Part 1: Steve Sherack, Michael Tomlinson


Sirius Xm ports presents with Steve. Big Horse racing handicapping interviews. This is stupid. A very good Wednesday rice fans series to nineteen exempt to a one sports on nine sixty. Four if you're listening to Sirius. Xm Online and that our website to Steve Dot Com and mid week and every every entity in and Industry Oregon doing what they can to operate under the stressful and demanding and uncertain conditions. And really it's it's seemingly miraculous that the tracks that are operating and planning to operate are going forward and It's GONNA come. I think as a a very welcome diversion as the realities set in Of the distancing. And you know the isolation concepts trying to minimize the spread of the Covet and you have to just marvel frankly at the fortitude involved of racetrack personnel and the trainers and Barnes staff etcetera. That are handling this to their credit and the appreciation of the owners and horace players and fans etc. So the reaction to the Derby. Move to me at this point it a given what is being widely discussed and digested by the public. We're we're derby ended up on where the Derby ended up on the calendar. And how things are going to unfold from there. I it how how important in the general scheme of things that To me that that's a big part of this is you. Can't you can't be so caught up in whether the travers is going to be moved and this one? And where's where's everything? GonNa Fall and I it. It's not that important. It's really not it. It's a diversion. And ideally we'll be in a position to make the kinds of decisions to adjust to that schedule et CETERA. But in the meantime I the the anxiety and the angst over it it just seems completely misspent It right now on the businesses as not as usual but in the business sense of conducting what's sits on the calendar. The sale proceeded yesterday time. Comparing numbers is just not productive. Some some horses sold for Nice money. We're going to think talked to Steve Sharrock Andrew Bryant Denardo from. Td N they're down there to their credit went to cover and the top seller of the American Pharaoh Philly six hundred fifty thousand lip things up. Mr Yoshida Consumer Yeshiva bringing that Philly home and she topped the the sale. The top coat a five hundred thousand dollar into mischief my resource DOT COM and in association with spendthrift So we'll get a full report. Had little contact with Tom Vince. Or as a everybody doing what they can and yeah. The predictably high are rene rate just based on population etc the being on hand and some of the other uncertainties but we'll We'll touch base with With the guys and get some more details about thoughts and reaction Thoughts and reaction of course to the Derby move I got. The people wanted to get the answer that people were waiting for on the future wagers. some real Some really thorny issues associated with the the future wager and I you know at at a gut level with the race not being with the race. Not being run on the projected date doesn't that preclude that the the features of the future wager don't no longer apply. And you get I get the sense. That the strictly a pulse. But you get the sense that more people think that a refund of all the pools and then starting fresh would be the ideal way to proceed. But I I'm I'm hearing from that. That are very happy with the tickets. They're holding I. It's a weird thing and certainly the people that have tickets You know the authentic fifty to one in the first pool and lot of the people who have all others saying. I'm happy with my all other ticket. I don't know th that one that one's a that was a weird dynamic. It's sort of like when you know when there's a cue or or non Du and you know half the half. The people are are pleased. And and don't say anything and and the other half annoyed and are vocal. I it's a weird one from what I from what I gather from some of the things that some of the feedback. The number of people expressed that they wanted to let the action ride. And a lot said you know. Wipe the wipe the slate clean and start fresh. They're going to have a they're going to have a meeting. Thursday with KHRC and you know perhaps perhaps Khrc tells them you know that the wages future wages should be avoided because there is a date on the conditions of oaks date and the Derby date but doesn't revise date. I don't know is this. A condition conditions where there's horses that were scratched or says that CETERA. But what about the situation where the whole the whole date is his scratched and rescheduled? So there's so many things about this that are just so completely wrong and then out of just out of Kilter I mean you you just have to. I think be understanding of the unique circumstances that are involved in every direction one event and we may. I don't know if we'll get to him today. Maybe today reached. I heard from Nick. Lock and The grand national was cancelled and without a suggestion of being rescheduled. First Time since nineteen forty five. So we'll get to Nick Mike Michael Tomlinson as I promised The other day. Join us this hour as well said Fernando Sire Watch Pettit Refocus. We've got some of the winners from two weeks ago. We didn't get a chance to talk about the intimates. And then this weekend's results including actually got to mention this because exchange the notes with Jordan Wyckoff and the number for field pass came back very good on at least on the third graph and and he may be he may be sneaky and of course all of this if you saw Jay principes the train reactions. And you know all the trainers for the most part said the same thing unique. Circumstance will do what we have to do. Some are going to go forward with their immediate plans and others might adjust where they where they continue to run and there's also other than other shoes the fall regarding everybody else's scheduling so saw that video a Bob Baffert with comments and what Bob said the the J. as well you know first priority health wellbeing of everybody and just happy that they're therapies scheduled. Bill Motte just keep running not gonNA wrap it in bubble wrap is if I have a horse at Derby time. He'll go to the Derby. That's very just being practical. You know we talked yesterday a little bit you know Max Field etc time anyway. So benefits him. It's just a different. It's just a different entity. The timing is completely different and the horses arcs are going to be different. Just is is so much going on with this that it isn't it isn't worthwhile to just completely shaken by the the events the these are the least of our worries. Frankly but it's a pleasant diversion. That's what we want from it right. That's why we do it though. We're going to talk to Steve Iraq after the break and Go from there. Seth Merrill later as well a couple of other visitors taking a break beautiful sunny day cool but a pretty day back after this. Athol races with Steve Vic on Sirius. Xm radio thoroughbred racing at Sam Houston continues through March Twenty eighth with the March Twenty First Texas Champions Day on the horizon. The Best Texas breads in the state or anywhere come together over a million dollars in first buddy Tuesday afternoon racing starts up and the twelve percent takeout off multi-legged wagers as S. H. R. P. The most popular destination for horse players this winter S. H. R. Dot Com. Sam Houston Race Park. Follow Sam Houston on twitter's well S. H. R. B. Two year olds in California. Police consider leadership leading all natural pace to greatly reduce or eliminate the worst of trainers who trust leader shielded. 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Nearly ninety percent of our students are floyd in the racing industry immediately upon graduation for scholarship opportunities and more check out our website at Ayar T. Dot Org hey you know back to the races with Sirius. Xm radio rocks again. I don't you have no backbone coming up a twenty two hour one on this Wednesday and The workouts last week and into the weekend and the two year old in training sale season. Such as it's going to be is underway and yesterday I tuned in about a half an hour. Forty five minutes. I guess it was about eleven. Yeah about eleven fifteen started watching and and then pretty much kind of checked in several different times and a couple of hips. Were kind of watching and we knew that the numbers were not going to be the same. It was going to be tough anyway with a two million dollar seller last year But the the trade Certainly went on and Steve Chirac and Brian de Denardo of td n doing the coverage to their credit and It it did seem what's the gavel started knocking. Steve Chirac that There was a sense of business as usual at least You know through the session. Good Morning Good Morning Steve. Yes I wouldn't business as usual kind of scary out there right now but I think everybody was kind of hoping their collective breath is this thing was getting underway. But you still see horses moving hands and selling for for good prices here. Six hundred sixty thousand dollars topper. I would never think by looking at the sheets of saying Oh man. The gross is down to twelve million after twenty two million last year and just the average taken a big hit. But I think you almost have to be happy with this results considering the climate and the cell is going to happen at this point. I think that's fair and that's certainly you know the tone that the Tom Ventura set with us yesterday going in and then even yesterday recapping last year was going to be a tough number to beat anyway. What'S THE DIFFERENCE. I it is more says changed hands and you know some Consigners and and And breeders are seeing the transactions go through etc and that's productive Yeah and there's also plenty of time I already saw quite a few. Ps private sale. You know postscript. The sales and Tom said that they would keep the books open longer than usual. So there might be some aftermath the purchasing as well. And you know there's always the aftermarket portion Talk about the atmosphere. You you and Brian doing a great job. You know coming in and talking about the unique circumstances. It's obviously an uphill battle here Stephen from this for covering standpoint. We didn't make it down so cal both covering this remotely from New Jersey Right now. But we're getting trying our best to get a hold of everybody. Everybody's obviously always willing to talk and consigners have been great. And they're doing so much legwork down there getting the word out to everybody. I'm sure there's a lot of online bidding and stuff from afar to happening here with with the agents better down there definitely in touch with all their owners and everybody's really going one hundred percent at this and I think we're all kind of all like I said we're holding our breath but you see a lot of the big name storm sheets and forces again moved on like you just pointed out the private sales are going to be a big a big thing to now. After the fact once maybe. These consigners had unrealistic expectations or wanted to hold onto the horse's a little bit longer. But there's plenty of business being done at the Barnes even right now. I'm sure as you keep saying these private sales keeping up on the sheets I keep going refreshes on my my My Internet browser here and it's also nice to see now as well give us a couple of Backstories on some of the the pin hook successes and of course that's always a big part of the season when it comes to the two year old sale and watching TV and you guys have that fun that fun pin Hook Guide that that I very regularly print that out and then you know. We'll we'll try to scour to see you know who as Muirfield insurance says nothing but net on the on the turnaround from from yearling to two year old. The purchase. A talk about the Zayat bred American Farrell Philly led to session. So he's great because this is one of the things that I've always loved about the two year old sales you see that the pin hooks whether you have a now the the numbers of bigger some guys try to pin hooking five hundred thousand dollars a quality road that aren't aide yesterday that was Very expensive growing but then you also have horses that are twenty three thousand dollars feelings and guys get hit them out of the park. Names like here nick. Merrick the folks top line and pick you all these consigners all kind of still stepping up and doing what they do here and it's nice to see them get rewarded. There was a run happy from pick. Views fell for good money at four. Seventy five was the number facial structure last year the Breeders Cup winners so it's nice to see some new faces getting into the game as well. Top Line is also name. That's coming up there that they're doing well so horses. But you're still seeing a lot of the veteran consigners procure downs and nick merricks and Eddie Woods. They're still popping up with these kind of horses to the thing. That's scary with these two year old sales right now. Obviously the getting pushed back some again cancelled thankfully abuse going on here. But the whole thing you have to have you guys get their money back to yearling looking ahead. You don't WanNa look too far ahead now but no two year old sells everything gets pushed back. These people all have so much money vested into the sport and this is their livelihood to move these sources. They don't move these two year olds they're gonNA be shopping for yearlings. It's Kinda hearts. Imagine you WanNa panic at this point but that I think that's the big worry at this point of people you need to move these sources now that these people are banking on selling this year old. Well one of the other things that I guess is predictable in You. Know in this setting. Is that a lot of the bankable. A lot of the bankable pedigrees and breeze results to match our command. The top dollar. I mean that was going to be true. Honestly that'd be true anyway but it doesn't seem like it's a scenario where people are going to be as willing to roll the dice. Although I will mention there was the three hundred ninety thousand dollar air force blue. Colds that Willis. Horton bought that horse at a beautiful move and obviously these first crop sires. People always seem to gravitate towards but of all the horses that I was putting down on my list here at my shortlist just based off a breeze with might have been in my top ten of just how horses were moving so you obviously the physical part of it going to but we'll always buy some nice sources on looking forward to see that where it's run for. Sure he'll be on my stable mail going forward. That was early in the session. Two side by Rice Horse Brandon Alley Rice. And it's it's kind of funny air force. Blue with with two extremes on the day only had two horses that sold the couple came out But had the three hundred eighty three hundred ninety thousand dollar gold and then had a two thousand dollar Philly so both ends of the spectrum right absolutely. But that's the thing these these freshman sires in the spotlight down here and everybody wants to kind of have the the first one and they seem to gravitate gravitate towards them at these cells. All the time there. there's four more air force blue. That'll sell today and one. That came out You know we mentioned the American Pharaoh. There was a second Nice the Fairly late session at three nineteen the another Karen done Three hundred and twenty thousand John Kimmel bought and I don't know if that's for if there's a client associated with that. Did you hear anything about who bought this four? I didn't I know he's been buying for the same owner for the last couple of urine from my the head right now but he's been shopping for the personal last couple years. We've had some success and it's good to see him back to the wall and he's showing up at these two year old salads with Bob more enforcing the last two or three years. We've got You mentioned the run. Happy's let's touch on some of the other First CROP results That Caught your eye. You don't see a lot from yesterday but I think they have their their big today. Everybody was kind of waiting for Nyquist and frost of this year. There are a couple. I think that are going today. That are GONNA be stand out. There was a lot yesterday that ornate. I haven't checked to see if it was a private purchase yet but those are two of the the big names at the yearling sales watching the breezes. I really like how the Nyquist moved on the track. I was really excited themselves. But I think today you're going to see them pop up a little bit more Those are really the two big names and obviously it's impossible not think affront happy with all the advertising and they held their own rank you and just seeing the one seventy five. Yesterday was a really good sign for him in a good indicator. But I'd say Nyquist and frosted you're going to hear some things about also exaggerate or I really like the way. Some of some of them were a little grassy to me but I think I had maybe three or four hits watch exaggerate or on my list too. But it's I had had to say those. Three NYQUIST frosted exaggerate or kind of the big three. I'm looking for and thinking you might see more more results from today. That that open semis speaking today. what What some of the the top tips to watch. Let's see here I don't have the numbers right in front of me at this morning. At the moment I know there would some frost. It's like I was saying into mischief. Had A LOTTA HORSES TO WATCH? You got a couple of sales. Yesterday there was some constitutions late in the cell that can make some noise a hip. Numbers don't have ran for me right now but it's kind of a usual suspects or some of those big sires. You could see some breakout horses. And just the general vibe from the consigners and even the folks that everybody seems to think that some of the better horses were going to be on day to kind of the sale is worked in the past the day ones that lead up now this year obviously people. Maybe we're waiting around a little bit longer but I think you are going to see some some bigger numbers going today. Hopefully Steve Chirac with us from Td. And Steve Did you get a chance to kind of peruse the the outlets and see there's also the potential for some. You know some fancy pedigrees to you know pull back and wait and you know. Show up wherever things are going to. You know whether it's a whatever the the April sale however that's gonNA materialize. I mean that had become. That's become a key had become a key two year old season shopping center. And now we've got a at least tentatively scheduled to him. Phasing Tipton combining the Gulfstream the rescheduled gulfstream or cancelled Gulfstream sale. I wouldn't be surprised if some people just felt like Let me let me take my my prize pig and and go to the fair. You know down the road. Yeah there were. There were seemed to be a higher amount of scratches than usual. Since they opened it up. I think four or five years ago. Now it's no longer select sale that you're not really going to see the big flashy pedigrees phase. A Gulfstream sell more the flashy siblings. But you still get this cell really. Now you're still going to get the top SARS you get some nice freshman sires. But they're really more about trying to get the Nice physicals. Getting people attracted to how the horses look and you could live with the page through a little weak on the damn side. But you're still GONNA get some sire power short-sea with American Charlotte's mischief and he's detraction. Sires that everybody's excited about but we'll see what these other shows. Don't be April really everybody you talk to now really compares to Keeneland September the yearly market that their catalog keeps growing. There's something for everybody. There's those really expensive top price lots over the sea horses. They're going to get the middle market guys showing up too because there's so much to choose from but people do like to think of it as the became on. September sale now for two year olds. But we'll see. They haven't made an announcement yet. It's very shaky grounds if you can get in this sale off. And they're gonNA have to make the decision soon if they push back or if they're if they try to add a cell that they they're already at capacity for April but they're gonNA have a lot of horses though that need to get sold after however this shakes out here between the scratches and as they're going to be a lot it's Europe it's still need to find new home so kind of just waiting like everybody else get through today and see where where this thing ends up absolutely well and just as I thumbed through the results pages from yesterday The Frankel The one Frankel in the sale three hundred twenty thousand The Teen Cassie Tomorrow that was also wants to watch. Karen done was a little disappointed with the price but he he all consigners. Maybe some people held onto worse if he got rid of almost everything. I think he's still ten out of twelve yesterday and he was confident that his other two. We're going to be private sales. He's been doing this a long time. And even if he was maybe disappointed attack with a couple. It's all about turnover and keep a keep the trains roll and he wanted to keep moving and sources and just keep going on but I believe he did say he thought that one was maybe GonNa bring a little bit more and he. He definitely thought she was a rock. Star was very high on her and go into very smart buying outfit team. Cassie so it's another one to keep an eye on going forward and excited to have uh Frankel in the states here to watch for the two year old season well the The weekend was good to carry a as well indirectly with with the purchase He had been involved in the purchase of Field Pass for The wyckoff the Jeff Ruby winner as well so Waver a nice race. He's got another. I guess I'm a triple crown travel therapy trail here but that worst run a big race over there. His win at Gulfstream was really nice. I gravitated to the wrong horse out of the Tonya Beach. But it happens but that was a real game. Performance Room getting up there as good race but Does it all a lot of these? Consigners are selling to your own doing that breaking horses or buying horses privately. Everybody kind of goes a little bit of everything but this is obviously the the bread and butter here. That's a lot of these guys. Well going to tune in I'll have the on the line in the background. Ten thirty we kick off day two and the usual the usually busy Two year old in training sale season for the end coverage You you'RE GONNA have this blast and then you'll take the the wait and see. I suppose waiting like everybody else and hope and things get back to normal here at some point but just for the industry is thankfully these races still being run at some tracks and everybody wants to be out there. But you can't but just keep in some sense of normalcy now. Having these races got hopefully getting these two year old so fails going to keep the market alive and keep the turnover because we need to keep this thing obviously on the right track here but it's very scary times. It's hard not to see it that way but we just have to pray for the best and keep moving forward here. Exactly Steve Chirac. Everybody The Daily News and all the sales coverage as always extensive and detailed so pulled up and Follow along stave. Stay safe and we'll talk so thank you appreciate it not at all so you. Sharaf everybody and you can follow Steve. And all the main every body on the staff. Tedium Steve Sharak. Td In this is address. Think a break past the bottom of the hour. Michael Tomlinson is going to join US and last week. I had mentioned when when Chuck had visited on Wednesday said that Mike was going to visit. We didn't get a chance Thursday Friday but want to get his thoughts. He had some perspective from Pale smaller size stable to last week. And you know so much of what we hear. When it comes to the suspicions of people cheating a lot of times we source players will say well. Why don't the other trainers et? Why don't why don't they complain? Why don't they and it's a tough situation to be in and Chuck Chuck Chuck has addressed that before. Actually we've had that that discussion and you don't ever you know you don't want to be perceived as you know as jealous and discussed it that you don't have the kinds of courses that other guys have and other outfits have so that's part of it but maybe that maybe maybe that'll change in part of because of last week step away. Michael Tomlinson joins US next. It's aberrations with Steve Kick on Sirius. Xm radio put an online tournament that boasts no rakes. Gamer takeout with a ten thousand dollar first prize. Here it is clear expressed bet live online. Saturday march twenty first expressed bed live is for account holders only with no registration or other. 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Dale then killing a lot of a lot of the three year olds to talk about and right now though Michael Tomlinson joins us and and ideally. I would like to reach out to Michael to congratulate him on a stake win and that that's the ideal circumstance but the conversation will focus on ripped from today's headlines manner of Discussion and first of all Michael Good Morning. Good morning state everybody. Okay Vicki and Everybody healthy and secured So far so good fighting. We're all doing just fine on the floor. Shot and with no keeneland. I I suppose You might you might say a little bit longer now. Yeah the clients have had to be altered it a little bit but You know it Especially Becky it's a it's a real tough job for her to have to stay down here and go to the pool and and And Cook and relax and good job taking care of me as as well as Sir spending her time relaxing well and we should explain That that Vicky Tomlinson and certainly not everybody that competes in in Kentucky knows Vicki's role working at Churchill in the horsemen's relations department. And just you know one of those people along with Tracy Wilkes in the afternoons to that kind of makes things go between the the racing office and and you know the winners circle and all the things that you know that. Go on kind of behind the scenes and I I'M GONNA circle back to last week at a minute Michael. But given given your position and Vicki's role with with Churchill. I mean the reaction to the Derby move and a what what having Derby Means to Louisville essentially well. I think that's the reason I postponed. But not the cancelation as What occurred with Keeneland The Darby is such an important Event in the horse racing world as well as locally for level You know it's just a situation where I don't think it would be wise to totally cancel it. So hopefully this works out and and all these bumps in the road that works benching right. Now in the writing world will smooth out and And everything will be back to normal and We'll all being joined the great sport that we all love in the future when it comes to the way you're handling it and and the perspective that I wanted you to offer to last week's headlines and and Really just awful. And and such you know such disgust and disappointment associated with the indictments and With the you know the high profile horses involved etc I wanted you you offer to To share your perspective. Because you're you're a a real rank and file horsemen outfit with you. Know somebody that that averages. About one hundred and seventy-five starts a year. You know year in year out. has stay courses when they come along and you know without you. The game doesn't function Talk about the Michael. Your thoughts as to what we witnessed last week. And and your gut reaction and then what you think. It means long term. Well my Initial thought was It's about time That we finally get to the bottom of what's been going on because horsemen Like myself have known for years that there was certain people who were Taking and they didn't take advantage of the situation and You know it was a real frustration trying to outrun certain train nurse It was Even a bigger frustration of having those trainers climbed horses from you that Were Nice sources. Very solid kind of horses and You look up in About three to four weeks and the horses have run their bar. Numbers improved fifteen points and It really reflects on the guy who's tried to play by the rules And I it's finally event the -CATION for US folks out here. Who are trying to do it right. Trying to take care of the horse primarily and then turn by taking care of the Horse. Take care of the and It's it's been a real source of frustration for many of us. One thing I I mentioned coming into the into the segment to Michael the and it's something that Chuck Simon who you know. Well that Chuck has addressed before to which is the public and really more the horse playing public especially not ever understanding. Why other outfits? Why other trainers generally you know didn't come out publicly and it's not just this specific set of circumstances but really you know over any any period of time Explain what the you know what? The thought process is About you know maybe complaining to racing secretaries and and to racetrack management about what's potentially happening. But you know. Really not really not expanding. You know the the complaints and I don't want to say accusations but not you know making more public The the unhappiness with with the situation that that's apparent to the well you know we as an industry as well as You know socially issue. It's there's a lot of pressure to win at any cost And bleed dried over into sports of all kinds And consequently you have always will have people who are trying to take edge and trying to be too whether it's fair. Not but you know with that being said You know without knowing and being able to prove That things were going on You know the boy too slippery slope to step out there and start accusing people of cheating even though Through your decades of experience you know. It's not normal for horses to run the kind of races that some of the tortures were running So you know you can complain. You can talk to owners And I feel somewhat vindicated because I've been chirping for for a long time about this and and Knowing that something was going on as a lot of people and finally the proofs in the pudding and And maybe you know there's more domino's yet to how in my opinion there's you know it wasn't just two people. I think there's more people that Are very nervous at this point in time and as well they should be so hopefully With the proof chime in the crane come to the top and we finally know what happened and what they were doing Maybe it'll slow things down and and that'll make a lot more even playing field for US guys who are trying to do it right. And on that topic I wanted to really want to follow up with two elements one and I. I even said this in the immediate aftermath Because as you as you just said this can't even under these circumstances it isn't a license for anybody Suggest Pell mell accused anybody that that seemingly has improved a horse just immediately make accusations and as somebody Michael that that really is a a meat and potatoes horsemen that that only takes on many horses on on the show as you can. Put Your hands on the talk about the real practical and and successful elements of you know claiming a horse and improving them. Because there's there's plenty of people out there that are going to continue to to get a horse at the claim box. Find out something that's been bothering them and improve them and it cannot be just a a our environment where you're immediately accused for doing a good job. Well that that's exactly bride and and There's many instances of horses who have been climbing. The trainer found something that the previous trainer overlooked and I've been lucky enough in and a few cases to do that but as majority of the time it's a higher incidence of holding the horses values than improving one If you can claim the horse hold its value when a rice The owner makes a little money. You sell the Horse in the future rights through the claiming box and you move on. That's that is the norm You know the exception is the horse that you claiming that moves up and that will happen. But it's not gonNA happen on a Day by day basis like it was in some of these guys that we that we caught in the act here lately and some of the guys who given into the dark side. So you know it's it's GonNa Happen But It's the frequency and the regularity of it. That makes a difference. I fold in folding the ownership side of this too and you made one reference to owners and what has to be maddening to to know that you're operating on the level and it is just a a job that that any owner would be happy with and watching whether it's new owners or or probably even more frustrating. A owners gravitate in the direction of of people that you know that you are fairly confident are not you know following all the rules. Well you know their game as I was talking about earlier. You know the You're always gonNA have that segment of the population that Win at any cost the the owners that have that mentality You know not all of them but some of them have no Respect for the Horse You know the bottom line is horse is is why we're here. The Hor- should be protected and the horse should be cared for at the highest level And let the chips fall where they may but if you Our donor and we all want to win but You can't tell me that these owners that were participating with things other people Get Not at least in their gut know that something was right and I saw on You Know People's parties to To you know change that Thinking that and to go with their gut failing when they know. Something's not right so you know it. It's quite a quite the Lemba you know we all want to win but There is a line that some people who've crossed absolutely. I also Michael would love you to address the what is what is going to be seemingly a a blurry line and I think there's probably a lot more conversation that's GonNa come out as as the the arraignments and and whatever you know whatever. I'm sure there'll be plenty of plea bargaining that goes on but one one of the things that I think. A lot of people are waiting to see. Shakeout is what it what products in terms of supplements and whether they're homeopathic. Whatever kind of I. You know natural supplements that that horses can receive that you know that are absolutely drug-free essentially But are designed. You know to to help the the equine athlete. I mean it it. It's going to be very murky. And maybe I don't know maybe that's maybe that's a good scenario but he you know you're the ones that are on the front lines caring for the horses daily and people do need to understand that. There's that there's products that are are beneficial and legal. That can help the horse and in and in some cases particularly when when it's going to come to the discussion regarding that. Spf One thousand. At some point it went from benign to malignant. And it's unclear when that happened. But what's your feeling on understanding what you can give a horse these days and what you can't well. I think it's The line is performance enhancing and There are many many good Therapeutic medicines and Supplements that allow horse to run to his natural ability. But as we know These guys have been using performance. Enhancing Drugs Right You know and my my mile bull opinion coming from small guy who is dependent as livelihood is dependent on this game We've got a lot of stuff going on right now We got the integrity. Act that they're trying to get through which My personal opinion is the last thing we want is the federal government running our business We need all of the states to together Get a representative from each racing jurisdiction on a board that sets the rules and the penalties and we need them to stick with those rules A lot of talk what I hear. The problem is the perception of horse racing and I think that You know when when this came out last week I was really nervous about what that would do to the Push forward on the course racing's integrity and now. I think we all agree. Something needs to be done. But I'm just not a person who agrees it needs to be done at the federal level but Per Section comes from the lack of Penalty for the repeat offenders in our game We have people training right now that have had dozens and dozens of bad tasks and been caught doing things that are very contrary to racing rules and They get a little slap on the wrist. And they're back training and back rocking and rolling and six months to a year There needs to be three strike rule There there's all kinds of ways and and we can't cover then time this year and I have a but Their per section of our game is not coming from eliminating lasix. Snot coming You know from a lot of the things that they're going after But the perception is the repeat offenders that they keep going. Keep coming back and Everyone knowing that these guys have been using performance enhancing drugs. Not The good therapeutic medications I challenge anybody to tell me that. Tiger Woods takes either propane the night before he goes On the golf course does that make him a better offer no it just allows him to compete to his ability. And that's all any of us want is a level playing field through and to be able to make responsible decisions for the equine athlete You know in partnership with the the athlete to help them to perform at their best level. Well you know we end up. Do going to high out in water The thing that's the betting public is going to experience a lot more inconsistencies and the white horse is wrong and Consistency should be something that We owners and trainers and racing industry should be concerned about Consistency allows the handicapper. Who is alive and blood of our business You know to bet responsibly. And and and bet competently that He's getting a fair shake and I think they're gonNA run into a big problem as well as others If all this happens through the integrity yet and It's you know our game is changing and I don't mind changing with it. but When when you go to Hay oats and water there's always gonna be guys who were looking for the edge and if you've got enough money to know how to beat the system like these guys have done for years. It's GONNA widen the gap between the guys better playing by the rules and the guys who are taking the edge so you know it's really complicated time or going through right now. Michael Tomlinson with us. He's literally Cowboy Oklahoma State Cowboy and and one of the one of the guys I reference. Although I'll tell you what you're you're you're getting to be almost the last cowboy standard with with with scooter dickey retiring and and Carl. Carl Nascar kind of pretty much retired. You're you're the anybody else around the game with a with a belt buckle or to a well you know there's a lot of younger fellow assist I've heard about but you know when you get a few years on you. You start getting separate from all those folks so it's just it's It's the situation where I don't know many of them anymore. Still all my cowboy was done back before the war. You know. I don't mean that literally slow Michael Tomlinson who one of our absolute favorites and Vicky Vicky on hiatus until such time as the Churchill Spring meet is some decisions are reached. We'll see how that is going to play out but Michael I was eager to get you on. And and you know let everybody hear from you because the game the game absolutely counts on on horsemen like you and just You know honest hard working and applying the trade in a very very quietly and Always capable when when a when a search Cherokee comes along or any of the of the nice stay courses that That you've managed so I appreciate the insights and continued success. Keep everybody healthy. The boys what. We're what we're the boy spread out. Well we've got We've got the youngest and he's down here in Florida. Working matter of fact He. He lives About a mile from Gull Strength. So we get to see him quite a bit My middle son is home from Thailand for a while and mild. The Sun is an attorney there in Kentucky so so we got everybody back in the States. And everybody's doing state well Hope everybody stays safe and healthy Mike Best of luck going forward will look forward to home base running soon and we'll see you see you down. The road is proctor. Says Okay Buddy. Nice to talk to you. I really appreciate it. Michael Tomlinson everybody with the same kind of frank conversation and reaction we need. We need to hear from thank a break top of our two little past and said Fernando Sire. Watch pedigree focused brought to you by hill and Dale as mentioned in promised. Nick Walk a little in the wake of the grand national being cancelled and racing being halted yesterday the British horseracing authority making the decision to suspend racing. So we'll get mixed reaction on that we'll also get the hadn't had a chance yet Monday Tuesday to do any Never even mentioned the Cheltenham Gold Cup. So let Nick Zip on that and you may see the news circulating that. Nbc has made an arrangement to essentially pass through broadcast TV. Gee trackside live action this weekend so to some degree between Fox and now NBC. The only seeming live sports action out. There is going to be thoroughbred racing. It's unbelievable let's take a break sit. 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