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I mean you always advocate for teams the tank. Why don't you tell the giants play saquon Barkley Tonight Wow wow really thinks that pivoting in what is I mean I needed to come and all nine it was I was about to take you seriously then I remembered it's Monday and you're stupid fantasy football teams still how we started the show so the story is fantasy football team that's probably smarter than I up Patriots Raiders Ravens Mark Jackson and the Ravens put the pads it's in a seventeen zero early thirty seven twenty seemingly legendary New England defense faces toughest testing failed yielding over two hundred yards rushing and not forcing Jackson to commit any turnovers pats offense looked pedestrian overall Pablo both teams have reached the mid point of their seasons in control of their respective divisions but did this game tell you more about the Patriots or the rape I think think it told me more about the Patriots and told me specifically that this team and this quarterback is a singularly terrible matchup for these patriots as historic as ASCII fence is now it is true the Patriots played any grade teams before this one it is true that they're hollow spot in the defense is the run game but no team in NFL history let alone the President Bowl has a team constructed around it's quarterback and it's running game like these Baltimore Ravens so I don't think they're going to see see them again unless it's you know in the play well I mean hold on let's not do this though because whenever they face the first and second year quarterback we always talk about how I the second year quarterback does anything against Bill Belichick and then one does it we're not going to say the whole thing is totally different than everything else that is what makes Lamar Jackson special and they'd be ready for that but we watch this patriots triest team not play anybody all year long and they destroyed the not anybody that they played and you cannot them for what they did against teams ever in front of them but this team physically dominated needed them and then offensively the Patriots just look Kinda mad at Baltimore defense isn't really that strong and they look in and they look really bad early that's how we ended up in the hole that they've got out but ultimately fell back into the Patriots defense to be clear about this look lost they tried everything they tried playing man to man they tried playing zone they tried doing covers zero they tried spying him with cornerback none of it worked because the ravens have figured out that they have the best athlete on any field they on let's maximize the offense around them but what when you talk about the Patriots offense really talking about Tom Brady and it does feel like if the defense is not as good as we've seen some were close to it then I do agree gay managing Tom Brady is going to be an issue going well what I feel like happened in this game was they did okay when they ran the ball when you get down seventeen nothing you're not able to run the ball all that much and we saw those Tom Brady Aaron passes the line is not good he doesn't move will at least as well as he did when he was younger back there in the pocket while they're trying to get these things figured figured out so if they wind up in a game where they need to come back from being down a bunch of points is that guy go to be able to do it now to be fair they were close to taking the lead at the end of the first half element wild wild giving up the ball but the second half is still the second half but let us turn now to the browns because their fans are somehow feeling a new depressing the level of pain Cleveland Lost Denver One thousand nine hundred twenty four is Baker Mayfield was out dueled by someone named Brandon Allen and it is worth noting here that no team that has started into and six has ever rallied to make the playoffs in this current format so Bo what does all this say about first year head coach Freddie Kitsch I said when the season started that he started the year on the hot seat that it was make the playoffs or get fired because the track record this organization has been the first whiff of disappointment really from a head coach and you get the dude out of there will now we are there with this team and look this job seems to be bigger than Freddie kitchens right there poorly disciplined team you see them to get more penalties than anybody anybody else they hire him to basically work with the quarterback because they probably started as made them the offense coordinator because working with the quarterback isn't even working either now look this game against Denver Denver's a better better team than the record indicates is a small margin there and their record will look a whole lot different but kitchens unless they rally late and look like they're showing some progress at the end maybe that will save a shop otherwise otherwise he's out of here this feels like a leaky roof is finally caving in and you're right the Denver Broncos are better than their record but it's not just how they played in this game as you watch Odell Beckham Jr do on the sidelines after he is wide open it turns out in single coverage on a plate at might have made this team playoff contender but it is about the other stuff stuff that's happening like this Guy Germaine Whitehead he got suspended from twitter while still wearing his uniform that is one of the saddest things I think I've ever imagined in in the NFL and not only that you have Baker Mayfield man look at this dude he looks like the guy who advised Jimmy has left draft Johnny Manziel all of the optics around this team they're embarrassing you talked about the optics of Baker Mayfield how let's get to the fact that he's not good all this other stuff that you're talking about around it all of this gets fixed if they were a better football team everything that you listed there is secondary factors an offshoot of the fact that they are just not good in they sold to everybody that this was the year that this team was going to be able to turn the corner this is the year that this team was going to be good and we didn't just say hey we're going to start being good hell now man we said they were going to win the division they are healers with Mason Rudolph at some do name duck out there playing quarterback Odell Beckham junior has scored a touchdown since week two he has four red zone targets targets and now to the jets L. O. L. Just lost twenty six eighteen to the dreadful dolphins but at least it wasn't a double digit loss right Brent develops dollar doesn't look like that it's happening if you think as feels any shame about this indefensible loss think again the NFL man Insana film can't can't be embarrassed and look how fast ball right there probably heard the mansion you feel embarrassed the jets last loss of course he should unless he is quietly tanking and that's the only explanation I can give for why team has suddenly discover coverage that they are bad like the worst thing about this game was not that they lost to a team that is trying to lose in Miami is that they lost to a team that is trying to lose while while themselves also not realizing they should be doing the same exact thing they see you lean in on the tank and in a way that I could never encourage no because there are people out they're actually playing the game with the jets was it was all good until everybody got hurt like think about the first half of the first game of the those four turnovers against buffalo ending graduate do they gape they lost just about everybody CJ Moseley went down to hold defense which pot and that everything shook out from there but no he's should be embarrassed because they lost a game to eighteen that that fumble in the victory formation and had to take a safety that's the team that won that gate at the end the dude had the nerve to call a time out while the dolphins were kneeling out the clock is if they were really about to make something happen at that point this is outright shape and there is no affirmative limited reason to keep Adam gaze at this point because the one big reason was that guy was Sam Darnold the guy who was supposed to be evolving underneath the tutelage of QB whisper except darnold has been regressing right he has that game against the cowboys a win everything looks great but now in this game was back to doing the thing where he's just relying on his arm and no other parts of his body he's throwing off balance he's throwing terrible interceptions he's being outdoor Ryan Fitzpatrick Gino Smith as a rookie was better than Sam Darnold is right right now right I think that is a legitimate fair point to make that can either say the Sam darnold actually has to throw to the deal Smith had at that point like no no this is all bad and I would just like to point out to everybody? The quarterback whispering they got Adam Gates here was whispering to Peyton manning and just Jay Cutler not to so many intercept Jay Cutler was is that good when it happened but fewer interceptions and that do parley to coaching job coming up next how struggling troubling was the packers lost to the charges look talking about erectile dysfunction isn't easy usually just brush it off or blaming ourselves saying things like I lost my Mojo or we avoided it altogether with excuses like I had a long day at work or sorry honey I'm just not feeling it and as the son of a urologist I can tell you that these are things things that real human beings ten say but with Roman it is easy to talk about it with the real doctor who can prescribe real medication it is simple bowl safe and totally discreet with Roman you get a free online evaluation and ongoing care for ed all from the comfort and privacy of your home the doctor will work with you to find the best treatment plan and if medication is appropriate Roman will just ship it to you with free two day shipping the whole process is straightforward simple and discreet reet getting started is simple just go to get Roman dot com slash high noon and complete an online visit erectile dysfunction used to be tough to tackle but now there's Roman complete an online visit today to connect with Dr and take care of it just go to get Roman dot com slash high noon to get a free online visit and free two day shipping that's let's get Roman dot com slash high noon for a free visit to get started get Roman dot com slash high noon. Hello everybody you're looking live at fans ends bill a college football Utopia with the rivers flow with ice cold Dr Pepper with the air smells fresh cut grass ask artificial turf and smoked meats with the radio only plays marching bands and being able to read the defense is more important important than being able to read but what makes fans Ville truly special are the people who call it home field the type of people tailgate before the tailgate doctor warned afraid to shout my grandma could have made that kick because that's the honest truth passionate fans down by loyalty tradition and the sweet sweet nectar of the college football gods get a taste of fans villas fall during in a college football game near you Dr Pepper the official drink of fans bill grab some today is coming to you from the seaport district peers here's seventeen brought to you by chase I am in order to the first stop I'll stop Tom Wilson C. B. Bucks in overtime after Wilson's through five have kind of five touchdowns you will be an MVP I am and I think the MVP race right now goes Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers and the Mark Jackson in some order but this guy has to be number number one because he leads the league in touchdowns everybody loves when a quarterback does that and he was one interception so give him the current take also I mean who is he throwing the ball all too right and that's no shade to Tyler Lockett indicate met cavs been better than I thought that he was going to be but this is not the best set of receivers that anybody has in the league this is a one man show in large large part what we got going in Seattle Credit Tyler Lockett men was targeted eighteen times Odell Beckham somewhere is wondering why can I get the next topic is the pack Green Bay got smoked by the chargers this weekend with Aaron Rodgers throwing for just one hundred and sixty one yard so are you still in on the connection between mettler flu and and Roth I mean I'm not infamy in laugh I was in last week I'm not out because they had one game this is why the people we cover thinker more because all it takes is one bad game and Alva- Said we're like Oh man you think there's a problem they didn't play well that's going to happen in the course of a sixteen game season I'm still in on this connection even if Aaron Rodgers had sixty one yards passing through three quarters the chargers did this thing where they fired Ken whisenhunt their offensive coordinator and somehow became an entirely new team. I'm inclined to think there is that plus some mixture of the ball being oblong to explain the randomness as to why Rogers was a mixed Kansas City beat the Vikings Twenty six twenty three this week again even without Patrick Mahomes you on the lead she's been better than you thought I have to be in on this Matt Moore has been super impressive under Andy Reid as we have been discussing but also so I am now out on Patrick mahomes playing next week like the whole point of what Matt Moore can do given had mahomes his whole need dislocation is that now they don't have to Russia right that should be a good thing if he's healthy he should play but he did not play better than I thought he looked told you all that this was possible big thing that's happened by the way since mahomes got hurt the chiefs are a lot healthier so when you got tyreek Hill who was utterly uncheckable going down the field you got Sammy Walk in fact Kelsey Kimmy come third option dudes are going to be running around open and it doesn't doesn't require this spectacular level of Zits wars able to hold it down for them by the way I told y'all kirk cousins the whole person going to let that MVP do skates okay. He's in the north of the conversation but now Gardner Minhsiu the JAGS got blown out in London twenty six to three by the Texans so are you still in mint humane humanely question is obviously not for me. There's only one person here that was in on the mania you answer that I am in on the mania becoming a QB controversy that is is where we are because Gardner Menchu over the year Bo thirteen touchdown passes four interceptions the problem is that in this game game before nick foles is set to return he had his worst game aim of the season with four tournament also been generally poor in the red zone which is something that doesn't bode well for him necessarily this stop being a mania long time ago he just started being a capable. NFL quarterback ms last is named started with a different letter we wouldn't be lying to ourselves about what it is that he has been doing that being said Nick foles got fifty million dollars guaranteed from the Jaguars he will get a chance to play it would be irresponsible not to at least see hey what are we spending fifty million dollars on because if you got two quarterbacks you could probably get a decent price for the one that looks decent and sheet next up cults Andy Lost to the steelers twenty six twenty four up data vegetarian Mr Forty three yard field goal just over a minute left in the game so you went on the cult still having having frank breaks put it all to confidence in the world and here I am in on them saying this publicly because as with Markelle volts as with any player who seems to be having mental obstacles obstacles towards doing things that they've done for a long time in their profession you have to express confidence but man the colts have survived loss of Andrew Luck and Jacoby perset and we're doing this with Brian Hoyer privately furious about what's happened Viteri we'd be talking about them in the context of the best teams in the AFC Viteri have been better this year in on the cake he got no favours from the holders situations where laces weren't going the direction they should have but this is what happens with kickers aside from the fact that you might just get old generally speaking when it goes does he just goes there's no real explanation no real fixing it and bring it back around guys go chill out for a year or two thank come back and be capable but this is something that happens to everybody the wonder was that Eh Terry went this long without having to him. It's just insane that the colts are better at replacing quarterbacks and they might be replacing killers finally the giants Daniel Jones and the giants host the cowboys tonight on Monday night football so you win on Danny dimes beating the cowboys Dany Dons His name is Daniel Jones what he's Zeke done to earn you guys keep calling him by some kind of nickname his name is Daniel Jones now the cowboys or one of those things that I think is quietly better than people give them credit for being I believe Third Way passing the ball Prescott has been a monster this year no I don't think they're going to get a victory the giants that is over the cowboys the cowboys have established one something to me this year it's not that they're objectively good is that they're objectively atop the junkyard kingdom that is the NFC East Daniel Jones has regressed although last week was better than before the cowboys they'll have this offense man you're right they lead the league I believe in yards per completion the giants meanwhile have a terrible secondary all that the recipe for the question is Berg rushing from dangle one gay what it came up next Russell Wilson Wanted Antonio Brown geico presents it's not again another voicemail from your roommate hey man so I was in a rush to get to work and I left the back door open could you shut it I lifted wide open a and while you're there could you also turn off the oven and all of the burners my mom never let me use the oven I wonder why the Geico Insurance Agency could help keep if your personal property protected like if it's your roommate's first time operating oven visit Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on Renter's insurance are you still wearing your button downs on talked and hoping for the best than stop it seriously seriously because traditional shirts weren't meant to be worn untucked and honestly it shows untuckit believes in helping guys look sharp and feel casual that's why their shirts followed the perfect length and were designed for guys of all shapes and sizes taller short slimmer athletic build untuckit Kentucky has the perfect fit because everyone deserves a shirt that looks great untucked and you shouldn't have to go to a tailored again one with untuckit huge variety of colors and patterns you're sure to find find the style to match any wardrobe so whether you're shopping for the perfect gift for the man in your life this holiday season or just trying to craft a look as relaxed as it is smart any checkout untuckit Tuck it get free shipping and returns on all orders in the US at UNTUCKIT DOT COM and don't forget to use Promo Code Rs to save twenty percent on your first order at checkout the U. 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Dot Com Promo code zero s Jayme West than after close laws overtime against the seahawks he decided to wax philosophical and check out this wax you more glass half full coming office lost or or you still kind of feel that same you're not a glass is always full because just because there's maybe full half full of water still fooled with air so we gotta keep that glass full we gotta keep a chipper showed showed we gotTa Win Hey Lisa talk about eating the glass he was so close to sing we have to go eat a w at the end of that and I was thinking of how to defend him and maybe it's because like water is h two o so the Oh was oxygen that's air but then I remembered he's the the wind guys so yeah no quote before they claimed Wide Receiver Josh Gordon on waivers Friday Seattle seahawks had been doing their due diligence on free agent receiver Antonio Brown Adam Schefter adding that quote even star quarterback Russell Wilson was pushing Crx Brown before they claim Gordon so blow or are you surprised to hear any of that no not really if they feel like they need another receiver and I can see why they would feel that way I can see someone saying go get the best receiver available and and that's probably Antonio Brown I just WanNa know they did their due diligence and they came back and said no we'll go with that safe reliable option that is Josh Gordon Mike I want to know what their diligence brought back none of this is surprising to me either because the NFL we should know by now is a talent crecy if you have talent you will get more chances more than anyone else what at the same time Ba- thing that constrains the talent accuracy is like a massive public backlash it is the idea that maybe if we sign this guy we will get in trouble and that's what I think they found that say well did they find out they would get in trouble or did they find out the reasons why it is that they would get in trouble that's Salaam saying that particular because one thing we all have to be clear about we do to see the NFL and talk about them as being that talent accuracy so is the rest of the world at some point people are going to have to make peace with the reality that if you're good at something people are going to give you more chances to be good at it it's kind of hard to relate to if you're not good at something but at the same time the NFL fell is pretty clear about wanting to talk out of one side of its mouth about all of the things at values well at the same time doing the other now is that a lot like the world's exactly like the real world absolutely but when it comes to Antonio Brown man I do think he's someone who cannot be trusted fundamental rights on top of the day but that's not about the morality of his that he might embarrass Barris you like Josh Gordon you just worried about embarrassing himself three or five status now the bears record after losing to the Eagles Mr Bisky finish the Game Tim for twenty thirty one for a Buck twenty-five cheap bob lows is law so Mitchell Nagy I think it has to be on both because it's officially kind of impossible to disentangle Mitch trubisky from that Nagy we after that first half the first half which the Chicago bears had about as many passing yards as the length of this table after that first half the worst in forty years ears I thought okay we're gonNA see Chase Daniel and we didn't so I don't know at this point how I disassociate those two guys no you can't because the coach was hired to make something of the quarterback there's never a point where you can disentangle them but I understand not going to chase daniel because what is chase Daniel right like the place that they're in if they bail aww busy at this point they could try to say we're just doing a one week hard reset it's bailing on the whole experiment and bailing on the whole experiment. de-legitimize is the entirety of the presence of the head coach in the the first place last week I don't think trubisky played too badly they stalled in the red zone but otherwise he was okay he was terrible in this game because Jim Schwartz just said Oh we're going to dial it it up every single time and it was nothing to bears ad for it and Matt Nagy to your point is still experimenting one of the things that's crazy to me as I compare him being top three and total qbr last year versus this year is that they're not even trying to run the ball with him anymore Matt Nagy still seems to be trying to develop Mitch trubisky into a pocket passer asser he had four hundred twenty one yards on the ground last year just forty six so far there's another a point I think to come out of that which is total qbr might not tell you as much as you think it it came out last percents that do was number three I mean about twenty million the in dollars is how much Florida state reportedly raised in private donations to by Willie taggart out of his contract and fire him so boded tagger loop you deserve to lose his job less than just two years into his tent well desert is tricky because they didn't look like a good team they didn't look like a will coach team and if they decided to fire him maybe after the season there would be a measure of understanding how ever clipping him when they did in the way that they did and program that could raise the money to build an indoor practice facility ability but they could snap your fingers and come up with twenty million dollars today to have to look at Willie tagger no more it feels a little uncomfortable guys it does feel like it is beyond the Pale and that is only partially on partially intended because look around and find the guys who have worse records than really tagger Ted Morris I believe his name is at Arkansas that guy

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