#285 - What Is Going On Here?


Welcome back to the basement yard patriot. How you doing frank. Why did you start like that. I don't know i was full on ready for you. Two things one. Yes just farted to traveled up my my sweater and it smells like a pumpkin. Really impressive usually. I i would pay for that afar fletch. No one's ever paid people. Say for far fucking far. Forty pay paid parts. People pay for us. People definitely paver paying far definitely like an old italian woman how they make sauce and put it in the garage afar jars and put it in my garage. People be so fucking hype if you did that is sometimes far and it smells like a doctor's office another time in a rubber glove pumpkins and other times fucking poop. Yeah well that last one makes the most sense. Yeah that one is most of the time usually when i eat ice cream really do you get. Do they like hurt you do. They burn sometimes farts. Burn butts eleven. That was canceled screen. And that was yeah. Yeah yeah no i. It doesn't really hurt too much. Because i like to eat healthy now. Candle baby back in the day to drink a lot of milk. It'd be thirsty. And i'm just gonna drink a ton of milk it'd be farting and it'd be burning. My my rim. Sounds pretty good. One thing. I wanted to say before we start here today. This is that before when you were in the bathroom. I was in the kitchen and i was eating a banana. Oh yeah and as you as you were coming out of the bathroom i was like. Oh this'll be a funny joke. So i pretended to take the banana and shoved it at my ass and which is like came so i was just in my in my kitchen. And no one's looking at. You had a smirk on your. Yeah i was like what the fuck is he doing. Why is he laughing. I was doing job. Chevrolet banana my ass and no one was there to see it so it was kind of. I can't tell you how embarrassing how so many stories of things like that. Where like bekker's come home and pretended to be like face down ass up like but naked concept. She doesn't like doesn't like walk into the room for a while. Also have to just like get dressed in my own sorrow. Shame for your bottles for the win for no reason it was you know but hey i mean some of my funniest moments. No one has been around to see. That's a fact jack. But this episode. Joey is Something i came up with Because i was going through the archives. And i was looking at stuff and i was pulling up old pictures in the title of this episode is what's going on here y- thirteen fifteen thousand pictures on your laptop that date back to like two thousand ten i they do they certainly do for my old and there's a lot that are still like on you know what i mean like. There are some pictures that are just like gone to the time. This is a decade of memories. This is this is a decade and memories and some even older than that. yeah. And what. I what i did is i pulled up pictures that you really haven't seen right and we're going to go through and we're gonna talk about them and say like what's going on here. Yeah i can only see the first one right now and as a hit next. I'll see the others but yeah let's talk about this one. This is the first one. This is chosen five. To four is fifteen sixteen years ago to things right off the bat about uranium witch hat and those boots wouldn't fit you now. They would wearing tubes baby new yorker remember those. That's the first pair of jeans i've ever like. I owned like like cute kid jeans but like as long as you've had jeans no cute kid genes like kids and gene oshkosh. Yeah and they're like oh like crumpled near like the legs and the arms. This was your first carpenter pant. There are no arms on jeans. Those are the one. Didn't have one of those straps where you could like. Hold a hammer in there. I'm sure sure i'm sure deputies. I remember this was like do you remember back in the day. You would buy one outfit and you would try to make. You'd wear that one outfit like once every two weeks two weeks every six days. Yeah you're frequent but my outfit was those jeans and those timberland boots. Which i didn't ever tie. Yeah yeah i mean. Listen and that's also address. I don't think. I wore jeans until i was fourteen years old. You there was a point in time where people don't realize i was compared to you. A fucking giant. Yeah it was a small little bit south of fucking boy house. Little tiny matt look at look at the size of your head compared to my fist. Yeah you coulda knocked my block. That's why you always kept me around. Because he knew. I could physically kill you probably until now i'm fat. You got better looking. And i think from there it just went downhill for me. I think it went uphill for a while. Did it and there was a slide. Do you remember where these pictures were. This was this was jamie's basement. Yes in love with you. Were hard in love with from kindergarten to five grade. Why the fuck pass that joe. I think it was like seventh grade non once we once. We parted school. I remember the past man knows you choir's the king note passing ladies and gentlemen. If you didn't know this king the king the king i would pass now. All hail the king. Let me tell you you pass those two. I would say. I was the intermediary like i would not be re written by you giving me to give to somebody else. That's all baby. i was just fucking passenger. Yeah but then in middle school are slamming. Those was slamming but not just little notes. Because that's what we do the right now here. I used to write fun romantic novel. Easter eight letters and pretend my name is yet. Oh god i'll never get over that. But yeah i remember this day specifically because and i remember those pants for some reason i remember those pants but this was in jamie's basement and someone took this one of those cameras that we had. We had a friend. I don't know that she's still a friend. We just don't see her ever Chelsea who just like followed everyone with we have. We have chelsea to thank for a lot of our memories because she just had a cameras he was really into photography. And like this is back before phones or for anything. She would take pictures of all the time and it would just. It was like a thing like oh goal. Yeah my space and it exactly where it was on my say and do you remember like in this photo shoot. We also like put on wigs and pretend to cut off. Your weiner pretended to have black. Weiner was that it was like a whip. There are a little weird things going on genius. Pc is going on down there. This is the least of the issue. A witch hat and then there was like a. It wasn't a penis but it was something that resembled a harry payne fallas very phallic looking item. One hundred and you put it in your pants. Pretend and there was a wig that we pretend to where your pews that yes that which back in the day. You had some wild tubes. You always say that you did. I remember. i remember. You had fucking cubes for days going to have to change your mind. Eventually because i've been keeping up with that is not not here. Craze fifteen million patrons will do that. This is a good old. They look at the just just not a care in the world sitting nice friendly couple of friends hanging out. The only thing we cared about is where we were putting our fingers. Yeah now each other. Well yeah no well. No one even knows you can interpret that how you will. Because i don't even know the answer is true talking about pubic. Yep yep all kinds of stuff. Let's get to the next next one. You got to click on the click on that. Have frank joey joey. What's going on here. Arrive frankie I don't know. I feel like i thoroughly you. Look at me. This is this is kind of like the any angle you get it right in your soul and like you feel like you're disappointed me when i'm actually disappointed in youth. Well listen. i'm disappointed at myself. I remember. I was in my first year of grad school. And that was the most my facial hair could do like. I just want to say this before you know. Go into like a long as yours. Yeah i just quick quick thing. That's socks it was such an awesome time. It was such that. I will say this stash is actually pretty nice. Not bad yeah. It's just everything around it. I didn't i didn't earn like my face is allowed to have that mustache there. I was pretty heavy. Fattest year i think i would say you. Look nothing like that right. Thank god yes. I remember i was like in my mornings. It was a part of my routine to wax the end of my mustache as i was thinking wax. No like i would. I would get i. I bought moustache wax just to twirl the end of it. That's good and it was a pretty. I mean that's a pretty good twirl. We got going on their baby. Yeah yeah it's something but yeah you look like a now. This was post. Ra frank first year are d. Frank is this someone that you hold in your your heart fucking. Hey is really why. It is what i can't even look at it. I can't even look at it. Because it's so distracting. Should i do know if yeah you can do it now. Yeah you could. Just don't have that big of a face and the mustache and glasses don't help either. Like those are stylistically dead like there's no fucking a barren wasteland of any sort of style. Yeah yeah you also just look like someone made you take this picture. We kind of like yeah fine. I think i think this was a candidate taken by you. I don't remember where. Or when. But i'm pretty sure it was It was around end. Twenty fourteen beginning at twenty fifteen but an excellent year. it was It was a rough year. You're looking into the heart and soul of a man. That was heartbroken a lot of pain there. I could see that. I can convey the pain. Oh fuck this is great. I'm having a great time. Not all of these are of you. Some of them are like you were. You're there for them and their time in our lives next. Oh ooh now vis this is prime those gang signs and everything baby. So i don't. I'll be honest with you. At the time and i would say even. I don't really know what i'm doing weed. I'm pretty sure that's like albani. Ah i'm yeah i'm throwing up. W which is normally commonly associated with the west side west side. We live on the east coast. We live on the east coast. Although on the east side of town we could not be more east. We're not around the west side of our town. Yeah there's water right next to us and it's called the east river. yes so Is it yeah river. Oh i was saying like right next to laguardia. That's like the bay and the ocean. That i don't know different different but you're wearing my green astros hat that didn't fit me. It didn't fit me. You could have fit my whole self. In there i well. So that's not like tilted that was put on your head normal and it just fell right. I'm not going for a ti kind of know. Oh how does he do it. It's got to be some sort of tape. It's gotta be right away him. His wife got some crazy allegations right now. Wow what's going that. They were like they were having sex. And some of it wasn't consensual rugs and oh no. That's not good. Yeah that's probably why he's out of ant man. He was in ant man. Three he was man wanted to. Now he's out of ant man three happens tip. Don't call yourself tip by the way guys unless you wanna make fun of. But he has a lot of guns he has gone. He has money. He's got he's got money. Okay so that if you got guns and money you can call yourself. Whatever you want tip. Yeah lip still going to need some consent. Otherwise you're going to do with that jail. Oh yeah then you're going to be getting the tip in fucking jail right We thought we were like i fence go. We weren't like this like this was a joke. No to an extent like we weren't like throwing up gang signs. Were like when you would talk with us. We'd be like yo. It's up like normal but like when we were like it was like well come to dub dub black. Yeah yeah yeah. With the boys boys boys living with boys block on the block in decreed decribe bat. Cave was on my. That was my phone number and my my house phone number in my phone. Your house phone number was the vacuum not the bat cave dubbed bat cave. Gotcha the very important. So that would make you. D batman. Batman was i. You're probably robin. Yeah okay but yeah. I remember this picture because this again chelsea. Hawkin it up. Yeah i was wearing scarface boxers. That said the world is yours around the the elastic crazy part about that is that it wasn't just the world never was mine and it never will be baby. Did you have any of those. Like graphic boxers. I remember one of my first pair of boxers. I the switch from tidy lights. Two boxers. I thought i was so fucking cool and hindsight And they were just Four clovers and it's and it said feeling lucky. Oh yeah and. I wore them to the bone like i killed them. They had reps dude. I still have some boxers from when i was in fucking sixth grade. I still have my looney toon boxers. They're like they're in my drawer. I'll never get rid of them because bomb my issue obviously collectibles they are. I mean. think about the balls that dropped those eventually doubles dough balls onto block with two boys in decree toback cave honestly. Well yeah This was this. This was this was quite this quite time unreal. We like what was it like. Did you have any cause you wore like pretty much like just like fucking tommy hilfiger sweatshirts and just baggy sweats. Yeah i like i said. I don't think i wore jeans and fourteen. And then. When i started wearing jeans they were big old jeans. Baby jeans big jeans ever levin looking jeans yeah never warning chains like on my pants or where chains. Yeah well. I did go through a phase where i wore some would rosary beads. Did you for like a hot. We you were big fan of those fucking silicone bands. You know how fucking badly. I wanted my hands on one of those braces. They said iheart bubis. I had one and let me tell you they were just as stupid as you would know. They were will there about like breast cancer. Which that's cool. Yay not breast cancer is not cool but like warning and the it and research. That's the cool thing. Right and movies are cool bubis. Yeah pretty pretty critical. You had i remember. You had like lip strong one and then like a sleep. Walkers one had one that was wooden and had some like a religious figures. Yup yup. yup. I remember those. And i just i couldn't even tell you what i had the chains i had my girlfriend got me dog tags for our for my birthday right. Because you're you're. I'm a fucking a soldier. Yeah your soldier. I'm a soldier for her. Okay i think it was around that time that song. That doesn't child's came song came out. I need a soldier and she wanted you to be this old. I was the soldier for her. You know i think that's also a tip perish song. I believe there was little wayne where you got it. I'm the hottest around i think. That's i'm assuming that's what's the what's the lane one. I think he's alive or maybe i don't whatever yeah good good times next one so this. This is the first time. I grow my hair. That was a log that had been at that point in my life. How did it get so straight so straightened. It got it. You'd look like andrew chi that's we were like in third grade with. How did i remember last. I don't know but someone what has happened. They told me that. I looked like you ever see that picture of the cat with a hollowed out lime unattended. Fuck all i do know what. You're a very soft helmet. It was very surprisingly shocked because my hair naturally is very curly. This this just this feels british. This could see that just feels british like right before that picture. I was like deby's is coming like a psych ward. Like what are we. What are we in no. I was in a bathroom. Yeah i know that. It was my friends when i lived at college. I was in my gra- grad school again. Okay because yeah. That doesn't look like anywhere. That's a very poorly decorated bathroom. You could say that again. It did look like it was very white. I'll say that just as all scary things in this world arm white you there. There's one year where you begged for this for your birthday. I did i did. I did because i had. Frankie hit this picture from me for so long wall would do you blame me because it's a it's a relic and it needs to be in in a in a museum by the way. How do you say that word museum museum new museum. No you don't. I do i say museum. No you fucking. I'm just said museum did. Yeah i said it's you. Do you speak differently to other fucking people know purposely pronounced the correctly to you but i say like museum museum. Seattle say museum. How do you say the stuff you drink in the morning. What the fuck is that like. it's hot and you put coffee coffee coffee with the fucked zamudio on maybe okay. This is also very heartbroken person. You're seeing right here really because it looks like you're living it up. You know. I was pretty happy. Yeah it looks like you're really having a good and the saddest part is always very sober in this picture. Yeah you would you. You should grow your hair out. Yeah one second more combat would about it. What's that guy's name. There's a lot of the main guy in the movie king. Yeah i kind of if i was leukaemia crush it animality. It'd be fired. You don't know what i'm talking about. Don't even pretend you said animality. Yeah you don't know what that is. You're dumb bitch or is it bestiality. No that's something different. That's a fucking forces dogs. yeah not just. Dogs is any anything in the animal. Animal go ahead what the humans are in the animal kingdom. So ever tell you. I saw someone suck off dolphin. Once i have randomly on the dome was it was an asian woman. Oh that's i feel like. I wanna be like yeah tone. I don't wanna be racist or anything. But i just want to say the japanese. They do some stuff on the internet and one on one of them. One of them is sucking off dolphins. Because i did see. I didn't even know. Dolphins at penises up until that point i mean they're mammals got but i feel like they're hard to find and then also you have to get one point to a dolphins penis. Joey but what are you gonna. Do you gonna get the dolphin either way. The dolphin up point there it the dolphin pick up office. It's a big fish. It's it is a big fit and they're smart. They know what you do. Dale know if you've ever seen stop don't touch me there. This is my private square. Like they're they know to leave them alone. Did you just do stop. Did you learn that in college. Did nice all right next picture. Okay remember the time you remember this. I do remember. Frankie hit me up. And he's like yo. I'm going to be on tv. Do you wanna come. I thought i was going to be on tv. And i actively chose to wear suspenders for the occasion. Yeah so this is back. This might have been like our de frank disrupt. Yeah this was this was. Yeah yeah it was which would explain this suspension spenders. Yeah and the glosses. Yeah i you got the hair flip so close to still being a douche right. Don't look terrible there you good. I mean you're making me look tiny though. Because you're you're you're small boy. I don't think you realize like you look big and masculine and hot but next to me it shrinks you down you know but We went to so a friend of mine from college. She's like do you want be on the game show. It's not like you go. Mike get selected and you can win like shit. And i was like that was actually when i learned how they do the tv stuff. Do you remember all right. So it was called best time ever with neil patrick hair. It was a live show to very live first of all canceled. Yes gone after like four episodes got out baldwin and nicole ensures your She nicole alec baldwin was the host. Yeah no he was like the guest host the guest announcer or whatever n. p. h. was the. Npa was up there. Do you remember like be mean. He was like kind of mean inbetween takes. I don't remember that they would go to like commercial break and it would stop it. He'd be like ride. He didn't have a deep voice like that but like he would like bark orders at people. i get. it's a very hectic area. But one of the reasons that i like this show. Put me off to like hollywood and like so much. Do you remember when we were in that room and they were like everyone. Say something interesting about yourself dude. That was the best time at all. Let me just tell them my point of view so funny so they they take the people that are possibly going to be picked to be put on the show and they put them in a room beforehand. You can like an two hours before showtime and filming a story so it was easy for us right so we we went and they put all the guests so me and all the other people that were coming with the people who are actually gonna show on one side and then all the people who were possibly gonna be in the show on the other side and then going up and down the rows and being like stand up and say something about yourself mind you. They only put the most like bubbly and outgoing in on tv. And that's why when you watch. The price is right. You get someone up there on. Check this person's a psycho so everyone knows that going into this. I assume it seemed like he was like everyone at twenty tile. This everyone knew it but Exactly what the person that wanted to get picked win money and it was. It was so funny because they'd be like are tell something about yourself and one was like high agatha. I speak three languages and my husband is a mailman. And then all the people around know that they're being filmed and taped the whole time. So they're like. Oh who like. It was fucking insanely kept looking at each other. Like what the fuck. You're in the wrong place. What i don't even remember what my interesting fact was. I can tell you this okay. I know that there was a legitimate trend of people saying they speak certain languages and then you stood up and the first thing you said was hi. I'm frank i'm only speaking. I don't speak seven languages and then you said something else. I don't know what the fact was but it was just like whatever the fuck it was but it was at least high. Yeah betsy yeah it's like it's a stay at home wife. I had four. Yeah like the light of my life with driving me. Co-coping fucking grow. And this is. I remember saying to myself like damn that was visible. And someone said like yo. That's what every fucking waking minute is in hollywood like if you live in los angeles you'll be all right at a restaurant like can i get the caesar salad. Oh you want the caesar salad. Well let me tell you. There's no world. Caesar on a pantley take shit on that person. It was exhau-. And then at the taping i remember had like a like a fucking role of the pictures of people that were get picked for the and say and mine was the one right before they got picked off and the trivia. I would swept this shit because it was like named four members of the beatles and the person that there was like. 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We were miami. This was what twenty twelve yet. This was yet judah. Twenty right before i turned twenty one. Looks like a he was. Yeah the funds fons first of all he is. No i kid. You not like ninety pounds lighter here. He's he's like one hundred ten soaking wet here. he probably benched. I would say eighteen pounds in this picture. And then now benches. I think one hundred million pounds so like a mansion someone just like blew him up just took him and just. Hey and what are you doing. Do you not realize that this is the internet. And you can't just do that. do you. Not realize because it's going to be embarrassed anyway. He's gonna hit me up. He'd be like but do you remember what he was drinking what he was drinking. Do you remember. I remember this as clear as day because something specific. Yeah it was fucking disgusting. It was pink lemonade brunettes. Oh yeah yeah oh disgusting. There was a there was a There was a liquor store like a block away from this place of. You're staying out of miami and we would go to every single day and we would buy these things like this vodka per was if it was yeah vodka and we would just crush them every night. I don't know i no not me. I was drinking beer. And the only thing that i got that i wanted a drink was jamison and even what happened to that bottle jason. Eric tried to pop it. As if it was champagne he tr- put us the popped. It put his on shook it as if there was some sort of carbonation in there. It's just whiskey whisky so yeah but this is a good trip. It was a fun time a lot of memories from that. But hey josh stocks that maybe next look. Wow look at that so i look pretty good that you you fucking surprise. You look hot. Still pretty baggy jeans. Though they were big for out say until maybe five years ago. They pretty big. What's going on with danny as my cross danny and one or two got a couple. I can't tell you how many pictures i have of danny with that exact same face. Probably thousand He loved to face the saint francis. Prep football yeah. You're a football star baby now. I wasn't. I know i didn't want to say it. Also also how do you think we are in this picture. I can tell you exactly how old we are given context clues okay. Let's go with this. Cut out picture stickers of baseball players on your wall. What is this Drinking forties suggests we are. I wanna say this to bag in these days however old we were which wasn't twenty one. Nope i think every weekend we would go to your house and drink forties. Yeah and that's where the you know. The the bad habits star. Yeah so this con contrary to what you could see in the picture. This isn't a prison conjugal room my bedroom. That was my bedroom which was painted prison floor. Gray yes that is that is janitor. Closet gray janitor caused greg and Yeah those are That's two thousand and ten. I think it's like january or february. Two thousand ten. Oh so then. I was like freshly eighteen or nineteen. Yes so all those pictures. That thing that yankee thing was It was like a collectible thing that my mom got And it was like every newspaper clipping of the yankees world series and they had just won in two thousand nine also so as an you know a teenager. I had fat heads on my wall of the yankees because yes it was. You know And then we were crushing forties. Maybe that was beer. Tasted better in a forty. If you ask me yes especially when your hands are duct tape to it. Yes frankie wanted to play. Edward forty hands fund gain every week. Which if you don't know the rules you tape to forty to your hands so you don't have the ability to do anything with your hands but drink but drink and you're not allowed to be you have one hour to finish the beers and you win. How much is a forty two. And a half years ism well regular beers twelve. So it's three and a half or three and a quarter of beers like three in the third but yeah yeah so tons up to. That's over seven beers in an hour. Baby i think if i drank a forty straight up like in half hour my ass would just fuck. I couldn't do it now my ass. Which is what we should do it. Well we should do. Edward forty coming over on friday have forties there. I swear to god. I'm gonna die laughing. I'm first of all. I don't think they sell forty s in the state of new jersey walking forward if you bring forties. That'll be incredible. I'm not going to drink to forties duck tape into my hands. But i'll bigger you go home. Mom would bring a forty offering you meeting my daughter with just forty two. You're you're going to be holding the baby in the forties. It's going to be great. Yeah but this is what we used to do. Oh look see. That is a religious. So what i'm wearing around. My neck is is a rope a crucifix. That's made out of wood. Getting of the end. Where did you get that. And where is it gone. Got that in high school. They gave it to us for something. And i don't know where it is. But i remember really liking it at the time. You can't throw out religious stuff because that's when you go with the hell. I i can't tell you how many times i've done that but like because like i'm not really like when someone gives me a car like birthday card is very nice and as soon as you look away. Throw it away really really. What am i going hundreds of birthday cards. I the one thing i don't throw out is when you go to funerals and you get those cards like. Oh yeah. I have a bunch of those those i tell you the ordinate amount of those though. I'll take like seventeen and just just you know for a lot of days but this is a good time. So patch frank. Also very justice soul patch. That's not a soul patch. That's a that's just a beard like a dirt a look. I got dragged through a pile of shit. You still have that spiderman shirt. I know you don't. it's so fun. Fact got spiderman shirt from old navy was a and liked it bought. It forgot that it was a choice shirt. So that's a child double xl Guess what nowhere near fitting me now. That's a big child also. yeah well. that's go double x. right okay next. Wow look that. So that's four. Four boys fourteen boys and a kiddie pool. Yeah that's me. You ambient david. Yeah that's that's not the abomination from the hulk movies. That's david that's not the monster from fucking pan's labyrinth. I didn't know ribcages. Go all the way around yeah. I don't think your bones are supposed to be that out. God i love david. Haven't seen in a long. The i've surprised when you're able to fit in that poll i because david's body is basically like one of those toys where you press the bottom and it falls apart. I don't know toys like it's like a statue. it looks like. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. My mom's patio. Yup that's a dog pool Very hot day so he just wanted to get in the pool and guess what you also had a pool. I did you pull that pretty sure. This was taken with a laptop as well was one hundred percents eight when a laptop. And i'll tell you. I remember because there's an accompanying video of me and david underneath the deck dancing to it's raining men. I remember that and then you pouring water on us. Yes yeah holy shit. How do you remember i. Because i have it. So they were below and pour the water from this pool and it was raining and it was like bad bang so we were always questionable. Well that's not what i was gonna say. I was going to say that we were always creating content. You know this to be funny. Manfried youtube joe. Yeah host forty eight hundred files so this right here is the dawn of a new day. It is it is it. Is you know you don't even realize it. You see those feet in the corner there my feet. Those are earning money nowadays. I don't know how maybe all right next up. So this isn't you obviously. Where is this This this is in a las vegas again. This isn't kind of have a acidic jewish haircut. Well it was had the long hair. Yeah and it. And it was in a pony tail and sideburn curl and it came out of the ponytail. Yeah yeah A set of fat cheeks behind you there too. I don't know. I honestly it looks like one of our. I can tell you exactly who that is in those blue. Those blue shorts wait. Where's this this is vegas was i at this one. Yes that's why i included you. Were there joey. Oh now is that boss in the all the way back in the old yeah But this is when we went to daylight pool party. Oh yeah you got the personal pool. Yeah so we went so fucking love. I can't go against the las vegas my body literally. I won't last time. My body was like dude. We really got there and you were instantly upset. Yeah i was. I was not good and i think this was the last time we went and joey. We went to a pool party. We still so. This is mid blink. I'm not like super drunk. Were fucked. I remember because you are fucked when i got there. I thought i was joking. I was afraid we so we went together and all of our friends are like now. We don't want to go. it was like me. You like four other people and then some people were like y'all. We're gonna stay. We're going to play roulette like some people are going to go to a poker tournament and then we get there and this guy comes up to. You is like joe. It was a thursday. It was pretty dead at the time. Well yeah he knew who i was like. Yo i know who you are. You make fucking awesome videos. They're funny here. Here's five free drink tickets. Yeah and we were like cool. You know that's great. And joey being the kind and courteous person was handed the out as the people that were there and then he goes joe. It's pretty dead today. Do you want a cabana and with a personal pool you just fucked up and we went and we got just bottles of their cheapest vodka through in like two bottles for free maybe as a day. This is vodka frank frank. Don't drink vodka as you can tell but it was a good time it was. That was a good day. I remember that was a day for you and then my day was the following day. Was the saturday her. You're another man different person. So i listened to what i go back to vegas. Yes but i wouldn't group. I wouldn't go with. We would like fucking seventeen people. I would just want to go with a group where there's at least two other people that enjoy rest because our friends know so i enjoy rest. You enjoy danny sergeant. Lieutenant sleep elite. Philip tenant danny wholesome to sleep police dude if he would come into your room if you if you linked to slow he could sleep. Sleep fall asleep him. Oh my god. It was so bad. But i would go. I would go back with you. I go back with josh. Josh is a good time. Yeah joshua's fun. Josh is a wild to just like you are. You guys are wildcard. No no sometimes josh day. There's times you josh off love. i'd go back. Yeah go back friends. Yeah yeah you'd be a good time but we'll see. I still got big four five. I went five times. Yeah so why wouldn't four booked five and then go ahead to just eat the things to a wedding But anyway next okay where the fuck oh you remember that. This legends legends bar. So you could see also directly into my nostrils. Yeah i can see your brain at this point. Yeah i'm pretty sure you could see later in life these fucking people so it was. It was lsu lsu bama game. I'm pretty sure seed in the background this. Lsu ma'am. it was saturday november eight asset. This was like twenty fourteen fifteen. Maybe i think it was two thousand fourteen. Yeah and do you remember that kid. No he was like joe. My dad like ransom department at fucking. Lsu come down and like he was in a fraternity or some shit and he was like like go down and spend a week in there. You remember that. And he is probably all over that to mean probably at the time but then also they were. Maybe not these two people other people in that bar day had dat. Oh there was a lot of cocaine coke was flying to coke was sniffling and you guys loved this fucking bar. I disliked going because like you would watch college football on saturdays. If there's an lsu game on people will go insane like they would have like horns going off all the shipping our semi ever heard of a bar being themed after like a team or also seen. I'd never heard about it before that. Dude there's tons. There's there's florida. Bar's there's pama bars and joe i had never known and i remember i. This is the only time. I'd went lot of debt on it. That place was huge and this was the night that member someone started a fake trend on twitter. That macaulay culkin died. And we all like bought beers. And we're like yeah. We got to pour it out from her colleague culkin though i think i have on my could somewhere. It was tagging picture on instagram and it was like r.i.p. Macaulay culkin and all of us was just beers. What fucking idiots. You were big time. Snapback guy to back then. I was snapping. sohar snapback. Surprised with the money that you still for me that you don't have more hats hat do you. Just you invested your money into putting your name on shirts that you make me wear. These people are doing well. I'd like to know that guy in with the is. Yeah i believe actually. That's chris martin of coldplay. So it's very him all right. Let's get to this next picture here. There's not many left to do you remember this. that's boss. maybe this was What was it called central bar. Oh in the lower east yes and we had a friend that was wild night. We had a friend. There was a party of like just a bunch of like super cool fucking asian guys that were there and one of our belly to their table. Oh yeah i remember that. And then had him on his back at one point and then i had to use no names here. Here's the thing right. Our friends there for the most part. They're good people but sometimes well not anymore because everyone's super tame now but back in the day these days we go to a bar and it was like this is too many people in this is going to get out of hand. If something's going to happen literally. I think in the first like nine minutes of us being at this bar. Our friend jumped on these guys table. This looking like why does he still eat flop bellyflop on their table like bang. Yeah no reason online. God it was. It was a fight almost broke out now but some other people i think and i remember this was one of our friends who at the time wasn't really a friend but it's come to be a better friend now had broken up with a longtime yes and then went fucking a wall at night and i had to pull them out physically at a lie. Them lied to them about our friend getting jumped to get them out of a strip club. Remember that i do. It was a good time is a good time. It was a good time. this is i've just. I've always liked this picture because that's pure happiness just to just two boys just real happy. Yeah honestly yeah it looks like your head's not really connected. That looks like as if it was my body photoshop. Photoshop your head on. Yeah yeah i mean doing something but that guy. I hope that guys doing really hope. He's having a great old time. Because you have this magic. Yeah exactly all right two more left. I think i got teabag. Why does this this. I was sick like in the head. Yes obviously but also physically. We're gonna talk about the chinstrap or we're going to ignore it. We have to. You can't ignore it. it's a little thick. It was as big as it could get at that point in my life. Yeah it does. Look a little dusty. It was my freshman year of college. So that's where you see the weight starting to come out well. There's not a whole lot of weight. I it was. It was a bruin. Yeah i'm sure it was There was a lot of calories being consumed by like a bathroom and throw in beers back. I used to get forties of this malt liquor called cobra cobra. It was fucking dangerous. Did it have debt in there. A might've done had it. Yeah four locos debt you. I put one of the four local pictures in here by. Didn't which one the one it's it's just the fireplace engulfing the in neighboring area gotcha. Yeah that was a night that seriously was there was also like. That's one of the drunk est. I've ever been but not fun drunk yet. That was like i was scared. Yeah because i had just fought josh on the dog Funny how full circle like our most dangerous drunk night. Was us three josh again. Maybe josh the phones he's here for this. Josh was on the phone on the dock. And i walked. Who you're talking to. And then he just socked me in the eye fucking toss them. You hired him years later. Just turn around and socked me in the face. And i was like the fuck so i started fighting josh and then after that was done you through a can or someone through into a fire and because frankie was super drunken he thought i could just pull this out of the fire so he stuck his hand into a fire and pulled out a can. That was probably at eight thousand degrees at that point police. At least twenty yeah and then you also threw cardboard on it which then caused a fire fire. Which then you remember how we put out. I pissed on repeat on it. I pissed on it. Yes yes yes. It was a good night and also spo two locos and then couldn't get out of his chair i. He sat there for four hours straight chair. Dudes that share you love. And this is pre recall for logo pre call. Yeah which there was a study that came out. That was like those four locos were the equivalent of their words. Small mountain of cocaine fire. Yeah i was like all right all right. Well now we know one time. I drank two four logos on a party bus. That had like those like lights like the green like the neon lights too. I thought it was like in spain like it was just like tariff. I thought is in space. Yeah pull over and let me just not fun but this was. This was around that time. And i don't know why. Put the tea bag in there. You're just a funny guy. You know honestly comes full circle because you're a big boy now. I love t yeah. Don't drink coffee boy. A big herbal tea right all kinds of a spot over here. Where there's on the queen's room. I don't know what it's called. There's one small spot like and they sell t it's not like i'm saying loose-leaf why do you say it like that. Loose leaf alec loosely. not loosely. Loose leaf do you buy loose-leaf i haven't wrote on loose leaf in how many how long years eight but yeah. They got a herbal tea spot over year. Spot even make money too. You don't realize a lot of people are fucking super entity you here. we go. joe is going to read about it and then get super not and tell me. Have you ever drank tea. I'm gonna come here and you're going to have a fucking cabinet ful. No no T the other day. But i think about this logically. Like a t. spot Right tease cheap. You how much does it. He you i mean. A cup of tea could be cheaper teasing. They're expensive oh. She assured like a cup of tea is like a dollar eighty nine so with the rents around here. How do you make enough money with this. T oh yeah. That's a good. That's i don't know how any business realistically survives around here. I mean foods. One thing you could make you by burger or something like twenty fucking box or something you're like okay and it costs like three dollars to make that but t i dunno. I dunno around here. It's crazy crazy all right last one. Yes dan that was a fucking good costume for you. I won a full on. Won a contest for a bar tab right so there's red in my face. It's not just black. All this looks bad. Didn't think about until right man. Yeah your face. And that was yeah. So that's that's not by sleep does not black. You could see the red on my cheek. Your were meant to look like to face a fucked up like it was red. And it was like supposedly. It's red and burgundy. But what the fuck are you so i actually remember this night clearly because you first of all. My arm is just small. What is that but push up. Will ya i remember. You are super psyched about your costumed. Because like i'm going to be to face in like whatever and you were like. Yeah let's go out to a bar. And i at that point had no plans. I think this was halloween night. Like legit pollyanna yes. It was going out on halloween halloween night. So then i was like damn. I need a costume. Because you were like. It's a costume thing. We might have been underage year. We definitely were underage. So that's how. I needed a costume off. I use a fake. We were definitely underage here. Also davino that was my fake. I would use his our use his fucking license. So i don't know how we both got in there but so i just had that gray wig from like youtube videos and i put on glasses in a wife beater and then i put on jeans and i was like. Yeah so this was my favorite bar closed down. I love that place. Those boneless buffalo bites penis. Tell me they're not they're good. Yeah but they had a costume contest. And i went in and it was like five hundred dollars like two hundred dollars bar. Tab was a two hundred dollars bar tab. So i went and ran up a bar tab. Yeah and fully prayed to fucking win this. Because i was broke. Yeah broke time. Yeah and and. I ended up winning. I remember keith was drunk. Keith was next to me so he was whispering in my ear and usually he likes to whisper into people's mouths strong when he was doing the math in real time. Next to me on how many shots could buy with this two hundred dollars bar tab guy toys. So shot is seventy dollars fifty cents. You can buy one to four twenty you can buy like twelve. No did more like he was like on more debt. He's doing math in my ear. But i pulled this up. Because i was like what the fuck is joey dressed as. Yeah i was just like a. I said i was going to be like a redneck or something. Yeah and dino obviously is a child predator right right right right right right. He was freddy krueger. But i remember this might man. Do you remember one time we were there and you ordered sliders. That had a ds on it and some drunk girl comes over. She goes I dick sucker. Don't remember that. Oh oh my god maybe not you. But y'all i remember specifically someone got sliders and there was like a ds. i remember. They burned games. I had i had ordered sliders from them many times because the places dittmar station. And you guys you guys size dick sucker. What i just say your dick sucker. She knew wasn't mine wasn't mine. So i was on her side. I was like oh yeah. He made that place was fucking awesome. One didn't card to we like made friends with the owners so like they would be like. These people freed drank like a lot there. Yeah and it. Was you know what it was. It was like a cool place because the music was never too loud but it was loud enough that you couldn't hear everyone else and it was like booths very comfortable to like joe. Just like have a beer. Yeah but their tv situation was great. Yeah i remember. That bathroom situation was also really cool but it was also very jurors. It was like two flights of stairs to get their time. danger baby. Yeah it was rough. It was rough. But that's it those good memories you need. You need to pull up some old ones for another one. I yeah i could find some. I'll find some good ones. I'm afraid yeah. I'm afraid to but that's it. Yeah these are. These are great. It's a video. What say recording because i was recording the screen. Oh we are we are. it's been some. it's been some time that was the last decade right there. Yeah i could find some pretty good ones should you. Should you should but before we go i do need to let people know about the movie. Trish motown let them know baby. You can go to youtube dot com slash schmo down. What's the movie theresa. Guess what is the premier the best the pinnacle of movie trivia league competitive. It's competitive too in the world and a lotta movie trivia and a flair got storylines. We got shit we got going on. It's like a little bit of wwe and their to baby and you're definitely gonna want to see because your boy. The animal frank hours competing and on march eleventh. I got my debut match. Debut match against brother loehmann's brother alone but you can't hide no more. No more keyboard warrior brother. You gotta face me on march eleventh. And i'm coming for you mike. I'm coming for you baby. You better bring the heat. Because i am. Wow that's it what's your socials o. F. how five on twitter and on twitter trump video games me be frank on instagram. Thanks for being patrons we love it. Yes shout out to the patrons patriot fan and go fall show at the baseman yard on tiktok on on instagram. And that is all lucy. You guys next time.

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