Hour 3: The Club


The Dan Libertad Woodstock. Gotcha podcast is brought to you by the Capital, One saver card or four percent cashback on dining entertainment, ju- percent, a grocery stores of one percent on all of the purchases. Now when you go out you cash, what's in your wallet terms apply? Mike. Ryan is told me that we cannot get the sound to Damian Lillard coming back with distracts at Marvin. Bagley who said on I take that he had bars for Damian Lillard now forgive me for sounding this old and ridiculous saying these things. But I thought that what Lillard did a was well done because Lillard is reputed in these circles, these guys, man. We've been talking about this. You remember the original sui sound came because Kobe Bryant tried to be a rapper and he tried to wrap in talian Mike. We have that sound cleared of Kobe, Brian, wrapping in Italian because this goes back aways with us where we laugh about a guys making their way into hip hop from Shad tried it for years. Try for years to make it into hip hop. But. Damian Lillard I'm being told is legitimately good. He is good member George Karl criticized him for spending, too much time on his music and not enough time on his basketball game. I don't remember that does that. So it was around that time or car was taken everyone out. Oh, that's right. You're selling a book. I remember that time Gary, put it on the poll, do you miss that time when George Karl was wandering around taking everyone out. That's right. That's a good way to describe that era of basketball coverage content factory. It was like six weeks of George Karl just wandering around saying stuff to sell a book. Such a glorious time really. But he was just saying loud old man things like concentrate on your Dame instead of your music, there were like five or six things he said that had us talking for months. It was it was it was glorious ties like super awkward with him in the king's like everyone knew that he was going to get fired. But they didn't fire him for like three months, and he just kept showing up to work, but Mike, how do you feel first of all, we're all here for these guys going back and forth this way, right? Because distracts are the interviews you wish they did. The NBA gives us a lot of this drama, guys. Don't like each other. What's going on with Chris Paul and James harden, and all the soap opera stuff? But I love the idea of handling things this way between rapper. But where Mike how bad was? The burial Lillard always got bars Lillard ahead an album that was legitimately good. You doesn't sound like an athlete trying to wrap. He sounds like a rapper who also just happens to play basketball Damian Lillard. So, yeah. You don't want that smoke. You don't wanna come at Damian Lillard Lewis. A one guy the one guy you don't wanna come at. No, in terms of like being able to talk trash back like he can lay down a track. That's a lot worse than just doing something on the court to somebody lives forever. Attractive people will listen to actually write and enjoy a live forever. Right. You're right. But also, Damian rule number one in hip, hop battles, and hip hop Eve's, don't beef down. This is a beef down. It is. It's a beatdown but it's a beef down. Yeah. But who else who else is going to come after him who's appear who's gonna come after him? But I mean you can't respond to Marvin Bagley. Right. You just can't do it. It's gotta be someone who's. Die. Like this is what Damian Lillard would like to do. He would like every guy in the NBA to come at him with rhymes. But I think he just ended the game the way he handled Bagley. Better. You gotta be better than Bagley. You gotta be more confident than than Bagley. Bagley Bagley started this man he went on I take. And he challenged Damian Lillard. So what does the countermeasure Billy do you care about any of this nonsense? No. Not really. Max, by the way, is the one that's to blame for all of this max really. Got this beef started, like we have this out of max, essentially leading him on and getting him to talk crap which led to this whole battle. You know, max is a frustrated rapper max. There is a there is all over the net. Yes, you know, this, do you not? There's a video max Kellerman is done a rap video that we will also not have the sound too, because there are a lot of sound restrictions around here in ways that are suffering. But you know what? We are allowed to play. Thanks. I take Roy Jones who was a colleague of mine at eight zero boxing, played at me a clip of you free styling in the hallway. And it has been my opinion since then that the best stems see in the NBA is either you or Damian Lillard, but who is the best MC in the NBA. Me me, man. I love music. I love music go myself, would you ever battle Damian? Lillard. Yeah. For sure. Damian Lillard would accept that battle you do it here on. I take I take whatever whatever man. I'm whatever. I'll make music is a love. So we, we can, we can see Billy, Chris, what, whatever, whatever man, I mean. Yes. Double negative Mexico to talk to mino- most anything at that point pretty much. Okay. But so, so the response from Lillard was to simply a nuke Marvin Bagley for that for whatever whatever about Bagley make the playoffs as that's a did. He make the all rookie team. I'd have Damian Lillard when a game in the Western Conference finals beef and down. That's how he's spending too much dominance. Rap career not enough time at a basketball game about that. I'm gonna Carl. Why did you say? How about that seventeen times there? So my I wanna play this Lillard sound I what do I need to do? We wanna play by now. Can't play the Kobe's. We can't play the Damian Lillard sound song, you want to feel for what, what is the cost if they were doing a radio show, pay for the Lillard song. What does what does it what does it cost to pay for the Lillard song, so that we can play it for the audience, and they don't have to do their own work on the internet? It's astronomical. All right. All right. Do me a favor. Billy, this is what I would like to do. Okay. I would like for you to print out these words, and somebody around here is just going to read, what Damian Lillard said said in order to nuke Marvin Bagley so that I can get a payoff from this story where we work for the worldwide leader in sports, and we can't pay for a sound to get cleared. You have done this to yourself. Good, sir. They'll get a payoff because you want to desperately play a sound that you've known for several hours. We cannot because I'm tired of you saying no to sounds around here is, if we don't have a budget and can't afford anything you can't afford it. It's like forty seven dollars. Tell me what it caused a plane Damian, Lillard sound so that I can get the payoff on a national radio show that the biggest one in America, it's got more reach digitally, and on more radio stations than any in America for sports. Why is it that we can't get some damn sound to play for the audience? So I could get a payoff on my segment on a Thursday when there's nothing to talk about how high, but we need to set the price for you to back off and say, no how high is there any amount? I mean how also today's Friday. Yeah, it is. That's a big fun play it on the show. And why others work and tell me what it is. No, the fine camping I want to know what it costs either. Find out for me what it costs. Or somebody read the Lear. Yes. Yup. It could cost us our John whose jobs. What mine? How many jobs in my costing I might be willing to take the chance. Okay. Thanks, because I'm tired of us not being able to play any sounds around here the way we were able to play him when we were just a local show. We were screwing around any sounds like this is a week in which you've got Brett holes Gloria. So your point is my job save. Yeah. You should be able to survive. It. Downs bump it stands. You guys come back with something funny. I want somebody reedmen, I want something some Lillard words, Marvin Bagley something. It's the weekend or Thursdays. I like to call it. Weekend should start an Thursday, though. Don't you agree? They should technically. You're right. Go into the weekend. Looking good and let Dollar Shave Club help you. I like Billy's idea of just playing it to start the next segment having a nervous breakdown. Stugatz here. We all love night out, whether it's seeing our favorite band in person or being there in the grad that you're on our favorite team with vivid seats. 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A memory that lasts a lifetime and let vivid seats help you get to your favorite live events. Donlevatar texture rights in does ESPN brass, listen to the show. They can't stugatz how could this possibly continue in a prime spot for this long? It's just truly awful radio. VC's live at our show with this Stu gods on ESPN radio, which of the two did you like more on the recent episode of stupidity? Was it your, your engagement speech to field Yates or was it your smoke break with Mikey? See, I mean the smoke break with Mikey. See Amina calms is it's just amazing. It's so cringe-worthy Amina is such a good sport and Mike. You see is so bad, all of it, just collectively as fantastic. So, I guess I'd go with that. All right. So go ahead and check out stupidity at your convenience. If you like you can. Download it on all your devices stupidity is to God's doing a lot of things differently than he would normally do them, but mostly the, the most prevailing theme. And all this departed, he's is that others at ESPN are doing the work for him. He is. He is spinning ESPN on his finger and having every corner of the ESPN universe, creating all the relationships is going to need when he conquered the place, Mike, like he's, he's spreading it out. He's using every toys in the toy department on stupidity and he's getting ESPN to work for him. Now it's my podcast and is right. And in terms of who has made the most appearances on my podcast. One is Meena to is Mike Golic junior on third. Third, mike. You see is closing in on being third, and I'll be bumped a fourth, but there are people who don't host that podcast to do with it who've appeared on the podcast. More than I have. But Stu gods continues to just ask everyone who runs into my Adam gays. He has Hankas area will you be a game show host for me. Like he is not afraid to perpetually. You guys tell me in your audience, I, Kenny G serenade, my wife Valentine's Day, you have been doing this for years, since back, since you're calling nNcholas shae, you're calling your wife with Nicklaus shea, you will always make asks, you will force someone to say, no, you will just roll out shameless. Ask after shameless s and my, here's the thing I do believe that the people that he has peon are enjoying bathing in this do God's army enjoying their time with stugatz as the shows. Court jester because I do believe that. But Stu gods is absolutely using you people. For better content. I mean that's all I got a great idea for the studio would game. I'm gonna have who knows their hosts better at it's gonna be you. And Dan, Patrick at it's going to be the shipping container versus the danettes. It's going to be an episode, where I don't appear at all that it's great. I why were the words your podcast exists inconvenience others? Don't have time for this. I don't have time to do your podcast. I mean my platform is your outlet for this. The danettes. Definitely have already reset the Pauly's again. Wait, they're excited. Fritzy, all the boys seating. Mike. He's trying to put together a podcast where he doesn't even have to show and it's a great opportunity for them. You would agree. Right. It's like smoking mirrors with him in the Mike. How has he gotten so good? You know how? Onto to compose the greatest evolution of that game. You know, in terms of size and speed and everything else, how is Stu gods evolved? So much as a greedy, shameless creature. That he's arrived in a point where he feels totally comfortable totally comfortable entitled to all of ESPN doing his job for him. So it's calling Jay Bilas Bilas could have said, no, I know. But no nobody says. No. He's using the entire network to do his job for him. What are you talking about? He could have said no Bill Simmons. It's been saying no to you for weeks. And you took two minutes out of the interview time to just complain directly to them about why he's not doing your job. Listen, I took an hour of my time to go on Simmons's podcast at a time, where he really wanted me and on the podcasts, he's able to do a home and home that means he comes on my podcast. And so I'm trying to cash in. That's all. And, and he kept I got the feeling that is pushing me off to log is no one wants to hear from Simmons in August, you have Simmons right now, you of all people to be upset at someone pushing something, my listen. This is a true story. All right. This is a true story. I'm still waiting for your vacation time of vacation. That's coming next week off a couple of days next week Monday Tuesday, but I'll be working stupidity. Yeah, I ready heard the new scam. That's what I'm going to reinstate a Monday. Book vacation hope man. If you're doing see potted. Oh, yeah. Or built Simmons is doing and for you, Mike. This is a true story, not making this up. You are a snake. You're a weasel European feces. That's not nice to say a Mike. And so this is true when I'm going to say to you, and this is very much gods. And I don't know how he gets away with being charming, when he's this kind of despicable. Okay. No, no. This happened. This was in this studio. Right. This tight space and stuff and some stugatz friends came in and the fa friends came in with family, and they came with children, and they just kept asking for pictures for pictures for pictures for pictures. And then one of them actually said to me four hours before my father was doing here. Can you call your dad and have him come in for us right now? So we can take pictures with him. And I'm like, no, I can't really do that to God's still got to get your friends out of here. And he was proud of them, because he was like, yeah, Dan, you. You keep asking for stuff until you get the no you, you just keep asking for stuff until like because there are some people who will bring their father and evidently, and then there'd be another set of ass. And the reasons to God's knows it is because he is it. I was up in them behind the scenes. That's why I'm surprised. He still hasn't done Sioux Falls because the person behind the Stu gods. Stay in Sioux Falls is Stu gods. Not taking no for an answer. Trying to deliver on all these insane ask and no one's actually really vetting if he can get your private plane. But he says he can and yet at every turn even after saying, you could golf with John Daly, you're still saying, no, I am him and his father in law here, and they want to play golf with me. It wasn't enough that I went on his radio show, did a twenty five minute interview which was glorious, by the way. Okay, did it. And then right after we hung up. He said, hey, my father in law, and I are coming, dad. I've told them several times stop coming here in July. I mean, it's a hundred thousand degrees outside, but he came anyway he asked me play golf now today. Now, listen between us. Okay. They're in the other room. So I'm just telling you I'm going to bring him in here in New York which I next week. But I told him I was going today and I'm not leaving till tomorrow. I'm going, I am going to bring them in here. Next segment. Mike. I'm going to bring them into the studio and I'm going to ask them questions because stugatz has been so slimy with this she'll it is record breaking stugatz. Liming. So there's a guy who said, health wrote it extra ten thousand dollars in Sioux Falls, and he said for every day decline it goes down. One hundred dollars I went on their radio station. And I said, listen, this will seal the deal because we were down to like thirty eight hundred dollars. I said, you call that guy and not only do you get it back up to ten thousand dollars. You go higher. You get it to twenty thousand dollars and the deal is done, and I told them I will give him a fifteen percent commission on every dollar. He gets me over ten thousand dollars that I may ten thousand one dollars. He gets fifteen cents, how long have you been putting off? So God stay in South Dakota five years. Yeah. And you're complaining about Bill Simmons. Keeping you waiting for a couple of weeks. My are you listening, though to Stu gods? When he starts to just foam at the mouth with sort of defending himself against. I lies no one has yet accused him of like these guys are about to come into the studio. And they're gonna give us all the slimy dealings with stugotz as he continues to try to negotiate up here on something that is unbecoming for anyone who works at this network. No golfing them. I mean I did offer to set them up on their own without me playing. My strategy was I'd set them up one I would play ten. So I'm on the back. But there on the front they never see me. They think I'm in New York, stupidity donlevatar never gonna stop what I am, and I'm forty four years old. I ain't Shange of stugatz changed now. It's worked here. I am. That next to you, filthy, rich, these days, live at our show with as to God's own ESPN radio. We will open up the club at the end of the hour here and send you into the weekend. But for those of you not familiar with Stu gods. His back story he is greasy. He is fraudulent and he is a well-paid and greedy. Well, thank you, Dan. And so two gods has managed par lay all of his success into Sioux Falls, trying very badly to get him to come up there for a day. Yep. Zach last time you were on with us. You told us that you gave us all the details. All the back story on this in a way that was very efficient. How can you catch the audience up on where everything stands with these negotiations with Stu? That's a fine, by the way. It's Jeff not exactly. But it's okay, it's okay, I've always wanted to say that, well, first of all, it's an honor in my life, there's a lot of things. I try to do raise a couple of kids, do some things. But at the end of the day, this is sort of my mission. And we, we are to the point where we are doing whatever possible even increasing the value of this, this young man named Zack who's trying to pay him. Ten grand to come up. Yeah. Stugatz has that up to probably twenty by now? Well, yeah, what I told you, I think he has it down to four. You need to get back up to fifteen or twenty I cut in and then we have we have Stu falls, get me up over fifteen percent though. Because last time you told me, you know, twenty anything you get me over ten we'll give you twenty percent twenty villi. What kind of experience? Do you have with Stu gods? Verbal contracts. Like does that mean anything? I mean absolutely. No. That was written one too. Yeah. So let's let's let's get everybody caught up private jet. Still in play key to the city. Still in play. John daly. We'll get an exemption into the Sanford international if stugatz comes up, otherwise, John Daly, ain't plan. Right. And then we also have let me think about this for a second, that tournament is going to have Jack nNcholas, they're really. So of Jack nNcholas can come play nine holes. You'd think stugatz could make him with Jack the Golden Bear I mean have other. Wow. Now you wanna play with Jack. That'd be nice. So Jack, Jack Jack, you might get me without the money. I might you might. I'm not saying definitely, but you might have preferred Jack and the money. But I mean there's something there. All right. So we got that we got a private detail was security involved. There is a limo the entire time. I mean, what, what else did we have involved in that I think that was probably about the extent of it, you're working on the weather? Right. And you wanted a parade to so the parade part of it was something I didn't think that we can actually get done. But you know what we, you know, we're all about parades now in Sioux Falls. So we'll start a G league game that you said that. Well, yeah, if you want to play for the for the, the G league affiliate of the Miami Heat, the Sufa sky forest, I have you run that by their coach me start. You know, that's, that's a formality. That's a formality. So I'm not too worried about hilly. Billy tells Zack how pathetic you think he is Zack. Yes. Zach at the Super Bowl. Zach interviewed me for his radio show. And I said, listen Zach you're nice guy, but this is never going to happen. Like you're really need to start doing this. And this was like, what four? Four five months ago. Yeah, we've increased everything though. So, I feel like I have a better chance now Italian, you nine with the Golden Bear. And, and get this thing up to fifteen twenty thousand from Zach. Yes, right. From, from the real, the real the real kids with one of the way, I don't got that kind of going to lay. All right. So where are we on this where where where are never going to happen? I just told you how it happens. I just told you the Golden Bear nine holes, and we get it back up the fifteen Graham would Don right? Avid done Mike, is that a formal proposal you have in your hands. That's a contract as a formal proposal with venues. And I mean contracts come on. What's the matter with you? Does it have does it have Jack nNcholas his name on there, anywhere? Okay. Dawson, have the Golden Bear came with. That was my bombshell. When I came here, we got a cross out daily and we put in nNcholas than we, both initial it. Okay. I mean you want tiger up there, too. Sure, Mike is this ever going to happen? Yep. Now has a chance. This is the closest we've ever been Zach Lowe since we've ever been I thought for sure a private plane was the last of your, you literally have a health company that deals with life and death willing to take time out of their life to fly jet down here to get, you Sanford, Sanford, great people. Dan's a life lesson. I've tried to teach you over the years, okay? Once you get exactly what you want you ask for a little more. All right. Exactly. Get out of here. I, I don't like you contributing this madness eighteen holes with a Golden Bear. We're Donald sign anything. By the way, I gotta say this real quick. I feel like we're investing in crypto currency here with stugatz like he is the bitcoin of humans. And I just feel like at the end of the day, there's some value here. We don't know what the value is. But that value might be really big. And it might be really small, we might end up with nothing at the end of the day, just holding our pants and no money in the pockets, you have whatever explanations, you have for me. I will let you down appreciate what I get out of here Zach. We will disappoint you on. Thank you for all of your contributions to this enabling of this greasy foul Berman. Zach is me Zach. We, we speak the same language. All right. Mike. God, do you have a beat for me a random totally random ESPN Tenny band beat so that Stu gods? Can now Damian Lillard went after Marvin Bagley when he came out and with bars and these are the actual lyrics. We are going to have stugatz read the lyrics of Damian Lillard being directed at Marvin Bagley. Are you ready? Yeah. We got a royalty free beat. Have you decided on a flow here? Sue guy. What's, yeah. You've got the lyrics right there. Transcribe I, I didn't hear line by line Damian's, and it's very small thoughts. I mean a little bit nervous come on your own on. Do you not have glasses or anything or are you going to be able to read that then that's not the problem me singing? It's you, wrapping this is the debut, the maiden voyage of stugatz wrapping as Damian Lillard. These are actually Daming Damian Lillard lyrics directed at Marvin Bagley after max Kellerman badgered. Marvin Bagley into challenge that it didn't seem Marvin Bagley wanted. Oh. Voice Nair my headphones. Beds only like. Need to hurry up too much not enough. Oh. Bring it back bigger back rewind. No. Another one. I hope the king learned his lesson. It's a bad investment. You're just reading you have to do it like a hip hop. Boy, y'all. I never cracked in the moment you made a bet assessment little boys, get excited. Make tragic exit. I had respect for the movement. But you were really sadly, desperate terrible flow. I wasn't measuring your music. I was measuring Grammy's. But when you separate my yard, I'm apparently Stanley, I feel bad, because you kit and taken your candy, this, the live, ry. It's the kid who them. The body drought. I baby getting potty trade don't body wash. I think you finally to find your voice. Don't Bobby wash it says, what? You read it as wash Joe, you wrote them afloat. I hope the king learned his lesson. It's a bad investment. I never crack in the moment you need a Umeda, bad assessment, little void get it. Cited make tragic exit. I had respect for the movement. But you were sadly desperate. I wasn't measuring your music. I was measuring Grammy's. But when you step into my yard, I'm apparently stand, I feel bad, because you a kid and uptake in the candy, if the kid, John, that made the body drought first baby, getting potty, trade. Don't body wash where all from we never talk. You could get most Molly wa I said most I have my shoe in high school. I know you poppy Cup bogged up. The raw trees to take a long, Paul. I wish you wouldn't hit me my line. I'd take a phone call. It's the one that banks. What's. Is a problem with this? The loudest be the most saw I had this trip I have to sit with his clothes all. Oh, I'm starting to feel it. Oh, now you're starting to feel okay, grad, you naked in the whole night passing you, I would love to see the suckers, that was guessing New Mexico was one of the suckers gassing him over oversized battery. It's on the back of you. The most bangers be for kids with an attitude, this ain't my style. I just do music at peace. A double headed monster. Beauty Enda peace knocking at my door. It's my duty to greet, then I'm gonna sit you as dad and offer some super t. Book, I promise not to give this issue. No attention. Recognized when people hype you as a bogus mission. In my late in both games and you know, position if you go I would it depend on you for no decision. Wow. What up ROY I'm sorry. Yeah, you should be. I'm just are. What do you mean? A little bit of puppets. Fans. Oh my God. Ask him to read some more, tell them about tracks. Would you. Yeah. Ask them to read some more, we what's. Read donlevatar. It's friday. I'm getting into the week and I want to get my drink on stugatz. You've got to open up the club open it over Nate, open it now. But is the computer buffering there is this? Live at our show with this to God's own ESPN radio. We will update the polls here in a moment at lebatardshow on Twitter's how you vote. Mike are you ready to open up the club as well? Not yet. All right. So at lebatardshow is where you vote on Twitter's to God's let update the polls, we do not have that many of them today, we do not. We'll get to them and just one second. He Twitter Paul at lebatardshow is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club delivers the products. You, you, you used a look feel and smell your best right to your door. Plus with their handsome discount. The more you buy, the more you save go to dollarshaveclub dot com slash Dan. For a special offer gonna take me a second here. I apologize guys. Let's do both. Let's do both at the same time. Let's open up the club and Wednesday gods. Ready because he really has been poked in product here over the last twenty minutes in a way that was aggressive. Let's open up the club. Gretz. You can listen to Zack on ESPN ninety nine point one Sioux Falls. What's the first sound in the club? Mike Ryan was one old boy named Corey he would sit there on an and like walk through the lake while he's burning this hater. Meanwhile he's got a dip something called Longhorn in his lip cheek Copenhagen. He's got three inches. I ash hanging off this Kool menthol. Okay. Dr Joe on Twitter. Does Tom Tolbert deserve a urinal at the warriors, new home, sixty five percent of the audience said, Yes, What's the next town in the club? This should be a lot of fun. I got a little gin even to do so. God bless take care. The OJ Simpson Twitter account. It's impossible to believe play that again, plead this should be a lot of fun. I got a little getting even to do so. God bless take care what the world is yours truly. What is less likely to be true? Why Leonard buys is moving boxes or Kawai, Leonard eats, a dozen apples with a fork and knife. Fifty one percent of the audience said apples with fork and knife. Megan repeat Portland pilot. At limit talk show on Twitter. What else you've got is the best part of walking through Home Depot, smelling Home Depot. They won for belly. And he's right. Seventy one percent of the audience said, yes, you seem to have arrived here in a way that's fairly normal. Thank you. Is the awkward start of our interview with Seth green? You seem to have arrived here in a way that's fairly normal. Thank. Not my most graceful moment as right after you asked him why he didn't have a cocaine habit. Good store. Once you reached eighty two aren't you always interim? Eighty two year old pitching great question, ninety five percent of the audience that, yes, some days are full of things you'd rather not do my homework. I'd rather not do homework. Do it. Anyway. What is har- harder on your body, a year in the NFL or a year Miami? Seventy percent of the he had said a year Miami. Scores. Would you willingly borrow your friends socks? Yeah. That's you can't do that. Seventy six percent of the audience agrees with you. That's exactly how the party. Rounded until Brad. Let's go more. Working. Glove. Now it's a party they got. Larry. They got got now. Done. Hi Frank could shave buddy.

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