny you should mention that in the next single Which was biko so song about steve. Biko who was an anti apartheid activists activist couldn't tell a word you're saying because i can go. You know where you go get your beat. Yeah beat co but this is just a quick sample of biko. There's so much happening. Yeah there's a lot happening so bagpipes. There's bag pairs drums. There's in later in the in the song. It's a seven and a half minutes song later in the song. There is an african choir of of women there. He sings in in an african senegalese. It's like it's a lot and for a while. He would close his shows with it especially in the eighties when when anti-apartheid was was a big thing So that was his other like and this is also kind of a touchstone of when he started really getting into african music. Okay and using african musicians and singers on a regular basis so peter. Gabriel four which is also known as peter gabriel's security and we'll get into why it's called security but he took on a great greater responsibility over the production than ever before he recorded it in nineteen eighty one and nineteen ninety-two solely on digital tape with a mobile studio parked at his home which is called ash com house in somerset and he would also record. So they're this album release in september of nineteen eighty two hit number six in the uk number twenty eight in the us the second single which is called shock the monkey became gabriel's first top forty hit in the us reaching number twenty nine and to handle american distribution gabriel signed with geffen records which initially unbeknownst to gabriel titled the album security to differentiate it from the first three so called it security picture. The picture is of and i cannot tell you what this is of. I'll show you a picture of it. It's like a. I don't care for this very frightening Is there like a super villain that is like a metal face. Oh yeah it's like a children's cartoon something here's a scary metal faced villain like book a coach bus. Yeah like a security. it looks at him. It does look like security footage. And i think that's probably where that's coming from. Don't care for the cover. No it's very it's very freaky dicky. So yeah so. That's security so the ninety tour supporting the seldom lasted for a year and became his first to actually make a profit. So that's good. This is fourth solo album first was making money. He's been around since nine hundred and sixty eight so recordings from this tour were released on his debut libraries which is called plays live from nine hundred eighty three. So we're gonna listen to shock the monkey. So this who's who what is why are they going to do to the monk. Well some say that the monkey is actually a penis. Some say is just kind of like a kind of a flight of fancy commentary about war. You know shock spelled s. h. o. Z. cam like shock like like rush acute the monkey. Yeah some say it's like a commentary about like you know. Animal testing what about a man's inhumanity. Demands man maybe it's about man's inhumanity to man you know. It has a lot of unusual and hard to read things. We'll say but it has a funky beat and people really liked him. Also just as an fyi he produced versions of the third and fourth. Peter gabriel albums melt and security with german lyrics in one thousand nine. Three he developed the soundtrack for alan parker's film birdie he's done a couple of film soundtracks. That album consisted of new material as well as remixed instrumentals from his previous studio album. So a lot of times. When he does a soundtrack he will kind of remix songs that he has kind of in the. I guess in the hopper or songs and already has on an album all right. So after finishing the soundtrack to birdie he shifted his musical focus from rhythm and texture as heard on four and birdied toward more straightforward songs songs with three versus four courses and a bridge. So in one thousand nine hundred. He recorded his fifth studio album which is called so which he co produced with. Dan look len wa And he was more of a cult artist before this like he had a lot of fans but they were. They had like a cult. Following really. wasn't somebody who was like you know going to the grammys. All the time and like you know dating superstars and all this stuff so it took him a full year to make this record. So they did it at ash comb house and he had all his musicians and engineers and sound guys and everybody just hang out at his house and One of the engineers. His name is kevin killen he. There's a documentary about the making of so on amazon prime and you should definitely check it out. It's collect making the album so or something like that. And it's only an hour long and it's kind of like song explorer where they go through each individual song. Just kind of talk about how it was made and kevin killen said that he was picked up at the at heathrow airport from the driver and the driver was like. Oh so you're coming to peter's and you're going to record album and he was like yeah. Like how long do you think you're going to be here. This is in like march of eighty five. And he said oh. They told me like six to eight weeks or whatever and he went Okay you're going to be here till next. May and he was he was it was like almost to the date like he was there for ten months. And then. Peter gabriel hired the driver be his project manager exactly because he's just he works so slowly and he's such a perfectionist that and we'll talk about that but it actually was the shortest time it took him to make records so far which is just a year he didn't wanna title. He hasn't liked titles. He thinks he thinks titles make text album. Cover makes it look like an advertisement so what he likes. The idea of lucy think that books try to line them. All right also look good advertisement. I think he because he likes the visual of an album cover like a vinyl album. The square image. And he said. I like that. And i feel like tex-mex makes it. Looks like look like an ad but his producers in the man you got like you need to title this so he said i'm going to go with the best looking to letter word because the less letters you have the bigger you can make them and you get top billing so he really liked the the letter and the the letters oh like next to each other. He really liked how that looked so means nothing. It doesn't mean anything. It was just kind of the visual about. This is my favorite peter. Gabriel elba. it is top to bottom left to right and absolutely perfect album. It is phenomenal. There is not a clunker on the whole thing. It's amazing. I can wax poetic about literally every single song on this album. I could do an entire episode on. So i'm not going to but i want you to know it's very good. She's she's very patch. I'm extremely passionate about so and we'll listen to some. We'll listen to some clips from so and it was extremely hard to pick the songs to play on the show. Okay just so you know so is released in may of nineteen ninety-six. It reached number one in the uk and number two in the us biggest hit so far it remains gabriel's best selling album with over five million copies sold in the us alone it produced three uk top twenty singles sledgehammer big time. And don't give up. Which is a duet with kate. Bush and we'll hear at don't give was based on dorothy lang photos of the dust bowl and great depression. The the story of the song is a man has lost his job and he feels inadequate and that he can't support his family and so his wife played played by kate bush who sings the chorus saying. Don't give up. we love you. You have friends. It's it's the story of these couple who are in a tense conflict. But it's it's a very supportive song not a commercial artist singing about the dust bowl right. It's kind of amazed especially those in england right. Well the thing is he wanted it to sound like a country like an old fashioned country song back and forth with a man and woman originally he wanted to do it with dolly parton on it He was like. I love dolly parton. I love her voice. I want her on the album. And because no one had ever heard of him at this point oh she reached. He reached out to her people and they were like no. That's okay we don't know who you are like. They thought he was just like some guy. I bet if dolly would have gotten the actual requests she would have done it. yeah. I think so too. I like to think so to. The song has kind of a gospel piano like soul to it and will listen to it but it's interesting sledgehammer went number one on the us billboard. Hot one hundred. It's his only single of his career to do so It knocked off invisible touch by genesis from the top spot which was also their only. Us number one. Oh how about that. Yeah in the uk. The single went to number four in nineteen ninety rolling stone ranked at number fourteen on. Its list of top one hundred albums of the eighty s. It's very influential. Let's talk about sledgehammer in the music video for a second okay. So sledgehammer was particularly successful. As i mentioned it dealt with sex and sexual relations through lyrical. Innuendos it's famed. Music video was a collaboration between director. Steven johnson arden animations. Which are the wallace and gromit people. Okay chicken run. Yeah like chicken and the brothers quay at one a record nine mtv video music awards in one thousand nine hundred right if you haven't seen it. It's a very good. It's a stop motion a music video. It took them two weeks to do it and they did everything in camera. And because like you can animate objects around him but he was also like trying to make the mouth like shape of each of the individual phonemes of the song which is only three and a half minutes long and then they had to paint his face in the head of care and all this stuff so it's really intense and they touch on it in the in the documentary as as well in one thousand nine hundred. It was named. Mtv's number one animated video of all time so earned. Gabriel two wins in the nineteen eighty seven brit awards for best british male solo artist. Best british video for sledgehammer. He was nominated for four grammy awards. Best male rock vocal performance song of the year and record of the year for sledgehammer album of the year for so he toured worldwide to support so with the this way up tour from november of eighty. Six to october of eighty seven sledgehammer was not supposed to be on this album. He says that people are was like. Wow you must have really wanted to like you really nailed it with that like you were looking to write a hit with the song and he was like no i he. He's they were packing up. The studio and tony levin bass player. Who's who went to eastman. School of music by the way five a bass player was like we were literally packing up. The studio and peter was like. Oh hey do you guys mind. I want to try something that working on for the next album. Could we just like noodle this around for a little bit and the rest is history so it has like this aren be sole influence and tony levin mentioned that there were more women in the audience after sledge at this after the sledgehammer video got huge. So we're gonna talk about a sledgehammer chuck. If you walk through the think. I think i know this. Yeah this is if you're going to hear gabriel song like playing and target. This is one you're going to hear. In fact. I think i saw i. I heard his song recently in target so the other single. Don't give up. We'll play right now with our girl. Cape bush. I'm looking at the sledgehammer video. And there's a sperm be. Oh yeah starts with the sperm. Yeah starts with sperm. Yeah you see blood coursing through blood vessels you see like yeah. Microscopic see as eyeball. I mean the lyrics is show me round your fruit cage. 'cause i will be your honeybee. Open up your fruit cage where the fruit is sweet as can be. It's it's sexy. It's a sexy song for a guy who's just like a british guy. Here's don't give up with kate. Bush one Eighteen year get so it's very straightforward sweets. Kind of like the music is so eighties. I feel like i'm in the. I'm feel like i'm in montgomery ward. Oh yeah it's very eighty s and the music video is literally just peter. Gabriel and kate bush just clutching each other. And when he's singing the camera pans around his side and he sings and then when she singing the chorus a panzer onto her side and she sings. It's amazing you know kate bush's a an acquired taste. But oh that's i love that song so now we're going to talk about my not only my favorite gabriel song. This is my favorite song. Be all right. It's in your eyes. You've heard song. We've all heard the song we've all danced at a wedding to the song or watched people dance at a wedding to the song. It was not my wedding song. Because i didn't wanna be cliche but it's just so beautiful so so. This song has a lot of african influences in it. in fact You so new door. Who is an african artist saying several parts in the song and you can hear it towards the end of this of the of the album version of the song the live version is. This is the first time. I will say this about anything. The live version of the song is nominal. It is incredible. There's way more of like an anthem quality to it. It's beautiful it's moving. There's way more of sauna door like really taking it running with it. There's a whole verse. That did not make it to the album that he always sings live which is beautiful. It's just like an incredible verse but in your eyes is based around african music. That is both religious and romantic love. It's about both of these things and peter gabriel's really like really attracted to that. His is drummer who is a french. African man named men who he recalls him in the studio and he said he was dancing. Like an african. But you know. Peter british great face great smile but he was trying to dance like the african guys he was just going for it but that gave me the permission to just let go and when he performs this live and when he i should say performed live the man seventy now he's not really going for it anymore like he would bring these african musicians and artists with him on tour to play with his band and african dancers and he would just like let you so no door just kind of go like sing. Whatever he wanted to interact with the crowd and that kind of thing. So the thing about gabriel's music is that he's very influenced by african art artists and african music but he brings them into his fold and does not and let them do what they want to do. He gives them a lot of freedom to put their own mark on his music. And morris the better for it you know what i mean so this is something that is like very indicative of his working style very collaborative for someone who is arguably very famous in your is. There are ninety six different versions of the song that they recorded on tape. Oh my god and they had it all the versions on on pieces of paper in the studio and they literally chopped it up bar by bar and mixed it so they would say like okay bar one take thirty seven was the best version of this and they had to do this with like real tape like digital tape so it was crazy. It's wild but it's a perfect song. Another song on the album is called mercy street. that was based on an sexton the poet and poetry. All right that is also an extremely beautiful song. I mean red rain. the opening track is incredible. It sounds like that song sounds like rain. It sounds like a storm coming in like very violently. It's incredible so anyway. I could keep going about so. But i will not because in one thousand nine hundred peter. Gabriel became involved as a composer for martin. Scorsese's film the last temptation of christ scores. He had contacted. Gabriel about the project since ninety-three and wished according to gabriel to present the struggle between the humanity and divinity of christ in a powerful and original way Gabriel used musicians from wome add to perform instrumental pieces with focus on rhythm. An african middle eastern european textures using the national sound archive in london for additional inspiration. It soundtrack was released as passion in june of nineteen eighty-nine and at one him a grammy award for best new age performance and a nomination for a golden globe for best original score motion picture in one thousand nine hundred. He put out his first compilation album. Called shit the tree sixteen golden greats which sold two million copies in the us from eighty nine to ninety two. He recorded his follow up so entitled so this is the second of his two letter because he likes. Have s looks yeah. He loves once the vowel next to it. Yep exactly y- you'll see the third one. So this album saw him address personal themes including his failed first marriage psychotherapy and the growing distance between him and his eldest daughter at the time. Oh i should mention in. Your eyes is about rosanna arquette. Who like the guy from to- wrote the song rosanna her to like. She dated a bunch of eighties musicians and they like fell hard rosanna arquette. Yeah and gabriel's first wife. Jill had an affair with his like producer and she is quoted as saying. I tried to hurt him and he hurt me worse by putting out. The best album of his career was all about our breakup. So that was just like one of those things but us is very very much about psychotherapy about like inner turmoil about exploring that and also this idea of trying to connect with his eldest daughter aku. He didn't have a great relationship with at the time. And you know grief and longing and all of the stuff so us is also very very good and so his introspection within the context of the album us can be seen in the first single release which is called digging in the dirt So there was accompanied by this disturbing video featuring him covered in snails and various foliage and the song made reference to the psychotherapy which he had taken up much of his time. This throwback to his first song. Same the slug. Yes maybe it is. Maybe it was like deep in the recesses of his brain. That was all about sammy. The slog who knows so he also describes his struggle to get through to his daughter in. Come talk to me Which is another great song off the album. It features backing vocals by sinead o'connor oh she also lent vocals to blood of eden which is another song on the album and that was the third single to be released and once again dealt with relationship struggles this time going right back to like adam's rib from inspiration jeez The result was one of his most personal met with less success than so it reached number two in the album chart on both sides of the atlantic and made modest chart impacts with singles digging in the dirt and the funkier steam which steam is almost a clone of sledgehammer. It's very it's very similar. i don't find it. He played interesting. Yeah you played it backwards. It's definitely the same thing so he followed the release of the album with a world tour an accompanying double cd and dvd. Secret world. live if you can find that d- that documentary. It's so good and paula. Cole would fill in for sinead o'connor vocal role in chat with him and in the segment of secret world live where he's doing. Come talk to me. He's coming out of a phone booth but the and he's holding the phone and he's like being dragged back into the phone booth by the phone cord and he's trying to reach paula cole. And she seemed to him in. They're reaching toward each other is very like very theatrical way. She doesn't want away so he won three more grammy awards all the music video category because he was a brilliant music. Video conceptual artist. He won the grammy award for best short form music video and ninety three and ninety four for the video to digging in the dirt and steam respectively. He also won the ninety six grammy award for best music video for his secret world. Live video So we're gonna talk about digging in the dirt. I only have. I only have these two from this album. Again is also a very good album. Don't get me wrong. But i feel like so just has more like just solid. I don't want to say hit their bond have a fever. Yeah no. I know but i mean you know. It's like trying to talk about your favorite children. I guess too come. That's digging in the dirt and say that at all. Well wait hold on here. We go so like in parentheses the dirt this song and he does this a lot more in up but is this you know the the versus are very angry. It's about expressing yourself anger and pain and then the chorus will have more of a introspective. Yeah this is why i'm sad. This feel this way kind of thing. Come talk to. I think is an underrated song. Came can go yeah. It's it's a heartbreaking song. I mean it's it's really very like the the sound is very hopeful but it is like if you've ever had a difficult time with your father or it's just very like it hits you it hits home in a major way but it's it's excellent. I mean it. You know there's the bag pipes there's that kind of like drumline drumming. I love a bagpipe. Oh i love a bagpipe. it's great a love an accordion for me to learn these things absolutely not you can do whatever you want. I don't think maybe you're really good at the really good at the bagpipe. You might be. You just don't know whenever we do yard sales again. I'm gonna see if i can yes for yourself. It's sure myself sick and half beg bite. You can identify me the whole way across town. Yeah josh is gonna love that. So is your daughter okay. So ninety seven. He was invited to participate in the direction soundtrack of the millennium dome show which was alive multimedia reform stage in the millennium dome in london throughout two thousand he said that the team was given free rein which unfortunately contribute to the various problems they encountered with it such as a lack of proper budgeting he also felt that management while succeeding to get the building finished on time fail to understand the artistic side of the show and its content. I that you're gonna say. He said they were given free rein. When in fact they had so his soundtrack was released as ovo all caps oviedo in june of two thousand and he stuck with soundtrack work for his next project for the australian film called rabbit proof fence in two thousand and two with. We've heard about that. Yes from with zoe. We did and peter. Gabriel scored the the score for that movie. So the released in june of two thousand and two long walk home music from the rabbit. Proof fence received a golden globe award nomination for best original score. So at this point he's only one gram. he's only one grammys. Yeah he's only one gram up. Up gabriel's first full length studio album in a decade was released in september of two thousand and two. He started work on it. In nineteen ninety five before production halted three years later to focus time on other projects and collaborations and work resumed in two thousand by which time gabriel had one hundred thirty potential songs for the album. Oh my gosh. spent almost two years on it. Before management at virgin records pushed him to complete it aright. How did he get down to. He got ooh. I should check up up has ten songs. Yeah so one hundred thirty to ten. Oh my gosh. So up was tell you very influential on high school lauren. I listened to this album a thousand times a easily a thousand times. I listened to it every morning on my bus to school. And it's very intense like psychological like themes were very seminal for a very tumultuously minded teen lawrence classmates are listening to boy band. Yup and like like trying to be like edgy rock. Yes and stuff that their mom does to here. Yeah and there. You are blessed peter. Gabriel for your walkman on the bus. Yup yes and i loved every minute of it again. I was not a popular team number nine in the. Us number eleven in the uk and it was supported with a world tour with the band that included his daughter. Melanie on backing vocals. Oh so she came and talked to him. She came and talked to him. And now she sings backup in hispanic. That is great. Yeah the tour was documented with to live. Dvd's growing up live in two thousand and three and still growing up live and unwrapped in two thousand and five. I'm only gonna play one track of this album again. This is a very good album almost every song as phenomenal varied each one is like super different. But i'm just going to play. Every song is phenomenal. Like like like one thing is phenomenal. Lauren julia this album rules. Like okay all right. How about this. I'll mitigate this with every song on so rules. Every song on on up is extremely good. All right about that okay they're gonna think you're hyperbolic. We're our into the episode. You're just proclaiming that everything this does. I'm also nominee. I'm also like a huge fan. So you're going to have to take whatever i with grain of salt but this is probably the happiest i've ever seen her doing an episode. I love this more than the cheese long even more than we do fashion. This is like my entire like listening to music like life. This is peter. Gabriel has run underneath everything. I've listened to my entire life. This why don't you one hundred and eighty two up. Because it's i knew it was gonna be so much so anyway so up has a lot of like industrial sounds surprisingly enough and especially in darkness. So we'll listen to this streams and background limpest yup exc so this like dropout nine inch nails e nine inch nails for sure. I would agree with that So darkness this on the opening track. i remember this will be burned in my brain for the rest of my life. I bought this at fye andres and i was like can we listened to in the car because he picked me up. And we're listening to the car and the opening of this song is very like bing bing bing bing so we turn up the volume like i can't hear it and then when that thing dropped we both like thank god. We were in the parking lot because we both like. You're a truly practically grew drove into a tree but up has a lot. Okay so peter. Gabriel has struggled with clinical depression. Some people said that he has bipolar. He hasn't been to super open about his mental health struggles but so up and us have a lot to do with like introspection this fear and pain and anger and dealing with that and having like two sides to yourself darkness definitely has that were done like that opening salvo of like very industrial sound. It sounds violent and confrontational. And then that sound completely drops out. And he's basically like whispering because he is coming from place of pain and sadness so up is very interesting in that way that there's like this really huge dichotomy which is really interesting new metal. That's what i was very new mentally for sure corn. Yeah i mean you're not wrong so in november of two thousand six. The seventh world summit of nobel peace laureate chrome presented him with a man of peace award. The award was presented by former president. The ussr nobel peace prize winner. Mikhail gorbachev and walter veltroni was the mayor of rome. He wasn't acknowledgement of pete. Peter gabriel's extensive contribution and work on behalf of human rights and peace. He has a longstanding interest in human rights and launched witness which is a charity that trains human rights activists to use video and online technologies to expose human rights abuses. He also works a lot with amnesty international. He's very involved in that kind of thing. He also contributed to the wally soundtrack. In two thousand eight including the film's closing song called down to earth with the soweto gospel choir for which they received the grammy award for best song written for a motion picture television or other visual media and the song was also nominated for a golden globe award for best original song and an academy award for best original song. You may remember the song. But i'm gonna play just a little bit of it. 'cause it's very it's very sweet. It's you know as a children's movie but it's still has a little bit of peter. Gabriel lake weirdness to it. Which you know you know. Your girl loves speed. I know you're going to say the songs phenomenal. it's good but don't you think about wally. Wally was fine. It was sad. Yeah was depressing. I found i would rank it. I know the very controversial here. I would rank it as my one of my least favorite pixar movies that i've seen all right. Yeah i mean. There's something like i didn't see like cars to. Yeah well you know. And nobody said the good dinosaur yeah. Nobody's thought that's too bad. No i mean. I i like the song. It's sweet light. Nice pixar movie music. I like the song then. I liked the movie. that's for sure. So so we're gonna talk a little bit about his interest in world music It was first apparent on his third solo album. As i mentioned before melt according to spencer corn haber in the atlantic in two thousand nineteen quote when peter. Gabriel move toward world music for decades ago. He not only evangelized sounds that were novel to western up. He also said a radio. Template majestic with flourishes meant to read as exotic and lyrics meant to change lives. This influence has increased over time and he is the driving force behind the world of music arts and dance or wool mad movement. Okay yeah you mentioned that before. And i was like darker world of music arts and dance. He said quote. The first time i really got into music from another culture was as a result of the shifting of radio four which i used to wake up to i'd lost it on medium wave and was groping around in the morning on the dial trying to find something i could listen to and came across a dutch radio station who are playing the soundtrack from some obscure stanley. Baker movie called dingaka. That had quite a lot of stuff from i think it was gonna. I can't remember now but it really moved me. One of the songs i heard on that was a thing called shosholoza which i recorded on the b side of the biko single he also created real world studios and the record label called real world studios to facilitate the creation and distribution of such music by various artists and has worked to educate western culture about such musicians as young chen lhamo. Who is vietnamese artist. nusrat fateh ali khan and you sonos door And he also uses a lot of like french and african brazilian and lots of world musicians so it has nothing to do with what happens when strangers start getting real. Oh yeah nope has nothing attack to stop stop. What what are. They stopped doing being polite. Stop being polite and start getting real show. So that is my. That's my take on my favorite peter. Gabriel things. I also made a spotify playlist which i will link in our soc me good So that you can hear all the tracks that i talked about today but also a couple of my favorites. Then if anything you take anything away from it. It's that you should be able to identify peter. Gabriel peter gabriel overfill. Yes at the very least. That's all So my quiz today about progressive rock bands. Wonderful great zero for ten. Oh well i will give you lots of of hints right. Yeah question one. This ever changing prog rock band has been around since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and has a huge cult. Following with seminal albums. Such as in the wake of poseidon and lark's tongues and aspic. This royal band has influenced prog. Rock acts for over fifty years. Who is this band. Who's two word. Name involves an honorific and color question number two this oft mocked prog rock folk band got a lot of heat in one thousand nine hundred eight when they won the grammy for best hard rock slash metal performance over metallica's and justice for all. You probably know them best for their flute. Who is this band. Who is named after an eighteenth century british agriculturalist questionable three. This band was a favourite of my mother's growing up and was only active between nineteen seventy and nineteen eighty unlike many of their prog rock contemporaries their classical influences ranged beyond the romantic and incorporated medieval baroque and modernised for music elements. Most importantly their name is a phrase that you might use to describe a great dane or maybe the bf. Gee what band am i talking about. Question number four. This british. Prog rock band with tom of ton of president and former members. Wait look you don't know any of their songs elms except for one the song a whiter shade of pale from nineteen sixty eight. It's a classic rock trivia question. Who is the weirdo. Prog rock band behind a whiter shade of pale question number five. This former art rock band moved into a more commercial and pop oriented musical direction in the early eighties when they released the album. Nine au one to five in one thousand nine hundred three with the hit single owner of a lonely heart. Answer in the affirmative. Who is this three letter band question number six this canadian rock outfit head arguably the greatest drummer in music history in their lineup who sadly died last january. They reached the top of the charleston. Canada and beyond with their distinctive sound and singles. Limelight and tom sawyer. Take it easy and named this band question number seven. You really have to be high to enjoy this vermont. Jam ban that has been around since nineteen eighty-three band consists of guitarist. Trey anastasio basis mike. Gordon drummer jon. Fishman and keyboardist page mcconnell of whom performed vocals and were obviously inspired by the grateful. Dead named this band question number eight. This progressive metal band was formed in georgia in two thousand true to prague form. Their second album leviathan is a concept album. Based on the novel moby dick by herman melville. Who is this band. Whose name is an ancient elephant like creature question over nine aside from all these bands. I am the biggest fan of this. One formed nyack new york. Whose albums are mostly of the concept of variety based on a science fiction storyline called the ameri wars series written by lead singer claudio sanchez which has been transcribed into a series of comic books as well as a full length novel. I even walked down the aisle at my wedding to an instrumental come home. Who is this band. Whose name is the two main characters of the ameri wars and finally question number ten. I'm going to name four prog rock band and you're going to tell me if they're real or something. I made up number one spock's beard number to throw up number three and number four gabrielle's fists give you a minute to think about it. It'll be great search one who stabbed zero almost carbs and yours talking Right pro all right here. We go all right so similar to another time. we're. Lauren did a quiz all about musicians. That i didn't know about i'm going to do my best. And then if. I'm gonna call pon flight engineer. Josh i was of course in my in my household the music sure and you know what honestly i wrote this quiz just as much for him so great. All right i'm gonna try okay here. We go here. We go back to question number one. This ever changing prog rock band has been around since nineteen sixty eight and has a huge cult. Following with seminal albums. Such as in the wake of poseidon and lark's tongues in aspic. This royal ban has influenced prog. Rock acts for over fifty years. Who is this band. Who's two-word name involves an honorific and a color. It just came new. Good what is it hanging crimson. Yes king crimson. Good job twenty. Two separate people have been in king crimson at one point or another and we in king crimson might be in king crimson including tony levin. Who was peter. Gabriel's basis and has been is basis for like years and years and years. Tony levin rochester. I'm not going say rochester native but russia's connection ties question number two this oft mocked prog rock folk band got a lot of heat in one thousand nine hundred eight when they won a grammy for best hard rock slash metal performance over metallica's and justice for all. You probably know them best for their flute. Who is this band. Who was named after an eighteenth century british agriculturalist as death row tall. It is jeff. Only damn thing. I know about jethro tull is that they have a flute exactly so the award was particularly controversial. This grammy as many did not consider jethro tull. Hard rock let alone. Heavy metal on the advice of their manager told them they had no chance of winning. No one from the band attended the awards ceremony. In response to the criticism they received over the award. Their label chrysalis took out an advertisement in a british music periodical with a picture of a flute lying amid a pile of iron rebar and the line. The flute is a heavy metal instrument in response to an interview. Question about the controversy lead vocalist anderson. Quipped well we do sometimes play our mandolins very loudly. I didn't realize they were like folk. Och bad like a totally like nearly like medieval. Like do it's great question number three. I know this one tripped up. Josh band was a favourite of my mother's growing up and was only active between nineteen seventy and nineteen eighty unlike many of their progressive rock contemporaries their classical influences ranged beyond the romantic and incorporated medieval baroque and modernised chamber music elements. Most importantly their name is a phrase that you might use to describe a great dane or maybe the b f g. What band talking about all right. So the bef. G is the big friendly giant. Yes and a great dane is lake. Scooby doo yup. Or marmaduke scher big friendly giant dog a big friendly giant great dane. The big dane friend. Scooby doo me. This is my answer. The answer is gentle giant. The name of the band. So when i was a teen i asked my mom what she listened to growing up like. When you you're teen mom what did you listen to. She like. I like prog rock. I like gentle giant. Like little feet. Like genesis. And i was like. Oh did you like david bowie. And she was like david. Bowie was too mainstream for me. I was like how way manse. Wow she can still like if you if you start her off on genesis song. She'll she'll keep going with us in yourself. She loves it. So there's been a derail your quiz second. So there's an ongoing joke in in the novakovic family regarding christmas presents usually because people in my family are generally very bad about keeping shirts and so the one year Everybody was buying presents for each other. And billy is trying to ask you know. We'll hey. Do you like genesis. Cds like like wink at for my mom. Yeah and then another time. He bought her. He went ahead and he bought like a foot bath thing. Oh sure and he was like. Hey mom do you like do you like your feet. So that's generally like to the one two punch. We have in our or being handed gifts like just making sure. Do you like genesis. 'cause i bought those for you okay. Question number four this british prog rock band with a ton of president former members. Wait look you don't know any of their songs or albums except for one. The song whiter shade of pale from nineteen sixty eight. It's a classic rock trivia question. Who is the weirdo. Prog rock band behind a whiter shade of pale. I do not know this. You want to call on your lifeline. Here yeah and he is written down. Harem procra- harem. Is the answer ever seen that frayed in my life. Well good news. No one knows what the name means. There's a lot of theories that it's just bastardized. Latin for beyond these things. It's probably just more purposeful. Weirdness if you've ever heard the lyrics to whiter shade of pale it is just weirdness upon weirdness so there you go very prog rock. Okay question number five. This former art rock band moved into a more commercial and pop oriented musical direction in the early eighties when they are released. The album nine zero one. Two five thousand nine hundred three with the hit single owner of a lonely heart. Answer in the affirmative. Who is this three letter band. That's yes it is. Yes i know that song. I do know that if you would have named any other song. We would have been here for a while. Yeah i knew. I had to help you out. Question number six. This canadian rock outfit had arguably the greatest drummer and music history in their lineup. Who sadly died last january. They reached the top of the charts in canada and beyond with their distinctive sound and singles. Limelight and tom sawyer. Take it easy and name this band. This is rush is rush. noted jeopardy champion jennifer morrow. Who did her episode With a pair of signed. Neil pert drumsticks then. She showed them on stage. She's the biggest rush fan. I've ever known in my life. And so when he died her it was just people low yeah. I'm so sorry. Their condolences her and she's how i know concur the cream crimson. And that's eight. Yeah i mean. Speaking of neil pert he. He unfortunately died of blast. Obama which is a type of brain cancer last january january. Twenty twenty question seven. You really have to be high to enjoy this vermont jam band. That's been around since eighty three. The ban consists of guitarist. Trey anastasio bassist mike. Gordon drummer jon. Fishman and keyboardist page mcconnell all of whom performed vocals and were obviously inspired by the grateful. Dead name this band. This fish this is fish are for an andrew is oh android fish. Eggs fish head. Hey andrew gabi question number eight. This progressive metal band was formed in georgia in two thousand true to prague form. Their second album leviathan is a concept album. Based on the novel moby dick by herman melville. Who is this band. Whose name is an ancient elephant like creature. Oh i don't know this one. I call on your lifeline. Here was the only thing i get. It was mastodon. That's it you got it right. It's mastodon well you for the clue that good job question number nine aside from all these bands i am the biggest fan of this one form to nyack new york and whose albums are mostly of the concept variety based on a science fiction storyline called the azari wars a series written by lead singer claudio sanchez. Which has been transcribed into a series of comic books as well as a full length novel. I even walk down the aisle at my wedding to an instrumental of welcome home. Who is this band. Whose name is the two main characters of the ameri wars nyack. New york's biggest hit band is co heating. Kim it is cohen cambria. Stephen i on our second date ever. We went to quimby public house and got. You've heard the story like chicken chicken wings chicken wings and in the second date you always like. Oh i've got one sister these the music on lake and i was. He said something like well. I don't know if you've ever heard this ban. But i don't know i really liked this kind of like a new metal progress thing. It's called cohen cambria. And i said no you don't you don't because i like co hidden camera and so that was one of the first things that we bonded over. And to this day. When stephen i have had too much to drink we blast good apollo. I'm burning star. Four and we slam dance in our kitchen and it's a lot of fun again. None of those words anything. Good apollo burning star for is like the two thousand six hundred slated. Something wrong and babel fish. I mean i don't know what it means is just like the music anyway. Finally question number ten. I'm going to name four prog rock band names and you're gonna tell me if they're real or something i made up. Are you ready. These all right spock's beard. I'm gonna say that's real israel. There are an american. Prog band formed in los angeles number two fruit. This is my favorite one and if it isn't real i'm already. I'm going to name my end. That say it's not real it's real it's f. R u p. They were nine hundred. Seventy s prog rock band which originally originated in belfast northern ireland but developed a big fan base in great britain. Do they have an exclamation point at the nose. Okay i'm gonna reboot them with excellent. Yeah i mean they haven't been around throw numata over over something to. I think it's a good idea. All right number three. I'm guessing that's real. So it's it's not. I made it and the thing is the reason why i had to be sound was because i was looking through the wikipedia. Listen prog rock bands. I could not come up with something. That wasn't already. It sounds like might as well be sound. But okay and number. Four gandalf's fist essay. That's fake it's real they are. Uk neo progressive rock band from cumbria. Good job you did really good better than you did not need you. Wrote some good clues into their though. I those of us that are. Let's say musically challenged. Hey you know what not. Everybody is a prog rock fan. So i get it. I got it. Thanks for sticking with me on this everybody. I know this was a long one. And if you have a favorite. Peter gabriel song lease let lower and let me know you guys can start. Start a deep front pen pen pal. Yes let's start as a peter. Gabriel fan club like forty years. I know i know. I think the only person under the age of sixty loves peter. Gabriel that's probably not true fans out there. But i let lauren though. Yeah please please tell me. What your favorite. Gabriel song is in y. You can email us at info. Podgy jamila calm. You can tweet at me. At info pod on our facebook page julius in charge of that one. But you know. I'll pass it along. Yeah misinformation colon. A trivia podcast. Yeah thanks so much for listening guys. I hope you enjoyed this. Definitely check out. We'll put up my. I'll make my spotify playlist public and you'll be able to see that on our soc. It's perfect catch. You guys next time bye.

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