1101 D&S: It's Magic 8 Ball Time!


More anonymous than the federal witness protection. Program it's the Nice guys on business a post. The other day was a great mean. It said I wanna be the reason that when you see a text come in, you turn your phone away so nobody can see your screen. I go the complete opposite I want to be able to leave my phone unlocked in the middle of El Segundo Boulevard. So anybody that sees it could say this is just a nice normal loving boyfriend handsome guy love him. I'm sure as his girlfriend loves him very much because there is not one thing in this phone that he cannot share with the entire world that's who I want to be just so you know. Actively searching for their next future ex wives. It's the Nice guys on business. Oh. Yeah. They know how to treat the ladies. Three, days a week they're able to hold it together. This is not one of those days. Welcome to fuck ary with the Nice guys. Not, apply no interviews, lots of ranting and they sometimes stumbled onto something useful. Go figure. Now it's time for a nice guys fog ary with the kings of fuck ary themselves, Doug Sandler, and Stricklin Bonner. So you. Any editing to the very beginning or you literally just take these words that we are saying at the moment you hit record because I didn't yell hit record hit record I. Haven't yelled that in quite some time it's way too hot in La Right now to be yelling that it totally depends I know gosh it's what eighty to eighty three. La. Heat wave. A freaking heatwave. Today I can only imagine what it's like in La proper because I'm right now I'm literally a mile and a half from the beach, and at least I have the cool bridge beach breeze that happens here and even cool beach breezes still it's still hot it's it's hot and I'm not used to hot like this I I don't want hot like this I wanna go home. Welcome, back welcome back my name stricken but on the Sailor to answer your question it all depends on how we start usually will start the episode with something like you just said where it's like you yelling recorder, you know not a clean open. Let's just put it that way just because I wouldn't be any fun. I like I understand I, understand the non the non fun factor and actually right now the non factor is actually because I really don't even have an Internet connection right now I have no idea how even connecting through the ethers right now I've. Else. This is a smoke signal episode. Yeah it it must be because I have like one bar on my phone. I'm hot spotted in we're hanging on by a thread. So if at some point, this connection just completely craps out it's completely spectrums fault. I think if there's one one company that's even worse than comcast it's spectrum. So. Anyway we got a couple of voicemails from jared and I've got some other funds special stuff today. Okay. All right. Well, I'm I am at your Beck and call I am at your command my good sir my leash. I'm saying I'm clicking or anything am I But. I, think it's probably Okay Probably. Finding. Always. Okay share screen always figure out against US important to show these screen, which is the share, the proper screen, and you have to share the wow. That screen is so tiny on this little tiny laptop but. That's my lower is screen. It should. No, it's not your fault. It's my fault. It's completely me wait look strickland. Am My second before you before you leave that screen where you are right now it could it possibly be that you really only have four. In that what's going on now that's that's not possible three three. Not, only three all of them are from you and it's just it's just videos that I. Need to upload and put Intros and ultra leash. Hit. The delete button just delete all of them 'cause I. Don't know how you possibly got down to I mean I'm I'm so proud of you. So I don't. WanNa. Doubt this but and three of them are for me which really mean nothing is important. No say that these are all three just videos that need to update. On. Dude I'm getting myself getting caught up I wanted to show you that I. Now, that's my personal on my personal still five, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one. Oh My work you don't. Wait, which one which one is turnkey is considered your personal one or your business with the one. What do you think Doug? Personal or turn key we'd. Considering. Personal. Personal. Is Personal. What does he during key is the business one personal one though if it's personal, why do you have five thousand emails in there? Why don't you just delete them all you need them. Whatever it doesn't matter. How did you get through all of those emails that was that were in your that were in your turnkey account how how many were in their? Unlike you. I would love to stay here like under ten on a regular basis. Yeah. But I get busy with stuff right and so sometimes, it'll get up to you know twenty or thirty or fifteen it was like. I was at about a hundred, hundred and twenty maybe. There were none in there that hadn't been read that were important right? It's like dog I deal with that later. But then on a regular basis I will go in and clear those out and make sure that I take care of it and then archive it, and this is where I am now and again I don't have any misconceptions that I'm going to be. I'm never going to get more than ten emails in my inbox. I look. I. Know It's going to Evan flow and that's just the way I work but I do prefer to keep it here. So you you read who moved my cheese didn't you I mean you've probably read that book. Sniffen scurry are like your ebon floor so It's like I WANNA have two guys in my parable, my business parable that I sell three gazillion copies of I want to have their names be ebb and flow, and I've always thought about that either that of course I want to go to the hookers and blow name because you know what you know. I'm really trying to figure out how do we work that into a podcast? We are totally going to work that into a podcast one day that will be like our. What was that? Let me let me date myself would that be our Swan Song? Out I realized that when I share my screen did not sure computer cells. Let's Oh one more time now connick your our. Okay, are you ready? We voicemails I am very proud of you. I just want to let you know that before we move forward. But now was that some of your news that wasn't no. I was not the big news. Oh. Okay. Let's get the voicemails from jared and then I'll tell you about the cool stuff we have this. Okay. Okay. Now, you. Want. Foul. Screw rescue. was just so you know I was doing the jared dance. I think people really enjoyed it. When we posted that I posted that last week actually had to work. I had edit that I had to cut out just a thirty second clip of you dancing and then the. Good jail you're brought him. Here. Enjoy my Muslim Friday episode. You get just right in Wakefield. Wanted to thank you for. Your compliment of The glue the hearts and minds the Nice Guy. Gene My. Let's just one what. Can we do here on the voice failed? Eighty beyond. I don't know is it he had going on there I. Think. Yes, Jean saw going back. Ban. Working, but I'm listening to the. Business. So. It's so funny. It's so funny. So you know I have my good friend, Scott Scott Miller and I hope Scotty is is a fan of the show I don't know he works a lot. So I'm thinking that he's got a lot of work time time to actually listen to the nice guys on business because he does home improvements I think he's raised similar to jared in that regard. Anyway. So I call Scott. No matter what time of day that I call Scott, during the day, of course, not during his a evening time with his family. But if I call him during the day, he's usually at work in is usually on a roof. He's doing some project around the house or the his clients houses usually communicate with the client but no matter. What there's one guarantee that I what that's going to happen when I ever I call Scott that guarantee is to guarantees actually number one he will absoutely pick up the phone no matter what he is doing. So that's that's great. It's a really good friend pick up the phone. Here's the downside no matter what he will never pay attention to me fix the phone. Why the fuck are you picking up the phone Scott? You know you can't. You can't do two things at one time. He will literally be on the roof with another guy who's helping him and he will just have a in his ear and I'm thinking why why did you pick up the phone and and can we have a conversation and JJ said something? She always says wise things I'm learning a lot from JJ through the couple of years that I've lived here, and this was very profound when she shared this with me, she said, you need to really discuss with him. What happens when you when he calls you when you call him if he's not going to listen to you. Give Him the consequence. The consequence is if you're not going to be I'm not going to call you anymore and I just have a year have a conversation with somebody that they just don't pay attention. No matter what a aside from me. A conversation with somebody and they just aren't hearing your side or they're not paying attention to what you're saying. You say something. To, say. It was a self all. Over the plate I had to go there but I didn't I didn't realize you were going to do it until literally, I'm like you know how you're almost to the end in your life how GonNa get out of this joke. It's like it's like you you pitch it right and you sit the ball in the air. WHO LIKE And then it's right. The last second go boy he's got that bat far pretty funny. Oh Shanta and you said, you see the bad sweetie you're. My God. Yeah I knew those two. I. My brakes were on full tilt. Go Stopping. It's like I needed what is the equivalent of the truck runaway pass? Only. Those Button, isn't there a? New Work Mute will just cut you off and that's not good. True Josh. That's so jared what the hell were you doing during that message you either driving with Bluetooth allowed in a truck or I mean I'm just looking visually at the wavelength that's like I know. You think Hindenburg could cut all that shit. Well, it's funny I. I don't know if you noticed I was crying annoy. Even didn't even help that. It usually does a really nice job here just for kicks I'M GONNA go back and I'm going to crank the noise reduction all the way up and play it and see what happens. So okay I wave you ever needed Hindenburg here. This is this is what it sounds like. Crank it all the way up. Suit sounds like. OFF THEY DON'T Hear. That doesn't really. High really does a good job. But it starts to. Write it takes. Like here's with an off. The glue. binders noise. Reduction. In. Crank back a little. Like I'm looking at I'm looking at. A pretty good job of noise reduction they're looking at the visual of it. Though, could it get rid of that entire like that lower that really dark blue part at the bottom or a? Little. See The white line right here. Yeah. I it does light line is what it's reducing. So it's reducing a lot of that hundred Hertz home but it's saying, Hey, there's also a lot of shit everywhere else on the spectrum. That's why when we crank it way up that all you're hearing bits and pieces of his conversation. So. Like if I crank it back, you'll see the lines go like the little white lines go different overlap between the green and all the other. Thing that I'm not sure. I'd have to ask him in Berg, there's like a rely in red line I. Honestly don't know what the difference is. That's where the devil, right? That's where you're selling your soul. voicemail right, next, crank the void. Gates. Derek jeter voicemail number two nights. To I can't remember Guys are talking about why people listen and you're not sure why they listen to the train wreck of a show. You guys have. So I mean Monday Wednesday I understand you got the interviews that's that's not my cup of tea but I know people like those. So you know you know you got those things and then Friday. I mean, isn't it obvious why people call in? You Got Steve O'Brien in the beginning if you got people Brian at the end so they play it and Jerry metal listening biscuit to the end they get their thirty seconds there and then I that even some of them might stop in the middle of the episode and listen to the voice mail from. Jared. Like to hear that. So even if it's just me, that's one person. Guys. And I. Hope you have a fantastic week. So we could, we could start time stamping. but we'll we'll just time stamp. We don't need to time Stanford. Because, of course, there you know the very beginning in the very end. It's easy enough right. Let me go back. Oh sorry we finish your thought. We would. We would just time stamp jared voicemails. Yeah that's good. That's right. So it's like zero to eighteen minutes absolutely. No No zero to thirty seconds, Steve O'Brien thirty seconds to eighteen minutes absolutely nothing. Shared Jared voicemail. For. Two minutes and then there's like a five minute period of Oh absolutely nothing. Because that's when you and me commenting. And then there's another another voicemail from Jerry, which is time stamped, and then absolutely nothing until the last thirty seconds that wonderful plan I like it I like. It's kind of I want to go back to that same analogy of like the runaway path, the suicide, what do you call? What are those things? That's a damn good question I. Don't remember like those little. In Pennsylvania seem all the time because the mountains are so big and it's like it. It's off the side of the highway and goes up a hill in case you know you lost. Truck Ran I let's just call it the runaway path and so it's like it's kind of like the runaway path. But when somebody's building up the momentum, like you have what Monday and Wednesday do we do episodes interview episodes right always on Mondays sometimes on Wednesday. So you're you're the ramping up the Monday and Wednesday they're like and things are going like full crank and full speed ahead, and they can't put the brakes on quite early enough. So the download still continues till Friday. So did you get they do? So we really only have jared that listens on Friday. She's the only one that's obvious. Easy. Only one. Well, I, think Jenny balanced listens every once in a while and you'll catch me now every once in a while if I like a good laugh I need to feel like I'm home again I will I will listen to our our Friday episode of Gotten. Back into the habit a little bit more often of listening never reading the show notes just. So you know that as well that's good. So why and then and then the momentum carries back over there like Oh cool. I'll go back to listing on Monday and they listen to Monday and Wednesday in the speed is built up again, they put the brakes on, but the can't stop. So the download comes on Friday. Also we just can't do anything about it. We can't. It's. It's I mean we're six years into this thing already it's just impossible. We're not going to be able to do anything about this. No I agree no nothing. When's the surprise happened? When do you tell me good things? Are you ready I? Am Ready do you remember we talked about it? Know if it was last week or the week before? The magic you have a fourth email in your inbox you really should get rid of that see I would get rid of that because you know that's just telling you what what's going waiting zone. Yeah, yeah on the twenty seventh of September. Just in case anybody knows that do that do virtual meetings on a regular basis on the twenty seventh of September they're automatically going to assign a waiting room or a pass code a mandatory for years zoom meetings I. Don't know why they're waiting until the September twenty seventh just do it. Now, this has been a public service announcement from Bronx Zoo and the Nice guys on business end zone on behalf of zoom. Yeah. You remember a couple of weeks ago. We talked about the magic eight. Ball Yes. Absolutely, and that's not the eight ball of crack cocaine that you put up your we talk about. Let me just remind everybody should remind everybody or. Yeah. Okay. So the reminding may not know what magic eight ball. So Oh okay. Do you want me to know how far back do you want me to go straight? Maybe. Can make a quick frogman. Was a magic ball. was this this this toy that you get and it was it was predictor right? You could ask a question a yes no question and it would and you shake the ball and when you turn it over and look underneath it gives you an answer right and it would tell your fortune like, yes. No, maybe it's unclear at this time. So that's the joke. It's like if you got a question, you should just go ask the magic eight ball right Well, we talked about ww J. D. What jared do. We said, we really needed to be able to have a magic all like like jared. So we could know, would we have a question like that? One ask jared on the air but like we're not gonNA call him right total. So going to be like, Hey, what jared do? Okay, and so we can do that. We have a magic eight ball. Wait a second you. You actually have your answers from Jared Jerry put together for you. Keep all. When did you send this to you and why was I not CC`ed on it I'm not feeling slighted I'm I'm actually very surprised and happy that it was done because I wanted to surprise you. Oh, this is awesome. All right. So do I can I ask a random shafts? Random question and shakeup jared eight ball and and I'm not going to change micro quick my cable because I'm hearing clicking isolated. Really. Because I've got. Wow that sounds really bad. Now, it's all good and then we do is that you is that what a built in microphone sounds like. That was bad. That was really bad. Microphone sounds like that's why I was just noticing as you were doing this also that as you're checking things out the Nice Guy Community, I remember when we were trying to get two hundred members, is that actually four hundred and forty members that we have in the Nice Guy Community. Hey, and you get member requests. Remember wait a second before we get to the number. Can you go to the member requests? You have to remember hearing a member on the left hand side who wants Okay Justin Dixon requested two days ago steady J-. Wish from Tennessee maybe knows Tennessee Tim yeah. He looks looks like get away. Could you but Justin Dickson is a listener to the show probably he didn't answer any of the questions. Answered membership question but that's okay. That doesn't mean that he's he's out. Go the next person. Talk aim cy year you know I looked at this one yesterday or the day before, and let's put it this way. So it is. It's easier actionable, AKA? And it's it's a looks like a very attractive young blonde woman which again questionable why she would ever listen to us, right? Okay. And then when you see friends and I go to see all I don't see any. Right friend well, maybe no friends to show maybe her privacy settings. Maybe this is just a private individual you never know that it'd be. Photos is her profile picture and local album look at the other the other groups that she's members of because that oftentimes will give me a good go back to go back to her cedeno whole on second. Go back to our go back to our group. If you go back to our group and then and then twenty six groups Click and see what group she's a part of interesting. Doesn't tell you if you click on that or no. It's not show todd a croissant city I sal pay Petoskey, Francis Leo Marcus and twenty one more I. Don't know I don't know decline her I think attack aim Sayer. It sounds a little little sketchy. Catch you attack if you want to be in the group Yeah Forty two, forty, two, DJ GIVE US call. She can't post in the facebook because don't decline don't decline. Here's the you hit it right on the head straight if. Attack Aim Sayer S. E. R. IF YOU WANNA be a part of the group just leave a message at forty, two, forty, two DJ Doug even if the messages fuck you guys, I would never be agree a member of any group that would have me as a member. Or they would question might membership by reality who I really am that's okay. Then all you have to do so simple the the enter the entree to you into the group and okay. I'll even go one step further except for jared or Jenny or tim or any of a regular callers. If anyone else calls value for checking Sayer, I will let her in just because you vouched for her if somebody's calling to vouch for her okay sure. As, long as we have out. You remember Steve Martin on the Joe Jerk. When he becomes a, he becomes the guy at the at the at the carnival that does the weight guessing member. Girl but the girl okay whatever. Okay. Now now just. Tell the joke. It's not there's no joke. It's just it's just a character. Now Justin Dixon he actually looks like a real guy. He's got a real family there he is. Actually we saw him at I don't know where he was. He was at some. Can we go back to his photos? We did we actually saw him somewhere well, isn't that him? I think so yeah, that that's probably What you're saying, we saw him in his profile picture as told Yeah, Guy. Yeah I would totally have just an he's a guy had have over for the holidays I mean. Yeah. I'm totally this is it. I'm in I'm in he's in he was either married recently or just graduated something college or Master's. Is them know when they came up so She is totally he's goes Justin. You are. You are welcome to come into our a strike district the big about an e aim. Sayer all we need is voucher for you or if you call forty, two, forty, two, Dj Doug leave any message you can even breathe heavy and say your name and hang up we don't care. We just need to hear from somebody batching for you. Okay. So Oh. Go ahead. I don't need to know anything. You don't want to know about that. Sure I don't I should move that to another screen just in case mark. I mean I saw the other day. It was a great mean. It said I want to be the reason that when you see text come in, you turn your phone away so nobody can see your screen. It's so funny because I want I. So want to be transparent in every. Now you don't you're not in a relationship so it's totally fine. It's great and that's exactly how you should be. You should be like balls to the wall with everything that's going on in your life right now I'm more excited for you now than ever in my entire life for you that being said. I go the complete opposite I WANNA be able to leave my phone unlocked in the middle of El, Segundo? Boulevard. So anybody that sees it could say this is just a nice normal loving boyfriend handsome guy love him I'm sure as girlfriend loves him very much because there's not one thing in this phone that he cannot share with the entire world that's to I wanna be just so you know. That's offense. Definitely. said that the sad that's a sad commentary on who I am right now. It's got all. So what's the plan? Do I ask a question question that what is it that you know jared is he you know we've got the magic eight ball, right? It'll give you the answers you need the Yes. No question. Ask any question you like the can be answered with yes or no does that have to be a yes or no way couldn't it be like couldn't it be like? What are you thinking about? No, it has to buy your. Question Okay all right I got and I'm going to halfway full down my laptop screen so I can't see 'cause you're going to have to plan it looks okay I've already got it well, you can still that's why I shared my screen instead of sharing the APP. So we're all wait a minute if you play any play something else through there. So that will I be able to hear. You should be able to hear it pretty sure. This is Charlie like buzzkill. Jared again. Yeah that's fine. Let's hearing that. Oh, I, hear. Your Voice. Mail for jared music. Yes I hear that. I am ready to ask my question. Okay. Go ahead. What's your question? All right. Jared. W.. W.. J.. D.. Will I be buying a house in the next twelve months. and. The next tweet will I. be buying a house in the next twelve? Okay. Hold on a second shaking the ball. Karnak. Shake the ball. Ripping the envelope Karnak and Johnny Carson or Ed McMahon would always repeat the question. And Karnak would look at him. I know I'm dating myself here we're not getting carson references I'm just shaking the ball game. W. J. D. will I be buying a house in the next twelve months ago? Well, actually I, think even a couple of mental midgets like you guys can handle that one. So yeah sure. Okay I guess that's a Yes. All right I feel good about this as. An very, very good quality on that too I. appreciate that ww JD. Okay. W Do I get to do another one? Yeah absolutely. WW JD is there any shot that within the next twenty four hours that I will be having sex with JJ? I'll tell you what if you guys become Republicans you can do it. Yeah I. Guess. That's a big. That's a big fat. No then I guess yeah, I was I. almost I almost was was changing political affiliations. Should happen and then it was like a definite. No. All right. strickland. Do you have a question that you would like to ask WW JD? No, I WANNA. Let You keep asking. Okay. Excellent. Excellent. Okay. WW JD will we be able to find some relief from this fucking heat way that is going on right now district have to put gas in his Tesla. Well then I guess that's a hell. No then isn't it sorry. Dog looks like you've got no relief coming. All right. So kind of very similar to like the groundhog day. All right so W. W J. D final question right here will there be something that will motivate me to to provide a an old reference to one that is hold on second. Let me think about this wartime. Got I. got to come up with a question that it's a little bit more clear. Let me let me think about this. Will I make an out of date time reference again before the end of the episode WWe jd much check. Okay guys I'm neither for nor against this one. So I'm Switzerland. Good. Luck. Okay I'm gonNA shake up again because I don't like that answer. Shake volunteer. Okay. Here does Doug Can Lotion Oh. Hell. Yes. He does that's a big comes up sh. WW W JD hey strike remember when we were talking about this, we were GonNa have like guests that come on the come on the show and I'm like I. Know You have listened to our episodes so are there any other questions that you would like to ask for strict? Ask them to the guest. Well, how are we going to actually phrase that so that the guests would ask you a question that you can answer Oh. Yeah. Right. Like I've got to. Well, it depends like how would you play it back though because you got you have to be sharing your screen for them to hear it now so it wouldn't be. Becomes. CASTER yeah. A little complicated, little too hard jerry. You what do you? What do you think? Yes or no what do you think That was a really good question too bad you dumb ass wouldn't understand the answer. Yeah. That's a problem wouldn't understand. Can. We burn through them all I. Know. We've got more right. All right. Cool. So we'll we'll I introduce a new segment. We'll do that every week until either I get tired of it. Forget to do it or have another opportunity to mention the Mustang podcast at some point. Oh my God speaking of the Mustang. PODCAST. So This this mustangs on emission thing and you know I have a lot of. I have I I really enjoy doing the podcast. But I got I guess a little become pulled into a project here and then I found the more I got pulled into the project. The deep pride was getting into stuff that I'm comfortable with but it's like do I really want to like put my reputation on the line like right now here's what's going on. We have about one hundred and twenty five people that have registered for this this this program called mustangs. On a mission and it is a very good 'cause it's to support Cancer Research and finding a cure for cancer. So it is a it is very good 'cause by the way it's mustangs on a mission dot org if anybody wants to register shit by the time you hear the it'll be Friday, you'll hear this. So yeah, the the event is actually Saturday and Sunday. So I am doing all of the Zoom Tech. I'm so I'm not emceeing the event I'm not. GonNa be like the questioner doing the interviews because you know these are like top level, four guys and Mustang guys, and they know much more about the Mustang world than I do. So I'm like well, I can help out somehow. So how can I help out guys? What can I do? Well could you get the whole zoom things straighten out like I could do that? Yeah. Could you just run the entire zoom thing? I'm like, Hey, get me off of that I. Don't WanNa see any of that I don't WanNa see. Oh. Yes. I've. Heard of. Dean. Screwed don't mastery. You don't WanNa see that. Anyhow. So I'm the guy running tech. I'm doing the whole thing when it comes to like making sure that the that all of the guests show up. So it's like you know thirty five guys centers and they're all like between the ages of fifty and one hundred fifty. Let's so most of those guys in that age range, they've just never been on zoom before and so and I'm just trying to get into show up just to do like tech call, they're showing up with their phone. Hurtling Schaumburg. Curling, applying for what are you think might yeah you sound great. Okay. Next. I don't know what to do I mean I know what to do, but they don't have the right technology. So just hurting cats. I just don't know you have any advice. Hey, ww JD. J. D. do you think that the tech side of this mustangs on a mission is going to go well over the weekend for? That's a good question. I'm going to have to talk to my wife about that one hang on a second. Money Oh. She said no fucking way. Oh. She said no fucking way. It's going to be really bad. I'm just I'm just trying so hard I just wanted to be so good for these guys and we had like a like literally two months to prepare for this and it's all coming down to the next two days. There's just too much to be done is just not going to get done so. I'm just a little worried. So if you don't see me on Monday at any of the meetings or whatever you know that they've probably taken me out back and maybe forced me under a classic Mustang or something. I have no idea. Run the over a few times up tonight. So I'm assuming there's not gonna be like a live stream of this. I can watch you. Go. There you're in charge of it, which means it's not going to go. Well, I won't be able to see. Arrest the problem so you will be able to see it, but unfortunately you have to. You have to watch in the facebook group which is being live. It's being live streamed in the group, and which is making me even more nervous right now because I'm looking at this and saying, my fucking Internet doesn't even work right now it's it's Wednesday night was when recording this. If this takes three days to get worked I. Don't know stranger things have happened I'm really I'm really concerned right now I don't know why I'm. Should I Strict could you just put me out of my misery? Just shoot me shoot me now I'll see let's ask jared when you I'm going to have to call you back on that one. Don't call me. I'll call you. Thanks jared. WWe, jd a fine segment. Thank you for the surprise Lubbock. We will. We will continue the fun fun and and Shiri the fine, the Fund and factory on on next week. Next week's episode. Anything else before we are we done got more. Now I think we're. My Gosh. Okay. Well, let's have here. You want to. All right. Here we go. Ready. Yeah I am ready. Hey, Steve Orion just take us the fuck out here. Nice Guy Community, what do you think of the Nice guys podcast? Is it a interesting informative intelligent business information that's really helpful. Be a couple of guys who think they're funny but actually have an inflated perception of their own self worth. See same shit different podcast. Or d all of the above.

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