This is market minute by yahoo finance. I mean s for ray. The markets are relatively flat right now as investors have treasury yields in mind some choppy trading has been taking place yesterday. The nasdaq was down. One and two and a half percent right. now it's flat. The p five hundred is slightly higher. The dow had been more than one hundred points earlier. This morning it's now up more than fifty points. Meanwhile crude oil is jumping with wti. Up around five percent today brent crude also up more than four and a half percent a huge move in crude oil after opec plus decided not to increase output for the month of april sending oil prices higher tanger factory outlet seeing a fifty two week high. This is a retail real estate company. Would out door malls. The stock really got hammered during the early months of the pandemic is some of its tenants. Went bankrupt and malls were closed. Fourth quarter results. Low came in better than expected last month in traffic has recovered its malls or outdoor so people feel safer than in the enclosed malls restock. Though is heavily shorted in. Its recently gained the attention of wall street bats year to date. The stock is up more than eighty percent. Data opened up more than sixteen percent higher. Though it's pared back some of those games yesterday the stock was up when the nine percent for more marketing news to yahoo finance dot com.

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