A Military Distraction? Us Hands Ukraine $125 Million In Weapons


Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty report with me today. Is Daniel mcadam our co host annual to see you? How are you this morning? Dr Paul Good. We're going to revisit a little thing. That went on here for months. After months and his military to Ukraine state would have settled all that and the Russia. Gay things behind it. I'm not so sure that we're getting involved in Russia gate again but their stuff in the news about Ukraine and getting more military aid. But before we go into that I might just Mentioned that This subject might not be as interesting to some of the viewers are two general. Public viewers are always interesting but in general public. You know viruses. That's the whole thing you know. Who's telling the truth about how dangerous this is? That's a big deal and also the stock market and the combination and the challenge between A lot of Austrian economists might matter of fact if you're an Austrian. Economists said the bubbles been there for a long time the boat will burst. And now they're saying well. The virus did virus. Did it which gets some people off the hook The Fed gets the Fed. Gets OFF THE HOOK? The president may off the hook for all the spending and things going on there Nine now we have this little bit of distraction but you know when I saw the announcement that they were getting ready to send more weaponry to Ukraine. My my thought was We'll you know when things get tough at home. I think Clinton had had a few episodes where tough with mom on Mojo Lewinsky. They said they had a bawling right. I don't think hopefully trump's better than that but you keep thinking Sometimes things are beyond his control of other people will stir up trouble. Are they trying to stir up trouble for distraction and this sort of thing Maybe but I don't think the big deal. I think this is sort of the usual stuff the usual process of foreign aid. And just think of all that all that Russia gate was over a process of how you give foreign aid in within a quid pro quo. Is there an advantage to? Is it politicized like no? It's not politicize but here here. We go again and they don't talk about. What are we giving all this money away for it when we look at this and I'm sure you'll be able to help us understand is if the congress lined up to two hundred and fifty million dollar has nothing to do with the security of this country has to do with your neighbors they used to have your Washington whose military industrial complex people because the money just goes over their bank bank account and they get rid of surprise some junk. They didn't want and they get some credit so so anyway. That's still around the pro- the problem foreign aid is going to last for a long time But nobody knows what will come. And I know the the other problems are gonNA exist for awhile because Corona viruses and going to go away overnight. Maybe the truth will come out some day on how how how threatening it is and how serious it is as well as You know the financial bubble burge staying in the stock market. That is going to be tougher because people aren't conditioned to understanding the business cycle so we have a long way to go there to explain to the People. Exactly why a certain group of people in this country certain types of economists knew about it new job as the bubble was building in new it would burst and quite frankly. I don't think it had anything to do. With Corona virus. It may have been lighting the fire or something but Bubba will people should ask. Why was there a bubble and and what was was it related to or does the concern over Corona Virus. Create the bubble. No the bubble has been there and it was looking for an excuse to collapse. And I think that's GonNa be around for a while but the full explanation and understanding. Unfortunately we have a way to go before the people understand that or you know who else is looking for an excuse. It's always the masters of the universe you know. I'm sure you saw this article linked on the top of drudge report. Imf chief economist urges targeted policies to stem the economic harm of the corona viruses. They love the concentrate power. When there's a crisis like this and this Chief Economist Gita goping off says that we need to have more cash. Transfers wage subsidies central banks should be prepared to provide liquidity. Do we know. Isn't that what the feds been doing for a long time ever since nineteen thirteen in some way? Now that's a that's a mass up for sure. But this one hundred twenty five million dollars worth of a weaponry going to Ukraine and it has to do with with some radar and has also do with with vessels that travel in shallow water and it could be and very well involve Russia matter of fact it does because you Ukrainians split half of them like Russia half of them hate Russia but there's a sea of as of that is nearby there and there's been a bit of a skirmish over there but these vessels specifically would deal with the Sea of Azov because that's where the conflict with Russia occurred and I think that's related and actually we have a map that we can even bring up to to show what we're talking about. But here's the Kerch Strait and that's actually where the incident occurred in November. Two Thousand Eighteen Ukraine sent two gunboats and and a tugboat kind of a provocation. It was just a few months. After the Russians completed the bridge over the strait which connected Crimea with mainland Russia as we remember Crimea was savagely stripped from Ukraine by the evil Putin after the US coup. But but more seriously so there was this incident the the the Russians did stop the Ukrainians from going under there poorer. Shampoo was president at the time. Used the incident to impose martial law for thirty days. But what a lot of people speculated this was at the end of November they are elections in March of Twenty Nineteen Poro Shaneco was incredibly unpopular. And so the speculation that he wants to make himself look bigger than he was by imposing martial law and looking like he was gonNA take the big question is now the transfer of these mark six patrol boats over to Ukraine as part of this one hundred twenty five million dollars in free money What kind of changing the Calculus might that have? you know if there's another event. Mit Embolden Ukrainians to do another provocation. But I think we can say with conviction. That had what we're doing there. Now there's two hundred and fifty million dollars. We're committed to add to what we've already given. Ukraine has nothing to do with our national security and I see Ukraine. Become very dependent. I guess they get foreign aid from other people to that. But he's a ninety percent of their foreign aid which is probably a big hunk of their economy. comes from the United States for the United States. Who's that is that the Federal Reserve now? Eventually it's always from the people you know they take the money. And and this is why the social ser- so absurd in not understanding the S. Because no matter what is what it is for free not ever realizing that when you take it from people whether it's direct taxation or whether it's through deficit financing or purnea money is it's a challenge to the middle class and they're right when they're complaining about the middle class but they're wrong in finding out. What the explanation is so? This type of activity doesn't provide national security. It doesn't have helped the financial security of the people in it really doesn't Provide a move toward peace and prosperity. I would think if the Russians in the Ukrainians would have to sort that out and might not satisfy around the world but But that's the way they fought over that place. How how long was You know the Russians and the Ukrainians during that Crimea has been more Russian has been Ukraine has zero the history. That is the big question. How does this money this one hundred twenty five million two hundred and fifty million? How does this make us safer? How does this help us? What does it do with us? Except for the elites and let's don't forget Joe Biden standing up there saying hey I got a billion dollars here poorer Shaneco but you gotta fire that. Guy Who is investigating my son or you. Don't get this dollars. I mean you think Americans when they were watching him give away our billion dollars. Oh that's great. We're so happy we're going to be so much safer now see. I don't think we'll be able to ever know the absolute truth the motivations of trump and everybody else on this but they should understand that this type of activity passing out tax payers money and picking size is always political and one of the conditions at trump mentioned. Of course that was part of his defense. Is that the law. Says you don't send the money if there's corruption I keep thinking that trump probably if he had been more upfront. Say you know there is corruption? Aaron I'M NOT GONNA give it to him but you know he's he doesn't back down very much but on this when he backed down and they quickly sent the money because the heat was on and the impeachment process was occurring but it It's a real shame. But the the problem and the argument whether it's legitimate or political or quid. Pro Quo is secondary to this principle. We just talked about and the principle of stealing from the American people in passing out to Benefit the military industrial complex and the deep state. Where THE REAL PROBLEM? And we should again mention this. This whole thing goes back really essentially too late twenty thirteen early twenty fourteen one. The Obama Administration got the bright idea. Hey let's do a coup in Ukraine. What could go wrong? You know and but here you talk about corruption. Here's an example of corruption it would have given all the justification trump needed to withhold. The money remember back in September of Twenty nineteen the. Us sent a couple of old coast guard cutters to Ukraine In that was hailed as signed support after this provocation encourage but the plans to send those coast guard ships to Ukraine. That wasn't trump's idea that was launched in two thousand fourteen under Obama to give him these ships and this was trump again just continuing vomits policy plus a why would it take him for years to get these ships well. One of the reasons is that Ukraine had its own shipbuilding company and they didn't want free American ships because they wanted a contract to build those ships. Well it was the only ship company in Ukraine. And Guess who owned it for a Shaneco? The president himself own the only ship bill. I don't want your free. Ships built an American tradition. Exactly so you know in a big backer of this ship. Transfer by the way was a former. Us Ambassador to Ukraine. Marie Ianovich who made an appearance at the impeachment hearings? Saying trump went against the interagency from point against the interagency. Corruption is spread widely. I think on this deal Dame Bay ever reminder about the executive branch of government overall you know these things can always go back to the type of foreign policy. We have you immediately. Were able to take this and Lincoln back to to Obama just like Syria Time for to go so it's it's a linkage as a continuation of is a foreign policy that I claim has been bipartisan. For a long time because they capitulate to the deep state that have a lot of special interests and It never seemed to change demagoguing and they'll try to get a political Benefit from it and when the dust settles the same. Same Old stuff that they we've been putting up with for a long time. You know I think. In the beginning we sort of talked about the problems financially going on now and also this incident and I think we you know one of these days and I've said this many times one of these days we're just going to run out of money and maybe we've reaching that point right now. The only thing that anybody wants is a ten year treasury bill and now it's like points seven percent paying its negative interest rates and. They're so many dollars they're just finding. What do we do with You can't find a box to put man. You don't have bills. You don't buy stocks anymore. We pumped up the stock market crash. So right now it's government securities and We think the government is insecure. I mean we have deficits of what twenty two trillion dollars. And what do we do? Print more money and run up the deficit higher. Spend more money and that will solve the problem and and just not like what you pointed out. The the international bodies are doing this to all governments. I think are central. Banks work hand in glove with other central banks. But we're just more powerful and And we're able to get away with a lot longer but the dollar has remained relatively strong. Except it's been weaker than it had been for a long time. It has has weakens so that's a sign of of things breaking down and we the fireworks haven't finished yet and I hope we don't have fireworks as a distraction because once once the troops are being fired on and troops are are are killed there. There's no there's no no chance to come up with a a a logical discourse people will just say Oh. You're you're an American if you're not ready to go to war is Russia Russia. Let's go get Russians. You know that sort of thing when you talk about fireworks and makes you wonder whether there might be just some small precipitating event that leads the whole house of cards to form we before we went on air. We were both talking about Tom. Longo had a good piece on on Lou Rockwell dot com or he talked about the implications of Russia's saying no in this context. It was saying no over trying to artificially prop up the oil price house. You know with the Saudis with OPEC but also with the US and Tom makes a good point that the Russians are able to extract oil for about twenty bucks a barrel. The Americans can't do it for anywhere near that. So depressed oil going down from the seventies now to the forties and who knows what what the bottom is on that by the Russians not agreeing to artificially prop it up. This may be the precipitating event. Who knows you know? I always argued and I was always challenged by too because As much as I like technology and I think it's good that we know how to do fracking. There should be consideration for the environment. And all these things but I always believe this was excessive because there is financing you know unlimited finances at lower than market rate and people went and invested in this. And you make the port perfect point because if it's a world market which it should be that the Russians if if we could treat people decently and get along these trade I mean the Russian would sell US oil. I mean they were anxious after you know. After the Soviet system disappeared they wanted to do so That's where the oil should be coming from. And all of a sudden fracking is losing. Its shirt right now. Going down sharply and we can't compete with it and and Putin's now is looks like he's getting more economic power and authority over the oil industry anyway and they have no debt and tons and tons of gold so anyway. If we're ready to close I'll just start with my weekly reminder and we'll we'll do some announcements of speakers in the course of the week but just to get your tickets. For the Ron Paul Institute May Conference in Houston. Lots to talk about. The focus is going to be on the war on speech. But we'll touch on things like social media. What should we do about the big social media companies in bed with governments So there will be plenty of talk about plenty of guests Ron Paul Institute Dot Org Slash Conference more info and tickets barry good. Hopefully we have a good turn out like we always do it so far. Good so far it'd be a good and interesting Meeting that will have but I do want to thank all our viewers for once again Tuning in we are doing well. Our numbers are growing. We're having more subscribers than before and we always feel subtlety threatened by the individuals. Cutting US off and get I think the Internet is too big to be destroyed and we make good use of it but there will also be limitations in the as long as we're able to get this program down and get it out to we're going to do it and I think that that will last even though there might be some spots that will be rough and tumble but you know When the international politicians get involved in the Cultural Marxists involved in defining and enforcing the First Amendment? You know we can be in trouble. It's it's it can be pretty pretty horrible but I think Today on our little review of what's going over Going on in Ukraine is important because it is a distraction it represents a just another example and a typical example of how we run our foreign policy. Never helping the American people hurting the American people we pay for. We'd lose our civil liberties because we're involved in just think of what's happened. In this century it's been downhill for the Protection of Liberty. And that is the reason we have to keep talking about the First Amendment of freedom to express ourselves also foreign policy which keeps us out of trouble and mischief and emphasize more. You know Trading with people that hasn't been done so well this last several years it's Always threats and intimidation and who who knows who knows what but I think that That it's available to us and maybe out of necessity It will change and what we WANNA do is work on the change for the better not for the change to make it worse and just say hey you know. Things are terrible. What we need is a dictator. That will give everybody whatever they want. Because it's free stuff. I mean that has to be canceled out that thought. Because there's too many people buy into this so anyway. I want to really thank you for the support you have given us. We appreciate that very much and please return to liberty reports soon.

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