Mike Church Show-Today Is Trumps Last Day Heres How To Prep For Living In Bidens U.S.S.A


Tomorrow at noon when biden regime is sworn in as the as the regime leader. Then the official levers of government power can then be used the law. This is where it gets where you have to be prepared for this. The law and laws the even. They're real legitimate. Won't matter to me. And you say that's illegitimate law had to obey. That doesn't mean you're sheriff or your state beliefs or the us marshals won't say We don't care if you a knowledge it or not we're going to force you to obey. That's when the official purge of all things maga- begins. You ought be more especially. If you thought maga- things make america great again. We're good things like for example the president's historic stand for the life of the soon to be born the fact that president trump To his attornal credit began his term as a federalist and ended his term as a federalist almost to appoint that cost him refusing to issued a statement before he took office about the tenth amendment that he knew what it was and he intended albeit. Not in all circumstances but understand. The enemy is coming. And you're not gonna win the battles on social media. You're gonna win the battles the small ones in your house in your home. You'll win them in your small in your community or if you're a catholic or if you have a regular group of people and you're you're baptist or your evangelical church or pentecost or whatever the case may be and you consider that community good. You're going to need it go to it. You're going to have to find men and women of goodwill that agree and then start taking it really seriously. I'm only going to buy from that guy to the point. Where especially enough of this were to happen locally. You could see where you could start bartering and trading because one of the ways able track this and try to shut it down is by taxing it and penalizing it if i trade I have the woodworking tools to make for a couple of dozen eggs and a freshly slaughtered hen. And it's a straight a barter arrangement. Canada difficult to trace mike church show here on the crusade channel always on air and always online crusade channel dot com. I mentioned that. I found a source to broadcast the the Mike church show initially. Because it's expensive Via shortwave and three of you responded. That's pretty good for me. Just mentioned in it once that we would have to have people that would be willing to step up. Inconsistently offered a sponsor an hour or a half an hour. And what have you keep sending those notes. When i think i've gotten enough that i can act upon it and i will call you know king dude at mike. Church dot com shortwave. Radio may become something that is needed here directly and the lib tarn bina regime left Begins acting as the tyrants that we know that they are. Let me use something else here. That i don't quite understand but that it is a portent of things to come. Why are there. Dozens upon dozens of military armored personnel carriers Assault vehicles and what looked to me like a tank parked out front of the capitol in michigan. What's supposed to happen in michigan today. They're gonna turn the guns around and point them at crowds that are going to storm the capital or are they going to point them at. The capitol are their orders. Go in and take control. Same things happening at some level and kentucky's a guy on twitter at had an entire thread. I didn't any dates or timestamps on any video so i didn't retweeted or anything but the one in michigan actually did see a story on that you know that more during the potomac rivers got what twenty five thousand troops there now. We were told yesterday that they all had undergone background checks background checks. For what did you ever go to trump rally. Mem- remember how you can't just don't let your kids being listed or don't try and dissuade them from Enlisted in the army. If they find out that you were in the armed services and you're maga- flagwaver or cap wearer or whatever. Are they now going to try. Start getting rid of you. I think that that's part of the purge. There seems to me that we need a one party system here. You're not gonna like living and a republic. And i mean that in the soviet of term you're not gonna like living in a republic that has one party centuries opole what is ancestors went through Mothers and fathers grandparents when they lived under one party rule under the soviet union. But that looks to me like what is going to be attempted here. At least at the federal level you gotta member hillary was supposed to clobber trump. She was supposed to wipe the decks with this guy and yet she didn't so electorally. Speaking seventy four million people voted for donald trump. Today would be the last day that you get any or have any satisfaction or reward for that this deceit and this fraud will ultimately produce. What deceit fraud produces evil. No good can come of it. We know that which is why again. Separate separate withdraw withdraw mike church show here on the crusade channel. It is and soldiers on here at the auto general citizen soldiers on here at the generosity. League command in. Virginia falls on april fifteenth of this year of our lord. Eighteen sixty one salmon cameron the secretary of all the united states government. John directing him to raise three regiments of infantry to be sent to assist in. Suppressing sovan confederacy governor lectures as well known. You perhaps not his work. Why washington state you have chosen to inaugurate civil war and having done so we will meet you in a spirit. As determined the lincoln administration as exhibited twelve the south two days later the beginning legislate to voted for. Secession would not send soldiers to march and other sticks and tyrannize all the people so we we never allow the armies of others to march. You know our skates and tyrannize. Our people like many of you indeed. Most of you've always been a union man. It is not with joy a life that many of us have welcomed secession pat allen neighbors to the north practice bellicose form of persuasion. Perhaps this day might not have thought that day has been thrust opponents the phone our ancestors administration required us to raised three regiments done so able decode matt walls of jericho about to go river. Actually they're putting the walls up folks. Mike church show here on the crusade channel. Marcus so realize dudas meritas maximums augusta's immune it's far most naturalists full loss of focus. I think of a lot of us is throw in their here on the last live radio station standing radio free america. We truly are radio. Remarka- which why have been looking into shortwave broadcasting to augment the coverage not able shortwave. Oh hey hey. Come back and vogue. Now juno i saw does the other day. The biden knows about short way because somebody wrote an article the other day talking about how ham radio operators have not been maga purred. Joe are so many ham radio guys running around out. There were a lounging around. Should i say with their shortwave transmitters. That had not been subjected to reprogramming are still out there thinking that there was an amber waves of fuel red white and blue flags and all that stuff speaking a witch tomorrow is independence day again. The regime takes over. You and i declare our independence. You can do that. A variety of ways One of the ways that we can do. That is dr dill saver and his great segment on yesterday's program. If you missed it. The video is on website. A crusade channel dot com for anyone that wants to watch him to reclaim the spirit of seventy six. Fly the seventy six betsy. Ross flag tomorrow now. Most people think that the gadsden flag the great fu flag of all time. You flied don't tread on me rattlesnake and if you tread on me there is a history behind aghast of like i've covered at once before. I'm not gonna do it again today. Do you wanna fly to gadston own one. Fly the gadget him. I however though think that flying the spirit of seventy six betsy ross seventy-six flag and now there are two betsy ross flags. You're going to get conflicting if you go to a duck duck go or search or whatever you're You're going to get different versions. You're going to get one. That has a semi circle with a seven and a six in in the center of the semi circle on a bluefield. And you're going to get one. That has you know what maggie lobby and grabbed the seventy-six flag. Because i've got one we can fly. That joker right now where. I got the trump flag right there behind the door. You'll see it's on a wooden pole. Rich words in the other corner. The seventy six betsy. Ross flag that. I have had as the field thirteen stars in a circle. And it's got the seventy six and the in the center. Yes i had on a flagpole because we used it the spirit of seventy six the movie. I can't remember what we used it for but we used it. That's this this to is. That's the betsy. Ross flag so And i was mistaken and doesn't have the seventy six in the middle There are some. I think that do have the seventy six the middle okay. I have rolled over it Somebody sent me this flag. I can't remember who Way back in the day. So that's what example. Fly a seventy minute king dude. Plays union flag. No it's not no. It's not any no. It's not that flag predates the union. That's an articles of confederation flight. If you really want to be a radical on independence day tomorrow now. I don't know that you could find those that you get it in a day unless you wanted to make one but you can fly the rebel flag. I've got one out in the lobby of those two actually flew over a cube cubicle in iraq and add the letter in his service according to prove challenge to prove it you could find out from the war of northern aggression or from the war for american independence. What your local militia. What their flag was light.

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