James Harden Trade Talks, Texans GM Search, John Clayton and MC Hates Everything


I got avail quarterback. Friend sean salisbury. This is the sean salisbury show. Let's let's look first thing that happens to you when you wake up in the morning before you go to the restroom what are you usually have morning Yeah salute well. If you don't you need to see your doctor well. The last thing that happened last night twenty-seven and ten Kershaw was awsat. Thank you see what they did there. Larache start on a friday into the game last night. So i got home. I drop off took the future. Nephew didn't get home to like almost eleven. Nice game twenty. Seven to ten took care of their business Buck twenty eight to one. Six score really doesn't matter in the preseason but no getting a tune-up for a guy his only preseason game look sharp man looked he airball few shots but still what twenty seven. Then i first time out there with his a good first impression liked like he he looked at had some kim sure james harden the question is will he be playing with james harden next week when the rockets opened the season. Because maybe there's some traction to trade talks and maybe there will at least expanding their their Team talk this. Feels like a hardened planet story Well i if it's the case I'm gonna win this bet of us three of him get. Yeah plus tyler you posted last night you out of in february If this is the case and this is if they're starting to heat up talks with other teams will be gone by january. Don't have them in january out. Don't have to be locked into the teams that he wants if he's gone next week. Fine whatever don't care to be honest with you long as the price is right. Which tells me is inevitable. He's leaving right. Yeah because i think the more message it sent this loud. He wants out that they're expanding their talks with other teams about trading james harden hit. Just tell me it's it's not a matter of if it's a matter of win in two thousand twenty one to me. It's also feels like a story of leaking that saying that that is going on just to get the sixers to give ben simmons. Okay well the truth of the matter is if it's just i mean i hate to say this now for chemistry might be different but for just for the sake of who's better if you went one for one. The sixers win that trail. Of course you're not gonna win an eastern right now right because you're not going to get one for one you're not getting the katie's you're not getting that guy you know the top six seven eight players in the league you and get. I don't let alone. But i'm not going to be upset at them for trading for ben simmons given his insane skillset outside of shooting because he can't do it he's a two time all star. There's nothing he can't do all that team. Rookie all rookie all rookie. Rookie of the. He's accomplished a lot in three years of play. And maybe just maybe even though we can't shoot he can still attack the rim. He's a big body really good perimeter defender and ball on defender. And he's a he's a good passer a big body. I'll tell you this considering what you have here maybe. Just maybe you don't need a guy who dribbles and shoots all the time. Maybe as a facilitator. Ben simmons fits really nice here with with stephen south. Of course you're losing a monster difference in the ability to put the ball in the basket. Yeah from distance. But you're also using. I mean gain in a guy who fits better far better defender Obviously he does. He does a lot of thanks at. James doesn't do but on the offense of in your loosen something but you know what you may be able to what you lose. James harden scoring. You may be able to get three. More guys to elevate with his ability to one thing we've got to give credit. He's an unselfish. he doesn't need to score to make a difference in. And i like that about the money. Quote for this team may be wanting to get to that night erik. Gordon said if we ever want to be a major force in this league we have to move the ball and maximize the talents on this team. The ball gives you energy and makes you even more even more motivated score. Well who do you think he's talking to. He's talking to james harden. Ucs allowing players right so and he couldn't be more correct because we've said on this show that standing around can get you to the point where you get anything you don't get a receiver. The ball early who's used to catch it And by the fourth quarter does he's disappeared when you finally do need him because he so complacent thinking well. I know eventually you're not gonna. I mean there's this goes on you're not coming to. I know where it's just. It's not today's not the day. The problem is when it's a seventy two or eighty two game season depending on what year it is and you feel that way once every two or three games. It's not a good thing. Yeah And it's want certain guys disappear then to ask them to reappear in the fourth quarter of a game was clutch and then we sit here and bitch because they missed three shots in a row. It's like well you're supposed to knock him down. Well yeah but. I haven't been in. It'd be like a flow of the game right. It's ask gonna sprinter to pop out of the locker room without stretching. Yeah and in go run nine six and break the world record holder in one hundred meters. No they're all around. The track involves stretch. If you can't now every now and again you will. You'll just have one of those days where you're dialed in and and you've got a magnet to the hoop but james harden was ball on. I don't want to call it nonsense but complete domination. Even though he's when he does go he's not afraid to kick it. It's just when you get standing around. Dude i've watched i've watched football teams when you watch barry sanders zone teammates. You just sit there and say man discussion really good. I'll stay on my block for just one second less. Because i got turn had one where the guy is. I'll just use pretty good man. I'll sit and watch him hell. It's one thing for the opponent to do it. It's another thing for your own team to sit there and say man. Okay uganda. that's right and it's not against barry sanders. Just you know when it's nut cut time. Well let's just give it to him and hope that things and with james harden it's every every other trip or every trip down the floor and so you never know when you're gonna involve yes you've got to be on guard but that's no way for a now. I understand buck thirty to go dude. We need to baskets remember katie. When he was in the foul play in the point brought it up was when he was in golden state engineers. Rain jumpers getting to the remain. Every time there's a time and place when it says do take over right. But when of course of a long season. And eric gordon's right. You want energy. Every game guys have to be involved. This is one on one. It's been something that's been missing right. And i can tell you this in watching. Ben simmons game. That will not be a problem. If he's here now they will be the best ball movement team elite right and when the games on the line bins. Probably the shot. He's going to take on his tried to attack the rim. When the game's he's going to have to be christian wooded marcus cousins right or gordon. Right like they're going to be a worst team. But i i think anybody that thinks. I've seen all these predictions these these predictions where with hard. And everybody's like oh. They're top four seat without him their tenth. Or i don't think it's a tenth or eleventh. I don't think it's an eight seed drop. no i don't think it is. I think it's like it's between between six and eight. You're gonna tell me between six. Don't tell me hardens eight seeds better. Not plus you start to raise the the lower seed because simmons will get more people involved people they'll be more energy and energy score a lot of points right and energy may be worth five or six extra wins during the season as opposed to here again right even though here we go again. James may win the game for you. There's that here here we go again and then you walk into lock them. Say man was a great win but damn how long is this going to continue. Can't help but feel that way. Yeah if you're if you're a great receiver lsu when they had their guys and you throw it fifteen times a game listen. We know you're great receiver. They're like can't wait to get the. Nfl were actually. Somebody's gonna be more even though we're great because on third and six we hand the ball off in the past as opposed to throw it to jarvis landry right and it's here okay. Third i mean was amid minute twenty to go. We know who's going to have the ball. That i get but not with forty two minutes to go in the game. We're we're six minutes in and everybody standing around and getting complacent again. So yes james is is a better player. But then simmons is a better facilitator. For one reason other people are involved And would would would he lacks and shooting he more than makes up for with energy and i can tell you what happy and joyful makes difference with players. Yeah and i think they're waiting for this moment. I'd be happy and joyful. I think it'll be one of these. Mc tally even if they're not gonna tell us this. Yeah they're going what they're going to do in the way they were going to tell us what eric gordon said about moving and gets energy when if this trade were to happen. Let's just say. It was ben simmons which you're going to hear as matt great to have been here great passer. The basketball gets things going brings. Great energy great defender. f all. you're going to hear all those without saying james's no bothered him. They're gonna over compliment. Ben simmons you get the you get the point back door wise right with a dog and bit james. Because they're going to run into him along the way it. He's a teammate. And they like as as a person he may be there buddy. But they're going to find a way to complement one and in the process. Basically sending you a message about the other and the other thing is it's gonna be one of these in private dude. I've i've been in these in these. Not in there has been in these lockers. Were when a guy goes. It's kind of been a headache but a hell of a player you're like and somebody comes in. You're like oh my gosh. It's a feeling of there will be those smirks on the side that nobody knows about man better here and somebody who's got inside. Somebody will tell one of their insiders. Say goose smith has a great relationship with single. Holzer's suddenly gotten way better. Yes they'll tell and eventually you'll hear about it you're not gonna hear about it right with the compliments for whoever comes in are going to be raving which is going to be the m- the loud message to were better without him because you know what more people are involved and if he does not want to be here let cousins at his business is business. I'm not him. Baker basically as carefree speak for himself. And and that's that's up to him if he was a normal love you tat love you. Type a guy. They would be pining the keep him. Listen if he's not a relate of. He's relatable the basketball their teammates. He's gonna talked but of course if he was he was dude. A normal. do like we're sitting. you're not he's not he's the guy that everybody else drives this. He's everybody else gets gets. Four guys got fit in the car to go to the club. He gets his own. Yeah that's my. That's my point. Is it guys know that if he was a guy that walked in said fellas. You know what man. I kind of just honest. I've kinda bummed when darryl left. I loved mike. I'm going to give coach silas a chance. He deserves it. I'm sorry for showing up late. Man i just my head was in it for a second but you know me. I'm committed to it. I love you guys. And i'm gonna. I'm won't make some adjustments. Because i think we've got something here and i want to win so whatever it takes for me to make adjustments and all of us to fit in. I'm in tell the fellas not tell us that. This really doesn't matter what you and i and that's when you do that. Demarcus cousins goes up terms. Like yeah you know. i'm. I'm trying to convince them that you know instead of its on him. It's like i know. I know this dude wants to be here and we love him and we want him here and you guys out there. Read this whole situation raw. James as a as a rocket and he's committed to this team and winning a champion. That's when that comes out the reason why they don't say it is one is ensuring their buddy but you also doing. What a teammates supposed to do you. Don't air his dirty laundry if he wants to air his own dirty laundry not about team but his own then let him air it. Yeah he's won't be the guy say just like if a marriage breaks up. I'm not going and talking about either one of them ever if they want to go and talk to somebody or counselor or get out. It's free them to tell you not for me to tell anybody now buddy calls me and says how do you feel about it. He called man. I hope it works out for you. Anything i can do. I'm here for it. But if he makes a decision she makes a decision move on then they can tell you why. It's not my job man. But i you support support support. You don't speak for them and then they'll make the decision on what they wanna do as they move forward and the truth is there the team's handling it right the players and then but you'll know if it wasn't been simmons you will know dude in to press conferences that the start talking about ben and not talking about james you'll know right off the bat how they feel it's going to happen. It's just a matter of win. I just don't. I don't know when but it will be a trade. Anybody wants if it happens before the regular season. That's fine again i. i think i'm completely convinced. I think we all should be at this point. The rockets aren't coming off their price when they get it. That's from the trade happened so it very well could happen before the regular season team. Start to get desperate to get it done. And just out of the way but and there seems like a sense of urgency about it. Yeah a little more urgency. We say and christian would sets -mergency last night he wants keep dropping twenty seven ten. And you don't need. James harden his ascension has been phenomenal over the last what what's been eighteen twenty four months. We're seeing i'll things in average twenty seven and ten. But if if he wants to throw it forty four ted. I'm in anything over twenty. Good yep you'll take it you'll say what a good sports stock seventy john clayton today at nine thirty one of our specs pick of the week at. Let's see specs at seven. Twelve in about an hour tyler. Here emcees here and Glad to have you with us on a friday sports. Talk seven hundred. This is craig busy. You're listening to sean salisbury. On sports talk seven nine. We're having fun. Your home of the stroz sports. He's gone home and douglas homework. King country over they're pumping out. Yes kicking in see. Welcome to texas with tyler. I figure today we'll be country. Do you consider yourself the tyler. Rose california now. There's only one title rosa. That's that's blasphemous it. But i would even suggest it. The tyler rose sitting right here before where i'm sitting today. The discussion with the he ran over a few guys and cats and his day. Yeah earl campbell. This what's right in front of me. Those things start straight is the king nickname. The fricken king did good to know. Y'all want us dislike. James dave himself the king. The this is the self proclaimed stuff that came out recently of Greg abbott inauguration as governor whenever that happened. Just see how much he paid. They had to pay george strait to show up to do it. Yeah buck plus one point. Seven million dollars. Well then know what king guess what. Good keagan if you ask for it. They pay it. Guess what you're worth. Yeah god bless. George strait ran lot. Hey what are you going. Jim one time in colorado the entire round had no idea. It was him bill handel on. That's a good thing. Yeah we plan a cowboy out. No big bucket bucket. And then we get to the eighteenth and on the whole out in the fairway behind him and he takes his hat off and he's shaken by hand. Go george strait. get up there. And he's at the you know the card area and was like. Yeah that's george strait. King george you gotta love george strait. I like it solid ball striker to was he was a damn good gov. I believe i mean. I think he's like scratch golfer. I believe and the like i said would when you can win the governor decides. Hey man can you come and play the knock sure. Yeah how much. Amy bucks buck five. Whatever it was bucks of we got the king shows up for bucks. Ain't about night as i'd show for book and it's not even elected full concert. No i'm saying a bad now. Could you imagine charging about a buck. Five seven hour yeah. I'll take a bed. I'll take the quarter a million and three quarters bucks seven bucks seven five bucks five for an hour and the inaugurating you need. No we're good. What else you need not much. I'm a country western singer guitar. A microphone place. Where boots on there you go. Thank you and good night. Here's one point. Seven million speaking of james harden. Some people call. I'll call him a matter of fact i'm not calling jade's jimmy hart until it gets traded. I'm thinking thinking Jimbo jameson jamie. And i don't know. I'm trying to think of something different. I go jimbo. Jimmy hart until they get stranded. What about jamison jamieson harden. He's jamison crowder. he's Who's clam chowder j. Get your ass outta here martin. That what if that was a hyphen nickname. Might so i'm gonna call him jimmy hart until he's traded now chuck barkley call chasma if you want to have Chuck chuck on a regular basis chasma. Oh yeah probably okay. Called him out a few times columnists more than what he says when he picks up the phone. Hey chasma oh we. He's one of my all time classic. He'll he t deserve better. Classic crap talker than him know that day we had him on. You shouldn't yeah for thirty minutes. He just kept was charles is one of the greatest what you think about what you get one of the greatest speed when you folks that have heard of on here loves opinion but he likes talk all the other sports curb straight. Talk all the other sports. But he's one of the fun guys and doesn't mince words in so chuck a little. Bit of james harden. Number four tyler. Don't there's this thought of stephen silas can hard and play a different style and other style. Here's what chuck said about that last night. That's more to me was gonna be fascinating to watch if in when he gets traded. Can he only played that one way. It is notion. They're like well if he goes somewhere now. He's played that same way for six or seven years. He's not going to get to brooklyn and say almost stand around and watch james and kyrie. Excuse me the korean kevin. Like i want to ball so i think that was going to be fascinated wherever james go because i think he can only play one way. And that's a chuck on dp. Show dan patrick show them. Yeah there's no question well. He also said this when when dan asked him about hardened to the nets how how that would turn out. Here's a child said about that. Well i want to see james k. d. and cow together with the new york media. That's just my dream scenario I will listen key. I won't that more than anything in the world because you guys know out. Three of those guys are one. I don't know them really well. I think they're all three good guys. But i think they all three got some issues and i cannot wait to see those three guys play together Because i think it would be fascinating because all three of the ball walter ball and i just don't think it will work but i wanna see because i wanna see it implode. Yeah shut rooting for implosion. Love you. I was that on dan or was that when he said key maybe that was i just wanna make sure maybe that was With keyshawn johnson. That's no problem. No problem it was. That was with not with dan but with keyshawn john's because when he said key which we all called him since he was twelve years old. I figured he was talking to keyshawn johnson on their morning. Radio show espn. I'm assuming this. Julia was talking to chuck talking about watch to see harden in in brooklyn and this is something we talked about and charles with keyshawn johnson. This is something we talked about players power and how much of it is their number seven. Here's what barkley said in the same interview about the players in their power. Listen magic bird. Lebron michael. There's probably only four or five players who i've ever played against been watching for the last thirty years to has some type of power. Let's be realistic. You you talk about the morning guys. Who are this guy they say always late was like number one pet peeve. You gotta be on time. 'cause if you're late at one time or two times that's that's all right but if you're late all the time you just. I don't care about the players. I don't care by the coach. i'm just gonna do it my way but when you talk about trading players like that's amazing to have that type of power and like i say i don't i don't remember bird magic michael Lebron probably has some. But i don't think the brownwood abuse the way of saint james was abusing that system in eastern. I was that was crazy. There you go And these right is james beard. The hell i just. I can't believe how quickly i mean you about. Not handling this in a perfect in the in the right way like james has been torn down for good reason. I mean he's selfish the he's irving all this because he's handled this so poorly. He's i mean you can't feel sorry for him. This is self inflicted if you have something that's been self inflicted are few see. Here's the problem. Everybody else looks like this is the whether it's abusive of abuse of power or overdoing it. Whatever the fray she want use yeah he doesn't think it is. That's the problem that that's the problem you know it's like that i'm not calling him a liar but you know that person who finally believes who believes that they could actually walk outside in the sky could be blue and they say it's great and somehow convince himself that they're right. Yeah when it comes to this. I don't think james thanks by doing what he does. Stay out in vegas that showing up. I don't think he thinks it's wrong. No he doesn't think he made a mistake. I think he thinks james harden. I pretty might have this carte. Blanche i a i'm any all star game. The mvp lead the league in scoring. Why do i gotta show up. Same thing when those guys are as good as me. Yeah come see me. I think that's how he thinks. Now this is just speculation. And i have no idea. Maybe i don't think he's i. Don't look at him as a horrible human. I don't know maybe some. I don't know because i don't know him. I can only go by what i see. And there's evidence that says as charles just said you laid all the time you do your thing basically. You're just you're just telling your teammates. You do not respect them and your coat period. The game that people are the franchise that's paying you. He mentioned was humans. And those guys like bird. Magic and mike. Those guys paved the way for these guys. You don't respect those guys because they they didn't go out there and act like this. Listen and you're setting up your setting. I'm sitting there with last night. I like i said. I took my twelve year old future nephew to the game. And we're talking about this. I'm trying to teach him that the way this is handled in he. I don't even have to tell him he goes goes. He's got a tear he goes. James got terrible attitude. He's like i wouldn't be on team. Got my thank. God you know because the next generation a kid like me kids to think that that's acceptable. Because you imagine. Sea bird didn't show up late jordan didn't show up lead mccain. Shaw played barkley. Didn't show up late. You guys go up and down the league. The guys who don't now you may not like lebron shows up on way. He's he's ready to play. Pride i one. They're like you mentioned. He didn't abuse that he might have our but he probably didn't amuse it like that. Right is to me is with harden. Can you imagine him walking late. Dame time is as good as he is. Now in. Jordan was on his team. All he'd be out and it'd be a it'd be a battle royal did he is asking. And then some and right there on the court your name flows punch somebody in the face. He's done it before. Yeah punch something right in the face. Ask steve kerr sports. talk seven. Ninety sean salisbury. Show a big one next on a friday. Come right back. The houston sportsworld. Sean salisbury knows how to play the game because he really played that game. Yeah former pro. Qb right here and he actually has it on his name. Take former pro. Qb right here. Back to sean on sports. Talk seven hundred question. Just one question one question. This is the big one a the big question of the day. On the sean salisbury. Show all right. Let's let's this. What do you think dr fauci thinks about. James harden game. I think that doctor you probably would not approve of jayme. Hanging out in strip clubs out of mass agreed agreed. That's my guess. I would have picked tony foul. Tony i don't think he's making rain at the strip club like james. I don't think that if if they do you approve of harden at a strip club during pandemic. i think they'd really open perfectly. Are they open here. I don't have any idea haven't been to a strip club it's been Ever by Okay i ever wife gone for brunch. I probably i honestly. It's probably been a minimum five years since i've had the roast beef it Strip club ever going for brunch wing guy in the afternoon what afternoon we got. I'm not gonna live. Had lunch in a strip club before i have to. Yeah i actually have. I mean i used speak for the money that when we have meetings to talk about commercials we would take mr. I turn eight. That's where we'd have. Hey don't hey. I've just asked to show up. We were talking about in the car right on the way over there. You go all right. Here's the deal poll question. The big one will. James harden betrayed by christmas. Yes or no so yes now i have to change my mind. I going to get desperate. Always been leaning on the sooner than later math mail and you don't want the christmas holiday linger of do you know i would like to have a fresh light going into the season. Yeah so sure won't happen by the twenty third less than a week. I'd i left the game last night thinking to myself. I probably just watch. James harden person flashed last. Time is at least as rocket. i'll say my answer is going to be yes on. This poll question gone by christmas. I said gone by january help. I might even be late to the party on that one. But i think i'm winning this bet from you three. Did we actually put anything on his bed we did. We'd better steak dinner that's alive it's called. It's called revisionist history brother. I just made it up to date. It's covert year. We make stuff up on the on the run. Okay schedule things. True what we scheduled. Thanks so we made a steak dinner towns like hell no shaw. That's that's a drop at three hundred on youtube clouds and me meaning. You know there's gotta be you gotta have a colon or three cold. Drank not a cold steak. You spend all our money. We don't have played. Wait that breakfasts out. You have to bring me when. I would this with the football. Betting little thing was homemade. Bloody very better. Big big carafe bloody marys to write sports talk seventy up on sports. Seven ninety real simple. We'll we'll we'll Jimmy hart don't don't let me call him. James if i call him james you guys make sure you fix for me what i hated last night. And maybe i i don't know if he does. He does this all the time or not. I know that he does his own little. Everybody has their own individual thing before games right after they do the. It's not the full normal. Introductions matt thomas was on the pa of course at. Don't ever call it. Listen if i call him. I've i've given mattia nickname and it's needed. I needed to take you. Gotta call him this from now. We do this for me. What is the houston pub peeps. That are when you tag him. Yeah at matt. Thomas it's ballgame. Okay manny ballgame. I like to call them the curse boy because he curses body. Maybe it's his fault. The james harden wants out. He's cursed. James harden gap james harden out. So now that'll curse it to get him out true but Mattie they do they do the the the normal introduction i ever changed always last right he does james and the whole team is huddled together off to the side doing this little thing by himself right now. Mike brown just beauty teammates. It's like a guy that i i'll leave. His name out was a good player. And after i met him year. Play in play during my era in the league. Lil little older than me but a great player and the tea and he was a very well. I if i said it would give it away. but a very high draft pick a phenomenal talent in the nfl in college. But the talk about him when he came out was everybody wears blue sweatsuit. He wears red meaning. Same thing there. Everybody's here he's got to be off to the side. It's one thing to be last introduced because that's usually the star on me. It's see me over here. I don't want the that i kind of do you guys celebrate without me. I got my game routine. How about doing your little routine than celebrate with your teammates. I those little things but those are the little things that are up that big kind of bugs me a little bit but this one player the report on him was never forget it. I can't remember who told me this where i read it in scouting report. Well everybody else wears blue sweatsuits. He's the guy who would wear red. Meaning yeah great talent. But you're going to have to work to keep him in the fraser teammate. The te'o factor right he talked about you. Look look at eight. Now so some ballgame be mentioned yo. Too much by. We'll start coming at you on twitter again though i would even advised. No i was like whoa. How did i get involved in this. Just remember. suddenly somebody wise. Te'o going after a while. I may have disagreed with the sharpie itself. I'll never forget. It was like last year a half ago. I said the most random ever. And i said i don't know what i said. I'm the one who actually said. You should have been a first ballot hall of famer. I may not like all the fanfare one of these days. Maybe james will come after us. And say well. Sean called me jimmy lots okay. It's worth i said. Well vince thank you for the club. I mean i appreciate it. I had no idea. 'cause he used to get on. Dan and i because dan patrick and i would be critical but fair never ever wants. Question is game. I the only thing i ever said about am. I said if he wouldn't stop talking long enough to let us tell them how great he is. It even be better. You know what i mean. Because everybody's telling how great he was. He didn't that he was a saying. I know phenomenal player. And after all these years when you hang around him now feel you feel like you kinda like fix those things right and then when that can. I'm like wait a minute. No no i i just i might have disagreed like i would with anybody would mad hell. I disagree with the shawn watson holding onto the ball too long but i love. Think he's a top five player. Never personal just that. I was always so funny. And i thought he was the first ballot hall of fame type. I did the problem. Is that people around. That were had a problem with it. Whatever he did eventually put mini. Should have been and then. That's a good thing. So i'm like i said it's funny. So maybe we'll come back and tag us and say these guys settled is going to get traded. I can't stand him but now are you feeling he's going to be hurt. No that neither okay. I'll think he again we're talking about. He doesn't know he definitely doesn't know that we are the last time off camman. Who's never listened to the last time. I mean the next time i care if an athlete or an entertainer doesn't like a comment. I made as long as it's not personal professional. Just an opinion will be the first time. I always do wish that we could like get have an athlete. Randomly colin. Because you see happen like if there's an actual current athlete listening to the show. Police call talk me happier either way either way whether you agree or disagree yeah cool. It's called. tell us you know. I can tell you this funny listening down real quick. Bobby ross. our head coach san diego. He came up was i was the same day he gave us a speech about. We were winning some lewd. Somebody just come off a loss and was he was held up the paper he goes. Don't pay any attention. These people are gonna write what they want. Nobody should read this. Negative stuff and bogs military. Guy didn't mean it directory for any one individual but don't get caught up in all this means you don't have rabbit ears and i don't read this stuff. I don't listen to the stuff they're saying about me literally later. I was walking by his office with teammate. Kurt gouveia the middle linebacker. We walked by his door was up when we when we had to go see. We're going to seem about travel with something about practice. He wanted to talk to. The the leadership group walked by is doors. Open his office sports scores. What those rather. Here's so it's classic as fighting human beings you'll ever be but i walk. I was smirking. Like don't you do this. I don't read this stuff. Why would you don't listen and talk about it on the same day walk. And he's got the paper up. Sit behind the desk at a time like during allege reading it. I'm like oh this is priceless class. And that's how athletes. I don't least they hear everything. They may not know who you are or listen regular base. But they do. That's what drives them. Some adds up if jimmy hart and gets to a point where he's like he's listening to the radio. Yeah well all right. Good call in. We'll take it. It's nothing personal. It's all it's never personal so makes it funny. But yeah it's mattie ballgame by the way that's about thomas andy ball there you go. I'm sure he's up listening right now. It usually saying injuries. Up listening mattie bogging. That's his new nickname. 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Thank you from the management team gear. Sports talk seven nine. Back to sean salisbury. Friday tally with that guy. Running people over got since gone right now. The i guess the two a division a championship game was last night. A lot of the state championships here are though the play. Offs have started all that. Maybe maybe they're already at state champion. I don't even. I'm not sure how far away alka it was shiner. Texas were shiner beer and post texas. Which is out there in west texas near lubbock through post. Many times stopped and use the bathroom. They're great town to use the bathroom in the running back for shiner. He's got a beat. I think they listed meant to sixties. Says he has got the these doubts running outside to the left and he throws the most disrespectful stiff arm you will ever see on an opponent and then some fortunate the kid from shiner to got to be five foot. Five buck sixty. I mean egypt one shove. This kid goes flying so go to the blog sports. Seventy dot com. It's going up right now. You see this kid just kit thrown the class. I'm sorry to the kid that i'm laughing but it is incredibly through a self esteem crusher at the kid gets it is incredible. I love that. I don't love it for the kid. But i liked when you see that. It's like what he's that. Pop warner outweighs everybody by one hundred pounds of that. Youth football yeah. How's he on the didn't used to be weight thing number back in the day. I don't know growing up like 'cause. I didn't play youth football pop warner any. There was even three great younger. But if you weighed more you'd have to play up right. Never was allowed to run. The football always had the sticker on the back of my helmet ahead. The football with because you were too big. I wasn't going to be a running back either way but like i was one of those. Yeah you had the sticker that you are not allowed to. I did score a touchdown the once with that stick around because i recovered a fumble in the into the his on nice. Yeah i just thought about spiking the ball time to use it. I was probably ten eleven years old. T take the penalty. I didn't do it. Just take the penalty. Didn't do i should have. I was scared kid. You wanted him. Keep to coach to get bad stuff. Yeah yeah so A country and western. Friday for you tyler. What hit you about what you wake up with. A tiffany would happen. I mean i figured. I'd been playing a lot of rock. Look let's mix it up. I'm in texas after also friday. Thank you gotta be gifts to buy side for me. After i told you took the twelve year old of the game last was the rockets. Some tickets thank you to the rockets for that. It was nice to be back in the nba arena. Hadn't been. i really haven't been to a game since probably early twenty nine even late. Twenty nineteen last time. I was in the arena. Really yeah But i took him in there and went to the team shop and he wanted the columbia blue hard jersey. Even though he doesn't like it he likes hard nita's player just he's mad about but he wanted that jersey. He doesn't have a hard and jersey. He wanted a heart rate. He wanted that. he loves that knew. He didn't know what the bluest for. either i had. I'd give him a lesson on the houston oilers last night. You know i do believe the columbia blue the the team. The university columbia. I think their jerseys are that color aren't they. are they actually columbus. Maybe i'm wrong. I could be very wrong. Why do i. Why do i feel like that marcellus. Wiley columbia guy isn't he. Aren't they powder are they powder blue columbia blue. There is columbia blue in the primaries a darker. blue okay. some stripe on their helmet. Is that color algebra stripe on their sleeve. Only makes sense right. They look good. Titans colors dark blue night. Yeah exactly so there. You have it so tyler. It's nice on a friday that you kicked it in with some little country and western brother while you call me the mixmaster i call. Well i call you a big sentiment sometimes. Yeah heavy. I call you a heavy t to see. I prefer that one. That's a better. If you're going to be the mixmaster on a friday. The cut master the mixmaster. I think that heavy t is got to be what we call you so get my own show heavy team the morning. Yeah exactly what what are you trying to say. You wanna leave this. You already know that if you get your own show nice teammate. Hi i'm satan. Yeah guy comes in. He's already got his name picked out for zoo show. Welcome in heavy tea in the morning degrees right. If it makes you feel better had this name picked off for like five years. It's like me tyler. You know. I already have added. I already have my college and or nfl. Coaching staff for you. Oh i do. I already have guys in each each position that i would interview. Oh hell yeah. I've did put together yesterday. I've had this damn thing together for and it changes. Sometimes depending right the is it may have been a little older. That stepped out that. I think i would have loved to have him as an offensive line. Coach guys i know right but then it switches and stuff. Oh you me. I already by position. I i've rented out like okay when i'm the head coach. Here's it but if i'm the coordinator say and i get to hire the quarterback coach receipt but. Yeah the head coach put together. I got staff already. Well good yeah tells guys know some of them could yeah couple of them would know that they'd be. I call at least i interview but not all of them do but i have it built. And it's not just your buddies who i would call an entertain as a head coach gatorade coach. Come on you get back. I need to get one of those. Like leashes kids on. I was in the mall last weekend. And there's this skywalk my mind kid on a leash and i'm like and i'm sorry you can't control your kid right. I'm sorry to tell you you've got to pay you. Don't tell me mall. You should be holding your kids hand or keeping close if you're not paying attention to your kid and that's why you're putting harness on a shame on us apparent yeah secondly it just looked so demeaning so it's horrible it looks so bad just one other thing if you have a dog or puppy. Put a harness on him. Don't put one of those type things around their neck that if you have to yank him at snaps at all harnessed. Put the harness on him. Also from the standpoint of don't lose your dogs yes harnessed them from running away the hardest on him a little safer for them but yeah. I don't think you need to walk through the mall where the kid on your kid on hardest. I've got a great idea. Pay attention to your kid. Yeah that would help. Iraq should've put james harden while you're getting coffee walking through and then you want to go shopping. Hold your kids hand with one hand. Grab your coffee with the other or keep the kid in front of you or coffee right. That's our parenting skill for the day. Sportstalk seven ninety emcees here. Heavy t is in the house. I'm sean salisbury. Our number two next french longtime friend. Sean salisbury this. Is the sean salisbury. Show power number. Two stakeout about fifteen minutes. And we're you got your specs pick. We'll get down to about five or six minutes specs. Pick of the week. Plenty of options this weekend. Obviously yeah there is plenty options in there. It's not just conference championship games. And there's the nfl tell you this. I'm going to bet on houston texans. You're not betting on no sir. Not at all. Can they win. Even to sean throws for four bills. No he won't why would he didn't have. This will fuller david johnson back. Actually you know what they win. They're gonna win. i'm me. I want know like i'm curious. Overall how many people are gonna pay attention this weekend and watch christmas. Coming up. Shopping to do fried. Some people want to get out and do that. There's the people that have i think the. At and t. u. verse directtv thing is still going on those people that have that that don't fit. Cbs still you want truth. I don't think people are gonna watch on awhile and watch because we have to talk about it for a minute on right. But i also even more so because i know there are a playoff contending team and going on with dan dockage every month. I gotta prepare for. Actually watching is more to see how the colts attack and how they defend watson as they move forward towards the playoffs. Yeah as opposed to how we did people say will baby to shot no sane human being right now. Thanks to shawn. Watson should sit. I mean it's not a drum solomon wrote a good article on that the chronicle this morning And when i say saying. I'm being a bit facetious. You can be saying and have the opinion i get that i'm just saying no player would face. His teammates wanna face his team. Now if you hurt. I get it the no player. I just tell you guys you would lose. Put it this way. You would recover from the injury quicker. If he got hurt then you would the lack of respect your teammates would show you for bailing out with three games to go on them. Yeah you just wouldn't 'cause you're you're placing your importance much better. Let while we know. The shawn watson is important. You don't want your teammates to think you think that is a team teammate. So that's the case with dan going because we'll spend a lot of talk about the colts. Yeah so i got to be more prepared for their playoff run than i do for well a team that could actually end up being foreign twelve five and eleven or something. We haven't and i'd like to see. I do want to watch this. Mc who shows up when they're getting their ask. Yeah hugh damn right. Hanson hanson should shoot. Well show our future for somebody may say you know what this guy's look what he's done. Let's he's actually proven with watson. He's a player and then also if he plays well guess who goes to bat for him. Watson does yeah say you know what. This dude can play dan. So so that for me. I tyler you watching. I just will because i actually am one of those. I've come back in your money. And i see guys jogging after the play and you know what i'm saying dot coming off block going through the motion and then they were gonna get lambasted on the show. I so i would expect that. Most of them that are pros are going to show their ass up. You put it on just because there's three games left and you know we will be without football for months. Great you know the. But i and who the hell we'd heard anything yet other than the nfl declining comment on it but guess. Did you see the story. That about the shawn's restaurant opening that you know just from the looks of it that they weren't complying with the protocols of the nfl who's at this red to shawn's restaurant community the the chili affiliate don't remember the name of it and it's free pubs and won't give it to him and he. He wants to advertise fiddles But there were multiple players are now wax was there and i heard him and clan yesterday when i was on my way to the arena talking about this. He says that you know they weren't doing anything. That should have been awful with it. But i think the protocol says you can't have three or more people in a gathering from outside outside the facility right and there was like seven or eight of them there and then also to sean videoed with his mask off while he's taking the interviews and that's not something that you're supposed i hopefully nothing comes of it. I guess but would shock you. If suddenly today we get news the hey houston. Texans are going to be without blank blank blank and blank. That we're at shawn watson. Now i'm not including him. I'm not gonna throw a conspiracy theory out there. But i am. Yeah you ready for this one So to shawn watson they all of a sudden the head man ball. Can't play the bid protocols. That's what i'm saying. That's what i thought about the protocols the not not you don't wanna obviously not wishing that on anybody you know what i'm saying though the bid and to sean We're going to have to sit him. Now that i get but i let's hope not. Let's hope that they did it right. He's okay and he passes the test and Nobody's making fun of it. Obviously protocols important not only for nfl but for people around you What do they say. Mascot houston right. Yeah that's a commercial. Right so i hope it doesn't come to that no i understand people sensitivity towards health and the rest of it and the shines a public figure and people are watching and unfortunately the timing getting. The restaurant opened. Which i hear is really good that the cheese steaks is supposed to be. I don't remember the name but are supposed to be awesome. And then the process of i also understand when you're doing that and the excitement like if you're shawn watson and people they're excited you're open a new restaurant you're with the owner. The guy who owns the restaurants originally brought him in as a partner. And you're like oh my gosh not on purpose. I don't think it's one of those things you do purchase. Sometimes i don't know about you. Sometimes i get out of my car. And i'm walking and i forget and have to go back to my eye on all the time almost to the door and h. e. scrap. It happened. so let's hope the shawn's plan and that the protocol isn't that he put himself in the contract contact tracing or problem there following her around high risk thing so it's okay and i hope the restaurant does well. I'm anxious to go taste one of them. See what it was like. Cheese steak embiid. And you know you have to have what's thing you know when you do you have to have cheese whiz. Fill eight cheese cheese whiz listen. It's like nacho cheese. it is but it's it's. It's the cheese whiz. Basically listen man. If you had one you've haven't had one at gino's chase in philly right non-urban into one of the original juicy to pull up the picture there across the street from other and it's the world's famous one. Have you been there at tyler. I have been to philly binging. Okay so you go in there. And it's know you walk outdoors and you order it. And they're pumping them out and they put the beef on their cheese steak on there and if you like nail one of those here popular gino's gino's east pizza for the headache. She's been have one but if you know okay so you then they put. Cheese was on say cheese whiz but when it was in like the jar that well. It's like it's like kind of your i. Guess what we use like in your like your Jar like she used it in the in the brookwood cheese casserole or whatever what you got against the jar cheese. It's not good better cheese options. But here's what you gotta understand. 'em see they're not better cheese options on this on a cheese steak. There's not that's what makes them leads. An overriding food. It not there. See i anybody who said great cheese. I'm a cheese stick fanatic. And when you go there. I know i know i see you. Furrow your brow that you like that now. I'm not buying cheese with that. It doesn't it's not. I understand how. Kennedy's on a cracker. You like this again. Let's five days from this new won't be. He's out of a jar. I'm telling you right now. This stuff you put on nachos is basically the what they're putting on the crappy nachos saying your crappy cheese steak i do. It's it's the best cheese steak in the world at least there now. This one may match but as far as rod bent. Because i've been to this one here with additions. Involved in that when they're when you're going through philly it's going to see in the philadelphia the liberty bell you go and get cheating philadelphia. Okay then you report back and tell me. It's just like everywhere i go. You try to get food critic and take no you try to get something. That's what the local causing. You've been competes. Get your new york. You gotta had people in new york dan. I've heard it there. He goes so. Trust me on this and and when you guys go it is worth your time to a philly cheese steak from well the let go to buffalo. Grab a buffalo wing that but i thought well the the original the original barb in their the anchor bar in buffalo been there when i was there to do a game all right sports. Talk seven ninety. Let's get through this. Our specs online dot com spects. Pick of the week holiday parties. Your tailgates your whether it's holiday birthday parties or just having friends over masking getting ready for the holidays. Time to load up that's right drink responsibly and do loaded up. And there's only one place to do you go to specs they get your meats and cheeses and treats your beer in your spirits and you're wind everything possibly wall through and get a cigar to whatever you want. It's there is no better liquor store on the planet and do it responsibly. But you walk in. It's organized you guys. Have all been there for those of you. That have have every gift cards for somebody who makes for great great gift card. Everything you want's there and then times two times twenty. It's all their stuff you didn't know you wanted is at specs. Specs online dot com at your place to go. They get energy drinks for israel in the middle of the show when mine. Because i'm getting so animated studio all right so have a look. See at specs. Specs is your drink of the week. And let's start with our pick and i'll get back to the drink we got this week. I'm gonna go last week with. Yeah days the la. I'm going to go to college game. And i'm gonna go to the acc championship game. I'm gonna take clemson to go ahead and we talked about it yesterday. Making hundred predictions. But i think they're going to beat notre dame and do it hand lane. I think that they're going to. I'm not gonna go far. Tyler did with his score prediction. But i think they're going to cover the ten and a half trevor lawrence back. They got something to prove their. They obviously half to win to make sure they're in the college football playoff once again. So i i think clemson ends up with a very comfortable win covering the ten and a half against her name this weekend in the acc championship. Okay what's the what's the over under in that game. The over under on that game at sixty say. There's a part of me the over. Under i wanna take the over and the i wanna take the over but listen. I'm going to double down. I'm going to back weeks. Trojans minus three. I thought about it. I'm going to my alma mater since they got him last week. I'm gonna ride that pony. Because i need to because i need them. Even though they're not gonna get into the playoff at least you post your score and say we were undefeated. Nothing else we can do about it. And they don't deserve to be in the final four but at least you can say we finish twenty twenty one twenty twenty and a crazier undefeated so. I'm taking the trojans app minus three for my specs pick of the week all right the cocktail. It's the called the saint germain champagne cocktail two tablespoons of saint germain which i have zero idea what that is. Does anybody know it's g. r. m. a. I assume it's not german it's germane so at some kind of i don't know what that is but the cocktail look delicious and refreshing so two tablespoons of saint germain two tablespoons at jin. I know somebody gets kind of your gin and juice right here. Thank you very much. Tablespoon lemon juice a tablespoon of pure maple syrup or syrup and tablespoons or you can increase in. However you want make a big a big you can make your this year. That's exactly right Six tablespoons of champagne. It's the saint germain champagne cocktail prep times. Five minutes loaded up and it looks you. Put it in one of those tall glasses at nine. Doesn't it all right there you go. That's the saint germain champagne cocktail. That is your specs. Drink of the week specs online dot com. Get it all their do it and drink and by shop responsibly. But everything you want. Is there that your pick of the week. That is your drink pick of the week. Enjoy the saint. Germain champagne cocktail specs online. Dot com coming right back will stick it out eight towns most complete breakfast collages. Breakfast tacos and sean salisbury steak. Don't forget to poke view air holes. You'll cleaning that microwave. Trust me more sean. Right now on sports talk. Seven hundred sean. here now. The cells stakeout. Stay on the sean salisbury show we are staking it out on a friday john clayton at nine thirty and We are having a little fun today. But we're also talking a lot of james harden. Let's take this thing out move all over sports entertainment wherever you guys want to go to. Mci the just go ahead and make our game predictions now because i mean. I don't know that. We're going to be a complete deep dive on the texans and we're not doing that at the end of the day. So let's get it done now. Texas and colts. Who wins tyler. Score want you start that who. You got I'll say colts win. And i'll say it's we'll go twenty seven ten mc i'll go. The last one was colts. Twenty six twenty. I think that this is Cultura seven and a half point favorite at home. yeah. I've taken the colts thirty two seventeen colts thirty two seventeen home. They continue their roles. They try to steal the division from the tennessee. Titans ball teams will make it. Raiders lose last night in overtime to the chargers so basically eliminates them car gets hurt. Mario to look pretty good. But the raiders lost again brunette. An oakland raiders. Talbot a hat on instead of a las vegas raiders. But i think it's funny though. I mean local raiders. They're still history there. They deserve a little bit of once in a while and then wrong with that easy to grab the wrong half when you're tells me he's just focused on the game. Which reminds you that they They don't get new things every game. That's exactly right. john. Quite frankly as much as i love him. Everybody says we'll see but does he get a hall pass well as fast as ten years ten million dollars but three years in a row. No playoffs jon gruden newsrooms. There's gotta be some criticism for him. He's the coach but he's a good one and he's done some good things so That being said with the colts in their situation colts this games never in question. That's what thirty seventeen colts think. I'm going to go colts. Thirty four texans twenty. They're going to handle the texans easily. Cover fair enough make sense. Yeah i understand. I wish i was wrong. But you know at this point of the season. Congratulations the miami. Dolphins on their continued Good draft pick wanna get. It's gonna be a nice one. It's gonna be all right Tyler what you got for me. On the stakeout brother so something i noticed last night tek. No one's really talking about. We have three games left in the season. And derrick henry sits at one thousand five hundred and thirty two yards has a very realistic chance to hit two thousand. I did the math last night. I believe he has to average somewhere one hundred twenty one hundred thirty seven yards a game for the last. Three games My question is is that. If henry does indeed hit two thousand should he win. Mvp over rogers in the home or will he lose out to that. he'll lose out. Who finished third. He's gonna it's gonna be rodgers going to. Let's say continues. Henry goes for two thousand and forty yards and a normal year. He'd win the mvp playoff team. That back big stud. This may be a matter of fact. I don't know if we've had. Chris johnson didn't win the mvp. That your diddy. I don't think he ever want asked was the player of the year. Peterson peterson he wanted during the peyton. Manning manning had. I think he beat him he'd be. I think it was like this peterson. Won mvp manning. One comeback player of the year and then and peterson finished second in the comeback player of the year. And manning was the mvp in my. If in my mistake. Was that all the same here. That both of missed the year before for injuries is that correct pearson one or maybe peterson's come back with two years before that he never wanted to come back for. I've said he twenty twelve and manning was that was manning was second bright believe peyton manning was second that year twenty twelve peyton. Manning won in two thousand thirteen right. Was he broncos. E second twenty twelve now. he didn't point twenty twelve. Always as i okay so the year after. Yeah manning won it for payton. Twenty five five times only guy ever rice. Only guy ever any finished second. I think a couple of times as well. Yeah kind of like nolan ryan's one hitters right. The bunch of them sold okay so the two thousand yard season so manning did not play in twenty twelve now two hundred twelve years off and twenty thirteen. I think of as his first year of dimmer. Right yeah twenty thousand dollars a year. He had the neck injury. And that's also via the draft right. Okay so what it was is. That's right so that was the traded him. He was off that year in indianapolis the first year. They traded into denver. Pay you the mvp where that's okay. That's what it was. You won both all right. And i think that at some point in time why was. Oh you know what happened. Did peterson get her. What year was he comeback player of the year. He wouldn't come acquired. You know. I'm talking about The manning twenty twelve twenty thirteen was he twenty thirteen okay and paint one yeah twenty. Mvp in comeback player of the year. That's i knew because without now my head feels like a because the injuries for both right. Yeah they're both at a time with was hurting he. He came back and close to come back with me. But peterson came back from his injury. Wordy finish and come comeback later. Guess is my point when he got hurt blew out his knee. Nine months later was planned. And then you've got manning who wanted the comeback player of the year and the mvp and the same year after. He left indianapolis his first year in denver. When i'm trying to say if i'm not mistaken both in the same year and it was his first year. That's when he threw for eight million touchdown passes and all kinds of yards with all those weapons right. I think that's what happened. But peterson did win. He was the last one. The whole topic of this conversation to rush for two thousand yards and chris. Johnson was the one before him. I believe or jamal lewis. Who came first. Louis then johnson. I think it was right where they both rushed for. Two thousand yards seasons I jamal lewiston with the mvp. Didn't and maybe offensive player of the year. And maybe chris johnson went off to play ear but not mvp. He won't win it. It's gotta be rodgers in an. Ill go home. And then derrick. Henry will finish third and i do think he's going to get to two thousand yards because he may have a game where he rushes for ninety but it will also have a game. We rushes for a buck. Seventy eight two hundred plus more last year since the year two thousand this includes the year. Two thousand we've had one two three four running backs when it mvp yeah Into somebody wanting to thousand. Let's see this is a run of one twenty three straight years to the same team team saint louis ram all marshall faulk wanted. I realized that it would wait. Warner faulk warner right. Three years row ram mvp. It peterson want it did. Tv when it free so faulk won it in two thousand and the next one was in two thousand and five what team nfc west and f. o. Oh never mind. nfc sean alexandra alexander. That's the one year next year doesn't six running back one. Afc west a lt lt. And then we had peterson. Peterson been quarterback interesting. All right yeah. I i am so i don't think so now. Playoff team in a normal year. If rodgers was halfway average or you know stumbled down the stretch mahomes. They all are in. Tennessee wins three more in a row and he rushes for twenty one hundred yards. Maybe but i still if rodgers continues on this pace. I don't think there's a damn derrick. Henry rushed for two hundred yards a game for the next three weeks and get six hundred yards. Which would take him led to twenty two hundred still. Don't think he'd he will. Rogers went break the record blue. Yeah and but i still think roger's i swear i do and then they give henry offensive player of the year but as it is now. I think what's going to happen. Is one of those guys going to win the mvp one quarterback in the other one offense player that you're probably give off of player of the year this year. I could if you wanted to get off the quarterback thing and i could give derrick henry offensive player to your hell. Josh allens making a case to be offensive player of the year and he's a top five. Mvp guy too but rodgers going to if this continues rogers is going to win it. That's my opinion. Just firmly should just for reference the titans last game against the lions packers. Texans all middle of the road anywhere. One hundred one hundred ninety seven yards two hundred last week. I believe in his game. He's going to get he's gonna average one hundred and thirty yards a game. At least he should. If let's say one arrest him you know. I think he should so not arrest him but rest him where he doesn't get as many arrested derrick henry what we'll price should because he's doggone stealing from these assault on a stiff arm to everybody. He plays he also to be quite. Frankly is they're they're they're they wanna win this because they want to put themselves in position they don't wanna finish second the division so he's going to be playing every game down the stretch here where you don't rest him much well. They don't want the indianapolis colts taken that division. Run with it but colts win big this weekend. Derrick henry will not win the mvp. If rodgers keeps on this pace sports talk seven ninety. Coming back seven thirty. That's really seven twenty eight but close enough on a friday. Hope you're having a good one. Glad to have you along seven one. Three two one two five seven ninety more. Talk on james harden. We think that it's coming down before christmas. Do you meaning the trade right here. Chance ratio danya house here water three back to the zone saw back to the back to the source. Lousier show sports. Talk seven nine Sports talk seven ninety. Work you boston's a jerk. We talk about your church christian would. let's give him some love man twenty-seven at last night first preseason game number nineteen tyler christian. Would you know a lot of times. You not what you expect from yourself. Which is one thing. It's what you expect or what you think the coach wants from you. Here's what Christian would welcome in first preseason game twenty seven and ten to great start for him. here's what he Believes code silence. Wants from him He he told me he kind me. Getting zingers role He thinks Picking up billion in my pick and roll ability with you know one of the best pick and role players in the league of between john. James that i can be great with those two hundred so you know he believes in me. You know i believe him. That's one of the reasons here like it. I think that guy. That's high praise to wants them to be like porzingas where you loved thought of that role. Yeah thank and watching him last. I mean he's it's it's you say that name and porzingas damn good so it's a lot to live up to that But like he's got the ability to shoot the outside. He had a couple shots last night. There were but he he's long. He's freakishly smooth running the floor. Which i being there in person last night. It's always a different appreciation when you see an nba player. I think in person compared to on tv like he's a really talk. I super super tall skinny but he moved up and down that floor really well and i think he's gonna be a wonderful fit in. You know what. I don't think they're gonna live demarcus cousins all season because they're worried about his health. Obviously but i mean that's a great one two punch and at times. I think you're gonna wanna test out having both of them out there on the floor at the same time and you will. Why wouldn't you put it this way if you want them to be. If stephen silas wants them to play and have the same impact slash role or do the pro porzingus thing which is a part of. Because he's been with. Luca and rick carlisle and in dallas Has stephen silas right so he gets it And listen you're porzingas and a center are going to be on the floor at the same time. Because that's what porzingas didn't play center on. You know he was. Porzingas can run the point. Porzingas could run the wing. He can do it all bring the ball. He's a very versatile. Seven footer and while christian woods not seven foot closed. That's exactly right. So i who they high praise. Indeed i would fully expect ams because even though you go if you went big like that with cousins and would woods not some plotter getting up and down they go they can both play on the outside which is good but again if he wants to screw around and have a career year this year good while he started his right in pick and roll. You can see. I think he feels it. I think he feels and i really i. I love a guy who comes in He's he's just i enjoyed. I didn't see the whole game. But i saw it and then back. Watch your at the game. I think it it was hell of a start with him. Let's hit seventeen for me just a quick one a little bit of chemistry with hardened none of us think hard is going to be here but how well partners and again think jim. Jimmy hit twenty last night at twenty eight so hard with christian Would in the the chemistry those two together. If it continues he the game was gone. I definitely felt the chemistry better. Have you ever had someone throw you a in between a no look in between the legs passes the rim before. But you know that's something. I could get used to. I'll be ready for like the attitude. Stephen silas also talked about preseason number fourteen but now guess what happens it gets real and i like it when it gets real and it's time even though the nba season's upon us quickly. I think there's more excitement than i expected. Hopefully the cova won't disrupt it and we can roll stephen silas talking about. It's time what i told them is now it gets real. These been preseason games than we haven't necessarily had to buckle down and at the end of the game and get big stops and all of the situations that you go through a regular season game the ebbs and flows a frustrations and all that so it was good to get to these. Four games and Kind of build something moving forward but it really is gonna become real Come next wednesday. Yeah they start to count guy and it matters and right now. They're at the time when normally they've already started to count because we're in a season right right about now we. Oh yeah we're already. We're five games games in by about now. Eight games on we're more and more nat are we. We're twenty games in the twenty really starting october regular season. What starts by the end of october. I think actually it's even a little bit earlier than me. It's like fifteen to twenty games. They started because what was it a couple years ago. The astros are in the middle of the when the rockets are started. It's like before halloween. October twenty something. Yeah before halloween. That make sense. I'm getting there actually december. Then that's right almost five. Yeah which is crazy crazy. This is late to the but early to the party if you know what i mean late. Because they don't normally start. This is going to be an early entire basketball. Yeah for early because well we're starting. They haven't even had a chance to get their two week family vacation for the most part without having to pop back in and know. What's going on facetious. But yeah i think did there would be more rotation early because guys are getting e and like you say you can run down all you want during a preseason run up and down all you want during practice but as he stephen silas said there's this feeling of get stops at the end. Where your defensive intensity ramps up right yeah. There's on the offensive in the motion or the pick of all those things get into the offensive glass. Ramps up not that you don't play hard and a preseason but if there's a ball on the floor and you're gonna hit your head on the sideline where the scores table. You may say a pass on this one until the real season start. You know what i mean. It's not the the the wins and losses. Don't matter they. Don't danny green always used to tell us because we're plan. You wanna win right because it becomes contagious. Playing four preseason games. Now we're not gonna the three of them right that's good. We wanna win them so you start to get a feel like we're pretty good even though it's z. Started look around saying well. We won these. Why can't we win the next now. So if you play in a number you want him. So i i couldn't agree more but it does get real and there's a sense of intensity that goes up and they will open the season on the twenty second or twenty third. Should i say would they sense of w the butterflies. We'll be rolling. There'll be newton new stuff. It may be with without james harden. But everybody's gonna wanna do their gig. 'cause there's nothing better and a hell of a good christmas present for them and take care of your business on the twenty thirty nine okay. This is where we're supposed to start and it's a good feeling man regardless of win and wear and how many fans are in the stands. It's it's real. And they all count now and i think it's a good thing. So what a couple of days off to get their sense about him but couple days off with but with not bubble but kind of bubble protection. Where you're staying better. You don't wanna get this hit you before the season you want it to happen next. Exit is going to be in. This could be just the to me. The hard thing is the perfect cat. Capper to a this has been be honest. It's been a bad year in houston sports. Outside of the one thing the astros getting back to they'll see us and playing a game seven. This is been watson's ascent. Yeah and his contract done right outside. It's been it's been just yet crappy crappy year in this hardened thing lingering and possibly being done before like it's just. It's amazing to me that we've had this. All of this happened one year right. You don't have to like the protocol if you're a player or every day going to work but to them even more so you're not getting in trouble if you walk down the street without a mask on her around three. Pm we'd like to do it but for them. They find you without protocol kicks in you. You've hosed your teammates. Yeah so you've got to keep that in mind and protocol sit down. And that's the last thing he wants to just be smart. Plays heading into to the opener who they plan the twenty thousand thunder all. They play right. That's exactly right. They opened they hit the road the thunder and it should be an opening game win with or without james harden. It should be but it's the nba and you never know. Sports talk seven ninety hour number two on a friday rolling fast to john clayton in about about an hour and fifty minutes as you know and we'll continue to roll through and take your calls. You hardens going to be gone by christmas less than what would today. We're a week away from christmas. One week away from today it is the next day we get the spirit okay. Mc matter of fact someone jersey western. Forgive me some. Christmas cuts can we. There's christmas there's no christmas spirit in our home. Get get the spirited your strange dude. It's for reason already figuring. I mean no trust me normally. Currently we have no. We have no christmas tree it. We have no decorations. Charlie brown tree. Moving charlie rowntree and we're spinning out a little tree liaison moved. Get we have a little putting it up. We're literally going to start moving girls. Find christmas cuts utah. Chris but like we're not doing gifts around doing started. Baking it with your apron. Oh that'd be should be bake got baked yet. If she makes those chocolate chip cookies that she made the other day. I will get baked out of the ethan okay. Sports dot sportstalk seven ninety. Five bac shot salisbury ratio. Hello haters from la to new york her up and kiss our ass astros. Oh goodness this is sports. Talk seven ninety home of your astros. Still twenty seventeen. Champs sean salisbury. Show us right now. You're the mastermind. So you went country. Chris point luke bryan. I'm coming here your ass. Seen this guy the war stopping sky at the app. You're just don't ever more say. I mean just the weirdest dude. I've ever managed the crappiest thing in history. The beatles saw this guy is ten times more. You're gonna end up like burned at the stake makes me want to drink. Boy did you just actually say once again out loud. You put the beatles in this category. You said the beatles suck. Yeah how about saying. You don't like the beatles but they don't suck no human being alive since the beatles suck that they saw no not good. Say that if you don't know who top gun the movie top image tweet right now. The only musician worse. Worse than the and the beatles as luke. Bryan gesture unc. Monday is now beatles. Monday monday. I'm taking the day off all that. It's tuesday now taking a day off to all. It's what you come back. I'm taking all three. I don't yeah For again jesus dude. I'm just telling you sure. Yeah so you hate this. The eight that country. I hate luke. Bryan watt lucas poll. You say laurels will say that about the guy who always thinking atlanta. What's his name. The clay walker clockers walker's got good songs. Just like we just like to give clay walker hard time. Because he does that stoop he. That stupid texan song. It's football time. And but luke bryan's over here. My favorite cut is the pair makes corn gourmet ski whiskey. Mex- ma baby get whatever. Just get out of. Here is an american you with your leather pants. You know they may not be old school. Hank williams junior country but or hank senior. The luke bryan's entertaining always not a terrible voice say different. The sounds like nashville hack. Nashville tweeted musician. Worse than the beatles. Is luke bryan. Just so you guys know i'm naming the segment. Mc hates the world. Yeah i'm hungry man. I hate everything right now. See a little bit easier face on it. We got to our four wins. That i won't read. I won't eat until ten forty five. It's called fasted fasted cardio race soon as i get home but i got to take the dogs out. So don't you dare disrespect the bob in. Oh but the bomb it or better than she asked the beatles and luke bryan combined hell outta here the bomb in baja man. You're probably that guy who thinks that they slant what's that don't would. John just tweeted me. Says luke bryan does suck hosts. John knows. who's now. I understand if you don't like luke bryan but you put luke bryan. You mentioned luke. Bryan the beatles in the same you know why because they're both ass your ass. Hey who's the one who thinks that happy song. What's that dude's name perot. That song do you probably like that song. That song as they asked to most overused happy the most overused song of all time. Happy that song. He's the talented guy but that song destroy of me and still does. I can't listen to. It's not good. And even when i'm happy i don't want it doesn't make you happy. Makes you want to kick things. Yes have you guys ever heard the version of carrie underwood's singing with the duet the spiritual What's the name of the song. I'm going to think about it for a second. She singing with. is it. Holiday with john lighter no. It's not hallelujah. John legend john legend's in everything beatles. Suck sure they do okay. Let me look okay. I love good cuts matt. Christmas cuts get the spirit iran. I'm just done with christmas. I really do christmas cuts next week. Fast enough very. I'm just ready for normal music. Carrie underwood carrie underwood duet spraying your life. The like with vince. Gill the carrie underwood do it with vince. Gill which is How great thou art if you want to hear the greatest just into the last verse the greatest duet version and she was doing this in front of like an award show at In front of all at the acm the american country music girls. It says i'm here. I don't know what it was but in front of a lot of her peers. Right like instant miranda lambert bunch of more in the stands and vince gill and her did how great thou art get too and when you get to the final verse. Matter of fact we got a second could push that forward about the last thirty five forty seconds. She can take a break if you want to. But you want to hear powerful voice and why this this was two thousand eleven and if you were wondering like well. Carrie underwood one. Carrie underwood aid not voice. What's the other one win. That american idol. She won that we're lose. Ryan is now a judge gas. He's a whore. What are your favorite judges ever changing music. Now you listen to this this will take you hit your jolo steam spirit. You listened to her bed skills. Got to just sit back saying it's your stakes woman. Joel have added listen to the final verdict. And then we'll go to break this. Carry under vince. Gill better visit help. People establish about the cried while the best basis issues she. She belted then Yeah it is a sports talk seven. Ninety day i'll tell you what better closing to duet that on the planet and we'll give you some beatles numbers when we come back just so you have an idea that they suck right and sports talk. Seven hundred thousand. French salisbury very. This is the sean salisbury. Show mc a little Analytics math Evidence i know you don't like their music and tell me all the billboard war i'm gonna ever sold me money. Whatever they still suck. This was as of february thirteenth. Two thousand nineteen do you know that How much they were making a year as recently as two thousand fifteen and they haven't performed and how long is the beatles since their original would since well dad away Two of them are two of mark. Okay that's half. i think yeah it to the two. Yes obviously john lennon. And i believe it's a george harrison passed away didn't he or did you not is your hair center. Life if not than star than three of them are live three fourths of george hair. I know ringo starr still alive or is it. The other way round isn't george who got cancer. I believe which one did. Paul mccartney admit to Sharing the room to pleasure themselves with watch yourself. Dow did put some respect. He's the one that put it out there. Don't make me hit this dump on paul. Paul mccartney's the one that talked about it out there that he and one of the other ones used to do it in the same room together. Okay well here. As of two thousand fifteen. They were making fifty six point. Five million a year the beatles at that point time. Is this a february thirteen six hundred million albums sales plus one point. Six billion singles Let's see how much did the beatles make too. Yeah so i. I mean i get. You don't like them. I want to They continue to push out products obviously Yeah shit a baby hockey l. Like that and sound like you could. yeah see. it's not that hard. It does sound like that bad name. The movie name the movie that this song was like the best song and made you wanna pop out of your seat and party with them while this cut was playing. You know i'm not gonna be able to. You have to this this picture early movies but i don't know one in particular Tell me you've never seen steelers day. Oh yeah but i've seen it like once or twice. Don't you remember this. It's been great parade they're driving and everybody's jamming made me wanna pop this song during that movie makes you want to get out of your seat and dance and get after it like the fair and i mean. It's not a movie that i'm gonna watch so i've watched it like. I said one or two times probably fine. That's all any. We're going to play beatles everyday for you. You love i quit. You quit quit. When i win the powerball finally tonight imagine were they like mc you quit. They played the employed the beatles every break out of every break. So i quit. I went in there. And i said i'm not doing this anymore. I've gone ferris buehler's day off classic and that song just added to it for the classic beatles. Go there you are. You are two different bird. 'bout different bird. I'm breaking really are a welcome and brace it best thing to do. We all have our been trust me. I'm not saying i'm not at the. We all got our thing. Nutjob too but you are different. Bird up and ain't nothing wrong with. We need that bunch of different things. But tyler. welcome to the sean salisbury. Show where you learn something new. You haven't you haven't begin to see this yet. It's throwing this out there. nc quits. I am throwing my hat in the ring for his job. You are throwing your hat in the ring. Don't worry we're we've got a big purchase coming. So i'm not quitting. If nothing else. You could play beatles forever. he's got four zero heavy. T is here. i'm here and So as see to put. Luke bryan the beatles of the same category unbelievable. They won't says guys that We know that now. They're starting to expand their what's to say the search or trade suitors right james. I love how he reported. They've they're they're expanding it. I'm sure that they've probably always expanded hoping to whoever but says it. We got tired. Yeah well here's what he said about Two things they let's go back to back on these For me Heavy though about the reluctancy of the the sixers to want to move their stars for harden and roll right into more teams. That are actually interested in hard and beyond brooklyn and the philadelphia. Seventy sixers the sixers have signaled signaled a willingness in these talks to include symington deals that include harden but likely would need to include a lot more They haven't really gotten traction philadelphian and houston on a deal you know. They have talked and they've talked about a number of scenarios and among them. Ben simmons has been brought up in a but right now philadelphia's reluctant to break up that partnership without a massive hallback houston has become engaged told with teams in both the eastern and western conferences. And there's becoming more of a comfort level of on teams in the league to get involved in these. James harden talks to offer up significant assets young players all star level players draft combinations of all that without number one of promise that james harden will resign with you in two years. It can become a free agent see. I'm not buying that part. The last part which one will. There's you want to know that. There's more teams ramping up and willing to do this. That to me smells of a somebody iheart camp planning that to woche to try and get that wanted teams that he wants to be trained to force them to say. Oh my gosh. there's other teams are starting to panic and say well. Somebody's gonna get him. We gotta jump. That's smells like to me. But if there alleged. I mean wouldn't darrell. Darrell smart enough to know that right there on those. They all know that they don't play this game to the media. They're not stupid right Teams though that we aren't talking about who we think could be out there. That's making these offers I don't think the bucks are involved too much money with two tall guy. Did you read the same. Same amick had their yesterday in the athletic basically he went through all four teams that we know he talked about everybody. In the bucks including honest they have no interest in him because of his culture fit at all. And that's where this all comes down to even the miami heat apparently don't have interest because they don't think he should their culture now the interesting one for me and i don't know how it would work hints the coach in his little bit more abrasive right but he does let the players be free. They do have an injury and they think they're really good. And i don't know for some reason i feel like it's been squelched but i don. I don't ever believe that. Until i see it right Golden state warriors been there now at the point like they don't have anything that i want rock. That's that's the question now. would you turn around. Yeah because not trail quite thompson. Wiedeman wiseman right right now. That's not now you may know one eight two three years and right now. Wiggins best fit is probably being on that team. If you're going to get the most andrew wiggins golden state's it and i don't want wiggins here right now. He's not a guy for he may elevate to the point. Okay he starts to look like the guy we thought he'd be if it ain't golden state. I'm not sure where it's going to be. Does that make sense. We've i think we've seen his best average twenty one point. He's never going to be doug i right and and now with the door open for him he'd probably say i don't really wanna be moved. Even though he plays right. You get a chance to at least shine a little bit because you're going to touch the basketball more and they have big expectations from him now. So that's one sacramento's in play for every player. Did they always gotta be right. The they have assets you have it. They have assets. You want right. You can't trade for their guys though. Because there i mean i guess you could. They're not going to give up the air and fox. And i think he just signed his extension. There's a poison pill were the contracts unfortunately like you could trade for those guys after the season. Not during a like. I would definitely during this one. I would definitely look key parts of the year. I in sacramento for next year. Oh yeah because they have the kind of players but not now in the. Could i keep going to the east. But i don't think they're going to part with fox. I don't think they are either. I mean like. I would do buddy healed. I like buddy healed law yield is a bit also. Would doing buddy healed. If i'm getting four first round picks and i'll tell you what buddy heald's been actually better than i thought he'd be. He averaged about the game. Hell shoot a great shooter. And he was a great shooter. Oh you to fill it right so you look there. And i'm thinking about eastern conference of the. I have a team mind. Let me think for a second eastern cod com competitor or not been out of the playoffs for a little bit more orlando. No because. I don't think anything you want right. I'm just throwing teams out there without thinking about okay. Where's the stars. And how many draft picks they have any say it's eastern conference matchup similar to salary and has been an all star now now the knicks. Not the celtics Young he's in his mid twenties and twenty five twenty five years old. I got to go through. The eastern conference teams not been unemployed. Else not been in the playoffs. He's on a second team or he hadn't been star. He just missed you. Start minnesota call the bulls. Oh there you go. I have interest in. What's that levin. Yes i said that minnesota and he's not in minnesota and we're levine's a bowl and and i'll tell you what he is elevated in explosive town. There's twenty been in the all star game ever twenty five points per game last year season before twenty-three shot forty five percent from the field thirty three two eight three pointers. A game like his game has gotten better. And that is a young under contrary. He's under contract for this season and next year so you're anti extend him when he first came out of. Ucla we know how explosive. Yes right. I thought i wonder what kind of shooter player is going to be at the next any struggled early to fit. In and then he started to elevate and last year he deserved to make the all star team. Yeah he should have any say who you can take off. But he but. I'm doing that with ninety drought allowing the be starved for a player like the new coach. Front office right. Yeah and star for the play on a not only start for the playoffs. Their star for star. I'm talking about while levine's got star power. Be gay harden different de rose had his season obviously but like this would be the best of their heads in jordan right. Levin got levine's a blast to watch. He's a he's a hell of a player. But i got a send some some number ones with me in chicago which likes their stars to in every sport. Now you ain't getting jordan. And derrick rose when he was that derrick rose was phenomenal. James harden would put people in this in the seats and you have assets. And you're starting a new a little bit. And i don't think levin would have a problem in here. Nah i think he'd actually be a pretty damn good fit because he does not need to be on the ball. Yeah that's not to me. He's a great fit and he's young and he's just it. I get works a lot and he kind of gets lost in the young shop. Dr shuffle does team. That's right. Levin goes from minnesota to now other timber wolves possible player in this as well. They'd have to be but they love de ngelo russell. Let's problem and they wanted to get him. And they got him because he encouraged any towns of super close has been better there than he wasn't. La yeah daniel was here he was. He's been better greatest oracle and he was great there there and say great. I mean he's he's an all star he's been all star but no but don't you think he's better but he wanted to get his better in los angeles by far. Yeah if the russell had been there for a year would they trade russell for those ways. But that's right that's exactly right. That's exactly right If they if russell had been there full full season and a half where in minnesota and it was the same thing they keep missing the playoffs. Then i think they do not think there's russell played for now four right. Yeah let's see brooklyn brooklyn To his current lakers lakers and more warriors playing for four for a young warriors was a estar handshake. We're going to trade you later. It was a stopover exact cup of coffee but the laker but he's playing his best basketball. Now he'd be intriguing. But i still got to have more but i don't know if they'd be willing to part with them because they do. They seem to be enamored with him right hard to get him and here he is. So that's right. And it was part of the wiggins gig tyler. You got one forest man real quick. Come back into scotch. No tomi mine was what if they were to send him to indiana in a package that involves victory lebeau and all the depot wants out right and doesn't yeah well at least there's there's there's the rumor right here did he did he did he. Did he not a lot of talk about. Let's discuss when we come back. Victor oladipo good player. But i'd still have to have more but people as the centerpiece from them interesting. Sports talk seven hundred me now broadcasting from the most hated city in baseball houston rides with the. Sean sounds bruce show on sports. Talk seven hundred my nighter taken by get yourself in spirits. Christmas time twenty twenty. It's been crazy. Let's find a half full glass and see if we can put a smile on your face like christmas musical wealth and give you the gift of houston sports returning to its glory and twenty twenty one. That's that would be nice as well as your business. Your health the life your family all of that one at all wanted all can't wait till the day comes when we're walking down the street or you walk into a restaurant nobody tells you gotta wait. Stand over there. Put a mask on. You're not allowed to sit there. You gotta do this. We close at ten o'clock all that were just like oh that we can get this healthy and fixed right you said victor. All depot and some picks for james harden to disgruntle. I know if disgruntled fair. I don't i don't know deeply other than what we read and hear about all the depot who's become one hell of a player in the league but I would imagine depending on what the hall would be for. Indiana meaning the indiana pacers. Would the hall would be that if you just said well. Let's start with all the deep on hard. And how's that feel. How do you feel about that. They'd say okay. Now the question is would houston. Say you got put on top of the victor oladipo package to bring him here. What are they willing to part with and know what they're about to get. Because i don't imagine going to indianapolis. Indiana would make him happy. I don't want. I don't think him and john mellencamp we're going to be hanging out to me. All depot package isn't what i'm looking for. Twenty eight years old coming off injury return last year pretty significant injury. He's a good player. he's not great player. He's been an all star a couple times but like he's not he's averaged over twenty. I know it's just about the but he's averaged over twenty points. Do you need a great player to be here. See that's my thing. I don't think he'd ape rate player to be here because the truth is but i look at zach levine. Being twenty-five and sending player like he has i think he's borderline. You know great level player in terms of score because he has all the numbers that match at least twenty five and he doesn't have the he's had an acl in the past but all the boats coming off his his a pretty significant knee injury. I don't think it was achilles though I mean it was a knee. And i always think achilles i ne- second now when it comes help all right so with that then you say okay and i'm looking at these guys. Okay was under contract for one more year this year. Which is a little nerve wracking right if you wanna stay okay. So you got we said buddy healed and picks but heels not great good right giovanella depot then got all depot all star coming off an injury. Really good player great player. Then you've got de ngelo russell all star. I wouldn't say great but really really good and has and has gotten better even though four teams three little more significant than the fourth but looks like the guy what your house state guy coming out right. What will how state was de ngelo. Russell house state. He was ohio state. Point guard coming up starts to look like how we were talking about. Him has been the last couple years how we were talking about him coming. He's gotten better. He looks like the guy we came out. Said that guy is going to be a hell of a point guard right. Yeah that's how we think he's. He's playing better. Then you'll go out to we mentioned. Zach levine who. You talked about a right. So i'm going through these guys. Oh ben simmons. Then simmons all-star i you can tell me all you want about ben. Simmons been seen as a star. He's not superstar yet. So none of these guys. He's never going to be a superstar. Ferret out not sure question is. Is anybody else of those group. We called i think. Zach levine cam. Okay you what do you think the age difference between levin and Simmons's by the way. I would say that they're probably a year apart right. Yeah simmons is twenty four elementary did wasn't he like a teenager or just twenty years old or something when he came out nineteen there you go. So he was. He was young and left. Ucla early as all of them do But he was a young a young buck when he came out. Yeah so no. I knew that they were close in age And we know who shoot better That's for sure. So of all those guys and getting back to your point. Heavy t about about Victor oladipo and stars. Like i said i don't know matter of fact i'm not so sure i may need a i made some. You'd hope one of those draft picks gonna that's gonna come turns into a star. I'm not sure i need a i. I'm not sure. I need the best play. I'm not sure the guy is getting this. Trade needs to be the best player on the rockets team. Does that make sense for your that. Make sense if john wall is planned john wall. But i don't need now. Dangelo russel which dot com forget him. He's not common. But if victor ola depot nor buddy healed or you mentioned zach levine. Came here levin. There's no doubt it'd be a blast to have him. But i don't think you need a guy that you consider a top ten player in the league or top fifteen player in the league. Now it would be nice shirt. But i'm not sure. The rockets are in need of that in exchange for hard. And i think it's more volume than one dude kate. I'm talking about you. Get a top ten player. You're not getting that hence why this has taken time. You ain't getting joel embiid. And then simmons. You're not getting k. D. hell you're not getting kyrie even though now if you told me if you were brooklyn kyra for james harden emmy and. It's not gonna happen if that was one that because they say they want one of those guys. Yeah if i was brooklyn. I'd probably be okay with that. But the rockets if one for one's worth your time to you know there's not there's very handling for one most i wouldn't go to do the kyri one for one. No i wouldn't either. If you're the rock. I got i have to set myself up for the future as well right with at least a few draft. There's only a handful of dudes in the league. That i can go one for one with and there's a couple. There's another handful in the league. That team wouldn't part with their guy right. So you mentioned the nets wouldn't do durant blocks who staff the lakers wouldn't trade lebron no of course not nobody would trade their guy for and it's it's nothing to do with the skill set. It's the litter the guy it's the human being right. It's who he is right so we've named five guys. I'm trying to think of the charlotte's of the orlando's who has something that interest you at all plus assets to bring them here. It's probably going to be somebody we've already discussed. The question is really limited market. I told you that it is when we wake up. And all of a sudden we say okay when the rockets at some point say okay. This is as close as we're going to get so now. Is this seventy four. Seventy five seventy two seventy cents on the dollar seventy five cents on the dollar. Is this enough to offset the headache if it is you you pull the out that that's what you've gotta decide 'cause you already better set your ceiling lower and what you're going to get now you can battle it if you want to stay there and say you know we've gotten to the point. We'll deal with the headache and he's just going to have to go score. It's on him. His own pride alone will make him play. Well he's going out now he may not fit in and it may be every single day. Who did we don't know who's that guy who is a bruder that walks in the door and you never know if he's going to be happy or not that may be what you're dealing with for seventy two games in a playoff appearance but in fact if if that's the case okay now they may hold out for that but if you haven't you say okay we're going to take step down to the next level we're at the platinum level. Where we're we're taking a step down to the lowest level. Okay here's what we're asking. Okay then you then. If you're willing to take the i team that offers you say okay. This is sufficient enough to offset the headache and better. You make the deal you just do. I'm talking myself into my head. I've just if i'm raphel stone. I'm callin chicago and i'm calling him over and over and over and say hey at that star player you've been looking for. Can we have got him. Zach levine. Want three first round draft picks understand. The question is would chicago do it. I think that. I i just feel i feel like that's the because i'm just. I'm just sitting there staring at all. Thirty teams they got you. Could i think you could match with toronto to do a deal. But i don't think toronto do a deal with you you. Match at the seventy sixers imagine the bulls. I don't think that there's another team in the east outside of the heat and celtics that you can match up with and even the pacers to to do a deal with that but now onto me. None of those teams are going to do a deal with you. And then you don't want to do a deal with detroit cleveland or new york. Well if you're doing boston gordon hayward already gone and you ain't getting they're not getting them so there's so few teams that i think realistically possibilities and new could probably get garnett and rally in the deal from boston and say you're going to lose that deal. You give me paul pierce wheelchair we talk. Big baby davis available dull Big babies value pretty on the blog. Playing some pickup games wearing jerseys. That are way too small. They'll hey he's about three twenty. It was a baby beaver. He can still score. Low at low block is all i got for you. I don't think those three guys got an eligibility left. A bay big baby. Does he's going to be. They can't be more eligibilty. Left rated price still fill it though even even in the and just a just warm. Lynn davis is only thirty. Four only all right cool billy. Stay right there in the caller seven three to five seven ninety classic chevy sugarland classic chevy highway six twenty twenty one tahoe l. s. six forty nine a month thirty six month thirty six months zero cash down twenty twenty texas edition silverado crew cab. Your price is thirty. Three thousand six ninety three the twenty twenty equinox l. s. your price twenty thousand eight thirty nine and employee pricing for everybody. Did you hear me employee pricing for everybody at classic chevy sugarland classic chevy highway six class chevy highway six open on sundays. As for jeff and tiffany sebastian. Tell him i sent you. They've been the gm dealer of the year ten years in a row. Relax and enjoy the difference. The deals are awesome at classic. Chevy sugarland classics. Chevy sugarland will give you lifetime engine guarantee when you purchase a new vehicle lifetime car washes and car washes and two years. Two years of free maintenance. Gm dealer the ten years that to me is what we call it. Dynasty employee pricing for everybody classic chevy sugarland dot com classic. Chevy highway six dot com. Where a mask or don't wear gloves. Where leather and chains reminds me of that time. I accidentally want to into an sm convention. Back still hurts speaking of back. Pain facto former. Qb sperry on sports talk seven ninety get medieval autumn. Sean your mean one. Mr grinch you really cuddly cactus stock seven ninety something. I wanted to get to yesterday and i haven't got respect for him. Because he was a good player he was a big part of the nfl players association and hate the grant by the way. But this was kind of a grinch comment. I don't know if you guys saw dominic foxworth who's on is a get up or one of those show says some interesting thing crazy stuff being very bright guy and a good football player. He's got an opinion and he's entitled to it. But i did have a doesn't mean it can't be dumb that's exactly right and sometimes on hot take shows say a lot of stupid stuff and he's getting backlash but not from espn not One bit he roots against the buffalo bills and routes against josh allen And then he started back. Said no anybody that i respect knows how i met it. So basically he's telling everybody that because he said it's okay he doesn't respect you. If you have a different opinion at him yet. He can say it without having a Without you disrespecting him because you don't like his opinion he the bashing he did not like because he's a former. Nfl quarterback teapot chief operating officer of the national basketball players association percent former and cheap. Okay so he's involved in a lot of things but he was on bomani jones podcast. This week he said. I'm fully aware that i have biases and my bias are not based on josh allen. It's based on the people that are defending josh allen. I would be one hundred percent lying. If i said that when josh does something dumb a little part of me get doesn't get happy. Meaning he gets happy. And it's not. Because i don't want josh to succeed is because of people who are telling me that josh is the second coming in josh's better than everybody are people with american flags and dogs and skulls and crossbones if you go take a dip into their tweet history. It's really concerning re tweets and likes. It's not about josh. And then jordan player. Who's a teammate of josh. Says hold up bra We're not just letting this slide yeah. Espn is this what we are now in the sports world And he tagged foxworth. Twenty four we gotta do better my brother. 'cause this ain't it and then foxworth retreated and said i didn't say that people respect who took it out at always taken out of context we'll taken out of context you judge people and judge your base your judgement of employer based off people. That tweet chat if he's if he had a brain and sat around and thought about it for two seconds. Josh allen gets all the sporty does on twitter because the bills have sucked for years. They finally have a quarterback and they wanna thin their guy. And i'm sorry that they have sorry that the city of buffalo's got a bunch of white people that support. Yes sorry yeah. And that's just like it doesn't matter who's who they spoke about josh allens play on the field and if there's a player a buffalo fan that hasn't had this feeling jim kelly and they happen to have an american flag or a skull and crossbones or voted democrat or republican. Who who cares. You don't root for a guy now if you don't like the buffalo bills because they're rooting against your team you bet against him to say it but because of its fan base you root against him and take satisfaction that he sucks. Unfortunately for dominic foxworth. Guess what they know. Suck about josh allen. This year. And i've been to buffalo and their fan base. I don't care who they vote for could care less with their tattoos. Says and i personally don't care if they have an american flag on their on their flag on their car or they would've twitter's dumb stuff that person not on josh allen or the buffalo bills and buffalo's women and josh allen deserves better than that and the same things that i'm sure dominic foxworth hates about people saying stuff that he doesn't like on twitter are the exact same things he did. That makes sense. But meaning his opinion is how he said the things about flags and crossbones. And the who there i would imagine. He doesn't like it when people on the other side would say something against him saying well. I don't like it because he voted for me. That's my point. Is that the same thing that bother. You don't need. it's you can't put together told me josh. Put up telestrator like dan. Orlovsky doesn't draw it up and look he's got fans every single player and every single team has fans that you're going to like and not not like okay. It's the reality of the world to do if you don't like that guy on twitter. Who supports josh allen. Tag that guy and talk to get off twitter right right on twitter. You have the option. You don't have to be on there or criticized josh allen. Because you don't like his play people having the second coming. I still think he's the twelfth. Best quarterback in league. If that's what he wants to say but i don't think foll- i don't root for somebody or somebody else because well gosh i can't believe that those followers really like him so i'm gonna hate him i don't ever i don't even really care who follows or what they're saying. I'm watching football or baseball or basketball. How the guy's playing. I just think it was kinda for a guy who's so smart. Who played in the stands. It's not a smart comment. And he knows it. And that's why. I think that he's probably feeling a little defensive for it. Like i could care less about who follows who and what they're saying about that guy that's their business. I'm not fighting with them. I don't care it's fine. You have your opinion when i'm breaking somebody down. I'm talking about that guy not doing. Who likes who voted for separation of sport in politics and religion and everything else runs. She'd be basis. I don't like i said. Am i supposed to not root. For not josh allens fault that people like it right black and somebody that you don't protestant catholic. Sorry it doesn't matter right. So i just think it was a silly comment and i like dominic and i think it was a. It was a hot take stupid. Say that. I don't like his fan base. But he's a hell of a player and leaving the sample. Yeah well some people. Here are a little frustrated with james harden and. Let's get to billy billy. Welcome in man. Hey good morning guys. Wanna start with cy. Fair bob cats bob. Cat fight never died. Fair could suck at jersey village all day. Oh no we've gotta talk man. Oh we gotta talk going. Patriots escondido california. Sorry are we even allowed to play. I was gonna go to jersey village but we moved to a real. We moved to a real subdivision will neighborhood. Jersey village is a real neighborhood. Dammit with real people. You think you're a city. Don't even start with me postal code. You're barely city. Want to be a city school. I'm happy for you. You got your little gold. I'm happy for you. But i see you looking into the goal dusters. We're only when i was seventeen. I got when Hey you can go for a long time but hey guys three quick questions for you and one matters more than the other other too but the first question is should the rockets. Really be focused. There should they be focusing on one position more than other because they are a little bit thin at point guard. I mean we gotta admit that we are thin point guard and their trade for harden if they trade harden should they be looking for that guy. The other question is Is there a way is hard enough to level we can say. Hey we want. Some unprotected picks or one protecting picks and then the third question which is more important than the other ones. Sean this is for you did you. Or did you not play for the detroit lines. I did not play for the detroit. Lions played did not labor detroit did not play for the detroit. Lions not now. Not never never i was. Actually i tell you this though real quick before we go to break and robert and the rest you will get to you in just a few short minutes. I actually. When i was a free agent and i went on the circuit three or four or five teams worked out for them. I did consider detroit and almost signed because my former quarterback coach coordinator. Tom more was there. He left minnesotan what they're and he wanted me to go there and i i went and worked out for him and considered it but chose a different venue. So i did. I did think about no loud. I did not play for detroit. Ever my buddy robbie listen right now. I know you are calling me. You own me lunch. You were wrong. Holy actually took took visits during free. Green bay and detroit considered both but stay. Minnesota was my place to be so the minnesota vikings brother no no detroit making it. Let me lunch on. Make you make that money all right. Enjoy your subdivision over. Amc's flow and all that look. We might suck at sports. But we're a better neighborhood than whenever neighborhood you lived in throwdown the signed mc real quick before we go to break yeah fell. News drew. brees is back. He's going to start this week in for this. Well that's good. Because i think a lot of people thought it'd be another for week or two good for tv purposes. I drew brees. And now you go back to the swiss army knife question is what's the future look like at that position in new orleans sportstalk seven ninety taking your call seven three two one two five seven ninety step back three days. Agreeing break so continues. Moore's worst-off seven nine homeo- rockets. Jim twelve days aggressive. Cover over in the corner yours. Yeah twelve pack of bud. Wrassling tickets cope probation. James harden passion. Kansas band. Talk that more teams are jumping in whoa jr set it. We're reading it all over the place that it's not just the sixers in brooklyn more are jumping in who put that info out there. Who knows but question is will it speed up the process. All of us here believe he's gone and some of us believe by the new year and maybe even by christmas. I said originally january mc by trade deadline and heavy t said in february. We all had different months and we all may be wrong because it may be in december so closest without going over wins and that means we all go over. But i'll just take the victory if that happens fair enough. Yeah okay. i'll just go ahead and take it might as well take it okay. I don't know what do you guys on me if that happens. Now think nothing. That's what i thought. Yeah all right. Let's get bobby otherwise known as robert robert. Welcome in brother. Hey what's going on. Hey i do. I do like the like levin. I think he'd be a great fit here in houston with out next john wall but a team. I haven't heard mentioned a whole lot. Is what about elena ship and harden and maybe daniel house leinna and getting a lot of quantity back in reddish and kevin hunter john collins and do that they got their own guy trae young that they want to be the number one guy that you want. You wanna do that. They'll share cut into his offense mansion. I mean they. They're sending team like to me. That just makes you take a step back of his ascension. I may i understand robert. What you're saying about the whole wheat. Get four it. They also don't have a lot that i want right. I just don't. I don't know if in truth they feel like james harden and trae young together as the fit that they want but it makes sense. I get what you're saying. Hey we're all trying to say. Hey listen we're trying to pigeonhole everything we possibly can to get the most we can and make it attractive for james and great stuff robert. Thank you very much. My guy jeff sebastian. And then now we're talking classic chevy sugarland. He's a huge fan. Listens all the time where we're grateful for him you know. And we've discusses. You'd take jamal murray in two seconds flat right. Oh i wouldn't even boy if the nuggets called right. Now i would say yes and it wouldn't matter of fact they'd say. Hey what do you think about off. We'll have him. And that's what jeff was talking about. Seconds they call and say no matter who you get. I have to get at least one first. Round draft like tail off came off this and they like the nuggets legitimately wanted to do it and they said we'll do jamal. Murray in one round pick do the and so the rockets. Yeah so the rockets and jeff's did i said jess right when he sent it to me. I'm like no brainer. You know frigging brain new. It really is a set now. What really stinks. Though too. is dead bubble. The phoenix suns picked up chris. Paul if the phoenix suns hadn't done anything. Like i would have just kept just bugging them to do it to get devon booker. That would have been a her trade. Who would yeah interest. No doubt about it. But jamal murray and a one. I'm joe i'm on that like a chicken on june did yeah and guess what denver is not doing making that phone call. Yeah probably not i would. I would not think so. Let's get to steve. Steve commend man. How you doing sean. Happy american. All right buddy Okay so this is a metric moneyball question for your your your partner there. Maybe you a height look hypothetical three teams team one One two and three team one has five on a scale. Let's say rating system of once you for five. Bog would be lebron k. d. Kevin durant and hardy so on team won. You have five four five. But they're four five of team to you have to five and figure out you know say three threes and so you have nineteen twenty points and five bucks. I'm sore on team one. You've got nineteen points on team to which i two superstars and three threes and then on teams re you have three superstars and you know it reaches nineteen. I'm gonna hang up and listen to them. Who's going to win most of the time okay. I'll tell you this statement. Say this the one two superstars and three threes. That says win. Yeah i would like the teen. The more solid team across the board but the team with the better superstars now he said well i think the other one was gonna be three superstars and to kind of just to just to yeah. I don't want to say hats. That's not fair to guys that you did you can get in our on eighteen three superstars i'm going to take the two superstars with three more threes because that tells me there understand their role i don't need a third suit and a third superstar defined but we've already proven in the nba. You just need to if you have more. God bless you if they're willing to fit in. Yeah you only have one. If you have three three superstars which will be three. Fives three legit superstars. You you better walk away. The time see three five and two twos makes that nineteen is he said. I just think that the three five in two zero some discrepancy that while it helps i'll take the and i'm telling you four fours. I mean five fours going to win a lot of games. I've actually made take them win. A title with that clearly but it depends on the construction li like right now in the league right now. If you had team with five four you'd want their what's up. Yeah because there's no there's no super teams at the moment. Yeah but i'm taking for me. I i for me. And that was tyler. I think the was that tyler. Is this the new one. Is tyler a new one. I don't remember that tyler. The next right. Okay but tyler has. We haven't talked talion. So yeah i'm going and that's a great point in the point system for me. I'll take the two five. The two superstars and three threes which means role players. That can also take over game at times. Gimme two superstars and those guys i. I think i'm gonna win. Most of them. I'll take that first and foremost that's for me Brian welcome in man. Once say dude why do call. You gotta be ready to go. Yeah what's up. Okay saying what's hey. What what. I don't understand the maybe i'm crazy. But e either either James is shown very stupid out when you think about this in reality okay. Whatever trade goes down. We're getting possibly. I mean i'm trying to be honest about this because i really think this is probably not going to the net. Where can you possibly go where you have a better chance of winning. The ring didn't stay right here. Somewhere in the choices. Somewhere in the east brian. Good team in the east brooklyn. Obviously and if you don't think he's going there if jamal murray if they did it's are not going to the nuggets. Give it a chance. There are three or four seat every year with a chance with with the joker. The big fella that. They're a good team so he'd have a chance but the truth is outside. The lakers clippers nuggets and and probably four or five teams in the west which today the best chance in the east is going to his brooklyn. Dinner that are supposedly in the mix right and if he goes to philadelphia him. They're not winning. Nba title today. I'm one of their other stars. I'm honestly thinking chances or good here. They are anywhere. And that's the way i really do feel brian. Thanks buddy appreciate what the teams that are interested outside of brooklyn in the east. You're always going to have a better chance to win the nba championship in the east because the depth in the west but the team he goes to the east in order to get hard. And you're gonna tear down one of your stars anyway which it's not going to be equal value but you're still taken away from your ad that guy and getting it but then you gotta ask yourself this. No matter where he goes. It's chemistry going to be involved. Is he going to be a different ryerson than he is. Well houston according to charles barkley. Barkley says not. Only that is game a-changing either he. I don't disagree with it. One hundred percent agree headed our number. Four sean salisbury. She appreciate you guys. Call tyler stay right. There saw time. French shells very. This is the sean salisbury show. Sports talk seven hundred. James harden evokes a lot of emotion. Make no mistake about it and this is going to be nice one of these days. We don't talk about him unless he comes to town and place against you but in more than likely it'll combs where he's playing for somebody else in comes back to houston which he will. He will not get cheered. Don't boom though that's my. That's my don't share them. Don't boom just like it doesn't exist right. That tells that speaks more to to the way it ended the date. You could make you wanna talk about. Make a guy feel bad because he's supposed to come back and get cheered and love or booed. Just just be no run a video. aca doesn't exist. Give no reaction lets you act like. He's just a guy as a player. And you put it this way if you really want to do it. I'm not a booher anyway. But you know what you do. You act just as disinterested in him as he did in you as a fan. Saka what you should s way to do it title. Welcome in man. What's happening guy You know just want to talk about. James harden real quick also. Better take on the teen. James harden You know i've always been a james harden guy. I've been a fan of his. He hasn't brought a whole lot negative attention before now to the city. I feel like from a media standpoint but this has been really really you know just annoying to like listen to him and in a way that he'd acting but at the end of the day i hope he gives us a chance. 'cause washing the game yesterday. The teams good. I mean i feel like we have five guys. That are twenty plus point threat night and i also think that whenever we have a guy like eric gordon coming off the bench as a six man or offense. Production doesn't really drop that much And so i think we're a better team with james harden with john wall with demarcus cousins and with christian would mean christian would really showed out last night But yeah i think i know. We're taking a risk with the markets cousin and john wall and their injuries. I james really gives us a chance. I think we have a heck of a team. The problem is no tyler and thank you for the call. You make a great point. There is absolutely no question. The problem is does he want to be here. Yeah will there are better. Listen anybody that says. And i've always my marvel at this. Well when you lose the star. They didn't lose anything. Of course you do. Yeah you lose something. He lose a great player but great players don't always equal great success and winning and winning games now wins it gets into the playoffs and it seems like there's been a ceiling on his championship approach. Because he's never one never been in one but that being said of course if you said if you told me right now. Hey james harden's buying in loves coach. Silence can't wait to play with john wall. He's in best shape and as happy as he's ever been in career and is willing to make some adjustments yet. Damn right you keep him and you wouldn't even see what even bat an eye. The reason this is happening now how they were willing to keep he. They weren't even going to think about trading him if he'd have just showed up they talk about should still and i think that they are. There's no reason to trade him unless they get the mega offer wars and making played out. He's getting paid. He's gonna show up but there's no doubt listen. Just think about a month a month ago. If this have never come out with russ and james three weeks ago about the want to be if james would have just said well you know unfortunately russ wants to get out because we're friends but he wants to go play somewhere where he can be on the ball all the time no problem. I'm going to make some sacrifices. I there is no other place. I'd rather be on a misdemeanor. Maury and it'd be great to have d'antoni but i'm i loved code silence if he would've just said that that none of this would even be happening. They weren't considering trading. James harden james harden. They're not gonna move him. But when you open up that can of worms and then become a players play. But you just become disenfranchised with what's going on makes it easier. The clan so tyler. Yeah he buys then. Yeah i want to hear the problem is is the all in its listen. They're not winning a championship. It's gonna it's tough enough with this roster if you've got an mvp boogie and every pc's and outta john wall when i say mvp optima all star season and james harden was an mvp guy and they're all healthy and air. Gordon do it staying thing and pj tucker. They're still not sure to win an nba title. But i'll tell you what their damn closer it's gonna take that for them to be in a position to have a chance but an eighty five percents all in james harden he'll still scored thirty isn't enough and it sure not enough to appease his teammates. I wouldn't think. I think you've got to be better. And there a better team with him. Happy and content and doing the same. They still might be a better team with him still wanting out but so far. The two preseason games. He is playing basketball. I thought look last night is talent may because it was a preseason game at times during the game last night he did do the whole james. The ball's not in my hand kind of stand around. But he also did have some moments where i thought he moved through the offense and tried to do some things that i hadn't seen him selfish players will never sacrifice their game to send a point that i'm not gonna play hard because i want to be traded. Yeah they actually play hard to send a message that you can't win without me and that will be. I'm assuming that be his attitude. But yes i ninety percent. James harden's better than a lot of players in the league but there's that mentality and camaraderie and like you don't have to like him but there's gotta be respect and understanding you got to know the room and the room is eleven other dudes that are sitting on the bench. His teammates and the three or four. Sit behind it right now. You just got to be in and the west is brutal. Your best player has to buy all and if not and you get somewhat near the hall you want. And he wants out. You may have to do it. But yes when he's right there with him. There's no doubt steve. Welcome in man. What's up you know on this on this hardened deal you know with harden here and and you're you're having people come in here to play with heart and they know that hardened is the soul of the team. He's going to have the ball in his hand. Says you're going to have to play sick and filtering every night and hopefully you'll get a pass and you can shoot the ball. Ask me this. If you're a team over in the east like philadelphia are brooklyn. Why would you want rain. I know why you would wanna bring him in. But why would you wanna take the hand the ball out of the other shooters hands because when somebody says hey. We're going to bring your hard in here i got. I gotta say you're going to have some people. Go wait a minute. You know what. There's not enough balls for the team now. Now you're gonna give to one guy and everybody's going to have to stand around and wait for hard to make a decision who to pass it to so do you think that some teams are going. You know what we don't want the headache. We don't want the problem. We know what it is. We know that he's a ball. We know that it's a twenty two second shot clock with him and then he then he throws and give it to somebody else. Do you really think these teams are are are trying to make deals are. They're trying to go. You know what we don't want to mess up the chemistry that we have now to bring this guy in because nobody's going to get any time with the ball. Steve steve thank you much. It's both it's both. There are teams out there. Guaranteed that are saying ou. The thought about having hardens awesome. Yeah if we can fleece here's an into taking less. Because they can't stand that it's getting too much for them if we can pull the all okeydoke in bamboozle houston into thicken. Hey will you take sixty cents on the dollar. Yeah they'll do it now. There is the other side there are some like you mentioned about trae young lamp. They may say now while. Jim james jimmy jimmy hart and would make them better they are going to be some teams that say and it may very well be brooklyn no-interest man. We're not adding this to the muslim pry has interested because they think he's coming employed by buddy fit in but he also had buddies and chris paul and some light to me. I get like the same increase in athletic yesterday. Saying that people with the heat. They've spoelstra in pat riley really hold their culture to a high standard and they don't feel that he's in that's why they're not interested in. I believe that. Same goes for the buffs. Remember the other day. We mentioned they wouldn't go do this. The key is when you're talking about miami said there's one guy that you're gonna have to convince pat riley's big on that always has spoelstra is pat riley easy right so they've created look at team that that team was not the most talented team east finished fifth in the east last year play because they grind work grind. Jimmy butler is the. Nobody's gonna come there and be allowed to challenge jimmy butler and there's challenge. It wouldn't make right. no. I completely agree so. Yeah there's there's both there's no doubt biscuit we got about a minute before break. What's up but hey man. I was thinking since they to me i feel say philly is most likely landing spot and and and and Simmons but if you want to open it up. I let me throw some things out because the me you're not gonna get a superstar probably in return so you don't wanna get somebody who's up and comer who you think two three years from now is going to be maybe there and so i'm thinking of a couple of scenario and then also you probably want to send them to the east not the west. But if you didn't want to have to sit to these what about minnesota with the number one pick And maybe get some draft picks whatever and you'd probably have to throw play in there to make the money work and then the last one i think i will throughout the guys isn't hasn't been talk thinking of teams that are stuck in need to get to the to go on. What about the celtics. Think they would do jalen brown more heart it. Maybe the guy you'd want as late as you ain't getting jason tatum brown up income there. I think the celtics as both celtics fans want to trade him for james harden in the worst way possible. And i think there's reason for. I don't think he's an ascending to the level that i think that an and i appreciate the call biscuit. Thanks so much for china. There's no doubt brown's a good player. But brown's a good player but solid not going to be a superstar in the league. If he'd fit in here i think. But that's you'd obviously have to get a major hall behind that and if the rockets according to what we hear. They're saying well if we can't you know if you want d. Of course you want jason tatum. And if the boston celtics you're saying you're out of your mind not gonna happen sports. Talk seven hundred coming back bruce. Kenny all the rest of you lot of passion with rockets and harden and the texans. Gm searches well as that continues. Had louis riddick in here or at least on zoom call. Who's next sports. Seventy sean salisbury mc. Heavy t in me sounds like a movie. And back to the sean salisbury. Show a holly. Jolly chris love christmas musical little country. Twist ain't nothing wrong with it. Love it heavy mixing it for us sir. Mix a lot. Bet you know sir mix a lot is yes okay. I definitely know that. I just make sure you didn't screw that up. You got no sir mix. A lot is all right. Callers galore talking spoilsports in the city. It's been a rough year and we're trying to get this thing right so twenty twenty one. It will be a better year. Where do we do better an odd year. Say let's give something about the. Let's go bruce. Talking rockets and hard. What's up man. Hey what's up. I personally. I think they're gonna wait till the to the deadline to movie because it seems like the general managers out there or maybe playing a little game of chicken or whichever you wanna use See who moves. I and and and personally i'll stone and partido don't don't budget all Because hardened turned down what a hundred million a hundred and three extension. Yeah hundred. Three mill furry. So that tells you right there sean. He don't wanna be here and that's fine but but don't don't take sixty cents on the dollar mark you said. I personally like the miami package that they put out there. I think that kid he wrote Is going to be something special but you know they need draft to but 'cause you're right i think wall and and Bogey even though they are going to be medical risk this year they take the play pretty good together already. Know they played in kentucky together. But this thing's got some got some talent on the on the bench. There's well but anyway good show guys. Thank you very much. I yeah well. They have talent and here would be nice base. He'd be a hero to have him. Here turned team into a hero. Could be a hero here but soon did she saw it. I did just didn't acknowledge it right. Piatra but Has to come a lot with it. He's a good player. he's not be i. If i'm doing. I get your point man. I like where you're going with them and deal with the heat. I want here and bam adebayo bio yeah bam safe. There you go but they're not going to do that. And here's the thing. If we mentioned before the good call how does he fit with what pat riley and erik spoelstra. wanna do. that's something you have to take into heavy account and if you don't then then that's probably that can be. He can be a stand he can be when it comes to movement and jimmy butler won't play that crap. No they're not the best team in the east. The heat entering the season now but like they. But i guarantee they're going to be around come late playoffs. They'll find the ability because they have assets to trade for somebody to better fit. And i think the most under appreciated under all under appreciated coach in the nba. He doesn't get enough credit. He just doesn't kenny. What's up man. How you doing guys good. But i do like the doing well. I do actually like though. I like the thought of miami. I just don't think. I don't think it fits. I don't either. But i get but here's a good player. So what's on your mind kenny. How you doing well. I just wanted to say you know that harden pretty much in my opinion has lost a lot of his leverage because he lost his the dantonio he lost. You know daryl more basically gave him the keys of the city and now he has only one choice. And that's the play ball out you know he's going to have to uh you know 'cause everybody know he wants to go like like. I said earlier. The last caller that he turned down the extension. But at this point you know he just he can only play in the great thing about him is. The one thing is consistent as he likes. He loves playing basketball. You know he loves the game. And i think he'll give one hundred percent. I don't think he'll be a problem and he could play to the the season But you know he may get moved. I tweet earlier that you know. We need a equal or close to equal person. You know come into to the rockets and get another. Maybe a first round pick you know. That's my my point on that but Also talk a little bit about the texans. And i wanted to ask you a question. Why are they not. Is there a reason not trying to bring in a gm now prior to having a coach to help him evaluate the team of the last. Three games decide. You know who's gonna play buddy available that they're looking at right now. Let me ask you this kenny. Kenny real quick. What you're trying to make sure your mic stern down. But what do you think about. I mean you want. What do you mean. Hire a consulting. Gm you want the gm hired today. I mean some of these. Yes they interviewed. Louis riddick right. Some of these. Gm's the problem is some of the gm's that they are probably interested in are currently working either as an assistant somewhere pro personnel guy somewhere. They're probably working so you can't bring them in right now. Guys that are unemployed. Meaning we'll louis riddick not employed on an. He's monday night football but he's not a play by football team. You can interview him. You could interview john dorsey. You could interviewed thomas dmitrov. The question is is that the guy they want. And was louis riddick. Now i said yes. They can't louis riddick you fought if you fall in love with him and he checks every box. You don't need to wait for anybody else because you're in a bidding war with all the other teams who are going to want to gm as well if you love him signed him. Don't let him out of the building. I have no problem with that. Obviously i have a strong advocate that the gm not the committee. The committee can help. Choose the gm the gm and the gm alone with cow. Mcnair blessing on the contract should be the guy who chooses the head coach. So let's hope that happens. But until they find the gm they want it's hard for them to evaluate their team three games to go with that gm until they have done their due diligence on the guys they want. So i'm sure louis riddick is the guy they want the shit you're right. They should get it done immediately. So he can start evaluate in the personnel. And start looking at coaches. I would i. I don't believe and i do not subscribe kenny. And thank you for the call. A great point you. I don't ever subscribe i. Just don't unless the coaches the guy who built ballot check randy read. Then i can put an gm. I want for the most part. I don't want to say never. I don't subscribe especially in the text situation hiring the head coach before the gm. I think it's a disaster waiting to happen. 'cause then you'd have to go to an gm would come in and say oh. Sure i'll take the job. I love that coach just to get the job if it was his only offer. Of course you're gonna take it. It's a it's a three or four million dollar job and you're the gm of a big franchise and you've got shawn watson. Of course you'll take it. But i wanted flip flop. I want the head coach. And the general manager tied at the hip and i want accountability. And i want the gm to hire the head coach. I don't want god bless tony. Dungee and jimmy johnson and our buford. You know what i don't want them doing. I want their leadership and expertise and they're winning to hire the to have a huge hand in hiring the gm because cows admitted basically at least. He isn't doing this that he doesn't have all the answers. He wants a committee big on the detroit. Lions now are doing it. They also are including a couple of guys and chris spielman to help choose their next guy and i don't blame spielman their leading tackler in history. There he's a his his brothers. The further that the minnesota vikings gm and rick spielman again. That's an owner saying we need help and that's okay to ask for help anything but the gm has to be a guy hires goes. I don't want tony dungy hiring my coach. Guess what. I don't think tony wanted tony's not gm the was either coach. I want their input on the gm. I want the gm and cow mcnair. Jackie input on the gm. He can be on how many how often we have prayer circle and all the good stuff that goes on in the thing. That's fine and we all need that to personnel decisions. Gm gm needs to hire the head coach period and then counties a sign off on it. All right let's get to ben ben real quick. What's going on buddy how you doing. Hey hey guys You know with the as far as the texans were the gm division. I mean. I don't know why wouldn't want that job in in the reason for is that as long as you have some moderate or mediocrity you know mediocre success. You're going to be there forever right. You could be there ten years. Well if you if you sat up to jackie's easterby and you win a power struggle as well. there's no guarantee. But so. I told brian gain. Then that didn't work very well for him but guy. I know what you're saying right. And now the bills gone right. He would hope the. Gm has this gm will how should have more power than jack. Easterby is what you're saying. No doubt about it he should. I mean at some point. You're going to need almost like a president of football operations because obviously out not doing. And then you need you know that runs the business side. Then you have your gm player personnel side But you'll be there forever. I as long as you have some mediocrity of success. I don't understand what you know voodoo. Jackie should be done to cal. But you know i it. At some point it's going to be there Real quick on harden white. Why i don't even think you entertain idea trading until after the season because if you play the season success and maybe he stays in in whatever if not then you know they get. They get to the the western conference finals or go even playoffs into value. You know guy rockets and so you have. Somebody wanted to make moves. That didn't make that my two cents appreciate it and make sense and i think that there are people that hold out the same. Hope that you do that. If you don't get what you want and just has to play it through man deal with it getting paid money. You don't have a choice. did and i personally. He doesn't get to we. We've said this loud and clear. Mc and i we all have that he doesn't get if i'm running the show and i'm not it's not as a matter of fact you know what he gets in it. No decision none guess what. His decision is direct deposit. Every two weeks deal with that. That's the power you got that money your cash and whatever you do at your business. You don't get to waltz up these stairs and tell me well. I don't wanna play with that guy tough. We've tried that road and that road didn't want us a championship so you. Gm we'll be tried. That guy tried that guy. Try now that you're gone now. It's the case of play in that man. John clayton is gonna join us next. We don't play that you do not have any say in where you go zero. You got no trade. You don't have a no trade clause we dictate that you don't deal with it and if you don't want to deal with it don't show up. Don't get paid show up. Put your pride on the line. John clayton four downs. Next sean salisbury show continues on. I heard l. on christmas day. They're your sports stock seven ninety time for four dollars guy and they'll be our last christmas or visit before the holiday. Merry christmas to our guy longtime. Nfl guide known him since one thousand nine hundred eighty six. When i met him and been a dear friend ever since and we'll put up our original four down against anybody in the country because it was the original. We're fortunate to have them join us every week. The professor he's always schooling. You buy iced. Well listen. I don't know johnny if you wanna have you ever wanted to bait with me all these years in all these years we've been doing it now just about every week yeah. I can't ever remember you win. Can you I remember winning. So you're telling me right now. You're the patrick mahomes of this debate. Is that what you're telling me. Yeah i think so all right then. I'll just be the tom brady. You're the current goat on the call myself the all-time okay not goodbye. Made man and one of my dearest friends and one of the great to the business. John clayton joins us here to play a little dance. Johnny are we overrating are we. The demise of the pittsburgh steelers this year are we are we to premature with this. Yeah i think so. I mean it's not been good the last couple of weeks and you can see a lot of things have gone wrong Ben rothlisberger has been. I think You know. I don't think he's wearing down. In fact i know in practice. Wiki had some real good throws and so even said the elbows. Actually a little bit better than it has been at this point of the season the last couple years but the running game isn't there. That's not good. And i don't know if it's gonna get any better than one of the four worst running teams in football. They do get james conner back so that should help. The offensive line's had injuries. And that's hurt and then on defense. They they were down three starters last week. You'll vince williams had covert nineteen and then bud duprey He had an acl injury and so he's offered of the year. Same thing for bush. But you know still i mean. You're talking about a team that everybody was saying. Oh we're gonna go undefeated. And of course i didn't think so but no adult bounce back. I think johnny. I got two things i wanna hit before down and you and i both liked cleveland going in and had them as playoff teams before the season started. So let me ask you this on a neutral site right now in a round robin tournament pittsburgh cleveland or baltimore. It's january single elimination. Who would you take. I would still take pittsburgh. And then i would take baltimore second and i take cleveland third. And here's where the difference is pittsburgh. Even though i mean again all the teams in the afc north of schedules. Because you know they just. That's just the way it is but Baltimore and pittsburgh show and they can be winning teams. I mean pittsburgh four and one against teams with winning records baltimore now that they've gotten their two game winning streak back and got guys on defense back and they don't have twenty three guys With positive tests on kobe finish eleven five because they have the easiest closing schedule when football three games against losing teams so they should get eleven and five and the problem. That cleveland has as good as they are. And it's talented as they are and a good running team that they are. They haven't hardly beaten any teams with winning records. I mean they've only won two games against teams with winning records seven. Oh against losing teams until they learn how to win against winning teams. That's going to put them in a little bit of a tough position. Johnny with the jets right now honestly be devastated if they won a game not the players the front office considering where they are. I think what jacksonville won in twelve. Right johnny i think they're one win right and the way they've lost twelve hundred the opener against the colts so with that. Do you believe the jets front office and coaching staff. Well they may get fired anyway but the front office would be disappointed and devastated. If they won a game the last three weeks you would think so. Yeah because at this stage i think more ownership than anything else because i mean the only people that are going to be coming back will be the general manager joe douglas because he signed a six-year contract And at three million dollars plus a year so he'll be back but everybody else is going to be gone. Woody johnson will be back. You know coming back as the embassador. His rain is going to be up but no. I think that they'd be disappointed. Because trevor warns is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks. You know i i don't go back to john elway. I'll just say one of the best quarterback prospects since andrew luck in two thousand twelve and to lose the chance to get him and then try to get some value for cars to get some value for sam darnold and a trade. You know. I think that you can see. That's probably what they would like to do. Even though it's pretty painful hard to go back to elway for this reason john was in. Like what five super bowls one a couple and we john. He may have been the highest rated player. We've ever seen come out. I'm not putting that on. Trevor lawrence just yet all right. Let's play four nouns. The stakes are enormous back in time to play. Four downs with sean salisbury and professor. John clayton first down with drew. Brees officially back. This week did taste them hill. Prove that he is the future of the saints at the quarterback position during his time playing. I don't think he did. I think that he proved that you know he can. If he couldn't be the philadelphia team like he couldn't and you're you have jalen her coming out with his first start and not even having a doing as well as him. I think he can't. He win against winning teams. I think right now. The offense is to run oriented and really that offense. Just not geared to be run oriented. Excuse to get alvin. Kamara the ball. I think you can see him rolling out and doing all the different things he just. Don't get enough out of it. So i would say right now. He's you know he's still young young thirty one but he's like he's still new to this game so you don't want to write them off but i don't think he's proved anything they've chosen. He can stay on a winning basis now next year. of course they're gonna have so many problems because one hundred million dollars over the cap and so it's going to be a team that's going to have to try to rebuild so maybe from that standpoint it wouldn't be bad but to be a winning team with tasting hill quarterback. I say right now no. He's a stopgap. If that were the case of drew brees were to retire. John l. listen. He proved that he's more valuable as a swiss army knife and that he is one hell of a player and that he can hold it down for a couple of weeks and helped win you games. But if you're in shootouts. With big ben and aaron rodgers and patrick mahomes in the best ones the league. No they can't and their wecker wouldn't be as it is now if it was just tastes hill at the quarterback position drew brees. This team has to look for an heir apparent in an apparent at some point chan whenever that is in the first round. The starting quarterback for the future and the near future is not on their roster. If drew brees retires tastes hill is a swiss army knife. can't stay in a shootout proved that he's good but he's not the guy that sean payton can go forward with. They'll have to find one whether it's a sam darnold or somebody in the draft at a high. Pick like zack wilson. Derrick henry rushed for two thousand yards this season while he bp. I still say no i mean. I don't think he's going to be able to get the two thousand and in the fifteen hundreds right now and that's going to be a lot to ask and of course always wear wear them down too much. He's going to be maybe a little bit less effective in the playoffs. But i'd say you give him a chance to be. But i still think it's gonna be patrick mahomes because what you're looking at is as good as it is with tennessee. Right now with nine wins. You still have the possibility of a fourteen when season with patrick mahomes. Who leads the league in passing yards and still control for over forty five touchdowns. I'm going with the fact that he john. It's about one hundred thirty yards or so or a game for the next three. They got they want to win the division they want to continue to solidify that they may possibly day-to-day. Don't wanna mess. This wildcard thing. The colts are hanging around. They're going to need dare. He proved it alabama improve. Now they gotta shelf-life man this dude. The ball gets lighter for him. The more he carries it. I think he's going to get to two thousand but he's not going to win. The mvp put him in the offensive player of the year category. But when aaron rodgers wins the mvp. Does you're probably going to give off. It's a player of the year. To patrick mahomes and you could give it to tyreek hill as well dare. Kennedy's been phenomenal. He's gotta finish third in the mvp voting and being potential for the offensive player of the year. He is going to get two thousand yards and he's not going to win the mvp. Aaron rodgers will at this point down down will carson wentz be with the eagles next season. I think so. I mean it's there's there's still a slight chance they can trade him but the cap hit on trading him. It's just devastating for teen eighty million dollars over the cap. The cap goes down to one hundred and seventy five and now again even if they trade them. They're going to probably the team to pick some up. They're gonna have to probably pay that team some money on that contract but i think it's going to be really tough to trade him as much. They are not as bad as new orleans. But if you trade carson wentz then you know what they're taking thirty four million dollar hit and there's no room to be able to do it so i think he's going to be on the team but i think that they'll certainly explore ideas to possibly trade them if they possibly can. But i think it's going to be tough mon- monetarily they do trade him. I believe this is training camp trade next year john. I think here's what you do. You let to hurts is going to finish out the season. Let's say goes three and one or four no because he is a winner you bring carson winston back see if carson wentz scott his mind right got together with a quarterback trainer. Did his thing really got his mind. Right stepped away came back the carson wentz we know he can be and let them compete during training camp. Let's see who's got it can jalen answer the call and how about carson wentz and then when that's done now you make the decision and jalen hurts keeps the gig trade carson wentz because there will be teams desperate. That didn't get the guy they wanted in the off season to the draft and it may increases value. I don't think you can do it early in the off season. I think you can do it late. He will be an eagle to start training camp. I believe next year fourth down work. Should the shawn watson. play this week. Yeah i think it should He's quarterback of the team. And i don't see any reason why he shouldn't. I mean it's not like they're saving anything or anything of that nature but again Like anything else. Starting quarterbacks you know like the start. The season starting quarterback like the finish the season. So i would say yes one hundred percent johnny. I'm on board with you since a bad message since a bad message. The other guy saying wait a minute. We're not in the same. We know you're are Laremy tunsil wouldn't he say well. Wait a minute. I got a big contract on how your guy traded to first rats for me the shawn watson. The injury he could suffer would loom shorter. The respect from his teammates would loom a lot longer than a hurt ankle or even a blown out knee. Ll overcome that once you lose respect stuff to get back into. Sean would even consider this. He wants to play. You're right john. What start he's having a career year. He wants to win three more. Because i got news for you. seven wins. Sounds a lot better than four wins. This is carrying. And you want to be the example leaders. Don't tell you how to do it and say but i'm not leader. Show you how to do it. In the first one to try it to shawn watson plays he plays every snap as long as he's not getting his brains beaten or it's a blowout and finish the season the way you started with him under center or in the gun absolutely no question not even thought of not starting in replaying and johnny. Mary chris brother. I hope it's a good one and we'll hit this thing after the new year when we started again and the playoffs a role. And i can't wait and i hope everybody's well my best to you and pat okay. That'll be great. Happy happy holidays. Thank you you too. Johnny appreciated the great john clayton happy holidays. Merry christmas for him. He's one of the all time best with sports psychology again man. I can't believe. I've never lost like ucla when when al central reserve three nafta just under undefeated undefeated on how the continues The dynasty petition for over a decade now. Well it's hell. It's been a long as we're going to decades the great john clayton. We're coming back wrapping up. Sportstalk seventy on friday you. The sean salisbury show continues. I said In the spirit mc see lot see no here not our you know food erna minute you were just a thief of joy. You're really are. You're stealing our james harden gay. He is about to tell you right now. You're the james harden attitude in the show not even close. You might not a bad teammate. No a good teammate. Now to steal okay. No i've done my you but you're still enjoy right now before this christmas tom. Dot st james hartsdale joy joy you enhanced joy yup. but you're humbug. No are you christmas you do. You look like little stressed over the house. Now good now okay. Good deal with through stress like for like two weeks with that. Like to where i was like at the point like you know you get like heart. Yeah now doing that. And then once we found it it's gone. I feel so much better your stress for things you need to do and what to force but you just gotta just but no. I'm good now. I feel great since. Hey heavy t do you think he stole your joy with the battles and lack of christmas music. He stole my joy. And you know what i'm titling the segment. Nc hits christmas go forward. I e hates christmas. Chris great christmases grown up. Very blessed. it's the most overrated holiday. Oh it's a completely overrated holiday. No i said what is the most of it is because you spend too much money you don't have to. Yeah don't have to but from that standpoint like going. Yeah no no for me. I as you get older. You realize it's not about getting you really don't see you. Don't think christmas you think christmas is overrated just from the standpoint of like there's this obligation go spin your money the guilt trip right the carry it around. Like i'm i'm more than a slick guilt trip guilt trip. Because you don't feel like you wanna do or i like giving people but it's just like there's this obligation you go spend on everybody and this become as the years go by more and more obligation to give a gift to every single person why. There's nothing wrong with saying merry christmas to each other to people that you don't need to be exchanged gifts for christmas. You know what i mean very crisp psalm saying tyler were rank in the holidays for you. Christmas number one number one seeds number. Two for me thanksgiving i. Yeah that's always number. What about the thanksgiving. You weren't here for thanksgiving for it with a styler so here you weren't on the you weren't doing the show. Would were rank for you thanksgiving. It's put a number to both of our top three thanksgiving christmas. Only because i want people around me to know they show up and you don't have to bring a gift so i do get that part. Yeah i get that. There's nothing wrong. Giving everybody gifts be better giver than when it comes to christmas. I haven't even. I don't even give lists. I don't i don't i'm better. I'd like to see people i. I'm a better giver. Just less stress with right thanksgiving. The hardest stress for some is not the christmas buying. It's the christmas post. Like what did i just do. You know if you're wondering if you like build a pay january fourth and you don't right. It's a little the post stress for some credit. Who max out the credit right. Yeah credit card. What's the third holiday if we if we all three have christmas and thanksgiving in the first two of three we all do regardless if it's one or two what's third fourth of july it's pretty good call yes. Fourth of july has great save. You see now. I know you guys. I think pretty sure. You don't like as much. But i like easter because in our house. Easter is just an excuse. We do another thanksgiving dinner. I love it. I'm on easter brunch. We do another thanksgiving dinner at eastern my for what reason. I don't know i love easter. I like easter turkey and mashed potatoes. And all that. I won't do. Turkey doesn't hurt. I go to brunch at elite. Everything like at a at a hotel brunch. And you know what i'm saying. My most recent would like a year and a half. We were in dallas my kids and everything. We went to the four seasons brunch and went to a rangers game. Did we do. We ate and ate. And i'm talking about kept eating and mixed in the bloody mary morning dr- you know it was a blast and it was a day game so we i love easter. But i wouldn't. I wouldn't i wouldn't put on my top three but i do love the brunch part of it because i'm a brunch easter guy. All revolves around. I think new year's eve c on new year's eve we have is lately. Stay at home with. I love that good going together. Watch games laugh break in the new year together. Ten twelve families. You having a blast at a house. I'm so far baltimore most overrated of the year. Yeah not even close if he takes forever to get home. You can't get a drink in line. Takes you forever to get food right. It's overpriced and it's your your fifteen rose back to me breaking in the new year with a bunch of friends and family at home yes in a bar or club once you once i've had it then you've got to get i mean you gotta get an uber. Yep which could take forty five minutes and then also i. I don't trust all the people that are on the roads that night to not be sober and then if you go to hard the next day over and you miss all the dog on you fall asleep during bowl games and feeling miserable. I don't want that. I want to feel good if you drink. But i'm with you. I've gone gone to july fourth and top three as well because it's good. It's warm weather. You're on a boat. You're with france you watching ball games. You're doing fireworks. You're eating your grilling out off jumping in a pool or the ocean or lake off. Four beach guy on january July fourth are right. We got our holidays set. We've already told you the order. You should rank them in and we know where you ranked the show. at least. We hope we're grateful for you. Trenches with. Andy clue. Chris gordon next followed by them at thomas show and ross and then the eighteen have plenty for you stay right here for heavy t and michael see. I'm sean s. We'll see you on monday. Be safe out there. All of our rap names is a good show.

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