LOVECRAFT COUNTRY Episode 8 & 9 Our Theories, and Details You Missed!


They. Don't you see? Again around. Welcome. I gotTA started off just with that just so you know is us we're here I'm rob that's Greg Greg with underscores if you're nasty and this is a lovecraft country review show. We're a little behind from last week. So we're going to double it up. You know like Mace double up and nothing I was GONNA say like nipsy double up now I go living rappers but are to nips. points. Fine acknowledged but also you got to go with WHO's living. Okay. You say that. so Let's let's get into it. So we're. A speeding. Speeding towards the end of this season maybe series probably season of lovecraft country and we're just hitting episode nine penultimate episode and we're coming on episode ten this week. So for the sake of this podcast. We're going to review or giving give our feedback are takes one episode eight, nine episode. Is. What's the name episode again Jiggle Bobo. Bobo episode nine is called rewind. Nineteen Twenty One Greg. If you will give us a quick rundown of eight and then of nine. Oh we're doing back the back like that. Okay. So Eight Jiggle Bobo is where we find out in episode three the person name was Boba was Emmett till. Emma tells funeral as occurring in the summer of nineteen fifty five. We see day. WHO's the friend of Bobo also notice amid to is very upset and hurting and suffering as everybody around her is dealing with their own problems. D At the time is laundering around because she's frustrated she wasn't able to see her friends open casket. So. Let let me put that in a little bit. So Okay. We WanNA start off as Greg we're saying we start off with just at the funeral one of the lake hottest days and it's like pat everyone's there. And is terrible things shut down and it's it's two things that you know Montrose mentions the whole. This is kind of a right of passage and she needs to see it and people like do does you need to say in? No one's really taken into account in which is I, think the theme out of it. So no one's taking account how this girl feels that only. To, in there to see her friend is you're saying, but also the main point, a friend is dead. On top of that we're her parents are because in the end of episode seven, we have hip Elida is wrong. That is dead though she knows Aqua Georgia's day. Yeah. So please come to fuck face put some crazy spell on her that makes her see. Some crazy shit and basically told. US know when your mom's back. Yeah he cursed her in an alley ran up owner very much. So how the police gender run up young people young black people does it is. An Alley really fucking gross. I still rewatch casinos like I can't. have been thicker. fucking grows. Turkey board. So you don't have enough use kids start Joe. He had hit the COVID nineteen, fifty five, inch. Oh. God Kovic. That's what was saying she's in Cova Jiggle, boo Ya. So all three of our main characters well, technically four, all four main characters, which is Montrose Ruby. Laddy. Tech are taking all differently. Ruby went to Mr Williams Slash Christina's house to have that scene that we're. Probably we're going to just completely skip over for a little bit were probably get back to that later Letty is looking for D.. In Tech is looking for Christina so she can learn how to cast a spell. Take. Learns it while giving up the key to Robert Ory as we mentioned in episode seven? Well, Christina William and Ruby White girl decided to have the sex scene blah. Blah Blah. letty come. Home to find. Jia. Boy. And probably the most blinky. Miss it part of the episode for me. Sorry. So. My face and saying it all. So machos is the only one that's looking for D. at well, really looking for de Right. Now in D after being in cars is seeing. Characters, herring songs, a song called. Let me in in. She sees a character from uncle Tom's cabin by name a topsy and she has a friend named biopsy and they chase her around the whole city. Keep going or no. I. Think. That's the majority of what happened outside so I'm only missing a few parts 'cause I. Didn't know if you want to interject the none of them in and put them in. Let's get them in there. So as Montreal's is looking to Fowley cast a spell after he told to fuck off virtually literally Tokyo to fuck off Montrose. Tick, yeah sorry as. Comes to see Lottie he sees. G. Tells you the fuck off lead tells tick the fuck off and Runs. Until familiar person his dad. And they have a very. Cold But endearing heart the heart moment about mom. And take as it all out for what he saw in future. There's nothing in the future that I picked up on the second time I saw that episode, but we'll talk about that what we can episode. we find out that letty and tick as a sign named George. He wrote the book lovecraft country the book and show is different and the reason why is because the book carries the features of? Said of the book that is based off. And they basically differentiate between Lettie. Mae, while at the time a little bit before lead, he's talking to D. These telling her she don't feel so well, ladies very being very dismissive like she has. So where else to be at the moment which she meets Christina and she gets the mark of Cain for immunity. So she doesn't get hurt invulnerability. I'm sorry that's what it's. GonNa roll her ability. And Christina gets the. Book a page the book name pages that she was missing, which was titus. Pages. WHO Montross and take are learning how to spell machos came with the courageous words of not gonNA. Let nothing happen to you or my grandson now do everything about how even if that means I virtually. The POPO come over. To Lady's, House. And says, know we're GONNA fuck is that Robert Ory and she said it ain't here and they can't go in because they have that. Little Seal that happened in episode three. There okay. We can't go away. Let he looks at me Ha it can't come in and start shooting the shut up. Shoot the shit up Nigga. As, they're shooting their place up that he are her vulnerability spell works on her. Tickets outside letting freaks out that he tries to save him. The Monster. Don't know how to describe it. Call it Vanderberg picked the first to. The call it mandatory pig again. The Signature from the the first what to what have you? Down Eighty, they have a taste for police blood. And we see that happened yet again and I just want to wrap this up 'cause we run over when it comes to this particular thing and I want to get into the actual analysis of it. Okay. So You know just rampage and we see a as you call them. So eloquently, offs fuck as well. Have you off. So I think it's officer Lancaster heavy. He's being like like impaled Gorda or whatever you see someone get fucking launched and then The fucking. Monster is running up on. Taking letty. How the episodes? And he found out. Oh. Should it works Yeah the spell that Montrose and advocates were working on sale to. Yep Oh one more thing de Refund de. So we so we have we have the same. That's what happens we have seen where. D- Kinda has her her moment. Happy where basically she tells the police what everyone should tell the police fuck off fuck you pig and. It's back to the his back to what appears to be her dad's garage. What you? Where do you do the safety travel guide? In you know, has a plan to draw out topsy and Bob Boxy to just take Jackie. Robinson like bats swings with a pipe but she's the only one I could see see them. And to swinging wildly and is like just being attacked by the Montrose comes in there and tries to calmer down and save her but you can see that her skin is starting to change and decay. That's kind of how. Is left for her like a cliffhanger in. We can kind of see a bit of that and moving into the trailer for a episode nine. So. Let's let's break down a few things that we saw an air. Some analysis and see what we got as far as what's in this episode what are your takeaways? Well. There was two things that we think there was two things I didn't like in that episode and that was how Jia was. Virtually dare say I. Don't know and I didn't like be in Christina's dynamic at all anymore. Dank that's really if everything I was filed with. Okay then well, not pure. Okay. That's fine. That's fine. So yeah, I, think the the dynamic with them speak a bit on the dynamic instead of just you know from got. So, we find a sex scene sex scene where they both tied to their characters. Christina Stars the William. and. Ruby tires to what's her name. See, Heather. Give a shit. Karen. Nineteen fifty five Karen. Nine hundred fifty, five care and they have sex and she. Says out of their body. And back to Ruby. Rich. Yes. That was interesting and then have a brief conversation about Emmett till and virtually say you know fourteen year old got killed a d. feeling about it Christina says no and then when we get to the end of the episode, Christina. Does the weird in very tone deaf thing of Oh trying to beat yet like Intel socket see this evolved ability spell were. We're talented thing works for me. I don't know I. Don't know if that's what happened. I think they know I think she knows all the bells that she has out there the changing I, think she knows I think it was a terrible attempt to try to empathize with. What you said day mortality as well as. To try to empathize with it in but the way because again like I said before I, watched the show what my subtitles on. So this laugh crying thing. Maybe. It'd be pay the subtitle guy a little more to say look feelings or whatever. Instead of laugh crying because it's like, I don't know how to feel about this. Wasn't a little bit of laughter her I agree with you when it comes to that dynamic and if we look back at episode five, it's You know it's is really conflicted on what Ruby once. You know. You didn't seem like you WanNa you just. Almost it's. Almost has the appearance of you want the licensed to do whatever, and that has nothing to do with your skin color. Yeah. That has to do with your character, and if your character is such that you wanna like you know he'll rape negatives. and. Do things with a certain degree of impunity, which is kind of moving in trajectory we see that we we see that and it's It's lowering its intoxicating to see that shit works that you know when she goes over there initially in guy stops her and William comes out there just showing like as a white person. Can do whatever want no no Sir fuck off. You know. What was the other thing that you you weren't wasn't effective? Unlike the JERE thing. Like how she was came in and what was seen to be a good plot point just went away with Jira basically not knowing anything of the tech. Will. Not, even that was even Casado net she was like I'm sure you know and I know that they've had things since then because this is a couple of weeks ago now that. That me Chagrin, said, Oh, no, she's not gone far she. She's going to be there and you know it goes to my deeper thing in some of the things that they sacrificed to get across the. Cool bad ass moment or have you in the show and many attempts kind of fall flat my opinion. or The execution just isn't right whole episode of fun on both for us. So with Jia, they could have had her pop up like in that showdown. Molise. They could have had her pop up. You know we don't know what's going to happen ten, but we can have her pop up and then instead of just, hey, we're going to have her here for kind of nothing seen just to create drama and give kind of a malformed argument between. Ticket letting. You know for what happened in that scene between the two of them after Gi was it one show tickets being? He'll again. And it has it has him and letty having this kind of not argument. Like. Goes he needed to be hill in that moment? No no no. I'm just saying like we could have just without. Jia Why do we need him? He'll you know and especially considering. That she doesn't know that he knows that she's pregnant and she has a told him so plays out like, oh. Yes. Some girl on the side he told her to episodes ago and So I was like, what is this? What is this fucking? Key told her about Jia. But he didn't tell her everything about Chia and when she found out that. The nine tail spirit. That she's kind of like, Holy Shit Shit like dishonesty. Why didn't you tell me? That's not how that same played. Played Out I get that there was. The tuck it. It was like the scene was presented like you're being messy you need to go. That's the way the scene was presented. and. As, we'll see later episodes you touched on because we are so hold on let's say step back and other observations and air even in the scene with with with Diana in the alley after the has X. or the curse we see Rasta Crema week man with the creepy is I shouldn't have poster not a good look. I was like fall thaw. How's it going? It was Michigan. US and that's what I took. It is that's what the episode was in the episode A lot of people said that this episode was the nightmare on Elm Street episode because even with the claws, like you know Freddie popping up the way to the that either topsy autopsy popped up on Diane before she wrote to the police station, you can see the clause in the background and somehow they just Mr. I can. Actually. Say That and even the whole thing that no one else can see it and that none none of the parents can see which is. Yeah That's what I could see that. Yeah and but your thing and it was one other observation I had like we were talking about just let he's thing. Like everybody when it came to cause I, remember earlier in the episode when take was like, do we need to have this conversation right now at the at the funeral? Yeah and it was with regard to Diana. How this like? What is this like? Everybody knows what D- wants except the people that should be accessing what D- do you what do you need at this moment yet and it is like well, I know a friend day but also she needs to take account mom dat and Hoffarber. Lie It is a lot going on. Before it's like Montross is the only adult pencil actually doing something in that particular moment and I think previously and we'll see it again later rubies kind of the other like they're. They're let's surrogates and they're not really parents. They don't really have potentially any connection to this kid. Like rubies leggings, we'll do something we. I'm cooking and you know Mantras I. AM angry Black Man but which eager. Kick this door got some shit happened to me ironically modules. We've learned. So nine, we're going to see. is going be a shift. It's a very human at the moment for Montrose and I think we touched on it before. We're trying to tell me you know give them some slight because he was probably the only person that. Was Really Looking For D. at. The moment and I was. True you're right. Yeah. It's it's. Let's see any any other things that that happened in that episode, and we can move into the synopsis on Vk. Nutty. Christina had to talk and he she told Leti. LETI total ruby she's pregnant. and. Ruby told letty. Yeah, fucking. Christina. Christina will or whatever Christina will will smith? No. No. Body Christina Willie Christina Billy. Let's get it. Man. A laundry budget is crazy is blood everywhere and beat. Okay Tree. Look I mean that's how they change. One can take that that White Dick or whatever it was was so powerful, it turns people back to black women. So now. So I'm so nine episode on So that was the Forgetting. That was rewind ninety twenty one so. We could I think like based in it so we start off with Your fucking D D is not toward you look. Everybody. Virtually. Like. Yeah. You should disobey you should design. Great sequence just arguing. And Ruby slide wall. Did any day was like fuck of what did you knew you wild day across tale? From white sheet of all people sloppy. Margin Lavar Johnson. Light. Jesus. Yeah. So there it's on Montrose. Atticus. LETTY and Ruby. They're like in living Ross who fucking in. I think there and. They must be in. Much loader nobody sells. Army that was her coach. Okay. So they're they're they're basically pointing fingers were heavy and then some truth starts to cascade out. Because that's a key thing and actually we can intersperse stuff in here because this is more fresh. I Yep solutions in here I think I think now say nobody really impetus with each other in his show. Now it's rare in you know in this argument was very indicative of it. It was finger pointing. To his credit. Montrose is a very complicated character. Yes. Nowhere near how he isn't a book he's like a nobody in the book apparently and. It's When the whole thing comes up of about the pages. That's mentioned and it does not go well. No what happens in the state? So. They were. Trying to think of a way to get Christine over tech virtually says. She's seeking you on your nose when you say it. Let. Let let it. Take versus. I heard that guy though so two. So tech virtually say I have the pages titus. For the book names we can exchange that the kid. And let he's like well about that. So I tried to save year podcast and I tried to save your podcast by giving her two pages. She doesn't want to save you. She says, she wanted to save me. You know what's funny about it is like remember last week when they shot up my house. Yeah that's why I didn't think of her house because it was riddled with bullet holes. Like remember last shot up my house and hiding get hit at all about that. You. got a point there not point there. So. You don't even. Why wasn't a bullet stopped maybe they can come to the front door because they'll police bullets. So. We have this was have you and my man Montrose is like your. So my focus. A. He had a line in it that I paused walk around laugh. Tonight that was delivered. Like how many takes Zagazig was that the first one and the only one look man that's a very hard thing to say which is well as though which. Or just going to leave that for next up. On that shit end so Even after next episode. So he gets up with the spice like Yo, fuck you problem in Ruby gets off sucker not gonNA. Basically and she was like, well, she had a reason to do it as because a he was like. I yes. That's exactly what happened because she's she's she's keeping the secret. Yeah. No I don't give a shit like it's not even I'm conflicted. You know maybe. Like you don't think this. No. Yeah So. We get to. Go to bed necks. No. So what happened was ruby virtually says Christina will come. Christina, will come for me. Credits. Cover. So. Dennis funny. So Christina's there. Christina's virtually lie. Looks like How I can't get rid of the spell because. It's cast by. Captain Fuck face and he got there from the book of names and because. He. Put it. He started somewhere, right? Well, it is stored somewhere but essentially in. Terms of the mythos when it comes to like magic if someone that puts the heck zone, they gotta be the one that takes it off or you need something powerful. That's ultimately what we're getting that here. And So she she says that she can do a restorative thing, right? Yes. So what she do is she can reverse it, but the spell will come back. You'll set it she. Oh, she said it she in a factory reset on I'm going to rewind her skin. Comeback Right? She did a factory reset on she's like you used as lotion. used a small comb. You can get rid of it. But he always will come back. Up. There was one thing we miss and the one thing we miss was that they need the blood of Dis closys relative and at the time we can't find hip Elida. So D- assume. Relative is Montrose. The credits happened? They fumble that t a little bit because. The reason they fumbled is he not her uncle by blood? Yay But. As we learn later on that, she might have an older brother. That's okay. That's what they were getting enough. I'm saying he kind of fumbled like. 'CAUSE IT could've dislike well he. If they would've been some shit like. My blood. Good. You know some shit like that ain't going with for a minute. But yeah she might have older brother and their dynamic has been very much that you know from from the first episode then take that's pretty much been dynamic. So. We get to their own. We have a confession to make loans. Once we get to that point but so Montross and advocates are having a conversation mantra. Shrinking he's knocking back moonshine guy he is, and he has no idea what's in it and Tech Tacoma's hell's does. Never told me what was ended this. He calls the rose. You Call it the moon soul? Babies. So. The confession comes out the choice might be instead. And the heartbreak go fuck you local and face. It was like all that. Bullshit. It's It was justified. I mean there's so many secrets in his fucking household. Yes, and it's light day. When is enough is enough. and. They had their blow off moment where tickets basically like fuck you and. Trying to remember what happened after that this is when it comes in there. She is she slides in there. fucking delivering exposition. I mean you often do it. Hip Elida was to this episode was shack was to the two thousand Lakers. On. On agree. I. Assure a little bit They had to. Yeah. I don't give it that pays it better. Like I get your point. You're not wrong but it's like pace it betters like, yeah we had a character go the future. She was like two hundred years some shit in the future an earth one, fifty, five, something Urfa before so she wants to like no New Orleans. Does a reference in there. Somewhere. That's the father for your Code New Orleans. So she went down master P, and then she learned about like the. Other. She has to smoke sausage. And, she became a motherboard completely over done this time. So. Clean Blink. Stop It. So from they're they're able to get. Christina back right. No. What happened was Christina Christina's reversing spa as the saw transparent while WanNa make the point that what Diane Diana looks like now. Okay. John. Old, yes. They mercifully created legit caboodle. It was virtually that's what it was she. They try to create our Tabu and she's GonNa call him why this is happening by the way she. And she Is She's back looking normal I. Do want to point out one thing and that is an episode eight. We did see the person who gave Montross the book. And the person who gave Montrose the vote was along robotic arm. I wondering. Is that DNA future maybe. We. Will see this of. The based on because the the key thing that we saw, and that's why I was trying to get at earlier is her arm looked terrible like look like burnt jerky. And the question I have is, could they see that but not see her turning into dots because you know Diane? Ozzy 'cause they see that because I don't know you know what I mean yeah. Thank when she was reversing the curse. That's what are true self came out. I don't think they. Are I think they saw the almost up. Homer Oh, got our saying yeah. Yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense. Go like this you'll see like montrose start trying to do his best George impression. Yeah man that's how. Tom's cabin. Wow. I. That's not how you would deliver that. You had to delivered a little bit more negative because you get to see palm aid soon, you know what? I mean. Focus hair. So. They have to go back to the decision is they arrived to this idea that they need to go back using the time machine and it's different reasons why it doesn't work and Like look is A fixed as shit. Yeah, she's bringing down time. She's like this. How long would drive it is, is GonNa take this long to fix it? We ll even Going, back to nineteen, twenty, one to Tulsa is because that's where the last time. Remember. They they they had the book virtually and that's where they go. And it is a very traumatizing experience for mantras. He he's. Traumatizing. dreading shit he'd has to Montrose House to Confront Demons and he's had to confront. He's had to confront the truth through the beginning of this episode. The truth I'm going to have to reveal this shit to take the truth of I'm going to have to go back to you know now and his Ryan, and so this was a six hour drive and I'm like. Drinking me attire tons more focused GONNA be. Useless. Personally. So. The BILOTTA intake tickets like working under the science nerds are working on things and the others This is going to be leading MONTROSS. They have a moment where while mantras is finishing up his booze he goes is a hooch goes back in there and he talks letty he like you know he no, you know you bring you right. And she's like, yeah. My boys going being. Like Shit. Yeah he he reveals this DT those details but also reveals this this other thing of I can't have. You know anything that you're involved with that could lead to my son being harmed. Your that's kind of what he gets that. We are missing one thing. I do I just want to point it out a little bit because I think it's going to be important absolutely. Absolutely Kristen. Letting verbis conversation aunt letty virtually tell Ruby. Ruby telling letty Rubio's. Lettie. MACHO VIOLENT TICKETS VIOLET Careful and. letty virtually say, yeah, a book Christina wants to kill. Take. So. Careful. In. The thing is like it's fine. Got An energy there can be the first to say in this was something. that. We find our Christina finds out. Of still alive and he's barely hanging on Shan's throws in there as William like she just won a championship game in the Su-? Spend his around and Shit. And then she cursed thousands. So virtually debt spelled that he has going on or they. Have Black bodies, use it for flush the hell catafalque face live longer is gonNA run out. Well, one thing I will go got the one thing I will say about that. So we can keep on forward is the flaxseeds that they're fucking were black bodies like this really makes me hate are more. So the other thing I in that that scene because it's important. She she goes in. Well, he go in there because I'm going to say that 'cause boatpeople they go in there purposely as William they go in there and get the whatever that stone was that she had Ruby put an air. So you had a black woman lead to the demise of your enemy. WHO's using black bodies and you ain't got shit to say about it but as I. Gotcha. Basically Almost A It's amazing. She looked at him like Denzel. Training Day right. Sake. You're dead man Jake. Right. So. So we have that and that's current day shutdown right Yup. Now let's go back to. Tulsa. So that was one little error on the air what have you title? So we're in Kentucky and got to Tulsi yet we're in Kentucky right we haven't left. Oh. Well, I thought we already went through top machine. Well, is one one typographical error what have you so The place it was enlisted as in what Medfield But this tied and I was in a previous episode or the been in. But in this episode, which is called Kentucky. Yeah. So appointed that out, it's like. Emission was like, yeah, they Kinda fucked up. Is in Kentucky just so you know it's. I was like what you're geographics. Pointing out where things are at did it right? Please? Yes. Probably fixed. Up So sam yet just fixing post. So, child and. So we're we're going to talk we're going to head to Tulsa. What have you. We have a much better jump from Montrose WanNa jump deportable because his last jump in the Indiana Jones episode was not GonNa Loose Was A. bad jump. and. As expected, macho losing his ship heeds having flashbacks of. Mental flashbacks of his abusive day towards him. Salako on how quickly did you point now? letty shoes I know it's coming up later but how quick 'cause I pointed out as soon as they changed as. They get there. We see two girls and air talking about a dance that got canceled because these white these fuckers are cutting up, they act and wallaby bugging out. To Be New York about it but I'm not from new. York. finals prom. Yeah and Booker T. Washington was an appro. So so they're dressed nineteen, twenty one. So these nineteen fifties mid nineteen fifties closed they gotta go. So they figured out conveniently everybody has a fit. That's they're just imagine if our fat asses wanted to fucking Portal, we're wearing curtains. We probably are we're like who are these two guys? On just GONNA wear what? Look. Fuck. You. KILLED YOU'RE GONNA get. He's how quickly he pulled his gun out later forbade shoes. That's sure. Yeah. So They're so Montross so so team. Team explorers that's the team call them because this was the Indiana. Jones grew right? Yes. Well perper. Moore's they're it's so they are dressed in an is address drippy because there are black. Wall Street Gang. So they're. They're looking for Montross old house, right? Yes. As next door to. The Dora Yeah and takes us right there. They were neighbors next door neighbors and we roll up wearing alley or some kind of own looking point and we see with the most glorious mustache ever. Montrose and George's dad telling him the classic Black blackcurrant thing. Pick a switch Yup. And it is rough and his black homophobia everywhere son it is nineteen twenties pick a switch. You dress like Sissy take away in a flower in your hair and shit like that. It is in Montrose his losing ish. And saw the workload day because he's also charm city kinks. Don't Shop Biak. Let's go. Let's. Go. That guy so Watching it we we see the whole thing and it is brutal because. It did not switch because when when a kid when they to pick a switch and you don't think the switch, they're going to a tree and they're gonNA BE TWO OF AT A. A branch off the tree. he was. that. And then we see palm aid PABO. We see young. George. Who Kind of George Georgia'll? Yeah Georgia's an observer more than. Getting involved and that's more. It's not an indictment or more of a slight anything but. That's what he is. Montrose says that when? Dora and George had little argument that no George was the most helpful person out of everybody he was the most understanding. Yet because his his thing is more introspective. He's an observer. Have you and we we see we see come out there and Dora just kinda like gets right up like, Oh, you're not hitting him like that. What are you doing? What's good All right. So he says something to with his mustache must angry and he had a switch to. Doors. POPs comes out there. He's like my don't you talk to do have you need to do with your kids don't talk daughter. Also also she's in the way he was beating his sons as with impunity. She is in the way of meeting the sun and he dipped off or what have you Montrose Young Montrose tipped off not current mantras and dad was this ain't Burton. Or VINTON HIS DAD. Verna Renton. It's it's definitely a and. He's stumbled into the house. With a little support from George, his son to make it by. This like fuck. And They Dora and George are together going to look for Montrose door kind of made the point like Union and say Michael Game. which is great because. College out. So we may have two points of an hour or immediately because I didn't see it again. There's a few times we swung and missed on certain things but episode to okay. We swung in miss badly about. Remember I kept Colin Diana Dora. And I was like Shit Stop I'm sorry that was a mistake. and. Now, we find out the door was an episode nine, but we should be thinking about that. She already showed up an episode two. Yeah Yeah and the one thing that I wanted to point out before we kept going is that scene where door in Georgia dancing. And I was his vision and that was his dream sequence. Yeah and the reason why that is because of what transpired here and that is they were robbed the their prom night. That was their prom night and that's why he. Captured as much as well. Yeah. I. Think I think that that's fine. That's not necessarily fuck that second part of it's more of a we didn't know at the time. Because it wasn't like, yeah. We're just getting here because things are. told out of order. and. So I kept call Hannah. Harriet. Tubman. I know and I'm not going to see. I'm not going to Besmirch by when you said we. It was not a lot of the swings and misses Rodley. So falls. Light. Skinned Pine Mrs Not Maple Oak Pine Tar. Mrs Going Okay I was. A. Kid. Chapman versus taper. That's fine. That's fine. So. Where where we now? So So Montrose Pontius tips like current Montrose. Audi and so between teen parents because that's what the fuck is. Going to be seen they devise a plan that he got a split up one has to go at the Montrose because you don't in time in time travel, you can't fuck up anything in the past. He always tell you that it's always time travel. It's one. Oh, one I was there in the front of the class. But also. But they also need to pages. Yeah. So he just the pages an tech goes after his dead. Let he comes up with a great idea of we should name George but also let hot wires the car because you know we got to show that leading is. That's fine sign but let's see that came up. That was both support was affected. She said, we shouldn't George to no objection by felt take did that because he knows that she's pregnant she knows as the boys it was like. Let her, have it. You know. I mean there's nothing out of it in my thing about the hot wiring a car it's just another one of those things and it's just like all right. Cool. So they devised a plan where he's going to go out there his dad. So it was kind of a little bit of A. Switch right or his not dad because far. Union father. He's going to he's going to have to montrose a few different ideas around at one. Your said earlier your dad's violate your beat his ass. So I feel confident of use ordinance. I'll even though I feel like letty has gotten him to do things even more effective than getting him to do things. And the other thing is like, all right. I think the way it happens is not planned how he gets to the house is not playing. because fucking white people but. I think it's it's one of those things is very similar to when When take was like you need to talk to your sister yeah. Is very similar to that of like here's this time. Stopping, before everything goes to waste. Did we already have we may have talked about it but I wanted to touch on one thing because i. think it already happened. With William and Ruby wriggles very comfortable in the laboratory. Yeah Oh. Yeah. We didn't talk about that Ns when she was like Oh. Yeah. The next white woman would be should be a redhead like fuck. Riot right. That's because he's she's in there and basically going over the plan of in thinks she's playing her that's the way it came off me a little bit like I. Think She's Gassing Christina up a little bit. But I. I think that's not the game you WanNa play I think. She's better than you think you realize it yet. And it's the fact that she virtually tells her. You gotTA kill two. It was like for my ascension. Got Us like why women like for me to win we all win right. But if I have to win this, a black guys gotta go down. The one. Together Yeah. In other thing about it I, think it's a bad move. If if she's even if she's playing her NFL rubies trying to play her I think as bad move, you're taking a drug from this person regularly because you really what this is and we don't know the after effects of differ. Yeah and we see two bodies down because he asked the. Interesting observations. Remember we were talking about with how Christina didn't care about the police officer using bodies really give a fuck about the white white being in Jazz. was she that was about it? Give me a redhead one in. Lucille Ball. Let's do it. I Love Lucy negative. Should've? killed. Her. Pretty. Much like she rack over the head with a shovel damn. Yeah. So my sister's violent though. Yeah So we're back in. I can see I'll pull it out bullshit. So we're back at We're back in Tulsa just for that quick side, we're back in Tulsa and. We get to kind of their own. Own. Journeys. letty. Atticus Atticus is out Outdo Atticus. You do Lettie I wanted to do well, we do that yet. Or whatever I don't care. Go Do buffum bugging. No Bennett Bennett. Dam. Should never say nothing. So Atticus is advocates Fonts Montrose Macho trying to stop something from happening virtually advocates is look if you change the past I might not exist in all of this is enough and. MONTROSS is talent him. He was like this might not matter. This might be just a small thing. And shows like well, you can't save who you're trying to say they're thinking he thinks it's about George. Yeah. She thinks about George and little dino it's about. MONTROSS friend. Jonathan Johnson. Was it. May Have Been Thomas. We might look this up. All I know is it didn't go well for him. Know. What terrible actually. Fuck. Yet. This. And we're moving to put it in context. It's now nighttime. So where we were at because I, think this is the thing that gets lost a lot with the show especially with my my point earlier about how people don't empathize with people is like. Don't process look at trauma what have you and this is not even shipped like secretive is. You were there. So you know you'll have seen like going back to one lady was like I died, but it's like not a that's the only time where get it someone died but it's not a lot of consideration. So even for her saying that it's like. This kid going back to absorb eight this is in distress MOMS missing Dad's dead I don't know what the time line is, but this is within the last few months. Got Time for it. So I mean, there's not a lot of empathy between people who ultimately are in this thing together that are kind of like a non traditional family but are unified under being black people in the fifties in Chicago. His name was Thomas. And it was Montross. Virtually. Secret Boyfriend. I. Love. Yes. Very I love and he always had that memory of administered. In. Him In atticus are having in my pay. What is probably one of the best father-son scenes they had ever in the show as probably one of the best scenes in the show yes. Is Virtually Machos laying it all out all and virtually saying if you can thank you can stop his friend and his tragedy from happening. That you know he come clean with his life like he felt like this was his this was a secret. and. He virtually it what we get from. It was the fact that he was hiding the fact he was from who he was to advocates because he didn't want advocates feel the same pain he felt if advocates was was actual and he was trying to see any signs of that, which is a very fucked up way of doing this but A. But see his point it's it's two sides of the coin. And we eventually see the death of Thomas. No? No. No. No whole. There's a lot more to break down in that sequence. I'll let you do it. I can't do it. I can't give. Their. I mean I. The homosexual thing was there I think that I think there's a piece of it there because he's he's dealing with that being his experiencing what he knows. But you know he was making the point how important it was I think he was making a point of how important it was. For him to have a kid because that's what men do men here. It's men have sons all of this and you know like you might be Georgia's kid I. Don't know we had like a unique love is that what he mentioned? Yeah it was a special aw on between him. or An. George and you know it was he is like he wishes like they are vehemently making the point is like you're my son he kept saying that and. You know really good acting on both their parts in sequence in this absolutely and. We finally an want to delve. Further into because I mean I think it is definitely one of the remarkable scenes in this show. Specifically in his episode So, we finally hear the continuation of Montrose, is one of stories. Saying previously, we don't get mantras full stories ever. Part of it, and maybe that's another thing right? No one listens to anybody that's super young and we all listen anybody to super bowl. Comparatively and Machos basically regaling tick what's going to happen if east if I don't stop this, he's going to be killed. He's going to be shot. He just shot right in the head and it's right there. So. He was like, yeah. But you know this guy that came over there and he saved us and he had a back. And he's like I Gotcha, kid. And some of the UCLA bad on the ground, the bat that was one of those occurring, and there was the one that Montrose was carrying earlier. Is Joy is. Greg H bat because there's that color and. He picks you up literally and so we had this group of white guys. They roll up on a pickup truck. You know it's it's doubles night. The massacres everything is happening. So we also had to put a few things. Why the stream was mentioned amid the sequences mentioned a few times. Yes. Episode wine it was. With Jackie Robinson knocked. But the bet, yeah, that's why I was getting at. Excellent. And then we have to remember would machos brought up. The dream that he always had about somebody saying I, Gotcha Kit. Sounded like tick when episode, you know episode happened I Gotcha Kit and it always sounded like tick in I. Thought they kind of try to secretly code that you're poorly because. The Dakota his voice a little better because that was my first incident like the tickle back in the future. I. Mean Go back in the past and do something and we find out he went full-timer Nater. No essentially, we're in a timely because. We fucked up something. And he goes picks the bat and we see the terrible terrible terrible death of Thomas I mean get shot in the face shit goes everywhere is fucking foul George door comes to the rescue but they're only on beds and they have weapons not. There was only GonNa see thank God there was only one guy just a just a one gun and tickets hitting home runs. What's skulls? Even the white bit says she's getting it unlike Yay and unlike thumbs. You wanted the here a moment that you wanted and it took his back to nineteen, twenty one and bats. So I think a they head back. Pretty much will happen. It may have. Let's go to lead ahead and what's the name of the place the place a call to Stratford Hotel. Yes. Who In you know? John. Stratford was. The first bike on he was the richest person in that area. Yes. They went past the dreamland well, no letting passengers. So. Okay. So we are we're only missing one key point before I go into letty spending, and that is heavily does losing control. Yes, she's losing control and I'm laughing old. please. Doug. Laughing a lot. But something something special habits for her. Then I'm going to laugh a lot more that too. Okay. So. Be Remembering Holy Shit. So. Slow. Letty is going to the house and this is around Tom where the massacre begets. Yes she's in route to she's like the block. And let about to get shot and plotkin happens. So, so so hold on homeless they'd say that low differently. So how so? dudes roll up in the pickup truck with the blinking tunes. Okay. And they like, yeah girl where you going something like that, which you never respond to white people lead them hard stop and. Then they start shooting at her right and that's when she just like using that track speed win those shoes come into full convenience by the way. Yes, do. Some nice kicks though w sort. Anywhere So The. Just sneakers like this chat so she bumps into Tan. And While shotgun he does. Get. Along you more I'll shoot you. An doors shooting at them to endorse their Komo now over here you don't. WanNa he sounds like Ben Carson. He did. You. Know I. got a very weird. Herman. CAIN. By from him he had the Stefan Marberry part. He's one of the point at tells. Either black people they were better black people than the the freemen's or whatever. 'cause you can see how your neighbors because. One I want to stay Stanford, the other what y'all want to nowhere. So one is Stefan Marberry. Vernon is latrell sprewell. Yes. Yes. Okay. So before So lettings in the house conveniently she got there nothing crazy happened. The trying to find ways to escape. and. So one of the things that's that's mentioned because they say it earlier say it in a episodes that the house where the pages are at that house burns down everyone is in it burns down. And Virtually I guess we could just for this part and no, just keep just keep going just going okay virtually Book. She bumps to Miss Haiti Hattie. Hattie probably had a had. Who looks like evil she talking evil. So I, I thought that was Hannah. And I was like that can't be Hanukkah. Far Back. So everyone at this point, she's a stranger everyone at this point is looking at their battlezones, right? You know like. doors dad is like Yo you hear Mama you here to you around back see what's good. Overton is he was good. It's like you Latisha because she says a four nations go by letter she's. And he's like, do you have any family or anything and she's like, no stay here he gives her a Bloomington. grandma Hattie sees that you know. That she's snooping she's is honestly say she's rambling. And she's bought the shoes. Does. Water those in nineteen twenty one basically I never seen shits before. Who? She She's like Africa Future. If that's not a pair a commercial for sneakers, I've never seen one it should be os just putting together to shoot. Like that I wanna fly like an Eagle Song in the background as he's running and so. What does she say? Are you fast speeding bullet? Only, my pro kids the Lettie addition. Just doing. Right right. bursary Larry spills the beans of W in front of futures. So she's technically to one I got. Yo she she can. She convinces her what's what's she gives sort of details or what have you told what's up and? Then it Kinda. Gets into some biblical talk about happy which you know. Effective for me but. was also one important thing is the fact that she says you all going to die here she doesn't tell her but you. Miss Haiti nose gets it. She gets it and she basically gives them the book as the is burning down as we hear a beautiful poem from. Mayo Sanchez catch the fire yes. Just go. And she's dying as the Santa Prior. I had a feeling like to say. I had a feeling. I can tell you why as the house burns down. That was it, and now we go back to tech in modules. Let's not leave that scene. Okay. Let's in the scene for a little bit. Okay. So We're on time restriction? No, no no, it's fine. It's. Fine. So in the scene the effects are fine. The fire effects are always dicey, but the effects are fine. And we we see painstaking painful detail of Miss Hattie like burning alive while praying with leading. and. I. Think. Most of that is effective and I don't like instances where you're going to be a little more. You're going to be a little bit more relaxed with things. I think than I am it's like canonical speaking or the university you set up beetroot to the university set up every heard anything about this book. Other than other than is important. No No. So Lettie hasn't vulnerability. The book does not she's holding it while the place is burning down. The whole goal was to get the book out of the House. Well. She's holding a book. One of the book doesn't get affected because she's old man that is loose. I can't. I can't allow that and this is why in the previous episode and I'm sure someone will correct me and say, well, hers is different. When we had a Christina had the should be out of her was her closed damaged. Yes they were. That's that's that's the kind of the issue I have. It's like the purpose of what you're doing is to get thing for. So as not burnt up, then we have this dramatic scene which drama in storytelling why it's fine. But again, it's kind of like is nit picky. But your purpose for being in there is to stop this book from being burned up. And I is like, does she have the the the glow? The Bruce Roy glow that anything touch. Let me she should hold on the tech. She she just hugged take when he's GonNa get killed basically. Yeah. So we did learn a one thing and that is that advocates does not the birthmark up advocates is not the marketing. I thought it was an episode seven. We thought wasn't because. Ms. Hey Miss Hattie has it and she dies. She's Is the mark of Let's get it or whatever yeah. It's the mark of that fire. Players. Stop It. Stop. So. Atticus atticus goes back because she he sees her suffering wrong wish. The portal back at the place they're they're back at the Stratford and advocates an Montrose deportable is turning to television static. Is Not going well and advocates jumps through it and it's like Oh something's fucked up. And Valetta cannot control it. A. hippolyte is going through some things like she's like flying in the air. Look all she's on four ultimate warrior right? She struggling she her mouth has the she has the same fluid or her mouth that he had been the alien movies the the thing that the Andrews. Her hair's blue. She has white foam she. Is a white and then our hair turns blue like Arabia blues because that's ultimately who she's starting in two. I laughed out loud when she levitated. I, was like I am fucking go to pause and believe it for five minutes I came back and I was like a Finnish Back to Montrose. So. trolls. Is. Virtually reliving bachelors is giving up eulogies for everybody yes. It has the vibe that he's like fine with dine in his doting almost. Yeah which is really fucking sad it is. So. One of the names the stake in that he mentioned was AC Jackson. The I believe. So and that was one of the first April Neil surgeons. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So he was virtually giving credence to everybody else still there ask fucking Larry as fucking walking and my girl what the fuck are you doing? Get your asked to the hotel I. Get that. You know you're vulnerable you know nothing can hurt you but God, Dave. Do you want to be stuck in the nineteen twenties? So Real. Quick. What you said is absolutely right. Let's let's go back. Real quick. So yeah, all of this is happening I'm thinking something's going to happen. You see a plane come in everything is going to get bombed shit while and then everything is burning and you're right A. Thing where again the execution is weird. It's like you've already established that letty is a track athlete. Yeah now granted, you don't WanNa be running through fire I get that but a little expeditious move a little more expeditiously please. Or what have you in? Our recent. How feel about the book you want it not to be burned up because you're Bayer purposely for this book not to be burnt up you're walking with your kids on to get back to the hotel you know who she he altered on without knowing. Atticus hippolyte. She's holding thing together. I'll be there tonic. Ritchie. He'll turn on D. two. Yes Bills only the next scene. Just. Jump to the portal I was like. All right. Cool. It was just like already back and. Craft machines and then we we have. hippolyte she drops Jessica out of exhaustion blue hair exhaustion out of Marge Simpson exhaustion, and she asked that we get it and. We fucking. Got It in in letting was like we burnt it. No kidding. David watchers. GotTa be who I am. TUSLA fucking wild he's. Resonates even more. Now. Now I'll say this. I. I don't. Episodes have been very traumatic things for black people just see dramatized and all of that. I really feel that way and I think mostly they they did a really good job with it because it's not an easy thing to do. They showed the massacre and I think within the first ten minutes I think once no ninety minutes once they got there and I was like nodding on massacre I was like I. Don't see this I- nfl kind of like sad and nervous and all of this shit because shit like that I don't WanNa relive but that shows effective effective dramatization of things on the other side of it. Some of the choices that they make of. Just their own I. WanNa get this in here I wanNA work this in. It makes certain elements at a show suffer because it throws off the universe that you create it and you know looking at the comparative thing of some of the changes that they've made within the show like a lot of stuff between the show in the book and I get it. They have that thing that this is not the bug but. Okay cool. There the changes that they decide to make, they're trying to serve many audiences. OUGHTA Montrose. This shit is not in a book everything that happens in house not in a book. And it's fine. But when you do these things, they can lead you to would you've been describing bad Kind of run out. Of Time. So. When you put these things in there to try to spice up and pumps something up, it's less of what it, what the source material is. And more of what you want to get in there, and I'm not against all the time in there. Some ways that you know to Montrose not really being this character in the book. Timon tick have had one of the most effective scenes in a show. Time it was a great idea. Yeah. That was a great payoff. We got the scene. So that's what that. Saying, well, we got that hero see. No, have you but we had he alters I don't WanNa. He'll turn from Ruby but I don't think it's a full here turn Snyder. I don't think Ruby's turning here. I think ruby is. Ruby smarter than what she's pulling off. Right now, an update where we get the episode ten we'll see. Well speaking of which, what are you looking forward in episode? Well. Actually. I'm. and. I want to be the first to say, I love the series I. Think this was a great. First seizing. Slash. mini-series. Berry. They do for season two, I hope they go with the idea that you know someone wink wink nudge nudge propose hope they pay us and hopefully put me in an episode. Let me right one of the episodes and not be happy it's like Yeah Fat Rob is here and it's like, yeah, man I'm playing the troll Mike Yeah Malas fucking her bag day ask. Right one up since can your hits? Allen right y under bar romance episodes but I WANNA say episode now was great in. It was my favorite episode next episode six, thousand, seven I know I know to me there was a lot that I liked a now put it that way because a lot of payoff happens. I think that the payoff that did happen. was important in a now now, at the mini gritty, we're now at the point where it's tickets to go to Christina. And he had to go willingly, which was one of the stipulations being involved. No, one else can come. Now we find out that he has the book secrets now he'll. He'll how to cast a spell. So now we're seeing that this isn't to be each as quote unquote willingly like they have playing to do something now. Yeah. Now that's one thing I'm looking forward to I'm looking forward to Jia. She's GonNa do something she had asked to do. So I feel like you wasted a character just because and I know Mr Green mentioned it earlier when she talked about the far Well, not just her but. What's the characters name yeah. and. They asked her about your Hema and said Yeah we missed opportunity. What that. Basically openly admitted it and I was like that's good for you to admit it but you can't do the same thing to your Hema to jeer because we gave our full episodes dedicates are she can't just meet a character says I don't know and she just can't come in and say, I know now now have something he and that's the thing like this character is not in the book this stuff that happens a career not in a book. So yeah, it's a flashback that's apparently For that to be because she shares, that's a way to take storing if anything. And it is an but she's on a poster. So is very much a her episode to and you're right. It's a disservice if you don't have some version a payoff in there with her. Yeah That's that's that's your own with that one. Yeah. Did. You have anything else I'm sorry. Not as I know both of us have different opinions, I, episode nine somewhat. An we both agreed. It's a find episode. I. Know You had some issues with episode. Loved the episode. Monday. Can say my piece on it then. As as a whole. time travel I people, Tom Travel actually enjoy time travel if you stick to the rules of time travel. So, they were effective in doing that they stuck to the role, the time travel and don't fuck shit up and they didn't. So you got thumbs up for me. There that works for me would also worked was to take in abacus thing that worked funded I mean the take a mantra. All right. the Montross kind of continue arc works because it's like I think he's been moving two steps forward instead of two steps forward three steps back which he's done in previous episodes and that's what would he really been my criticism holiday characterized advocates that it's like, Hey, can we get an idea of who this person is other than just finally because he's just as dead and we already have that character. I. Saw I I I like the way that everybody looks like villain hench woman in some ways. Was the -pected. and. Head I. my one of my favorite scenes was just. Christina's William going in A. was just like you go to work in your team got. Are Your boys team and he's like. That's that energy was and. Just seeing these fuckers actively use black bodies to try to keep this white person in a very get outsold away live. What I think was not effective in I the episode, a B plus plus plus not quite an a, but it'd be plus one of my favorite episodes into season. an my favorite was probably I think the Santa episodes were probably six three. can I I'd like to elements. Of Episode Eight I think they did a little bit of a disservice there quite. got. My wrinkle be. Nine, well, no, six, nine, three, one, seven. Back to what I was saying. So. Yeah I mean there are things in there that that worked in eight. Five. Episode Series Sameer. Often for bad. Four was fine CNN Jones episode I'll give it some credence the ending of stupid and it was very servant. But I won't Besmirch it for that because. It was too many of those types of things in five it was like. Pretty much everything from the end before through five. Dog. Shit, and We'd left Nisus shows you the fuck array of it we left. To go into episode six, which was in the past. So when we come back to episode seven, we're like, where what are we doin', again, which is to my point about how things were kind of told out of order a little bit. Yeah. I don't know how you could tell it to get that tick thing and but it seemed a little haphazard in that way. And I. Think it took some of momentum away from seven because you know we saw hippolyte of going there, and then she goes just to come back that doesn't make it doesn't help. Isn't help what you're trying to tell their. In his literally going back just to drop her kid off. The probably better episode five yet you swap episode five but six, I probably have a better story. Because I know the name of episode. Cut The content in episode five, the name of it is in the book. Dr Jekyll and Hyde Park. That's a fire name. Nashville strange case this much better name that's Moy. Better Day yeah. It's like you know don't don't hire your friends feel not not if you don't hire your friends because in that. Hire some of your friends mostly. because. Then you just have kind of a good idea. I, don't know. But. Yeah. This this show is deserves a second season. It shows really fire and I'm looking forward to what happens in episode ten we we need and I'm looking for what happens episode ambience that's how optimistic I am about the show. I want there I think he could do a westworld kind of move. Where Westworld had the movie? It any had westworld in the sense of you have something subject matter. Then you extend from there as the basis. Now. Remember cyber. I don't WanNA multi-diverse. Idea, I don't want the multi-diverse. Because then it's just it's GonNa. Be overused I. Think. Asha. But, yeah, the time travel thing worked it had for a person that doesn't feel because some people were saying I slept in tears last night seeing this I was like it was a thousand times worse than what we saw. And I get it and its effective in that way, and I felt it was very effective. And Yeah looking for topsy and Bosnian episode ten. That'd be amazed. We're here for the fight. What are these marionettes? His body just like all turning the paper. Michelle he's looking. Like. The advocates majeure a simple. Stop fucking stop it. This is terrible. He does. A comes to. Breathes. Inhales in it comes to him. So confide this, he's worthy. Take a deep breath atticus. Go. Swimming. Find US on MTR podcast. MTR The network MTO podcasts all your form for podcasts. Out there. So you have a on Youtube. We're on apple spotify all under that name, and you can check us out on into network dot? com. Sort, of moment he's leaves the majority trump's yes. He wasn't worthy when he sneeze. Into Feet Thor Adore with pepper. Instagram at Great. Agreed on. Dave is gone. You can find me instagram or unofficially underscore lack undiscovered EB T.. R. I feel like you should have a stan account called instagram. After about that about it is a free one for you. That's a free one. Yeah, you find me Lordly MTR on the tweets and on the ground and MTR podcast as I said before, and we are looking forward to episode of check us out disrupted this channel look for more videos like this us to chuckle heads talking about shit. What do you think about the episode? Let us know the comments below and Yeah inject.

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