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HALF GOES OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure you have the most luxurious experience of your life to go to the Ballantyne Dot Com and see all the great. Hey It's T. J. and I wanNA tell you about my recent stay at the Ballantyne you know the second you walk in you know you're in a fancy hotel is not only beautiful but the something like this considered quote unquote cruel or mean whereas women just like what they like you know so saw on a certain person that you were really interested in then you completely lost interest in theory yes kindle a lady says he was super funny attractive a nice but when I saw him shirtless there was no break between his arm hair and chest Eddie in his girlfriend to meet this girl for blind date they had lined up for me the girl was so hot beautiful fund smart funny I was thinking I had struck the jet helping you lose weight and it's drug and stimulant free so it will not interact with your other medications right now it is thirty dollars off the proven ninety day supply plus they'll throw in you're really into someone until you saw one thing and then you completely lost interest what do they call that that happened to Sassa sister so book your stay now at the Ballantyne Dot com I really think you're gonNA love it pretty much every time you turn on the TV or log onto your social media you get so what was that one thing men or women would just we're asking for men to comment as well just to see the difference in the treatment and the reaction that men get for saying in mind and I couldn't get past it oh well from a guy I went to a baseball game with my uh-huh a daycare that's coming up on today's and TJ and thirty podcasts along with a teenager hiring a hitman well let's get started with what back shoulder hair he was like I was done at that point we not way and the way that you're supposed to which will make you feel a lot better all the way around their sleep benefits it health joint pain helps acid reflux all of that in addition to inches in a week well if you do that you're not gonNA feel right if it even works at all that's not the way to do it I've been taking a product called cal train and it helps you lose weight the hill Tom bartered with all of these diet programs and diet pills and supplements and all of that and they say you know you can lose forty five pounds in a week or how many after the game I just said I was too tired to hang out anymore and got away as fast as I could go wow yeah crazy girl as our aids she had those crazy girl is creep me out and I couldn't get past it it looked like she could cut my throat at any time oh my begins hat trick hat fishing hat fished he had fished she liked the guy until she's on without his hat and then he didn't look at all the same in the TJ of thirty podcasts here's your host an unbelievable story about an escape okay well at least you said I was seeing this guy and everything was going well until one night he tried to hold my hand for the first time in that did it his hands were smaller is that are so wide open all the time that you can see the white part of their eye on the top and the bottom a free month just go to top LOSS DOT COM T. O. P. L. O. S. S. DOT COM and order Calatrava and use the Promo Code Ace T. J. A. C. E. T. J. and you get free act pot I guess struck gold hit the Jackpot it's not like that until the sun went down and she took off her share really liked this guy we'd hung out three times I was really into him then he decided to take me to dinner he did the hat and spiked his hair up. OMG I couldn't handle it it's not just a hair but it's shipping top loss dot com or Calatrava today rat from the most of North Carolina aw that has been deemed as crazy is a great example being had fish girl that I had a had issue also I was and all and you're not tall or short even throw that out there I let them know and I know they don't do that either the women don't do that this man said everything was great until I saw his car and something didn't match up Nice House Nice job but car was a hoop someone on an Internet day and the guy wasn't as tall as he portrayed himself for act like he yeah that's the biggest thing got super cross eyed I can never unsee it drunk L. function you know like when you push it it opens that's the kind of thing that'll put a daycare to out of business as I look and it was disgusting inside set through me like what's wrong with this picture and we've gotten a lot of messages from women who were meeting not J. in thirty podcast there was an escape this is in Phoenix I said earlier than it was eighteen people who escaped that's the the children teacher at the school told her woman who found the toddlers that nobody had noticed they were gone apparently they left through some sort of a gate we've gotten several that the turn out to be shorter than them or not as tall as he had led her to believe so if you're a guy and you do the internet dating happened I knew there was an eighteen in the story but it wasn't eighteen people who escaped it was several people who escaped the teachers and self reported to the states childcare licensing agency they did all they could do are bad yeah they they got away according to the report and it was some kind of a faulty gate or something and nobody noticed they were gone until they started walking out into traffic difference in my memory and a full I'd attic memory I can't pick and choose the things that stand out in my mind is a picture things and the youngest was eighteen months oh okay it was a bunch of toddlers from a daycare in Phoenix why am I not surprised playhouse in preschool sounds great it's an act I know accidents happen but I am not taking the chance on my kid okay within the the daycare said that they contacted the parents suspension ahead was being out there like Bam totally talking head coach into him until he got a super drunk and I and a handsome really nice we flirted all the time at work and then one day I saw his feet slash toenails who now and I lost interest immediately at a great lesson Doug has why don't you WanNa waste your time in the embarrassment of a of a woman going to dinner with meeting you and all that and then saying because she's not going to say you're not tall enough for me just GonNa Kinda push you away I'm guessing and you wonder what did I do was what did I not cry and then there's frustration because you let them make the decision then go hey I'm I'm however you know Tall GonNa be a problem for you you put your height right out there like they don't say my buddy is huge then you can't see in these pictures from my but is John Lewis they don't do that but if you just save you some time on that so just throw it out there she don't WanNa Talk Guy just then say we'll your teeth or missed the or whatever you wanna you WanNa last didn't no one was hurt I mean I'm a little upset when I find out but can you see past that oh so suddenly people in traverse the brakes stopping because they're a bunch of toddlers roaming around in the street yet having to slam on their brakes get out of their cars corralled major hiring a hitman and things that aren't cheating but they're definitely not right some of them may be cheating that's next on the ace and TJ and thirty podcasts to allow your child to keep going there to keep pretending that daycare Yeah because I think they're going to be super villigen vigilant after that works for just twelve bucks only Papa John's not valid with other discounts fees and taxes extra crises may vary when you look at your current bathroom do you know that seven four nine eight hundred nine four eight five seven four nine and never duplicated guys got to take care of that he would do that it would do that for me to have everything oh my gosh everything just keep them yeah needs an immediate update we want you to know about one day bath and shower remodeling with prices as low as one hundred ninety nine dollars per month call eight hundred nine four eight five the things happen I'm sorry all malfunction the place is called the little sun shines playhouse in preschool and the rest of it was she tried to hire one person and then gave that person four hundred dollars and then that person backed out of it and you know left her and is being accused of stealing her parents debit card withdrawing a bunch of money buying some cocaine and trying to hire two separate people how would act like it was a big deal for me to become back so I could get you know a huge discount or some other couple days or a whole year they might be legit also ah both of those big yeah I mean I I would I would be okay with it so seventeen year old high school student in Florida named Eliza Hatcher Alyssa Hadjar ah a huge national but never duplicated is the owns pizza with five of our best meets just taking John Norma's bite and blow it up the first thing you think of meets with an S. meets plural the parents but none of that has been said in this case but man has she no there there there are cases like that word that's green starts with trying to punish a kid because these are usually maybe the cocaine was part of the payment to the I hit person said you know she was so nice did she somehow she started doing for whatever reason just didn't want her parents around they don't have a motive yet they've announced as to why she wanted to kill him you know maybe they took her phone away from Earth like that and a lot of times you can see in the history of these types of things that the boyfriend then becomes involved in the killing of the parents or the attempted murder I used in a sentence holy cow that's a lot of meat now if you'll excuse me I'm GonNa go enjoy the meats and my labour try large meets said the she went to the police said my brother's friend was given this money to go so she's a little she's a little tattletale yeah yeah sn it girl situations when you take take the phone away or making where they can't see the boyfriend they wanna see things this is just this is the ace and Tj and thirty podcast made sure that nobody else was upset and always trying to take care of people is it the coke but the cocaine make her crazy like that eh push market will be going there when he was sixteen thirty when we return we got a team because I'm crushing on the coach I will literally sit through a four to five hour tournament watching third graders play ball because he is there live now on demand on ace and TJ DOT COM TJ or through. I heart radio doesn't take a focus group to name Papa John uh-huh I mean like seventeen bucks was not going to get my mind access to four hundred dollars or another nine hundred after that what it to me it totally did I send snapshot photos to other guys because they're compliments make me feel like I might still have something going on they are never nude but the a pin for the debit card that's what I was thinking where did she get that much money because if I had decided as a kid I'm GONNA pay somebody to kill my mom Oh to kill them Oh man that she bought a one hundred dollars worth cocaine according to the police report here and is their bank account right she sold their debit debit card yeah that's why my kids both in teaching them about money and stuff they have my husband has no idea another lady said I've been married ten years it's kind of fizzled roommates I San Snapshot said that they're not nude I didn't hear that as they're almost nude why would you put well what did she say she said cheers to other guys because they're compliments make me feel like I might still have something going on they are never nude but the guys do flatter me it's not cheating but it's definitely wrong we know all of that everybody clap your hands hanging so then she got nine hundred dollars a game to a different person and somebody from the school another student from the school cocaine and that got her head all twisted I'm Jim Gilmore parents so the parents are good people outstanding citizens This is just somebody who yeah well it's not cheating but it's not right I go to all of my nephews basketball games keep me anonymous but my boyfriend is not overly jealous but I have one particular friend that I liked for a long time before I met my boyfriend my boyfriend knows this and he does not like danced with some random guy at an event over the weekend we had way too much fun and my boyfriend would not have been pleased Oh car but my wife made sure that there was never enough money in their account for them to hire hit me exactly yeah you're going to try to kill me money to coaches what does that mean we had way too much fun guests that means dancing all up on each other so they must have danced Oh that's a good one what does that mean what I don't know that's about as close to cheating as you get he saying they're not nude but their wells going to do now I gotta get nine hundred yeah everybody says that she was always just very caring and always ah awesome place he does not like when I talk hang out with this person he would actually prefer I cut this person off all the feelings are gone this friend I would like to be anonymous she writes I participate in a hobby that my husband does not this hobby requires me to go to a certain place government let me investigate this I'll see what I can find okay I'm on it don't worry I'm Andrew Back tomorrow on this one okay all right now how about this one she's going out of her way to lie about someone she's hanging out with at her husband does not like she just opening the truth flatter me Oh they flatter okay yes so she showing like you know putting their good angles let's be honest yes doing it for even if they weren't really well he hang on I there's a guy there who has always had a crush on me and he has made comments like if he ever gets me alone he'll

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