Ep. 275: Jessica Alba Gets Honest With Us


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That's insane to me. You guys can shop. For the ecotools bio blender at your local retailers like ulta walgreens target walmart amazon grocery stores. Cvs and you can learn more at ecotools.com low everyone and welcome to fat mascara. It's jen and it's just jen. So as we told you last week jess is taking the month of february off to focus on some other work projects. So it's just me. And i figured i'd try and give you an even better sound quality. I'm sitting in my tiny brooklyn closet. I hope this sounds good And i'm here to introduce an amazing guest. Jessica alba before i tell you about her in case you don't know who she is I just wanna say she was recording with us so this was like maybe two weeks ago from her home she has a home office set up. We actually talk about that But actually in her living room. So there's any sound issues that's why honestly we're doing our best and hoping that we will be in a studio someday in the future but for now how cool that we can bring you an interview with jessica alba that. Everybody did it home so on that note. Listen you probably know this name. Because she's an actress. Jessica got her start at age thirteen. We actually talked quite a bit in this interview about her childhood. The trajectory of her acting career which was she was very strategic about the choices. She means you probably know her. I mean she's been in so many so many shows and films the dark angel the fantastic four series her latest show l. a.'s finest Which i believe is net flicks. Now when we spoke to her was actually one of the top ten shows on netflix. But of course the reason we wanted to have her on fat mascara is the honest company which he co founded in two thousand twelve and then in two thousand fifteen. It spun off the subsidiary. Part of the honest company honest beauty. Now jessica has been a big proponent of the clean beauty movement. We wanted to talk to her about that We wanted to talk about what if anything that word means. These days and clearly does still mean a lot to her. And you know we've talked about this on the show and we loved it. She really gave us some insight into the way she thinks about formulation personally but also how her company handles it Especially now that so. Many brands do claim to be cleaned beauty. So that's something. I think you guys will find really interesting. We talked. we also talked about The behind the scenes business of beauty. This is like business class. Wanna one if you wanna know how beauty company really works. I personally found that fascinating. I know jested to our jeff jazz. Matlin not just alba. So hopefully you'll enjoy that and now without further ado. Let's talk to jessica alba. Okay here's jessica alba. If you say your name to somebody over thirty five they'd probably be like. Oh max from dark angel or you know actress but someone who's twenty might just be like. Oh yeah the company founder. Like you've lived. Multiple lives and as a gut reaction and putting you on the spot. I question what word or like occupation do you identify with the most these days i made. I kinda i kinda feel like. I can be multi hyphen it all out okay. I sure. Founder of a company activists and sometimes they play dress up for a living. So yeah the on the plane dress up like just thinking about your acting career. Is there anything like when you were going from show to show always auditioning in all that. Is there anything you don't miss about that life any of it. You don't miss it at all. Not side of it. No i i sort of have gone back into it in a way but Not in a typical way that I guess that i was in in it before like now. I'm more excited about being a producer. You know yeah And being able to have to shape the stories. That i wanna tell. And and to be editing room and and things like that so you just have a little bit more of that that seat at the table instead of just being you kind of feel like gumby or something you know. You're it's like you have this performance right. You had this idea of this character. You work on it. You bring it to life to the best of your ability but at the end of the day. It's how the producers in the editors and the Studio wants to shape the story based off of some you know inside that they have that they want appealed to this demographic this waivers that way and And when you have like a lot of people who are making a decision it often just feels really watered down. And i think that the most interesting stories that we see in that. You're entertained buyer usually when someone is in a great collaboration with create of the person driving the story forward and i think it's the same with like even building. Products are being an entrepreneur like anything in life when you have like a committee who making a decision bursts when you have like an individual end site is just going to be that much more. Authentic the approach right and it's just feel better at the end of the day And have that personal touch. I don't miss. I guess Of course auditioning is is the absolute worst thing ever so brutal because it has nothing to do talent. It just has to do with the mood of the room. Ninety nine point nine percent of the time and and the idea. That committee has on whether you fit the bill for the character and then I would say that after starting accompanying instrument laughter becoming a parents. I guess it's just like you don't have time for for stuff that just doesn't fill you up in the right way like it is just that whole thing of like you. Stop giving so many fox the in the truest sense of itself like you don't care people like you know they are trying to be mean or robes like. Hey maybe i'm not your cup of tea next moving on an dwelling on it Opposite of auditioning out of either cup of tea every time trying to convince them that they need to fall in love with you and believe that you are this character in it's nearly impossible. Because what what i realize now also so many years later is they already have a pretty clear idea about who they want. And usually most of the time they've offered it to at least a dozen people and the only reason why it got to this point because those people fell out now for you it was you mentioned it was after he became a parent is like for you as after he became apparent that you decided like i don't need to do this anymore like when was what was the parenthood part of that equation. It was you know. I think after i became apparent mike. Pirates just shifted. I started acting when i was twelve and it really was for me away to essentially like i think it was it was. It was definitely helpful for my mental i was very sick kid and And came from very humble. You know sort of background. My parents are living paycheck to paycheck. And and and Had multiple jobs each and I was second in the hospital a lot. So i didn't have a ton of friends. And i was socially awkward and so for me like a gave me financial independence which was great It also allowed me. I was always a little different Really well into my family. And i didn't really fit socially with with my peers And so it kind of like i would say hollywood is a place. It's almost like the modern circus. It's like we're on the freaks and weirdoes. Go and i am. I felt i felt like i was home for the first time on a stat with a bunch of you. Know people like me that the didn't fit inside of the box of their community or earn our culture And so that. That was nice but on the flip side. I guess there's also the the hard part of it. Which is you're only as good as your last job. And there's absolutely no You're not rewarded for showing up and being good awarded for Being present and being professional you're rewarded for Ah boxoffice opening. that has nothing to do with you. The biggest stick onset but if that money is like cool great you know and i would say that like as a woman we get so few chances in guys get ten shots at bat right we get maybe two one a noser the top top top and then to be a woman of color on top of that you. Now it's it's just it's it's a brutal industry because it promotes I guess everything that's out of your control Like ageism And the idea of what is desirable. And it's always in people's hands that at the end of the day have no connection to you or your personal story or wire there even audience is like you. Oh god i love. I wish we could talk specifics. But i am not dumb enough to your own that but i think we're all thinking of our own examples and you know people in incidents so i mean you were smart enough to think broader than okay just hollywood just television and you thought about beauty but why did you think about beauty. I mean did you have a relationship to beauty. Like i was like face of a couple of Global beauty brands From age eighteen I think that was the first time i signed a contract with the beauty brand And i just learned. I actually learned a lot about marketing. And that's where. I feel like i got a lot of my Marketing and i guess marketing acumen Along with learning about marketing demographics and psycho graphics all of that with just opening moves in different territories in the way the appeal to this audience that audience. And then to tell you that or like in board rooms or they say okay like jessica. So this movie's gonna open in this country. Are you just listening now. I would ask the question. Like how can i make this accessible in germany. Like what does that mean in. Okay how can i make successful As we open in mexico city in wirewood choosing that city to do our premier right and you know the london premiere. What does success look like in the uk verse in spain or italy now. And so i would ask the question. So all actresses do that or december them get on the plane. I i probably was different. Because i was very strategic. Yeah always on. That's kind of how. I always approached my career even in entertainment because i needed it to be successful because then dot i knew would then allow me to have more. You know a day longer in this business for long. Because it's funny you were saying the thing about You know working hard in. Hollywood is not necessarily rewarded like combat behavior can be rewarded. And it's like it's. It's not like school you know it's not like work hard get a it. Oh go onto the next thing. Get a degree. Yeah it's kind of like it's not You know based on merit but you were it. Sounds like you're. I mean i wasn't there but it kind of sounds like you're treating this almost like okay. I'm gonna learn things. I'm going to study out and that it's going to be great. Well i think i was. I was trying to figure out how to have a little bit more stability. Yeah and so. I love that given that i had absolutely nothing at no family members them you know there are every the the best looking people from all over the world coming to this tiny little town and they all wanna be a star you know a and they all are very talented and i and i don't even know i know is definitely not the best looking and wasn't the most talented. So what else did i have. You know it's like. I just had to i hustle man out grind denied Strategize early on and just just figured it out and and tried to be better. Tried to to learn as i was going to have to be better and to create as much of a solid foundation as possibly good. Yeah yeah yeah so okay. I interrupt you. Because i'm just i so curious about your journey and there's so many things to ask you about men we got to kind of get to the beauty stuff so you you're paying attention. You had beauty contracts. You're like okay you know Contracts were. Of course i was like. How do you get renewed. And they're like wallets if the stock performs are not And when i when there was a connection to a stock performance or whether there's you know your item seller not And then i was like okay. And then i put into my my contract that i got to have creative control of my campaigns and what was awesome is trusting mike guy instincts of how women wanna be spoken to it worked. My campaigns did really well. Yeah and the products did really well in so that again. It gave me like a nut. More assurance validated. I guess my mind in jewish. And even though i didn't have an mba harvard. You know you could. At least i'm in my ear to the ground. I know how. I wanted to be communicated to Just always had that consumer lens. Right in everything that i did. Even when i was opening movies are. I was on a talk show. I was like if i'm sitting on the couch watching this person for two minutes. Talk about something. But i wanna get from this experience. What what is the best case scenario. You're real azam. Yeah and so. I always thought through that like consumer lens than i guess. When i went to to decide that you know there was an opportunity in the marketplace for a clean line that had a a holistic point of view when it comes to consciousness and everything that dies it was it was a very aspirational idea. Concept pushback. You know a lot of naysayers would say well if if it was so easy other people do it and i'm like well no. It's not easy but it should be done and in it's the right thing to do and everyone's just like well. Good luck like that one I think that's just. And then i guess the more people told me every reason why it. I couldn't happen. It just made me more determined to make it happen. And and i think you know my husband he had. He's a serial entrepreneur and And he had sold a couple of of small businesses that he had started on in the digital space and was pretty early to that that space than so Cutting out the middleman in direct to consumer comstock and What he just consistently said is like. It sounds too complicated. Like you just have to make it easy for me to understand. Like you have to distill something complex into something. That's just like easy to get right away. Like what's your elevator speech essentially And and that was something that was really hard for me. Because of course i wanted to. I wanted honest to stanford everything all the time. And sometimes you're you have to know your audience and you have to pitch a grass right now so when you when you decide if you want to create what you wanted secre honest and you were telling people about it. What teed like your appear say. You're kind of hollywood. Yes yeah i I didn't have a lot of friends in the business I wasn't again always socially awkward. i wasn't. I wasn't the actress it came to hollywood. That was my own. I got maine's it should be a star. I came to hollywood. Definitely want to be anybody else. And i was like. I don't wanna be sick kid. I don't wanna be someone who you know isn't accepted by this culture that culture. I don't wanna be any of the stuff that i was born in two. I wanna be a frigging superhero. Like i want to be harris important. Star wars thing. I wanna be that man in. I wanna be a bad ass. I want to crack jokes. Arowana like to gas. And i just love being able to to be somebody else and sow. I think that was like a just a different spin on it. I don't know the reason. Why the reason why i asked the reason i asked about the hollywood thing because you are one of the first people to really spin out and become an onshore. A you know a lifestyle entrepreneur. I am and you know at the time maybe consummate. Oh well that's not in her wheelhouse. She's an actress but now so many other actresses some of which we've even had on the show. This is now what you do. You are an asset slash. Yeah so you really started the trend. So that's why. I'm curious what people said i think you know. I think it's interesting. 'cause yeah i've definitely advised a lot of different people who are in entertainment and and have tried to figure out how to like do something else with their with their platform but for me it was like a natural evolution of justice my myself and and i guess you know and just thinking of what's what mattered to me and my priorities. It just being saved enough money where i was living beyond my needs so a lot of why i was even in hollywood it what it turned into just like i wanna be poor and i didn't wanna to paycheck and i didn't want to struggle so for me about financial stability stability a lot of my decision making in the business. I got to a point where i was comfortable and i had saved enough money so that i could like the okay And then it was kind of like our what. What is my purpose you know. I'm looking at the person that i have to keep alive and thinking about like this world that she was born into and i'm like how can i try. Make a difference. So that. When i'm done here she's better off and and i and i really i guess had i went on that journey and i did a lot of. I'd always done nonprofit. Were in charity. Work since i was like fourteen or fifteen. Just what i always have done. But i really start to really think about the purpose in the impact and And how can i leverage. Platform that i have to make the most impact and then when i learned about how many people How people's health is affected by exposure to all these chemicals unknowingly and it's this sort of like thing that's just kind of thing. There's not really an awareness you know because you distrust like pick it up by local star it must be okay Than when i learned that it's not. It's not okay and and it can screw up over time and having exposure to all these different chemicals overtime could lead to a really terrible outcome outside. Hell no like someone's going to do something about this but it was so convoluted. It was so scum so complicated in also just the way that the market dealt with it was just bury. It wasn't easy in the communication of the chemicals in the way that it was brought into the marketplace and the no real process around testing chemicals for safety and then it's like then it's about the percentage of the chemical in the product and not being tested for safety under says so much that goes. There's so much nuance right. And and i was like. I can't i can't There's no easy answer. And i lobbied on capitol hill for chemical reform and it turned into like a hardest an issue and it wasn't really about human health and safety and as much as you want to believe the government is there for basic human health and safety and of course that should be important. It's not it's it's really about your party alignment And a popularity contest. A lot of ways. And i was just like okay. Well i do i. I knew enough. That like i live in a country where even though i was not born into a certain class of family and even though i don't have access to i didn't have access to the certain group of people even though i'm a woman of color i can still make something of myself. I mean that is the american dream. And i can still have an idea and if i pull roll up my sleeves i deserve. My parents actually feel like i deserved to fulfill that dream and And so at least i can have a shot at it and so then i was like how do i create a for profit business model around this nonprofit value our charity you know and so that's and also it's sort of like when i was looking i worked with red Were yano and I learned a lot about his work with With red and that initiative hamas being able to support a nonprofit initiative so this model has existed. But it's been more avert in homs Blake tom shoes. It's moreover i just wanted the mission of what we do too. If we were successful. I felt like we would tell the marketplace that there is a desire for these values and that the if the trend with that way they would not be able to continue to operate as a had and they would be forced to be more ethical because that is what the consumers are going to shoes and at the end of the consumers are voting with their pocketbooks. And it's more real now than ever because it's so easy to shop through social media platforms you know and it is so easy to have that one click shopping experience and uc warren war Keep alert choosing. Not necessarily what they get at a store. They are choosing with brands that are connecting with their values and one of those values being the honesty thing you said. It's a super complicated and nuanced thing to talk about chemicals but you started using the word clean before a lot of companies. Do remember how and why you made that decision and the meaning changed for you over the years. Yeah i remember. Even being the first to say the word nontoxic. I know harsh chemicals and living husband is like making elevator pitch simple but isn't really so it isn't and so i guess clean was like my it was the evolution of a very complex idea in that you know people think organic or natural is going to be the best option for you. Actually not really you know. There's a lot of things that are out in nature and there are some things that you don't want to be exposed to that could have an adverse effect on your health and similarly with synthetic things And it is leveraging science and having a regulatory team in house something that we had to invest in and then also we created our labs and have ms and an rnd team in supply chain. That can actually even take these formulas that were creating unnamed source a raw materials. That's how i figured out over the years that i can truly stand by what the values that we set out to achieve will invest in it like. Is it something you mean. Like you had to sort of evolve or yet. Because when i when i first launched the company i made it was like we weren't even we weren't profitable for many many years and it was more onset. Do people even care about a company that stands for this. But then when you look at the checks and balances system more and more. I realize you don't necessarily need to own a chemical company the from day one. You don't need to own even the The manufacturing company. Or what have you but having chemists regulatory team in supply chain ops team. Yes that is sort of like the only way we can really stand behind what we wanna do what we're trying to achieve and not be a me too company. Yeah but that word has gotten used a lot. And i'm wondering like you will use chemicals like if we're talking pure science of course is a chemical exactly so i love you. Say that and there are companies out there like if you can't read it on the label. It shouldn't be a simple fight so much. Have you and your team ever talked about like should we now give more information as people are becoming more educated. Do we give them more the back end of like this but only in this percentage because of immigrant disrupt you know how detailed do worry about how detailed to get. I think at the end of the day like if anybody wanted to know more they wanted to do a deep dive. We have a team that can talk it out with you. Why you invested in the team. Right right But at the end of the day like people aren't going to want to be like jess. But yeah but like on a weekend. Toxicologist right and a lot of the most vocal sort of green bloggers that are publishing this off. Like what are you talking about like. Where are you getting this idea like. There's there's good and bad things even about like the systems that rate products as clean or not clean. You know if you think of something like iron and it is like you need iron in your prenatal but if you get too much iron you could die could kill you so slag percentages matter and you can't just say that everything is bad but and you have to consider the percentage and you also have to have some mechanism of testing Or having some data behind it but even that is convoluted or messed up in the way that that's even tested because only certain chemicals or even put through the test and then they never test anything that's derived from that that chemical is banned if zana chemical way and they're like it's Whatever pvc fray and this free in that fray and then you find out that the next three the the three ingredients and are all derivatives of those chemicals that are banned that you're saying you don't have in it. I don't think you're ever going to be at a place. Where on a speedy you know doesn't get a an email at customer service or at mention where like with somebody you know who's maybe not happy that day. Just think that it's you know clean living. Yeah i don't think it's you know. I think it's honest beauty. I just mean everyone. Yeah i would say to be honest with you We've had more. Like i would say like love. Mail and positively and people deciding like winnie writing. Accompany about anything like how much time for that. We've had so we'll reach out and just rytas and people. It's usually people who have compromised. Immune system of young people who have gone through. Chemotherapy is people who suffer from You know send skin sensitivities. And they're literally. I couldn't find any other company out. There met the performance of conventional but then didn't use in a we we ban twenty five hundred chemicals in our products One of the most stringent lists of chemicals that we won't use a any company out there but yet i'm like adamant that they need to perform at least on the level of conventional or better yet you know and that's pretty unheard of for a company that stands for the values that we have. If you're meeting both of those marks. how do you decide. When to expand into a new product category skew rented like sit out a trend or launch cycle. It's really i mean a lot. It's it's like this some perfect. I would say there's like a perfect processor system but i would say it's the perfect storm of all the right things lining up the end up being a you know what we choose to do. I would say it's looking at the white space in the market. Ripe for certain categories of products. It's looking at all the options out there when it comes to conventional and then the options when it comes to clean or better for sale and then usually when you look at cleaner better for you it's like is it just cleaned perceived or are organic perceived. Or is it actually. There's a lot of washing out there. and then when you mix in the performance a lot of times those fog superstore on performance and so. That's that's how we look at it. And then we look at the sides of the business. And then i also look at the amount of incoming calls from sumer. 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And it's like. I don't know just kind of looks good an it's pretty And then i put a stack some of my leg. My elect coffee table books than i put my computer there. And then i have like a little chair and in the corner and then i set up a little corner And that's in my closet. Now mind you. It is a nice closet. I imagine room that i can hurt you. A closet 'cause connected to our main bedroom okay. It would be weird to get down with my husband and for there to be like door right. Aaron some listening like what ago. Naturally it needed to be closet. I understand you have your walk in closet situation. You're working from home. What is the kind of most surreal. I can't believe this is part of my job. Now what is the you know the kind of most difficult challenging. We'd can't believe that. This is part of jessica alba's business day and i don't know i guess so. Is there like a my my new show that you deal with or is there something wild like well. I would say that. Like when i was in actress right i was always pretty like Strategic in the way that i approached everything so everything matter Looked under the hood. And i would unpack things like Talked about that sense like you really were logged in that same way you know. I had to unpack. What makes a successful business. So i had to learn about supply chain operation and cogs s. Johnny your s. Gna what is that. It's basically The cost of all of your employees and all their expenses and everything that goes into running and operating your business bursts like you're even or like what comes out the other end you know after all the costs are put in an what what comes out the other end. Who is what you have dovers forbid did you learn all this stuff on the job. It really is pretty simple when you think of like your home expenses okay. I can give them the same way like cake when you look at my your monthly expenses on just like live and then how much it costs for what you make at the end of the day and then what's leftover. It's very similar to that. Pretty simple but i did have to learn about it and i think you know one of the things are all. The hidden costs like marketing trade. Spend like You know you have to allot. I didn't know that you had to ally. And there's like best business practices on allotting a certain amount of the investment. Or or the money that you plan on making a certain category to put back into the system to shoot a sixty dollar lip gloss in my mind. This is is so fascinating. I'm asking you this stuff. You could not because of my crew run. I said are supposedly come out wrong. I don't mean like you. I i think this is so fascinating. Learn as you go meeting and firing. It's really inspiring. I literally was like sitting in meetings and it was like wait a minute. I thought this thing was gonna kostas much and it was like it was like five cents ten cents or whatever right and it's like oh well if you're going to sell this thing for one dollar. Ns costs shooters to make it between your packaging. Roy allies in all of that How much does it cost to ship it. One lands if you did it made somewhere else or made here steve to consider the transportation of that and then you have to endure labels of how much is that or is that included in the cost. And then if you go to a target or you go to your own director consumer okay. How much does that cost two to pack it up in the palate. The way the target one said they had their machines versus nordstrom has different machines to pack it differently depending on the distributor. So that there's a cost that goes to in there and then if you want to sell it target. They have these programs where every month or every two months you have to. It's like skin care week. Had all you have to be part of that program or why are you on the show. Now did you. When you're learning are you thriving in your loving you like. Oh jeez you know. can we just like doing. I was the face of no. It's it's more. Like i feel like i have to be an investigator reporter. Yes there's always like way we win whenever talked about slotting costs like what it's like a cost to like put the thing on the near and make sure that the stickers read and scan and lines up with the code that's on the product and in the code that's in the back and then how many items are they going to stock. Is it going to be three items deep. And then when do they. If they sell through winter they going to replenish. And who's gonna keep track of that way up in the middle of the night and think about all of that. That is that i have to say. This is not glamorous stuff but this this is the kind of stuff that would keep me up in the middle. I had night slept well. And so i thought it was my kids at night but it's really just it's slow. Yeah no this is fascinating. I am so impressed mean. You said you didn't go to harvard business school. But i feel like you're going right now. Yeah like in real life like in practice yet. I guess it's sort of the same way. I i learned how to do. You know hollywood I didn't actually do one of the few But but you know i navigated hollywood figured it out just i i learned i go and i guess i'm always curious. I think i'm always a student. I wanna get better I'm not so I guess if if you want to be successful you have to know what you don't now when you have to surround yourself sleeper. Who are much better at things. New are and so i would say that nick. Blockhouse might c. e. o. and hardener. She's been incredible because at a lot of like. I was capturing a lot of this information but i didn't know what any of it and i didn't know how to save through it and so nick was like right. Yeah that cost is called this and that cost is called that and this is how you think through it in. This is a business model that most cpg companies runoff versus a business model that most companies run off oven. You know getting three to five x valuation is one thing getting five to ten x your valuation in this is how the market looks at it in the public sector and then in the private sector. it just really depends on your growth trajectory and the multiple state. You can hopefully validate Which i knew that from right raising money gave you the guy he gave me. Yeah he'd helped me. You're gonna do that from raising money for what you know from the seas. So i understood how the multiples worked when it came to valuations with bc's And it was really really based off of a growth model versa. A profit margin model and growth which in the public sector. It's more your profit margin and your growth numbers. Okay jesse what you. Yes quick quick stress other quick speed round ready so fat mascara five just first comes to your mind super easy. What is the first product you remember falling in love with mac. Spice lunar liner. Okay what quality do you meyer. most in others authenticity. If there is one rule you wish everyone would follow. What would it be Cheat others how you'd wanna treat your people treat you good. What is the most played song on your playlist right now. You have to give. The real odds are not the cool answer. I know. i'm trying to luck. Probably i killing my kids. i Ella fitzgerald playlist the play all weekend. In when i'm cooking and so it's just a classic jazz like nina simone in allah stalled in baker and stuff. So if there would be a movie made of your life who would narrate it. Oh my kids. Oh that's cute. I like that. I was wondering. Oh my gosh. She's gonna pick like another actress. Then that's kind of weird. But i like them as people kid but the kids. That's great great. Jessica thank you. Thank you so much i know i know. Wow what an amazing interview. Thank you so much to jessica. Here's where i would do a arrays with just matlin. But i'm sitting here thinking. This is really weird to be talking about a beauty product. I'm obsessed with this week with myself. So if it's okay with you guys for this month. I might not do the raise the ones after our interview episodes just so i don't have to like talk to myself about beauty which is weird but i will say this before you go before you click off. We do us a favor. Will you like likened subscribe. We never ask you to do that. But now that Everybody's a lot of people are listening on spotify. It'd be awesome if you follow us on spotify. Subscribe to us on apple. Podcasts anywhere that you can write a review or share with your friends. We would love that as well. That's how we put the podcast together. The more people that listen the easier this becomes the better quality. We can give you the more shows we can give you the more stuff we can give you so we really appreciate your support and Get your beauty sleep. I'll see you on tuesday with a great guest co host. We hope you enjoyed the show. It's your views and feedback. That help us make the podcast even better head over to itunes to rate and review us or email your thoughts to info at fat mascara dot com. We also want to answer your questions and here at products you love to share a raise one product view or to ask a question. Email us at info at fatma's skara if you send it as a voice memo file we can even share your voice on the podcast. You can also do that by leaving the voice message. Our phone number in the united states is six four six four eight one eight one eight two. Thanks so much for listening.

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