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How close was that fight with danny garcia. If i were always close enough you're getting ringing and say all wanna fight you as you want if dan garcia would have worn out got in a fight guy got in the ring and said i wanna fight you okay okay. All my close against. Let's talk is intended for mature audiences. The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those are the podcast partners sponsors chancers or affiliates enjoy now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and and flexible online access to your money make the reliable investment in reliable energy the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com hi. It's jamie progressive's number one number two employee oy leave a message at the hey jamie. It's me jamie this. Is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group mad harmony but you will l. bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note and take mad harmony the all the way to nationals this year sorry it's pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law and what the raiders talking vice this here i now it gives you that you could take power dot com <music> morning t._b._b. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another glorious friday morning. Edition of the boxing boys always radio t. f. Yes is going down. The face to face has me fucking palm. Damn damn i wish me and earl was still boys. Man water motherfucker say everything right. Oh i can't wait for the fight with him and <hes> <hes> crawford if he could get past because damn porter looks all in but yes ladies and gentlemen. This is what we will be talking about. Earl spencer verses is sean showtime porter september twenty eighth on pay-per-view fox the big channel yes sir they own the big stage. Can dan earl pull off the same pay per view numbers will he do better but outside of that. He's saying he going for the knockout and that's the smoke. I wanna hear. I'm just saying calling the chimney smoke. You know the number to call in one four to five five six fifty to forty one press one one sound voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline and don't forget to add to gibbs on skype to be part of the compensation. Let me come right here to jersey they. They want the bite. Yes indeed good morning. Good morning good morning. Mike mike sound right. Thank you thank you right so else. Matthieu puerto trae words out haven't seen the video but i did read the excerpts in the back and forth nece and yeah like you said they're both saying the right. Things and i am excited so of course chime in join. The conversation is staying jersey since mike with the camera off thousands the michigan ruth chapman endeavor if not all of blaine alexander heath no alexander. I'm beth they don't wanna come back. The trump good morning good morning good morning to all. My people joining us usc either heading to work coming back from work. Whatever it may be we appreciate you tuning in and we are talking about being anticipated matchup between earl spencer junior in shawn porter is been a lot of abrasive talk between the two been a lot of animosity. A shawn porter feels like earls looking at him like he's some little chump. He will walk through sean barron his teeth out through this <unk> throughout this whole promotion baring his teeth a no more shopowner. Just stay quiet. He's talking his shit so i'm loving this and i'm actually kind of root for showing now. You know what i'm saying. I got shot pelota right now. Tickling at my underdog position i call you the cookies hobbies. The morning show chit was was that was dogu born. It was dot com <music> state it plus combat comp yo yo yo yo yo what else everybody out there in the t. v. universe beckwith another in good morning friday know-how goldman have had a good work. We go into this weekend known own. Sam have a little fun this weekend. Now all boxes on this weekend so take your lady out also go meet your lady. Don't send some lady. This weekend says there is no boxing going on but we do have some good box going on september twenty eight in a face off that came on last week but i checked it out on sunday monday <hes> i i liked it. I liked what i heard earl spencer. You've really giving you shop puerto. No respect tell him that he has given them but just doesn't have the skill does they have this deal to beat me doesn't have the skill to rain with me and some porter does look like the paul skillful. I don't have skills on my face. I one we're close. Are you disrespecting. Are you calling me a chump so we'll break down. We'll get into it and then we'll just talk about the big fight coming up in september twenty eight. I wish i saw it man. You see the face off. I did not see to face still man you could get it should be on demand and is on fox on go. They got the got that i i'm not doing it right or you can't find it. I find it but it's like yo- at ten thirty. I'm mike on demand on on the nice. It's not on demand on the app as crazy as you. That's what i thought. The apple's apple's all about having on demand on your fingertips. I never found it a man. I found it on youtube. Somebody must've of <hes> ripped it and put it on that channel so doing the domain just not going to pay attention to the pre pro meeting we had yesterday about cameras hammers little widow leaving the blue logo on shit but anyway <hes> listen man. This shit got me pump eyeing on front. <hes> <hes> bra earl has absolutely no respect for sean and on top and no respect bright he borderline. He wanted to call them a bomb. He was like man you just stop right there and i'm like he don't respect <hes> he's. He's calling for that knockout. He's like bride and say i was gonna knock out mike. I'm going to knock you out. I'm stopping you. I'm saying i'm stopped like right. He said he said everything. I wanna hear him say. It just sounds beautiful too. Don't get me wrong porta's did but he fucked up man at the end at the end at the end when <hes> brian campbell's like yo. Can we get a handshake. You know boom. He shakes the hand porters the first one extend the handshake and importers the one laughing at all polders. What is the one saying little joe. I mean earl is just like brahma. Fuck you work and then fighting words and then at the end in the little b._t._s. footage. He's like i got under his skin and i'm like damn bro earl is he's a he's he's doing. He's doing good okay. That's what i wanna hear in a face-off so everything. He said he didn't give him no respect and that's what i'm saying like you fighting this man. Why are you going bigger mice. All your face was tight as shit was tight with porter uh-huh was tight with guys like he said you'll use your head. Everybody know that you use your head in the he wasn't holding back and if he would have would have been here today why ain't telling about them head once you look at what he did the devon alexander look at what he did to what is it brandon hopkins look at what he did in the field of greco go deep 'cause porta had a history of using that head you know <hes> any put that out let you dirty fighter not that i agree with anything not that anything that he said but everything that he said people need to take knows that is how you do a face to face you you don't sit there and say you know how you respect this dude and nah he even told them went went with shaw fucked up was like yeah because after him <hes> is only me and i'm not even thinking about packing is only you right now. He says so many gracefully say yo. I'm a i'm a size sized bro. You ain't going to do is congratulate me for being unified after i started clapping in my bedroom. Dogs woke up uh-huh because it was in everything right on point. It wasn't like no wait and like damn or why. Are you say that you know he was on the fucking fucking money like a hot knife through butter. Each punchline each comeback as sean tried he tried but it's just more believable from earl. You know what i'm saying. We like what could show on. Do we know what he could do. The same thing earl telling us he go make a rough he will make it tough. He go make ugly but he said your another great thing say sarah. You try to do gosh it but eventually you have to fight me like you. You go ahead because i'm gonna be dead saying no pretty fi. I'm a he said that too. That's what i mean. I love that some mother fucker you going. Punishes rushes that he said i'm gonna punish shubra these fighters don't be saying none of this this. This is how you build a fake and he got me excited. He got me excited if he he'd gone for gust. He said we train him for the knockout normally. They don't say that they're not dot com. Come you know win is a win now. We the stopping you. We training to stop. You does not get some and now. I'm just excited champion. I'm excited. I feel you feel oh you. I i got excited. Little clip. I saw on twitter you know and the expressions that earl spencer had on his face was like mad relax accent that shit talking like you said that made me excited to watch the face off and i could not find it available immediately yeah <hes> <hes> i'm gonna punish you is worse. Also puerto spit him back yeah. The knockout is being spent out by spence while you ain't knockout now mikey i was in china. Knock out mike. I liked that that was a good back from he was like oh nastro now. We're not trying to hurt people. I like puerto on the comeback. Yeah chat coming from sam's nist. Do you need to man up and apologize to earl. Stop stop with the excuses and man up. You was dead wrong for his versus. Mike fun of kenny eighty how wrong how i'm there on still beams out there but a three foot tall mikey nobody was gonna on win is set for mexicans bear like just. Let's just stop it man. You know early his feelings early in his feelings you know and i didn't even know how to preference this. You know what i'm saying yeah. I know how to preference yesterday but i i i wanted to talk about this. Because i experienced twice already with robert garcia you know with robert garcia. I was real vocal real vocal. Yul brunner going beat maidana everything we have embiid the night before at the texas in san antonio and the whole <unk> holding the fighters hotel and his we gin in two. That's an even me and brian was cool brana. Come sit down. You know tell me how we got this and hope he got money on it right in front of robert we chilling after that night next day fight night they beat bruins but robert comes running told you i told told you to videos outdid right. He cut me off. He stopped me from criminal. Jim i-i don't block me from interviewing his fighters. He stopped picking up. My phone. Phone calls none of that guided. You can't lie when a girl m._i._t. Exactly now now now check it out andy ruiz junior right him his father the lawyer the manager ron g who used to work with us by now was did they tell us your bet on around six. My son's going to do it the lawyer y'all he's gonna do it. He gives me all the information how heyman helped him bob the contract so he's going around six to do it. He going to do it look. I bet a thousand my other son a thousand do it do it do it. You know what he did yesterday when he see me. Bran ran up to me just like rubber band. Long is what he called me like. Basically i'm not mexican. I'm not mexican but i'm pretty sure along means stupid burma fucker. I'm pretty sure it means you stupid fuck. I told you the bet did not tell you the bet he then and freeze me out. He didn't stop me from interview. 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This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease motherfucking literally said i'm not i hear how nobody michael seaney wrong at crawford like things what does not seeing no wrong on. Nobody who's the wrong end by saying. I do see wrong br fuck what you call exactly exactly. That's what i thought you know you see no wrong. That's my point. That is my point. See wow does my favorite fighter when when when the hundred million contract came around. I'm dan champ why you don't want that and he broke it down. You know always pro earl. It was my favorite vitamin lights yoder saying the same pay per view worthy. We know what's going to happen like keith same thing. You know what i'm saying. Yeah you get in fact champ. You'll get in fact you know what i'm saying like. He got mad at me to dinnie this footage of that like i'm always going to be me man. I'm always going to be me. I'm not out here trying to please. Nobody please myself and my kids you know but a minute that you know you know you know but moving on of detrimentally got me excited man they saying the right things. That's for sure i loved it. The portola my bra you not distant anyway. I mean you're not you're not. You're not stopping anybody. I never been stopped and huge and stop mikey a hundred and thirty eight. He said a to sort of casualties on one hundred thirty pounds of moving up there called you out and he's like. I didn't want the stoppage. I'm not i'm not. I'm not even believing that because he he said in one round that he went for or that he thought he could have went forward but he pulled back or something like that so like i don't know man. Do you guys believe. I believe that he didn't wanna stop mikey. I think maybe he was playing safe. You know he don't really know mikey like that and the ring rather not. I like that but you know what i'm saying so he was just planning safe and and get a get a knockout but he looked phenomenal again that he did not do anything wrong. I mean yeah no definitely for the perfect fight so in retrospect as easy to say you know that he was going for more skillful fight but again the question is do. We believe that url spends did not want to knock out mike. You ain't tell us what's your dos why we always gotta double ax you to question man what the fuck is. You won't be part of the compensation to what i'm just not hopping on dig at so that's the same man that's the same way obeyed off my dick van stat on data man because you took my words context. I'm not about respect. Get no respect in it is what it is. I don't think that by saying anybody's take nobody's dick you. Keep putting they go fucking. Take nick. I ain't gonna make that's the tape they want or don't want. That's what you want. I said what i said not what you're saying so anyway. I'll have my you ain't go. I mean if <hes> spending give mike you to knock out. That fight was entertaining with the box behind it. You know what i mean so do i think he's gonna wanna knock out sean porter. Oh year the way he's saying he wants to knock out shawn porter and so does shawn porter supported wants to knock him out so it's going to be a wild thing for get the knockout. I don't know if either of them could get the knockout but you know the san right anything can happen but as a welterweight fight so. I don't know if the power broke up you get surprised froze up for a bit i want so i was saying anything happen so likely there could be a knock out but <hes> you know spencer has never been knocked out and he has has a going to be a knock-up not at all. This is going to be a grueling fight is going to be a test of will it might be an no disrespect. It might wind up being a little dirty fight. You know i mean that's earl saying that's what you're saying that you know that's all sean could do is make it a dirty fight. Fight uses elbows users head and that's what i'm seeing now but i i i know it's going to be a damn good as do i think portico went much. I'm not giving them like stowed. Five percent lead there were alert you early putting out you know shawn's fight light weight. <hes> would kill broke. He was playing a few fights. You know tell him that you know he he didn't do this. He didn't do that but all in all honesty like come on earl. You were supposed to finish this one hundred thirty five pound guy. You know what i mean. Exactly everything saying everything else saying the fans were saying that to about shaw importer but don't you ever ever go on on public media talking about. I ain't want the knockout. That sounds so stupid stupid words ball unless you do some for and what he said. I'm trying to say i mean. That's the same thing he also said i. I wasn't trying to hurt him. How does that mean well. You got paid extra money to not hurt the fighter. You get paid to destroy your opposition bro joe. Let's just beat up. He was bad unless you're getting paid to take over france. Which which i think is legal right off. It was like don't flip it all of a sudden you not trying to her. Semi and that's what i'm saying how you win a boxer and you're not trying to hurt somebody man. There's some things come out. Your mouth is sometimes you just gotta have the the humility to say. You know what that's not what i meant to say. Come on fuel if you you we this is the hurt business. You're talk about it. All the time you've put away all your opponents ninety nine ninety one that could also be meant to gain from spence that could be some a mentor from spans like contract contrast and when he gone through now on her him. I am going to hurt you though trying to defend himself verbally bro. That's a that's a terry available berry. You know what i'm saying. 'cause sean is actually talkin shit again talk and shipped back and a i mean his best stuff was you couldn't stop mikey. That's was yeah he was a little too friendly. That was his best stuff because like wh what does he really i. I mean earl hit him with the the have months and then he gave him facts with the fights that they took place in then earl took them real deep scott m deep with the first chris loss i beat the guy couldn't be he's like he negated joe. Earl was gone. Keep it real <hes> not that. He didn't keep a robot. I thought he was going to say like you know he was like he negated you right so then sean was like how did he negate me. So i thought early is going to go back and be like every time you try to do offense. He held you you know but then earl just repeated joe negated you. He negated you but we know that's what happened in kell brook fight like he would want to host sean <hes> sean but at the end of the day earl did better than than than then sean and at the end of the day sean had hometown advantage cal came over here for that fight irwin over there for that fight but then there's also also the argument that url had a different kell brook because he four triple triple g then for earth shawn porter had the fresher a cow brook no losses no damage but it's common opponent nonetheless man nonetheless but it just was israel shocking to me that url really has no respect and i said this already but nobody bid but like the only one that felt like he was one in the call him a bomb. He's like man you were just stopped. The always gonna bomb them. No respect like he said yo. You got god given talent talent but you've got no skill skill. You pick up in the gym. You gotta love you. Gotta love earl spencer's confidence. You know what i'm saying. I look he's destroyed. Take all his opponents. Even though he did not mikey he put a beaten in oh <hes> at the end of the day you know mike does have this type of skill set to be able to nullify some of the things that they know top local fighters upbringing early. You know bring that four pressure. I know he wanted to knock. I you can't say that can't say that he didn't want it man. He wanted to knock up. It wasn't able to finish his guy. <hes> his defense mikey mikey as a fighter <hes> you know i was one of the guys who was actually rooting for mikey thinking the underdog was going to prevail you know the the dog always doing that but he still won the <unk> nonetheless and decisively will it will will it happen to be that the same thing will happen with shopowner. He won't will be able to knock him out. He's saying he's gonna knock him out saying he's going to beat him down. He's gonna knock. Let's see if it's going to happen because he's actually locking points with a guy that likes to come forward likes to make a dirty john. I am actually interested in seeing earls game plan in a lot of talk. This is mental battles days gentlemen when you own a face off a lot of talk back and forth but i'm really excited to see what's what's in <hes> earls game plan because he did show some wrinkles some new wrinkles with mikey. He did show a different angles different boxing skills. You know we we we we told this guy as dino as knockout artist and that's what that's what he's doing and that's what we wanna see where in the sport work where we love seeing the nyc high reels highlight reels in the you know it'd be interesting to see what kind of game he's going to have again shown because if he's just planning on go ahead up with sean <hes> he can get hurt too. I mean i haven't seen him getting really hit hard. He has a nice high guard is able to go on the inside. Those elbows covered the body pretty good but he hasn't been hit hard enough for us to see say that he has an iron chin superchief from jonathan sims. He says because you spoke down on his fight. That's how the man eats. You tried to clown him for the fight. It's not what so you say. It's how you say look man. I don't know what else to tell you bro. I'm supposed to be the voice of the people okay a problem myself self on being here and telling you the truth so when you know someone tells you oh andy assigned contract. He can't get a pay increase. He got no leverage. I'm here to tell you the truth so when earl spencer and mikey garcia aroma to have a fight. I'm here to tell you the truth. I'm here to tell you the truth now. If you don't want me to tell you the truth then this is not the place for oh you but i cannot help. I cannot help it. You know what i'm saying. Maybe maybe people me but maybe people feel. I was a bit drastic but i knew what was going to happen. You know what i'm saying and because what happened happened other than the knockout because that would have made it all like we all expect him to get knocked out so that would have made my whole reasoning just all that more better but i knew it was a one-sided. I don't understand how i'm being condemned and you want me to apologize the earl for ex for even for for not being excited about a fight that i knew who the winner was going to be. Are we excited by ota wallin and fury no so so i'm supposed does the fake get excited because it's mikey because he's popular. It's not like i don't know what's going to go was going to happen just because he's popular wide wad. Gotta get fake excited like i know what's going to happen and it happened so i said what was going to happen. Only thing i was wrong about his pay-per-view number so i should be apologizing apologizing and act like that's going to get me into camp should is over but he feel how you feel. You could see that from this faceoff. Earl ain't about to go back and be friends is with me. It's over man but that's okay that that don't matter to me. I'm still true if he gets into another fight. This worthless we're going to say is worthless and if you get in a fight it does huge an exciting. We say is exciting. Just like we're doing now. This facebook site and this face was exciting yeah. You've ah you could you could cut through the fuck and tension with a knife between those two men. It's just as you can feel that you can also fill it when <hes> spence events was on inside p._b._c. in inside with what's the show you know talking about. That is <hes> you know. You just triggered something else else. Yo yo porter was like so wait a minute because when you was on my show you <music> out he likes yes show that ain't just so yeah why was earl was cutting umbro or was kind of cutting veep then he talk casting after that he was like well on your show. You know say like yo. He was cutting them deep. He was cutting deep. That shit was crazy now. Illicit earl slick talk slick on along came out the show he he he came out the shell. He came on his show of. I believe that that's just started after friend out tiba with the railroad yawn but i mean i mean right there. See i feel like right there. Crawford had more leverage in my opinion like i feel like i feel like that was a crawford win right. Koskoff initiated. I mean crawford said all the right things and i wanna get into that one because we got to wait to see witness faisal. We could get that fiber light crawford did did all the right things crawford the one went and found him coffee was like put my number in your phone number and you're like now you gotta you call me like say a metro by t mobile cut the best deal and wireless and it's all for you all for me just which quickly because metro has to lance but eighty and to samsung galaxy ajay sevenstock bones for free plus amazon prime included. That's the way while it should be only at metro. Sales tax and activation fee fifty dollars plus rate plan inquired not valid for numbers currently on t. mobile network on metro and passenger days offer subject to change offer valid for new amazon prime members amazon prime has a twelve ninety nine per month restrictions apply see store for details and terms and conditions starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. No let's go tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally by vernet gallagher's hugo extended my condolences this there's in my a progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations kanaya just like just like porter. Puerto got that off through puerto was like look at me. Look at me you see that book when he was telling airline. Look at me early down on yeah. Now you crazy on uncrossed night <hes> he was like <hes>. I was trying to call you break. He said he he was trying to call me because he was like. I don't got your number. He was like take my number putting your phone. Now you know what i'm saying. That's what crawford said and then again. I don't know what trigger what what crawford said but then earl backfire light i was going to be eh but but remember coffered says something to make him say that his i came looking can for you and i think that's earl was like you know. All i heard it in in that dispute was stuck out with a bit. I bet that you are a million and that no he says no number and then bubbles like how about you know what stuck out to me. <hes> early lighten is and then and then by hit him back with the perfect excuse right now excuse but the perfect <hes> uh-huh thing too he feels earl. Earl fans are going to say future and it's like when i stop you they say you you stood at welts away. Too long was like jerry her drained out trying to go up like jamaal charles. Even though jamaal charles did it successfully that last night will julian williams. We all well no he didn't want to be there. He only did it for the fans because they was trying to say he was duck and julian you know making that weight was hall so crawford feel like they go. They going away so long to make this fight that went. I fight him. They say upbeat him and knocked him out because he was way drain now. That's that's the way to talk some slick excite right there in my opinion because he being very detailed about what he feels is because let's be real. Earl started his career forty. Seven you know man. He's still at forty seven. How much longer could he stayed there. You know we know when we was friends. Told me start camp. I seventy seven so that's thirty pounds to lose. You know what i'm saying and that was a while ago so i don't know yeah. He blows up after <hes> pretty well but he's he's never had weight issues. He's always on point with his weight cuts. <hes> we know the man is disciplined in that in that in that area we would <hes> it. Did you hear him. He mentioned that he was like man. We all know i come in shape ready ready brady talking at tall he going for his knockout <hes> which is like. I've never really heard someone other than like heavyweights right like really be adamant about knockout. I mean we we all know that <unk> sean gin <unk> so i can see with that with that. Animal is just being poked at right now inside he wants. He wants to let it all out confide night <hes> i'm going to be. I'm going to be honest. I just don't know what shampoo the game is. He box differently his last fight and and <hes> what's his plan for this one <hes> i've seen a lot of movement about a foot movement in his training <hes> highlights online. I see him doing a lot of foot drills. So what kind of a game plan is. He gonna offer earl. I mean earls pretty much <hes> coming for you of he showed little wrinkles here in there but i'm pretty sure the early gonna come straightforward and try to try to hurt sean and <hes> we might see sean boxing again. He spent said we wanna see shawn. Throw punches from all over and miss those words from spence in one of these. Some of these super chats row quick gonna amir the gangster feature. Mr seventy four says t._b._b. Been grinding. Let's is getting voice. Then you have <hes> mister josephine brown joseph brown squash gentlemen the hate is happy to see y'all at each which other handling behind the scenes a ride and then we have mr degrade junior. I wanted to ask him why he didn't running back with brooke to get his belt wished to face to face was longer best ones. He couldn't run it back with brook- brooklyn and give them the rematch watch and the abbey of drop them out the rankings. They put 'em member. They drop poured after the loss to brooke under top fifteen. I was like puerto auto ken. Porter went crazy for that because that shit we never we never see nobody. Take like you know. Even tom schwartz. I think is is like fourteen on the w._t._o. And he had a belt he was only number two on the w._b._z. You see what i'm saying so it's happen support us so they they felt like fuck fuck that i be if you know what i'm saying we got another super chat from donal banks rich down banks but that's really donald in richmond california <hes> marquee thurman voice man down but that man did go down <hes> b._s. Spence could not stop mikey. You wait eight to a pay per view to box right laughing out loud emojis. That's what i'm saying and they call me a hater. Someone's man down me dam. Put that man to go down br. That's not what happened. Why are they still saying this. Call my dick right. I said i'm not a earl spencer dick grata. You know crossed. I say i said i am not a earl spins dig rider. I'm not like mike who can see no oh wrong in crawford. I never said my god on anybody. Do you know what it is said. That ain't my fucking four how many calls the now. I'm not finished before he left out so don't take my words out of context. I said what i say you. China interpreted the way you want. That's because you want to catch villains. I ain't got time now for that or maybe he just you know he wanted to chill out a little bit so it is what it is man. Listen we are here for entertainment for the people men and bringing nello load dig riders see and i ain't about to turn show off and go away. I don't give a just like mr see what he called me a clown people don't disrespect how is being the town is the week debate and we talk in boxing like sensitive brown not sensitive bernabeu pretty. I'm one hundred percent sure that nest did not mean a like that dog abuse. I want to jump on my friend like that and i'm on the way that he would say oh. I'm not like you on terence crawford dig. He ain't say they say that what i'm saying yeah. He said i ain't gonna dick ride and then he took he's sensitive bro hypersensitive purpose sensitive. I mean he could say disrespect what you from the hood man that's that's regular talk and and this is these say sub up the dudes are so-called disrespect you sleeping in my house but i'm this respecting you and the guy let you sleep in my house. I'm disrespecting. Can you thought we was friends. How you words affect our friendship confidentiality to these callers talk some boxing man. That's all it is about. That's the people are i quit real. Quick 'cause <hes> doomsday was like yo. I wonder what has plans are. He's poured a set told assist plans. He's like oh. I don't think you've been in the ring and he's talking spence. I don't think you've been with ring. Anyone has made you adapt has made you make aac adjustments has made you get out of your comfort zone and that is exactly what i plan to do. Yeah i mean we you never really seen <hes> early in an adverse here. We never see them in an uncomfortable position. I mean with the mikey fight we seen him. You know a <unk> a few different foot movements and whatnot you know couple angles not nothing too crazy though i never seen him <hes> really get out of his fight forward game plan so you know i it's hard to see xiao puerto pushing earl spencer back all right. It's hard seeing that url is gonna find on his back foot a appreciate nobody seeing that but if if somehow <hes> sean decides to to to fight forward puts enough pressure on on earl without getting hurt because remember going up against a guy they want you in the fire with them but i just don't see man. I don't see honestly sean puerto going in there trying to <hes> you know trying to beat him down. See i see porter looking like mike tyson. Bob and we've been trying to come in and hooking off but you know our span ronstadt jab jabs. Keep them away. That's what i see in my head that is going to be a lot of jabbing lot of controlling live from spence but earl <hes> but <hes> shawn port is gonna be working his way inside and try to figure things out and that's what we possibly get. An adversity adversity early spends you guys. Don't this show has the power to her artistic so is that we never see earl. Get clint hard hard enough. We never seen earl get beat on. It's always a massacre in order to meet and even with mike even though he did not come out. It was an ass whooping nasu this will never seen we just never seen anybody co-head earl and give earl a problem. I never see earl backing up. Listen we're back by earl spence versus. Mikey garcia could have been stopped by the raf oil even by the corner. I wanna 'cause mikey had no answers so he didn't knock them out. Remember the corner. The corner did want to stop it the quantity wanna stop it but listen to this jump out to these calls men see what everybody's doing on a commute. These calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services expert experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at el camino electrical services dot com remember emba to write his five stars on itunes to boomerang rola purpose. Mr p maybe based matzek expe- got good early in the morning. Mike ness everybody in <hes> fucking world's g._d._p. Man i missed it yesterday because you know the little tim today but <hes> <hes> i watched the face off and uh some puerto luis scared and i mean i'm keeping that i've never seen a quiet <music> out. Speak someone who's outspoken. <hes> elephants is known to be shy quiet. People glad you were getting hidden under the course game and <hes> y'all can keep on talking about might be guards. You're never going to get away because because robert garcia gonna stop that fight. He said it multiple times if he doesn't so any type of nothing. I'm stopping and elvis. Benson's gonna win this. I mean shawn porter. All he can do is five thirty fucking his last fight. I believe yougov gosh one that and if you don't believe that then you should stop watching boston 'cause laura economic. Do not believe that too and i'm keeping fucking word l. Sprints is the best one forty seven to visit. He's the only one who gave away weather problems in the training. Come onto undo paying marriages faruk again a non and came out necessarily. I'm used to it. He always changes up. Everybody has opinion boso who gives a phone call ya. I didn't even hear his car but what he heard dan. I had to take a phone. Call shit that. I miss something sunday. I need to respond to not talk with any said a you always changing <unk> race. Everybody's going to have an opinion about it. About what about the fight about <hes> sean <hes> okay. I did not know you taking a call that you're listening now man. I'm sorry i got a fucking call in a background looks like we let me see boomerang right. Yes we do in texas. Talk to me. Talk to me j._d. Jeff howe in yoyo what else what else <hes> nascent man first off. I gotta address the mike situation mike i. I think mike was a little sensitive this morning. <hes> i don't know if he will go up on the wrong side of the bed or whatnot but <hes> from what i i was listening to no reason to get that frustrated anyway. Let me get to the to the topic man <hes> <hes> earl spencer got down south florida listen to face off. It was what it was. I mean <hes> i'm i i. I'll say shall importer had had earth spins when he said <hes> you know about <hes> why why why didn't you stop mikey. <hes> i think that was a good line and i think earlier did a good job and deflecting he. He never really responded to it. 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Even a pumpkin spice latte ed even a pumpkin spice monte but are you judging me because i'm a man who p._s._l.'s mostly mostly. I'm telling you because you're rooting for the other team but also because you can get any hot beverage at any size for one dollar which are seven eleven and you only get a pumpkin spice latte. They manohla seven eleven b game day ready plus tax where applicable valid at participating locations where i like. I like sticking to the topic like listen. Listen when you came on my show you didn't you didn't have that same energy. You know what i'm saying you were talking about. You were disappointed in you didn't stop happens now. You narrative has changed right but but earl earl got him you know earl girl got him when he was a cut it. Thanks for calling in jedi. I used that boomerang status. We're going to another boomerang in the detroit straight to the point for those with attention. Deficit repeats the upcoming. It was good staying this morning on an off day. They're not already down m._r. Winning on blind until gila grief law get on apple meringue man to this face to face and a wash the <hes> the the u._k. Press conference to release joshua two thousand dollars these but on the other subject also like this one on fife must wanna buy hi some exciting for you know what i'm saying spent sport and i expect to do just focus on doing not order out with it was a good back and forth between the two yeah well. I gotta be honest though i don't know what he's talking about being hurt. 'em l._s._u.'s talking like you ain't wanna knock them out. That makes sense with maybe this poor choice worst something because this is the her business owners say they want to hurt somebody that that's almost an oxymoron more on your may so sit were but you know you say about overall. I thought it was depressed. You know a good face to face. I do wish it was a little longer though and there was maybe some more questions you know what i'm saying. 'cause they kind of left it on just hanging out there so openly there'd be more saying it's good to see some more promotion for this fight. Those gets closer to so but as always say. Please make sure you pushed it thumbs up said it's every episode of the box voice podcast 'cause it's t._d. Fee for life and if you ain't on patriae discuss you stupid set off the oakland. Are you <hes> on his bike. I gotta agree with j._d. Mix maybe because you said it all the same breath but i do fuck you. You know what i'm saying. That's like take a day off. You know what i'm saying. Come back. I might i saw thanks for calling and i do appreciate everybody calling in and giving their opinion man because you know hopefully hearing everyone else's take either myself all him. Can you know have a better judgment and you know. I don't know you know he doesn't really like using other people's polls so to speak so <hes> but i know what i said man and definitely meant no ill-will man. We talking boxing. We're going out to looks like ohio runs. Boxing marcus good morning would ado chant the call only going to get a hold three minutes. You know morning shows one thirty you. You're going to get what we owed you. <hes> <hes> and your normal go for it. Yeah first of all. I find it funny. What's up what's up. Y'all i do <hes> <hes> logan logan paul man i said <hes> you know him a youtuber putting on gloves and and being one of the biggest fights and you know on youtube and the social media network do make millions. I just find it funny you know he's you know he's from west lake ohio so i just wanted to put then out there. So he's an ohio guys. It's so funny how we just keep getting us positions and and people who don't like ohio wearing boxer they can't stand me but dalkeith boys keep putting in eastern visions man like dale but anyway. I just find that funny now. I do agree that they better get. Some part is under that car because they i never i had eight kids. Mother had a kid sitting on the floor watching that book and fighting and never watch box. They'll watch watch boxing. They was watching like you was the best thing ever. I was so upset because i'm like damn. I'm trying to get to watch these fights pretty. His friends talk to them to watch party. This was watching logan fight. I was like dale when you're trying to china. Have him watched the fight he telling me who won that that that youtube by right so he walks trip me out so they got something dissolved. Got something here breath. I'm telling you they got some ahead and everything. I mean why only annette go ahead no but nez you far from bias when it comes to these farted. I've been listening to you too long. You say so much shit. I would never say the box and journalists i remember you actually a question and i think it was the tennis crosser <hes> about hank lousy talking about his wife weight and in tears coffered barrel all right <hes> nah you know he addressed it. He knew he was going to be the hang. Learn that fight was built off health really talking about his <hes> his girls weight and i drove nine hours. That's the thing that's another software right because that's why he don't fuck with me. That's why like is what okay hang lundy did. That interview said that about his girl all my camera right so i'm the bigger man brought to call for and unlike look at what he say. He like okay community. That was his opportunity right there. I'm not gonna. I'm gonna let you go but that was crawfish opportunity right there to say yo. Don't put data up just like dozens dozens of people promoters publicists fighters dozens of people. Call me and say you'll take that down. Don't put that up. You know please. No you know what i'm saying. I like. I ain't do nothing wrong. I thought i was being right by going to ornaments showing the fucking fucking video. You know what i'm saying and instead. He grudge on me. I just happened to be the do behind a camera that recorded lundy when he said the hell yeah. I'm the victim georgia you <music> but i guess that i listen to you long enough to know that another knows did not even questioned no shit like that so the real listeners but anyway it's gotta across the darla. I'm o'hara route morale but i'll far from collins. She buys at like. I can't see their flaws and what they can't do. I call just as cia chomp. Quarter does have at least out. He does have shared but he does. What would earl space what i'm fucking look like saying. He's about to stop early in april when he never really seen him do that. You feel like that's some that's close to me. Like you know predict make a real prediction. No see i don't go off <hes> bar faith but something i've i've never seen but i'm just predicting that's what they do. You ain't never seen shower her but you get a lot of people will sir knocked down and really really hurt but yet you're seeing these people talking about mandell. Earl just came up to a world down here a month. They were earl. I just because earning twelve rounds which were <hes> mikey doesn't mean he can't stop the other people look at both sides <hes> that's different but it bother earl spencer and i'm gonna tell you that bother. Earl earl is using that. Here's another thing that you said about g._m. Reagan oregon dow you did like the american donald saying he stood there and put on a fight about levy rounds with the last opponent. He did it because the people say he barks too much and you said you didn't respect so because people say here's earl spits long on the people say i'm a buck because people didn't believe earliest feet long the media too so he on a knock shine out. What's gonna play hands because there's going to be able to fight. No-one never seen earl backup. I think that's the goal is to try to get him the backup because charlotte coming forward and if you don't back up motherfucker ain't going to be a clinton of fast and charlotte will be all on your chest and i'm a is with the market thing thing to all these spans fans that just had so many excuses you up. We are a boxing you up several rounds zero. Why don't fuck uh or you go into box. Five more rounds to show the people that you can box. You supposed to close the show after stephen's rounds because we already know. Would you got the fighting the bad why did you and you he did start at fifty. Four lott went before early in his career. So that's another thing the no more talking about your yes theory. He thought it went fifty four so still mike going to relay classes. If you wanna look at it but he forty so let's make it too but he thought so. Why would she bought far grouse. You posted to shows nothing wrong with it. Take you down. We don't always get it. Knockout got suspense d._c. And stop trying to talk around this year both cheaper to clinic motherfucking. He can stay at five. Wow stop them at the he was up by sending around. There's no fucking use now. Go to the next bite except educate knock out every fucking body when triples. You don't do it. Nelly i mean it's not the audio i mean. That's what i'm saying but love to have an excuse. I don't think you can do it. Are you seeing it but if you're gonna do he ain't go box but you can't just boxer you. What did he sound like. He going in there to bang bang but listen ohio matt. Thanks for calling in. We gotta get to see unhappy. Boomerang talk to me man last night. I got to be with you man. What a couple of shows go. Maybe it was. Maybe maybe it was a month ago. There was a show where you was sal biden talking over screaming. All mike like it was ridiculous man. I knew going to lie and <music>. Mark girl was here listening and she was like this nigga. Bitch like deep disrespectful. He disrespected like no we keep bad when the female jumping picking a boolean on next hour cheaper real it might to walk walk almost like an ass man like i'm gonna be real a lot on this show. Listen listen. You must have listened to that. You must have listened to that showing. I implore you to please before you continue girl thinking that what happened happened. Go back and listen to that specific show you speaking of the reason i overuse the soundbites is because mike would disrespect me when i purposely went out of my way to say mike you talk are talk less not have that argument you know i'm not gonna cut your saw but wait and and then when he would cut me off so i just didn't let them talk by abusing sound buys you could go back and listen you see what you just. Did you see what you did when you really friends would you. Are you a syndrome. You apologize for you. Don't try to explain to him to the world. How you defender like you fall into my every time. I man i knew you. Let's see what you think is the trap but listen to your tribe. I've been like this forever. You can hear me on this show and that's why niggers off the show exactly off the show. I don't got time for though that's the issue i knew about. You're right everybody. Everybody everybody. Everybody was but listen mr by week watching. Why don't i think about it this way miss c._y._p. Right you feel like i'm the abusing right cool. I am one like no no no but not just make lake not just mike the stigma is that i abuse all my hosts and make them walk right so let's walk. Let's stick with that. I'm one person abusing being one person where you please please with the shit that comes out of my mouth. Try to give me your best guestimation. About how much i i get attacked and i sit here with my favorite fighters lose. I don't i don't get emotional and don't do the show i've been here almost ten years at seven o'clock what every thursday and sunday and then in the last two years. I cranked it up and been here seven days a week. I could care less what you think bro. There's there's nothing you can say. This is gonna hurt and it's funny. You're body's guy. I'm keeping it. I'm the only one who the bit through life. I got to know people that have been through that the personality listen and i gave you three when you know in the morning you get one thirty listen bro. It took me a long time. I used to live my life other people bro. I said that on untitled one day my biggest downfall was chasing and i'm dan women. Everything i did was for women so i'll hustle worked. Whatever the case may be fresh cuts for women ten. I learn you learn as you grow your mistakes steaks and and and you know i don't got tom to kiss is. That's not what i'm gonna do if i hurt his feelings and that's what he relates to me well then i will apologize to him but i don't feel that i did anything because you took my words out of context interpreted the way you want the same thing where earl zero he feels away about what i said you want me to apologize to him like y'all out that you guys realize how i mean on the comments. It's on a chat. How much shit you get hit with exciting daily. Anybody people make videos people prank. Call my phone like what does he talk them out like if i was sensing the i wouldn't be the a._b. A._b. Interview way was clowning. Call me a bitch in front of like a hundred in front of one hundred interview earl earl cool at the time. He just jumps in like you know. Come on breath. Hi it's jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi jamie. It's me jamie. 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Two sixty seven hundred credit applied within two bills with new liner eligible afraid of canceled early remaining balance do five coverage limited in select cities requires capable plans up to thirty dollars activation fee and restrictions <music> here georgie guests the mason. That's mush it. That's why you over here trying to learn how to spell it with the phone joint border wars george dodgy as long as the biggest clown ever ever adler. That's the only due to turn down a flight to meet people like come on aw man clown sauce new caller in las vegas seven. Oh you would do no more new caller intro. I mean we gotta find is your new qualifers. You gotta be like not because sometimes they'd be like now. I've called him golf. Number was good first time caller yeah man. No this is blocking agitated so called in once before okay all right. 'cause i got you with a different number on boxing agitated with the auto believed aleve throw. This finally got one only one phone. Something must have happened but i i had a comment pilots rally to comment on this call. I had a comment about that url spent situation. I didn't get to see the face off but as far as what i catch. He said that he didn't <hes> <hes> intend to knock mike yell for lack of better words not known exactly what he said so in my opinion he's jackson's man down man down. I'm a big fan first off and i think some porter is not make matters fifth. Let me say that but but him ten to go into the mike you fight intentionally to not not like yell and <hes> and in every five before that you know what man oh man down man now now and in his defense he was knocking everybody down but for him to go into that and not with the pressure. He let his fans down. I'll put my money money behind them and i feel like hearing that this morning i feel like i got swindled. I feel like a he needed to go ahead and put that the the mon- the monitor are the name true on the shelf hot accu it until he redeem itself man. I don't know how he can redeem itself or whatever but he needed to come amount in the make a public statement is some and give back to his bed but at but at garbage because we are money behind that man i put my money on the knockout because of who earl smith is i truly believe either to you know what i mean so that my team not cry about it but i feel dog about out that one right there brother and <hes> yeah that's my opinion. I'm out anybody in that great okay okay. I'm not taking away from monkey brother but i'm talking about talking about cutting action morning shows minute thirty thirty champ. Sorry gotta get to boomerang mr p._b._c. what to do that. <hes> <hes> <hes> people you start calling us so ten the attack someone that they pay you saw you pay attention to every day. If you've respect mass spec mike you've been moving bro into ohio on people that people need to realize some puerto does not down like adrienne brown sleeping powder for real only power he got is he got power. Remember marcos. Maidana said that that was the thing he couldn't do nothing to my now my groceries. I seen that fight on arizona's fault my before the i have been. I really thought my gosh. You're gonna win the way he was talking. He beat well. The guard robert eastern and i thought robert eastwood smashed my jesse he he was like the p._v._c. destroyer. You know like all my loose. I was believing in like you guys did it so when y'all come on your tongue marketing get knocked out last time i checked the do look like a fucking bag. He was a standard surviving any boxer that survive that's <hes> bro and he was supposed to be the best. He destroyed the second upcoming canola so yeah he was dude. Don't act like he wasn't. He sold that fight niles bench. Wjr will see now. We find out who really sold it somporn going to shit. No one was no. I'm so mile i thought the man who sold the filing in terms of numbers and what you've meant which i really think mike garcia brought his people to fight. No mexicans came out to see mikey accuracy in aerospace style spin no because mexican fan. I do not like it when he beat there is this ain't we ain't united yet but <hes> let's keep a room. That's phone call on solid and that's mike mike and mike joe against sensitive but i still respect that you still on this show and you have a lot of people have gotten off so but we all know the most weakest motherfucker i got off. The show was rob. You get off the phone. Call that a single the texas boomerang yo y'all more <hes> time in about this subject to man <hes> i i i remember dang. Dang jacobs getting like not liking you because some you said on the show and you said on the show on another radio station and you know what i was wrong. I was wrong when i thought about it. I just you know i don't even wanted. I'm actually that's. That's the time when i'm wrong. That's something i've heard people say regret. That's something i regret because i i was ignorant to the situation and i was on a live radio station it will it was in another city. I probably got caught up in in a moment but it doesn't mean what i said wasn't true but i didn't respect situation at that time and listen bra. I'm a man i'm gonna human. That makes mistakes seeks like that was of tom. Where are probably you know. I don't wanna call the immaturity but i definitely probably was immature so the setting again being on a radio station you know i'm not <hes>. This is something that happened. You know like earl says guy given seven okay so like i didn't go to school for this none of that so i'm gonna make mistakes and i made a huge mistake with daniel jacobs but that's what i respect about him. He sat me down when i seen them in vegas and i didn't even know offend. I didn't even know offended him and i tried to interview him and he didn't do none of the other stuff that immature people do he sat down and we started the interview but in his mind he knew where he wanted to go with it and if he it was out there the out there and he went where he wanted to go and he allow me to explain what i meant and you know what he respected it because we're not solo alum like bra. You could say that to other people but i've been following you since the amateurs i watch your amateur fights shawn porter. I watch a good drop. I've been i've i've been following since corn rows been so you jim like i'm not the other dudes so it is different for me any respected and we ain't ain't got no issues now but i do make mistakes broad. Do make mistakes especially with the things i say. I'm not going to deny that shit like i just don't be sensitive man. I don't know man. I didn't had said to me. Man listen man that i wanted to go with earth spins right like that's all earl spencer had to do like like bra. All you had to do say we're. I invited you to my gym. You know what i'm saying you came from my gym and then you come on your show and you you know you go against me. <hes> that's audit audie added some more time. That's the misconception like this guy. Look at the super chat you about to make me calling all in for the first time breath. Your opinion is okay but it's how you went about it. You would never say that about kief wishing pay-per-view numbers flop. That's the issue. You hoped hoped flop. When did i hope it will flop. I'm having a discussion right and we're using crawford as the gauge we're using in crawford as the gauge were using when crawford was at one forty with all his momentum went to unify on pay per view what happened fifty fifty thousand so i said can i think it does maybe fifty right because the world should've known mikey was a little man moving up ah. I didn't hope it did fifty. You'll hear me here say. I hope fighters do a million views because of the success of boxing like i'm telling you people take my words and swiss them to fit their narratives the same way that i do i do. It's okay. I'm not gonna get mad at you doing what i do but i never never wish bad on earl and for me like oh. I'll let you in my camp so okay so while the less meanest kampfer was last eight fights. Am i supposed to not say while the does wrong or right. Am i supposed to change my opinion and that's why i love that man because he will never change what i say. He still invite me. We talk and we a man. He never get mad like yo. You know what he say about people who call them windmill is okay because when when lee came out it wasn't traditional in him in his hands down and what the dundee say some cameras on video on youtube. I'm not going to change that. Why would i change that. That's what makes them him. You know what i'm saying and it's no different than i know national craze you compare wild lee. That's what they homerun with because they're going to take what i said and and us what they want for their narrative man but i never wish bad on earl ever. That's not what i did. I had an opinion take over. He was gonna earl spencer's camps man. I i mean look man. I was loving. I love a his trainer. <hes> ah i don't know where that went wrong or hobbies were interview with ken porter on top of the roof deck in new york for the press conference for showing porter and danny garcia. It was a hypothetical question sometime in june or july win the fight between mikey and earl. I was just rumors was just rumors like you're holding me to a hypothetical conversation that we're using with townes crawford as the barometer like komo on the rules ain't even they're not even you know what i'm saying shoutout to earls pants and derek james man some of the best path for i mean if you watch the faceoff or one of the one of the shows that they did on fox for this fight fucking and that's what i miss about going 'cause i would add that on camera could narrate and show you what i see because people in pick up on that he's even using his head. Did you see that he's used us head in the power. He put his head on earls head. They fucking they training for the head bra they trying go ahead the way people use the trainer bradleys head back in the day bradley had a joe bradley had a stigma about cheating with that head. I'm telling you but i'm sorry. I know i've rambled. I'm the average origines may have. Some of the best pad work some of the best power in the game. I mean his his active pad. Work is almost like it's almost like the spa. It's almost like <unk> halfway. Sparring is like i try. I try to mimic a lot of his <hes> a lot of his influences into what i do when i'm working pad with we're fighters men i it's just it's it's a hell of a sight to see math for people that really know about the sport techniques tactics and all that i mean it's it's on the seema j._d. You wanna say son on not so go your coaching yeah man you my whole goddamn. Call me dan on no but for real though et cetera sat out to you for that man for <hes> for you know assaulted a fighters who who listen to the show and they still call in and and and do their thing man because this is that type of show to what you can disagree rian. Keep you know keep moving. You know what i'm saying. <hes> so what i what i suggest to do is to get on the show. Give him side of how he felt. You know what i'm saying <hes> which he don't do none of that shit but it just be good for the show that that's what this show with four but anyway man <hes> <hes> about that that whole thing that expense and and and the mikey garcia thing i said it before like like listen man <hes> colleges a few callers ago read like at around seven get the man out of there. You know what i'm saying like. Don't don't come on on talking about like like for <hes>. What did you say i wouldn't trying to hurt the guy fuck out here with that man. Eh this hurt sport. Like what are you talking about. Don't get in the ring of you any time. I heard the guy like like like i. I've never heard of five say that in my life you know what i think it was. I think he was caught up in that verbal sparring with sean. He got caught off guard. He says something that i was. You probably would've took it back yeah. Hey wanna fumble on the words sound like he was stuttering. Maybe i'll be like that also looking across also to know. I was gonna say also to when he was when he was talking. Tarrant crawford cropper was getting them with a lotta lotta the punchline like he. He's not that good of a of a a arguer. If you you know let me tell you two years later but when they start hitting them with the pflaumer right back he started getting a little uncomfortable he in a long-term verb. I don't think they get one hundred minutes. Lows pros like you get the job done right by having more of the supplies you use most in stock every day like treated lumber fencing and decking in the quantities you need for any size job and we help you say deals like twenty dollars off a matombo h._p. Three point five inch gauge twenty-one degree pneumatic framing nail now just one hundred seventy nine dollars order ahead at lowes for pros dot com and have you ordered delivered or pick up in store. Our dedicated pro voters were load. Would you up and get you back to the job site. We needed most do it right for less start with lowe's offer valid through nine eight u._s. Only hi it's jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave a message at the hey jamie. It's me jamie this. Is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group mad harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals nationals this year sorry it's pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law everybody again back to that one thirty win. No oh crying staubach. Semi should make me ran <hes>. Let's go <music> bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba. We got boomerangs in the bill. Dan and who is it. Oh shit disdain is dry ball dago stainless on a boomer rain yeah man j._d. Excellent point man. That's a best the main reason that i fuck with the box and voicing t._b._b. Polite you know what i'm saying. Fight hi good good for reporters saying boston ego <hes> db and a good for give you a perspective you know <hes> <hes> what's his name elliot setback for being a robber grazia joe best pretty much boxing voice what you actually get to hear you know the fans know especially as hardworking. Even the casuals you know are paying. You know like take this shit on chat. I and i don't fuck fuck is fighting all day every day. You turn into the fight. You're trying to dine there rain. You take them off a couple of words. Jim not only okay no fucking fish like we grow in this business you know saying and if you have a direct link to the people that are paid to see your flights or come to your face. Which is this point then. It's probably best not to turn your back on it. I'll say i'll off one enjoy watching <hes> you know they. They trying to canvas jot down there. It was good to see in a lot of other podcasts down there too so they would they would just starting on high trained way. I think you were still debating whether he was whether he was the good it is or just you know you pass the test so it'd be good to have you back. You know <hes> but either way. We're going to keep pushing because it's the boxer woods. So what's the despite the man. I just gotta hope they did. They cut it. Keep it evid thirty. We gotta do caller in ohio real quick. I'm about to break out hit. This jim thank you. Everybody participated gets a workout alex doomsday politics t._v. undisclosed cash fan t._b. Underscore casual fan is twitter and dan youtube terrace dove e._j. And then there was to <hes> new colin ohio talks with me first time first time caller yes sir first time call in show you let the world know your name where you're calling from confusing any bluetooth and things like that trying to disconnect not taught me with my professional debut. Oh boy john by the way of north carolina ohio elyse when nath was doing videos when ness was doing videos out of his bad. Would it started off. You know i've been down for life for a minute yeah yeah. Oh you talking to a real one today. Okay so look man. I know i got a minute thirties my first time call gotta help you. Let me hope you under ah. I and i hope this back to earls people because i have to articulate for you to see where you were wrong. Okay okay put it like this. Hey let's put it like this and i'm saudi. Rica got off the line. You drive trucks right used to use to yes used to dry trump and your boy. We do me as your best friend yes. He's your best friend. It rica your boy so are y'all at at at the transportation station you come into the office offers. You tell them yo. I think i'm t._b. Live i'm leaving the trucking industry. I'm gonna live doing rica like oh okay. That's cool good luck. You walk away. He's at the cooler like man. It's going to be back in six months. That's it by the flop. That ain't do shit then you word back. That's amazing is talking about you like yo. What's up but from my face with the deal is so let me finish. I only got a thirty diminish. The issue is not that you didn't feel like the numbers and do well. It's how you went about. This man inks off of boxing. Thank you have a camera you up here. Cloudy with kenny is kenya's relationships earl distorted. No yours is it don't matter if earl except apology you the voice of the people you made a mistake. Okay you go to her not to care you. Go to earl who you had on your show three times two thousand fourteen two thousand sixteen. You brought derek going again and you say earl. I was wrong for what i said man. I didn't like the fight because i felt like my key. Didn't belonging your class you when you and mike he never did a paper view so i was very uncertain on how the number that that was even more than one thirty since your first time calling listeners since two thousand twelve you know i wanted to give you just do and this is the reason reason why cutting off i i must admit cutting off sometimes is is this something you need because you forget certain things but you know i needed the cut you off but i let you go and you poison audience because you ad-lib the entire scenario like you added your interpretation. All those words is that's your interpretation first of all. It was a bad analogy because you use the truck and business business and i say i'm going to take my personal truck and i don't know i don't even know what the smaller smaller version of the job i did would be because remember. That's what mike is. That's what mike is so again. Dumi and rica would have to be laughing at me taking my big rig from going out no state to stay and driving locally oakley which still wouldn't be bad because local drivers get to go home every day like the analogy wasn't there so i can't see or attach myself to dumi dumi and enrica laughing at me like it's a bad analogy and it was a bad fight and the fight proved the only thing that it did would exactly what the promoters wanted to do build a brand of a man who ever the winner was going to be but no one can sit here and deny that mikey wasn't a sacrificial lamb. He was daring to be great but everyone knew we're using him to make earl into star like come on brother blueprint is they've been doing it all day all day like i. I don't know oh man and i wish i repair the relationship. Oh my god. I don't know which i want me to do or what he won't even. He won't even come on his show anyway for me to apologize allergists champ looking. We did the bikes neagh over thinking it was me imagine. I really tried to say so early in his fair probably swing on me. Chair come on ego was me start going at him and it was like damn. Why is it that serious think about that like. Why is it that serious why why is holding a grudge on me for i don't know five years and guess what i said to boehner you who would never on the pound for pound is just true like who'd he beat was pound for pound. When did he get there so we're saying then he was pound for pound because he got four division world titles okay if that's the argument so all i said secondary to that in an interview that he fucking hijacked right was if you want to be pound for pound you must beat mikey garcia and again and i said this probably a year and a half before that fight was even announced. I was just doing mikey's name out there for him. You know and they still went that way and he still didn't beat nike like why is it my fault because i'm getting the right like again. Sean porter sean porta ain't madam because i picked keith and actually they did anybody that listened to the show. Jonathan simmons knows that can use to be on the show almost every sunday almost every we sunday but the the minute i picked keith. We not friends like what i can't pick and i see other. The people do that right now. I'm not gonna pay now. I'm not gonna pay earl. Kapit people call they got on and he's telling you who's going win. They always ask the fighters who's gonna win. The axe the axe anthony always acts the fight is what the one who's going to win but if a journalist do it you pick the side that's issue alive. I think i think sometimes the position of the journalists is sometimes forgotten <hes> sometimes i think that some fighters just don't understand what position and we play <hes> you do have those that are gonna you know brown nose and kinda go along with whatever you want your call yes-men you know what i mean. Real friends people that that tell you the true and honest. I'd rather have those guys around me than any of these. Yes manny day boomerang c._y._p. Do you care what people think man. No carol people think you pay a lot of explaining yourself man. There are a lot of these played it. May they look. You've got a lot of followers right in the check. We do a lot of typing with the so called the boxing voice so a face over if they support you so much to say call me and tell me let's see what he says to the future mostly this but remember this see why p._a. Never got blessed with no water bottle. Some guys remember that damn so i go turn eddie hearn. I've definitely gonna turn their hearing and asked him to help me. I would have jumped over that ship. It got it. Stop it in john. I believe me after a while like as everybody you're gonna act ways. You can have your joe. Oh you can ask you can ask shame. Mosey normal asked him about that life. I'm real cause. I'm real it. Don't oh man. I never would have been. It's easy to just going blaine. Listen go ahead and explain. That's my point. Something happens to you got fucked up little narrative and you sit there for five minutes. Explain stop explaining. You don't care what week just take that water wipe it off continue interview. Don't look the same man that shit was wack that it was that pu you are and you do care what we try to actually with me. Come come aboard awards and try to actually any your water my face she would have but i'm sensitive who see what the out sua p out yeah man <hes>. Could you say about that. I mean look. It's it's easy to say. Look i remember when when the charles brothers ran down on this i mean i feel some type away and i'm from the streets and you know what i mean. The hook came out of me. Real quick can and i was. I was this close to say fuck. All lists walk. This precipice shift focus reported by an who i am. I wanna put the pause on these flags. The focus stink up some some pencil-pushing deaths writing reported. You got the game fucked up. That's how i felt. You have people coming up to me. I was i was i was distraught. I was stop but at the end of the day i had to take responsibility and i had to be a big man because i know that i'm there for job on their with the cats and that i'm not going to go ahead and stain the boxing voices name with with all the promotions and the people who actually are in charge of who gets to go to these presses. I had to think about a lot of things it's different dynamics leasing gentlemen. I'm pretty sure neil with a to some what my man in the streets. We would earth him but that's not. That's not what we live in anymore and that's not what we head into the future a lot of adjustments may you can act like the way we used to act back in the day so i got understand where some shit happens like that. There's more to it. They just a water bottle and there's more to event mafia. Could mumbling took calling you a bitch ass nigga and shit they just they just don't know who you are. They think you just just a regular reporter and that's the difference between us here on the box invoice. We just ain't a reporter we get in the ring i we we live this. You can't just tell us. We don't know what we're talking about here. I mean listen. I may see what he says. In one breath that to explain is a sign of weakness us and then you know his first call was saying that i was wrong and i should apologize to mike so like which one is it 'cause an apology is an explanation explanation. You know you you tell the person that you're accepting fault for the things that you did. You know so like i don't understand. I'm going to try and take as much much advice as c._y._p. Gives i appreciate us. 'cause you know yeah man. Keep calling in chat. Keep calling in. We're bringing the water bottle of see why. I just hope that were with time. Everyone matures into adulthood <hes> <hes> that's the best thing that i can wish on people you know <hes>. I wish i would have got mature aw twelve years ago. Maybe twelve years ago. Maybe that would have probably been real good. Josh lewin <hes> new orleans talked awesome. Yeah they'll see why peo- when you say you like is 'cause don't <hes> i think he kinda egotistical is like he's trying to put this. He wanted everybody to know how breath he'd get down in the world and he didn't challenge guys on his show multiple times and i don't like his energy. That's homeless yeah. I'm in new orleans. I had a whole life. I'm at i'm thirty years old. I've been putting situations where i had to decide where i wanna lose my livelihood or go to jail or do this do that. I didn't escape. Their reality sounds very ignorant. We're in for somebody to say certain things about the water. I understand the situation. I called it on the show they were saying. I was not hugging. I was doing this because i feel bad for you. Because i've been at lowe's pros like you get the job done right by having more of the supplies us most in stock every day like tree lumber fencing and decking and the quantities you need for any incised job and we help you say with deals like twenty dollars off a matombo h._p. Three point five inch gauge twenty-one degree pneumatic framing nail now just one hundred seventy nine dollars order ahead at lowes for pros throws dot com and have your order delivered or pick up in store our dedicated promoters mode you up and get you back to the job site with your needed. Most do it right for less start with lowe's offer valid through nine eight was only hi. It's jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi jamie. It's me jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey and the trombone goes wah wah and you say we'll help you find coverage options that fit your budget then. We just all do finger snaps now. Swell choir goes savings coming at ya. Yes no. Maybe anyway see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law before where i had to control myself and keep cool 'cause. I got bigger things a little for yeah about that dumb shit but it matters to me. We're not half the show about the dumpster. I don't like his energy. He on some bullshit some negative shit. He challenged people in the show. I'm not chance bye bye here. Here's lucky trying to put it out. They want everybody to know that he this. He's if he was you wouldn't even have to move like that or make that noise man keep doing what you're doing. I respected you for being a man to not respond and know the bigger picture because this show matters and if you do it well lose your options to get to the press conference conference. We ain't got no show so keep what you're doing. This man that shit as dumb shit man this little boy shit. That's the shit we used to do back in ninety six and anybody that's from from launch know what it is in ohio living so that's my call thank you for calling in josh will be going out to brian in the a._t._m. Moaning bill marr and above all of the bill maher but i would up on our own all allowed to interfere to matt <hes> thursday man as a grown man as a grown man <hes> they gotta go through all that men to deal with nobody man. You know what i'm saying. We talking bison. Everybody gets heated man. You know what i'm saying is a combat sport and in this even doing interviews man and and and this show is basically a full contact interview. Almost you know what i'm thank you you battling back and forth. Oh man oh man oh. No put no stock initiate man. Let it ride off your back man. They're going ahead on <hes>. Does uh thing is yeah. Aero spent flicked. He's there. He wanted not mike out because then that night round he tried to enter the got tank and blow mike yeah stuff out of there to the point where <hes> robert garcia were trying to stop the fight and <hes> he is his his brother would like now he you can take your he he can make you bleed not a._p._r. Is you know what i'm saying so i wouldn't <hes> say the air on and try to <hes> then try to knock him out with it. That's how you say stays with it. Mikey within that just by you know what i'm saying the last three rounds definitely <hes> <hes> far show employers sorry man he he defended. He wins all his pledges man when he gets on the <hes> smothers. It ain't gonna help pillow fight. We aerospace number one airspace to fight on the inside but to get to the inside saw puerta. Ashley has the one who that daddy. I brian a._t._l. Thanks for calling in who we got. It looks li- like that white boy talk to me john on the morning stolen guys good morning. What's up not a whole lot just working a aw man. This five is hard to pick a really like <hes> shawn porter but i really like aerospace too. I think <hes> the shit talk nights. No heavyweight's should be doing that right now so we're kind of getting a little a little entertainment for the lack thereof in that division but earl spencer. I probably go there spent he's. He's he's gonna be porter but not coming to lay down. He's not going to lay down. I don't know if you guys remember the fight with keith thurman but shit that was like fight of the year right if i'm not yeah sean puerto rico earl spencer's. Not you know how many shots he he took from keith thurman in that fight and <music> say. I've been in there with big punches have you. You know i've been in there he. He called big punches so maybe he know something. We don't know i mean girls been rocked. I can't remember who it was by. It was by journeymen right. You got rock covered wells post that clip every now and then they maybe hey oh yeah it was a nice it was north was a weird shot. I mean it caught him coming down on his chin. You know it's that will rock most people people but he he got back up and did when he had to do <hes> yeah but i i got i got spent the five and i hope porter pulls it off. Moi's underdog. He's definitely the underdog for sure team in your feelings birth and just opposite big big underdog a portable plus nine hundred zero. Can you believe or is it back double. Check minus. One hundred is earl. Maybe bro but it's yeah. I like that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah portas plus five hundred dollars minus nine hundred and that's what i'm saying you see what i'm saying like all these hardcore fans. The ants have called insane bro. He's either not stopping porter porter. Is this a fight. No one is all saying yo earls going to knock knock them out. You know what i mean and and the betting odds didn't dictate that the betting odds <hes> excuse me indicate that they they were closer also was something like a minus four eighty and plus like two eighty or something like that. It was like way closed. This is very wide lied. Ruin a five zero four talk to on what's happening it was it was good to see this earl. I mean we've been asking the same of a._j. And recently they've been giving it to us. These guys are trying on the south side now so face-to-face entertaining and i like but just a comment on c._y._p. Was he the guy yesterday it was trying to justify his resume. As a personal trainer was at another caller no that was him okay so he was kinda even with feelings to yesterday. Today's well means saying that i trained pitchers. I train boxers author army. Everybody has their moments but is kind of ironic that he's trying trying to get on a soapbox today where yesterday you'll is like falling apart just trying to prove to us that he does something for a living so i mean it's it's the pot calling the kettle black here clearly well. That's my call royd things. We call it in <hes>. We got dan call today. I thought i was gonna make it to the gym. You know how fat i am. I'm don't even tell them what i text yesterday. That's ooh number. This and i blame this all on you. I'm so sick. I'm telling you i gotta get into early. May you you br train. Rainman that is that is that is sad though i can't believe i'm high again bro you andy. Andy re style right now. Sir let me see we guy checkmate boxing. What a champ. I said before macedo again. I just think you guys when it comes to earl. Spencer and <hes> in the mikey garcia understand mikey garcia was the number five pounds per pound with many pack al jumped up two weight classes to fight <hes> <hes> oscar. No one said anything you you know what i mean. There's been plenty of people who do that and the funny thing is of bed. Little midget griego jumped up to classify noma and they made no number number one off that bullshit so you gotta understand earls and showed us something. He never thought he was a one trick pony. I thought he was a bulldozer. He showed this new range new new boxing skills and yes. They could've stopped. It and you know what there's been. Plenty of. Fighters felt sorry for fighters. Larry holmes had tried to grave come on wesley. Stop doctors. Were jews the komo. Please stop this so no. I didn't see oh going put it kill. I saw him boxed stand out of rain and just hitting them with the jazz one two in the streets. You know what i mean. Mikey was black and he was in survival mode. He had to hire guards. He was protecting yourself. He train gene for punishment. You know what i mean so what he trained for earl tonight eating kibitok he wanted the inside so you gotta give the man credit forgiven one thousand awesome eighty punches he threw with old more confident <hes> every okay and he had the most incredible <hes> boxer performance of the year y'all yeah. I wanted to knock on your disappointed. Earl is not a one punch cards knockout skirts. I personally wasn't disappointed. I was just i was just <hes> disappointed in what he he said recently saying that he wasn't trying to knock him out. He wanted to show people your boxing skills. I mean look man <hes> maybe he had a lot of pressure to knock him out and that's what came out his mouth but i wasn't disappointed with performance. Look you're not gonna knock it. He was just to knock mike because he was coming up from oakland but listen bro again is the same thing now you defend in her making excuses for not getting a knockout. He said it is all audio. I am disappointed. I in the knockout. You can't come back now three months later and say i wasn't trying to get the knockout now. You've got checkmate over here. Calling in china defended offended and get it. The man wanted it. He wanted it. What is he saying because he didn't say throughout the build up. Will you set it post by when it met the most after you got the win. You said i am disappointed like we didn't say that you said that we got nowhere. No <hes> in good morning the morning t._v. <hes> school which is normally i don't even i just been listening to lately man on call the switch schedule but in california right no problem leo he watch even california right yes c._y._p. From l._a. Of thing okay cool all right yeah. Now i gotta understand about us that you guys are normal. Human beings what you guys are saying its maturity and things in make sense. I used to west. I don't think they can slap me managers. I'd have been at u._p._s. working at u._p._s. Washington d. c. t. and they simply lard so what you're saying matters you. I swear to god what you say matters out here though no fuss give it's a little less tolerant new york walkers be like fuck you fuck you. Fuck you fuck. You and it's like i'll go about john wells. After saying changing fuckers west coast you'll get shock. Just let's be honest. It's a different mentality different things so i heard do we. Kinda made me like was an old boy. Try to see c._p._t. His name and he was like well. You know you don't make no sense brothers. Certain people different you know different different strokes for different folks but <hes> if i want to go back to what you got a job because and at the end of the day ain't nobody else gonna pay your bills and this is what you need to pay your bills so yeah keep keep it poppin and this is a relationship thing what you doing dealing in relationships. That's what you ruined relationships. No one comes on your show. That's what you gotta. Do you gotta suck it it up. You gotta find a way to make it work and that's what it is. It's been about you as a man this show business you'll be could it thank you appreciate it. Appreciate it <hes> man. He says i want fucking cut a more of what he say think back think back. Dammit see this is why people oh i'm telling so you may not cut people off. They think of doing it on purpose. This is a fight right here not to do it. It's like oh it's ever see i'm old man so everything. Girls plan double-dutch back in the day. That's all be talking. I'm like waiting to jump into double dutch. Because this is the time where you might you you might you might forget your dog and if you don't jump in at the right time you miss your time and look i can't. I'm sitting here trying to basically glee stall to see if it pops back up. Short term memory was signing a reference to what the caller was saying yeah definitely but whatever hopefully he was saying you just a <hes>. This is a business in your dylan relationships. I got it remember. He said you know he's he's from. The west. Loop is is totally the same overhead. Yeah you know what i was doing. I was gonna say and let me tell you you'll do get shot. I i mean right here wasn't in new york to someone got shot for stepping on joys like i. I don't think nobody in all honesty like people know that we fast out here on the east side. Things take things do don't get it twisted my brother. I it's the same way but this is the thing guys man like yeah. Yeah you see somebody get d._t. Eighteen in a in a u._p._s. bra. I used to work as a laborer in a in a factory. You know i had these hooks. These hooks man. Go into your hands. I know mexicans though what i'm talking about because i worked amongst dozens of them and you fucking hooked the sacks of beat role coffee a._b._c.'s brad i remember my dad worked in the warehouse when i was like <hes> seventeen i took off that week before you know we get easter. Vacation took that week before easter vacation plus that week of easter vacation and my dad got me to work with. Let's say oh you just bought a house bad news. Is your one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll proudly mow the lawn and skip. Anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people people to stay off the lawn. Compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again. Good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save save on your car insurance which of course we'll go right into the lawn progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount on an illegal in all stages situations. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you in the life. You want onto live cd medic target. Your pain added source. It's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free boil. Get back back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online and at c._v._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease two weeks so that was two weeks to do as much as i could put in that over time and that was my car money so <music>. I'm lifting these bags and see you got they. So heavy is two at a time with these hooks. You dig amentities. They made out of wood you sit at how is that that fucking coffee sags fabric is a sack they come. They come straight from columbia dior. Change us. Ask is pretty much that if you guys to to get a picture of what it is is like you ever seen the haystacks the blocks these farmers have these two big giant looks and they just kind of hoping to the the man long story short. I brought a boom box. I'm also brought a boom by some calling it a boombox zeh radio. The brought brought that shit. I used to have my right in front of the bay door so the beats could just go straight in straight into the trailer brought high low the job of ran over that shit. Oh you know what i'm saying now mind you. I was there to get money for my first call and dan because he ran over. My shit tried to go about it like yo just pay me on friday he lightman. I'm not paying. You shouldn't have had that on the floor. We may believe. I believe it was friday right baby. Let's fight rosa and even as an adult like i've been quoted on michelle. I got hella convictions for by insurance but you got to grow up. You got to grow <hes> you don't matter from the west or from the east you down at some point you you gotta think about other shit like fuck. I'm gonna do food punching neil in the face like i. I'm not winning their man. I'm not winning. They're like i had a fucked up like this is the best god is blessing me with this job <hes> and to be able to talk on his radio every morning and touch this. Many people meet as many people as how i've met travel as much as i travel when you get older man you just start to put things into perspective and you value some things more than others. You know what i mean. I do not value certain people's opinion man so it's not gonna trigger me to jump and beat up neal. You didn't think got new cameras rolling and that she was going to get out like i don't give a fuck the way i didn't give a fuck about adrian bruna san what he said like brag got a goal man and and i'm really reaching it. I'm really reaching it. When i started this assert a five year plan that i would i quit my job and i quit in three now. My next goal is to employ. My friends is my friends that are on the show. Oh mike is still my friend. I'm i'm texting them in the back hoping that he answers me and i'm gonna call instantly. Does you know and do me. He's my friend. That's my goal to build this up so that not only myself but my friends also have a future here you know and if you simple minded you want me to beat up on neil which i probably can't even and beat. Let's be real <hes> that mother fuckers big. Let me tell you when that shift i happen. He didn't seem that big. We were very close to each other like a._j. Was right in front of me. Less than twenty four inches and neal was right on the side of them and he didn't seem that big but then we see each other again for the ruis a press conference on short notice right and we talk and i was like god damn. He's very big. He's probably six nine six seven boy oy easily six nine six seven. There's no doubt in my mind that he's over three hundred. Something like that is a tough fight. If it's going to be in boorda wars also something similar. I would absolutely take it but you need an entire training camp. Then men will wear me down just by clinton. He's huge huge huge huge. <hes> ah there's no way he probably won't have the skill that i got naturally. Yes i i. I believe i have better skill more better fluidly and i'm being. I don't know maybe prejudice because i think just because he's white he's not going to be has fluid as me. I'm on my shit plus. His stomach is way bigger than me. I just don't think he's as good as me. You know i can't see him playing basketball and football like i did none of that. You know so you won't john bassett. It's a it's a tough. It's tough i because of his size. It's like that big baby a predicament but i would totally do it in the ring. I'm not losing what i've built. This was a phone call gentleman. The thing is has been so many years which i don't remember i called into someone else's show and they so mean that they're chat was going crazy. When i call and from a caller they made me a host and from muhoza verbalize. It wasn't doing it right because the call is a who who important and that's why you're here because i stay here five six hours my man to make sure everybody gets caught and sometimes i'll be like yo. You ain't get to me and i'll be like hold on on after the out show and still go to you because you know man. I kid that the god gave me this opportunity man so if i'm sensitive if i'm explaining and if i'm if i'm wack if i'm a bids varma snitch dick if you met don't matter it don't matter don't matter this is my journey like like like a._j. Telling ya this is my journey and when you been like i've been i've been i'm telling you man i've been i've been to lowe's masol so this is an old tom hi. This is an all tom. <hes> you know <hes>. I got kids in college. Now never would have thought it. My son is in college doorman. Na na na na. I'm fucking very very proud of what i've been able to do. Man very proud of the audience that we've been able to build the community the comanche look at border wars. Man is growing a few more all us and what could board awards be border wars be now man. I'm not i'm not doubt about. I've been about that shit back in the day man wearing about focus stinking in acting and doing shifa people man and he got me. Nowhere got me nowhere because you know my my my my. My father always told me brian. This is like oh. I'm pretty sure this is not just a spanish phrase. This is like everywhere. You know all all languages all racist but you realize who your friends are. When you dead talked up on fucking jail i mean when you when you in in the hospital or in jail that's ed and you realize when you did everybody else did at your wake in a funeral. You know what i mean so i'd been in them. Situations man and i learnt net and i'm just trying to grow and grow this brand and this platform are are alkyl kikkoman. He used to say as he used to say little tiny pantheon. What is it amazed. The lions on metairie son can always be the line. I can you wanna roy snyman. The lions are on the cemetery very both alcohol room for real. You know you gotta you gotta take everyone's opinion you know and never mino- sometimes it applies. We got some callers. I know nobody to my head off and no apologize how long way we literally year but there's no bill. You'd say but yeah i i. I've been on for a little while but i don't count in to like a lot of asian went down. He sir i am won't be five and all the on day mary sue i'm the kind of eight you'd think would all like like you already know about that. They want to send all night that whereas rotterdam which is you gotta take charge air in the book. You know what i'm saying. You got a job to do. You know you know some of the some of the calls you know. Unappealing accounting me like you did like that was almost like a nigga spit on me. He wasn't the one that got wet beyond to be no lada jump over that look so we ought to call the pain you feel but like i always san damn them. Wanna smoke pilots tone some nature right. I mean they had to come in and tom season. Some were like yeah. Damn watershed the wallet shit apology man i. I know i know the difference. I'm yeah but i'm saying fake. I know but i'm just saying yes. Yes delicious. It's not like he he apologized and and you know i ain't gonna from going act like that. Situation didn't help me me like it did because like they they felt responsible and my access is a little better like i said the other day right i was. I was upstairs with a._j. A._j. Normally that's only normally that's key fighting. That's dan rayfield. That's thomas hauser. You know kevin. I only the big writers big publications. They get to go upstairs. They get the proper tom and then they wait for the video. Guys later like lately. They've been bringing me up for the triple g. You know yeah you could come texan sue so this man. If you've gotta take you gotta take the bad with the good. Sometimes you know a a situation mike that turns into this where they realized their employees was wrong and now i get treated better long. There is no saying you raise like that. It's just not going as you raise like that. We all need whereas today you did not not not in a bad rap right my sound. That was the knicks blue bag good way on a second. I the reason now the new how fell vowed that. I don't remember when i was telling him i mean i taylor right. Quick right now this well. We got there and you can't all you on this year. You guys listen this out. What what what is considered uh of slack. How bad is considered a flat young child okay yeah. No i get where you're going. Have you got a dial on all right. So i wanna ask me is this. You know talk to right now but we understand why. Why do you dig a hundred hundred twenty. This sounds good second and over member. My justification lisa for that is that we was using crawford as the barometer in a unification to belts and he did do it. He did more than that. You'll follow. It's like nine fifty his second one that one hundred number one child days when i'm going to show a who dat googling my now tax government contracts look. They don't even want to talk about that. Vic the post them tell you you google it. I'm tired you pull up. Ca you pull up pay per view. They're pulling up all his con. Con could go there go chant two thousand sixteen cross versatile brings between fifty to sixty k. dog. I don't be doing matt man. I hate i was i was actually going to take. I can tell you that i mean i. I remember this though again. He had his fill. Is we talk. Welcome out terence crawford right unifying on age be oh everybody kovalev did a million plus every single automall h._b._o. Not pay per views not trying to be slick and slide that in no he did not do kovolev million pay per view is but every time he was on that was the premium network. We've been all age. Bill just went out of business. You're telling me on the biggest network in boxing because pcs and all that exist back then you only did fifty so i was going offer that to apologize to me. He needs to be your best. I get it you was ignorant like the rest of the world because we never seen a pay per view on fox. I it's okay for you to say what you say. You was going based off the old model. I'm not going forward to for that but this is a new model where mother fucking as london lorca fighter alvarez and do one point four million bucks. I know we never seen boxing on fox like they too judgmental. They judgmental like we allowed to make mistakes. Fox was new. Oh i get called the fan boy all of a sudden. I only like certain p._b._c. fighters. I don't like early early. Chew man some a box of chocolates stood in you know that you've been come from your your coke chew but somebody like two hundred thousands and that was a lot that must have been a gps fight. 'em you walk from canada canada. No no no no he yeah he did. All one seventies like one seventy and one night. It's jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi jamie. It's me jamie me. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey hey and the trombone was bob wine and you say we'll help you find coverage options. A bit your budget then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at ya savings coming at ya. Yes no. Maybe anyway see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. Let's say you just bought a house bad news. Is your one step closer to becoming your parents wants. You'll proudly mow the lawn and give anybody noticed you. Mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn compared to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn on again. Good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance which of course we'll go right into the lawn progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations nine off matt gay don champion chan that those are his flops with jacob and with lumiere lem you'll because we thought gennady was star. Jordan endorsed him apple endorsed him the h. b. O. rien his nut sack. All the ride has been talking about and and he flopped he do numbers to another believe me but i'm pressing the enter now and you by the way because he's been a ninety thousand with somebody in verses one seventy one ninety. I bet you but i got you know david immune named funniest ho two spo live commu cannon on issue. Let's see what comes doodoo do. What is this can david. Immu issue yeah. We got to see they go. Balch generates one hundred and fifty two right. This is what i do at his sport score. My brain only has filing cabinets for box and yes every now and then i'll make a mistake and say things like pascal beat. Fucking shit was backwards so was allowed to make mistakes. I'm out in troy and baltimore was up man. I'm just going to focus on the fight. <hes> you know i'm i'm looking forward to fight because i don't recall a fight. It has ever pushed arrow spins to fight at a pace that he didn't dictate and i believe puertas going to do that. I release gonna push the pace maker fight a little faster than he really wants to because <hes> i really believe that aero. Aero is a very talented brother what he's killing himself to make that weight. If you push him then you can wear them out and you know we'll see what happens is. The fight goes on and also with <hes> with porter. They can either be very ugly or he could. He could fight you to say where he fought. Alexander so porter ken actually bucks and you can take good punches. We see but you know fights like this. What draws me to him that that i get to ask questions. It's not that you can look at the fight and say okay. This guy's definitely going to win noah as a fan. It makes you ask questions and that's what that's what makes this flight six. Oh good so yeah so <hes> and and also just real quick to give you rang right right right. I stated yesterday family doubt addams family those atoms family but <hes> yeah listen listen. I gotta talk for you man 'cause you. You said al's avoided using my thing as an excuse. Why don't we get some kiss together. Man you get some kids from where you at. I guess some kids over here my side train them up and then we <hes> you come out to be more with your kids and we go from there and see which kids wins. You know whoever wins. Let's say you have a wins. We take the kids out to eat or whatever and go from there because there's no way that i'm getting in the ring any via. Let's be very honest. I'm not stupid at this point in my life you wanna do. They'll play you play the general. The kids know kids. Come to the gym. You go through right now at yo that shit listen i'm gonna be. I'm being honest the day jim that we can go right now that we usually get there around eleven to arrive o'clock. There's really no children the only u._k. Okay young adult day. He's probably gonna be turning pro and his father's trainer and he superstring bro and then endure okay okay you know. Where are you at elizabeth. Where were you a jersey okay. I'll tell you what i'm i'm sending this call out to someone show to any boxing program in jersey ready to channel by i mean this is a full time job still grind and trying to get okay. I gotta do these three though you heard <hes> boomerang sure you know if you won't come back back but yeah so the gym we go to nine. There's way more kids. They're <unk>. Mam domain could tell you try to even teach them kids anything. They train us. Be so like yo. That's my fight he so to me. I happen to me cause. I ain't trying to teach nobody nothing. I'm not getting i tried you know i was working with a kid <hes> actually no his his father and he's already he already has his coaches there but <hes> yeah definitely definitely gotta talk to any of the coaches before you start doing anything with anybody buddy. They really touchy about that. Even though they came off brash to me the very next day they very able to everybody likes very very territorial with their fighters. That's just the bottom line the territorial they don't want no one doing pads with april who knows right. That's a troy troy. You still want to do something like that. We could include this into the border wars series where you might just have some guys around your way that want to join the border war series train them they. They can join the board awards. Nets you know we got some guys. I hear always trying to join. We just match guys up yeah man. I mean look that's. The go board was pushing sinead but i hear you right. I could change going on but i would love to be a trainer. If i had the tom bowman i everytime boorda was always think i got the right advice. I actually gave mike the right advice <hes> and he started being successful in his fight. You know <hes> bugging my necessary. I'm in the fucking ring all talk to him. I'm don against bombing. Say why many are calling me so my ness. I'm in jersey would up. When can we spun be flying in such and such week why i say that chump ass nigga hit you with these amex. Put you on front street. Y'all so jonathan says nasr. Is you lie in you. Said cross was a topic but you didn't want the mikey fi on pay per view. You were against it from the jump hence why it comes off as i get along with you man i get it. I get it you want me to be sympathetic that his feelings were hurt because i was fighting for you for you. You're fighting for him. I'm fighting for you. I told you that fight wasn't pay per view worthy and now you want on a justify because four hundred thousand suckers bought it that it was come on cia. You knew it was going to happen. What was worthy about that. Oh the fact that mike was mexican and brought a fan base. I get it and again as the voice of the people. I'm here to tell you. The truth oof made it. Tell you the truth. Come on man. You don't want the truth man you earl fan. That's what it is and that's cool. That's cool and yo- you. I've seen you say damn. I wish which i can call him brother. You did enough supercharge that you could have just became a boomerang. You know what i mean and been able to call in every day two times take for the 'cause. You super chatted yo ass off today but we do appreciate it. I'm not saying that in a sarcastic way condescending way totally appreciate. She ate your support and your engagement with the show. We're going out to florida talk to me. The judge is working today. Listen this is definitely majority must be just working on that. No i'm hosting us to gibbs instagram and twitter at ness g. t. o. <hes> don't forget to subscribe to youtube channel right here at youtube dot com for slash the box of everett in alabama. I see you there but joining press one thought you had pressed one but maybe a mom but and i we oh randy randy. I ain't get to orlando. Did i ready bro. Almost lou man you can't use the name no more chair viewing sign up the no birdwell season six. The dow was down here in florida was in like i wasn't working at the time i was trapping. She and i had the time to do it but i never got recall. It was signed up and we'll see if you get the fine. It's like come on bro. Come home a sign up. I need them. I need to be a hundred percent. I five nobody calls out. Do me do me only for twice in boorda. Was you knew if you signed up. You've got eighty nine lose boy beating stop one in the other one. He lost by decision and guess was someone in florida's coming up the fight domi this time since you ain't do it. They say miami and building three. Who's who's do. That's coming from florida who do rowley. Why don't you follow me <music> because i've been training you cloud chase and that's how i got frustrated. We don't need gotta recorded. We don't even got a recording forty nine. Now you wanna spar sign. Not you've been calling on do me almost three years. Come on when you're gonna sign up. Look we gonna leave. Leave that for next for the saturday. Show talk back some stunning clock. Go i bet on you got water thrown on you hear about that liking j. secure the era era. I what happens when you when you got them tough questions man. They got a cool you off now but i respect you. Cut the coo alliance with calling like yo you. Do you need to know how to conduct yourself. You've given me there's a place in a tom. Now you know react understand that but what's it called with aerospace and the support a day and she's just going to be a good ass bite bro. I like to be honest. I think aerospace gonna edge it out but it's gonna be a hard fight. In my opinion cause you ain't nobody like port with an coma him. You know porter with lou ahead but she kind of get down low income up real quick so anything think thing and that's it. That's my goal. I ran the thanks for calling in brother. Sorry almost missed you. Let's let's go out to troy on a boomerang yeah when we were saying something what. What were you saying man i. I didn't catch all about what you were saying that <hes> could acted. I said something about kids and he said he edit the border wars. Go along that line if you if you guys wanted to play at that that that you know tactical generalship you know you guys sending out the soldiers to battle you. You can do it on board awards. You find some some guys that we don't want to join. Toronto area next could probably find you know one or two guys around his area. We could just do make it a teen teen teen that yes. I would meow very honest with you. I want to get back into it. I've been trained in a while galaxy. I didn't just train train the regular kids i i went down into the corner of training knuckleheads and also got murdered man at baltimore into to a depression so i i just chilled in the bothered me but <hes> <hes> what is something else. I have to say not lost. It's much thought damn shame you know n._o. N._o. I actually went to something. No i wanna come to new orleans but i never stay a tourist area when i go anywhere i like to go through the real areas but i don't go anywhere without somebody who knows the territory you know actually meeting embassador with her and i wanted to know what it'd be my factor once out and make my mind that i wanna come into orlands for a weekend or a week or whatever he takes me around to the real places late to help man you know we probably jerk pygmy gumbo and makes money forever. You never know but <hes> just have a reach out to me because i'm serious man uncut cuddly sweet got your hopefully. He heard we're going out to majedi. Fota magician florida's available talk to this day. I see that oh. I've got a little apiece right here but <hes> anyway <hes>. I'm going with asp ezquerro book. I'm going to go with airspace and i'm looking at it. Condo light when <hes> when import for kell brook for the chart all russian shit you see how tell brooke just question month a little bit you know into uh. He just nullified that shit for the most part and you know ensure import. Hey look like the show imported weed. No i know he didn't train and got better and all that shit but overall. I don't really see nothing going. Different ago spent probably ted at us up a little bit more you know but <hes> that's all our god on galway spits. You know maybe maybe decisions. Maybe he stopped them but either way he wanna take that w i think <hes> show input acting out of character to but <hes> as all i got everybody liked the video support or german. Thanks for calling in enjoy that weather out of florida keeping safe going to kelly dan from good weather the good weather. I'm thailand. It's a giant portion of do we drifted closer jose. Y'all what's up my box and brothers toppling morning yo hey upper <music> gig <hes> spent in poorer. I think it's going to be to finally year though man. I think it's going to be very competitive fight. I do ed spence the win the fight no an ad from dad all right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive gotta take these off right what mrs let's go wow. Where did you get this. I'm talking to you with the hair yeah. Where did you get this good stuff solid. That's not veneer that solid stuff progressive can't save you from becoming your parents but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto progressive casualty insurance company affiliates in other insurance discounts not available little states or situations. The world is changing at a rate like never before so lies in education strayer university's revolutionizing higher education nation to help you finish your degree. We make transferring credits simple create binge worthy course content that keep you engaged and design a._i. Powered tools to help you graduate welcome to the future of education strayer university out with the old school spirit university certified to operate by chef but <hes> i do think it's going to be competitive but i would not be surprised if porter one and four is <hes> it does boxing community man motherfuckers taking this shit too personal man. Ain't none of us getting paid from these fighters. We ain't making millions of dollars. Y'all your <hes> even myself. I used to but <hes> taking this into personal man just is t. b. B. is the thunderdome we going battle. We're gonna talk shit become body. Call in and disagree with me. I don't take it personal. We all got opinions. If you want to go oh to a show where you're all agreed to sit man. This is the terror dome. We get down. We get busy but i like only y'all. I respect all of y'all but y'all take too personal to fucking emotional man <hes>. I don't know what happened with this more. Mike you a great asset brother. I hope you <hes> come back to shore but <hes> y'all gotta get out your feelings y'all act right y'all sponsoring being sponsored by the fighters man these fighters y'all even notified irs man. Y'all get near really ready to fight each other over the fucking fighters man. I never got hall. I see he <hes> to football team. Fans fighting in the fucking arena go to jail in all these fucking football players getting paid millions grow man road aww fuck up is silly man. You want to go to jail and these other spending get home today. Mansions and they're gonna shake hands with the team. I'm the opposite team and <hes> no. I hear what you're saying. <hes> i'm from south central l._a. I went to washington high school the same high school took you went to. I'm a lot older than y'all. Hey new york is lie. It is the same as here. I used to think that we the hardest thing on the planet but <hes> they live in new york now. Walk the streets of brooklyn. I'll walk the streets of harlem i went to d._c. They make us live to man. We don't hold it's. It's everywhere that you busy dislike south central l._a. And i and trust me i've been there and i didn't go take the tourist route. I wanted to see he's like my man. Toy said he wanna see the hood everywhere. I went travel. I wanted to see the hood and it's live everywhere man and everybody it gets busy but there's some oh ignorant as shit. I'm just bound to make a point but <hes> decimal call a man. I was all you're listening to best best day. Good friday at guilt weekend p info joe and i'm out. We appreciate your wisdom o._g. Infomer- gone one out to edward in alabama. Hey what's up man yeah. I think i heard somebody earlier. People team mentioned aerial charleston. There have been tested. We we must forget about the calabro fight man that was a tight fight was points for kelly brook was pushing them back. I mean kelly brook is and small so this isn't this is gonna be this is going to be even to me literally fifty fify if if trump comes in there and he's determined he's not gonna get stopped. It's all things to it and i think like i said i am coming down on you. When you were evaluating their fight you predicted to pave you. I think the only part that you missed out on is that p._b._c. A._b._c. might be a better promotional company than out. I mean <hes> <hes> bother them. You know what i'm saying because the way promote their fighters if you notice a lot of they're they're showing dr day great and p._d.'s millions here on this this this that thousand on their their pay per views and stuff like that so i think that's the only part you missed your evaluation. The fight it being garbage of being one-sided was absolutely right so props to that whatever yeah like you said we come on and talk crap. You know we all come on here. We mix it up from from time to time. I mean there needs to be some host on this show. I couldn't get them stare but it wasn't like i got upset. I still call it every week and stuff like that so let's not take it so personal. We just <unk> out. We have a good time and you know we joined the fight. They call thanks for calling in man. Appreciate your thoughts that is every one. I want to thank everyone for joining and catch us on the next one. I'm host gibbs. Instruments would add ness g._t._o. And i'm alex doomsday line is man. You can catch me on. I g alex undescored doomsday underscore l._a. I n easy or on twitter alexander t._b. Don't forget to check us out on patriots on board awards says approaching almost this week's sweet ready fighters already if you don't know the war series is you the fans in all the join our border war series in go ahead and go through the motions of what real fighters go through promotional in the face solves the shit talking the work that you gotta put in we matchup is you know according to whatever skills that they are an wait levels and <hes> <hes> keep it fair you know the beauty of this thing is every time we have a border war series after these guys you know take on this competition against each other. We always make friends. He's the family's growing bigger i mean. Everybody was all types of great guys across the country. It's a beautiful way for us to get together unaware on here on the show some move your chats similar you call land but it's great to always put a face to the voice and the to the typing so yeah go ahead and check it out go to patriarch on plenty of ways to go ahead and make donations different tiers saul about what you wanna do what you wanna have access to but three dollar fod aww definitely get you that access to the border wars toy e much appreciate you guys with all the support. This is what we do. A mass nest said he's trying to make sure that you know maybe we can make a living off of this and a constantly. Bring you guys all the box did not have to like you know worry about having a go. Do what everyone else has to do which is pretty much work. You gotta work man but if we could earn a living like this it would definitely take a lot of pressures off of us always resume work because yes. It was a full fucking day for me. I'm telling you man my ashes flat like a pancake upload. I haven't even uploaded a the video. You know what i mean because we had to go to new york. You know spent like seven hours dead and come over here to do the show another three hours on a show did the morning the show yesterday was one of them days eighteen hours a day without a doubt and you know what this is what i wanna do. I wanna bring you guys the the news that in a sport that we all love and <hes> yeah man hopefully this can be this conjuring t._v. Spagnolo man we. We've got a good thing you mentioned in other audience man. We're gonna get on our logan. Paul care size. Should we gotta track another audience man. We gotta grow back on subs man so get ready tv pianist by new orleans coming soon latinos kidding eat a shakhiar radio the lost boy episode <hes> i said last doorknob like i said it multiple sylla put up through fourteen thimble sale spaniel latinos america styles leaders. He's talking is finding tahiliani. This thing that we're trying to stay deport the torah not kazaa kazaa listed report the front front on hesitancy apoyo alexandria russia peace peace have good morning can catch us on the next one. Don't forget to subscribe to youtube channel right here. At youtube dot com forward slash boxing boys piece lows pros like you get the job done right by having more of the supplies you use most in stock every day like treated lumber fencing and decking in the quantities. Do you need for any size job and we say with deals like twenty dollars off a topo h._p. Three point five inch gauge twenty one degree matt framing nail now just one hundred seventy nine dollars order ahead head at lowes for pros dot com and have your order delivered or pick up in store our dedicated promoters mode you up and get you back to the job. Site gore needed most do it right for less start with lowe's offer valid through nine eight u._s. Only hi it's jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi jamie. It's me jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey and the trombone goes bah want and you say we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at ya savings coming at ya yes no. Maybe anyway see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law.

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