BK Previews The Falcons Game with Ryan Edwards


There will be no death by inches. This is the broncos daily podcast with brandon krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta. Happy thursday broncos country that some fun football tonight here so i know folks excited about the border war wyoming can the ramseys snappy four game losing streak at last check draft kings. Were three and a half point. Dogs you've got the niners and the packers and editor super banged up. Yeah the packers have running back cova dish. She's but seventy one percent of the niners snaps. i believe. Seventy percent of their scrimmage yards will not be available so i went to draftkings and check that out seven and a half was what i got it at And i think you should do the same if you haven't used wrappings yet by the way use promo code. Bk this sunday. they're covering their ensuring of one hundred dollars in bet. So you can check that out on draftking sportsbook. But the broncos and falcons are on as scheduled yesterday after i posted the podcast with rick lewis. We found out in the afternoon. Shelby harris was added to the covid nineteen reserve list. Not because he's tested positive. In fact he test negative a here again today but someone close to him tested positive so he had to go into isolation and i believe by lee rule required to miss five days and if they count that going back to wednesday he will miss the game sunday if they can count it tuesday which is when i believe he told the team and and then went and i think just got a hotel somewhere from not mistaken is is a story. I heard Will that count. And can't he potentially get on the plane sunday and join his team. Never home going to be a lot easier to execute. So i don't really know the details there. They could be without without shelby harris as we can. Yeah that no might pursell at is a a tough a tough road to climb to try to slow down todd early on the ground and then we know how much he's mammal create. Pass rush pressure up the middle But the broncos back on the practice field and wednesday off Get going today. they'll practice at one. Thirty depends on when you you hear this But business as usual no new positive tests to to reports even though there's spikes all over the country and we're hitting all time highs in in colorado certainly training in the wrong direction. I think they have an eleven percent. Positivity rate i saw on twitter when they're trying to stay below five is is the target. Obviously zeros really targeted five is a realistic target. So things headed in the wrong direction here and really everywhere. But the broncos nonetheless we'll get ready to go to atlanta to take on the falcons on sunday and again that's an eleven o'clock kick if you look at the numbers. The falcons have one of the worst pass. Defenses and football. I think they're ranked thirty first so drew lock and company will have a chance to really get going at least in. Theory against the falcons now running. The ball may be a little harder. But somehow they're six against run but they should be able to sling it around the yard and that could make for a really fun game of course if know. Aj boy a if he's not concussion protocol then on the other side it could be a really long day for the broncos. Defense if the falcons offense is on the field plus know about the idea of early in the run game. I wanted you different. Do lock though. Because i think more drew lock the better doing a couple of days after the big comeback win so drew lock joined us for zoom conference. Call the before practice On thursday afternoon and the first question asked you'd expect was about the big win sunday. Does it take any load off his shoulders going going forward and he you know relieve any pressure we could definitely build off of it. I don't know if it takes me load off. Anybody shoulders exhibited does and nice your job. You're sixteen leads this joggers. You let your guard down a little relaxed when we come in not fair to well this week south economy like that but now we carried it this week us momentum. I feel proud extremely well last week. Practice wise guys doing it on their own. We had to operate from all for a day last week. So maybe just taking some of the ways that we went about the week last week into this week i think back out curious in this weekend. Then secondly has been weird season yet the whole off season of remote learning and then seems like every week. Now you're having to be at home doing your virtual meetings and his a covert and everything do you just kind of roll with those punches. You figure that now. This is kind of become the standard operating procedure. Yeah you have to know there. No other way to do it. It's obviously upsetting you guys especially after went. That's always fun. The next day in the locker room tell stories about the game. We all knew what happened in ireland. Sorta game hanging out but you know the home for a little bit signal The knowledge that comes out of that. It's a drew kitja hamler each week. However you as billy net record that you didn't get a chance to august. I see we're blown a lot. He's finally getting a lot of practice. Rests like you said which has been really big for us as a group in me and him united. oh chemistry's well hopefully keep that rolling in a game. I'm seeing start with practice today. Hopefully back smile on. Get a little bit of the walks in the next day so we keep on it. It's definitely more of a build. Their job progressive. Gyp mike klis skin. I go to school all the reload stuff. You've done over the past few months. Is there anything in your prep work. You might keep later on down the road when this isn't part of the plate. Yeah there's definitely some things they end up doing would only do in the league being facility. There's a little more time view to sit all There's a couple of things. I'll take from this but i do like being silly with everybody. Do enter from coaches one on denial. Do allow boxers. Talk about it through that kind of no. that was all be together on zoom drive. Today you lose some time here and there. But i feel like we're going to make the best of drew. I was wondering it looked like the not that the shutdown but the shorter pass was emphasized. Wasn't it and what did you think about. You know just looking shorter than You know you normally. That was in the first half looking shorter than you normally do with the passing game kind of had to do the deepens without we were facing plays to be there certain rules of their defense and that was kinda gained by there might have been a player to check dow maybe field but that was part of the game plan this week or last week wanted to wanted to get the ball. Our hands guys make plays vance it on his defense and played a little bit different elvis up a couple times forces off the field without any points than we adjusted. A half from tearing your. Thanks for joining us today. Congratulations on the win is a part of you. After fourteen. eighteen hundred fifty five and three totti's in the fourth quarter to go to at shurmur. And say let me. Let's let down and go to the air and more abuse. Did you notice you were criticized nationally for dancing. I know that's you. What did you think of that that your dance blake continues to be a topic opposition. You know i definitely got it. Sits me and truthfully feel like person if not you know. Other people are more than one but that person. This might not be able to dance as well as i do. So now i will be our that way to. We'll see. Hopefully i dance me get better in. The public eye is at officer. Ali not stop yes. So that's that but as far as me could shurmur. We have great relationship. Non scientists. you release week goes however attack A pretty good idea of what we wanted to get out off your practice today. S see what. Thanks stick in Things many little modifications location so zero end up going with this by sunday. Hey drew how much do things kind of changed for you. In terms of the feel when you guys decide to go up tempo. No huddle linda do you wanna see. Maybe that you boost row the game rather than just when you guys fall behind. There's good time to do. You know you're talking about pretty biased quarterback here that simple for think three four years in college. So i would definitely say do enjoy that and do that Best same time in in the nfl game. There is a time to do it and we balance balanced pretty well because of how much you've practiced it because of being able to do because of how he did it earlier in the year and even at the training camp that helps us in those two minute drills. You'll say it's second nature to us and we've done it quite a bit. I've got to forty here. Drew one. Would you like to see alberto and no out there together. A little bit more. I know was quick to say that they've been out there together. Some you only got three tight ends. And then how cool was it to be able to throw both alberto and keiji their first touchdowns and you're going to do anything special with the ball once they get the cool pain on it. You gotta sign that to form package with albert and is definitely a dangerous on there's definitely ways molded into a game offers germs on a good job of that with those guys especially since our night doesn't have games under his belt to see to do on the field before you know. He made a whole package. Hold it and i think it's making good a statement for himself to be on the field a little bit as far as recessions. Go that i thought it was pretty cool in three hours. I shout out with rooms for festival touchdown. he didn't have any sign. The college ball Have signed professional ball and jj we. Hopefully they got the ball back forum. Yeah in the excitement. Oh we didn't know where it went. Hopefully someone has it. When that you're actually fallback. Stevens eight drew do practice. The dance moves before. Is it just something that comes through on the field in the moment. now. I don't brag som- Thinking about me in the dance moves in celebrations might not have been a lot of history on me. Because i've been doing that for a long long time been. Doing that. probably started with the bag in college. Became the winningest college. In quite honestly it brings off together. We'll have undoing. It brings joy enjoyed talk about it. Even go back after winning. Watch you like what are you doing now. It's it's just unveiling all as part of the younger generation of football might have a little more fun as far as dancing goes using all hyphen ever few more. Excellent eric von drew. Have you seen jerry. Jeudy respond the last couple of weeks ago. You mentioned last week. He was kind of had a different tone in the huddle. I think a career high in yards. Or maybe where you see him. Growing the most in preparation it takes. It's a lot to ask another rookie. That got no preseason games to comment and know exactly and then have the guy tactically would be your mentor. Slash leader be hurt in mice on an island there by itself as far as figuring out how to really know prep for a week. And i think like i said no preseason games. You didn't get really judge yourself against non team until his live. Of course he took that first game really hard on salt. Ever since then. I saw get better and better each week and same with his play in my opinion in. Come out again this week especially with missing yesterday's practicing be ready to fired up to that to Co founder editor to kind of piggyback. Off of that when you're a quarterback who you're still young in your career you've got these wide receivers who are rookies the as you mentioned in the offseason training camp what is the biggest most challenging thing between yourself and these guys to connect on. Is it kind of the scramble. Plays in figuring out where you want guys to go. How how they wanna come back to you because it seemed like on that second downplay. Jerry was a little frustrated when right before he converted third. Sixteen that you guys weren't able to on that one. What's that part of the equation. Like yeah it was much as you can preach being game speed and practice. Everyone hits a little different. Strive to get onto a game feel and now. Just we're adding rats every single game. We go out there. Practice rep surveying gordon very valuable but realize gametime decisions plays needs to be made without a doubt. The must style thing you can ask for. And that's why hopefully this is a big step for us this last week and to be able to take into this weekend and just be confident. Offense often Line quarterback running the whole whole deal. That's what we're looking for us today in practice out. Firemen tally in taken into this week. And hopefully keep building on these live. Rupp's keep didn't mentioned relationship with pat shurmur obviously relationship between acute playcaller super important. How is that progress throughout the year deepened on on a personal level. trust level. And you guys do you guys do anything krona viruses. Make things weird but to to get to know each other more on a personal level. Yeah we we try to the beginning and then all the crackdowns of rules in asking for meaning outside of silly. We kind of try to stay away from that. We both want to be in the building as long as we can and getting a tell us a little probably not being gets worse. Being in the building are released. It was a lot like going into a tuesday on waiting to get the game plan Like i have a pretty good idea. What's gonna come my way after washington on monday of what the defense doesn't rebound play spurs weeks was a roll of dice for male. Wasn't exactly sure what we'd be calling her reminds. Ob internet game now going into this week. The ideal on what. We're gonna call what we're really liking and sure enough. I was. I was right on most of what came my way that makes you feel it just makes me a little more relaxed getting on the same age. That's exciting to see that this early into the season with us together as far as games that i've actually played and we're kind of all right. Let's get to ryan atteridgeville before we do. I wanna remind you about chug water. Chilly chilly dot com use. Promo code chug water. Be to save twenty five percent. Jaguar chile is the spice of western. Life you can also find him in the grocer near you but might as well say that twenty five percent again. Juggler chilly dot com slash. Chuck water be k. And i think there's some snow on the horizon here in the forecast at the end of the weekend in the next week so We know that snowy weather and chile make a nice combo so chug water chilly dot com promo code chug water be right edwards part of the award winning duo on broncos country tonight. They won a car broadcaster association award for best night's show at our edwards radio on twitter and then of course. Big part of the broncos pre-game festivities with fred opening line as well as koa fantasy football hour and then he owes our countdown to kickoff so without further ado. Here's my chat with ryan edwards. Right i want to look back at the last game. And also look ahead to the falcons but sort of like everything else in this country other than we know. The election is taking up people's space in their brain but corona virus hitting all time highs the broncos not immune to that we saw john elway. And joe ellis. It was announced contracted corona virus than we hear about. Darren paolo somebody close to shelby. Harris years. Still getting tested because you have to do. Tv stuff at the building. I haven't been getting tested. So i'm not in there as much. But the one thing i noticed from afar and i mentioned this on twitter is the fact that the broncos have had these handful of cases from curtis motzkin to mike in downtown covid protocols. We heard about somebody else in the organization as well and then now the ones in recent weeks with a recent days. I guess from glasgow through the other ones. I just mentioned the broncos should probably be applauded that unlike say the ravens where they had to throw seven guys on the code reserve list. That wants these all seem to be happening in a vacuum. So i guess. Do you share that. Same sentiment with me that that they should be congratulated. If you will and it's not so weird thing to say when people are contracting it but that it's not spreading that these all seem to be their own isolated incidents while i mean i guess i guess the way to look at this is they've done a really good job staying in the intensive protocols and they made that decision weeks ago to just go ahead and do that and i think under the circumstances of what's going on in denver right now what's going on in colorado. That was clearly the right call so you just think about if they would've not done the intensive protocols and they would have kind of kept things as some teams have where you know. You're doing the best you can. But you're not necessarily keeping guys away from each other. Maybe there's a little bit of lax on the masks even out on the practice field. Well then you might see more significant Situations like we're seeing with thursday night football where you have basically none of your wide receivers available the forty niners and then for the packers. They're going to be without several their top running backs. And so for the broncos. Yeah they miss graham glasgow last year our last game and there are some significant moments in that game where you wish you would have had him but at the same time you know you found a way to win and so far you've been able to do a good job mitigating things. Now if you're gonna be without shelby harris. That's that is going to be a bit of a problem but you know you haven't these guys you know be able to go home. You're not doing thirty too many bubbles so some teams are doing those many bubbles where they're having guys go to hotel but in this case you know the guys get to go home so under that circumstance. They're going to be situations. I mean i have my kids going to school and if they come in contact i have to go through you know through the contact tracing and multiple tests just to make sure that you know i didn't contract it and that's kind of what we have to do. Yeah and so. I just hope that they continue to stay diligent. There's no reason to think that they won't i guess and i'm not asking you to predict future but just kind of gut feeling. Do we think we'll see some bubbles because there hasn't been a lot of real talk about other than the idea that playoff bubble could happen at the same time. I don't know when a plant bubble would necessarily start because the one thing that feels inevitable to me as we eighteen of not even weeks eighteen and nineteen so. I know that they're taking it. But i think they want to wait until at least december or later than that later into december to actually try to enact these bubbles. Yup i don't think they're gonna do anything like that. But i. i understand the arguments for it. We've kind of come out again from our show from broncos country tonight most of the time talking about as the many bubbles each team trying to institute that but as far as a league wide bubble. You're right. I guess logistics of that. Just don't make a lot of sense. Based on the sheer volume of people that would have to be bubbled. Now when you get into playoffs shrink your entire field down to fourteen teams. You can sit. Spread those out because you're going to different conferences until you get to the super bowl so there's some logistics that they could work out but again you know. We're projecting onto what will be january. And at this point could be worse. It could be the same. Maybe there's a little bit of improvement. I mean i would assume not based on you know kind of the trends in the fact that we're in the coldest weather months and for the virus epidemiologist but for the virus. I'm told the cold months of the worst so Under those circumstances i could see there being a little bit more momentum for a bubble for the play offs. But i don't think we're gonna see anything like that short of the season on the brink. I don't think we're seeing anything like that with the teams in the regular season and so speaking of the playoffs. For about three quarters on sunday everyone thought that blouse where a pipe dream for the broncos or completely just an afterthought and it was is drew. Lock done pat shurmur going to be one and done and they'll be going to a six offensive coordinator in six years. Who could you trade. At the trade deadline corrine jackson potentially tradable as anyone else that you could move and get some value back on. And then lo and behold they have one of the great comeback said any of us have ever seen certainly in recent years and definitely the best ones since peyton manning that same charges franchise on monday night there and twenty twelve and so i guess before we specifically break down the game. And and look ahead to the falcons. What a difference a day makes what a difference a quartermaine really from that phillip lindsay touchdown on. Now you're talking about hey go into atlanta all of a sudden five hundred you can get that win and that six or seven blouse bot doesn't seem out of reach at all. It seems almost like ability but of real very realistic possibility. Well it kind of goes back to the any given sunday adage of you know it's a game of inches right that we always say it's gate what's also a game a seconds. In this case you score a touchdown with one second left on the the play clock and even if it had gone down. Zeros was defensive penalty. They would play either way. But you're right. I mean the whole perspective. I mean if cage hammer drops that pass. Let's just say hey. The rookie accidentally takes his focus offer. Second because there's a lot going on or maybe his cheek lands out of bounds. I mean there's so many things and the razor's edge they walk doing. Bryce callahan doesn't come down with the interception. There in the end zone with mike williams will that they get points out of that. They're going to get points out of that. And the broncos lose there's just so many things that happened in that game that were not not repeatable really. I mean you go nine times out of ten in. The chargers probably come away with a win there. But the broncos found away and you're one hundred percent right that the entire focus has changed. The entire perception of the team has changed. I don't think it really should change all that much though in my opinion because you know we've say oftentimes on broncos country tonight that whether it's win or loss you kinda have to talk about the game as close to the same way as you possibly can now. You can add the caveat. Clearly they found a way to win or they found a way to lose or you know. They weren't able to hold onto their their lead. Whatever it is. We've seen plenty of that. But for me i i still feel like okay why. I'm not going to ignore what happened in the first half. I'm not gonna ignore what happened into the third quarter until that phillip lindsay run. I think we have to talk about those things. Not necessarily as but at least part of the whole puzzle because the thing is you're gonna come back from down twenty one points very often the nfl if ever like. I don't think that's going to happen again the rest of the year so you can't make that part of who you are. It's great you did. But let's let's actually focusing on the things that you did well and let's focus on the things that you didn't and try to learn from it and move forward but you're one hundred percent right. I mean it was. They were absolute sellers. By everybody's opinion about the broncos up until that game and then all of a sudden you know on our show people are like. Oh maybe they should be out there you know being buyers and it's like well let's slow down here a little bit. They're not going to be buyers in part because of what the expectation of the salary cap is next year and the expectation that at this point they still wanna see with these young talent developmental year. A little bit what they can do. But yeah you're percent right the. Nfl is a week to week league. Isn't it yeah absolutely. And so two to the point. You made about the way you in ben talking about each game and break it down with without going quarter-by-quarter a play by play. What are a couple of things that you feel really good about that you saw and things that really can concern you. I'll tell you the one that concerns me. And i know you guys have talked about it this week. I think everybody has when not talking about the election. Or corona virus is microcells. Absence was very noticeable. And i think you can just look at the rushing numbers to to see that. So that's the one that stands out to me the most in terms of of all the things that seem fixable or unfixable. You're not getting mike back so that that to me is a problem. You're going to have to figure out how to mitigate and i don't know if that's more sylvester williams or what the answer is but that's the one that jumps out to me the most. Oh absolutely and we talked shelby harris earlier this week about that now. He said he wasn't that concern. He said they'll figure it out but he acknowledged. I think we all can a what a difference it makes to over. Two hundred ten yards rushing against you that that's a problem and the chargers by a lot of the stats lot. Metrics should have won that game and we know that too. So it's it's kind of a an interesting point you know in a win. You get a chance to work on those things in a loss become ono. This team is sunk and clearly. Were looking at this team in a very different perspective and very different light That that is concerning for sure. Because you're talking about you. Know the next several teams. There are teams. They can beat you on the ground and be really in the. Nfl of eighteen can beat you on the ground but the fact is if you allow them to have a running game. Let's say against the falcons. If they were able to get todd gurley going on the ground. Well all of a sudden matt ryan becomes more dangerous. And i don't and i'm not a huge matt ryan guy. But he's got a bevy of targets out there including a hall of famer. Julio jones that i mean you you just don't want to get him involved in the game if you're to focus so much attention on the run game but i mean yeah. I'd say that. I was a little concerned about how they were able to run the ball. The first half you two yards rushing. That just can't happen. I'm your whether your home road doesn't really matter you just. You just can't have that kind of output. You've got to be better again. That might be where graham glasgow was missed in part there. You don't you don't have a lot of athleticism already on the right side of the offensive line with dotson so when you miss graham glasgow who who is starting caliber offense garden. This league Uh sean is a backup guard in this league. It's going to take a hit there. But i wanna see more consistent production overall from the offense but immediately i wanna see consistent production from the run game it was great to phillip lindsay ripped off fifty five yard. But then you only a hundred yards beyond eight or something like that in the game and that's including a fifty five yard run in there so she's got to be more consistent. That's going to help drew lock. That's gonna help the entire offense okay so then beyond getting the win and exciting comeback. What things do you like. They did well or what. What do you think they did well the that they can continue to build on. Well i mean. I think you you look at that. Fourth quarter and they were able to keep drew lock upright. I mean it was interesting that the chargers decided to stop blitzing in the fourth quarter They only blissed in one time but he had almost three seconds to pass in the entire fourth quarter the chargers recast joey bosa to hurt so that changes things for them for sure. Gregg jarrett is gonna be a challenge up the middle So you know it's not like it's gonna you know again. It's not like it gets easier. You know you got the raiders. They've got plenty of pass rush out there. Miami's been playing really good defense. So i i mean i'm saying things to build on like you were able to somehow give drew lock time. How did you do that. Do you need to go more twelve personnel at two tight ends in there you know. Do you need to give more options in in the past with running backs out of the backfield more of do a little more chip and release with your tight ends or running backs. So there's certain things that have happened in the fourth quarter. The rhythm the uptempo. I think everybody's been talking about that Watching drew lock kinda get out there and just kind of play football. It seemed like that's something that maybe you can build on But you saw you saw your young playmaker making plays and you did all this without tim. Patrick and courtland sutton unique contested. Catch guys in this offense Albert okwuegbunam ken be one of those guys but he can't recreate what you're getting with tim. Patrick or what you get with courtland sutton. So there's certain things you absolutely can build on that fourth quarter. I looking forward to seeing what they use of that going forward. Maybe they discovered something or maybe they kind of go back to what they were doing. But i think you can. We can all very plainly see when you have what fifty three total offensive yards in the first half. I think we can very plainly see that what they were doing in the first half into the third quarter wasn't working whatsoever so that there needs to be a little bit of tweaking there and maybe they discovered something well in. What do you think it'll take an. I don't know if he's just waiting to unleash. And maybe fans ankles part of it but when will we see more if any. And i haven't tracked the snaps. Alberto and and noah fant together because i think that will certainly stresa hell out of the defense regardless of. Who's on the outside and if it is a healthy. Tim patrick or even. It's judy and hamler daesean hamilton. One of those guys but those two tight ends in the middle there a problem when they're out there on their own let alone they'd be out there at the same time. I would love to see more. I think a lot of people love to see more of it especially as we're talking about more twelve personnel. I mean it's just not something. Pat shurmur does a lot of we know he likes to go eleven. He likes to go three wide and i wonder if you know. His his marriage to the eleven personnel will slow that possibility. But you know with albert. Oh gosh sixteen snaps. He made a lot of those snaps. Drew two huge is got a touchdown. So i feel like just. His play is going to warrant his usage. His play is going to warrant more opportunities for him in the red zone more opportunities on the field and and i think we're all kind of excited to see what that looks like. It just seems to be kind of a slow build but the reminder comes back to me again now every team is dealing with this but the broncos really did miss those preseason games some of those things that we could have figured out in those games if albert okwuegbunam puts on a show in preseason undeniable at that point. You're going to put him on the field as much you can't. He didn't get a chance to play until the patriots game like that was his first game in his. Nfl career. as you know but it's one of those things like if you would have been a star in the preseason games well it would have been kind of tough to keep them off the field but they were able to keep off the field because you know he was still rehabbing a little bit and they didn't necessarily need them now. They need him. They do need him. And i think i'm with you man. I'd like to see more well and quickly because we don't need to buy this bogged down in jake butt talk but He heads to. I are looks like they're gonna bring in troy. Fema golly if he can get through all the cove protocols you have a guy familiar not only with everything you do in the building from a just a team philosophy standpoint he also obviously was part of your entire offseason and preseason program before the broncos decided to to not make him part of their fifty three and he chose to to look elsewhere for opportunities. It's a bummer. For jake but i. I've been told that he's going to do all. He can to to be backed by the saints game. And you know you wanna see the kid play a little and have some success right. He had a chance. Obviously in the opener against the titans. He got him in the hero if one play by by the titans defense but just on a personal level. It's it's a bummer. That that jake get on track here and now it's kinda like the trains leaving the station where albert owes headed. And what you have. In noah fant and the fact they still are going to keep using nick vannett. There's seems to be almost no opportunity. Barring outside of injuries for jake butt to get back on track when he's healthy. I mean it's just what the nfl is right. I mean you you have just whatever situations whatever scenarios a path to success in the nfl whether you're a an early draft pick or late traffic or not drafted at all you get a shot you. Everybody gets a shot and one of the nice things about the the nfl especially about the broncos. Is you know if you can play. They'll put you on the field. Jake butt hasn't had chance to stay on the field though to show he can play. We just know from college that he has that ability and he would have likely gone earlier in the draft. If it weren't for those unfortunate injuries he suffered in the ball game. I of course. Yeah for a personal level. You'd love to see more Opportunities for him. But you're right at this point. I mean they've transit back to back Drafts with tight ends. You know one. In the first round one of the fourth round and both of those guys are producing on the field right now and then they bring in another tight end in free agency as you mentioned nick vannett. It's it's just a tough to see the field Under those circumstances. I mean if i'm if i'm jake body from advising jake body say just sorta hanging there. That's all you can do. That's all he's been doing and ignore try to keep the writing mind mindset about this whole thing There's you can't control what which can't control at this point you can do is just be healthy. And if comes a little banged up at some point then you get a shot and then he gets to do something with it but until then unfortunately The depth charge pretty clear right now and those guys are all producing night. So you touched. On the falcons. Little bit with the the matchup headache that julio jones can be in in matt ryan getting going. Their offense isn't terrible and help they play the cowboys. Any any offensive stats. But they're six in yards per game. They're second in passing yards They haven't been intercepted very much. Or or put the ball on the ground Have todd gurley rushing the ball. I think better than we've seen. Maybe here since the super bowl or even leading up to this role not last stretch where it seemed like there was something wrong with his knee and yet you factor in all their sketches not just julio jones. But what's the the thing that that really concerns you. Most i guess would be the broncos key to success in slowing that down and stealing a win in. Murphy's been stadium on sunday. Well i mean. I think you have to point to their offense. I'm i'm not really all that impressed with their defense and made sure that they definitely have some ability there as image with gregg jarrett. They can get you up the middle but their offense as you mentioned. I mean we know how prolific it can be. You know. I mean they don't they don't really throw a lot of interceptions you know. They've only had four interceptions seven. Total giveaways their top ten in that. So it's not like there's going to be a ton of opportunities to get turnovers on falcons. The one thing that i do like the matchup and i think this one is is one that needs to be kinda hammered. Home here is. The falcons are one of the worst red zone offenses like for all they do as far as the numbers as you mentioned the the passing yards per game points per game. They're twenty six which pretty good. They're twenty seven th in the league and red zone and the broncos of course on defense our third there forty eight percent. they don't allow a lot of conversion. so what the rocco's kind of has to be here as it relates to the match up to watch at least. Here's where breaking down is. Can the broncos defense be the ben dope break defense that they've been and that's what they typically rs you look at the numbers if they can be that they can keep the falcons out of the red zone or keep them keeping kicking field goals. Then it's up to the office to play the complementary football and get it in the end zone. Because meanwhile the falcons defense gives up seventy four percent completion or sorry. Seventy four percent conversion in the red zone twenty nine in the nfl and they're also yards per play their dead last six point five six which is a huge turning factor so the broncos will be able to move the ball on the offensive side of the ball they just got to play complementary football in this one and they get they have to score the points when they get there and simultaneously. Not let the falcons with that high flying offense moved the ball into the end zone and and get conversions. But like i said matchups on here at least on paper. Do do get the broncos a shot in this one and we'll just see if they can play with the momentum that they gained off the chargers win then and the confidence for for those young guys. Four k j handler can jerry. Jeudy had his first. You know really consistently huge game. I guess it'd be the best way to to characterize it. Can alberto get going. Even more noah fant obviously be a big part of that. Because the falcons pass offense pass defense is terrible there rush events actually six in the league and they're still dead last in yards per play. Lets you know how bad their past events is. Somehow it's thirty first someone's worse i guess in better run. Defensive is gonna do the math on that. Because i'm not sure who's ranked thirty second in passing yards and i guess higher in rushing to to somehow be better than the them by one the broncos red zone offense is actually worse than the falcons at twenty nine th in the league. But as bad as a falcons red zone. Da's maybe the broncos can improve those numbers weekly away. The broncos red zone problems we y you know like explaining away matt ryan and julio jones at calvin ridley and hayden hearst and todd gurley explaining away and their offense of line is actually a pretty good offensive line explaining all of that and you're twenty seven and red zone like that that's and you. You scored still scored twenty six points per game. Like that's kind of a remarkable to score twenty six points per game be top thirteen in the league and yet your red zone is one of the worst i mean but like i said it basically just shows that they they moved. The ball will like the. They're going to move the ball. That's just that's just kind of what it is. You just have to get them into third down when you get the red zone. And they're probably not go. At least. the numbers supported it. Probably not going to convert. You gotta watch out for young way coup. Who has found a home found his footing so to speak there. So the broncos are anywhere from three and a half four point dogs. I think it's back down to three and a half that. I saw at least a little while ago. When i checked draftkings they were four. I think on tuesday How do you see how do you see it shaking out. I i like the broncos road dogs but we know there should be some fans there because georgia of course lets you know plenty of fans in the stands for college and pro games so what you see unfolding on sunday. I like the broncos of the money line here. I think that that is a good. I mean if you want the points. I think there's something wrong with that. An enemy the points are always weird thing especially with rogane but the nfl's weird this year you know. The road games aren't what they used to be. So it's kinda hard to because like if this game was at home. Let's just you know. Spend it that way is this game was at home. It would probably be a pick em pretty close to it. But roy teams are basically kind of like even with the home teams like this. You're as really shown to be a significant home advantage. I think the last time. I looked i think before this last weekend. It was fifty three fifty one in one so home home. Advantage is minuscule so it's just funny to me that we have these conversations about home versus road. I mean you have the travel. Sure that's that's an early game but at the same time it hasn't really shown to be a significant advantage to be home or away especially home in this case. So i mean i i i look at this game and say i'm going to help some bets out there on the money line. I might have a couple of bets in there just in the points to hedge hedge a little bit but i definitely like the matchups in this game and you know you're just took on a team that choke sore or has problems in the fourth quarter right. The chargers have historically had a lot of problems closing out games. And you're taking on the team that may be the worst in the league at it. Next in the falcons three three games this year or they had to ninety five percent chance to win in the fourth quarter and they lost those games. I mean that's one of those chargers. Yeah right right and you take it to them and you see what happens. And so that's the thing is could the broncos take it to them go after them. And then we'll the falcons buckle under the pressure of ono. Here we go again. Because that's what happened to. The chargers and broncos got the benefit of it all ryan. I appreciate the time. We'll be listening on broncos country tonight and then of course all the stuff you do on pre-game from the bet fred opening line to the fantasy football hour and then of course hosting countdown to kickoff to take right up to kick off in atlanta. This week i appreciate the time and now we'll catch up with him anytime about. That'll do it for us here. On the broncos daily podcast tomorrow football. Friday we will go behind enemy lines with a man carl dukes. He is the afternoon host at ninety two nine. The game Been atlanta long. Long time. They carry the falcons game so he will give us. Insights on everything falcons and how crazy a week. It's been in georgia with the election Centering so much of their focus on what's going on down there. But he will break down the falcons and how the matchup looks for the broncos and falcon so enjoy the rest of your thursday. And we'll get you off right. And the broncos daily podcast.

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