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Right. Now the health and financial security of voters over fifty are on the line. That's why Aarp Nevada's fighting for your voice to be heard Aarp Nevada wants to make sure that you know all of your voting options and that all Americans can vote safely were they choose to vote from home or in person to learn more about your voting options visit AARP dot org slash envy votes that's AARP dot org slash envy votes paid for by AARP. This episode of RJ politics is sponsored by AARP. Nevada visit our website at AARP dot org slash envy your voice, your vote our fight I we we've had a number of visits in the end president will be here this weekend he's going to be up North Carson City and Elko I believe from the Las Vegas Review Journal this is our politics. CAN DO RJ politics the political podcast of the Las Vegas Review Journal. I'm RJ politics and government editor Steve Sibelius and Politics Reporter Rory Appleton? And we are talking to you today were just I think it's what is it nineteen days before Election Day, and so we are closing in on that. We got lots to talk about early voting is starting very shortly, and so we will chat about that. But first we're going to talk about a poll that was done for the Review Journal sponsored by the Aarp Nevada and we thank them for their sponsorships, not only the bowl, but they're also sponsoring our podcast so we appreciate them for. Doing that just to get away a couple of technical details out of the way, this poll was conducted by WPA intelligence of Washington DC carries a margin of error of plus or minus four point four percentage points We Survey Five, hundred and twelve. A likely voters here in the state of Nevada and we'll get right to the very top question who are you going to vote for for president if the election was held today Very, close, very close division. Here we have forty four percents a Joe Biden forty two percents say donald trump it's consistent with other polls inasmuch as it has biden ahead, but it is inconsistent with other polls in as much as the margin is just two percentage points separating the two candidates. So that is much closer than other polls have shown in the silver state. So So yeah, let's talk about that surprised by that result we saw yeah I mean I think as you mentioned, it is a little bit tighter. But not that much I. mean we're seeing usually about like six points or so i. Guess, it would have been about a week ago I spoke to former majority leader. Harry Reid who looked at a poll? I think it was Fox News. Had it eleven points and he said this absolutely ridiculous this is a five point rates. So you know I, it seems somewhat consistent. In a sense that it's a single digit race we we have it within the margin so. that. means. It's pretty much sort of toss up i. was I was a little bit surprised by that We know we should note twos at four percent people of people said, they're not voting for anybody for president and six percent said they were undecided still rumor I thought it was pretty interesting We had a story this week on that poll on a number of other questions that we get into here too. But I thought it was interesting that even our pollsters couldn't really agree on exactly exactly what's going on here in Nevada Grizz Wilson. US spoke to him. He had basically said, this is good news for trump shows trump ahead with independence and then I had actually spoke to somebody else with a with WPA who basically said while it's pretty bad news actually for trump because he wanted independence in Nevada by thirteen points last time and he doesn't even have enough he's in trouble. So I think there's still a lot of back and forth on it I spoke to a few people including groceries been looking at polls for a lot longer than I've been alive and everybody's everybody's. Consensus seems to be Biden has the advantage. There's there's it's measurable in pretty much every way the by its Biden's to lose I think most people would say you know the trump campaign is working they're out there registering you see the Democrats and their allies have really kind of stepped up in the last couple of weeks. You know they're they're getting out the vote. Sort of actions. Now, normally, they'd be doing that for like a year. So so the there is some wiggle rooms there's a window I think that the trump campaign is trying to crawl through but you know when you look at the survey and you get a little bit deeper, you know it wasn't that Rosie for trump because we also asked folks, you know what they thought of. Of their number one motivation was and by far the most common motivation for voting was forgetting trump out of office about a quarter of the pioneer said that that was a reason second-place was the economy added about seventeen percent, and then also if you look at who do you trust, we asked folks who do you trust to you know sorta gets out of this corona virus mass and trump in the federal government were near the bottom of that as well. So so not super rosy for trump, but I, do think. It's it's their best poll of the state in in months so far. So maybe maybe there's something to be clean there and to me I, just shows you know what everybody's been saying what we've been saying for months it's it's still very much a swing state. It's still very much anybody's ballgame. The that's for sure. We should also mention a couple of other top top results. Don blankenship gone one percent in our poll. If you're wondering who don blankenship is use the Constitution Party candidate. Nationally. He is running here in the state of Nevada, under the independent American party banner. and. Joe Jorgensen got three percent she is the libertarian candidate. For. President. So Um so there's probably some libertarians there now whether that will see that in the final analysis, we we to see none of these candidates by the way got four percent which beats the independence and third parties there. So I'm sorry visa third parties, not the independence and so that is an option that's on Nevada's ballot that sort of unique to the State Nevada but yeah, twenty five percent did say their motivation was getting rid of trump. and seventeen percent said, their motivation was the economy. And there's really no way to tell how that economy question of the benefits trump refit benefits biden. On one side of you could say, will trump was being charged with pretty good economy until the coronavirus head and and. His ad saying if you put him back in charge, we'll get back to. What that good economy was all about on the other hand. You can have people say the economy is terrible right now we want to a change to make it better could. Occur. Well for for Joe Biden. The the actual, the highest, the number of people specified another reason. So twenty nine percent said, their reasons were not on our list and we had getting trump out of office, the economy healthcare education, illegal immigration, protecting the Environment Law and order by the way seven percent, their management of corona virus six percent the surprising the Democrats are really running on that. So security Medicare, just two percent of the supreme. Court. Nomination. Only one percent of the people said they were motivated by the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Conybeare. A there. We saw the hearings on this week and so So so it's interesting out the of the of the people who named a reason, a quarter that's the most said it was getting rid of of president trump Now the question is, is that is that being you know seen in the baths, right? Are we seeing that in the in the mail balance? Are we seeing the the that enthusiasm in terms of people turning out I, think Roy. Noted this about ninety thousand people have returned ballots. Little more than half fifty, four percent of those almost fifty thousand ballots are Democrats hand twenty. Thousand Twenty One thousand roughly Republicans. Now, a lot of well, that's that's bad news for the Republicans but a couple of things about that number one. Republicans tend not to like mail voting as you the president he does not like the ballots as he calls them and and thinks that people should vote in person We haven't had our in person voting start yet that start Saturday we'll talk about that in a bit. And so I wouldn't read too much into these male numbers. The Democrats are really pushing of the male of voting and Voting by mail, and so you're going to see higher numbers but I I would I would caution anybody from from you know taking things for granted by looking at these numbers which are updated by the way the secretary of state these are current as of ten, forty, five am. Today. And so so looks like fifty, four, twenty, four in terms of republic. Democrats versus Republicans with another twenty two, that's mostly non-partisans but also third parties next to the yeah. No I. I think you're right and we were saying that nationwide. You know there's a huge huge influx of of democratic mail in balloting and and most people think that the Republicans are going to be the ones to show up on election day it's interesting to me because in previous elections, the knock is usually been on Democrats for procrastinate they're normally the last ones. To the polls are the last ones getting in and end. The late turns are are for Democrats as I am I'm interested to see. Exactly how you know how many Democrats voted in person on election night if if a good chunk of them do vote early I mean we've seen a pretty massive ad campaign by Biden's campaign by the State Party. By everybody they're really really pushing male early track your ballots. For By in person early, if you need to drop your valid dropbox, many many options time around. So that's that's an interesting one to sort of look out and you know as you mentioned, we'll be out this weekend when when early voting starts kind of note that and we'll be checking in on that on the mail voting you know up until election day we've got less than three weeks now and I expect every day there'll be something. tells. And not you know minutes perhaps is good segue. As to note that the trump family has taken up residency in Nevada this week. I I guess they've always kind of add one not a permanent one but we we've had a number of visits in the end. The president will be here this weekend he's going to be up north. He's going to be Carson city and Elko I believe. I cover two events by children of uncle was here on Monday and I don Jr. was here on Wednesday. To drastically different events I'd like to point out to and we can talk about that. If we want very very different campaign styles within that I do I do have to say but but obviously they're continuing. To push here I. Think they look at. Their own polling, maybe our polling maybe everybody's calling in and I do think that they see an opening here in Nevada and so their ear but but I guess we should also mention trump himself has been a sort of a whirlwind I mean he's been in Pennsylvania Georgia North Carolina, and he's all over the place. So they're really really pushing hard tonight. I don't expect you to let up for the next couple of weeks. Yeah, absolutely in in his clear why trump is coming in that is to. Get the turn up in terms of both male, the primarily early voting. And and you would you know some people would question why would donald trump go to elko all the Republicans in Alabama are GonNa vote for him I mean we're talking part of the state that is so read the Democrat has has no chance whatsoever. To win those areas whatsoever and but but trump I think realizes it's a game of pushing up those numbers because if the Democrats are able to amass a lead in mail voting in. Vote by mail, they get their mail ballots in before election day and their numbers are driven up to such a degree that the Republicans can't catch up on election day that there's just too many democratic votes than I. Think the poll we'll be right. Joe Biden will will win and and Donald Trump will lose and so he doesn't want that happen, and so tactically, he is going to the areas where he's got the most support Clark County is as blue as can be others there's more than one, hundred, thirty, the you know the Democrats Outnumber Republicans down here by more one, hundred, thousand votes, and so it's it's more difficult to come down here of a look the guy gets crowd wherever he goes he kika show up announce on Saturday the he's going to have a rally on Sunday at let's just take an example say sunset. Park and he would have sunset park full of people it would be packed with people That's one thing you can say about trump wherever he goes even in very democratic county, he will get fans coming out to see him so so I think he is you know a tactically saying, you know I'm GonNa Visit Alco I'm going to visit the Carson city Hey, the polls are open right now you're done with this rally right now today go to the polls on your way home and cast your vote make sure that you get your voted and it's it's a good strategy. It is a good strategy. And and. Hopefully Joe. Biden will make a similar visit and and sit down with us and. Talk with us. Only, freaking him on television but don't get on there will listen we are going to bring a TV camera. The implication being that this will be broadcast somewhere and maybe we'll broadcast who knows. But the point is we want to sit down with your That's the point. and. I. Mean You know he's on TV plenty his spending millions of dollars to be there so Get Him into a newspaper that's some. That's the thing and and and Donald Look Donald Trump has been here. He has been in the newspaper. He is given an interview to our colleague Debra Saunders in in during rally and Henderson so Joe Biden and providing us that in a debate against Donald Trump's too. So we got the ammunition for him even exactly. So the ball is in your court former vice president vitamin we are we are ready willing and able to to host you when you're when you're ready to come down jealous absolutely absolutely our I. Well, I I do WanNa. Talk just a little bit about The trump children for like a return there a few years older than I am, but you get what I'm saying. Their campaign visits because I went to balls and I just have to say that both are there. They're so drastically different. I went to Vonk on Monday and it was it was at a wedding venue Very, very nice. Very nice. One of the nicest campaign events I've been to so far everybody sat nicer probably about sixty people or so. It was a it was a seeded sort of QNA's they went through a number of policy areas where she sort of. Push what the president was doing. She had tons of numbers. Statistics got very very deep into policy even beyond the general campaign of you know. Grey economy ever, and we're we're bringing peace in the Middle East, getting our troops out those basic things went into the specifics of those specifics of things she's worked on as a senior adviser which include E. expanding trade school things like that. So very, very policy driven not a whole lot of one liners, and then you've got to Don Jr. on Wednesday who is at a contractor like in a basically a a yard of heavy equipment and Rift. Completely. The entire time with much like his father was was very much that immediately and we noted this in the story you know within a minute he's he is four letter wording Biden like immediately and mocking him at certain times and you know doing jokes and I mean I would say probably. Five minutes of the forty or so that he spoke was about any sort of here's what trump will do if you re elect him and here's what he's dead I. Mean it was just a Absolu-. Onslaught of the media's out to get US pop culture out to get us. The Nobel Committee is out to get US brought that one out the debate. Commission on presidential debates together. It's like all of everybody's out to get us but you know. As long as we have, you will be. Okay. So it was just it was wild it was just wild. And it was totally totally different and I sink. That it is actually a little bit of a portent because we mentioned that is we tape on Thursday. So we have not seen there are two town halls scheduled for Thursday night or supposed to be a debate became dueling town halls Biden's going to do and trump is going to do I expect trump to come out in exactly the same way. Tonight I think it's going to be aw. The media everybody's out to get me. You know I mean he is just been been really really. Sort of aggressive in really you know really wanting to attack. People who he perceives her attacking him, and so I, I I just it was interesting to see that because here. Are you know? Brother and sister and both you know part of the same family part of the same campaign and I just I had to just mention if anybody who went to both and there's probably about a dozen, you know maybe a little bit more of us who did go to. it was it was vertigo because it was totally totally different approaches. For the exact same candidates was just wild to see. You don't see that Mary. Right, now the health and financial security of voters over fifty are on the line. That's why Aarp Nevada is fighting for your voice to be heard Aarp Nevada wants to make sure that you know all of your voting options in that all Americans can vote safely or choose to vote from home or in person to learn more about your voting options. Visit Aarp, dot org, slash envy votes that's AARP dot org slash envy votes paid for by AARP. It's funny because I underscore something I've been thinking about recently. Having read John. dickerson's book the hardest job in the world the American presidency and I'm reading that because I am privileged I get to interview him for the Las Vegas Book Festival it's coming up at end of the month and I will be. Chatting with him about that. So reading his book. Was Real really eye-opening because it was it was sort of a journalist basically saying, Hey, fellow journalists we've been going about this. All wrong. We've been focusing on the tactics, the theater of campaigns and all of that for far too long, and we've been not been asking the questions that really get to the heart of what it takes to do the job. And in on the surface and even even dickerson admits this it's not the sexiest thing. You know you WANNA ask a candidate about their position on abortion because you're hoping, they're going to get a quote that says if I'm elected I'm going to try my best to make abortion illegal or in the alternative I'm going to try my best to get a law on the books so that the Supreme Court decision and Ravi. As codified into law and there's no more wondering about all that. and. And Policy is certainly a big part of it but Dickerson argues that the real successful presents, the qualities of a successful president has our are qualities of like you deciding how to spend your time. You know picking two or three very key issues spending time on those and avoiding a lot of the other things that presidents do that don't really require the president. To spend his or her turn that way. Picking, the right people for the right jobs in knowing when to back off and delegate and win to intervene and override. Those kinds of skills you know we don't ask them about. A tough tie, what what crisis crises have you faced and how did you handle and what did you learn from that? What mistakes have you made that you that you won't make again? That, you've learned from questions like that. You so rarely hear on the campaign trail. That might illuminate. A candidates a in a way that shows you know the the their management side because essentially the the job is a good deal about management. Including personnel management, and that is the least sexy part of being president. And and really the the attention of the voters would probably wane. But yet those of the kind of issues that would most assist of voter to show who is qualified and who is not qualified. To Be President in that way and so. And so it's it's an excellent book I. Commend to Everybody Who's listening? It's called the hardest job in the world, the American presidency it grew out of. Twenty eighteen article that ran in the Atlantic magazine. The basically asked a question is the presidency too big for any one person? Do you know do we need to split this jobs up? Maybe have a prime minister in America or something to that effect somebody to handle some of the other duties don't necessarily require the presence attention and and I have to say the bibliography is like fifty pages long. It's a very well researched book and there's a lot of good stuff in there not only for people interested in the presidency but also people like us who cover the presidency and so is a really really interesting book I. Don't know if it's going to fall on deaf ears and he'll be like Cassandra or I don't know. Maybe maybe there will be some incorporation of some of these things I know I intended to incorporate that not only for president but also for jobs like governor in any executive position, you know it's it's really. Interesting in that sense. But but. I thought of that when you're talking about the different campaign styles because I think all of the to obviously Ivanka. was closer to that idea right because she's at least talking about here's what we're going to do on policy and that gives you an idea not only if the person's priorities but also about how think about what will be active what? What will help people in this sense according to Donald, trump and and the other stuff the stuff that we just love and it's catnip for headlines and for for quotes and everything about how Joe Biden is such a terrible person and he's GonNa ruin this country in drag us into Venezuelan style socialism and we'll all be in bread lines pretty soon Is I mean not as the stuff that makes the news, right? That's GonNa, get you on the news and he knows it and we know it and it's a big game. It's a it's a it's almost like a theater production and and we become theater critics in the sense that you know we're gauging did trump deliver the line did he perform well and that kind of journalism is perfect for Donald trump because dots he is performing it is performance and and and he has learned from all these years and he's very good at it and and to a certain extent, all other candidates have had to learn to do that as well. Thank you television. Thank you, social media. For that But again, you know if we're talking about, you know getting to the heart of what makes a good president the. Those those issues you know couldn't matter less and it's It's it's something to consider I think going forward. Makes me think of there was an article man and I can't remember I think it was politico that I read and it was it was talking about. I think it was political I. It was talking about women voters in Florida Republicans who had left trump and what they had said was is they thought really what didn't have that much to do with him they had thought that when he was elected, he would act more like a CEO in he would hire very qualified very good cabinet members and stick with them and he's you their argument was he's definitely not done that he's private. Loyalty over over anything and I think I think that's a pretty fair point I mean he's gone through cabinet members pretty pretty quickly I I. Don't I'm not a historian I don't really know, but it seems like a lot more than usual. That was interesting but. I also was thinking as you were mentioning what was in the book to I saw another article as well about the Biden campaign in which the Biden Campaign basically tried to. Silence any sort of jockeying for possible Cabinet positions should he win their focus is on the winning will deal with that later but we talked about that before I something that I would really like to see is you know let's see what your cabinet would be. I think I think that should be part of the process I you know obviously you have your running mate but I think Nina we've talked about this before potential cabinet and then as trump did potential supreme court nominees I think those are all very interesting things and that's That might tell you more. Then you know you would learn otherwise certainly from a rally or anything like that about what kind of a president a person would be, and so I it's interesting to think about I don't know if that will. Ever ever be invoked, but you know I, it's just I. Know I'll have to have to think about that about how We cover these things because I'm doing four or five times a week so I couldn't agree more. I think you're absolutely right about that, and for two reasons one, the reason you said is this will give you insight into how this person's going to govern. You know if if somebody picks Elizabeth Warren as Secretary of the Treasury that tells you a lot about that person tells you what their priorities are at tells you what they value. It tells you what kind of a president they will be in what they expect from their Treasury Department. In terms of regulation of corporations and the like. But the other reason is a far more pragmatic reason and I think just as important and that is this The the election is held in this year on November the third. Mark Your calendars people November third. And the inauguration is on January the twentieth at noon. That's not a lot of time. Between those two. Dates November third in January twentieth to put together a cabinet. To get these things going if you start your vetting on, say even if you start right away November the fourth, you won the election. Okay. Now we gotta start vetting. That is not enough time I think to vet the proper people and to add to get the proper transition going. To to take over the entirety of the federal government in just in just a few months it's it's impossible. So yeah, I. Agree. I think the I think the formation of a cabinet at least the thinking about it and the and the the basics the background checks, the vetting. The that goes on should start before the election. It's not presumptuous. It's practical pragmatic, and as you say, it gives the voter some insights. So yeah, I'm one hundred percent with you that one. Totally you're talking about people with like immense mental powers and stuff too. I think when the constitution was formed. The cabinet it really wasn't quite clear exactly. What know what departments would do what it's now it's quite clear and you look at somebody like Secretary State, secretary, Treasury Secretary, Interior. They have huge huge power especially as we're rebuilding from GROENEMEYER. So I think you know eat it gives the voters extra level of scrutiny but you know we could argue that until we're we're in the face. We'll just see what happens I the one thing we want to just end with real quick just a another plea are mini doesn't probably plea of the year to get out and vote in early voting start this weekend throughout the state. There are locations everywhere I got my ballots. In the last week and it comes a your should as well. I would imagine comes with a list of all the places that you go to either early vote person to drop a ballots off we have those. Listed listed in stories we with the Secretary of State's website has that and you know if you didn't get a ballot if you are registered or anything like that another friendly reminder that go to these websites, you can go to these places and register that day off and vote and be done with this. You can put it all behind you and ignore the commercials for the next three weeks which I personally am planning to do And and we just wanted to also sort of make another pitch that if you go to review journal Dot Com, we have a voting guide it will take your address and and give you sort of a a sample ballot with all the races in your area and will also link you to various content we've done and and Steve would be probably better to talk about design than I would but we've got stories we've got debates. In some cases we've got sort of town hall style discussions in some cases for a lot of these local races. When we do have stories, you know on the presidency in the presidential races. Of course, but but for really drilling down and I really WANNA point out as well. the judicial racists because when you at your ballot I, know my wife was like this it is a shocking number of judicial candidates, two pages like worth a ballot basically, and so I really would suggest that you. You can that that you do some research before making selections on those are important positions you know obviously will shape. How the courts can this state for six years I think it is so. Definitely check all that and Steve Kerr probably do a better job of maybe getting to stuff that I didn't mention that we have for you and so. I would just go just a stress to two things. I voter guide is is excellent. It'll it'll drop your entire ballot for you. You can make your selections online. You can print that out and take it with you to the polls. As Roy said this ballot, it's the longest ballot Clark anybody's ever seen. So I recommend. If you're not voting by mail. If you vote by mail, you can sit there at your computer as I did and look at some of these races and call up the judicial debate for example, or a story on this particular racy learn about the candidates. If. You don't do that. If you're going to vote in person I, recommend you take your sample ballot and you fill that out as if it was your ballot mark your choices there. So when you actually get to your polling place, you can mark your choices, check your balance and be done with it I as quickly as possible because with these this many racist, there's going to be longer lines and remember in between every voter they're going to clean that equipment to make sure the corona virus. Is Kepco Minimum. So I'm so you will. Definitely. have to. Be informed before you get into that voting booth don't wait until you get in there because if you do you're going to be confronted with a a dizzying array of races I think though total was about seventy eight individual contests on the ballot including the five constitutional amendments. If you go to our website Las Vegas Review. Journal. It's review journal Dot, com And on the very top bar there's something called election twenty twenty. If you click on that you will find a story that I wrote that says, here's everything you need to know about the twenty twenty election that is is being as a continuously updated frequently asked questions QNA style. Approach to the election we've tried to answer every question we could think of, and subsequently I've had readers write in and suggest questions or asked me questions and I've actually written back to them and said that's a great question on going to answer of here for you in the email. But I'm also GONNA put this up on our frequently asked questions story so that everybody can do it little things like. For example as Roy said, the ballot is two pages front and back. So when you get your ballot, don't think that they've sent you to balance by mistake. No, it's one ballot, two pages front and back make sure you vote in every race. Now even if you don't, you're even if only voted in one race, you're gonNA count for that one race but voted all the races or as many races as you as. You feel comfortable voting in that. You feel educated about and remember they're staying on both pages go to the you go to the very end of your ballot because that's where the ballot questions are. Also there is a story about six things you need to know about early voting and these are questions that are specifically related to early voting in the end of that story, you will have a list of all the different. Early voting locations as well as a map provided by the county, and if you look at that map, there is places all over from the deer springs town center in in the far north all the way down to the Silverado Ranch Plaza and mountains edge regional park in the very south. There's plenty of places in the Middle Meadows Mall Gallery Mall. At sunset the Paradise Community Center Downtown Summerlin at the Las Vegas Ballpark Veterans Memorial Leisure Centre doolittle community center all of those places host early voting. There is plenty of places to go. Here's an insider tit This weekend is likely GONNA see a lot of voters there might be long lines. So if you really want to vote early but you don't WanNa wait in line. I would recommend waiting until next week maybe in the middle of the week. During the afternoon you could probably find a place that is not crowded the county on its website. If you go on your mobile phone, they will have an APP they're on, they're on the county's election website. That's Clark. County. Nevada. Dot Gov slash. Believe is what it is and you can look on that and you can actually see estimated wait time. There's also a private vendor that has a very similar service that's linked in our story six things you need to know about election. Day. Which I also wrote, you can write my name in the search bar if you can't find it and you should be taken to that story and you'll find out APP as well. So you will be able to navigate these pretty easily but as always we at RJ, politics like to say no matter how you choose to do it whether you do it by mail what you do in person during early voting whether you do it in person during Election Day however, you want to do it. We want to encourage you to get educated about the issues use the resources on the review journal Website in reviewed journals. Pages to to get educated about these races and vote make sure that your voice is heard. doesn't matter your party it doesn't matter. You're registered Republican. Democrat. NONPARTISAN THIRD PARTY LIBERTARIAN independent American everybody should take advantage of this franchise and and make their voice heard i. think this election is going to see one of the biggest turnouts maybe the we've ever seen and and you definitely want to be a part of that. So take advantage of these resources and get out there and early vote that starts on Saturday and and they'll be probably some long lines but God bless those people who are in the long lines and God bless even more the volunteers who work at these various. Places, throughout Clark County that are going to offer opportunities to early vote. They make our democracy work, and so we are very appreciative to them. And before we go, I should mention that. Seems to be some breaking news here on now seeing in elko daily free press that trump has cancelled as el corral you. Earlier what fifteen twenty minutes ago we had said that he was coming we thought that he was coming now it appears he's not. It looks like he's only doing the one Carson city rally seems very fluid. He might add subtract you know from that even over the weekend but right now Thursday latest, it looks like no wellcoll rally. Sorry Alka. Maybe, next. All, right well, that with that that is we're going to get. This podcast for more news breaks. We don't have any rallies to board on. So. I'm Jay. Editor Steve Sibelius. Politics reporter. Orient thanks so much for this thing. Right. Now, the health and financial security of voters over fifty are on the line. That's why Aarp Nevada's fighting for your voice to be heard Aarp Nevada wants to make sure that you know all of your voting options in that all Americans can vote safely within choose to vote from home or in person to learn more about your voting options. Visit Aarp Dot org slash envy votes that's AARP dot org slash. Votes paid for by AARP.

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