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Better Rivals Ep. 299: The silence of the Rams


Any Ninja Warrior Fan. Hey everyone oster here on this week's show we've got seth Galena a football coach and freelance writer for USA football and espy nation want to know more about what your favorite Ninjas have on their minds check out the American Ninja Warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for so let's go there's offense is equipped to win a game when they do not have a positive game script and then we bring Denton Day on the show he is the host of the pig pen podcast on hogs even and he is going to be here to preview the game against the Washington redskins and talk about whether or not this is a trap game for the niners or whether they should coast to an easy win long words as I sit in a recording room with a signed Steve Young Jersey behind me we're gonNA have some words set thanks for coming on the show for those that don't know you is Oscar and this week it is the fifth consecutive win Wednesday in a row Jalen Ramsey is officially a loss Angeles Ram Welcome to this week's addition of the niners nation dot com better rivals podcast and with me this week to tell us exactly why Sam L. Linger is a better quarterback Joe Borough itself Galina Okay I'm GonNa hang up right now actually because devers got a new Oh see all that stuff and he's just playing I mean he's pasted the have the best quarterback season 'cause history so I don't know I I went to ut so I'm a Texas fan man I did not think the job was gonna be that good this year he's good he's good at the football and he's playing out of his mind this year her and just like watching football man and you've definitely been pushing that Joe Borough narrative I saw him live in Texas Lsu game and of course boroughs the best quarterback to ever have lived actually not just in college football right now is the best quarterback to ever live on the niners podcast than's fighting words them some appeared cold white north of much shock beck and I- Marauder for a bunch of different websites okay and you know all he did was so phased receivers last year then he mystery and this and that and whatever and you know I know he worked on a bunch of stuff court my my my my theory that's probably can be easily debunked it's really like a galaxy brand theory but it's just that quarterback certainly quarterbacks coach you're a twitter savant you are all the wonderful things on twitter tell folks what you do yeah like you said quarterback coach I'm a freelance writer and just reading football scheme mostly and I try and put some quarterback threads on the breeds and stuff on on twitter was closed at times but it never really felt out of hand it was one hell of a win for the forty niners I goff is not like this will and the defensive end and because the rams ruined eleven personnel all of a sudden you've got a defensive back on that back side be gap and it was just easy money early edible quarterback but to make any quarterback looked like they did any professional quarterback look like they did I mean really outstanding job by the defense I'm getting after back here in a second because I did want to ask you about one Jimmy Garoppolo but let's talk about the Niner's game because the niners came to Los Angeles and basically made it a home game and I'm Lsu Fan so hoping hoping it continues through Through the Alabama game I guess while we're going to get to talk about get to the quarterback and they did and they've been doing it the whole year now of course the opening drive wasn't super great for the forty niners talk about that a little bit because there was a bit of news made after the game it's asking for that cutback and with the niners wide nine alignment oftentimes you get a really really big bubble on the backside on the weak side really between the nose course they add some creative creative run calls as well in there and ultimately they scored but that was one hell of an opening drive by Sean mcvay and I thought opening game script I was like Oh God this is him tight coverage I mean it's everything you know there's this on a special kill it's just everything you gotta do to play good defense be physical receivers needed the rams twenty two seven the niners defense held the rams to forty eight net yards passing the zero completions more than fifteen yards this game I had to delete all of my preseason Jonesboro takes because it's just like well you know better than they are who they are and you can refine scenarios but the you kind of know pretty early who can play who can't play well Joe Brocade you look at the first set of plays at Sean mcvay came out and did is pretty clear he had a plan and he had a plan to do a lot of start with what looked like strongest had runs but they were really almost for the rams consistently kind of going to the strong side at first but then the running back with just like all right there's a huge cutback lane there it's going to be super easy and they did it over and over and over again and on your on your backside and that was really was kind of a microcosm of what the rams due to you this that so much in my notes or what so much action so much deception and you thought on the first drive like people were this is a job a podcast but he you know he when he worked with Tom House I'm pretty sure Tom Houses in the San Francisco area you work with him they did a lot of stuff go up yeah and that you know they did exactly what they've been doing teams since Sean mcvay air and it's wide zone stretch the frontside make it look like the runningback going to stretch all the way to where the Oh the score a touchdown doesn't get better than that well that's exactly it that's the game plan that McVeigh very clearly had coming into the game it was like hey we just paid this quarterback a bunch of money and the cutback is the name of the game is the cutback right you're not really trying to get all the way to the sideline to the frontside has too far then there's too many bodies when the team said they kind of made an adjustment to that opening drive in and of course then they they held the team to I think something like two point two yards after that opening drive and you know kind of to the side of the runners going the Oland is going to stretch the frontside backside alignment are just GonNa pin and washed down on the backside and cutback because when you get the run action that you see on that opening drive they had a lot of sift motion they had a lot of time coming across the formation and really by that system but you know on that opening drive I think it took a lot of things that broke down for the niners it wasn't just Sean mcvay scheming but like you said always so the rams that's what they do and like you said there was so much action there was at sift block by the tight end there was all that fake Jet Orbit Jones just did not have a good game on the nose on that opening drive he was getting washed out consistently and leaving those wide gaps open on that back side lie you've gotta adjust your blocking scheme or you can mess up your blocking scheme and things begin to fall apart and that's exactly what the forty niners did with Solomon Thomas and deforest Buckner ESPEC- rams best shot and then the niners came back with an adjustment and adjusted some things that ultimately road to win the game over the course of the next several drives the action had linebackers going in opposite directions a really really pretty run that quick inside run to to Robert Woods that look like a wing tea run and there's an inside zone run that I post it on twitter where he just says literally probably four yards away from where he started and overall it was a lot of all right we took the it really screws with the blocking assignments for zone because for zone blocking basically are you covered or uncovered and that's going to determine what you do where you double team and on that on that first drive or they just kind of went down the field and in the touchdown you know you show the end around you sold orbit you show you so you don't give it and then you give it there and actually you know what will I'm sure we'll talk about how that was kind of the forty niners game plan on their offense was to get to the sideline with their runs is a digital Jones ninety three yes he is indeed okay 'cause that my I noticed ninety three getting watched yeah that's that's exactly that's exactly no because it teams have done it against the niners several but but ultimately what you do with your with your your lineman is you basically make them jump gaps or slant uh-huh ren like a toss crack type of play away from where there were slanting so now all of a sudden every and you had the linebackers going in opposite directions literally keys they were keying off of two different players and they went to different ways and it was really really pretty and and you're gonNA move up to the second level well if all of a sudden you think that someone's going to be in a particular gap and at the snap they jump to another gap now all of a sudden you've got to think on the hide them let's go ahead and not do the thing that quarterback should just throw the ball which I mean I understand right jared goff is he is a very much wins going one way and Dow Henderson is running to the sideline the other way and that was the one time that I saw them really kind of call assorted exchanging gaps that sorta really mess with the rams run game and ultimately it allowed them to get a couple of key stops Solomon Thomas played a phenomenal game I think well was kind of designed to be what the forty niners were doing work and go back to it after that it was it was a solid opening drive for the rams but the niners definitely adjusted and all throughout the rest of the game I mean it was basically defensive stops for everyone because and you get an eight yard touchdown so I mean really really a fantastic drive by by the forty niners. They don't let their bad quarterback through the football go down everything fell apart they were over fifteen converting third and fourth out opportunities on Sunday including O burr six in short yardage plays one two yards to go I mean that's remarkable oh for fifteen on third and fourth bounds especially with how good they were doing on first and second down it's really a testament to how and that's on the next drive mcvay comes out in a lot of two tight end sets and with two tight end sets now the forty niners can get their same linebacker Andrey Greenlaw and along the interior a lot of those runs for the Rams we're hitting that backside big APP on the cutback and so what the niners did is they actually put Psalm Thomas at the nose and forest out of this world it was acting that Gut passed down through the heavens this is how you beat zones and I don't know if you want ripple per pro football outsiders the rams had a success rate of sixty percent on first down fifty six percent on second down but once you get into third and fourth bounds and in a pass rush that like I said if you if you give a given an extra second it's getting home all the time and they also had some nice man sown runs and I think the surprising thing is how McVeigh didn't necessarily react to that and kind of try kept trying to do some of the same things and it just didn't work you and yet but the the adjustment and and you know you you pointed this out to me and then I saw it live and it and it's a great adjustment it's not like an what that was super interesting was that immediately up that opening drive which eleven personnel really forced people like Caitlin Williams to play that back side big APP all of a sudden three technique and and they alternate it a little bit but they basically had them jump gaps and move into either that backside be gap or somewhere else and when they started getting penetration gotta you know he he played well and he was an extra bigger body in that run game and the rams kept trying to run now against bigger personnel in the box it just seems surprising that they had so much bad situations in the pocket now obviously you know the forty Niners tee-off d Ford Nick Bosa an end the kind of stuff szeswith eleven personnel that they didn't stick with that which is kind of their their hallmark you know it's it's one of those kind of curious things maybe it was part of the game plan maybe he decided he needed to change it up mixing more of their coverages this year they haven't played as much man coverage as one would expect over the course of the year in the beginning of the year we did kind of on August she played a very very good game I think deforest buckner wants he settled down after that opening drive also had a good game but it was a good on the fly adjustment and it is was such a great defensive performance and I don't know if a useless thought about this but I think I have charted woods preview show and we were thinking that Joe Woods was going to bring anything to this team hopefully it was a bit more Mandy fence because last year the forty niners defense played a little better when they were in man and handsome Blitzer said they did really got home and you know look if you're a human being playing against that you're gonNA even if you're a professional quarterback you're gonNA get a little shelter glued this defense is playing as an entire unit you don't what should get goff into these situations man he just can't see the field right now and he's he's kind of putting himself in they were as good just sticking to receivers as I've seen from a team in a game this year I don't know I thought about that yeah I think that you're absolutely right they are they had just too many drop zones that just were not good and this year they're they're playing more split safeties and they are there are sticking to more zones but it's more yep ever I believe because he's he knows he he he can use his you know ah got about eat Covered snaps in some sort of quarters match zone two type situation about five times they played a kind of strict man-to-man on passing on passing situations maybe charting isn't always perfect but there was one play that I saw it was a big Daryl Henderson run Dr Henderson had like I think back to back runs one saying the he's widely now at this point in his career like China jump stuff he actually you almost gave up the touchdown when gough overthrew rush where the coverage is good enough that you need to get to your second read the get your third read Gos- does not stand a chance and it's and then a couple of more in kind of a regular cover too so yeah they're playing a ton of middle of the field open which is not what I expected to see fleets on the edges I didn't honestly their worst athlete corner currently is Richard Sherman like flat out it's not even a question yeah he's he's he's headquarter yeah I got the first one wise so that the niners are slapping to Interior D. Lineman and the up and it should look there was some place to be made down the field that he didn't take but I think at the end of the day this was really good coverage no diesel tackle and stunts to easterns for Bosa was looping around free into the into the gap Knicks Center it was it was stuff they've set the nickel variance to jump certain routes and stuff and I think your point about them using a lot more kind of middle of field open stuff is true I counted about eight you know and he has flashed and he has been okay as long as he's been healthy the problems always been his health and if he is able to stick it free safety which is Asian that was considered as most natural fit coming out of college and is the position that Jimmy Ward says that he likes to play if he's gotten hopefully all of his bone breaks out because he had three targets no receptions four tackles no missed tackles he's always been a very good tackler but he had a couple of forcing completions he got credit and he hasn't really stuck in a position I will say that this game for Jimmy Ward was probably is best game since two thousand sixteen and I would say it's one of his top five games ever of the way this year already between his collarbone in his finger that's going to be an interesting it's going to be a very positive development between that and a killer witherspoon that will really witherspoon and even Eamon Manual Moseley that's been really really positive for this team because it's not just the front that's been succeeding it's also the coverage helped drive the success of this defense because you're absolutely right a lot of them are the same players and a lot of the things have broken wealth for the forty niners and coverage is just the times and then ran the same stunt to the side with their sending the nickel and got free it was beautiful like I look I'm a quarterback guy blasted quarterback so the ball down the field with this the way you want me to say it but they started just slamming angle inside guys it's not an uncommon adjustment hasn't it's something that obviously cal Shannon must what I watch them but they're really good in it calms which is a coverage were both corners will make it look like they're going deep and then kind of come off we're GONNA lockdown receivers we're gonNA play pressman we don't care if they know we're GONNA play Pressman we're GONNA force a quarterback onto his second read and then again one of those things where the performance of corners is kind of it fluctuates year and luckily the niners of cotton a couple breaks here and with Jimmy warden and thirty six yards then you have to go all the way back twenty fifteen week thirteen against the bears six week fifteen against the bengals he had a sack and a pass break up but into yards only twenty three percent of his yards came through the air and it was pretty clear that even in the opening script they had screens on their second downplays your linebackers were laid in the reads because they're looking at all this stuff in the back do you know take one bats that this way and then all of a sudden the run cuts back right achy bones that we thought was going to bring as well and that I think has been most the change I think that they have the horses to play man though they really do they've got do you worry when Jimmy Garoppolo drops back and has to take more than two or three seconds to throw the ball and their offense just seem like really could and get on schedule and overall the defense played great I would say the offense is still very much trying to find its rhythm yeah but there's up at the two and then one of the most one of the weirdest decisions I've seen on the goal line throwing the pick the kind of tantalizing plays Garoppolo in the seem I think in the third quarter or fourth quarter to set to set the and like they did in this game going forward than the difference will just keep getting better and better and better because it's now you now you can't you can live in a world where is to kill him Brita they were giving help to the they started giving help the justice in school and it was kind of like okay I it just feels very very tightly in yard out route and it's like wow look this guy this guy is incredible and then he throws in the dirt on back shoulder yeah and I think that what I saw at them just man-to-man like I was saying 'cause you're right they're playing a bunch of different coverages so it's like you watch it and you're like Oh yeah okay I see this is a good read this is a great throw great accurate thrower throws the kittle on a nice little fire okay we're getting picked apart in zone we'll take you apart jared goff won't do it but Russell Wilson might and so to be able to say hey look nice little play by Shanahan they're running a wheel it's like a flood concept but they use a running back on a wheel out of the backfield to create the vertical aspect and try and bang any any quick out route and you saw Sherman do it a couple of times like the mix it up it's really good And like you said they were good last year that's kind of what you get from having a quarterback who is probably in the I know where you would put him but it looks like to me he's somewhere I've not be this top five top ten guy that we all kind of want him to be I guess Yes for me Jimmy I his ranking right now and well this wasn't their offense as best game there's still very much trying to hide their tackles and their offensive plans shows it they had averaged out the target for Jimmy Garoppolo's four I think the example for me about quarterback clustering is really Jameis Winston Right James Winston is gonNA similarly have those super high but he's going to have six interceptions in a game right he's GonNa have some really bonehead throws I don't know that that's easily plottable on like a one through thirty two ranking so you look at like how safe they are you look at whether it came in he looks good it looks good so it's really fun to watch I'm glad you're about Jimmy Ward because he's someone who's been much maligned on this podcast much maligned by me as well because dude can't stay healthy afaid that has no business not getting to the receivers hands and that's kind of like I love I love watching Jimmy Garoppolo terms of his mission thank you know without good the D. Line is it'll get home now the forty niners did win the game and it was very much on the defensive back but their offense has that's right you mentioned the interception on that that's mash concept where I think it was the right decision he should have thrown it to kill ghetto got held but he just if you're gonNA make that I don't think that he's part of the elite and I think that you know my ranking linear one two three four five right I think you can probably put quarterbacks in clusters based on what they do really good things that you like you call his accuracy is really there his processing quick decision making is mostly sound but this game he did have a couple of really boneheaded throw you've got to put it into the corner of the endzone we're only your dude can get it not in this really weird kind of no man's land where you're going to allow Marcus Peters to sink get depth and get the intersection in terms of Middle so close but I think in the NFL at the end of the day you gotta be able to play Matt coverage whenever you feel like it and if they can she'll playtime under his belt and I think that he does the things well that you want your quarterback to do and these are the growing pains of having you know impasse break up I mean you look at the other games that he's had where he's had a very very good game he had you know twenty sixteen yet a Saka pick and only allowed five receptions on nine targets I think Jimmy Garoppolo knows in his head he's got to backup tackles and if he waits for too long he's GonNa get smacked and I think he's made some really questionable calls over the course of the year not they've got some of that high end how risky they are all those things I think go into the equation of clustering the quarterbacks and for me Garoppolo is someone who has proven some actually playtime with Shannahan offense and I think that when you get both starting tackles you get more time in the system hopefully those things start to iron out what I hope you come on you know I've said this a lot over the past couple of years since I started watching Garoppolo when he got traded he has some the smoothest mechanics it started with just not seeing the sinking corner he seems to have a consistent problem with seeing that sinking corner but I think overall he's still only got like a season now what happened it's a lot of the same players they're just Jimmy Ward looks good and one hundred owner who is in zone turn looking inside and they're going to run an outbreaking route underneath them to the sideline they get it and he just said panics and all that stuff but I'm finding out something that I think people have known tried to hide it for a long time that he I and I sit the town of China figure out what covers team runs is like you'll kill yourself trying to do it and I'm I'm half dead just watching one game but putting tackles back this offense will eventually be able to afford Garoppolo the time he needs to push the ball downfield he is leading the league right now in time to throw in terms of hi this is a pretty big range but he's somewhere in the ten to eighteen ranked quarterback Garoppolo into the same with same with golf on the other side and what you get from those guys is shit like you said four point two Iriarte spur tempt is just not good it's really not good route so the two wide receivers on other ends the fuel running deep comebacks and they get the exact they want which is basically an off corner right off the whole year and he just doesn't WanNa stand there and Garoppolo the same way you know there's there's a good example of I don't know if it was off plaques or not but it was really just a two man listen no you only had two throws attempted to be on fifteen yards in the air and I do think that the edict Jimmy Garoppolo is probably get the ball out quick is GonNa look more like the bengals game where they're just not only holding teams to seven or fourteen points I think right now they're like second scoring defense allowing twelve point eight points a game or something like that look at some of the other throws he makes like oh well he can't do it if he wants to but like you said it's just it's almost like a mental thing with it it's one two three I gotta go all were needs to put it but I think you're right in the sense that he's not trying to wait in the pocket and it's like Gough Gough played with with offense because all of the Games thus far that they've won that have been even remotely close at any point in the game there have been positive game scripts you know it's been like the defense constructed right now with without their back tackles can can win a game with some optimal game script well you know it's like you said it's up to the play calling in the quarterback wanting to sit back there 'cause he's rooks like well I think I kind of almost take it the other way right which is that they are undefeated and they are definitely relying on the strength of their defense and eventually I think when he's got wanted to Seattle and call a bunch of screen passes and Alvin Kamara took all those screen passes for touchdowns so yeah you you could have a game like that break down the game against the Rams we talk about that opening drive the adjustments the niners made their absolute dominance on defense and whether or not the fortunate you know if you're going to call a bunch of underneath stuff quick enough screens than than than maybe you know like my favorite team him because he knows he's got sub optimal tackles so I do think that if they're if they're like this and they're this dangerous when their their offense is not clicking eventually they're going to play a complete game and throwing it down and it was like if you're GonNa do that then you're gonNa have a hard time moving the offense at the NFL uplift you're not going to try and oh I don't have the protection I need and it's too bad because I just as a family that has a fan of quarterbacks I just WanNa see him push the ball down the field more because I know he can do it a ball quickly with a minimum of one hundred drop axes the fastest in the NFL getting that ball out and I think it is because the fact that Shanahan is trying to hold on them they don't have to really do anything other than run the ball and the game hasn't had a hand gras doesn't have to throw in order to catch up do you think that they can win but they're also going to throw up thirty just on offense alone with no pick sixes and that's really gonNa see the dominance of this team before we stop the spotlight players I wanted to ask you a question about the Out there so you know the ball especially over the middle of the field I find that you know that kind of intermediate box the medical field he he puts the no over the next couple of weeks. Let's get in the shootout for some reason with Arizona because Arizona just a weird team and its Color Murray and why the hell not do you think that the niners offense a banged up online on Sunday and it's been it's been a pretty shoddy Dr there and you could see gop already doesn't move his feet that much of the pocket and and data gainst this stuff a pass rush it wasn't there so he kinda moves in the pocket and he's movies by any throws to kill on kind of a you know a fifty say that mcmullan's as much better than Jimmy Garoppolo all right you know get out right now I think he and say is that you know him and Nick mullins are going to be in the same kind of grouping because we're going to have some we're going to have some Joe Borough fights and now we're gonNA have nick mullins fights but I wouldn't bet on it going forward but like I said I see Garoppolo being able to do more but you have to live with I'm GonNa take a hit once in a while I think that's to me that's that's the thing because there's going to be open down the field there were always is in every NFL game as a pocket collapses and just wanted to take shots down the field so I think the offense could do that does definitely playmakers Bosa he can get around the edge bast and his his fumble of Jared Goff I mean he's just exploiting that tiny tiny hands that jared goff has back there in the they do they did a great job of passing off route especially off of the rams play action game in their crossers and stuff they were doing if we're just calling a bunch of screen passes quick game and stuff like that but I think I think Garoppolo has the tools necessary to go down the field more obviously the tight end the biggest one so he could do that but it's all about do they want to do that and it's died almost kelvinside by the tackle who's penetrating Nicholas coming screaming cross your face and then aide an absolute lights out game against the rams yet five total pressures two sacks forced fumble he is the end of the Yang of hundred and fifty minutes they played after halftime the season they have one hundred eighteen rushing attempts and thrown just fifty five passes in the second half there are definitely run heavy when you realize that drew brees is ninety seven years old we will be waiting with open arms safe for you to jump on the Niners Bandwagon I had a great job of that it was just a really well coached game and it's it was it was a pleasure to watch honestly overall it was a solid game now officially the niners are now considered among the elite if anyone had any questions before and the beatdown of the rams the silence of the Rams if you will is eight coverage snaps of cover four palms quarters I got five of men I got six of cover three I got to cover to like he was moving people around I love this stuff he was doing you could think out of the box that you think out of the box you went with Robert Sala and you said all right I'm not going to be combined your rules I like it hat when I was six years old so I'm ready to go you're in you're gonNa tell you need because they need to be and also because it benefits them let's get the spotlight players because mine is going to be on defense because this was defensive game it's going to be deferred he I'm going to be corny actually I'm GonNa say that the defensive coordinator size by favorites Oh man my highlight player just because I loved ad almost like they kind of don't want to like the saints too with Teddy Bridgewater it's like while they're in these positive game scripts so it's not the end of the world if he if he wants to sit back there and pocket the forty niners of land for this Eric Branch on twitter the forty niners have led for one hundred twenty five minutes and forty five seconds as large when the saints ultimately disappoint you as they do almost every year when the rest take your win when teddy to gloves does I t's I like that yeah there was just like like I said I would I really liked was setting the nickel and then running the the broadcasts Hey Spencer Hall I'm Holly Anderson I'm Ryan Nanny I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of one reason why the niners are now I've seen them like top two top five in all of the relevant power rankings so it's good to be a Niner Fan my friend the bandwagon get out and ultimately I think default was able to I mean this is the best game I think default is played in a long time maybe the best of his career just based on how he was able to consistently win and get pressures even if that was gonna come at limited snap so deep for me was the best player who was yours set coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcasts H. G. A. L. I n. a. and if you wanna read some of his job or a love you can do so on espy nation what's the LSU number one of course Jalen Ramsey is now officially a loss Angeles Rams definitely makes the rams better but honestly it's something where you're probably that's that's the ticket admission a nine hats oh man we'll set thanks for coming on Southwark and they find you on the twitter's just at spat and you have to deal with and you got to pass it off on my taking the nickel passing off the stunt and they were getting home a few times and then also like I said I got to unfashionable pants we warned middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants are among the NFL's top ten homegrown draft choices under contract but you gotta believe that they are absolutely saying we're GONNA have to ride out the talent that we have right now check out the American Ninja Warrior podcast for a behind the scenes look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever you get your Zap all right next up is our rundown it's going to be those mid week stories or stats of note that I thought would be interested to bring you before we preview the game against Washington putting Oliver Trust and Goffin McVeigh the rams because they are going to need some offensive line help and at this point year mortgaging everything in terms of stuck the kind of two men stunt to the same side as the nickel so you really had a lot to deal with the view of the tackle because you're getting you're getting pinned in I don't know that it's going to matter within the division given that you've got the Seattle seahawks in the niners who are going to ultimately try to run the ball down their throats and oh I think hey it sucks that Ramsey's in the division it really does because you don't want that team to get better and I think swapping out Ramsey for Peter's does but I'll be curious to see whether or not there so definitely read some of his stuff because if you are interested in why Joe Borough is awesome sat does a great job breaking it down and if you want to hate read some saints stuff eighteen or nineteen drafts of course because the Jared Goff trade in the Brandin cooks trade with the Patriots in two thousand eighteen they traded back in it from the thirty first overall going to have any depth when they're giving up as much draft capital with them being up against the cap as much as they are next of course Anquan Boldin officially retired sport a site expedition. LSU Is and the valley shook and then you can also find me on canal street chronicles talking about the sites Alan they think they're getting a corner Can do it Jalen Ramsey is one of the best corners in the NFL and this is definitely something that is going to make the rams better but alleged football podcast it says here in the script to riff on what that means and basically what I mean is this all already spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling soon as well thanks again for coming on the show and maybe we'll have you on some more to talk about some more stuff well this is going to happen so the niners are averaging I think the second most rushing yards in the NFL and they're doing so while running into heavy boxes in differential ranked second only the Patriots and represents the forty niners bestmark through five games since nineteen sixty one and of course the most important thing and all scoring points and not letting your opponent score points the point differential is huge and we get to the running for the forty niners we talked about running on capital in order to go all in again I guess it can go all in if you will Mike Sando had a really interesting point he said the rams did not select in the first round of the two thousand seventeen second and long last week this week it's it's running into a stack box the forty niners run into eight plus man boxes two out of every three over there at hogs haven who will come on to preview the game against the Washington controversies all right then let's just jump right into it so the Washington you know what this is a great we could practice and you turn that into a win against the Miami Dolphins how does it feel to be a Washington redskins fan right now denton well I would say that the going for a forty nine or not named George kill dipping up and fantasy and you couldn't get your clutches on Matt Breda Gopher Kevin Coleman because fantasy is all about opportunities and that's exactly what seven Coleman got of course the stream passed down to the three yet several goal line carries the team was trying to feed him at the goal on and it just couldn't make it work so tevin coleman skins are one and five they are not having a great season they are thirtieth in football outsiders defense adjusted value over average they fired their head coach and of course they're they're big win last week was also because of the last week of practice of ever had this is the kind of season you're having when players like Adrian Peterson I've got you in the family and the family fantasy league I need to score me some morning points notable stats the teams plus eighty three why I will be very very interested to see what happens to that offense when you get both tackles back next up we've got Denton Day from the pig pen podcast it's through Earl Thomas who jumps up tries to get it hits bolden in the hands and scores a touchdown so Anquan boldin thanks to you my friend you're a niner if only for a short time ultra still damn good I think we're still riding with that but I mean it's it's great to get the first win under the belt but more importantly it's nice to not be winless because zone catch in Seattle in the playoffs over Earl Thomas where I think Colin Kaepernick throws one hell of a dart and for some reason at this point so I would love for you to tell the team or to tell niners fans everywhere exactly why this shouldn't be thought of as an automatic win for the forty niners re runs snaps to whatever three runs the running into stack box this is inflated a bit because of end of game situations but when you're running a lot of twenty one or twelve personnel can do some things that could limit the niners ability to run the football and we've seen so far throughout the course of the season that they've been pretty damn good run team if nothing else Kyle Shanahan honestly there's one play I will always remember him fortunate and not have anything to do with the super bowl that's literally blacked out probably because of alcohol from my mind but it says redskins he said the the difference between the Washington redskins and the Miami Dolphins is that the Washington redskins aren't intending to do this he's right and I'm going Oh and sixteen so if nothing else we avoided that so that's a big win I think Kevin Clark of the ring had the tweet of maybe the season for the Washington now of course you've got Jonathan Allen on that defensive front and he's probably the big name but he's probably at least so far hasn't been playing the best long redskins defensive front is great at developing a great running attack I know that probably anger just about every falcons fan everywhere but caution knows how to run the ball and the redskins and those vice for hands will be missed seven coleman fantasy almost yes he had the TV reception but he had opportunities for more he's officially the goal line back if you're lucky of an ability with a guys they have at least in their front four that they can call some issues and in a situation like this they could possibly make Jimmy Garoppolo and so you think to yourself all right we should we should walk away with a win why won't that happen or I would say if I'm putting my best redskins pr hat on here. I would say that our defensive front I saw that tweet and I I was so hurt because it was true it was one of those things where you see something and you know that it's true so a digs just a little bit deeper that's exactly what when you look at the defense especially the secondary you think to yourself okay when you look at the offense and you're like Bill Callahan wants to run the ball all of the time you're like okay there's a realistic chance that we lost the dolphins we go sixteen and I don't need that burden placed on Marshall's I don't know if I'm mentally prepared to take the bashing of my team using team so in a perfect scenario for the redskins that's what they do they slow the run game down and they say hey Garoppolo come beat us and earn that wind stay undefeated of line out of hand and he said I'm still gonNA play through it and he played fantastic through that injury so those are three guys to really be on the lookout for of course I'm I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with Ryan Carey who are some of the other players that niners fans may not know about that are playing really really good football for the Washington redskins along that front the other big guy would be drawn pain we call them is really really bad games just busted coverage is not being in the right spot he's of course the slot cornerback I think this is if you're going to try and attack the weakness of the Mansa now of course you've got the forty niners who are coming into Washington to try and win the game and honestly this is a game that if you're a niners fan you're probably taking this as an automatic win is Matt Ionitsis I have for the life of me try to come up for a nickname with those three guys and I just really haven't been able to do anything with it but those three guys are really really good for a while the Alabama guys both guys played it Alabama both guys want some national championship at Alabama those two guys are studs which arrived Johnson deal with a little bit of injuries to start the season does more or less they've been together for good amount of years now all these guys have played with each other with the exception of Landon Collins who just got here all season but everybody else has been in front of Josh Norman the guy that Josh was covering it was the least surprising thing of the entire game I could have told you that ten minutes before it happened if they got there they're going to target secondary like the the the Josh organs or field in right now it might be a game where you see Jimmy Garoppolo break out a bit well if the redskins have a damn good culture than Josh Oh beat the guy that has to beat them and I still have a little bit of questions on whether or not Jimmy can be the guy that can can go out there and throw for three hundred fifty four hundred yards and beaten Josh Norman so this for you guys could be a great opportunity for Garoppolo to kind of build his confidence a little bit moving the ball down the field just do it in the direction of Josh to a relatively slow start so far but I'll say the main three guys are paying out and I think if you look at your defense you're absolutely right that that run game has been on defense has been surprisingly decent but when you look at the pass defense I mean you've got former forty niner defensive coordinator Greg Gerski at the helm there in Washington and his point to and say this is the situation this is what needs to be fixed but when you look at all the guys that we have in the deep in the secondary on paper all of them have a certain degree of strengths that you would think would back in two thousand nine hundred ninety nine in order to get more draft capital but still manage to select four players over the first three rounds they're trying to bolster their depth with those draft picks and Manson would be if he could rush the passer but unfortunately he can't but he is great in run support so those are kind of the guys that you're looking at and of course my tests what is just a freak of an athlete but he's been which is unfortunate because at his best he is fantastic but then on the other side it's really the big three when it comes to the redskins defensive front it's Jon Allen Doron pain in the third so you've got Josh Norman who's of course making money but not living up to it but you've also got Landon Collins is not playing poorly you know he's not playing lights out but he's not playing bad and this unit has been it doesn't matter what he seems to be able to do or want to do in that secondary they just can't do a whole hell of a lot of much because you've got maybe some play from Quinton Dunbar but overall game there there's multiple bus coverages and I know in football that that's bound to happen every now and then but it does seem to happen much more frequently with this group which is kinda surprising this system before so the amount of busted coverage that we're seeing is really head-scratching to a certain extent so this is the time for Jimmy Garoppolo if he wants to kind of build that conference like I said really fun young wide receiver do his thing and unfortunately that's not gonNa be anyone on the forty niners it's going to be someone on the Washington redskins that's going to be scary Terry maclaurin reason doesn't actually retire numbers but they do retire numbers but they don't it doesn't make any sense but he's kind of living off of that a little bit I love what Monte Nicholson does he has a lot of really the thing that's going on with that redskins defense or I think that's the most frustrating part of this this whole ordeal is I don't really know I wish there was something that you can he's been around the League for quite some time now but in the run Game Ryan Anderson is a guy that can play really really great run support not a great pass rusher he would be the total package mesh well together but for whatever reason to the first part of the season they just haven't and Landon Collins I think has made some really good players that maybe don't get talked about as much because they went with a wide receiver in the second or third round and he is playing just some really really good football for Washington I've got a question for you let's see if you know the answer here how many combined yards do Mike Evans Chris Godwin Odell Beckham Junior Robert Woods Cooper Cup and Brandin cooks have combined homes a damn good cornerback and you're absolutely right if there is one by that Jimmy Garoppolo is GonNa pick on it's going to be Josh Norman. When the dolphins went down and scored that touchdown the team is losing but he has had his own amount of struggles as well and he kind of came in bold this offseason said I wanna Wear Sean Taylor's number which is a bold proclamation for this franchise who for whatever the three yards and one touchdown on fourteen catches and this isn't because they're having a terrible year right to put that in context that group has to the top five leaders and receiving yards football after six weeks and a combined two thousand six hundred thirty nine yards and fifteen touchdowns when they're not Sticking together Greg Muskie while he is he's kind of maligned especially in Washington he's not you know you could do worse at defensive coordinator so so what do you think is Norman and you're bound to have some form of success but it's not just it's just norman because at this point you've also got Fabien Moreau who is not playing very very good and he's had a couple of secondary is really really suspect and you talk about maybe Jimmy Garoppolo not being you know the game not having the have put the game on his shoulders thus far going up against and who is someone that we did a little bit of preseason kind of drop prep on and I was left impressed with his college tape I thought he could be a wide receiver the niners could target had a great game this past week but it was against the dolphins and that does benefit him a little bit but so far look at team is known as

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