CTA says U.S. consumer tech sales will top $400 billion this year


Explanation your destination for gadgets ungeared. I'm Fred Friskin. More and more of US are buying smart home technology whether it's smart speakers or home and safety monitoring equipment and that will help to push U._S.. Consumer technology she sales this year asked the four hundred billion dollar mark. That's according to the Consumer Technology Association or C._T._A.. Where Rick Kowalski Senior Manager of Industry Analysis he says consumer enthusiasm for Smart Speakers has has not been dampened by reports about devices listening in and saving audio now I don't think so I think people understand that <hes> a lot of the analysis of the company's doing for digital assistants or that help improve the natural language processing skills and tell it become a little more natural what it does for more on the latest sales projections checkout C._T._a.? Dot Tech you can find us at text donation dot com. I'm Fred Friskin. Now this this innovation hi I'm red fish and I've been covering consumer technology for a long time and it takes a lot to impress me. That's why I'm excited to tell you about the latest way to enjoy cooking the great outdoors for my friend Patrick Sherwin and his great team at goes on stole. What have you could harness the sun to cook your meals anywhere you go day or night? The goes on fusion arrives this summer using the companies tried and true.

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