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Stugotz here here's a new year's resolution. You can actually keep test your vehicle's battery at advance auto parts. They'll do all the work for you swing by today and they'll test your battery for free. No appointment let me necessary if you need a new one. They'll install it easy. Plus enter the Code Dan Twenty when you buy online this twenty percent of your battery purchase so forget losing weight. Wait and saving money and all that Mumbo jumbo just test your vehicle's battery at advance auto parts advance auto parts. They head they advance. This is the Dan Le Batard. Show Shaw with this to podcasts. Aggressive for a Friday Friday morning about Music aggressive in your face. But it's a football Friday. Dan Divisional round of the playoffs. Greatest weekend of the year. They put it on the poll. Antonio is this the greatest sports weekend of the year I feel like God says that about a dozen weekend. I say eight about Augusta every year last night for the first time in more than three decades I set my ass in front of a television and watched a game. I'm show and I've got to tell you I've got to officially announce it to America right now. The Lebed card household is rooting against Ken. Jennings Wow let's rebecca be funny Jennings. You don't need to be the funny guy. He made fun of the smile of the grinning. Free Kohl's our I WANNA call him householder. What it wasn't calling him? I was holding householder. Yeah Yeah right this and you can make fun of a house. Holder is saying that he is. He's going to role play as Ken Jennings Tonight for his wife because Ken Jennings caved his head and yesterday how Holes Howard missed a bunch of questions. He Blew Louis Daily. Double and this Brad guys stealing all the daily doubles and keeping us from what we want. which is Jennings against householder? Jennings is an absolute the SASSAN. I mean seriously showed up in a big game showed some gods you know. Have that down you know at the final jeopardy game wants twenty six thousand. He doubled down on everything everything that gave him. The Big League going into the second game you realize what hold Howard did though right. He saved some for Tuesday. Like this thing re airs again on on Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. He realized he was not winning last night and so he left some in the tank for the next match. It was a great job. G was terrible yesterday yesterday. Okay Yeah but he was at one daily double over that Jennings got early on which doubled up his score and then it was impossible to come back. INBRED justice exists to help Ken Jennings Win. It's a fix. It's two against one. This is not fair. Rather one point last night said to Ken. Jennings 'cause you're welcome or taking all the daily doubles that whole tower one delusion collusion right there in front of all right. Let me ask you guys this question about Ken Jennings go and I'm sure someone has an answer to it but you talk about that daily double where he doubled up as nine thousand points score. He paused for a long time. Time as if he didn't know the answer and then is he pretending that the answer came to him seven seconds in or is he just thinking about in trying to make sure that it's it's one of four answers that he's gotten his head being the jeopardy expert that I am. I imagine what he was doing there was he had narrowed it down to a couple of answers to perhaps three and he was making a guess that he was just deciding which was the better. Guess I think he's a bit of a describing thinking I think I think he's I think he we're just trying to be a showman. God's I love the idea of Stu gods trying to describe thinking while never having done it. Yeah Yeah but my kids are at this phase with PSAT's sat's and I'm trying to teach them multiple joys. You can always eliminate one and then you get it down to three. And you could probably eliminate emanate a and then you got to get a fifty fifty shot and it's always say. Yep He's so right when in doubt go is always put put it on the poll Antonio on the scantron of life on the sat of life When in doubt do you always go with? Let's see can you guys give me some numbers on what jeopardy is doing because I really am marveling at the idea that in twenty twenty a game show and it's such an it's so so old like you watch jeopardy and they go into the crowd and you know that that producer who's sitting there asking for applause has been doing that for four decades red satin jacket like he's been doing that comes in there to a studio filled with eighty people. The studio feels Super Sad. True Beck is there air for the comedy. These people are awkward okay. You don't get that smart without being awkward. These champions are awkward and Ken Jennings is feeling himself. A little. Bit and cocky. Not Ken Jennings is funny because cocky awkward is funny and so he's sitting there. Did you see that. He made fun of the Holes Howard Grin. He made fun of it he he. He Pantomime did he. That's basically the height of jeopardy trash talking. There is nothing that you can do on jeopardy more disrespectful than what Jennings did the whole out. You know exactly what type of Dude Ken Jennings is. This is his entire identity. He will kill anything in his path hat to become the all-time goat and that jacket by the way John and get the voice of jeopardy. It's a big deal. It's like Mister Rogers with it's not just a red jacket he has a whole assortment. Sort of like one of my favorite things to do when I was watching. Mister Rogers neighborhood was oh try to guess what sort of sweater Mr Rogers is going to put on right now and that sort of John Gilbert Aubert's going forward. I don't have the numbers from last night but night. To average fourteen point eight million viewers. That was up slightly from night. One so I hi to did better than I imagined. Last night did better than that. What are they get on the average jeopardy night when it's not in prime time where it's just another show that's on because we've talked a lot about just the overwhelming number of options that you have at your menu disposal where you basically Lee at this time and television never have to watch commercial? You never have to watch anything when it's scheduled you never have to bother with anyone else's timeframe frame other than your own when it comes to watching so all across media's to God's everywhere you look you will find thinned out ratings eatings market everywhere but football everywhere but football we'll find out thinned out rating because of this evolution of television and I can't imagine isn't that a lot of things would be taking bigger hit than the game show but here wheel of fortune and jeopardy figuring out in prime time for a long time however it it is you keep making money on that hamster wheel it's difficult to to give you a straight rating for jeopardy since it airs syndication many markets air during the day day. And it's usually lumped in with daytime syndication which it was actually losing the judge. Judy but James's run last here helped make it the number one daytime syndication syndication programming once again at sometimes peaked at over twelve million viewers for a single episode. Wow so it's still. Does that kind. Well did that because they they had a huge bump anytime someone goes on a run like that. It's appointment watching is they're losing a judge. Judy yes he gave them a huge by reading something here where normally throughout the week. It's a point. Three million people. Eight point three million households so this jeopardy tournament of champions is nearly doubling that as is a non-recurrent on this incidentally and I think this part is pretty cool in terms of storytelling for the May sweeps I though judge. Judy still just edged out jeopardy. Despite the holes our bump to claim a sweep victory for the tenth year in a row Ro everyone wonders. Why Judge Judy make so much money? That that's why trebek's gotta be pulling and a decent amount of money to and the thing that I wanted to say to us through God's because this guy I has been in America's living room for such a long time many people care and are concerned as this hearkens back this whole show this whole whole idea of television hearkens back to a different time in Americana Alex Trebek's had a death sentence in pancreatic cancer that he's still still not out of he is still sick but for him to have at the end of his career and what could be very publicly the end of his life for him to have this run on television with these people where everyone's gathered around to say You know to say a proper goodbye goodbye to everything that is jeopardy related and what it's meant to America. It's pretty cool you now you see I when David Stern died I I thought to myself and I often think to myself when people die man would've been really nice if we told that person all of those nice things that we had to say after their death at a time when they could enjoy resorting those things where where they could hear their own eulogy for for Trebek's to have something right now where this game show is a pop culture phenomenon. It's been for a long time but where it would be a ratings monster where people are gathered around the television to watch the very best the best in his decades on television in America's living room. What a cool story for him to get that kind of professional satisfaction at that age? Yeah sort sort of dreading whatever comes at the end of this competition to crown the greatest of all time because you know the producers and perhaps the contestants are going to say something now extra extra back and it. Just got to tug at the heartstrings. By the way Alex makes ten million dollars per year is that all. That's yeah that's what it says here. Judge Judy incidently. At least forty seven million dollars per year. That's why I said. Is that all because I assume the jeopardy syndication was making Alex Rebecca. Great Deal of money you've heard on south beach sessions. Sion's Dan Patrick tell the weird story of how it is that he was asked to be the replacement on prices. Right they said. Do you take the job. And his response response was well. How much does it pay? And they're like we'll tell you after you've accepted the job and he's like I can't accept the job until you've told me what it pays. And so he turned it down now and then he learned it was ten million dollars a year hoof. Donlevatar photography is not as hard as it's made out to be and now with computer you can make anything look like anything. It's almost most cheating. It's not fair if you push a button and it takes a thousand pictures you're gonNA find a golden in the batch. Air were a lot of photographers. They're taking a thousands of pictures. Here's one got that photograph okay. Good Retort Stugatz. Haven't you ever passed by photographers. I guarantee you when that was taken. Can we didn't use your ch- that what you heard if you're right I can't stay here with that. He does a good cameras. This racing Libertas show with two guys on. ESPN radio LSU coach. Ed ordering voice is as infamous as his college football career ahead of the national championship game. The legend of this by you man and how coach success seems destined yet also unexpected fit. That's Today's ESPN. Daily podcast. With meantime presented by Dell small-business download subscribing review. ESPN daily available. Wherever wherever you enjoy your podcast Antonio put it on the poll please? Better name for a syndicated daytime courtroom show. Judge Judge Judy or Joe Judge. What is the better name? He knew giants coach. Judge Joe Brown. Yeah it's not bad You WanNa put that in there too. I like Joe Judge. Joe Judge Well you can pick for yourself. We don't need to argue about this Joe No judge is the giants new coach and he gives a good coach in the press. Conference you know how tired I am the coach coming in and saying we're going to be aggressive we're Out Tough here. We're GONNA punch in the nose but it's off wait for you that's all. It's been higher this week but I've been told that my mood is about to be lifted because so I've seen The rare thing from our resident radio sloth when Chris Cody rises up and decides is that inspiration has struck and he wants to create something. it's something we all get out of the way for because we cannot wait for whatever it is that is so. I've seen him hard at work on morning on what he's been calling. Joe Judge Montage. We will get to that in a second but before we get to that. I just WANNA throw some Joe Joe Judge in your face. Because he's he's doing the press conference and he's telling Ya Yeah. I stood next to ballot check. I was real close to Belichick. Are you sure you WANNA play. The isolated should clips. Because I've been told all of this stuff is in this great montage map. Patricia was also close to ballot. Check a lot of people have been post. Charlie Weis was close to ballot L. A.. Check Joe Judge is selling his his. I was in the neighborhood of Belichick very hard. This is a perfect hire for the giants in. They don't know what they're doing and settlement is out here saying silly things because he knows more about football than anyone else so of course he would choose the candidate that no one else has their eye on just like he chose the quarterback that no one else said there. I on because the way the giants are run right now. It's just trying to show you smarter than everybody. Also a candidate that so oh happy has a head coaching job. He won't ask. Forget them job. That's right he won't ask for personnel power. So Mike which one you WANNA do. You don't WanNa do it. I I'd like to build pulled up to what I'm positive is a terrible montage because I'm always scared. When from the maker of the dolphins are bad? They make the judge on what he learned from. Bill Belichick be flexible within your personnel. Don't we'll try to shove round pegs in square holes figure out what you have. What the play to their strengths? Don't sit in a meeting and tell me what you don't have an player. I'll tell me they can't do a certain thing. Tell me what they can do. And then we'll figure out his coaches because that's our job how we can use that. Would if I was on the team how would they use me. fullback a very poor fullback that gets blown blown up every time. Just put out there or maybe a run stuffer that would also get blown up every time but does it with a smile on us. Yeah that's right a good teammate. Good Locker Room you hi everyone. So it's not the most obvious thing thing in the world but it's in the top ten what he just said about how you're supposed to coach I do remember Jimmy Johnson. Famously being asked you know when Emmitt Smith was with him and they have that great offensive line you know. Why don't you guys do more with the screen game? And his response was we're not good at it and then they said we don't try because we don't do would well so that was fairly obvious advice from Joe Judge but what else. What's he about? What's Joe Judge? The coach of the New York football giants run by Dave. Okay Football Gentleman about what I'm about is an old school physical mentality. Okay we'RE GONNA put a product on the field that the people of this city and region be proud crowd of because this team will represent this area. We'll play fast. We'll play downhill. We'll play aggressive will punch for six. It was just muttered to made by the entire montage. Let's just go straight to the awful montage here. Is Chris Cody with a burst of inspiration. All Rise what I'm about is an old school physical mentality Jek. We're GONNA put a product on the field that the people of this city and region and be proud of because this team will represent this area overrule rule. I'm a process. Bill guy you focus on the process at hand you worry about the steps in place you have to execute to get to the end result. May I approach the bench. You're on the only only culture we're going to have in. That building period is a winning culture. And what that means is everybody comes to work every day regardless of how they feel and puts the team first period. Whatever you have have gone outside of the building? You're sick a little bit of pain discomfort. You're upset you're mad. You put all that aside you come in you put the team I I hold myself in contest play fast. We'll play downhill. We'll play aggressive. We'll put you in an for sixty minutes. We'll play every play like a history and a life of its own where they relentless competitive headed attitude. Failing take him away Velu take him away. Go sit in the penalty Committed talk show in free time for some ads. What kind of attorney were you? You sound like honorees from the devils again that you want to hear it again. Yes please from good donlevatar metal nets have to. We'll be right up there with like ice skates as the most dangerous things that people do to play sports right because you know that the people that are buying those metal nets are largely kids and if they have a hoop that they lower or it's like at seven feet tall and they're just dunking on them and you know the fingers are getting stuck in those nets stugotz in track and field. The gun they shoot off. That's kind of dangerous. Now it's not an actual gun shoot. Anything doesn't actually shoot. A bullet comes out of it. Just sounds these Jason Lebatardshow with two guys on ESPN radio ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Which is gonNA join us in a half half hour eleven? Am Eastern on the Shell. Pennzoil performance line. Protect your engine. This winter use pennzoil synthetic motor oil made from natural gas crude oil. Here's your sportscenter update Joel. EMBIID will undergo surgery Friday morning to repair a torn radio. Collateral Ligament in the ring finger of his left hand. He will be reevaluated. In Up to two weeks the thunder beat the rockets one thousand nine hundred ninety two Russell Westbrook thirty four points. Two rebounds five assists just at a loss it has returned to Oklahoma City and finally according to Page six Prince Charles and William or incandescent with rage over for Harry and Megan's exit from the Royal Family. They left the royal family. I can't believe you pronounce incandescent correctly. No idea what it means. Insist they glowing. They're glowing with rage. Yes the royal family is glowing with rage vivid seats the top ticket source for the live. Event you crave. Now's a loyalty program that allows fans earn credit back. Go to the APP store or Google play. Download the vivid seats APP and enter Promo Code. ESPN twenty five or ten percent off your next order for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. I think you can make a reasonable argument that that if you go back about eight or nine years one of the greatest wastes of dynasty dynasty type. Talent that you will ever find across. Sport is Westbrook Durant Harden A- Baca being being together all of them in their early twenties and producing nothing except a loss in five games in the finals but Kendrick Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant are going back and forth now on twitter and for the content business for what it is that we do. I don't know if there's ever been a better invention then social media for what we do because these kinds of interactions were never in the public before this kind of back and forth you will hear in a locker room often but not around reporters and so what you saw yesterday or two days as ago with Jimmy Butler and Tj Warren like that seemed uncommonly honest transparent raw emotional in the way the Jimmy Butler talked about Tj warm but of course competitors when. They're angry talk that way to each other but to see Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant do this on twitter when they were. Ah Part of a team how Man Kendrick Park Perkins was traded for by the thunder. As if he was the final piece to bring them championship. Like that's a thing that happened with the thunder. They're like well perks at all those screens for those four guys in Boston. We can use some of that toughness over here. And you remember. I talked to Scott Brooks one time and I just kept questioning him and why are you starting Kendrick Perkins like look at our record with Kendrick Perkins and the response was always. Imagine how good it'd be of Kinderg- wasn't starting for you at Dan. I care about got you. Here's a colleague now and as you've seen from his social media you will find you. Yep so here he is with Kevin Durant he is saying hang on twitter. Katie lost in the second round in. I guess he's reacting to Russ going back to Oklahoma City last night and losing losing with Iraq. It started with a tweet where Kendrick said he was about to go on sportscenter. Explain why Russell Westbrook is essentially the face of the franchise broke through the player airtel replay for the greatest player to ever put on thunders. Your telling me to be careful because Kendrick Perkins is a colleague. I'm telling you and Kendrick Perkins that. I didn't say anything there. That wasn't the fact the Oklahoma City Thunder radio. No no I am not telling you to be careful because Kendrick Perkins is a colleague. I'm I am telling you to be careful because Kendrick Perkins Kendrick Perkins. Yes so a Katy La but I'm not saying anything that's not a fact I know you know like meet me in the back. You cited Melo as the example. No Perkins did it so I can't stay facs. Well that's not. That's not a fact my your sarcastic how you. Oh Oh. We need that set screens. There were two facts. That is what they were getting screens and leadership toughness. Okay well here Kevin Durant. That's not afraid of him here. Backtracking does it well. I don't mean to complete insured and you might keep pushing me back Eh I mean. He's six ten three hundred pounds. No He's a menacing man. I am not disputing his twelve year. Old I saw footage of him playing the other day his twelve year old could take me out. I'm not disputing any of that. I'm not here to tell you that I am tougher than Kendrick. Perkins I am here to tell you though that in some of those games that that he started. I could've put up the same number. No Dan on exactly what we want is wasn't always visible in the DOC score. So here's Kendrick Perkins going after. Kevin Durant on twitter saying A. K. D. lost in the second round without Russ when I was there. So what does that mean and Kevin Durant responses and are starting center at Kendrick Perkins. He tags him averaged wapping two and three during that series. You play hard though shampoo. Ll Now I want you guys to think. Because that's Kevin Kevin durant being good. It's winner congratulations. Well it's not only Kevin durant being good at twitter. I've got imagine that the statistical line of Kendrick Perkins was so infinitesimal that Kevin Durant actually had to go look that up like he didn't know off the top of his head. The Perkins in that series was two and three for the series. He had to go back and see how literally didn't that series so Kendrick Perkins comes back at Kevin Durant with boy stop you did the weakest move in. NBA History up on team three one in the Western Conference finals and then go join join them the following season heart of a champion right there and Kevin durant response because he will not allow anybody have the last word. He's got millions of followers in his choosing. Listen to fight with every last one chosen to fight with every one of them Kevin durant right. Week is starting at center playing real minutes with no production. You should have worked on your skills as much as I did. Look at that. Fear and Mike Ryan's is for Kevin Durant for the the difference between Kendrick Perkins Kevin Durant is that Perkins didn't work as hard as durant. Some people are just naturally gifted with a specific skill set and Kendrick Perkins has a skill. Set they do not want to trifle with but Perkins Fire Bag. So that's fine you work that hard instill had to go join US seventy three and nine team. I mean he perkins didn't have to work that hard to get a ring uh-huh who's winning now. I mean who did what do you think one that back and forth. I will never pick anyone against perk. I love the idea you say. Hey guys are built differently. I love the idea of perk somehow. Playing like Kevin Durant in that body type. I want you guys to imagine that. Like never getting off the ground that that it'd be the most fearsome thing we've ever seen if if it could actually play like just wait ten years from now we'll see a bunch of them. I mean perk went on to say truth. Be told you don't. I don't even feel like a real chip. You have a hard time sleeping at night knowing that you look like the cow you took the coward's way out of that steel in my take. I love Virk Donlevatar. Tom Ricketts is saying that it comes will not allow Sammy Sosa back into that organization for anything moving forward until till he comes clean and when I find absurd about that. And what a hypocrite. This guy is. Is that family made hundreds of millions of dollars off the name. Sammy Sosa by the way never tested positive for steroids and if he was using steroids which we all assume that he was my guess is if he was using it. The Ricketts family had an inkling that that was going on in their own clubhouse ever to come out many many years later as a Sammy Sosa must come clean for us to allow him back into our prestigious organization. love get Outta here with that Stugatz Ricketson and make money off. Sammy Sosa. He won the bid in two thousand nine. This was Po- Sammy Sosa. Well that ruins my argument. VC's are show with two guys on ESPN radio. Ridge is GONNA join us in about fifteen minutes. Here err on the Shell Pennzoil Performance Lot. We've got a couple of fighters celebrating birthdays today. Happy seventy the first birthday to George Foreman and happy birthday to him. I don't care good luck. And of course the other fighter. Happy Seventy Fifth Birthday to Rod Stewart. I don't care good luck. Got Got into a fight with a security guard and his son was arrested. Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart USA Today Sports is saying that Major League Baseball is expected to hand down a harsh penalty in the Houston. Astros signed stealing scandal. Bob Nightingale the longtime baseball reporter says That penalty is expected to be the harshest penalty or one of the harshest penalties in the sport's history when an The investigation is completed and baseball. All if you saw this documentary screwball on A Rod and the steroid era coming through Miami and the most ham handed amateur way. Possible you will. We'll see that baseball was a clown car investigating that because baseball is in any good at that they don't have any experience with the investigating indicating of these kinds of things so the easiest thing in the world to do is to look like you're coming down hard on cheating even though this kind of cheating is rampant been throughout the sport and several teams have been accused of it but the easiest way for a commissioner to curry favor favor when his sport has some sort of scandal is to over punish. It's the goodell model. Goodell has turned himself into a multimillionaire for many times over on On the foundation of. I'm the punisher like we can make movie posters about Roger Goodell and he's over punished in some ways that have cost him credibility because and his cost him the support of of his players. But I don't think a whole lot of people are going to object jacked outside of Houston to over penalizing. Somebody who has been caught cheating. It's almost the easiest thing in the world to do. It's just in this sport usually when they're investigating investigating stuff they're following instead of leading because they don't do well with the investigation right. I wonder what they whether GonNa do what they could do. Like what's going to be a harsh penalty. The Major League Baseball. It's going to be financial. It's going to be draft picks. Is it going to be enough to keep teams from doing it again. Did they get that much of an advantage out of doing it. Like that's going to be interesting interesting. How do you? How do you penalize someone in Major League Baseball? I find more interesting because I don't know what the harsh penalty is going to be. I'm going there soon. With eight guys with guys on the field that they're going to take Draft picks and there's going to be. I'm sure it's going to be stiff financial penalty as well now but I do think but the Patriots got. That didn't stop that. And that's what I'm saying. Is it GONNA stop teams. Get a prevent team from doing this again moving forward. I'm looking at the Patriots to God's and I'm seeing a lot more caring for a long a lot longer time on what it is is that they were doing. I don't think penalties are the thing that deter this behavior I think shame would be more useful there in deterring that behavior. But but these guys are competition Hollick's going to look and every crevice for whatever advantage they can get and they're going to rationalize away. Whatever it is they're doing with while all those guys are doing it too and our choice is either to take a moral stand in lose or better than they do it? They get ground rule singles. What do you think the stiff penalties should be? What do you think what balls to walk? I like where Mike is that if some of the making it more difficult for them to win that one deterrent turt- that that would apps if we made a harsh harsh rules Well Hey every three innings the other guys are going to get four out gotta get him four out In order to end the when they have a runner on first they can't have a lead. They have to have a foot on the base at all times so draft picks and money doesn't do much for it. I mean traffics ethics in Baseball Saranda. Where's the very top and there's a clear? Cut You know Stephen Strasburg. It's fine. But there's a million rounds to it. I really punishing I mean was might be taken. Traffic's being nothing sixtieth around how about. MDC's finace the other thing about the astros. You can't take away players. See if if football had this kind of scandal and the Patriots Patriots had this kind of scandal. And obviously if you were going to do to the Patriots coaches which did to Greg Williams for bountygate or you were going to knock Bella check out of your Ramos suspend spend ballot check for even a game. It would be this thing that reverberates throughout sports. But it doesn't matter what you do to to Astros Management Astra's not enjoyment has like computer hacking cheating before this cheating and the cardinal system as of saying you gotta hit them where it hurts said. Where's to her most of the day you know you make out who've ace it for a third of the season that would prevent them from doing it again? I promise you know Pine Tar. I mean we could get there. We can get even more graphic and like not even make it make it barbaric primitive l.. To vay is a foot shorter we make him a foot shorter by just a sort of cutting off his knees or something like he gets to play a torso. If you guys want does does the power somehow. It's three twenty with power even though when he's over at second base it looks like there's just a baseball cap out there it is. It's it's unbelievable that can't get enough attention. The fact that one of the best players in the sport is clearly a little person. You've got these stands the judges you've got these people in the time of evolution of power evolution in the sport is five six smaller than that. He's Roya Right. He's listed as five six. I mean I'm certain he's smaller than that. The smallest guy in the big leagues right. I mean there's not there is not someone's cut another foot often make him any doubt make him make him four foot six making play the season that way torture him between him and Korea. I'm not certain if he's the shortest But I'm getting to Improv. Rich Eisen next.

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