Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)


WHOA that was almost harmonized. We've been rehearsing. He's GonNa say that was came out clean boy that morning morning morning morning's there with the cardinals Jean say when he released Michael Crabtree. Your time is time for him to say goodbye. It's always a you know. Everybody's got to leave the party eventually. Leave on your own terms yeah. You'd like to leave where you get to decide to Nevada. Come too coach WanNa. I WanNa see you all so good. You don't want to come off. It's please now. They'll do you like that. Little Dude look like a Chris type. Yeah serious looked like didn't play no sports. It's an early start Christmas. You know what I'm talking about like. GotTa get him energized energized. Hold on hold on water polo. I was a different shape and size in highschool different person I was that was skinny. I'm not picking on Chris. I know just saying it's just a gun administrator administrator and he comes down and he tells you he first of all he has and if you around a bunch of people you know. I it motions you over in. Everybody's looking at me like this choir real. He's going to be by yourself. He hit you with the coach. WanNa see you just bring your tablet book pre-established Tablet Tuck Day. That's going to bring my tablet was nice guys. I kid you not so this was my second year. We're in the DORMS at Hofstra University so in the dorm she got the common area sure you have all these doors obviously each room all her at about 'cause practice usually usually with Yup. Get up around six thirty I heard about it was about five o'clock. I remember like it was yesterday. All I heard what doc I see I e by being pedophiles like damn they just got Sohar army and he was like damn they got him and then they did get a do over. We'll get to poor Michael crabtree. It's simple. You wonder if the knock on the door isn't gonNA come for case keenum. Maybe not send him home but at least sent him to the bench for a period of time. How let me ask you this. Let's start right here. How far into that did you guys get before you started hopping happen around other channels or went and did something else because that was a by twenty two three at the half that was a dog of football. I think I the first score or the first SAC by Khalil Mack created the first score something and so you just pick six or pick six in there so out at that point. I was like you know a minimum the city in Western up a gate though I just I can't and I figured they would go to Duane Haskins at some point but then also over over time. I realized that's probably not going to happen because when you look at twenty eight points you look at feeding him to these dogs. There's looking to eat some meat and the risk is certainly some meat does bleed against some dogs up by twenty eight may not getting ready to do that to him. No I didn't didn't expect it to happen last night for no other reason than the bears defense is dangerous group. I mean case keenum last night's been. He's been a long time we we will and can Dan go around and around about how valuable or invaluable player he is but case keenum has been around and you expect him to at least be able to get through the night three interceptions three fumbles and just some boneheaded plays. I know that he was under pressure the entire night but entire manure diving over the pile like you're trying to score touchdown at the forty yard line. You're clearly not feeling it. Your best cuts at the moment. I think you know it. It's it's difficult coat when you've never been in that position. Really you know try to understand it but if you've been in that position before which I have in empties come flying at you when you throw the football so imagine when Khalil Mack is coming around the edge and he's coming to get you in some other. Dude is coming around the edges. Awesome is coming to see him in his nightmare. Somebody's coming up the GUT and you're trying to step up and do you know six four three. Oh five and by the time you hit the backfoot. You can't even step into it the riddick because he's already there in you. Notice is getting ready to be a constant in the back of your mind you sitting there walking into the huddle getting the play. Wyckoff you say any yourself damn. If we only had Trent Williams we might be okay. in all of those sorts of things does play in people's minds a lot. They really do when they're out on the field. You think you think people can block out the what I can't block out. Some extra cannot block it out and I'm sure case. Keenum went through that. He's he's like damn. AP's not getting yards the you know the receivers is doing this anatomy and everything is happening and sure he's sitting there saying I'm GonNa get killed out here here. He is here's case keenum explaining the interceptions the three of them that he threw like paying. Maybe get into the fumbles. Let's find out the first one you know I thought trailer in precursor out you know shot him. A little bit probably will get up early in the game just kind of flew on me. A little bit say cheese in a great spot made a play tough deal second one. You know trying to throw deep out route to Paul tough pocket but I mean that's. NFL lifted inside guy made a great play third. One you know running all go trying to trying to earn down the down. The seam and safety read my eyes and made a play in which she talked to the Middle One recycler tough pocket. That's the NFL shirt in other whereas like I was getting. I was running for my life on that one fair enough. I one was just a terrible throw. The third one was just a terrible. Darwin he read my is well. Yeah if you'RE GONNA lose staring down. He's that's where he's going to go. Don't you look to the right and the left that that's something I'm sure they teach you in quarterback one. He you know as bad as case. Keenum was at times though to me if there's an award for worst performance in a comical moment. It's gotTa be Josh Norman and every time he got torched for some reason he popped up and did his hands like you couldn't get one thought. It was incomplete takeaway. I got was this touchdown. Pass interference got hooked but but this goes to show you you in terms of Josh Norman Carolina in that situation away a worked Carolina is what is a system run defense which you could probably probably put a corner out there and they're gonna be fine because they play a lot of cover for a lot of catch technique things like that we in fooled. Them did make him think he was lockdown. That's not that's not a strength. He doesn't have an island. No strength is planning to cover four looking Kim back at the quarterback and no one has protection over the top but for whatever reason the the Raskin's went out on a limb filling like he was a lockdown corner which was soon again that money several years ago. I'm like key idea here. He's a good football player but not what they think he was when they purchased. This is the thing that I will never because what oh you just described makes perfect sense to me. The you were able to watch Josh Norman and Carolina and say okay. He's good at this but he's not good at that. You're able to diagnose it. Of course you can't how how in the world are general managers in coach is not able to do the same thing many as I will never be able to wrap my head around how easily you just describe what he's good at what he's not in and why are you put them in a position to succeed and where you'd put him in a position to fail and yet teams still give guys money to go and try to do something that they're not good at all because one the the coaches or telling the front office people. I can do this. I can get him to do that. You know that's what coaches are doing or the general managers. Don't really know how to evaluate. Talent is soul mini evaluators in this league man. They couldn't evaluate a cat running in circles they you just couldn't to show the people returns with more morning wakeup fun next on the morning show. L Z WAJDA's headphones. We lost him in the studio so we're going to have to we got more information on that is going to be punished for this. You know you could take them with you every day. If you want it a two or then I'll be responsible to take responsibility early responsible individual because limit. My responsibilities put too many responsibilities in your plate things fall off track. What there are issues in the streets. He's up in the helicopter. What are you seeing Ki- little bit of an accident. It's not really a little. It's a thin on the side. It's a gift. The big planets full spill so it's got all sorts of things going on. All lanes are closed. Remember it is in the I six. Oh Five Bang Gabriel freeway South Between Valley Boulevard in the sixty Pomona fact up to oh. This is not Moma Boulevard. I Ramona Boulevard okay background. Ramona shelburne traffic the I did that go south. All main shutdown avocado heights video of industry. If you're trying to get the PICO Rivera enact take the Third Street Valley Boulevard stop throwing things at me invested me up trying to reply no I don't want to you can read science. He's low advocation. Semi one side of the pool spill is backed up or South. Take Profile Valley Boulevard Pomona freeway backed up to Ramona boulevard moment. Remember that Ramon and I'll be back in there thank you one of our more complicated ones wish hiring dark keenum is made possible by the office of Josephus Dohrmann. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident go where the pros go and call Joe Eight six six seven seven seven zero six seventy seven because Jonas. DD being me down. Let's just pull over his neighbor. Why 'cause I got confused that it always harwell getting up to six point five six six six OPA in California is so fucked okay. No it's actually interstate state California Sixty Steve. That's right yeah. California said all right so last night's game was ugly but defense is really really good. I mean Khalil. Mack was all over the place. We saw Danny Trevathan making some big plays. We know that Roquan Smith was making play. They they just the fuller in the secondary very they've got so many dynamic defensive players and I get that the redskins are a bad team and the case keenum on his best. Day is an average quarterback but as I'm watching that I'm thinking I know Mitch. Trubisky is not great but we've seen other teams with great defense is be able to go out there and just ride that defense to a deep playoff run. Get the Super Bowl and whether it's the ravens from year years ago whether it's the eighty five bears Tampa we've seen teams with great defenses that are led by that side of the ball. Can the bears be one. One of those teams or is going to have to do some at some point and he's just incapable of it well. I would say to you when you go and you look at those teams that you mentioned. Give me one even one of teams the Ravens two thousand Ravens they had Jamal Lewis on the office side. They had changed dilfer which is serviceable a professional quarterback who knew what what to do with the football wasn't looking to be the euro wasn't worried about statistics turnaround handed to Jamal. Lewis run the ball here near we'll give it to stokely once or twice will dump the Shannon here and there and I it do. They have that on that side of the ball for Chicago. Where is your Shannon Sharpe. Where where's your Jamal Lewis if you could figure out where the guy is. Where's that stokely? No Gable caught three touchdowns but I mean where's that guy sure it if you if you give me me another team. I could point to whatever they have well. We had pro bowlers and stars offense. We just didn't push the ball down the field. I mean from all start to Michael Copayment to myself to Joe Joe Vicious Keenan mccardell. I mean we had offense skill positions. Overall was just ridiculous. We random mcdaniel on on the offense align. I mean we were it was different different type office but yes brad. Johnson wasn't trying to be Star Brad. Johnson was a professional knew what to do with football. You know who to go to in certain situations. He was a veteran player so when you start to look at those type of teams with those type players you pointed and you say we'll he's as of more of a place to put the ball in our hand. We knew what to do so it's a little bit different in I think Mitch Trubisky hasn't arrived to that point in his career yet. We're earlier yeah. He had a three touchdown night or whatever the case is but we're not gonNA yard passer. You're not going to see him all year long able to manage the situation like he's just not. He's not because he's going to have to get in Green Bay shootout. He's going to have to get into for whatever lack of a better word or shootout with Minnesota because all of a sudden Dowman Cook is doing something special to their defense and he's GonNa. It's GonNa require him to have to score points. The the question you bring up is is a great question. One one because Chicago has a rich history of great defenses to we saw what happened to poor case keenum but statistically right now new England has the best defense defense is always at the beginning. This is different. I mean we're always going to be a bend. Don't break type defense though that's just what they haven't given up this this isn't bending though this is like we're not moving less than two hundred yards a game the only league team team in league rather giving a lesson twenty yards per game and teams only averaging five point seven points against them and who are those teams The New York jets jetsons one day play this year Miami Miami's two plane Taylor's The steelers steelers ego figure watching the game last night in watching the bears offense and tried to interpret Matt Nagy facial expressions the Games. Whenever you're coach looks shocked that your quarterback is in screwing it up? That doesn't seem like a great jumping off point it it was. I was listening to some quotes from him coming in this you know we we we got some stuff done. We're actually able to move the ball a little bit. We had a nice drive towards the end of the second half and win. You seem surprised surprised by the the fact that your offense looks reasonably competent against one of the worst teams in the league. I don't care how good the rest of the guys on the other side of the ball are. You'RE GONNA that'd be down for with five minutes ago and game and you're going to have to make Mitch Trubisky do something and we saw it with Blake Bortles in Jacksonville Jacksonville has put together some really good defenses historically really made me not historically but in the last three or four seasons and yet it always seemed that they were constantly having to come from behind because Blake bortles did something to put them behind and then was incapable incapable of getting back on top where a guy like nick foles or even a guy like mountain men's shoe may be that service will guy that understands and how to manage the situation different than Blake Bortles where Jacksonville if they can ever get Jalen Ramsey out the sickbed and plan full till the day could turn into a pretty decent opponent out of the AFC and when you look at the Chicago bears if they could ever get Mitch trubisky on the same page is saying hey hey we know we drafted you but what happens in the situation is the front office in the head coach or trying to trying to force that number two status or waves the second pick trying to force that number two status on the offense instead of just saying okay. We picked him a number two so what we don't care okay. He's a manager for us. Turnaround handball throw a screen here and there and that's it. You know that that that's all we need you to do. We don't need you to be four thirty three forty three hundred nineteen yards two touchdowns and an interception. That's not what we're asking you to. We're asking you to be you know a UH eighteen to twenty one hundred seventy yards and two touchdowns and zero zero interceptions lead the team into the end zone you look at the NFC two and the bears are a team because of that defense. That's going to be in the mix. They're gonNA make the playoffs because they're not going to give up a ton of points but you look at the other good good teams in the NFC the teams that we would be really surprised not to see in the mix at the end of line. You've Got Dallas. You've got the rams. You've got New Orleans. You've got a team like Green Bay. These are teams teams that are GonNa Score Twenty five points a game that even when the offense isn't really clicking when they're off the clicking there in the thirties and beyond but we even when we've seen the rams for the first three games and they really I haven't looked very good offensively and they've put up twenty five points a game and that they haven't even started to play yet right. You're going to need to have a game with your the bears where you're playing in the mid to the high twenties and I just don't think they can get there in less you get a million turnovers defensive field but I've seen Mitch Laczi but even if you have gotta be able to punch it in from the office. There's a lot of people that get turnovers and they stall well. We just got the ball on the plus forty. What happened well eight yards to feel missed missed field goal? I wanted it to or we gotta holding call. We've got backed up where there was something going on. We got stuffed in tackle for loss. Those things do do come up where you think just because you have a turnover that all of a sudden you're gonNA automatically score. If your offense can push the ball down the field you're GONNA be in trouble uh waking up with keyshawn and his boys. It's kind of like that milk squashing on your cereal in the morning you know Travis Travis the amount of relive breathe. How dare you step on his Raj. I've never seen Raj this passionate about any. The amount of energy is tight about the which which kermit the frog song is famous well. They just it's it's it's John Henson's birthday first of all John Audio who the idea and I wanted to play Kermit the frog and you guys were about to mess it up and had to make it executives ended up part of this is where he kept coming to me obviously because of the voice thinking that perhaps I just knew naturally because we have sooner or selling voices. I know idea what he's talking about. This is the cut you guys connection but what's the song he's famous for any it easy being green right. No say this is it. He's on the pop song. It's Pretty Rainbow Connection. Yeah on the pond and he's got Qatar. Although I think both songs always a frog on his home. We're now is sitting on a log and he's just chilling but he's got to get the band. Joe Covered Snake Paul Rauch so we'll put up a poll Iraj yes yeah. I'm so upset. You guys are missing that you can recall the music video kermit the frog call him John Henson. Yeah hypoc is Jim. It's Jim Birthday cinematography work though yeah what was the seventies Jim Henson's birthday so you think it's an extra water looks real real. I'll just could never get into that about the muppets ready for some contributed limit Trivia reflection upon as he sings. He's being reflective in the song he didn't do the same apology. Thank you do this. This is a this is a memorable music video. Yes you ready hermit. The Frog is the only person that was in sesame street and the muppet show. Oh aw again Christie was questioning. Puppet bucket created both ensign. Chris was questioning my now here's John. I'm not sure on out there. We've been doing this. Show is brought to you by Jaguar Land Rover Newport beach seventy-three toward the Sea Visit Land Rover Newport Beach Dot Com Land Land Rover above and beyond this past weekend was our three year anniversary of this show. That's had some changes along the way that's why we didn't make it a big deal but I've never seen Rosh so passionate about anything Mondays Monday's the muppets kermit and the muppets three years streetcars Twenty Sixteen September twenty first Yup Dave. Go live in infamy. She all right. Dave Roberts is being a nice guy. I can't because I can't come up with any other explanation for these quotes quotes go on here. Here's what he's saying about. Clayton Kershaw dodgers have six games left in the regular season. They'll open with the divisional series with whoever wins the wildcard game with Clayton I feel really good when that bell rings for the postseason. He's going to be locked and loaded for me if he's feeling strong all trust that the results will be there yeah. He's given up some Solo homers but when he needs to limit damage he does that when he needs to make a pitch he does that. Clayton is going to be more than fine. I get it. I get what he's doing. I get what he's saying. I get what he's trying to accomplish but what would be nice if there was some data that supported his hypothesis of Clayton Kershaw. Shaw is going to be fine in the playoffs because he's not his career. Era His career era in Major League baseball is two four five which is extraordinary in his career era in the postseason for his more than double that okay. It's four thirty five. He's under five hundred in his career under under five hundred he loses. More than wins is not always well. I think though Travis though you gotta think of the now versus the longtime ago her when he was pitching in the playoff when you talk about the game that you know two years ago in the world series that he you know kind of surrender render a couple leads he did but you factor everything in and that's where you get those numbers from. I think the skipper you're saying is that he could trust that a veteran guide. I it's pitch for him before has one playoff games and done a good job when the moment has you know for the most part needed to be counted except for he he doesn't pitch well in those moments. I mean we can Clinton Kershaw's a hall of Famer. Clayton Kershaw is arguably the greatest dodger pitcher of all time and they've had a bunch of good ones but the numbers are looking at it the eyeball test no matter how you want to do. He's had some games where he's pigewoman the postseason. It's not like it's never happened but he has a Pale version of his regular season self and here's what's most disturbing this particular regular season is not his best season. He's given up. Eleven are choosing. What does it's twenty eight home. Runs surrendered this Aziz twenty-eight Clayton Kershaw. I know that the numbers are up across the board but he gives up multiple home runs more often is not but they're they're like little home runs ons. You know what I mean. In that case they're single shot similar like mosquito bites to irritate you but I'm not gonNA kill you. He's pitched virtually the the same. Amount of an easy did a year ago. He one hundred sixty innings last year. He's pitched one hundred and seventy. He's given up. Eleven more home runs okay if you're going to focus on the bad stuff travis. We show me the good stuff. I'll pay attention to healthy. He has C- so of I he hasn't been healthy the right so see put some Spec on his name got. You guys got nothing apart. He the annual fundraiser again that pocono dairy ping pong pong pong a new start with a p a very generous guy very generous wrist and and I'm glad that he's raising money for a very worthy cause. He's really good. His pitching winnings mic`ed up. He's really funny. He's a good dude. He's I've seen no evidence to for me to believe that he's anything other than a really nice guy. Have you seen any evidence this year in the playoffs this year at all of him being a bomb no in the playoffs this year because let them start jumping on you jumping all his men he the aim pitch to you who didn't trust more. Kinley or Kershaw sweet. Tea's is what you make it more in. Don't they choose Rosh. Gosh I'M GONNA Trust Kershaw more because if he screws it up he has several more innings to give you guys some runway got a little bit of runway where in League comes in he needs to pitch each to four or five guys you know and then all of a sudden not even four or five really three billion. That's IT L. D. who do I trust more yeah big moment big spot Kinley Kenley anymore. Okay Travis Kershaw for the reasons. That key was saying just because there's a little more room to do it. Kenley comes in with a high wire with no no room of error. I mean it's just I don't trust either. One of them is the short answer and their issues. They're both they're both going to have have to pitch well at the dodgers going to win. The world series not impossible but this idea that Dave Robinson they look. We're good once. I trust him once about why because he's because us you say so. I was one thing that leads me to believe that we're on the right track because he he being Clayton. Kershaw Shaw is ready hope so this is this time really try these sprint on the road on the ten Zach. You're on the morning. Show what's up exact. Hey thanks for taking my call gentlemen. Say Thank you sorry thank you for your awesome. Show happy birthday. You guys have always taken my calls when I called in and I bet for example. I love what you guys do every morning but keep it up. Thank you thank Zack. Thank you very nice of him to say. Thank you happy birthday to you it to us. Happy Birth we should we should do really owe birthday. Though what do you mean does. He just got here here year. Does he get a piece of cake. It gets a cupcake do some work travis finally comes clean on his pitching days with the Rancho raccoons. Mukunda storytime is next on the morning show. Happy Birthday to Ray Charles Leftist us in two thousand and four yup birthday brought to you by Jaguar Land Rover Newport beach seventy three toy deceive is a Land Rover Newport Beach Dot Com Land Rover above and beyond so jam they most of US pretty good get in trouble for stuff like this Yup. I didn't like it. I like it too much only hails L. G. Gentlemen. I don't know if you saw the twitter's. There's a little interview that happiness today that's gone viral. Philadelphia fans describing a horrific situation which building is Bernie. There are people inside and there have no other choice but to literally throw the children are inside of the home out of the top window because they can't get out to to live and there's a good Samaritan who describing when he was there literally catching babies from heaven and as he's talking about this horrific situation. We're has to be emotionally immensely traumatic. He takes a moment to criticize Agar for dropping a couple of passes football August Nelson Aguilar. Yeah I mean it was bad drop. He should have caught it. Do you realize how thug life you have to be to be describing a bourbon which babies are being thrown out a window. You have to catch them and you take a moment to throw some shade and he had to lean to now. He had the Lena. Tell you you work for those who haven't seen it. Let's play the Clip Vicki here with it. Sound like God hanging out the window you know screaming at his kids was in there and things like that so I'll rent a back door was open it was. I ran upstairs. I was greeted with smoke ran back downstairs by that time enough up and ironically being one of my co workers took the ladder off off the trump raise it up and this is the people down our managers wrong beings out the window. We was like incredible but the best part is to look he gives the camera justice pelted here to put this is my dog so I started thinking about memorable fan moments sports sports fan moments so I put together my top ten minutes of memory sports fan moments. Some are good. Some are bad hopefully entertaining come in at number number Tan. The fans cheer Chris Weber's injury well. That's now Chris Webber gets hurt. He comes back with Golden State and then you know him. Analogy got into a blah blah. He goes back to go to stay hearses shoulder and the fans cheer now. That's on par of course with Boeing Andrew Luck for retiring but I think this is a little bit worse because Andrew Luck was walking away having been injured. This is a live action injury that you decided. You know what what's fans. Awful awful awful awful number nine fans throw frozen batteries now whether it's in Philadelphia whether's in Buffalo Hello I've been hit with one. You've been hit with the frozen battery. I was standing next to Brian Cox in Buffalo and I'm just like Bam but the back of my head I'm like like me like me and I'll turn around and just had my home at all yeah had to. That's good ain't right next to you wasn't far you yeah. Basically they sitting on top man. That's you know when you get hit and you turn around all point to do to buffalo well. At least that's a battery number. Eight soccer fan throws pig head out into the field. Yes yes. This is a team. That's not a euphemism that no no literally a pig's league's head was throwing these Rogers people. These are the soccer matches into the stadium you. Ki- like who leaves their house. You got your keys your wallet. Your sunglasses your pig head like why why why are you bringing a pig as the metal detector so right. I mean what does that takes. Okay come through. It's God you're good number. Seven this is a good word Fans Gail Cal ripken junior a twenty ninety two minute ovation when he breaks gehrig's record a twenty two minute. Do you know how long that is a long time. That's a long time to cheer somebody. It is for a record. That's pretty silly for a record that tribes have any respect for I saw respect for it was puffed up and made it was it was detrimental to the team and I always do it was a record that demeans absolutely nothing so you're saying that the eight hundred consecutive games he wasn't good anymore. The last three hundred gays they just can't four five come on man taking a reason take days. The ball all got back our rookie Julia Yeah but he hasn't missed a teen years bid stupid record going sorry twenty two minute made it ovation inspect the fast number six marcus get stabbed how crazy you have to be to love a player so much that you go out and stab their opponent. Stop the opponent L. C. D. member Guenter Parche who was the assailant. That was a sounds like somebody that was. I love to a pig and yet for some reason every time he's mentioned in the story as it was happening. He was referred to as Guenter Parche unemployed lathe operator like I felt the need need to put his employment status in their never made any secrets. You have to be a complete loser. Be Like I last graph kill. Monica stabbed her in the back. The people you know mentally disturbed you think number five the Yankee fans chat chant. Who's WHO's your daddy at Pedro after he hands over the quotes to him. It's a good one. He hands over the quote so he's like going well. They daddy today and it's like. Oh shouldn't have done that that so. Of course WHO's your Daddy. That's pretty good because it was memorable number four Christian Lopez the man who caught Dirk Jesus third three thousand hit returns the ball to Derrick jeeter. Would he get who's your daddy paid for that. Eh gave the ball back now the Yankee Organization did you know I don't need free tickets for the next game some big they give him some layer of compensation popcorn and I don't think batch would have happened had he so they're jeeter's. We're going auction with that thing Ah. Dj He thought was the right thing to do. Good for him good for number three department fans or the Anti Anti Bartman fans or however you want to describe it. I mean anytime you got the fan base that can run the person not a city. It's pretty epic yeah. That's a bad deal. He was not the only one reaching for that ball. At the final echo gained seven the next guy had a blue a double play ball. That would've ended the inning forget about that well. That's not worth buoy. They want to chase this young man out of town number two the malice at the palace now people focusing on the players and that's fine because they're the names that we remember but if you go back and really watch the clip fans fans on one that night starting with the one who thought it was a good idea to take the one guy who's lease mentally stable and throw some could add him to come down from a faint. Yes bad idea bad idea and then you had the fares run onto the court charging player. Jermaine O'Neal do stood right up to him and tried to up to we're. I mean people talk about all those times those bugs you know who the thugs really work. The rich entitled Fan The base of suburban Detroit who was a good idea to run around the court and try to square plano needs. Oh wait for this moment. I have tickets all this town. ooh I finally get a chance to run one of these the national media because they don't really know geography like that thought it was US assistance. We can't afford them seats way. We don't see those seats where you can get to get to the plants. That's not essences. I just feel like it's my journalistic responsibility to mention that Jamaal Tinsley was swinging August panicky favorite part of the whole incident because everybody was dirty damn excalibur he pulled that search for utility and then a number one memorable sports fan moment soccer once again. Rogers people all right see you ready yeah miss stuff but I'm alone well once. I'll tell you this story. Maybe you may go ahead and let in Brazil. This is in Brazil. I remember and twenty thirteen eight. Brazilian referee got into a fight with the player and somehow ended up stabbing the player on the pitch friends and family members of the player reportedly Puerto rushed the field stone the referee to death quartered him and put his head on a stake at the halfway mile at the halfway line. This happened off. They stoned the referee to death decapitated him and vinegar episode of Game of thrones put his head on a state while commute. You left off the quartering part the second time so no really the best part. Is that the rest of them. That's what I was saying. We don't know if there's a best part of it. Is that a real soccer league or is it like just a voter professionals. It was ugly in Brazil. It's not like the implant but for them. It's crazy at an iphone clearly. There's a reason either wire. Referees need knives at the fans. Come Out stone you to death and behead you. I'm gonNA find another soccer. Referee missed a couple. Though you miss two of okay you missed the Philadelphia Eagles born Santa Claus which was which was stupid legendary legendary and you miss the Michael Irvin broke his Nick Nick and they were born here also also. I think you missed too. I shouldn't talk much better. You feel more. This is what I'm talking about.

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