A Warmer (Future?) First Family - 8/19/2020


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Convention the election drama in Belarus the incredible news story I missed from that Senate Intel Committee report yesterday in update on the post office and we'll see maybe maybe a personal appeal well, see when I feel like when I get to so let's get caught up so yeah, let's start right there with the Second Night of the Democratic convention, the reviews in the story from the so far have been just how different all the opinions are really some winners clear winners of the night worthy John McCain video narrated by his widow Cindy McCain about the friendship between John and Joe Biden there's also Audi Barkan who you might recognize as a name appearing on this show a couple of clips from him with his interview with Joe Biden and such. So that was definitely a powerful message about health care and white. So important in that, it is still an issue in the campaign especially, with Cova, of course, there was also Jill Biden, Dr Jill, Biden I should say. And she did a really great job of telling Joe. Biden's history his story and really just making the focus, his character his empathy just went all around great person in. You know human person than he is it's the main thing that Joe Biden has and Donald Trump never will there won't be those types of stories next week no way those were all pretty solid winds across the board. There was a consensus that those were the best parts of the night where it got a little dicey in Split along party lines is when it came down to Bill Clinton AFC and John Kerry I mean, Chuck. Schumer's in there as well. But like I really have no idea why he was up there in the. First Place. Now, if you look at more left leaning websites and and commentators, the main main problem is that they didn't really give AOC much time. She can't like ninety seconds to make her speech and she is such a a symbol for younger people for Progressives that those types of people are feeling a little bit left behind especially when you're giving a lot more time to Bill Clinton and John Casick, even John Kerry is back to for some reason but for another audience, the strategy did exactly what it was supposed to. I'm reading Doug Shane's review over on Fox News. Yes. I dared to go to that dark website and He had this to say indeed the Democratic Party and policies that were displayed Tuesday night for instance, those of Clinton. are of a different period which in large measure succeeded in taking the country in a mostly positive and successful direction. However, in terms of what did not work with Cossio Cortez's speech, the Democrats did not succeed in convincing those Americans that they can trust this New Democratic Party to pursue policies and interests that will bring the country together move us forward in a moderate and inclusive direction. He goes on to say on the other hand speeches by former Secretary of State Colin Powell a military hero who supports strong national defense as well as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Two former presidents who are white centrists southerners emphasized Biden's leadership capabilities and unified opposition to trump. Put simply if this election is about a Democratic Party that is inclusive and fiscally moderate with a strong commitment to traditional allies Joe, Biden will almost certainly win. All right. So I mean just judging from that like. Progressives don't like what's winning over these centrists. Doug Shane identifies as like a Democrat, but he's always on Fox. News and you know he's worked for Republicans He. He criticized Obama and said he shouldn't run for reelection again. So I think that's like calling Joe Lieberman True Democrat, it's just it's not. It's not quite right. I think it became pretty obvious that Bill Clinton probably shouldn't have spoke most people are saying like in this era after me to and all the stuff that comes around with Bill, Clinton I don't know should he really be there at the same time? You hear Doug saying that they will sees ninety seconds was ninety seconds to many. So it's really hard to know what the winning strategy is going to be I mean I really do think it's as simple as having the most people on your side having the most votes wins. I know a lot of people like my age like. Joe Biden is like the devil or not not that far. But like Joe Biden's like this Republican, which is definitely not. End It is an outrage to see AFC just kind of pushed to the side, but I don't know they also say that John, Kerry, and Oh. Four was Kinda what Joe Biden's trying to follow, and then he's just like the boring candidate but it's such different time than for trump is not half the politician that Bush wants for all his faults there wasn't this huge sense of national security I guess national security is like against Kovic and trump is obviously failing in that. So I don't really know what to say to to folks my age I mean, we have to vote for Biden obviously, and we have to show up in big numbers because that's when the media starts taking you seriously, and if the media takes seriously think candidates have to. So it's really a cascading effect and we need to show up in November no doubt and most most of all, we need donald trump out of there. So speaking, of Dr Jill Biden, let's play just bit of her speech before we move on. I know that if we entrust this nation to Joe. He will do for your family what he did for ours. Bring us together and make us whole. Carry US forward in our time of need. Keep the promise. Of America for all of us. Everyone I'm Joe Biden's harassment. has heard heard unite excuse me. You can see why she's the love of my life Morocco of our family. She never gives herself much credit but the truth is she's the strongest person I know she's a backbone like ramrod she loves fiercely cares deeply nothing stops her when she sets her minded getting something right and you know for all of you out there across the country just think of your favorite educator who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself? That's the kind of First Lady Lady Lady Lady this Jill Biden will be godly. So Joe Biden Dot Com to join our campaign. Thank you all for watching. I'll see you soon. Thank you. Let's head over to Belarus and try to understand what's going on over there. The protests are continuing after the election they had on August ninth where the current president, the president who's been there for more than five years, Alexander. Lukashenko said he won a sixth consecutive term but a lot of the people of Belarus are saying there was huge election fraud. What do you do when the people start to rise up against you? You deploy the troops essentially. And likely seen here with the troops deployed in the streets it's gotten pretty violent. I mean much more violent they're. They've arrested over seven thousand people and two thousand and hope and released so far. Those who are still locked up our allegedly going through beatings and tortures in jails. So what do you do if you're Lukashenko and have those allegations against you? Of course, you signed an order awarding three hundred medals to law enforcement for impeccable service. During this deployment, the protests have gotten stronger this week since thousands of factory workers have begun walking off the job to join the protests. Apparently, Bellarusse produces a fifth of the world's potash fertilizer. So when these factory workers who are really the backbone of these countries, the manufacturing countries, that's a big deal. The head of the independent miners union said, the authorities should understand that they are losing control only Lukashenko's resignation and punishment of those in charge of rigging and beatings can calm us down. We will not back down the strike will continue to grow until he steps down. So. It doesn't sound like these are calming down anytime soon, actually sounds like they're heating up a bit Kushinka first came under fire when he jailed his opponent, the person who was running against, just put him in prison after that his wife stepped in to replace him. But shortly after the election results, she had to flee the country because I mean rightly. So I imagine she assumed they were GonNa come for her to the key that's allowed Lukashenko to get away with this thus far. But who knows how much longer is that Russia is their closest ally and they have offered unspecified security assistance to Lukashenko. Putin has also told German Chancellor Angela. Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron to stay away in avoid putting pressure on the government in. Belarus. So he's trying to tell them to stay out of it, but there's a lot of these NATO countries including those on the western border of Belarus sang a man. We can't do nothing about this. We have to take some action. It's hard to see what the end game is here. I can't emphasize enough how notable it is that the factory workers are starting to join in I do have a sneaky suspicion that Donald trump is taking comprehensive notes about what Lukashenko is doing although I mean I doubt he writes much more than his name these days. Getting to the update on the postal service. Now, the number of states planning to file lawsuits against the US Postal Service and Lewis to joy has grown to twenty one and they're coming at him from a couple of different directions. One angle the coming at is with a lawsuit filed in Washington state arguing that the postal service broke the law by making operational changes without seeking approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission. They also say that the changes made will impede the state's ability to run free and fair elections. So that's one angle. The Second Angle Involves Donald Trump being the defendant as well as the postal service ended joy saying that trump infringed on state power to administer elections through his attacks on mail balloting so far all of those states in the first two suits have been controlled by democratic attorneys general. But one of the one of the attorney general said he expects that some Republicans will be joining in the third angle isn't quite clear yet but New York Attorney General Latisha James said she's planning separate legal action in New York so When it's all said and done, it sounds like there's can be about three lawsuits ongoing at the same time in regards to the postal. Service. I saw this morning that Nancy Pelosi responded to Joyce statement yesterday saying he was going to hold off on all those changes saying we kept the pressure on them and that's what worked in. They felt the they felt the heat something along those lines in. I'm fairly certain. She's smart enough to know this but man I hope she doesn't take his statement. As you know like binding or his word, you can't just assume those things over that. He won't reverse course eventually may be like October something when there's less time to have oversight over him before the elections and it's a big mess. So I hope she still presses ahead with legislation. So that it's in writing. It's enforceable by law that sort of thing. Our last story here will be about the big news from that Senate. Intel Committee that we learned later yesterday it's that the committee as a whole Democrats and Republicans made criminal referrals of Donald. Trump junior jared Kushner Steve Bannon Eric Prince and Sam Clovis to federal prosecutors in Twenty nineteen. So there are apparently two sections of these criminal referrals. The first part was people who were suspected of making false statements and that included Bannon. Clovis same clovis was a co-chair of the trump campaign apparently in two, thousand, sixteen and Prince who is a a private security contractor you might know him from running blackwater. Just not a great group, not a great guy, the second section that includes trump junior and Kushner deals with concerns about their testimony but it didn't go all the way to making a false statements allegation. It just means they want department of Justice to look into it. Usually, this would be like insane news while it is insane news, but like huge news but so far not too much is being made about it. Also in a normal administration, these would be followed up on in Kushner wouldn't have his security clearance still. Who knows what he's doing with that but again, these were referred to last year when Bill Barham was attorney general. So no wonder they didn't go anywhere. I guess just quickly Donald Trump is out this morning railing on goodyear tyres because the announced a ban on Maga hats apparently so Yeah, he's telling people don't buy goodyear tyres get better tires for far less. This is what the radical left Democrats due to play the same game and we have to start playing it. Now, you're talking about this whole one canceled contra thing. Honestly, Republicans have been doing it for years remember when they were out night smashing their keurigs and cutting poulter Nike stuff already purchased in out buying Goya beans and the there. There's just so much so much going on over there. But yeah, that's that's the president on twitter today otherwise that's it for the news I guess I just WanNa, make sure that everyone who's listening is subscribed to Quick News daily. That way you never miss an episode you don't have to keep searching for the show they automatically show up whenever there's a new show that comes out. So whether it's subscribe or add to your collection, whatever it may be make sure you're doing that. So really truly never miss an episode, some more exciting news. The show is now on Pandora. It took a long time to get approved, but we finally made it. So if you like Pandora than spotify or apple podcasts or something like that, there you go. Just search for Quick News daily. Alright. So as we go out I'm going to play something from Monday from the Democratic Convention on Monday, it's a story about this woman's father and It's pretty jarring. So we'll end on that otherwise stay safe make your plan to vote Philo your census in Dossey right back here tomorrow. Chris Dinner Key Steph. I'm one of the many who has lost a loved one to cove Ed. My Dad Mark Anthony or Keesa should be here today. But he isn't. He had faith in Donald Trump. He voted for him listen to him believed him and his mouthpieces when they said that corona virus was under control and going to. That, it was okay to end social distancing rolls before it was safe. That, if you had no underlying health conditions, you'd probably be fine. So in late May after the stay at home order was lifted in Arizona. My Dad went to a karaoke bar with his friends a few weeks. Later he was put on a ventilator and after five agonizing days he died alone. In the ICU with a nurse holding his hand. My Dad was a healthy sixty, five year old his only pre existing condition was trusting Donald Trump, and for that he paid with his life.

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