169 - Happiness over Hustle - 5 minutes of Momentum


Welcome to five minutes of my tend. These episodes are a short five minute bursts of inspiration, motivation and massive action. If you need that little kick up the to get things moving into its slash, take massive action every single Thursday I'll be sending through a five minute episode to download, Digest and implement to finish your week off strong. He ready to get started. Let's. Welcome to five minutes of momentum today I want to dive into happiness or hassle. There is so much talk about Hustle Hustle Hustle Hustle. You GotTa do the hardware can you absolutely need to diving and do the hard work you need to keep taking action toward goals but if you can do it while you're happy that easier, it becomes, it doesn't have to be hard and the way that we think about it changes the way that we act and change the way that we feel as we're taking the action. So we're constantly telling us it's too hard work. It's a lot of effort that it's going to be. I'm going to be exhausted after this, and the way that we think about is going to impact the way that we take action the way that we feel. But what if you could do it while you happy what if you could focus on feeling good I and take the inspired action that needs to happen and the biggest difference that makes not only in your overall wellbeing that it's your ability to manifest and bring things into your reality. There is just something to go with our energy and focus when we are happy about it and we're excited about something and we feel good taking the action. So what if you focused on just feeling happy. Feeling good most of the time riots all something that you can do all the time life is fifty fifty. We're going to have negative emotions but what if you focused on the field? Good thought. And allow yourself to follow the feel good thoughts of the possibilities of what's available to you. I am such a big believer in manifestation and the biggest thing that's when you think about you've got to be specific on you want you've got to expect that it's going to happen and got to believe in it. So you've got to believe in yourself worth to be deserving of what it is that you want to bring into your wells. But. Then you've got to feel good about it. The more you feel with the Moya and easier it is just to manifest and reduce the amount of resisted thought that we have towards that positive thing coming into our world. So I believe in happiness over hustle. Hustle has its place there's going to be times when you need to hustle hard to make something happen and I've always been someone to take action especially with us a deadline in place but what I found to be so much more effective as just leaning into working on my alignment and making myself feel good I. So then I want to take the action and then everything becomes so much easier when you have to Hustle Hustle Hustle and it's this push masculine way of just putting things out. there. Then you'll always have that energetic of efforts whereas if you feel good I knew taking action for the good of the world and you're taking action replace of feeling good and your allowing yourself to enjoy the process. Then everything else has become so much easier and this is the thing just because they've been taught that we have to do the hustle and we've been talked about in society about how we have to go and work. So hard does not necessarily mean we have to and that doesn't. Even necessarily mean that it works right like you know that old saying what you have to work hard to and money like people. Do you know in your life that work really hard to get paid? Terribly hard work does not necessarily equal more money. When you focus on your alignment, you focus on feeling good it could just be easy. You can put in the same amount of work you're not requiring so much emotional energetic output of hustle hustle hustle go go go and it's just so much. Easier like you putting pressure on yourself, you'll reducing the standard expectation that you have on yourself, and then things become easier when you surround yourself with that energy. Then you manifest things left right and center. It is crazy how things have just been showing up in my word lightly just it's been easy riot. I've just been focused on the ease on the play on the creativity on the enjoyment of life stepping into the sun for the sun, my skin and enjoying that feeling of warmth on my skin. Taking time out when I need to take time out focusing on the joy that I get from my client sessions and really allow myself to stop and take a moment to really reflect on the beauty and the experience of seeing my clients transform in front of my eyes. If. I was so focused on hustle. I would miss all of that. I would miss the beauty in life Mr butterflies that are always in my backyard. I would miss the hilarious things. My cat does I, would miss the joy I see my nieces and nephews faces when we chat online like there is so much joy and happiness to live with stop take. A moment to really notice it and focus on it when we focus on following our feel good thought there are moorefield, thoughts too far into enjoy. So when you allow yourself to really see that beauty happiness is your birthright you get to enjoy it, but you've gotta practice it. So practice the happiness rather than the hustle and everything you want will come you away.

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