Yanks Handle Their Business, Baker & The Browns Get Rolled


Office Depot Officemax is your number one destination for HP INC shop are huge selection of original HP INC and now through October twelfth buy one get one thirty percent off all HP INC at Your Neighborhood Office Depot officemax store and at Office Depot Dot Com or your inc online and live from the investors bank time in three years and we don't know the opponent just yet as the Tampa Bay rays win game three with Charlie Morton on the one hundred win team that won their division and did not have a shot in this series. Didn't have a shot at Yankee Stadium Defense they looked great in this series from top to bottom I know that they're going to face a Houston team most likely that's a hell of a lot better than what Komo morning champagne again further New York Yankees last night is they complete the sweep of the Minnesota twins in a substitute role which will goner. I'm sure some discussion over the next few days because Stanton's first at bat looked horrific I mean didn't have a shot last night and the Yankees just completely dismantled this baseball team head head to the AL CS for the second and the more he could pitch you know before he gets to the Yankees the better yeah and if there's some way that the rays can beat Vir- lander in game four and then they have to go to things have come for the twins I just could not make it happen when they needed to have something go right for them and John Smalls was talking about that last night but swept under the rug but and even those guys not hitting at the top of the Lineup de Gregori assist hits last night gleyber Torres comes through obviously Mabon comes through down in four say game forward Justin Ver- lander does have to pitch on short rest but I tell you the Yankees hitting pitching You hit on all the the salient points here you're talking about defense and you're talking about timely hitting only one home run hit and that was Obviously what happens between the Astros in raising really the good news for the Yankees is that you know they gotta go for another game they go forth game and that means Berliners going to pitch again Torres last night so they want another ways and I'll tell you the Houdini act that Severino had in the second inning they amazing Yep Utah and he didn't look like he flinched at all either no he got out of what was a basal loaded no out jam and I kind of like you know a sign of for -tunities to pitch because of injury but his his history in the postseason and Yay was a little bit all over the place with the fastball it seemed to be op the entire night but he it's too big for him and last night even though he wasn't perfect in that situation he buckled down with nobody out he didn't he didn't flinch at all he had you just explained it so he kind of like got himself into a little bit of jam twice actually yeah and got out of those jams and a couple of times hit ninety nine they just beat but they could not be going into the lcs playing better than they are right now good morning boomer our you know I'm doing great jail and you're you're sweating he didn't look like he was nervous just look like a guy who hadn't pitched for a while and then just had to throw a couple of sliders and a couple of change in the next was in jumpy and I think that was the biggest point because if you think about him now wildcard game against the twins a couple years ago last year against red sox where he got killed it just looked like the postseason perfect and you know he met a couple of nights poise out feel too so I wanna take anything away from anybody on this team right now simply because they swept the twins and now they sit and wait and so I I give him credit through a lot of pitches in four innings it was frustrating for sure but it was also it was frustrating also rewarding because what you just said about some of the plays that Glare tour has made Didi Gregorius may which made how about how about Dj Lemay First Base Yeah you can just tell on his face he's laboring through this lineup even when he's having a little bit of success how difficult it is to face the Yankees and then what role in game five and the Astros move on at that point and that really seminar to see grandkid Cranky Yankees are not intimidated raise mcgahn Jesus and you're right is fast ball was up and I think that's I dunno pitchers would know better than we would we can ask clarity when he comes on a little bit later on this morning so many key pitches man it was unbelievable and you know you're sitting there and you go all right what's going to happen here you just waiting for somebody to hit a home run for the twins and it never happened about you know why why was his ball up so much why wasn't it down and that probably due in large part to the fact that you know he's just come back you know I that's what I would think yeah and on the other end Torrisi who wasn't bad I mean he was the the best of the three that the twins throughout the Yankees Oren yesterday there there's no way but yeah you mentioned Severino last night and it was such an important thing to see not only because of his story twenty one thousand nine hundred and not getting a lot of ended up facing Houston there's going to be a lot of nibbling going on and so much so much again also depends and we saw this yes I saw this watching these games yesterday just the way the umpires on behind the plate is different and we all know this but really came to light yesterday just watching we are right now in a year the guys in celebration the clubhouse it talking about taking pitches and not swinging at balls strikes everything that Giancarlo Stanton you wanna see him do Radio Gomorrah size and Greg Audie boomer and Geo on the fan simulcasts across the country on CBS sports that were good Tuesday onto is they just they put these pictures through a mill I mean these guys are exhausted by the end of it because they have to be so fine they're all throughout the day and all these games what the empire behind the plate sees yeah right Oh my God I mean the high strikes in one game low strikes in another game I mean you could just just an all time football term and he applies it to baseball and it's true as you see the Aaron Judge Catcher interference game of inches you see some of these calls that go one way with a didn't the entire game but it never seems to be like you want to call hi strike caught the entire game called for both teams and John smoltz kept talking about a game inches last night which is a on and and for the most part the savage part of what the lineup has been doing is that they happen taking pitches they haven't been swinging at bad pitches and I'm telling you right now I if in fact games and watching how the batter's I think in the cardinal game were the braves games were ticked off because they were calling high strikes as long as it's consists right and so perfect to be able to have success against the Yankees for a full game this was a to nothing game in the seventh inning ended up being five one game a by the end of it but I mean Abol on the outer half in or half of the plate and sometimes go the other way another time so it just seems like everything has worked out for the Yankees but they've made their own lock I mean that's really what it comes down so you know and as long as as long as they just stay patient and stay the savages that I keep telling you that that's what Aaron Boone's talking about if what is his first at bat he looked lost but be that as it may it doesn't really matter they win and the great thing about the lineup is that they can continue to he is just he's a clubhouse leader he is someone who's so rock solid and he's also shown you these big game player to he's on a Yankee Apple rb is in game three and makes a spectacular play with the game still in the balance with two runners on in the ninth inning of game three as well so of every single one of those players if somehow you do not sign him and bring him back but Jesus how much money are they willing to pay him yeah and we will see is on three days rest but I don't see that happening I I really don't I mean the rays are going to be throwing whether classic Bullpen Games they're going to have their closer starting they're gonNA throw fifty sort of depends on the rest of the postseason to if this is a world series team and he turns out to be a world series. MVP It makes it even more difficult for a team to say goodbye to a guy like that but that's all the time in for another time but you know I tell you after yesterday you know the Yankees disposing of the twins away they did and then the astros getting crushed idiot ninth-inning I mean it was just it was ridiculous and if you see the Labor Torah the reaction to the gleyber torres play from Aaron Boone I mean that's about as fired up as he gets in the dugout when he gets fired up usually yelling at umpires but he was going crazy after that glacier play and Devi gregorious I mean this is another reason why the Yankees made me a guy that is is coming into the postseason slumping has an awful game one in the series where he looks loss then by the way it's a grand slam in game two as the rest of the team does so well I mean just wears everybody down had a hit last ninety straight out well it doesn't matter it does hit the hit the to an umpire who gets a little bit more aggressive with the strike zone that's when you have the problems but I don't know last night defensively they were awesome yeah that play at second base by glacier the seven ended up being a five one game did not go into extra innings I mean there's there's two regulation like no extra inning games nine by the raise and having to throw burland or I mean the scales have tipped a little bit in the Yankees favor at least for a day and it could be even more in their favor it ver landers some al loses we do have a younger player that you can put over there I don't even WanNa talk about it yes I don't even want to think about D D growers not being in a Yankee uniform the fact that he is replaced replaced and nobody's talking about who replaced right and he's having his own success in the postseason to the point where everybody's gotTa talk to Reggie Jackson about how good he is and you know he is he is a guy that like you said is a leader in the clubhouse one of the more popular guys on the team I think that you would you would break the hearts shortstop to be we know this already and he'd better be here for a long haul I I would like the thing so but this is one of these decisions that you gotta be really careful about lineup you've got Gary Sanchez Didi Gregorius and Jewish shell that's seven eight nine in the limelight and your sixty eight or might be your best that's ridiculous that's ridiculous eighty kitchens has got his hands full man you can't you can't go on Monday night football I understand that the CISCO's loaded man defensive line it's great ugh I mean it was just a mess for the browns so think about where the forty niners have been the last two years under Kyle Shanahan they've had injuries they lost their quarterback adding but when it's in the post season it's not as frustrating the only annoying part is that the eight forty first pitch that was the only annoying part when you put that on top of the four hour really pleased with that but don't you also WanNa see a sports fan these two titans go

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