Mindfulness in Yoga with Boho Beautiful, Juliana and Mark Spicoluk


Mindfulness mode we're gonna actually take a breath and live in be new parents and then we have to find rhythm inside at all. Fenway like we find a rhythm around prince reach new heights of calm focus and happiness here in mindfulness mode with me your host and mindfulness life coach bruce lankford. Hey mindful tribe. I have with me some very very interesting guests who can speak to us about a a vegan lifestyle. They can speak to us about yoga. They can speak to us about so many aspects of fitness and living the good life and enjoying yourself every day. I'm here with blowhole beautiful. And this lifestyle. Brand was founded by juliana spic lock and marks. Pick a lock. And they've done so well on youtube channel. You probably have heard of them. It's great to have you here. Mark and juliana juliana. Are you in mindfulness mode today. Definitely mind how about you mark. that's awesome. Yeah that's awesome well you have. Content centered around yoga travel fitness vegan. Food and self awareness and conscious living guided meditations. We have so much we can talk about today so mark. What does mindfulness mean to you. really good question. I think it's an understanding with yourself. I think it's a it's like an evolution of of presence and awareness Throw you day to day activity in life in general. I think it's just trying having an intention to but deeper inward and outward at the same time right and juliana what would you add to that would definitely add the idea of like what micro saying. I guess would agree to it more than two. But it's the the internal and external awareness of everything that's going on around you and within you and also how we respond to the circumstances that light brings our way and so finding this mindful way of acting through response you know so whatever obstacles or challenges. Life is our way sometimes. That's where mindfulness comes into. Gret greatest practice because you have to be mindful to find that called stillness compassion kindness within yourself to respond to whatever like. There's your way so to us it is definitely a lifestyle. It's it's the way we live and the way we continue to train ourselves to constantly be guided by being mindful of our own actions or responses our awareness and then. We'll guide us all. I wanna talk to you about your plant. Eating lifestyle and your book is called the happy healthy plant based eating guide. So how long have you been eating a plant. Based diet nine years. We've been begin well. Mike was Mark vegetarian twenty twenty five. Yeah and when we that we both went into this new staff to become vegan on yachts nine years now committee was the best thing we've ever done for ourselves for our bodies for health for. I'm are mindful. Awareness will mark what what sort of instigated the decision to go vegan. Way back when that happened. Oh I think again. I think life is about growth. I think that every day the only person we should ever compare those two might be the person that we were yesterday. And if you look at the person you were yesterday and there's been changed or growth or there's always change because we are in a state of change so if you look at it and you feel like you're pushing yourself forward each day on it. It comes with great value. I think when you feel that you're not is when you need to start asking the questions and those questions. I think think that we ask are so back when we decided. I think they were really important to not just Understand how we behave on a day-to-day basis inch eating is a really interesting thing. That we a lot of us would turned into like a a cultural shovellers like we don't think about what we put in our in our inner mouth. We've just really sit down to eat. We're not even conscious or mindful weller. Eaten let alone thinking where came from her. What's in it. We're just shoveling food in our mouth tastes good so it's like it's become a habit a habit and i think that Once we started sort of you know we took our yoga practice into real life. Let me start realizing the connections learning on her matt Work ideas connections. That we could start looking deeper things elsewhere. Not just in our bodies and when you look at your plate you sit down twice a day sometimes. Three how many times some people for in. It's very personal experience in. It's a ritual in in in in. It's one of the few things that you have a choice over that you do on a day-to-day basis because it's your choice. What you put in your food or waiting food you put in your body. I mean the other things you do religiously every day you breathe sleep lee or bathroom like all. You don't really have a choice that but these are things where ever with especially in our culture. the dollar spend represents Ethics you believe in in a way so if you buy junk food you. Don't you know you believe in junk food. you believe. It doesn't matter that sorta your perception of the world. I think we connected deeper with ourselves. We realized that there is a great a deeper connection with sentient beings on this planet that i think goes highly ignored And once we started to connect with the idea of more of enough to get too flighty about a bit like a oneness with the world in a more of an understanding that we're a very small part of a big entity rather than where the center of the universe like. I think a lot of people live in sort of see themselves but don't really consider it act that way. We started to realize that decisions matter. And i think it goes back to like the gandhi coke. We just wanted to live the change that we wanted to see in the world community believe that animals should be treated as subservient beings in the human beings. Don't need to be so clever all the time. Maybe we can actually take a step back and take this evolution that we've been great gifted by the universe that would come to this point and realize that we had different cultures in the past but now we have the ability to define the culture. We wanna to be in a culture of peace love and kindness and and taking care like being truly being like the steward of the earth. We're killing earth every day. We have all the brains all being all the awareness like in comparison to animals but they've lived in essentially leave the ability. Choose so we choose light. And i think that's how we chose and i think like just to add to that it's what we're saying is taking our practice nor yoga practice that we live by on the mat and taking it off the mat and he is a beautiful part of that right ahimsa non violence and to us. It wasn't just you know creating nonviolence towards ourselves or other fellow humans but we took it further towards nonviolence to all sentient beings to the earth to to everything around us. And i think that's definitely believing force on why we chose deliver certain lifestyle and it continues to be and it's funny because with him like the idea of peace and love and very quickly. There was many more benefits. That cable all of a sudden you know like you get better shave much more. Like our vitality raised our energy and wear leaner but we're also felt like they are conscious. Consciousness kind of cleared a little bit of the fog. Went away info. I felt you know he's feel exhausted all the time. I've had a lot of auto autoimmune issues in my life And this has helped me manage. Control those things and i mean. And then you know the consciously speaking. We thought about animals when we win. But then you think about the environmental impact in grade Endless well of benefit to to realize that those decisions are control twice a day. You sit down and what you choose represents kind of what you believe in world wanna see in so that's a beautiful exercise twice a day. It's a little bit of a like if the cloud we're in control we joystick. You know we don't have to fall crap. Yeah that's pretty awesome and and then there's the other side of it to where you know you go into a grocery store and you just see processed foods. Processed foods processed food everywhere. And you realize that. Hey it's all about money more than anything. It's all about money because it's like. How beautiful can you make the product. Look in its package. And how much money can you make by selling that product and it truly isn't usually about how healthy that product is for you. What are your thoughts about process sugar and processed food in general. Well we definitely. I mean we try to avoid that as much as we can. Because same thing it's like we try to eat as close to the earth as possible rates so it didn't grow out of the earth if it wasn't created by sunshine and then all of the elements that we are also connected through then it shouldn't be consumed john you know be limited limited yelich can't say we don't eat it because obviously you know we by certain foods that common packages and that's kind of in our society right. We do our best to eat mostly vegetables and fruits and things like that but there is moments were fine yeah with moderation consciousness. I think i think we recognize the processed foods but we actually did a program Check it out. Our website called the talks because a lot of people ask that question and we put up an entire plant based program together With the seven day meal plans for breakfast smoothies juices lunch and dinner and It's sort of menu videos rescue videos and the whole idea was we needed to show people that you can eat. Wonderful plentiful variant food Ridgewood all kinds of flavors And avoid using processed foods and refined sugars folk to indie sugar is a thing because growing up where we have. It's funny like the awareness of diet awareness food. It's really come only in the last. I don't know ten fifteen years. There's always when people cared as a general understanding that is so recent But which means when we were kids like diet was like twinkies and cola really like sugary cereal. Gave us better things like that. 'cause you see the commercials on tv and the kids. See it in mike. He just like you said it's a profit. Consider just these children. Just go eat all this crap. Which off favorites. Because now because of that i believe that like in in my basal ganglia. I still have all these habit loops programmed in that. When i see something. It's literally programmed in the. I find it almost impossible to not to reach and grab in reaching and grabbing is if the death of so we do our best to not buy anything like that. Because it's such a part of our like our dna at this point you see some you know like you see a bag of chips like he can't. I know it's terrible. But i can't help i can't help reach and grab so we just make sure so decided you know. Yeah exactly and you notice that they're just almost everywhere in a grocery store when you first walk in and on the ends of every al and then there's a whole aisle devoted to them and offer a huge amount of profit that the stores are making from it but it is. It's so difficult to resist. 'cause they manipulated so deeply addiction to like. If you're talking about sugars riley yeah actually physically addicted to it and certainly hard to like drugs. Morphine and cheese. Like that haven't made it. And i always wondered why couldn't drive by a taco bell kit and knock go get a taco bell for been doing chain and then i've never heard that about the cheese at taco bell crazy literally. There's like there what it's called. I shouldn't be mentioned without knowing. But if you look at these part like a part of the molecules. Morphine that they used to do that in the name of it actually is morphing. And everyone's like what is that like. Oh it's a derivative of morphine in cheese like this is crazy. We're set up to fail. It's hard to resist on another subject. You guys have done so much traveling and you've enjoyed your time in different places. What pops into your mind. What are some of the most exotic most amazing most beautiful places that you've traveled to your question. That's a dhakal question i find. It has a few like anywhere. We've traveled every place always has something beautiful to offer whether that is the external beauty of a place but also could be culturally. Are the people that we've connected deeply with them. We gained so much out of that experience. So i i don't know if we can pinpoint one woman labor but We really loved borneo in malaysia. Because it's just a tiny little island hang on a second. If the second big we went to a tiny island off yes. But i remember. Yeah off of borneo. There is a tiny island visited and wiz. It was so beautiful because not only was the most beautiful islands the white sand and crystal waters like the whole picturesque keno. Tropical beach landscapes. But it was also like they were these Local people that live on these islands village and these people were so welcoming or and they have like the have cows round the beach on the beach arab. We were shooting video. I'd like some man came up to us and at first we thought. Oh no you'll be mad. We're on our shooting something because sometimes you never know who can get a lot of weird. People that are very protective of their media. Spoke any english and you kinda like sign. Language is way to communicate with us. The he invited us to come out a little picnic with him. Next calm treat bureau and like shared like some. He had homemade wine politely declined. But just a gesture of it. And i again like it was like we felt so welcomed on throw Loved by this community and just being foreigners tourists manfredini meant many. It's meant to accept the island. It's a beautiful little. Yeah it was crazy. The island of borneo in malaysia is beautiful dislike the most beautiful beaches and waters in behind untouched. I think that's something that was really special to us. Also i think it was special because it's it's being burned to the ground for palm cam fields by the malaysian government. At a at a rate where like in twenty in twenty years. There's going to be much of the nat- lake both ends ecosystem in the world and most of it will be gone in that you know by twenty thirty twenty three hundred sad so it's really nice to be able to go there and learn about that commitment videos about that which is really important. We fell. We saw like if they have like wonderful animal. Sanctuary there because there's so many animals there selena that have been subject to just like having their ecosystems torn out from under them Tanks are almost gone. And you know people they you know we knew this but that it takes to go there and you see it and you hear about it and you're you're grieving it realize they're actually almost gone and it's crazy because actually insane and like doesn't even make any sense. Nobody nobody can do anything. 'cause there's this eat this economy. That always comes first this thing. We built natural league. We build it in the greatest religion on the planet. Everybody's just like obsessed with the cannot affect the economy but it was also an interesting thing you know taught us a lot about like palm oil because before that we really had no idea like what palm oil what it was in like how terribly it was. He knows for them to export it from the environment and so that was a huge thing for us to even just exposed to because it it taught us a lot in and we also wanted to share that with our community with other people so there's more education awareness about because there's definitely like different ways you can avoid buying products of palm oil or anything like that burning if anyone's interested there's actually unhappy. You can scan barcodes now. Yeah not pamela. Always a really beautiful. So it's one way that people can start to not contribute to that industry of on deforestation of rainforests for leaves of palm oil so The positive side of it was. I would say that was probably one of our favorite places just because of the many different aspects that we went through an experienced. But you know yeah but there's been so many been sell any other ones such a blessing to be able to do what we've done And before govan especially now that we don't even know who ever be able to again But to be able to just go and see the world in a state you know. I'm sure if we do travel again it's going to be under much different circumstances especially to a lot of the the places where we seem to be drawn to which is more on raw on undeveloped in touch on coached. Almost anything goes places are being hit hardest. Her favourite countries cambodia. Like i can't get imagine because he was in poverty destitute when we were there the people were wonderful so happy in it was unbelievable again so crazy to see in the world people that have the least are usually the kindest and that have the most to to offer their positive energy in cambodia was living breathing example event. But now i can't. I can't even imagine it. The the amount of tourism the kept them alive at that point like now. What like it's gone. I think that that sucks. Because i think we need. We never really thought about that as first world countries that have decided that. It's you know past time to spend our middle class money to go to these places like spend the week can experience it and leave and so that we built these economies again. That are like that. They all rely on tourism and we never expected something like this happen and now i don't know like it's candidate magic. Canine much and what are your thoughts on cova. Do you mentioned if we ever are able to travel again to that extent. Do you really feel like it's going to impact our world that much that we may not be able to travel the same way we could before we yeah. I think it's. I don't think things will ever go back to how we were before. Then like it's here. I i see it as you know whichever way you look at it from which direction it is. A virus is just like the flu. Or whatever extreme of it. But you can't just completely eradicated or you know maybe with vaccines that claiming they will but if you don't know the can't or else they would have cared by. It's like it's not going to help it's going to you know maybe protect you for some but i mean it's it's a really weird thing because i think we've come to this understanding very recently. Actually that there's so much counter information and there's so many people who've dug their heels in on this is what it is what it is into. This is how it's gonna work this that and most of them are really obsessed with the idea of going back in time to whatever. This normal is. But i feel like when i hit. I really felt this way. And it's taken me eight months to come back to it that there's a true lake. Beauty beauty is chaos theory underneath this meaning like we live in this crazy universe and anything can happen but we're still stuck into this rigid idea. What normally and that it's safe you know combs Fear we all existing the society until twenty twenty january and then chaos happens chaos. We're just lucky it hasn't been happening. But it hasn't many of the forums but at any point like there's no sure thing for anything in this crazy existence that we're all dealing with what's interesting now is interesting reflections when how about that the other day and came back today and i thought about how much chaos there is Right now with all the information. Everyone wants to have an opinion. Everyone wants to know because it makes us feel better makes us less fearful. I think that we know even if it gives us great anxiety because we believe that you know it's the worst thing in the world they don't we. Don't leave our house. That's terrible as well or if you feel like it's you know we're being oppressed in. Were you know. Our freedoms are being restricted. But that makes you feel better because you have a stands if people around do you believes in how crazy is just the end of the day like there's no answer and i think the sooner you can surrender to the idea that it's probably never going to go back to normal. They like theoretically if you look at it from rational point of view like like chew saying like vaccines aren't going to help the can't they're not gonna let it like having a little card. It's the bill gates wants to put nothing marches around so we can get on planes and they can know exactly what we've had what we have in those with what we haven't that's probably not going to help and neither is doing nothing because here your chaos and i mean maybe a year or two or three. Maybe they'll find a way to like whether it is do some sort of system where you know rapid testing or whatever it'll be to allow behold feel like they can lease continue moving forward. Go to concert. Everyone has to take a reference. But they're definitely i find will always be changed now. They're always you know even like for us right now. We're about lead to costa rica in like two to three weeks and even this process has been very difficult because you know outside of flights canceled constantly here and there. It's like rules keep changing. Its costa rica. required you to have a kobe test. Negative kobe test to enter the country within seventy two hours. Two days ago they actually starting november. I you will need it and the next month will start having another thing and it's like every single month something changes and i when we started being impacted by it was really frustrating. I'd like you have a sense of stress and anxiety that you feel overcoming kenya. Because you're like you've set your mind okay. This is how the system's going to work. And then we pull the rug under you and now lee thinks change and so i think right now at this point we've kind of breath and we surrender for like we're just gonna take it day by day and let things unfold the way they do. Just do our best to be in the middle of it. All in a mindful way recognizing that normal is this moment like it's not eight months ago it's not the culture we had from nineteen whatever until twenty twenty like. That's not normal. That was what it was then. And in a mindful way in spirit of this show i think Like that normal is just this and it will change tomorrow just like everything and nothing ever can travel back. Nothing could ever go back. We can get younger things that break fix. You know things that grow can shrink like it's just everything is in a constant state of of movement and change and so normal is just where you are in the moment and i think when you surrender to that it's chaos in itself but at the same time it's the true freedom and peace can be the only true freedom and peace when you're not gonna yourself. I think that's how it is in pretending you know can be found from like complete surrender just being like okay. This is where we are. It's and it's weird. It's a weird thing. Never expected this weird. Yeah so unexpected into a good answer. I wanna talk about your meditation practice. What does that look like amid. I mean it's always in combined with a yoga practice. It's you know we always tried to find time at the end of our practice on the mat to find that stillness. And i think recently in the last couple of months we've had to find more and more time and energy to actually find. That still hasn't been harder than usual state of ofcom. And everything's going well like it's much easier to just sit in fine that that grounding whereas when you feel like we're talking about big chaos going around you everywhere. It creates more of a challenge but it's also strengthening our practice in that way as well because that's the hardest time is defined that stoneless when your mind is jumping around a hundred things you know and so for us It's been part of our life and part of our practice in it making sure we find even if it's ten ten minutes sometimes in the morning to to just sit and breathe and you know whether it is practicing a particular method of meditation or whether it's just sitting and watching your thoughts and being the watcher of those those kind of stepping back from you know being the drivers in the driver's seat but it's been crucial especially dealing with a lot of challenges. We put ourselves through a lot this theory to like. We've done more videos than we've ever done. Removing juliane is pregnant. we're expecting in january. We're moving to costa rica in the middle of it. We just finished launching our apps. We we haven't been kind to our. I guess our mental Traffic state through last night. Kobe time period. And i think that's made the practice more hot and cold at times. I think sometimes like when your intellect when we're launching something cycles in eight days was binding avance out on your matt. What am i doing it. I mean that's part of meditation practices a hole in anything as a whole. Is that falling away. Only opportunity to come back and into that. That's what it's all about so when we come back always that missing piece to re reconnect Grounds much needed. And i wish we did it every day. I wish i could say we've been doing it every day for this long chant. Like it's just like life is life is tactic effectively but also fine for us or meditation. Practice is in just sitting on the mat in gel lessons. also lauded immersing ourselves in nature. You're very lucky to be on the cougar island. Right now where we're surrounded by many places of a forest and ocean so you know we walk our dog twice a day and those we really want big hike to yan every day and those are always a moment where we can just go into nature and her falls to the side and read and in a way. It's like that type of walking meditation. You know will you. Just wear your surroundings for your also. Allow yourself to find that grounding with mother earth and in your external things around to that. I can say we've been doing now. You'll have cars which may be what's funny is you have left with your mom when aromas visiting last week and so all of a sudden end the dog only underdog too and i was like what do momentum and i had to go out the force make one. I cannot do this because it has. I think that is a practice has become even more of a rock in her life than actually just sitting crosslegged on the monitoring her. Yeah because it. It's a beautiful way to humble yourself. No one you can just sit down on the earth. Close your eyes take a deep breath and just feel that fresh air coming into your lawns like you. Just feel yourself present truly aware of everywhere that you are right now and that sense of presence humbles you because you feel small in a way in this big forest roundabout huge trees from a beautiful and reminds you of from the forest and the trees have been around your way before we came around and they will be here way after we leave it that idea right there as well as very grounding and very humbling. Because you're like you know in your mind you can really you create everything all the troubles in your life. Like you're the you're the center of at all but then when you put yourself in an environment where you don't feel like you're the center of the universe. It's very very relaxing and humble you can bring you back to so many valuable pieces of you can get so lost in the noise in there staring at the start of sitting in a forest. Yes i want to ask you about your dog and how you dog is added a level of mindfulness to your life. And are you taking your dog to costa rica. yes we are. Yeah we definitely are taking a dog to costa rica. and he's actually he j- i want. I think what's really interesting about. The dog. need to take off set. The stage is that in a way. I mean we've had this dog except he's having a really hard year. It's been terrible. Actually one of the hardest things ever gone through because he's he's terribly sick but he's a fighter but the thing about prince is when we talk about his life because it's coming to an We realized that we actually all our entire. Mindfulness practice in intern. Everything we've talked about in this conversation from going vegan to starting boho beautiful like starting we. I think we can single like find. We can single out. In point that one factor in the chain of events that had led her life to this point was prince was her dog. Wow and it's it's so humbling. Because he's just a dog and but then you realize he's. He's everything the reason why when we got prince we actually living in toronto time In a big city and he was the first reason begged goddess out to nature for the first time before we had him when we're constantly like never made time to do that. You know like an hour to go into a fair sized so many. Am being see things to take care. Turn away so when we got him and he was. You know he's a big boy so he require. He had a lot of energy when he was younger too so we really need to get his energy out everyone. We took him to every behavioral coach would just like you're gonna have to walk them two hours morning because he just had so much intellect by him a treadmill or walk him two hours more like all right. We know we started doing. Not and security. Was the reason that goddess reconnected with nature and then through that as well because of his need for expressive energy away. Even when we would do solo walks with him We both started using that time and embittering our our minds so we would be listening to different podcasts or inspirational speakers or audio books or anything that started to really shift the way we looked at the world around us you know listening to different thinkers that are still on some of the most biggest. Inspirations in our lives and it was because he gave us that time to find in our day to step away from everything and learn and educate ourselves and mercer cells in different ideas that we never would have found time to do that and so outside of just reconnecting with nature but also giving us the space to educate ourselves in dive. Deeper into our own self exploration was what combined help us start next chapter in her life such as boho beautiful to to face our fears of starting a project that we thought about and talked about for years before these were fearful to actually press record on that camera for the first time and so you know and then once. We laughed toronto. He he's been buyer side whole time other other than when we go overseas normally went to southeast asia. He's not tired to bring a dog his allies gonna ask about that. You'd stay in calgary with my mom for those few months that we will be gone but anytime back. Obviously we've come back for him in canada we would. Yeah yeah i think he was. Always the reason that brought us back to canada otherwise we would have probably stayed for years in travel than hopped around. But we missed when he's our family so we would always come back to him and spend summers together and now You know as we're considering to do this war whereas we're doing this big move in our life to costa rica and also in his age in the state that he's in right now. It's not one of those things but like oh we'll just leave him with my mom for a few months and combating like no. Don't like this time or not. We don't getting apart from many more. He's gonna come with us until his time comes. You know because we really don't know what time is coming role dizzy. He's actually only eight during nine. He'll turning nine. Which is like very age. Iranian dog for a rottweiler He's got terrible she. I issues like in his stomach and Underlying causes that no specialist to target which is really. It's been terrible so it started out. They always cut gi issues. Or oh it's just this is the inflammation there's so many issues down there and anytime we test moved on a law. It always comes back. You know. he's he's lost a lot of weight and he doesn't look like the same dominant that he was a year ago but at the same time he still his quality of life has really seared is still there like he loves walks. He plays he eats. He sleeps so as long as she can have that quality of light in all the love for us. We're going to stand by him from going until he decides that it's time well. It sounds like you're planning on settling in costa rica for some time. Is that right. You plan to stay there for quite a while. Yeah i mean we're going to have a baby there and we have a place of their that we rented and we'll see i mean we'll definitely come back in the summertime back to canada because costa rica gets to it's rainy season like mid late summer. Monsoon so you know. We're going to skip the rain again and come back to canada because we love canada in the summer is very beautiful out here. So yeah and then we'll probably be going back and forth alive by costa rica's actually been a place that we've constantly been back to for the last eight nine years since we've been together it's just been one of those places that drakensberg outside of like all the beautiful places we talked about earlier. It's like there's so many in the world of costa rica to us. There's a different energy which feels more like home. You know maybe because we do have a lot of friends air but also there's just something about this place that anytime we come back to Don't wanna leave and so we figured why not follow our hearts and go where we feel our minds and our bodies thrive most. How do you think having a child will change the level of mindfulness in your life or do you think it will add to it. What do you think it'll do. How will it affect your mindfulness trying not to have any expectations. We have no idea what to expect. This is her first day. We don't and everyone has an opinion every person that we talked to. Oh some summit lake live in crazy like your life gonna get nuts in another avenue Things which there's Drastic opinions every day. We talked to us with and head. Some beautiful thanks to from some mothers saying how a child will make you look at life from a different perspective. Because it's going to actually make you stop and look at the butterflies and minus wonder in all the little things that we don't notice right now as we pass on by. You know i look at it you know. We have nephews and nieces and just you know seeing how they have been raised and like they're all and curiosity with little things in life and it's so beautiful and so. I think that our child is probably going to be a great teacher for us. Which is amazing. Because i clear very curious already and we're already very slow paced in like reconnection in finding the deeper deeper value through nature itself in all of this so if that is the case that's so exciting to be like we're gonna go even further so hopefully but again. i think the thing is kinda like the krona virus. It just don't want to have an expectation of writing Because it it could be anything you know so. Just let's see. Oh coz code incredible experience for my wife and i and Just it was just amazing and even though a few people said oh your life is going to change in all. Have a rough time when he's two or when he's four whatever. It was just beautiful every single year. Every single moment was just absolutely incredible and it still is and how children develop have just have one and he's he's now nineteen so yeah he's he's amazing it's great to have him around and we're just so so happy to have had him Because it was a beautiful experience. I wanna ask you if you ev- either one of you have ever experienced bullying in your life. Because i always ask a question about this. Is there any story that either one of you has pops into your mind. Where maybe you were bullied in your business or in your life. Somehow and we're mindfulness would have made a difference wiping creating endless stories of bullying in everyone's life. I'm gonna hurt his for sure. Sure i think both listen. Our childhood definitely own that but even taking into the present moment. I need bullying in business. You know our life is very public than u2. We and we like to share our experiences in our raw excels These days were trying to do that. Even more and of course with that comes many different feedbacks out so much positive africa from our community which is amazing. But you know from time to time. Of course there is naked city that will. Yeah and and that's definitely been such a great test of mindfulness. Because i think he was talking about the other day no you can have hundreds and hundreds of positive comments people just pouring their love to you and they'll be that one comment that one person that just decides to say something nasty and then your mind just goes like manages focuses on this one individual. Where like you don't even think about hundreds of other positive comments that are coming our way and it is such an interesting thing to be aware of because you know i struggle with ousted. Why would they safe You'll have to really practice like to pull yourself out of that state. Because they're winning right like that comment. That was their intention is to hurt you or to pull you into that negative energy. And they've done it because now we're sitting there thinking about it and wanting to respond. Or what should we say back. Or how could they accuse us or think of as it's not true you know whatever it is it pulls you into that. Negative fate is really interesting phenomenon. And it's something that we are always and juliana. I think maybe it's a little more frequent than myself. And that's why i deal with most of the comments because it's a hard. It's a hard thing it's not just about skinned it's about being conscious a have your guard up at all times in the second to get through a bunch of negativity. But if you're just having an off moment or you're not mindful about how you're ingesting the words that are reading on the screen it can get right through any armor and it's this really interesting phenomenon. Where like we're just wired in a way where you know whether we're seeking validation or social approval or whatever it is but to have an adversary all of a sudden appear out of the fog and you're and there he is. She is just like all of a sudden like this weird thing takes over and it can drive a person matt and i think for anyone. That's doing any online it has. You can't run from it. You have to have to learn what tactic you need to digest it property so that you can just walk away has to be water on your back like ducks back. Because if it's not it really does have the power. I've heard people jordan peterson. Talk about like yes. Greatest minds for today's age be struggling in in. He'll say like takes one end like and then people like joe rogan. They don't even read the comments. You know what i mean like. He won't even go there. i don't have. I don't have the structure. This so ineffectual. People all walks of life and mindfulness is the only way to to beat it. I think for us. Sometimes we have to delete it because if it just like if you constantly keep seeing it and you just have to get it out on your visual sense and move off you know. It's like that I always have this beautiful visual analogy. I've heard car toll talk about once it was about you. Watch two ducks swans. And the ponding they fight and they have an argument and then once they're done they kinda swim away and do a little shake. Shake it off on the majors. Continue to swim peacefully. And so i. Sometimes when i find myself getting into this like in inside myself into this fighting mode where i get angry and frustrated. I have almost remember that story and swim away. And just shake it off and delete the message or just close the computer. Whatever i have to do to remove myself from the situation and just direct focus onto what's positive whether it's the positivity from all the hundreds of people there or maybe it's going up to nature and just playing with my dog or reconnecting myself like whatever i feel. I need not moment. I have to constantly remind myself that because otherwise it will eat you. You can't you can't. Will you know what i mean like. I totally know what you mean. And i'm so glad to have this conversation because you're right you can get just hundreds and hundreds of positive comments and and then it's just that one that can you imagine. I keep thinking of what wayne dyer said. You know like someone else's opinion of you is none of your business. And you know when i first heard him say that i thought about it so much that what do you mean. Like the other person's opinion is none of my business and that goes for positive or negative. Any talks about it a lot or he. Did you know in in his different. is different blogs. And things you talk about that and that really meant a lot to me to think about that. Because i've done so many live performances and presentations and yeah. I would get like many many many many positives and then that one person that would say something negative. I'm like oh my gosh. Why does this affect me. He's like you're saying it's crazy. Yeah i think it's important to how you said like positive as well because i think Buying into the negative can be just as hard on you as an individual as buying into the positive. Then something else like. It's great to have positive reinforcement. I mean it's encouragement. It's an inspiration motivation but all when you need it to being into to access those kinds of lists from it. And i think that's something else. We've really tried hard to understand when someone saying something. It doesn't change how we try to be software. Mindful that it won't change. who leaked see ourselves. But we see that's how they see us and respect that don't buy into it either. Know otherwise i mean that's how people got so he put yourself on a pedestal. And you feel like you're something more than you are an equal takes over and run by your ego to on either side has abide open door to take you in a direction that is definitely the opposite of mindful and it will serve no benefit in the end. So that's something that i think we've we've really you know when we started bo- beautifully till the story a lot these days but When we started the first night we put video online. I remember like we were always talking about how we can't let this affect us in any way because we've come to this place we know. There's this journey ahead of us. We have a road to walk. We have to be as clear minded and grounded through this journey wherever it takes us as possible so it no patients at all. Remember that night lying in the dark in We have the conversation of the matter. Which direction is goes to always remember that moment and that sentiment positive or negative however a ride and i think coming back to that has been a really huge sort of touchstone for the two of us whether it's when things are happening when terrible things happening to just realize that those are just definitions of things that are happening that we're putting labels on those things and if we can just understand that it is what it is. We're going to just continue to what we should do. That's all it really matters A great tool for us to just sort of took stay steady on course mark. How has yoga changed your life every way possible every every every possible way. It's brought me back to like core. Who i am that i think got lost by society telling me for years of who i should be in in in that return Brought me bat. Lego saying it's probably back to the start of a journey which i was diverted from a truly believe From all kinds of cultural influence industry like social influence In trying to figure out what this all this experience in sort of bringing back to zero in it's allowed us to start again in a way in not always born again or any of that kind of like it's not as melodramatic that sounds. It just means that. I was able to learn to get rid of the law of the baggage and then start journey to give it to the rest and at the same time for your vote what this actually means to me. Not what it means. Everyone else that they're telling you should juliana. I wanna ask you what has been the biggest challenge as you've moved through this journey with boho beautiful. I can think about it. I mean. I definitely would say going back to the conversation. We had was being putting myself our personal life than everything that we are to the public and Surrendering to the fact that not. Everyone's going to like you. Not everyone's going to connect with your message. Your what you wish to share and even dealing with that kind of negativity that may come with. It has definitely been a personal challenge for me like we were saying like. I don't even read the comments. Sometimes because i i know that it affects me really deeply because everything we do in the classes that we share is so close to our hearts minutes. Everything that comes from here so you know anything that comes back that could be with the intention to hurt you or to just pull you down to that. Negative state has been definitely a good a big challenge of just over general but just being online. You know putting our life online But also i would say at times. I find the challenge here. Is you know bowe. Beautiful has become what we are. It has become our life to a whole new degree which is amazing. because it's we live and breathe it. You know there has been no separation like we. Don't go and do what we do and then come home and kind of turn ourselves saw like always on always thinking about her business about content about how we can be more in how we give more and i think a big challenge has been finding that space to separate it to find time for myself like to find time from my own practice to find time for my own moments to just read or reconnect with myself even though we talk about it in preach and encourage everyone to do it but there have been moments where were so consumed with the amount of work and never ends right like the videos are constantly have to be created in put out. There's always a new project or working on that. A big challenge is to find that place where like you have to stop for a moment and come back to yourself and do need it for yourself. That's definitely been a challenge. What we've been getting better at it too. We always you know when we take those moments in nature or will take time to time like a full day off where we go even harry potter often but something like a new day of consistently. Were not opening our phones. Our laptops were not reading anything out that like. We're truly disconnecting our brains from boho beautiful just being to human beings on this planet with our dog you know at times. We're gonna do this sunday for only like once before. I think you're right you nailed it. It's probably one of the biggest struggles. Yeah it's it's finding that balance but not to sound like no we're victimizing cause. We love what we do that. That challenge comes when you find a tree passionate your life being. You know everything that we've created and we continue to provide over. Beautiful is true passion. We love it every single day. Otherwise we wouldn't be still doing it. We love it right because there's a lot of hard work in a lot of time and energy that has to be put into it so sure Yeah it's it's been Biggest blessing in our life. But now it's about finding the balance in you know. I think what's exciting also for us in this new chapter is having a baby. It's it's gonna force us to slow down a little bit later. Abc's doing january and we're already like we're gonna tell everyone like our whole team january where you're going to be a little more. Mia like we're going to actually take a breath and live and be new parents and then we have to find any rhythm yard at all like we find a rhythm around prince like he has law demands. Their life recognized that. That's only a fraction of what's going to happen. Once we insert another human into our life. That's exciting to you. Because changes like changes changes for the good into like to know that a chapter closes in a new one we get to write and we to shape it and mold and turn it into whatever. Serves that time the best that it can. There's a really exciting thing to turn that incredibly exciting incredibly exciting as we move forward. I wanna ask you five. Quick answer questions so i just kind of go back and forth between the two of you So the first one is this who is one person juliana who has influenced your mindfulness practice. There have been many but it's can't tap of my head of lucci muji grucci. He's someone i've been reading and looking up to a lot these days and is there a favorite book that he wrote. You would recommend. He's got many. I've actually been more Listening to his sought sang's and has podcasts. So you can just stop if you go on his instagram. I think it's just muji official spelled m. o. j. i He's got tons of workshops in series that he puts online and he does a lot of sayings in In india and people used to travel back before the cova tanks to seem banal. He's turned it all online and he's just just the way he explains in sees the world has been so inspiring to me. And i yeah. He's a great teacher. My life right now cool mark. How has mindfulness affected your emotions. It's tommy the value in a well. Thought-out response versus a reaction in reaction. I find comes from a place in you. That is very driven by emotional Sort of frequencies in your body where i think response in thinking taking a breath nine from this i think that I think that represents a true authentic reaction rather than some kind of just lake. Weird human instinct. So i don't know i feel of even juliana. How has breathing become a part of your mindfulness practice now. It's been a huge part of my mindfulness practice. Because it's the one tool that allows me to ground myself. Anytime i feel like i can't get a hold of my emotions or my reactions or my thoughts on practicing different Breathing techniques like the three part breath or the giant breathing. Wim hof even off. Yes all of that is allows me that conscious awareness of we bring in more prominent that life energy into myself into my body into my being which reminds me. I am in control of that energy as well so coming to a nice breathing technique. Even if it's for a minute or two whenever the mind gets a little bit out of control has been one of the greatest tools in my life mark. Could you recommend a book. That's related to mindfulness. And a new earth eckerd yeah. It's a great book favorite bucks. Actually that's one of my favorite books too. I just i remember a few years ago. I was in this used bookstore in this book just seemed to call my name you know and i thought I wonder what it is with this book. And i took it home and i was just so entranced. Y- book it's wild. It's looked finds you and you're ready. I think it really is when we found it too. I was like. I'm really gonna read this like i was at that stage of my life like it's called a new earth like just sounded like this is not me. Somehow we do that like yeah and it it at the same time. The beginning of all this was a massive piece of flake. We are ready to start thinking about that. Abboud existence and consciousness from it from secondary position rather than juliana singular. Being in the driver's seat in that book was the single tool that allowed us to start accomplishing. Yeah well my last question is about an app. And i know juliana you mentioned about your apps. So i'm i want you to tell us about that and if there are any other apps that can help with mindfulness now we just recently lost three weeks released our officials oh beautiful it's a streaming platform and apso and It contains you know every every single piece of content. You've ever made so yoga. Meditations fitness even are blogs where we talk and discuss different topics and podcasts. That we kinda do on our all end just ideas that we love to share with our community so we were able to put it into a beautiful format where people can watch without any commercials or distruptions and the app allows you to also schedule a whole month or week or whatever you need from art classes that people can really create their own beautiful schedules for themselves to follow Has been a beautiful project that we're very proud of that. We were able to release and yeah people can find it by just fine. Beautiful dot tv nov information as their So yeah that has been part of our host six months chretien before. We don't have a lot of but yeah in regards to apps that we use for mindfulness cell phone. I'm trying to think right now. I would say there is a beautiful app called commun- we've make a wooden was beautiful. They have they have yoga classes but the also have many different speakers in different courses and things for people to dive into on different subjects. And i think that's beautiful a tool to use for whatever Anyone seeking their life. Because there's a lot officer And happy cow. Happy care for us. 'cause it house estee mindful about him actually wondered options everywhere. We go the honestly. I don't know what we would have done in the last four years. He's at everywhere all over the world. Come back to find the highest vibrational. Lena tell us more about happy. Because i don't know that it's just a it's like the world database of vegan restaurants. And that's what. I thought you were for me in vegetarian. And mike healthy food. Like so whatever's leading grocery restore. You would just like the city that you're in the open and it'll show you all the grocery stores drops slate liens restaurant or anything hoped her. I would be like just like high vibrational. Businesses are one way is driven by actually wonderful team. Donna california and we know we spend some time with them actually when we first started when we're doing our tour which was really cool and but i think it's what school of a meeting them like sort of being principal It's been such a vital piece of like like we're saying bring our plate is a very very Huge part of mindfulness and helped us like really seat The different experiences of trial kinds of different foods and no matter where we are. And it's wonderful user generated database to so all kinds of good reviews that you can rely on it And it's just a really. I don't know if anyone stuck somewhere. And they don't know where the eat they ingest. Find a good place to healthy place free. It's like it's better. We've probably more than he's like apple maps. Whatever it's great that's awesome. I'll put all of this information in our show notes at mindfulness mode dot com and your website boho beautiful dot life. What can we expect to find there. Just the the home base for the ecosystems. They didn't like he can. Stream are videos from there But you can also but like you can look into our premium programs like talk further. We're talking literally our buck. In our book of their sales there. We actually have tons of other programs. That were very out of that. We created over the last four years. You know anywhere from like fitness programs to even did a bogue beautiful retreat last year. Which was a home retreat for people to embark on which we even. It was perfect now with cova times people earning money and go to yoga retreats abroad. They're able to experience something similar to that in the comfort of their own home. So we have you know retreat us on there. So there's there's tons to to search and look through and enjoy yeah. We don't we post blog sometimes but not a lot. You know but there's also this newsletter sign up to you can get some books for free through an actually which is just our way of introducing you to the ecosystem. But it's just sort of the hub in. It's kind of like it's not. I don't know that it has everything to offer nothing unique at the same time because it comes from all places in well. It is so great to connect with both of you to truly mindful people who are living the life walking the walk. You know it's just great to connect with you and thank you so much for being on mindfulness mode today. Thank you for having us. This has been such a valuable. Yeah it's to to die into the past the disconnect with somebody that shares the same values. It's near now. These kinds of moments are always you know high undervalue list. Thank you so so grateful. And and congratulations on Coming up for you being new parents and all that excitement. Moving to costa rica. I'm very thrilled for you. Okay bye now. Hey mindful tribe. Thanks for joining us on the show today. I hope you enjoyed it. Always we appreciate when you share mindfulness mode or when you a review on i tunes. We appreciate that as well. And oh mindful tribe. I've been interviewing guests from the movie secret. I'm sure you've noticed. Marie diamond bob doyle travis fox hale dwoskin dr john de martini and now there's been a new movie made about how to implement the law of attraction how to actually implement it before was more like what is the law of attraction. That was a secret and now this new movie more about how to implement that and the movie is called. How thoughts become things so you can actually get this movie for yourself so you can watch it and watch it and watch it again. You can download it for just nineteen dollars and be inspired over and over. Get the movie by going to my affiliate link. Mindfulness mode dot com slash. How thoughts and last time. I mentioned that. I have a new sponsor for the show. 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