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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens the. Us House is poised to take up a new wave of corona virus relief funding totaling nearly half a trillion dollars. Npr's Claudia Griselda says. The measure could end up on president. Trump's desk later this week. The Senate approved the plan to replenish popular small business. Loan program that recently ran out of money house speaker. Nancy Pelosi called the bills additional new funding for hospitals and testing a great victory. The House could send the measure to the president on Thursday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch. Mcconnell says Congress may not take up another relief bill until it returns next month. Npr's cloudy grew. Sal is reporting. The Food and Drug Administration has green-lighting the first home kit to collect samples for corona virus testing but NPR's Richard Harris reports that the test requires a doctor's order the FDA previously made it easier to collect samples for corona virus testing by approving the use of swabs that collect from the front of the nose as opposed to deep in the nose and throat. Now they've taken that one step. Further people will be able to collect their own samples at home with medical grade swabs and mail them to Labcorp which is producing these test kits. The FDA says this is as safe and accurate as collecting a sample. In a doctor's office. Labcorp a major medical laboratory says it will make the service available in most states in the next few weeks. The FDA approval for collection is only for this one particular product right now Richard Harris. Npr News as rock-bottom crude prices panic oil markets energy regulators in Texas are considering ways to try to prop up the industry from Austin K. UT's motza shell. Reports at any production cuts would be contingent upon cooperation from other oil producing states and countries. It's been almost fifty years since Texas oil and gas. Regulators used their authority to limit the amount of oil companies can pump from the ground but state regulator Ryan sitting proposed a twenty percent cut to production for large companies to reduce oil supply and stabilize. Prices we are seeing a level of demand destruction and a level of wheel industry downturn than the happened over a course of years now happening over a course days ultimately. The vote was pushed back to next week before then. Texas officials will talk with counterparts in Oklahoma North Dakota and Canada if Texas regulators move ahead with cuts to production they want commitments from other states and countries to do the same for NPR news. I'm Mozambique Shell. In Austin and trump administration is ordering Chevron to wind down its operations and Venezuela by December with only limited operations there until then it's part of the US let campaign to pressure Venezuela's embattled leader to give up power Chevron is the only major US oil companies still doing business in Venezuela where it's invested in oil fields that are valued at more than two billion dollars this is NPR news a Louisiana Pastor accused defying. A state wide ban on large gatherings has been arrested again as w arcade Paul Braun reports. The church leader is now charged with aggravated assault over an alleged encounter with a protester. Police say pastor. Tony Spell nearly backed a bus over a man protesting in front of Life Tabernacle Church central Louisiana on Sunday after posting bond. A defiant spell told a crowd gathered at the jail that the state's restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the corona virus by late his rights to assemble and worship freely. He said he has no plans to cancel. Services or start preaching online for more than a month spell services have drawn crowds of angry protesters and hundreds of congregants more than five hundred people showed up on Easter Sunday. But attendance is said to be down in recent days after it was widely reported that a member of the church died from covert nineteen for NPR news. I'm Paul Braun in Baton Rouge. Scientists say the global travel restrictions are prompting some changes to the Earth's environment making it cleaner and wilder air. Pollution is reportedly down thirty percent in the northeastern United States and down nearly fifty percent in Rome. Researchers say that sea turtles are nesting better and the absence of human interference and that more wild animals including coyotes pumas and goats being cited in urban areas on Asian stock market shares closed mixed today lower in Tokyo. Us futures are up around one percent and pre trading. I'm Shay Stevens. Npr News in Washington.

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